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Matt: Okay, we are live I just did a GS welcome in I just did a whole show intro for like two minutes and then looked up in my corner on my screen and realized we were not live yeah, we are live now it's Friday July I was just commenting that I had a headline from the Wall Street Journal that said it's the most expensive it's been to buy a house in America since 2006. I just sat here in front of a screen talking to nobody except me and our guest Tyler and Jalen and Roxio team behind the scenes and oh my god. Anyway, we're here. We're live. It's July 8. If you want any merch or like a shirt or a hat or a hoodie or something you can go to You can see we've got cool T-shirts, all kinds of good stuff. Also, if this is your first time tuning in, and you don't know about this yet, you can text the letters WL excuse me to 813-296-8553 you can see it on your screen right there. You just send a text message Wu L stands for wakeup legendary. You'll get a text every single time that we go live. And that way you'll never miss an episode of this if you're joining our business builder challenge or if you're just discovering legendary marketer, we encourage everybody in our community just to tune into these every single day live there 30 to 60 minutes short. You probably listen to podcasts and stuff like that anyway, so why not tune into something that's going to help give you ideas on how to build a business online, grow your income, grow your revenue, that kind of thing. So we are and there you go. I just got my little message. There it is. We go live every single Monday through Friday with different guests. We bring our guests from our community guests from outside of our community. A lot of times we bring in people who have been successful marketing online, whether that's with a digital course coaching, consulting, affiliate marketing, that kind of thing. And today, we've got a really interesting guest and I say interesting because he's been one of the most consistent, I think that I've seen in our company and certainly just in the last few years in our industry, and he's been around us for almost two years. Now. Something like that. Pushing to yours. So let's bring on our guests. And if you all in the comments can give Tyler a little hand clap emoji to welcome him to the show. Tyler what's up?

Tyler: Hey man, thanks for having me on the show. I really loved watching your intro twice.

Matt: I've never done that before. And I was like, I'm glad I caught it. We could have kept going. We could have done a whole show and it just would have been nothing.

Tyler: That didn't happen. No. I mean, thanks again for having me on the show. I appreciate the kind words. I can't believe it's already been two years.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Well, it's close. I mean, I think I think you might have found us like last 2020 But like late 2020 or something like that. Yeah, basically two years, which is pretty cool. For you've been on I think you've been on the show like three times now but for people who maybe just don't know you or haven't met you before, do you want to give people a little bit of a background on you and just like how you got started online. You've made a lot of money on the internet. And you're a really skilled content creator. I don't know if you know this, but behind the scenes, like on Thursday, business blueprints, sometimes we'll look at the angles and things that you've created around your specific niche that are really creative. That no one's done before and generates a ton of traffic and it's really compliant and it's super creative to which I think is some of the best I've seen but give people a little bit of background and history on you.

Tyler: Thanks, Matt. That's really cool that I didn't know that at all to you on a Thursday. So that's actually pretty cool. But I was a banker. So I went to college. You know, I got my bachelor's degree in business administration. And I was after immediately after I got my degree. I went to work at Best Buy for $13 Okay, I stayed there for two years. I tried to move up the ladder multiple times but it didn't work. I was qualified and it didn't make sense to me. It really, really really did not make sense. I was like I have the degree I know my coworkers don't agree with the people Fine, whatever. So I got frustrated. And I eventually lost it. I worked for a bank in Walmart. That was great. But it was $15 an hour and I was like okay, cool. Moving up here. More money. I couldn't handle what it was. Maybe I was working 60 hours, 70 hours a week because we were understaffed and this was when COVID started. So I use COVID as an exit strategy and for working at USP that allowed us to so it was great to me. But at that time, I was trying different side hustles. In fact, I tried drop shipping nine different times. I know it was something else but I found different products. You know it's promoting like nebula projectors, and stupid, stupid little. They're just so dumb. They were so dumb. They were so cheap, but I was like I was doing anything. I was like, I have to get out of a nine to five work life. I have to do it. And so eventually I found the 15 Day Challenge. And that kind of brings us to where we're at now. I've been promoting, you know, for over two years, and I've made over 300k just with one product.

