Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  What's going on everybody? Happy Labor Day. If you're joining us live, drop a little comment and let us know where you're tuning in from. It's always fun to see where people are tuning in from and if this is your first time we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern, and we have that really since we were doing this for a long time before COVID and everything but when the pandemic hit, we started going live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern and just started interviewing people just like hey, how's it going? What's new in your business? How did you start your little, you know, work from home style business, how did it work? How did you learn, you know, and just unpacking strategies and stuff like that. And, we've got another great pair of guests today. A couple so this will be a fun and really interesting episode, I think, who's crushing it? I'm not actually sure where they're from or where they're at because I signed in a few minutes late. It was just like you're ready to go live. So let's bring in Bruna and Donnie How are you guys

Bruna:  I’m From Brazil

Donny:  I'm from Washington. But we originally met and got married in Los Angeles. 

Matt:  Well, we've got people from all over the world and all over I mean, certainly over the United States, but man our community is pretty large and pretty vast. All over the place. And it's fun to see people from just all over the world to can learn and discover how to, you know, make money on the internet like get their little, you know, it's sort of like a big pie and you've kind of cut out your slice of the pie and there's enough pie for everybody. So you guys can tell us a little bit about you guys. Tell us, bring us into your world. How did you start online? What gave you the idea to start doing content creation? Online and you guys have about a billion social media channels that you guys are now let's just about how you got started and how did you find us and had you tried anything before that?

Bruna:  Wellyou guys know my sister Camila she's, yeah, she's doing great. for a long time. She was trying to, you know, make me go inside this thing because, as you know, I'm an immigrant. It's really hard for me to bring my professional career to the United States. It's a lot of process you gotta go through I am graduating architecture. Yeah. So I have my license, English, you know, but in here it's a long, long, long rock won't. So yeah. We decided after watching her going crazy up on this business and then we decided to try Donny at the time. He was just changing. Leave you that. Maybe he was. He's a veteran. So yeah, kinda like let's let's try

Matt:  That's really cool.

Donny:  Oh, yeah. Military. I was in the Navy. So I did a deployment and stuff like that. So I was on an aircraft carrier in the fifth and seventh fleet. So Asian and Arab countries. did a tour. So I came back and I was like, Okay, once you're in the Navy or the military in general, it's come back and it's like, okay, what am I going to do now? You know, so, I started. We started doing this actually and I started working at an Air Force base here as a contractor. Yeah, we moved here to Las Vegas, and I started working on an Air Force base as a contractor, but at first I was doing this full time, and it was working really well for us. And then I was like, okay, maybe I can, you know, do this as a side hustle. So I actually started working on the base and doing this part time. And it wasn't working pretty well as when I was doing it full time. So I actually stopped doing that and I'm doing this full time now. Yeah.

Bruna:  Because while he was working part time on Legendary, I was working full time. And then now he's working full time legendary and I am working part time so I love that because we have each other to balance, the you know, pursuing this 24/7

Donny:  we're kind of switching off back and forth. So it's like, when she is you know, like I'm getting busy, you know, because she gets some projects you know, we're able to like, move around. And yeah, it's like, it's like a, I look at it as like the military because the military is like a day and night shift. And so it's like when she's off I'm on. So it's like that, but not necessarily day and night shift because we want to spend time together. Like someone's always able to answer people that have questions or post videos, so it's kind of like a good team type of type deal.

Bruna:  And thankful because of our success with legendary we are able to buy our house now

Matt:  Congrats.

Bruna:  Yeah thank you,

Matt:  man. Isn't that isn't that crazy? Like sometimes I think back like 30 years ago how like this just like it wasn't a thing. Like it was just like you had your job. And that was about it. Like the internet wasn't really a money making machine like it is now. And that's cool and I love the balance. Like kind of the teamwork the camaraderie the the balance between somebody's work and somebody's not and also like you guys are making great money online but like I also really love you know, a couple years back we had a guy there was there was a guy we knew us in our community went through our training and stuff and ended up he ended up making a million dollars and he kept his job in the Air Force that entire time. I think eventually he quit his job. But it wasn't. It wasn't until after he had made a million dollars and sometimes, you know people people are like, like people will throw out the number like six figures like oh, that's when you've made it, you know, and then there's like taxes and then there's like, we actually have to live and then like, you know, it starts like boiling away. And I like the sort of the realism of like, No, we're grinding out two jobs, we're working our jobs. We're gonna buy a house because like sometimes this with with independent contractor income too, like it's hard to buy a house just off of that because it's not considered like real income, you know, for a mortgage so having jobs allows you to buy a house but also have like supplemental income coming in every single month from the work you're doing online to and that's cool. So tell me about content creation, had you guys created content on the internet before like on social media? Were you on social media?

