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How To Turn Your Education Into A Profit


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Dave: One size fits all, one size fits all. What most people say in this industry it's what most gurus and courses and education programs say is one size fits all right. And what today's guests discovered is that one size does not fit all. But instead, each person will like the education and the skills are going to work out differently for each one of you. Well, he took these skills and uses them now in a really unique way. And this is somebody that's been a part of our community for a long time and I'm thrilled to have him on the show this morning. Omar, welcome, my friend. 

Omar: Thank you so much for having me.

Dave: Oh, man, I'm I'm feeling it's been many years since we've known each other you've been in the community. And of course, you filled out your questionnaire and said, you know, do I remember the challenge. One I lose. And, and so but I haven't idled so this is even a treat to get an update on you. 

Omar: Like you just said one size doesn't fit all it personally that wasn't that wasn't for me. But I took the skills when I took some time off. And after a few months I took those skills and given what I learned in my videos speaking to other people really funnels websites helping people brand so more service.

Dave: So how is that turned out now and are you happy that you know that you have the skills and that you're doing what you're doing now and how is it different Omar than what you were doing before? I mean way way back before when you give us a little bit of an understanding of how things are different and if getting the skills has been worthwhile for you. Or whether it was you know, something that you would do differently if you could do it all over again.

Omar: Well, when I first started in internet marketing, I made my decision to build a blog and sell affiliate stuff on the blog. Right? Yeah, usually also something that people used to use to make the difference is that it didn't work out. I didn't have any sales or traffic. Booth was a really crappy experience, but I learned something. 

Dave: Since blogging is hard by like, I mean, I mean you blogging this blogging is one of the hardest business models on the internet. I mean, it is I know that because a previous company that I that I had was, you know one major part of what we did was blog and yeah, it was it was before, you know, it was it was just one of the main ways that that we generated traffic on the internet for a long time. It was SEO and as you said the YouTube and the long form videos, which I've got, I've got a question for you about how the internet is different now. In terms of tic toc and the short form video and if you know if you're if you're thinking about even though you're busy and this is a great example this morning of you know somebody who came in and you know obviously you started with blogging before you found Legendary and that was difficult and then you know affiliate marketing and you were you were doing YouTube and it was just it was going too slow for you is really what was happening it was going moving too slow for you and you have a family and you you needed to generate income. And so you took the skills and you started to basically use those skills in a way that you could sell building funnels. or selling people's which is something and that's the same exact way your potential clients feel as well. Right? So if you get good at it, you can do that for them. That's a valuable skill. And I think Omar, that's what a lot of people don't don't realize when they come in and this is a great conversation to shine some light on that potential. So many people get frustrated with the technical side of things. They get so frustrated and they and we see it almost every day I'm ready to throw the towel in on this thing. And over. But what the truth is, the truth can also be I mean the truth is, is that it's hard and you can quit that can be one truth. But another truth also can be you can power through it and you can learn it and figure it out and get good at it. And then you can turn around and sell those services that most people don't don't realize, so that's why I'm so glad we're having this conversation this morning. 


Omar: Now what I want to say maybe for people but when they are not good on the computer, even if you are stuck, you can just find someone to do it for you. I mean, if you don't, it's hard for you to let us be specific skills then focus on the ones that you are good at. 

Dave:  That's true. That's true. Like yeah, if you're if you feel if you feel more comfortable just like for me, I'll give you an example of me. I've my entire career marketing hated messing with anything technical now I will and I have because I've had to, I've had to when when I've been the only person that works in my business, I have to do it. But you're right anytime that I will have a single blind can model which you know reading or waiting for you to get money or somebody else has them and you can hire them if it's really that. If it's something that you don't want to either spend your time on or you don't want to learn. It's also okay to not want to learn certain things. Right? It's like as long as you're consciously saying you know what, I don't have time to learn that I need to find a who not how And in that case, maybe I would go and hire you to build my funnel for me it's okay to not want to learn something or not want to do something but just I think it's important to be able to be clear about okay, what exactly am I choosing not to learn and what you know, at least that's why I've always thought it was important to at least do something a couple of times. So when you go to hire somebody, you at least know whether they're doing a good job or not. That's always been my, that's always been the thing for me. 

Omar: In my case, it's not the technical stuff. Is the traffic, you know. So yeah, after all these trials and errors, what I did was bring people to the team experts on traffic. And, you know, right now we are three. I mean, I don't want to throw numbers but we are really good.

Dave:  You and your family you're saying are free right now in terms of just finances? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, absolutely. In relying on somebody else or being in a tight spot where you're Can you describe what it meant for you to not be free? So we understand what the other side of that is? And also what does being free mean? Can you give us a little bit more context so people have an understanding? You know, sometimes we just have these ideas of what this can do for us. But Can you give us some more specifics of what it was? Like before not being free and then being free now what that is, do you know?

Omar: When I wasn't I remember one day. thing with a newborn in the house. It was like six months longer than my kid working 12 hours a day. Even more, sometimes weekends. It was really rare that I mean, I made some money to have food on the day we'll pay the rent and all that. But I really wasn't at home at all. I was just working right? Everything important was rushing by in my life.

Dave:  Whether you're working or whether you're so exhausted when you're tired. That you don't really want to be awake, or you're so exhausted when you're home that you don't really want to be awake here. You're essentially missing everything when you're working so much. I understand.

Omar: Actually, I have hundreds of pictures of a home I played with my kid and I just fell asleep like it is to blame but I actually say what so so. Right, right, right. And what right now is totally the opposite. I work from a call. It's gotta be seen in the background. 

Dave: You've got it blurred but I believe you

Omar: I work from home like they can. I take my kids to school. I can give them they will nap with them

Dave: together now just like a normal nap not just because you're so exhausted from working 12 hours a day. You know, Oh God, I mean so many things are easier now than when you started back three or four years ago by the way. I don't know exactly when you got started but just with the short form videos going a little crazier now than it was back when you got started. I don't think TikTok was even really out yet. So this is a good example also of how difficult it used to be compared to what it is now. And this is not a guarantee that every single person is going to have massive success because you know, golly man. I mean nothing's a guarantee in life, right? Nothing's a guarantee and Luffy but what's happened over the last like, like, two two and a half years or so is you know, the short form video has popped up. And you know, people are able to make videos without even talking now. Just using text on the screen and tick tock and it's really revolutionized the way that people get traffic. And so you're, you know, you have a good life now and that's great. You just continue down that path. And that's wonderful that these skills have helped you to get that life your determination. You earned that. It's not the skills that did that for you because you don't hear me. Talk we are here to learn and use but everybody likes them and then, and then figured, you know, you got started back when, again, this was prior to short form video. Things were harder back then. Things are getting easier with new technology. But I'll tell you what is so inspiring about what you did was that you're sitting there uploading long form YouTube videos, and I mean, you're just working your ass off. I know. I know. You were and and and instead of saying screw this, this is a scam or whatever. You said, How can I take these skills and serve businesses that don't know these skills? I have the skills now. And there's lots of different things that I can do with these skills the same way that if I if I learned the same way that that how my father taught me how to be a carpenter, and taught me how to lay ceramic tile and remodel bathrooms and kitchens that if I needed to Omar I can go any world the same thing go they and they learn the skills. Why certainly you can apply them to the things that we are showing you to apply them to like affiliate marketing and so forth. But they also happen to apply that maybe you're working at a job right now. And you want to make more money fast. And so you go to your employer and you say I'd like to take over some more responsibility and try some marketing campaigns with some new skills that I've developed. And I think that it can bring in more revenue to the company. And I'd like a piece of that. See, sometimes we can do a lot more with what we have, rather than just you know, rather than just only looking at the thing that's right in front of, you know what I mean? It's like almost only reading the first page of a book, when there's an entire book there of adventure and ideas and feelings and experiences. What's coming into this? Does it feel like it fits for you? I’m just trying to explain the power of what you've done here which is to use the skills and take them to help grow other companies including your own. But mainly go and say hey, I've got these skills, I can help your company grow and I can help your company grow. I can help your company grow. It's just such a powerful thing. I'm just trying to convey that to people that when you're going through this challenge and when you're going through these blueprints, and you're going through this training, that there's so much more to it than what initially meets the eye if you'll just stick around and learn the skills that will be useful and they'll be profitable to you likely for the rest of your life. Do you agree with that? Yeah, exactly.

Omar: Exactly. I mean, what good gauge of data alliteration, right copywriting, some of the technical stuff, finance, sales, and yeah, people just maybe be like okay, I need it. What does a new one say? Everyone hates sales, when they talk about sales it is like I don't want to say it. But we are actually selling ourselves daily, just with I see a change in the message that we say to our boss is selling ourselves you know? 

Dave:  Just writing in an email, just upgrading your email writing skills and I'm not even talking about when you're mass emailing your prospects like everybody on your list. I'm just talking about when you're emailing people one on one. The majority of messages that I receive from people do not make me want to pursue more interaction with them. Doesn't make me want to do more business or do business with them at all. It doesn't excite me. It doesn't bother me . It's like it improves your communication, period, improves your communication. And that means as you said, the written word as well. And it's absolutely amazing how much selling you can actually do without ever running your mouth and saying a single word. When you learn how to communicate via the written word, you know, more persuasively. Do you agree with that and has your life actually gotten easier? Because you don't have to constantly have long conversations where you're wasting energy with people, because you don't you can't explain your idea. Have you experienced that?

Omar: Exactly the thing for me. I know the magic words like you do right? You will have a really good speech. I will not be a shy guy. Complicated to keep conversation but the winning rate just to put your example okay in my business. Sometimes I write a copy for emails, sometimes write another of my con partners when he writes with, like 10% or 8% of spam like a 2% win rate is your go to span 20, 30, 40. You know how to run an exam.

Dave: It's the same thing with the video on TikTok. It's like how do you get somebody to click it or a video on YouTube or a blog post? You know, you learn that when you started blogging and when you were YouTubing the power of that headline to get somebody to open that video and open that email, just that headline alone is so important, the headline that you use on the top of your bridge page. It's so important to be on the top of your funnel. It's so important. And there you go. The data doesn't lie. You're actually now in a position where you can test your writing against somebody else's. And you can see the difference that those skills that you've invested in have made in your life, and they're profitable for you and others, right. It's real differences in conversion when you know when you speak or saw me talk about the Hemingway app. Have you ever heard me talk about that? I think so. So us, please. Yeah, I'll show you. So the Hemingway app is a let's see here. It’s an editor. Oh, the Hemingway app makes your writing bold and clear. And it literally is an app like it's an app. It'll show you how it works. I can delete all this right here. But this app highlights lengthy complex sentences and common errors. If you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and concave, that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering split in a totally new and new integral as to read. That's what I'm going to do with this sentence right. I'm gonna fix this sentence that they actually use right there on the homepage there. So first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take these two sentences and I'm going to turn them from one paragraph into two. When I take my paragraphs and I move and I create two or three paragraphs from one I create more white space, it's easier to read, right? If you look at any of the large sites like Facebook or YouTube or Google you'll notice that there's lots of white  space. You'll never find lots of texts clumped together in any advanced company or you know anybody who knows what, in terms of conversions and getting people to be able to understand it. What I can tell you is that this is hard to read and it's telling you that it's hard to read so I would do this, the app highlights lengthy complex sentences, period. Then I'm going to create a space right? Or I could or I could or I could do lengthy comments and common errors, period. You see a yellow sentence shortened or split period. I literally create a new paragraph. If you see a red highlight your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering splitting logic. So the easiest thing I can do right there is put a period. hard to read. He said I like to do that. Right boom boom boom, you're like then your readers will get lost trying to follow it's me and during splitting logic, right? That's just a period. Try and I try that I mean, or something if I really want to make that try editing the sentence to remove the red right that's a you know, that's like a bold Yeah, like, that's like try editing so. But anyways, let's just stay focused on making this easy to read. Right? Because that's the most important thing and that's the biggest thing that most young marketers really overlook.

The reason is because people in their day to day act don't want to have to really stop in sync to respond to people who are just, you know what I mean? Like trying to date them or whatever. So his dating tip was to keep it light. Keep it you know, keep it clear. Don't Don't make her have to think too. Hard about responding to you or your question or whatever. And the same thing is true with when you're writing to anyone, even in business, especially if you're writing to lead people who you're a cold audience. Do you think that they're going to stop their life and sit there and think about what you wrote to try to clean it up and clear it up for you because you wrote it in a confusing way? Hell no. 

I see letters, just letters, letters everywhere. You know. Very difficult to get somebody to read something like that, you know, especially in an email, especially on a cell phone. When they're staring at their cell phone. It's already hard to read on their cell phone or when they're standing in some app like YouTube or TikTok or Facebook. It's already hard to read. You'll see this you'll see polarity and a lot of things no, you know if we go over those Hold on let me let me bring you to this other dream. And this is our challenge. You know our sales funnel and you know, nobody noticed the layout notice, you know, notice this is a little clumpy but it's split up. It's also split up but notice the white space it dropped in the reason why with your samples and so forth. Design is not important the reason why ugly converts better because I don't like design I want them to read my headline not get lost, you know in the beautiful website and so that's why you'll most likely see a lot of white space with any any good sales funnel in you'll see with this writing that I even that I just showed you in the Hemingway app. You will see a lot of that writing and you'll see a lot of that style and all of my marketing because that is so important and you know you know giving somebody looks like it's five.

 I wanted to make it as absolutely clear as possible. And apologies behind this was I didn't want it to look like a quote small print. You know what I mean? Most small print is where they get you and I wanted that text to be more clear. In absolute ease, easy to read. So the psychology of the reader is like, okay, this person has nothing to hide, you know what I mean? Yeah, and actually the big difference between really good people as I have built several funnels. I have proof that I believe with different things but I don't, I don't I don't bother is like trying to get a designer to I mean, you know, every single Jensen's by the club, and we either you just use Clickfunnels or like if it's on our main site, we might have our developer turn that design into code but it's an that's way over my paygrade on my head. I don't know how that's done. It's code and math ins and all this kind of you know, it's about who knows how you got to know the right who's I don't want to know how you know but Sarah Valentine makes a good question. And you're the match whatever the offer is that you're promoting. So it looks like you know because I think the biggest secret of marketing is just really putting ourselves in our, in our, our prospect shoes, right? And it's like, what would you think? If you went from Zillow, or Tik Tok to a site and you don't know it says you're not thinking you're just a regular person. You're not thinking, oh, there's a sales funnel, you know? Just thinking oh, here's an ugly page. Okay. But, but it has, but I'm reading it has something that I want. So I'm going to put my email in. 

Omar: Lead people to think a lot like said before, don't make them think about the question. Just really small sentences. Clear content. Don't make them think if you give people the option.

Dave:  That's great. I just want to add, don't make them think and that goes back even to the texting story that I was talking about right where the guy was giving the dating tip. And actually I remember what he said and he said don't make her think. Like it's like don't make you the second that somebody likes to think something, they came from surfing the internet. They're not. They weren't thinking hard. They were scrolling. So that's keeping things light and simple and clear and even a little bit entertaining. Thank you for bringing that up. It's so important.

Omar: Yeah, I see that I see it every day is yeah, that's the complicated of the part of the business but it's actually also easy to see you seen as

Dave: You do and it’s so interesting that I’m sitting here having a conversation with you. We’re marketing guys right just we're marking guys and it's so cool that you know you came in to Len got you are you are really back when we were here when we first got started really I mean and wow before TikTok even got hot and all that. And you know, you are grinding through on blogging and YouTubing and you're like, you know, you're like, Screw it. I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna try the SEO for the skill and Eunice's in you know, and you found your way and there's a lot of there's a lot of personal responsibility that I want to highlight there, that that you that you have that you had that you showed. And I just would like you to just say more about that just for a moment, if you would, about this idea of taking initiative versus entitlement, and what that might mean to you and how have you changed but at the end of the day, the buck stops with you and nobody's coming to save you. And as much as that's a tough message. I don't want to be mean about it. I just want to. I want to share your experience with our other students and in Legendary family members' experience of how did you go in just take this whole initiative thing to another level, so you can have the freedom that you have now versus could have easily thrown out? Ever, but you pivoted just a little bit and took the initiative to stay in the game and I wonder if you would just say a few words about that.

Omar: What it is like is like I mean, it's not that easy to work eight hours a day on these side hustles if you're studying right now, you have to work really hard. You just need to work something every day a little farther. You know you ‘ve had your freedom or your happiness at the end is happiness, what we pursue doesn't matter the country, the language, religion, whatever. The Pursuit of Happiness

Dave: And I liked the concept of just doing a little bit every day. I think that we want to get to the top of the mountain so fast that we you know, or to the end of the race or whatever we want to race I can't wait and see learned last night, because I saw him on the news that he is an executive for the Tampa Bay Lightning, which is our American Tampa Bay hockey team who's in the Stanley Cup Finals right now and he's going to as a top executive there and all this. And it reminded me that even if you have an amazing career, you know, in something, you're probably still going to want to do something else. You know what I mean? And here he is, he's 60 or 55 or 50 or whatever he is, I don't know. Me even millions that you never my point is that there's no rush. You're always going to want to be doing something. I know some of you are thinking well. I know Dave, I want to hire. And yes, you want to retire from what you're doing right now. You want to retire from the shit job that you don't want that but imagine if you had something that you enjoy that you did from home that you could do even when you're traveling they don't think that you would be as is that so think think it's about no rush it's not like you're gonna like once you get into this if you start a month and it's in use and you're successful, it's going to become fun. You're not going to want to stop so just take your time. ease into it. Get good at it. I promise you you're not going to want to retire. Bob Proctor Bob Proctor, the number one in my opinion, in my opinion. So who Bob is he just passed away but Okay, Bob Proctor 80 years old this guy was still doing events still kicking ass and taking names as a badass any any dime. He just did an event not too long ago. I mean, so it's like, look, you're doing what you love. Go talk to Michael Jordan. You go to Johnson's revenue. Talk to Munger who's 90 She retired. You know what their answer is when you find something that you love. never work a day in your life. If you're miserable, then you ain't found something that you love yet. Maybe you'll love this. Maybe you'll love this. I mean, I don't know I'm not here to say but I damn sure know that you'll love freedom. Entrepreneurship is the number one way to get freedom in any country in the world.

Omar: I almost work every day doing something. But I work every day. And I know I won't stop until I die. I will work every day because I enjoy it.

Dave: It's true man. I mean, you know my wife's probably sitting in the other room going, Oh, God. You know, but I mean, the truth is, is that, you know, I would. Why would I ever, I mean, I'm pretty much retired now in terms of you looking at my lifestyle and it's just you know, go out on the boat, go home if I want to. It's like a retired life. There's people who are retired in my neighborhood, and I'm home more than they are. I mean, I don't even get dressed sometimes, like actually taking a shower. It's unbelievable. I mean, not not for days and days on end. But don't get up and run to the shower and I'm like, oh, gotta get ready and shave and work forever. Ever. So so. Since this has been just what do you need, you know? Because I got stressed out at trying to get ready for work, getting ready for work used to drive men crazy Omar. The scramble. I mean my kids are way better than I am. My daughter gets up in the old days you know so but golly man I mean it's amazing what you can do with some simple skills. You know, break, you know, breaks are not handed out to anybody. They're they're earned, you know? And you got to go out and you got to get it and you got to have all I think just not quit but but at a certain point. If we're just going to be more communicative in being an entrepreneur even with your business model, we are pivoting a little bit with the skills that you now learn to start something new. And that's what you did and it's a wonderful story. Um, Zoho real W. and reconnect with you this morning and leave us with the final word. What would you say to somebody who's a little bit of doesn't know. Affiliate marketing doesn't know if they want it but they want freedom. And they've looked at things out there. 

Omar: Absorb this knowledge that you put into practice. Doesn't need to be a long practice. Like you're going to build this particular skill or this business. Just try the strength to understand if that resonates with you. Okay, really? You like tick tock and you like YouTube. Do you enjoy modules? Do you enjoy Facebook or just try a little to understand if that resonates with you? 

Dave: By next year will have seen every part of the business you know, there's a famous watch brand called Protect Felipe and it's a family owned company and there's a part of its Mystique is a family owned company. Its own family and the CEO Terry has a son and he wants to try to train him to take over the company. And so the way way way they ingrained him is he says you have to go and watch you if this was similar to you. Other social media platforms work? Learn how sales funnels work, learn how autoresponders work. These are the basic tools that we've used on the internet to make money for years. And years. And whether you do it for yourself, take the skills and you go and do it for somebody else. You'll see you know those pieces that you mentioned that I mentioned that we teach, it's not a lot. It's social, it's building a sales funnel.  Well, I'd love to make it over to Spain. It's one of the countries I haven't been to. Maybe catch up with you. Or if you come to Florida.

Omar: I want to go to Florida and the States.

Dave: This morning was a great lesson and a great reminder that what I'm learning the skills that I have no idea where it's gonna take me. I have no idea how I use these skills until I actually go through the training and think about and actually look at it and say wait a second. Let me assess my gotta jump learnings over more and more money. But David I do one more quick get secure to my employer in a bigger better way. Let me even make some more money. Right and if I can't be great if one of me gets in on somebody else's it's kind of like it. That's a cool perspective to me. Like we're all just in such a rush to jump on board or last sentence stop missing the big picture, I'm just it's like it's like and it's not just here. Every situation we can always do but but but I'm just saying if you're here already, for God's sake if you're going to be well through the training and you're just going to be spending your time writing. Winners don't lose. Go win over here only for myself now. This is the fire to remind you that that there's not a one size fits all there's not a one size fits all. Whatever you're doing today, not tomorrow in six months when you're going to be rich, but today be that legend. Today, put your average up to the side and step into the most legendary bad version of yourself that you can buy even if you take these skills with you. My friends have a great weekend, do something impactful and make it a defining moment in your business, whether you're starting or you're starting over just be Legendary. Fuck average.

The Difference Between Shiny Object Syndrome and Curiosity

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's June 22. We're live. My name is Matt if you don't already know me, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary and we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern for a show called Wake Up Legendary and this is where we bring on former students or people who are finding success online through digital marketing, and we share a little bit about what they've been doing, especially freelance digital marketing. So in particular, people who, you know, are working maybe a full time job or they're a mom or they're retired or they're in college or you name it, it's kind of we've seen the whole gamut. People who started a freelance or side hustle style business on the internet and have started making money from it. So we've got another awesome guest today that we're going to bring on the show and we'll ask him a little bit about what he's doing and his strategy and we'll dive into his journey and story online. So everybody in the comment section if you're here live with us. Can you put a little hand clap emoji and hit the like on this and that will help everybody else in our community see that we're live and, and also it'll help welcome on the show. Jay. What's up, Jay? How are you?

Jay: I'm good. How are you men?

Matt:  I'm good. Where are you calling in from?

Jay: I’m from Germany actually.

Matt: Wow cool. What part?

Jay: Near Dusseldorf

Matt:  Very cool. I love it. So, man, very cool. I can't remember if we've had somebody on for I think the only other person that I've I remember having off from Germany was somebody from the United States whose partner was stationed in the military in Germany, I think. So not actually from Germany, but you're from there. Well, thanks for coming on the show today. You're and, you know, there's a lot of people from America or Canada or North America, who might not know, you know, the traditional journey of somebody in Germany, right. So here we go to elementary school and then we go to junior high and then we go to high school and then we go to university or college. And that's just kind of what you do. But tell us a little bit about your journey and then how you find Legendary and what's that been like.

Jay: When I moved over to the UK. So I lived four years in the UK and mentioned this is where I got kind of like my full time job. It was working in Subway. And it was really long hours like I actually worked my way up to an assistant manager or there pretty quickly but it was not worth it for me in the end because I wasn't actually working 12 to 14 hours a day. I was working seven days in a row. And it was just destroying me mentally and I had to find something different, a different way to make income and be able to live with it, you know? Because I knew for myself that's not how I wanted to continue on living. And that's when I started like you know, just Googling stuff. How can I generate passive income? How can I build a side hustle and I tried different stuff? I tried network marketing dropshipping. I invested so much money in a lot of coolers trying out different things. It's for money here and there. You know but I was not able to stick to those things because I wasn't having fun with it, you know? And marketing was like the first thing when I started, having fun promoting products. And I actually started as an Instagram influencer. And then I received offers on promoting products and getting paid for it and getting paid for commissions as well. And that's when I first tapped into affiliate marketing. How long ago was that? That was I think, like, two, three years maybe.

Matt:  Was there any certain products or what was that like? What type of niche were you in? Or was it just random?

Jay: It was more in the fitness niche. Cool. was like a fitness program that I was trying out myself and then promoting as well. Some income from it, but was still not enough to live from, if you know what I mean, because it was a load product.

Matt:  Sure. Yeah. That makes sense. But it opened your eyes to it?

Jay: Yeah, of course. Of course it is. I mean, I learned a lot from it. And that's when Yeah, man tick tock started and you just scroll on tick tock and everything. So a lot of people talk about legends. That's when I tapped into myself. You know, I did and just get so much value from it. And that's when that's what I want to do.

Matt:  So cool. I love it. So you found our challenge earlier this year, something like that.

Jay: I think in January, I am the January. I got the 15 day challenge but I did not take any action.

Matt:  Sure. Nobody doesn't say it was like I registered for it, but I never even watched the first video.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So this is a funny phenomenon that happens but people will purchase our challenge and then never log in. You know, we say never log in but the truth is, if they'll log in eventually. You know a lot of people don't log in eventually they'll keep getting a couple emails from us are we so So you bought you bought it and then what took so long to get through the challenge?

Jay: I gotta be honest, I did not believe in it. I'm like, Alright, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna pay that seven bucks and I'm gonna do it but then I'm just like, it's not gonna work anyway, so I just left it. 

Matt:  You have maybe seen other things or you've tried other things and you're just like, Okay, it's, it's probably some people have told me they're like, you know, honestly, it was just too cheap. They're like, they're like, it was just too cheap. I couldn't believe that for $7 it was going to be worth anything because like, what have I ever bought for $7 that was worth something. We have loads and loads of testimonials of people who have told us directly whether on this show or or in private at a mastermind or something, you know, hey, I've paid $1,000 for a course I paid $500 for a course.

I think it was Josh Smith. He said you know I've spent over 10 grand in courses. And the one course that I keep coming back to that actually changed. Know my entire life. He's now he's he's now made over six figures with his business but he's he said it none of it compares to what I got out of the challenge, none of it and the blueprints but so tell us a little bit about tell us a little and that by the way is not any sort of I'm not trying to make a guarantee that you're gonna make six figures by going through our challenge or anything just so everybody's clear I full income disclaimer most a lot of people go through that challenge or even opening much money or any money at all because they don't do anything with it, I think but also just you know, it takes a lot of work and kind of consistency and you got to learn and you know that whole process over the last six months you've done and witnessed yourself full bore. Were you on TikTok or were you short of these content creation platforms, these social media platforms before starting with Legendary and learning how to gain an audience, their short form video or was that totally new?

Jay: No, I was before she asked to go to TikTok and one Instagram account at least. And that's when I decided to make a complete new account like just in the Make Money niche okay. Yeah. As far as how to do our business then. Cool. Cool. 

Matt:  That's super cool. And you've now grown that account to 4000 people or something? How long ago when? How long ago did you start this channel? A couple months?

Jay: I think it was like two and a half months. Something like that. 

Matt:  Is it popular over there? In Germany? Is it popular for people to be posting Facebook reels, is that a thing over there?

Jay: I don't think so. No.

Matt:  I was just curious because, you know, we go through this. We've gone through the last two and a half years. We social media platforms have been kind of copying each other and what we're seeing right now is that Facebook reels are really really popping off. They're really taken off. No pun intended. They're really taking off and and they've just been really hot as of late so I was curious if you were posting on Facebook reels too. Impulsive myself too. Yeah.

Jay: I think it's not that popular in Germany. I posted it myself as well on Facebook reels. 

Matt:  Yeah, it's interesting because when I sort of what an interesting conundrum because a lot of times when I'm creating training it's it's reflected in my current markets, but even even more narrow is like my region or you know, the southwest corner of the United States because I live in Arizona. And then it's just such a fascinating thing where, you know, something could get updated in the algorithm in my region of the world, but not be pushed totally live for everybody or some accounts, right. And so, it's, or social behavior is different there than it is here. You know, so some people might not be on Facebook, to the degree that America is on Facebook, right or something like that.

Matt: Something that people really have to get creative with wherever they live as a marketer because you've got to know what's going on around you. You've gotta be you got to have some sort of awareness of, well, where are people around? Me online? Where are they hanging out? How can I get in front of them? And yeah, I think I think sometimes it's just a mistake to pop online and be like, Well, I'm just gonna do exactly what Joe over there is doing. You know, there's some mimicking that can happen but yeah, that's fascinating. So you're posting on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. Kind of doing the whole reposting thing a call forms, so your omnipresence on TikTok, and then just download those videos and repost on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, so it's just less work, you know? Yeah, yeah, but it does. Would you agree that it gets easier over time and faster?

Jay: It definitely is because you're gonna find your own tricks on how to do this faster. I have folders on my iPhone to post on Facebook to post on Insta and then I just like to go into the folders and post a couple videos and delete them off. So I know I got them posted already. So

Matt:  Well, that's super cool. That's super cool. I like that a lot. And you're even doing that for a thesis. You're starting to see lead flow IDs. I mean, are you getting a couple leads a day 10 leads a day five leads today. Are you pretty consistent in your lead flow?

Jay: Yeah, pretty consistent to 10 On average.

Matt:  Back in the day when I was selling courses on you know how to generate leads for small businesses or how to generate leads for network marketers and stuff like that. There were so many headlines that I wrote on sales pages that were just, you know, what if you could get five to 10 leads per day automatically, you know, and people were like, five to 10 leads a day, you know, and now it is , it's a little different. But if and when people generate a lead you know, getting somebody to enter their email in 2010 was worth a lot more because people actually sat there and they were like, Wow, geez, what are they going to do with my email? Oh, my God, you know, and so every lead you got was a little more valuable nowadays. It's like people, you know, they go to a landing page, and they're just like, whatever, who cares but in my name, and email, it doesn't matter or it's auto filled, right? There's, there's all this stuff that makes it a little less valuable, but five to 10 automates. Here's the beautiful part about having five also. 

Jay: The cool part about that is if you can do five to 10 leads a day, you can definitely get to 15 to 20 leads a day you can definitely get to 30 or 50 or 100 leads a day. There's been some people who can consistently posting content consistently posting content. They got 612 months down the road, and for whatever reason they posted this one video goes crazy viral over 500 leads in a day and it compounds and then you know, they don't keep getting 500 leads a day because they start getting younger than 100 100 and suddenly things really start to go you know, but most people don't make it that long. People it takes a little patience to pull off social media man like literally one video and completely change your life. And a lot of people don't understand this, you just have to stay consistent. Give up after like, I don't know, uploading 100 videos, you know, the 100 and first video could be the one that just completely changes your life, you know.

Matt:  Of course, and it's in the back. Sometimes when Dave and I will be talking or we'll be talking on a mastermind or something. And one of the things that we'll say is one of the things that I've heard Dave say is basically we're trying to outlast people like we've been. I've been with Legendary since 2008. I started technically, I think in 2016 selling it kind of like a starter, a starter course that eventually evolved into the 15 Day Challenge and just actually running a good business is maintaining consistency and just showing up every day. And that's one of the most undervalued things, especially on the internet, and especially with freelancers because you could walk away from this tomorrow, right and there'd be a lot of people in the world who would have no clue. You know, in two years, most people wouldn't even remember more or less two weeks. And the same is true of me like no one would you know know, like but if you choose to sort of show up every single day, day after day after day after day posting that content, go in live doing all the things eventually there's sort of this tipping point, and there's a good book about this, but there's sort of a tipping point where people look around and they say cheese. These guys have been doing this a long time, you know, and then also what happens is there's an inevitable social proof that happens. For instance, in two years from now you can post a video and you posted it TikTok two years ago, and even if all your content sucked for those two years, you can post this video about what you learned over the last two years of posting content on the internet. And you've got instant credibility, you've got instant sort of social proof just because of the history, just because of the length of time and energy. I mean, that's two years but about 10 years, 20 years, right? And you've got all of these historical learning lessons and things like that. It's hard to get there. It's hard to maintain that consistency, but that's part of it. The part of like a big selling point of why we do a lot of what we do and why we keep a lot of the things that we we we try to be boring in many ways, not in not in terms of the content we create we tried to be boring in terms of moving slowly and and making one step forward every day every week every month. One progress one and and that we're constantly getting random little split tests that

Matt:  That can maybe move the needle, you know, a half a percent on a conversion here or a quarter of a percent. You know, keep going keep going keep progressing. And that's the ultimate truth for a content creator for a content creator. It's the longer you're in it. The longer you go, the more comfortable you are, the more it is into your identity as a person, I'm a content creator. I'm an affiliate marketer, I'm a digital marketer, and then you begin to think you're good at putting money into it.

Matt:  A competitor sort of launched a product last year you weren't you probably didn't even know about us last year. And they said this is going to be the death of Legendary Marketer. And they launched their product and we didn't really say anything. We just sort of more I should have given a warning to some of our affiliates that hey, look like you can destroy an affiliate marketing business pretty quick. And some good bye bye. Trying to promote that the wrong way..

Jay: I don't know anybody who's bought that course recently. I don't know anybody. I don't even know if it's around. It might be that I actually just don't really pay that much attention. But guess what? People aren't mentioning it like they were in June 2020. In our groups, people aren't talking about it. People are whispering about it. It's basically gone. It might come back I don't know but it just outlasted all of that nonsense. It's not overreacting. It's just being consistent.  I'm rambling but what he didn't see. Yeah, just because I know for myself, I haven't been concerned about a lot of things in my life. And that's when I realized when I was at my lowest point. Man was moving back to Germany from the UK. That's when I just realized your need to change. And what was the number one problem that was basically causing me to stay stuck in this whole cycle? And persistence was never a source of anything. And I you know, I saw the next best thing and I would hop on that and do it for like, maybe two to four weeks, and then say it doesn't work and then hop on to the next thing. I was wasting a lot of my time and a lot of my money. And I found Legendary that's when I said you're gonna give this a shot and stay with this one thing really consistent. And now it's just paying off. You know, I'm really steady. Actually everything. 

Matt:  It's really cool. And, you know, let's draw a distinction between shiny object syndrome and, and an explorative personality, right. So, for instance, I always draw this comparison because Leonardo da Vinci probably, if you dropped Leonardo da Vinci in 2022 in the modern psychology world that we live in, they'd say, I don't know what this guy's got by. He can't pay attention to anything not. And then he's on to the next thing. And if you go and look at like we went to, I think it was, oh my gosh. Where the David statue is blanking on the stars with the V anyway, and Italy. We go and somebody gives it to me in the comments. It's just gonna drive me crazy. It's Italy, it's a city where the statue of David is and there's a huge FOMO and somebody will give it to me in the comments. Is he there? Is his museum then? No, not Venice. Rome. Oh my gosh, we're never gonna get there. It's not Venice. It's a couple hours. from Venice. I'm guessing by your last name. You're either Italian from Italy or you just know it's Florence. Thank you. Yeah. I thought it started with a V but I was way off that's what was there. Anyway, so as you go through the Leonardo da Vinci, it's the one of the museums and there's just a bunch of work that's unfinished. And then you go to look at the big David statue of David Wright. It's a huge sculpture. It's world famous. And when you walk through the hallway to get to this and this thing is massive, humongous. Actually just a bunch of servers but making funny jokes, you know? But it you as you walk past it. It's every single one. There's about eight of them, or something along the sides as he walked past them. Yeah, it's in the UVT gallery. And all of them are unfinished and this is Michelangelo's work. All of it is unfinished. He didn't finish any of them. He got it. To a point where he was like, I'm on to my next one.

Matt:  But isn't it interesting? That for creators and for certain personalities, there's this, there's this time, it's almost a prerequisite. You had to try some things out before you found what worked and what didn't happen and what didn't and you will put in that work. And a point in the process where you discovered I'm done here, and I'm moving on. Yeah, I'm done. And I think that's a powerful thing because didn't that just saying that out loud? Didn't that I for me, I felt a little sense of relief like oh my god, I don't have to feel ashamed about all the stuff I started and didn't finish. Because there isn't really there isn't really any sin feeling that shame over. Oh, my God, I didn't finish anything. And for everybody who's listening in the comments, you don't have to feel that you don't have to feel any shame about starting something and quitting or starting something and moving on to something else. Maybe you'll return to it someday. But personality types need to spread around shore surface level.  And wrap one or two of them deep and go deep, deep, deep into one or two things and create a masterpiece, like Michelangelo did. What do you think about that? 

Jay: Absolutely agree with you. Like all those things that I've tried in the past? I mean, I see like this, everything is a lesson. You know, everything that happens to you in your life, every hard time you go through is a lesson. But people want the kind of businesses that I've tried and invested money into. It was all a lesson for me because I knew exactly for myself. That's not what I want to do. Let me try the next thing. Because that's not fulfilling me. I'm not happy doing this and I completely agree with you.

Matt: Yeah, I get the sense that there's this no, there's this thing called shiny object syndrome that a lot of people confuse sometimes for just, I'm just curious, and there's nothing wrong with that. I want to try some new stuff. I want to try a lot of things and there's, there's people with insecurities who will come up to us and say, you know, oh, you've got shiny object syndrome, you need to really come out. You really need to commit to my thing, right? It's like, okay, do so. Okay. Tell us. For people who are new. I want to give you the last word to everybody who's new here. People who are just starting their journey online, people who if you can remember back to day one when you were just starting to learn how to make money on the internet. What would you say to those people?

Jay: I would say people who are just getting going and still figuring out where they want to land in terms of the online business world, I would say, don't get discouraged. And don't hope for big results at the beginning. Because this is a journey. This is literally a journey to take it step by step towards all the and your small successes, but the most important thing is just not to hope kind of you know, because a lot of people start online and they have these huge expectations that they're going to make six figures within their first year. You know, in most cases, that doesn't happen. It takes time and you just have to be aware of it. Evening, right, it will take time. 

Matt:  I love that. And it's true. And it's true. A lot of times people who start and get going fast might not have all the experience in the world, but a lot of them have been digging for a while. They've been looking and playing around for a while. And then they hit our training and things start to really take off. And then there's also people who are brand new and they come to our training. They'll come to our training, take the 15 Day Challenge, disappear for six months, come back, go through it again. Maybe try something different this time and and eventually, they start building their skills they start putting it into practice, whether they know it or not, and then suddenly, they get their first leads start to take off but it takes a lot of rd work today with patience like you said, I think that patience is such a big thing especially for people younger people. But even for you know older people Gary Vee talks a lot about how you know 50s The new 30 People who in their 50s got a long you had a long road ahead. Still there's plenty of time to reinvent yourself in your 50s and 60s, plenty of time. A year old. Come on the show as of like two years ago, and they've got hundreds of 1000s of followers on Tiktok and have for a long time. Yeah. Cool. Jay thanks for coming on the show. It's got to be in the afternoon there.

Jay: Yes, it's only 4pm

Matt:  Thanks for making me for a lot of us. We've got people in Europe. I mean, there's somebody here who said they're from Italy but we've got a lot of a lot of people on here who are waking up to this and feeling inspired as I am and also people who are throughout all the world so congrats to you on your success and just keep rockin keep going. If you need any assistance or help or have any questions, you know where to find us. I'm always available for you and make sure to touch base if you'd like in three months or so. Set yourself a reminder and say Hey, I gotta get back back good to see you.

Jay: Thanks for having me. This was a lot of fun. See ya. Bye.

Matt:  Bye. All right, so @makemoneywj for those of you who are on a podcast and just can't see the screen right now go follow Jay. Give them a follow and tune in. Tell them you found that tell them you found him on wakeup legendary and let them know what was the most impactful? What was the big takeaway you had and tell them you love the town as well? Your Wednesday we'll see you next time guys. Peace.

How To Safely Repost Content To TikTok

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave sharp. And I am coming to you live from the beaches of Florida. As you can see, I'm not actually at a beach but it's not too far away. It's not too far away. So my friends we got somebody who is on the show this morning who I believe. I believe they are not from the beaches of Florida. If I'm not mistaken. Let's go ahead and welcome my friend to the show. And Venus. Welcome to the show, my friend.

Edvinas: Thank you for how many days

Dave: You're very, very welcome. Your friends call you and Venus tells me where you're from. And where is that name? Where is that name from? It's a name that I've never heard before.

Edvinas: Yes, my name is Edvinas and I'm from Lithuania. Nice. It's like it's Europe, multi countries. You know, some people don't know but define.

Dave: Yeah, no, I know about it. And it's actually the world that is learning more about that area of the world, obviously. I think because of what's going on over there. How far away are you from Ukraine?

Edvinas: Not so far away. We have a border between Belarus. Yeah. And then and then Belarus and then Ukraine.

Dave: How do you deal with everything that's going on over there on that side of the world? 

Edvinas: It's actually overwhelming. You know, it's not fun to have a war going on. So, you know, not far away. So it's a little bit concerning, but I think it's going to be alright.

Dave:  Well, I think the Ukrainians are gonna kick, they're gonna be okay. I mean, sometimes somebody needs an ass weapon in life. I'm not. I don't like violence at all. Everything before violence, but my God, my thoughts and in wishes are that Ukrainian put the smack down on those sons of bitches. But anyways, let's move on because we're not here to talk about that. But my lord, it's really nice to talk to somebody who is from a totally different parts of the world in its man, you know, we all think that it's just I love to put try to put myself in other people's shoes to just a man what it's what it's what it's like for you what it's been like for you to start your business over and Lithuania. I mean, I know what it's been like for me to start it in St. Petersburg, Florida. You know, but tell us a little bit about your journey and then how eventually you came to find Legendary.

Edvinas: All right. So I started my journey from 2017 to 2018. I was interested in spirituality and stuff, you know, I created my Instagram, because of spirituality. I was interested in double energy, you know, that woo woo stuff. But later on, I realized, you know, that woo woo stuff you know, it cannot work without the money, the business you know, you have to come back to the earth. Learn about the technical stuff, you know it, learn about money about business. That's why we are here so I found you guys legendary on Tik Tok. And I'm actually very glad I saw a girl and she was talking about Legendary. I was like, wow, that resonates with me because when you're feeling that energy, it's something like it feels like home. Okay, I decided to try it. Wow. And eventually it worked really well for me. 

Dave: So you started off in spirituality. You realized that you needed a product or that other people out there seeking spirituality needed to learn about money? I wasn't saying that that niche? Were having a hard time monetizing and finding products to sell or what exactly did you do? Are you still in the personal development and spirituality niche? Okay, okay. That's the missing still in multiple niches in spirituality. You're also saying you're doing some money online. Is that correct to create other niches that you're currently operating in?

Edvinas: I'm on personal development. I'm making online may find you online and so on the spiritual side. So at the moment, I'm doing tarot readings, spiritual stuff. No, I love it. But also I love to make business plans. Make money to learn all that kind of stuff, you know, personal development, motivation that's what's motivating.


Dave: Yeah, okay, perfect, perfect. Well, this is great. We're talking to somebody who's now you know, who's operating in multiple niches. So what did you learn here? At legendary one What do you do incense coming in contact with us? That working maybe that you weren't doing before?

Edvinas: So what I'm doing I'm actually implementing all my spiritual strategies, that manifestation strategies in this business, to make that money and actually live those dreams now to travel all around the world. So what I'm doing is actually learning about the business from my spiritual side. You know, I have to operate between those two. That's actually quite challenging, but so I can share a little known strategy and my manifesting story. 

Dave: Yeah, let's go over a bit of your strategy.

Edvinas: So I think the number one thing is to be consistent. That's the number one thing for me because even if I would not be consistent, I wouldn't be here today. And another thing is visualization. It's like you have to know where you're heading. You have to have some goals where you're heading, because if you're not, you're like that and going between the trees. You have to know where you're heading. Yeah. So yes, that's the main reason why Yep, yeah.

Dave: Well, that's that. I'm pulling up a couple of your accounts right now. These must be a couple of the accounts that you had started back in 2017. Is that correct?

Edvinas: Yes, yes.

Dave: Okay. Have you changed your content or what have you changed? About the strategy? Since being a part of Legendary Have you started to use a sales funnel and you've started to do affiliate marketing so your monitor is something different about the content that you're that you're doing differently? What are you doing? What sort of tips can you give people? That is working really well or that you've discovered has worked really well? Are they now doing differently? That's working really well? Give us some strategy tips of how you've grown these accounts, because you've got, you know, these positive life secrets on Instagram. You've been an underscore magnet, both of which have over 100,000 followers, and then over on TikTok, you've got a wealth coached win. And then you've got Edwin digital marketer. So are these four? Do you want me to pull up one in particular and do you want to talk about some of the spirituality ones for a second? Just what's working right now and I want to talk about if somebody was to get started with an account today, what would you do differently today that you did when you started? 

Edvinas: So when I started, it was like spirituality, like positive messages. You know, I started from here, and then I realized that people love motivating, motivating stuff by deleting messages, and etc. I have a lot of videos that I reposted. Yeah, our people and they love it. Actually. That's a win-win situation because they love it because it shows that because I can really share that message. With the world. And that's what works, guys, you know, people love to see that entertainment. And actually, sometimes I post an ad that's going to my affiliate link, right? Yeah. And then the magic happens or not. So people love to see that motivation content, and then they're willing to take action because of that, you know, the thing.

Dave: Right, right. Right. And it's such a simple strategy, right? It's really how the biggest accounts in the world grow. And I'm glad we have somebody here who we can talk about it with because it is a. You have to be careful when you're using other people's content. First of all, you have to make sure that you give proper credit. So let's start with the absolute basics. How do you repost somebody else's content without, you know, infringing on our rights? Or how do you know what content you can repost and what you can and what need to do if you decide to repost somebody else's content? Use a video maybe that's already been going viral, and you just want to take advantage of that. And post it on your profile and get some of that, that viral love, maybe where do I need to make sure that I do if I want to use somebody else's content?

Edvinas: So you need to reach out to those creators because again, the relationship and sometimes if you don't ask you have to put that message that the me if you don't want this message to be on the stage now and I will remove it. Now you have to make it crystal clear and make sure that this content belongs to them and not yours. People might see that. Okay. Okay.

Dave: So what about what about all? So just giving credit? I mean, because that's, I see that you've done that in your post right here. You said credit to the blessed woman underscore X. If you give somebody credit like this, do you also need to reach out to them and say, Hey, can I repost your content? Because what if they reposted the content from somebody else? And it's not even their original piece of content?

Edvinas: Yeah, so you need to always reach out to them. Sometimes they don't like if you post that content, that's okay. You just remove it. And, you know, sometimes you have to be aware of that because some people don't don't live up to that content to be reposted

Dave:. Can I just tag somebody, instead of reaching out to them? Can I just say credit and just tag them like you did here and not reach out? To him?

Edvinas: You can do it but be allowed to be extra safe. You can reach out and say no, thank you. You have a lot. A lot of great content. I love your energy. Can you repost your content and just do it and if they don't like what if you post that video if they don't like it? That's okay. You just remove it but most of the time it is completely right.

Dave: Right right most of the time and I explain this so everybody understands it most of the time. I'm going to be fine with you posting my video especially if you're giving credit right here because now people can click over to my profile, which will know if I'm not logged in, or they're not there, but usually I can go over to somebody else's profile. Okay, I can click through to somebody else's profile and I'm going to get traffic there because of somebody else's post, right so I'm gonna get traffic to my website because of, you know, because somebody else reposted my stuff. So I love the fact that you're using other people's content in a way that is, you know that when you're giving proper credit, or you're reaching out to somebody and you're saying, what I would do just so everybody if everybody's because I've done similar things in the past. I would just say I would tag the person and then if I wanted to be extra safe I would send them a message that says, Hey, I just reposted one of your videos. Love your content. Let me know if you want me one day. I would just say See guys, here's my strategy with business is shoot first ask questions later. Right. So a lot of you are hearing this and I just want to give you very crystal clear a shoot first ask questions later strategy because 99.9% of people are going to be happy that you reposted their content as long as you give proper credit at Vienna. Would you agree with that? 

Edvinas: Yeah, definitely.

Dave: Perfect. How do you get somebody else's content off of their profile so you can then post it on to your profile?

Edvinas: Most of the videos are from tick tock so you have to copy the link and just go to the website and just download it.

Dave:  Is there a fan that you use?

Edvinas: I'm just using a snap stick app. Okay, you're right, right, right.

Dave: I got you. Right, right, right. You're right, right. Exactly. Okay. So not only is SnapTick the tool and this tool has like, golly, they must be getting a lot of traffic because like so many people in our community are using this tool now. It's really something alright, so anybody's content you can go and get it off of their profile and and take in folks just so you understand. Let's go over here so I don't know one of my old time not friends but just somebody that I know. Crap. Alright, something is wrong with my Instagram here. Go over here to somebody who has been posting content for a long time as a very well known in the industry. And now he's posted and the majority of his content is coming from his podcast. But this guy grew his account through the same strategy. You could go deep down in there and find it. I'm trying to find other people that I know have grown there, their channels this way. So some examples. There's the monk, what is his name? He's the guy who used to be a monk. And now he creates personal development content. I forgot what his name is.

Edvinas: I think it's Jay Shetty, Jay Shetty.

Dave: He's who built a lot of his content and you can see a lot of his stuff they do all kinds of creative stuff. They even act things out sometimes. But a lot of his content as you can see, and he's even got it somewhat organized here to where every third post, he posts like an inspirational piece of content. And then every third post he posts something with his face in it. And then every third post he posts a like some sort of an inspirational statement or you know, sentence phrase motivational phrase. But you know, this is a great example. Of another person another account who has absolutely capitalized on 10 other people's viral content. And you can see that he said via he just tapped he didn't even tag he just said via AngieMurray_1977 on TikTok, you know, so he's given credit that way. I'll tell you another person who does this as absolutely, absolutely blown up to over 70 million followers. Is the Snoop Dogg folks, the chronic one, the one who there's not a whole lot of people who smoke more blunts than his guy but somehow he and his team have grown his account over mostly using other people's content. Now at Venus. I have pulled up a couple of powerful examples. What do you say about these influencers and celebrities who are doing the same thing? 

Edvinas: You know, they're getting a lot of traffic in this way. People love it. They're watching videos. And that's that's great to build your account to millions of followers this way.

Dave: And Snoop by the way is never in any of his videos talking occasionally. He's in one smoking a blunt listening to you know, some music but it's not like he's actually talking every single post. This is clearly run not by Snoop, but somebody who knows what they're doing. And they've just, you know, why would a celebrity want a big account so they can, you know, tell people where their next concert dates are and suddenly they'll sell their swag, all this kind of stuff. But it's the same exact strategy that he was talking about. Right? And you can if you look hard enough, quite frankly, probably a lot of the accounts that you follow, are using a similar strategy. What else should we know? What else can we learn from you today about this strategy? How about the multiple accounts? Why do you have vino? Why do you have multiple accounts? Is that legal? Is that okay? Or would somebody be crazy to only have one account could you speak to that a little bit?

Edvinas: Yeah, so I think you can have as many accounts as you want. Maybe there are some kinds of rules, but now that's what's working, you know, the more accounts you have, the more you're going to get and this is my profitable mindset account. They started this year because I didn't know anything about TikTok. I was only on Instagram so TikTok, that's all my original content here. Okay. And here, I know that I collect content and try new things, experiment, what's work. I see that it's really good that people love that motivation. You know, they love entertainment. That's what's working guys. Now they're watching that and even if you have two accounts, three accounts, four accounts and you post the same videos and think into your pages and that's, that's what's going to work if you guys.

Dave: Yeah, it really makes a lot of sense as I'm sitting here listening to this and as I as I'm hoping that everybody else is sitting here saying to themselves, well, why do I only have one account? Right? I mean, you gotta be listening to this thing. And why do I only have one account if you only have one account? Because it's like, you're right, you just double your traffic. No. I mean, maybe you do, maybe you don't double your traffic but you're able to test different things and I think that's what's really so cool about this is exactly your strategy. On this page, you're doing nothing but your content. So you're you're dialing in your messaging, you're telling your story, you're getting your you're still and you're getting a benefit from it, you're still driving traffic and likely making sales from this. But if but then over here and these other accounts you've got, you know, the other stuff that you want to create you want to create just very generic spirituality or you want to you want to create, you know, very generic, that that's not specific to your own story, or financial advice or business. It's just, it also gives you a place to try and test different things right. That's what I'm seeing. Yes, with only one profile, you might begin to confuse the messaging if you tried to do everything on one profile. Do you agree with that? 

Edvinas: Yes, definitely. That's exactly what I'm doing and actually, why? Because the videos on TikTok and when you see the videos are going viral, they repost that video on my Instagram accounts, and people will love more because the video was performing really well on TikTok and this video is probably going to work out also on Instagram. 

Dave: Brittany says with a counselor like this, are we still putting our links in the bio or is it more of getting the following Randy Adams, you're looking in like more at a later time? How would you answer that question?

Edvinas: So I put the link on my bio. You know, you will still have traffic and also you can have some kinds of ads. You know, you can put your anything you post any kind of shit, you know, you can post the ad and people come to your link. Now, the traffic will flow. If you're tracking the people in your page with that environment stuff. That stuff is going to blow up. 

Dave: It's crazy. You can't overthink it. You know what I mean? You can't overthink it. You can't overthink your content. You gotta move, especially somebody like you who has multiple accounts that you're managing. You can't can't overthink it, right? You gotta post it. So how do you make decisions about what to post? How do you when you're researching when you're like what is the process of finding a piece of content to post it a piece of content look like for you?

Edvinas: So when I'm a spiritual person, I always think and feel what the next step will be, what people will like now, if you mess up the content people will sense that this content is not really good. You know, you have to find what people like, what kind of motivation counts and like you know, you have to be more empathic to feel what our people are going to lie and this is like that content. Oh, it's going to be really good. Now people will reach out to us, we'll say how to do that stuff, how to make that stuff and you're giving value to other people. And they will likely maintain a relationship this way because you reply to their message. And you know, you make that business partner or whatever. So yeah, you have to put energy and effort into doing that because now attention is actually, you know, our greatest asset, you know, people are bombarded with all the things on the internet now. You have to know which content you know people will like.

Dave: You got to read the room, right? I mean, read the room, tell what's going on in the world. What's going on people's lives right now. You know, I mean, part of it is about Yes, being an empath, but trying to just put yourself in other people's shoes, but one of the best places you can start is just what are you feeling? How do you feel, how do you think? Are you frustrated or in pain? Are you afraid? Well, all those feelings that you're having, that's the best way to relate to other people is to just talk about that, because likely they're having them too. And you can say well, hey, look I didn't have the money for retirement. And so I wanted to start learning new skills. Maybe you might want to, I don't know, but this was what I was afraid of. And you really don't have to be a mind reader or even an empath to do that. Because you're you're you're simply you are your best customer. You are your customer. You know what your customer is thinking? Because they're thinking the same things you thought, you know what your customers are feeling? Because they're thinking they're feeling the same thing. Still feeling why well, because we're human beings. Right? And so it's related to people. I think it is because we overcomplicate it, but Edvinas, you're absolutely right. It's the most important thing, because if somebody listens or reads, my content in it rubs them the wrong way. Or it's like it'd be like it'd be like posting a picture of an assault rifle on on a on a national holiday that that was like a memorial day for people that had been murdered by guns. You know, it's like people don't read the room that we have to understand and you know, you have to understand what's going on out in the world and just pay attention to what's going on in your own life. You know, people right now in the world, which is weird because we were just in a, in a crazy market. Well, we've got a war going on over on one side of the world. We've got, you know, a recession that's about to hit the world. I mean, people are, I'll tell you what people need right now if they really need to upgrade their skills.

Upgrade their skill sets and stop relying on other people. And I'll tell you, that scares me that I don't have enough skills , so, you know, you should be afraid to do that. You don't have enough skills, right? It's so easy to relate to people when I look at just my own fears in my own life story. Then I can start talking and connecting with people easier. And Venus. That's what I found is, you know, I just have found that when I tell my story occasionally not all the time, but occasionally to my followers and I let them know a little bit more about who I am and kind of when when I'm doing that's a great opportunity for me to bond with them too. And I can give them edutainment content 90% of the time, you know where it's just educational and entertainment. It doesn't have to be about my story, it wouldn't have to be about me. But one out of every you know, occasionally too good. Your right to humanize yourself into encode passion to your audience. And I really think at Venus, you talk about spirituality, you talk about you know, being empathic. I really think this whole marketing and sales thing comes right down to that right there. It's not about a special trick about a special thing. You're going to say that's going to make somebody buy from you about them feeling safe with you. It's about them feeling comfortable watching your content. It's about them feeling safe like the UK like, like you get it like they're under. If they don't feel like you understand them. They're not going to buy from you. So it's also about showing compassion, showing that you understand what they're going through. And people will just throw money at you if they feel understood. And if they feel like you get them unlike most of them you know, friends and family who usually our friends and family can sometimes post on us or we feel the most criticized by them. So that's why human beings are not just in this industry. Human beings are always searching for validation. And love and understanding. Again, because a lot of times we don't feel that our own homes are our own. You know, friends and family. I'm serious. Just, it's so true. So what do we do when we start a business? What's the biggest complaint that a lot of people have? Well, I'm not getting support from my friends and family. It's because it's easier sometimes to just for whatever reason, there's an emotional, there's emotional baggage there or our friends don't want to see us doing better than they are. I don't know what it is. But you know, understanding somebody comes to our community and we say, we get that I understand my friends and family were a little critical of me too. And now I don't even have to offer a solution. Went through that too. And instantly you feel understood. I don't have to solve your problem. I don't and that's what we're missing more than anything. In this community. We think that we have to solve social problems over time. And one of the biggest things that we need to do is we just need to make them feel understood. Make them feel like we understand what they're going through that empathy of Venus, what would you add to that?

Edvinas: Yes, exactly. I agree with you. Everything is energy. You have that connection when you're talking with another human being you're exchanging energies between and when you give something, feel something you know that warm energy and they are likely to believe in you because you make them feel like home and they will likely open up and talk about their ideas. You know, if you have that compassionate energy, you don't need to say steal anything from people now just give that good energy and compassion like you say.

Dave: And that comes through one video. It comes through on video does it? Yes, it does. It does. It keeps your own video to some of you who are not talking at all in your videos right now. You're only posting as you go. You know, as you get more comfortable as you get the ad and then maybe you go live and you should begin to tell your story or even in short videos you and it's such an opportunity. We can even do it with text. There was a fantastic video that was with me the other day. And it was something that I see a lot of network marketing women are doing but it's working. It's working. And it really is just to actually show it to you right here. It's really a trending thing. That's going around on TikTok but check it out. Like that you see how she's telling the story through text. She's doing it on top of a trending sound. Okay, she's doing it on top of a trending sound already on TikTok. But she's telling that story that I was just talking about. That Venus has talked about where you're showing empathy but you're showing empathy through telling your own story. That's, that's a great way to show empathy because you're opening up your heart and you're being vulnerable. And that that brings people closer to you doesn't push them away. It brings them closer. Let's watch the rest. It's just a simple retelling. It's empathy. And that is an example of it being done without even any words being spoken just right there on text. And it looks like you are doing a lot of that too. On your personal account words are telling a story and stuff on text. Are you doing mostly all text and music? Are you doing no voice over videos or are there some where you actually are speaking?

Edvinas: I'm actually using like the video that's going to inspire to to bring that emotional fire and that's what's working. You can also do a video we are talking about that's actually also good, but like the entertainment, the music, the dances, you know the energy you are trying. 

Dave:  They do, and that video that we just watched was, you know, there was music. There was a visual, we were able to watch her at the same time, and that's highly engaging, right because unfortunately with social media, human beings are a bit like addicts. It's gotten higher. As with anything with anything, it's not just drug addicts. I mean, if you were taking any sort of medication or anything and you took more and more and more your tolerance was high. But man, we've become like that with social media, haven't we to where we just it's like, it's like, if it's not multiple things going on at one time on the screen. It's like it's not entertaining. Oh God, where are we going to be in another two years and Venus? Where are we going to be? You know what I mean? Like? I hope we're just all so rich that if it's crazy, we can just check out if we want to you know what I mean? I'm just like. Do you have your prediction? Where the hell is the internet? And where are people going? What are we going to be interacting with a couple of years from now? What do you think?

Edvinas: I think it's going to be a split between the people who are stuck in the old patterns. Now the old corporations know that stuff. And people and other kinds of people will be higher. They will experience more compassion, more, you know, spiritual things, more love. And exactly now I think we let in the internet also. Now we have a lot of fear going on. But also we have a lot of compassion and love at the same time happening and people are choosing the groups with love and the fear and seeing that in the Internet right now.

Dave:  Wow. That's a very unique perspective. Very, very interesting. And you know, what I love about that answer is that it had nothing to do with a specific blank form or a specific social media company. No matter what comes and what goes what you just said, will always be here, won't it? Yeah. People who are fear mongering, and they'll always be people who are showing compassion and love. And I would say the same thing. I would say the same thing is true for this industry, right? There are people in this industry who claim to be teachers and gurus, but they are you know, they are they're they're they're not compassionate. They're not you know, they're they're they're, they're, you know, they're fear mongering and they're there. They want to make you dependent. And I think it's really important to strive to be independent as a marketer, and especially in this industry. Because you are, sir you are free. You can go and be an affiliate as you are for multiple you are an affiliate for legendary marketer, is this true? That's exactly but we are just a see just one of the appetizers on your table, right you're in and that's mainly because you're in multiple, you're in the spirituality niche personal development niche, but understand my fears. You need to remain free, you need to remain free. And you know that that is that is both a mentality and it also is in how we operate and so if we wanted to and we want to be free people, then you know, both the mentality that we have, which I love, compassion, love, not fear mongering and as well as people that were concerned with we need to be real careful. But also in the kind of as your whole business philosophy right it is freedom, independence, not dependence needing sort of business model that can create a prison a jail or or can or others can be in control of your business. Someone that in the future is probably not the smartest thing for example, all of these drop shippers who had touched on their business because they couldn't get their product in from China and then they were sitting in shipping all this stuff. So what do you think about the business model itself, the deep selling digital products and of course, selling information, coaches, core courses, coaching and events and of putting in those talks just for anybody who's new. Talk about your perspective about the business model itself, versus other physical product business models on the internet.

Edvinas: Think digital, that's exactly what is going to work out in the next 10 years. 20 years. Because people love that instance. They want to buy it and they want to get it right now. Not tomorrow, not next week, right now. And also people have knowledge and because the more people want that knowledge that coaching and I think that's what's going to be in the next 1020 years. Digital stuff is going to blow up even more.

Dave: People really think that they're late, you know what I mean? It's so early that there's literally no one right? I mean, these politicians and governments around the world don't. I mean, people are innovating so fast. They cannot keep up, though. We are at the early stages. I agree with that simply also because I do think fear is always there and fortunately, and I think more and more people are gonna see laziness, all that kind of stuff, whatever. I just think people are going to want to be at home more. I just think we've proven that people want to be, they would buy a home they would prefer to learn at home, they would prefer to watch movies at home they would prefer to just be at home with their families, their friends, and access things digitally through their phone. I like to ask you about spirituality and mindset and business. And in this business what what can you tell us about the importance of all the dynamics, not the mechanics, everybody comes into this business thinking Joe the mechanics just show me where to press what to push and what to set up and, and you know the first time something goes wrong you know, a lot of them will have a breakdown, not a breakthrough because there was no you know, they just thought well, this doesn't matter I'm not I don't mention, or even pay attention to my mindset or my my energy. You keep talking about energy, such a powerful conversation, but it’s hard for me to understand energy I've really ever talked about it or had anybody explain it to me or maybe I have great energy and I don't even know it right I don't want to make people feel stupid either. Like they're capable of being a great energy and all this but I just wonder if you would say a little bit about the importance of those dynamics. What is spirituality to you, and how does it apply to your business?

Edvinas: Yeah, first of all, I think we need to know that energy flows where attention always goes. And where you put your energy into, it's going to grow no matter what now, it's easy to spot a red car. If you're always thinking about the red car, you know, it's all if you always think about you know, you got to see opportunity. That's how it works. You are putting that energy you know, you're tuning into a radio station, and you're saying Bring me opportunities. You're just asking the universe. Just Oh, you just get opportunities because your radio station was tuned to that specific frequency. And you get exactly what you want. Sometimes people don't care about the surroundings and they don't see the opportunities coming but if you know, be more mindful and see what's going on. You will see so many things in your space. In your house, in your everywhere. There are so many opportunities rrU Yeah, that's crazy. That's the Golden Age actually. So you become what you always cause income.

Dave: And here's a great example of that. My phone's not working right. Did a loom send it to Drew? I ended up figuring it out on my own and just had them double check it practicing confidence. So glad to have the community here back in. It's priceless. And the reason why I point this out and say exactly what we're just talking about was you put the intention to have a working funnel. And you didn't just send it to somebody and just say, Oh, well, I hope he fixes it. Sucks. I mean isn't going to fix it. It's probably going to be bullshit. It's probably a scam. You know? I don't know. I mean, this stuff never worked for me anyways, you know? I mean, right? I mean that. It may not be that dramatic, but come on. I mean, a lot of times our attitude is definitely on that side. Maybe he's busy living his life. Maybe he meant to get back to me and forgot about this. Maybe he got COVID Maybe he got hit by a bus. Please, Lord. I'm just saying anything could happen. I'm not going to sit around and wait on Drew because I'm the one who's suffering if I wait, I'm putting the intention out. I'm gonna have a working funnel. Whether Drew gets back to the universe. Here, you know, and it's like, it's like, wow, that's energy. That's spirituality to me. It's like and you know what, here's the other thing. I'm the son of a bitch out and then I'm going to help somebody else. out somebody else. Please shit. You know now I'm on the SS spiritual as I can get. I mean, that's spirituality to me.

Edvinas: Exactly, yes. Means confidence means to trust yourself that's lacking more confidence areas. Trust yourself that trust in you in your report. You can do so. Now. Be responsible of your actions and you will

Dave: You say your spiritual those of you and here's my I'm going to challenge some people I got down I'm getting fired up. I get a lot of fire I say so. You know a lot of people say they got faith. They say the times get tough if you know, you can't send up your autoresponder and your computer won't come on. Man that faith disappears. We got to have faith in all those of you especially say and you you say I got faith, show the world your faith. This is the time you can put your faith and your all that into action. Because, you know, we can talk about having a spiritual principle or we can talk about having faith or whatever. But if you know those tools, it's like a watch. And when I watch his piano, let them sit in the safe because that's what they're for. To be warm. Faith is there to be used. Right? It's not there to just to sit in the seat. It's there to be used. And and wow. My intention you said that or being in that is so powerful. How do I set an intention if I've never even heard of that before? What does that actually mean? How do I apply it to this business?

Edvinas: So if you if some of the beginners just starting out, they don't know anything about energy, all the stuff. The first thing I asked you to do is to do a vision board to this, this visualization board. That's what's working, you know, even on your laptop on your phone, you can put the images you want like vacations, the money you want the girls anything, and that's the intention. You could just do that. Every single day the energy will flow into that intention. You will see you will pick up the phone, you will see the image. It's going straight to your mind. It's fine and that's what you're going to manifest because the energy is flowing that way. You know if you want a successful business it looks like that intention. You have to be as specific as you can put on that vision board. I think it's going to be that and every single thing I did on that vision board. It manifested every single thing. That's like two months ago and everything happened. I went on a trip to the beautiful beaches. So now everything this was just doing a vision board is going to be the best decision in your life.

Dave: Now look at it. You gotta be looking at things we do. What are the reasons to do masterminds in mass and because we want people to be able to continue to hang out in a huge, you know, 20,000 square foot mansion with 2020 bedrooms, you know what I mean? And it's interesting, it's cool to come into experience that to hang out to not just drop the diet, but to actually, you know, come and, you know, come and hang out come in and you know, actually just walk around and, and, and, you know, see, maybe even sweating. I mean, this is the living room, you know, we're having an event with 50 or 60 people in the living room. Last one that we did was a three story mansion. And that's why we've done that, you know, that's why we've done these events because we want to give people and you know experiences the same you don't experience all the time because somebody else is living that life living that way. And why not you and why? Why? Somebody out there has a backyard with a swimming deck. That sick leave could comfortably hang out on but it's just one person or a small family home. Why not you? Why did they deserve that? There's no reason there's no logical reason right? And it's not even that they deserve it and you don't, it's just that their actions and the choices that they made, brought them closer to this or brought them here and the choices that I made. Put me in another place. I have everything that I deserve based on my decision. Right, unless you really, really had something that sets you back in life and those absolutely do happen and sometimes obvious things and and you know which is why I love entrepreneurship. Because anybody no matter where what your gender is, what's your what's your, you know, what's your, where you're at, or where you're from in the world you have an opportunity to earn as much or more as anybody else, even if you're a young man, and out in Lithuania halfway of the world, you can get on here and you can build a dam business of your dreams. Then live stream to us all over the world from your room in Lithuania and teach us how you're doing it. What a frickin amazing thing. It's really something that has been well. I appreciate your time today, my good friend and stay safe and keep up the fast work in spreading the value and the wonderful energy that you're and I love your desire for growth too. I can tell he suffers from people from different regions of the world. And it's likely I don't know what life was like when I was growing up. But you think it was equal to better than or in terms of the things that you had and the materialistic stuff that had been opened up in America Lithuania would you say that fans but I think you're living in Eastern Europe now. Is that NATO was Soviet Union No. Right. So so so the things were tough actually, you know, but there are no excuses that you can be in the same place. You grow no matter where you are in the world that you can You can grow wherever you want.

Dave: And I see that I see that. We see that all the time with people who come who you know are not letting any circumstances hold them back. And sometimes our circumstances can hold us back when they're comfortable. When we have too much because we get complacent. And then you know something painful happens and then we act but acting out of gratitude and acting out of not wanting to do I want to I want to add value to the world is a much better, a much better reason to act and just because you have pain because oftentimes if you're if you have pain, it might be too late. But there's a lot to learn from people for me as an American from people in different countries. And it's one of them where we get to meet and hear their stories and see how they're living and building their business. And you've come in and done this yourself. I mean, let's see, no matter what whether it was me and Legendary that you ran into or something else, and that's what I think a lot of people understand it's our responsibility to be successful and that a good routine or whatever, as the dude, I'm going to be successful regardless of my teacher. That's right. You can't just you would you would be successful no matter what because of your drive and your intention and your motivation. So thanks for sharing that with us today, brother. 

Edvinas: Thank you so much.

Dave:  Hey, man. We're happy to do it. And we love this love of doing love. Our clients love to talk to you. This is something I get to every day, you know that I get to do every day. I don't have to do this. I get to do this every day and it's the coolest job in the world. And anything that's here within this community can do the same exact thing in some way, shape or form. And you can customize it to your own liking to your own life and schedule. And at Venus you showed us a more advanced version of that today we pull niches and multiple things but it stretched us a little bit and it Missy see what's possible and that we can do more and we don't even particularly have to work much harder, right but we can have a bigger impact and do more so thanks for that man and and come back again. Thank you so much. All right, buddy. We'll talk to you later. All right, my friends. There you have it now at Venus remember has multiple profiles. So profitable underscore mindset, I believe is his personal profile. No, no, that's a profitable mindset on TikTok's profitable underscore mindset. A couple of them here. But a profitable underscore mindset. Wealth coach Edwin is going to be some places you can connect with Him and follow Him and you know, get involved and just continue to learn from his strategies there. And then of course he's got a couple of accounts on Instagram too. I'll post those abundant positive life secrets all one word on Instagram. So there you go. You've got somebody with this doing a few different things and he may even have a couple of things in there and that's totally fine. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't but I can guarantee he'll have more soon. Because this guy is on fire and he's not you know what he's standing up to him. He has a plus vision and mindset right as you all heard, and so get on out of here. All right. Wow. Someone should add us to say do something even if it's wrong, for God's sakes. Just do some. Okay to date that gets you in the mood. Keen action and, you know, just loosen those muscles up, loosen those fingers. Only your eyes can't make the organism work and watching training and doing all that in this one. Here's the other one sometimes working is that little scroller. Or the thumb and the scoliosis. Let's make today matter. Right, let's make it matter. So what is the number that if you did nothing else, it's the productive day to do that thing every day. Right? And it's likely to revolve around some fear of speaking into something or writing something again, Papa Don said that a couple of months ago on ship, and I said, I can't say it any simpler than he says. Writing something, speaking, knowing something. To be one of those, your top priority should always get some sort of income producing activity. Okay, income producing. That should be your number one all right. All right, my friends. Get out of here. Great show. Thank you again. It's been really, really a pleasure and an honor this morning and we will see you tomorrow. Peace.

How To Grow Your Facebook Group Quickly

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Dave: What’s going on my friends? We’re going to have a powerful conversation about a couple powerful topics. This gentleman was a full time financial service employee and has figured out a strategy to grow his or a I would assume it's gonna apply to anybody who will find out about a Facebook group in 60 days or less JT, welcome to the show, brother.

JT: Morning Dave. How are you?

Dave: Good. Tell me where you're calling in from.

Jt: I am just outside London in the UK

Dave: All right mate. Well cheers. Where is Australia? She is

Jt: Australia. Mate you can get away with get away with that there

Dave: You guys call each other mates and there's a few other things that you do that are you look at your diaries, we look at our calendars. You know, there's a few differences but I've got a lot of UK friends so I'm pretty used to producing all that. So how the heck are you in Why are you here? I mean, you're in financial services. Does that mean you are getting rich on the European stock market and all that? I mean, I just see doctors and lawyers and you know, stockbrokers and financial service planners and people and all this coming into online marketing and I just thought that this industry used to be for people that couldn't get real jobs, couldn't get real careers. And now we see all these people here over the last 10 years since I've been doing this from all these legitimate careers coming in and making this new career. Talk to us about why that is the situation for you. So from my point of view, Dave,

Jt: I left school and went straight into a job. I didn't do the college and video University. Got no degree. All I've got is high school qualifications . It's probably the best way to set it for you guys in America. For me it was financial services. It's all online. So I've done it for the last 25 years. I've grown through the organizations that I've been with when I'm a long term employee for some of these. So I am still doing it. I'm not, I haven't quit the nine to five, I'm still doing the nine to five. It's just the way the economy is at the moment. The inflation that is going on, especially in Europe at the moment, is covering those extra extra costs that we're all incurring the house prices over here. Certainly ridiculous and like the mortgages that you've got to pay off some of that, etc, especially when the pandemic hits. Yes, you take a mortgage holiday, but you still have to pay it back at some point, etc. So that was one of the reasons I got into this and they actually bought the course back in July of last year. Like a lot of people and a lot of people you've probably spoken to quite a few times as I sat on it. I actually sat on it until October. So actually didn't start the 15th day until October of last year. And God Do I regret it.

Dave: Hey, man, well, wow, what a unique What a unique perspective that we get to hear this morning. Every day. We get to hear real stories from real people of what's really going on out there. in people's lives. So thank you for sharing that JT because, you know, for a lot of us in this industry, we had a good 2020 and 2021 Financially, everybody came online. And a lot of folks in our community, maybe are thinking well, is it all over? It is , you know, because we're always afraid we miss the boat or we're always afraid that just because it's not going to for whatever reason we're going to show up to the party and they're gonna say there's no more party. But what I'm hearing just as I suspected, and just as I've seen happening in multiple up and down terms in this industry, is that when things are good, people spend money because they got it when things are rougher. People come here because they need extra money because they need to get by so they need extra skills. Now whether you go back into the make money online niche or you go to another niche, the bottom line is when inflation happens, or recessions happen or whatever, what what humans typically do is exactly what you're talking about pay down debt, invest in themselves to try to try to either make more at their current job, get a different job or start a business.

JT: And I was exactly the same. Last year I was doing okay, I can go and download something off of Canberra and put it into Etsy and make some money there. And as I told my Facebook group only this week, yep, I lost more money than I actually made for it, so it didn't work. I end up doing online surveys that everyone says oh yeah, you can you can make money you can make a bit of money. Yes, I made money through the surveys. Was it what I'm making predictions very well known when via and so and being honest, they become too personal. So you can do all of what everyone's saying out there today as a side hustle. But comparison to what affiliate marketing is nowhere near close.

Dave: No, no, it's not, it's really not. And it's, it's been some time. It takes some time for some people to see that and to realize that you know, specifically just because you know, specifically just because when you come into this industry when you come online and you start getting interested in making money online things or courses or education guess what else happens? But tell some people's story and they don't even realize that I know their story. They don't even know their story. Because you're, here's what I mean. Sometimes you come into the internet, you come onto the Internet into a new place and things start happening before you even realize what's happening. So let me tell you what actually happens. You get interested in, say, building a business online. All of a sudden you see a video on TikTok you watch it. Now guess what TikTok is showing you more of. Exactly. So now all the sudden you start seeing all this stuff and you think all businesses, all gurus all training all business models are created equal. And we also think not you JT I just want to try to help people identify what happens sometimes when we come into this industry and why we get lost. You know why we go off on a track that you know, where we lose time and money. Another situation might happen where you got somebody like me who's trying to aggressively sell, because that's what marketers do. I'm trying to aggressively convert but I'm also trying to be realistic and tell people it's going to take work, tell people it's going to take effort. Go live every day and have real ass conversations where I can't hide our customers can't hide. This is real talk. But you know what? Not everybody in this industry plays to those same standards. So we've got people who show up in your Facebook inbox, people who show that you subscribe to their list, people who you're now seen on on TikTok videos, and they're promising you the world that you have. And you know what we're suckers, human beings are suckers. So we say, Oh, sounds better. sounds easier. Gonna go do it, right? Because we just that's what human beings do. It's a phenomenon. It's nothing that we can help last year when things were going really great. I made investments. I bought what I felt the euphoria of spending. So I'm not I'm not I'm saying this stuff relates to me too. It's a phenomenon that happens in human beings but in order to now come back and actually succeed with your online business, you have to cut out the distractions and you have to begin to learn the difference between excuse me, I'm gonna get real high level very technical and very professional use with these next terminologies. You have to have a built-in bullshit detector. You know, you folks are looking to go in business, you didn't just fall off the turnip truck, you know, so we have to use some common sense and look, we've all got taken, we've all got off track. But just realize that everything out there is not created equal and everything doesn't deserve your time. Just because they make a claim that you can make six figures in six months or whatever it is. So do you have any experience with that JT because obviously, you know, just in these last few years, the amount of people that come into our Facebook group that are trying to just literally these folks are leeches, they're their dogs. They're sharks. They're the bottom feeders of the industry. And we got to be aware of them and we got to know that they exist. Not everybody is our friend. That's probably the worst place to find them. So not only the DM but the friend requests that come through over Facebook, that these other people will try and attach you to them and I and I've, I've considered deleting that Facebook group. I just want everybody to know that like I'm not I know these people are out there. And it's like, for me as a leader, instructor or facilitator, it's my it's my job to try to create a safe community and that that is, you know, that is what we tried to do with that Facebook group and unfortunately, but we have to get used to folks, this is capitalism. We have to get you to, I can't shield you. Nobody can protect you. Nobody can protect me. These choices are going to be in front of us our whole career. And we have to learn how to say no and how to set boundaries. We have to learn that just because somebody hits us up on a Facebook group, we don't have to respond and then go into this big long explanation. You don't have to explain, you know, talking to you JT just everybody out there. You have to explain yourself to any Jackass who showed up in your private message who wants to slow your business down by distracting you and taking you off on some BS, you know, coaching rabbit hole. And so I think the time is even more important now. If your money is tighter for you know, if you're affected by what's going on out there to be even more, you know, make sure that you're learning from spending money with and not getting sucked into people who are gonna waste your time and waste your money. And there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing. That's just a fact Jack. 