Matt:  Yeah, that's wild man. Isn't that crazy? It's not and I've seen lots of people. I've seen lots of people who have who have come in and done six figures in this industry and really throw it all away and and we haven't really had like, you and I and Dave or you haven't had like background conversations or coaching or special treatment or anything like we don't really I don't I my guess is if I searched my email inbox for emails between us, I don't know that there's any actual right. You've been just kind of silently doing your thing in the background, but it's been cool to see you grow and do that. And my guess is you've also got additional income streams outside of this too, that are large and doing well as well. But I wanted to just really quickly give a little disclaimer to everybody who's watching or everybody who's here too. That you know, Tyler's results are not typical. And if you're considering purchasing something or investing with us as a company, you know, I wouldn't expect to make as much money as Tyler's made because the average person doesn't, but you can probably get a sense from the way Tyler talks. It talks. About You know, I had to try anything I was determined I was going to do the work. I was going to figure out that there's a little bit of a there's a little bit of an itch there's like there's you know, you're you're ready to work for it. But so you find September 2020 during the pandemic, were you like working from home during that time or?

Tyler: No, because I was a bank teller. So I was upfront dealing with customers. I had to wear a mask from 8am to seven or 6pm.

Matt:  Wow, great. And you start our challenge. Having done drop shipping, having done things like that, you start to challenge and you just start you're just like alright, bucket. I'm gonna figure this out.

Tyler: I'll pretty much app. I mean, and I basically, I think one of my main reasons I had success was it was like a pain point. I think pain is a great motivator. You know, I knew I was losing so much time because of my nine to five job and then you know, the paychecks were boring enough to sustain what I wanted to do. And so it was like that pain is what eventually just kept pushing me because everything about us was a good shower before this. I was like, What can I say on the call? That's gonna be good. And it's like so instead of basically you know coming home from work and being like I'm tired I don't want to do that. I was like, I'm tired. I have to do this so I can get out. It was completely different. It was a completely different mindset. 

Matt: Yeah, I resonate a lot with what I used to when I was first getting started. Online, I was trying to market some travel. I don't know what I was doing, but I was determined that I could sell this high ticket travel product as an affiliate, and that I could do it through Google ads. And no one had really done it through Google ads before and I didn't, I failed, but I learned valuable skills that I still use today to grow businesses. But I would wake up at 4am before my coffee roasting job at 6am. I wake up at 4am and all I did was just go through this stupid Google Ads training. And it was awesome, man. I mean, I found this Google Ads training. I think it was on. I don't know if some cheap, some cheap site or I don't know, it's like it costs $97 But your first course on that platform or whatever costs like $7. I think it was a Udemy and so I got this little deal on Udemy. In fact, you know what, here it is? It was with this guy. Check this out and share my screen. This is ridiculous. I took this course from this guy.. And I would wake up at 4am and I would I would watch this freaking guy with this stupid beanie and he is stolen annoying. But I was like, Dude, this is all I can afford right now. I'm gonna buy this freaking course. And I went through it and made a little bit of money. I didn't. I didn't grow to nearly what I wanted to or whatever but I was like, Alright, look, there's there's there has to be a way for me to put $1 in and generate leads and grow sales and I know marketing a little bit. And so I would do that for a couple hours in the morning. Go to my job for eight hours. Come back home. Keep going through that. Try to play some ads, spend 50 bucks, and then drive Uber at night. So I had enough money to pay for my ads that were failing and not making me any money. And eventually I just started compiling the skills. I did that with Facebook ads and all this other stuff and it turned me into a good marketer and made me some good money. But it was sort of like, I have to find the time we've had stay at home moms who have come out and be like, Well, where did you find the time and they're like, Hey, we I didn't find anything I made the time like I did this time. Man. That's cool. That's cool. And it took you a couple of months to get going. From the time that you started the challenge to get a couple of months to get set up and get going on. Did you find most of your early success on TikTok?

Tyler: Yeah, so it was mostly on TikTok so basically, for a couple of months before I made my first $10,000. That month basically I was posting primarily on TikTok and I'll say this because TikTok  isn't really a great lead source for me anymore. I primarily focus on Instagram, because what I think is like Instagram, TikTok is a great way to grow following right you can grow a following you can get it then send it in but you're honestly the sole purpose of TikTok should be to send people to your other social media because then they're going to convert on those platforms. Instagram is basically meant as a selling platform because you can close deals in the DMS.