Bruna:  I'm very shy, especially because my first language is Portuguese. And I'm terrible. Like I'm still learning English. I came here to study English. And I kinda like dealing with this fight. But I never ever thought like I wouldn't be from a camera. Especially now talking to a bunch of people.

Matt:  Isn't that funny? How like, I don't know. I've been in this industry for over 10 years and the funniest thing is that every time somebody has an insecurity like that, it always ends up being their strength. Always. Like every single time somebody from a different country has told me English is my second language. And I was like, well just imagine if that was your biggest strength because people a lot of times you know, like really polished people who just they're real polish. They're really like I've noticed over the last like five years, how there's been this sort of shift from the believability factor like of how people are kind of like this dude's just smooth, polished, it's to put together it's to, like people really crave that sort of like, Man, this is interesting. Like, she doesn't even really like to speak like, Well, what I guess traditionally, like accurate English or whatever you want to call it, but it just sounds like I'm gonna like to lean in a little more because it's interesting. You know what I mean? I read this book called the Gifts of Imperfection. It's a book by Brene Brown, and that's what that's what that made me think of which is like, the whole idea behind it is that every, like, imperfection that we have. is hidden inside of it are just tons of gifts and tons of things that are actually like to our benefit. And yeah, it's just funny that you would have that too because I bet everybody who follows you is just like, Are you kidding me? Like your contents, amazing like I love watching her. Why would you ever think that but to us? It's like, No, I'm nervous. And I'm like, worried what people are gonna think and what about you, Donny? Have you ever done any content creation or anything? No.

Donny:  I mean, the weird thing for me is I was a college athlete. So you kind of get on social media and you have a fan base and stuff like that. I went to the University of Montana, play football there. We're on track there also, but after that, once I joined the Navy, it was actually like, put private blockings and like or delete your social media because people didn't want to, you know, my squadron. They don't want people to know what ports we were visiting and people post that type of stuff. So actually, like went away from social media for a while and I actually lost like all these I come back to and I'm like, Whoa, there's like all these extra steps I have to take or even TikTok to like, I didn't know how to post a video, do color customizer. Like the videos and stuff like that. So that was a huge learning curve for me. And I thought that it was going to, you know, I just applied all the skills that I learned in life to take it step by step and form good habits of doing it every day. And I just slowly have gotten better. And just stick with it. I think,

Matt:  Man, that's cool. I love that. That just sounds so simple. I just took all of everything I've learned in life. But yeah, I guess you know, being like an athlete being in the military, like a lot of those. I mean, in order to have any success in any of that, like you've got to, you've got to be able to stick with something you've got to be able to battle through adversity. You've got to be able to take moments of letdown or disappointment and kind of be like, alright, well, you got to push through that. You know, like, you really have to lean into a lot of discomfort in order to be a division one athlete. So you take that and I think that's a good learning lesson for anybody who's doing anything you know, is like a little bit of consistency, like a little bit of just giving it some time to start to figure it out. It's more of like, it's like when people come into our challenge they watch our challenge and stuff like here's a great baseline for a business, you can run that a lot of people do run on the internet, and you probably don't realize it until somebody says it to you. But outside of that it's kind of like you're an engineer a little it's like you have to be able to like look at all the different parts and say like, well how am I going to wire this to this and how am I going to connect, you know, and start to it's like you become a pro and YouTubing stuff because there are pieces and parts of it that are like you gotta figure it out. You just have to figure it out. That's the only answer. What uh, so what's the strategy behind all of the social media channels? I don't know how many you've got but a lot which is called

Donny:  Omnipresence I think is was our goal behind that because, you know, you never know I was you know, both of us watching these wake up legendary shows and we realize that and seeing through our own experience that you know, Instagram or Tiktok or Facebook you know, one of them can just be like going off like with showing our content to, you know,100000 People then all of a sudden next day, it's like 1000 or 500 people. So, from that we realized, you know, it's not like we have multiple accounts, it's not like we're sneaky about having multiple accounts. It's almost like a funnel in a way of like having that Omnipresence to bring everybody to throw that show them which really has helped us to our wealth couple Instagram, because it just it the idea behind it is just, you know, showing or getting our content in front of as many people as we can. Yeah.

