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Dave: What's going on my friends it's your boy David Sharpe and I am sending myself a little something something. How are you guys doing this morning? Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I actually just kind of rolled out of bed this morning and then put on a tank top shirt and as I was putting on the shirt, I actually ripped it actually ripped but then I was just kind of like screwing it. I'll just go with it so you'll have to excuse the attire this morning. But I'm here. I just got off of an offshore fishing trip also on Friday. That's where I was. I was actually out fishing. I didn't tell Matt that or maybe I did. I can't really remember because I was just kind of like four with my kids tomorrow can you cover and so he did on Friday and he blocked off. And if you didn't catch that show, make sure that you go catch that show on Friday with Matt and Tyler. So let's go ahead and welcome our guest this morning. I'm really excited to talk to you because you want a similar background as I do with trying a lot of different things Mr. Lamb more ml couple more MLMs you know and then you know how we get into the Amazon. E comrades a little bit. nother MLM you know how we do multiple streams of no income. Anyways, help me welcome this morning. I can already tell she's a kindred spirit. 

Jordan: I'm doing great. Thank you guys so much for having me today.

Dave: Appreciate it. Hey, man, we're it's our pleasure. We appreciate you coming on. And before we get started, I wanted to just share a couple of pictures. You know how US dads do so on Friday, we just got in. I just want to go ahead and probably make this right up front. That you know if I'm for some reason absent from one of these Wake Up Legendary’s on a day that I'm supposed to do it. It is because I've gone fishing. And so anyway, here's a little bit of the action on Friday. I took my son with us to I didn't get any good pictures of him with with fish but we had we had a good trip Cecilia my daughter caught her very first grouper and we only went about 12 miles offshore so you know we didn't get into any of the big boys but anyways, that's what I was doing on Friday. So once again, if I'm ever missing here from this show and if anybody's curious where I might be, where did Dave disappear to? Probably for 20 to 3040 or 5060 miles with my kids or some buddies and I'll be back the next day. You know what I mean? So I mean, you know we got to live the dream here. We can't be preaching the dream of living the nightmare. I mean if we're on this show, and I'm out here every day talking about oh yeah freedom, freedom freedom, but I'm basically in a in a straitjacket of sorts whether I can you know, I have no flexibility and work hours or I or I'm just miserable in with the people I work around or what I have to wear or what I have to do or whatever I mean, to me, this is all about being able to do what we want when we want with who we want, and really how we want you know what I mean? And and so that's a little bit of sort of my why of why keep doing this and but they know my why so what's what's your legendary story and tell us how you found us What led you to us and what was going on before that what what even what even had you look in or or made you interested?

Jordan: Sure. Yeah. So I grew up in the state of West Virginia so it was very difficult like where I grew up. We were like two hours away from Chick fil A Starbucks. Everything she did was very difficult to make a good living. So I was always looking for a way out of my like non evolved because I've always wanted to break this generational plague that was upon my family of just being in debt and having to work your life away for somebody else's dream. And I was like, I've always had the mentality of like, hey, if they can do it and so can I, but I just need to know how to get there. I never knew how to get there. So then I was, you know, back in 2018. I went through a divorce and I was driving around with like $3 in my checking account and I knew that I needed to make a change. And I was

Dave:  Like I just can visualize you driving around what a powerful and potent choice of words to tell that story. I just want to because we are markers and as we sit here every day and tell stories, you know, we're always talking about all this storytelling and storytelling and all that but just the choice of words I'm driving around with $3 in my checking account I just basically visualized you looking you know, not as not as you know bright eyed and bushy tailed as you do right now, but more like oh, you know, yeah, even around with $3 That's a good good tool for that story. So please continue.

Jordan:  Definitely yeah, and it began obviously to cause a lot of you know, depression and anxiety and my mental health just went downhill.

Dave: Could you add some potency to that story for all of us to help us relate a little bit more to when you say my mental health went down your anxiety depression, could you tell us could you give us an example of kind of like what that look like without without without I'm not trying to pry into personal stuff. But you give us an example that's not going to violate your own boundaries and pride.