Matt:  Everybody if you if you aren't like if your ears didn't just perk up when he said that I would lean in because he's about to drop some. Well, you did just Eddie's going to keep dropping some gold nuggets. But I That's huge. That's huge. What a simple mindset shift about how you think about these platforms. And I think that at that higher level, sort of, you're looking down on these social platforms at a pretty high level where you're like, This is the purpose here of this TikTok, this is the purpose here of Instagram. And you're so right that that is a selling, almost like they've set it up and established an E commerce platform on the platform. I mean, you can literally, you know, put in products and whole catalogs of products that you can sell inside of Facebook and Instagram. And they can pay inside the platform. And yeah, it's crazy to integrate with Shopify.

Tyler: All that Oh, yeah. I love that. I mean, I mean that the drop shipper in me loves that you can integrate with Shopify.

Matt: Dropshipper in you is dead. Long gone.

Tyler: six feet under, that's for sure. But yeah, I mean, that's pretty much all I do. And the funny thing is people ask all the time, what would you use for your recording and what do you use to make your videos and I'm like I do everything on tick tock I normally do everything and tick tock. And then all I do is I use a website to remove the watermark. And then I just posted on all of my other accounts. So Oh, yeah, you mentioned that suit. So YouTube shorts. I've grown like 1000 subscribers every month. Because of YouTube shorts. And it's just me reposting my tic tock content on YouTube.

Matt: Wow.

Tyler: Powerful, just super powerful, right.

Matt: Sometimes I wonder if Yeah, first of all, completely agree with the whole idea of just creating everything in TikTok like the ease of use, like I feel decently in tune with, like platforms and usage of platforms and user experience and stuff. Man, it's so easy to create a content inside of TikTok and huge green screens and use different music and, and duets and like all of that stuff is just stupid, easy to use. And then wow, so reposting your stuff just on YouTube shores. Here's what I've found. Like just to be real Frank is I feel like the numbers and sort of the organic reach of YouTube shorts has been less than expected. I still tell people to put their stuff on it but I was a little surprised that you said 1000 Each month coming from YouTube shorts is crazy.

Tyler: Don't Yeah, it really is. But yeah, I think I agree with you though, because I mean compared to Instagram and even TikTok. The viral reach just isn't there. Like if I have a viral video go on YouTube shorts. I'm only gonna get maybe 5k views but that's better than when I normally post. So it's like, okay, I guess it doesn't hurt.

Matt: Yes, yes, totally. I, I think that so, I recently was talking about and I wrote an email about this recently about this the social cycle that happens and how people need to be reposting their stuff. And what I've been finding is a lot of what a lot of like content creators or affiliate marketers will do, is they'll hear they'll get wind of somebody say oh, TikToks dead or Oh, Instagrams dead or YouTube shorts is dead. And it's actually this new hot thing over here. That's this is it now everybody's on. Everybody's on Pinterest. Now you have to get on Pinterest and then they'll put all their focus and attention just on Pinterest. And then by the time that they figured out how to do that platform, it's now like it's now dead like Instagrams. Now the big thing again, and it's just this cyclical thing for the last two years. And it's cool to talk to somebody who's been around for two years who could actually like speak and attest to that because I think these people are just are just making like people in the boardroom of Facebook are sitting down and just being like, Okay, here's what TikTok has done, they've overtaken our whole audience, we're losing ad revenue, like we have to copy this. So they copy it, and they come out with reels, and they launch it on Instagram, and then they bring it over to Facebook and then, you know, in whatever order you want to put it in YouTube shorts, and then you know, so everybody's now in the short form video content. And then somebody who's going to innovate with the next thing. And if you're on all those platforms all at once, it doesn't really matter which one's hot or which one just made an algorithm change and everything's different. And now everybody's getting traffic here because you're already there. And I feel like that's a really powerful Omni presence, a strategy that you're definitely employing by being on all of those platforms and growing big audiences on all those platforms. But could you speak more to like how you view TikTok as a platform to get people to your Instagram? Because a lot of people ask me they have this never ending question of like, well, what do I don't have 1000 followers?

Tyler: Oh dude, no, ma'am. I think I didn't hear anything new. So it definitely froze.

Matt: Oh, sorry. Nice. I'm getting a bad WiFi notice right here. I was just asking for it. People ask me a lot. I don't have 1000. I don't have 1000 subscribers on Tik Tok so I can't put a link and a lot of people that I know who are making a lot of money are there they're pointing people to Instagram during that time because hey, go to my Instagram. You can have a link in your bio anytime you want on an Instagram profile. Do you do most of your calls to action to follow you on Instagram or how do you look? What do you do to get more people over to your Instagram? 