JT: And to be honest they've done the U turn as well. And you know the ones that are there. They weren't on TikTok. They weren't on Facebook. They weren't putting videos out to guess what they're back on TikTok. They're back putting videos out. I saw the main two that you know Dave as well that you had previously that when you did your video previously that he popped in and popped off. He's now doing live videos. We have another one just to promote their own calls. So see it all the time and be honest with you. And I see also and this happened to me probably two weeks ago now. When you become very stable and very focused and people see that you're attracting new people. They want to be you and I got close. I didn't get hacked. I got cloned on Instagram, and I had to go back to Instagram. I got everyone that's good on my site and a lot of the legendary guys that I'm connected to as well through all the other platforms. Back To Me Arts at all. Yep, JT. We see there's another account trying to impersonate you if you know it's not any report etc. So if we've got this community it's great because actually we back each other up we see a cloning there. We get rid of it. And Instagram was great for me because actually one of the tricks of the trade is Dave. Hopefully throughout this conversation, I'll try and drop some tricks of the trade for you guys. On my logo that I've got from the UK. I actually put the TM next to it and if you guys don't know, the TM is an unregistered trademark but with the intent to register. So I've done that on my logo. So any of my posts that I put out on Instagram who has my logo? What if you can clone my whole profile? You've cloned my logo at Indian central station so I went back to Instagram and said actually someone trying to take my trademark took my copyright information, and it stood more than actually someone trying to impersonate me. So tips of the trade there they've actually held might help someone else if they're seeing that.

Dave:  You have basically trademarked images in your profile. Image is what you're saying in your profile picture? Like that would be like me using the Legendary well that's actually registered trademark. That'd be like me, using my face and putting TM next to it?

JT: So you've got the legendary Yeah, if you mix it with the intent to be rich that the Legendary no one else has gotten it. And you say, well, actually, you're gonna put a T-shirt up on a post and said actually, I'm gonna, I'm gonna build that T-shirt. You go actually, no, that's mine. Because if you see that logo, it's got TM next to me. 

JT: Yeah that’s a simple thing like that is that TM it will certainly strengthen the case ahead with Instagram and I would recommend to anyone, yes, just setting up your brand your business and that but any logos or anything you're pulling out there as your business. Make sure you just put the TN next week. I'm not sure if that's the same in the US whether it's the same trademark, but I certainly recommend that equity lawyers, everybody, you know, yeah, it's a great idea. You can do a little bit of research and figure out if that's something that will hold up in your part of the world, but seems to be holding up for Instagram. They seem to be responding to it right there. And it was a personal, personal email as well from Instagram, which is very unusual. 

Dave: That's really cool, man. So you have that going right now on all your profiles. You got the little, the little you do that.

JT: So if I'm putting up a post, so if I'm putting up a design image, I'll put it in the top pocket that there's an image and when that person just completely cloned my whole profile, they took every image as well.

Dave:  And that's what I had before. Gotcha. Gotcha. It's crazy, dude. Crazy. These people are out here. We don't have to come up with anything, we don't have to come up with you know, it's like it's like I'm not a legal person. I'm not a person that likes to go after people or even ever have to worry about this stuff. You know what I mean? Because like I have never in my entire life, tried to impersonate or scam somebody out. of something like posing as somebody different or taking somebody's money and then not, you know, then disappearing or whatever or like it's just It's beyond my even ability to relate to it. Because it is half the reason why I'm mostly defenseless towards it. Most of the time, I don't even know how to defend myself against this stuff for most of the time. Because I can't even I don't even know that it's coming. It's like and then you know, once we see it, we have to get the troops and like, what are we going to do about this area? You know, I mean, and we do this sort of stuff all the time. And I've got a couple of stories. I won't waste time and go into them right now. But yeah, it's important. I think the big takeaway from this conversation when we're talking about Facebook groups anyway, so we're going to hear in a moment is that everybody doesn't have your best interest. in mind. And also the amount of time that you can waste. I think one of the things after you post the content, how you decide to interact and what you do can really be the big whether you waste tons of time. Or not, because it doesn't take making the piece of content duty. You have to do that. But then once you post it, how we come back in or act with people in the comments, how you have to admit that's what takes all the time. And so I'm interested to hear some tips from you about how you manage your Facebook group and what you do in your Facebook group to keep it I guess in tip top shape to try to both help it convert to help it be a tool of conversion for you. But also, how do you not become a time suck to you and how do you not create a breeding ground for just a bunch of other people to sell their crap in your face?

JT: Complete complete nonsense. So let me tell you, as you know, I'm on nearly every platform so even even had a Clapper recently. I don't know if you've come across that one Dave. Clapper is another one very similar to TikTok.  

Dave: I knew that he had another TikTok coming right behind the old day. I know people are thinking TikTok is over, it's like there'll be another one around the corner. Don't worry.

JT: It's there, but it's not very strong. So just bear in mind. So for me TikTok is still the platform. I'm using the first one that I'm going to create. I personally don't interact within TikTok at all. I may, someone may comment on one of my videos and I'll go back to it. But what I do have in TikTok is the bio link actually posted back to my Facebook group doesn't go to my website. It goes back to the Facebook group and it goes back to the money worries Facebook group. So if I really took it, I'd have two profiles on Facebook. I've got my own followers, my own page I've got JT money worries UK as their associated to that I then have my money worries UK affiliates.

Dave:  So you have a business page. And then you have a Facebook group that's connected to that business face to face.

JT: Profile page is probably the best way not to worry about the UK, just IT says my page with a bit of my personal details within it. 

Dave:  It's a fan page, right? I mean, yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yep. Yeah, I mean, it's just like, because you can only create two types of pages on or great three things in Facebook right? You can create a personal profile business page or a Facebook group, right? I don't. I don't want to let you off here but you created a business page. You created a personal profile. Okay, got it. Got it. Okay. But you created a personal profile that you use for business purposes is what you're saying. 

JT: And the reason I do that is because going back to that conversation of how to go databases, you don't want your friends and family linking to you. And that's how you're getting the attraction. You want this to be a business of such so this is me. So this way I can tell my story about myself. So you'll see on here, I've told the story about how I'm promoting what I'm doing etc. I might put on there what someone might suggest, giving people that early mindset because what they're gonna do, David, they're gonna follow you before they're going to interact with you. Right, right. So if you'll see at the top of this page, they've got over 5000 followers because they're following me so the good thing is, guess what they're following me. So every time I'm posting on my profile page here, like having 5000 friends, they can see every post that's coming up.

Dave:  I think the biggest like one of the biggest things that Facebook did on your personal profile that changed the game, it'll let you do a pin post.

JT: I agree. 100%.

Dave:  It's because now you can take your absolute best post whatever you want people to your call to action, and it's just right there. It's the first one you can know what I mean? Leave it there, let it build up engagement. I would even if I was you. I would even say leave me a comment below and let me tell you something about yourself as well. Just kind of this post right here super blowing up. That's just maybe you've got to distract you but that's that's one thing that just just came into my head. Just because this is such an important post right here at your pinned post at your top post. And you just want all the bells and whistles firing off on this thing. But anyways, back over to you because you're here to tell us what you're doing. 

JT: So as you've got in front of you in a moment, like this, this is me. This is my personal page for the businesses such promoting my growth, but as I said, so you've gone from a tip top real you've come across you've seen the grid and you want to join the group actually, you can see my name on JT money where as you get great, I'm gonna go and I was gonna follow you. So I'm gonna follow you for a bit longer. They will then start to see all of the reels as well because my rules are starting to come up on that JT money worries UK on Facebook. 

Dave: How do you even find the friggin reels man? They got him hidden, you know what I mean? Can't even see somebody's reels. It’s crazy how they're, how they've kind of it, they're showing them they're pushing them but making them a dominant part of your profile yet you know what I mean yet? They're not like making them easy to find right on your profile. I feel like they're just really testing them and dialing them in and because they're going crazy. I mean reels. Whenever you go on Facebook, you're seeing tons of reels in your timeline right now. 

JT: And to be honest, Dave, I haven't done real since. Well, I last spoke to Matt in February. And at that point I hadn't done Facebook rules. It was just science that came over to the UK at that point. I pulled off that call with Matt and said give me a month. Let's see if we can get it in the column in March. I've started to take my TikToks Put it on Instagram, put it on Facebook, real videos go viral all at the same time and I had a weekend face to face. The air was manic. It was just a comment off the comment. I'm interested in it. I want more information. Right y'all.

Dave:  Listen closely. So that's all I'm saying right now y'all better be listening closely. 

JT: It was the most manic weekend. It was certainly worthwhile because you can go to my dashboard and you'll see the peaks and the memberships and the followers going up. But the good thing about having this profile on Facebook Dave is because they get to see the notifications because they get to see the rules because normally Dave is actually when I've got a story. I'll put my real Insta story on this profile. on Facebook. So not only am I getting those notifications daily from me when I'm posting my get that notification as well but which is great. It's back in front of them again. But after a time they then go okay, I want more information. I want to be more in love with an audience and when I go, this group comes in. Dave: Okay, okay, let's just pause right there because I mean, man, I just want to recognize the, what do you call it? What do you call the omnipresence of you so far? If they found you on TikTok. Now, you've also got them on Facebook, right? And there's just just, however you get them there. I just want people to sit back and just think for a second. How influential and powerful Do you think that is? When somebody goes to a different social media platform and sees the same video from you, it doesn't even have to be a different video. Just to say they're like, Wow, this person's everywhere. They know what they're doing. JT, do you agree with that?

JT: How many times do I get that comment? I've seen you everywhere. You're on my feed everywhere.

Dave: To me it's crazy. It's crazy. All right, so hopefully that was a note that you took. Now let's move on so we've found them on TikTok. Okay, we've we've we've you know, there click in their, their their interest. Oh my gosh, we've come right to your Facebook group. Okay, now in the group. Take us through sort of the indoctrination process which which really, folks is how do we bring them into our world? A lot of trying to confer you know, on day one, your your your think your it's this is not prostitution, folks. This is long term marriage. This is dating this is courting This is human beings that want to be you know, want to be treated with dignity, want to be educated want to be interacted with and that's quite frankly, that's really to the no offense to those out there who have to do sex work as their profession not even really trying to throw stones at you. But back over here to the matter at hand which is we're dealing with human beings. So JT, they've clicked on your TikTok. And what the heck Hold on a second. Is this a Facebook group? What's the strategy next and why are you looking to try to bring them into a fake group before you even take them to a landing page or whatever? This is a different strategy. This is a unique strategy. And and you know what, it's a beautiful thing because here's somebody who's testing and tweaking and trying things out. And here we are, have the ability to learn from them. And I just, there's no one single way to skin a cat in this industry. But I'm sure as we go through this process, we'll see a lot of the principles are the same. So IT continues to take us through the process.

JT: So David, this is the Facebook group. So they clicked to make a join. So they're jumping, they're going to have questions. So you put up your free questions that you want to know that information about that person join. Where did they find you is the first question so I asked, actually, where did you find me? Was it taken to the wicket? Was it Instagram? Was it an organic growth, but you have to remember Facebook has its own algorithm as well. So if you've got a community within your group that's talking and making questions, etc. That's going to push your group in front of people that are interested as well. So not only are they coming from other social platforms, they also come from within Facebook as well. So I'm asking that question, ask him what stage they're at because you still want to know that you might get started, it didn't work or actually this completion, completely new or you might have the experienced ones that just wouldn't know how to have a Facebook group sort of thing. So I'm asking for that information. So like anyone else, is this the standard or personalized questions that I've put out there? And then let them into the group. Again, I've got automation set up so they have like a few, like, hopefully most of us as an affiliate, we've got automation in place by again, as long as most of the questions are answered, Facebook's gonna let them into the group. It's gonna make sure that there are ways that you can go back and check those questions if you want to.

Dave: What automation Are you? Are you saying you're automatically approving people? 

JT: Yeah, if they get the right answer, if they answer the questions correctly, they if I get the information I need within their Facebook Scott, the administrator that systems automation women settings now.

Dave:  Oh, they've got that automation setting within the group right in the Facebook platform. Yep, exactly that. Oh, wow. Okay, okay. And that's back in your group settings. Get it? It's really wow, that's, that's, that's interesting.

JT: And it's starting to decline people as well.

Dave: Like, where is that at? 

JT: Right to the top. It's like an admin assistant. It's called on the left hand side of the panel. Again, it's tweaking it though. It's like what works for your business as such. So like you said, babyface, and there's people you want to localize. Don't answer it quickly for you and get them out straight away.

Dave: Well, how do you know what you mean if they don't? You're talking about as they're coming in? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. As they're coming in. Okay. Yeah, that's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. So back over here, where were we so many people that never too many pages. I don't, I don't even get started. I don't I mean, warmed up until I got this link up on my computer sitting in front of me. That's when I get fired up and I'm ready to go to work. I gotta, I gotta have enough distraction to get focused. You know, that's what most of us entrepreneurs would tell ourselves. Okay, so we're here. I noticed also, as I was collecting an email, is there any automation that you have set up? That's putting them in email auto responder, are you collecting and manually subscribing them to your list from right there? Why are you asking for their best email?

JT: So I'll tell you something. I started this originally with group convert if some of you affiliates would have known about this. So there is a tool that you can get called Word convert, which you can import and have as an extension on Chrome. I didn't like it, to be honest with you. But for me, I found that the majority of the time people didn't give me your email when they joined the group. And they will do everything else. They won't give the email and I thought okay, this, this doesn't work for me. This gives me a problem in that automation is not working as well. So what? Pause, pause, pause, pause, pause.

Dave: I just want to point out the wonderful, beautiful critical thinking that you did right there. You know, this is really important because when you run into something that is not working out the way that you envision, got to adjust, you don't raise your hand and wait for the teacher to walk over to you. It's game time, baby. I mean, it's up to you whether you're putting food on your table. This is the mentality we have to have as a business owner. You knew this completely and did with your freedom. You're right. You have the utmost permission from every human on this planet, to take unbelievable action to just change the shut up and test it a different way. That's a very professional technical term. JT I just wanted to point that out. Everybody listens because you're testing you're finding out what's working for you, specifically with your customers. And also, here's the other thing. What do you enjoy? You don't want a business that you hate. So you're also testing and tweaking How can I get this to work without me having to be there clicking buttons every day? Can I automate this, right? So that's what I'm hearing that JT is doing and I just want to point that out to everybody that JT doesn't have any advantage over anybody else to do these things except the critical thinking aspect. That's just you got to adjust and you got to give yourself permission to change things up. But back to this, so people were not giving you their email address and you were looking to get their email so you could then also hit him up and say, I see what you did there to get a ton of extra free training. Is that the tweak that you made?

JT: So when you're on a welcome but once you're in the group, I would welcome you like anyone else. You do a welcome post. So within my welcome. I actually put two hyperlinks so I do the training one day that you've I think that's when you've seen them. Sorry, I can't see you. Your screen is clear at the moment but you do get the welcome post with the training. But you will also get a link that says come and download my free ebook. And guess what, clicking on the ebook, which is in my funnel, gives me their name, email address, so they've not signed up to legendary at that point. But guess what, they're now in my email funnel sequence and starting to get my emails on a daily basis to promote Linder. And that's that.

Dave: This strategy works. It's transferable. So if for some reason there's a therapist sitting on here that wants to figure out how she can spread her message or he gets more clients because we all now realize therapists and clients would actually do our therapy at home on our computer via zoom. So they can now get clients from all over the world and this would work for them too. I just want to point that out. But you are about to drop a big nugget. So that's when they start learning about your product and service. What else were you going to say? 

JT: So on that work note and this, this is where our groups fail. However, groups will just do here, welcome mill, a little picture of welcome. And I think that the start date, and that's where we still had that email.

Dave: Can you approve my request? So I can see the type of posts that you're talking about, you know what I mean? Because what you're saying and I just as you're doing that, I want to try to speak this back by the way, I'm gonna stop sharing how many people are getting value from this like massive ridiculous insane valley to be here in the content? Give big JT some love. Come on. Now. People spread it's not being selfish with your love. Oh my god, you can't keep it unless you give it away for God's sake. So I am seeing I am playing a strategy here. It corrects me if I'm wrong, to make sure that we get the email because you're bringing them over. It looks like hey, just come join my Facebook group for more free value. But then in those questions you're asking for the email. Maybe they don't. But then on that welcome post, you're also going to have a link to download that ebook. And in order to download that ebook, they got to enter their email. So that's the second shot and that's what I would call a contingency plan. And why do we want to have a contingency plan at all times in marketing? Because we should count on people not doing what we want them to do? Not doing what we want them to do? Because if we could just get what we want them to do all the time. Well, we'd all be gazillionaires right? And so you've built these contingency plans because you know, JT most people are not going to do what you either instruct them to do or what you ask them to do. Because people don't like to do what they want to do, right? So they're going to give you and this is to realize they're going to give us their email, and they're going to give us their money or give whatever we're referring to. And they feel like they're getting more in return than what they're giving. And if you're not getting emails, and if you're not making sales, then for some reason people don't feel like they're getting more. They feel like they're it's like an even exchange or maybe you're getting more and you have to figure in a JT I think what's beautiful about this is you're really trying to show them hey, I'm gonna give you more before I ever really asked you for anything. And I think the beautiful thing about kind of, you know, having multiple places where you're asking for the email address as well as you don't have to put on isn't putting so much pressure on somebody to give you their email at one place. You can do more soft calls to action rather than hard calls to action that make me think the truth and you tell me what you believe about JT and then I'll go back to sharing my screen and we can go in and look at the post. But I think that the people who are doing the best nowadays with affiliate marketing are ones who are giving hard calls to action and always hard slamming. It's the people who you never feel like they're selling. agree with that.

JT: I try so hard not to, to get to a point of Yep, I'm promoting I'm sitting in front. I'm a lot of what I get from my communities. You'll see Dave in here is polls, etc. And I run with the guys and and even I'll put the question out there is have you got started Have you taken the 15 Day Challenge? And the best thing about this is because these leads are then coming off the back of my funnel or back of my sales funnel. new take on it, Dave. So actually anyone that comes through here that's downloaded the ebook. On my Facebook group. I've got a tech so I read that leads are coming over.

Dave: Yeah, you've got a tech guy talking about you're an affiliate for legendary and you say you put a tag so you can see where they came from in the legendary back office.

JT: Not in my own self. So in my sales funnel system I've created so because this is a separate funnel that I'm using I bill come through an associate that tag as well. Yes, we could go scroll to a yellow one day for that. This is probably that is the welcome post. 

Dave:  And by the way, by the way, tag everything if any of you are feeling overwhelmed by that comment or confused, don't worry. It's a very simple thing that is not important at first but as you start to have as you start to drive traffic from more than one place, like say you're driving traffic from Tik Tok or in you're driving traffic from your Facebook group, little tag on the end of your link where it'll show up in your tracking software in your affiliate back office. So you can know that sales came from TikTok or Hey, man, I've been doing this over here on Facebook and I don't see any sales coming from Facebook. It's just a way to know what's working. And it's a very simple thing that I'm recently single you're able to do it in what ClickFunnels What is it that your system that I added is one that I Oh, is it click funnels? Is it? Any one of them does it but don't worry about it. Right now if you're new and don't get on in a rabbit hole. So here's your welcome post and we know that the welcome post was composed. Well, you've you've you've welcomed or tagged everybody who recently joined the group as and take us through now we've gotten the visual of what you were talking about before. Yeah,

JT: So Dave, it's giving them a bit more history about me. And then there's MCMC. There's two ways to go and get your free book. Here's the hyperlinked. Evidence check. One is P go there's more. information within the guide section here. Guess what, that's my free ebook. Don't make it or anything like that. But even if they didn't read the blurb within that welcome post, they just saw your picture in color because it mirrors the website. They can just click on that picture, because it gets what you said. Right to the website. 

Dave: Right I mean, it's yeah. So how do you pack all these people? How do you get all these people? Can we show people that real quick? How would you do that?

JT: I can't show it to you. Because I mean that mentors can see it but actually, as an admin of a group you have an option right at the top of your groups and it was called on your own Legendary one. There is a drop down set members right at the top of the cross you're going across the sea you've got your discussions etc. Should have one Yeah, members. I do. Yeah. And then normally if you have new members there your first bit is say welcome new members, and they're already automatically tagged you don't have to do anything.


Dave: I guarantee you somebody on my team knew that. I didn't. And it's just it's just these platforms are making it so easy for us to do this now. What are we going to do JT? I mean, are we just going to take us with for ourselves I guess so.

JT:  That's the basics and that's how I've grown Facebook. That's how I got two pages that I don't use every morning. And then in the evening. wheels up on the videos are there and I let the system do what it means. When I look at the rules in the evening, I'll see that people have gone in and downloaded it and to be honest, that welcome posts, they only send it out once a week, like 20 members every week, new members and it's a simple cut, paste hyperlink. It's there and then you just see the free downloads GM members, everyone in the sales funnel.

Dave:  And it's just different, it's different. It's a different it's a different approach because in the first one using a Facebook group there's there's there's quite a quite a lot of people in our in our community that are doing using a Facebook group. It's been nice to see how and why and have you explain why you've done things that you've done. And also to hear how simple it is to maintain it once you've got it initially set up. Right I mean, you just even said to yourself or to us just moments ago that it's a welcome boost. A lot of it's copy and paste a lot of the same kind of stuff over and over. And I mean ultimately think about it. What you're really looking to do is you want to be suited, you want to be active and welcome that kind of the people who are going through or who are going to be you know, because people are the hottest when they find a new source worse than their hottest in the first couple of days. Their hottest in the first couple of weeks. And after that they pretty much if they haven't bought from you by then they're super cool. So to cover much interaction from you, or even that have interaction from you before you start them to buy stuff. Everybody else is just trying to get them to buy stuff. They're like, well, you know, what happens is their buyer resistance, that buyer defense mechanism that we all feel when we feel like somebody's kind of pitching gets lowered. And people actually hear what you're saying and hear the tension. Because and because they're not JT Do you know what I'm talking about when you feel when you say somebody's high pressure and you there's not a single thought that you have in your mind except Get me the hell out of here. Right? Oh yes. We've had a few of them. And we can create that feeling on the internet with somebody to know what they do? They don't have to awkwardly try to figure out a way to leave this. So basically to cover your kids ears. This guy you know and then just one swipe of the slide. So here's a way to be different. Here's a way to be different. Here's a way to add a little value up front. What else can you tell us or teach us? That's working? What did we mainly need? We want to, you know, try to try to deliver more value to our prospects as you're doing as well to push him on a platform that you're comfortable with. So here's an affiliate starting out pushing to suddenly you're comfortable with I was comfortable very much. Look if you look at my Instagram it's completely in the past. I don't know what Instagram has done to the elders, but it's completely great that you don't look at Facebook. Everything's going viral. It's great. I've even got videos going viral. There's a way because I see the follower account that I get plenty of likes, etc. So it's where you're comfortable. So yes, I know. Some of the videos I just want to post to people. But in order for them to go by. If you don't feel or you feel that actually you're getting lots of messages and comments and saying oh please DM me let's do we go with sem over to messenger and have that conversation or like I've done push them over to a group and then that way we push content in front of them. And it doesn't have to be the same to date. You will see my profile page content is different to the group content because the group content is I'm nurturing those content. I'm actually giving them more information. I'm giving them more history about themselves and legendary earlier. A couple of posts recently as well and I had one in particular said oh this is a complete scam. When I did a poll. I took some of the information found on doing my own insight and Legendary. It's actually posted back to the people that said it was a scam in the parliament. So it's done within the group. So that's all I can say to people, try to be where you're comfortable. Don't just try to be Oh, I'm gonna go on TikTok on the ark to get a sale. It's not going to be that easy and push it to somewhere you want to make a response to

Dave:  I love that. I love that. Where were you before he started getting online? That's another question that you can ask yourself, can I help you find that answer easier? It's like what? Well, I was just standing next to my mother in law. And, you know, she starts showing me all these different things. She's got built on Pinterest and I'm like, holy crap. And you're really well versed in this right and it's like finding a platform that you're comfortable in. Because that way you can get it easily and all you're doing is you're going from being somebody who's consuming and just there to take and be entertained to now you're just moving to somebody who's serving and adding value and it's just a different platform. It's just somebody asked you to, you know, stop singing in the classroom. inaccurately. Oh, I don't know. Take the wheel and tell us where it's just. It's no different. I think that's the point that I'm trying to make here. People get this is another fear that folks have JT. Well, I don't. I don't want to go through the awkwardness of a Facebook group with just a couple of people in it or what about those people that come to my Facebook group and there's they're the first ones there and there's nobody. I don't really want to deal with that awkwardness. How did you deal with that and what's your response?

JT: Had 55 Up until January doing micro that and then I got off the phone. I made the reels. I push the wheels out; they are pushed to compensate differently. And that glue could be attracted to push them freely in front of them. So that's why I've done with the welcome post.

Dave: So the free download you're saying?

JT: Exactly. Have to be an ebook. It doesn't. It's what you feel there might be a whole list of hooks for your niches such that you want to help them grow in their videos, etc. Whatever works for your members and for me it was an ebook about what's whilst you're now a member of my group, so when you do get chance and I know you're used to when you do get a chance to reason you would ask Dave if you had the choice so would you mind putting some comments so those questions with questions they would ask you. Dave: Where's that? Oh, all right. Let me see here. To start all over again, what three things would you do differently? Three things. Man, um, what I think I would do is create a bigger success. As an affiliate before I went over to create any of my own products or jumped over to do no other things. I think I would create a bigger success story with an affiliate as an affiliate. I think we undervalue and underestimate the success story in order to create a success or just have to stick with something longer than most everybody else sticks with us as the people that create success stories. So that would be one thing I would do differently. I don't know that I would do much else give me a piece of advice would you give to any new business? Just start collecting contact information. Don't be like me. Don't be like me, where I started my journey out. collecting email addresses or collecting business cards. This was what I actually handed out business cards every day. I said, Oh, I got the marketing secret. I'm going to collect them now. We've got probably 1000 in there that you know that I never made me a single dime. I learned how to win. I learned the power of being able to communicate or send a message to dozens or hundreds or 1000 people at a time. And I could send whatever I wanted. I can really put in the effort to write a powerful email. I could get the promotion to where I'm gonna offer an additional bonus if somebody buys this affiliate product. And I don't have to do anything except write a note to people who already know me and subscribe to my email list. I just and they've already proven that they want to buy this type of system so I'm gonna put a little effort, write a bit of a creative message and maybe offer something additional. And maybe those people that are just sitting there that I had their email address, we'll go and buy something that would give me money to pay a bill, buy a diaper, put gas in my car. I don't know. College education was when a high school dropout got arrested several times before I was 20 because I was an addict when on drug treatment. As a teenage father I still don't know my ass from a hole in the ground in many respects. But this, this ability to communicate one to many folks, whether it be via email, whether it be on your tick tock. Are we even awake to understand and realize the potential to put a stupid little 15 second video that I recorded on my damn phone don't even have to be on fire. For God's sakes, and then just bust the son of a bitch and millions of people. I mean, JT I could do it from my basement. I could do it from a sewer under it. All I need is a phone on us, a little bit of gun and maybe desperation or whatever the hell gives you up and going. So that's the piece of advice that I would get any business whether you're a fillip marketer, whether you're selling courses or coaching or pens, or whether you're the gumball, hot dog, stand right corner of the street, collect people's information and constantly communicate for eternity as long as you're alive with that cover says if you treat them right, if you serve them if you add value to their lives, they will support you they'll pay your bills who don't have to worry about recessions or anything else. These people pay your bills, and it's a load of no cost somewhere asleep. And that we sit here on our damn you know, hold on looking at BS anyways. Wouldn't I want to try to give myself and my family a better life by using these simple tools and the strategies to collect contact information and stay in touch with your prospects? 

Dave: The other piece of this is one other piece of advice that I got. Don't quit before the miracle happens. I got this. You know 12 Step JT when I was clean, I'm like, Hey, I can't do this anymore. Man. This is crazy. This is tomorrow. I need to get hot. I don't clip in the miracle conference. Dave doesn't quit before the miracle happens. They said and I stuck around to them being clean off of something that was going to kill me and I could not stop doing and we have to apply that same rule. Don't quit before the miracle happens, don't quit before the miracle happens. Because on the other side of this struggle is overwhelming a beautiful life that you've always had, but you didn't get it for free you son of a gun. So you're gonna have to stay in there and go through a little bit of pain. Do you agree with that?

JT: Completely. Yep, it's the banquet and you will get there in the end. 

Dave: Let’s do a follow up EP number two, what is the final piece of wisdom or advice you have for anybody listening? Or listening? Get started. Get started.

JT: Do what I did, don't buy a course and let it sit there because I've got plenty else here. We've probably got plenty in our group that bought the course and not started and are still sitting on the fence. Just start if you have bought it. If you haven't bought it go and buy it and that's all I can say and then come on come have lunch with people we are so and personally I'm so happy to help you with it.

Dave: It just pisses me off, dude. That's all I mean. It really just just just aggravates me a couple of times. I've had somebody reach out and be like, Hey, I spent $5,000 with some asshole and now he blocked me on Facebook and then look at the problem with the internet nowadays is if some scammer and people need to learn what really escaped you don't know what a scam is. Do you really? A scammer is an asshole who takes your money and disappears. That's a scam buying a course on doing it with life. That life it's the same way you bought that gym membership and didn't do shit with it. Just like me. We don't get to cry over it. We've done nothing about something. But I've gotten pissed a couple of times when some Wes has come into our group. And you know, oh you know Dave to get all drums, hymns and mediums and stuff. And then all of a sudden when these people are good, they'll get you on Zoom or and then block you on Facebook after them get money so be cautious that pissed off but that's me I get PID emotional and I get I get you know I get I fly off the handle I process it or I need to process it I'm the reason why we're successful is because I fly off the handle, but I'm smart enough to know and got a lot of smart people around me and I and I never do anything without my support. I don't make drastic decisions about our business here because it's not just my business, not my business. This business. We all benefit from it and I'm blessed to be a part of it to be here. I get to do this everyday too. It's not just you guys who are benefiting. I'm having a shitload of fun too, but not at least not right now. unless something goes absolutely unless I feel that the large majority of our community is somehow unique. But we have to learn that everybody doesn't have our best interest in mind. And unfortunately, some times that was with a hard lesson and we do block the shit out of them we work so hard to try to keep this community safe people I know I played dumb on here but there's a lot of smart people and I am dumb in many respects on how to how to operate. But there's a lot of 80 Something people or whatever that work in legendary. We're working our ass off to try to make this Discord a spam fast. There's no place better than what we have and where we're at right now. And I need to realize the grass is not greener on the other side. This is how I operate. I got to be better than the competition. Be better. I gotta be. Look, I can't silence them. People are always going to be there. I gotta just be better than them. I gotta go out. So that's another when I see people who are attacking or whatever I know, like I got competition. And I don't even look at people as competition. Because it's motivating you know, it's like Oh for real. Let me show you what I do. And I think that's the spirit of life. That's healthy. And I think too, I think for me, I gotta remember that too. This isn't a game of run and hide. Citizens. Game of hey, we it's a competition and the more I look like a game on the left side, let it stress me out. Because hey, these girls are playing cat and mouse and look, I just got to catch up to the poor competitors who are infiltrating my community and shit like that. I can also switch perspectives, what a blessing. These are infiltrating and we're not, we don't have tumbleweeds, you know, so there's always a way to make a struggle. And there's always a way to turn a mess into a mess. And, and so I think that's what Moradabad says about me and I won't quit and walk through the group out because there's too much challenge there for medical knowledge there for our team. I want to take Facebook groups, at least our Facebook group and I want to try to get the most out of it. A lot. of Facebook groups, storms, total cesspools garbage, can we still keep our valuables even as it gets big? That's a challenge. Okay. And so, you know, I think that's a valuable perspective about marketing. It is the challenge that's my 15 day challenge and we had the 15 Day Challenge. Challenge. We're popular because entrepreneurs, there's something about us that when somebody says you can't, that really irks us, do you remember that? And when somebody comes or I'm gonna come in and shit on your house, oh I can fire it up. It's like, you know, so no, I'm not quitting on you. I'm not clean in groups. But I'm pressing the scene and I get the feeling I'm a real heap but I'm learning to look, way over. Good, good, always overcome, you know, darkness in the end and be snakes and there's going to be bullish. There's and there's going to be scammers on every platform that we go to. Voice is just got louder. Alright, JT, I'm done, Brother. I don't have any more to throw today. Thanks for coming on dude. And thanks for all the value and come back and see us in a couple of months and let's keep learning. 

JT: No problem. Thank you. 

Dave: Alright my friends very is JT Love it. Love All. All. All of you guys have a fantastic day at the other start to another beautiful week. Another legendary week? No. And remember that regardless of what's going on out in the world of you know stock market this that often times and this is what it's all about to me is about life design and creating your own economy versus being so affected and so low on this economy that is created, quite frankly, is screwed up. High winds and all kinds of stuff. And there you go. I looked at that mess. Because I was a high school been involved in normal society. I was in I was a recovering addict. I was a construction worker. I didn't really to internet marketing. And I took a look at society back in 2010 or so. No, I don't really want to be a part of that bullshit. That looks stressful to me. I don't want to I don't want to play that game. And I haven't. And over the last decade I've I've spent time creating my own. create my own economy and thankfully each one of you has that same exact opportunity and here's why. Is because the history especially being online and being something that people buy and bear and bull marks. You really can also benefit and make money yours no matter what the what the economy is like. So I also have picking and finding this industry. And I think many of you, you may not see all the rights right now. Just stick around and you're going to be absolutely blown away by how versatile this just made in a good example of that would be would be this. And I'll give you a little sneak peek. I'm remitters was planning class web around now. And you know, back before COVID We thought Amazon FBA dropshipping print on demand I mean those are some of the hottest niches when for Fortunately when all your products are coming from China and they gotta get here on a ship and your ships are backed up in the Pacific Ocean and well, physical products, businesses almost overnight. Digital products, businesses where the products can be instantly downloaded and even more know what essentially you're selling the tools that dictate dictation that people need not even know. It's just giving them the education. Now all of a sudden you have a versatile industry that is not dependent on supply chains, not dependent upon all these other things and somebody all the way around the world even if they're buying a product in the UK. Access digital download instant instant processing. Fast right and so, man, we're in the right place, we're in the right place at the right time. And I'm just, you know, we keep doing these shows every single day and be putting forth this effort for sure I do. Drop a message to everybody to take advantage of this time right now. You know, fishing yourself and getting a great spot for you know, the rest rest from 20 to 23. Who knows what the hell else is coming out. We're all in 2020 and 2021 and now 2022. But let me tell you something, the world's got something else coming and you're asking the physician to be able to get through it and afford it. And now is the time for this business model. What do you do here and learn about it? Or whether you learn about it somewhere else? I really don't just learn to be laid. Back here. tomorrow for another episode. Thanks, JT. Peace.

How To Grow Followers Quickly On TikTok


Dave: Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This show happens five days a week, five days a week, Monday through Friday. Rain or shine if you want a text message or reminder when we go live, you can text WL to 813-296-8553. We'll send you a nice simple little non spammy message and we'll never sell your information. All right, my friends, my legends. Let's bring out this guy and hear how he did it. Keith, welcome to the show. 

Keith: Hey, Dave, how are you? I'm good, man. I'm good. So tell us a little bit about where you live in what you do also outside of legendary I am in France outside of online marketing. Yeah. So I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have been in software sales for the last 12 years. So I'm a VP of a software company and always looking to learn new things and try new skills and I came across Legendary and that's that's how I started. Yeah. So what's your experience been like so far? And were you looking for this? I mean, did you specifically know what you were looking for? Were you just open? It was a ladder, right? So I think was like 2020 I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. And I was like, man, what am I doing? So I I went down this whole real estate kick and then I started learning. I went down the YouTube rabbit hole. I found things around how to make money online print on demand. Drop Shipping, then it came across affiliate marketing. And then I came across legendary and then took the training. And it was it was it was funny because as I was learning I was like man, affiliate marketing is everywhere. Like I was I was thinking back to I had just built a my wife wanted an accent wall built. And I was like on YouTube and I was like, Oh, look, these people are so helpful. They're giving me all the links so that I can just go out and buy stuff.

Dave: They must have a trust fund somewhere that they're just pulling money from and they're just providing free value on YouTube as a charity. 

Keith: Exactly. Yeah. So yeah, no, it was great. It really opened up my eyes to ways and opportunities outside of traditional avenues. So it's been awesome. 

Dave: And isn't that eye opening? I mean, when you've been in sales your whole life and you realize how little you know about marketing. Like for me that was my I was like, oh my god, I thought I was really good at sales because I like you know had always been told that and you can sell ice to an Eskimo because I just talked my way out of shit and just you know, it was from getting in so much trouble when I was younger. But I was like, holy shit. I was like this marketing stuff is next level. You don't even need to sell when your marketing is good enough. You know what I mean? Yeah, I agree. You just take water as you just you just people want to buy you know, and it just, you know, we do something called education based selling, which is basically just providing value. You're teaching you're never selling. And I think that's what a lot of people don't really do. It doesn't click or they feel like they don't have value or they just don't they don't make the shift from The Wolf of Wall Street. Sell me this pen. Over to Oh, hold on a second. Educate. Let me first agitate your pain. Right. And because if I don't do that you don't realize how much it sucks not to have a pen at your disposal to sign your signature and right at any time and how unprepared as a man you are without a pen. See how I'm agitating the pain. I gotta agitate the pain first. But then let me teach you and show you all the different ways that you can upgrade and elevate your status through having a nice pan on you. I'll tell time to be able to pull it out. See, I'm going to teach you there's no way to sell something. There is no way to sell so you can't. There's no way to sell something that somebody doesn't want or didn't wake up wanting to buy that morning without agitating pain and in educating them about the problem. Because a lot of us are in denial about educating ourselves about our problems. Holy shoot the problems are worse than I thought it was. I do need that pen. No. But I wonder just as a VP of Sales somebody who obviously has been in sales for a long time. What is marketing? I mean, how is that opening up your eyes or how is that got you excited or how is that got you mad that you didn't know it sooner? I mean, what has your experience been like as a seasoned sales vet? 

Keith: Yeah, I think that it really opened my eyes to the fact that you know, as I got to learn more and I got into the training and then I went down you know, I secrets, expert secrets and learning all those things. It's like surrounding that message because I saw Legendary at first but kept popping up and kept me out and followed me around. And then just that whole thought of like there's a strategy behind that right? Like the whole retargeting and so it's really interesting for me to learn how to and I still have tons to learn, right? I am very at the very beginning of this whole journey, but it's just the possibilities. And now I'm hooked like I used to never click on ads when I'm scrolling through stuff. So now I'm clicking to see what their copy is? How are they placing this landing page? And it's like, it's like an obsession, right? My wife tells me I suffer from hyper fixation. I'm one of those people that will find something and I'll latch on to it and I'll do it all the time. She definitely doesn't love it. But that's how you become successful at it though, isn't it? Yeah, it's just it's just practice and I just love the process of learning new things like it. It's funny to me, like a second year, how to be a little obsessed. 

Dave: You got to be a little obsessed. You got to be, you know, you gotta have a little unhealthy imbalance. Everybody's always this BS about balance and all this stuff. And why are we even worried about that? You're you're you're broke. You're and I'm just saying people in general. It's like why are you worried about that? You know, you got debt, you got your kids, you know going to the school you want to go to, you want them to go driving the car you want you're living where you want to live, like who gives a shit about balance right now? Like getting obsessed about something you do? We're so everything was so passive in society as whatever. What do you want to get? What do you want to eat tonight? Whatever. What do you want to order? I don't know. What do you want? Just where do you want to go? What do you want to do? I don't know. We just pick up everything so easily. It's so convenient. At least that's what it appears, all the cheap shitty stuff is easy to get. But all the qualities of work make people think they got stuff that is good because their needs are met because they're eating shitty food and there is so much more than you have in it. There is an element of getting obsessed. You gotta get a little bit obsessed. Yeah, I mean, I've had the opportunity. I've been very successful in my career and it's not because I'm the most talented person, but I I will put in the work. Right and I tell my boys, two young boys I'm like, you don't have to be the most talented. You can control your effort and control things that you can try to control which is practicing and getting better. So you know, I put in a lot of hours at my current role. I mean I'm working nearly 6070 hours a week. I wake up at 4:30 to read or I do some training. I work out every morning, I work and then I do some stuff after work and then I spend time with the family but it's like, willing to put in the effort because that's one that I can control, too. I enjoy doing it like I have a passion for getting better and learning new things. So yeah, but I think often people don't realize that they don't. They're not willing to put in the effort and sacrifice to get better at something. 

Dave: Yeah, and it really does give you a lot of pride too, doesn't it and you learn to really trust yourself you know that you'll be successful with this year you're the type of guy can tell that knows whether you're going to be successful at something because of the amount of effort and passion you have towards it. And how obsessed You are right. You know you're the type of guy who knows if you're not really obsessed with it, you're probably not really going to follow through with it. You're probably not going to be successful with it. But you know, because you've proven this with your work ethic and things in the past. That's why you're a VP of a sales company and so forth. You've proven that obsession turns into results and you're following that bread trail because you know where it leads, at least you know, it's going to lead to some form of prosperity versus suffering. If that obsession is not going to lead to suffering. It's unless you get a divorce over it. So just don't do that. Now, but it's true though, I mean, I have gotten you know, reps underneath me and you know, you know how it is I get frustrated at times. But if you continue to do the right activities and put in the right process, the results come and like it's not some silver bullet out there. There's not some special process, it's you stick to a process and you consistently take action and the results follow. So yeah, it's really true and it applies to anything you're doing. So as a career professional, somebody who is a leader in other areas of your life, what was it like to be a student to learn to not know and to get started as a new person? It was exciting and I like to say I enjoy the process of learning new things and from the very beginning of the learning process, I was hooked. Like I said, I was excited to wake up at, you know, 4:30 in the morning and get down and watch the videos and I wanted to go faster. You know I was watching a lot of the videos at like 2x speed because I want to go and want to keep learning. And like I said it was just light bulbs just kept going off in my head. I'm like, Oh, I could do this. I could do this and it's been awesome. And I continue to learn right. I'm continuing to practice and learn the craft. So it's fine. What do you know, how did you generate 100,000 followers on TikTok in four weeks or something like that? Where can I see this face? About? You're shocked by that? I was completely like what? Like yeah, now it's incredible. Pretty fun. Yeah. It is right it is and the short form content. We're really in a special time right now. I feel so sad and sorry for the people who are too skeptical to get started. Whether it's here somewhere else just learning how to utilize social media platforms, instead of just them using you because we are to a point in society. Where your use of using them or they're using you just it's just you're using them to make money off or they're using you to make money off period is you're just totally disconnected from social media and there's a lot of Uncle Joe's and Uncle Bob's out there who are just not unfazed and that's fine. Good for them. But the rest of us are all either making money from or being made money from social media right at this point in our lives. And so so it I forgot the point that I was making. Maybe that was the only point that I was going to be making but yeah, it's quite an odd thing for 30 something year old guy 40 something year old guy are you probably right maybe just hitting 40 There. Maybe you went over the hill? I don't know.

Keith: I'm 39 

Dave: All right, well, you're one year in front of me. Shit but look at this. Now could you have ever imagined that you would be using social media TikTok in the style of content, Keith? It's not even the thing that blows me away and I like to talk to another sales professional. It's not like it's edutainment. It's edgy. It's humorous shit. It's not even serious stuff. Can you believe this is where we're at? It's incredible. I like that I'm the last person to like my close friends and my wife like I'm like a goofball. But like outside of that I try to be a little more buttoned up. So right you got your you got your work Keith. You got your Keith Keith. Yeah, I got it. 

Keith: I mean, it was like, I was the last person that thought I would do it. But again, I was like, Look, I like I'm at an age now. Like, I don't care. Like I'll go do it. I don't have any. So and then it was like two weeks before I even told my wife. I remember I was sitting there and I was like, Hey, I gotta tell you something. And she thought I was about to drop the hammer on her. I was having affairs under there. Like, I just thought I'd try it out. And then like it was like that were the funniest species meant the stuff we did this whole area. Yeah, yeah. So now but it kind of took off from there like the first week. I guess the first couple of videos I did like the first video I ever did got 2.3 million views. I don't tell anybody that. He's you know what the problem with that is now everybody listening three days into it. They're like, I am an AI gone viral. And it's like that was totally first of all, that was totally atypical. I know that for sure. And it's funny if it was actually kind of a curse because it did it and the next couple did track and as they kept going, you started to drop down and so on. But then I get to the point where like, I'm doing this for me like doing it because I enjoy it. I don't care if it gets you or it's a million views like for me it's just I want to provide some value to those that are following me. Some things that I've learned because you learn a lot of shit on TikTok, I've learned a lot of stuff that I use so yeah, but it's yeah, it's a little bit of a gift and a curse if you have a video that goes viral early. 

Dave: Okay, for those of you who don't know what we're talking about, we're in a microwave marketing world right now. And my biggest job is managing people's expectations every day. It's just it's just because there's so many people who are succeeding in our community that we actually have to pause when somebody has a crazy result. And say, that's not what you should expect. Even if that happens. That's not what you should expect. Because you need a more solid plan that's built up based on sustainable actions instead of just luckily going viral. And that's why we stop and see if you go viral, great, but still have the expectation that you're just going to put in the consistent work going for base hits. 

Keith: Yeah, no 100% agree. And, you know, I started off really consistently doing like two videos a day. And then I went to one video because I was like, running out of ideas. I want my ideas to be good. And I'd rather put out quality versus quantity. Then I would skip a few days because I couldn't think of anything and I kind of stress myself out about it but then I'm like the end of the day. Again, again, I'm listening so if I can't get to a video because I can't think I'm not going to just go out and post something that I don't think is going to provide value just to post something. So I've gotten to the point where I just enjoy it. I do it when I feel like I've got a good idea and I make it part of the process to make sure that I am posting but I'm not going to stress myself out if I can post every single day. I don't think people should do that either because it puts a lot of pressure on yourself when you don't really need it.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, there's ways to solve that though brother and it's really just just making a list of ideas. You know what I mean? I mean, yet I know you say you run out of ideas, but there are ways to try to maybe avoid running out of ideas because there's really, there's really no reason why anyone should run out of ideas. I'm just going to challenge you a little bit on that and you're right, we should absolutely not shame and guilt ourselves over. Not, you know, being not posting. You know, this is a business where I think it's an opportunity to really learn to honor yourself and what you want in order to actually design your life. And I was talking to somebody actually a gentleman who's doing some work on my home and we were just talking about life design yesterday and that it's not always the smartest thing to look at the richest person. It's the smartest thing to look at the person who has the quality of life that you want. And with this business, we have a real opportunity to do that. You have a real opportunity to design your life. You know when you want to create content, when you want to work on your business, how you want to work on your business. And so but there always has to be room I mean within that design. You know, there's a lot to talk about, how to design and how fun that is and how you know it's really a huge mindset shift to to perform. How trolled we are by other people, to to now to now over into this realm, war, war and full control. A lot of us and I want everybody to hear this. And I really challenge yourself to think about this, that oftentimes, all we are more. So a lot of times we'll call somebody in prison. Hell, they're institutionalized, which means that it's hard for them to survive with all the freedom. They're so used to having somebody tell them where to be. But I wonder if any of us have ever considered the fact that we're institutionalized as well. Or, you know, we're so conditioned by society that when we get into entrepreneurship, and we have all this freedom, we actually self sabotage because we don't know how to handle it. Because for so much of our life, it's like the baby elephant store key where the baby elephants are tied to the little tiny rope when it's a baby. And it builds that belief that they can never get away from that rope and so anytime people want to tie it down and keep it in one place, they just tie a tiny little rope around a massive elephant. And you know, I just sometimes it for me, it was a huge awakening to realize, well, like I do want to design my life and wow, I really don't know how to operate in all this freedom. What sort of tips do you have or things have you learned about working from home, working for yourself, and having that ability to either design your life or be quite frank and be more proactive? Or of course the opposite of that, you know, he's more reactive and of course self sabotaging, and I don't know what to do with my time and Oh, this isn't working. Let me go start something else. And then I've got 10 things and I've never finished anything. So how do you deal with all the wonderful freedom that you and I want? But it can be shocking, I think for some people. 

Keith: Yeah, I think that I think a few things so one, I've always been a self motivated person. Like I've never needed someone to tell me to do something or always been pretty self motivated and disciplined. I think discipline is a big piece of my success around having a process so for me, like I said I always get up early and I do some type of education or reading. I work out in the morning and that kind of gets me awake and ready for the day. I try to stay organized, which means I have along with all my family obligations as well. But I try to stay disciplined even when I don't want to work and wake up to do reading. If I want to sleep in or if I don't want to work out. I have people that come over to my house. I have to because they're coming at me and they're coming over to workout so I can't be sleeping in and that helps me stay motivated helps me stay disciplined. That helps me follow a process to get to where I want to go as an end result. So I think discipline motivation has been helpful for me. That's something that you recently started or something you've always done with a workout and having people come over that sounds pretty extreme. So back COVID time 2020 We just moved into a new house and all the gyms are shut down. I used to go to the gym in the morning. Like okay, origins are shut down. Just to build the gym and my garage. I just bought a new pod at a new place. So I built a really really nice gym for myself and my family, the gym, and then I had friends that wanted to come over so we worked out every single morning since you know how long since 2020, but wow, yeah, that's crazy. 

Dave: Dude, that's pretty cool. That's really cool, man. It's fine. That's fine. That's a lesson example of lifestyle design, isn't it? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, society told you you needed to go to a gym, society told you you needed to have a gym membership, society told you garages were for cars. Yeah, my wife. She's okay with it. But yeah, we've never parked in the garage. Neither lie I mean, I gotta I gotta I gotta you know what I have. I have a wonderful air conditioning unit or split units. I have a wonderful floor in my garage. I also have a gym. There's a bed out there in case I ever get kicked out. I mean, I've gotten multiple. I've got multiple dog house beds. Of course there's the bed that I sleep in. And then there's a bed in the air conditioned garage. Then I've got another house around the corner in case I need to go. I'm at it now. I work out of it. In case I need to go here I got a dog house in the actual dog house right plus the bed in the garage if you don't have I've been with my wife for 14 years if you ain't got a bed in the garage man. That is a marriage shaver right there. But the bed in the garage finished the garage, put an AC unit out there if you want and put your bed in your garage if you got to write you got to make it gotta do what you got to do. garages are not just for cars. The next thing I do have to do is put an AC or heater there because it gets really cold in winter and it's getting hot. I've got a big fan and I've got this little space here but it doesn't it doesn't do the trick on those early mornings. But you get in the early mornings of the summer. No. Yeah, yeah, it gets hot in the summer in Virginia right now. It's like I don't know if it gets up to like early mornings or 80s but it's humid. It's very humid in the morning. So yo but here's the problem. The problem with it is that you have to keep your garage door closed. If you have the 80 and I guarantee you boys don't have the garage doors close to you or do you wake up early and I've gotten music. We have music blasting. I like that I don't want my neighbors right so we keep the door shut. I need this split unit AC. What are you going to do now? I'm serious. And you know we did. We did? We did. We did insulated garage doors so they're just garage doors with just the foam but it's finished. It's just a thicker garage door and there's just an insulation panel inside of the there's also we got that going on. But oh my gosh, it takes a little bit of time to kind of crank up and get cool. But if you were to turn it on, like the night before, it'd be it'd be it'd be cold for you in the morning. 

Keith: Does it have a heat unit as well for the winter?

Dave: I don't know if that's the thing I don't know if the split units have I don't know if they're I don't know if they're their heat in cool but cross that bridge when you get there Yeah, that'll be that'll be another project you can buy and install it you know honey now we need to eat or I need to go this summer Yeah. But let's talk about your ticket. What did you do? What did you what you that went viral? What else have you learned? You bought the blueprints I saw you went through our training in good for you. You're getting at least trained up if someone can't afford the blueprints or which I don't believe anyone can afford anything, by the way, just in case you're listening. I never buy any. reasons about why you can't afford something. If you save money, or you work hard but I don't believe that this can't afford something weird saying it's disempowering not to say it and my wife and I haven't said we can't afford something for many, many years. It's just something that we buy but you have a growing TikTok and you've gone through our training and you are also out there learning and you said hey I'm learning a lot out there on tick tock. I can learn a lot on TikTok and you and you can so talk to us about like what happens when you initially got out and started marketing in order one or two things that you can think of that were like aha moments or you were like, I'm not gonna do that just what were some defining moments along the journey. So far. 

Keith: Yeah, for me, I I wanted to take my own unique spin on a lot of the things that I was seeing and I know there's a lot around Hey, take videos that are already being successful and either mimic them or imitate you know, I always have a segment of saying imitate before you innovate, right, learn from other people, and then make it your own. So I tried to do that. I tried to learn from other people and then never wanted to directly copy someone. I wanted to put my own spin on it. So if you watched it, you wouldn't be like, oh, like he just ripped off. Right? So I think that's probably one of the reasons why I struggle because I'm like Hey, okay, how do I make this different enough where I'm putting a spin on it, but it's not too related to that. And I spend a lot of time trying to get people to go to link link in the bio every once in a while but it's definitely not every single video for me it's like how can I provide value that people want to keep coming back and learning more and then they'll stumble across the cross that now I'll do other different calls to action. But it's really about how I can be if I watch this video, what I like it, what I enjoy it, what I learned, what I want to learn more from this person, is really how I try and think about it. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. I want to just take it up because I know there's a few of you on the show who are like this Facebook user. How can I afford the blueprint now, Dave? I don't know. That's for you. To figure out. Right? See, I know I'm not a guru. I'm not out here. I'm not out here trying to say that I have all the answers for anyone. I just believe that you can afford anything. That's just my belief about each one of you. So know how that happens. You gotta make that happen. That's the beautiful part about life is that you get to own your story. See, I did my story. I'm doing my story. And I get to tell my story. I get to talk about my story. I get to talk about the things that I've done. I get to talk about the things that you've done. Good. Talk about the things that you've done. And that's how I get to sleep every night with selling information to people who sometimes the information falls on deaf ears, and sometimes the information somebody like Keith takes in just absolutely are the other people that we see on Wake Up Legendary and we see in the community and that's wonderful. But I just want to be very crystal clear. I'm not a snake oil salesman. I don't know. I'm not a I'm not a I'm not a salvage. I'm also selling salvation. I'm not selling prom, nothing. I'm just saying that. Each one of us has a choice as to what we believe in what we do. And if you want to believe that you can't afford something you're absolutely entitled to that opinion. I don't have to believe that. I can believe something different about you than you believe about you. Right because that's my right. Do that. I believe it because of resources. I believe that you can afford something because I've also not been able to afford things. And yeah, sometimes I came up with money for something or Polson. Just like each one of you has when you paid a bill or whatever. And you're like, I don't know how I just pulled that off. But I did. Because that's what we do. That's what you do. And none of us need to explain this because it's part of life all day. They are a part of all of our lives, right? But that's why I say that. So I want to be real clear. I'm not like other gurus or people that you may be listening to who's going to come in and say you can afford this and let me get I don't know your life situation. I just believe that you can afford it. Because I know that my beliefs will mold my words and my actions. So if I believe that you can't afford it, that's what you want from me. Do you want me to believe you can't afford it? You know, so I believe that you can afford it because I have a simple choice. You can't. I either believe you can't or you can't. I choose to believe that you can, because I've seen myself and others do the impossible. And so often what we think is impossible is a lot closer and a lot more doable than we think it is, you know, but it's just getting over that initial fear. What were some of your big fears that you had, Keith, did you not want people to see your co workers or what were your family's life? What are some of the big fears of VP of sales and in you know, in a new one with a family or some of the fears you had started? 

Keith: That was exactly that. I was like, no like I'm going out here I'm going to put these videos off. I don't want my coworker to see it. I don't want to fail. So I was pretty hush hush about it for a while. But then eventually I mean I got enough followers where I'd have people reach out and like you're on Tik Tok and like they I guess Yeah, I guess I am. And then I just got over I'm like, Yeah, you know I am and it's something I like to do. It's fun and doesn't really bother me. But there was a lot of like, Should I do this? What if I get on there and but you know, I don't Yeah, I got him a point in my life where I don't care what people say about me and I wanted to mention one thing that we're just talking about they'll find it funny that will comment on these videos or or just people in general like Oh, take a training or cost money to do do XY and Z, but they'll go ahead and spend money, throw it into crypto things that can't really control I would like the biggest investment you can make is in yourself. Like go learn that's something that you can control. Like, but they won't spend money and encrypt which is doing really well right now. My portfolio is great. Well, it sounds 70% And, you know, Dave: I just want to be clear about one thing since you brought up crypto for those of you who are listening to it, listen and do on a regular basis. I'm really clear about what I'm good at and what I'm not and I haven't for the last three or four years. I have been very clear that I don't know that I don't. I'm not in crypto. We don't talk about crypto because I don't know anything. Right. I don't know anything about it. And that's a really important thing for me to be clear about here is that I'm not. I don't think there is logic to my dreaming when I say I believe you can afford it. Not just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Go and buy a Bitcoin if we want it, want to take what we can afford and make it worth it. So I'm I'm what I'm also doing is I'm speaking with conviction about people buying training about football taking action about people getting serious with this because I know the results that will produce our business from January to fit as a matter of fact, last year was a record breaking year for us this year is we're doing better than last year. So as the stock market crypto everything guesses what people are now looking to do. They're looking to improve their skills. They want to upgrade their skills, they want to learn, they want to make money online because Kryptos down now what am I going to do? We're going to say oh my god, I'm right. Guess what people wanted to do during COVID Oh shit, I'm at home. I need to figure out how to make money. Guess what Dave found in industry back in 2010 when he got started I'm not making this claim. For you. I'm saying it to myself, I found a recession proof model baby. Because guess what, I can also scale up and scale down. I'm selling information. I don't have a warehouse full of gadgets and gizmos and fidget spinners and teddy bears that I just bought from China. Selling digitally downloaded stuff. You know it's unbelievable. The opportunity we have had our hands and just our crackdown of getting in people's metaphorical faces about their potential about the opportunity that we have to none of us ever, ever. max those out. You never know, I agree. So where do you go from here? What are you doing now to get to the next level you have gone viral? A couple of times but you've got some good fundamentals under you you know, you've got some you've learned you know, the fundamentals. You're not just wishing upon a lucky viral star. What's next for you? 

Keith: I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grew up Dave but I am as I'm still learning a lot I'm reading a lot of books. And you know it's funny. My wife has a little side hustle. She does spray tanning and spray tanning. Paying for spray tanning. Yeah man at the parties. The thing dude, I know I've heard about it. But I was like, Oh, I'll build you a simple booking webpage. I've integrated stripes. I've got automated messaging that goes out and text messaging, but I would have never learned I mean, I'm in software sales. Like I'm not a technology guy, but I know how to work. I know a leak in his house. The plumber has always got a leak in his house, right? The software guy is happy God, I can go on Google and say how do you do X, Y and Z and you can learn it like the people that are like, Oh, I don't know how to do this or I'm like it's all available on Google. Like I'm not that smart but you can type it in and there's so much information that you can learn for yourself. Dave: You have to be resourceful. That's all the information is there. You don't have an excuse to say you can't do something nowadays. It's not I don't so even if it was on sale, I wouldn't buy it straight you know straight bullshit. Not just not listening, man. I don't want to buy my own limiting beliefs and excuses let alone yours. You know, I mean, come on. This is what we get when you get around people who are successful, you'll realize, you know, that, hey, we got our own. We have our own limiting beliefs that we're battling. Meaning you might look at me and say, Oh, he's got it all together. Oh no. Hahaha Oh, no, I have a hot mess. And if it wasn't around me, I'm talented in one area which is merch. And, you know, that's about it. And thankfully I've got, you know, been able to build a business and put some good people around. Keep me in line. But, man, this this, you know, this business was excited about it today as I was on the first day Keith, which is odd and weird, because most people get burned out. And they're like, I hate this. I don't want to do this anymore. And I'm like, There's not another single thing that I would rather do. Not a single business. I would rather be in the niche and you know what? I would be there. I've got enough money. I can start it. I can buy it. I can. I don't want to let any of you know, we had some conversations from someone who wanted to potentially talk about trying to buy some or all of Legendary Marketer and you know what I said? Absolutely not.

Dave: I'm having too much fun, why would I want it's just this dream business model. Even is good when it's good. You know, you don't want to get out of it. It's even good that one shouldn't be doing it for a little while. Because you can scale it up. You can scale it. You can, you know, if we do happen for some reason to go, and everybody stops buying stuff and everybody vanishes from TikTok or whatever. You know, right? COMM might scale down a little bit or if you have some VAs on your team, or if we have, you know, you might have to lay some people off or something. But you know what you're dealing with. I've not had to do any of that, by the way I've not ever had to because of any economic situation, adjust my business or my legal situation or expenses. As long as I've been in this business through any economic situation. I've not had to adjust or lay people off or anything like that. When we went into what we just went through, we didn't lie. That was actually when I started doing Wake Up Legendary day. We were doing it just with our advisors and stuff. They were doing it but I started doing it because I said now's the time to double down. Like when Warren Buffett says when others are fearful be greedy. And when others are greedy, be fearful right now. Everybody seems fearful out in the world now. I don't know why they are that way Keith because I'm I just I'm still waking up and I'm still having the same life that I had a year or two ago that the world is now shifting into this other weird economic place and I don't know but guess what? I'm just gonna keep on doing what I'm doing and I've and I promise you it will build it they will keep coming in I believe that as well. Do you now with your This isn't bullshit. I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. What's your opinion? Do you believe that smoke or do you believe that this is an unstoppable machine that's going to go from for many people that are buying and interacting with it to within a couple of years. There's going to be all of the billions of people on the internet. Do you know that not even every single person is on the internet Keith? Only about half of them are with Facebook and Google and all that. In one month, they start putting internet connectivity in India and Africa, all these different places that currently don't have a lot in the world. We think that this world is going to shrink back. No it's going to globalization doing business worldwide with people not going away. You know, I find it just such a fascinating, powerful move that an individual, regular dad, mom, person 18 or older can start a business and just start tapping into that global marketplace. Right away. No internship, medium for no endless training, get trained up quickly and get into it. And that crazy man. 

Keith: It's awesome. Do the opportunities like it's never it's never been easy to be able to do that. Right. And those that take advantage of it are going to apply consistent action. I think they're going to be happy that they did. Jason has a groundbreaking idea. We can always go on MySpace to promote let us know how that works out. Jason, we'd love to have you on the show and talk about it. Some funny things about MySpace. That's actually how I met my wife on MySpace. I love it. 

Dave: I met my wife from a 12 step meeting. You know what I mean? So I mean come on. Now. We look I mean, it's just a crazy world. Nothing is supposed to line up. It's supposed to be a crazy, zigzag journey and adventure and I just, you know, I get so excited for people when they sort of decide to jump on this ride. Because you put a seatbelt on your ride that you can get off at at any time. You know, but what I find is it's not like the money that hooks people, but it's the growth part of it. It's the freedom like you were talking about that obsession we were talking about before and but what is really hooked you what is real deep down inside got you excited. 

Keith: I think from what you just mentioned the growth and potential like I could see myself like, is it good I started coaching business and I think that if I step away, right, those tools to be able to implement it, but I fully like as you mentioned before, like I have myself it's not arrogance, it's confidence that if I put in the work, and I'm successful, but I also know that it's not something I'm going to wake up the next day and I'm going to have this big thing. This is going to take time and I'm okay with it. And I'm okay with building it. And I'm a big believer in 1% better every single day right? Move yourself towards where you want to be every day you don't have to. Rome was not built in a day, just keep getting better every single day. And Kurt said you got a lot of impersonating out there bro. It's funny at it dude like why don't people there's a lot of spammers that come down like message me on WhatsApp. I report them all but they are still out there. So, folks, if you're new here, this is one of your first sayings that everybody doesn't have your best interest line. And there are people who will even see that you're commenting on this live and they will then you know hit you on Facebook and of course probably badmouth Legendary and all this. You know, just all I would ask is just for you all I would suggest is just you know, if you if they're saying and they want to mentor you in their coaching is so great and all that just just ask them if they got, you know, a bunch of interviews and testimonials, where they're actually talking and hearing from their clients and likely what you'll find is that there's none of that. It's just no I'm going to coach you one on one here and your private message DMs where they want to get you over and talk about how they're gonna mentor you and guide you. That's why I say stop looking for it. Stop looking for stop looking for savior. Stop looking for gurus, people, you know, you can get mentored indirectly through video, which is what the majority of people do. They get mentored indirectly through video, and then they go in and apply that and get results. The best way to get a mentor's attention is to buy it. It's not to beg for it. It's to go and produce and get that mentor's attention and the mentor will invest way much better energy into you know, aiming for it or if you asked for it, right. So just stop looking for a guru or stop looking for mentors. Stop looking for coaches, stop looking for people who you think are going to save when they're going to sit down and show you the 123 secret where easy is. It's just staying in your own lane and getting mentored through trusted people. You have to watch videos at first, until you can verify absolutely, that the person that you're about to give money to for their mental trip is not just some bullshit or on Facebook. Who it is is scamming you. You know, we got into business, we didn't just fall off the turnip truck. You have to have a little bit of street smarts when you go out as an entrepreneur, because now you're the boss and you no longer have a boss that's practicing that the boss's job is to protect you. So you are doing your job. So keep everybody away. But now you're the boss. So you've got people who are coming at you. They'll be coming at your employees the same way. You have to have street smarts and learn how to protect yourself. Talk tackle gives zero explanations in zero time wasting time. Vampires Can you get the last word my brother I know you're a busy man, I want to get you off. You probably got a call at 11 or you got to do some final word man. What would you say to people who might be on the fence or skeptical or you know maybe they got some asshole in their ear in a private message, who's keeping them from taking action and getting started? And they just need to just need to like just need to get started. I would say I've been in sales for a long time and I'm a firm believer that to be successful. You have to believe in what you do and what you promote. Or you're not and I believe in what led me to the training I've learned a lot and you just take action and believe in yourself. You look at all these people online that are doing things like why not you like you have the ability to do it. You just gotta believe in yourself and you gotta take action. Don't be afraid. Don't believe in yourself. Believe that. We believe in you. Believe that. Keith thanks for your time today brother and come back and see us man keep up the great work. 

Keith: All right. Man, have a great weekend. 

Dave: All right, my friends. You can go and follow Keith @beleaderHQ. Powerful way to end the weekend, somebody to listen to somebody who has themselves and built up their confidence and believes in themselves. I really believe that it's a mistake. A lot of us maybe didn't grow up that we need to now nurture and develop in ourselves. Because without that belief in ourselves, it's difficult to take any any confident attitude, or not sure if like it's the right thing you really, you know, really trust yourself, you know, so it's such an important thing and it's one of the reasons why I say stop looking outside of yourself as if others have all the answers for you. You know, like the reason why we sell training and we don't have some one on one coaching although we have some marketing coaches that are available if you need them. We want you to go through the training. We want you to take initiative. We've got some pieces in place where you enroll in the blueprints. If you want to take this more seriously, we will get you in. We've got a workshop going on right now, a virtual workshop going on right now. But you can't sit on the sidelines in the talk about what ifs you know, you have to get started. You have to go, that's the only way to build your belief in yourself. Build your trust in yourself. prove to yourself that you can do it.


what anybody else says about you, but prove to yourself that and then those people's opinions become less than powerful. And eventually, if they still keep up at it, you just cut them out of your life. Because at the end of the day, it's what we think about ourselves. And I think today was a great way to end the week on how we're seeing what an empowering mindset can do for you. It's about having that trust in yourself like Keith talked about. He knows he can be successful at this. He just needs to stay the course because he's proven it to himself in the past. We used to prove it to ourselves right now. So when other challenges come up in the future, you've already proven it to yourself in the past, you can overcome things. That's how you build belief and trust in yourself. That wasn't explained to me simply when I was young. So I always relied on other brothers who knew more than I do or that he didn't rely on others' advice. But really, it's really a powerful thing. When you realize that you do know what's best for you, you do know what you need. You can do this and you do have the skill to figure things out and we can help you. But you have to take the initiative and that's the big piece versus having an entitlement. Entitlement is what I have when I have a job more or less you know, like, hey, if I put in, you know, a week's worth of work, I better get paid. Or else I'm not coming back, you know, versus initiative. It's like, Hey, I'm gonna figure this out. Or I asked the question, so I at least try. And then I can tell somebody, at least what I've done. That's initiative. I'm still getting help. I'm still getting mentored, trying, you know, and that's what builds belief in yourself. That's what builds confidence. And you may actually figure it out on your own before you even ask for help. That's the power of taking the time. And that's I know that's Keith's recipe for success, and that's why I know he's already a success, but I know why. He'll also be a massive success in the future. My friends, it's gonna power, we have power for you. Have a fantastic weekend. I appreciate you. Thanks for tuning in. Hanging out with us. Get out of here. Have a fantastic Friday. We'll see you in the next episode. Peace.



How To Stay Focused On Your Digital Marketing Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  What’s up my friends? Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This morning we have a returning guest. He's a 46 year old Dad. Love that dad's life and full time Digital Marketer. Yeah man. He's dealing with the same kind of things that we're all dealing with everyday shiny objects, opportunities that are, you know, disguised. Actually they're they're the other way around there when you run off a cliff and it's disguised as that you're running into some sort of a promised land look we've all been involved in a few of those here they're over our time so anyways, it's always good to talk shop with the guy who's been in the game for a little while. Zeb Welcome to the show, my brother. 

Zeb: Thank you, Dave. 

Dave: How are you man? How have you been? It's been a while since I've talked to you, essentially been on the show? 

Zeb: Yeah. And I've been doing really well. You know, I've been having a gate in this crazy space that we live in and I'm just excited to still be at home. doing my thing, as well. 

Dave: So talk takes us back to why you say that I'm still excited to still be home doing my thing. Almost as if you can't believe it, that it actually worked when you're still at home. Talk to us about the real deal. Let's talk about some truth here and what this what it's really like here in this industry. And then also, you know, for those who don't know you, what were you doing before this that you now can't believe that you're not doing that anymore?

Zeb:  Yeah, so I'll just go back to 2020. I was working as an IT professional global IT manager for about 15 years with the company and they got laid off during the pandemic. So during the pandemic, I had a side hustle that I've put together with affiliate marketing. I was doing a little bit here and there but never took it seriously. When I got laid off. I turned that into a full time career or income I guess.

Dave: If you want to say career, go ahead and say career. 

Zeb: Yes you got to take this seriously, it's not if you treat it like a hobby. It's going to treat you like a hobby. So I just treat it like, you know, I'm going to work. You got to deep focus and you know, there's so many distractions out there. It's not even funny. 

Dave: I got a new analogy. I got a new analogy. If you treat it like a hooker it's going to treat you like a John. Do you like that? Exactly. It's a business is just something you can call up anytime and just you know, let me let me hold $100 Just come on over here and take care of me right quick. No, no, no, no, no man. You gotta put into your business needs to be romanced a little bit. Maybe before it starts financing. You know what I mean? needs to be at least a little bit. I Need a little QT. Call that quality time, right. 

Zeb: All right, so back in 2020 I did really well and in 2021 I was a crypto investor as of 2017. So I've been big in crypto, and I got sucked back into crypto land and I did really well crypto so no complaints there. But I took my affiliate marketing and because you actually sold right and you aren't still playing. I bought it way back when Bitcoin was $154. So it doesn't matter. Right. So all right. All right. One thing we learned is affiliate marketing in different areas of our lives. Games it's like 90 percent games. 1% real stuff, right? So you have to find those. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So you got to partner with the right people and stuff like that. So I took affiliate marketing. I did really well with affiliate marketing and crypto. And I've also taken affiliate marketing and moved into other areas that I enjoy doing too. So this skill set has really opened my eyes up with opportunity and it's everywhere. So the skills you teach and legendary marketer which are marketers, I've been in a lot of courses and I can still say come back to legendary marketer and it's it's bar none one of the best out there and it just is and i i mean that from bottom my heart because I've been dabbling in everything right so I'm an affiliate for so many different things because some people you know, Legendary might not fit for them and like be something else. So it's always good to do that. But as a new person that likes to learn transferable skills that actually work. 

Dave: A lot of people really don't get it and I'm going to explain why they don't get I want everybody to listen real close and then you just you just hold that thought is because they're so used to joining MLMs and various things were the only thing that they teach you there is how to succeed with that business. You know, most of those strategies don't work. How do I know? That was in like 50 network marketing companies and did a bunch of stuff for those of you who are just logging on, you know, and I never learned marketing. I learned how to make a list of my friends and family. I learned how to high learn how to play dumb and get my prospect in touch with somebody who knew what they were talking about. Upgrade rate, my value, my value so I could model minor differences between the internet and sort of being held hostage offline by a company or whatever or even a school right. Is that unlimited information, unlimited opportunity on the internet. So guess what I did? myself of course I found somebody to learn from and I began the journey. And of course then I've done many things since then in my career. But I think the important thing to understand about these transferable skills is that I'm an affiliate for many companies and all that. Well it didn't start out that way. You picked a niche, and you picked skills in a business, that those skills would transfer over. And you would always be a free man, not a captive man. And that's what a lot of business opportunities even franchises are, if you're really buying into the business that Legendary you're not buying into any business. You're buying a course, you're buying education, you're buying priceless knowledge that you could apply anywhere to actually any business. I even took some of these skills because I thought I was a failed network marketer. I took some of the skills that I learned that we now teach at legendary and I then went back to network marketing. And guess what I did? I got the words and all this crap later on more and more. I will accompany you now when I'm done with these losers, I don't know. But sometimes I get I get I was gonna throw somebody under the bus but I'm gonna hold back I'm gonna I'm gonna want to practice restraint this morning. But we had built a team completely from the internet, completely from the internet, broke all these records in this network marketing company and then we came to the company event, and we had a massive team there. This was before legendary and they caught us because we were using internet skills and they weren't teaching that in the company. They were only teaching people how to prospect friends and family and do three way calls and do offline bullshit where you're just prospecting people in Walmart and becoming the awkward person in your family. Because you're trying to prospect people for Thanksgiving.

Dave: We crushed it, broke every record and the company totally screwed up the supply chain to where they couldn't ship out their things because we had such a backlog. And do you know they called us out at the company event? This is how small minded people are. We talk about crabs in a bucket. This is why I know I gotta create my own space because I can't be around crabs. But we're in this network marketing corporate event where it's this pre-event where no leader is in the room and they hit us up and said oh this is gone. I was like there is no way that I'll be shamed and blamed for creatively going out and learning transferable skills that I can drop in any business in any industry and they work and I think that is a great story and a great example of how those skills that we teach and we learn. You can go back to something that you once failed at because they didn't even know how to teach you how to succeed with their own business. You could go back and apply the skills to crush it and I've found that to be the most empowering thing. How about you as you've gone on and dipped? Your toe in various things having those skills hasn't been. Have you felt more empowered like I know how to succeed with this versus being that struggling newbie who can never figure anything out. And what I realized was I was being taught shit strategies. That's just my story. 

Dave: Yeah, I understand all about MLM. I was in the same shoes many years ago. And I can tell you right now, like when you walk outside, once you learn digital marketing, and learn how to do affiliate marketing, it's not just affiliate marketing. It's more like digital marketing. You walk outside and go to look at a World Monitor training right over to a brick and mortar store to get them the online space to bring. I mean there's so much opportunity and you see it everywhere. Like once I went through affiliate marketing training, I started to figure out how there's opportunity everywhere and the things that I'm learning are transferable across the board, anything and I always tell people, you know, I could be walking in the woods and just create content walking in the woods, and shit and build an audience that likes knows and trust me and share the products that I use when I'm hiking in the woods as an affiliate and build a business. hiking in the woods. I mean, the beauty of that is just like Unreal. And once you know the power of that, you don't have to do what you don't want to do. You can do whatever it is you want to do whatever you like to do and make an income from that. It's a game changer for me. I mean, it should be a game changer for everybody. And you see you see people, they come out, they take the courses and they think they got to just promote the courses and they're not really going through the courses to learn a skill, Sire right right off this game. That's really what people need to do. Just said, no people come in and treat this education like it's just some bullshit product that we're asking you to sell. Don't even sell our stuff for half. Y'all need to just chill. I mean, I'm not, I don't need you to sell our stuff at legendary. We did 20 million last year before he even got here. We'll do more this year selling course information. Absolutely did go through these courses. And you're right. The information Matt and I were talking about yesterday. You know, the information inside of our courses, our education, and again, it's so true. We don't this is not a MLM we don't care if somebody sticks around or becomes an affiliate or promotes us for our affiliates promote our courses I think just because they got value from them and they that our stuff actually converts you know a lot better than most business opportunities are hyped up BS on these various platforms that are you know, it's just because it's good quality stuff and the sales message is authentic and it's and plus it converts we use. We use what we teach, we use the direct response marketing juice, and that didn't work in Italy and they work and we teach those and that's how we had 100,000 People go through the challenge last year and that's how we did what we did. And you know, the beautiful thing is, is that I could go into any industry as an information marketer, meaning I could go and create remember the core for everybody courses, coaching events, or be an affiliate for somebody who has a course a coaching program or an event and I can dominate or win or succeed or, or provide for myself in any industry. I know how I would just go in and do a little bit of research to know more than most people who are new and I would just turn around and create content for those people who are new, which is always going to be your biggest audience and in any niche. It'd be the people who buy stuff. And I would create a you know, I would likely just be an affiliate quite frankly if there were good solid products that I could promote and then not have to deliver on if there wasn't and I had to create a course I would. But I could just be in a familiar situation, if somebody said to me in this niche again, Dave, Oh, Oh, damn, that sucks. No, I would pivot right to a different niche and just do the same thing because it is not all about the skills. I would do it for personal development. Dry would do it in the relationship or marriage or parenting niche. I mean, these are topics that I'm passionate about, you know, I would pivot and be you within six months if legendary if somebody came in tomorrow and said, legendary has to cease all business. Oh, okay. That would suck. But within six months, I guarantee you not because I'm trying to be arrogant but I would be one of the most well known names in the parenting or the or the marriage or relationship niche or personal development niche. Because again, I would just use the skills that and I would just pivot and go and plot deploy the same game plan and it's my mom who has comprehension problems add my brain is not the best brain on this planet. It's actually a fairly broken brain. I got addiction. Seriously, dude. But I have figured out how to learn what I need to learn and most importantly, I think how to learn how to learn as an entrepreneur right is everywhere you watch something and you actually then give it some initiative and try it and test it versus what other other way people are doing it out there. I don't know, which is you know, maybe they learn something and then they do nothing with it. I don't know about that. I can't relate to that. Because the only thing I know is when I learn something, I gotta put it to work right away. And when I do that, you know I can learn any skill that I need and I can deploy it in that's what I've done in this business in this industry. And how do you agree with everything that I'm that I just said? If it's your business, yes. Hey, would you go back to what you were doing before and Zeb say somebody came to you and said you can never work in the Make Money Online or the the you know the invest the finance space or the business niche again, would you go back to your job or whatever you're doing before or would you or would you deploy these skills in a different niche as well? Do you feel empowered also in that way? 