Jordan:  Sure. Yeah. Honestly, I like to be honest with what I'm going through just so they can be more relatable to other people because I'm you know, I'm not the only one that's going through stuff like this. So, it basically looks like I lay on my bed at night with a bottle of liquor because I tried to drown my feelings. I didn't want to face everything that was going on. And unfortunately, that's just a temporary fix. And just kind of just laying in bed feeling like a man, like I have a huge dream within me. I just don't know how to apply it and what to do with it and it just became like a thought because I wasn't okay mentally. And if you're not okay mentally then everything else is gonna be off track like you know, your relationships, your business, like you got to get that under control. So then I was introduced to network marketing, I believe in 2019. I was like, this is here. This is exactly like what I'll be looking for and all this stuff. And I had a blast. I had awesome mentors, but then I worked my butt off. And I made probably a couple 100 bucks with that company and like till this day, and then in 2020 Somebody else offered me other other things like Oh, like this, these are products that you use every single day like this just makes sense to do this. And I was like, okay, whatever, you know, I'll give it a shot. So I did and like within two years I literally made $20 Talking to over 600 people. So it ended up just draining my checking account more than ever, like increasing my checking account. So


David Sharpe  

network marketing for so many men, I mean it's and



thankfully it gave me like a lot of experience but would you say I'm sorry,


David Sharpe  

just the friends and fit the warm the warm? The warm network marketing, you know what I mean? It's like where's where? How are you going to scale this build this business? Through your friends and family. You know what I mean? Like Sam Walton, or are you know Henry Ford, or, you know, who's all these great entrepreneur? Printers, men and women. What did you think they got there by selling to their friends family? No. You know what I mean? I mean not. I would bet a lot of them have similar stories as us where many of their family members don't even use their products or support them. I mean, it's just we can't build we have to understand that. We can't scale a business on friends and family. We just can't do that. You know, even in Now somebody might say, Well, what about a small town and referral marketing? That's true, but you're never it's always you. You're servicing the whole town. There's a lot of small town businesses, but they're they're servicing. And I guarantee those, those businesses are those are mom and pops and they're kind of like dinosaurs at this point. They're becoming a thing of the past. So it's even difficult to survive off of a small town or network of people outside of your friends and family. Yeah. Globalization, you know globalization, the ability to be able to do business with no boundaries is in I know that a lot of people their political views there that they get, they have all kinds of different perspectives. But just think about this for a second. You know, at the end of the day, would you when it comes down to math, you know, what do you want the math in your favor and if your product legitimately will help people why wouldn't you want to sell it? Worldwide? Why wouldn't you want to get it into as many people's hands as possible, whether it's in your country or another country, and the the internet is the only thing that makes that possible for the little guy or gal like you and me and so once you got into Network Marketing, $20.02 years, 600 people prospect or whatever? What happened then?

Jordan:  Yeah, so that's actually something I've really been learning as far as the greatest thing I've ever done personally for myself was go MIA for my family and friends and start adding complete strangers on social media. But anyways, the way I was laying on my couch one day and I was like, Man, I just knew that there was more to life than like what I was currently doing and it was just laying on my couch surely on TikTok. I came across a random video of this girl who said she was able to quit her job in six months. And you know she has a video going viral and her accounts are viral and just like everybody else writing a comment I think I would get an answer back super quick. And like you know what, forget it. I just went right to her website and started the training. I was rushing through the training ASAP trying like day two. I knew that's what I've been looking for. Because you don't have to worry about hosting parties and the sales calls, keeping inventory. You don't have to rely on your mama and your friends to get paid every month. You know. And so yeah, that's basically how I found it on TikTok.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So you started going through the challenge with a lot of the information. Was that new to you as much as you had been exposed to various network marketing training and so had you never been exposed to or, or, or kind of, you know, learned what I talked about in the challenge. What were some of the big aha moments for you if that was the case? 

Jordan: Honestly, I just remember things like going off my head, like left and right, like light bulbs going off because I had previously tried to learn on YouTube because I was trying to take the free route. And that didn't teach me anything, really. And so if you didn't do anything, you didn't learn anything. I mean, at least, at least tell everybody who's thinking about that. what your experience is because you did learn something in that experience. And I just remember, I'm talking about going on YouTube. 

