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Dave: What's going on my friends? It's Dave Sharpe, your boy, your pilot, your tour guide and your show partner Matt Hetzel. He'll be here tomorrow my friends. I know you have to deal with one more day from me. It's hard, it's hard to listen to this mug. I get it but guess what? We have a returning guest. I believe I believe this guy is a returning guest which is two returning guests in a row two days in a row if we're having this phenomenon happen. So please help me welcome Maynard back to the show. What's going on my brother?

Maynard: Hey, Dave, thank you for having me for the second time. Thank you.

Dave: Hey, thanks for coming on for the second time, you know, I mean, absolutely. It's it's you're excited at the beginning. You know, it's like oh, yeah, I definitely want to go check this box, be on the show and then I'm out of here. And but you're not you're you're still available for us to talk to and you haven't gotten so big that you forgot. We appreciate it. So give us your brief story. Your legendary marketer story. How did you find us to tell people what happened when you did what happened? Then we'll get the update. I guess we'll get the update since we talked last but just for those who don't know who you are, briefly introduce yourself and tell them how you found us.

Maynard: Absolutely. So my name is Lena. I used to be a field engineer. So my job was basically to go to remote locations and it's different from most people so it's not like a nine to five job. It was mostly like rotation on schedule. So I would have to go, you know, install some equipment in remote locations for like six weeks and then I would come back home for four weeks and then I would go back for another six weeks and so on. So my job was different from most people and I guess I was sick and tired of my job because I was always away from my family. And I guess like most people I was on TikTok, Instagram, trying to find, you know, some way to make money online. And I stumbled upon it because I can't remember his name honestly. And he was talking about, you know, affiliate marketing, right? And how he was able to make, you know, two times or three times his income and I was just intrigued. I checked out the training that he had, and it happened to be Legendary. So I just and I'm not gonna lie, I thought it was a scam. Okay, I mean, I use a prepaid Visa. So I did it. I didn't use the thesis I had. I just put $7 into it. And I was afraid it was a scam right? But I guess it's not so that's really my story. And I think I found the guy on TikTok. And I just got the course and I put in the work and here we are today.

Dave: It's interesting. First of all, so glad that you decided to take that leap of faith and at least use your debit gift card or what's so funny. It's so interesting. It's now do you feel like you're more equipped to be able to tell a scam from, like, how to do a little bit of research to validate a website? Yeah, I mean, because a little bit of a little bit of research nowadays. You just say hey, who is this guy named Dave Sharpe, Legendary. You'd look up the Facebook page and see 500 interviews and you realize the guy's not going anywhere? Absolutely. It's but but but yes, you're skeptical at first. You're, you're unfamiliar also because you are working in oil fields. And now you come online and it's like this is a whole new world. To you. So you literally had no experience in legitimately had no online and or marketing skills. Is that right?

Maynard: No, absolutely. And actually, the last time I was alive, or I was, I would say active on social media was in 2022. So I wasn't even active on social media. So it was like I think it was like February 2020. That was the last time I was active on social media. So I'm not going back on

Dave: And when did you get started with us here? When did you March?

Maynard: March 2021.

Dave: March 2021. Okay. All right. So when we talked last, do you remember where you were? And kind of what can you do? Can you bring us back to that point and give us an update on what had happened up until that point? Because we talked about three or four months, six months into you. Give me a little bit of a Oh, three months ago we talked? 

Maynard: Yeah, it was in March. Yes.

Dave: Okay. Okay. So bring us everybody up to March and then we'll talk about what's happened since what happened in that first kind of that's like your first year really, right?

Maynard: Yeah, yeah, exactly. Um, I was able to quit my job in December. 2021. So about like, nine months or so. I, I mean, I was doing right. I was doing, you know, affiliate marketing on the side because I had a job and my job was again, it's different. So there was no guarantee that I would have the right to do what I was doing, honestly, and this is for people who stayed you know, are like you know, I don't want to make content or whatever. I used to make 10 videos per day because I know when I go to my job I wouldn't have intended to and I would actually leave my phone at home. So for my wife so she can actually post the content because I wasn't sure if I would have internet right? So I used to post on TikTok. I've got about now I think the last time we were here. I had about 57,000 followers on Tiktok. And most of my sales by most of my Commission's were coming from Tik Tok. And then I just switched my strategy. I changed from Instagram and I still use it. TikTok. I just switched it from TikTok, and I'm right now on Instagram. So that's basically what I did. You know, in the past three months, I switched my strategy. I mean, it's still the same I still post on TikTok. But I just post once a day, but I just use Instagram. I have over 100 and 1000 followers.