Matt:  Interesting with so many different tick tock accounts. If you see you have different tick tock accounts. Are you running them all like this? I'm gonna get real nitty gritty for people here? Are you running them all from the same phones like in the same app? And then also, are you posting different style content? So let's say you got five accounts, which by the way, for anybody who's here like, you should definitely have multiple I would say two or three accounts at all times. That is just the quintessential thing to have one account on Tik Tok. Get a bunch of growth, start really killing it and have that account totally wiped out. And then it's like, I think I think it's over. I think my business is done. Right. What a smart thing to have five tick tock accounts. But you have five, do you post the same content? depo similar content, because I know we interviewed Camila a long time ago, and she had to and she was like, Well, I posted the first video I think I think it was her post the first video and then I basically make the same video exactly the same but it's a different technically it's a different video. She just records how you guys go about that? And cuz I mean five channels. That's a lot of content. How do you do that?

Bruna:  So sometimes we do exactly the same. We're going through just changing some angles, or some words. Whatever we are doing, we're gonna do some needle things differently than the other ones. Sometimes we do like let's say you're recording a video in these accounts and then in the second one, you're like, we just record and then we change our way for the second one to record is the same, but sometimes we change like let's record a couple of videos today, but we're gonna do let's say we post one, one kind of video in this account and then the other one we're gonna post the different video. And then later on, we're gonna switch it.

Matt:  It's simultaneously so easy, but yet, there's complexity to it. Like if you really boil it down. It's a pretty simple business, like a pretty simple content creation strategy. And I think you know, sometimes people view having multiple, like three accounts or something is like, oh my gosh, how can I ever manage that? But really, you boil the content down once you get down to the, to the base layer. It's like, oh, this is not that complicated, but it is really good and it's almost like an insurance policy. A lot of in a lot of ways. But also, if you think about it, because you have an account with like, 70,000 you have an account with 18,000 of account 4000 You have like lots of different but if you think about it, you're kind of broadening excuse me broadening the funnel. Like if you view the channels as the top of your funnel or like where you're just pouring people in and funneling them down. Like you're just making that bigger and larger and opening it up more for people to find and discover you. Do you find that you have overlap? And followers or have you not really noticed that?

Donny:  Sometimes people message multiple accounts, but usually, people aren't stupid. They find they find that wealth couple Instagram account and they kind of realized like, I think I noticed that people will no notice that we're just you know, trying to get them to the wealth couple and showing truthfully showing them the right information and stuff, because people will literally alert us when there are scam accounts because those do happen. You know, there'll be other scam accounts that are like trying to get people to go to like crypto and stuff like that and you know, we have people that Weaver in their trust and they let us know and it was we usually don't know because they block us, block us then right to other people, but it's usually pretty obvious and people can tell

Matt:  Interesting. Yeah, that's fascinating. So you guys have I mean, from all of those accounts, you just got leads coming in every day, right? Yeah. On average, like on average, have a guess of how many leads on average a day you generate from all these accounts? Yeah,

Donny:  of like a lot of things like a lot of people want to see the number or like thinks there's some statistical chart that we have. And it's like we just had, it's going good, it's going good and we keep doing that. And that's bad.