Tyler: What I will do is to sync your Instagram like on tick tock legally. And then what I would do if you can't if you don't have enough followers, just say you know in your little bio to say follow me on Instagram. So do something like that as well. And then whenever you make your videos whenever you do, you know, put your head down for six months, you know, follow me on some message. Send me a message on Instagram and then maybe in the captions also, or comments say message me on Instagram. Here's my Instagram. So there's just multiple ways to do that. I mean, yeah, cuz that's what I don't like about tick tock, okay. There's a lot of things. But, I mean, I have like four accounts. I didn't really have four accounts because they just hate me. But anyways, we want to go into that book this I've restarted so many times. And in fact, when you guys messaged me to come on here, I had lost my Instagram account. My main account was 300k and I was paying okay, but I always create a backup account. I always have a backup account. So yeah, that's basically it. That's basically why I would suggest I'm digressing. You know, you just have multiple calls to actions to tell them to go to your Instagram. And then once you get moderately big, create a backup, definitely create a backup and save your videos here. So I know a lot of other affiliates, Camila, Andre, to name a few days lost their accounts once before. So you can be so dependent that you're always going to have those accounts. So just create a backup save it to your phone, because I have at least 600 videos plus TikToks all my photos saved so that if anything goes bad, I can just start re-uploading old content. And that's the other thing too is you should always repost sometimes if I'm out of ideas of what happened. I'll just go back through my old videos. I'm like, Okay, well that performed well. Let's record a new intro. Yeah, and then just re-recorded. And there we go. We got brand new content.

Matt: Yeah, totally. Man So did you get your Instagram account back?

Tyler: I did. They were I just got an I got an email and we're like, we mistakenly removed your account and I'm like, great, thanks. For three days I was gone. It was gone and I averaged 20k to 30k views per reel. 

Matt: Yeah, that's also getting stuff back from Facebook and Instagram. It's not there. They're kind of a disaster like that. But you have to play the game because of the degree of reach and yeah, it's just crazy. Jeez, man. Okay, well there's some huge gold delegates. Thank you that was like a little free training for people who are newer and trying to point people in generating leads but are unclear about that. That's super helpful. And also, you know, one of the big benefits of it's just funny to me that tick tock would even put that option on there. I've always thought that since they started, like zero to one and the Instagram one. I was always just like a man, and early on in 2020. We had people who had like 3000 followers or subscribers on YouTube, and they just put their YouTube link up there that they would start. They would do a ton of calls to action. Like go to my you know, go to my go to my YouTube for a longer version of this or go to my YouTube for the full version. And they grew like I know Thomas grew his YouTube, he was getting like five to 10 subscribers five to 10,000 subscribers a week at one point and it slowed a little after that, but he was just blowing up his YouTube, which is so powerful because you can monetize your YouTube anyway.

Tyler: No, I agree. And I agree completely. And I remember seeing those and I knew they weren't. Yeah.

Matt:  But I think the larger picture is that you're moving people and basically you're taking followers and moving them around to different places and moving them around to different places that you can find you on different platforms, getting them on your email list as well. Just moving them around to different different places so they can engage with the different places and then if that Instagram goes down one day, they've still got you on TikTok. They're still subscribed to you on YouTube. They're still on your email list. Right and Ryan's they're easily marketable. And then you can also be like, Hey, have you missed my Have you missed me on Instagram? You know, my Instagram was deleted or whatever. Andre did this when his big account went down he sent out a couple emails to his list and was just like hey, you know I lost my Instagram if you want to keep following me. Go follow this accounting gurus and he goes to the next account just as fast, so well, cool. Tyler for people who are in this. So you started this two years ago. I want to give you the opportunity to speak to people who are newer and who are starting today and here's some of the objections I hear. Okay. I hear it's a little bit saturated. It's too late, right people like Tyler who got in and 2020 they got in when it was good, and that's why they're so successful. And now, you know, it's 2022 and everybody's online now. And you know, there's no way I could be successful because all the good is now gone. You know, what do you do, what would you tell people or what do you tell people who come around and are just getting started now, and I want to build a big following but also want to grow a big business I would tell them.