Zeb: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, this out and hiking, you can of course turn that into a business but it's just it's so I think it's so important. That people really know and understand that. You were brand new when you started and within a six month period or so, you had learned and have now practiced and deployed the skills to where you have given yourself a whole new lease and path and again, if that are you saying you could never make money in this niche again, you have the skills to transfer to go to a different niche and pick it right back up and start again. Absolutely, I mean, I would do the exact same thing. Any niche. Like you said you can transfer this to anything and after I've done it I moved from making money online to crypto to outdoors, I've kind of done a little bit. Even CBD. You know, I've built a flea niche site around the CBD and all that stuff. So I've transferred these skills to many many different niches already and in the Learn, do teach philosophy is one thing that I practice as well and I think everybody should practice even new people coming in the new person coming into legendary and they're struggling. They're three. I've been doing this for three months. I'm you know, I've got 7000 followers on Tiktok and that just can't get enough. When they're going through the course learning the skill sets and then teaching those skill sets. You got to learn it and do it and teach it. If you teach it you become an authority in the marketplace. People just automatically start to know, like and trust you and follow you and you begin winning by providing value as soon as you make that switch in your brain. That's when you stop chasing the money and you start chasing the audience and providing value to the audience who you begin to win and that's transferable across everything. You know, I could go back to what I did. As a professional in it and really create courses, get people into IT management and probably go into that niche and blow that thing up if I really wanted to, even though I really don't want to but it's anything that you can do and I love this skill set because it's so true. And it works. Let's figure out Facebook groups, I've done paid VIP groups. I have a group that I created in November of 2021. And I just had I was like I'm gonna get 100 people I'm gonna see if I can get 100 people in a group that they have to pay me $97 To get access to the group and just see if I can get 100 People in the next 30 days. And I was able to do that. And I was able to do that because I provided so much value for free that people were willing to give me $97 to join a group that's just like Facebook. Once you get inside of a Facebook group, they join Facebook groups every day for free. They're known to be free. A Facebook group is known to be free and you converted 100 sales just like that. In 30 days $10,000 was over about 130 But it was just crazy. Like wow, my half an hour. And you know I've converted here's my question, Why did you stop the good question? It's always marketers who always stop what works. What works? And that's one thing I wish I I mean, I didn't really stop it. I still have the group but I asked myself that question all the time too. And what it is, is I get caught up you know, I'm pretty seasoned and controlled. But I still lose focus and I look at these other things everywhere and I'm always dial up now. And it's like, it's the worst. It's like a disease. But you get trapped in a curse. It's a gift and a curse, right? I use these like when I jump into another course I use it anywhere I can. That's what I see like when I go from one place to the next. I'm not really going there to just promote one product because I have an audience some people know might not be able to get into Legendary yet so I offer them something else. So I'm an affiliate for several different things that can fit several different people's situations and mindsets. 

Dave: Check this out. I mean, I have seen it like for example, I'll just give you one. I'll give you two random examples. I watched two people make a million dollars in commissions here at legendary and then stop and then stop marketing. Just I don't know what they're doing now. I I really don't I sort of suspicions as to whether they're still getting here's a question that I always ask is, if you're going to add something else to your business, why stop doing what was working and this is just a general question for all marketers for us always to remember because I used to do this too. And it's like why stop something? That's that's that's that. What I need to learn how to do is I need to learn how to more systematize things because I can I can make I can I don't have to have five streams of income. I saw this girl who I think is awesome. She made this post yesterday. She said you know people really think buy businesses to have five streams of income. And with the same business this information business or even being an affiliate of an affiliate marketer could offer one on one training sessions, teaching virtual training sessions. Or no she had given an example to excuse me, she had given an example for a fitness trainer. Okay, a fitness trainer. Now check this out. A fitness trainer instead of having five businesses five streams of income stream number one doing one on one training sessions in person. Dream number two teaching virtual training sessions stream number three creating meal prep plans for your clients to coincide or where weight gain ossicles out selling workout March waist trainers resistance bands, yoga mats, detox teas for five YouTube channels with workout routines. Number six affiliate marketing referral link from a gym gets paid when your clients create a gym membership in the same place. You literally train them or just send them to or whatever but likely you're going to train them there. Now you're getting paid twice in the same building. And it's that's always a great thing to do because if a trainer is trying to train you without paying the gym, it's not going to end well. So that's great, it's just a smart thing to do and it makes sense to the client. It would make sense to the client to do that. So there's actually six ways to create, you know, a, you know, a stream of income from the same business. And the challenge that I see and I had this challenge Tuesday, because there's nothing wrong nobody ever does anything wrong. We're just creative entrepreneurs who are trying to create stuff and we see opportunity and that's the beauty of this business as well as that you're a free man and you get to do whatever the hell you want. And we here at legendary want to create independent entrepreneurs and marketers not dependent people. And so when I see somebody and I think about a lot of my experience, too, I really thought that I needed to be involved in multiple different businesses. But the thing that we ended up with on the inside of the business blueprints is probably one of the best ways to kind of, you know, to kind of to kind of do this without getting too overwhelmed. And that's just simply having, you know, kind of like a main front door offer. And you know, the challenge that I see a lot of affiliates, affiliate marketers the mistake that I see them make is that they they they their instead of promote as you get more advanced like yourself is up instead of companies and products that the transition is where you go from, you know, just promoting other people's stuff to now you create your own ebook or something that you give away on the front end. So now it's branded to you. And then you introduce your first product right here as your first offer. And way too many of us are under utilizing the follow up series. You're we're way under utilized and I just had somebody on the call on Tuesday on show just so that happens in this is probably not what you're doing. But I was just speaking to a lot of the new people that there's a really good way to add multiple streams and then there can be a more destructive way to add multiple streams and we've seen this with several affiliates as well. Matter of fact, we had a unique scenario where a couple about us about six to nine months ago 12 months ago something like that. This popular marketer on TikTok created a campaign about the death of Legendary Marketer. Remember that? What did he do? Let me tell you why we find ourselves or roll in the mud with pigs. Is because those marketers went around secretly in their in their in all of our top affiliates inboxes it was just another form of kind of sharking and poaching and trying to ride on the coattails of somebody else. But they went around and poached all of our affiliates. And then all of our affiliates were like, Oh yeah, awesome. Woohoo. Let's get behind it. And we had several affiliates who were humming along with a nice solid evergreen business model, where they were not promoting like Legendary or the 15 day challenge as the main thing. They were getting their TikTok profile and all this. And we had people that because they pivoted to promote something new in a destructive way. Several of them actually lost their entire TikTok accounts. Because people you know, they just pivoted and got excited and we're pitching this product. And it was just it was like one of those things where unfortunately a lot of people have and now of course, say market I think selling something for $35,000 And I'm not sure that that they're still supporting the students or reselling it or who knows but I mean, I think we just had another record breaking month last month before, so we put them in it's been a long game and we're trying to teach our affiliates not out of control, not because we want to dominate anybody, just because it's a tragedy. When you see somebody who was absolutely humming, huge, you know, TikTok profile or whatever. And then they destructively jumped to do this massive promotion in abandon those good education based marketing tactics that we teach here, and then just go to promote a product all over your Tiktok profile and all that. Look at that, as the US started promoting people are gonna mark that as affiliate marketing or whatever. That's how you lose your accounts, right? So the promotion of multiple things is is is such a powerful thing, whether it be multiple courses, whether it be multiple different things that you personally offer, whether it be multiple products that you're an affiliate of, but the challenge is, is that when we do it, like not strategically, and we just pivot on the on the, you know, I rolled him off something and now all of a sudden, yeah, maybe I can make money with that. And I set up the account and I started promoting and I'm I, as I'm doing that just out of newness, naiveness maybe even a little desperation. I just want to make money. I ended up sort of shitting on my long term, and it's hard to communicate that for us because we don't want to try to keep anybody from doing anything. But there's there's ways that are more destructive than others to kind of create multiple streams of income. What are some of you guys like that you've screwed up? Whether it applies to what we're talking about or not? And what are some of the things that you've done like I called you out just a second ago about like, why just stop the Facebook group thing? Because if that's a $10,000 a month income, it's like why not add that to your autoresponder series, that exact promotion that you ran? Why not add that to your autoresponder series? Run that promotion for two weeks? And then cap it? What do you mean run it for two weeks? It's an autoresponder. The emails people I'm running this promotion for two weeks, and then you say, So you send you emails for two weeks and after two weeks you say this offer is, is no this is the last email I'm gonna send about this offer. This offer is going off the table. Right. And, and, you know, there's some software that you can use like deadline funnel and stuff. Like that. You don't even need to get that you can just run these promotions that work well. If you promote a product and it works well for a lot of everyone, a lot of good autoresponder series, and it allows me to stay value based in education based on my audience instead of being pitchy to them. That makes sense and what makes makes absolute sense and it's something that I struggle with myself is is emails because the follow up emails are important and I've been actually the last even writing them lives that you can also just email marketing is so important that I just want to add this and then I want to interrupt again but email marketing whether you're adding them to an autoresponder series is even teach this in the business blueprint step by step in case anybody wants to know every concept of philosophy high level and how to set it all up. However, there is so in my email, autoresponder follow up series, those are the emails that go up automatically when somebody subscribes to my list. And the other thing I can do if I can broadcast live to my list, and I kept me on my list that way, too. So the point here is that I'm not selling all over my TikTok profile, but I'm getting them more into my world. That I think is the point that I'm that I'm trying to push about, about this. These lessons and sometimes the hard way. 

Zeb: Oh, yeah, and I agree with you 1% And it comes back to not staying focused, right. One thing I have been challenged with myself, I gotta add brain to believe it or not, as long as I'm a good squirrel outside so I'm not distracted over here because just because I was good and a professional career doesn't mean I'm real smart and focused and things like that. One of the biggest challenges is like the only good good all right benefit from anything else. It's like a near death experience with me, but this I'm good at. So using a good focus strategy where you're stuck if you start with TikTok focus on TikTok creating value on TikTok taking the people off of TikTok and putting them into your autoresponder, your email list, your Facebook group. I think that's the most important piece. And that's a piece that you know, I started back. I realized that is the most important piece because that's how you nurture your audience. When you take them off the goldmine it's not just TikTok I'm seeing Instagram reels and Facebook reels now or are starting to take off because I've just started dabbling and those things and I'm getting a lot of views and think the short form video is to get the people of those areas and put them in your list or put them in your group where you can nurture them and really build that connection and that's when your encounter scientist and I I've done this a couple of times, so I know it works every single time.

Dave: I was just saying I totally understand that. Right. It's almost like the entrepreneurs like well, I conquered that mountain. Now it's time to go . We all do that. It's weird that we do that. If there's anybody new here that's paying attention. 

Zeb: Number one thing is if you're in Legendary follow Legendary success. Figure out this niche or learn how to do this skill set that's transferable. Anything you ever hear. When your audience your audience is no income. So I always tell people you focus on the audience and the value in the money just comes magically after that. What if you'd say chase the money and I see so many people coming out here. And it's not just legendary. It's everything. And they just join a course the next day. They're just promoting the course and it's like, did you even go through the course for one day? It's like, did you take two days to go through the course I can guarantee if you probably look at I don't know if you can track it goes it goes through the course and stuff like that, but just don't go through the course they just automatically start creating content on TikTok and they make a couple sales, but they're not building the infrastructure to keep this long term longevity thing. And that's probably one of the biggest challenges that I've found. And, I always come back to just focusing on one platform. I focus on short form video right now, and nurturing an audience trying to get on out of TikTok off Facebook. And he's again winning, but there's nothing to pull here. I want to just add something if you're done with your thoughts. 

Dave: You're just talking about focus, you're talking about you know, you're talking about these things that are really important for us to understand and I want to add something to that and it's advice from a business mogul. We probably all know, Warren Buffett thinks every entrepreneur needs to do this. I tell you, I used to really want to make things a lot more complicated than I do now. I have gone back to this advice over and over again and every time I have gone back literally Google search to find this and just read it over and over again because it's so powerful and I want to share it all. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner, Warren Buffett wants you to do something tomorrow morning. Tomorrow when you look in the mirror after you've gotten up just right, put it in lipstick or whatever you want on the mayor said at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business planet event at LaGuardia Community College, the phrase is not it's not satisfying my customer. Since happy customers are your best advocates and this is so blessed I am standing I'm standing up for this one. Since happy customers are your best advocates. Is this that has lighted just you don't have to pay them. You don't see them. But they're talking to people all the time. Friends, folks, Legendary Marketers. Nowadays in the age of comment sections in the age of reviews in the age of you know what there's nowhere to hide. And you know who's gonna succeed if we're having a recession coming up or you know, it's gonna if they can continue in this you know, whatever other crazy Mark doesn't matter. Business who delights the customer who delights the customer who has the customer down in the comments. Saying, This is great. This is valuable. The people who on their Google reviews, these people are good. The people who hate. You know what would be an honor for me, is for each one of you. If and this is the first time I've asked for this or curious if any of you get value from the show, go up here on our Facebook page or go over to our Google reviews and leave us a review share your honest opinion because I'm in the game I'm doing this every day exposing our myself are everything because I want to know your honest opinion. Nowadays as a business owner, do either provide value. You're gonna get brushed to the side because people are going to call you out. So we have the number one thing the one thing that's going to keep you in business is delighting your customer. Why? They're going to tell people about it in the comments. They're going to tell people about it on Google reviews. They're they're so much going to go around telling their friends and family because internet's here, they're still going to do that. But they're going to be in your comments. They're going to be on your Facebook page. They're going to be on your Tiktok they're going to be over here on Google reviews. They're going to be over here in your event. Right now, delighting the customer, not satisfying lighting. Wow. That is a whole different level of satisfaction. But delighting the customer was is a timeless principle that worked for ages and he's been giving this advice businesses that he invest in to help them grow. So his money this is the number one piece of advice he's been printing for the past decades. And ask how do I take this and apply it to my business? The number one way that I deploy that principle in this business is by never selling? Literally, what the hell are you talking about Dave? That's never no never selling never was just this was helpful to you. You need to learn those transition statements. All of you if this was helpful to you. If you want more information if you'd like to learn the exact strategies in full detail in less than 20 minutes, click the link in my bio opt in watch the training video. Simple transition statement after it's not selling you're never delighting, it's just like no hold on. You want more value? Oh, whip up some more value limbo. Email your ask for another year. And if you want to buy then fantastic if not just hanging out on my email list and keep getting value. I'm here to delight you and teach you until you're ready to buy. That's how me and yours are made. 

Zeb: And I think more people need to think long term. Some people get lucky making 10,000 their first three months but most people don't really see if they can come in this game and say I'm going to devote 12 months of my life. Learning this skill set and taking action on this skill set and actually nurturing an audience. If people would phone them. They'd be completely free in 12 months and they could walk away from any job but the problem is people do not focus enough. They chase the money they see all the years this week or 7000 Today, you know you cannot pay attention to all that stuff. You got to learn a skill set you got to provide value, you got to nurture your audience and I believe delighting your customer, you know whether you own a business or you're a personal brand, that's 100% because that's that's one thing that I I'm not out there. I don't put screenshots of money that I've made and none of that stuff and I get caught by people six months before they actually asked, Hey, can you have a call where we can talk about you know what my options are? And they'll ask me what I want them to buy. And I just tell them and then they go by it's because after you do this, your custom you don't have to sell you don't have to sell out no, you just provide value and nurture your audience and you win like crazy. And that's you know, you see like the McCracken all the time, right that don't do this this dried up saturated or whatever. Legendary marketer has been around for years and is still crushing it and there's a reason why because they have good products for their company, you know, pretty ethical. That's one reason why I've always always sent people to Legendary Marketer, but uh, you just got to learn a skill set and like a customer provide audit. By any means necessary. I see people crabbing and complaining about fighting people, customers over stuff. Like, what are you doing? You idiot? 

Dave: I like to delete customers so much that they feel like assholes for being an asshole. If you come at me with asshole energy, I'm not going to beef up you and be like, let me let me solve this for you. Hold on a second. No, no, no, no, no. Let me delight you. Let me get humble. Let me add it as if you're going to delight your customers. You got to get humble. The best thing that I ever did as in my pursuit of leadership and entrepreneurship is get humble and just deflate my ego. And just that's how I delight my customers in that theme and self care and go to therapy Get your shit right. Get your shit your trauma, your addiction, your low self esteem. Get that shit taken care of. Stop avoiding it. Go face it, why? You'll be such a whole person you'll feel so much better about yourself. Be cut more comfortable in your own skin when old shit bugaboos hang ups aren't in a meeting you see. Your Man Man gets so tough because they're there. They're hurt man. You know something? Something's going on. Have you ever met? Man. I healed myself. And now I can delight people. It's my pleasure. I wouldn't delight nobody right? Self here, right. But it's like wow, you know, because I realize it also I try to put myself in other people's shoes like as, man this is a big step for somebody this somebody who's tested time, energy dreams, their goals. I mean, I want to make it work for somebody I want to. I want to show you what true and measured bullshit that you've probably experienced in the past where they're shaming and blaming and drilling sites standing over you and making you feel bad about yourself. Not everybody's got a different journey. Be gentle with ourselves because we're certain people even though we act real strong, but that's why all this stuff is important that we talk about the mental game the you know, the emotional getting itself up then, you know getting right with our past getting right with what, then I can humble. I can realize that I have everything that I have because of my customers. Sure. I have a message that obviously resonates but they're putting their trust in their time to listen to me to spend with me to learn from me, and I take that frickin slip you know, and it's a mentality of service. I think some of it came from me. I got cleaned, and I was struggling or when an opiate addiction came back in the fall and I went to treat or relapse. I got clean again in 2008. Like I wrote, eating, you know what I mean there is like you need to get humble. Go auto pick up those chairs. Go outside, pick up the scooter out but learn to be of service that was to take floors, hate coffee, all this kind of shit. To learn how to be of service to people. A man that transferred really well over in the business and has continued down that path. I've gotten better at delighting people because I gotta be okay with myself to delight you.

Zeb: Especially when we're on social media and everybody is judging it. Fake it till you make it just a video. Share your journey uniquely with an audience and focus on the money later. The money just comes with magic if you tell your story, sell stories, sell facts. Tell your story. No matter how bad it is, you know you no matter how bad your story is there somebody there's a group of people out there that are waiting for you to share your thoughts and once you do, it is a complete game. change what my friends and family would think. You know, once I put all that to bed, I was able to just be myself and speak my opinions because there's a ton of people in this world and they're waiting for us to share our values. Maybe they're not ready to buy from us. Like you said as long as you're trying to sell and we're just adding value in how you buy from you know the marketing versus selling. I've found that early on when you're trying to constantly just chase the money because you're just looking man, I want to get that commission so bad. They can smell like blood in the water when it's dark, right? They just know that and it's easy to just start with value and keep consistent and you will win, win win win every single time and I've been through faith every single day and if you don't know, waste everybody's time at that point. But I love Legendary. I love you Dave and what we have here is just amazing. And people really should learn this skill set because it'll set you free 

Dave: 100% Yeah, it really will. And you know, like your customers know these little nuggets every day there's this thing called Elephant covers everything. So we ask that you go through the challenge if you're serious about it let me give you a little bit of a taste of what we what we cover in the blueprints and made consider getting serious about your education, going through the blueprints learning this stuff in edutainment somebody asked how do you I think Alyssa as you know detail all along what what do you what do you mean yeah, let's let's dig into this and this is taken straight from the blueprints if you all want more in depth, this is in the fishing formula section of the blueprints. Well, edutainment is the secret sauce to Chinami in the waters and attracting prospects to you. This will all make more sense if you blueprints and you understand what I mean by this fishing formula and chumming the waters but chumming water when I'm fishing down in the water to bring the fish to the boat right in edutainment. You got to bring people to my page. You're gonna bring them to my content, and I gotta get them to watch my videos. edutainment is the secret to doing that. When you combine education and entertainment, this is so important. You can't just go out there and TT a little film you'll Chris you know for everything that you teach me, you'll probably create five more questions. You have to keep it so remember who your target audience is. I talk about that in the species section of the fishing formula, understanding who you're going after. In most cases, it's going to be new people. So if you're teaching stuff that's deep into what you're doing with no entertainment, I'm gonna go old genealogy and know who you're teaching. The large portion of buyers are always going to be people who are getting or who want to know. Get started. edutainment is not always about being funny, nor is it the need to be a professor. It's not about writing jokes. It's also not about giving like it's, it's your serious, all right, you don't need to script out your jokes and all that kind of stuff. It's just about having a spirit of humor and a spirit of giving something that's useful to somebody educating them in some way. You're not eliminating pain completely at this point. Instead, you're giving them small doses of patience which will provide hope in a way as possible, so I don't want to teach you everything because then that eliminates all your pain or gives you the answer before you spend money right so a lot of people say give all your free stuff away for free. Well, that's Oh part doing a 15 second deal. So what we find and what we're finding now is that short form video actually that's what we're getting into. The short form video is really a place to offer some small doses of medication, but not to try to get into the full remedy the full solution first of all, you don't have second of all you have overwhelmed and confused with that. But it's just about giving small doses of inspiration or addressing their pain and can do that in a creative is that every single person that you see on the show has examples by the dozen or by the 100 on their profiles. Each platform has a different native format of CHM and you know I say we'll cover that more in detail in the setup and start fishery section but edutainment about insurance. Reform there's a there's a there's actually a there's actually a fine line between giving it too much. You know, because again, if you give away you gotta be thinking about this. What is my customer thinking and feeling as I'm saying this? Is it? What new questions Is it creating? That's why I always train will answer the question you thought of while you were answering the question that they asked, just answer the question that they asked and say do you have any more questions? Oh, and the same thing is true here with our content is that we want to give them doses of pain medication or doses of Hope dose. We always have to leave some in the water you know every educate edutainment small dose que section wrapped in humor humor is always going to be and how do I be be humorous some of you are wondering well, how do I What do you mean? Entertainment? I'm not funny. Well, hey, you know what? Entertainment is about just the way you deliver some things. And here's what you do when it gets a little bit. My facial expressions I take my tonality and sort of my expressiveness and increase it by like 20 30% from normally what I am in regular life, which means that I'm more expressive, more fun. More energy there's more powerfully on video. And that a lot of times is my is my the entertainment aspect of the edutainment formula, just my energy. It's not that I'm particularly funny. I'm a I'm an awkward guy, man. You know, I mean, I'm just not you know, it's hard for me to do that and be funny and all that kind of shit. I get it. The facial expressions that's how I get my juice. That's how I get my entertainment factor across in my content. How about for you? What would what is edutainment and we'll wrap up here shortly because this has gone fast. 

Zeb: Like I said, yeah, like I said short form video is the future right now. Right? I don't know for much longer. But right now that's the golden opportunity to figure it out. How to get your customers you know, you still got the hook at the beginning and your content, your call to action. So you still got those three things you got to focus on but you got to grant real seriousness and provide just a little bit of right. Hey, did you know Amazon Walmart actually pays you to share their product? Yeah, that's teaching right there. Did you know that they do this by just asking a simple question because I did that information to give them value, but you also want the mass users to ask you how right so then your call to action in your comments. Hey, ask how to learn more and then you send them to your free ebook, or the business builder challenge or whatever it is that you're wanting to give them a little bit more than within that. You say here's a little bit more. Can you sell one more Yeah, exactly. It's like it's kind of a shitty analogy, but they have to leave. It's sort of like if they brought you a 10 pound apple. You'd be full for the meal, right? And TikToks and really having to do stupid stuff. On TikTok like, my glasses on my face and stuff like that. That you still are stupid, but that keeps her question like wait a minute, what did he just do? And it keeps them on your page. Get them off a tick tock and so it's all just trial and error. Having fun you really got to have fun and you got to stay consistent. I mean, consistent action is and you can do this for seven straight days. or dare. I always tell people to focus on like 30 days, swipe a goal like I post 1,2,3 for every video that just put them on TikTok Facebook and Instagram reels and just do it for 30 days and see what happens. And I'll be surprisingly shocked at the ability to get in front of the camera and what you learn. Five How do you just come across speaking so I'm like I've done this like 100 times right? You think right 500 hours of going live on video gives you confidence you come through as being confident in and provides value but don't give all the tools and Toolbox away.

Dave: Like I could teach everything and then say like there's they're there. You know, do that but it's just unnecessary. It's unnecessary. They don't even want that. And that's one of the things that I learned about marketing and my customers. My customer, I gotta stop sharing any of what I'm doing in the comment section, I'm telling you, all of you who are listening. They don't know better than me about what to do in your business. They and they're not going to know better than you once you are six months into this just three months into this just one month with just a whim you know about how to convert people. Somebody doesn't want to convert and they want to complain about it in the comments. Don't let that change your operation. You know, these people say Oh, I would ever give me everything for free. But the people who say they want everything for free because they haven't paid attention we've been saying this in this industry for a decade. If you don't pay you don't pay attention. And that's why I know if I don't pay for something. I don't ask for courses for free men. I don't ask to get comped. We don't comp people are legendary, because you don't pay attention. And so I have to give somebody like I can't give them the pay, because then they'll actually pay attention to the long form content, you know , longer and I'm talking about because they do have some stuff. Some people will want to listen to Joe Rogan and sit there and smoke a doob for hours or as they're driving. Say, Yeah, I'll listen to this long form content but here your entertainment trying to teach everybody something on the front end. It's unnecessary. They get paid. Just Chum the Waters. Just give them a bit of edutainment by asking and I love that some of the Talk videos that are doing the best nowadays Arnie you don't even need to speak literally Amazon go, Walmart all will pay you to market their products. No, we'll pay you commissions and give you a referral link for you to get their products online. And learn more. I mean, that is edutainment, a really beautiful thing about tick tock like I just get so fired up about this, because it's just gets simpler you will know that people don't know. People think oh tick tock the runs over there's another tick tock right around the corners. Shits are gonna get slower. You think that all on the internet. One day comes to a screeching halt. Streaming media company is gonna say some dude it's gonna say we'll call on Wall Street or whatever working for some count we know they're going to be out and building the next Facebook I'm building the next TikTok Well, at least like me are going to be doing come maybe because you know what? It's just its timing. It's an opportunity. It's about learning the skills now. Now, so you can get one that was supposed to right now, and it's called tick tock. It's called Instagram. It's called. It's called your email list. And if you follow the trends in Lesson Seven, then you can get the last word. We had a mastermind recently and there's a bunch of people that bought the blueprints that didn't go through them folks, you got to go through the train this very important thing and this is something I buy the thing and it ain't magically gonna by osmosis just download in your head. It will go through the shit and you got to just follow it. Just watch it just one time at least. And then deploy and take learn do teach, just like Zeb said learn do teach, do teach, go learn do teach, learn it. Do it teach it right if you niche your content ideas, something for God's sakes. Yeah, absolutely. And this is why so many people in the course don't make it because oh to learn it, do it, eat it. If you take data one day ahead of that person that hasn't gone through that right right. If I bought Legendary Marketer today, I want the blueprints of what I would do if I didn't have the following. I will make some notes from what I learned today. I'm gonna do this every single day and I would apply to talk and I would just share my journey. This is it wasn't I say jab five leads yesterday want to know how I did it applies to any business or your network or affiliate marketing business. That's what was my content and then I would go into some brief hey, here's what I did. or more, click the link above. I've been doing the same thing for 10 years. It's almost like I could come up with and just say the same thing to try to teach the same thing, because it's not new. There's nothing wrong with laying the chairs as some of the platforms have changed in the last 10 years, man it's hands down. I've just wave I wish I would have started it years earlier. But you know, I was. I just thought it was a joke at first but this is short for me. This is a joke. It's hilarious how simple it is. That's why it's a joke and I really want to it's just the new business card. You know what I mean? It's the new VHS. It's the new CD. You know, like it's the new form of it just just give me Instagram people exchange it's all it is. It's just a longer I can if I meet you ASAP summers I'll come and look you up. I can pick up a couple of things I can if I want to know and that's how I get your life journey. Like a business car. Just folks just having they don't because we wanted didn't say, Oh, well, you know, TikToks just for the little dancing girls or whatever. Just Oh, oh, you know, like I like flair. Whoa, you know, it's and that one went way over the old head and that's okay. Nobody's coming to save you know, glitch like nobody's coming in. I mean, each year yeah, this is should I pay attention to or know this shit. You know, and it's like we all deserve exactly what we get because of taking the decision and saying without. After being in the Hall of Fame, all of the people that I've known 1000s of people in my personal life that I've met business, who I would not trade with single not a single one of them's a single person that I know for now to get to the point in life where you don't want to trade places with anybody. And I don't give a shit if you do that through the linear market or not. But you have to do that. That last thought goes to you. And that's like, just believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. Don't be scared to try new things. I mean, I would question how many millionaires were made. In the last two years, I have been talking alone. So just go out there and create content leads, move them to your email list, move them to your Facebook group and you will in this set of affiliate marketing digital marketing coaching consider any job and it's a beautiful thing. I feel completely free. I love I love the skill set of marketing, and many people will enjoy the process gets mean beyond blank days said that you don't need to bash other other groups or other things just be yourself enjoy and you got everything right here and legendary just these wakeup shows come show up but these wakeups just here's what I don't give a shit. I know a lot of people do this or think there is an ROI, which is fine. Just get you know what? Do it. Do it, do it. Don't wait. And you know what if you're not going to do it, if you're not going to move on to something else for a while. You know what I mean? There are people that legitimately just like to grow and aren't particularly good. And slam bam and wham bam, bam business we talked about and I just do want to speak to this bill for a second. If you're getting value really you feel bad for being here and growing. I don't give a damn about human growth. You know, go with us. If you want to build a business, if you want to apply these skills when you want to build a business, fantastic. But you know, sometimes we set up the message for until there will be one my brother, thank you so good to see you and, and and and come back and let's do another webinar soon.

Zeb: All right, take care, Dave. 

Dave: Thanks, buddy. All right, my friends. You can follow his app of course and check them out. We've got his handle there on TikTok. All right, my friends. Go ahead and run in my corner where you will start getting weird texts where people will just send you a reminder every morning that we're going live and you can come home and you can come on and join the party. And we pass up legendary just like I do every day. All right, my friends, peace.

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Victoria: Hi

Matt:  Welcome to the show.

Victoria: Hi, yeah, hello. My name is Victoria. Doing well, doing well. That's getting over the heat because I'm not used to the heat. Yeah, 99 degrees yesterday. And that feels like a new record, but it's normally 70 out.

Matt: Oh, it's pretty hot for the Midwest. Yeah. Well, tell us a little bit about you bringing us into your world. How did you find out what you know, you do some teaching, you've got kids and just you got all kinds of stuff going on. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up in the Legendary community. What have you tried in the past and we'll go from there.

Victoria: Sure, sure. Yeah, my name is Victoria. I teach online, and for a few years I did the traditional route. I went to school, got a big degree, ended up $50,000 in debt and then tried to get the dream job that I've always wanted, only to find out that you have to be a part of an association. You got to rub shoulders and schmooze with people, and I don't. It's not very fun in my book, but I'd rather just teach and there was all this politics that had to go with it that I didn't like so I was able to find the job that I wanted. That teaches totally online and I loved it. But I was limited as I can only do part time they won't. They don't do it full time. So then I'm like, Well, okay, I love this job. I want to keep this job but what else can they do? And I've tried side hustles but one of them doesn't wear me because I've got to take care of and I take care of my elderly mom, she's 86 and she can't really get around very well anymore. Okay, so I get you know, little, only a few hours a day to work and when I found a video of you know, legendary marketer, I was like, I could do this a couple hours a day. Do some videos batch them out, you know, and this could work for me and so when I saw it, I was watching some people on Tiktok and Instagram and saw these videos talking about, you know, this 15 day challenge and I thought, okay, seven bucks. That's not breaking the bank. Let's give it a try. And here I found all these videos in this, like, this is something I could totally do like this is already you know, talking about doing stuff online and making videos. It's not that difficult. Just a few hours. And like yeah, this is something manageable. This is something doable, and it took off from there.

Matt:  Oh, that's crazy. Well, it really took off. You're at 21,000 followers. How long ago? Did you discover Legendary and what? Coming from a little bit of a background of traditional education. I just feel like the entrepreneurial route had you tried entrepreneurial stuff before, like, you know, the entrepreneurial route is so different. And it's been a long time. It's really hard for people who come from traditional education. I did. I came, you know, I kind of didn't. I didn't like starting as a teacher. I didn't get master's degrees and stuff. But I went the traditional route and felt successful in that because it felt like it was just guided people telling me what to do. So transitioning the sort of entrepreneurial type was hard. Was it easy? What was that like?

Victoria: A lot of trial and error. I tried a lot of side hustles. I tried a lot of different things. The one that was the most successful for me was teaching online to Chinese kids. So it would be a video teaching a 25 minute scheduled class. They're in China. I'm here and you just teach English. But last fall the Chinese government completely shut it all down. So VIP kid get completely shut down as well as the entire industry of teaching English. classes online because the Chinese government said too much Western influence no more foreign teachers. The entire industry got shut down. And I'm like, Okay, well my what? So, come October I got lab now, so then I started looking around and I found some of the little videos in about November ish, and started kind of looking more into it look at understand what what is affiliate marketing, what is it all about and trying to understand because I've never heard of it, never seen of it. And I started trying to research more and try to figure out what it is online and read some google it and see what it is. And when I finally got into the 15 day challenge, I think it was the beginning of December. But since we had holidays and everything else I got into the talk with a guy named Pierre. He was amazing and he was able to explain everything to me. And he got me hooked up with this. The blueprints and I that just completely blew my mind. And I started my first video on January 11. It's been since January.

Matt:  I didn't see that. I mean in the world of digital marketing. A lot of people would say that it took a long time. But in reality for me I've been in this industry. I think that that's fast. I think getting your first sale in a few months or in your first six months or something is fast because I come from a world that was back in 2010 and 11. It was like, you know, you might have spent six months setting up your first blog because it was like there wasn't TikTok and there wasn't YouTube and stuff. I'm gonna guess and assume that you found it decently easy to get going on TikTok and that process wasn't too tough because of all the teaching that you've done. Is that right?

Victoria: Yeah. Because I've already done teaching classes like you know, college classes. And then my little diagram up here teaching VIP kid classes. I was already comfortable with the camera. I'm already comfortable with recording. I already had equipment. So that part of it was the easy part. It was strategy and what to say, how to say it and that's where the blueprints came in. As like not only is that done for you campaigns but like the like all the the teaching videos that you had done were amazing like there was a gold nugget I just clung to that gold nugget that was the one we're it's towards the bottom and it was saying like leads turn into follows and then follows turn into sales and it's like it's a process you got to go through the steps it takes time. It's not gonna be overnight, but you gotta stay consistent and keep with it and everybody said stay consistent. Stay consistent, like okay, just keep going keep going. The train will move. It might take a little while but it'll get there.

Matt:  For sure. For sure. Yeah. And it's it is a real I mean it it really is a process and I think like it's I don't know, to me, it's just it's funny because there's such some of it is it takes a long time like some of it just I think there's a sticking period or something where there's a span of time where it's like it takes a little bit for it to stick with people. And like you know the piece that you said there, your videos, draw engagement. As followers, followers, draw leads and leads draw sales. And for some that happens fast and quick and others that happens a little slower, not necessarily overnight. But I will say that over time. You know, those five sales a month often turn into 10 sales a month. And those 10 sales a month often turn into 20. And I would just say a lot of times people don't have the patience to sort of see that through. So kudos to me because even 90 to 90 days to six months. That's a very common window of time for people to quit. Very common. I mean, that is the window. Is that 90 days? I mean heck, people are lucky sometimes to even log into the training, which is crazy. But there's I mean 1000s of people who buy our training, who buy our courses and never ever open the damn thing.

Victoria: Is that that shocked me because I'm like, Hey, you're spamming it. I mean I've even seen some of the members say like never opened, never opened. I'm like,

Matt: Oh, listen in the digital education world. In sort of it's it's, it can be a myriad of things. Lots of people misspell their email address so they never get their logins. Lots of people purchase things and forget, like within 12 hours. People purchase it while they're high and purchase it while they're drunk. You know, it's just, it's all kind. It's all manner of craziness. And so then you end up with a pool of people every month. And you look at it and you're like jeez, people never even logged in. But this has been happening and it has happened forever whenever you sell something online. I think though the trick is as an affiliate marketer, right like in our company, that's something that we sort of worry and stress about a lot. But as an affiliate marketer, the beautiful part for an affiliate, or maybe the challenge for an affiliate is to sort of focus on nothing but traffic, right? For an affiliate for somebody who's brand new to affiliate marketing or even just generally like any sort of referral based marketing. This would also apply to Network Marketing. Anybody who's an affiliate for a product, right? And once you start to go down the road of like, oh my gosh, maybe people aren't going through the training or maybe people who are buying stuff aren't going to buy tickets, because they're all going through it. That's a total distraction point because it's completely out of your control. Even people start to worry about things that are completely out of their control. They try to control it and then what happens is their front end traffic goes down. Right? So it actually sort of doubles the problem. It exponentially increases the problem. The first thing that happens is they're worried or nervous. Oh my gosh, my front end sales. Okay, now I'm gonna freak out and worry all about that. And then I'm going to realize that I have no control over that. And I there's nothing I can do and now all the energy and time and whatever I've spent trying to solve that I have not used that to drive more front end sales and now my front end sales are gone, and sort of compounds the problem and now I'm in this place where my business is falling apart. So anyway, I don't know why. How I was going on that rant.



No, but it's true. Like you can't control every little aspect of it. I mean that it is somewhat passive. And honestly I think that that's actually a relief for me because I am kind of an anxious person. And I was worried about like, oh, how am I going to get this to work? How are people going to enter into the funnel however, how am I going to see how long until AC sales and you'll click? You know I want to see sales and it does get you a little anxious because it's like when is it going to start happening and you can get impatient waiting for it to happen or waiting, waiting for things to start moving and it took probably into the second month about the end of the second month before I finally started seeing actually things start happening and I was I wasn't january, february months when didn't really see a lot feedback, didn't really see a lot going on. It takes a long time to get to that first 1000 on tick tock. It does take time and you got to be patient and kind of wait for things to start happening. But then once the ball gets rolling, you get that momentum going and all of a sudden, like, oh, I had a couple of videos go viral and it was just like it was viral for probably a week and a half and it just didn't stop it kept going and going I thought Oh wow. 10,000 views Yay. Oh wow. 30,000 views Wow. And all of a sudden 50 And it finally got to I think it ended about 690 And I was just like oh my gosh.

Matt: That's a lot of views right? When most of them are getting like 200 100 On a good day. So I was definitely freaking out like oh my gosh, the best thing ever. Well you know, it's kind of funny. If you know, I was looking at a few different people but I was looking at Have you heard? I've been talking a lot about this but have you heard me mention recently anything about the idea of what I call the nonstop social cycle? So I did see that from the email. Yes. Okay. So I've been talking about this a little bit. And what I've been finding is that people who sort of grab for instance right now one of the hottest things is Facebook rails. I was just looking at this guy, his name is Bob. He's got 94 fours on Facebook, which is a number I was like, Holy shit, that's a lot and, and his reels Okay, so I saw this reel that he posted the other day, and let me I'm gonna just put it up in front of the camera and you can check this out but it um, it got somewhere in the range of Let's see one point there was 1.7 million views on it. Oh, it's got 3.7 million now. So on Monday, I looked at this video, okay. On Monday, I was looking at this video right here. Let me see if I can show you this. Eric got one. You can barely see it says 3.7 million. And on Monday it had 1.7 million. But he had posted this video I think on Friday or Saturday. So if you think about just doing a little bit of a calculation there, you're talking like five days or something with 4 million views like he's averaging somewhere in the range of like seven to 800,000 views a day. And on that one video. He's got one, he's got one since then. He's posted within the last I think 48 hours or something that already already has a million views and he had 65,000 followers on Monday. So less than 48 hours. He's accumulated 30,000 followers on Facebook. So yeah, the message is like there's 200 And so people and a couple of 1000 who will watch this video, the message is that Facebook Rails is it didn't I don't think even in the heyday of TikTok the maximum graphic that I ever saw on TIkTok. I don't think that I ever saw this. And there's a reason that here at legendary we had our second highest day in challenge sales yesterday because a lot of people caught real sickness but here's what I wanted to say. A lot of times when this happens right and people will start to and by the way, hang on one more thing that I want. One more thing that I want to point out about why this is happening is because Facebook added this little follow on the rails right next to their name. And that didn't exist before when they launched that. They didn't have that and so now those that follow right next to the name are now growing people's pays profiles and the reach of Facebook is massive because there's so many people on it. And what will happen is a lot of people will jump and just start going to Facebook and they'll get off TikTok. But guess what, pretty soon TikTok is going to make one little adjustment and all the videos that you're posting are getting 200 300 400 views are gonna start to get 12,000 50,000 views and your channel is going to explode. But if you just jump from platform to platform, it won't ever work but anyway, I wanted to just say to you, but even listening, she really get on Facebook reels and be repurposing your content and trying new things on Facebook reels only because we're in the part of the cycle right now of media where that one is just for whatever reason, they figured a couple things out and now it's exploding. It might be Instagram next, it might be who knows, you know? But you got to be on all of them. And I know you're omnipresent because you're everywhere. You're on Instagram, you're on YouTube, you're creating content all over the place. So that's awesome. Really, you know we're gonna wake up one day and YouTube shorts are going to explode and it's going to be, you know, going crazy and who knows. Pinterest isn't a you know as to so anyway I just went on a little rant there but what's been your what's been your secret or what's worked best for you in your getting 21,000 followers on TikTok a lot of people haven't done that. A lot of people have struggled to get 1000 followers on TikTok. What little types of videos and things have you done that have worked well for you?

Victoria: Well, it took me about a week to get 1000 So it was a lot of trial and error. And I think a lot of it was just figuring out a strategy that worked and figuring out like you need some videos that are just to grab people's attention. And then they'll look at other videos because I saw like tick tock has kind of been the number one that I've used. That's the most success I think with tick tock like you have some videos that are just attention grabbers to get people to look at your stuff. And then you can see, like who's viewing if it's from your file page, or if it's from the from you page. And I've noticed like as I started to our attention grabbing videos, the profile view started rising and so I thought well okay, if if attention grabbers just and then have some content videos that are actually lead teaching, cleaning or talking about like the talking head videos, talking about the content, then having some videos that are just sort of funny, just you know and entertainment or like Dave says the edutainment you know the something funny to kids there, make it make it interesting, make it funny and then kind of a good that way. So I like to do weird goofy things. But you'd like to have like every week I'll batch videos to make sure I've got all three kinds in there, too. Because I started doing a series and that also helped. I started doing like side hustle series just on the side hustles I could find and ones that I had seen and that was a great attention getter because that would grab people's attention onto the page and then see stuff about affiliate marketing. See stuff started a new one recently just last couple of days about SEO and SEO RPS. I'm trying more edgy, edutainment or educational kinds of content videos. I started kind of staying away from some of the TikTok has really been coming down hard on affiliate marketers when it comes to the community guidelines, especially like anytime you're trying to claim income or say oh yeah, you're gonna make this much amount. All of a sudden you get flagged left and right. And I've seen quite a few of those for things that had nothing to do with that. And they get flagged, so I know TikToks have been coming hard around that and so I've been trying to kind of move away from that and move more into teaching kinds of videos. Matt: There's there's some of the best people on TikTok that I know, like Tyler wise and some other people like Tyler's made a lot of videos around like, here's some Google Chrome extensions you didn't know you know, and like little things that are subtle and go viral and have a little attachment to his niche but aren't like aggressive and in your face. And oh, yeah, totally. And even having newborn baby accounts as well. And simultaneously growing those. Yeah, the, I would say the, the restrictions and the bands and the things like that are always those that happen in every niche and in every industry and what you learn, I think over time is how to say things without saying them. Right? And that's an interesting thing that needs to happen in the weight loss industry in the film industry because a lot of these social media platforms they view certain examples or certain things as claimed that you could also do them. In reality, it's like, well, I'm telling my story, dude, like, but the truth is, you have to figure out ways to sort of to sort of say like, or create a lot of curiosity. It's not that you need to say something without saying it but you need to create curiosity around your big idea and be specific enough to your niche and industry. But so sort of draws a lot of people in and creates mass curiosity which creates virality because if you're just here's the thing, it's like there's affiliates of ours who just always talk about affiliate marketers, affiliate marketers affiliate marketing in their videos, and it never works. And there's a reason for that is because people associate affiliate marketing with MLM and network marketing. And that's what people think of when they think of that word. They don't, they're not doing good marketing, because they don't know how to do it, what about terminology like that? And it's part of the reason that our business builder challenges video converts so well is we don't talk about affiliate marketing. We don't actually use the word and our sales video. At least, what I can remember, we talked about freelance digital marketing, and everybody wants to freelance, everybody wants to side also, but nobody wants to bang on doors and sell lotions, potions and pills to other network marketers like that sucks. So yeah. No, it's a good point about how to stay consistent with edutainment, education, and also being entertaining. If you just sit there and talk and I my guess is that that might have been you know, that's probably a different format or teaching style for you. As opposed to teaching a 15 minute class. It's like, okay, I got 15 seconds. Condensed. What's that been like?

Victoria: Well, it actually goes back to when I was teaching kids, when I was teaching kids you can be as if you want and the more you make them last, the more they like you. So I'm like, Okay, well, let's, I want to stick with that. It's like I want to have fun, they're having fun. You can get more classes, you get more clients. And I thought, Yeah, same thing. If people are watching videos, and they think I'm funny because I think I'm funny sometimes, you know, then it's like if I'm having fun and they're having fun in it. That's the inner dope, keep keep up because it's funny. I was watching a guy doing cooking videos, and he's hilarious. He's, I think , from Wyoming. And there's Dylan something and he does his elegance as he does. He's really old recipes from like the 30s and from the 20s. But the way he presents it is hilarious. And I want to go back and watch him and my kids and watch him just because it's funny and then watch the same 134 times because it's so funny. Yeah, yeah, its entertainment piece is important because nobody wants to watch someone that's like a stone face and boring. Right?

Matt:  Totally. 100% and Whoa, man, what a good takeaway there. People. What did you say people like you more when they make when you make them laugh, so true. I mean, when you go on to social media, even if you just spend five minutes scrolling through Tik Tok, if the people that you're just entertaining you, that's what they're there for. But I will say this. If if people focus their content and people focus a lot about or a lot of their channel and the content they're creating towards edutainment meaning educating people and actually giving maybe a little nugget and showing them how to do something, but also being a little entertaining and being a little like kind of funny or even, you know, I hate to use the word Qianqian kind of goofy. Yes, yeah. playful and goofy and fun. Because, you know, of all of your videos that you've posted, and there's a lot of them. The top four videos and views of all of your videos are what they're easy side hustles they're little, they're short, little tiny videos that basically walk somebody through, here's how to do and this is worked since the beginning of tic toc when we started, you know, noticing tic tock back in January of 2020 pre pandemic, we started noticing that there was something about this tic tock thing and we saw people start posting videos like that. And here we are two and a half years later, and those types of videos still get traction, they still grow channels, they still turn followers into leads and leads into sales. Because they're capturing the moment right, so side hustle was a big one. I think right now one of the ones that I've seen work as well or maybe even better is work from home. Right and you've got a video that has your fifth most watched video is want to choose when and where to work, right. And so it's like you've totally captured that there's no wonder that you've got an audience of people who are following and watching your stuff because you're also entertaining a social bit of information and people love that that's what they like people just love little bytes of information. I like it. I like getting you know, there's there's maybe only three or four people that I'll follow for like stock or financial advice and I it's a young there's a young guy, you know, people come across my timeline and tick tock who are doing sort of financial advice I'm always looking for like, what do these people drink? Not always stuff. And, you know, it was just random. It just happened to be one guy. I really liked this young cat. I generally don't like younger guys, or you guys who are doing financial advice because I'm a little bit like, how much can you actually know? And I just really felt like the way he commanded his presence. And he was kind of funny, but like funny in a way that I obviously can control a little bit, affiliative and, and it was just it was subtle humor, but it was humor that said, I know what I'm talking about. And there's a difference there between somebody who you know you look at and you're like, do you feel like you're insecure? You feel like you're nervous. I don't trust you. You know what I mean? And there's no way to get around just to keep making content and feeling that out.

Victoria: For advice you don't want to take it from a newbie you want to take advice from somebody who knows what they're talking about someone experience definitely, even though I'm a complete noob everything as much as I can soak up you know, I'm trying to be a sponge and soak up everything I can and learn everything I can I'm still trial and error and everything. And I'm like I still go back and rewatch the videos just to try to figure out okay, well how did they do this? And how did they say this? And what's the best way to do this? What's the best way to say this? Then like, I still like researching people that are saying, you know, like, oh, well I'm gonna try and like okay, let's give him a try. You know, or it's always new things to learn. There's always new strategies coming out there and there's, you want to know from somebody that's experienced it. You don't want to learn from a new human. Well, I kind of feel like a noob still, but I'm still learning but

Matt:  Yeah, you're just still learning, you're definitely not. I mean, nobody with 22,000 followers or 21,000 followers is a newbie, that's not easy talk. You've acted your way into, you know, 21,000 followers. That's very impressive and it doesn't that doesn't really happen just poof overnight. Especially, especially in a day and age where a lot of people are skeptical and you know, there's this, this industry has a lot of skepticism. So if you can build trust with those men, follow you and hear more from you. You've got a good formula going on. And now's a really great time so I would just encourage you to kind of look back at, you know, some of the stuff that you did, right? You know, a lot of times people want feedback about what am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong? I always tell people a lot. I'll email back to them. And I'll say well, just go back and look at what you did. Right and that sort of grabbed people and maybe you could adjust them a little and, you know, I've seen people even repost some of the videos that did really well and literally just post the same exact video. Didn't even remove the watermark and it you know, got the same amount of it happens all the time. But look back and in and sort of self critique, but give a little bit of you know, about yourself about what worked well, and what am I doing right? Because our tendency is to say, oh, yeah, I'm still learning and I'm still a newbie and I'm still you know, I'm still I'm still I'm still and it's like this kind of self defeating thing. But the truth is, you're basically an expert where you know, 99% more than or you know, more than 99% of people who are scrolling through one one and there's people out there who make money online like people forget that right? The danger of you being six months into this is that you forget what it's like to be in that first moment where a spark goes off and you learn something brand new. It's the same in the weight loss niche where that first spark where you have a little bit of hope that maybe you could lose that you could shed that 15 pounds at first. You know, your mailman for 15 straight years. And it's the first video you hear that says, hey, I can get your dog to stop barking and you're like, No, you Okay, wait a second, you know, and it's like any lean in and the video itself is the most basic video ever and most dog trainers probably make fun of that person because like are you serious? Everybody else? Oh loads of people. out there who have never heard that before. And it's the first moment that there's a little spark and people try to talk too much they try to overcomplicate all of this. They try to give too much information. They try to give all the details all at once but all people are looking for is a little like a spark in their brain that sends a lot of turns there, gives them a little butterflies in their stomach and they're like what it is exactly. And that's good marketing and that's the marketing that you've got to be able to get a hook and you've got to give them a little nugget to prove that, you know your hook was misleading. You know, whatever. You got to give them a little bit and that's where you start to build that trust. So have you ever gone live?

Victoria: I don’t, my nerves get the better of me.

Matt:  Okay, what's the nerves? 

Victoria: I just have the idea of being live, not knowing what to say and not really having a script to think about what to talk about and trying to keep it quiet for a full hour that the kids are going to be out of school tomorrow. It's like I'm gonna have a full house of kids and a dog and I couldn't even keep my dog away for an hour. But yeah, I probably should. I just haven't.

Matt:  Let me just tell you something. Whether you do it or not, won't bother me either way. But of everybody who has any sort of following on TikTok. You people explode in sales as soon as they start going live. When that becomes a priority, there is a different level. It's like playing a video game and a different level unlocks. It's like somebody it's it's it's hard to explain how powerful it is. But here's the other thing you just said a bunch of things that t you respond to you. You're like, this is a negative. This is a drawback. This is like, I'm going to have kids screaming. I've got all this crap going on and I got a dog barking in the background. And all that stuff. But in the moment, if you Victoria were just like, hey, look, everybody I know I'm talking about you know, in your case, you're talking about like a million. Plus, I'm talking and I know you might not believe me, or whatever, but I'm just telling you you can hear my freaking kid screaming. You can hear my dog going absolutely wild. Listen, you don't have to have all your shit together. You don't have to have, you know, some beautiful sound studio in your big million dollar mansion to make money on the internet. Well, you know my bookshelves are behind me. I'm a teacher, whatever. And I'm just telling you, all of the things that you just said are your greatest asset. It's the best thing it's what everybody in the world wants because it's the most relatable, believable thing possible. And for all the people that you haven't gone live with, or heard you Yeah, I mean, I mean, II and Ian goes live for hours on end. He goes live for four hours, you know he'll go live forever. If anybody can tell you this guy's hit platinum. He's gonna hit 2x Platinum and with our affiliate program in the next I don't know six months maybe or something I don't know. But, and his act with his lives so much but he's just standing there. Just standing there. And he's just greeting people and saying hey, what's up what's what's going on in life? And for me, some of the some of the most connectable, influential people in my life were teachers who just asked who got your curriculum, you got all this stuff that you teach, you know, how am I going to fill an hour, but like, I don't remember jack squat from college aside from a few moments where a teacher sort of like sort of took that stuff and set it aside for a second and then just sort of like, gave me a look or gave me the attention that I did or have something in the moment that was like a powerful breakthrough that I had, and I was like, oh shit, like that connection. And that's all that people are really looking for. And if and if you've got dogs barking in the background and whatever, and you know, it's, it's just chaos moments. The people who are also are gonna stay on that live and they're just gonna laugh and they're gonna go wow, this is so fun. Like, this is awesome. I don't know what it is about this person, but I love it. And this is great content. I'm all and this is super cool. And you know what the truth is? I've heard this before. They, a lot of times people will say I've, I've had people say this for decades and a day I've also had people comment this. It's this comment and let me know what you think about this. But I've had people comment and say things like this. They say things like, didn't even really matter what they were selling the person who was on. It's just that I wanted to do something to be more connected to them. It didn't I didn't even really look at what they were selling honestly. Like I get I get a few videos from this person each day or each week. I see them on a live basis occasionally like how do I get more connected to them because they make my life better. And like that's really, that's a crazy thing. Humans are crazy, but it's really powerful. You gotta do it. Here's my challenge. You gotta do it. Do it a couple times a week. Do it once a week, two times. A week. Don't go crazy. Do 30 minutes. There's no time limit. I mean, if you get 15 minutes in and you're like, do this, just fine. No one will remember no literally no one will even know no one will even remember. But there is an hour to two hours or something. You're more likely to get on that for you page and, you know, all you've really got to do is have conversations with people and a green screen up behind your head or something that has like, you know, number one way to make money on the internet and 2022 and then you know, just have people come in and be like what is it what is it? What is it? You know? You'll get lots of engagement and go viral and anyway everybody's agreeing, though, you know, or some people are agreeing Absolutely. 100% You know, just to connect needs.

Matt: Victoria for people who are new and who are just getting started with legendary marketer, they've just bought the challenge they're tuning into to Wake Up Legendary. What would you say to them? Those people, as they're getting started in the challenge and trying to figure out is this the right fit for

Victoria: I'd say don't give up, keep going. Keep consistent, like keep doing what you do because it takes time to build it up. But once the momentum is there, it will connect. I would say like yeah, I gotta conquer my fears. And you know, other people need to conquer their fears of being present, being online, having your face and putting it out there and not being afraid of it. And it's important to just, you know, follow through with all of the 15 days insurance, you're absorbing everything you can because you never stop learning.

Matt: Oh, totally, totally. Totally. Cool, Victoria, thanks for coming on. We've gone for 50 minutes this morning. I hope it was valuable to everybody here and you're gonna have to follow up with me now because I gave you a challenge. You're gonna have to, you're gonna have to go on tick tock, and we're gonna see who shows up. See if any of your followers show up. Oh, cool. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for taking a little bit of your time and having a great rest. Of your Wednesday.

Victoria: Thank you, Matt.

Matt:  Yeah. All right, everybody, give her a follow on tick tock and you know, you maybe go and comment and just, you know, troll her videos and say, Hey, when are you going live again and give her a follow and when she does go live and you're you know, you've got your you know your case of scoliosis that day and you're scrolling and oh my god Victoria is live. Make sure you go on there and give her common advice, give her a couple of hearts and give her you know, boosts that live for. And, anyway, Victoria Peterson it's @victoria.pederson. Give her a follow. We'll be back here tomorrow. Dave will be back Thursday and Friday of this week for more episodes of Wake Up Legendary you guys, peace out.


How To Start Seeing Results On TikTok

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on there, my friends. It's Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. You already know what time it is. It's time to wake up with your boy this morning and my friend Tim. He's going to be our guest this morning. I actually met Tim Tim Hewitt. I met Tim at the mastermind here recently. Some of you know that we put on masterminds here at legendary. When you come through the challenge and you have an opportunity to look at our Blueprints, you'll have a chance to, you know, decide if you want to come to the mastermind as well. And then sometimes there are seats that individuals can buy later, but they sell out. And Tim happened to be one of the people that was coming to the mastermind and met him there and got to know him over a few days. Talk to him a bit at the end of the event. And now I woke up this morning and opened up my slack to see that Tim was going to be the guest on the wakeup legendary show this morning. That's exactly how we're being reunited and it's my honor and privilege to welcome you to the show my friend. How are you?

Tim: Last time we talked we were standing by the pool in Orlando. 

Dave: Right? That's right. We were sitting in a not a bad not a bad scene. Not a bad weekend. We actually had a lot of fun and learned a lot and I get to talk about and unpack a little bit to see you know if they were helpful to you or not before we do that just just just so people have an idea of of who you are and what I mean we'd be here all day takes me takes me 15 takes me 15 to 30 minutes to just introduce myself or somebody else and then it would take you 15 to 30 minutes to get through your actual resume of everything that you've done in life. So give the nutshell version but then it was a really senior your questionnaire that you submitted and tell us about the big problem that you ran into it 64 And I don't think we talked about it enough. You know, I don't and I don't really. I'm not really qualified to talk about it because I've not arrived there yet. But you have and you can tell us what that was like and everything. So welcome Tim and tell us a little bit about how you found us and what you did before this. 

Tim: Sure. Thanks, Dave. So, yeah, I'm 64 and I have been a professional engineer, engineering manager for 40 years. Went to college, got a great job, got a job that some people would consider a good salary after 40 years and a divorce. Three kids with student loans at 64 I can't retire. Just that simple. I've got enough debt that I'll have to work another 10 years at my current job. Maybe at that point I can retire so I started looking around about a year ago to see what I can do to supplement my income. I love my job but I don't want to do it for 10 more years. And I had done some affiliate marketing before I've been an Amazon affiliate since 2015. And some other online things I thought you know, I'll take a look at this and I'm a smart guy. So I got on to Clickbank like I signed up for a dozen products. I created a website, bought a bunch of ads spent $1,000 made me a $70 commission which promptly was taken aback because the person who returned the diet pills that was really not very successful start a committed customer you know take those Hey, you know most of us we get something and then we're like ask her where they took those guys that label or whatever to and then there went your commission a buck. So you know, I don't. I don't really realize that you know, you couldn't make any money on Amazon unless you did 10s of 1000s of sales a month. That was nuts. So I wasn't going there. But I saw that there were people online making money and I followed a couple of them for a while kind of watching them stick. I wasn't on TikTok. I didn't really know what tick tock was back then. You know it's for 13 year olds dancing when one of them mentioned your name and so I started to do some research, do some digging, found the article Forbes and entrepreneur and went hey, this guy's a real deal. I went through her link, watched your video and I'll tell you what the integrity that you came across with in that video sold me right there. I said you know this guy is the real deal and I can learn something from him. The technical part of this and slam dunk for me. The marketing part of this is way up here somewhere that I finally figured it out. 

Dave: Well at least you know your limitations. At least you know what you need to work on. Some of us need to work on the technical stuff and the marketing stuff but you know, knowing what you're good at and then just focusing on that, like for example. I've never been good at the technical stuff that overwhelms me in it and I have a hard time with comprehension Tim. I mean, I'm somebody who was a great reader and started reading earlier than other kids, but didn't comprehend any of it because I will add a fourth and so my creativity and marketing side. No, that's all I can focus on. Because if I focus too much on getting bogged down in the software and the tools and stuff I'll lose all my momentum. And so that's I know that about myself that's why I say it's good to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. Because we always make sure here with legendary and then you know we hope that we hope and pray that I stay out of trouble when I'm on my own and don't get lost in some piece of software. But it's important as you're building your business to kind of know what your strengths are and then just focus on that because you can lose a couple of days or a week or even become frustrated. If you're going in and trying to over analyze or perfect a funnel when it's good enough. And you just need to work on creating content and or getting better even if you ‘re good at technical. You need to get better in this area. Focus on the content not on the technical stuff anyways. But since you are good, you know, better at the technical stuff. What's it been like for you to get the hang of being in front of a camera, get the hang of this whole marketing thing? And I want to get to some of your takeaways from the event that made a difference here in the last couple of months. We were late last month. The event was just a month ago. But what was that transition like for you? I want to know if you know a lot of people what what is getting in front of the camera what it's been like for you learning that that that new skill on new platforms talk to as a 64 year old who by the way, does it who could be paralyzed with fear right now, folks, we can react to the anxieties in our life by either you know, freezing up or taking action so you also have your you're dealing with so tell us what it's been like to kind of work on this part of the business that is not particularly your strength? 

Tim: It's a great question. As usual. You know, one of the reasons I love talking with you Dave is you have insight that you know it's just it's so fresh. So I have been speaking in front of audiences my whole career. I've spoken to 5000 people if you sang on stage many years ago. I don't have a problem with your singer. I watched a video of hers as well. So we'll get to that. She is good. She is good. We'll get to the music here later. You are a man of many, many interests and many you know men still having a write. Again, the technical part of this was not a challenge for me. And I made sure I didn't focus on it because it came easy and it would have been really easy to just keep returning and returning and returning all the technology stuff and yeah tweaking the funnel, tuning the funnel let's go hang out and click funnels and where are we? Yeah, nothing happens. It's nice and safe. And maybe I can feel accomplished because I set it up but nothing. I'm not running my business. I'm not making money in my restaurant by just fumbling around in the freezer all day reordering my vegetables. So from a video perspective, I'm really comfortable with long form. I've got a bunch of long form training type videos on YouTube and Facebook. Nobody watches, but I've made them anyway, I'll keep doing that. The short form stuff was completely foreign to me. In fact, when I got on TikTok, I started with a business account because I knew I wanted to get some ads out. I've been running ads to sell ebooks. Since 2015. uncomfortable with the ad platforms. I knew I would do that. So I took a business account. One of the very first things they said is you run 10 minute videos. I thought, great. I can do 10 minute videos. Those are easy. Yeah, don't do them. They're awful. But he watches them. They get zero views. It's not what the platform's for you talking about. My best videos on TikTok are less than 10 seconds at the most views. What do you do with a 10 second video to try to get their attention? That was the hardest thing for me to do. How do you grab them and get out with a message you want to give them? And so I'm a little bit authoritarian in that regard, but I think it's okay. That's my personality. And you'll ask me about the mastermind and the takeaway there that really made a difference was two months into it. So I started Legendary in March, April, before the mastermind and frankly, I wasn't getting anywhere. I was running ads and I was getting leads but I wasn't really doing much and the bottom line was I wasn't being me. I was being somebody else. I don't even know who it was. And yeah, and I thought Revelation was made during the mastermind, and I thought she's changing. Content started being made immediately. And from 2200 on TikTok to 9000 created a second TikTok account because of what Andrea was talking about at the mastermind that's already at 200 after three weeks of making content, that's me. It's really It's honest. It shows who I am. It talks about me and my story says things the way I want to say them, but I don't have anything else. And that's working. I'm getting both organic and paid leads. And I'm up to about 800 leads now. 

Dave: You know what we can know why I love social media and the internet is because I get immediate feedback. So my personality in the way that I talk and communicate it would take me how many people do you think have just been exposed and had a chance to see your video? A video from you on the Internet? In the last two months? How many people roughly just take a wild guess? I don't know just one video with a half million views but most of my videos, yeah. Five or 700 range. So one with a half a million let's just call it who 50 Let's just say that. Just say 250 of those people were just not even looking at their phone. Here's my point. Okay. In order for me to get stats from 250,000 people about my communication style out delivering, and whether people like it, they resonate with it, whether I'm winning friends or influencing people, it would take years to interact with 250,000 people, for them to have a chance for for them to listen in me do the talk. So the internet folks, here's the beauty of the internet within a month or two and can have 250,000 people giving him his content about what he's talking about his communication style. Tim I'm sorry, I just gotta go off into an actual real quick it's gonna get dark for a second. Some of us complain that we get negative comments and stuff and that people are, we're afraid of rejection. They are giving us feedback that human beings are teaching in telling us No. What they want and what they don't. It's the easiest money you've ever made. It's the quickest way to grow and grow your skills. Nobody had this Jim Rohn Zig Ziglar all those people back in the day they could not give you a skill and say here's 250,000 people that you can try it on. See? So true. Ah, I just can't love the raw emotion that comes out of here. Sometimes it's just so inspiring. I'm sorry. I just can't, I just get so fired. Up and furious and frustrated. Because my dear friends, folks who I like, I want people to succeed. It's just how we look at it. It's nothing else besides how we choose this day. I'm just listening to your story and what you had an opportunity to do and the fact that you got that feedback and been more aware. Okay, long form. I can do that. It's kind of like the self awareness of social earning people. It's like when you go into a party that this is the marketplace we're dealing with nowadays. If you go into a party and stage and tell them a 10 minute story, most people are gonna try to get away from you. Because that's all people want to interact with each other, especially when they first get to know you. So if you know what comes for you. As I talk about this. I'm talking about the instantaneous feedback that we have nowadays. You don't have to wait, you don't have to sit in a classroom. You don't have to go to an internship, you don't have to do anything to find out exactly what the market wants and exactly what the market will buy. Right now. I'm ranting about this. Oh, it's a short form video and it's so effective. To pay attention to the first few days of a tick tock video. That'll tell you whether or not the video resonates. You know if it's getting 5,6,7,8 views over three or four days to do that when again. So we're looking at stuff that's hitting a couple of 100 views within a week. I mean, if I had 250-300 I'd be very happy frankly. Let's face it. I don't I don't do multiple takes on three TikTok channels now. I just started a third one this morning, doing three videos a day. Do one take on each one I do the variations of the same story. I post them on each one just slightly differently. How long does that take? takes me to shoot nine videos. And I actually edit them offline because I can't use the TikTok editor because I can't see the dang thing. So that takes me a little bit longer. You should talk about that more. Tim. That's just funny, you know. I dropped them into drafts. I post them tomorrow and I'm spread out during the day. It's a simple process. Literally, it's people who say they can't post free videos. Just hold the camera up, say a few words and post the thing. I know you should talk. The message is look , I'm doing that and I can barely use the app. I can't even see it. Don't work anymore. On TikTok I wouldn't. I know you can't. There's no editing function here. Sorry. Dave: No, you can. I struggle that's That's a challenge for these eyes. I get it. But when there's a will there's a way right there's a and you know what we find out also Tim and who get asked about all the fancy edits and all this kind of stuff to lose the art arms all this kid nobody cares. Cares. 

Tim: When your video that you just posted today it only lives for a little while. It's not like you know, it's not, it's not going up on the wall somewhere for people to look at and critique for 100 years. And you're done. Do another one tomorrow. You know that's to me that's nine videos every day for those three channels. 

Dave: People are saying to like your 64 you're you gotta be thinking hey, I mean when I'm gone. What's where you've got to have had this thought I'm when I'm gone all this stuff that I'm doing my kids My grandkids are gonna see no they're not because you know what? You can delete your account at any time you can make a million dollars online and completely vanish. It's just Tim, that our options are up not to say that you want to do that or that you? That's not I'm just saying that. Excuse. I like to obliterate him. Don't you remember at the mastermind I was like let's just stay here. Let's stay here. And sit in this room until every single excuse that you might have is up to you. I don't care. I'll take it you can all any objection you have anything that you come up with. I'm not gonna run away from it because I'm not your guru. I'm just you bring it up. Let's talk about it and see if it's real. Or if it's just dominating because we keep it when we come in aid. The reason why I try to get people to say their fear and say what's dominating and get limiting beliefs out is because they're small when you sit them in a chair. It's just a little tiny little thing, but in our head it's so easy to get up to be so big. Do you agree with that? Absolutely. There's so much self sabotage going on. For things that are not interesting. They're just not interesting. That will be the exercise we did where we we all did the through video right everybody made a video and people have never videoed themselves before I can't believe that and there's like they're terrified of that process. And unfortunately, some of them have left the mastermind and they're still they're fallen right back into that same position again and you know, you just have to move forward. Don't be afraid of it. I like to help people. I've been helping people my whole career. I've been in it solving other people's problems. And I saw big money problems but other people's problems and I really enjoyed interacting with the legendary community and helping people get through some of their numbers. reached out to me personally to have some zoom calls and had some other calls with people helping them get over some of their fears. And I see this all the time. And I know you guys see it internally but yeah, you know, I created a channel, I posted a couple of videos and nothing happened and I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh, some more. Keep going. How can we not do three a day? What are you doing instead? You know, any ideas? Come on. Let's talk about ideas. I mean, you just have to move, you're not going to get anywhere if you just sit down. I agree it's it's it's your It boggles my mind because it's your own life. It's our own life that we're sitting there, doing nothing and getting nothing out of and beauty is that you could do as much as you want. You could take so much action. People would want to arrest you. You were taking too much action. I mean, but most of us are not nearly near that point of taking action. I mean, when you're running around town just 24/7 you're like I'm just taking so much action. You gotta PLRs is up off the couch to get us to take action and you're right. The the the the thing of coming to an event coming to a mastermind or raising your hand and getting on a call with somebody, when you've not done anything, is another thing that I love you all and I am going to embrace you all and work with you and be patient and you know me, I'm here for the long haul. But if you're going to come to our mastermind that's about marketing, do some damn marketing even if it's wrong before you come to the event, because that's the difference between people who succeed and the people who fail plain and simple. Below are some of the training before you come to the event. You know, I was really truly flabbergasted at the mastermind when so many people had not gone through the training had not gone through the the actual blueprint and it was vote you know folks and then and then we all have the audacity we all have the guts that the wholeness to rate you know, we'll raise our hands and we'll say, Well, you know where do I get started? Well, it's like come on. You get started by watching what you just bought. This is not you got a microwave mentality but you have it you have a T bone steak appetite. Man. Your mind is a start here. Right Right, right right. Right. Exactly. And I'm not here to shame anybody. I don't want anybody to feel bad about themselves, feel like they did anything wrong. Okay, I get it. Sometimes we need to learn how to take action. Okay. We're too. We're showing you we're teaching you here every day. We're not just talking about it. I'm doing it. I'm showing up every day, five days a week. I'm here doing it. There's no better example. Look around the community. People are doing it. So the initiative piece Tim is the piece that I I personally have a challenge with because it's like you got to teach initiative. And it's something that in this industry, it's mandatory that you have initiative, that you take initiative, that you don't wait to get on the call with Tim, you're frantically marketing buddy slash volunteer mentor who's not even charging you and we're probably I mean, at least right now. Right and it's, it's like those testimonials up and people ask people for testimonials, right Tim asked them to shoot you. That's what you need to get. That's what you get. Because here's and here's where I've come to because uh, we teach similar information. So of course I'm teaching, I'm selling information here. But at a certain point in your career. You have to detach from what people do with the information, because it's not just for the business. I found him that people will. It's also in university and college and everywhere else. People have that sort of an entitlement versus an initiative attitude. It's mandatory to have initiative. But so much, here's a dirty little secret I want. I don't want the whole internet to hear me. So easy to succeed. Oh, Tim cost us. Most people aren't willing to even take any initiative. And I love people. I don't hate people. I love people. I'm not trying to bash people. I'm saying that most of us won't take initiative, even go through the course that we bought, which means that if you are willing to go through it, and learn it and actually apply it, why do you think they call it the 1%? Here's another dirty little secret. It's less than 1%. It's the 1% of the 1% who really crush it because they're willing to do the work. It's not that they were born with any magical superpowers. It's not that they have any unique advantages. It's just they were willing to do the work and our society now is not teaching work ethic, Tim, but it's something that even as a millennial, so I can speak to younger, must, must, must not forget the all important work ethic in the initiative versus entitlement. What are your thoughts on this? And what are you saying that you touched on it? That's what got me down this path. But what can we do about it with somebody who's used to maybe taking orders from a boss or sitting in a classroom or whatever? How do we change these people? How do they go from that employee to that entrepreneur? What tips are you giving people out there? 

Tim: Great question. So part of the answer there comes in my mailing list. So what are the things that I can tell you about? The process that we're using is the fact that when they come through my opt in page, I now have them in my mailing list and I can continue to encourage them and instruct them but do what they bought? Or what they've looked at and some of them need a little pushing frankly, and I told the story about how I went through this training. So when I bought the challenge I did in five days, the biggest frustration was the fact that I couldn't get to my advisor fast enough. I didn't schedule the call early so I told people on my mailing list Hey, first day, schedule your call, schedule the call with your business advisor. Don't wait. Get through this thing now because the goal isn't the end of this rainbow it's not it's not sitting on your couch. I went through blueprints immediately after just in time for decade after decade. In a day I went ahead and deployed the done for you funnel for the ultimate small shop that brought all the Ted's Woodworking stuff into it. That's about 80 emails, half a dozen different products and paid for blueprints. I ran that hard for eight weeks. Just done for you stuff I didn't do anything else. I ran some ads to push it. That's completely big progress. Then I started focusing hard on Legendary. Went to the mastermind. Found my aha moment. I can actually say this is the beginning. I'm in Malaysia right now. I live in North Carolina but here's my business with my nine to five job. My side hustle job is working out of my cell phone or my laptops. I got my first big commission while I was here and working exactly what I wanted is the ability to out from under that nine to five, travel. I've lived all over the world. I want to continue to do that and have enough income some day. I'm not there yet. You know, it takes work. It's not you know, people think you'd wave a magic wand and make a lot of money in this business. Not true. You have to work. We've got great training. It's unbelievable how much information is in that legendary back office. I've gone through all of it including the yield of the Thursday sessions going back three years. I've absorbed as much as I can, but you know what I have to go through again. There's so much in there that's of incredible value. And I'm not talking about the mechanics. I get the mechanics I can do in my sleep. I just for fun I put up all the done for you all nine of the done for you funnels. I put them up on Saturday after a decade in a day that was done and ran them all. But I wanted to see how they were built. That was part of me, the engineer that had to see how they were working. The big issue for me again has been the marketing piece. How do I get my message out there in a way that people absorb it? And I think I'm getting close. I'm getting great feedback now. Not just Hey, what's this crap negative stuff, but some really, really positive feedback. I'm very excited about it. I'm so excited about the journey, I have to bite my tongue and not tell people all the time. I want to drag them all along with me. You know I see people in the elevator and say, Hey, come on. I found this really cool thing. Let's go. And you know, it's really very exciting when you first get started. Because you kind of say where the hell was this my whole life? You know, where was this the past 510 15 years. 

Dave: And another thing is I want to look into the future with you here for a second just in your broken personal life. I know you have dreams and aspirations of doing things we talked about this at the mastermind one on one and then we also I read your questionnaire about you have aspirations of doing stuff in the music business and helping artists get paid for their their work and find better connections and have better skills and tools and stuff like that. And if you know if you move on, obviously you're a serial entrepreneur not and I'm not talking about Froot Loops, I'm talking about multiple things, but the challenge with a serial guy is that you know we start things and then we don't miss them. We're all spread out and then you know nothing you never give ever we never give anything the time for it to become great in big right. And that's one thing that I'm you know, each one of my projects has started as a small little seed. That was as small as each one of your seats including legendary and it was that constancy over the years and sticking with it but I would offer to you and anyone else who's in your whatever those later years feeling like you don't have enough money to retire or whatever but you then still have other aspirations of doing other things. I have seen folks in this industry in other industries, digital entrepreneurs, where this becomes an income source. That's so powerful and so unstoppable. Meaning that if you know, this is not a one and done. The beautiful thing about internet marketing is you build your email list, you build alliances, and you can continue to sell to them over and over and over and over again. And if you stick with it, some of you folks that are older, but do have life experience that really can offer a lot of value to the world. Somebody liked him, somebody like the rest of you who are in your 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s and 90s. Right, and you're sitting here and you're and you're going, you know, is this really going to be enough? Oh, it can. It can be way more than what you can both in terms of income and fulfillment that all these other additional businesses and projects that you think you want to do right now may become more or may become more nonprofit or charity type stuff that you're that you're actually able to be of service because now money's not such an issue. Right you don't get I'm absolutely on the same page with the day and it's yeah I this can be it to where there's nothing else that you need to money and everything else including this business. itself can be the enjoyable, fun activities that you're looking for that you want in those in that phase of your life. That's my belief and I've seen it come true in other people's lives. I'm having a ball while my kids are laughing at me. You know, it's like dad's on tech doc and what the heck's dad doing on tech hub? Well, I'm not dancing like dirt balls, but you know, I might do that soon. You know, I might, we'll see. An old old little boy is what you're gonna dance. Like little girls. You'll be dancing. You'll be dancing with you, Tim, you're gonna be successful enough. Here's what I promise for any of you, including YouTube. You're going to be successful enough. You're not going to give a shit. I'm telling you, all of us. care about what other people think because we feel dependent on them. And it's because of one thing it's because of money. It sucks. It's stupid. So you got to get financially free. Where you don't give a shit. As a professional technical term there. Don't give a shit to where, you know, you're just having fun. And I believe or you don't care you're willing to have a bagel just a bit. But you know what you get to a point. I think we all deserve this freedom. Get to the point where you're just doing what you want. Every second day you're saying what you want. And you're not willing to say some shit that you don't want to say just to make a buck. Screw that.