Dave: I'm talking about going on YouTube and doing the free route. Tell us what happened with that because you're like, you didn't learn anything but what you learned was that didn't work. But a lot of people try that a lot of people go through our challenge and then they come up for example, and they see our business blueprints, and they're like, that's a cost, right? It's not, it's not a it's not an investment into the business. It's not anything like learning to get trained up so you know what you're doing. People look at that as a cost. So it's such a common thing for them to start a YouTube and all this and that and so, would you just give us your experience of doing that? And what I mean, you already said it didn't work, but like what specifically, specifically happened so people can have a little bit of that experience from you?

Jordan:  Sure. Yeah. It just kind of seem like we're more focused on themselves and just trying to hurry up and get a cell is what it felt like to me and that they weren't being like it wasn't there for is it making sense to me like I have a slow brain so that I had to see things like visually multiple times. Normally, it just wasn't making sense to me and also, they didn't focus on anything really. It's like, obviously hard work on that, like in the hands on, like that. Complete shift and my whole entire mindset. And everything just made perfect sense. I mean, yeah, even after the training, I had to Google a few things, but I mean, that every entrepreneur needs to get used to just doing things on their own sometimes, like, you know, so like, ever since like and then when I was offered like the blueprints and stuff like that, I was like, I don't got the money for that. And then like I talked to my husband about it and my business plan advisor, and he was like, No, you don't have to buy them but it helped me quit like my six figure income job, six months, and like, throw it on the credit card. Like if this is actually gonna work like let's do this, then it just depends on how big is your dream and what are you willing to do in order to get there? You know, I tell people all the time like, you can't just expect to run a six figure, online business or learn a high income skill for like 10 cents. You know, you have to be willing to invest a little bit into yourself.

Dave: And you damn sure can't get mad about the results you ain't getting from the work you've been doing. Exactly. Yep. That's gonna become my motto. It's going to become the legendary marketer Dave Sharpe. Because we always want to get mad about the results. We didn't get the work we didn't do. Yep, that's so true. And it just makes such perfect, clear sense. When I hear you explain what you've done. Now that I'm talking to you, you're obviously on your way to succeeding massive success, all the success Jordan that you've always wanted and been looking for and searching for and that you deserve and that you're capable of. of it because you know, who you are, you know what you're capable of, well, now, you do have the business model and the training to be able to be able to step into your potential and that really does show that change really does happen when you get the right information from the right people in the right environment. Now, what most people want to do is they want to give you wrong information from the wrong person in a shitty ass abusive, controlling, just toxic environment, and then they want you to be addicted to them for the rest of their life for the rest of your life. Because they think they helped you but really, they didn't help you, they hurt you. That's what happens most of the time in this world with most things. And this is why my philosophy is be the right person with the right information to create the right environment, don't make it in and create independent people, not dependent people. Independent people are not dependent people, because independent people are how we change the world ourselves first and then one more person at a time. depending on people is how we feed a gurus ego gotta be real careful. That's why I don't know. I don't want I don't want to be nobody's guru. I want nobody to think of Dave Sharpe as their Savior. What's your guru? I'm not your Savior. I'm not your mentor. I'm not none of this shit. I'm not in your Facebook inbox trying to be your mentor trying to sling you some bullshit coaching because the truth of the matter is that you have the right information from the right person or people in the right environment. takes a village to raise a champion not a single mentor. That's good. So, a village to raise a champion, not a single mentor. So you know whether it's network marketing, and they're telling us just just keep calling, just keep making the list. Whether it's some asshole who's in your DMS or whatever when they go, Oh, I'll be your mentor. If anybody wants to be your mentor. They don't deserve it, they're not ready. Because what most great mentors in life will make somebody chase them. They don't want to do it. And I'm not saying that. For me. I don't take personal one on one calls. I don't do one-on-one coaching and I don't do any of that shit. It's just because this is about anybody's going to succeed. It's going to be from a healthy community of people. And that's got to be the right information. It's got to be coming from the right people. And it's got to be the right environment, meaning that people got to, you know, hang around, be supportive, but they can also leave, they can also leave and the other thing with network marketing that I experienced was, look, if I was to tell you straight up, okay, you're I'm going to teach you how to be an entrepreneur, okay? And what you're gonna do is you're gonna go out and sell my products only. Right? And then I'm gonna get mad, and I'm gonna terminate you if you go and you sell something else or do something else. That's my experience and a lot of network marketing companies. At Legendary Marketer. We've never ever asked a single person to promote our products. For a time period we've made it really hard for people to sign up as an affiliate because we just didn't even need the support. It just was. We were we were cruising and cooking and so now we've expanded our team and we can we can handle more more traffic and lead flow, but point here is is that we're teaching people how to go and use these skills, and you can apply them in any niche and quite frankly, you can apply them in any business even though we teach the core for selling information via courses coach and then support. But there's a lot of things that I didn't know when I first got started Jordan in network marketing, and also coming on the internet with all these people who are mentor and now let's look okay, I know that we as affiliates, we use the word mentor, we use the word coach and I'm not putting I'm not dealing with the male people in a healthy way. I'm talking about these toxic people who are in your DMS and they want to be your coach and they want to be your they want to be your Savior. That's really what they want to be. We do healthy positive mentorship in most cases, we do it in a one to many, right one and there's 250 people watching us right now, one to many, versus one on one why because one to many has more leverage. But these are some of those little things that I've learned along the way and also also, you know, what sort of culture we try to create here at Legendary, because I have been a part of other toxic cultures and environments. Where they weren't telling the truth. And that is not up for debate. A fact is a fact. And the fact is, if you're struggling in your network marketing business, it's not just mean you need to go back and expand your warm list of friends and family. It's because the marketing model sucks, and most likely nobody wants the product because I can get for cheap on Amazon. Yep. I'm really like a son of a bitch. This morning. I'm sorry.