Matt:  I just think the only reason I was asking is just because I think it's just a powerful thing for people to hear and see that there's, I mean, you guys are probably generating like 50 leads a day or 100 leads a day or something like that. I don't know. But it's just every single day from that content. But the cool part is like here's what people underestimate. Sometimes when people like to view followers nowadays on tick tock, because they're so easy to come by. So easy. I mean, back in the day, it was like, You really couldn't get followers like, it was like to generate a lead. You had to go on like buying a Google Ad like it paid for Google ads and there was like $3 a lead so it was like, now you can post a video you can get 10,000 followers from a single video, you know, but I think people underrate and underestimate. I mean, you guys have hundreds, well, not hundreds of 1000s but you get at least 100,000 people following you. And 10s of 1000s of people on your email subscriber list that you know, you can metaphorically dial up and be like, hey, like, you can type a really powerful email and get a lot of people to take action or make a meaningful decision or something which is that's really powerful. It's really cool. Recently, that reminds me recently, Josh Smith. He's in our community and he recently maybe a year ago or so was about to quit his business and realize that he was like, Man, I got a lot of people on my email list and so he just like started writing emails, like he was like, I'm gonna spend some real time and started generating so much income. He was like, I did not realize, you know, I knew I had subscribers, but I didn't think of them like people who are actually opening and be like, Man, I want to know what Josh says today. It is a really powerful thing. Do you guys feel like you guys also do any long form content or as most of your stuff short form video on Instagram and Tiktok and stuff?

Donny:  so I was doing short form content. And then I kind of realized, like, just like we were just talking about the follower thing. And I realized, you know, it's not it isn't it's a new age. It's not just about how many followers you have. And people can buy followers nowadays and stuff like that too. And what ultimately, you know, what we saw really mattered was getting the message out and with like, Instagram reels, tiktok Facebook reels, all those you know, get the content out. It doesn't even matter how many followers you have. So

Bruna:  I love tiktok since I really don't think I like to speak at all. So that I don't say anything. I just fell. I got really good. Good. Oh, when I have to say. I mean, I can deliver a message when I don't feel too confident. I would be more confident in speaking Portuguese. Of course. Yeah.

Matt:  Your Portuguese audience when you're creating content in the United States?

Bruna:  Yeah, I know. And yeah, so why don't say hey, man, I get so nervous. Sometimes I say What's wrong more than I am the video and I have to redo it again, you know, so that's what I do. Yeah. So much speaking. So I go.

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. What, uh, okay. Here's, I wanted to rewind for a second back to your journey back to February. Here's one thing that I was curious about and I forgot about till just now is two things. One, I'm going to come back to that no speaking thing. Because I have a little note on that, too. So when you heard from Camila about our challenge, you actually went and purchased our Blueprints. I remember thinking back to that and I was like, that's kind of interesting, because a lot of times people who are like they have a friend or something, they'll tell you about something. And they'll be like, you know, just go purchase a challenge. Like, you know, you might not need to buy the blueprints or something like that. And, at least, or even, not necessarily the blueprints, but that happens a lot of times. It's like higher priced products. They're just like, well I'll just teach you, you know, like, I'll just show you don't worry about whatever. So I was curious about your decision to purchase the blueprints, even with your sister being uber successful and what was the thought process there?

Bruna:  So in the beginning, we were kind of debating Should we buy should we not, but He had his free time trying to figure out what else he could do. And then we talked and we decided, You know what, let's learn. Let's learn from scratch. So that's how we ended up deciding to buy I think, was the best decision because you can kind of get lost sometimes. So you guys got over well with the blueprints and stuff. So that's how we decided let's go because we are kind of like a blank page. So let's, you know, let's get everything we can in the right way.

Donny:  Just like people ask me all the time to you know, like, what am I going to learn and stuff like that. And if we didn't get the blueprints ourselves, you know, say not only would I not be learning but I wouldn't be able to experience and share

Matt:  what I've learned. Totally, totally. That's that. It sounds like it sounds a little, I don't know, sounds complicated, but it's really not. It's just like hey, like, I've I've I've done everything like that. So here's something that's really interesting to me so check this course out. Hopefully you guys can see this. Let me make sure. Yeah, okay. So, this is this is, this is actually inside of our business blueprints. And this is the affiliate blueprint. And so you were just talking here. I kind of went and said, you know, I'm not doing a lot of talking in our videos. recently. This girl right here, Andrea, who's from Peru. She did let me highlight this. Did a little presentation at one of our masterminds called how I made six figures on Tik Tok without speaking, and this presentation inside of our Blueprints is all about how She was able to and it's all about her strategy because she does the same thing as you guys with a bunch of notes. So it's a very similar setup. Anyway, we just added this into the blueprints five days ago, four days ago, something like that. And the cool part about purchasing our Blueprints is like we didn't know, like you guys didn't get out, like, Hey, you got to pay another $50 to get this upgraded training just like you guys probably didn't even know what was in there till just now. And her strategy and her strategy and she's in Perth. She lives in Peru. And she's been crushing the content creation strategy, but like she does the same thing. She's like, well, you know, like, English is my second language. Like I actually don't speak English that well. So she just points. You know, she just sits there plays music and just likes points and grows huge followings. What a stupid simple way to like, I just, my mind is bad. It's so insane, but it's a really clever train. It's like 45 minute training and it's a really clever strategy that seems like you're basically mastered the exact same thing.