Dave: on Instagram. Now before we get into your strategy, because we're gonna get into that and we're gonna give everybody all the juicy little nuggets that they don't deserve. No, I'm just playing for free. But the problem is, when we get these things for free, we don't pay. We don't pay attention a lot of times. That's the provenance of that and you know you put that same piece of information behind a paywall course that somebody paid $1,000 for. The reason why it's better to pay for things is because you actually use them and take them more seriously. It's why when I am in I want everybody to hear this loud and clear 200 and something in the 1000s who are gonna listen to this replay. I don't ask anybody for friend discounts or I don't ask for things for free. First of all, because if I'm your friend, how much of a friend Am I being by trying to take money out of your pocket? I'm being a friend by paying full price. And being a friend by paying full price and tipping. Well, that's, that's a big baller friend. You know what I mean? It's not that your friend doesn't feel like a friend when you go to them and you're like, yo can I do this kind of $100 thing for $20? You know what I mean? 

Maynard: Yes.

Dave: Where are you at and also what it's like in terms of internet marketing and how that is taken and understood in where you're at.

Maynard: Okay, so I live in Saudi now. I used to live in the States. I moved here from my job and my family. One thing I want to mention though, is I don't do marketing or like affiliate marketing or digital marketing where all of my audience are, you know, from US, Canada, you know, the other countries, but I don't do any marketing here. Although I'm thinking about making it like a course where I can actually target you know, my friends and like the employees of the company I was working on. So that's my goal, and I actually got one friend. This already is in the same company that I was that he actually took the training we got into Legendary as well. So we probably got to work together and we're gonna target those people but I don't, I don't really do marketing here or anything like that. All of my marketing is done outside of this country.

Dave: Well, that's pretty cool. I mean, I actually didn't expect to have this thought from asking you that. But you know, it really is a great example of being anywhere in the world. In marketing. Exactly. Anybody you want in the world? Absolutely. Exactly. You know, I mean,

Maynard: That's all I get most of the time as well. People ask me, like, can it be done from this country and I just tell them all the time, it's an online business so you can do it from anywhere. You just need to know, you just need to have the right tools, you know, to target people in certain countries. 

Dave: So let’s talk about your tick tock journey and then why Instagram became such a heavy hitter for you. What were you doing up until you made this big, bigger switch over to Instagram and how did you get your business off the ground with tick tock? How was the content creation process? Look, I assume you set everything up the way that we teach you how to set everything up and you want a you understood the concept, and you understood the big picture of what you were doing. So I want to make sure that we're clear about that. Those of you who just listen to wake up legendary and then go and try to copy what you hear and it doesn't work. Understand that the majority of all these people have gone through additional training. We have a 15 day challenge. We have online business blueprints that teach four core business models. Consider going through those, however, you I want to talk about what happened with TikTokand with Instagram, so tell us what happened up until Instagram What were you doing? And then what happened that made you focus more on Instagram.

Maynard: Okay, so spotted so I've got about like four accounts really shut down on tick tock. So the first time I tried it was shut down the second time I'm forced to but I didn't really give up because I wanted so badly to quit my job. I made the first one. And obviously the fifth one was the charm, I guess. I was basically and I was taught from the business blueprints I went over TikTok. I got the education I needed and I guess up to now I can't really remember maybe November or something. My videos were starting to basically be taken down from tic toc and I was like, even when I went live, if I say certain mods I don't I still don't know what these are. They usually just kicked me out. So I was like TikTok is not as it used to be, I mean, you cannot say anything you cannot get away with what you say. Even if it meant just teaching people they can still kick you out and it happens a lot to me. And I was like, you know I'm putting more time and more effort into TikTok. Instagram is new now and they're using Rails, right?t