Jordan:  Hey, it's the truth.

Dave: So, so one now that you've you've kind of started to pick up some of these skills and in kind of have your your eyes open to what's possible this kind of man now I can really kind of maybe do something that's a little bit more scalable and I can go to my West Virginia, you know town or whatever in terms of just marketing to my friends, family and these people. What's what's happened since then, and when did you start? When did you take the challenge and encounter? Let's talk a little bit about what's happened since then.

Jordan:  Sure, yeah, I've actually only been doing this since February. So I got consistent every single day for two months. That's when I got my first commission. And then month four is when things really took off for me. I ended up making more money in three days than what I did in my previous job in two weeks. And back in February. Whenever I started, I was like I told my whole entire team I was working, I was a mortgage processor. And I said guys, we really need to start a side hustle because I feel like we're about to get laid off. And sure enough, I lost my $90,000 job in May. Yes, I went out for a walk. It just seemed like a normal day came back and they're like we just terminated the whole entire team. So yeah, so then everything blew up for me like month four. And so now I'm able to actually do this full time. This is my main focus right now. So that's kind of like I think it was like a week ago my this TikTok account was like 1000 followers, and it was just like one of them stupid videos where I run out of my car. Just imagine this in 2023 and it goes viral and like my account grew. I think like 19,000 followers and like a week from that one video. So that's proof right there that you don't have to do anything fancy. Like I feel like you need filters and a bunch of makeup on to go viral and like I want to talk about that here in a second.