Tim: What that was the list of salons that I got the mastermind to be made to be me. Whatever that is, whatever day that is whatever feeling that is of the day that I met. We're trying to not try to be something that it was. It sounds like a small thing. But to me, that was worth every penny and all the time spent to go to Orlando. 

Dave: When I went to Tony Robbins and spent $15,000 on his date with destiny mastery for all this. I mean, I didn't buy it because I even wanted to go to any of it, Tim. I bought it because I wanted to buy a premium price high ticket package from Tony Robbins and go stand on the stage with him. I went to one of the events I think I bought like 10. We don't always have to, we don't see if that's the thing. Won't I have to buy something and sometimes we think we know what we need from something. So we're sitting here and we're buying it it's kind of like limit so I'm gonna buy you I'm gonna buy you to teach me Hold on a second because I want to tell you how I want you to teach me here real quick hold no, that's not see I don't know what I need. I don't know what I need. I need to get in the moment. I need to get there. I need to take my ass there. And I need to show up, sum up and show up. You know what magical shit will happen that I never even expected to happen. And that's exactly what you just described. The magic of life. That's the magic of this journey and simply taking the initiative in showing up you walk away with such a simple, way more simple than you thought. Right? The breakthrough would be. 

Tim: Absolutely and you know, I see marketing opportunities now video opportunities, I should say everywhere. Everywhere. I start my car and take a 15 second video because hey, this is a really cool spot. I can give this message here. Hey, I just had this idea. Rather than write it down. You know, I'm gonna write it down. I'm just gonna do it. Right, right. I was in court the other day again. I'm in Malaysia right now in a food court. It's 10 o'clock at night. His likes are all over. The place. I think that this is a cool place. I shot videos and swam down. I liked it. That's why no, that's who I am now. It's a transfer. It's a total transformation. It's a I you know the beautiful thing about life is I can say I am never I want to whatever I want. I can say that I am now a digital marketer. This is who I am now. I just love that statement. What a powerful statement. Also, I love that you're just doing it down. You're not saving it. You're not saving it to your folders. How many of you have folders upon folders of ideas on TikTok, an instrument that you ain't never looked at? You gotta save for Facebook that shits all broken down to all kinds of different categories. And what that makes me feel like I'm doing something too because I'm flicking my thumb's around and stuff like that and I've got myself a little folder, but you are you. You are saying Never. You're being honest with yourself. You're saying I'll never get to that shit. I gotta do it now. Now I hear you right now, right? Right here right now. Because like John, like Josh said at the event, we're gonna shoot a tech talk everybody's like, in their seats and where we're at. You know, Josh completely took himself off his own presentation, right? And said, we're all going to do this right? Because this is the right thing to do. For getting through that. We're just gonna go do this. Right. This is a former athlete, a former college player who's who you think is his wherever they have chronic run, tick run 10 laps Josh Smith. When we finally get to a winner you can get to one. You know, it's like that, so we don't have to be that extreme. But your your, you know, your, your philosophy, your plan, your transformation, and how you're following up with that because if I say I am something you know, it's important that I follow it up with bliss building behavior. It's important when you say you are and reinforces what you think you are. And when you do it, it becomes simpler. You know, we checked into a hotel in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weekends ago for a holiday. My fiance and I took a little bit and I used that video. I just made three TikToks out of that video walking into a luxury hotel room where we're gonna spend the weekend basically saying hey, look, I'm here in its exotic hotel in Malacca, Malaysia you could be here to all important quality. Let me help you get here. And why not? Right. Perfect subject. People want to sit on their couch but they keep sitting on their couch. You know what my goal for the next month or so is to try to inspire people to do something. So I'm gonna do a little bit a little bit more forward. I think some of my videos are coming up. See if I can kick some people in that block and get them to do something rather than just scroll by. 

Dave: Carl said how do I get 1000 followers on Tiktok 50 plus videos and I'm only on 600. Carl, change the content of man inch change strategy. You know, a lot of you if you're shooting videos, in your videos are out you know, you're just I see this I see this some paid channels, where somebody's like, Hey, I have you know, shut all these videos. And again, I don't know everything that Carl's been through or gone through training and all that kind of stuff. But hey, man, switch it up. Change it up. You know what I mean? If I keep that's what I was talking about earlier in the show, when I said that is impossible, and always has been impossible to get a half a million legal legal fees back that fast about your content about whether they like it or not they like you this is not a I'm wrong. I'm bad. My flaw is that what you're doing is not captivating their attention. You've got to switch it up. You got to go back into the training. Go back into the, then go back into the The Tick Tock section. If you're on tick tock, go back into the fishing funnel section in the blueprints and go and absorb more of that. Maybe you're doing something, maybe you miss the section where I said don't mention all the product company names because there's no point in researching it. You know, maybe your contents are too long. You know, maybe you're not doing it, maybe you're not making short, short enough content as Tim's talking, maybe you're not coming across. confident enough. Right. One of the things that I really took away from a questionnaire that you wrote for us that we sent to you and we asked you to come on the show, was that you said I'm speaking with authority. And if I don't know something, I go and learn about it until I can speak with authority on it. That is such a big thing that you speak with a thought that doesn't mean you have to be loud or have a deep voice. It has nothing to do with even the it has nothing to do with what you look like or sound like. It has everything to do with the delivery style and the energy behind the delivery but to you are the one who do expound on that a little bit so folks could understand the importance of speaking on authority. The likelihood of somebody actually engaging with you and following you and listening to you if you're speaking on a topic with authority first, we have to define what does speaking with authority actually mean? What does it mean to you? 

Tim: Yeah, so for me, it's pretty straightforward. So I've always had to research things so that when I do talk about something, I'm confident that what I'm saying is accurate, at least to the best. So what I'm talking about in a short form video, you've got 10 seconds, 10 seconds, so you can't hem and haw. You know, so it's, you know, it's sort of I just do, I just did one that said we're the worst, we're in the worst inflationary period. last 40 years. We're on our way to recession. Believe me, we're on our way to recession, a recession proof business for you and what survives anywhere, anytime. The economy. The link for more information, DME, whatever. You have to hit with a hook. 15 seconds to get out. say with confidence. I don't care what the message is. Say it with confidence. You say it with confidence. Authority speaking with conviction, absolutely. Seeing what you mean, meaning what you say. But you have to be mean when you say it you know what I mean? Seeking to learn how to smile when I talk I still have a challenge with that because I've been unhappy with middle men in my life. So I've had to learn how to smile and actually become happy to be happy. I wasn't happy, long time. And then even to smile when I'm saying things so I can make other people laugh.

Dave:  People will remember so little of what you say. It's just so much of how you say it and how they feel when they're listening to you how you made them feel. And so that's why this conviction usually when you're speaking, with authority with conviction, some passion is coming out. You're getting excited. You're speaking about things you're either passionate about or you know a lot about and I will say that you can be passionate and speak with authority without knowing a lot about so. If you just don't lie and be like yo I know so much about this just be like yo I'm on fire about this no idea how it works. It doesn't even matter. Because I know just enough, you know, or if I'm doing dog training look, I'm on fire about this dog training program that I've got or that I'm promoting because it's so simple. I'm not, I don't have to know everything. It's anything like Tim holding on. They don't want you to be so freakin complicated and they damn sure don't want whatever you're talking about to be so complicated. Make it simple, and I would say it that often. In terms of speaking with authority might even be as important as not saying or being knowledgeable. Just think that some of us, Tim, because you know we think we need to be something that we're not on video. It's hard to be passionate when you're not being yourself. So it's from trying to be somebody else and I'm not really having any feelings because I'm acting. That was the start for me to mastermind. I mean, it could be somebody else. And now I just mean and I am passionate and I'm passionate about a lot of things. I'm trying to do things and to get that message across. And it's a little bit frustrating sometimes when people will comment on a video and then not do something and so what did I do? I said look, as a company but none of you were doing anything. What's going on? Why aren't you doing this? It's not hard but you have to start and you know that opening thanks to most doesn't mean that passion is gonna come out. Well, here's the other thing to remember about when you're trying to dial in your message. She will get to the gold here at the end. If you know, I don't want to, I don't want everybody to hear all the gold, but I gotta save someone with you. In Do you know, the biggest breakthrough that I ever had in terms of trying to clarify myself and really dial in my message was to really, really, really understand who I was. Talking about, in how much they knew about what I was talking about, like what phase like had, had they ever even heard of it. Where they were trying to get started where they already started. You know, were they to it. And what I found was that no matter whether they had never heard about it, or they had heard about it, and we're getting started or they were already like had gotten into it, they hadn't considered themselves that they hadn't gotten started. So the common question and the number one thing that I focused on, hit on in my messaging was how to get started, how to get started with those words here's how to get started. Here's where to get started. Want to know where to get started? Right. And, and even like if you look at our you know, if you look at the headline that I came up with years ago, you know, for anybody who wants to start a profitable online business but doesn't know where to begin, i e get started, right? So a lot of us are content out on TikTok and our content on Facebook and our content on YouTube doesn't really matter. Because we're talking over people's heads. We're talking with them. They actually look at us when we talk about surveillance stuff, and they are intimidated and think that you're way ahead of me. And I don't want to be the one person who's not who's who's just trying to get started. But really the truth is, like the majority of people find you listening to and will ever buy anything from you or just looking to get started or they've already bought something and they still don't like to start so that's who you got to like that's where the gold is. It's not hey struggling affiliates. Hey, they didn't say hey, let me show you how to get 50 leads a day all kinds of shit. Most people, most people who are going to buy from I guess the other really, really important detail about this. You might get comments from other marketers and you might get comments from others. On your content, if you're talking about more advanced strategies or you know more about what you're talking about. You might get comments from people but the people who really just want to know where to get started and how to get started that big buyer audience that your big buyer pool and they won't buy from you. You have That's why no here's here's the big nugget. That's why knowing a lot of shit is not always good. And that's why the more that you know, in this industry the more that you learn, the more you have to focus on keeping it simple. And talking to that person who's looking to get started and who just wants to know where and how does that make sense? 

Tim: So that absolutely makes sense. And that's actually the difference between short form content and long form content for me, for me. 10 is where I'm going to explain how to do something that's complicated. Somebody could watch it over and over again, they can do that range of motion, but it's not a sales video. No one's gonna buy off that stuff. They're gonna learn they're not going to buy it again. Why? Take that? Take that quick hit off that 15 second video, they're gonna impulse they're gonna follow that link. They're gonna watch that video. They're gonna sign up and about I would say 30% of my content today is a start now content. All of my DMs and comments. Here's how to get started. The starting words are very important and they're absolutely great. And keep talking, just give me two minutes. I'm gonna grab the store. It's part of my email autoresponder and I've got 40 Plus bills that go out now. That's signed up to my list than that not purchased for the 15 day challenge and a lot of those are about getting started. How do you get off the dime? It's not scary. It's that first step. And I think that start message is incredibly important in six emails to get going well, the commercial that I just got, the woman who signed up for my mailing list in April, signed up to take the channel in May about the blueprints in June. Yeah, all of that time she was getting emails from me off my autoresponder and if I just sent six emails over 60 sheets and never even signed up for the challenge, and all of that was encouraging people to get going get started. I'm here to help you reach out to me. We can get a great email conversation about how this thing can be a benefit to her. And I'm really glad I've just taken those steps as I got the commission, but because she needs this in her life, to make her goals come true. Again, 64 years old, I'm getting married again. I want to spend time with my new wife. My first grandchild is here today. I haven't met him yet. In Massachusetts, I can't wait to get home and immediately have things I need to do in my life other than work another 10 years for a big corporation. I hear you on that loud. I'll enjoy being on the journey with you, my brother over the next 10 years as you're traveling the world and marketing and taking this to a whole new level. I'm really excited to see what you do with it and how you you know how you how you craft and create it into your own thing and where you take it Tim it'll be real exciting to watch for all your help, your support and our community, you know, Tim's on their common team and really, really helping out and I know that that may not be something that lasts forever. We're just happy to have you in our community as you're, you know, in the beginning here and I love being part of the family. I feel like a family frankly. 

Dave: Cool, man. Well, hey, I'm sure you have others of you over there in Malaysia, even if that sleep or go hang out with your fiance so thanks for the time an hour and a real pleasure brother and safe travels and we'll see you when you get back over here stateside. Dave, I've enjoyed it very much. Thank you. All right, man. All right, go follow Tim. Everybody. He's got two two TikToks We've had him up the majority of the time all affiliate cash and then his other one is Hewitt and that's @tim_hewitt Who is just really using I've seen him use every opportunity here that he has to grow and learn. And it's not all about what he can take in get. And I've really noticed that about Tim it's What can I give? And the interesting thing is he learning through that he's learning and through giving and serving and teaching. And he's really taking that seriously like he's taking that every single one of you. Taking initiative to serve first. I'd be amazed by what you get how much you learn how much you grow, from serving and helping and teaching others how that leads right into exactly what we're teaching here which is simply how to deliver value out there to the marketplace. You have this wonderful community right here at legend near where you can start to test that and begin to be of service browse to see what you make. And it's just this beautiful transition as you go out and add value in your business. And people start to pay you more and more. So he's he's really somebody to watch and follow in that respect. I really, really appreciate his time on the show today, my friends. We'll be back again tomorrow for another episode. Join us 10am Eastern time we're here every day in text us at the number on the screen if you want to get a reminder before we go live. Get in and Tim just said it so perfectly and clearly to go through the training. Go through the training, and then apply. Sit back in and allow the magic to happen but you're gonna take the initiative, and he spelled out really, really beautifully today by my friends. We'll see you back for another episode tomorrow. Take care get out of here.

How Learning New Skills Leads To A New Start In Life

Below is the transcription for this episode: 

Dave: We have a guest on and we interview them entirely unscripted. We’ve been doing this the last few years and if you want reminders you can text the number to get daily reminders that we are going live. This morning we have a guest with 15,000 followers and growing, he’s an engineer. Welcome Salvatore.

Salvatore: I’m from Montreal Canada and I heard of you guys through Instagram so I tried it out and I actually bought your course and the next day I lost my hearing. I already have a mindset that nothing can put you down. No matter what you do in life, mindset can propel you to go forward. So I already had that mindset ingrained in me. So when I joined your legendary course, along with your courses. So, back to when I got too close, the next day I actually lost my hearing to the point where I couldn't walk. Because I had an inner ear balance. And long story short, I needed immediate surgery and I actually have two cochlear implants right now. So as I'm talking with you, is Bluetooth into my cochlear implant speakers, so I'm the only person in this room who could hear your own voice. 

Dave:  Wow, that's, that's really something that's really something and you're making this work, I mean that up for sure. 

Salvatore: During the training you inspired us to, you know, try to tell our story. Because, I mean, I know your story very well, because you kept repeating it. And maybe that's something I should do more of is repeat my story. So I actually, you know, started posting on Facebook, about content about who I was, and so forth. And it's funny, because I started sharing my story. I've inspired some other people as well, to the point where I actually got nominated to be part of a community of healing love to spread awareness about hearing loss totally indirectly from you. And also, I appreciate that, and it really brought me out to my shell even more. Because you know, when you say who you are, your story and New Latin new marketing, it really resonates with everyone. Because short of who you are as a person, you're honest, you're able to help people provide value to people, how can we make this work?

Dave:  Right? Well, ultimately, we are trying to gain people's trust, because that's the biggest, that's the biggest thing that somebody has to have in order to, to want to do business with you, they need to feel safe, they need to trust you that you're not a scammer, or that you're not going to hurt them by taking their money, or maybe making them do something that is abusive or uncomfortable or right. So we before we spend money with somebody, we need to be able to trust them. And the quickest way that I found to gain somebody's trust, is to share a vulnerability that I have to sort of say, Hey, here's my sort of, you know, here's my vulnerability. Here's what most people try to hide from you. Well, I'm just gonna go ahead and sort of let you see all of me and and and of course, I don't say that to get pity. And I don't say that to manipulate. I just say that because I just use my experience and share my vulnerabilities because, you know, both in my personal conversations in my life, in my business and in my marketing, I'm not a guy who compartmentalizes my life. I'm not just telling stories in marketing, because there's no feeling behind them. I'm actually attached to the feeling. That's how I get passionate. And I think that's how I get so passionate. And I ultimately think it is the secret to all great marketing. Is that, not that you're telling a fake story, or you're telling a story just for the sake of telling a story, you can do that we see that every day. You know, when you're listening to somebody who's telling you something, that's some real ass shit, for lack of better terms, that's sort of a professional term, I've coined real shit. It's a marketing slogan. And when they feel that, you know that realness, people can tell whether you're just doing something to put on a show, or whether this is actually who you are. I think people have what I call another professional terminology, a built in bullshit detector, I think people have that. And, you know, so that's been one and here's the other thing Salvadore is. I actually have found it to be somewhat therapeutic as well, to share because I find it the opposite of therapeutic, I find it very miserable to try to be somebody who I'm not. So I find it very healing and very therapeutic and very, you know, it just feels right to just be able to share with people who I am, and then to find those who will celebrate me, not criticize me. And what comes up for you, as I say that. And that's, of course, the reason why I've begun telling my story. And Thanks. And thank you for, you know, putting it into action, instead of just being entertained, because that was really cool. But do it with you in terms of the fact that Adam is trying to be something that I'm not or someone that I'm not. And so that's also a part of, I think, why I have become so, so much of an open book. Was there a time where you were a lot less open and willing, open minded and willing to and maybe more insecure about talking about, you know, your own limitations that others might say their limitations, but of course, you and I know they're not have you sort of come out of your shell, or what is the journey been like, in terms of other ways that you have got more either courageous, or you've tried something in your marketing, and it's worked really well, something that you were once maybe afraid of doing? Maybe it was getting on video, talking about something else that maybe you've overcome during this process?

Salvatore: When I was younger, I was more shy? I didn't have so much confidence, especially like in high school. And I think it was maybe in University, where I really like, okay, you know, what, I have a hearing loss, I would want to hear anyways, and I decided to be a little more open about it, because I was different from anyone, everybody else, no matter what, because I had a hard time hearing. But then going forward, especially with my career in engineering and aerospace, I pushed myself to be more open. And you know, like you said, you know, show your vulnerabilities because that is key. You don't want to hide behind the bush, you don't want to hide behind like a fake or a mask, because that's just not going to get you anywhere. And one of the biggest things that I found is transparency, not pure transparency, like whether you're at home, in the supermarket or outside or behind the video of a computer screen. I found honesty, there's nothing to hide. I can just come freely. No, and that's what I found really key, in my opinion, because you're being transparent. You're sharing your story. And yes, my story is very unique because I have a severe hearing loss to the point where I lost it completely. Two years ago, actually, yeah, two years ago. I thought I was completely deaf. I couldn't share. I was in a very, very, very bad state to the point where I couldn't walk, I couldn't drive, I would just sit down getting massive headaches. i The best way to describe it was, I was underwater. Listening to an opera singer trying to hit a high key note at the same time, I developed severe tinnitus when I was hearing a fire alarm bell 24/7. And it was very, very rough. Thank God for my family, my friends, and you know, my girlfriend, and they really helped me get through it. The app was key. And I think that was like a turning moment at the same time. Support can mean a lot. For example, on your login day, uni support is phenomenal. Everyone is there to help each other. What are the marketing questions a personal question. Support is no doubt my sleeping life completely changed. But here I never knew that I like feet. I never heard that sound. Well, like water balloons. Simple Sunday, the water boiled. I was flabbergasted. And I was explaining this on my Facebook page. And people. I was being honest with myself and honest with other people. And I was getting a lot of messages. How is this happening? What's going on? I notice uncle marketing, how can you help me show I mean, once you provide value about yourself, about someone who needs help in all categories could be personal to be marketing. That's where you can really excel to push yourself even higher.

Dave:  That is, that sounds terrifying, exhilarating. I mean, to go from no hearing, you know, to then being able to have that opposite extreme of hearing those little detailed sounds. I mean, wow, I'm just you telling that story, you know, is captivating for me to listen to. And so I tell you that and I share that here to everybody who's listening. Because I've said for many years, turn your mess into a message, turn your struggles into your strengths. And we, as human beings get get get one shot as far as we know, here on this earth. And, you know, our our, our ability to enjoy that time is really completely based on our creativity completely based on how we take our weaknesses or things that have happened to us and turn them into something that means something versus something that is debilitating, is truly disabling. Now you have a disability, that's, I don't I don't see it disabling you. Because you've you figured out how to turn that struggle and turn it into a strength and then as or more importantly, in my opinion, because I'm just a selfish human being. You're sharing it, you're sharing it with me and you're sharing it with the whole world and adding a cherry on top of that. You're now getting paid as a result of it. You're just always stored as a model model. What I mean is just a case of beauty. figures out a way to take their struggles and turn them into strengths. But also, I just am always impressed by what's possible and what we can do with our situations. When we combine it with these creative businesses like this one that we teach and do here. What's possible you know what I mean?

Salvatore: When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Nothing is mean, I've seen people in wheelchairs who are living the best time of their life. I have friends who actually have better humans than me. And letting that run them down. Sounds like when you have a powerful mindset, you can do anything you want. And as you stated earlier in the show, and even in your training, mindset as power is what you can do. It's like you take your weakness, you take your struggle, and you make something out of it. I never, even though yes, I'm gonna disappear. I'm disabled, because that's a government term. And I'm okay with that. That's fine. Totally cool. I don't let that stop me. Because I want to push, I want to be better. I want to be an improved version every day, a better version than yesterday, no matter how hard it can be in life. I mean, like, when I go back to that traumatic version, I mean, it's been, I've had these surgeries last August. So it hasn't been a year. So I'm still learning new sounds. So a month ago, I was outside with my girlfriend, and then I heard a whole whole, I'm looking what does that sound? My girlfriend told me it's an hour. I'm like, oh my god, I heard an hour for the first time in my life. And the way it was as a child. I knew it sounded like who who.

Dave:  You read you read who you read that, right? Like similar news. Yes, the sound that an owl made.

Salvatore: So now I actually should have just gone on vacation two months ago, if I never realized how soothing the ocean is. I'm not a beach person. I'm a pool guy.

Dave:  And nothing else matters. I mean, nothing else matters except us, proving to ourselves that we can do it. And then believing that. And that's the only thing that I care about. Even with my children. It's the only important thing that I think for all of us to like for us to focus on here at legendary. It's not to focus on, you know, all these little bells and whistles and mechanical things that any one of us are smart enough to learn and figure out and eventually do. It's not that the tool is too hard. It's that when we see people complaining, I'm ready to give up from ClickFunnels or this or that, my friend, it's that your brain is broken. You know, your thinking is stinking not I mean, that's it. It's just a simple fix. It's such a simple thing, you are not broken, you know what I mean? You as a person are not, you know, it's just so it's a simple fix, right? And you're such a great example of that. And it's also such a great example, right? Salvador when we see nondisabled fully capable people who are like saying I can't do something I can't do something. That's also a great reminder and a great lesson. You know, because that person and we see it every day I see it every day in our community I see it every day all over life all over the all over in my family in my town everywhere I see people I can't I can't I can't it's too hard I don't want I'd rather complain whatever because that's comfortable or whatever. And that's a great reminder because Salvador What i've what I've realized as a you know, a felon and somebody disease condition, some who has it is a recovering mentor, somebody who's you know, done


a lot of but but here's the thing, man is that, you know, I gotta I gotta you know, it's my responsibility to use that. As I can either use it as a big ol bag of rocks that I'm going to carry around and it's going to weigh me down, or I can figure out with creativity, it is going to take me to be thing I got to do some quick Critical Thinking means I gotta think for myself, how the hell can I turn this mess into a damn message and use it to inspire. And here's the other thing Salvadore I wonder if you can relate to this. I can't feel when I inspire you. I personally don't get any benefit from that emotionally. But I do feel it when I get inspired. And so I'm actually, I live my life in a way that inspires me. Because it's my number one source of inspiration, the way I carry myself and whether I quit and lay down or whether I get up and keep fighting, and keep trying, is the number one determining factor whether I'm going to be an inspired person. Because I don't give a shit. I don't give a shit if I stand in front of a TV screen. And I watch nothing but motivational videos and tapes from the best motivational speakers in the world. And I watch documentaries of people overcoming great challenges. But if I'm not doing shit, and I'm laying down, and not following through and figuring out how to do so we've all a pile of shit. All of our politicians just look diff looks a little a little a little bit from all hiring them in.


You know, you got a disability, you're an addict, you know, you're a felon, you're single mom, Look, we all got something how far what you know, what I get out of life just simply is, is is is whether I try you know, whether I take that dirt and say, shit, screw it, I'm going to spread this shit out. And I'm gonna grow some flowers right here, and maybe some vegetables or whatever, or whether I just want to, you know, sit here and stare at the pile of shit as flies eat it and maggots crawl through it. And that, of course, I'm going to be a miserable son of a gun if I do that. And I'm using that disgusting metaphor, because that's how I feel. If I just sit in my sort of pity party, if you will, and I've done that before myself. But, you know, I feel it's the greatest gift Salvador that we get when we learn how to turn our struggles into our strengths. And it's the number one source of fuel. So Salvador, are you inspired by your story, your personal, how you have triumphed and persevered through the difficulties in your life to get to where you are right now? And do you feel that that is fueling some of your energy and your action?

Salvatore: It is a lot actually. And like I mentioned before, like when I got up, open out, especially on Facebook, I had a lot of people message me some people that I haven't heard in years, and one person was telling me a Salvatore, I haven't seen you since university, you know, your story inspired me. My son actually has a lot of hearing loss. And I was flabbergasted. You know, it's amazing how you can open yourself up. And actually, it's like you said, you don't feel any benefit from that person. The only time I feel it is when they reach out to me and say Hey, thank you for sharing. You've inspired me in the vacuum you know, and that was powerful in your show, right? We want to add value to key data and money to charity. So it doesn't matter what happens in life. You just keep on pushing. Colin and Sanders are filled with fire 1000 times to get her.  Who cares, Colonel Sanders. Yeah, for KFC. Like people after 12345 they fail and they give up. You know how many times I failed in life, David, I failed a lot. And in what, every time I felt I learned something from it. 

Dave:  Nick commented, I'm struggling with something right now in your hands. spur inspiring me to turn that addiction around? Well, you know what my friends, I mean, the bottom line is, is that sometimes you're right, you have to become abstinent from whatever the hell is holding you back. And until you do that you're not you don't even have a chance to grow or succeed. Let me just be real clear about that if any of you are struggling with having, like an addiction of any sort and addiction to you know, and I'm serious, a serious addiction to drugs, alcohol of any sort porn, food, shopping. There's so gambling, and there's so many other ways or if you're codependent, we also get very addicted to people. Okay, so we get into relationships that are toxic and or abusive. So we, I believe, also struggle in dating with other people. It's how we bond with others. You're not going to magically say a business is going to solve all your problems in your life. Some of us need to go to therapy. Some of us need to go to 12 step recovery. I did, some of us need to get surgery. He did. Some of us need to get on medication I have over the years, some of us need to do a lot of things in order to get ourselves in a position to even give ourselves a chance to succeed. And Salvatore that is what you've done. Those are courageous acts, by the way folks, going and taking care of yourself is a courageous act. I just want to say that. And then guess what you can do? You get to then use that as you want. Because it's your story in your experience, and we use it however you want, right, Salvatore?

Salvatore: That's fine. That's fine. And you know, it's like, just one I mean, not only I had a cochlear implant surgery last August, I also had a hernia surgery two months ago, and then I had knee surgery last month. So but that's it, no more surgeries. I'm done. I'm done. I'm walking in. And in terms of the comment about Nick, you know, I just want to say, Nick, I mean, all I know, extreme statistics, give us really marketing. Trying to parent with each other, to the same level. Because once you're open about yourself, and you're putting in the dedication and consistency on a daily basis, it just takes time to grow this snowball effect. You have something like you said, David, it's not something that a business can improve or change your life. It can, but you gotta put the work into it. You have to know the right skills, you have to know the proven strategies on how to go about it.

Dave:  This is quite an amazing opportunity that we have in this business. Because no, it's not going to solve all of our problems. But it can lead us on a path to truly developing as a person i.e. personal development. And it can lead us you know, when I got into this business, I had just gotten clean within the last year or so before that. And I was really, you know, I didn't have as, as my dad used to, say, a pot to piss in or window to throw it out of and I was an undeveloped person, personally and emotionally and mentally. A lot of you and I started this, it wasn't pretty at first, but you missed my end all you're not new. Do do. Do all the work. And I've never been afraid of work. And so I think that if you're afraid of work, then you're going to fail at anything that you do. Because the fantasy that rich people don't want Work is a is a myth. It's a lie. And it's been perpetrated by losers and broke people that are pretending they're snake oil salesmen who are trying to lure people into buying their stuff. Telling them there's not going to be any work and making it seem like there's not going to be any work. But what is your opinion about even through challenges, and obviously, you've been an aerospace engineer, you understand work, you went to college, all this, but talk to us a little bit about, we've talked about the mindset. And before we go over and look at your TikTok and talk a little bit about what you're doing, and so forth, give us a couple of tips there, can you just say a little bit about the, the, the work ethic that that it takes to be successful, and I don't particularly I'm not saying Just so we're clear that you need to work, you know, 1012 hours a day. But I do believe that you need to dismiss this like a business.

Salvatore: My work ethic was already in place, I was working a minimum of 10 hours, sometimes to 14 hours a day. But that's because I loved it, I enjoyed it, you know, I would work with private chests, I would work on the global 5000, Boeing 767, triple sevens. Then when COVID hit, everything changed, especially in the aerospace industry. So my word active was already in there. Coupled with my sudden hearing loss at the same time, sort of went down because I couldn't really do anything. But with the mindset, the work that helped propel me in terms of marketing. So I always had no idea what to do, how to do it. I fully understood the sales funnel, I was always curious how to read people get these email marketing skills for copywriting. I was like, Cool. And you made it sound so easy. So I'm like, okay, what? Do the training, and that's when I learned and got inspired even more. And I was like, Okay, this is how we go about it. Now, and it was, it was great. And when you're passionate about something, David, you want to do more? You want to learn more? And then got me sure I had a hard time here. glued to my cochlea in the extra hours in one way I learned in life is I'm sure we've heard this expression before. Never compare your chapter one. Someone else's chapter 20. No, like so I want to be making, you know, seven, eight figures. And no matter yet, but I'm going to get the I know, because I have faith in myself. I believe in myself. I believe in the work ethic. And I will get there.

Dave:  I will get there. Yeah. Wow. Wow. Can you say that one more time that that that that that quote that you said just for those who didn't listen or may be coming on just as just as you were you were saying that what was it don't compare your Chapter

Salvatore: One of the quotes that really resonated with me was don't compare your chapter one to someone else's chapter 20 Because it's so easy to compare. So easy to compare and once you compare you're setting yourself up for failure. I mean it's like

Dave: Come on when you first came on TikTok we were a month in. I want you to talk about that. At this point, people who are listening right now Salvador, they forgot about all the hearing hardships and all I mean, the fact that you lost your hearing completely just just a couple of years ago. So let's go ahead and remind everybody of how absolutely easy and flawlessly simple it was. I'm just assuming for you to get on video and just start recording videos like a pro right off the bat. I'm being sarcastic there, obviously.

Salvatore: I get it. But the funny part is the funny thing you mentioned is that my first video, kitchenette, I think took me two hours to make my very, very first video, I think it was like, during Christmas time last year, I was so nervous, whatsoever. I never even own a tick tock account. Because I thought it was just for kids dancing. I'm like, No, I'm not gonna get on TikTok, I'm not gonna dance. And then as part of your program, you know, you said TikTok was one way.

I certainly know what just continuing to do. The first few have taught me to stop overanalyzing, because over time, you're gonna get better, you're gonna improve. And there were so many videos. And then I was doing it once a day. The hashtag I had no idea what the hashtag was. But then eventually I started researching your section on tick tock, really? How and then I just started improving and moving but one thing I was is consistent. Yeah, I was very consistent. Now recently, I have not been very consistent because I've been focusing more on Facebook because I think I pretty much understand how TikTok works and how it has blocked me so many connections. And so many people reached out you know, in terms of how can I do this? How can I make money? Where do I go? What's happening with your hearing loss? I think I want to do a little more something because now the sound Yeah. I mean, what I took the last 40 years or so to like, for example, the music I hear today.

Dave:  This was two years ago. Completely different. Completely different. Noise.

Salvatore: I mean, you take it for granted because you have good hearing and that's okay. That's okay. But like the other day, when I first got them I was hearing a switch humming. Number four at first hum it's so simple. So quiet and noisy. I'm putting my company's unit next to the fridge. And because it's a magnet, my cochlear implant sticks to the fridge. Yeah, I know. So that's one of the downfalls because they put a magnet inside my head. Wow. Wow. Basically is this and that's sticking to my head and just the magnet.

Dave: You know, it's crazy. And every one of us every one of us every day, you know could do a little more you know, and it's not about shaming ourselves. It's not about feeling shame. It's not about guilt tripping. It's just about like really asking ourselves in my Am I living up to my potential am I good? Giving myself what I deserve. Because I can complain all day long that others aren't treating me the way that I deserve. We have to treat ourselves better if we want the world to treat us better. And that was a hard lesson for me, that was the difference between taking initiative. And being entitled. You know, that was a big lesson that nobody owes me shit, that I can use my situation and turn it into anything that I want to turn it into. And also, that led me into really realizing that there's really no rules. You know, a lot of us ask questions, like, can I post my link on my tic tock profile? Can I respond to people in the comments? Can I, you know, you can do anything that you want, you can even do something that's completely the opposite of our training are completely the opposite of best practice, and maybe figure out a way out for you, or a new way way you dealt with Salvatore there have a blank canvas every morning, when you wake up to create any type of content, you want to tweak your message and you want to build your brand and build your front facing message and what your brand meaning you. In this case, it's usually we are the brand, whatever we want our brand to stand for. However, we want it to look, you know, I've been recently buying some designer stuff, you know, spoiling myself a little bit. I copped a, I got a murse you know, the new Gucci, Adidas collaboration, but you know, I'm looking at some of it, you know, these things are a couple of $1,000 for a tiny little, you know, you can sell, you know, other cell for two or 300 and create it?  Nobody, the only people we ended up finding Commodore that human beings would stand around the corner to buy this shit. I mean, it's unbelievable. Okay, how have you dealt with coming from being an aerospace engineer and probably hanging lots of different protocols, I would think, how have you dealt with all of this freedom? And these lack of rules? Does that, you know, make you nervous? What comes up for you as I as we talk about the wild, wild west, and what ultimately is an unlimited opportunity to be as creative as you want, and ultimately build a business as big as you want. But how do you deal with that? Sometimes that freedom is crippling for people?

Salvatore: No, you know what I mean? It's funny because you know, yeah, especially in aerospace, you really have to stick to certain rules, you know, I mean, there's FAA regulation that should have vacation flammability and after the shutdown to so many different rules my mind. Is respect in terms of providing value? Like you said, Can I message you? Message me, what's the harm? The harm, I can say? No, I don't want to do what you know. And you mentioned the idea. It's in a Gucci bag. You know how people stand around and wait in line while I am speaking. I was actually mentoring a student and he had this great web page product or setup and everything. And I'm like, What are your challenges? That's why I don't have any customers since okay, if so how is your funnel setup? And then he says to me, what's a funnel? The moral of the story was like you can have the greatest product in the world. But if you don't have any advertising promotion funnel, auto responder, you're not going anywhere you have a dealer's they can make something.

Dave:  People don’t want bootleg stuff they want the real thing from the real company that's been around for a lot so you know it's the same thing like legendary is now at this point to where because we've stayed in business and consistently done the things that we've done, you know, people are searching us out we're at we're, we've, you know, we've built a brand we've built a real company a real movement. And so if many of our clients and affiliates who have cars including yourself now building up your brand you're now gonna You are a familiar face to a lot of people in our niche because they've seen your videos 115,000 of them are following you on Tik Tok 1000s of them are likely on your email list and the more weeks and months and years that you stay doing this you're here are now you when you have built a name in an industry in now. Those people who are on your email list as they continue to see you doing your thing and providing value you to Salvador and all of us that's that's the beautiful thing about this, we'll put out and offer via email or something in just like Adidas, those folks who are standing around the corner to buy those those folks buy from us those same ways each one of us has that opportunity. What the internet's done for us is it's leveled the playing field to where even an individual like you or I can get a slice of the pie and sold to folks like yourself sabot or who's over Kim, you know, hearing loss being completely deaf I mean dealing with this most or all of our life you know, traits you know going from a different look it can get worse. Right? What comes up for you as I say that and give us some final thoughts here as we as we kind of wrap up and man I'd love to have you back on the show for sure.

Salvatore: You know, the challenge is that a lot of times I hear I don't have time you know, I'm work and I do this. And I'm like, You know what? I keep hearing excuses. You have 24 hours in a day. I have 24 hours a day. Beyonce, Jay Z, everyone else in the world. Bill Gates has 24 hours in a day. What separates you from them? shouldn't make excuses. You want to watch TV? You want to watch Netflix? That's fine. Time is valuable. You want to spend time with your family. You want to go on more vacations. If you want financial freedom everyone has 24 hours in a day. What are you? What are you doing that's different from someone else?

Dave:  Yeah, that's it my brother. Hey man to hear more from Salvador Of course I've got his link okay. You can connect with him on TikTok my brother please come back and see us man an incredible story. I'm glad that our paths have met so we can of course you know be a part of your story now. 

Salvatore: it was an honor and a privilege to be here thank you for everything.

Dave: Listen, if you ain't inspired by some serious stuff after that, come on. Now. Just check your pulse. All right, just make sure you're still breathing. Right because it doesn't get more inspirational, more real, a greater example, a more powerful example of what's possible than what we just heard this morning. So yeah, get into the training if you're new. Get into the challenge, go immediately back into the challenge, get into the blueprints, go immediately back in there today and get trained up properly and then go crush it. All right. Don't stay in college, don't do it. Properly just do not be out of here.

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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends? It's Dave sharp. Welcome to wake up legendary in this morning we have somebody who, at one time worked in a supermarket. Okay, and then went on to do a little bit of university work over and I believe Australia they call that uni, loves the gym, loves working out his family's why, and in a very short period of time, as you can see he has gotten serious about his education. We'll figure out what that means. To me. That means when I got serious about my education, it just meant that I stopped looking at businesses like opportunities in jumping in and just hoping to make a quick buck without developing any skills. That's what that's what it means to me about getting serious about my education. Because at the end of the day, nobody's going to come. I'm not entitled to a job. I'm not entitled to a high salary, even if I go to college. That's the cold harsh reality that we find out when we become adults. Because as children, I just had the expectation. Well, gee whiz, if I just stay in school, get a degree I'll just get a job and I'll just be living the dream and when I became an adult, I found out that wasn't quite true. But you know my story. Let's hear Kristian’s. Welcome to the show my brother.

Kristian: How's it going? Hi, everyone in the chat.

Dave: Well, they're gonna be much better after talking to you here for a little bit of time, man. So are you calling in from Australia? Is it was I right about that

Kristian: Australia, in the middle of the night.

Dave: So it's like 10 or 9pm or 4pm now. Tell us your story. What brought you to Legendary How did you find us? What were you doing before this?

Kristian: Oh, to start it all, I was obviously going through the process of the system School University, picking a job, which periodically tended to a nine to five on the holidays and vice versa, casual during school periods and ologists I got to a point where I was not satisfied with with what I was doing is just repetitive, monotonous. And then also some of the friends I made in my university classes. They started to get jobs in the industry and then 2021 is all stressed in their mind that ready and I'm sitting there thinking, do I really want to be doing this for someone else? If I'm going to stress myself out, I'll do it myself at least but that's not the point. And then your curiosity Bekins I started to look for ways to break free and it was a long journey to start. I started looking into affiliate marketing on YouTube. Didn't get much out of that and eventually one day I'm TikTok. Earlier this year, I found you guys through who was actually but since then my life has definitely changed.

Dave: For the better or for the worse.

Kristian: For the better for sure. The education you guys have provided is just ridiculous. Honestly, the value just flipped upside down.

Dave: Tell us about the education experience because I mean, there's a lot of folks who, of course, don't buy our training. Our offers. Our training programs are really pretty simple. There's not 1000 different things that you have to know, basically we just say, hey, look, there's an appetizer here. And then there's a WAG Gu filet mignon. That's what we do. We serve wagyu filet mignon and we serve you know, a wonderful appetizer that's gonna get you somewhat full and, and in some people, you know, they come in, they take the challenge, they don't want to eat the steak. They don't want to stay for the meal and get into the blueprint. That's okay. Maybe they really don't have the resources or the resourcefulness I understand. What do you mean by the education you got seriously about it, it changed your or whatever other words that you've said it's changed your life for the better. Talk to us about the experience and maybe give us something to compare it to, just so people can understand that. What you mean by the education, you got serious about it, and it's then produced XYZ results in your life as a result of giving us a little bit more context my brother.

Kristian: What like Millennials are skeptical investing in forces and information online? And, boy, was I wrong? I'll tell you that for sure. It's a long period of time where I was constantly just looking for the free option and trying to get value out of nothing, but to be fair, you can be as intelligent as you want. Smarts from school, but school doesn't hate you. Obviously, endeavor in the online space. And if you really want to succeed, you're going to learn from someone who's already done it, the greats like yourself, safe time. By time I don't mean by three, four months, years on end. I spent it was close to a year and I got nowhere and within two months through the blueprint, so a month and a half it's been of my knowledge has excelled and not only it's not only is the content you guys provide, it's the inspiration to educate yourself beyond it now started looking into different resources, such as books that are pure content from like minded succeeding individuals as opposed to just the free options, you know, YouTube so it's definitely if I can recommend time to invest it's it's always now don't wait. I don't have the money. I don't want to spend the money sorry. 

Dave: This it's certainly going to save you time and it's going to make your money I mean when people say things like what you just said about you know, learning from greats and stuff like that I still like awkward and people think them wonderful surprise me can do something for long enough that I become really good at it. And then I learn how to teach it because it is a skill to take up really complicated but online marketing there's there's there's moving parts and make that something simple that people can understand. But I really feel like that because I have the same attitude that you do. I am a student so much in my life. And I have that same philosophy that you just described, which is I would rather pay someone more more than I even planned more than I even budgeted more than I even expected because if there's somebody who I know really knows what they're doing and can help me get to where I want to go without all the I'm sorry, guys, if you're watching this and your kids around but all the BS all the bullshit, you know, the fakery or people pretending like they know what they're talking about, or people who are teaching things without lots of data and experience to back it up. And you're right. There's a lot of that on YouTube. Man. There's a lot of that and all these freebies, and we have to be real careful about where we spend our time because it's not for me, I don't really care at this point in life. And I really do mean this whether someone buys education, invests with me or goes somewhere else and gets serious, it changes their life. But I just know there are so few at least in this industry. There's so few really, really solid places you can go to learn everything you need to learn and they'll be there to continue to coach you and grow with you and talk to you live. I mean, you and me right now have never had a conversation, except right here live in front of hundreds of people. And I'm willing to just because I have nothing to hide. I'm just a marketer. Who's trying to improve as well. And so YouTube can be a very frustrating thing and especially these other people who are on the internet, and we get stuck in a vicious cycle of you know, it's not always us that wants to have shiny object syndrome. Sometimes we just get sucked into the marketing and all you know before we know it, we come online that we're on, subscribed to a 100 email list. That's why it's really important to cut out the noise. And so one of the things I've done is like really trim down all my Facebook, all my email subscriptions to where I don't get hardly anything or see hardly anything that's wildly toxic or distracting. How have you managed to block out distractions and now that you're clear about where you want to learn from and who you want to learn from and who you don't? How have you put up blinds or built walls to guard your focus?

Kristian: It's a bit of a drastic measure and I've got my brother thankful he's very disciplined. We've just cut out through social media consumption less it's consuming content, like our own content, but we don't watch any content. So we just completely cut out any apps we used to use prior to deletion. You'll have Instagram TikTok with the main apps we function on. But we don't sit there scrolling or focus if we want to reward ourselves with the sort of instant dopamine as we call it. We might celebrate with a movie at the end of the night or some YouTube videos that during the day we just stay focused and either we learned from ourselves through your course or we read books, educate ourselves, continue to educate ourselves. Because at the end of the day, time, probably the only asset you can't get back. You can always get your money back, that's why you invest your money. It's going to come back to you one way or another way the next three months kind of come back and whenever we come back generation I don't want to sit around and wasted I've spent enough time in university in school I want to focus now even if it takes me two three years, at least lived less than my life.

Dave: It's amazing. I ask how old you are. I'm an old fart here. Dude, I am a grandpa right now. Like seriously, dude. I used to be a young kid. Like for real now. I am straight up a grandpa. But, man, the older generations as I've been growing, you know? Growing up, have always looked down or not all not everyone, but as if like kids are dumb or don't know what they're doing. And I'll tell you, man, this new generation, your generation and young people today are smart. They're they're tech savvy. They get what we're doing here. They're European and also intelligent, compassionate. You're deep. You're not just a, you know, superficial person. I mean, the generation is I am really, really just inspired and impressed and what would you say to other young people who maybe have not you know just seen and explored what all their options are yet you know and there may be there may be frustrated in life a little bit with kind of come into this. They're hoping to come to this climax and it's, it's not climaxing. It's not happening. They're just, you know, it's like shit, where's the top of the mountain and I'm getting frustrated when they're on vacation. But what would you say to the other young people who are feeling frustrated about what they've been told, and maybe it's not panning out the way that they thought or hoped?

Kristian: I think this might be a bit of a harsh reality, but I think it comes down to the fact that I was in the misconception as well as thinking Oh, I get wealthy quickly, quickly. People do create wealth within a matter of months. It's all the mindset you need it into the right mind space focus. It's hard to break some of the old bad habits and I was there. It took too long to break bad habits but it's later like it's not everyone knows what they want to do in life. Just going to put pen to paper sometimes, just even journal your emotions, thoughts, and some clarity. And then once you've got an expectation or direction to head into, try to eliminate like we discussed any bad habits or distractions. put the effort in because the effort will reward you. It might take weeks, it might take months and as often as much of a saying but people go oh this person got lucky overnight. Lucky overnight. It's not so much that they got lucky overnight. They may have been preparing for months for him. And that would have been that one night where they, you know, credit instant wealth. So much. So the efforts, the background work, and a lot of the time people look at other people's highlights online and compare themselves to where they work, but they don't see the grind they went through. It's important to focus on looking efficiently, productively and staying in the right mindset. That's advice I can give, I guess in that respect, and it's good.

Dave:  Do you think that same advice applies to older people as well? I mean, is it really just the same formula?

Kristian: 100% 

Dave: There's some older people who are thinking, yeah, these young bucks they got the world in the palm of their hands. I think somebody even commented that and it's like, Well, do you believe Christian that an older person in their 50s or 60s could have or 70s or 80s or 90s or however old I know some some kick ass people in their 80s and 90s. So I don't want to offend you folks, but you think that they can also change in a matter of months, have a breakthrough and then learn this? Not just it's not just something but you study and you learn it just for a short period of time commit to that. And do you think that no matter how old somebody is, it is actually a reality for somebody who's older to to get this and succeed in and are you seeing that out there on the internet, older people, a wide range of different ages of people in races and religions and all this. I just want to make sure that the other folks who are older and so forth, speak to that and give your honest opinion about what's possible for people even if they're older as well.

Kristian: I think it's a lot easier to talk, I can relate to the audience a lot more I find that generally a lot harder to relate in the easier categories of understand oh man, now I said I'm dad now because I can find that your three went through the hard yakka whereas I'm young man 21 So I worked for a little bit yes and went to uni but a lot of people can relate to me a lot of people have gone through those hard yakka years and 100% people that are running. What are the Australian hardware years?

Dave: We'll put your we'll put your we'll put your TikTok up here in a second. But I want to talk a little bit about it. It's amazing. It's amazing how simple this really can be. And I think there's going to be some correlation to what I'm about to show and then of course, we'll talk about your account as well. You know, every single one of these pieces of content is probably not that you didn't sit down and pray and meditate and it came to you. You went and learned it somewhere. What I mean is, I'd like you to explain what the strategy is that you're using here. But I saw a little bit of similarity there between, you know, the Snoop Dogg strategy and your strategy. And of course, if we go over here on Instagram and we look at, for example, let's look at Lewis Howe's account. Here's another guy who's, you know, invested a lot of, you know, a lot of effort, and doesn't seem to be doing it as much anymore, but he sure used to repurpose a lot of other people's content. Now, he's clearly doing his own interviews and stuff. But back before he did his views, you can dig in here and see

Matt: That he repurposed

Dave: A lot of other people's content. Somebody else that did a lot of that is Jay Shetty. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. Have you, Kristian. Jay, really, he repurpose is as you can see a lot of these other videos that are like feel good videos and stuff like that. You know, viral viral videos, just other videos that are going viral on the internet. You know, that everybody's just kind of, you know, snatching and grabbing and stuff like that in using that as content to sort of, you know, you know, mix in with I guess your own content. But, Christian, let's talk about let's talk about your, let's talk about your ear tick tock and kind of your strategy and how you know some of those other the concept of repurposing either ideas or literally other people's content is either true or untrue. You toss them often how you now came to this kind of what you're doing now, which seems like there's a bit of a pattern or a theme to what you're doing.

Kristian: So, when I first started out, I was close to starting. Yeah. And I had no idea what I was doing. whatsoever. And then for a little period, Oh, brother, I made a joint account together, mucking around a little bit, didn't get fired, and had about 1000 followers in two months. And then eventually we started our own accounts. And this about the time we bought into the blueprints, invested into the blueprints, and we started getting the ideas from you guys to start to look at content that's already doing well and mimic it if possible. And what we started to figure out was that that is a starting formula. Find content that's doing well and not necessarily the copier, but see why it's doing well analyze it if it's a because usually with this account, I do just text on screen takes for them to read through it by the time they read through it's played through two or three times so they'll sit down and watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it. That's one form of taking advantage of the algorithm. 

Dave: The reason why that is, is because why Kristian? Just for folks who don't understand or don't know yet why getting people to watch your videos all the way to the end or even sit there and re-watch your videos will help you on TikTok, TikTok love your videos and boost them up and show them to other people. Why is that Kristian?

Kristian: Well generally obviously ticked up on people to build the app longer. The longer they are on it, the more they'll push it out. So if you have your video shorter, people will watch it more therefore they'll push it out more because at the end of the day tick tock wants to actually help your videos go viral because now obviously in the run through there enough value in your videos to have them watch all the way through or watch multiple times. TikTok will reward you for and push your content out there for getting more views, followers likes, etc.

Dave: The brilliant strategy that you're using is you're basically creating a piece of content that has text on it that takes longer than you know, the seven or eight seconds the eight seconds that the video is so somebody has to sit there and watch it and rewatch it and rewatch it over if they want to read everything that's on the on the thing, which which which tells you gotta think we're the algorithm TikToks algorithm is a computer folks, it's a robot. So you have to be smarter than the robot. You have to be smarter than the computer. It's not a human being, you know it's just basically all it's saying is okay, people are sitting here in my chat room saying Yo, so I'm going to show it to more and more people. And that's how videos go viral. It's just that simple. And so you know, this is a brilliant little strategy to get maybe 3,4,5-10 views from the same from one person you know to say to TikTok. Wow, people are watching this video over and over and over again. So it's a really, really, really smart thing that you're doing here. The majority of your videos are between five and 10 seconds with texts that take longer to read. So they have to sit on it and let it play a couple of times in order to read everything. I see that as sort of a theme on this page, especially I think I've made a video and I've done a couple of talking videos.

Kristian: A lot of videos have been controversial so if you click on say a video with over a million views. I used to get very confused. I tried to mimic the content. And I want to understand why but sometimes a controversy isn't necessarily the text on the screen. There was a video I wanted to mimic. There was a quote there. Go ahead and this gets so many views and I made a video on it. Just put the quote on the screen, a political episode of seconds in mind Flucht and I'll see their thinking What Why did not go viral. It went viral. So this guy and it's odd use a similar formula and it's worked for me in the past. Sometimes it's the backend. The backend clip there was a funny clip. There's two brothers, one of the brothers was screaming in outrage as a joke. People were caught I looked into the comments and people were commenting on that and meaning or not forward with some more videos like this one in the comment it's constantly getting its especially if you do talking videos or text on screen, one provide value but you also want to look at a point where you can provide some controversy where people can talk about in the comments, different points. And while they're obviously talking in the comments, your videos are still playing in the background as well. So

Dave: You know because as a marketer, and as a perfectionist, I always compared and thought my stuff wasn't good enough and so I needed to have better camera equipment or I needed to, you know, it just wasn't good enough. But the truth is, the simpler the content, the better and any time in the history of my career where I just got it out and didn't try to overproduce it. It's done just 10 times better than when I tried to be super fancy. So talk to me a little bit about your thoughts on the simplicity of this and how simple really. It is these days and I didn't say it's easy. I want to be careful with that but it is simple. If we can keep it simple. You know, we don't even have to overthink it like right here. This is the theme. You know this is obviously how to text like an alpha and so you've got mindset masculinity motivation. So it's not even you know in your call to action right now to build your dream body. So it's it's, it's not even specifically about you're giving yourself enough room to also you know, kind of create content on different topics as well. And I love that too because so many people come in and want to just immediately jump right back into the make-money online space, but you can very easily give yourself two or three clicks here other content that's what you did. How did you come up with that Kristian? Well, it's, it's obviously a simple thing, but it allows you to kind of talk about multiple things and obviously so many more ideas can come to that and in they sort of also somebody who's interested in motivation is also going to probably be interested in making more money. So also could have probably been interested in mindset, right? So it's not like those topics are so far away from each other. Could you say a little bit about that?

Kristian: Generally, obviously like you just started yourself people in that similar mind space will be looking for content circles in their bubble. When it comes to something like TikTok in the way that app is designed, you know, I've tried longer form content, I've had multiple accounts, and I've got a second account as well, which is more finance related on site hustles or finance related content. And I find I get a mixed review on that. A lot of the time I'll get some long form content that will blow up but I get it as often as I would with shorter form content, because it's not like YouTube people don't come on here are my favorite YouTubers posts. I'm gonna sit here and watch his 15 minute video. We're just scrolling there for your page. You don't hook them in straightaway. Give them a reason to watch now and just keep on going. And when it comes to longer form content if you don't hook them in throughout the via continuous content isn't the best thing you can do because obviously going to get better results. If you can find areas where you can interlink between different topics. It can also benefit you in the long run as well because you'll find audiences in a masculinity. People who want to be more masculine strive to be a high class high value successful male so they'll look into the finest aspects as well want to motivate them I'll be motivated, fitness wise, they might be motivated financially. I mean, dating wise, I want to attract you know, attractive women, etc. How do you become more high status, high class, finance motivated, etc, etc.

Dave: And also, you know, how somebody who I just hold on for too much? Because obviously, the content is going to be coming from you or ideas that we're interested in or things other things that you're learning about, you know, you want it to be something you can talk about. So for somebody who's maybe an older person who doesn't have who has maybe grandchildren and who enjoys going out fishing a lot, you know, maybe it's like, you know, side hustles grandchildren fishing, I don't know it's, you know, or or, you know, come on, what would you think, you'd come up with some ideas bear with me for people who would might be might not be you know, your age and maybe somebody a little bit older. 

Kristian: The best way is to be relatable. So whatever you still want to produce is entertaining, relatable with your audience. So there's different ways my best advice is obviously of your passions or whatever you want to post content about that show up on TikTok and you can filter through you can have the look most like in the last three, six months, etc. And just look at what people in those niches are doing. And you can start to mimic the content posts in those aspects. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to travel to find ideas you can literally be whatever you're passionate about. If you can find a way to bring people on the journey within its training, or entertainment as you call it, time it and that's exactly what this.

Dave: We were chatting yesterday, Bree and I. And she was talking about how she's taken things to the next level. And it really is about the personalization, and she actually credits a lot of how personal she gets in her email follow up and so forth. As well, you know, but it's true, you're right, you really the thing that we need to focus on. It is sort of twofold. You know, it's what is interesting in what people want, that is something that is important. And the second thing is, what can I do? How can I get them to delight them and provide them value, right, what stories? What experience do I have? And you know, this is a great example of what people want, they want results they want and you can even get more. You can even get more results oriented with your bio up here, but this at least tells people what you're going to be talking about on the page. But something like you know, build massive confidence and become the, you know, a man's man. Get inspired, you know, like those would be more results driven. Out here, but I think the point is, is that what you're saying and I've said this over and over again. Don't be authentic, try to tie in your personal experience and knowledge to what you're talking about if you're going to be putting on your content, but I think what you've proven here is that it's not necessary. I mean, you don't, you don't in this strategy, and this is what so many people want to know and want to hear nowadays on TikTok. I actually think the better strategy is to have the text on the page because so many people are consuming content and give them a range, watch, give them some value, they’ll stick around, they’ll watch.

Kristian: The one thing I like to do with the connect to connect with moments because I don't you know, build the story necessarily through the video itself, but connect with my audience. I'll respond to almost all my comments. You'll see some videos have maybe 1015 comments, some videos will have hundreds of comments and I'm sitting there trying to respond to as many as I can. And I follow back. More regulars, the way they connect with them. They DM you probably have calls as we build an audience and sort of like building a report testimonials for your boys for a brand or for business you've got when they come in common with a lot more. Thank you. I appreciate you so much for your tips. And then when people come in and click on the comments, because people are curious, I'll see if the video is doing well, check the comments and see what's coming. Who's commenting? I think they are. Thank you so much for these tips. I appreciate you so much or you've changed my mindset on this or you've changed my life in this aspect to helping people so I'll follow along on the follow up. And it's not the end of the day. It's not just for the followers. You know, it's helping people and people you provide value to like yourself, will always come back and see you back in other ways.

Dave: You know, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. You know, for me, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. It's a wonderful place to figure out what people's objections are. That's what I can learn from the comments. Usually if people have objections, it's a common objection that you're seeing over and over again and you think that it's like something that's really stopping people from buying or taking action? No, I have something I can do. I need to focus my content on playing a problem to overcome that? If you know, I can learn a lot about what's keeping people from taking a lot of time. You'll just see real simple people commenting. How do I get started? Right? People just it's not usually people don't have massively complicated questions. It's usually just things like, how do I get started or, you know, what, what exactly are you selling or think, you know, simple questions that just we forget because we start learning and then we're talking about more complicated stuff. Have to remember that the board and You're not thinking super complicated things if we got to make sure we don't talk over their heads. What are your thoughts on that? 

Kristian: 100% agree and it's important to like, like you said, grant yourself back to the norm because once you're in a process where you've been learning for so long, like $100,000 I don't want to sound like I'm being overly content but $100,000 now doesn't seem like a lot to me. I've achieved it on a couple of counts on how to grow followers, but to a lot of people they'd be confused for a long time. How to achieve this. How do I get sometimes like they'll tell me on Instagram channel and wake lead off messages that call. Thank you so much. I grew so many followers in this amount of time. And it's like you said that they don't understand. They don't understand the level that you have worked towards. So you have to just sometimes be plain simple English. To basics for them.

Dave: And also now, once you begin, I'm speaking to all of you out there who are who are listening, then when you go to turn around and actually start marketing. You have to remember that to No, it's such a simple success. Clif Bars and when I look back at my extra we're like, yeah, I found Legendary somehow I don't really remember who like I challenge all of you to pay close attention to what, what worked on you and Christian I'm not, I'm not it's just something in the past just in the future, like we just like, and I know you do this, but because you've now got experience. You're paying more attention to things that are working on you too, right? Because you're like wow, it's like that works. You know, we also realize that we are our customers. No, it's not that we don't have to be your customer.

Dave: What are the things that worked on you? You know what are the things that drew you in? What draws you in? How have you started to look at the world differently Kristian, you know, or the internet or making money differently since you've been doing this and remind us again, exactly how long like when did you take the challenge get started? With the blueprints and begin really being serious?

Kristian: It's been March I'm pretty sure mid to late March. Like I said, it's taught me value wise that the longer you wait to invest the longer you procrastinate and put off longer your dreams they're going to be waiting and that's that's something I've been learning now. If you really want to get big, get your dreams, you have to stop putting in the work. It takes time to build up the habit and it takes time to get there. In a matter of months, if you can, if you can put down to focus. I've been fortunate in that I've had the time to do it. longer than two hours three hours a day, but you can put down four or five hours a day or maybe even three, four days or you will progress you're not going to like oh now seems to be too much.

Kristian: They will always come back. And one thing I say to a lot of people is if you invest even in law for lower cost products, if you invest this much now what is the absolute worst that can happen to a lot of the time people will say nothing.

Dave: It's education, the most important thing. Some shitty paper really has no value anyways, some shitty paper that some person invented or some government invented that we're all pretending has value. But you know what you know, no one has no paper in what you know, and make you think what you know can keep you alive. What you know keeps your kids safe, cash now might even pay somebody but that doesn't guarantee they're going to keep you safe. But you know, it will make you money and what you know will keep you safe. And I even said that, you know I'm sitting here right now and I'm going back through them editing some of the some of the you know the sales video and their sales sales samples right in that video. I refuse to just pump you full of hype. I'm not going to give you the typical hyped up claims of making money or earn six figures in six minutes. Because it's finally time for you to realize that becoming successful requires the right information from the right person in the right environment. And it also requires an investment of time, energy and some capital from you. Right. So if you're just going to look for the next hottest flavor of the week that will tell you what you want to hear leave go right now, because there's plenty of snake oil salesmen, right those lies that get in the 15 day challenge before anybody ever spends $1 here as a marketer on training and education and, you know, it's it's amazing how much how much I thought, you know, at one time as well that, you know, a few $1,000 Was I thought that was you know, I thought that was the most money in the world. I remember when I had $1,000 a week online I was like I am rich, you know, but as we really were listening to Clickfunnels talk about you know, he just battled and he's battling brain cancer right now. Dave Woodward, the CEO of Click Funnels. So everybody keep him in your thoughts, prayers, anything that you know, spiritual that you do for his recovery. He's fighting. He's battling. He had surgery and I believe he's recovering. He was talking about the Beatles. He did a live show and he was talking about the Beatles and how they used to say things like let’s go write a swimming pool, let's go write a swimming pool because if I put the work in to go write the song, it's going to occupy a swimming pool with it. Or they'd say, Let's go ride around the house. Or let's go ride a private jet. And it's like when I realized that this because remember, I was just talking about cash is trash in this is the most valuable thing that we have. It's like those skills that I learned money from that time while I realized that that's really not a lot of money. Now that was also my point. And what I was saying was that a couple of books can structure matter. Here you know, or at least it's getting full. I mean, I can even drive a car on half a tank of gas. I don't need to be totally full for me to get the thing going, you know what I mean? Once I got this thing, now all the sudden I can use those skills to let me go film a swimming pool. Let me go so let me go. Go record a G Wagen. Right click go let me go over here and write a Rolex. Let me go, let me go over here and film next year, but I'd like to definitely go with that. 

Kristian: The greatest asset of all time is your brain. If you can educate your brain and grow it with skill, knowledge, it's only going to benefit you. It is an expected perspective, like you said, you know how to write up a Rolex or quarter house. The average person won't know how to do that because they're not investing in their greatest asset, their brain, so the more you invest in your knowledge, the more you know to start making money online or doing whatever you do, that's the defining thing. It definitely is your knowledge.

Dave: This is your second TikTok account and I just wanted to put it up because it is more of your kind of side hustle. Is this one a new account or has the other one just grown faster?

Kristian: I started roughly about the same time but this was a Can I put less effort into it. I only posted one other kind of post 234 times a day. I've been trying this more like my test trial in terms of talking videos, textbooks want to as well just get it rolling in terms of finance, and everything. Everything is I think through your own experience as well. can be taught a lot and I've mentored a lot through you and through the education you've provided and the inspiration as well which is a lot better than signing up for some previous online courses. And they've given some education but they're gonna give you the inspiration whereas through legendary and yourself, always giving the inspiration to take on upon our own learnings and sometimes it's not so much just information by paralysis as I'm reading a lot of mine theory just how to do it and you learn from your videos in May Dave: So, do you and your brother Wow, you guys work together and you really a lot of the stuff we work on together where I am today 

Kristian: because of him for a 16 year old he's very disciplined. So we're grateful that I've, as my brother's always, somebody who has made but where we are today is because of the work we've combined and interdependency helping each other out and growing.

Dave: It's rare to find a 65 year old man who gets credit like you give credit who builds and lift other people up who you know, most people are and I was thinking about this morning because I was driving by a i was i have a Jewish family that lives by me and he's a rabbi and he they have a temple and they rented a or they bought or something a police car to park in the in the driveway because there's so many dangerous in weak people out there who want to hurt people. And I thought that was so sad. I’m sad that my friends and neighbors have to live in fear and I'm angry about it like I want to. I want to do something about it but I am doing something about it. I'm speaking out and I'm trying to do my part here. Business. But the reason why I said that is because people act out of anger and they act in violence in the act in their mean and they're toxic. I mean you see this even online when people are mean and they understand that your success is a result of mentors and a result of the help from your brother and your younger brother. And I just know that you're going to be a massive success because you have that attitude. And you don't know that you don't have to win with Manila jin or but with violence or anything like that as a young man you know. It's this and also this the heart you know the heart. Where do you think that is my you know, this humility and this outlook that you have on life that I think we all can learn a little bit from?


Kristian: As funny as it sounds it is from is it was a period of time where he went through, he had a very big change in mindset changing lifestyle to clean up his diet has become a lot more discipline for a 15 year old’s vision on life, on time progressing I had ambitions but didn't have the discipline to get there. And frankly, he's a newfound discipline. Fortunately enough for me to be his brother forced together and it's helped me grow in realizing it's not so much luck. Said are people who act out of anger or are trying to bring other people down. They are the weak people I encourage instead of criticizing. One thing I've definitely learned from my brother is sometimes like any other human being you know, you get frustrated sometimes you can't control your emotions. And instead of us fighting and beckoning back to remind ourselves you know, be grateful you have yes we're not super ultimate billionaires living the lavish lifestyle yet but ourselves be grateful there is people in a flick of a moment we want to switch positions with us is it's always grant everything comes with a grid. That's when everything comes down, I'm trying to bring people down or worry about things in the future and misplace your thoughts. And energy. Not in the present moment. You're never going to be happy. So the best thing to do is just focus on right now. Be grateful folks right now you're here alive. You're breathing important things without your health. Life is nothing.

Dave:  I think we're going to end it on that my brother it was a great message to end a Friday on even though you know I mean, Friday doesn't particularly mean that evening. What is CQC getting random anyways, man, it's a great a great message because we're going to take a two day break from the wakeup show like we do every week and give everyone a chance to catch up on other episodes that you didn't you know, you didn't listen to if you want to listen to this one with Christian, but tell your brother that we said What's up obviously sounds like a fantastic young man and I'd love to meet him and maybe have you both back on.

Kristian: Thank you so much for having me on the show. ever so grateful and appreciative you know, to be in the presence of a great individual like yourself, even though you said it was waiting to be called something like that. But you've achieved your successes and you've worked really hard. 

Dave: Alright my friends, there you go. There it is. Not to learn. Aren't they so valuable? They are so valuable. I have to make these lives more valuable than things that other people are out there paying for or charging for. And because our students here are gracious enough to come back and share with us how the training is in many cases, even taking it way beyond what you know what, what we say is possible. It's just that the goal of teaching something comes and takes. We had that conversation this morning. Kristian came in just lit himself on fire and made it happen. Now that you can learn something from somebody younger than you and learn something from somebody else who just got started, just keep your eyes and ears open because you never know when the next thing that you need to know is going to pop up and here's the other thing that comes back. If you're new here. Watch these wakeup lives every day. I guarantee you if you go through our education here and you also watch these lives of what used to be students you're well on your way to success. It has been proven so many times over and over again. I love to stand here and get pumped up and I think it's somewhat motivational, but who cares what I say. Look at everybody who's doing it right now and some are doing it quicker than others and slower and that's it doesn't matter just as long as you're taken. Alright, get out of here. Have a great Friday be Legendary. We'll see on Monday.

Learning New Skills To Improve Your Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey, what's going on my friends, it's David Sharpe here. And welcome to wake up legendary this morning. We have somebody who is experiencing more than just financial breakthroughs, as I have experienced from this industry as well. So I can very much relate to that, that it's not just all about the money for me, but I've transformed and in a sense this, this industry has, in a way also saved or given me a life I can very much so relate to our guests this morning. So please help me welcome to the show. Bree, how are you? Good. How are you? Thanks for having me. Hey, you're very welcome. I think you're calling in from the same state that I'm in. Is that right?

Brie: Yes, I am in South Florida. 

Dave: So, um, you know, tell us a little bit about what you were looking for? What, what, what, what, what drove you or brought you online? And then how did you either come across legendary or are you looking for something when you found us?

Brie: Right? So long story short. i In November, I quit my job. I was a club manager for private country clubs. And it's a very challenging and defeating job mentally and physically. And I just came to like a cracking point. And I was like, I can't do this anymore. I can't live like this. Right? Like, it's just, I was extremely depressed and I quit and I had no idea where to turn. I was on Tik Tok. Actually, as she was on your show, Shannon, who did phenomenal. I actually have something about her video. I just like, reached out to me and I was able to relate to her which was one thing that I took from her and brought to my own is being relatable to people. And so I messaged her and I explained and she was like, This is great, blah, blah, give it a try. So I started it and the first video, I was in tears. It was literally the intro video of your story. And I was hooked since then I spent every single day studying watching videos, educating myself and kind of experimenting. 

Dave:  I love that word experimenting. So have you ever now the reason why I love that word is because Bri Have you ever done or operated a business before?

Brie: No, that definitely is not. And it's a big learning experience. I actually did. I started in January. And I made a TikTok. And I had this idea of like, just didn't work out. I actually was reading through the legendary Facebook and I was an extremely great resource to take advantage of even just reading through comments. And so many people, like my first account, just failed horribly. The second one always goes better. So I'm like, Okay, well, I don't feel as bad anymore. So I ditched that tick tock and I started a brand new one with a whole different outlook and ideas, and it just happened to work well, for me. 

Dave: Sometimes when you just start over and just, you know, just just just kind of start from scratch. Sometimes it's easier to build a home than to try to remodel something that's already existing. And, you know, I think that's a good analogy for a lot of our social media. A lot of us have social media accounts that we've had for a long time or family. And so a lot of times, the smartest thing for somebody to do is just start a new profile, just start a new profile. Now, there are times as well, where you may be marketing on any platform, whether it be paid or organic, it makes sense to just go ahead and start a new profile. It's also not a crime in any way, shape, or form to have multiple profiles going at multiple times. I mean, real big marketing agencies and so forth, may have, you know, hundreds of accounts that that's, you know, that they're and you know, and they have access to them all inside of their either Instagram app or their you know, and so it's there are no rules. And I think that's one of the biggest things that it's difficult to communicate to folks is because we do have so many questions when we come in, right? We do have so many questions. But the word that you use to experiment, as long as you're, as long as you're setting up the pages, the way that we show you the way that you're generally writing, copy the way that we teach you, there is room for experiment. And that's, that's what we're we're I get so crazy, both excited and frustrated. Because I, it's so difficult to communicate that you literally can do anything that you want, and there's no rules, you can totally experiment, even outside of what somebody says. Even me, and I just wonder how are you? Open Space? Or is that something?

Brie: Yes, I do. I know, in the training, there was a lot of don't reinvent the wheel, which I love to try to do. So that's hard, I really do have all that open space. And there are no rules. And that's very hard to stick to and I like to say my greatest success are the videos that I did not reinvent the wheel, I found what worked for other people, but I did end up putting my own twist to it that makes it my own my own style. And those are the ones that did the absolute best for me when I didn't try to go too far out of the way to create my own work, it  just didn't work. Like the people have done that succeeded at it and my own methods didn't work.

Dave: So I want to talk just a little bit briefly about all the emotion that came up for you and how you felt so you know how you felt so moved or inspired or seen right by the video that I created. You said that you felt felt, I would assume you felt real seen and understood. As a matter of fact, you wrote to us that you felt no one ever understood your kindness and sort of felt like you're alone in the world. And I think a lot of people can relate to that. I certainly can. Talk to us both from your experience, but also as a spin off marketer. Why do you think that I talk to people every single morning because I want to stay really intimately connected with what's going on in people's heads that I'm marketing to. So it's almost a bit this is a masterclass every morning to learn about people's psychology ology and how they buy and what moves them in sales material right marketing material so are you able to go back and sort of reverse engineer the emotional appeal that is copy in the you know the angles that I used in it was real I was showing videos of things that I've done stuff like that, but are you able to go back and some what is dissect or analyze that process and now say what can I say about that into my marketing?

Brie: Yes so going back to the whole like emotional part it and why it moves me how I put that into my marketing was like I said I was working at private clubs and it's it's rough on you people are very mean and so that's my kind of felt like my kindness has always taken advantage of and then hearing your words how'd they touch me? I figure that that's the route that if you can connect with me that way that I can connect with other people by sharing my own story and so yes I said I feel like kindness is overlooked and I'm misunderstood when you don't really didn't really do it in my own marketing just because I feel like that should be more light and entertaining. So I like entertaining and educating. But it is for all of the people that opt in to my page that's when I really I got down and

emails were very descriptive into my own story and they were extremely personal to be completely honest probably a little too personal but I I'm open book and I like to share those things because that makes it real and I think because people started receiving my emails that's when I started getting greater success because I was opening up like you might see this girl on TikTok. She lives in Florida and has a great life but like you get in, see the emails there's a whole different side of me and I think that's going to be like oh my god like I get that it's easy to put on the way and they were really trusting me my greatest success can you do.

Dave: Absolutely and think about it from this perspective as well as as as everything that you just said which was complete like spot on we we need to capture someone's attention long enough to capture their heart and mind right we can do that in second videos on tick tock it's hard but you can do that in lives but it's hard to tell your story in 15 seconds and myself for somebody else so it it's difficult to tell your full story and connect emotionally somebody in 15 seconds but you're right it's entertaining it's educational enough you know really is all you're doing is you're just you're just really it's kind of like fishing that's why I call it the fishing


formula in the blueprint because it's like there's a bait a piece of bait in somebody just is like swimming by and I Oh, I'm hungry. I'll take that bait and it's like hey, you know now I can't stop watching it you know now I want more of it. You know? It's fish don't want Like the boat our customers ideally do want to come in to vote because they because they want more of what we're doing it takes time to expose people to you to your full story and to your to really connect with them emotionally longer than 16 seconds and even though we live in a in a tinder in a tinder connect with people than 15 seconds despite what what your fathers may have taught you out there young men it takes long connect with people Problem 15 seconds so we have to offer them something that's valuable enough that they'll say yes I'll give you my email in exchange for that. So we then can bring them to me yeah you know capture the their hearts in their minds which is exactly what you said I go into more depth on my bridge page well the beauty about it the reason why we can go into more depth on that bridge page it is because if for some reason they have to leave or if some reason they X out because of whatever reason we have their email address followed back up with them. And so I just am fascinated when I hear use which is that process was exactly the same process that you experienced as a buyer and it's important go back and dissect that because we can learn a lot made that this what I just told is exactly what you did you where you were you David Sharpe  

We've got time for you to watch a 20 minute sales video and if you leave Shannon can follow back up with you. It's just that what happened is exactly it's just, if you ever doubt the market. So are you imagining that they have a lot of the same struggles as you? How are you learning to really relate to them through your speaking so um yeah I just kind of feel the way that I feel and they just don't want to say it and I feel like that's specifically why.

Brie: I didn't want to show in my videos I didn't want to. I like to talk to people who really care, like if they read it they know Oh, they understand. But essentially I just kind of, I'm just honest and open with my own self and then whoever follows and agrees like I'm I guess I don't specifically go out and find the perfect one. I just say what I'm feeling and that works really well for me. Somebody said act like you're on FaceTime with somebody, you know, which is also kind of psychologically trying to train yourself to do it but I just kind of kept to myself that it just, I kept recording and this is I don't really know how this helps me but I got like one of the little green lights. So like when you're not holding your phone for some reason that made it a lot easier for me to just handle more natural when I'm like back here so it's not as forced in my case and awkward

Dave: That is such a good tip because I really, really also do much better when I'm not holding them plus and also the phone's not shaking around. You know what I mean? Like even if you're not a shaky person, like a lot like just the shaking of just your body. I've spoken about my microphone several times. It sits right there. There's some fancy thing that has buttons on it and stuff. One day I just plugged a couple of things in and it worked and I was just like, holy shit. Don't touch that again. Is just kind of like my point here is that I love that tip and low production simple solutions, right? That's what is winning right now. There's no need to overcomplicate or even think that you're not capable. Because just maybe a simple tweak, like putting your phone on a little tripod or setting it there might help you to be more relaxed. There's so many simple solutions for the problems that sometimes we feel like we can't get through or have you come up against anything so far in your journey where you were, like, close to quitting, but you didn't and what was that experience like?

Brie: Yes. So with the little defeat that I have for my first one, like I said, that was it. It is a little embarrassing. I mean, it's not really because I mean realistically, it's literally not embarrassing at all, but


Dave: You felt embarrassed.

Brie: I did it and it did feel really bad and I felt embarrassed.

Dave: But I just want to say that I do things that are embarrassing or that I'm that are it's I mean, you know, it's I just want everybody to know that it's actually I actually try sometimes now to embarrass myself because it's like if I can take that I can take anything and in now not by being vulgar or not by but just by doing silly shit just by you know popping up on the on the on the on the camera every day in the same shirt and people not knowing whether I've actually washed it and taking a shower or not and then actually saying that so people think to him, does he really not take showers or do his laundry? And I'm going to leave that up for your imagination but my point here is that you know that this is all just an experiment anyways. And here's the cool thing about our initial embarrassing content is we act like it's going to be the State of the Union address and the entire world is going to get to watch it and it's like, no, just you know, one person in India, you know, one person in Indonesia and two people in New York City saw your first video it's like get over it. You know what I mean? I just ranted. Sorry. You said the first one was embarrassing and I asked you how you overcame a situation when you wanted to quit?

Brie: Yes. So more. So the second time I was in the process of driving from Florida to Ohio. I was going through a lot of things going on at that time. So I was just kind of down again. And I kind of neglected my page for about like a week. And for some reason that gave me so much like hidden anxiety that I can't go back on what I want to say, like if I go back I pushed it off like oh my god, like what did I do? Like I just worked it out. Just get on your computer like what does it matter? Just do it. What did you miss or hurt yourself for not going back? I don't know why that bothered me so much. But I went back and then I made sure I was consistent every single day after that. And that's when things started really escalating for me.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. And it's hilarious too, because we do really, truly hold ourselves to this presidential level. Don't we?