Dave: Instagram is new now. So folks, those of you who are so oh my god, how's the internet gonna change? What's it going to look like in six months? Is the opportunity gone? People who say that stay broke because guess what, and I totally understand your thinking there. I really understand that. But people who think that stay where they're at stay broke, never get started because they they don't really understand the fact that these companies become essentially new companies with their technology every six months every 12 months and you can see and Maynard we have a lot of people that are still having a lot of success with TikTok and those of you who are listening to main or remember that remember, this is just his experience. So what he eats makes you go to the bathroom if you know what I mean? For you, so So also remember that this is not science. This is a little bit of science with some art. So I also want everybody to remember that and manner you know that as I say absolutely you you know this is not a one size fits all but anyways tick tock was given you major issues, maybe they were maybe they were you know, maybe they just really started like you said, looking out for certain keywords like made absolutely words. Things that we say in our industry regularly. Those can be easy keywords. Certain cryptocurrency keywords can be other words because it looks like you're pushing you know and everybody knows crypto has you know, everybody's lost a lot of dreams with crypto. Aren't we all glad that David Sharpe didn't get up in front of all of us and talk about crypto? Yes, we are. It's called Focus, focus, and go do crazy things with your money on your own. But we want to focus on tried and true strategy so anyways, TikTok is just pissing you off.

Maynard: I still post every day consistently even though I've made sales. I still make sales from TikTok but I use Instagram now because I guess it's free to talk. I've got a lot of features that I can use on Instagram, which I cannot use on tick tock which are basically get into just in a few minutes. But I still use TikTok because I know I still believe TikTok is a good platform, right? I mean, that's how I started. And I bet you if I start a new account, I can grow really fast. I do have an account, a second account, and I got like 17,000 but I don't use it. I don't post because that's just my backend. So I can Yeah, I know what I learned.

Dave: It's almost like TikTok has become like, like a place where you can easily get your business off the ground pretty fast. You know what I mean? Like, but the guarantee that you're never gonna have any issues with your accounts is not there as much as we thought it was and so we have to shift our perspective a little bit to being less emotionally attached to our accounts, as if they're some sort of extension of who we are. They're not, it's just an online billboard. And I've seen many people have issues with accounts and come back but anyways, you were saying that you could use TikTok right now if you only needed to use TikTok to to make money with?

Maynard: Absolutely. I mean, I can I mean, I still post every day I still add some comments, but I'm really more focused on Instagram. The reason why I'm really focused on Instagram is because if you go live and this is guys, this is one of the things that I love about Instagram. If you go live, you can actually post your replay of the live replay. You can post it on your profile so people can actually watch it and I've actually made sales from just posting my life. people were really interested in what I was teaching. So yeah, exactly. It's okay so you can see a live q&a. That's what I did.

Dave: Oh, is that a replay of the live? Exactly? Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah, I could see that an hour long. Yeah, totally. So you like the ability to not have that live content just totally disappear forever?

Maynard: Absolutely. Absolutely. TikTok. On the other hand, if you go live, you know, it just disappears and you cannot post it on Tik Tok. But Instagram, that's one of the best things I guess that I've changed is, you know, just doing this right. Live q&a, where I teach sometimes, and mostly answer questions, and I share my story. as well. So that's what I do when I go live. And I go live every single day, every single day.

Dave: Wow. So you go live. Do you go live at the same time every day? Or?

Maynard: Yes, absolutely. Every time at the same time, every time 6pm Eastern time. I go live at the same time. Yes.

Dave: Wow. Wow. So you're modeling the old wake up legendary strategy here? Yeah,

Maynard: Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. That's one thing I've changed. Absolutely. Absolutely. I get I mean, a lot of people know they think you're real and I get a lot. I mean, I still remember some names of people who basically come and join me every single day. So I know their name and I call them by name. And some of them actually know but the challenge is that some of them are thinking right so they come every day to get free value. But again, this is one of the best strategies that I've used in a long time. And not only that, I want to say guys in April, I think April 14, I had about 83 or 83,000 followers on air for me. And at the end of April, so the beginning of May, I got 70,000 followers, and in one and actually one day I got 10,000 followers in just one day.

Dave: And how did you do that? What what was what was unique about that day,

Maynard: Because I cannot that day. This is not an overnight success. This is because I was posting every single day for the past maybe since August since August 2021 I was posting three times a day. So that was my strategy three times a day, every single day, three times a day. And I guess because I was consistent and just you know, in one day it just blew up. Yeah, it blew up. And today you guys see I have like 108,000 followers. So it's like three months or two and a half months or I guess three months from like 38 to over 100,000 followers, because I was saying consistent. Yes.