Dave: Damn it must have been an industry wide thing though. I mean, because you know what I mean? Yeah, so did you say so may like, you know, what's happening in Main Street right now. And it also happens to be happening on and on. It's coming from Wall Street, right and it's coming from crypto and it's coming from the fear from the war in Ukraine. It's also coming from all of the prices of gas and groceries and things of that nature being you know, being increased because of the war because of supply chain issues. From COVID. People have not caught up yet. Or simple supply and demand which will increase the price, right? If there's a bigger supply than there is a demand. It's really simple economics what happens, but it's complex because it happens on such a huge scale, and it's hard to really understand what's happening. I'm not saying I fully understand what's happening. But what I do know is that around April, May, the world just took a big shift like nothing really changed. But the markets just kind of just started panicking and everybody was selling their stock and gas gas was going through the roof. Companies now can no longer afford so with mortgage companies, they raise rates, right now you can no longer issue mortgages as easily as you could when rates were zero because people can't afford them anymore. That's how they're trying to slow down. Inflation has not made it easy for people to borrow money. So the Federal Reserve is raising rates. So it's more expensive to borrow money. So less people borrow money. And so hopefully that brings down the demand. Right, right demand because what's raising the price is that there's high demand in low supply. Now, of all these things that are currently so, what are mortgage companies doing? They're laying people off, which is many, I would assume, whether you're a loan officer, the real estate market is going to catch up to what's going on right now. House prices are going to come down. I'll leave and so Realtors loan officers, anybody in the mortgage industry who thinks you know, they just went through whatever they went through college certifications, whatever. If that. You just graduated college, for example, or you just did this and you're gonna make a career change now all of a sudden, a recession hits. Yeah. So what is my point in saying all this that in over 10 years we have been going through multiple recessions? This will be the second one. There may have been another small one, but of course coming off of 2008 Nine and 10 with the big mortgage crisis, remember? And now this one, guess what? We just had even though your mortgage company laid off tons of people last year. 2021 In our fifth year of business was a record breaking year by triple the sales last month. Last month was a record breaking month for our company. Wow. What is my point is that a lot of times we'll go into an industry we'll just have graduated college, whatever in some sort of natural disaster, some circumstance out of our control happens. And now all of a sudden, we get wiped out, our opportunity gets wiped out. And so it's important to try to look ahead and have this experience going through this situation right now. Just coming out of a really hot market, a bull market, and now moving into a slower market, a bear market right week and see what businesses are going to survive and in which, in which, thrive in which are going to die off. And you'll notice that right now. You don't have to take my word for it. Just pay attention to the online space. It was thriving. Last year everybody was coming online because of COVID That's why 2021 was gonna be because everybody was at home. And they were coming online because of COVID. Now, why is everybody going to be going online looking for side hustles? I'm looking for just information and cheaper things. And just the internet, internet, internet. Why?

Because you need a side hustle. You need extra information you need to prepare, but in most cases we sell, you know marketing and business and so forth. So people are always going to be looking for opportunities. And that's why I've worked in the Make Money Online or online business space for the last 10 years because it's been pretty recession proof. In your network marketing company, the lotions, potions and pills, do you think those are going to be worthy items that people are going to buy through a recession? Absolutely not. So what are some of the big takeaways that you've had that have worked really well since you've been marketing consistently?

Jordan:  That's like the main thing like it's so powerful and consistency will make you money. How will you get financially free and that's one thing I've learned with and just like if you find something you love and learn how to monetize it, you'll never have to work like another day in your life because it's not gonna feel like work. So that's my biggest takeaway is just consistency and it will change your life.

Dave: God I just read something last night and I'm not gonna be able to find it. I don't know if I saved it or not. But it was so good. It was right in line with what what you just what you just what you just said it's, it's it's really all it's really all about. You know, it's not about it's not about it's not about always things taking off super fast and you being able to determine if your business is a winner right away. Yes, sometimes you have to stick in there and you have to be consistent and not quit right before the miracle happens. You know, and and you have to determine whether your will ultimately you have to make a decision for yourself. Obviously you want to know whether it's worth your time. And that's why me sitting here saying you got to stick in there until they don't quit before the miracle happens. It really is an act of faith or trust or it's an act of something. Tell me what you think it is. to to to move forward when you see other people succeeding but you're still unsure if it's right for you. What is that called when you when you move is that faith is that perseverance is that grit is that just it? What is that? What is that that people have to do or have in order to move through that phase? That no one that everything requires that you go through in order to get good at something?

Jordan:  Yeah, I feel like a lot of it depends on like, bigger dreams. And like just not allowing anything to stop you regardless of whether it's just you know, things are being like, things are super slow, or you know, you're not seeing any results. Your dream is bigger than the things that you're seeing and just having faith and believing that if you can trick your brain into believing anything that you want to be because as soon as you trick your brain your body's gonna start automatically doing what it needs to do in order to get you to where you need to be. So I feel like a lot of it has to do with just faith and like believing in yourself. Because if you believe in yourself, you're like halfway there.