Tyler: That year after year, that's something that continues to grow exponentially. I don't know the exact statistics but it's just growing so fast, and then nothing was being saturated. I hear that all the time. And the thing is it is like people think that they all have to promote the same product. They all have to go into the same niche. You can promote anything you want as long as it is an affiliate program. Like for instance, maybe you are maybe you go to the gym, seven days a week, maybe deliver you know, at the gym, basically. And maybe you want to start promoting or showing off you know different workouts and then start promoting supplements. You can do that. And you know, we'll just be in that. Basically that category is a niche with other people. You're not going to be competing with anyone who's promoting Like for instance, you know, maybe you're wanting to promote how they're built a stock company or something like that. But maybe in the wealth niche, or maybe you're not even competing with people that are promoting beauty products, okay, so no, it is not certainly not saturated. And keep in mind that I wanted to give up many times. I wanted to give a bowl I like especially those first one to two months that I was always doing. I'm like, is this another flop? Like dropshipping Yep, I'm not saying dropshipping doesn't work because it's much harder. It's just much harder. It was harder for me. But um, let's see. Let's see. So yeah, I mean, I wanted to give up. I had a good support system and I was determined. Like I said earlier I had huge pain points. That was motivating me to get out of a situation where I was always hungry. And each time that I failed like how you were talking about you know, you were doing Uber and you were trying to do your Google ads. If you learn things you learn every time you fail, learn from the noise. That's how I think you should be acquired. You know, it's not a classic quote, it's like Kanye or someone said a problem. Basically, you know, they're not failures, they're lessons.’

Matt:  Yeah, sounds like something Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I totally agree. And I think that I think the saturation argument Yeah. I, I think for people who are getting started, I would just echo what you said. There's, there's, I don't wish I knew how many people are coming online every single day. And how many people are joining TikTok every single day on Instagram every single day. It's absurd. And somebody asks in the comments, I thought this was an interesting way to say it. He asked let's see if I can find this comment. So there's no ceiling to this business. I would actually be a little bit contrarian. I would say there is a ceiling, there's probably a ceiling for everything. But the ceiling is higher than you would probably ever imagine. And it's the ceiling I can assure you is high enough for you to live a really amazing life and have a really amazing business. That's for sure.

Tyler: I mean, cuz I'll say like, one of the most popular ways people do affiliate marketing is blogs. And there's one blog I think I follow where she actually did just that one. So not only when you get sponsorships are larger than your accounts. will grow or blog grow, for example. But you will also know, you'll be making a ridiculous amount of money and affiliate marketing as long as you're successful. I mean, for example, the blog that I follow, she makes $100,000 per month by promoting affiliate products. Obviously that's like not everyone's going to have that success. But still, like if you are determined, you put your head down and you beat them. This becomes what you breathe, essentially. It's possible. Anything's possible. It's just how bad you want it. How bad do you want? That's it.

Matt:  Yeah, and I think that the learning curve, there's a learning curve to it for sure. But if people really actively run after it, and learn it and get the best mentor I ever had 10 years ago, he described it as you know, if you he was in the context, talking about copywriting, but he was like, Look, if you want to get really good at marketing, and if you really, really want to be able to make people make buying decisions. And you want to make some money online. You haven't you can't you can't approach it with a mediocre sort of, yeah, this would be cool kind of approach. He always said to me, “ You've got to become obsessive, like imagine the ways in which professional athletes are obsessive and become their whole life. And it'd consume their attention. They become enthused with it. And sometimes people are like, Oh, but that just seems like, you know, unhealthy or something and it's not really it becomes like you would probably say like it becomes a habit. And I look back on the last 10 years of of my life and people think that I work a lot, and I do I do a lot but but I look back and I think through my college days, and I think through shortly after college when I would text friends that I graduated with and stuff and they'd be talking about playing NBA 2k Whatever 15 and on Xbox and they're like, Hey, you want to hop online, we can put the headsets on or whatever and like I haven't owned I haven't owned a video game console since I was like in high school I think and and even then I was selling shit on eBay. And I spent all that time that other people had hobbies like that. My hobby was just learning how to market and sell online. became like this fun sort of surgeon. I even have to the point where like, it's just like a fun hobby for me. But it bothers people. It bothers people in my life sometimes like my wife or like my family or friends or whatever. They're like dudes, just not working. And I'm like you feel bad. That I'm working. I am happy in my hobby world. Because I've learned to take this as a hobby and I became obsessed with it like there's people who golf for six hours a day, and it's their hobby and they have fun with it. And I just can't right now legitimize spending that much money on golf as a habit. I'm going to try to make money from my habits. And it's just it's funny how that like that word people are like bothered by it and they're like upsets them or makes them uncomfortable because they they can't stand their work or they can't stand what they do. And and I just think if people became obsessed with a hobby of making money on the internet, and and studied it and became obsessive with it the same way they do with their golf game or buying that new chip or that new pitching wedge or whatever, you know, I don't know if it would work the same.