Brie: No, I didn't. I was very disappointed in myself. I only posted like two videos one day I'm like, oh my god, like gaming was more than that. It took me some training. I actually scheduled out my day and my content so that way I could stay on track with myself. And not get behind. I don't feel like I have to give up because I'm too far behind. But realistically, it's your own page. There are no rules or guidelines so rarely are you ever behind.

Dave: Never never I mean I know I know guys. Yet. They're out there though. It's either just a couple of guys who I've known recently in the last couple of years who you know made tons of money in affiliate marketing and built up huge YouTube channels and then just would disappear and not post on him for like 6789 months and then come back and post one video and you know, if you can do that you can do that. More. It's easier to do that. Once you've got some consistency. You've got some traffic flowing and you've got an email list you can work with. But yeah, the truth is, from a business standpoint, it's not smart to not show up and open the doors of your business 365 days a year. From a business side, man, it's not the smartest thing in Adel, from a short term to a long term. It's an unnamed matter. You know what I mean? Long term it does not matter one bed if you miss one, five. It doesn't matter. of showing up to your business. Yes. Yes. Is it going to hurt you next year? No. It's not. And I think that's one of the things it's difficult for us entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to do is to rise above the kind of week or month and look more long term. What's your experience with that has been that also difficult for I mean, sounds like you've had challenges like that, because I think that's the mindset that we're in when we are frustrated. And thanks for sharing that with me. But what are you, what are you focused on? Are you focused on the long term? Are you focused on what I am going to accomplish this year? Do you have something that you're aiming for? What are the milestones maybe that are milestones for you that you've already set in stone or things that you're aiming for? That maybe you haven't down and put up on a wall but you're aiming for?

Brie: Yes, so actually, I really I'm really glad you asked that. So if we're thinking long term. I mean, when I went into something like this, I was thinking long term because I was like I'm never stepping foot at a job ever again. Like it's my long term and my mindset was going to do this and you're going to make it happen. There's no other choice. So that's the mindset I gave myself with the skills that I learned from the training and courses that I took, I actually was able to get another marketing position certainly in my marketing and sales. I specifically got into every case as well as an actual job but I'm doing the same thing for both. So yes, it's really fun. 

I have the dream job and I've always wanted a brand new, huge company. It's amazing. So I have a long term and I have my tube. I have my own business and I have this one and the company and they've all seen my tech talk and so they're alright, like let's do that for us. Permanently and it worked out extremely well for me and I couldn't thank you enough for being your everything because I would not be here today without learning everything that I did both which is my problem I'm having right now.

Dave: There's always a challenge, breathers always a challenge and like Bill, our guests last week, a military guy of 25 years or something he said something I'll never forget. He said my challenge and that's why I like it. They're my challenges, not somebody else's challenges and I take pride in overcoming my challenges. I don't have to overcome your challenges. I don't ever have to overcome my neighbors' challenges. I don't ever have to overcome my relatives' challenges and all that because that's codependency and that ain't none of my business. But I got to overcome my challenges. I like how you caught yourself right there. I'm happy to talk about your problems and challenges with you but you know what the truth of the matter is is when you get off of this and you go into your daily routine and you go handle those challenges that will do way more for you way more for your self esteem way more for your confidence than me sitting here coddling you are trying to tell you it's okay or saying that I'll do it for you or anything like that. None of that we need to need to design ourselves the same way that we want to design our lives and we have to make ourselves into the entrepreneurs that we need to be when our parents weren't, you know, champion makers. They they weren't they were just sitting there trying to raise a kid and keep them alive for God's sakes, probably, you know, if we want to win, we have to go out and learn how to win and we have to overcome our challenges and that's what I hear in new breed and that's why why you've been successful and that's why I know that this is just the beginning for you. So thank you for sharing this unbelievable message this morning. I absolutely packed if you will. What would you leave? Leave us with this more

Dave: We need to hear one last word from you. What would you leave us with this morning?

Brie: My last words I would have to say are and this is because I had to teach myself this is to live the life that you deserve. And I have put that in all at the end of my emails because I feel like that is so important, like understand my worth until I had to take a step back and see things from a way bigger picture and see more opportunity opened up many opportunities as well I should say because a lot of people kind of looked at me funny when I told them what I was doing. And then when they saw how fun and cool my videos were they're like that is amazing. Amazing. Like I love that. Like how'd you do that? And I thought it was funny. But it made me happy that you live the life that you deserve. And anyone tell you that anything you're doing is stupid because if it makes

Dave: If you're happy, who cares if anybody else is happy, you know what I mean? Like that's where I'm also there in my life right now worry with with a lot of you know a lot of people where it was just maybe the older I get it and thankfully that happens as you get older or has happened with me anyways, you know, I've I've you know, I went and I got the dad body you know I chasing around the kids. I don't have time for bullshit. You know what I mean? So it's like, I think also we both start to care less what people think. But also, we've got less time for the bullshit and time wasters and people who don't believe in our dreams are not going to support us and I think we start to realize what support looks like. It's not a family member who says they love us but shames us or criticizes us. It's somebody who says, Hey, you shouldn't have told me let me just say, Hey, I'm here to support you. How can I make you feel loved? Because love and support is an action word, right? And so we have a choice. We concern ourselves with these people and that's what's so great about it. I think this community has so many different people that I can connect with it. Even if you know I don't have entrepreneurs and people in my family or whatever that understand that not all are going to understand. They understand. They know who Benjamin Franklin is and they understand that language but anyway, a lot of friends I'm friends with in this industry, man. You know, it's amazing. My wife was like not in my business and not a part of my business when I first started and now she's full time we work side by side every single day in a different room. In the same house, you know what I mean? It's cool, it's a cool thing. So don't give up and I'm not speaking to you, bro. Just just everybody. Don't give up on your family. Don't give up on your friends. Just keep doing you and you'll see who loves and supports you just keep doing you don't give up on them yet. Even if it seems like they gave up on you or whatever. Just keep your eye on the prize and don't let anybody get you off track. It really takes a lot of focus. And somebody said yesterday, really putting the blinders on. And you've described that in your own way this morning. Breathe is just that focus and that determination and that willingness to experiment. And I think they used that word earlier. So thank you. It's been wonderful and honoring your energy is wonderful. Thanks so much. We'll talk to you later. So connect with Bree, she's awesome. And I really enjoyed that conversation as I do. Each and every morning. So give her some support. Give her a follow, see what you can learn from her. Add her to your network of people who are understanding and supportive of what we're doing here. Right. It's like there's a new friend that you can meet every morning and there's somebody new even if you don't watch the show one morning, which I don't know why you wouldn't but you know, there's a lot of friends you can make in this community. So if you're new here, don't underestimate it was just, there was so much in that interview. Experience, Min teen it which taps into the hole, which taps into the whole initiative versus entitlement thing I've been talking about this week. I mean, there was just a lot to unpack in that. And the biggest thing that I hope everybody walks away with each morning is just the fact that really you're seeing people who are ordinary just like you or you're just your parents, whatever meaning that tells faculty what to think that's so valuable.

Dave: So make a decision today to continue to go through the challenge if you're going through the challenge to invest in yourself and your education if that's something you feel compelled to do here or somewhere else, get into our Blueprints if you can, they'll change everything. For you, if you use them if you use them, my friend and come back for another episode. Tomorrow we'll see it'll be Friday. 10am

How To Work A Full Time Job While Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What's going on everybody? Happy Wednesday. June 8. I hope you guys are doing well. We're live and we are live every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. If you're newer to our show you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. You'll get a little text message reminder, every single time that we go live. I can actually show you exactly what this looks like.

And then you know you can you can I just tapped it. Boom, there it is. You hit play your shot right into Facebook. So we are pumped to have you all with us and we've got a fun and exciting show. We're going to chat a little bit about how the legendary marketer education has transformed the lives of Lisa and Lance and talk a little bit about what they do and all of their businesses so we would love to we also have another special guest who's going to pop on as well which we don't typically do you and I'm excited about that. So we joined. Let's bring on our guests and before I bring on our guests can we do a little hand clap emoji. Just to welcome in. Lisa and Lance. How's it going? 

Lisa: Morning! How are you? Morning doing well. It is beautiful. It was good. Actually, I shouldn't say it's beautiful. It's hot. Here in Phoenix. We're expecting like 107 Today it's gonna be pretty brutal. But yeah, it'll be fine. So you know we when we go live with clients and people who came into our fleet and ended up having success. We typically don't do this but I'm gonna bring on a guy who is I think pretty instrumental, dear success, but I'll let you guys actually confirm that. Daniel is here with us. 

Lisa: Hi Daniel. How are you? 

Daniel: Hi, Lisa.

Matt:  Hey, what's up? I've actually never met Daniel like officially I don't we haven't actually like met face to face. We've been on different meetings and stuff but I just wanted to bring him on cuz he recommended that you guys come on the show. And I was one of the main reasons we reached out and said you guys have a cool story that you share with us and so how was your guys' time with Daniel What was that like and then Daniel, maybe you can share a little bit about your experience up to?

Lisa: Well, I'm the one who met with Daniel. And I did of course, you know, the challenge. And you know, meeting Daniel was very transforming. He used a lot of language that was, you know, action oriented, and very personable. And that's he actually, just meeting a person of Legendary helped me realize that it was a real authentic group of people. And then also we just got to know each other in a different way. I even shared my husband's story with Daniel and what he had gone through in his life experiences because Daniel shared a little bit about himself with me and I was like, You know what, Daniel, I'm going to share a video, a YouTube video of my husband and an interview. And it was you know, he had said it was impactful so, you know, that's basically the communication that you get when you go into one of these stuff into the community is, you know, you just, it's, it's very transforming. Cool.

Matt:  That's so cool. Daniel, and what, when you're working with them and working with most clients, what's that been like? And there's a lot of people on here who have never met a business plan advisor, I have no idea what you do. Maybe you can tell people in a minute what exactly it is you do and how you walk people through and then what was your experience chatting with Lisa like,

Daniel:  You know, as a business plan advisor I my main objective is just to really guide, advise, listen, and just give you the best direction on how to do it the right way right. And do it the right way the first time but working with Lisa was actually a little bit of home because she has such an inspirational story with Lance, what he's gone through I have very similar paths to that. And overcoming those objections in life was really very inspiring for me and then to hear the story come to light of how amazing that they're doing. I couldn't couldn't be less than anything but happy for them. Super cool.


Matt:  I love it. Daniel, you probably have calls to get on and stuff. I just wanted to bring you on. Thanks for coming on, man.

Lisa: Thank you, Daniel. Thanks for everything. Appreciate it.

Matt: Well, cool. I'm glad that he got to stop and that was awesome. Oh, nice. So you guys found us found Legendary in like, I don't know, way back in June of last year. So I think it was actually looked and it was almost a year ago to this day that you originally found us and tell us about finding us and then it I don't know if it took a little bit of time to get into our program or to start the training but tell us just a little bit about how you found us first of all, and then and then what happened after you purchased our course and how did that whole process shake out?

Lisa: So real quick when the situation happened. I was laid off from work. It was only like four months that I was laid off. Labs continue to work because Lampson is an addictions counselor at a prestigious Recovery Center here in Southern California. So he continued to work which helped us. He's been through a lot. I mean, Malibu fires run through all the addiction treatment centers so he was like home a year prior and so just we've been through a lot here in Southern California. But anyhow, so in about a month we were considered essential. And we were told to go back to work because I'm in the food supply chain. And when I went back to work, pretty much like one out of every third person went back to work. And I'm in my late 60s And I was just I'm personally speaking now to this day I'm just exhausted entirely physically it's laborious. And it's been like that ever since it's really hard to find workers. But regardless of that, so about a year passes and I'm telling myself mentally in my head, there's got to be an easier way there's got to be an easier way to make life gotta be an easier way and I went online on YouTube, YouTube, watch her and I want you to all the time, and I saw I typed in how to make money online. I came across a gentleman who did a 30 minute video. Yeah, I broke down into 10 different ways to make money online. I said wait until the end because I got the best one for you in my top 10. It was a 15 second three lead challenge and he didn't make any grandiose claims. He just said follow what they do and you know you will end up making money and he's but you have to follow up to the tee. So I signed up. It was like $1 Yeah, so after I signed up for the dollar, I was like, you know, it doesn't really cost me that much, it just seemed like just you know, added up a little bit. So I also purchased something else. But what he didn't say is when you sign up for TikTok because that's the 15 second free line when you sign up for TikTok. Don't get distracted, which I did.

Matt: You gotta you gotta mean case of scroliosis

Lisa: And my thumb's are not that strong. That generation you know, you guys have powerful bones.  So about so as the summer months came, it was getting harder and harder to work and that's when I started checking out 15 Second free leads. They showed me everything like how to take a portrait, a profile picture, talked about all the details anyway, going. I then realized I was getting emails from David Sharpe about other options and that did have the 15 Day Challenge. And around October is when I just pointed and clicked and I just took the challenge and that's when I met Daniel. And it took me a while after that. I was in my head all the time, about Oh, I gotta get this I got it. The structure doesn't reverse. And on Christmas day I told my husband I say you know what? I'm just gonna do it. And I put my first video out and like couldn't fit on the screen. But I said show up every day and you never know what happens. So I'm close to 7000 followers and it's pretty, it's organic.

Matt: Traffic 7000 Wow. That's super cool.

Lisa: And I post once a day, okay. Wow,

Matt: That's pretty amazing. Actually. How long ago did you start posting daily?

Lisa: On that day? Oh, by so up once a day there might be like, I make a couple of times. I've made a couple of mistakes or I thought I posted like, you were boarding on a flight and I go okay, great. I posted it. Show up later on that next day. I'm like, dang, and then go through. So you know, there's those things that happen. But once a day, it really does help, you know, just to show up and put something every now and then times a day. But I know my limitations and I know me. If I go full gangbusters like seven eight times a day or like people say we want to get you know, a lot of traffic. I'm going to suffer from burnout and you probably won't see me.

Matt: Yeah. Oh, totally.

Lisa: And this I've always said this and this is actually my tagline that this is a marathon. It's not a sprint.

Matt: Like that a lot. That is something that we're gonna get the sort of background behind the scenes in our company and legendary. We operate a framework, basically just, you know, Lord, please just don't let us eff this up like that's kind of the mantra that we've taken on. Just don't, don't f it up. You know? What we mean by that is Verizon sprint every day we come up as marketers with these crazy ideas. Oh, wow. We could change our whole business. But here we go with this stuff and the truth is, it is just kind of showing up every day, being consistent and taking action. Taking meaningful hard action, but just being consistent showing up every day. There's a lot to be said about that. It's especially amplified in an industry like ours where you might get a lot of people who are always launching new courses and here's the hot new thing. And we decided to take more of an approach of selling information about a business model that has really been done for a long, long time I could do 12 years ago and it was different. I mean, we didn't have Tic Toc, but we have blogs and we had, you know, forums and I don't know weird stuff, but it was just it looked different, but it's done the same exact thing that I've been doing. So anyway, that's cool. That's cool. And I'm guessing you've learned a lot and also probably grown a lot in you know, showing up consistently on social media after you know, never really having much social media presence. Like you know if you've grown.

Lisa: Well you know what's happened is not only is my is I could see what I didn't see before and that's through the knowledge that I've gained from the from the blueprints, but also just the association with legendary you know, I like I said I was a big YouTube consumer, I was a big consumer of content. And I would watch and then I even went on people's Patreon and because I liked their channel, and so I was open on Patreon, right? But I never made the connection that that is an income stream for them or clicked the link below. That's an income stream for them or we're gonna go out on boxing today because we got a lot of gifts from our fans. Right then comes through and you're going into this free and training it just you learn a new language and you learn a new perspective. And you start seeing what you've always seen, but you never really saw it. And you know, now I'm like this is possible. This isn't you know, the emails are an asset. You know, the platform and the Evergreen traffic, you don't learn that language. You know, this is all new language that you learn. So the Evergreen traffic, that's an asset. You start listening to some of the people that you like. I followed the Whoa on YouTube, and he did a chat, a walk and talk and he talked about how he's been posting daily on YouTube for 10 years. And the man since he started singing for 10 years he's got all these evergreen tiles on his page. He makes money on ad sets. He makes his money on a few merch things, and he doesn't for anybody. So he's 48 years old and is going to be 50 I think. And he's just got half a million people on him and daily. People come in and see that they couldn't see a tile or from like, five years ago. Right? Yeah. And it's just constantly running. Yes, all the time. It's everything.

Matt: I show that sometimes. You said something that I talk about so often but you said something about. I’m going to share my screen here real quick, about making money with Adsense and stuff like that. This is the part of the business that a lot of people don't think about. They're starting some sort of content creation, but this might be hard to do, but you don't really need to see it. This guy is Zack George and lots of people know about this guy, Zach. He does dog training. And you know, I show this in the decade in the day sometimes search for dog training or something like that. And usually when I search for dog training, one of his YouTube videos will come up and in particular, one of them is from 2013, I think. And that thing just lives on the first page of Google for one of the most hotly searched I had never clicked on a video either so it wasn't like they were remembering that I like him or something. And, and also a guy named Judd, Judd all bring he's really popular on YouTube. Last mastermind you know, he was talking all about how people were asking, well, how you know, whether certain streams of income can you do or whatever. And I think Judd has, you know, Judd has about 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. And he said you know, I'm I'm I do about $95,000 in just getting paid from YouTube, just getting paid from YouTube got didn't even have to sell anything or put any links in my bio or anything. And I could basically make $95,000 a year, but he makes those you know, when you talked about the 2030 minute video kind of thing, like he makes style content, some of them he's got a 51 minute video, long stuff like that, but people forget that if you can get good at creating content, especially on YouTube, you can monetize all of that content. And like you can just forget about selling anything. You should, I think but some people just don't want some people like us that literally stood out to me as he doesn't work for anybody. He's not reporting to where he's sitting at home, and his sweatbands in his kitchen. He showed each of us his first videos here. I don't know how I got on this rant. I'm sorry, but I did his videos from oldest to newest and he just wanted to show us you know hey look like my oldest first videos three years ago are kind of crowded trying to figure out and I'll show you how to reply from the internet. Like he's like, look, I'm sitting in our kitchen. In our tiny 700 square foot apartment in Chicago. We've got kids and stockings up here. I got kids' toys piled up behind me. Got a dog bed down here and I'm sitting here in a little V neck and and I got a pen here and and I'm off and running and I don't care as I just you know, and I just I find that funny because he it just boils down to getting started showing up consistently every day and he's obviously been really successful with us right now but and with other me also promoting things like click funnels and software tools and all kinds of stuff. So anyway, I don't know how I got on the Judd Judd all brain rant, but here we are. So you guys are also you do, Lance, a little bit of work on like YouTube and things that are on a podcast, I think YouTube on the brain. Tell us a little bit about that. And how did that start?

Lance: Well, you know, about 11 years ago I came home from a stay in upstate for those that know what that means, you know, and didn't have my compass. I didn't know what direction I was going to take. But I knew I was going to be responsible. So I had a little no kitchen job and then a maintenance job and because of my benefit over 29 years, I wouldn't say just sober is the people that taught me how to find my way back from that darkness really. It was like being taught by a master how to grow up. You know what I mean? Super Powers. And it was like, I love you. But I'm going to tell you a truth that you're not going to like, if you follow my direction, you're going to have an amazing life. You know, because a lot of times we don't want to hear the truth. We should shy away from it. But we know like somebody's telling it from a place of love. You can't run away from that. They've got your best interest. And so I came home and I was working on this for a friend of mine and one of the treatment centers here in Culver City and he was like, you know, you're going to school for this counseling thing. Today you're a counselor and I'm going to give you a caseload and it was like, okay, okay, and you know, it's not I wouldn't even call it counseling, I would just call it Life mentoring, and it goes beyond alcohol or substances because anybody can get sober but not a lot of people know how to live a good life. Especially if you've been using them for 5-10, 20 years, and you get sober data. But there's in the 25th century What the hell is this? And a lot of people don't understand that aspect of learning how to live a healthy life can be inspired by purpose and passion and to live and believe that you can actually achieve it. So you know, I've had really good success with a lot of the clients for that work there. And I usually get a lot of the guys coming home from prison or jail or the failure to launch kids that come from the rich families in Beverly Hills. Because they just needed some love and direction. It's kind of funny how you can get a guy in prison as an only kid out of Beverly Hills. It's a failure to launch and there's not a big difference. Wow. Yeah. And teaching them how to live their lives was a passion. It's what I do to this day even when I'm working in a treatment center. Because I don't really talk a lot about drugs and alcohol. That's easy. We get that how to live life is a whole other level of life and let go of the past narratives and like I can't do this. I'm not good enough or mom did this or dad did that and you got to get to that narrative to see today and never live well. So I left there because I was a little egotistical in my success and thought I'd be a high muckety muck in a treatment center and found out they were doing shady stuff. You know there's people like that in the universe and made a decision that I'm not going to have my name attached to something that doesn't have integrity on it because that's what I stand for. So I quit with a parachute. Wow. And yeah, exactly like okay, how am I gonna pay my bills? But right, I had built relationships with people which is really the most important part. I think of anything we do in your industry or my industry or in life. And I called a friend and she was an old supervisor who knew me and I said, Do you know anywhere where there's any work and she goes, would you not do process groups and I'm like, No, of course. You know, compensation is really the essence of everything we do as people to learn and grow. And so she goes, You know, I'm not a cliffside here in Malibu, and I can give you three groups a day and pay $100 a group and I'm like, Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Like that beats $18 an hour for sure. I've probably been to the cliffside now. Six to seven years. Oh, wow. Okay. But in the interim of all of that a lot of changes are happening in life. Just like David. Is your partner David?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, he's the founder. 

Lance: Well, he had a while back on the set where everybody was trying to calm him down because he wanted to burn buildings. down around those rules that were fucking trashy by language.

Matt: He doesn't mind that. I don't mind.

Lance: I got him 100% Because just like in your industry, there's a lot of people that are all about the money and not about the clients and helping them grow. better lives. Yeah. And I've watched that over the years in the industry I'm in and I think in my industry is a little bit more heartfelt because we're not just talking about taking advantage of people for their money. These people are on the verge of overdosing on fit and all or dying on the streets are hurting a family again. And it's just something that's been a passion for me to really step in and just be the best I can be there but I'm growing my I have a company I started three four years ago. And it's hard, it's not unlike on my own trying to figure it out. But I've watched Lisa. I'm inspired by what she's doing with you guys.

Lisa: And now we're getting to the whole thing about YouTube and TikTok.

Lance: I had a guy. I hired somebody, a coach out of Florida who helped me like I guess get comfortable with myself on a stage. And I think that's a really big part of it. Because you know, you've got to have a presence and know who you are. And I'm not an egotistical guy, although I probably could be if I wanted to be but I'm more about helping people. It's like it's not an ego thing. It's a spirit thing. You know, because 29 years ago, I was in an ad seg cell in a prison with no hope of ever coming home. Instead of prayer, like on my knees, snot coming out of my nose and crying profusely thinking I was going to die in prison. God I can't live a decent life and continue to do the things I'm doing helped me and everything has changed since then. And me sitting here. I could get emotional so I'm gonna maintain it a little bit as but me sitting here is a result of a lot of people who got established and inspired to change. And I'm just an echo in that in that journey of many others before me. And everything I have is a result of all those people Bill Bob and even the people that came before that did the help of helping other people. And so now I'm sitting here today, and my company is called wide. Obviously we get addicted but what about your life and creating content that helps people connect to life and to it's more than just getting sober? It's about transforming your life. It really is like letting go of the things that haven't worked and stepping into something new and unknown. And I'm really big on changing the narrative that we have a conversation with ourselves about in teaching people that they can live in today and have a better future. So I have so many things on the plate that I've been consumed during COVID working in Malibu an extra day so I mean I was doing I tell the clients to have a balance in their lives, but we're doing the scheduling the other takes up teaching them how to do scheduling. They give a calendar, but seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And I feel it now.

Lisa: That's what we were talking about. This is what we're talking about the other day, the calendar. Yeah. Why don't you make a calendar? Why don't you make a journal? Why don't you make a program? You know, and this is something that you could watch on your channel. This is something you can launch as a platform you know, and that's where, you know, you can actually have a way to transform other people's lives experiencing something very similar. His story's not similar to a lot of but but doing this.

Matt:  I love it

Lance: With the clients because you know, I'm not gonna. I wouldn't realize that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and four days a week. I've dedicated four hours a day to traffic and commuting through LA and eight hours to accompany that's not really I'm making somebody else's dreams come true and not mine financially. And so I've made a decision in the past two weeks to take that extra depth and giving them back to move that resource of time into writing the book or more it's not a book, it's a workbook. Yeah. But that and creating content and working on my website and on the YouTube and the TikToks and all this stuff, because I'm learning that exposure is in very, very important thing to get yourself out there right taking action. And so I am on a podcast with a gentleman where we interview a lot of people that have had life experiences, whether it's in prison, we just got done doing one with Theo Flurry, the hockey player. Yeah, he's amazing. We had a great hour long conversation with him as he's driving through some outskirts of Canada in the woods somewhere, you know, yeah, I was in the woods. But, you know, in talking about my friend Mark, who's one of the cofounders of the largest blood gang and Los Angeles case and how he's helping transform lives today. in Pasadena. I do groups on Wednesday night with him over there with gang members to help them see a better life. It's very active, but I'm also going to do a podcast where my own company was setting that up. 

Lisa: We're setting up our space. Mimecast

Lance: It's about creating somebody because I tell you this and I'll let loose and get back in here in industry, in an industry, where we help people sustain better lives and find sobriety and build lives. On a good day, long term sobriety is what we want. We want a better life. We want sobriety and a better life. On a good day. Most treatment centers have a success rate in that spectrum, including a or NA and there's gonna be a lot of people that don't like this but it's just faculty. On the best day, there's a 15% long term success rate. Now you have guys that keep coming back, which is great, but just overall somebody that says I'm done, I want a better life and I'm stepping into it. A 15% success rate. I'm disgusted with that. And I get it. It's both and it's the clients and the facilities. But if I'm a heart surgeon and you're coming in for heart surgery, and I say I have evidence based practices, I have the best staff, the best facility and I sell it. Yeah. And you go okay, what's your success rate? And I say, if 10% On a good day, you're not gonna let me do heart street. You are right yet. We're selling that agenda. And it's become about making money. And the quick fix of getting people sober, but we are not really addressing the long term aftercare things and that's where live over addiction comes in. So if you have a loved one that's in treatment, and you just spent 35 or $40,000, putting them through 30 days of treatment, and on the back end, they get a pat on the butt and good luck with the therapy or someplace they really don't know right? It's no wonder they keep relapses like prisons recidivism rate is about the same, which is sad. And so here I am saying for $2,500 a month, all walk with your loved one. That's his coaching. Walk with your loved one for $2,500 a month. Not much considering what you just spent right to help your loved one navigate and have a plan and a goal and a schedule. And stay after the fact. Yeah, yeah. To live their life and step into that world that they don't know how to navigate the mediation with the family and with themselves work. And right now, that's a really big void unless some companies are saying, I work with you, but you gotta send a document. We're gonna be there for hours a day, four days a week, we're going to make sure you get good meals to treat your ILP and that's $45,000 for three months on a contract and I'm like, What am I doing wrong? Well, you know, it's not that's

Matt: And that's everywhere because my wife worked in, my wife worked in a mental health practice and same thing. She was an inpatient or an inpatient place where people who had tried to harm themselves would come in and spend a week there. And it's sort of like, you know, rehab facility or whatever, where there's intensive care, there's some meds, there's some, you know, get people stable, right. And, and then after that, that's like, a, you know, like, nice little pat on the back. Hope it goes well, you know, and they refer people to outpatient and stuff, but getting insurance involved and getting all this stuff. It's like, you know, how much hope and how much real help is being given beyond that. I like to relate with that so much because I don't know what their percentage is, but their percentage of people who are coming back with another attempt or a you know, another threat to you know, overdose on pills on, same thing, it's happening all the time. I feel like just stepping in there and doing that, or, or by saying that, what a what a what a vision to see the exact solution that needs to be there. But also, I just want to say that that's really cool that you actually are executing on it because there's a lot of people that I know who sit in your role or people who worked with my wife who just talk about that a lot. They just talk about it a lot. And they don't really do much if anything about it. They just sit and complain about it. Like hey, this what a problem we have, what a problem that exists, what a problem and at some point, somebody's gonna be like, hey, look like there's a clear solution here. Let's solve this. And then the other thing. Yeah, the other thing that came to mind too, is just how if you've ever seen on TikTok or YouTube, I mean the amount of channels and videos and content that are centered around people who have gotten sober, and just how viral and how powerful some of that content is. I mean, I've seen comments where people are, are talking about how you know one video one single video they were, they were, you know, half a bottle deep of Jack and they were like, they will just watch one video and something clicked and I've seen people who are a year sober two years sober. From the moment they saw a tick tock video, which I'm sure isn't super common, but still, when you really think about it, you know, you have this opportunity to sort of intercept people. I always think of marketing as as like the ability to just sort of accept attention and just sort of step into their their train of thought, and you can just you know, somebody's just sitting here, you know, like Lee so I was just scrolling and just one message one the way somebody says something can just immediately have like, Whoa, I never thought of it like that. And it would be just such a shame if people who are experts in certain things or have had crazy life experiences and have grown and become new people if they didn't share those not everybody's gonna share their stuff. But you know, I mean, you hired a coach and got all of this. I mean, you've got this new business running. I'll just tell you that man. Dave said something to our mastermind that I thought was really impactful. He said people don't need more training. They need to hear more stories. They don't need more training. They just need to hear more people's stories and what because the stories transform people. The life experience is, you know, on my knees, not running from my nose in prison. That's the kind of shit where people are like, oh, man, yeah, I feel I've been there before you know, and you can give them all the training and calendars which the calendar is great, too, all of that stuff. But when they connect with something like that, man that's really transformational.

Lisa: And when you're doing it with them, yeah. Action, you're doing it. You're guiding them by hand, you know, and I think there's like the actors rule. I'm not an actor. I live in Los Angeles and I don't like not having a headshot, but everybody seems to have but there's that breaking that veil, right. I guess there's like a role where you don't want to. I don't know if anybody out there knows what that is. But TikTok breaks and you really expose yourself. You know, I'll show up with like, sit here and pre-stick the shirt, you know, because I just finished cooking all kinds of stuff. And, you know, there's no rules really except watch the language but I don't think there's something that you know, the model in my company in my life, and Lisa will tell you a brown public I'll just talk to anybody if I'm if I get an opportunity to conversate my whole principle and what I believe in is let's start a new conversation. That life is really what it's about. Because the old conversation if it's not working for you, why are you keeping it?

Matt: I just gotta say that reminds me of my wife's a therapist, and we would talk about this thing called narrative based therapy, which is it sounds almost exactly like what you're talking about, which is beginning a new conversation that's not centered around shame and guilt and all of the past baggage. But let's read what if we reach the whole new store what if a new store started to have that sound? You know, and I love it. So I don't know, I think for different people, different modalities. But man, for whatever reason, even just just hearing about that therapy, modality for me feels so empowering. I'm like, yes, let's start a new story.

Lance: Like I can let go of that and have something new. It's like, thank you. Oh, it's like, I tell them that the narrative that we've had our whole lives is a prison we've created, I think in the movie Shawshank Redemption. The clients love this. Because that's one of my favorite movies is the ATM that we create this prison or it's imposed on us by family or environment or trauma and we go around in this self imposed prison. And it's almost we've become comfortable with it because it's been uncomfortable. And we've learned to survive and live with it like that Linus blanket and Charlie Brown. And it's like, it stinks. And nobody wants us around and we're miserable. We're hopeless. We have no purpose. It's like, somebody shoot me please or eat me. Yeah. And it's like, I tell the clients, getting out of where you're stuck is not going to be easy, that comfort zone. Little on a lot of uncomfortability for a short period of time to get your freedom from that place, yeah, what's the value of that? And I said, movie Shawshank the guy had to climb down and break a shitty ass pipe and crawl through 500 yards of shit to get free. That's really the way there's there's the only way out for us is to say okay, and make a decision for our lives. Moving forward. And going forward means I gotta clean up a lot of stuff and leave it in the past. Yep, learn how to like it's a narrative that's like a book that doesn't have the emotional content that it wants to add anymore. Once you do the work. It's there but it's like it's there. I'm here today and I'm thriving, and that's what I want my life to be about. When people can connect with that. Man, there's nothing like I can be tempted by a lot of things. I will not compromise. I will not compromise my integrity that keeps me out of that prison.

Lisa: Just like me as well. I have a lot of workplace trauma. Yes, that I've actually had kind of like in that hole. I've held it in. Just posting and sharing my story. A lot of these memories are starting to come up and starting. Yeah, starting to go. You know what, I think I should do a tick tock or a short on workplace trauma. I bet there's a lot of people who don't even know that they haven't, you know, and if they can identify I'm helping somebody and adding value into their life. Wow. Magic is how you do that in 30 seconds.

Lance: Lisa is a great example of what I just shared about Legendary and what you guys are doing with her. Not about the money that'll come with it or not? It's not about TikTok. It's not about all those things. Lisa was in a prison with this trauma with this concept of I don't know what I want to do. And now I see her I come home. She's in a real office by the bed. Or she's like working on something you have perfect. She's inspired to live today. And that's the most important. Everything else that comes out like gravy.

Lisa: I think that's why I do one TikTok a day because I'm present. What I put out. I'm present. I'm thinking about it. I'm doing something I'm writing down and then you know and and there's no such thing as a flopped video. If you show 100 views, that's 100 people, right? That's a lot of people. So you know, some people came in to fill a restaurant with that many people. So you know the thing is, if you have an impact on one person, double the value of your life. You know, so it's, there's no way I would not have done this if I had not just literally I'm not selling the 15 Day Challenge. I'm saying if you want to transform by purpose, there's little gifts in there all the way along with that and it has an impact on your future. Wow.

Matt:  You guys are cool, man. You guys are just cool. I like you guys a lot. You guys have a lot of wisdom and experience. I feel like that all of us can get a lot from let's see, for social media means you want people to follow you on TikTok. Is that a good spot for them to find you?

Lance: @Live_over_addiction

Lisa: Damage Done Podcast. Yeah, the damage done podcast for me.

Lance: My website is There's a link on there where people can go they can click the link it sets up like a free consultation, no money, you know, over like 1020 minutes to see if it's a good fit to help you or your loved one. And again, you know, it's because it's not for everybody and not everybody can afford it. I understand. I actually have a sliding scale depending. But those are the two key pieces. I mean, the website and the link set up a conversation which is what it's about working on file. 

Lisa: I made the funnel. I had done that for so long and I was like, Oh, my God, I did it in the TikTok start now I gotta do it again. All again. Today I was watching decade day like midway through I was like this my brain, the language I was like, what happened? Where am I?

Matt: Yeah, it's totally like beginning algebra and they start putting x's and y's in the math equations. Like it would happen to like four times for like, this doesn't make any sense. Well, cool. 

Lisa: And I'm starting another one that'll be coming up but that's not working. It's going to be a lifestyle. Awesome. People ask me every day about my hair color, some light, some on about lifestyle and things like that and I gotta lose weight. My health is not that good. So the doctor put me on weight loss.

Matt:  Well, you can you can you can bring all of that get all that stuff can be brought together. And yeah, you can absolutely do that.

Lisa: Six months transformation, six months.

Matt: A lot of you know you want to know you want to know funny. Here's what I'll wrap up with this. But here's a really funny example. A creative example of how people have tied together things like making money on the internet and health. We upload ideas, daily basis, looking at videos that will inspire everyone wanting to focus and most of his videos are like his videos. He's done a lot with shorts recently, but most of his videos yeah, here we go. Are like five early cancer warning signs or like how you know home remedies to treat toenail fungus and weird stuff. Weird stuff. Well, Chris, we've had him on the show before and he says financial concerns impacting your health. This may help even if he points people to heart voice people to our company and product. And he can kind of figure out a way to monetize this channel. He makes money from YouTube obviously but he just makes all the videos himself. He does all the editing and he just finds ideas. You know five foods you should eat if you want to lose weight. But he connected that all and you know he makes a decent little income from just not decent a little I mean, it just makes it come from YouTube channel. He's got some affiliate stuff he does too, but there's plenty. I just think I like when people do things that are creative, outside the box, because he's super interested in health stuff, but he's also really creative as a marketer and loves marketing and enjoys that aspect of it. But anyway, you guys are a blast. We're coming up in almost an hour or so. I'm gonna let you guys go for the day and anytime that you guys would like to come back on, I mean, if you guys are taking breaks or starting new things, coaching things going great. We would love to have you guys back on and I'd especially love for you guys to meet Dave and share a bit of your journey with him as well. And so just reach out to Roxy and maybe and see how many days we can have you guys back on. That'd be great. Yeah, thanks for coming on guys.

Lisa: Have a great one. Take care.

Matt: See? Alright guys, so you can follow Lisa and Lance right here. Let them know what was powerful today. Were a wrap for today. Wednesday, June 8. Dave will be back here tomorrow and Friday and have a good rest of your Wednesday. We'll see you back here. Tomorrow at 10am Eastern.

Why Mindset Is The Most Important Part Of Success

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends it's your boy Dave Sharpe. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I just rolled out of bed about five minutes ago. So I am waking up legendary this morning. This morning we had a factory worker and teaching assistant of 23 years. Nichole is welcome to the show. What did you do in the factory?:

Nichole: An assembly line and inspection. And I remember wanting to make my son breakfast in the morning and take him to school.

Dave: That sounds like a good reason to want to get out of factory life. Explain to folks what it was like to be a teacher’s assistant.

Nichole: I didn’t like college. I help kids who are struggling with math.

Dave: You wrote in about your brother passing, I’m really sorry that happened.

Nichole: That is where my journey began. March 21st 2021 my 26th brother was killed on his motorcycle by a distracted driver. He was on his phone and his life was over that day. After some of the shock wore off time began a strange phenomenon. I could almost physically hear a clock tick. I started to feel like I was aging faster, my parents were aging faster, my kids were getting older faster. And I was aware that we’re only here for a certain amount of time and I started to look back on my life and ask myself Nicole, what have you done with the last 21 years? What will your kids remember about you? When they're older that you chose all the overtime you could get? You were always tired. You were always stressed about money even when you weren't working? What will they remember about you? And I wasn't happy with what my answers were. And so I knew I knew that I needed to take my time back. 

Dave: What a story, what a perspective and what a deep what a deep. Why, you know, and that doesn't mean that you can't still have bad days and that doesn't mean that you can still feel like given up sometimes and I don't want folks to listen to this and be like, oh Nicole's been delivered stone tablets itself and now has some motivational touch but my lord or do you feel connected and motivated by these by these things that you've just told us about?

Nichole: Absolutely, Barb McGowan. I do want to mention her because she's amazing. And we had a conversation, and I don't even think she realizes what a blessing that conversation was to me. But she said, Nicole, your Why should make you cry. And it absolutely did. And it does. And I think that as humans we're so used to feeling weak or vulnerable when we're in pain or an uncomfortable space, and that couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of strength and determination and power that is inside of your pain point or your unconscious base is unmatched. And I had to get inside of my why. And get in that uncomfortable space and stay there for a minute so that I could get my mindset right. You mentioned that in the first couple days the 15 day business builder challenge. Had I known the transformation that was going to create me, I had no idea. It was a painful, amazing, beautiful transformation. And I would purchase it over and over and over again. Yeah, it went so far. It went so far beyond affiliate marketing.

Dave: That's fantastic. Well, my journey has gone so far beyond I going I forget I'm doing affiliate marketing sometimes honesty and I until someone's you know, thinks this is just all about affiliate marketing. I'm like, Oh yeah, that's what we're doing here but it's, you know, the skills that we're developing here if one you and anyone else listening leans into this process instead of just stuck. We had a guy this weekend and God bless them. Okay, God bless him. But he bought our challenge on a gift card on Saturday and by Sunday, you know, was was emailing our customer support over and over and over and over and over again asking for a $7 refund. And it's like, those are two opposite extremes. You know what I mean? Those are two opposite extremes. And neither is wrong and neither is right and I'm not here to judge, but I'm just observing human behavior. And I've seen so many people over the years and it's amazing how hard we work to fail. You know, we just we work so hard to struggle, you know, because we're unwilling to let go of beliefs and we're unwilling to let go of different perspectives or we're unwilling to let go of certain identities. And like you've just talked about each person's transformation looks totally different. And that's one of the big things I really want to drive home. Is it if you feel anything going on some uncomfortability and you lean into it, some some some thoughts of, oh, I'm good. This is going to fail and I'm going to be a miserable failure, but you stay the course. And you don't let your feelings just totally dominate your life and get it i over II I learned that in drug treatment, and I'll never forget that. It's not that feelings aren't important. But my feeling is especially when I'm doing something new can be all over the place. I can be I can be walking around like my father's feelings that he gave me from his father and I don't know what's really real I need to take a step back. That's good. Listen to Wake Up Legendary and why we do it every day. Because sometimes I need to find a good trusted person. I need to listen every day and that will help lubricate the joint so I can start stepping into my own bit my potential is really what it boils down to. And Nicole, it's not that your job in the factory wasn't meaningful. It's not that you're, it's not that your teacher's assistant work isn't meaningful. It's not any of that. But you're but it's it's it's not where you want to be and it's not it's it's caught you know, you can do something about it. The thing that's the first big decision is really actually deciding that I can change this. And you look back at yourself and I do too sometimes at some of the things that I did for multiple years, do you ever look at the 10? Or how long did you stay in the factory?

Nichole: 23 years between two factories.

Dave: So do you ever look at it? Obviously that was a part of your big moment, right? You kind of looked at what you said with your own words just a moment ago. I was 41 and I said What have I accomplished? That sort of was the moment of truth for you. It was a question similar to that. Right? Nichole: Well, I look back at my children's legs, right. That's the most important part of my life. That is my purpose. My wife. And I realized that I believed and my firstborn is now 16 and my baby is now six, and I missed it. I missed it. Because if I wasn't working, I would be exhausted because I've always been a really hard worker. I was raised by a single mom who never complained and she taught us you don't have time to sit down and cry about it, get up and work. And so I always kind of patted myself on the back. You know I took pride in how much I worked. But I was trading the best parts of my life for that paycheck. And so when he passed away, my brother, I realized that I'm not here forever. He was 26. And what am I going to do with the time that I have left here? And I'm not I'm not trying to sound sad or depressing or anything but that was just my personal reality. That's real. For me. And I just became so aware of the choices I make and how they will affect not only my life, but my children's lives. And I needed to do better and I knew that I could but I had to get my butt up and work.

Dave:  I am powerful from what I heard right there also and I talked about this for a decade and a day the other day with that group and it was very simple, it was a very simple, very simple slide initiative over entitlement. And it really is early. It's one of the big differences between the mindset that a lot of us have coming in and the mindset that we need and a lot of us come in with an attitude of entitlement where you know, it's amazing. I mean, I think I am just now coming to terms with the fact that the world really doesn't owe me shit. But I haven't. I haven't really liked that's a big pill to swallow. Seriously. It is. When you really really just come to terms with that nobody owes me shit. Yeah, nobody owes me a damn thing. And I don't owe anybody anything. Really like today and I'm not talking about little things where maybe I owe somebody an apology or an amends. I'm just saying. on a large scale, nobody's coming to save you, me, anybody. They might send us a check for $1,200 to get through a global you know what we do? I'm sure everybody felt really saved. Right? Nobody's coming to save you and nobody owes you shit Dave. And and I and in that initiative, even to come up with your own why? I mean people, the divide between entitlement in having initiative seems to be so thin for a lot of people. Because you know, I don't know, I don't know whether it's that we had things done for us whether it was how we were trained in school or a job. But I see a lot of people struggling because they don't know the difference between taking initiative and having entitlement. How would you define the difference between the two and how that applies in this having your own business.

Nichole: I really think that we go back to our mindset. You really have to dig for why you really have to. This is a business where you have to take ownership of your actions. Then, I don't know how to. I'm trying to come up with the right words.

Dave: Well, this business and actually, as you were talking when you were talking about your why what I was thinking about is the fact that you said you have to dig deep but I actually think that you just have to open your eyes and have some awareness to look around your life. And I will probably find your right why real quick, but I think that most of us live in a pretty deep seated denial about how bad things are or about how much we're not paying attention to our children or about how much we're stressed out over money. And I think that if we just open our eyes like you did, you said that just a second ago you said, you know, I gained awareness, I gained awareness and folks that's what I think how you can find your why is just be honest. If I guarantee you any. look up the definition of entitlement dammit google it. Don't you ask that in the comments. Then I see you over to Google in order to learn how to You Be resourceful. Okay, yeah. So, man, I think we can all just open our eyes and look around and find a pretty damn good reason if we're honest. To get our app in gear that was a thought that came up for me.

Nichole: But when I say digging, it's because I think we go through life and not everybody. And it's me telling my story. So in a perfect post, we coast through life or I had coasted through life that it was just normal to send my kids to daycare because well I have to go to work and it's normal to be tired after you've worked 12 hours in a factory so my why was very pretty deep. And that's where again, I had to go back to the mindset.  I had to dig, I had to do the work was truly a painful process. And one that I would do over and over and over again. Because it was so worth it. And it all started with education didn't you know I told you I had looked back on my life and you know that all started with my brother but I had truly begun the process of going in and tending to my own mindset. And until I started the education and to be really honest with you, I started I bought the challenge and on February 7 started the rest of February, March and even the first week of April. I was creating content and just nothing was happening. I had to stop, go back. Because I would ask if Psy was my business plan advisor and he was so helpful. I'm so thankful for him but I would say Stein, why isn't it working? What if it doesn't work? And he said Nicole, you say it one more time and never help you again. What he was really saying was affiliate marketing works, your education works your networking or I would say die I don't know what what, what kind of content. I can't hear you.

Dave:  That's what you heard from sigh he didn't say exact words. But sometimes it's up to us to translate what others are saying or find meaning in a situation. That's the initiative versus entitlement. It's not sighs job to find your meaning for the

Nichole: Right. I would say sigh I don't I'm stumped on what kind of content to create, I don't know anything. And he would say this was what you do know what he was saying is have you not learned anything in the education? You took the whole education, have you not learned anything? I learned something but I learned it with the wrong mindset. So I stopped. I didn't create any more content. I actually took my tic tac down and started again. And I took a few weeks off and I went back through the education time with the mindset that I should have had the whole time when I went into it thinking I'm doing something great because I'm taking the first step and going through the education. What I was really doing was focusing on the result because I was so uncomfortable where I was, I was missing all the good stuff. The journey of all the good stuff was in the middle, and I missed it. So I had to go back and I had to do it again. And I encourage anybody that may be struggling, stop and go back. Education works. It's proven this is a business we have to take ownership of. Just have to and it's worth it.

Dave: It is proven, and I wish I could say that I invented it. I actually did it. You know what I mean? Yeah, I'm just the messenger. You know, I'm just a guy who's used the skills. I mean, I've invented some things that you know, that I think that anybody else could invent which are little systems or processes that you name so they kind of become yours. Like anybody can do that. You're right. Inside was right. And what you just said was possibly one of the most powerful things that's ever been said. Just that how you describe that and I think if we're honest, we really slow down and look at how we behave throughout this process. We'll see that we were also either excited or anxious about the result, fearful or, you know, excited are usually the two. The two two feelings that we feel that we feel excited and we feel that we suffer right, you know, and you're right, a lot of times we miss the magic of the, you know of the journey of the ride. It's sort of like going on vacation, right? And you know some of the best conversations happen on road trips. Sometimes you get to know people better than if you just have your headphones on the whole time, or you just have the radio on the whole time and you're only focused on the destination. Now all of a sudden, you're getting to know whoever you're with when you get there and instead of you. So you're right. There's a lot of magic that can happen. On the in the journey on the way there the things that you can see and the things that you can pick up the people that you can talk to and I'm actually speaking about of a physical journey, but the same thing happens with with education as I'm going through the challenge or the blueprints or whatever I've got in front of me to do. It is important that I lean into that and really take it in and then say how can I apply this. How can I apply this? How do I apply this in my business right now? And what most of you will find when you go through the education is it's actually purposefully not. I'm not one of those gurus who likes to speak over people's heads and talk about all these complicated philosophies. I'm sure we can all get fancy, but you'll find that the education is rather straightforward and that there's concepts like the fishing formula and the blueprints that help you just to go into any niche and figure out who your customer is how you can get them to come to you how you can funnel them in your funnel, how you can make more money from selling them more products. I mean, there's a lot here and you're right that training does work and even still with all that proof around some folks, you know, we'll come up with any damn excuse to work really hard to continue to suffer and struggle. And that's why I think that your comments about mindset and why we talk about it here so much even though y'all get tired of it. But it's true. It's so powerful. It's so needed and so much of the things that we bring in and are carrying around or not even ship it's ours. I mean it's you talking about your mother and you're talking about your family in fact, Come on Nicole, you're a product of your environment. And now you're stepping out into the global world and sort of saying, Hey, I'm here Nicole's here and I'm gonna, I'm gonna dominate some shit. But up until this point, you're really a product of your environment, right? I mean, did you know I grew up where I still live? So it'd be very easy for me to get involved in the local community and have a job like that. And you know what, folks, that's not a bad life. Nobody's here to say that's a bad life or that we don't look down on anybody. But it's about your satisfaction. It's about you. None of us came and knocked on your door and told you to come to legendary yo you are looking for something you are interested in. And in here you are and many just to finish this point and then I'll let so many of you be right here at the front door of your dreams. Even if it's just education in this industry, maybe you're like hey, this David Sharpe guy screwed him. But the information nozzle is this industry, this business model using platforms, digital platforms, is the way of the future and I think it's the way of the future that's a healthy bet versus NFT's and Kryptos which are still so speculative. We don't this is not going anywhere selling information, running ads, building organic profiles and then selling them information products. I promise you will never ever go away and most people I think will start to pick up on the business model and say I've ever I can't this person is literally selling information they're not even shipping manufacturing doing anything people are gonna pick up on like holy hell. This is an incredible business model. But what were you thinking? You look like he wanted to say a minute ago and I was just ranting,

Nichole: Oh, no, you weren't ranting. I think you know, when we were kids, our parents didn't have the opportunities we have now. Right? So that's just the way it was. Even 16 years ago. This opportunity wasn't wasn't available. There was barely even a MySpace. We have opportunities that we didn't have back then. And so we can move differently now. When I started this, I told three people and those same three people or only the same three people that I know to this day, and the reason I only told three people was because I knew how fragile I was. Even constructive criticism would have been enough to turn me upside down. So I told my mother because she's my best friend, my husband and my 16 year old son, and my biggest and only supporter was my 16 year old. He would see me on my computer and you're like, I am so proud of you. And yes, I love this. But the reason he was so it was so easy for him to be so supportive is because he is of a new generation. He has not been programmed to trade 40 5060 hours of his week for a paycheck. He knows everything is done online. Things are changing. The world is changing, and monetizing the internet and the social media platforms that we use every day has never been smarter. It's the best thing you can learn how to do and he knows that because he's 60.

Dave:  Right? Good for him. And I think you're making such a good point. You're a wise person. I mean, why did we not have the opportunity that we have today 16 years ago 20 years ago. So you son of a gun out there better take advantage of it never being this good before right. It really is something and you're right. I mean even back when I started MySpace was still kicking. Still had a little life left in it. And you know, Facebook was on the come up. You know, that was where all the older folks were on Facebook. It's kind of like a boomer hangout. Yeah, it's still kind of it. You know, I don't think the boomer generation has made it over to the other places yet but they're gonna comment and their Obi and they're buying people you think that they are buying off TikTok? You think they ain't buying off Instagram? Crazy they are buying is going out of style. So, I mean, we've got a potential now just a few months ago, I mean, the economy was going crazy. Now we're on the verge of a potential recession. I mean, who knows where things are going. How were you feeling about that? Now that you're in a different situation? Then you were? You know, with the factory and so forth. How are you viewing? Are you even paying attention to things like that? What do you think, okay, by going over the next year, where's the world going over the next year? What's your perspective?

Nichole: I really tried to avoid news as much as possible, some as unavoidable. You know, there's not a whole lot of great stuff happening. 

David Sharpe: So that's the last 60 seconds. They usually air some sort of positive news, Nicole now don't be so negative.

Nichole: Now, if we're heading straight into a recession like I feel like we are in we're going there. Now it's all built on Sunday bitches are going it just gives me all the more reason to know that I made the best choice and why everybody should learn how to create multiple streams of passive income. There's never been a better time than now. 


Dave:  2008 2009 just kind of happened. It's coming online and I don't remember there being any sort of nobody's buying online. I mean, people were buying online, just like the world for the big thing that happened over the last couple of years, you know, I mean, yes, would we ever have all the haulers and all this? Would they have ever imagined that it would have been like that? So, you know, we say recession that doesn't mean that everybody's going to stop buying people's behaviors are likely going to shift but I remember in the 2008 through 2010, whatever when the kind of housing economy collapsed, and everybody was in a massive recession, everybody was losing their and I was just getting clean. I was like, I kind of like I kind of rose up from like a pile of ashes. Like, my life sucks. I'm trying to get clean now. Everybody's in a recession. I just lost my house. And I never had a house you know? But now I do. Yeah, so I'm not going to change anything that I'm doing. You know what I mean? I'm not gonna change anything that I'm doing. I'm not I'm not we're not doing anything different here at legendary, because people are going to be buying in. It's already been proven people are going to be they might you know, traffic might slow down a little bit or sales might take a little bit of a dip. But get in the game long term. Don't compete like the month last month when you start and then this month and act like you've been doing it for 20 years. I mean, those of you who are just getting into this and this year if we have a little recession or a big recession, whatever. Understand that the traffic that leads to sales, they're going to fluctuate. They're just going to fluctuate and then it's important to your long term growth your year over year, month, over month or year over year, not your day over day. You know, sometimes we get to like micro on this and we want to. I'm not getting any, any sales in the last two days or whatever. Well, I can remember when I, you know, days and days and days where I didn't get any sales and I was getting sales I had started to get sales. That doesn't mean that you're in a recession. It just means that you know, people these are real human beings and I think sometimes we forget about that. And if you're looking at human beings like and I'm saying this is for anybody who's new and listening, like if you're looking at this business with an entitlement of a commission. What you're really doing is you're looking at people like a piece of meat and like they're just a $1 sign and not thinking that it's an actual human being on the other side who is not going to give you shit unless you give them something else. It doesn't matter recession or not, you're not going to win. You know, whether it's recession or not over the next year to whatever as the global economy expands and contracts like it's done for the last 100 years. It's important that we all stay consistent. Because what happens and this is what I did I started this wake up legendary show. We were doing it but Matt and I forgot he probably was like you should go live and I was like, did it and it was Ben Bosco. Excuse me, but in March 2020 of March, I was just like, No, yeah, let's do this. Let's do this. Let's go live every day. All right, well, we'll do it. And, man I'm telling you like we acted at the beginning of the last big world event. We acted. That's the definition of to do if you think the world or the economy or the marketplace is about to do some contract. You don't contract with it, you write when others are fearful and greedy. That's what Warren Buffett says and when others are greedy be fearful, right be concerned. Right. So as other this is a part this is how an entrepreneur wins. This is how you win in a market. If anybody is wondering what to do over the next year, expand as others are contracting because they're getting fearful. They're afraid they're scared. They're looking for leadership, they're looking for direction, they're looking for hope. And if you're there and can give that to them along with something that's solid, some educational plan. You're gonna crush it throughout this next year. But if you contract and get fearful along with everybody else, sorry. The world doesn't owe you anything. The world doesn't owe you anything either. You know what I mean? If that's what you try to do, and I'm talking to myself, I'm talking to everybody out there. I love this because I get to see things every day that remind me of the truth. And the truth shall set us free in our business. The truth shall set us free. We believe a lot of untruth or half truths about what creates success but as you've outlined today, very, very powerful in the few little nuggets that I've thrown into the real secrets are the real these are the secrets that you that you're willing to pay the big bucks for from Sadhguru or Goblin, but we just gave them to you for free. So use the call. Thanks for coming on and come back and see us any final thoughts or final words I want to share your ticket account with everybody as well so they can go and connect with you hustle with 30

Nichole: Alliance magazine by the way, nickname alright birdie, since I was born. I would just really encourage anybody who may be struggling to get back inside of your why get back inside of the uncomfortable space that drove you to make the decision to start affiliate marketing. We are used to feeling weak and vulnerable when we're in pain or uncomfortable and that can't be further from the truth. There is power there, strength there is grit and determination inside of that pain point inside of that uncomfortable space and to use it you have to take a step back and do it again. Do it again. Your followers, I have a very slow moving slow growing tic tac a few months ago that really hurt my feelings. Now I see that I have effectively narrowed down my target audience. And there's 3000 People not numbers, not followers. People are where I was a few months ago, and they're just waiting to take a leap. Keep posting, give them a reason to know, like and trust you and when they're ready. They will come back to you, keep going and back to their education. We're a powerhouse, powerhouse.

Dave: I hope you don't have to go back to the factory again. I know you won't if you don't want to know you know you your your spirit in your information, your wisdom and your ability to be able to now share with others because you've done the work Nicole is incredibly unbelievable, and you deserve and I'd like to just give you the utmost permission even beyond what you've given yourself already. To go out there and speak with unbelievable conviction and confidence. Because I don't care how much money you've made. If you were out there marketing, make money online or education. I would not care how much money you make, because you are a global leader. In your speech nothing but the truth. And I can tell that you've done the work by the thing that you're saying so seriously, you are a badass. So come back and see if you'd be willing for us. We'll get to the second round first and then we'll do a third if you're not sick of me yet. Absolutely. I'll talk to you later. Talk to you later. Bye. Thank you. All right, my friends. Hi, Matt. You're going to join us. We got Matt and we got Nicole on the show now. I didn't add myself but I don't know. Morning. Oh, how are you doing? We're actually wrapping up now. So get the hell out of here. All right, Nicole, I'm not gonna go out of here. All right, my friends. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go do some real work now. That I'm all fired up. This was we're at work, that's Papa Don. Viewing right in the viewing speaking and if you ain't filming you a word, right man oh man. Oh wow. Just got to marinate when we put her tick tock link up there. This was a powerful, powerful, powerful episode worth a read. And I'm telling you right here right now if you're listening to this, and you need a reminder keep this one on in your play deck. You know what I mean? Keep this one on your saved playlist. Because the things that she talked about, about how she progressed to the beginning of her journey and how she chose to view things to empower herself, versus disempower ourselves was just absolutely breathtaking, masterful, and amazing. And every interviewer on every show is wonderful, but I thought that one about the mindset piece and how she just there's a lot of gold in there. All right, my friends in there make her do something. Yes, please rewatch my boy. please rewatch as equals these rewatchs are so powerful. Such gold nuggets. Theresa. Thanks for being Gail. Thanks for being on Maurice. Thanks for being here. Sarah. Good to see you, bro. Spiros. Ruth, Ruth, good to see you. Tammy. I see you too. Nice to see you too. All right, my friends all right, Brian. Man, Kevin. Good talk, Teresa. All right. We'll see you're getting that edge your education will not fail you will not fail you in neither will your mindset you have inside you what it takes to be successful.

How To Build Your Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Well, this morning, my friends, we have a personal trainer named David. And no, it's not for me to get fitness tips. Okay? I know some of you are looking at dad bod lately thinking, okay, I get it. We’ve got a personal trainer on and he's gonna let everybody kind of watch as he gets some coaching. Well, I'm always open to coaching friends, but this morning, we're going to hear how this personal trainer has learned from us. As usual I'm the one who's learning from a personal trainer. But it's a real honor to have a personal trainer learning from us. And I'm extremely curious to see what she's doing with everything. So, Morgan, you're really live now. Welcome to the show.

Morgan: Hello. Thank you for having me here.

Dave: Where are you calling in from?

Morgan: I'm from Pennsylvania. Okay,

Dave: Okay. Well, PA in the house, I was just up there. I, my wife, wanted to go to the city that the office was filmed in?

Morgan: Scranton?

Dave: Yes. It wasn't really filmed there. It wasn't really filmed in Scranton, just for any office fans out there. But they did take the intro. Just a couple of pieces of footage just for the intro. Did you know that?

Morgan: I did not know that. I watched The Office quite a bit, but I did not know that.

Dave: You thought it was filled with the right film right there?

Morgan: I honestly didn't know where it was filmed.

Dave: Nice. So what would lead a personal trainer online to legendary? And what were you looking for? And did you find it?

Morgan: So the big thing with being a personal trainer is if you're not training like 24/7, you're not really making a great amount of income. So for me, I really enjoy training people. And it's something that kind of is a hobby of mine, like it's fun to see them get results and see them progress with the things that you're putting them through just from my personal experience with my own progress. That's what got me into training, I wanted to help people see progress that I was able to also see for myself. But being in the field for like four or five years, I just realized that the amount of income that you get from it is not very sustainable, unless you're literally at the gym 24/7 training people back to back to back. And it's just exhausting. And you have no life outside of it, basically. So I was just looking for other career paths, other streams of income, other streams of just ways to be able to have more, I guess, financial stability, and still be raining on the side. And I had come across, honestly a bunch of different tech talks around affiliate marketing, and had or just like different online income streams. And then someone was talking about a 15 day business challenge. And I was like, You know what, let me just take it, see where it goes, see what happens. And honestly, like, what I learned in 15 days, just helped me to realize like, this is something that I can be passionate about. And I've had family and friends telling me like this is the most passionate, and most like excited you seem about doing something with your life with this. So like, I'm only 20 to figure it out. Just put that out there. So I'm still pretty young. And like there's obviously lots of things that I can figure out and need to figure out and do. But the fact that like, this is something that I'm passionate about, and it makes me excited. And I've started seeing progress with affiliate marketing and like doing online business stuff, like that's just how I got started with it and how I came across it. I can get a birdie and ramble.

Dave:  I can tell you you got nothing on me. So I love that I love the fact that you are that you. You went into training, but the grass wasn't particularly greener on that side. You know, and I think that's what so many of us realize when we're young, you're 22 Oh my gosh. I mean, my wife had a similar experience to her as a college student. You know, she picked a career in social work. It's like yeah, very fulfilling work, but doesn't really get the bills paid. And so similar, very similar, just a different industry. So it Is that message at all? What are you? How many people do you think are going through that same thing? I mean, how many of your of your of your friends how many people, young people in America right now do you think are waking up to the fact that maybe this traditional path that everybody's going on, maybe there's another option to that, and maybe some of the options might even be better for me than this whole go to college and do the traditional thing. Talk to us a little bit about what is the chatter going on amongst young people?

Morgan: Yeah, so I have honestly had people reach out to me even that, like, I went to high school with asking, like, what the heck is that you're even doing because, like, I went to college, I picked this career, and I got thrown out of college into nothing. I didn't have the courage or like, they didn't like the, I guess, degree that they went to school for. So yeah, like the people who are have reached out to me, even people that I don't know, that are my age are like, Hey, I'm trying to figure out like, I don't really want to go to college, I don't want to I know I don't want to sit in a desk for the rest of my life for 40 hours a week. But like, what are you doing, and there's just like, it's a different world now. And I've also had people who are older than me, like, a lot older than me, like in their 60s 70s. Like saying, this is stuff that like when we were younger, we talked about, like, I wonder what types of jobs or what types of things, years and years from now are going to be available that people don't even have to like, go to specific for or go and get a degree for but they can be successful and even more successful than people maybe that have certain degrees in different areas.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, I was the complete and total life loser. I was the ultimate high school dropout. It's all carrying over into adulthood. For me, you know, 2018 was my toughest year. You know, that's, you know, I can imagine what might be thinking about if I was a college student who had my head on straight, and I was actually, I was actually looking at what was available out there in the world to come in to at 24 got clean, went out on the corruption site, and I was like, this sucks. This is hot, you know? I mean, I was like, I gotta get out of here. You know, I mean, I was looking at my dad, I was looking at how hard he worked. And I was like, wow, this is, this is a lot. And I was able to do this. Thankfully, you know, I was able to build a business and build a message even around a lot of my struggles. That's why I always talk about turning my mess into a message. But for somebody who's coming out who has essentially. I think for many college students nowadays, it's not like they have similar pressure on them as I did. But it's but it's but it's, it's just a different. It's a whole different pressure. And as you said, you got thrown out, I would assume you mean you were talking metaphorically, like you just graduated college, and then you kind of felt like you were dumped on your butt? Like, is that what you mean? Is that what you mean by that comment?

Morgan: Yeah, that's what I meant, in general, for like people that I've talked to who have gone to college, I actually didn't go to college, Well, I guess it wouldn't be considered technically college. But I went into a sports medicine Academy to learn personal training, and like, different muscles and anatomy and all kinds of stuff, the personal training and then like nutritional dietitian guidance, so it was college, but not really. But yeah, essentially, like, you learn. You're just like, Okay, go figure it out. If you like.

Dave: Yeah, it's, it's, you know, it's interesting. I, I look at a lot of personal trainers who are also in the gym, and I think, and I've had personal trainers who have trained me, you know, over the years, and I think to myself, like kind of secretly, like, I think, how do you could be making so much more money if you knew what I knew. But I'm not there to educate people. You know what I mean? I don't sit there and try to impart my wisdom on everybody. But man, I've had a lot of trainers who over the years I think, you know, you could at least be in it takes work. I don't want to act like creating online content for online isn't work. I mean, it is work. It does take extra time to be able to do that. But I just know that the online fitness information space where you're selling meal plans and you're selling workout routines in I mean, there's even there's Even we all always joke about, you know, how only fans are a huge, you know, income opportunity for people nowadays? Well guess what, there's a lot of trainers who have only fans and Patreon and various different things like that, like they put their workout routines behind the paywall, and you pay a subscription, you pay $10- $20- $100 a month to have access to these things. So you know, Morgan, there's more than one way nowadays, to skin a cat and in everybody, not everybody, but so many people look at legendary when they haven't yet come in from the outside and they go, Oh, they're just teaching, you know, that must be an MLM, or they're just teaching how to promote Lagenaria. It's like, well, we can tell that you haven't been trained up when you say things like that you sort of open your mouth, and you remove all of our curiosity about how much you know. But my but but also, there's so many different places you can take the skills have you I know you're doing some affiliate marketing, I think in the make money online niche, what other ideas? What other things? Have you either already done it? Or can you see that it is possible to monetize? What you know, your information, or what somebody else knows, you know, through these core, four ways that we teach to sell information, courses, coaching events, or being an affiliate? There's so many different niches there's so many different products? Have you seen that? And does that excite you knowing that you're like holy smokes, I can do this digitally?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely, I haven't done too much in the field of personal training online type of stuff, just because honestly, there's like legal non conforming gyms when you work there. So I still take clients, sometimes just sporadically, because I enjoy training and I enjoy like, and I've built relationships with my clients, like some of the habits I had for a while. So a lot of times what happens with that is it can get very muddied with, like going from being an in person personal trainer to online, because if the gym finds out about it, there can be a lot of issues with that. Yeah, I understand that, though too much into that realm of things. But as far as being able to monetize, do a whole bunch of different things, even one thing that I've recently started to do and just started to look into and get like a plan in place for is people. Like, even if you're just telling them basic knowledge about something like they will pay to learn it, if they're truly serious about learning it. And they're serious about learning from you, someone who's been successful. So like, I am promoting or like guests, creating content around like the make money online niche, and, like, I have so many people reaching out to me that it's almost like I don't even have the time anymore to respond to everybody in depth and like, truly give them the amount of information that they're wanting. And like I want to be able to do that. But it almost feels like there's not enough time in my life to be able to put as much attention into it. So I've actually started to piece together and plan out a way for people to schedule a call with me. And if they're truly serious about naming, then they'll pay the 10 bucks that I'm going to charge to learn the startup and learn how they can progress and get started with making money online. And I'm offering it as this will take precedence over the DMS not to say still respond to my direct messages. But if you're really wanting to learn and you want to basically skip the line, then schedule one of these calls with me and I'll hop first and foremost before anybody else. And the DMS will come later and you'll have to direct messages. 

Dave: I love that. And it's a problem. Problem. You know, it's so interesting, you know, we always we think that we think that like getting rights and making money or whatever, like we're gonna get to a certain point it's gonna like our problems are gonna go away, but it's like, look, I mean, even six new problems look, I mean, you're you're having a hard time keeping up with everybody. It's just, it's We had a gentleman last week bill on military man. And he said, Look, gentlemen, it's when they're my challenges and some of you just haven't learned to love your challenges enough. You haven't learned to love your challenges. And what I just heard was you take a challenge that you had, and what a beautiful challenge to have. What a beautiful thing it's like when you start to find ourselves complaining about and having too many leads. We know we need an attitude adjustment but That's just you know, it's very easy for us to complain about things we get into these moments, like, but what you did was, you found a solution for it, you found a solution or you didn't let the comments and the messages overwhelm you from TikTok. You said, Hey, how can I qualify people more, because that's ultimately what we need to do when we have become the hunted, which is what we promise to teach you how to do. We can't promise to teach you how to know how to become a millionaire, that's an income claim, you can't legally promise it. But I can promise that I will teach you how to come to hunt rather than the hunter. And what you just said, right, there was that exact reality that manifested, you went from Hunter, hunted, right? You went, now you're being hunted by people. And once we get to a place to where we're being hunted, our job becomes different, we now have to qualify people who are going to use our time, because I don't want to be responding or on calls with people or, or even responding to DMS or comments that people who are not qualified to care serious buyers who are not, who are just trolls, right. The job now, as a marketer, as somebody, even in society, we qualify people, which means that we give people small task assignments, or, or choices like you did, here's $10, if you want to talk to pay the $10. And very quickly out of 100 people, you realize who the serious ones are, and it's gonna be two to five people. And at first, you're gonna go, oh, man, oh, where's where's the 100? Right, but what you are at first, you're going to feel attendance, you're going to feel an internal poll, to want to go back into a mess with all 100 people, right? That's why nobody wants to niche down, because we're afraid that we're going to leave people out. But when we're talking to everybody, you're talking to nobody. So instead, what you just did was you, you gave yourself a professional, but you gave yourself and your time, that the respect that it deserves by qualifying those people like you did. And now, those three to five conversations are probably going to take up more time than you even planned before. Right? So it's not like you're not going to have to invest, what these are the people that want to buy. They just, they got a question or something. And now guess what you do two days later, or the next day, you do the same thing. And that's how you build a business is you actually funnel people in, you make it very easy for them to just hit a Like button, that's the top of the funnel where it's easy to come in. Okay. Then as the funnel gets smaller and smaller, we make it more difficult or we qualify them more, so they don't waste our time. And that's what I think a lot of our marketers here in our community have not, you know, it takes a while to realize that, that I have to, at a certain point, start worrying about people wasting my time. Would you speak to that? I mean, there's gotta be a reason what I just said has to be whether it was you mapped it out in your head with exactly the same words or thoughts. But was it about you for respecting your time and also respecting your time as well? And what was this all about qualifying people better? So you didn't talk to time wasters? Is what I just went over relevant to the process that you've taken? Did I explain that? Well, in terms of the thought process that you had?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely. 100%. And like, it was basically taken out of my brain and put into words, because honestly, I was sitting down talking with my dad about just like, all this stuff that I'm doing. And I was like, so excited that I had all these leads, and like all these people that I was getting to talk to, and hopefully help out. And he said something that sparked this idea in my head about, like, I always knew time, my time is valuable, and like people that are serious will pay for your time to learn from you. But I was just like, so excited about getting started with it. And I was like, Oh, I have all these people and maybe all these people will, like, invest in something or be a buyer or whatever. But my dad was like, okay, great that you have all those leads, and I don't want to put it down or on it. But like, Are these people actually going to end up buying or are they just wasting your time? And I was like, that's a very good point. And like he is a business owner as well. So he has a lot of  experience and knows those things like if people want something from his business, he's not just gonna go meet with them for free and give them all this information like you have to pay to get stuff from someone's business. And that's just how it is. And so, yeah, what you said is like, literally, from my brain to words on why.

Dave: Glad I'm in alignment with your dad. So I want to give you the next step, right, because the next step is doing those group kinds of calls. So, right, because your time eventually is going to run out. And this is what I love to talk about people that are taking action, we can coach you, if you haven't done anything, there's not much we can do, right? We see the people in the comments. And, you know, I do have compassion for those of you who are not able to get started or you're feeling skeptical, or you're frustrated or whatever. But folks, listen, remember, this is entrepreneur school, this is not employee school. Okay? This is not, I'm not the CEO of Walmart, and we're not going to and I'm just listening, hear me out. I know, this is tough talk. I know, this is what you expect from your employer or whatever. But remember, I'm not your employer, I'm not your boss, you hired me to be a coach. And what I'm here to tell all of you who are listening is that this is going to be hard. It's going to be things that you didn't expect, if you're if you're frustrated, or it is it is I talked about this on the decade in a day, the other day, this is for all the people who actually are investing in their training, going and going through the blueprints, and learning how to do this stuff, learning how to set things up. Right, I said on the deck in the day, the other day, I said, initiative is greater than entitlement, right? Entitlement is what I had as an employee, you know, I expected certain things from my employer, I expected, you know, that if I was, if I showed up on time, I was gonna get paid. Well, as the business owner, I can show up on time, every single day, come and see my chair. And if I expect you to buy from me, I'm gonna be very broken. But as I take the initiative to provide value, I take the initiative to try, you know, we have a lot of people who say, Well, I'm I'm failing, or it was a scam or whatever. And they didn't even do anything they didn't even try. Didn't even try. You know, I went to many people who owned the blueprint, we had a mastermind, and there were a bunch of people sitting in the room and some didn't know where to start, didn't know what to do. And I pulled up the business blueprint. And I know that the exact questions that they had, they were answered in exact modules right there on the page. You know, and that's where the initiative is greater than entitlement, you know, to take the initiative. Also, I've got a question. Okay. Let me take the initiative to try to solve the problem. What skills are examples of things, Morgan, that you're doing? That maybe, for example, is a test, like you don't don't know how it's going to work, or you didn't know how it was going to go. And you were this close to not doing it. But you went ahead and did it anyways, and realized that there was no really even no blood, sweat or tears involved in it, it was just a small mental hurdle, or even maybe a large mental hurdle that you had to overcome. Talk to us a little bit about your initiative versus entitlement and how that might apply to your journey so far. 

Morgan: So there's a couple things honestly, that I could, like, relate to that and, and put towards an answer for that question. But I know right at the beginning, when I was first trying to like, get everything set up, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to promote, what I wanted to do, how I wanted to grow it. I knew I wasn't necessarily wanting to go with paid advertisements in the beginning, because I just did, like the financial risk of it just like, so much in it not working. So I was like, Okay, well, we're just gonna have to go organic, and run with it and see what happens. And in the beginning, honestly, I've had a lot of experience in social media, I used to do YouTube and like, through that really pretty well when I was a lot younger and like I had a lot of knowledge and research done on algorithms, social media, how it grows different platforms and everything. But in the beginning of everything, you have to just keep going and being consistent with it. And there were days where like, nothing would blow up or nothing would get views or comments or any type of engagement. I'm like, Okay, well maybe this is just not like the niche that I should promote in or maybe this isn't for me or maybe it's not good But then you collect yourself and you realize, and just from what I've learned is like, you're starting out with a new account, you have to just keep posting and being consistent, because it's not like, your account has been there for years, and it's flooded different areas of the platform. So that's just something that I've learned that the more you post, the more you're consistent, the more you stay true to what you have that gut feeling of like, this is what I want to do. And I'm going to make it work no matter what, then like, just keep pausing to allow yourself to get embedded into the platform, basically. Because if I post one video, and I don't post again, because didn't blow up, well, I'm not gonna go anywhere, because we're gonna see my face again, like, I might get 200 people that see a video of mine, and they see my face, and then they never see anything again, because that one didn't perform well. And I just gave up. So I think that answers the question a little bit.

Dave: But well, you can't, can't get anywhere unless you are actively working in your business and doing every day. And I hope you don't mind that I do this. But I was going to try to protect your information there. I've got your account pulled up. Can you see this? I'm hiding your sensitive information there. But June, look at as I go through, these are just simply your logins to our bathroom. Okay, and you've got your business up and running, look at this folks, every single day.I mean, we don't have to get into every single one of these login attempts, what you're doing, but my point here is, is that you are engaged, you are like engaged, you're not, you know, disappearing off for weeks on end, or I mean, you're looking back into our back office every day to either watch some sort of training to check some sort of, you know, statistic or something. And you're from what the evidence shows, plus you've invested in your education, you've bought the blueprints, you've done all the things you're taking advice from your dad, like you're sharing humbly with your with your with your dad. So somehow you're finding a way to communicate humbly and asking for support. I mean, I see so many people every day with all sorts of different levels, or all sorts of different levels of participation. What's your viewpoint on if you're going to be successful with this? What is it going to take like from the day to day, as well as the long term commitment? Like how do you see it? What are you saying to yourself right now? 

Morgan: Well, I am someone who is like a very big planner. And I found that it can be good and bad, especially with this because you can plan for something, especially in the online realm. And it can completely just crash and burn and your plan just goes in the trash. And you have to then figure it out, you have to solve the problem that didn't necessarily go to plan. And you have to then create new steps and like, it's just consistency with everything. And like knowing that for me knowing that, even if it didn't go crazy or blow up in the very beginning, as long as I continue learning, and I'm continuing to research how things grow because platforms, especially tick tock I've been learning will change their algorithm. Like you never know, they could change it every week, they could change it every day, they could leave the algorithm going for a month, like it literally is always changing. And so if you are stuck in a year ago of how tic tock was a year ago, and you're not up to date with how it's working now or what's being pushed now, there's always a way that no matter what your niche is or what you're deciding to create, there's always a way for it to be able to blow up and be promoted from the platform itself. You just figure it out and research it and learn it. So I guess like my best focus is like just learning and staying up to date with what's working And, like realizing that and taking either mental note or physical note, I'm a big note taker, and I like to write things down and see it in front of me of like, what hasn't hasn't worked for me. And so all the DMS and everything, yeah, it worked for me for a while. But now, I have literally like, probably three or four hard scrolls down my DMs to get to the bottom of the amount of people that I've talked to, and honestly, probably a fourth of them is that have actually taken action and started to learn what and what I've told them. So a lot of it was, even though I'm excited, and I'm happy to help people, because I truly am, like, someone who just wants to be able to help as many people as possible. That's why I got into personal training, but it is a waste of time, especially if you're putting all that time into it. And then like, No, that's okay. Just like they don't respond to you, or they're not taking to heart what you're really teaching them that could change their life. And so just learning from that, and learning, okay, well, now I have 10 times the amount of people that I had in the beginning, and yet it's still exciting, but it takes a lot of time, and I need to put some more value to my time. So just from your own experience and others.