Dave: Wow, you know what I think if that is true and it sounds pretty true. I think the challenge that a lot of us have is why do we believe in others more than we believe in ourselves? That I think is the challenge that so many of us have because I really believe that like you know if I want to do something and I think about somebody that's doing it it's like wow, I watch them and I believe they can do it. I see them doing it, but I don't believe I can do it. It's hard because I haven't seen myself do it yet. You know, and so the question is, how do you bridge that gap? You know, I'll tell you how I did it. You know, something that's been really helpful for me is to visualize myself doing something successfully. You know, it's almost like it's almost like practice. And I've done this several times, most specifically with public speaking stuff, like when I've hosted events. And I'm nervous headed into the event because I'm the one who's not know what I mean? Like some people don't even want to speak in front of just a few people or whatever and you never Don't get nervous. You never don't have butterflies. You never Don't you always whether it's excitement or fear or whatever it is or a combination of there's always going to be an emotion and I still have that to this day. And one of the things that that's really helped me and I and I do use this with everything that I do now. I visualize myself doing the speaking in around the audience in a powerful kind of physiologic, you know, just put, when am I looking for physio my physical my body, my body movement, my body language, my physiology is is it's it's not you know I'm not you know, Heidi, I'm visualizing myself doing the things that I want to do. And so then when I get there in that situation, it's almost like I've rehearsed and practiced. And I do the same thing with everything that I do. It's sort of like a built-in I try to play the tape through and visualize what's going to happen before it happens. So I can try to use that as a North Star. But I think we all do that. I think that many of us and even me in certain situations. Instead of in instead of visualizing and empowering the outcome. We visualize a total train wreck. Would you agree? And then it's like, yep, you know, that's true. Yep. So, if you do have a stroke, how do you overcome that? I mean, how do you when you're when you're about to do something like for example, going on video, getting on video and now you're live today? I don't know if you've done any other things. What are you saying to yourself? How did you overcome any fears that you had a video or awkwardness? I'm actually super shy. Like I've never overcome my awkwardness by the way. And so just four months ago, it was actually five months ago, I first started I was very camera shy. I've always kind of struggled with anxiety as well, but I was like, I didn't want it to control me. And my dream was bigger than that. So I just face it head one. I've done several lives like oh my TikTok but I normally get pretty nervous before then to have to take multiple deep breaths from the camera and then I'll come on, but today I was freaking out like I've been freaking out for like three hours about this. Like I'm gagging before actually even coming on live because I'm so nervous.

Dave: You know, I do this loud gag yell in the morning like “ahhh!”  sometimes when I've not had anything to drink or I'm in the bathroom and Erin's, like, are you? Are you okay? And they're like a daily thing.

Jordan: That's fine. Yeah. So I just, I just face it head on, and I don't allow it to slow me down or stop me.

Dave: It's not easy. Yeah, I mean, it's just, it's really just a decision right? It's like I can I can. I can. I can waste a lot of time just kind of muddling over this. And that's what I think we do a lot is like and I even see it in the comments like who leave a comment if you've been procrastinating on some shit just anything. Anything. You know what I mean? In what is that? Like? Seriously like declare it put it out there make a deck of public declaration. Here's why. Is because it's because you've not made a decision yet. You know what I mean? Just make a decision. Just make a decision. Even even if it's no make the decision today the decisions no matter maybe you want to change the decision in week or in a month. But today, like if y'all want to take a break from your business or whatever. I'm done. Done right now. I'm putting this down. might come back to it later. So much more empowering to do that to say that, to operate like that instead of the old bullshitting you know the the dishonesty the self deceit, it really because if we go back a second ago, and I'm just going everything that I'm saying right now is based off what you said, because I believe what you're saying is true. And a second, you said you got to believe in yourself. That was the thing that you've done. You've said two things that were difference makers in your business and in your life so far number one was the size of your dream. Number two was and also the consistency, the consistency piece. Okay. So I got to make a decision about all of these. All of the what, what I come what I call them is incomplete pieces. Your life right now is a series of incomplete puzzles. Right? Everything's incomplete. And I'm not like just take this in for a second because mine is in some ways to. It's an incomplete puzzle doesn't have to be a complex. It might have just been a couple of pieces, but it's incomplete every time that I have something that's incomplete that I don't complete, even in development cycles. Why do you think people get you know, why do you think we get fetishes and why do you think we have learned this? You know, things that it's because we didn't complete cycles? That's a lot of times what it is in. I don't want to get too complex with some of this stuff. When I said the fetishes it's it's there's a there's a rabbit hole. I don't want to go down that rabbit hole right now. But what I mean is to make this really simple, as a lot of us have incomplete. A better example from childhood would be we didn't get certain nurturing and loving. And so that's incomplete. And so you hear people who say, women have daddy issues, that's better. That's bullshit that's putting women down. It's an incomplete development phase where the father didn't stick around to love and support the girl through that development phase. That's what it is. It's not the dad. It is that disrespectful way to talk to women. And so that's an example guys have it too. If I if I didn't have I didn't complete a certain development cycle with my mother and I would have mommy issues in many of us men do