Tyler: 100% I'll even go into it like it's funny because people will see others that are having success. And they'd be like, they'd rather just turn a blind eye to it. They were like okay, well, they're having success. So I've I've lost friendships, unfortunately, but maybe isn't really Unfortunately though, at the same time, because well like for example, I had a friend who you know, he he was he was also working in a bank and I was like hey, you know you're you go to the gym a lot. You know we can help you turn it into a fitness influencer. I'll find a product for you. I'll do it all for you. Never any interest. Never any interest. And so if you just start, we started over time, I just stopped seeing him. Adventure hands, you know, made a falling out but still like it's just like I was willing to put in the work and time and trying to help you and whatever. But I think there was a part where there was kind of like an envious like, you know, I'm in like I'm obsessively trying to create content. I also want to drop this tidbit of information that I create three days a week. Okay. Tuesdays, I either create a YouTube video and then I send it over to my editor on Fiverr for some 50 bucks. Really not bad at all. He does so for a 10 minute video for 50 bucks, not bad. And then he makes my thumbnail too. You can't really get him but anyways, so Tuesdays I do that or I create a blog post, okay, because I'm probably in the blogging, more affiliate products. Yeah. And then Mondays and Wednesdays, my schedule pretty much remains the same. What I'll do is I'll batch my content, and I'm not sure if, you know, I used them. I'm sure you're familiar with that. And so basically, I'll explain it for any newbies, that are basically I do a bunch of content research and then I basically make eight or 10, TikToks in one day. And then I'll save them all to my drafts on all my other accounts. And then I will post those daily on other accounts. And then I will do the same thing on Wednesday. So then I'm making 20 TikToks. And then I'm done. I'm done. And then I go live later and then I'm like you know don't do whatever else I have to do like we're keeping a heap of people. But whatever else business wise I have to do. And then I'm done. That's it. That's my day, one to three hours a day. Three days a week.

Matt: Crazy. Crazy. That's super cool. And that's super cool for a myriad of reasons. But the batching thing. I see so many people when they post videos, they're like, oh, this person wears the same shirt every day of their life. No, hey, they made 20 TikToks on Thursday.

Tyler: Exactly. It's funny someone commented they're like, I Tyler you're like you need to do his laundry or something. Mike I made that video months ago man you don't even know and so fun fact I actually. So in January. I had a hair transplant while I was there, and it was so great. It's been great so far, but I'm trying to grow my hair out now. I'm trying to be like them or something. But anyways. Like, I was like, how am I gonna make content? How am I gonna make content all during all that time? So right before I would go, I would just put my phone up and then I would just walk in a room and I'd be like, and I would just do that. I just do that like 10 times. Different shirts and stuff like that. And then when I was covering, I would register, you know, do screen recordings or whatever. I can just put them all together in my phone and then just, you know, alternate so it doesn't look like I'm wearing the same shirt every single time. That's it. So I was I didn't I was more. I was just thinking ahead.

Matt:  Yeah, I mean people think through all these different excuses. Oh, I can't do that because of this. That's hilarious because I never would have guessed I looked at it. I mean like I don't study your content, but I've looked at your content. I wonder about your channels and stuff. And and I've always just thought like wow, we'll just want a stupid simple way to intro video. You just walk in and there's a little headline on your screen and you're just like we were at our last mastermind. And your Andrea did. She's from Peru as she did. She did a talk that was headlined and I thought this headline was so gangster she was like the headline of the talk on her PowerPoint was mastering Tik Tok in 2022. AKA how I made six figures on TikTok without talking and, and it was just like, I was just like damn, it might be the best headline I've ever read. That's pretty good. Yeah, yeah, it was good. It was good. And the talk was really really great. But it goes to your point, just like you know, you've got a little headline thing sticking above your head and it's just like the video will talk for me or whatever, you know.