Dave: One of my favorite things to do is design my business and design my life. And I never thought that was possible. But today, my life is exactly what I want it to be every minute spent doing exactly what I want to do, and who I want to do it with. And that takes some time to get there. But it all but it really is about what you just sit designing my life in designing my business. And a lot of us don't realize that we have that freedom when we start this that if something's not working, we can change it in design and it works for us, you know, here's a really simple example. Well, I've got kids and another job. So I do this from 8pm to 930 every night. That's a very simple example of how you're designing your time, you're designing your schedule. There's so many more ways, so many creative ways. And one of the reasons why I love marketing so much is because I'm constantly on a mission to try to see if I can do something easier. Or if I can do something simpler. Or if I can get a bigger result with less effort. I'm constant because I've already discovered the big life secret, that money is not attached to time. That's the big secret I discovered several years ago that a lot of people still believe that an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Bill really actually believes that that's how the world works. It's not how the world works. That's how you're, that's how somebody taught you that their world works. But that's not how the world sees the world works in ways that a billion are seldom going up another billion 24 hours, or 3 billion, or five or 10 billion. I can make $100,000 in a day, more from the internet than I have. Right? I can also make $10 a day if I choose to not take the initiative, ask the questions. How can I work better? And Morgan? What I see is just what I see. Folks will run into the first challenge that you know, say it's like setting up the funnel builder or something just lay down just lay down and just say I can't get through this I'm just and I don't believe that they're lazy people I believe that they're bad people but what are you telling people out there? Who because this is not just in Legendary? I have a family member who's a coordinator with a university and they provide the education and so forth in the students behave the same way there. So it's not legendary, not online programs, human beings behave the same way no matter what sort of, you know, thing they're going or or doing. It's hard for humans to just follow through with things and not to so what are you what are you? What sort of things are you saying to people that are not shaming because I don't want to shame people. I want to teach people but we got to shake them a little bit and we got to let them realize and give them some straight talk and say ain't your boss I ain't your mama in this is a different game in your gob. 

Morgan: Yeah a lot of people I feel like just aren't necessarily like with the mindset of problem solving or figuring out something on their own. And like that's not to their fault. Or maybe they don't even realize that's how your mindset was wired. It's just a way that people are raised or how they grow up, and their different life experiences literally molded and shaped how they act, how they respond to things. It's literally how their mindset is wired. And it's not to say like, their, the way they were raised was to the fault of their parents, or the guardian, or however they grew up. But like, our mindset can change. We just have to, it's almost like, I like to be very blunt. And I think about like, has like blinders on. And they just can't even see, their mindset is one way and they could be so much better off if it were a different way. But it's like us and I was just shaking them. Like if we shake them, maybe those blinders will just fall off. And they'll be able to see like, oh my gosh, I've been living in this state of almost hypnosis to the mindset that I've had my whole life. And it's time to like, hello, Oh, snap out of your hypnosis. And like to change that mindset and just do a complete 180 and go the opposite direction. And like, I've been fortunate enough to have parents that have taught me like, problem solve, like figure it out. And like not that they didn't help me with things, but like that was there helping me and showing me how to problem solve how to Okay, you want to go buy that new toy at 10 years? Well go clean up some rocks from outside, and I'll pay you this much. So you can go buy that toy. So like little things of like, okay figured out how can I get this toy? Okay, well, I need to make 10 bucks so that I can go buy this toy. Even growing up having that little tiny teaching moment ingrained in you. And like I said, I'm so fortunate to be able to have that. I know that a lot of them haven't been able to have that. And that's not to their fault. Now being able to have those blinders off real quick. Let me figure it out. And let me solve that problem. It's just, it's a whole mindset thing. And I know that's talked a lot about within, like the training and everything legendary, which was just a reminder for me whenever I went through it all, but it's all in your mindset. And it's all just being able to problem solve and figure it out. I wasn't honestly 100% certain about starting to build a funnel, or an email list. When I first started, I was like, this crazy. And I was like, okay, but I don't know, I did the blueprints. And I know within the blueprints somewhere and the deck was in a day, I remember they showed me how to set it up. So I'm just gonna go back, take a little bit of extra time, rewatch, and even, I honestly had the decade and a day replay on one side of my screen and my funnel ready to get set up on the other side of my screen. And I would play, I would watch a step, I would pause and I would apply it. And then I would play again, pause, take the step and apply it and like you just have to figure out how to follow steps and problem solve. And like that's really it can work in anything in life.

Dave: Yeah, it really can. And there are no rules about how you learn and how you apply. I also think sometimes maybe we don't want to cheat or whatever. And it's like, there's no cheating, there's no, there's no rules. You know, there's a lot of people who I see come into our groups or wherever they ask, like, should I reply to people's comments, should I What should I do if they liked my post, and it's like, there are no rules, our education is is is is clear, specific, except in certain areas where we where we purposefully leave it sort of ambiguous because we have to have a little flexibility in you entrepreneurs and marketers have to have the You can't be so rigid. I Had a mentor of mine when I was young, just getting clean, said Dave, and he was trying to help me stay clean from heroin on a funnel. He said, Dave, you have a rigid person who is brittle, they flake, they break. You got to be flexible, buddy. You got to be able to adjust if you find yourself in a situation that's uncomfortable. You can't freeze up and go into analysis paralysis and do anything because guess what, you're probably going to have a needle in your arm here in the next hour. That was what he was telling me. If you are flexible, you have to if you're in a place that's uncomfortable that you're at you got to pick up the phone, Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom. I need to remain, you know, to where I can move I think and the same is true. I got to be able to go through us Section, I'm setting up my funnel or something like that, I need to not let it dominate and become rigid, but I gotta stay flexible knowing that, hey, there's no rules. And I can get this if I ask or if I keep trying, or if I rewatch it, or if I walk away for 20 minutes and come back, all these little simple self care tools are really helpful. That's why we try to talk about them a lot. But also, the, the, you know, the, the, the mindset is so important around this, because, you know, if I let something throw me off, and in, turn me into a spiral of self criticism, then where am I going to end up, I'm going to end up thinking, like the world was on Taiwan, I'm on top. And I found that the number one thing that can help us be successful outside of marketing skills is confidence, self esteem, confidence, because people believe you more when you say what you say confidently, that's where the word con man came from. I mean, because all these con men from back in the years were coming forward, they were they were so confident, they would open up their, their, you know, their, their jackets, and they'd have all the wares or they'd be doing the card tricks and you run into them in big cities, people were super confident on the side of the street doing these little things, but you get your ass took if you're not careful, right? So we have to use our powers for good, right? We have to use our powers for good, because people will live to us if we're confident people will listen to us if we're, you know, if we're direct. And so to believe that those skill sets working on that, in the beginning, overcoming your challenges and building up your mindset is actually more important than getting good at all the skills, because those are things you can learn any, anytime. Those are not particularly going to take you out. This will though do you agree with that? Morgan?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely.

Dave: So amazing. Last question. I only see about seven or 8000 followers on your Tik Tok? Do you have to have a massive following to start getting traffic leads and actually start to establish your business?

Morgan: Well, from my experience, not at all, either.

Dave: I mean, man, like like 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s. I think that's how people define mass, if not, five to 10,000?

Morgan: No, definitely not. And I've had a lot of people even ask me that question like, Okay, I want to get started with this great, I don't have a lot of followers gonna be able to see success. And the number one thing that I tell them is what literally helps people grow on social media, maybe not so much on tick tock, because it's just about being good at both quality and quantity. But in general, on social media, your quality, and like your ability to push out quality content and quality responses to people will take precedence over the quantity of it. So I just tell that to people, it's all about quality over quantity. So if you have like, maybe 1000 followers, it doesn't matter. Because if you're creating that quality content, and teaching people like or quality will generate quality back to you. Because if you have 100,000 followers, well, maybe they just followed you because you had one video randomly blow up. But you have maybe 50,000 people that aren't serious quality leads contacting you and your time with them. But you could have 50 quality leads for people that are truly serious about learning. And then that's 50 people that are actually wanting to buy into that learning or buy into whatever you're promoting, versus just wasting your time on his 100,000 that aren't quality leads. So honestly, from what I've learned, I don't have 10s of 1000s. And I'm slowly growing there, but I found even in my times, I'm like, Oh my gosh, it's not growing fast. I want to grow faster, it's not so much about growing fast and about a huge amount of following because at the end of the day, if you are growing a little bit slower, what I found is you're creating a community that trusts you and that are actually staying there with you to learn from you. And so that smaller amount, that smaller community, will continue to grow and you'll get more and more people but it's okay if it's a little slower because you're creating quality first and establishing that good quality foundation. 

Dave: That's true. That is so true. There was a concept or maybe worse or something but it was a good theory. And I think it proved the point. Several years ago, there was a thing called 1000 raving fans, you can build it there was somebody who's who is talking about that a lot. And I tend to believe that I tend to believe that you can you can build a business with less than that with with a couple of 100 dozen raising raving fans. You know, I think we put too much value on vanity, I think we put too much value on numbers, how big are they? My followers are not? Followers are not. You know, we start to just again criticize and compare ourselves to others, instead of leaning in and focusing on those people who are listening. And that's one of the things that I agree with Gary Vee about? He's been saying this for over a decade, even if you got one person on even if you got one subscriber, right, you got one person who's listening, give everything that person, because how do you do it for that one person is how you're going to do it for that 1000 people in that 100,000 people. And I see a lot of people who think that, you know, well, I'm going to do it a certain way. Now we've got 500 followers, I have followers, and then when I have 100,000 followers, then I'll be somebody different. Like that's not how it works. You become the content creator and marketer that has 100,000 followers before you have that 100,000 followers, you act as if you already have that, and you deliver content as if 100,000 People are watching it, if that's what you want. And I see every comment that comes through. He disagrees when I say I think it's that your mindset is more important than your skills. Well, here's the good news is go out and create results and come back and be a guest on the show. And you can have the limelight and you can tell us how it is. Right now, though, based on 10s of 1000s of students that I've worked with over the past over 10 years. I see people's mindset taking them out every day all day, if any one of you inclusion isn't careful about your mindset, don't you want to just like it's taken me out before, we gotta be real careful about how cocky we are about what we think or believe is true and right about this business, because capitalism has a way of knocking us right off of our pedestal. But, you know, I, I really, I really hope that everybody hears this one thing and anything else today is that quality versus quantity, not. But I love how you said it. Morgan is the if I've got one or two followers, to give them everything that I got, let me give them everything that I got, instead of the 10. Or, or thinking that I need 10,000 or 20,000 Before I can really show up and I can really give everybody the best. That is a lie that we tell ourselves. That is bullshit, right? And it never that is the fantasy, you know, success at its best. We have to somehow figure out a way to begin to become a successful entrepreneur, in our mind, before we actually become physically, because we attract like, like you said, what we put out there into the world, we put out quality content, we are going to attract quality responses in quality people. But if we're putting out crap, we're only focused on and that's a hard pill to swallow. Morgan, that people say, Well, my TikToks are not taking our contents, not taking it off, take it off, we'll just say it sucks and it needs to get better. And that's okay. That's okay. It's like we're so afraid to suck at the beginning. It's like it's okay just to suck. It's okay for your content just to suck and not be good at the beginning. And we need to give ourselves permission while training our brain to become successful entrepreneurs, meaning that we sort of begin to act as if we're already successful. And that's a different thing, right? Because we're managing reality and we're managing what we want to happen, i.e. our vision. That's what this is called, that I'm speaking, called your vision. And if you're not out there every day speaking your vision confidently not arrogantly. But confidently. It doesn't matter if you have 100,000 followers. Probably not going to take much action because they're already sniffling. You sound or seem skeptical about what you're doing. Double whammy They're gone. So we have to pull up about that quality in what do you need to feel confident? Well, each one of us needs to be a little different to feel confident. Some of you need to have every single piece of information and perfect before you can sound confident. Well, that is a recipe for failure. So if that's you begin to work on that perfectionism. Others are a little bit more flexible, willing to kind of take and put some things out there. And then there's others who are maybe like Morgan, who are a little bit more flexible and a lot more willing to try new things. And that's okay. Just need to get ourselves some form of stability. Where we realize that I gotta put out quality stuff. Regardless of the response that I get, I need to begin to cast my vision, believing vision, actually begin to speak my vision, because guess what, if I don't believe what I'm saying, nobody else is going to believe it either. And that's the tightrope that we as new entrepreneurs walk and that's why I say it's a mindset thing. Because I have worked with broken funnels, I've worked with shitty funnels, horrible bridge pages, landing pages, that's hardly said anything at all over the past decade. But as long as the content that I said, spoke, taught, educated or entertained people with previous knowledge of getting it, as long as that content was on point, and created enough curiosity or value, they would win to the funnel, and they would go through the process. But if that content is at the end, that's why affiliate marketers or our original ads are so important, because that's the first touch, that's the first thing they see or hear. That's why you as an affiliate, it's your, your the first thing they see or learn out there about a particular product, but more importantly, what if they've already seen that before it is your attitude and energy? It's going to stop them as they're scrolling? Right? That confidence or something that you say something that's quality that you put out, versus all the other lackluster content out there? You believe what I believe it's actually easy to succeed out there, Morgan, because mobile phones are willing to do the work. I do.

Morgan: I mean, I certainly wouldn’t say easy, but it's achievable. Your whole mindset thing I know, we just keep relaying that over. But that is literally the number one thing from what I learned. I can also just speak for anybody that is also a perfectionist and like, isn't like to their true nature isn't very flexible time. And I truly am someone who has been a perfectionist likes plans and doesn't like when plans change or like I wasn't asked. But I learned along the way and for years of just growing up and like I'm 22. And I don't have like all of these years under my belt yet. But I've learned to be able to turn off that perfectionist button, a light switch basically and just be able to be flexible, like I've had to force myself to be flexible. And to realize that my level or my view of perfectionism isn't going to be the same as everybody else's. So I could put out a video that I'm like, oh, not every single millisecond of it is exactly perfect the way that I want it to be in my eyes. But to almost everybody else, it could look like an extremely amazing quality, good, perfect piece of content, because they're not looking at those little miniscule things that I'm noticing. It goes back to the same I tell my clients to in personal training, you are your own worst critic. You're the one that sees your body every single day. And so the little tiny things that you're picking out that you don't like or that you want to change. Someone else sees it and likes it and I have to tell myself that too. There's days where I'm like about my body or I hate this about my progress in something but like no one else sees it. It's just me so you're your own worst critic, no matter what it is that you're criticizing about yourself.

Dave: You know, one thing that I've started to do over the years as I've really kind of learned about how hard I've been on myself and how hard others have been on me to in life in certain periods of my life is really really try to be gentle with myself, you know really really gentle with myself because I think our biggest when we talk about mindset, and I absolutely continue will will go to my grave with your mindset being the most important and most difficult thing. Come. You know, I've talked about the mechanics and the dynamics here for nearly a decade. And in this industry, everybody thinks that what you have to have what they need is the mechanics, it's like, well show me how to set up a funnel. I just need somebody to sit down with me and, you know, help me point and click step by step. And there's somebody watching this right now. That's exactly what I need. And it's like, that's, that's available, we can email us and we'll do that for you. Drew is one of our marketing coaches, and you can email him Juru at legendary And he'll get on for a small fee or a reasonable fee and help you set things up. But also, what I encourage you to do is learn how to set it up yourself. You know, I'd love to sell your coaching and I mean, I we could sell coaching all day long here, you know, and we do we just prefer to push people into our video programs, because then they gotta learn how to do it themselves, you know, and everybody thinks they need the mechanics until they are face to face with those dynamics, meaning that mindset and all your limiting beliefs. Your mindset can get you through city set up funnels and learning new skills, but your skills can now be overcome by a broken mindset. It can't do it. I've seen wildly skilled people who I mean, they can overcome their limiting beliefs or their addictions, you know, they self sabotage. So this mindset piece is the big piece of the iceberg that we don't see. And nobody talks about it. It's one of the reasons why we talk about it so much. The reasons why I challenged let me show everybody this because I also want to shout this gentleman out. Troy Troy award over the weekend was inside of our legendary business blueprints group. And he said about giving up on click funnels and going to LeBron and other sites. I have been trying for three days, set up an account and can't get past the second page HIT button to make payment and says I didn't fill in the username and first step. Go back and it's always there. I have attempted at least 10 times the last three days and can never get a hold of customer support ideas, please. Now, simply trying to bike funnels, he's not even inside setting it up yet. He's just trying to buy it. And something is wrong. I know what it is. But what I do know is that we refer people to click funnels every day, here at legendary by the hundreds, they've got 100,000 customers, they're good at converting sales. So I had a feeling that it could be on the side. And this is a mindset about to give up. Okay, there's no sizzle. In this. This is a mindset thing about difference. Remember, this is a legendary business blueprints member too so I took it upon myself to come in here and talk to Troy. Roy never heard of a person not being able to sit down and buy ClickFunnels, they have over 100,000 active clients and we send clients every day who sign up with all due respect. If I were you, I would at least consider the fact that I might be on your end instead of running away from problem solving. Don't complain about it. Don't tell anyone how hard it is, just figure it out as long as it takes until you win. Not Click Funnels or anyone else. Don't give up and don't complain publicly until you win. Then go tell everyone how you overcame the challenge and how you can help them overcome it too. Because that's what entrepreneurship is all about. That's how you make money online or move on to the next one. The next one, I believe in you and that you say this right? And he came back he said wow, man appreciate the pep talk. It's a mini meeting with the owner of a multimillion dollar company to reach out for advice and encouragement. Thank you for showing me if legendary, you know, average Be Legendary and I just said look, I'm no different than you are someone who believed in me. I'm simply passing that on and thankfully getting paid for. But here's what's most important. The next day, he comes back in and he posts in our business blueprint regroup. A small relapse, and this afternoon went back into making excuses for something that wasn't for me instead of putting my head down and powering through with resolve that I can overcome that obstacle. Dave reached out with encouragement and belief in me to get my head right and back in the game. Nowhere else where you get support like that. It's just punctuation for me that markers of progress Um, they've allowed me to achieve F ledge F average. So why did I share that with y'all? We'll wrap up here in just a minute. And we'll let Morgan go as well. But I thought that was important and also wanted to shout out. Because Charlie was right in a certain scenario that many of us are in every single day where we're having some challenge, and we're about to give up. About to give up here. The cold, hard truth that nobody's told you before, is nobody really gives him worlds a cold place, the world is going to move on and they're going to buy from CES, nobody's going to come and rescue you. Nobody's going to usually urge you even, I can't encourage everybody. But when I see something like that, I'll come in, and I'll take time to respond if I can. And for me, that is the greatest gift that somebody can give an option is just to believe in them. It's just to encourage them. And that Troy and not not a skill thing, he probably is a skilled, professional or tradesman, I would think he's probably done a lot of things in his life that he's good at and skillful at. The mindset thing, and you always know, it's a mindset thing, when somebody says, I'm about to give up. It's fine. What do you tell me? Just give up? Right? I mean, a lot of us, we come and save us, and we want to be the victim. So we're always like, I'm about to give up. Because we, when we do that, usually people come running. But we got to stop doing that. Stop doing this wrong, people are coming to run, try jumping into enroll in a program, where I gave them some real talk and responded to it. He could have just as easily Morgan and you know, this too, you've probably come and confronted clients, he probably could feel a bomb out of here. But he took that in. And that's what this is all about. And you know, thank you this morning. I know I ran on those examples and so forth. But things were shedding light on that morning, Morgan and reminding us how important it is to, you know, stay mentally sharp and strong and work out our mindset as much as we work out our physical body. Yeah, yeah. And the final word goes to you, what would you like to leave people with this morning.

Morgan:  I'd honestly like to just say that, that whole thing of your mindset and working out your body working out everything goes all back to why I named my, basically my business wealth beyond boundaries. Wealth is in so many different areas. And if you're just focused on wealth in the financial aspect of what the world has created wealth to look like, then yeah, you might get a new one. But you could be really suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in every aspect, except for that financial and like finances, won't. Everything. Yeah, they can buy a bunch of stuff and everything. But you have to work on those other things, as well as your actual wealth to be thriving and be successful and just be living truly the way that I live. in all areas, being healthy and strong, and just living wealthy in every aspect of your life.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, it's interesting. I agree. So often, we go to do just not physical fitness, but we, you know, we neglect all those other parts of the emotional, the mental, and even the spiritual side of coming on Morgan, tell your pops up and come back and see us for round two, if you would. Yeah. Thanks. So all right. We'll talk to you later. My friend. Wow, you know, it never is. You know, it never is. It never surprises me. It never is. I'm always in constant awe of the people who are in this community. And no, one of you is mean to this community. And I know that this is a little bit sometimes can get a little bit rough around the edges with things that I say and it may feel like it's coming across in a way that I don't care or way that I hope it does. Because for each one of you, I want nothing but the most success and the most happiness. When I meet you all on the offensive. Can you tell me about, I mean, you know, a lot of you have become my friends. And I've tried so many different things over the years, you know, to try to encourage and empower others. And I think just sometimes now in my old age or older age, I just, you know, I just shoot it a lot more direct. And so if you're if you're new on this show, and you're just kind of listening in and tuning in to some of the things I say, and we say every morning, like before, I did just take it in, just sit with it for a minute, the way that I look at things to decide whether I need, just like, I need to gently ball that right down on the table and not eat. Or I need to really take a look at it. If it does a little bit. If it does move my stuff on my gut a little bit, or makes me angry. Sometimes I need to take a look at that. Because I know that I haven't had a whole lot of people in my life, who have been willing to look me in the eye and tell me the truth, even when it was uncomfortable, even when it was ugly, even when it didn't even when it made the Messer bad. And so I also feel like I'm at a place in my career, where I'm okay, just give it to you. How I think that it is and if you like it cool, chill, stay. Let's grow if you want peace. There's so many gurus and goblins out there. We can all find exactly what we're looking for. What we're looking for here is not average. It's Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow. 

How to Grow A Huge Following On TikTok

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  What's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave. Good morning. It's Friday So what is going on today, my friend, I'll tell you what's going on today is we have an introverted stay at home mom, who gains 90 to 5000 followers in three months. That's what we got. Kayla, welcome to the show. We are live now.

Kayla: Happy Friday!

Dave: Came on and I and I and I and I scared the living crap out of it. I was like, we're alive and she was like, and I was like, No, we're not actually live yet. But we got 35 people so far. Yeah. Hi. Welcome on. So what's up? How did you like what you were looking for? Tell us a little bit about your story and where do you live and why did you want to come join us in this crazy world of internet marketing and all that good stuff?

Kayla: Um, well, I'm in Missouri, and I became a stay at home mom at 19. And I knew that I didn't want to send them to public school or to daycare or anything, so I'm like if we ever need to get that extra income it's gonna have to come from me. So I don't know. I searched for a long time. The only thing I could ever really find was direct sales. And I knew I wasn't gonna go from house to house because that's kind of what that was back then. And then in 2015 I was invited to a Facebook makeup group party thing and I found out that she was in direct sales. I was like, Oh, well, this is perfect. I can't find it so I don't find it and I wear makeup so this is silly. And I found a health and wellness company that kind of did the same thing. So I'm like, Okay, well, I'll just go from this company, to this company. And I made a few sales there too. And I actually was doing okay, but then I didn't know about self sabotage, I guess and I quit and I was like, Oh, well, this company's doing this too. So I'm just from there. I just kind of went from MLM to MLM. Never really doing anything. And so I'm like, okay, MLM is not for me. I have to figure out something else. I found Amazon FBA and I did that. I did pretty well with it. But then I was getting a bunch of customers sending products back for silly reasons. I couldn't resell them. And then I was getting a bunch of I think it was IPA claims or something from companies. So I'm like, This is too much. I'm not going to do this. I'm barely even breaking even so I went on YouTube and tried to find something again. I did find affiliate marketing, but it was confusing and I didn't really understand it. The email stuff and funnels. I'm like this. I don't understand that at all. And I found Etsy print on demand and again, I did good with it. I got sales, but you know, after you make a sale on Etsy, then I had to pay this. And then I didn't get paid until they educated me. So I didn't like the transaction, that transaction. It was too much and then I was rolling on TikTok one day, and I found somebody talking about the, you know, 15 day challenge. And so I signed up for it. And I took the course and this was in August, I think of last year. And I took it and I was like, oh, again, the email funnel thing that's too much I don't get it. So I was like, let's try.

Kayla: So I did. I don't know why I did it. This is silly. Why am I doing this? I don't want to send hundreds of cold messages to people today. I don't want to do this. And I was talking to my husband in March, I thought of this year and I was like I've gotta quit MLM once and for all this is not for me. And I'm like, You know what? I took that $7 course last year. Let's do it. And I didn't retake it. I was just like, if I think about it too much if I take the course again, I'm just going to quit on myself. Again. So I made a TikTok and I just did it. And now I'm finally going back through the course again. And that's probably to hear

Dave:  Oh, holy crap. That's incredible. That's incredible. I love it. I love it. So you know, it's funny because I was . I'm just reading and working on a copy of our, you know, of our sales, our video sales letter that sells the challenge and kind of all that stuff. And it's hilarious. I was just I was it was looking at this, this part where it's like, where it's like Shopify Amazon pitching load pitching lotions, potions and pills to your Facebook friends for your latest MLM or Bitcoin Ponzi scheme agency consultant, this that Amazon's shot up right I wonder if you remember that part in the in the sales video in I just wrote man this guy's got me pegged. I was the same way though. You know what I mean? Like I, I'm able to write that and talk about that and I think Brittany probably says I feel like she's just my autobiography. Oh my god for me too, though. Like, like, I am Hey, let me tell you something. Folks. If you're listening to this show, we will never ask you for money we will never like on the show via direct message. Do like for real stop responding to these people, you know who are messaging you stop giving people money over you know random stop buying coaching from scammers just we won't message you and ever ask you for money. I don't own any bitcoin so I will never ask you to get into cryptocurrency just FYI. Okay, so um so yeah, I'm that sort of biz op junkie and I can say that because I was an actual junkie at one time. But but but you know, I was a biz op junkie man. I was an MLM junkie as well. And I think it's just like, I don't think there's anything there's nothing wrong with it. It just shows that you're really hungry and like you really like you're made for entrepreneurship in my opinion. Brittany, if that's your autobiography, then maybe you really want to be an entrepreneur. You know what I mean? And don't stop, don't quit before the miracle happens. Every entrepreneur's journey is one of massive rejection, massive failure at first, massive hopelessness even that's what life is about. And I don't think we want to. I don't think we want to talk about that as much as the struggle but life is oftentimes about that, that beginning struggle, like when you're learning to walk, like you say, you're a mom. Remember when your kids were, you know, they struggled with everything, you know, we struggle with everything, but then we get it, you know, and then we live the rest of our lives and don't remember the struggle. So I really can relate to that. And I think a lot of people can, whether it's Amazon, the UFC, or the UFC, the UFC is another thing we had to print on demand. That's another one that I guess is pretty popular lately and just the print on demand in general, right, you know, like the, the selling the T shirts, but what was your What did you think when you started going through the train and look like if you're selling just nothing but low ticket stuff, you're not going to have enough profit there to actually ever build any real kind of riches or wealth like it's you might make some extra money but you're not going to do that click with you like what is your going through the challenge and go into the training about this information and in this business model that we teach here, which is more premium price selling information, courses, coaching and events or being an affiliate. Click what light bulbs went off and you're like, wow, that's this is so much better or smarter or whatever. Then MLM or then low ticket product selling?

Kayla: I did like that. I don't have to really spend that much time really even setting it up. I know what you have on demand. It takes a while to kind of do the designing and all that and whenever you do sell one I think I profited. Like four to $5. And so I'd have to sell a lot of those to even equal just the one 1000 sales that I have had here. So I just really liked that a lot. It's a lot less work and a lot more profit.

Dave: It is less work for more profit. That's true. I don't I don't have a problem with that statement. I gotta be careful because I can't make it seem like the spokesperson like this takes no work. It does take work. It takes hard work, but it when you compare it to, which is what you just did. You compare it to the other things out there. Both the setup but also how about the marketing, the chasing friends and family in that is so painful. It was so painful for me to do that and I just didn't know any other. I got into Network Marketing, which is MLM or direct sales as you called it. I realized there was a lot of networking they were telling me to do, but they weren't teaching me anything about marketing. And so I was you know, I was going around like it was 1915 and our business cards and putting signs in my yard. And even in 2009 or so when I got started it felt outdated then it had to have felt outdated to you now, in recent years, right. Plus we just recently had what we had with I don't want to make. I don't want to trigger the algorithm here to block this video. But y'all know what's been going on over the last couple of years. Writing really couldn't be face to face with people you couldn't knock on doors. So how do you view these skills and like a business like this where you can run it from the internet, you don't have to interface with people like just as a mom in terms of safety for your, for your family and in terms of just the you know, the difference of getting out there and prospecting in hunting versus be hunting versus being the hunted and people coming and following you on tick tock how much how much different or better is one than the other.

Kayla: I mean, I like it a lot better because I am really introverted. I don't really like talking, talking on the phone. So it's like a miracle that I'm even doing this right now. So I don't know I like it better, a lot better because like I said, I don't like talking to people that much. So it's a lot easier for me to really second, like really think about doing this but I'm like you know if I don't do it, if I don't get out of my comfort zone. I'm never going to be able to better myself. My business online and stuff like that. So yeah, I figured you could do it.

Dave: I mean, even if it's just for education, I just don't like it when people are like researching and doing their research about spending $7. I wonder if they research that much before they go get a coffee for a new coffee. Then usually we just walk in. It's just the information whether you use some of it, use all of it. It just amazes me that we're so hesitant as people to buy something for $7 Especially that so many people are talking about and it has to be good there's you know, people are still Why do you think we're so skeptical is because we've been burned in life. Why are people so skeptical? Is it because they just do it because they don't trust themselves? Like is it because we've done so many things in the past but like, what have you found that's helping people to be a little bit more comfortable listening to you and in following your recommendations and actually buying into your links and stuff? How are you dealing with people's skepticism? You know, I guess overcoming it or helping them overcome it? 

Kayla: Well I do just tell them to ever message me on instagram if they ever have any questions so I feel like maybe just being personable with them maybe helps. But I do have a lot of hate as well. So I just try to ignore it as much as possible. But yeah, I do have people like saying, Oh, you're a scammer and stuff like that. But, I mean, I know I'm not so but I do have a lot of accounts already pretending to be me. So that's also kind of hard right? Now trying to get those kinds of cancellations but TikTok doesn't care.

Dave: You're a rock star. I mean, look at that. You've got you've got people who are creating accounts, you know, sometimes our problems, you know, we get into the business and then we're like, I can't believe this, but it sounds like a pretty good problem to have. I mean honestly it looks like you know, people are really making moves out there. You are making waves if people are trying to, you know, trying to be you, you know it poses you because you have influence out there on TikTok and stuff you had said something a second ago. What was it that I wanted to comment on? Maybe the well I talked about somebody had asked the question about how do you go live on tick tock as an introvert. How do you get in front of the camera? How have you been calm? I mean, I don't think being an introvert is bad. I'm an introvert. I just get extroverted when I need to be, but I actually prefer to be alone and prefer to recharge and rest up on my own. So how have you overcome any if there was any I don't know. Maybe there wasn't any sort of shyness or anxiety or anything that you had coming up in you. That maybe was from your feelings of introvertness or whatever. How have you overcome those? How have you overcome that to go live? To shoot videos? What do you tell yourself? Just what does that process look like?

Kayla: Well, this is the first time I've ever been live. So I I've over thought it like the last two weeks, like okay, what am I going to say I practice like talking I'm like when I'm even nobody's going to ask me. I am used to just doing tic TOCs where if I mess up, just delete and restart. So I don't know I have always really kind of liked making videos. So that kind of came a little bit easy to me, but again, I don't like it, delete it and do it again.

Kayla: So overcoming this I just kind of I don't know just did it.

Dave: So you've not even gone live a single time on Tik Tok and you've got 92,000 followers on TikTok. Yeah. Unbelievable. Absolutely. Unbelievable. What do you think that is? Due to what you know, what do you think ? Did you have videos that went viral? What is the large follower count from?

Kayla: I'm probably just sharing as much value as I can. But I do think a lot of them have come from one video which has four million views. So I think that is where most of them have

Dave: It was nice. But you're consistently followed. You're consistently putting out something of value every day multiple times a day and you're, you're you're not what I get what I get. The sense is that you're not just trying to go viral. Like that's, that's what it sounds like. Could you talk a little bit about your mindset around that even though you have had a video go viral? And how do you deal with that guy? Again? Like what's your mindset around the long term? Or what are specific things that you're doing? Do you try to create videos to go viral? Like, well, what's your mindset around creating content?

Kayla: Well, I am just trying to share value, but I'm also trying to figure out how I can kind of stand out and be just a little bit different than everybody else out there. So trying to kind of be more myself, just kind of like, odd and weird, and just sharing my story of hiring my husband because that is something that I want to do so at the very top of my very first video that I have pinned, it says follow my journey. So I'm just trying to kind of be different and have something for people to kind of follow along with and see if I can do it. Retire my husband so

Dave: Well, I think that is an incredible story. And you know what, it's interesting because I could really just pull it out of thin air. It's just a goal. And I'm not saying you're not serious about it, but it's a wonderful thing that you can just you can talk about and man if you all don't have something that you can talk about, like that of why you're doing it. And I'd really, really invite you to consider it because Kayla, that is such a powerful, kind of, kind of, it's sort of like the video of my dad where I bought him the truck. Have you ever seen that?

Kayla: I'm not sure

Dave: Man, you must not remember that sales video because it's right in the it's right in the sales it was so long ago. Remember you got started then you joined a few MLM since then. But you know, that is like people. People want to follow and support somebody who's on a bigger mission. Somebody who's doing the mission to retire your husband is such a powerful mission and it's something that as a fellow married person, and as a fellow human being who has loved ones, I can really connect with that. I can really connect with that. And so, man, that is a powerful focal point for your content. I love it. And I would personally say just sure there's probably a lot of things that you can do. And you will figure it out. As you as you know as you test things, but I would focus more on just honing that story in and honing that why in and then practicing, you know, how do I communicate that in the most powerful way to people? And that's what really storytelling is all about. It's like how do I tell this journey that I've been on for the past couple of years, like wanting to retire my husband wanting to be a successful stay at home? Mom but I got pulled in all these different directions and joined MLM after MLM and now I finally discovered something that's moving the needle and I could feel it. I'm so close to that breakthrough of being able to, to actually realistically have a chance to retire my husband. I love that message. And I just hope that you'll continue toward that main focal point of your of your kind of whole entire business because and it's just something that everybody can, can can can connect with whether they want to retire their husband, their wife whether they want to, you know, buy, buy something for their for their for their mother or father, you know what I mean or take care of somebody who took care of them. It's such a powerful storyline. Whereas if your goal is to make money for yourself in a bigger house or something like that, like that's not really a powerful storyline that people want to get that people will rally around, you know what I mean? So, that's why it's not it's just it's such a it's such a that video that I have given my dad that truck is probably a piece of content that I've got, like the most feedback on, you know what I mean? Because people identify with that, you know, it's something that's like a real dream for people. People know, that's what life is about. Like they're like, life is about like That's good stuff. Whereas you know if you and I were out there on there and it was just like Man, I'm really trying to get this Lamborghini man this thing is going to just crush it when I you know, people are like whatever. So awesome. Awesome. What else are you talking about that's working really well, what other things have or what's not working well? I mean, I always love to hear stories of things that you tested that didn't work out so well. But, what else can we learn from you? Um, I don't think I'm consistent.

Kayla: Don't overthink things. Don't compare yourself to people. That's kind of where I feel like I always messed up before was comparing myself overthinking everything. Not staying consistent. This is the longest I've ever stayed consistent with anything. And even now, I even kind of took a little bit of time off when my brother came to visit and so I didn't really do anything at that time. But I just got back into it and stayed cool.

Dave:  Do you know your passion? Do you know Are you aware of when you start to have a feeling or have something come up that kind of triggers that sort of that destructiveness? Or is there a certain story that happens that you begin to kind of tell yourself or a certain anxiety that happens that you think Oh, I gotta have more money or something? I gotta, you know, is there something that you have identified that happens that gets you started down? Like a distraction on to something else? 

Kayla: I know I have seen like other people. They're like, Oh, I made you know, this many 1000 a month, my second month, and I'm like, Oh, well, I didn't make that much my second month, so maybe I'm doing something wrong. Maybe I should move on to something else. Or like no I gotta just stay consistent. Everybody has a different story. Everybody has different results. And I know that if I actually stay consistent with something, then they finally work and do what I want it to do.

Dave: And also, also, you don't know if they're telling the truth. That too, that's the other thing. I mean, you don't know the whole truth. Sometimes they might even show you a screenshot but you don't know that they really spent a bunch of money on advertising. This is why we have to be so careful who we listen to. This is a great example. And this is a great moment to talk about this and um, I just want to talk to everybody because I feel like you. You brought this up, you know this thank you for that. But, my friends, we are too gullible. You know, we're too gullible is what it is. We're naive or gullible. I am an entrepreneur, I'm a business, I'm a business opportunity seeker so I see opportunity and everything. If I walk in and see something going on, and they're not it's not a business I'm what you could turn this into a business. I mean, that's just how we think. And the problem is, is that we're so motivated and positive and gullible that we get on social media we get in that email inbox and it's thing after thing marketing pitches from savvy marketers, and we get sucked right in. We got to stop being so gullible, you know, and I do too. That's that. I mean, we call a spade a spade. We can't, we can't, you know, we can't BS ourselves about why we get distracted. It's not because other things are better opportunities or we can't make money with this. It's just because we're just distractible and gullible and we haven't built the muscle of focus and we haven't built the muscle of saying no to things, which is your most profitable word you'll ever learn to say. Because the S is not it is not a yes is going to get you a loan, Baroque, and then you're gonna wonder why where everybody went, where is everybody? You know what I mean? I was just, I just had all this money in this amazing life. So, but people will use and abuse us if we do nothing but say yes, you know, oftentimes, even our loved ones, you know, will take advantage of us. So we really have to learn to say no and see through bullshit, because, and that's why it's important to learn marketing so we can ask people questions. Well, how much money did you spend on advertising? Well, is that your gross number? Or is that your net number? Is that the total amount of sales that you made? Or is that the total amount of money that you collected? A lot of different you know, you know, there's ways that people make things seem better than they are. And the truth of the matter is, we have to stop trusting other people, more than we trust ourselves. What comes up for you, as I say some of these things, Kayla.

Kayla: Yeah, a lot of people just try and make things look a lot better than they are telling you hey, you can quit your job in two months by doing that, and definitely need to learn to say no, because obviously you see where Yes, got me it got me from this to this to this within seven different seven years. I made so much and that's what yes got me was a 1000s wasted in MLM companies and nothing to show for it.

Dave: So yeah, yeah. The truth is, and this is the truth to swallow. But this is the truth that we have to come to terms with if we want to be successful at this. Is that all those MLM that you and I were both in? We could have been successful if we had focused on actually finding it if we knew how to market better. But the truth is, you and I were both the same exact way. Okay. Your story is my story. But seriously, I mean, I was in skincare. I was in numismatic coins. I was using cell phone MLMs. I sold everything from lotions, potions, pills, and everything in between. The only thing I haven't sold is the fat wraps and the sex toys. You know what I mean? Haven't haven't sold those. Yeah. Those are great. Those are great. If they work, they're fantastic. I'm just a little skeptical. So, no, no, no, no, no. You know, it's like, we hate to say no, because we don't want to offend people or let others down. But yeah, when you get in and you start a business no is going to become your most profitable word. And it also you know, it also comes in to invest in friends. How is your family you know, how are you navigating family? How are you navigating your husband or anyone else? Who knows you and your story with businesses and how are you approaching talking to them about this or telling them or what do you not tell like how do you integrate your family and for instance, in your business how do those go together or not go together?

Kayla: Well, they have known my back and forth and this of everything, and this time I told my husband I'm like, don't tell anybody. Just let me do my thing. See if I can actually do something. And then after I started making sales, you know he got excited. He's like, can I tell them? I tell them? I'm like, Yeah, sure. You are. Well, my mom thought about it. I think she was a little bit of that. I didn't tell her. But whatever I did, she's like, well, save me money this time. I'm not gonna buy the court

Dave:  No. Want to make sure you got that. So yeah, so yes, yes. Don't tell the family. How many times have I heard that? I'll just show you know, like, sort of like, you know, yeah, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't even tell my spouse. You know, because we had done so many different businesses or whatever. It's funny, but now it's amazing. Isn't it Kayla? How quickly do families become supportive when checks start coming in with all the words that you said? One was as powerful as that to check that commission right. Just to convince people right sometimes you just and I think I think that's powerful. I think that's a powerful mindset that, hey, I'm not going to get into this business and go trying to convince my spouse and even explain myself to everyone as well. Isn't that a lot of energy? What I would recommend everyone do is something that I learned a lot later in my marriage and I wish I would have learned that a lot. A lot sooner, is to really go to my wife with some vulnerability and say formula. I've done a lot of things. But I want to try this as your love and support through this. But I don't want to just tell you to tell me I don't want to just support you. I also want you to tell me how I can make you feel loved and supported as I'm as I'm starting and launching this business. So now suddenly, you're not just and this is the value proposition as marketers and as wealthy people. We have to understand what gets people to take action. How do we influence people, right? Because when we influence people, and we learn these skills, persuasion, we learn how to deliver value, like really stack value, so people can't say no wealth comes you will become wealthy. If you learn the skills that may not be now maybe later, but you will become wealthy. And my wife what I learned was, I can't just take, I can't just ask my wife for something I have to make. What I'm giving her is more value than what I'm asking her for. It's such a tip , it's such simple marketing that I overlooked for so many years in my relationship. And what ended up being more valuable was me just asking my wife how I can make her feel loved and supported. That was massively valuable to her. Instead of just asking her for something, support me and sacrifice something that you're doing so I can build my business. You know, I flipped the script. I said, Hey, I'm gonna be doing some stuff. Certainly have your support. But what I want to make sure I do is while I'm doing this how can I make you feel loved and supported? Just flips the whole script on him and now all of a sudden? You know, I really started connecting with my wife a lot more that way in our lives. In marriages begin to so but yeah, I mean, for anybody who's listening who's having a hard time connecting with their spouse over this. Your spouse is not the enemy. You know, your spouse is the person who's been by my side throughout all this. And they actually deserve to go above and beyond to try to make them feel loved and supported as I continue on this mission of entrepreneurship, which isn't always easy. And that's a little bit different than my initial attitude towards my wife because I was like, You're not supporting me, you're not being and she was like, Yes, I you know, it's a simple question. You know, it's like, I'm asking you for something without giving anything in return. Most people are going to be resistant to that. You know what I mean? Even if it's a loved one, so yeah, cool. So anything comes up for you on that with the family thing or you agree with that or or, I mean, does that have worked really well with your spouse and besides just going and making money?

Kayla: I mean, he's always been supportive. He didn't like spending the money that we spent on all the MLMs. But I just always, since I do stay home, I don't really talk to anybody. So I've just always been kind of trying to connect some sort of purpose to something. I think that's why he's always been there with him and I understand that that's that's yeah, as a stay at home mom, you want that purpose? 

Dave: Right. It's crazy. How a weird society I guess just thought that, you know, that was for almost like, there was a time where we're where society really, really thought that that was nothing. And I can tell you with my wife and person after person that I've talked to me and I'm obviously not a woman. But I get that I understand that like you want to, I get that. I mean that that makes so much sense. And I will know you know, women and even some stay at home dads who have really truly built some significant income and who feel so fulfilled because they are able to contribute and help out in the household. So I know that that is happening for you in a major way. And I'm happy for you and your family for that Kayla, like are really doing a great job, keep it up, stay Legendary and maybe you come back and keep us posted on round two and tell us how you're doing here in a couple of months. Okay, you will and to do that.

Kayla: Practice going live.

Dave: Yes, yes or just come back and do your second live with me. I mean, you seem to be doing okay without going live but absolutely. See that next step. But at the end of the day, you know, I like to do marketing and what I like to do so I just also want to remind people that just because everybody says “go live” Kayla has built up a decent amount of leads.

Kayla: My email list is between 2500 to 3000 something like that.

Dave:  I mean, she's got a 3000 person email list. She's got a 92,000 TikTok follower count if she's never gone live  you know. So I love to prove the status quo people wrong, you know, the people who say that it's gotta be done in the summer there. One of the reasons why here at legendary we leave so much room for that personalization. You know, it's not just one way there's principles that have been true. We teach them in the business blueprints, we teach a lot of them in the challenge. There's principles that have been true for the last 10 years, but the platforms are slightly different and your story is different. So own it and communicate it in a different way. But you know, going on, not only weigh it Sure. Is it a way should you try? It absolutely should. If you try it several times, and you just hate it. You're getting results with something else. And double down on what you're getting results with. And I think that's one of the biggest like most common sense marketing principles that a lot of us overlook, and I see a lot of successful affiliates do this. I've seen people who have made a million dollars in our affiliate program and then stopped what they do. What we're doing, and then just went off and did something else and made any money. I'm serious, like, are actual people who have this happen all the time. So if you're not going to be able to continue what you're doing sense of doing something for a month or a week, find something that works that you can continue to do my friends said and pointed out Kayla, the comparison itis of looking and watching everybody else in believing every word that they say automatically just assume that people are bullshitting. So you don't have to get all up in your head like oh, they must know so I don't know. You know what's working for you. And I assume that other people are lying about their results so you don't go and get sucked off. sucked into some rabbit hole, you know, some real acid anybody here today because it's not always about getting uncomfortable in doing what everybody else is doing. If you have something that's working, it's different. In the long term, it's probably going to be better. Right? So we don't always have to do everything. Should you try it? Yes. Yes. But we don't have to do everything. Find something that's working doubled down on it like a son of a gun. What's an example of doubling down on it? Well, if you had one account you you went live a couple of times you hated it, it you didn't get results from it like you really tried to get better at like yo, this is not the results that this other stuff that I'm doing is getting double down on it, create a second account, create a third account, right? And just posting videos that would be an example of doubling down instead of trying to focus all of his time and energy on something that maybe isn't working and that's not within your skill set or whatever. Double Down. Do more of what's working, focus on email marketing more focus on writing. Focus on the skills and multiplying that across multiple platforms and multiple accounts. Are you repurposing on Facebook reels and Instagram reels and Pinterest as well. And YouTube shorts. Good. Did what I just said make sense? What comes up for you as I say that does that does that is it does that make sense? Is that clear? 

Kayla: I mean, that's what I've always done is just compare, you know, this person is doing this. So that's what I should be doing. So I can do it. But then I do what they're doing and I'm like that I don't want to do this. I don't enjoy this.

Dave: And it doesn't work. For you. It might not work for you. What somebody else is doing might also not work for you. So you know, Kayla, God, I'm saying this. Right and so everybody else who has this issue and we all do in some respect to figure out what works for you have to understand that what works what works for you the exact strategy whether it's just posting videos, not going live maybe going live is the thing that is it for you. Will go on. What do I do every single morning at 10am but it works for me, works for us. It's a content strategy that I enjoy doing. I enjoy it as much or more than the films. It's specific and unique. I'm doing it for our community. I'm doing it for a specific reason. And I'm not worried about a million other things, right? Because what I'm doing works and then I get into a routine and then it becomes a system. And now we've got hundreds of people who expect it to happen every day. Right? You see how powerful it went from 7 million to 20 million from 2020 to 21. And that was the second year that we started doing the live show every single day. So there was also some compounding that needed to happen to really get into momentum with that content strategy. Do what works. For you and assume that other people are bullshitting. And I think that if we really look at other people like those results that you're talking about, you submit a claim and are you getting the full picture or what are you lying by omission? See, for me, we're a big enough company that I can't lie about anything. I have to be able to substantiate every single claim. Anybody asked. Hey, can you tell if the cleaning is real or deceptive? I'd have to answer that. I can, but every Tom Dick and Harry out there will have to do that. Right. They don't have to do that. There's just nobody at all enough. There were they're not on anybody's radar. So you have to be skeptical about these people. You even have to be skeptical about other marketers in our community. Because we're marketers, we market and sell shit. And we have to, especially once you've got started here with legendary when you're going through the training and you're getting things set up. You really have to begin when you start to look at what other people are doing. In kind you start to learn from the community. We have to take things with a grain of salt. You have to watch what people are doing, not what they're saying. You know, because for example, if somebody says, Well, I'm not really doing this for the money, you know, I don't. It's like I've said it before, like, I don't really need the money, but I still like making money. You know what I mean? Like, I like making money. So there's no bullshit there. You know what I mean? There's no bullshit, but there's a lot of bullshit and half truth there. And I've heard that over the years I was a marketer who embellished at one time as well as a young person who thought that I didn't have enough success to be able to actually really have a story worth listening to. And I just realized that my small argument was just hey, I generated two leads yesterday or hey, I got this dog not to bark for five seconds or hey, you know, I got my baby to sleep for an hour last night, whatever niche I'm in or whatever my result is. I've always been in the marketing niche. So hey, I generated two leads yesterday. It's really shared with people. It wasn't that I generated $1,000. Let me show you how to get five leads. Let me show you how to get 10 leads. I started to really just both use my strategies and my personality but also talk about my results and worked in content instead of embellishing or you know, thinking that I needed to have this massive success story, Kayla, your success or lack of success, whatever you think is not good enough and everybody else out there listening is good enough. It's enough. Your income is simply being capped by your creativity, not by the fact that you don't have the content and have the content and you just got to stop bullshitting yourself and others and thinking that it has to be different or better. You just have to learn how to talk out what you're doing and you have in an authentic way, and people will clamor for you. I mean, even if you don't ever retire your husband, no, no, you will. Watching that journey is something that people will clamor for. I remember Sarah Rab she was the same way young young ladies are fat. She became an affiliate for Legendary. She was our fastest ever platinum affiliate but very similar, and had very filming videos. She films videos, kind of quit her grocery store job and wanted to help her boyfriend quit as well and people love that people love that that at home person next door, grind story and nobody you don't have to lie and always assume that other people are embellishing or bullshitting until they absolutely prove you wrong and even if they show you screenshots and all this stuff, remember there was probably cost and there was probably advertising there's probably other things that they're not seeing that other people are bullshitting we can ignore them better, right, Kayla? Yeah, so if we just assume that they're bullshitting, we don't have to put so much weight on everything that they're saying. So anyways, Alright, I'm done ranting and I'll let you go. I know you have kids and family and your business and everything. 29 man, thank you so much. Keep up the good work and come back and see us alright. Well, alright, see you Kayla. All right, my friends go and follow Kayla at hustle with Taylor over on TikTok. She's also repurposing on Instagram, Facebook rails, Pinterest and YouTube so you can find on all those platforms but you can start on tick tock hustle with Kayla, my friends. Today is a fantastic day to make it a defining moment in your life. And if you've been sitting on the Getting Started with a challenge or enrollment make today. What is it? June 3 2022. It's halfway through the year. It's literally halfway through the year, make today a defining moment and use this Friday as a launch pad to launch into the week that has happened and start your week. Powerfully next Monday. You can make that decision and you can take that action today. You don't have to put it off until tomorrow. You can do what you deserve today. Alright so my friends will see on Monday. Get out of here be Legendary. Thank you Kayla again for your one too and we will see you all later. Get out of here. Peace.

TikTok Techniques To Grow Your Online Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe, CEO of legendary marketer and your friendly pilot this morning flying through the friendly skies of the digital marketing world. All right, get your seat belts on. We have a gentleman here. Well, Bill I'm gonna go ahead and bring you in. Welcome to the show, buddy. How are you?

Bill: I'm good. Good morning. Everybody.

Bill: Well, you know what, here's my backstory. So you know, you can probably tell I'm a little bit older. So I'm a little bit far in the game. So I'm part of that generation of, you know, get off my lawn and you're not gonna see me on camera ever. So I spent 23 years in the military after college. Thank you. retired colonel, engineer. And after that, I went into the corporate world working in mining and manufacturing, kind of taking some of the things that I did in the army and applying it in the corporate C suite. And so, I would say probably well, when we went into lockdown in 2022 or 2020, in March, you know, I was strictly working from home in my position and started kind of doing the you know, maybe there's a little bit more I could do on the on the side for me, kind of taking a look at what was going on in the in the economy and kind of working with some of the folks that I did in my company and seeing what was out there as well. And some of the things I could do on the side. And then probably two things and I kind of came across affiliate marketing in that timeframe. And I kind of got into that whole analysis paralysis where it just kept reading and reading and studying, you know, that's the whole engineer and me. And in November of last year, my position was deleted. So I went from being employed for last, you know, almost 30 years to unemployed, and what do I do now? Well, so I had been having, I had been studying the affiliate marketing space, and, you know, I came across Tyler wise, you know, in my readings and whatnot, and he's the one that actually went through to join legendary marketing. So I purchased the program and jumped in probably in mid December, I think it was last year and kind of went through the 15 Day Challenge and jumped into the blueprints as well. The other thing I was doing at the same time as as I was kind of going through some kind of job search and what do I want to do next and kind of really got to that point after studying all that is, I really don't want to go back to the nine five

Dave: How many people do you think have had that realization over the last six to 12 months?

Bill: I would say quite a few. You know, at least most of the family and friends that I talked to about it. They don't want to go back to the office even talking to some of you know, some of my former co-workers who are still there. They're like, I never want to go back to the office. And I'm like, I don't blame you. You know, I personally work better from home than I've found or you know, working on my own. And so I just you know, I continued to work on that but at the same time, talking with some kind of job counselors working on the resume and getting LinkedIn all up to date. You know, the whole standard package, I guess you could call it focus on branding, you know, all that kind of stuff. And in this kind of set. I just decided that hey, I wanted to really start my own gig. So I started my own business consulting. And at the same time, I was jumping into Legendary Marketer as well. So my path is probably a little bit different than many here in the community because basically focusing on starting two businesses at the same time. Yeah. The business consulting is taken off. I mean, I even have my website setup for it. When I signed on with my first client, I've been doing that solidly since the beginning of March. Well at the same time, I'm also getting the marketing off the launch pad as well. And really getting in and getting stuff on TikTok and Instagram and all that kind of stuff. Yeah. So, you know, in that, you know, of course that's the whole mindset of you know, a guy in my position of putting stuff on tick tock you know, I'm watching everybody else my kids on it, and here I am, you know, trying to trying to get myself on on social media like that when I'm always like, I really don't want to be on social media. So, you know, it's been quite a quick road. So trying to do two things simultaneously has been challenging, but it's been a great challenge because it's mine. And I really enjoy it.

Dave: That's really something that's really something. I love that last part. It's a challenge but it's your challenge. And isn't that isn't that special? Isn't that something and why do we why do you why do you feel? Why isn't everybody excited about their own challenge? Do you think Bill I mean, I can see that you're getting in and you're going after it and you're, you're you're both using these skills to build an affiliate business, you're also doing consulting. That's fantastic. You're going after this. And those challenges that are popping up no doubt. It sounds like you're you're you don't love them, but you're grateful for them because they're there. They're your own challenges to help you build your own business. What do you say to people or what do you think we could say to people to get them to see that? Even more, you know, the challenges that you're going to go through are blessings in disguise they're teaching you, giving you valuable experience , making you worth more than you are right now. Because you know, because you're going to know how to navigate them. And that's valuable experience in life that you can package and sell. Just like we teach here. You can package and sell that valuable experience. Right. You have to get some of it. How can I mean, you said something I said something? I think we're making our point here that these challenges are valuable, and they would just say more about the part where you said I'm grateful for the challenges because in their mind I just think our audience could benefit from that.

Bill: Sure. So a couple things. First of all, I think you know, the reason why many people do i mean you know when we kind of talk about you know there's there's the 1% and there's the 99% 1% are going to make that decision to change their lives and 99% don't and I think the 99% is more about fear. Fear of taking that leap. You know, honestly when I when I retired from the military and was looking at you know, what am I going to do next you know, trying to translate, you know, a lot, a lot of my counterparts will turn around and go right back into some sort of defense contracting job or something that, you know, with the military, instead of breaking out of it and doing something else because there's that comfort, right? It's what I know and how do I translate that out into the civilian world? I took the leap. And I think it's, you know, there's that fear portion of, you know, not wanting to kind of, you know, the fear of fear of failure, right. So, so, and I see that a lot when I talk with my counterparts, you know, they're still in or, you know, working, you know, I still live near a military base still. And, you know, they go to work every day and kind of do the same things they did when they were in uniform and I hear the same complaints and I'm like, why don't you change it up? Right? Well, I'm afraid, you know, and, and we were trained to go fight wars and whatnot, you know, and they're kind of ready to jump out of that world. Well, I took that leap. I made that decision to get away from government work and go into the civilian sector. So, I think there's that fear portion, that people don't want to do something on their own. And then the second thing is, you know, in the military, we look at challenges as opportunities. Or at least that's the way I was raised, you know, it's not always a, you know, a pain point. It's an opportunity. You know, we're, we're trained as leaders to go, how do we seize the initiative and move forward? And I look at it as an opportunity. Yeah, there. It's a challenge, but how am I going to overcome that challenge? So that's one of the reasons why I like to own it, it's mine. So that's the reason why I decided I didn't want to go back to the nine to five. I was in hell or high water. I was going to make that difference and make my own business go my way.

Dave: I mean that perspective of I'm gonna own this challenge. This is my challenge. Don't even come over here and try to take it away from me. Because I want the experience I want and I want the self confidence that I'm going to have when I complete and dominate that finish line or that completion point. And a lot of people don't, I would assume that something is the teamwork having each other's backs along with that, that completion, confidence in confidence. Building you experience a lot in the military. I've experienced the same thing though, even though I wasn't in service in entrepreneurship. You know, business is a lot like being careful here. Talking to a military man seems a lot like war, except there's no violence. There's no competition and I would love to take the other one out. And there's all types of strategy and everything else, right? Or there's just ignorance on fire where you just run into wherever you're going and you just hope like hell, whatever you're about to do works out. I don't know Bill, they sound pretty similar to me.

Bill: When he just moved, we call if we don't know what the situation is, it's called a movement to contact you and come up against it. And then you figure it out.

Dave: You move until you contact something, right?

Bill: Yeah, exactly.

Dave: I mean, in what you could contact a bullet in, in entrepreneurship, it seems like the fear that you just described was very real for military men and women. But there's no bullets here, man. There's no There's no, there's no there's I've not seen blood yet. Even though we all say Blood Sweat Tears. I've seen a lot of sweat. I've seen a lot of tears, but I've yet to see a single drop of blood from anybody sitting behind their computer or on their cell phone. You're using the Hey, it's my challenge to overcome your fear. I would invite all of you to come up with a perspective that you can use that will help you overcome your fears. Because I agree with your bill. There's 99 point something percent of people who will live their entire lives in fear and always second guess everything and will never do anything unless they have somebody sitting beside them. You know, some sort of authority figure who is going to tell them that it's okay or or in a tell you that is one way to live life. That is one way to live life. There are a lot of people who live life within those boundaries, right? But I was just reading a quote from I was just reading a quote yesterday from Steve Jobs, man, the late Steve Jobs, all right. And some of you may have seen this or know this, but it was a speech called here's the crazy ones. He said, Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. This is the gentleman who invented the iPhone. The ones who see things differently. They're fond of rules. They have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can do is ignore them. They change things they invent, they imagine they explore, they create, they inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art or sit in silence and hear a song that's never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? We make tools for these kinds of people. While some see them as the crazy ones we see as geniuses, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. What comes when you hear that?

Bill: I see. See what I was talking about earlier, it's the challenge of opportunity or opportunities of challenge right? You know, we live a very structured life in the military. But you know, when you're in a combat theater, there is no structure because we have a saying the enemy has a vote. So your best laid plans you know, will go to crap on first contact with the enemy, but you need to plan and that's the important thing is to think of how you're going to build your plan. I don't see that any differently than running my own business. You know, whether it be marketing or consulting, right, you know, I've got I had built it and you know, as I've come up against, you know, different challenges. I see them as opportunities to excel. And how do I overcome that? So yes, you have to kind of take a look at bras to talk about that, as you know, you know, think outside of the box. You know, does that put us in a different or larger box? Are we actually outside of the box looking at the big picture?

Dave: Well, I say and I think and believe that. As a business owner, your income is only capped by your creativity, right? So the higher your creativity goes, the higher your income goes. Now creativity consists of the things that you just said, the things that you just described, right? Like trying things, different things, being willing to have a plan, make a plan, and then adjust that plan. Make another plan making you know a pivot, which is exactly what we do every day in life. And there's also what you just described, a military has to do under attack or in war. I think that every I mean, even a football game, even a basketball game I mean when you are out there on the field, you have to adjust to the right business. It is no different. And so creativity, the higher your creativity goes, the higher your income can go and to be creative. It's really just about trying things, it's really just about taking risks. What are some of the things I want to molten clients and what are the techniques that you've used? But you know, I want to know, also, what are some of the examples of things that you've tried that work that you were like, wow, like, holy crap, is there anything like a video that you recorded that you just thought of? And I'll never do anything or you didn't edit it or there have been? Have you seen a pattern of things work out despite you?

Bill:  Well, you know, like I said earlier, you know, kind of like trying to get over that hump of putting stuff on TikTok, if you go back to I mean, I left everything on tick tock that I started out with. I haven't deleted any videos so if you go to like the very first portion of my profile, you can see just how rough they are. Here I am trying it, you know, so, you know and you know, I've looked at a lot of others in our in our community that have already out you know, input there, have been out there for a while so I started looking at their stuff to kind of guide me into know okay, how do I get going with the same right you know, I mean, you can you can look at it how rough that is. So, you know, we talked about I just got to that point where, you know, we talked about how ugly cells are, right?

Dave: Yeah. Thank you for bringing that up. You're right man ugly does sell and as and you ain't talking about face people. So Bill ain't talking about his bug. Okay, even though that's a mug only a mother can love. Same thing right over here. But we ain't talking about how you look as a person we're talking about the page or the in this case, like the thumbnails or whatever. And even the production level nowadays, ugly in low production cells.

Bill: I mean, I've had comments, you know, so a lot of a lot of the feedback I get, you know, is usually in the I'll get a message like, you know, I was in this day and age, you know, you can put out stuff that looks like that with, you know, the tools that are available, etc. And I'm just like, look, this is my genuine self out here. Right? First of all, it's getting over the hump of putting it out there especially you know, at my age so to speak and my place in my life because if you think about it, a lot of the folks in my position are figuring out how to wind down now they've been working you know, in I five or done something else where true or is that just something you? Have you been telling yourself? You know what I mean? Because I just wonder if that's actually true. Like do you have do you have do you have because I actually think the majority of people your age are freaking out are kind of going Oh crap. Like I don't have, I mean, I even know people who thought they were prepared for retirement and now realize that they weren't there looking at the amount of money that they have. I am there. saying to themselves. I actually have to live less because I don't have enough money. So I'm just saying that I think my personal experience is that people are freaking out at your age. They're not, they're not winding down, but that's just my opinion. Yeah, well, let me

Bill: Let me kind of clarify that winding down. Please. You know it's when I say winding down is yes, they're looking for retirement, you know. They've been in the working world for however long you know, in whatever capacity. So the winding down piece is like, you know, how do I get out of the working world? You know,

Dave: So probably not, maybe not pushing themselves as hard as maybe you are to, or getting as uncomfortable as you are, in order to do something that really is actually not harder. But there's just a little bit of uncomfortability here at the beginning. Right, right.


Bill: So that's kind of how I turned to you know, that's kind of my focus is, you know, I want to go into this, you know, this portion of my life, not having to worry. Yeah, and that's, that's that's kind of the message I keep trying to push out whether it be through the social media or my contact with others, because, you know, there's kind of two groups that I'm trying to appeal to, well, first, it's my group, you know, hey, you're trying to wind down and just like you said, you know, we're freaking out because we realized that I mean, my 401 K that I had from my own company took a 23 plus percent hit the last one, right?

Dave: All your retirement is 23%. Last, right. And here's this time that you're supposed to, and this is what I think we're what you were saying and where I think that this is marketing to show it's like society says that we're supposed to be retiring at 65 or whatever. And everybody walks around and acts like, oh, yeah, retirements coming up like this is and everybody believes that. Well, this is supposed to be when I do get to wind down and relax. This is when I should start. And so meant. Lee we're going Oh, okay. retirements going on, but but in our gut, you know, freaking out because and I'm saying I have relatives that are all in this. I have a lot of people who are a bit older than you are, but are in that place where some of them did okay. Some of them did okay for themselves, one of my uncles and aunts owned an insurance agency, but I'll tell you what, even as with an insurance agency, okay, they are not freaking out, but they're, they're not balling. Out here, throwing, wiping their butt with you know, $100 bills over here. They're there. They're there. They're selling V. They're mounting budgeting all this kind of stuff. So, yeah, and people are in the people. We have to know our audience, too. We have to know our audience and the majority of people for all of you who are sitting around on here, and who are thinking, well, there's nobody else out there who's who's kind of who's going to be interested in this message or there's nobody else out there who's the majority of people that we meet that come to our masterminds are a lot of them are our you know, people that are in their 50s 40s 50s and 60s, not people in their 20s 30s and 40s are 20s and 30s. Predominantly, there are some younger people but there's a lot of people who are older, because they realize that they don't have what they need. And so it's crazy, man, it's crazy. It's crazy. Also, when you think you have what you need and then all of a sudden stock markets go down things. I mean, look at this economy. You think anybody really has their nest egg? Do you think anybody's really feeling safe right now, with wars and dictators and pandemics and I mean, we're living in a crazy world and as a military man and survive survivalist not in the form of prepper but just in the form of a new are a man who is trained to survive it's a scary place not particularly because. I mean, if you're a young person who comes and you have plenty of time that it's so far off in the distance that you can, you just won't have to worry about it. anymore. Let me tell you something that time that day, that moment where it is a prop where it is a reality where you are worrying about it is right around the corner, right around the corner. It's a lot, right Bill? Yeah, I would say it's actually

Bill: Right now I'm going to here's why. You know, time is gonna go by faster than you really think. And before you know it, you know when you thought you like you know, I was talking about the whole Alice's promises over the last year and a half you know, don't wait start now and that you know, that's that's kind of how I try to message my you know, my stuff is is such that, you know, I'm trying to, like I said, appeal to the my group as well. Don't wait to start and it's never too late. To start. And then, you know, the younger groups out there like my sons who are, you know, just finished up their second year of college. You know, I've been talking to him about what I do, you know, but don't want to blast them with it, but they've asked questions and they know that going into the nine to five world is gonna have to support them doing additional things. So they see the world as well so that there's that group that you know, you either want to escape toxic nine to five or add something to you  know, increase your assets. So, that's kind of how I tried to set that messaging that, you know, to help you guys out so, you know, it's been a great opportunity for me, and it is for everybody, you just have to get over that fear, jump in and go. 

Dave:  This is a picture of our recent mastermind. We just got the photos back the other day. So, you know, you can see here in the picture, just the diversity of people in this community here at legendary, the age ranges, right. You know, these are the people, these are the folks that we're that we're working next to that we're marketing and communicating out there on the internet. It's real people with real life challenges, real fears, real, you know, real, real things that they've overcome to get here. I mean, people who have stories just like each one of us, you know, and, and they, you know, it's amazing when when you come and you actually look, it's not just, I mean, it's people from all walks of life who all had a similar thought, which is, I want more freedom. I want more. Basically, it's all about freedom. I mean, as a military man, I think that probably would resonate with you. Right? Yeah. But as an entrepreneur, that resonates with me as well. You know, when I speak to each person, regardless of their age, they want, they want more freedom, more freedom, freedom, meaning that I don't want somebody to tell me what to do. I don't want somebody leaning over my back. I don't want to have to answer to somebody for every little thing. I want to have some creative freedom, and I want to be able to make more money so I can spend more, you know, it all boils down to freedom. I want to transition a little bit over to your, your, your consulting client. What techniques did you learn that you use to help you close your consulting client that maybe you could share with people to give them a little bit of a different perspective on how they can use these skills and tools?

Bill: Well, you know, it kind of goes back to you know, one of the things that you say in your introductory video, you know, on our on the sales page or the landing page, right. It's you know, we're always trying to sell something, we're always selling something, and that really kind of clicked with me. You know, as I was looking through that, you know, that initial video that kind of stuck with me, as you know, as I was starting my consultancy, at the same time and so it kind of really helped that kind of clicked me into really focusing on you know, what, what's the message and the value proposition that I'm bringing to, you know, the my consultancy side of things, and you know, because you know how many business consultants are there in the world? There's millions, right? So what you know, what's gonna make me different. So that really drove the messaging portion of you know how I sell myself and then gaining clients. So, so that, you know, from the affiliate marketing side, I researched the market and took a look at, you know, who else was in the space, you know, what I was doing? And then it also helped me kind of work with a lot of folks that were currently in that space, of, you know, kind of jumping in and using that to help set things up. So a lot of the skills that I learned through, you know, even the 15 Day Challenge kind of helped set the foundation for a consultancy. Yeah, and you know, eventually you know, as part of, you know, the tools and the techniques that we have in legendary marketing for, you know, selling a digital product, or, you know, setting that up and selling it, you know, these are things that I was like, wow, these are potential opportunities that I can kind of incorporate into that consultancy going forward. So, a lot of great tools and techniques and I love the fact that it's constantly updated when I look in our back office, like I went back into it, you know, just I think last week to look at something and I was like, oh wait a minute, it's changed. And that's it. That's that's also a you know, let me let me throw out some great advertising, you know, for the program, and this is what I tell everybody, you know, and the reason why I chose legendary marketer is the fact that you guys still do it. It's not just hey, it was on a product, you know, get in, you know, Sally a couple of videos, and, you know, a couple spreadsheets, etc. It's the fact that, you know, you folks still do it. And when it doesn't work, you figure out how to make it work. And then we get the, you know, the benefit of that and I'm using that you know, as I go forward and you know, both the consultancy stuff and and the marketing as well. So, that's the main reason why I went with legendary marketing versus all the other guys out there that are, you know, putting out videos and digital products. You know, these are real people. You know, I don't drive a Lambo. I'm like, I personally don't want it, you know, that. That's not my freedom, you know? So I mean, like, Hey, I rotate built for Lambos. Why buy a $2 automobile that you can't drive faster and 75 miles without a ticket, right. Great your garage. So, I mean, if you want to drive a car fast, go to Germany and drive the autobahn. And then my wife took me to Vegas and we did the track out there where you can drive the Lambos and all that kind of stuff. It was a blast. It was a blast. We liked all the cars that were on the thing and went home and yeah, I've got the opportunity.

Dave: Renting is great. We also love to rent vacation homes. You know, instead of going and buying vacation homes, it's a novel concept. Why the hell do I want houses all over the world when quite frankly, I don't know what the heck's going to happen in that part of the world? I don't, I mean, it could be flooded, it could burn, it could be I mean, seriously. I want my investments to be compact, you know, I want them to be and I would rather be more at this stage. My investing strategy is a little bit different. We should have an entire call on investing strategies because it's, it's, you know, once you start making money, the question is, again, going back to the Cashflow Quadrant with Robert Kiyosaki and his whole thing, you know, how do you really become a true investor and make your money work for you? But again, that's a whole we could go down that rabbit hole I want to say you know, ClickFunnels just sent us this bell because of our number one affiliate status there a click funnels. Congratulations, not as a company. Just just you know, we have affiliates also who are sending you know, who are affiliates of Click Funnels and affiliates of and all these different things, but we are also doing it we are also sending our own traffic, doing our I mean, it's I've been doing this for 12 years in one way shape or form. Affiliate marketing and combining the core four is the only business model that I'll let her run for the rest of my life. I'll never do another business because there's nothing that's easier than this. There's nothing that's simpler than this. There's nothing that's more low overhead business, and there's nothing that I can make a sale for today. I can make a sale today, and I can deliver the training later. They're nothing else except, you know, I can pre launch and say, Hey, we've got these bottles coming out in a month and a lot of people do crowdfunding, right crowdfunding. So yeah, I raised $100,000 from 100 people, and now I gotta take that $100,000 And I have to go make a bunch of crap. And then I have to ship it out to those people and hope they don't get pissed off. They take so long, whereas I can go out to my email list, or I can go out to Facebook and I can run a few $100 worth of ads or whatever and I can host a webinar, or I can go live on Facebook. And I can say I'm doing a training next week where I'm going to show you XYZ it's $37 to get in by now. I'll teach you and I could make 100 sales or make two sales or five sales or 10 sales anybody? You know, I was thinking about going last night. I was thinking about the fact that every single one of us that's I mean in a country that has an economy and has stores where you can buy I'm not talking about people in third world countries, and I am sensitive to people who do not have some of the blessings or a lot of the blessings that we have in America. I am sensitive to that with saying that I am going to now say that everyone, everyone means minus the people I just said everyone has the same opportunity to go out and make money on the internet. Everyone has the same opportunity. And no one can tell me no one can tell me that any type of person makes more money than any type of person. It doesn't matter if you're white, black, Muslim, Christian, old young. It is literally because you can find your target customer and you can find people who will buy from you. You can find them and you know why else it's the playing field. It is low because all it takes is a cell phone and a laptop. Yep. You don't even have to have both really but it's nice to have both. is All it takes is those two little pieces of equipment that if you don't have it get a cell phone and a computer you need it to be a part of this world these days. A laptop and a cell phone now think back on bills. Think back a couple years ago or a couple of decades ago or whatever, and tell me honestly tell me honestly. Did everybody have the same opportunity? Was the playing field leveled? Or has the internet changed the game and are things in your opinion? Is there opportunity? It is what I'm saying. Do you agree with that statement as well? Does this have the internet and these simple business models that we figured out how to do? Have they changed the game and can you honestly look in that camera and say anybody with willingness and resourcefulness can succeed in completely building a life that is totally different than there is right now in a better way. Do you agree?

Bill: I totally agree that if you have a smartphone, you can run your entire business on that smartphone. And you know, case in point, you know, I just got back last night from a week in Maine, on vacation, where I'll tell you what, anybody that knows me knows that the cell phone connection there is rough. Like in my mom's house where we stayed you know, if I was standing on a tippy toe with my arm, you know, up in the air on top of a roof. That's how you get a connection in her house.

I was able to connect, you know, with my systems and everything I needed to do to check. Heck, I even posted a tic tock video right from our deck. Yeah. So it's, it's possible in some of those, you know, those places that you can't mention in the world and believe it or not, there's still kind of activity in parts of the world. You know, where you can reach out and touch the world from, you know, an internet connection. And that's all you need. Yeah, so you know, running it from a phone, you know, an iPad or you know, a tablet or a laptop or both whatever the technology is and connects to the internet. It's way easier now. And I remember when the internet was just taken off. Yeah, yeah. 

Dave: Back when you can go back just for a second. You remember when you joined the military and back when you were a young man, where you're not that you still wouldn't have gone to serve the same way, but just talk to us a little bit about the options, right, how how, how the and I think it was an honorable choice. And again, I'm not insinuating you wouldn't choose it again. I'm just asking where the options are a lot less than they are now. Oh, yeah. Very much. 

Bill: I mean, because I mean, when you think about the expectations back then, you know, we even talk about some of our, you know, our slight females, you know, we were screwed. The whole belief system is, you know, you go to college, you get a job, and then you go out from there, you know, millet the military was a job to some, you know, it's really a profession in my opinion. It's not a nine to five job, it's 20% that you put yourself on the line every day. But you know, to your families in that job, they're a part of that as well as that career. They are everybody's everybody's in it when you're a military, I can imagine.

Bill: So yes, the options I think we're a lot more limited back then. In the sense that the internet was in its infancy you know, back then, and you know, nobody really knew what it was like, if you had a 56k baud modem, you know, you were like, King of the Hill, you know, and but nobody had email anything was still you know, phone calls and, you know, using snail mail or not the whole nine yards. So in today's world, Holy mackerel, you know, gone from, you know, a snail to lightspeed, you know, over the past several years and you can't beat it.

Bill: So, yeah, I would definitely say the options are much better now than they were back then. I mean, because even when I was back then looking at it, you know, just outside of, you know, I go to work. I'm gonna find a corporate job. And then I'm gonna retire. Right. But our entire life yeah, like, it's just that simple.

Dave: And you're just going to, you know, so yeah, yeah, like it's just all going to fall in place. So here you are. This is going to be one of, if not my last question. Here you are. You're a retired military man. You have little experience outside of that. Right. You have a family and you're an eligible intelligent guy well experienced and now you come in and you get on in you run in and across, you know, our content and my video and our president with you know, a you're presented with an opportunity to buy some training and learn from a guy. I'm not a millet, I'm not a veteran. I'm younger than you. I'm ex homeless. I'm a recovering addict, all these kinds of things. What that screams to me is just I don't know humility. I mean, what is your mindset when you're now in this chapter of your life, and when you're going back, you're buying training, you bought our Blueprints, you're going through this training as if you are a young man going through school? I mean, how is your mindset? Can you talk to us a little bit about your mindset around investing in training, then going through that training, learning from people who may not be somebody who you ever imagined you would be working with or learning from? I don't know. Can you just talk to us a little bit about just the mindset you're in now, buying training or investing in a following lead and learning a lot of things all over again, or for the first time at this phase in your life? Yeah.

Bill: So I kind of look at it this way, when I lost my job, it was like, Jesus, I'm starting all over again. What should I do now? So there's an introspection of you know, going forward, but just pack it in now with what I gotta figure it out. Or, you know, go back to what I know the easy part. That's kind of the foundation that I use in my introductory video. You know, on the landing page, it's like, I could start all over again, I could go back to nine to five or I could make the decision or finally just do something for myself. It was kind of like a turning point. You're talking about pivoting. This is a huge pivot. Like I could go back because like if you think about it, did all of this employment No, I use some of my unemployment money every week, you know, to buy the training. You know, I'm still paying the bills and you know, making a house payment. And I'm like, okay, so I can either invest in myself finally, do it myself. Finally, finally. Right. You know, I was invested in everybody else. If you think about it, there was, you know, the United States government or country or, you know, in the corporate world in my last position.

Dave: Or my family and the neighbors family, keeping us safe, right. I mean, that was your that is your that is your job, essentially, right? I mean, in one way, you're keeping your family safe, too, but and I still do that,

Bill: You know, now it's more from a financial standpoint than it is from you know, putting myself on my mind and not letting harm come to our country. Right. So, you know, at this age, the body just doesn't recover quick enough. And you know, the body just does not heal quick enough to get back in the game, so to speak. So it's definitely time to do something different. And so it's like, Okay, now it's time to do something for myself. And like I said, I was researching the snot out of it, and you get to that analysis paralysis. just faking is like, okay, $7 is not a big, big amount of money to get into it. You know, and, you know, I studied some of the others that are in the same space as you are, and I'm like, Oh my god. How do we get past the whole scam and get rich quick and the whole thing and you know, when you said straight up this is not a get rich quick scheme. It's work and I'm okay with work. i It doesn't bother me. Getting rich quickly means you're out of a lot of money and you'll just drop it by the wayside because it's not going to get you where you want to go. Because you're not building anything long term.