Dave: Now are you what is your what is your? What is your ratio of type of post on Instagram? Are you doing it live every day and then is everything else reels as well as your stories but just as far as the videos that you post not including your stories? Is it one live at 6pm every day and then everything else? Is reels

Maynard: Yes. So once I don't live for like an hour and I post three times a day. That was that one that was reposted. So I posted that and I was working on email marketing. So I just said no, I'm just going to repost what I already posted.

Dave: So talk to us about why? What are you doing with this content? What is the strategy with the reels that you're kind of following?

Maynard: Okay, so I post three reels. So one rail is one where I basically talk and teach another one is basically like entertain, right so I use like text on the screen and I don't talk and the third one is just to basically add curiosity right. So I'd say certain things right, like, I guess that's one indication of entertainment and one for curiosity that's in that scene.

Dave: In one of them you said or one or more you're not speaking in that one on purpose. Two, yeah, to have them on purpose. 

Dave: Come on, people. I need to come back here and just I mean, have you ever seen such a thing in your life? Where you could I mean, people this is it you know, if you're looking for some, how many of you how many of you be honest we're looking for something that you could I mean, you just how many of you love to screw off at your job? You be honest in the comments. You just mean, come on. Maybe you got a nine to five now or you had one and you're just screwed. You'd rather be on your phone at your desk than doing something you'd rather just take, just do the least amount of work for the most amount of money. How many of you can just miss it. That's what you want. Can anybody admit that? There you go all day? Of course. Here come the comments. You got it. You got it. Great, Dave. But listen, that's not what this is. But I've never Patrick says I'm screwing off right now, my man. Maynard. Now I can tell you're a respectable guy. You're a stand up guy. I can tell you family values you're educated you've got but have you would have you would you have ever imagined in your life. You would be posting videos that you're not even talking to Nope. Social media. In business? Absolutely not.

Maynard: I mean, I still cannot believe it. And I mean, I just finished your study here at my office, home office. And I still honestly still don't believe it. I mean, some people you know from my job. Actually, you know, they asked me what do you do? And I just say I do freelancing. I never say I don't.

Dave: You don't even want to because if you told somebody work, they wouldn't believe it. Totally. Go on TikTok every day and Instagram. And YouTube every day. And you know what, you know why I get frustrated and it's not just older people. So I'm not going to pick on older people. I hear young people say this to all I could get on the phone and talk not taxed on somebody, right. I was like, Damn, he got me. But hey, look at all the kids out there who ain't picking up the phone to talk or instead texting and doing all this stuff? Or you know what? I know a lot of older folks who have picked up on this to guess what ain't just screwing around. I don't know what they look like they are and I know you may not have figured out what they're doing. Yet. And it looks confusing, but guess what? They're making 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars screwing off. Screwing off on the internet. That's where we're at 2020 That's where we're at. That's where the world's at. That's the opportunity that's right under your nose and at your fingertips. And you know what? Maynard or myself or anybody out there is really not going to lose sleep. If you say That's some bullshit. I don't want to do it. Yeah, absolutely. You know what I mean? What say you? You're great.

Maynard: Absolutely. 100% people, you know, it's still a thing. You know, it's impossible to make money on social media. They just think you know, and people will just say no, they think they need to show their face. I know. I know. I've done it. When I started. I didn't show my face. I just didn't know what I was taught, you know, just hold your phone, point at your laptop and stop talking. And you don't even have to show your face. And I did and I got a few videos that really went viral without even showing my face or even using my own voice so you can do it. Absolutely. There's a lot of ways that you can out days