Donny:  I think that's one thing I tell myself is it doesn't have to be like, sometimes you think it has to be like, you know, switching the screen like 20 different times, like flat put a flash in there and stuff like that, but not realizing that it's more the message that you get across that really matters. So it's, oh, can simplify it and just be yourself. Because your business is your business. So it doesn't have to be like someone else's, it can be you can actually your strength could be that you simplify and you're not having all these flashes where people have to, it's hard to read and stuff like that. So I think that's one thing that helped me to continue this is to realize that you can just simplify it and that can be your strength.

Matt:  It's really good. Simplify simplifies. There's a concept called direct response marketing, which is really the basis of a lot of likes, dirt well, not direct sales, but has really good marketing that has clear messaging. That's really the center of it all is like you're kind of just speaking the direct response marketing language of like, it's all about the messaging, and it's all about clarity. It's all just about, I might be clear about the message, am I clear about what I want people to do? And a lot of times what I think happens is people try to get cute and they try to get over they try to overcomplicate stuff. There's a difference between like getting cute and being confusing versus being creative in marketing. So a little bit of creativity and really clear messaging and then I think the third piece you would touch on is giving people a super clear call to action. It takes like a little bit of it takes a little bit of belief in yourself. It takes a little bit of Moxie to be like, here's exactly what I want you to do next, you know because that's like, whoa, like, That's intense. Like you really got to believe in what your day can't just kind of bullshit like, you got to really believe like, Hey, this is exactly the steps you need to take next. And that's when people really start to take action and your business starts to move because of people's behavior. They feel any sort of sense of like, I'm unclear here. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do next. What do they actually want me to do? Like I don't get it. It's like yield. Nothing happens. Nothing happens. There's no conviction. There's no you know what I mean?

Bruna:  Yeah, definitely. We kind of try to make clear the way you say make it clear visually and the message is

Matt:  So smart that you can also go the other way when you try to make things really clear you can lose a sense of like, fun and entertainment. See you also got to connect that a little intrigue, like marketing is about grabbing people's attention. So no marketing. That's why marketing is hard. That's why you have to learn. It talks about learning skills. It's like, you have to actually learn how to grab somebody and pull their attention out, but then also, like make it really clear like that I've got your attention. This message is gonna be real clear. Here's the message. But I love that. I love that crystal clear messaging is no wonder you guys are successful.

Bruna:  We tried to make it simple. A little bit more direct is where I think we've been going lately. Just try to be direct with people who don't want someone to just be direct and tell them no, this is what this is. What it is. So

Bruna:  less is more sometimes.

Matt:  Totally, totally. Less is so much more. So much. The amount of things that have changed that legendary of the last four years is almost nothing. And the reason is, is we know the backstory and history of this industry which is you know people influencers and businesses even the launch of course coursework run for a year and it'll disappear and and then in about lucky if it's a year, maybe like six months and then they've got a hot new thing coming out in you know in a year. And a half. And people do this. Just keep buying hot new things, things, new things. And we wanted to find a timeless business model and then just not change anything. Like add to it, update it sure, but keep it the same keep it rock solid. Keep so people not just our affiliates, but actually like our students can learn, go implement it, come back, learn again, implement and they have a place that's like ah, this is still familiar. Nothing's really changed. This is all the same like and simplify it, strip it down. And yeah, simplify it. Less is more. It's so smart. Basically,