Dave: And we have to really be clear about what scam is. I mean, somebody made you a promise for a product or service or something in return for your money, and they did not deliver it and in most cases, they took your money and they disappeared with it. Legendary marketer is an education company, an online school for online marketers. And if you buy the train, and you don't use it or go through it, you don't get scammed. You simply bought something that you didn't use, sort of like when you go to Walmart or wherever or wherever the hell you go and you buy a shirt and you bring it home and you don't wear it. And then six to 12 months later or whatever you give it away to Goodwill because you never wore it. You didn't get scammed. You bought something that you didn't use, and we do that every day. And that personal responsibility is something that's really difficult for a lot of us to take on. But I'll tell you, for me, the quickest and fastest thing that I always like to do in any nation is try to own a ship, try to take responsibility for things especially if I was in any way part, you know, responsible for them not going as planned. Because now I've taken away everybody's criticism. I've taken away everybody's help. Nope. Nobody can tell me because I'm owning it first. And it's it's it's it's the way of the warrior. It's the way of the entrepreneur. Then we solve problems. We are a lot like service men and women who run to problems instead of running away from them. So, Hey, brother, it's been great to chat and say your service and thanks for your wonderful story and by the way, Bill came on this morning. And just to recap, you got an email from Roxy, who is on our team and you know invites guests to come on the show. And actually because they've had success and because they've because we want to hear from them and learn from them. Right. And Bill got that email and humbly just thought that Roxy was checking in on him to make sure he was gonna be at the show watching. So he goes up, you know before, right whether you thought you were just going to be watching that is and you were okay with that. That's the best part. Right. You showed up. 

Bill:  And that’s the biggest thing. Just show up. Just show up. I mean, that's the topic of one of my TikTok videos. You know, it has nothing really to do with affiliate marketing. It just showed up. That's, that's the biggest thing right there. You know, and nobody can take that away from you. That's the opportunity.

Dave: Showing up is the majority of the battle. I mean, without a doubt, I'm coming up with all the analogies today. I can't imagine why but yeah, man, you're never going to win the battle if you don't even show up right. I mean, I mean, let's, let's take a look at the Ukraine situation. I mean, guys are going at it. I mean, they're staying there and we got Americans that are going over there too. And all kinds of from around the world are doing are going over there to help and and they're showing up but imagine, you know, before that, remember when the Taliban invaded Afghanistan recently, in 2021, they took over and what are their president do what did the President of Afghan Afghanistan do? left the country? Doors right, open the doors, he left the country, you left the country, right. And the minute that you leave, you know you give up, walk away it's you know, there's it's half the battle is just showing up, just opening the computer, just sometimes staying put. And you know what, that's what I respect so much about Zelinsky. The President of Ukraine is that I'm sure they prepared but had really no idea what was going to happen, who was going to support them what but he decided to stay and what happened inspired an entire country to stay as well. And he showed up he didn't know what was gonna happen. He didn't know the world was gonna get behind him and all this stuff. But he did and I find the same is true. It's this again, we're comparing apples to oranges. So this is in no way shape or form. It's just an analogy for the analogy purpose. But entrepreneurship uses a lot in some respects because it's sort of like we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know who's going to rally around us. Until we make the decision to stay or to show up. That's when we get to find out how great the gifts are. Our entrepreneurship is not one of those deals where you get to find out all how great the gifts are before you start. It's not that kind of deal. You don't just get to say Oh, that's awesome. Oh, yeah. No, because I know exactly what's going to happen. I have to get started. You have to shoot the show up and probably overcome a few challenges. And then the benefits are to open up and the people start to rally around you, usually your audience, your customers, people that want to and you know things start to start to happen from there. And once again to remind everybody we, as entrepreneurs working on the internet, get to do this safely from the comfort of our homes. We just sweat and tears. Usually no blood, usually no violence. We can do this safely. Also, nobody can deem non-essential. Ever again. Nobody can send you home and say you're not enough. And also, there's anything else that you want to protect yourself from, whether that be you know, viruses or whatever. Stay home for your business. Stay home and work on your business. Spend time with your family. It's a pretty good gig. It's all the things that we've always wanted, but you're right we got a suit up and showed up to get the benefits. They don't come first and then we go win suit up because we got some sort of upfront signing bonus from the NBA folks.

Bill: Okay, so like I said, you know, I got off the plane after spending a week in Maine on vacation. And I can tell you for the first time in my life that this one week of vacation didn't actually come in April. I was able to enjoy relaxing and doing whatever I wanted without worrying about, you know, a phone call. An email coming through that I had to look at and then had to act on. I actually was able to relax, because I own my own business for the first time in my adult life, and I was like, you know, it was pretty amazing. Even Even my mom you know, because we went up there to celebrate her 80th and in she even said something along the lines of You know how brighter and clearer you know, it wasn't weighed down with something back at the office or what you know, also part of that freedom, you know, well, Mama knows her boy is it home safe. He's out of traffic and all the others are at home with his family. There's no better place for a man to be. There's no better place for a man to be than at home. And that's the lie that I believed for a long time was flying all over it just letting you know traveling speaking on stages all this bullshit, man I want the money nothing. You know what, I don't even want the money. Keep the money. I just want freedom. I don't want the Lambos, I don't want the bullshit. I just want the freedom to be able to stay home and be with my family. And I want that clear. Arrested. look on my face too, man. So keep up the good work, brother. Hey, thanks for your service, man. And thanks for showing up today. Appreciate you having me on.

Dave: Buddy. We'll talk to you later. 

Bill: All right. Take care. Everybody. Bye.

Dave:  That's Bill my friends. You can follow him free from nine to five on Tiktok. He's got some affiliate marketing stuff going, sort of business consulting stuff going. Pretty cool. Pretty cool episode. Pretty cool story. A lot of nuggets in there while we can walk away and learn from on a random Thursday. I mean, if this is not, like just the coolest, most valuable information in this. Like I don't know what I mean just learning from our students and our clients that are taking the information and not doing anything with it. You know, they're not extracting translations into multiple languages. They're just, you know, reading, they're just watching and they're just doing what we say in the training. And so if you haven't taken the challenge, go ahead and get on in online builder Get started with the challenge I'm sure you already are. And if you're considering enrolling in any of our other programs, specifically our Blueprints or blueprints, flagship program, we don't have tons of you know, lots of different courses and multiple different you know, the $50,000 mastermind, that we put all of our energy into the blueprints to make it the best, most robust and often updated as needed. training curriculum that you need to be able to win and succeed in this business. The biggest challenge that we have honestly, it's just getting people to watch it to just go through it. That's it. So if you can do that, you really really have a good chance. So Alright my friends, get on out of here. Be well be Legendary. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. And thanks again to Bill, what an incredible episode.

How To Make The Switch From Drop Shipping To Digital Marketing

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What is going on everybody? Happy Wednesday, new month, June 1, and we're live. And if you are new to the show for the first time here, you can text the letters, text the letters WL 132968553. You'll get a short little text message reminder, every time that we go live. It'll pull open on your phone. It'll say, Hey, here's a little show intro, whatever. We write up a little blurb, and then there's a link you can dive right into the live super easy if you would like some merch I've got all sorts of merchandise if you want some merch okay I got I got a whole wardrobe just you can go to, I got people asking me all the time or email me where can we get it hats, shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, you name so every single Monday through Friday for the past I don't even know. We started doing this around 2020, early 2020 or something like that. We go live with a guest and it's unrehearsed and unscripted. Don't even give them questions that we're going to ask. We honestly don't even know where it's gonna go honestly. And we just unpack a little bit about their story and their journey. When we were at our last mastermind Dave said something he said you know, people don't need more training. They need to hear more stories. And it's really true and sent throughout my journey. I know that that sounds like I've had days where I'd be like, You know what, Dude, shut up. But the truth is, is I've had a lot of points in my journey where I was able to push through and figure things out and it was because I was inspired it was because I had the right people and the right stories around me that inspired me and helped me believe and so that's part of why we've taken this approach on the show. And so, we're going to bring on our guests for today. I think he's from Atlanta, but now residing in Florida. Is that right Mike?

Mike: That is correct. I am in South Florida. I grew up in Atlanta. So I made the trip back here. The perfect winter.

Matt:  Nice, nice. Well, thanks for coming on. You are sort of in our community. Tell us a little bit about the early days of getting started online. For those of you who don't know, we give a little a little questionnaire that we have people submit and you're talking about how you kind of started in drop shipping but do you go way back so tell us a little bit about your journey online and you've been in this about the same amount of time that I have which is pretty rare. Most people are out here by now. Tell us a little bit about your journey online and how you got started. Well,

Mike: I mean, online around the late 2000s before like around 2008-2009 ish. I actually got into drop shipping and so I was doing it was before the whole craze

Matt:  Yeah I didn't even know drop shipping was a thing.

Mike: I was an eBay hound teenager. I would always wonder how these people would get all these different things and posts on there. I've been wanting to make money since I was like 1314 years old.

Matt: Hey, me too. I used to steal my parents debit card and would buy wholesale calculators and resell them on eBay for like a small profit.

Mike: Exactly, exactly the same. So I came across it. I knew where to start getting the suppliers. I looked at all the different suppliers in the Asian market. And the biggest opportunity that came around was the whole p90x craze and I saw that I can get p90x DVDs. And wholesale super cheap and they were going where they were going up at that time for upwards of 100 bucks for a whole set. And I was getting them for maybe like $20 a set and so the market was crazy. And that's what I started doing and I was making a killing and you know it led from doing the p90x to start doing the iPhone chords like you know the iPhone was gaining traction at that time. And so all the little accessories associated with the phone were picking up steam and so I just started sourcing those things out over lunch on Alibaba and, you know, buying bulk and listing them on eBay. eBay was the place to do it. Yeah, and going really well. Then, you know, of course, eBay started to tighten their restrictions a little bit. It's always a battle. It's always a battle with them. But then you know, I switched out products. I switched out to a really nice product, which was a women's women's hair, flattening iron. Man, and those things were selling. Those are the good things, those things were selling. And so that's how I got my start, you know, it slowly started to decline because you know, more people got associated or got into the whole drop shipping game. And so, you know, eBay and Amazon started to tighten up their restrictions and they got to a point where I didn't want to be left holding the bag buying a bunch of supplies from overseas and not being able to offload it. So you know, I can just move out of there, but I was doing all of it. I was doing the arbitrage you know, Walmart Wayfair, those types of things. buying it from their marketing nope on Amazon, selling it directly from them. All of it. I've been doing this. I've been doing this for a while. That's how I got my start at least online and started making money online through the E commerce drop shipping area.

Matt: Cool. Now that's super cool. I've been around a while and didn't even really honestly realize that that well I guess I knew the eBay craze because I was a little bit in it. But man that's pretty wild. What so tickets from the beginning there were in the late 2000s Like 2009 1011. Two, how did you get to where you're at now? I mean, have you been working a job? Have you always been full time online and always been just making a living online? Like what's what's your life been like and what's How did you end up sort of in the Legendary circle? How'd you find us?

Mike: Okay, well, to bring it back. I am in the military. I was in the Marine Corps Reserves. And so that's all I was able to do in between because I wasn't active. So I still have a life out in the civilian world as well. So after the drop, the Drop Shipping type phase, I did jump into MLM around the 2012 timeframe as well and it was with Dave's previous company and I got to learn the basic skills of you know, what has actually taught and legendary you know, when it comes to blogging, SEO related, all those types of things. So, I got to get a taste of a little bit of my foundation from there, okay. And in 2014 I got a job in Afghanistan as a private contractor. And so I jumped on that and I went ahead and did that. Because it was either going to lose either dad or you know, maybe go back to school to you know, relearn some things, get my education up, but I decided to go to Afghanistan. And it was there when I decided like, Alright, I need to get back to the online game like this. I can't deal with this right here because while it paid well like the money was good at being out there. But man, it took maybe about the third rocket attack that we had out there for me to realize like I think I need to go find something else to do. Yeah, yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy out there. So saluting anybody that's been out there, they understand what goes down. But I really need to make a change. I mean, I'm out there in the desert. And, you know, you're risking your life, day in and day out, you know, and so you don't know what's promised for the next day. So it's just like, let me let me jump on my computer and I said, I gotta find something else to do. And so that's when I went ahead and I started looking at other Make Money Online type of stuff because it was a little weird. There were a lot of things going on at that time period like MLMs coming and going, all these different opportunities. So you just didn't know which one was going to be the best one to jump into. 

Matt:  And for everybody who's listening, what he means by that is, these companies would basically open up, do a big pre launch and get a bunch of people to join this MLM. And then you wake up one day, and like, literally, the office was closed. You're like, you're calling support, and you're like, they're like, they're like, We filed for bankruptcy. Sorry. And you're like, how do I get my money back? And they're like, you don't and that and the phone call and that's basically and that was that was Tom and I Dave tells a story about how he got into this like cell phone MLM plant in 2013 or 12 or 11 or something way back in the day, and before he could even I think he could only you only sold his data on it. And before his dad could even get the phone, they went out of business. He didn't even get something like that. Much of that. But you know what I mean? That's that kind of thing and people have gone through that a lot. And you know,


Mike: It was running rampant during the mid 20. Teens, like, that's what was going on. So you just weren't sure it was just, you didn't want to jump on the opportunity that wasn't gonna be there next month.

Matt: But you also didn't want to miss the opportunity you didn't exactly get in.

Mike: It was definitely the wild wild west in the online space. So I finally got out of Afghanistan. And while I was there, I was looking at different opportunities. This is all illnesses leading is going to lead into legendary but I started doing local degeneration, which I still do to this day, but it's more so of rank and rent. And so that's why I started doing it and that was going pretty well actually. You know if you can rank a website and local websites are much easier to write. And if you can do that, you can obviously sell the benefits to a business owner. And so that's what I was doing and I'm still doing that now in association with legendary, but it was creeping up onto when the pandemic started, it was starting to creep in. So around 20 about 2019 timeframe was when I could start seeing things changing. And I always loved the idea of affiliate marketing and all of that, but it was just like, I I got stuck when I got stuck in something that was making me money, and that's what I was doing. But I can read the tea leaves and see that things were about to change. And so it was in 2019 I actually came across Legendary. I saw an ad or something on Facebook that day and I was like oh man, so David Sharpe is back in the game. His training was always solid from back in the old days. And so I was like okay, let me take a look. And see what's going on. Because I was already kind of done with the MLM phase because it was just, it was unreliable. And so I saw that and I started looking into really what it was about. And I was like, Okay, this makes sense. This is something like the price point, of course, was the most attractive thing because you pay the seven bucks and take the online business challenge. And man, the knowledge you get from that there's people out here charging 1000s of dollars for the same information. So even if you only took that you'd be off and running. And so that's how it was me. So I was hooked. I went ahead and signed up to the Business Challenge, spoke with my advisor a few times when I was off and running and so once I got it once I got into the ecosystem were Legendary, and I said okay, I can see now how I can start pivoting to do some more affiliate marketing related things. Because, you know, dealing with just local businesses, I'm at the mercy of, you know, what happens to that business itself. And of course, you're also at the mercy of Google. So because it's the largest search engine around and if you're always having to play around with things every time they decide to do an algorithm change, and so that's too much. I didn't want to leave all the chairs there's too much control on. So I need to diversify.

Matt: And that's when many variables are controlled.

Mike: Exactly that is the most serious part and the most nerve wracking part of doing at least you know, Local Lead Generation and things like that is most of it really is out of your control. If Google didn't decide to just do an update, and all of a sudden, your different web properties are no longer on the first page. They're on page three, and you're trying to figure out what it is you need. To change and nothing happens overnight. All right. Let me put more focus into affiliate marketing, because that part of my business was good. And it was good that I did that because shortly after that's when the pandemic actually happened. And we know what happened with that. With a lot of local businesses. All right, customers, so your services weren't as needed, and you just didn't know how long that was gonna last. And so there was a decline, a temporary decline as well. And it was actually affiliate marketing that was I was able to make up everything and surpass. Everybody was hoping at the time.

Matt: No, I mean, the whole online space took a huge, huge leap and run at the beginning of that pandemic and honestly hasn't really slowed down since which is pretty great. You know, I even thought, you know, okay, summertime, summertime is here, people out of school are back traveling, but it's just it hasn't really changed.

Mike: No, not at all. Um, honestly, I mean, there's no better time now than to learn affiliate marketing and just learn that part of the business. I mean, there's so many places you can go once we actually learn the skills to do it. You can just apply it to so many different things. And now is the best time to do it. There's so many people that are unsure of what's to come. And there are at the same time, so many more opportunities being introduced, like with the whole crypto space and the web 3.0 And all the different things that come along with that. If we just tap into something that you are really interested in and learning well, you can start promoting those different products or services or those opportunities that come along. And so it's just it's so much that's happening. And so I think right now is a great time and I'm actually really appreciated that I did find legendary when I did because it got me it brought the spark back back in the early days over why I want to come online and working for yourself or at least learning the skill sets to do these things. is so beneficial. And so

Matt:  I wanted to well, where I was where I was thinking of going with that was exactly where you just took it which was, you said building the skill sets. And when I was I just you know, you found us almost exactly three years ago. And at that time. I mean, I hadn't even been working here that long. I was here but I'm working on that one. And I think that there's something really powerful about how long you've been in the online space because I think for context, a lot of times people will tune into the show or tune into our training or come to the 15 day challenge or whatever. forget sometimes that life is a pretty long journey. And, and and everything gets boiled into this like one moment, right? But when I think back to 2010 2009 and I'm first discovering you know, when I first figured out when I first heard about MLM it was I was watching this I was watching this training and you know MLMs get this bad vibe about being a pyramid scheme, right? Well this video is literally laying it out in the shape of a pyramid. And I was just like, and I was so I mean I was really torn, and I had no clue. But I was just sitting here talking about perpetual leverage. And I'm like, oh my god for leverage. Yes. You know, and I'm like, This is it. This is how I get rich. And so it's so anyway I found a way to get a couple of credit cards and get into this MLM travel club and all of this stuff right. Long story short, I had this. Here's what I think is interesting about this dynamic is if you would have told me 10 years ago as I'm getting started, hey, just build skills, right? Trust the process, maybe 10 years down the road, it works out. I wouldn't have felt that inspired. But if you told me hey look, not only can you can you learn skills that will be valuable for the next 1020 30 where you can have autonomy and total freedom, but also you can kind of earn while you learn as you're going and as you're figuring out these skills, you can earn a living like you can pay your bills, your rent your mortgage. And, you know, maybe you don't become a millionaire in five years, maybe become a millionaire and 20 but as you do it you also experience freedom and autonomy of not answering to a boss every day or you know going my wife quit her mental health therapy practice to start her own business and and you know, not going in and having management tell you out you're not you're probably not gonna get that promotion. And it's like what, excuse me, you know, and never dealing with that again. But I feel like there's also this element of which it would be it would be hard to to summarize all of the different skills and things you've learned in 10 years because you've put this into a career where you've taken all these bits and pieces and I know how that goes because that is the same thing. And now you've got this valuable skill set. That you it's sort of like wearing a tool belt some people only have a hammer, some people only have a tape measure, and you've got it all you've got all of these not everything but you've got a lot of different tools on that belt that you can pull out and reference in history and you know, fail that some successful ads and all of that stuff where you've seen it then there you've got the actual lived experience, which I think is really cool. You only been in our space for three years only in our company around our company for three years. But I think that from the time and let's add more to this. You're a blueprints member of ours as well, I believe right? Yes. And in 2019 We didn't have, for instance, a module on Instagram or Pinterest. We upgraded the business rents in 2020. From what they were before we took the affiliate marketing business blueprint and Dave update to give it a full update. And we keep doing that we're getting ready to update more of it. And I think that's an interesting sort of, isn't that kind of cool to have purchased something and then you know that the guys and gals in our industry usually when they do that they're like, Hey, you want to get 3.0 That's another extra 100 bucks. It's gonna go and how many times and you came into our atmosphere in 2019 Have we called you up and tried to sell you something for $20,000? Never. Yeah, yeah, never never. Because there isn't anything else to sell. It's just lifetime updates forever, which, for us, that's just how we operate and I sometimes don't make a big enough deal about that. So I'm a big deal now and I'm doing a little braggy thing here but it's fun. It's almost unfair. I haven't heard of it, but it's unprecedented in this industry. And as you go it is five years from now that we're still gonna whatever. I don't know what's going to come out in five years, maybe some new TikTok right or something. So the new app that's hot. And guess what? There's going to be probably me or somebody in our community who's got this brand new training, and we won't have charged anybody for it. As long as they've purchased our Blueprints. It's crazy. But how's your experience been in Legendary with our community with the training, and then also now as you're starting to really see some traction and things are picking up for you a lot of 1000s of followers you're making money. How has that changed things?

Mike: Oh, well, like when I first started the goal wasn't for me wasn't actually to promote Legendary. I just found the training so valuable that I can apply it just out in the world and on the online world. And so that's what that's where my focus was, well, you know, with the changes of everything going on, more people really need to have more options. And so, I always have you know, different family members, our friends are actually what I'm doing and how they can get involved. I just performed the legendary, and I was like, You know what, let me let me take this series and actually, along with doing my regular affiliate marketing stuff, let me actually put a little more effort into promoting legendary itself because more people need to see the opportunity because we don't know what and and so the little effort I started putting in I know you get the traction, you start getting leads and get the people joining this you get the sales, you know, you start you start seeing it happening and it's like okay, all right. So people are starting to actually see what it is that I'm saying, because it's not about me, it's not about getting rich overnight and getting all these fancy things. It's really It's, I really want to get better at the skill sets. And show people that if they learn skill sets, there are so many things that they can actually do with it online. Maybe they don't want to do affiliate marketing, that's fine. But everything that legendary teaches, you know, can be used for any field online. You're always you're always going to need to learn how to know how to market a product or sell products, how to how to pick up traffic, all that good stuff, all the different techniques and once you dive in, as the 15 they train then you go into the blueprints like I did, I went through the affiliate marketing, blueprint, both versions. And awesome. They're awesome. I always go back because I'm always learning something new. And so and I'm always you know, going back and taking notes, and all that good stuff. But, you know, you never know. And so the skills that I have acquired personally, I'm able to apply it to my you know, my rent and rent business as well are to all the other affiliate products or products that I am promoting to make affiliate commissions and things like that as well. And I just want to you know, have decided I just said you know what, let me show other people what it is. I'm talking about what I'm doing, because I'm just doing my own thing, because I don't care about being everybody's face, you know, so I but now I was like well, let me show people what it is I'm talking about I have enough people want wondering where they're making my mind they realize I don't work in nine to five. I haven't worked a nine to five for a very long time. And so this is what I do. This is this the reason I did it, not because it's going to make you rich overnight is because you're going to learn skill sets that could

Matt: Possibly make you rich depend

Mike: On what you're doing. Right but you got to learn how to do these things. And so it's not expensive. $7.07 hours, get on the ground and get on the online business builder challenge if you want to better hacking, go ahead and get the $1 training course. Sure you get the business, you get the business training. Dollar versus $7. I mean it's so many opportunities in the air, at any price point. You don't take advantage of it because you're not you're not serious, are your mind somewhere else.

Matt: And And for somebody who's I just feel like for somebody who is newer and has never delved into something like this before. I really feel like for seven bucks to actually dive into some sort of training like this. What a cool thing like being able to dive into some sort of course or a or training about how to make money on the internet. It's such a risk free Dave says I think what Dave says in the video he says something like, you know for less than apparel Wrangler Jeans at Walmart, you can get started or whatever. But I feel like if I'm thinking about it, and I'm like this normal person, just anybody out in the world, like what a cool thing to be able to just lay down seven bucks, which for a lot of us we do for much less like just stupid stuff, right? I mean a venti Frappuccino at Starbucks. You're gonna chalk up seven bucks, basically. But I just feel like what a fun experience to be able to go in and start to really unpack this world and even just, even through day three, you get on day three, you get a bunch of pre built funnels for you that are already ready to go. If you want to sell your own digital course here's one that you can use. But I also think that your strategy of coming online and how you went about that is super powerful because you came online and you use the training for whatever it is that you were already doing. You're like, Hey, I'm gonna get trained from the best. I'm gonna figure this out. And then also, I thought the other thing that was interesting is you then kind of looked around and you were like, dang, people actually need this. So for you, you sort of, I like your strategy of how you purchase training as relevant to solving a problem for you right now. But then also, you're always sort of looking down, you're looking down the road a little bit. Like, okay, what's going to be valuable for people? What do I see as valuable for people right now? People around me and you start to connect people to the right things. And as I think more and more I am trying to instill in affiliate or referral base marketers, people who come into our community, to be less of a one trick pony. And to be more of a matchmaker, a facilitator sort of you got, you can have all these different offers on the table. You can have sort of an ecosystem of offers. Sure you can have a core offer that you send most people to, but you can also the people who become really skilled and stick around for a long time are people who can sort of have the common sense and strategy to listen to people and guide them down. You know, correct paths based on what they actually need, which leads to higher conversions, which leads to higher lifetime values, because I'm just, you know, slamming everybody into one funnel, which by the way you can do but if you can, if you can keep in sort of a ecosystem that's branded to you, and then, you know, get people maybe to know, hey, what can I how can I help you? What are you struggling with? While I'm struggling with lead generation? Well, great. You know what I'm not going to do. I'm not going to send you a training on high ticket closing, because that's not what you need. I'm gonna send you a course. Here's a $1 course on how to get started on TikTok: start generating free leads right away, and then this person purchases your course that you recommend and you make a little commission, and that company starts to offer higher ticket products and education that gives more value. They're going to feel like they got scammed or played by you. They're going to feel like dang, you know what, Mike sent me to the right place. I got what I needed when I listened to Mike and took his advice. Maybe I'll take him up on this offer too, because he was right the first time. And it's, it's a more of a common sense thing. If we were all sitting in a room together. This would make so much sense but there's a piece of this that's online, that sort of convoluted things and people can be fused by it. But it's just like imagining just being in a room and asking somebody what do you need help with and sort of solving that problem for people? I just wanted to say I feel like your strategy around that is common sense. But also common sense isn't all that common. You know what I mean? The rest are all metal with metal with that with a lot of people. And there's a set but I'm not. I'm not the one I'm not creating the course myself. To do anything. I think a lot of people are very accustomed to the high ticket courses. Everyone has a course on some particular subject. And I'm just like, Look, I'm just practicing what I learned. And I'm just taking you to the source. This is where I learned it. At the end of day, you know, you can pay the dollar for the tic toc course, seven bucks for just the training itself, and then you'll be able to learn the skills that I have learned and that I've put into practice. And that's all I can actually do. I try to keep it really simple because I know I know people are already on edge when it comes to online and so you have to be aware of that. You know, and so just keep it really simple. And you don't have to be the person that knows everything to lessen the skills from Legendary. Here's the link. Go to it. This is how I learned. I'm not here to teach you anything. I'm not making any promises. I'm just going to take you to the source and what you do with it is on you. And what's great is when they do sign up, you know sometimes they're not ready at that moment but they can always look back around the lesson there but you guys don't put any weird paywalls are anything weird like that, like you can if you if you sign up today, life happens and you know six to eight months from now. You decide Alright, let me come back in here you come right back in the Legendary and pick up where you left off. And I keep as simple as possible in my business when trying to, you know, refer people to the source. And it's all about listening because things are changing so rapidly. You know, online offline, you don't know how the world is gonna look wherever it is that you're at this time next year. You don't know what opportunities wouldn't be around. I won't be around anymore. But if you learn these skill sets I mean the world when I said the world is your oyster. And so and that's and that's, that's what I try to do for my business and I try to relate that to other people as well. Just learn the skill sets and you can take those skills and apply it to anything that you are passionate about making money around, man. I mean, that's just what it is. 

Matt:  What else that's it? 

Mike: Well, yeah. And so, this business has been good after I focused on you know, referring more people to Legendary. You know, I started doing it. I started taking TikTok a little more seriously. It was hard at first, because all I used to see was just kids dancing. I was like, I don't know what to do with this. But I took the training and I was like alright, I see the opportunity. And that's what I've been doing. And so while it's still fresh on my mind, because I do go through the group, as well. I see a lot of people that are always struggling to, you know, get their first 1000 followers on TikTok so they can, you know, put the URL in their bio. I was there to start off TikTok just, you know, casually I had 100 and something followers and then when I took it serious, maybe like two and a half, three months ago and you know, I grew it over to now little over 4000 followers right now, and that's just, you know, maybe doing a few videos a week. But the thing that I found that helped me and I did this purposely now, I went ahead and I looked up through the you know, the whole filtering system of I found the I found videos of similar accounts that are, you know, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, things like that. Find the ones the videos that go viral and I particularly I specifically found the ones that were viral maybe three days ago, you know, that they posted three days ago and and went viral. And I sat there and I said, Okay, I know I took notes on how they put the video and what the video was about. I vetted it, you know, because sometimes these videos and people would like to paste tutorials up there but they don't know what they're talking about. You bet the tutorial first and make sure all right okay, I can see this works. And I am all flaring I'll redo the video myself and he's saying using music, same song. And I've done that two times. And my follower count went skyrocketing.  

Mike: You know it's really just research and you have to do everything with intention and not just by expanding, like literally, I mean, tick tock is always changing. Algorithms are always changing. You know, things are going to get more difficult, but you just have some attention and you research other people in your market and what's working for them and what they're doing. And as long as you're sitting there providing value on the platform, and not just throwing out make money online, make money online, you know, because that's starting to be that people are starting to get new to them. They're getting blind to it, because it's all over the place. So you just study what other people are doing. If you see that they have a successful video. You see why they have it. And then you figure out how to present the same information yourself the same way. We're adding your own personality, your own flair to it, and just copy the hashtags and then their hashtags, and topic music and posting and see what happens. You know, you might get some functions. It's usually just simple tweaks out there. And I found that you know, tick tock has helped me to bring out more of my personality and it's reflected in my own and my YouTube videos as well, because that's what his TikTok is very good camera practice. There are people who see the light on their screen or whatever, and they lock up and they freeze. Use TikTok and have fun with it. But be very intentional with what you're posting and why you're posting it and use it to practice on bringing out your business personality. who you are because at the end of the day, that's what people are falling for they relate to you. You know whether it is your parents sometimes that sometimes is your actual personality, you know, and how you present information and always test because that's what I started doing. I started testing you know, I love editing videos and doing different things so I find fun and doing that. So I started testing out different things. And you know, it's been working on for me and it's helped me to grow better in front of the camera and present my material out better as well. And so it's it's multipurpose it's, it's been working for me and don't be afraid and just just go out there and always try out new things. Always test different stuff out to get you a better camera if you can, you know, I know you can use the cell phone. But you know, TikTok has been around for a while. So you always want to look for the edge, something that can make you stand out just a little bit more. And you know that's what I did. So I just want to put that out there before I forget.

Matt:  Oh, that's dude that's real. That's yeah, that's awesome. I feel like I feel like the TikTok piece where you were talking about finding different videos going through that research. It's, I tell people all that and I tell this all the time and you know what I actually made. I did training last year about this late last year. And I got a bunch of shit for it. And people were like, people were like, oh, man, like, like teaching people how to make clickbait videos, teaching people how to copy other people's videos and I was like, hey, look, here's the deal. You want to know how many videos are on TikTok? You want to know how many video ideas are actually, like fully somebody's own thoughts? Like, like barely any. There's this old saying that there's nothing new under the sun. It's an old like, I think it's an old biblical proverb or something. But it's basically like there's nothing new under the sun and

TikTok. The thing that people forget is that like this platform, one of the main things that was built on is actually like copying people's ideas or playing off of people's ideas. Like that's actually the platform like it's a thing where people do the same dances, right? When somebody does the same dance to the same song and the exact same thing. No one's like, Wow, what a copycat. It's like, everybody's got to do their thing, right? And it's just funny how people in certain niches or industries have ideas or just funny videos or how to videos that you're talking about. I talk about this every week on Thursdays we do this business blueprint webinar with our business blueprint members, every single Thursday at 3pm. Eastern. And I say dammit, create educational, entertaining videos that teach people how to do something. Right. Here's a you know, here's the number one way to get your dog to stop barking at the mailman. Step one, step two step three like and follow from and then you do these kind of growth videos. I call them growth videos or I stole that term from Andrea who spoke at our most recent mastermind, but it's a growth video and in these growth style videos, the whole point is you're trying to grow your audience and my guess is you've got a couple of videos on your ticket, got over 100,000 views. A lot of your 1000s of followers come after those videos, because people enjoy watching little tidbits. And people are like, well, that doesn't even have anything to do with what you're selling that doesn't make simple videos about things or strategies or things that you're not even selling. Because the point is you're creating content that is beginner, the beginner isn't all concerned, every single detail. Somebody's sitting at home and they're a nurse and they've been working as a nurse for 15 years and they come across your video. All you're trying to do is open their mind to maybe the option that there's a way to make money online. That's it that's the only thing and in those how to style videos, you give them one little piece that they're like can I think I can make some money online? This is crazy. Alright, you know what? I'm not ready to sign up today, but this might go. I kind of like that I'm gonna follow this guy and see if he comes back. Two weeks later, you know, you post something about your journey or something more personal and then they're like, this guy again. Like, you know, I forgot that I forgot about this guy, but maybe I should check this guy out. Right? Or maybe it's on the eighth video of yours. Your link and then they opt in and they disappear for you know, a couple of weeks and you keep following up with them on the email and then you're on Tik Tok again, it's like Damn, I can't do this. Alright, I'm gonna try this. I'm gonna purchase it. Right? And it all started with this little video that just talked about one little, whatever strategy as a little side hustle or little, whatever. And you can do this in any niche training. You'll grab people's attention by just teaching them one trick. You don't have to turn them into a perfect dog in one video. Just one little behavior. Source guarding here is the best way to stop dogs from resource guarding. Or here's the number one way to get your dog barking. Elbows off, right. And these little tricks people are like, dang, that was cool. And I learned something in 30 seconds that I didn't know I'm reversing because I liked that. And this has been going viral since these types of questions early 2020. And then next up in our groups and in TikTok and all of these different things people have been saying, Oh, well, I think it might be over. I think it's not what it once was. And every single month I watch people posting educational entertainment and videos that teach people how to do something. They go viral. They start making money. It just, it's never ended. It's so mind boggling to me that it is pretty simple. But it ain't easy, because you know better than anybody to get good at those kinds of videos. I mean, it took work. 

Mike: It took it took work and it took organization, that was the probably the number one thing the driving factor that has propelled me is especially when it comes to TikTok

Matt: Yeah, what do you mean by that? 

Mike: Well it can be time consuming to generate content for TikTok or for any platform. You know, I just one day decided no, let me let me actually listen to what my wife tells me because she's a super organized person. Let me plan everything out. So I came across a software free software called like notion. And I liked it because you know if you can customize it, it almost reminds me of the old days of Myspace, a bit. You can customize a person in your personality into it while organizing out anything and everything you could think of. And so that's what I did when it came to my my content type of schedule. I have my I have what I call a content hub, where I have my tic toc slash real section, my YouTube videos and my blog posts, and I pick a day out the week where I you know maybe for an hour or 2 am researching what it is that I actually want to post what I want to work on so I'll go through TikTok and I'm looking at all the different you know, the high moving videos different you know, getting ideas sometimes I'm moving outside of my niche into different niches because you get different ideas that you can apply. And I organize out, organize it out, maybe about a dozen videos for that week that I want to get done. And I go deep, I outline what is being said and how it's being said. And then I go ahead and notate okay, how can I present? Maybe I'll do this type of angle, this type of style, whatever, sometimes I'll get around to different two or three different ways of presenting the same content so that you can make, you know maybe you can basically put the same video content message across three different ways. You know which face you are talking, maybe, you know, video in the background and your voice over or maybe just text, you know, the way you have more content to push to make the most out of one idea. I will take everything and I have a skill up whether I'm working on our published you know, I will put down inspiration so I put down a URL for Tiktok person or whomever it is if it's a YouTube channel, the video I'll put down the web link to it as inspiration so I can go back and refer to it and really when it comes to sexiest part of your business, but man, it can move mountains, if you just get hyper organized with what you're doing. And that's what I do. I do my TikTok. I do my YouTube content and I do my blog posts, and then I just pick a time to go ahead and work on you know with TikTok, catch up on my video. So I take maybe an hour and I just work on them, get them all filmed up. I do everything or you know almost everything on my Sony camera so I don't do it on my cell phone. But I'll go ahead and record it and upload it onto my computer and it will be there ready to do the iCloud that is already on my phone to post when I feel like posting it. But man that I have saved so much time and I have actually moved forward so much quicker by organizing my content and it's always the little things that aren't sexy that push your business forward.

Matt: And I think about my wife all the time because when it comes to, you know, office, business type stuff I'm not the most organized.

Mike: Let me go ahead and follow what she is saying. And I found something that worked for me, okay, because I'm not a Google you know, Asana type person. I use notions and I use Trello that's what I do you know, and what I like about Trello was on my mind. For those of you out there, document your process. I do this on Trello. I organized my process from A to Z. When I'm starting something from the beginning put it I put it on there because it's sort of my SOP is my standard operating procedures. So if there's if, if there's something I forget something I'm not sure of. I haven't documented from start to finish so I can go back if something isn't working right. Not trying to wrap my brain to figure out what's not working right. And I see, where's the leak? What I need to fix is step three step four. What do I need to change and do different documents for the process? If you're just starting out, document what you're doing? Note take what's working, what's not working, why you changed it. So the units never know because guess what you might decide one day. Oh, I'm gonna make a course. Well, you got your course right there. You might not know, like, right now, I don't have a passion to make a course but if I wanted to have my process right there for everything, for everything I just didn't tell you I have a wash business as well that I do as well. Totally separate from this. When you make money from one area

Matt: And you shouldn't. Again, we gotta get you back on the show. A separate episode of this show is talking about watches.

Mike: You know, so it's, listen, when you get good at one thing, you start to make money off of one thing you can always diversify. So that's how I like to do that. Now I like to keep all my eggs in one basket. Once I do well in something, I take some of that profit and I put it into something much like watching business as a passion project from services like I love watching. So that's just my thing. But you can always diversify your stuff once you get good at one thing you do affiliate marketing, it works well for you. Go ahead and invest. Maybe I want to get into the crypto game. All right, well, you can start doing some stuff in that. Or maybe you want to start this new other venture. You can put money and you can build those things as well. So you have multiple assets for you. And that's what I do. But Organization is key for me now. And I hate that it took so long for me to take my wife's advice. So it's been working, it's been working and I tell you that things will be so much easier you'll feel a lot less stress.

Matt: And you don't have to get crazy about it. You just You just start a little spreadsheet I used to I used to share a little spreadsheet with people that was just like, you know exactly what you just said topic, you know, and then I would have a bunch of stuff in the whatever dog training or stop biting or whatever. And then you know, you can do it in the make money online space where it's like, you know, inspiration, wealth building, you know, crypto, like all that stuff, right? advertising marketing, and you start to just like TikTok links them into a little spreadsheet and I actually ranked them by how many views they got. And I wouldn't do a free video but man that strategy every five to 10 videos. It is Yeah, you'll start growing a channel and you'll start growing that channel. So I want to create some content that's unique to you. But especially as you're just getting started, viewing yourself as more of a reporter and less of an expert is such a freeing way to look at and look at content creation. There's people there's people who you know, there's this I can't remember what her TikTok handle is.

So they just crawl under their desk and their angle and their video is like can see the depth at the bottom of the desk and like crawled under their desk and there was like a news report and this person's gone like super viral. I can't remember who it is or what their hands guarantee somebody in the comments is gonna tell me what their hands are and I just got a message. Yeah, LA Times hired this girl Joanne just messaged me and said I've totally seen this person. But they Yeah, Susan says I yeah, she's fantastic. Yeah, see, everybody knows who this person is. I can't remember her handle but under the desk area, @underthedesknews. She just like she just started it's like, like kind of like, Oh, well. Let's try this out and see what happened. All he does is she just um, she reports basically on, like, what's happening in the world. And people kind of like getting the news from her as opposed to like their Cable News Network. Right. And it's really a sign of like, our world is going but it doesn't claim to be the foremost expert. Mostly. It's just like, hey, let me convince some world news while you're scrolling. Like let me condense some world news headlines for you in about a minute or three minutes or something. You don't have to turn on CNN tonight. How's that sound? Cool. All right. Creativity. And think about the genius of that is there's literally there's never a moment where you won't have a headline. There's never a day where you're not going to have content, right? It's a genius, genius idea. But the same is true of most niches. If you go into any content platform, YouTube, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, wherever. There's from 10 years back until right now, whether it's on a blog or on a video or whatever, there's always content about how to train your dog always in the in the day I showed this guy's video from like 2012 He's it's Zach something something dog Zacks dog training or something like that, and, and lots of academic like yeah, I follow that guy. I know that guy. He's super cool. And this is for 2012 He's on your social ranking for dog training. You know, just that keyword. And but there's training that goes all the way back people create. And you can come on as a reporter let me finish this idea. You can come on as a reporter, and you don't have to be the world's foremost expert. You can give little tips about dog training. You can get little tips about wealth. You can give little tips about crypto or just like you know common or common sense or big sort of universal truths in that space. Like crypto has a lot of basic facts about crypto that you can just record on that are like hey, there's remorse most important things to know if you're thinking about investing in crypto, and it's like sure it's subjective. But this is what you think. What's the most important thing to you if you just got into crypto, you can probably look at what are the things that I looked at to decide how to get into crypto, what were the things that were most important to me, right and then boom you've got a piece of code immediately. And you can also like what you did, what are other pieces? Most important? What do I think about that? Maybe I don't like that one piece. People, people and so many people who are getting started that's why we love this conversation. I love the way that you think about this because so many people come into this and I've got to have like three unique ideas today that I just came out with, or I came up with on thin air all by myself. And they're like that's too overwhelming. Can't do that. I don't even swear ravens start.

Mike: I started off that way. Well, it's like imposter syndrome. And so it's when you're presenting the content that all you need to do is to switch it this way it is to remind people of what's what, you know how to do this. How to do that. Don't Don't act like you are the expert of it just like you're minding, because if you think of TikTok or YouTube, whatever. And you see all sorts of different things. If you're constantly reminded over stuff, it's like it's like you've heard but it wasn't present. It was back there and all that video did was pull back to the front. Man, that's it, you know, because that's how that's how you need to look at other marketers as well. And it might be basic information, but it was right on my mind. And so it's almost like I relearn them, because they reminded me and so and that's the approach I take when I'm making my videos. That's the mindset I have. Make me feel more confident. What I'm doing is I'm not teaching you anything new. I'm not I'm not pulling something up from the universe and showing it to you for the first time. I'm just reminding that's all it is. I'm not minding my audience of this, that, that and that there's a way it's taken off but I don't feel like a fraud or an imposter or, you know, I'm trying to imitate this person. People there's so much going on. People need to be reminded of things all the time. And that's just what's your point.

Matt:  We're just gonna end on that note, that's awesome as a great way to say it. Great way to say it. In a way that makes sense. Mike, thanks for coming on that we had over an hour. Thanks for coming on. And boy is this episode a rewatch. If people didn't get through this. It's basically paid content. But it's free. That's what we do. And you prefer people to go find you on TikTok.

Mike: You can find me on TikTok. You know, basically all my handles are my name Mike Garvey Jr. or Brandon Bob, which is like you know more of my business handle. So it's fine

Matt: Mike, thanks for coming on. We'd love to have you back on a fee if you want to check in send us an email and a couple of weeks or a couple of months and we'd love to have you back on. We'll catch you all in Davidson that you guys can chat a bit about watches make sure to bring your best stuff and raise this up to alright alright guys, Mike Garvey Jr.

You can also find them at the brand of the boss so if you go to YouTube, type in brands a boss right away, give them a follow up, let him know you found him on Wake Up Legendary and then don't want to wake up later. Or return the favor and give you a follow up and it'll all come back around what would he call it business karma. So we'll give him a follow on content and go look into what he's doing. Figure out how he's creating this content. We're going to be back here again tomorrow, same voice here at 10am Eastern. If you're not already signed up for our message reminders, open your phone right now and make a commitment to show up to these every single day Monday through Friday 10am Eastern, even. I grew up in the Midwest, so even if you're out on the tractor or combine or something or even your warehouse and you're on the forklift don't do anything dangerous, but I don't know why. immediately went to the operating heavy machinery. If you're if you're you know mom says in the warehouse sitting at your computer in the office, just turn it on, put it in your ear. It's so much more refreshing and inspiring than the average sort of bullshit that we go through. And listen throughout our day. Non stop soft routine Yeah, just I don't even know monotony. Text W ul The letters to 813296 You'll get a text from us every single Monday through Friday. We don't we don't send you a bunch of text messages like, Mike and I were talking earlier. You're not gonna get a bunch of phone calls. Like hey, we got this awesome 10,000 Never call anybody as a result of this text message. We don't call you, we actually can't. It's just a text message. And you're not going to get text messages with a bunch of pitches and offers. We've never sent a pitch via text message. So you're not opting into any marketing, no offers, nothing. We just want to get you on the show. The show during the story will change your life. That's it. That's our agenda.

How To Stay Focused On Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: All right my friends, this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I'm excited to jump in to this episode this morning because I've got some fellow tradesman trades woman here on the line with me and I am super excited to hear how they have trend or are transitioning not transitioned but are in the process of well maybe just adding to who knows let's hear what their plans are. But they've made the amazing transition from HVAC, heating and air basically AC and heating contractor who comes in and works on your AC over to digital marketers online. Wow, Craig and Mary, welcome to the show you're actually live this time. Oh good. I scared him here a second ago and came on and said we were live before we're really live but trying to get you guys loosened up a little bit ready for the show. So where are you calling in from? 

Craig: North Carolina

Dave: Okay, nice. So tell me about your this this this I mean, what in the heck would bring you from you know, the trades doing heating and air all the way over onto the internet online and then eventually here to legendary marketer What were you looking for? And have you found it? 

Craig: Well, it's quite a story actually. We had been HVAC contractors for 25 years in Northern California. And between the pandemic and fires and the floods and everything that was going on out there. We were slowly going out of business. We tried pumping money in. We tried everything but it wasn't going to happen. And during that time, our son in North Carolina kept calling and saying, Hey, move to North Carolina. You can be with the grandkids. And so we finally shut down the business and moved here. And we were offered a job with one of his buddies by starting a trucking company. And so we're going to do that and then that falls through. And so you're I was on the internet looking for something and I came across Steven Droege and that's how it all started.

Dave: He's something else isn't he? Yeah, he's, he's, he's something else he was. He was our mastermind in December. I want you to think about this. Okay, think about this. Everybody who's listening. And obviously you know his story, Craig and Mary, but I mean, Stephen Droege, came to the mastermind in December of 2021. And sat in the background quietly with his pregnant wife. very unassuming, and quite frankly, I don't think he knew exactly what was gonna happen. I just know that he knew he needed to make something happen and did so much and achieve so much. I think a lot of ignorance is on fire. You know, it's not about having to know everything. Sometimes being ignorant is not a bad thing. Sometimes being ignorant is what we all are when we're kids and more playful and we're going 100 miles an hour and we don't have all these fears and all these limiting beliefs. But anyways, you know, before we learn too much, to where we get out there on tick tock and we start talking over people's heads. He took advantage of that early motivation. I call it ignorance on fire. It's where you don't know everything. You realize you don't need to know everything, and you just go like hell, and you don't waste a lot of energy overthinking things and you don't waste a lot of energy. You know, you know how it is Craig and Mary you guys have been in HVAC you forgot more about that business than a lot of new people know. And there's a lot of benefit when a young HVAC business owner or contractor comes into the industry, right? Because they're just, they're, they're on fire. As we get in the industry, and we know more and we have some success. It's sometimes honestly it can get harder because Steven took advantage of that early so I know that all of you thinking your first six months are going to be your hardest. But what I'm telling you is what Stephen Droege did, is he made his first six months his most impactful yeah and did so much in his first six months. He now has an income that's well beyond what I think he thought he could achieve. Maybe it's surprising to me, sometimes there are still things that are achievable. I'm like, Wow, is that possible? But in six months he went well. I think he quit his job, and is now full time at home with his wife and his baby. Came back to speak at the Orlando mastermind and did a wonderful job and shared and, you know, you can tell somebody who's ready for their moment because they seized it and they and he was ready for his moment. And in a short six months, he changed his entire life and is obviously changing other people's lives too. That's powerful.

Craig: Yeah, yeah. We followed his instructions. And he answered every question I had. And he told us to just start doing reels. And go crazy. Do four or five of them a day. And don't stop. And that's what we did.

Dave: Yep. Yeah, it's pretty you know, when I was looking at you guys's stuff, and it's real. It's real. Grandpa Craig there's your there's your I mean, it's talked to us about you know, coming in learning a new skill set learning a new business. What has this been like for the both of you? Well, we felt like we just had to dive into it. I told Steve from the beginning. We don't have any options. We got to be successful. We don't have anything else. And so we just dove in and at first we weren't very good. And we just kept trying and kept doing it and started getting good. And now we've got all kinds of people getting interested. And it's just amazing. It's blowing our mind.

Dave: It's amazing. You said we weren't very good and something like we kept doing it and then we got good. Now. Hold on a second. A lot of people make what you just said really complicated, like getting good at something is rocket science. But what you said was basically we sucked at first. We kept doing it, we kept practicing. And now we're a lot better and we're actually pretty good at this whole thing. I mean you made something that a lot of people really over complicated really, really simple. How'd you do that? Right there and you know what I mean by how others make this process very complicated because, well, what are people going to think of me and you know what, what? I feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. How have you overcome all that? Or how are you wrestling with you? Surely you're human, you have those same things. How are you dealing with it?

Craig: Well, at first, I didn't even tell Mary about this. I just paid the seven bucks and went through the first four days. And then I realized, realized this thing was a little bit bigger than I thought it was going to be. And so I stopped, went to talk to Mary and said, I need your help. You got to do this with me. And so we started from day one and started over. And then we got going well, we're going through the 50 Day Challenge. I started going online and posting Bible script just to get myself my face out there to get used to talking and it really helped. And then by the time we got to the end of the 15 days, Steve told us just run with this thing. Just get going, do it like crazy. And we'll just see what happens. And so that's what we did.

Dave: If you keep it simple, it can be simple. I like how you went and got Mary. How did that feel to you Mary when he went in and got you to stop what he was doing. He had went down this path initially without telling you but then he stopped and he went to you any asked for your help and support and tell tell tell me and I'm asking this for a reason because a lot of us husbands struggle getting the support of our wives and I'm sure that there's wives out there who are women who struggle getting the support of their spouse, can you talk to us about how that fell or what that experience was like when Craig came and sort of solicited your support but in a vulnerable way. It didn't sound like he was like a woman over here. It was like Can you talk to us about begging?

Mary: I'll tell you, I dragged my feet like they wanted to. He's pretty gullible and you got to reel him in sometimes. But seeing his excitement and us realizing that this is our plan A and we don't have Plan B right now we got to just dig in there and do it. So as far as getting in front of the camera, I'm still rather like this, but you gotta get out there. You're gonna look silly. You're gonna have fun. And that's where we're heading right now.

Dave:  I mean, I'm looking at, you know, Grandpa Craig's channel here, but I'll tell you what, I'm seeing a whole lot of Mary on here too. You know what I mean?  I mean, I'm seeing a whole lot of Mary here and there. He's still in the show here, brother. Yeah,


Craig: We've done about 240 reels. And she's probably half of them.

Mary: Wow. Yeah, I didn't realize that.

Dave:  I did realize that. Well, what is this? What? Now you both have? So I made some money, right? Which, you know, always helps with motivation. You know what I mean? Because it's kind of like, I don't know how people stay motivated in in other things that that take four years, six years, then you gotta go do insurance, IPS chips and all this stuff, which is what people do in college and they go to internship, but a lot of people can get really impatient and just maybe a month or two of getting this up and running or even whatever. Um, how long did it take you to start actually seeing traffic leads in sales? And how long would you stay disciplined and committed? Were you prepared to stay on this track? Until you quit? Do you know what I mean?

Craig: He had the mindset of we're going to do it however long it takes, but we had so much money, and so it turned out right when the right we started getting paid was right around the time our money was running out. And so it just worked.

Mary: I gotta tell you, we were so excited over $2.80 dollars and 80 cents and then it comes out it proves the concept you know, the first few Commission's prove the concept, and then the bigger commission came in, and it was just like, that's amazing. And it works. And so we just got super excited.

Dave: Are you both also? It's wonderful, and you're starting. It seems to be working in the make money online space, which was also something that you were looking to do, so it makes a lot of sense. A lot of people think, Oh, well the only thing legendary teaches is how to be an affiliate for legendary. Do you know, for those of you who are listening who are just you know, maybe sitting on the sidelines and haven't gotten to the trenches and are getting done the work and getting the results that Craig and Mary are getting, a lot of times people sit on the sidelines and they just assume or they just criticize or maybe they're trying to sell something else so they take shots. Number one is we never asked anybody to be an affiliate for legendary. We're blessed and honored and grateful that people think that our training is valuable enough that they actually want to also promote it. That's about that's just all there is to that. But number two point that or thing that I wanted to say was relating to that it is really amazing when those first couple of very small commissions come in and you celebrate and you feel almost like it's like a million dollars, but it's only a couple of bucks. But it proves the concept now. But I want to ask you, do you see how these skills in these business models that we're teaching you both affiliate marketing but also how to sell information? Do you see how that translates and transfers over into so many different things? Not only can you use these skills to maybe market an HVAC business, but you can even package all of your HVAC 25 years of knowledge and you can have a a category you know, a separate channel or whether it be Tiktok channel YouTube channel, to where you are speaking specifically to HVAC contractors and tradesmen. And as a matter of fact Greg and Mary, I mean, test maybe test that separately on a second account, no rules that we can't have multiple accounts folks, we all can have multiple tick tock Instagram, these are free accounts people. It's okay. So why not test the concept you've already got all this expertise, that you know how to talk to those people. Why not say I've been a contractor for 25 years. I could show you how to do HVAC better, I could also show you another way of how to get out of that business. Or at least create side income in case that business ever goes down. Right. But my point originally was the transferable skills. So I want to ask you about that. Do you see how the skills transfer and translate into promoting any product out there or packaging your own? Knowledge or somebody else's knowledge into a course or coaching program program or an event? 


Craig: We definitely said it's a definite possibility we could sell on our knowledge on HVAC, although right now we want to focus on what we're doing. But you never know.

Mary: That's a great idea to thank you.

Dave: Well, what you're doing right now is affiliate marketing. And I love that answer. I love that answer. See, there's always you know, if we pay close attention to people that are rocking and rolling and succeeding, we pick up little clues about how they're succeeding in the minds that they're in. And as I was just going over that with you, your response was that's a great idea. Dave may be awesome for another day, but we're focused on what we're doing right now. That's I just want to validate you for being in that mindset because it is so easy to get distracted. And especially, I was just doing a fellow entrepreneur with lots of ideas. All us entrepreneurs have lots of ideas. How real I want to say this, Greg The reason why you are succeeding is because you are focusing. So in what you just said to me, it was proof of that. But how do you stay focused on a daily basis with all of these differences and even your wife said, Hey, this guy's a little gullible. He's a risk. He's a risk taker. You know, he likes a good sales pitch and He probably likes to give one too. But how do you stay focused Brother, if you are somebody who has a little bit of the squirrel, the shiny object syndrome and you're an opportunity seeker, how do you stay focused day in and day out?

Craig: That's definitely me. I've been in every MLM since they began. I was in Amway 25 years ago. I mean, so anything comes along. I'm always looking at it. But this thing,

Dave: I love the I love you. You're the older version of me.

Craig: Steve told me from day one, that I was gonna be a success and was gullible enough to believe him. So I just told him, You tell me what to do. I will do it. And then if I'm not successful, I'll come back and engage in it. Now.

Dave:  Yeah. So you're you're you're willing to stay on track and you understand from owning an HVAC business for 25 years. That if you're going to have any success at something, you've got to work the business day in and day out. You can't show up one day in your town and say, well, we're not doing AC Today. Today. We're doing plumbing. Don't you guys want some plumbing work done? Right? And it's like, sure the AC guy was about to call you for some AC maintenance. Now you're not right. Wouldn't that be weird? You know, from running that HVAC business. You gotta be in business. Those doors gotta be open. Those checkout pages got to be working 24 hours a day seven days a week because they may not be ready right now. But next week when that system breaks, or next week, when they're actually having a feeling that they remember. Remember that guy on Tik Tok that was in North Carolina and was sitting around Grandpa, what was his name? Oh, yeah, I'm ready to buy now. I'm gonna go look at that. Guy. Oh, I pull them up on TikTok Oh, shit. He's talking about Oh no. How's he into now? He's in the Amway. Oh, gosh. Follow this guy. But there's gotta be an element of consistency. Because that's how this whole business works. You're set when you're sending follow up emails. There. They're now following your page so they see content from you. People usually have to see a few videos or emails or hear from you a couple of times, just to trust that you're not a scam artist who popped up one time and then you're off. So you guys both of you are doing that consistently and are you getting are does it seem like from the messages and in the interaction that you're getting people are? They see that you are leaders even though you may not consider yourself leaders. They can follow your suggestions and they can take your advice in their doing so you feel like that consistency, despite the fact that you're not really experts at anything, right? Do you feel that your consistency is still winning over the trust of people and making them bold?


Craig: We feel like the consistency speaks for itself. We've got a couple 100 More than 200 reals out there. And anyone can go on our page and see them and we do training and stuff whenever it comes on. And we try to learn we're trying to learn at the same time as doing it. And so we want to get better and do more.

Dave:  What other things would you think would be valuable for people to hear from you guys today?

Craig: Gosh, I don't know. Just our main theme is consistency. And every day whether we're sick no matter what, we get up and we're gonna do at least for reals no matter what. And that's our focus. We may have something to do with the grandkids. But around that we're going to get our reels out. And you know, it's just whatever it is it is and we're just going to keep pushing. Yeah.

Dave: Mary, How about how about you? What do you see in what people should know from your perspective, you've got a valuable perspective of having your husband come to you. And then now you getting involved in I mean, what got us such valuable experience? What could you share with other folks who may be listening in and maybe they're, I don't know, maybe they can take this to their spouse and say, Hey, see, I'm not trying to hurt our family. I'm trying to help. It may seem like I'm a little erratic, because I think a lot of people deal with husbands or wives or just partners, like Craig, like Dave, who we are. We do seem sometimes like we're erratic right are starting a bunch of things. How do you support somebody like that? Mary, how do you support somebody like that? And how, what experience would you give maybe to somebody who's a skeptical spouse loves the spouse, doesn't want him to get her in, doesn't really want to waste a bunch of time, but ultimately still wants to support their dreams and doesn't have a whole lot of other options. You have such valuable experience as just I'm just like, what could you share with us that might be helpful?

Mary: Well throughout the years you get to know your spouse and they go down a road that maybe is too gullible, you know, you reel him back in. If you do spot this in your spouse their desire to actually go through with this suggestive file and you'll see like the pride in his face for actually doing this for actually going forward and making something of this it is so exciting to see how excited he is every morning and make these reels. I just want to help them.

Dave:  Really, Craig, I mean you really got it made rather. You're really you know, you're surrounded by family. You went to you and you encountered a tough situation, like many of us did. Maybe not to that extent of business and having to move across country with chill with your kids, but man, you guys are figuring it out and doing it and now you're not sitting around saying what happened or you're going I just man, so much credit to you for doing that and for getting out there and making it happen. And thank you for your Yeah, I mean, I'm just really inspired by your story and I know so many other people are so we're gonna send people to your TikTok. @grampacraig 

Dave:  We'll go check it out, man and follow along on your journey and come back and see us in a couple of months. Would you too and let's keep the conversation going.

Mary: We'd love to all right. I'll see you.

Dave: Okay, Craig. All right. See you Mary and tell your family that we said hello as well and be well be safe and be legendary stay legend.

Mary: Thank you. All right. See you guys.

David Sharpe  

My friends. There it is. Once again, you know another amazing story. Go and check them out at @grampacraig over on TikTok and Grandpa Craig Marketing over on Facebook. And man I mean, wow. Move cross country to have to completely relocate with absolutely no plan and to not know what or where money's gonna come from. But to still have enough wherewithal to still be you know, in those moments, those are where we break down or we break through, you know, it really is like wow, this is it. This is the moment you know what I mean? This is where I need to act, and they acted, they acted well. Craig acted secretly. And then he came in and he shared it very vulnerably and honestly and wow. Look at the partnership, look at the support. Look at what's possible. Sure they're having their apps probably going to experience a lot more financial success if they stay on this path, who knows what's possible, but also look at the relationship and look at what it can do and has done for them, their love for each other. It's just magical what this business or a business can do. If you go into it and you're in, you know your limitations. See with Craig and I've done this too. You know, for me a big business with a like, for example, being a contractor might have even been too overwhelming for me personally, because it's a lot of equipment. It's a lot of things to take care of. But online marketing, affiliate marketing, it is a manageable business. All I need is a laptop in a cell phone, and I can do it and he's done it. He's doing that. Right and Papa Don's doing it at 78 and so many other people from young to old are doing it because they got in and they went through the training. They took if they needed support, they asked for it. They asked for it. There's just so much to learn when we talk to these people day in and day out, and we listen to how they did it. How did you do it? Well, I didn't have any other options. And I was at a moment where I was gonna break down or I was gonna break through, you know, I mean, he didn't say those exact words, but that's exactly what happened. And yeah, he and he went and did something even if it was wrong right. He took some action. That's what my dad used to say to me on the construction site, do something, son, even if it's wrong. Well, you don't know what's right until you start trying things. Just so happened to try something that was right. And then he said, Mary, I screwed up. I didn't tell you. You know what happened. But I want to tell you now I need you to write in and I mean, the magic every moment is an opportunity to create magic depending on what choice we make. What choice do we make? We are so powerful pieces to design our life. We are in control. I know that and I'm not trying to say play god. I'm just saying we're in control of these powerful choices that Craig and Mary have made, and it's possible for any one of us to do the same thing. So keep up the great work. Of course, Craig and Mary and all of you have a Legendary day. We'll be back here. Another episode tomorrow. Same time, same place.

The Key To Getting Momentum Started On TikTok

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning, everybody. I'm here. It's Wednesday, May 25. We're live. My name is Matt and we are back for another episode of wakeup legendary hope you're doing well. Our guest today is Emma. What's up Emma? Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? How'd you manage to find Legendary? What's the story behind Emma and her online business?

Emma:  Okay, so I'm originally from California, but I'm in Las Vegas. What set me up to start affiliate marketing and start an online business. I had been looking for a way to create passive income for a long time like this started maybe like five years ago, I think. Just because there I just had some life experiences like without getting into it too much. I worked with terminally ill children, which I know is kind of a heavy topic but it just put in perspective for me that life is so short and nothing is guaranteed or promised. So I wanted to be able to live my life based around my values. And that didn't always necessarily mean for me like being you know, being committed to someone else's corporate dream being committed to someone else's you know, schedule like because I knew I wanted to have children someday I wanted to be able to do all these things with my life and for me that meant having more financial freedom and time freedom and location freedom. So the hunt for passive income and for you know, some type of because I knew I wanted it to be online. Some type of online income started a while ago and so as many people do, I started with an MLM. Yeah, which, you know, I failed in the traditional sense that financially didn't really set me ahead but I will say that it did a lot for my mindset around business, my mindset around what it takes to run as a business professional. So I am happy that I took that away from it but yeah, after I stopped doing that, I just kept looking and you know, plenty of things come up, like when you look up, you know, if you were to go on Google like online side hustle. There are things like drop shipping, you know, and all that everyone's seen and this is so funny, because a lot of the weight of legendary that I've tuned into, like I hear the exact same phrase, so I'm just gonna say it and probably gonna sound familiar but scrolling on tik tok and talking about affiliate marketing, and to me it was like it was hitting all of the right buttons when it came to having my own online business because like an online business is great but like I didn't I didn't have a product that I had created. I didn't have a product I didn't want to deal with you know, inventory and shipping and customer service and everything. So she was describing what she was doing and how she was able to do it. I was like, That's pretty incredible. And so the rest is kind of history because it was a 15 day challenge that she was promoting. And that was that.

Matt:  Wow, super cool. How long ago was that?

Emma:  I took the challenge in November of 2021.

Matt:  Wow. That's super cool. Yeah. And then as you went through the challenge, you see you've already been through an MLM which seemed to say something about the MLM. What did you mean by it did things for your mindset or got you thinking differently? Like, was it just kind of employee versus business owner mindset or what because it's always good to take away something from I started with MLMs too, right. Easiest intro. I don't know why. It seems easier. Something I don't know. What did you take away from that experience? And in terms of what you said?

Emma:  Sure. Um, so like the I know like a lot of like when people think of MLMs I think of like, you know, I mean, typically it's very like hype up sign up pillows village like it's very kind of like based on like, they really get you based on like emotion that gets you very excited. The one that I joined, they actually were trying to, like kind of flip the script on that and they treated it very professionally. So they were big into developing your mindset as a business owner so that you were prepared for, you know, the highs and lows, the valley of despair, all those things and so like, they were big into mindset books, you know, reading and beefing up your business owner mindset, so that, you know, just to kind of anticipate the highs and lows of business ownership. So there were a lot of mindset books involved. And I read, you know, I still have all of them and I still read them frequently because they're great, but yeah, really, really what it came down to was just seeing how being a business owner is so much more different than being an employee in so many different ways like so just having kind of like that endurance to carry you through maybe some of the tougher times in Europe because you know, I mean, there are times you know, I mean, for example, like as an employee, we're so used to getting paid every two weeks, right, that's a big thing for new business owners to overcome is that you put into week or the work well, you're not necessarily going to get paid. Right. So yeah, just things like that. Things like that, that kind of help, that I feel like continue to help me to push through when there's dry spells or you know, maybe some self doubt and things like that. That's I feel like what maybe I have appreciated the most taking from all that experience in an MLM.

Matt:  Yeah, it's a different world. It's a different game. It's a totally different thing, but also, it's like yeah, I don't know. It's like, it does give you some sort of intro. There's always some sort of positive takeaway. It does give some sort of like, here's how to, here's what it's like to work and, and sort of grind and not have anything handed to you kind of thing. Same with any sort of business

Emma:  Exactly becoming very self-sufficient.

Matt:  Right, right, right. So throughout, you've got your full time job. You're working. Throughout that process, you end up finding us on tik tok, somehow, you purchase our challenge. As you're going through the challenge, tell us a little bit about your experience. Did you have an advisor? Did you go through all of the challenges? Did you go through the challenge then? How did you go through that? And how did you experience that? What was that like?

Emma:  Yeah, sure. So I was Yeah, I mean, I bought the challenge and started it pretty much immediately because I was very excited, very eager to just learn about it because I had zero knowledge of affiliate marketing prior to finding the challenge like I had never heard of it. So it was kind of like, on a whim. I was like, $7 I mean, what do I really have to lose, you know? Sure. So yeah, so I started it right away. And I was, I mean, like, the way that it's set up is great, honestly, because for it's a lot of information to take in especially if you've never heard of affiliate marketing before but to be able to go back and watch the videos multiple times to have it set up almost like a class everyone's learning style is different but my learning style I so appreciate the way that it was set up because I was able to go back and reread review rewatch and talk to an  advisor that was available. You know, it was, I mean, it was great. It took me I mean, it didn't take me the really the longest part was just, you know, like waiting for those appointments before you could get the next day and the challenge opened up. And I mean, that was only once or twice that I had to wait a couple days but other than that, you know, power right through it and it was you know, a lot of information and but it was great because there's so many resources and so much knowledge and that it's made available to someone that by the time I was done with it, I felt very confident and having like the foundational knowledge to set up and start my own affiliate marketing business. And then on top of that, you know, business blueprints just like beef that up and helped me to really get started. So it was, I mean, amazing. I thought that was very well done.

Matt:  Cool. That's so cool. And then as you transition into the whole content creation around so are you like a social media guru, or like, is this newer for you?

Emma:  This is all new. I mean, like the Yeah, it's all new. I have like one unrelated Instagram account where I post a lot about what I'm reading, but that's I mean Instagram posting a picture is a whole nother world from like, tik tok content creation. So yes, essentially, I am a novice. It's all beginner for me.

Matt:  Wow, cool. That's awesome. So, you go from virtually no tik tok content. I mean, especially short form video content creation is very tricky, right? And do you dive in any nerves or any worries? Are you scared? Are you nervous? Are you just like alright, here we go. Let's do

Emma:  Yeah, yeah. Yes. Now. It's all I mean, it's always like, I feel like really like most of my nerves come from like, putting the video out there and feeling like oh my gosh, I feel like I live with such a dork. Which is fine. As far as nerves around me, I don't know. I feel like I see. So a lot of people come to me and ask like they are nervous about, you know, like getting negative comments and things like that, which is fine. It's gonna happen. But as far as putting out content, like what my content is about affiliate marketing and how to get started in affiliate marketing. I think it's just all about being rooted in what you know, because the people that come on and make silly comments, they don't actually know what you're doing, you know what you're doing and if you're rooted in that, then you're not, you know, that's just kind of water on a duck's back. You just let the people on the internet say what they're gonna say.

Matt:  Sure. Yeah, it's always tricky, man. I mean, people. I always wonder what that's because when I first got started, it was like, there wasn't there wasn't when I first started making videos, there wasn't this organic reach. So like, I never really dealt with being a new video content creator and having actual people watching it was more like you create it and hope somebody would watch and usually no one was watching. And so it's just a fascinating thing. I always wonder about that. How people who are brand new to this brand new to the idea of this. Come on go on tick tock or something and you know, like you've got videos on your channel that have done 30/40,000 views. And lots of you get lots of engagement, lots of comments, lots of people looking at you know, given their unsolicited opinions on social media so yeah, we just wonder how people deal with that. Not deal with it, but how they perceive that and stuff so what's what's been your what's been like your content creation? Do you have a schedule? Do you just kind of post on a whim like what's been your system? How are you running your business?

Emma:  So the first month that I did tick tock I challenged myself to post five times a day, which is, yeah, yeah. And I mean, that's not necessarily a strategy. That's gonna work for everyone. 

Matt:  Yeah, Five a Day is a lot. Yeah, I've learned a lot. I usually tell people like, hey, just focus on good content. See if you can get one great piece of content every day. And if you get a couple more than one or two, awesome, but get one. Okay, so five. You started out five a day,

Emma:  Just because I felt that in the beginning being totally new to this. I felt that if I was shooting for five day, it was going to help keep me accountable as far as posting when and as far as creating content posts because, I mean, that's I feel that that's really the key for people that are wanting to get started on Tik Tok with content creation is to like I don't know if everyone out there has heard the term batch create. But I feel that that's the way to do it. If people are worried about being able to get videos out on a consistent basis just when you have some free time, block out some free time, create some free time and record it, record just a whole bunch. You don't have to sit and edit and post them all right then in there but then you have in your draft, you're able to edit and post as you go. And so that was what really helped me now. Yeah, so that was the first month and since then, I'm being a little bit more realistic. It's more like two or three today. Because at this point now it's like I created my target audience. You know that that's another thing that that first month really helped with having all that content with a screen and a good target audience. And so now I'm just able to do Yeah, like do a little bit less but it's still it's still getting the reach that that first

Matt:  Good on you for figuring out a rhythm that works for you. And it's sometimes Yeah, I don't know what it is. We come up with some crazy stuff sometimes. I mean, not that five in a day is not doable, but also I mean, is there enough time in the day probably, is there enough creative juice to actually show up? Because you're talking? I don't even know how to calculate that five a day. 30 is 150 a month okay. So, but I mean, like legit, like, good content. That's gonna get views. It's gonna get watched. A lot. And yeah, I'm glad to hear that you figured out a little bit of a little bit of a solution. So you're at seven What 8000 followers on us. What have you found most beneficial for? Let's start with the list? Let's do two things. One for views and engagement and growing your followers. And then two is converting those followers meaning, how do you turn them into leads? What types of things do you do to turn them into leads that start with? How are you getting those followers? What type of content and being found works best? You know, but what's been your takeaway over creating content and building that followership to now almost 8000 Sure.

Emma:  So I think that for the first part for getting followers for getting traction and an audience on Tik Tok, I think that if there were like, the best thing that you could do, I think it would have to be I mean, they talked about it on Tik Tok quite a bit but a hook in your video write something to engage your audience something because tick tock is very I mean if you if you actively engage your brain for a second while you're scrolling on tik tok usually like it's just like a pensive like, you know what, what, and you really are waiting for something in a video to catch your eye because that flip comes very quickly. If there's not something in the first two, three seconds that makes you say, then you're on to the next video. So

Matt:  The hook you for let's say, somebody's watching this and they're brand new day one hits what you mean by that? Tell me if this is right, in those first three seconds, you've got to come out with something that grabs their attention and stops them from scrolling.

Emma:  Exactly, I mean, a lot like there's a lot of like social media strategists that you can just look up their accounts and they're giving this away for free. That's a lot of what I do is you just go on Tik Tok and search social media strategy and they're like, here's 10 Great hooks. You can use any video and so lots of resources for being able to create, you know, eye-catching and attractive and intriguing videos on Tiktok. But yeah,

Matt:  Just, I just want to emphasize that it was like you just said that in passing, but that's like that's a real thing. there's sort of endless ideas and resources and if you were to just go search things like that on tick tock on YouTube with a little notepad and you're sitting writing down like all mannequins and smoke, I could use this. I have a safe. I don't know why it's in a safe here in our house. I have this notebook from when I started online, and it has notes, written notes, handwritten notes that I took at a conference in 2011 about headlines and copywriting and highlighting certain words in your headline and underline on a website split test all this stuff from 11 years ago. I'm getting old in this industry. And still, some of that stuff is crazy. I look back and I write that and I look at some of the headlines and I was like wow, that was like a great headline, a good hook and a video or but this would be like a good curiosity nugget in a training or something. But doing things like that is sort of taking a so I think you know with legendary you get sort of a small training, you definitely get some traffic and marketing training as well, especially deep inside the blueprints but you get this whole business model, but I just thought that what you dropped there in passing was sort of a key for people and the key being you've got to take it and actually run with it and actually implement it and then build on it. Right so like, now you're you've gone from just I'm a consumer consuming training. Okay, I get it. Now. Somebody tell me what to do. No, you're on the tick tock app and you're actually typing in, okay, like, I gotta find some books. I gotta figure this out, right? And really, you're just engineering. You're just sort of solving a complex problem of, well, what's going to be my next book? What should I do or where should I look right? And you didn't message me you didn't go on a date. You didn't open an email. And you're like, Hey, man, I need ideas for hooks. Do you have any ideas? And most of the best business owners don't. They're like, Okay, what resources do I have around me right now? How do I solve this problem? Let's solve it. And so kudos to you on that. I thank you.

Emma:  I mean, my my mind was blown, but there are people who entire Tik Tok account whose entire niche and social media like corner of the world is just putting out strategies to help other Tik Tok accounts grow and once I found that I was like, Oh man, like it's like, this is a game changer right here. It's great. Yeah.

Matt:  Yeah. And the interesting thing, too, is, you know, what some people will comment here on this live is, well, who's the right one to Follow? Who's the right one, but that's the wrong question. You could look up 10 of those accounts. Some of them will tell you the same things. What I used to do, for instance, was stuff like this. I used to look them up. And I would just sit down and type out like what their suggestions were on certain things, let's say hashtags, what's your strategy around hashtags? And I would get from a bunch of people who showed up first on Google, I would look up people on Tik Tok people on YouTube, and I would write down their suggestions that are cross referenced them so I would look through and see okay, these three things out of all of everything that they say, these three things are the ones they all agree on. So I'm absolutely going to do these things. And then the other stuff that wasn't as much I was like, these are opinions. So there's certainly maybe some facts but then there's also just opinions and you need to understand that when it comes to thinking everyone who's listening would do a really good service of themselves to just say out loud, there's people who give opinions online. And not everything is black and white, and you got to test it and you got to try it out. And actually see if it works, you have to figure out if it works for yourself for your specific style, your content, whatever. Absolutely. Yeah. So you're creating all this content. You're starting to get followers because you're using good hooks. And my guess is we've also figured out a way to sort of keep people on the video too, because how long a video is viewed is really important too. If you have a great hook that says I'm going to show you how to make a million dollars in three seconds, and then right after that, it goes into just you know, talking in you're kind of blabbing and you're talking slow and you're like well, you know, maybe not three seconds, maybe like three years and people just swipe they're like What an idiot, right? What do you do after that hook that you feel like has been successful or why do people you don't? You don't wake up in a 40,000 basement magically or by luck? What have you done to keep people's attention?

Emma:  One thing that I found actually really works for a video is to be like if you are giving the hook like you are going to answer a problem someone's having like, did you know that you can solve X by doing y? And then I say here are three things that I did to help me solve my x with y you know, and then going in a list format really seems to like lists. I love lists. Just very concise bullet point information that is easy and kind of really quick because they're able to ingest it quickly. Right? It's coming in easy short form, just bullet points they can take away and they are okay, and that way it's not. You're not like giving a long rambling monologue. Well you know, I started out by wanting to know that you can give them the answer to this great question that you've posed, and they're like, Well, I really want to know how to do that. Oh, and she's going to give me the answer. And just like ABC, you know, that's, that's very attractive. And I think that that the list format is I think one of the most successful things that I do in a video I feel like that when I look at the data on the videos that ones those seem to have the longest watch time which is important watch time like you know they have been ticked off I can't again think of all the analytics they give you on the video right now but they give you like the like the total watch time of your video they'll give you you know how long the average watch time is right how long you know if you have a 23 second video, people are watching on average 18 seconds that's great information. So I found that list format bullet points is a good one for people to stick around and see more videos. Wow,

Matt:  I hope everybody caught that go if you're watching this replay where you need to go back and listen to that. But you are right. That is marketing. I've read so many marketing books in my past and lists, things like that, like top seven was it? Yeah, all of those names and people. It's, I don't know, it's just human psychology. I don't know why people watch but

Emma:  Yeah, I think it's just compressing like a whole lot of information. You're posing a big question and then you're able to compress all of that valuable information into just like here's like, you know, four steps and people love that something so big data. So big is now just

Matt:  Yep. Yeah, totally. Totally. If you know one other thing, one other thing that I do see you doing before we move to how do you turn them into leads and purchases. The other thing that I see you do on your videos, is it seems like you have your little headline or hook in text at the start of the video to like a sticker or, or just you know, like you actually just type the words out on the screen. So somebody's like scrolling and they are immediately drawn to that little sticker or words that says like it's just the weirdest side hustle ever or is this like you know these are the top three ways to win or here's the one secret to getting your dog to stop barking or you could shed 20 pounds in in 30 days by not eating this one food or thing like that. I think that that's super powerful and I don't know if you've ever seen this account, but this is a really cool account to follow for everybody who's here. I'll share my screen real quick. Just to get ideas about hooks. It's in a weight loss niche and it's kind of weird . I don't know if it's just kind of weird. Let me see. There we go. It's kind of a weird cow. So if I zoom in a little bit, it might be a little more helpful. There we go. So this guy is Have you heard of this account?