Dave: There's the voice of the little robotic guy or girl on and you can use that one. I mean, that's almost a viral sound nowadays, honestly. Yeah. It's just insane. And it's not that it doesn't take work and it's not that doesn't take strategy. It's all laid out. But we figured it out. We know what the strategy is. We've looked at it look at the amount of people in this community, every day manner and every day I pull up to this desk with with no idea who I'm going to talk to and what we're going to talk about but just knowing that so I'm going to talk to somebody who's gone through the training, and is just following the strategies making money in his change in their life. That's all I know. And I do it each day, it looks a little bit different. Each day, somebody's put their own unique little twist on it. But it's all right. The beautiful thing is not a single person is doing anything that they feel badly or they feel embarrassed that nobody's out there doing anything slimy. Nobody's coming in. We're not teaching you to come into Facebook, you know anybody's Facebook group and badmouth them and try to get them to come up. That's not our strategy even though we have to do it in our Facebook group. Oh, come on. What's bad? I'm in Europe. I'm in their Facebook group fishing for leads but legendary sucks. Come over here and then we'll come back into a Legendary group and try to get more people. I mean, those are the business options that we see. Of course, there's dropshipping and Amazon and so forth. But we know after what just happened we don't want our gadgets, gizmos, fidget spinners into the bear sitting off in the Pacific Ocean. While everybody who we sold to is really funding, right? We don't want that. And we don't want a hotdog stand. We don't want to open a brick and mortar business because you know, the Omega Delta David and Goliath variants come in next and who knows when the next lockdowns gonna be you know, and so, here we are the most beautiful part about this is I see people doing this every day. And they're excited about the work that they're doing on their business, they're creating content. They're adding value. Nobody's selling anything. Nobody's being slimy. Nobody's doing anything out of integrity. You're simply learning how to become a more valuable person, upgrade your communication skills, and just become more valuable in utilize the technical or the technology platforms that are already out there that are sitting they want you to come and do this stuff on their platform, even though they draw to you even though they try to you know, temporary Well, Doc doesn't want you to leave bro. They just they're just trying to keep it all together. Because everybody came on tick tock so fast. And now they're just trying to make sure that the platform doesn't become a cesspool of spam. So people still want to come to understand the big picture about what's happening to people. It's not an opportunity. An opportunity never leaves. It's like energy. It just changes forms. Yes. What comes up for you as I say that?

Maynard: Absolutely. I mean, you're absolutely right. I mean, you can. Yes, they are not you know, they don't want you to leave the app, but I mean, you can still use it and can absolutely still use it. But like you said, you know it's going to learn.

Dave: You're gonna learn how to look that you think they're looking at you like oh, I just want to make sure that he just has everything he needs in life. I hope he has a safe, nice life. No, they're trying to keep you on that app. They don't give a shit what you miss. They don't give a shit. How long you ignore your kids to sit there and stare at that app. They don't care. You gotta learn how to grow up and get busy. Get serious. Stop, take food off your table. That's how I look at it. I'm not gonna let any of the I don't want to do anything wrong on this app. No, use it and use it because guess what? It's their shareholders that they worried about nothing except a role in that company by any means possible. So does that mean we go out and hurt people? No, but we know I ain't worried about getting a count slapped, who cares slap 50 accounts. And that lets me know I'm being aggressive on the platform. That's my opinion. I mean, you can't dilly dally in entrepreneurship. You can dilly dally in business, you're gonna get stepped on and a lot of us were too naive or too careful. We want to walk on eggshells around everybody. You got to go in and take yours in life. Oh, man. I'm okay. They want to shut my things down four times. That's fine. I'm still posting. And guess what? I'm gonna take the majority of my attention over to another platform. Because y'all will be when y'all get your shit together. I'll be back. Exactly. Exactly. That's my so where do you go from here, brother? I mean, what's what's next for you here in 2022? The second half of the year? Do you have something big that you're trying to achieve? I mean, what do you get your eyes set on? Are you in maintenance mode right now? Let's keep this up. Let's not screw this up. Like where's your head at?

Maynard: So I'm gonna obviously not focus on the same strategy. However, I'm going to add one more thing. I'm going to start working on my YouTube channel. I want this for this year. I'm trying to grow my YouTube channel. So that's one of my goals. And I'm thinking about going live as well. So I'm just going to have like two phones at the same time, one on Instagram and one on TikTok. So that's what I'm trying to do. I'm probably going to try it today. I'm just going to use my other phone at the same time live on TikTok and on Instagram. Obviously I want you to know how to get more sales. I want to teach people as well on TikTok. But yeah, that's honestly that's all I have for this year. Obviously I want to be there in my mind, there's a figure I want to get to ride by the end of this year. But mostly I'm going to be focusing on you know, maintaining what I'm doing and building a YouTube channel as well.

Dave: And of course, building that email list right?

Maynard: I mean, that's that's I'm already I'm always continuously building, right? I'm always on tick tock, Instagram, Pinterest, and obviously YouTube now. It's always the goal to build your email list. Absolutely.