Matt: We were just also talking about how headlines like that and stuff are really useful for going live as well. Like have you ever seen the people and we can start to wrap up here but we are seeing the people who go live with a green screen of their notes. App. And they have like, you know, live and the green screen has a headline and it's like, I'm a leftist who hates Trump debate me you know or something like, all the time I see it all the time and it's like or they'll put like, so we were doing an example yesterday  our Blueprints call. We do a webinar every Thursday. And let me find my note. My phone's acting up. But on my notes app, I basically pulled open my notes app and I wrote a little headline here it is. That was okay, so it said like get my $37 eBook for free and finally learn how to get your dog to obey your every command. And I took a screenshot and then put put it up as a green screen behind my head and I was like, Look, if you've built an audience of people, you don't necessarily have to say into the camera, everything you can as people are scrolling, okay, they're scrolling or scrolling or scrolling and they grab one little headline free and they grab an ebook and train my dog free eBook train my dog. Okay, it's usually $37. It's free. I got that in about three seconds just looking as I was scrolling. Okay, what am I here for? You know, and you start and I just think people with their level of creativity you guys have to everybody who's watching this you need to go study people like Tyler and Andrea and Josh and just people that you've seen in our community and how they do this because there's people out there content creators who are so skilled there, if ever talking, sometimes not talking and just pointing and giving really good copywriting and, and your copy at the beginning of your videos is so good. Some people are like well I do something similar and I and then I'll pull up and like somebody like yours or I'll pull up in this guy's hilarious I don't know if you've seen this guy but it's his TikTok  is Dave's weight loss. And he's reading scripts that I'm pretty sure he found these scripts on YouTube and he's literally just reading them verbatim. And his headlines are so damn good. He starts out with like, five foods that you should never eat again or five alarming signs that your blood sugar is too high. And he just reads right into the camera and his headlines are amazing. Three unusual secrets to lose weight fast you haven't heard before. And so he goes and then if you look at his links, he's just promoting some sort of clickbank affiliate products if he's an affiliate marketer, but he's got 537,000 followers. Yeah, he's got 530 years. Yeah, he makes decent money. I'm sure.

Tyler: You know, I do. I want to mention, you know, I mean, like, like you said, like, we're talking about headlines. That's like, your, your intro, and the first like, three four seconds of your video are gonna determine if they're even gonna watch the rest. So it's your highlight if your headline is not and the thing is it is like I really wasn't good at it. In the beginning, I would just study other people and work on payments. But the more that I did it, the more it's like a muscle, you know, it just like just like, just like a bad I mean, just doing affiliate marketing where if you're doing content creation, I couldn't talk in front of camera. I didn't want to talk at all. I was scared of my voice. I mean, three years ago, I was trying to start a YouTube channel. And I'm like, I don't like the sound of my voice. And I do this. I keep doing this. And I just kind of got over it. But the more that I did it, I was like, Okay, well, what if I talk like this instead? Or what it's like this instead. And so it's like, you start to there's a point, I don't even know like a precipice or whatever, where you're just like, Okay, well, I can either give up or I can improve. And, well, I guess I improved so I guess that's where I'm you know, that's why you're here. Yeah, it's, man. That's super powerful. I'll give you the last word. We'll wrap up for the day. I'll let you get back to it. You know, for people just starting the challenge today, people who have just created their first tic toc and you're two years later down the road, what would you say to those people?

Tyler: Just keep doing it. consistently do it.  You know, you don't have to post every day. Don't post every day. I mean, because that's exhausting Troy batching Hi, I highly recommend batching you'll feel much more energized you'll be you won't be burnout. That's that's a thing too. And I've seen people like Gary Vee post three to four times a day on TikTok. Don't do that. You're just gonna burn yourself out okay? Just can't just show up consistently. To work consistently. That's what I do. It worked. And I'll hopefully make a lot more money this year by being consistent. So that's cool.

Matt:  If you've been anything it's been it's been you've been consistent for sure. And that's what I tell a lot of times on top people is like, hey, we might not be the most gifted, the most talented, meaning I mean Legendary, but we are consistent. We've been showing up every single day for five, six years now and that's what we do. So anyway, Tyler, thanks, man. I'm gonna put your Instagram for people to follow you and thanks for coming on again. We'd love to have you back a few months down the road.

Tyler: Sounds good man. Thanks for having me on and I look forward to next time.

Matt:  Cool. See ya. All right, guys. Here's Tyler's Instagram. You can follow him just shoot a message and you can follow him on Instagram. And let them know they found them there. Give them some love. And let them know what was powerful about today. Thanks for tuning in guys. We will be back on Monday. Same time, same place, same everything. Just just consistently showing up just like Tyler said we're taking his advice. We'll see you guys on Monday 10am Eastern. Have a good weekend. You know if it's summer and you have nice weather and it's warm out. Find a pool to relax.