Emma:  I have not.

Matt:  Okay. Yes, it got a little follow. But basically, if you really want to, like the copywriting, how to cut and how to use these little things, check the steps when we're talking about lists, right? Like nature's perfect food they're very low and they're fine. I mean, talk about not needing you don't even need to be an expert to deliver something like that you could Google search. What are the top 10 healthiest use five right or something like that? Five Foods You Should Never Eat again. But for anybody who's on here, you know five foods you should never eat if you're like wait. I've been watching this account for a while. And I'm just curious what people do with their Washington. He's posted this video multiple times to this channel. It's got 736,000 views, but these little stickers right as you start the video that show people immediately they might not like this dude's face. They might not think he's cool, whatever, but it's just him. And if you watch these videos long enough, you're gonna see that this guy is reading basically off a teleprompter and what appears to be a pretty dumpy apartment. And God knows wherever he is, I don't even know I mean, who knows where this dude is, but I will say this. These little unknown strategies are in 540,000 followers and he's an affiliate marketer who's promoting products on Clickbank. There you go, a Keto product. And you know, I don't know if he's the priming map, or whatever, but I will say that he uses those hooks in those stickers. I noticed you did that too. And I noticed a lot of the best content creators that's what they're doing is that right away that leads in, grabs people's attention, hooks them in and then they move them into a compelling list or piece of content or something.

Emma:  Right? Yeah, definitely. I think that's all just like me kind of what you were talking about. It's the human brain. Some people like that we're all wired a little bit differently and so certain people are just attracted to different things when you're scrolling. You know, some flashes through on the screen. Maybe it is, you know, words are not always going to be the person's fake voice. On the screen. Some people might just go mad but if there's something pretty on the screen, something flashy, it's kind of, you know, there might be like, Oh, that might attract their attention. So, like, throw everything out there. I was like, what is going to attract everyone's attention and then the people say,

Matt:  Oh, totally. And the other cool part is that this does it also by doing that and I think this is really sneaky. Yeah, I think this is super sneaky when you do that right away and you give that hook that's super relevant to the content and also to your channel. Basically, only people who are sticking around are people who are actually in the niche. That you're trying to sell to. And so now you're building in this algorithm, the algorithms just collecting, collecting, collecting these pools of people to show your videos to and that begins to get very niched in and very focused. And now you've got this captive audience where that is why going live is so powerful. This is why hosting, you know, occasional longer videos about you or your journey or where you're at in your business or where you're at in your weight loss journey or your dog training journey. Or whatever it is, is because at some point down the road, no matter how many times you've posted at some point, your audience is going to be so dialed and so focused and so curated that you go live and you're talking to your ID percent, non stop, and they're sitting there watching and they're like, I'm already ready to buy like, can you just tell me what I need? And sometimes we overcomplicate that process, but I just meant that the power of an algorithm or you know, a piece of software and app solves that problem for us. It's crazy. It's pretty amazing. So you get all these followers, how do you, how do you have a strategy? I'm just curious, do you have a strategy for turning these people into leads? Do you get calls to action? What do you do about

Emma:  it? Yeah, I mean, I do try to put a call to action on every single one of my videos and it's not. I feel like this is one of, like, the hill that I'll die on with this. Is that the call to action every single time doesn't have to be the link in my bio, which obviously is like where eventually you would like for people to go but truly, like if they are interested, they don't need all going into my link in your bio. It's the same profile, they know where it's going to be. I feel that I feel that you know, I mean, there are plenty of other call to actions that you can use, like you can use, you know, what you think which you know, helps with engagement on a video and then that's another I mean, that's a video of content creation strategy that I have too, is that the more people content more, you can reply with video comments, and, you know, generate more videos. That way. But, you know, you can comment, let me know what you think. Comment and tell me what your blank is. Follow For more, go to my profile and check out my other videos. There's lots of ways that you can use referred your followers to engage and it doesn't always have to be some I mean on an appropriate video yes, you can say like, this is exactly how I started my go to check that out. I'm sure not every video needs that on there. Sometimes it definitely I mean, and again, right away I kind of like learned as I was going but there were some videos that I would just stick them on. As I was learning and then I was like, like, that didn't really sound right. Like if I could go back and do that again. And I put the link in my bio because it just doesn't fit there. Yeah. Yeah, so I mean, that's uh, yeah, definitely. I mean, using call to actions is great because they do like if your audience's video and they're listening and paying attention they will be compelled to like, okay, you know, okay, sure. Comment, like, yeah, yeah. And so yeah, I mean, my one for engagement. Another thing that I just feel is super important for nurturing the leads that I do get for nurturing the followers and the audience is very, just being very authentic. And what I mean by that is like, and again, this is something I learned as I was going because starting out on Tik Tok, I think that I mean, at least for me, I was consuming Tik Tok content like It looks like a lot of lip synching it looks like all right and which is fun. I mean, those videos are, they're like fun to make and trends are fun to do. Like that's, you know, why not? Why be on tick tock if you don't want to have that and do some of the fun trends and things like that. But I found that people buy into you before they buy into what you're selling and so being authentic and anyone and I feel like letting your audience hear your voice in a video at least one time a day like actually talking, you know, and engaging and like being about like, who you are and what you're doing and essentially letting your audience know why they should care. I like it just like maybe the number one thing to earn just your followers from people who like to turn followers from people who are just following you to people who are like that. I recognized her. Oh, yeah, she was talking about this last time, like now I'm interested in her story. I'm interested in why she started affiliate marketing. This is where she came from. She's going and that makes it it makes I feel that it makes the process like a little bit more human and as a human element and people like can relate to that more and then want to

Matt:  find out more. Wow. Yeah, I feel like that to me, the whole you know, not needing to put a call to action and also not necessarily needing to do a bunch of trends all the time, but really bringing yourself to it. That to me sounds like you've really figured out who you are on social media. And that's really cool. Because you start to hear yourself and hear the message and hear the thing that's doing it. You're kind of like me, just that doesn't sound right. And that's the big last two words. They are being heard, not ignored. The words for me, kids once you've started to feel more comfortable as you know, doing the content yourself. More confidence and clarity on what you're trying to say how you want this to come across opens up intuition. And what happens I feel like it's that people begin to of course. Oh, like just like this, but there's so much on how the video is viewed. I've done some tests around this and with some really great results actually. But here's a little tip to anybody who's creating content on social media. There's two things you can do at the end of the video that are not calls to action, their total opposite, they don't get any. But yeah, sometimes. There's the option of giving a cloud action and other times if you're just going for a growth video, which is a video that's specifically a hey, I want to help my channel meet more people. What you can do is you can let the video go. And at the very end, you basically cut off you're laughing off the very last, like two seconds or something. And as you're going you're saying something like I do this. I did this when I created a video around how to make a shirt brand. And, and so very at the end of the video, I would say something like, like I was gonna give them a call to action or something and the video just stopped and it went back because sometimes when you do a call to action and you sort of set up as this like now if you like more information then people are gonna scroll right it's like yeah, it's it's if you're like, and you want more information about my product can go to the link in my bio, and it's like, oh, okay, yeah, I guess people are gonna start scrolling because they feel like it's the end. And so, what I did is I made this video and it was basically like, Would you like to so the hook was would you like to start a tshirt brand without needing any inventory or your own online store to show you go to this website, whatever and then step two, go to whatever. And then step three and I went through five steps. Step by it just kind of cut off in the video restarted. So starting to get a lot of people who viewed it again because I went really fast. They were like, I need to watch that again. They sort of paused, they started commenting, and this is the only video on their school channel where the channel doesn't even exist. It might still exist. I don't even know what it's called anymore. This was a year ago, and that one video at 340,000 and it was like I spent a lot. Not a lot of time but I spent a good amount of time a couple hours on that one video just in every clip. I knew it's gonna be really good. I also in that clip spell or I said five are wrong. So I gave this as a little tip to our viewers and said the word five r r. And the amount of comments making fun of me for saying five r r just destroyed. Like all of that engagement that you know if people would leave that I just ran to the comments just to see who caught that. Yeah. Me scroll up let you know that you're wrong. And man like the little creative humor bites, like, especially misspelling something or especially saying pronouncing something intentionally wrong, but just moving right through like you're on different comments and those comments are the best because it's people just having a good time and it's more positive funny humor base like calm. And a lot of times when you're trying to sell something or you're doing business online, a lot of comments are like, here we go, you know? But if you can call this more like, Hey, I'm just where we were playing around making fun like that's the point that's what the algorithm loves and so your videos light up a lot when you do that. And, and and then you end it, you know on board and before the year you're really wrapped up and get a call to action. People are like can we just start with the video just start over? Am I watching this again? And then they'll watch it again. And now the algorithms like oh my gosh, watching this video, this must be a really good piece of content we should hear. Let's push that out to everyone in the world. Let's get it in front of us. So sometimes an unconventional approach I think a lot of times people get on here and they watch other successful people's videos. Okay, that's exactly what I have to do. And it doesn't maybe fit them or it doesn't quite the I don't know it just doesn't hit their voice straightaway and just doesn't work. And I think a little bit of creativity helps. 

Emma:  was going on and checking out others like popular you know, marketing videos in your niche because it's great to get ideas but then you definitely have to make it your own yeah, it does your audience does perceive when you're doing something that you're not comfortable with and not you know thrilled with that does. Yeah.

Matt:  Wow. Thanks for all the golden nuggets today. I feel like you know, like between the two of us there was just a lot of stuff in there that took us right away, jumped in and got going. So thanks for bringing the heat and we're I think we're you kind of a last minute we need to or not

Emma:  I was but then I got plenty of time to prepare. It's all good.

Matt:  Well, thank you for being flexible and yeah, to keep rockin. I just want to say I feel like you know there's not a super secret to your success. It feels like you put in the work and you know, I sometimes like if people come on here and they feel like nervous or like, you know, like it just feels like you're comfortable and confident to where they need to go and that's a cool thing and keep it up keep rockin

Emma:  Thank you so much and thank you for having me.

Matt:  Of course anytime I want to put up Emma’s TikTok. Follow her @prosperwithemma And we'll be back here again tomorrow. Same time Emma, come back. Send us a message in a couple months. We'd love to have you back on that'd be super cool. And we'll be back here tomorrow on Thursday for another episode. Peace out everybody.

How To Overcome The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Roadblocks For Beginners

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe welcome to wake up legendary. Taylor Welcome to the show once again. How are you?

Taylor:  I'm great. How are you?

Dave:  Excellent. It looks like your your setup there in nature, you know, we, you know, in an undisclosed location that looks like

Taylor:  I'm actually in Miami so you can see. Very beautiful here. It's a nice change from Oklahoma.

Dave:  Living the best life I see. How many people would like to be on vacation right now in Miami, say hi. So, tell everyone a little bit about who you are and how you got started. Just the nutshell version of your story. For anybody who doesn't know who you are.

Taylor:  So I started my online journey actually just over a year ago. I came across a legendary program on Tiktok and decided to just go for it and saw a bunch of people having some great success with it. And ever since my life has been completely different and I've been so thankful that I was able to connect with this community.

Dave:  Yeah. What sort of achievements have you or milestones have you hit in your business? You know, what, whether that be with sales or earnings or and there's a big fat disclaimer, Taylor went through the training, took lots of action and her results are in no way typical. But give us some give us some specifics about and what I mean obviously we can see you're on vacation in Miami, but in what specific ways has this impacted your life in positive ways? And what milestones have you hit you know?

Taylor:  So not only is it just amazing to be able to rely solely on this online income, only be able to work for myself, but I was able to hit six figures profit and seven months with this online promoting and yeah, it's more money than I ever thought I would be able to make especially in this age, and I now consistently do five figures per month and it's just awesome. It's opened my eyes to so many other opportunities to make money online as well. 

Dave:  And you're 22 years old, right? And by the way, have you and I ever talked in any way you know live other than here on wakeup legendary publicly where everybody can hear exactly every word that we're saying to each other? We've never we've never talked or have you ever had any side-cover private conversations with anyone from our company or has it all just been either attending a coaching webinar or a training or wake up legendary Have you had any other side private conversations? Did anybody take you aside and give you any special training or special you know, you know what? I mean? Like any any handouts, leg ups, anything like that, or did you go through the same training in the same process that's available inside of our training still to this day?

Taylor:  Yes, that's exactly right. I just went through that training.

Dave:  Yeah, it's amazing. It takes dedication to actually go through the training, you know, to learn. I think maybe there's maybe there's maybe a lot of people just want to like kind of pick at it. Or they buy it and then they're like, well, I'll do it kind of how I want to do it. Why do you think that is? I mean, you're you're you're you're closer to turning in assignments to teachers than I am. But it still seems like there's this challenge that people have with actually going through and completing training without somebody standing over them or without them having to turn some sort of assignment into somebody else, somebody else holding them accountable. Which is the exact opposite school. So you're learning what we need as entrepreneurs. So what is your advice to people who are dead or are finding themselves struggling, just focusing on going through the training on their own? It is a new thing. So it's not about judgment, but what is your advice to people to have how to get through that so they can learn those skills before they just start acting in random directions, and then having to keep starting over again.

Taylor:  I think that's a really good question. Because I think with everybody when the class or if you have a job, if your teacher says to do a certain thing, you're going to do it most of the time, hopefully, or if your boss tells you to be here at a certain time you're going to do it. But when you tell yourself you're going to do something a lot of us don't give ourselves the same respect that we give those other people. So if you're accountable for your teachers and for your boss, you should 100% be accountable for yourself.

Dave:  So what has the transition over into entrepreneurship been like for you? Has that been an easy transition where I mean, did you immediately feel that drive to kind of take action, you know, or did you also struggle at the beginning or have a challenge with Hey, man, you know, it's kind of all on me. Now, the sky's the limit And that's really exciting. But it's also wow, you know, there's a saying that says something like too much or with lots of freedom comes lots of responsibility. And I've been saying that for a lot of years because you know what I realized Taylor was the more successful that I became, the more things I was going to have I was going to be responsible for, you know, so it wasn't like you know, oh, I'm just gonna get rich and famous and just have this you know, take selfies and post them on, you know, if I wanted to live a productive, meaningful life, that I enjoyed spending time with the people that I love, which are pretty much like my wife, you know, my kids, family, close friends, then I'm going to have to be responsible for some stuff. You know what I mean? I'm gonna have to be responsible for getting my work done. I'm going to have to be responsible for driving my business forward being the one who's actually pushing my business forward. Not some coach, you know, not some mentor and I think a lot of people get sucked into this. Hey, oh, it's not a boss. Now. It's a mentor. Now, it's a mentor that I need. And that mentor, it's when I find that right mentor, when I'm willing to do that and it's almost like hold on, you have to reverse those. You have to be the one pushing your business forward. Regardless if there's a mentor or a coach, or a consultant, or somebody that you're working with, you know, on the side to help you grow, you still, as the business owner, have to ultimately be responsible to keep pushing your business forward, day in and day out. And so, how have you you know, has that come natural to you, I guess is what I'm asking Taylor or what have what what sort of tips or things have you done that's made it that's made that sort of transition to sort of a you know, I wanted to be in the captain's seat. Now I am, you know, that transition a little bit better.

Taylor:  Yeah, so I think a lot of the time comes down to what situation you're trying to get out of, because I was working for a guy that was not very rational and was known for firing people out of nowhere. And I put a lot of trust into him and realized that I shouldn't have and so for me, I was very driven to be able to, at first I didn't think it was going to ever become a full time income. I really just wanted extra income in case you know, things went bad over here and I had something to fall back on. And I had the goal just like I said not having to rely on them worry that his decisions were going to change my entire life. And kind of I think it came more naturally to me than others. And I also think the way the program is designed with mindset and everything. You guys gave me a lot more confidence than I think a lot of other programs might not do for other people. And so from the beginning I was like convinced I was like this is gonna work based off of like, are you guys coached and how you guys you know, set up those videos and I think it came a little more naturally just because I had a drive to get out of that situation. And like I said the way you guys know, had the training set up it really just gave me the confidence I needed to keep going.

Dave:  It's amazing that us older folks don't look at you. younger folks, and just ask questions and listen. In learning, you know that we think we got it in some ways. We got it wrong. In the way in which we teach and the way in which we think that people are the wisest. You know, in entrepreneurship, what's important is confidence in creativity. And who has the most creativity and quite frankly, who has the most confidence in the world? A baby you know, a toddler does before the world begins to dampen that confidence and make us afraid of different things. Do you feel there's an element of tapping in you're young, but you know what I'm talking about your true child, the true, you know, child inside of you. With this entrepreneurship do you find yourself being playful? I mean, are you having fun doing this? And are you figuring out ways to make it fun? Because I say your income is only capped by your creativity. You know, and that's the same in entrepreneurship and in this world right now. There are no rules really to what we're doing except it has to be moral, ethical and legal. And it doesn't even have to be moral and ethical, but we really, we really invite people to consider the long term impact of their choices, but it has to be legal or else you're gonna get you know, it's not gonna last long. So as long as it's moral, you know, legal and ethical, then your income is only capped by your creativity. And so what I've seen is I have seen a lot of older folks Taylor who have who have allowed themselves to loosen up a little bit and not be so stiff behind the camera and actually let some of their knowledge and their playfulness and their wisdom and in their you know, they're just that who they are come out and kind of shine. How are you keeping it playful? What are you ? What are you comfortable with out there within your content? What's an example of something like you're not comfortable with doing talent, talk to us a little bit about that.

Taylor:  I think being younger definitely does help because I haven't had that conditioning as long in my life and being younger not having kids. Yeah, I'm able to take more risks. And so I do think that's helpful. I say, I read with you I wouldn't do anything immoral or unethical because I do care about helping people and I wouldn't want to just get legs up by screwing over others. And I think content wise, it is important to be creative and confident because I think what holds a lot of people back is they're scared of what other people think. And I've had this like that where people don't want to start posting because they don't want people from their hometown seeing them and different things like that. But if you can just get out of that fear of caring what other people think. I mean, the sky's the limit. For sure.

Dave:  It's interesting, you know, people there's also people who want to know what other people are doing. You know, and part of being an entrepreneur is really being able to look at something and listen to something with your ears and with your eyes and make a judgment call. Is this good for me? Does this make sense for my life? And I heard you really say that as you came into the challenge you listened to the videos and they made you feel confident. You know, you made your own judgments based on the actual product in the actual content. And it's so unfortunate, because we see people come in all the time and of course they get distracted by people hitting them up or other just shiny objects that they were already subscribed to and instead of making, you know, actually going through it and doing it themselves, they'll listen to other people, you know, whether it's Hey, don't do that come over here. Or it's Hey, did you buy the blueprints? Do we? We have that a lot. It's like people and it's like we have one program, folks here one flagship program, which is the blueprint. It's not endless upsells it's not, you know, it's not some bait and switch. It's not some secret that we have a flagship program and the blueprints. It's interesting because we also did a mastermind just a week ago, and everybody in the room who had everybody in the room had the blueprints, those who had gone through them were succeeding at massive levels, those who hadn't weren’t. It was really clear and it's interesting somebody asked, you know, in the comments here, does she own the blueprints? You know, because they wonder Hey, is there a shortcut? What's the shortcut and that's why I was asking you those questions before I just looked up. You know, I was asking you before like, did we have a did anybody give you a private secret edge here are you related to any of us are we but here's another thing I just looked up. You bought the business blueprints and the starter package that you get when we offer you know, new people right at the beginning for a discount on April 4 2021. Okay, so April 4 2021. You got those blueprints? You said? You went through them? You? Right. We just talked about that a second ago. About going through the training and here you are one year later, actually one year and just a month. So literally one year and some change later, talking about how you made six figures, how you know you are now consistently making five figures per month from doing affiliate marketing from simply applying what you learned in the training. And gosh, you know, success leaves clues in my head . I mean, success leaves clues you can either have results or you can have excuses and we see every single day. And it's it's it's hard because I want to travel out to people's houses and I want to I want to sit down I want to look them in the eye even we put on events and give people an opportunity for not a dirt cheap but a reasonable price to come and look us in the eye and spend time with us. Whatever you need to do to overcome your objections, you know that you have in your head folks. We have people on every single day. It's like how I ask people when we're sitting in a room. What more convincing do you need? What other questions do you have, what other things are popping up in your head floating around that we can answer for you? That you that at that point you can finally give yourself permission to take ownership over your life and actually go through and watch the go through the challenge. Determine if the blueprints are for you. Talk to one of our advisors and have a conversation before you make a judgment that they're just there to sell you. You might learn something that's way more valuable than $2,500 Just with a conversation with somebody from our team who's had 1000s of conversations and trust me, we're not professionals here. We're not begging and high pressure. We know how to make an offer where there's enough value we don't need to pressure people. But Taylor, Isn't it ironic that literally just over a year ago, you bought those blueprints, and here we are talking you know, 13 months later and but it's not just it's not just you we have these sort of stories every day. But man, it's so crystal clear to me. And how do we make it more clear to people how to, how do we mean, what do you say to people who you can just tell they've just been skeptical and it's not about you? If they're not assessing us, I feel like it's really a lack of confidence in themselves. So how do we instill more confidence in people the way that we instilled confidence in you or what can you say you think what do you say now? To people to instill confidence in them to let them know it's not the geophones, the training, not under investigation here. The track record is not under investigation. It's your limiting beliefs and whether you can focus and actually follow through with buying the training and going through and then applying it that's under investigation. And that's the cold hard truth that I had to come to terms with in my life if I wanted my life to get better. Do you agree with that and what advice do you have? Or what advice do you give to instill more confidence in people?

Taylor:  I completely agree and I think one of the first things I tell people is to read the book you guys suggest Rich Dad Poor Dad because that changed my perspective and like a whole 180 It opened my mind to a lot of things I never thought about before. And I think that was a really big piece for me. But also, you know, these lives are important because if you're seeing other people do it, then it means it's possible for you, especially when you can hear somebody's story. They don't have a background and stuff like this, you know, started from fresh with zero experience. And so that's like one of the main things I think too, when I'm looking at new business ventures, if other people are out there doing that. There's no reason that I can't as long as I have the discipline to work every day, learn every day and just keep at it.

Dave:  Yeah. And I tell people I mean pick something to just go in that direction. It's not that we're not convincing you to do what works, what's with what's in our training, the business models that we're teaching. I mean, I would rather somebody go in a completely different direction buy zero from me buy zero from us, but if but go in a different direction. And as my dad always said to me, do something even if it's wrong, you know, you know, you cannot sit around doing indecisive paralysis analysis. That's what I also see is a black hole that people fall into. They sort of, I don't know if it's overwhelmed by the tech. You know what I think it is? I think it's really that they just don't watch the training and just set it up properly. The way that the training describes it really is all inside of, for example, our business blueprints. The challenge that we offer has a lot of both mechanical stuff and also sort of the dynamics in higher level stuff. That's only $7. The blueprints are so step by step you come in. You start with the affiliate marketing business blueprint. We really suggest people start with that, because it's easier to do affiliate marketing, just selling somebody else's product, than it is to start creating your own digital courses. Doing what genius and running live events. Have you followed that process yourself of starting with affiliate marketing where you've made all of your money in what you love? What do you not love about the business model? You know, because a lot of people are torn off so when they come about business models, they've heard a lot about Amazon and drop shipping and they're getting pitched MLMs by all their family and friends. So, talk to us a little bit about your experience with the core four. Are you still on affiliate marketing

Taylor:  Right now I'm still just focusing on affiliate marketing. I plan to create a digital product at some point. I just not haven't gotten around to that yet. And actually I'm starting an online business before I do that because I'm not exactly sure what I would want to do my digital course over. But I definitely think what stops a lot of people is the social media aspects. People think that if they're not used to posting every day that they don't have a chance but I was active on social media. I would scroll and watch other people's stuff, but I never posted my own. I started on hours and I think the one thing I would say I don't like about it is the fact that people are deterred because of the social media aspect. They kind of look at it as an influencer. But I don't have time telling people that that's not what it is and that you don't need blogs and stuff about your life. It's structured around the products and you don't have to keep facing that you don't have to. You know people are like I said worried about what other people will think but you don't even have to put your face in it. So that's one of my favorites. I think people like I said are just a little scared when they know it's kind of based around social media.

Dave:  That’s so true. They the you know going you know, creating content, putting yourself on video can be can be can be uncomfortable, for sure. It's just like anything, you know. We do it for a couple of days or a couple of weeks and it's like you know you become such a natural and you know what, I'll tell you all not that I was rhetorical. But we did a an exercise actually Joshua Smith at the at the recent mastermind led us through a simple, powerful exercise and you know what he led us through to do record a video, you know, and all of us recorded a video, you know, right there in inside of this huge mansion that we were hosting the mastermind in just last week. And you know, it was amazing people were people were, you know, they were they were running around. They were screaming and they were wildly wildly nervous. Of course before we know, before we know when Josh was like we're gonna do this everybody in the room was just like a real big gas. But wow, the confidence in the room. I was obviously being silly. But my point was, was being playful on video and kind of let yourself really go you know, I mean, there's a little bit of that childlike kind of performing sometimes letting out or you're goofy yourself or just I mean those are always the parts of our personalities that are the most charming is is those kind of goofy parts. But back to my point. After we recorded that video, in that room, that entire room was on fire. You know, they felt so proud of themselves and confident many of them had never done that. You know what I mean? had just never been there. So, taylor it's hard to really build confidence in people because they got to do it. So how has taking action can you describe as you've taken action, you have developed confidence in how you are a different person? If you feel like you were one year ago when you started?

Taylor:   I grew up super shy, which I love telling people because like I said I wasn't active on social media. I was known as the quiet girl. Oh, people always told me I was quiet. I was quiet. I was a little nervous posting on Tik Tok, but I kind of got over that fear a little bit even from the beginning, but I think getting that first like good views on my video kind of started to give me that validation that I needed to be confident. I think that's where people struggle if they're posting for weeks and they're not really getting any feedback, their confidence just kind of takes away. But if you keep posting and the results will come as long as you stay consistent and that's really I think how I got my confidence was getting that feedback and knowing that people were starting to like my content.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, you got to hang in there though, right? There's a period which can be short or long, but regardless, it will feel long at the beginning, when no one feels like it's nothing but tumbleweeds, right? And so, how, how do you hold on and how does one look at the small little miracles that are happening in our business instead of ice. A lot of people are looking for the big burning bush, and in almost all my 13 years of doing this, I've never seen a burning bush. There have been a lot of tiny miracles along the way. What has your journey been like in terms of just falling in love with the process, you know, that sort of kind of help drive entrepreneurship is it's less about arriving to the destination getting rich or you know, arriving there but it's about falling in love with the prospect about being on the court kind of like when Michael Jordan retired, and then he went to baseball. Then he came back to basketball because he wanted to be in the game and sort of like being in the game. So have you fallen in love with the present? Are you finding yourself beginning to fall in love with the process? I mean, describe what comes up for you as I say what I just said and ask you that question.

Taylor:  I think it's so important to love the process because I think if you don't love the process, you might not be able to do that when you get the result. You have to actually enjoy what you're doing. And I have from the beginning I've really loved it and why it's important to do something you're passionate about because you need that drive that passion for it to keep going when things aren't necessarily going your way.

Dave:  And what about challenges when they pop up? I mean to me falling in love with the process is taking the good with the bad, you know or the bad with the good however you want to look at it. And you know, in a way oh they just keep me sharp now there's no pun intended right there, you know I mean, but it was it was it was ironically clever. But many challenges keep me sharp. They really do write and that's one of the things that for me is important. I actually do want to keep my skills sharp. You know, I do want to make sure that I'm still staying sharp. It's kind of like there's also other ways to transition to different levels. Do you see a lot of NBA players or professional athletes, they become commentators so they can stay close to the game by a sports team or they become a general manager. See a lot of us, you know, we we and this is some advice that I want to give you Taylor if you don't mind. Are you open to some feedback and some just I want to based on my experience and something that I heard you said you say and so why, what why what I just said is and how it ties in to the advice I want to give you is that a few moments ago you said you know I have other I have other aspirations I want to do other things. You know what I mean? I want to create a digital course and I want to but I'm not quite clear yet and I might want to start another business. What do I recommend to you in any other person who's just started to achieve some success and as you said before, has a five figure income up going now? And it is kind of rockin and rollin. Don't Don't screw that up, just to move on and do other things. A lot of times what we don't realize is growing our existing business, to the levels that we want to grow it to whether that be income or also kind of fulfillment and impact with just by just staying in kind of nurturing that business to growth. Sometimes less is more. You know sometimes. For me I've been able to continue to branch out into selling digital courses and coaching and events while still doing affiliate marketing. I'm the legendary and Dave sharp affiliate not not legendary as a whole actually just me just the referrals that I personally send. I just want to have a contest at ClickFunnels. I'm the number one affiliate as of recently at ClickFunnels still doing affiliate marketing. So my point here is that a lot of times we think we need more businesses, more streams of income, more things, but my experience is that a lot of times if I'm doing more things, I end up only being able to put 20% of my energy into each thing. So I get a 20% return. Whereas if I grow one business, I just keep growing business, you know, and that's the commitment. That's the challenge, I think that most entrepreneurs have is growing one business to a multi million dollar level. Okay, and it's been a challenge here at legendary as we've grown this business, we're in our sixth year of business. Did you know almost 20 million in sales last year? We'll do more this year. But that's been a commitment to stay focused and stay in our lane. And this is my only business. You know, I don't have any other businesses. I have investments on the back end, but I don't have multiple businesses. I guarantee that any I would put my earnings and lifestyle up against any guru and any MLM leader, any person who's preaching the anybody who's running a you know, 16 hour a day FBA or drop shipping business, or anybody who's running around working 10 or 12 hours a day or even six hours a day. running multiple businesses, you know, and so at the very least, at the very least, the advice that I have to entrepreneurs is to get more successful and earn more money as if you are going to branch out and figure out how to operate the business that got you to where you're at. Because that is that in entrepreneurship you know how probably somebody along I know somebody said this to me in my life. Don't get a new Don't quit your old job until you get a new job, right. I don't know if anybody gave you that advice, but they gave me that advice. That's like some two generation ago advice that we're in it's good advice. It's stuck around. It's good advice. And I'm going to reiterate that advice in the entrepreneur sense. Don't start a new business to screw up the existing income you have because I have seen people who have earned a million dollars as affiliates. And then you know what they wanted more. But they didn't take the right steps to grow. And they got sloppy and they got unfocused on him more than they got him as an example. I was selling information the way that we do now, back in 2011 and 12. And then in 2013 i and i had a business partner then we're like, Let's build let's do software. Right and we built our own custom software project. The biggest mistake that I ever made was to say yes to vote, that was a good idea, because I wasn't in my lane. And it was a huge distraction. And it ended up being massive, he worked selling information and doing what we did. And now we wanted to be hot shots and sell software, you know, and so that's been a big commitment here of mine at legendary really is we've moved real slow. Come on, you don't think that we've considered building our own funnel builders and all these kinds of things here at legendary, but sometimes you have to stay in your lane. Because you know how you just talked about the guy that you worked for who made irrational decisions. I am that leader. If I'm constantly, you know, shifting gears that impacts people like you Taylor here, and you know what's interesting as you run your business, people are going to be looking to you depending on you your fault, they're going to be depending on you for a consistent message. And they'll keep buying from you year after year if you stay consistent and continue to give them attention, kind of innovate, but don't change too much. Be a place that they can go and know what to expect and it's like some of these brands that have been around for years like Rolex. They don't. If you look at some of their watches, they're the same as back in 1950. It's subtle changes when the market is always changing to be the Northstar for some customers and they'll keep paying you year after year. How's that feeling for you and what comes out for you as I give you that feedback?

Taylor:  I think that's really great advice. And I think that's why maybe it took me a year to look elsewhere to add a niche and to find out because I knew there's gonna be twice as much work and I wasn't willing to put in that work if I wasn't like you said, gonna be doing the same thing over here. And I think that's what's really great about this business model too, is the fact that I do only spend a couple of hours per day and so I do have a lot of extra time whereas some people are still working their nine to five, they don't have that extra time. And so I made when I was looking to, you know, other business models that I was gonna stay consistent with mine and that this wasn't just, oh, I just had to put in that extra work to make something out of that. And I do I do love that advice

Dave:  And you're young and you're young and full of energy and it's different as you get older you have less energy so do any, you know for those of you who are young or if you don't have small children, maybe you're old. Maybe you're retired or maybe you're an empty nest with your children you know on all levels. I don't actually think it's about age. So I know that for me, I have small children at home, so they take a lot of my energy. I gotta be real careful where I spend my energy. That's why toxic people do things of that nature. I gotta be real careful. Whatever I spend my energy each day, every minute and so that's that's, that's, that's incredible. That, you know, you have that sort of, I guess, ability to be able to play the tape through at the age that you are. Here's another cool thing. How much content can you repurpose? And how many things as you build a I like to call it like this to give the work that I do fancy name so watch this as you develop a body of work right with all of your content and that is gold all media all that that body of work those hundreds, even 1000s of videos that you have, you can save them and categorize them and repurpose them. So once you have a few 100 of them, you know you have them categorized as Hey, did really well or dogs, you know categorize them however you want. And how much extra time does that give you to I don't think people I don't think even me, I don't fully utilize my catalog. There's another fancy word that I've built in, done and written and recorded over the years. But I don't think that we fully utilize our own catalog of content, aren't you? I have to imagine after a year you have emails and things you've written in videos you can repurpose, right? Absolutely. It just makes it it will and especially once you find something that works if it's not broken, don't fix it. I mean before you think that your marketing is not working, understand that, you know, it may actually be doing better than you think it is. And oftentimes We're the last ones to see that we're growing, you know or notice growth. So, hey, look, I'm gonna let you get back to your vacation in Miami. Wow. Because I know you're gonna go back to Oklahoma. And I have a feeling you love it more in Miami. So I'm gonna give you a chance to get back to that soak up every second. Thanks for spending time with us. Your valuable precious time now that you've got this life that you've worked for. And you're spending in Miami. Thanks for giving back and spending some time sharing your secrets with us.

Taylor:  Thank you for having me.

Dave:  Alright, Taylor, come back and see us again. Okay. Okay, well my friends. Wow, man. Come on. I am like Monday. Who needs coffee? Who needs I mean, wow. Wow. I'm fired up. I mean, you just it's like if there's no way that if you're me, and you're talking to these people, or you're listening to this, and this is your main business and what you're trying to do, then if you plug into this just an hour a day listening to this, especially if you're new, there's no way that your life can't change that your perspective on yourself and success and they can't change when you hear these completely. Totally cool and real. Just no BS, no BS, just totally. It's just mind blowing. I mean, these are every day day in and day out and it just keeps getting better. That's because you know one of the reasons why the people who have gone through our training and applied it, they're coming back on to the show, you know what I mean? They're now tailors coming back onto the show. I think she said this was her third total. So, you know, here's what I want to, you know, here's what I want to say. If you haven't gotten started yet or if you for example, blog posts and haven't gone through them yet. Just go through them. Just do yourself that favor you deserve. Because you're looking at changing the year. There's no guarantees, it's not on us. The training is not going to change your life. You're gonna change your life. But man, you know what I mean? It's amazing because you even look at Taylor and of course, she began to make money and see results and all of that before but a year a year is not that long. A year is not that long a place where you can let your hair down, exhale a little bit relaxed and say, Wow, I'm more comfortable now. And you get more and more comfortable along the way. But I mean, come on. You know, if you went to most people out there on the street, and you said, hey, look, you sign up today and put in some work, you're gonna get zero next year. But after that, your life is going to be totally different and change. Most people are going to sign up for that. But here you can actually earn while you learn. That is something that actually is possible. If you apply you know, go through the training and apply it. So it's not like you eat and that's what I think is the difference between this and obviously college in the typical system is you don't have to wait four years or two years. But most people like I said, would sign up for hey, sign up today, work your ass off for a year or nothing but after a year your life changes. Most people would sign up for that. And here we can earn while we learn. So just man I hope you heard something today that changed your life because your life can change in an instant. When you make a decision to do something different seriously. Make it that day. You know if you are going to start work, start over one heck of an interview. I'm trying not to cuss too much or as much on this so I don't get flagged by Facebook anymore. They were flagging me at the mastermind event. Everybody was like what's wrong with the audio and it was because I was cussing like a sailor so All right, my friends have a fantastic mic. Alright. Let's end this month strong. We've got like one more week for May here 2022. I want to thank Taylor again for an incredible, incredible, incredible interview. Go follow her build wealth from home and make sure that you also subscribe to our text reminders text WUL for Wake Up Legendary to 813-296-8558 get into that training today. Get serious. Apply it and let's see what you can accomplish. We'll see you back here tomorrow.

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Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, it's your boy. It should be Captain Dave. Today is an exciting day because it's Friday and we also have an 18 year old who's going to be talking to us today. First of all, 18 Wow. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. And, and they're going to be talking to us today about how we go down in the DMS Gabe Welcome to the show.

Gabe: Ain't a day. Thanks for having me. You're welcome.

Dave:  You're welcome. So we'll talk about your marketing strategies here in a little bit, how you've been using, you know, private direct messaging, what you're doing what you're saying you know, how you're making the most out of every opportunity, that's that's, you know, when you're new, and especially when you're young, you probably don't have a big marketing budget. You got to make the most out of every opportunity out there. In a minute. So tell us a little bit. Changing your soul brought online integration, owning it. For 40, like 50 hours a week and the like, I always knew that's what I didn't really want to do for the rest of my life. So since I was young, I used to like, Oh, he's like searching YouTube videos like how do you make money online and stuff like that? One day, I actually downloaded TikTok just for entertainment like no I didn't really think about making money online or anything. And then I ran into a live from Calvin Hill. And he showed me you guys and I was like, Yeah, I want to do this.

Dave:  Nice, man. Nice. So what is different about this than other things that you've done? I think Did you say you were flipping or did you say flipping burgers or tried a little bit of drop shipping and it didn't really work out for me. I made like, I made a couple of 100 bucks and it was nothing sustainable. You know? And I mean, you're lets, let's be honest, you're 18 Right? It's not like it's not like you have it's, I mean, you're smart and you're probably more savvy than a lot of us. You're probably more savvy than I am in a lot of areas but I mean, drop shipping has some complications with it in terms of sourcing products, and it's a physical product that actually has to be mailed and shipped all the way around the world. 

Gabe: Yeah, that was a huge thing by Legendary for me. It's like digital products. are insane. Like

Dave: It's crazy, how much easier, how much simpler, how much faster. It's just that everybody gets their products. Immediately. You get paid faster. There's, you know what I mean? There's just not all of those roadblocks that you have with physical products. Yeah.

Gabe: You don't have to do all the customer service and everything.

Dave: Right. Yeah. with it. If you start any other business that is not affiliate marketing affiliate. Marketing is the only business that you only have to do the marketing. That's it. Every other business Amazon, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, like local SEO marketing, you know where you like to go out and prospect local businesses and offer to do their SEO services, social media, marketing agencies, all these different you know, all these different business models even even MLM to a certain extent. But all you know, because you gotta go out there and service products and get products and all this kind of stuff. But all those business models

Dave: You got to do one thing. Let's go out there and market. Yeah, and that's something that you've figured out how to make the most you figured out a strategy that works for you. Let's talk about that a little bit. You know, are you marketing on TikTok? Is that where I think I think you have two accounts.

Dave:  Many people's accounts, get flagged videos, get you know, flagged or taken down and that's the price that we pay. Don't get attached. Don't get emotionally attached to your TikTok channel, especially when it's early. You know, when it's a young channel. You have a channel that you lose, you lose it. It's got 100,000 followers. That sucks. Nobody's going to tell you not to be mad about that. But usually when you've got 100,000 followers or whatever the more established accounts are, you have a better chance to challenge it and actually get it back. And even if you have that many followers, you have a pretty big community. If you start bringing new accounts, you can build that up. way quicker than you go first. Yeah. So what you mentioned you want to talk about like utilizing direct messages to make sales and to make the most out of every lead opportunity. He explained to us a little bit about your kind of strategy so we can understand the direct messaging tips that you have, but also help us understand the big picture. So we know how they even get there in the first place. You know what I mean? 

Gabe: So basically, I posted a video on TikTok and I say if you want to learn how to do this, you comment, right? And then if they comment, I reach out to them, right? And then when we get in the messages, I basically like to talk to them, I tell them what affiliate marketing is, I get to know their story, their pain points and things like that. And then when I see it's a good time to talk about my offer, that's when I talk about it.

Dave:  So I mean, the bottom line is, it's a strategy to where you've got more time than you've got, you know, money. And I say that just because sometimes if somebody has more money than time, they might say, you know, hey, let me let me figure out how to run some paid ads or something like that. But in this case, your approach really is just I'm willing to spend as much time as I need to with people in the DMS to have conversations and then eventually, hopefully open up a transition point where I can talk about my offer and that's the mentality that you're in right now.

Gabe: Yeah, and mostly when you're in the DMS like don't worry about like the money just worry about helping the person out and the money's gonna come

Dave: Like, yeah, so what are some examples of some of the things some of the videos that you might do if you can think about one that did really well? That you might be able to say, hey, that you could give us an example of how you ended up telling them? Post a comment down below, you know, what did you talk about? And then what did you teach them with, for instance.

Gabe: And then under the ice a comment ready? If you want to learn how to make money online. And then I will do day two, the next day, day three the next day, every day, I would pretty much close that.

Dave:  And when that was obviously and that was just 12 Different people 12 Different marketers you were showcasing or what was it?

Gabe: No, it's just like 12 is just like a random number of like, I'm just like, how many people I'm just saying, like I'm looking for 12 people. It doesn't really matter if it's over 12 or 12.

Dave:  I got I'm looking for 12 people I misunderstood you i i Very much so no that that that strategy or that you know, looking for looking for 12 people today looking for one person looking for five people. It's yeah, I mean there's the power of that strategy when you say you know I'm looking for this is not for everyone, that I'm only looking for a few people I'm looking for a limited small group, a test group. The power of that strategy is that you don't look desperate just for everybody listening. I'm just explaining to people because this is something that you naturally saw and kudos to you. But I want to make sure that everybody is clear about the kind of angles, marketing angles, and it's what Gabe is doing is sort of a takeaway strategy, you know, it's like, Hey, I'm only looking for two people today. I just recorded a video and I want to share it with people. I have a video that, you know, I went through that changed my life and taught me about entrepreneurship and online marketing, and I'm looking for 12 people today who are interested in, you know, earning their first dollar online that I have time to work with and share this training with. Comment below if you're interested. You know, and now all of a sudden instead of saying, Hey, anybody, just anybody who will pay me any attention, just I'm looking for a million I'm looking for as many as I can get, you know, you know, come and get this training. It's awesome. It's going to change your life. It looks a little bit more desperate, rather than if you're like, Hey, I'm looking for two people. You know, it looks like there's real scarcity there. So scarcity, urgency. You know one of the things in and I'll even ask you about this game. One of the things that's important is what are you doing in your marketing to make them act now, instead of later? You know, I mean, obviously, one of the things that you're doing day by sea is you're making things only where there's a limited amount of spots, and so somebody will want to act and make sure that they get one of those spots if they're interested. Well, are there any other urgency or scarcity tactics that you're using to get people to take action instead of procrastinating or put it off till tomorrow?

Gabe: I think that's really the only one to be honest.

Dave:  Yeah, and that's fine. Yeah, no, it's totally fine and that makes sense. The strategy so early in the game you know, you're gonna play yeah, you know, a lot of you are trying to just sell to everybody. You know, anybody who will pay you any attention who will listen but if you think about all the brands that you know, that sell over retail that are so hot that people stand out in lines outside of the stores, thinking of luxury brands, like Rolex or like Gucci or like a tech, Felipe, you know, these are all watch and clothing brands that they make a limited supply of them. And so, when there's a high demand in a limited supply, guess what frenzy happens. People go crazy. They want it. So how can we all this is a question that we all can ask, How can we have people lined up? You know, I know one lady. She only opens up an opportunity to buy from her at certain times throughout the month or certain times throughout the year. So in you know, she'll, she'll just create free content and free value, you know, 70 80% of the time and then for you know, you know, a three or a five day window, she'll open it up and say okay, on these dates, I'm opening it up to buy from me or buy through me. And here's all the extra value and the bonuses that you're gonna get. If you buy from me so she's making that's another example of how she's making, you know, both selling digital courses and also doing affiliate marketing. She's using exclusivity and scarcity and kind of urgency. So there's a lot of different ways that we can get people to take action. And if people are not taking action, and you're you know, and I'm speaking to all of you listening, if they're not taking action, ask yourself, Am is this just something that I'm offering something that they can just come back and get tomorrow the same exact way? Because if it is, there's absolutely no reason for them to act today. They could just do it tomorrow. So, you know, every day is a great day to offer a little extra incentive. That's only good today. Throw in a little bonus that's only good today. What kind of bonuses, what kind of things could we include? Anything, you know, a YouTube video that changed your life and talked to you about how to invest your money once you start making it. An additional training that you record, have a small PDF that you write up in there are a little script a little template that you use or that I mean there's so many things in the toolbox and guess what you can repurpose them way this extra bonus if for anybody who enrolls today, see game then you can really say at midnight This is going away. This is gone. But guess what I can do the same way that I repurpose. And I am dumping gems right now. Elizabeth it's just they're coming out of my mouth just it's friggin diamonds. It's just unbelievable games going crazy. You just can't really tell because of the cool cat over there. But look. Now you know how we repurpose content: we take a TikTok video and then we take that same video and put it on Instagram when we put it on Facebook. And then we even take it and bring it back in two or four weeks and repost it again. Don't you think? I can repost my little gifts and bonuses and so forth. Don't you think I can reuse those the same way. See once I create something once I know, kind of create and build something.

Dave: Guess what it is? It's an asset. It's like a piece of real estate. It's an asset that you can reuse over and over and repurpose over again especially if it works. Now you know you got something that actually your target market is interested in. And you know, you can then create split new little bonus little things off of that as well. Again, Gabe, tell me what comes up for you when I say this. Our income is only limited in this business. By our creativity or lack thereof.


Gabe: Yeah, that's actually really cheap. I actually only really started like getting good quality leads and actually like making a decent amount of money when I actually started implementing the strategy because like, I started in January and for like the first three months I only made one commission. And that's when I wasn't using the strategy but like, I started like changing out my content style and like thinking about new new strategies and like new things I could do that's when it actually started working out for me. So yeah, that's very true.

Dave:  I mean, there's two things that as an affiliate marketer can really work in your advantage and like are really our big needle movers. And one of them is you know, using urgency and scarcity so you know, again that looks like hey, you know I'm making something available for you know, a limited time in the in the other thing is really using those those extra bonuses gifts or as some people call it because clearly aren't able to give you the the little extra that you give away that's specific to your target market that they you know, if you are in the in the in the weight loss space, you might say, Hey, here's here I want to give you a list of 12 foods you shouldn't eat, you know, if you're in the, you know, the parent, the parent, the infant space, you might say, Hey, here's here's three tips to get your baby to sleep through the night. You know, right away. I mean, that's very specific, you know, very, those are the kind of little gems that new kit as we say they're dropping, dumping gems here but slightly. Those are the little things and if you see even in our you know, inside of our marketing here at legendary, we have similar things. We have little places where we're giving away little templates and scripts and we're also giving people you know timeframes to take advantage of offers. And so it can really move the needle if I was to do a webinar game, you know, for example, if you were to go live, if you were to go live, if some of you are going live. Tell me. What do you think's going to make more sales? If I go live, and I and I and I just talk and answer questions or whatever for an hour and I just say, all right, a no go. We're done here and click the link in my bio, and go and check out that product I've been talking about throughout this entire life. You know, yeah, I can go tomorrow. exact thing. But clicking it right now, the advantage because there's no better time to take action and now you know, the big motivational speech. All right, here's, here's, here's, here's g number two. You know, I think I'm gonna do something special on tonight's live show since we've been here together this whole time. I am going to give away okay, I am going to give a way. My top 10 best video ideas along with the actual script for the videos, okay, that I used and I'm gonna link quickly for your convenience and these videos may be mine. They may be somebody else's. You don't know I'm not going to tell you that this is about.

Dave:  if you buy and you enroll in this product I've been talking about you know a few times here on this live if you buy tonight by midnight, I'm going to include this bonus okay. I can even say a few by by the end of the live show. I'm going to stay on here for 15 more minutes right now all the sudden folks now all the sudden your live is actually useful. You know, it's not just something where you're jumping on and you're just talking to people and you're just trying to build rapport. So hopefully they buy you're giving them a reason to buy. Now Gabe, what comes up for what do you think? Is going to be more definitely, definitely It is. So that's why you see a lot of offers out here when we get into offer creation. You know, which is when you have a digit when you want to create a digital course or you want to use one of the other core for business models that's not affiliate marketing. You want to actually sell your own course you know of a coaching program or event when you get into that offer creation, it's all about value stacking. You know, it's all about the product you're selling. And then what are you giving them extra and as an affiliate that it works the same exact way. You know some of you who feel oh well I can't compete with somebody who is you know, like you mentioned Calvin Hill or something like that. Well, first of all, there's a lot less people doing this than you think there is. There literally isn't is it just probably feels like a lot because on you all's it's like a little echo chamber of other people. But here's how you beat anybody. You make a better offer. You make a better offer. You just learn how to make better offers and include more value. Just like you just said game. It's all about value. So if I can throw in a little extra bonus or in again, where's it just, here's when you invoke your income is only limited by your creativity about pulling out sometimes a Word document or a Pages document and just writing a page of information that somebody would get value from.


Gabe: Right. Yeah, that's why that's why I actually love the shadows at the DM Saturday that I'm doing. Usually they'll just opt into your funnel. They like put their email in but like they don't feel like they got enough value to end up purchasing the product. But when they're in DMS I can provide so much more value to them and that's why I'm usually getting more commissions because of all the value of providing DMS.


Dave:  And the all and that is coming from your energy of just really just saying, Hey, what are you looking for? Right? What do you need? What do you want? How can I help you? Right? Is that your energy in the DMS when you first open up the conversation with somebody when they've commented say yeah, they comment on your video, like you said before, and your first message to them is what


Gabe: My first message usually means I can't wait to help you start your business, your online business journey. I asked them what they already know about affiliate marketing and then we just started the conversation right there.


Dave:  What do you already know about this? That's a pretty good question. I mean, simply because I want to respect your time and I don't want to. I don't want to tell you about things that you already know and it gets to the end and the question gets people talking right. Then that's really what you want. You want to be able to ask the questions and direct the conversation. You know a lot of you if you are going to use DMS and you are going to comment and look saying what I applaud about Gabe, is that you're taking action. Okay, I do believe that there will come a point to where you'll want to do less DMing and you'll want to, you know, scale your content more and stuff like that, but I applaud the fact that you're doing what you have to do to get started and get up and off the ground. I did the same thing. Right. I did the same thing but the process is really simple. And you really don't have to go and a lot of time. And I thought about people who get confused as to be an expert who's just yakking a bunch of knowledge and expertise. What you have to do is just simply get good at asking questions. And that was what you said, how do you kick the conversation off? Well, but might be another example of something that you might ask somebody that moves you further towards where you want to go and also keeps them talking and keeps them opening up.


Gabe: Pretty much talking about like, I would ask them why do they want to pursue an online income and like what are they what do they like don't like about their life right now that they want to change and things like that. It's like their pain points and things like that.


Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, man, you're learning the real principles of selling early and and they work don't they? Don't they were when you just, it's not about it's not about hard slam dunking or some slick script. It's really just about and I'm just so impressed that at 18 you get this It's just about making people feel supported, right? Trying to identify what their pain points are, like you said and then, you know, just when they get off track because you know, people do people who don't have the life they want. If you talk to them, you'll hear why they're there. They go off track getting lost, you know, you're not focused. And so you're here as you're talking to people to say, hey, look, let's let's let's let's let's stay on track here. Let's What do you want? What you know, here's what I'll give you. I'll give you this added extra bonus or stuff or whatever, if you take action now. And it's sort of like this kind of compassionate guide. being effective and converts being persuasive you know, communicator is not being it's not about just eating in people. They'll take you there is all you gotta do is ask the right questions. They'll always give you everything that you need to work with. You just have to just ask questions.

Gabe: That's actually very true.

Dave:  Yeah, it's cool. The other thing is use the tools this is one thing that I'll say to you gave and I'll also say to everybody else who's listening, you know, a lot of times I will say, Hey, if you have a video that goes viral or something, don't, don't get, don't get caught up in the comments. It's just, you know, really figure out what are actual serious people asking and then create new content that answers that question. In helping keeps you creating new content. But in games case, you're really doing a strategy to where you're purposely telling people comment below. It's an it's a very on purpose thing that you're doing. It's not just a video went viral, and now all of a sudden a bunch of people in your comments that you're trying your way you're not wasting your time talking to people who are not somewhat qualified and I just want to make sure that i i say that difference because it is a big difference. You know, in you know what I'm talking about. The people who are commenting on a viral video are a very different type of person than somebody who's just watched a video, you know about your topic and then you say if you want more information, comment below and they've commented below. That's a that's a pretty warm prospect and is worth talking to, if you have the time to be able to do it. So what else could we learn from you what give us anything else? Anything else that we should know, as we bring this conversation in for a landing? I mean, what would you say to somebody who's who's getting getting started that maybe you didn't know before? And maybe you had some hesitation or fear or whatever and now you know.

Gabe: Pretty much. Not like some people like to start making $1,000 in their first week, but that's not how it is for everyone. So you're gonna have to stay consistent. There's gonna be ups and downs and you've got to stay consistent. I'm on my third tick tock account. Now, I got banned on my live, so we gotta keep going.

Dave:  Hey, man, I'm telling you, I mean, it's, it's hard out here. You know, it's the wild wild west. You know, this is entrepreneurship. This is just the stuff that a lot of people don't see, you know, and you're also doing a lot of messaging. That's probably another reason why you're getting your account banned because, you know, the TikTok robots think that it's like a spam robot or something. I'm not sure maybe you were doing a lot of copy. And pasting, like sending the same message over and over and over again. Were you doing any of that? Yeah. That will get you banned on any platform. But just so everybody knows, you know, if you're just copying and pasting the message overnight, you have to customize it a little bit. The other thing is on some of these platforms, they're not letting you like cold messages. Somebody who you've never messaged, you know more than like 20 or 30 messages a day is limited. Maybe having three or four Instagram or Tiktok accounts is not a bad thing. If this is going to be a strategy that you're going to use, that we teach the strategy and the business blueprints, we just teach it over in the Facebook section. Because it's, you know, but it applies over on Tik Tok. And it's just, it's about, you know, trying to find the most qualified people generating 20 to 30 leads a day if you can to talk to and sometimes even less, you don't even need 20 to 30 to make money. If you just have a little cheat day shooting and you'd be amazed by tiny bit of leads, what you can actually accomplish and how much you can earn and I think a a lot of people would be really, really amazed at what they could do with just a few good quality leads per day. Do you agree with that?

Gabe: Yeah, definitely. I used to think that I needed like 50 to 100 leads a day but like, it's not really like that.

Dave:  Yeah, 20 to 30 is even a stretch. I mean that you have good quality. 

Gabe: Yeah, it's all about the quality of the lead like you want to attack your target audience. So like, it just depends who you're targeting. Yeah,

Dave:  Yeah. And tTikTok is great. Because it puts you in front of new people. So you actually have a chance to, you know, you actually have a chance to get in front of people that you've, you've never been in front of before. So it's not like Facebook, where you've, you know, you're you're you're putting the same message in front of your good old warm, you know, you know, Uncle Aunt Betty over here, and they're they're seeing this like tick tock gives you a chance to put your content in front of more people. And then you can multiply those efforts because you can then repurpose that on multiple platforms. You know, on Instagram reels on Facebook reels on TikTok  shorts. It's just amazing you know, so if you think about it, if everybody could get to the place where they're generating and your only goal is five leads a day. It's like oh my gosh, I got there on TikTok, great, just do tick tock until you're getting, you know, five leads a day. And then you could multiply that by just starting to repurpose content on other platforms. You know, now you instantly go from five to maybe 15 or 20. It's just working smart, not hard to do direct messaging P for such people who are asking for information than people that you're just reaching out to. And we have it all the time in our Facebook group. It's like you know, the people like direct message our people they're coming into our group and message our people are like, Hey, I saw you or you know, join legendary and then start bad mouthing us and then want to sell their coaching and it's like, that's such a shitty business. But when people are reaching out to you, man, this is what it's all about. This is what we love here, too. It's what I love, because I didn't I don't do this every day . I don't want to sell a dream and be living a nightmare, you know? But anyways, man, congrats on your success. And come back and in a couple of in a month or two, maybe and keep us posted on your journey.

Gabe:  All right. Thank you. Thank you for having me, Dave. All right. Yeah,

Dave:  I'll talk to you later, buddy. All right, you can follow Gabe over on this profile. He also has a TikTok channel that we can share with you Gabes business hacks, okay, or excuse me an Instagram channel. So you can follow him on Tik ok and on Instagram on those two on those two accounts. And what a cool thing I was just talking about in writing some coffee and you know, talking about people who are 18 to 78. All who I've talked to a couple of weeks, people from that, my friends is pretty cool. So get started. Don't stop your training. Get the blueprints if you can. And here's the most important part. Go through them. Go through them. We're hosting a decade in a day. workshop right here today. For some of our Blueprints, students go through them. And my friends will be back here for another episode with another student. And another story and more tips on Monday. Get out of here. We'll see you there. Peace.

How To Create Content While Maximizing Your Time

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Leslie, Tell us about the experience with the mastermind, how you found Legendary and what you experience has been like since then.

Leslie: I gained a lot of traction after the mastermind. I had like 600 followers during the mastermind and I got to 1000 on New Years Eve. Now I'm at 28,000. I had a lot of fun with it. focus on so I was like, Okay, I'm gonna focus on the business and just kind of, you know, go from there. So that's when I actually started really focusing on it in January.

Dave:  And so what happened in between January and now what happened after that?

Leslie: So I in January was when I was doing more of the backend stuff and like creating the funnels and doing what I have right now. And I started posting consistently right off the bat I was posting two to three times a day even though I didn't really feel comfortable and then I just kind of pushed myself to eventually start making videos where I was talking on camera and I think I did that within the first two or three weeks. And as soon as I hit 1000 followers, I went live the next day. So I've just been kind of pushing myself through the process even though it feels uncomfortable.

Dave:  Yeah, so what do you think? I mean, what was that big lol that happened? I mean was that do you think that was really that life was busy or do you think you ran up? Do you think you ran up against a little bit of discomfort? Do you think that you did, did you get the blueprints and then you didn't go through them? So you actually still felt like you didn't know where to get started? I experienced that with a lot of people.

Leslie: This lesson I had gone a little bit through the blueprints but I didn't fully, you know, set everything up, you know, for the business to run. It was just more like something new. Not wanting to fail and then just you know, doubting. And then also, I didn't tell anybody that I was doing this. So I didn't really have anybody supporting me. So it's just me that I had to, you know, push myself.

Dave:  Okay. So what has changed? I mean it's obvious that you started taking some action and you really kind of, you know, you mentioned that but what has changed? I mean, what do you think has thrown you into this? This state of taking action and now getting results? 

Leslie: focusing on what my end goals are. So like why is it that I'm doing this? It's not just for the money, it's to live the lifestyle that I want to live. help anybody in the process that wants to either start the online business or just you know, get started with something you know, even if that's soon for their confidence, or try something new.

Dave:  And what do you think was standing like was it was it if we were to be if we were to try to be more, you know, descriptive with what was you feel was really at the root cause of you getting started and then kind of stopping or you know, drifting away for a little while. Do you believe that? Do you believe it was really all mostly up here? Was it mental? Was it emotional? I mean, more than that, it was your capabilities, right?

Leslie: Yeah, it wasn't my capabilities because I knew I could do it. It was just me just kind of doubting myself and having to put myself in a position where I have to fail and where I have to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Dave:  Yeah, and I mean, define failure. What does failure even mean? I mean, basically put yourself in a position where you could succeed. I mean, because there are so many bumps along the road. But I mean, we throw failure around like it's a loose word, but I mean, when do you ever really fail, you know, when you quit, but how do you, you know, fail, but is it a fake fear?

Leslie:  Yeah, it was just kind of a learning process. So I think what I mean by failure is, you know, not succeeding at it in the first place, but just kind of learning from that process.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's scary. I mean, anytime we do something new, you know, whether it's a job or a business, or a relationship, but for some reason, starting a business and coming online has a different set of overwhelming things that come along with it. You know, when you get into a brand new relationship with a new person. It's not certain that there's a lot of distractions and so forth out there. But really, the challenges are more just with that one direct person, right? It's like, oh, how do we coexist together? How do we live together? What, when I came online, I didn't just have you know, there were now all a bunch of things that I started to see. And so I had, you know, things coming from lots of different people. And I had to learn how to cut off those distractions and really focus and I had to define what focus actually meant to me. How have you dealt with all of the many distractions? Do you try to juggle lots of different things with lots of people or do you really keep your inbox clean? Are you really trying to focus on, you know, creating content versus consuming content, basically how do you not get sucked into the distraction monster?

Leslie: So in the beginning, I would get distracted, but I have gotten better at just keeping track of what it is I want to take care of. So like, so to do lists, I've been really helpful and just writing everything down. And if I get distracted, which I do sometimes, you know, it happens. As soon as I realized that, okay, I got back to what it is that I'm doing and just kind of brought my focus back to the important part like what it is that I need to focus on and why I'm doing this.

Dave:  Yeah. And the distraction can be big, right? It can be like, it can be, oh my gosh, every day I log on to my email I Love You know, it's the first thing that I check when I log on, and I spent 45 minutes chasing rabbit holes of other people's marketing agendas that can be one way that I get distracted. So for me personally, I keep my inbox really, really clean. I don't just have and this is just something that I wouldn't expect everybody here to, you know, it wasn't like that. At first I subscribed to 50,000 different email lists. But for me, I had to really think about it well, if I'm getting up and spending 30 to 45 minutes, just simply checking my email and seeing what everybody else is doing and then I get sucked into maybe something that they're doing. I just lost a lot of early days, precious morning time. So how do you manage your time? I mean, how do you know what day looks like for you and how do you fit in little pieces of recording content or things that you need to do?

Leslie: So when it comes to recording content, I will batch create content. And so recently, I posted a video and it's been performing pretty well. I'm getting a lot of comments on it. So I took all those comments, made the video responses and I have them all drafted. So I have all that ready to go. So that helps so yeah, I just batch create content, I'll try to do at least 20 videos when I'm creating like in like one session or one day and obviously that ready to go.

Dave:  So a lot I mean in I would assume that if you're if you're batch creating even in one day 20 pieces of content. You don't have a whole lot of time to re-record every single video 50 times. How did you were you ever that person who was like, Oh, that's not good enough. I need to re record that 20,000 times in do you still do that? Or how did you stop doing that?

Leslie: So now, if I re-record something, it's because I said a word wrong or there's some weird noise in the background. So probably like the most that I'll re record something is maybe three times at most, which isn't too bad compared to in the beginning where it would.

Dave:  Add up that can still add up if you're doing but anyways, you went from a lot more to three and now working on less you know, it's either between zero or three is what you're what you're not going to you're not going to stick around on one piece of content or one section of one piece of content for too long.

Leslie: Yeah, because I would do that in the beginning and just kind of get in my head but in the end of it the more time you spend on something like it's, it doesn't really matter. Just put it out there and let people you know, watch it and if they like it they like it. They don't, they don't.

Dave:  Yeah, I mean, there's an element of being strategic and there's an element with advertising. It's not just posting videos on TikTok, it's even the biggest marketing firms in the world. There's always an element of luck. There's all in an element of throwing spaghetti against the wall and hoping that something sticks sure you try to use good principles you try to you know, include a good hook or good story good call to action, but at the end of the day, you don't really know which piece of content is going to take off. And usually it's the simple one. It's the one you didn't think was going to do well. And a lot of times it's because when you created that, you just did it and you didn't overthink it. And it was natural or it was just something about it that connected with people. Have you noticed that when you don't overthink it, that your content does better?

Leslie: Yeah, that happened. I just posted a video on Monday that's performing better than my recent videos and that one took me less than a minute to make.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, that's been the case time and time again, throughout my career is that I'll spend tons of time on something like an email or you know, a video that I'm recording and you know, then I might make another version or redo it and just throw it together or whatever. And it's so often the one that I just that I just naturally did that I just didn't overthink what is your current challenge right? Now with creating better content? Let me give you an example. Like a lot of times, there's people who are really smart who start creating content and they and they talk over people's heads. You know, they use words that are, you know, complicated or that a lot of people might not use or they just like that can be a challenge for me is to keep things concise. And keep things simple and speak at a fifth grade level so everybody can understand what I'm saying. That's an example of something in my content. That that I try to work on and be aware of. What's something that it's hard to tell somebody? If your business is not taken off? It's because your content and your marketing is not interesting enough. That's hard to say. But it's something that we need to say to each other because we have to keep getting creative and being creative. And we can't just rely on copy and paste or somebody to do it for us. We have to eventually take the skills and then apply them. So what is something that you're working on with your messaging or your content that you feel is like I'm aware of it and it's hard to do but I'm working on it.

Leslie: I think for me right now I'm in the process of trying different things on like, like different editing techniques, the one that I'm putting the videos together I have a lot of videos where I would just be sitting in one spot and talking so I started trying doing videos where it would cut to different clips of me doing different things or in different location locations and I can see that those are performing a little bit better. So for me, it's just trying to make the videos a bit more engaging and not just be in one spot.

Dave:  Nice. Are you doing all that within the TikTok app? Yes, so

Leslie: I did try using other apps for editing but I just mainly use TikTok

Dave:  It's amazing that you know, we don't even have to as you know content creators and marketers even go outside of that app. There's enough to learn there's enough to use right inside of that app. That's cool. And I know exactly what you mean you know, the what we've always called jump cuts are sort of the or what we used to call jump cuts. You know, it was not always popular. The quick cuts to, you know, in cutting out the space in between, you know, that became really popular as people's attention spans got shorter and shorter and shorter over the last few years. That kind of content, and now short form content, the 15 seconds to click Content is the content that gets consumed the most, because it's shorter. So what are you are you like, I don't know what your experience is or how much you if you had any experience before this, but as a young person, looking at this what we're doing here looking at this opportunity, are you like freaking out a little bit at like, how big of how exciting it is how cool it is that you I know you I think I heard you say you dropped out of either high school or college was in college. Yeah. Okay. So, I mean, that's obviously a thing that normally in past years, you'd be like, an outcast of society. frowned upon, drop out, you know, yuck. Go over there and stand in the corner. But, you know, now it's like the whole entire game has changed in all I mean, let's just be honest people. There's a lot of people out there, who went to college and are very successful, but there's a whole lot of people who dropped out of college and started companies like Apple and Facebook, and you are what a huge tech company. I'm a high school dropout. It's been proven that you know, those things are not necessary to succeed. But here's my question. As a young person, even with the experience of being that outcast, are you excited as hell about like, Do you see a big future with this? Is this just a bridge to something else for you? Can you share with us what you see?

Leslie: So yes, I am when I first started getting into this, it was just more to like, make some extra money, but then the more I got into it, it's like, okay, like I can actually do something with this. And see, I get very excited because I know what I'm capable of, and I know what kind of life I can create myself by doing this. And eventually I'm going to be you know, working on my own offer and just helping people get started with the online space and build their confidence and just things like that for new content creators and business owners that you know, are doubting themselves or just need help getting started. 

Leslie: Wow, society just conditions people.

Dave:  I mean, you can literally do anything and I believe that over the next few years, this style of business of Congress of, you know, our economy as a whole is moving more towards this one to one moving back to a say like a mom and pop. But it's not much. It's just person to person. Like what we're doing and what we're teaching, whether it be an affiliate, directing somebody the way that we teach or whether it'd be like you just mentioned, somebody wanting to learn something and seeking out somebody that they relate to on social media. Yeah,

Leslie: I think also because not a lot of people can just sit in a lecture and learn that way. Some people need one on one mentorship and coaching. That's me. I can't sit and learn or teach myself I need help. I need step by step training just because it takes me a little bit longer to retain information.

Dave:  It's also Who are you learning from? I call it writing. I call it the right information, right person, right environment. It's not look like the person has to be relevant and the person has to have relevant experience. But the game has changed so much that if a professor was teaching business 10 years ago, and he's teaching it today, you better have a whole lot of continued education because the game has changed. Right information. I mean, the information has to be relevant. I mean, we're we're we're doing Wake Up Legendary. We're doing all these different things, because we want to talk to people today who were doing it and then the right environment I mean, you know, college classrooms, all these kinds of things, oftentimes inspire learning oftentimes, they don't know, does home inspire more learning. Lastly, a lot of people are so used to going into a class and having somebody stand over them, and therefore they turn in their assignments and do their work because of that. How do you hold yourself accountable to actually get things done? Because I see a lot of people buying training, and then not going through it, and then wondering why they don't know where to get started or So how have you held yourself accountable to go through stuff to then apply it without somebody literally, you know, saying, where's your homework? 


Leslie: For me to do lists helps because it keeps me organized. But then also, I just think about my goals. It's just my end goal. Like why is it that I want to do this and thinking about how I hated my last job and not wanting to go back to a regular job. So I think that kind of helps. keep me focused on you know, the important things and what it is that I want to achieve. 

Dave: Yeah, it's interesting. You know, there's a, there's a, there's a, there's a little bit of a conflict that I've begun to have with the way we throw around the word mentor in this industry. It just opens up a lot of doors for people, for example, to come along and just say, Oh, I'm a mentor, you need a mentor. And then all of a sudden people get, you know, kind of taken down in rabbit holes and they end up buying, coaching from people and mentorship that they don't really need and what I find is a lot of people like for example, Leslie, we literally just had a mastermind in Orlando, and there was 50 people let's It was between 50 ish people sitting in the room. And everybody who said I don't know where to start, or I don't know what to do. They had just simply not gone through the training. That's nothing they didn't do anything bad. But we I'd like to bring some awareness to the fact that before everybody goes seeking out another savior, another mentor, another guru, you know, and you do your own training, or you're considering for example, buying in our Blueprints. Go through the training because you may not need what you think you need, and I'm speaking to everybody here. Lastly, not just you, I certainly want your opinion. But I'm going to be beating this drum so hard every day, because again, people are stopping themselves from getting started. Because they're like, I need somebody to come here and sit, sit down with me and kind of show me how to do it in what I find from my experience. 10 years working with people is what they're really saying is I want somebody to come and stand over me and point and tell me exactly what to do. So I don't have to do any critical thinking, or I want somebody to do it for me. And that's not entrepreneurship, I'm sorry, sustainable and long term. And you never learn anything. If you do it that way. And so I'm going to be beating this drum, people are going to be like, Dave, I'm just so tired of hearing this. But you know what, I don't care. Because being in this industry for 10 years and watching people may, you know, say they have the same reasons why they can't succeed, and then actually being able to talk to them and see in here and you didn't go through the white hole. The question that you have is answered right here. Let me show you right in the affiliate marketing business blueprint. And so what's your opinion on that and what comes up for you as I rant about this, go through the training, and learn how to apply like an entrepreneur, rather than hoping and praying that somebody's going to come along and be that perfect person who's going to make it all make sense for you?

Leslie: I would say for them to go through the training and see, you know, and try it out and like, you know, implement the stuff that they're learning first and see what kind of results they're getting. And then from there, if they want some extra help, then they can go for it. But even getting the extra help, it's just all on you either way. Whether you get that or not.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, you could sit on endless one on one sessions with a new MIT mentor every day. And again, what you do with that information after how you continue that's what matters. You know, that's what matters. It's kind of like I went to physical therapy yesterday. And, you know, I've got another appointment next week. But you know what? I previously had my last appointment over a month ago and I didn't do anything last month. I didn't do any of the exercises. You know what I mean? Like I didn't do any of the stuff you're supposed to do at home. And guess what she asked me so how's your shoulder? I had COVID and like it just hey, works. I had more things that came up and excuses than results for me. That's me. I gotta own that. And so she said, Where's your shoulder? I said it's exactly where it was when I came in here a month ago because I ain't done shit. That's a little


Leslie: A bit every day to like sometimes I know it's nothing. Nothing at all.

Dave: But it's so liberating to just own that too. That's another thing that I talked to the mastermind about was just being honest about if you've done shit or not, if you hadn't done anything, just say I haven't done shit. You look so much cooler. Just saying I haven't done anything and that's why I don't have results other than trying to make up some shit or blame somebody else. That's the way of the entrepreneur. That's what I had to learn that this road is not about me finding blame. It's about me, the exact nature of my actions and web done and really own and then it's like radical honesty and kind of self responsibility because why? Well, because I had a job I always complained about somebody else being in control of my not my life. So now that I have it, I can't complain about it. 

Leslie: It is different from the last job that I was working at. I was a supervisor at a warehouse so I had a boss working above me and then I had employees working under me so it's kind of in the middle. But that was a very stressful job for me to have. So now I am just coming out here and just you know, not having to deal with anybody working under me. Or working above me. It's very different. And that is why you have to hold yourself accountable. There's not going to be anybody there telling you what to do.

Dave:  I know and it's like, sometimes it's you know, people we complain, no matter where we go. It's like, you know, we really got to learn how to turn, you know, dirt into diamonds, you know what I mean? As an entrepreneur, it's really about looking at every situation and saying, you know, hey, I'm the ultimate one who's in control here and I'm gonna like I have a choice to make this absolutely the best I can make it or sit around and complain. And that's usually what people do. They hate standing around and they complain. So make sure everyone that we don't treat our business like we did our job. You know what I mean? And that's one of the reasons why I always tell people if you still have a job, work that job like get your business because how you do one thing is how you do everything, you know, work it hard until you get to leave it. It sounds like you've left or you quit your job and you're doing this full time now?

Leslie: I quit my job before I found out about legendary because I just could not take I could not take it anymore. So I quit my job before. But I was still getting income from the military. So that kind of helped me out of it. Yeah, and right now I just kind of helped my dad or his shop, here and there. So that's just a little bit of extra income that I get. But yeah, I'm not working a regular job at

Dave:  A lot of stuff for hot rods and, and bikes and stuff but so yeah, you don't want to work for pops though. You want to branch out, you want to cut the umbilical cord. I can tell you're not as somebody who wants to hang out, you want to go, you want to spread your wings and travel around the world and you want to do what you want to do. 

Leslie: I've always been interested in business actually when I was in college. I was going to college for business.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. What's your dad think of your journeys and choices and everything? Can you support it? 

Leslie:  Always all about this. I have a bunch of siblings. So my dad's all about, you know, pushing us to be better and make our own, you know, make our own income and because my dad's not the type to just hand us money. He wants us to work for it. So yeah, ever since I was young, I've always just been kind of working for myself during the military, after the military joined, joined a university and the reason why I did the military was to help pay for college because I knew my mom couldn't help and then my dad wouldn't just hand me the money. I had to do it myself.

Dave:  Well, Tara said thank you for your service, and I do too. Lastly, is there anything else we need to know right now before we talk to you again in a couple of months hopefully. 


Leslie: For anybody that is just kind of interested in doing this, I would say you know, just go for it and don't think anybody or anything wants you back.

Dave:  Even yourself, but you know, we are mostly the ones who hold us back I have I have had a lot of make believe people and voices in my head that I tried to say there the reason why I'm not going to do something, but really all the voices are just me myself and I Yeah, it's always just me talking myself out or me. You know, fair enough that somebody is stopping me somewhere, you know, but it always just comes back to me. It always comes back to if there is a will there's a way if you like you said stay focused on what you want, and not what others say. We did this exercise this winter. You know, we broke through a board, you know, that had some sort of a limiting belief that was like holding us back. And on the other side of the board was what we wanted, you know, and it's kind of like if everything that you want is on the other side of something somewhat difficult. Or you not going to go on through that thing headfirst you know what I mean? Yeah, I'm not standing around on Facebook or wherever. In complaining about it. I'm not I'm not going to stand back in everything that I want. Everything that I want is on the other side of an uncomfortable, semi difficult moment, never ever in the history of mankind, past or into the future. That there was ever a moment where a person's obstacle suddenly just magically disappeared. And everything was handed to them. I know every single human being that's walked this earth has suffered through for what they want, have sacrificed. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes shorter, but every person has had their own journey and had to walk in and what I love watching people walk their journey in glory and with courage and with creativity, and that's what I see you doing so keep up the good work. Thank you. All right. We'll see you back here maybe in a couple of months if you'd be willing to keep sharing with us. Yes, that'd be awesome. All right, Leslie, tell your pop. So we said hello, as well. Thank you. Again, keep up the great work. And we'll see you hopefully in a couple of months. All right, come back and give us an update. All right. All right, my friends. Whoo. There it is. That's a bad thing to say from the 90s. You know, I'm a 90s dad now. All right, my friends there it is, though. For real Thursday, Thursday. Where are we on May 19. Wow, we're coming up on 50% of the Year. I just like to, you know, occasionally get up above the weeds, you know, because so often we're down in the weeds of the daily grind. What time is it? What day is it? But occasionally, you get to pop your head up and say, Where are we at in life? Where are we at this year? And we're about halfway through this year 2022. And here's what's going to happen. Okay. Hold on a second. Let me get out my crystal ball. Okay, here it is. Here it is. Okay. I am going to rub my crystal ball. Okay, I'm rubbing it. Yes. It's a it's a large roll of toilet paper, but we're pretending that it's a crystal ball. And I am rubbing. I am rubbing my crystal ball. Okay, I have it. I have it. I have the future. I've seen the future before and I have the future again. Here's what's going to happen. The rest of 2022 You know, people stock portfolios, we're moving into what seems like a little bit of a recession, right? Because we had such growth, right? All through 2020 and 2022. Now that doesn't mean everybody did but just the main economy, you know the stock market, Wall Street, which we know is not mainstream. But anyways. Now 2022 is here and guess what, internet marketing in those of us who are marketing online, got to take advantage of all that growth. But here's what's going to happen. As I rub my light crystal ball. What's going to happen in the future is that things are going to be corrected and they're going to go back down and guess what? Once again, people are going to need opportunity. They're going to need solutions. They're going to need to access things online, just like they did when things were up. And guess what we're going to do? We're going to capitalize on that. Like we have capitalized in this business model the core for affiliate marketing, or selling courses, coaching or events. We've, w