Dave: We want to know how I'm going to give you all the absolutes. It's not a secret but I'll call it a secret just because we pay attention more when people say things are a secret as a marketing three steps secret right now it's actually just hold on. It's just three things here. You know, but US marketers we like but, man the best kind of advice you can get on how to never how to never let your business die or get killed by some stupid platform. Okay, email list. It's building your email list and as Warren Buffett says it's the same strategy of investing. Diversify, just diversify. We don't need to, it's not like a secret. It's just a common sense thing that you diversify enough with some assets that you own, being in your email list is one of the major assets that you own. You can also build a text message list. That would be an asset that you own. You could build an address list right to where you're also collecting people. You could run a promotion where you ship something out of a T-shirt, they just cover shipping, whatever, if you wanted to get all the data of your followers. But when you own that data, and that's why Facebook and a lot of these companies are so valuable. It's because they own data. They own people's email addresses, they own their address, they own their interests, what are they interested in so they could sell that? Or they can sell that advertising and that targeting to people like us so we can target specific people. So just imagine what is valuable in your business? Well, it's okay yeah, I've got these sort of digital pieces of real estate that I'm sort of renting in a sense I rent my youtube channel I'm renting you know what I mean? I own the business but I'm renting the space whereas your email address is more. It's all my own house that you own. You know, even if a Weber says Get out of here, you can still download your list and you still have your data you can still somehow even if you got to email everybody one by one, get a hold of me. So, you know, even if you got to call them one by one, whatever you own that data, you know, these are my people you can then take that data list and upload it into Facebook and in advertising just to those people with Facebook ads. Did anybody know that? You can actually take your email list and upload it up into a lot of the ad platforms to advertise only to those people or look, look alike audiences that are like those people, right? So, gosh, you know, when we start thinking about it like that, and that's what the blueprints are all about. It's about raising up a little bit of a higher 20 30,000 foot viewpoint because when you understand the how or the why, the how it's the why and the who is a lot more important than the how right why are we doing this? Well, that's me. Why is that my message? Why would somebody want to do this with me if I can get in? That gets me into powerful questions. Who can help me or who can I hire that can help me learn this faster? Do it for me, but how do we always get caught up in how he showed me how to click right? And it's like that gets our blinders on. So unsure we know how to swing the hammer. But when we come up from that we don't know how to build a house. We don't know how to read a blueprint. We don't know what to do next. And so there's a bigger game here. And that's what we want everybody to understand and to get out of that sort of quack. Desperate, let me just go and throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks, which is not a strategy and do more of what because even your move from TikTok to Instagram was not a knee jerk reaction. It was a strategy. It was a strategic move that after doing trial you didn't you didn't give up after oh my god, one video got taken down. Right you had five accounts that got slapped or around or thrown on the ground and spit on whatever they did to him. And then you're like, look, I'm still here. And I'm taking my somewhere else and it was more of a strategic move. And you know, I'm sure you see everybody or people everyday making knee jerk reactions to that and what advice would you give to people who are you who we know are not giving it enough time and how do you how do you stay in there longer? What do you draw hope from and motivation from?

Maynard: Obviously, just I mean, the reason why I started in the first place every time when I think about giving up and I'm not I'm not gonna lie here. The first time they took down my video I was like I was really frustrated. I was like, Why me? And I got over it. And when they shut down my account again, same thing why me? Even though they did that I just said you know what, screw it. I mean, if I was able to grow this account, I bet if I made another one, I'm going to be able to grow my account, and when they shut down the other account I was like you know, I was thinking of giving up like maybe this is not for me, maybe this is not what I'm supposed to do. Maybe this is just a sign for me to stay at your job right? And I was like no, yeah, exactly. I was like no, show you how easily we can use signs. We can turn a sign and or whatever we want. 

Maynard: Exactly. mindset. Exactly. So I was like, just remember you can either, you know, continue complaining, right? You know about shutting your accounts down, or you can continue complaining about having, you know, working at this job. The choice is yours. And I was like, You know what, I want to quit my job more than anything. So if it comes down to 10 accounts on tick tock or 20 accounts, I'm gonna defer it right. Yeah, no.

Dave: Okay. So let me summarize what I heard. The motivation you've used is the pain in the ass job that you want to quit more than anything in the world. And every time you think about quitting this, you think about how bad you want to quit that. Exactly.