We continue to create incomplete puzzles our entire life, to the point where we don't know who we are, and we don't believe in ourselves. And that's where our lack of self esteem comes from. It's it's my wife made a wonderful point. She spoke at a recovery convention last week and she spoke on trauma and she said that it's not the event. It's the lack of completing the processing of the event. What I'm saying is, because we all experienced traumatic shit, whether it's a car accident, going to war, whether it's giving up, whether it's witnessing something being abused, but the trauma, the real hurt comes from not processing in completing the healing. Right. So we basically will, trauma happens when we stab ourselves. And then we say, Oh, that's not a problem. I'm just going to move on with life no and no band aid, no first aid, nothing. So when we start our business, the same thing happens. We carry these patterns in these old habits into our business as well and so we don't complete things. We don't make decisions and we really owe ourselves self care and that self love to for example, if you start to challenge you know, it's that simple. You can really say, Hi, I went through this and it wasn't for me, or I went through it and it really was for me, but just Now's not the time, or I went through it and it is from me. And 20 years ago was the time. Now is the second best time that we complete things and then we can feel good about ourselves as a sample is a relationship. A lot of us bail too soon. You know, I wanted to be able to get married soon in my marriage, but I stuck it out in thin air and completed rehabilitation and healing work that I needed to do on myself and that we needed to do as a couple. And so we have to give ourselves a break. And don't get mad about the results that we don't get for the work that we don't do and that's why you're just about consistency in these pieces are wonderful. What would you leave people with this morning? What piece of advice or you know, experience or support would you leave with everybody who's hanging on every word that you're saying this morning?

Jordan:  Sure. Yeah. Just remember, just be consistent and just kind of want to piggyback off what you said about procrastination. Procrastination, if you're average, like there's no way to sugarcoat that so you just have to get over that figure out what you want in it and run with it. So that's basically my only advice. It will keep you as a big thing. 

Dave: I'll keep you average, because that's what everybody's doing. And I mean, there's nothing wrong with being average or ordinary. There's really not I mean, just because I wear a shirt that says fuck average Be Legendary almost every day and some days even has a hole in it by the way, you know? Shit happens. But it's there's no there's nothing wrong with being I mean, it's just for me, this is my this is my church. You know what I mean? Like I don't want to be, I don't want to be absent. I don't want to be one of the ordinary, I want to be Legendary in every area of my life that's important to me. And I want to fulfill my values and I want to. I want to feel good about the life that I live in. The way that I do. That is the things that I talked about today in a way that you're doing that are the things that you talked about today. And you should be proud of yourself and I know I am in the community. I can tell people or know you and we're going to be following you now. And so I look forward to a bunch of new friends. And thanks so much for coming on this morning. And thanks. Yeah, come back and see us if you're willing. All right, I will. Thank you. All right, Jordan. We'll talk to you later. All right. Yeah. Yeah. All right. My friends. She made it out a lot. She said she was nervous, but she killed it. And that's the beautiful thing about well, just walking through your fear. The beautiful thing is, that on the other side of that fear, is usually the results that you want. And on the other side of that fear is also going to be some work. Remember, there's always going to be work that's involved with anything that you do that's worth anything. Anything that's going to be great and legendary for sure. Okay, because legendary is a full knob a couple of notches above great, you know, so if you're going to do something that's legendary, it's going to take some work. But wouldn't you rather do something that's legendary, even if it's one thing, if nothing in your life you would consider and that was that was legendary, you know? Why not make this legendary? Why not make your business? Why not make the effort that you put into this because it's so ripe and prime and available to anybody and everybody who wants it? There's no point. I mean, there's obviously laws and stuff that we're not even getting anywhere close to any of that stuff. I mean, this is just an empowering business model that is proven to thrive. Through pandemics, recessions, and it's just, it's just ripe and prime for really anybody and the beautiful thing is you come in for the money. But really, you get so much more out of this process and out of this business and out of this community, a lot of growth, a lot of development, ultimately stepping into your full potential. Be Legendary, get out of here. See you tomorrow. Peace.