On Monday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Joshua Dennis to talk about how he started his online affiliate marketing business side hustle. Joshua is a bartender who lives in Oregon. Joshua first found Legendary through Darryl Gray Jr. on TikTok. He had heard about affiliate marketing and gave it a try a while back, but did the 15-day business builder challenge in 2021 and got hooked when he made his first commission 2 months later. 

When Joshua was first starting out he had to face several challenges. Those included getting distracted with strategy, being afraid to be a newbie, and navigating criticisms, and more. If you’re someone who is just starting out in your affiliate marketing business, this interview is for you. 

Joshua shared his affiliate marketing tips with David Sharpe for anyone who is just starting out with marketing and is trying to get that very first commission. A lot of stress and impatience can happen when just starting out, but it’s important to be patient and try new things within your affiliate marketing business to see what works.

Tip #1- Stick to one strategy at a time. When first starting out with your affiliate marketing business you may grow impatient, just like Joshua did, but it’s important to not jump from strategy to strategy. It’s crucial to see how each strategy is performing. Stick with the strategy you have been testing out and see how it performs over the course of several weeks or a month. Keep track of what’s performing well and what isn’t. This is a great way to test your content creation with your audience and see what builds the most viewers. You won’t know what is actually working if you don’t take the time to test your individual strategies out instead of rushing through them. 

Tip #2- Don’t be afraid to be a newbie. When starting out a lot of people can feel apprehensive or even afraid. It can be uncomfortable being a beginner again, but a lot of the skills it takes to be an affiliate marketer, you likely already have. You can apply skills and situations from your everyday life into affiliate marketing, especially by story telling. Customers and viewers want to relate to the content, and a great way is through turning situations from your everyday life into a story that you can use to market your product. “A lot of people are scared to be a newbie, if you can be successful as a newbie you can be successful no matter what,” Joshua said.

Tip #3- Simplify your content. Joshua told David Sharpe that the most successful sales funnel he had run in the last year was a simple, 1 sentence on the page, the next page with a box to put a name and email, and the third page being another 1 sentence. When a website or sales funnel page has too many words, pictures, or content, it can be overwhelming for the viewer's eyes and they are less likely to put in their contact information. Keeping a landing page simple with few sentences and pictures builds suspense and doesn’t overwhelm the visitor. “Simplifying the copy on your landing page can be a real game changer,” David Sharpe said.

One tip that David Sharpe contributed was to be authentic while making content. “Your mind is making you look bad,” Dave said. You can turn any situation into a story or something that is relatable. Don’t try to pretend to be someone that you aren’t in your content, only be your most authentic self because your audience will be able to connect with you so much better.

Building Good Will In The Marketplace

When building a relationship with your customers you will want your name associated with being trustworthy. The more people that trust you online, the more people that will be likely to open your emails, watch your YouTube videos, and view your short form content. “The number one thing that you have to  remember is that your reputation and the trust of your audience and those who are watching you is the most important thing that you have,” David Sharpe said.

When marketing a product, market the product with how it makes you feel. If you spend your entire video talking about your product, you will end up feeling like a used car salesman. Talk about how your product makes you feel, and how the product will make your customer feel. 

Starting a new online affiliate marketing business can be tricky at first, but applying these tips to your business will help you to get the hang of it and get that first commission. 

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