Maynard: That's it. Exactly. That's the secret here.

Dave: And isn't that just so simple and powerful in who doesn't have something that's a pain in your life, that if you had more money, you could stop it? You can eliminate it. Who does not have that? Who cannot tap into that pain in that mode? I mean, if I had a little bit more money, I could buy a private jet and never have to fly on a regular airline. Again. That is a very big luxury problem. I understand that. That sounds very silly. But we can all find something. No seriously, anybody could get sick tomorrow. Anything could happen if the amount of money that you think is enough is not enough. That could happen to any of us. I'm not too arrogant. I'm just playing about the jet thing, that's total bullshit. I want a jet but any one of us any one of us any day. Could it all get flipped upside down. But I don't think we have to be that creative. I think that any one of us could think about our real ass life situation, right? person, place or thing that we'd like to eliminate, get rid of, not terminate, just eliminate out of our lives. And, man, wow. Could anybody listen to that in the comments, Could you could you verbalize that? Could you tell us what that thing is? And then maybe take that and put it on a you know, a sticky note. I use them. I have it right here on my computer and remind yourself of what that pain is every day. So when you get you know, when you get close to that get out or you think things are too hard. You can remind yourself

Maynard: Absolutely. So this is what I did. This is what I do. And now it's changed from you know, I mean I right now I like the other day I had one person you know reached out to me on Instagram and they were like, I have this strategy for you that I can have you make more content with less time. And my answer was, Who told you I don't like to make content. I love to do it. So I'm not going to have someone do it for me. This is not something I'm wasting my time on. I love to make content. So right now I'm thinking right if I come to a point where I just feel like no nothing is working. Right now. Why is my family right? If I don't make this work, right? There's no food to put on the table. Right? So I mean, it's going to tell you why it is always going to change right when you get to higher levels. It's always going to change but like you said there's always pain in your life. The newest thing.

Dave: I would invite everybody to give this some thought. What is it? It's Tuesday. So yeah, I was just checking if it was Friday. Sometimes I get a lot. You'll lose track of the days but I'm giving this some thought that you are worth doing it for and that the pain of not doing it if you're not living up to your potential or not just doing something really nice for yourself is powerful for yourself. That is that you know the pain of not the pain of regret. That's enough sometimes if we just sit in even if everything is great in our lives because a lot of us have jobs and a lot of us have a little savings or nest egg and that makes us complacent. We don't really need to act. But for me, I have that same situation now so I don't need money. In no way shape or form. I haven't thought about money in a long time. But what keeps me is what keeps me motivated. Well, the idea that I deserve it today is that I deserve a quality life that is not my kids, not my wife. I'm worth it. I'm enough to want to go after something. I'm enough to want nice things, I'm enough to want to be wealthy, want to be rich, and want to be able to have unlimited resources. I'm alone enough in the pain of not following through for many. It's too much. I can't not follow through for me, because there was once a time that I didn't feel worthy, that I didn't feel enough that I didn't feel and those old bugaboos can still creep in. So every day, every day, I have to just think about how I am going to feel if I don't do this. How am I going to feel about myself? And then I'm more in the How I can eliminate guilt and shame and regret from my life is the mode that I'm in. That's the mode that I'm in. And for a lot of you older folks, what better thing could you be doing in those silver golden years of your life? If you're looking for something to do you feel like you don't have enough money? Why not just focus every day? If this is what you want to do, then don't let any guilt or shame or regret creep in. Because that's just something that if you don't deal with it now you'll have to deal with it later. Right? And that was something that I was unwilling to do. I'd rather just take the action now then deal with the guilt and the shame and the regret. Because you know what, it never goes away. That guilt in the shame. The only thing that we do is we push it deeper or try to medicate it or numb it or forget it. And you know what, a lot of times when we go to join the next business or the next guru or the next business savior or whoever else, we think we've got the secret. That's all we're doing. We're just prolonging that guilt and that shame and that regret that we didn't do what it took that we didn't do the best for ourselves that we didn't provide for ourselves. You know what I mean? It's all we always make it about everybody else but we didn't show up. So now we have guilt and shame and regret. In the end. I'm going to try to solve that with somebody else. Somebody else will come clean up that mess. We gotta clean that mess up. We got to nobody else if you're here because you failed in another program or went through a training and didn't follow through with the business and you think I'm your guru. You got another thing. I want to squash that every day and put the responsibility back in your lap because what when we succeed you want me dancing all over your Tiktok going? I did this to see what he's got? I did that. No, I'm not gonna let that happen. You need to be able to dance across and say I did this. This is mine because that will build more confidence and confidence and conviction and all of that builds self esteem, it builds momentum. See, this is all it's see. We all think it's about having wine. It's about family and this, but it has nothing to do with those people. Because I look when I was a drug addict and I was using my ass off and I thought I was gonna die there wasn't a family member or anything in sight that could stop me because that's how powerful this thing is right here. That's what was screwed up. You know, I was addicted. Right? And the same thing here. You know, we get into this: What's your wife, my wife and my kids and all this kind of shit. And I learned a long time ago that if I didn't want to get clean for me and stay clean for me and have a good life for me.

Dave: They couldn’t tell me that they love me until they're blue in the face and not a damn thing I would change until I wanted to do it for me and I believe that this business is the same way it seems like you agree is that?

Maynard: Absolutely, absolutely. I mean, that's why I mean, I mean, I could be still making money and I could be I mean, my family wouldn't care how I like the way that I make money right? Either, you know, that painful job or at home, right? They're not gonna care, right? I mean, obviously they want me to be here for them. But again, it's gonna come down to me. Do I want to do this job and you know, stay at home? Job, or do I want to make money from home? Right? So I just put my obviously I put myself first as well. And, and my family too because my job was more than stressful. I hated that job. Honestly, I hated that job. So yeah, absolutely. You will have to put your own first. And then I say obviously you know your family too, but I totally agree. Absolutely.

Dave: Well, Brother, this is this is this is. This is great. I'm so glad to see you again and I hope you'll come back for a third time. It'd be my pleasure to know, just talk shop with you. I get I get I read ray with you. I don't know what it is. You get me fired up man. All I just see somebody kicking ass and taking names and I get fired up I mean, I just it's I you know you want to get me fired up just go just go take ridiculous action. I don't even care if you know, it's just about going to school and running through the wall man just called golf. You know what I mean? I mean, that's what that's what life is about. It's really as if you got to just go out there and dance in the rain in just the color outside the lines a little bit, and it's all gonna be okay, you're gonna it's gonna be okay, you just like Maynard showed you? You're gonna get slapped around a little bit. It's okay. You're not even gonna fit physically. You're not your feelings are gonna get hurt. So you're going to get your feelings hurt. And it'll be the best thing that ever happened to you. Because it's actually about ego deflation. We realize that our feelings are not facts, right? Just have feelings, exaggerated feelings, right? And regardless of what the comment said or what I'm feeling I still can just go and post another video. We're just gonna take another piece of action just despite what are the biggest breakthroughs. Despite what I'm feeling, I can still do whatever I want. So, you know, so man, so, dude, thanks again. Tell your wife and family hello from the Legendary team and so well done. And thanks so much for your value today, brother and we'll see you really soon.

Maynard: Thank you for having me. Thank you see all right, man.

Dave: I will talk to you later, buddy. Go follow Boehner to dream into reality. He's going to be over on Instagram of course, like we talked about and you can also find him on TikTok. He's going to be going in building a YouTube channel and doing all the things that he said and you better believe he's going to do exactly what he said he's gonna do I mean that guy. That guy is the type of guy who doesn't tell you what he's going to do, just goes and does it and then comes back. It's like, look at all the stuff I did. I like those kinds of guys. I really do. I like those kinds of guys and gals. We don't but you don't need to explain yourself. You don't need to announce yourself. You don't need to explain yourself to anybody in your life unless it's your spouse and you share a bank account or whatever. And I won't get in the middle of that. You're kidding. But you don't owe anyone an explanation. In life. You just go, just go do what you want to do. Just go take action. That's what Maynard did. That's why I'm so fired up this morning because I like seeing him. And so go and support him. And we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow at 10am. Eastern time. You want a text message reminder. Go ahead and get that. Go ahead and get that WUL to 813-296-8553. We'll send you a nice little gentle message. We won't even hurt your feelings in the text message. A gentle because we know it's the morning we want to hit you too hard. A gentle text reminder with a link you can just click the link and come right on to the live so text WUL to the number on the screen. And hey, we will see you back here tomorrow. For another episode. Peace.