Bruna:  we would boil down

Matt:  Hopefully we don't get some sort of Facebook shadow ban for this but if you've got a kid here, there's plug barriers. Dave, Dave said to a recent mastermind, he said, You know, I basically somebody said, Dave, what's your morning routine? Like he's got a really intricate routine and you must wake up at 5am and, you know, pound a cup of coffee and, you know, do 100 Push ups and you know, I mean, how do you do it? And he's like, honestly, I wake up and I say a little prayer to you know, whoever and I say you know, please help me not fuck this up today. and That's basically it. keep the tires on, let's keep this extremely simple. And every time something shiny comes flying out my face, and I'm like, Whoa, like, make sure there's people around me who can like, give me a hard slap across the face and say, Hey, focus is simple. Keep it simple. Don't get distracted. Less is more and that's what people appreciate over time. It's, we often call it a boring business model, a simple, boring business model. It's not shiny, but guess what a lot of times shiny involves a lot of volatility. All those people talking about, hey, come day trade with me on tiktok, you know, and they're live and they've got 18 screens open and, you know, it's like, okay, yeah, I don't really want to lose $32,000 and then get it 34,000 The next day and like, I don't like every day. I like something pretty boring and simple and, you know, consistency. Yeah, consistency and, honestly , long ways. It's outlasting people. It's like it's just some people are just not going to come to the gym every day. And if you keep going to the gym day after day after day after day, you'll just outlast them. Even better than them. You're not even smarter than them. It's just pure grit and just outlasting people and I think for you guys like in your category. There's, there's, there's like a threshold, though. Like there's the initial kind of like, let's say 10 successes. And then like there's a six figure success and then I would say between six like 100,000 300,000 There's a lot of people kind of drop off in that room because they're like, oh my god, that was a lot of work. I made it, I know, peaked or whatever. And then there's like a select few who are like, who made it to 100 now, settle into this rhythm. And I can just keep it, I can sustain it. I'm gonna do boring shit every day. I'm gonna do my best. And this is like, this is going to be my life now. And they build and they build and they build and it keeps going. But those people, you know, we've got some people in our community who have been doing it for, you know, 234 years and they just kind of Outlast they're, they're no longer super flashy, but they're doing their thing in the background and making great money on the internet and people don't really know who they are and it's just boring. But for them, they're like, dude, all day like this. is awesome. You know? That's so totally, totally. And it's fun. And it's so I'll leave you guys with the last words for people who are just getting started getting ready to post that first video. They're a little nervous. They're like, I'm not sure I'm about to hit posts, but I might have to say after this video, what would you say to those people?

Donny:  I would say from watching one of the earlier videos, wake up legendary morning shows. If you miss one day, you're likely to miss another day. So show up every single day. And make that a habit no matter what. And slowly things get better. You'll start, you

Bruna:  Now, learning how to do better. Just start Yeah, you gotta, you're gonna kind of shape the way you're going to shape yourself on the way wow

Matt:  That's really deep. Like learning it's a process and becoming okay with the process. Yeah. Wow, that's so that is great advice, man. Like, even for me that hit up that hit home because it's like the process is hard. The process is really complex. You've got to sort of accept the reality of where you're at today. And that's awesome. Thanks for that. Guys, where should people follow you? 

Donny:  add @wealthcouple on Instagram. That's our favorite base. So everything funnels into the @wealthcouple. 

Matt:  Here we go. Alright, we'll put the IG  That's the best spot to go find them. Follow them. Guys, thanks for coming on. It's just so great. You got so many gold nuggets. This is awesome.

Donny:  Thanks for having us.

Matt:  We'd love to have you back on. We'll probably reach out in a couple of months and he's gonna come back on we'll have you on a date and then he can meet you guys and

Bruna:  Thank you, guys. 

Donny:  Thank you very much.

Matt:  Alright guys listening and not watching it's just wealth couple and search them on Instagram you'll find them right away just so everybody knows there's a bunch of other accounts you know are trying to basically they're like scam accounts that are like It's like wealth couple with like a period at the end of it or like there's a bunch of other it's just straight up wealth couples. So if you see other ones on there just there's scammers out on the internet. It just is what it is. That's the internet 2022 social media 2022 Right so find a wealthy couple you can find hustle with Bruce Lee are you on Tik Tok? Go find them, go find their profiles, give them a follow. Let them know don't wake up legendary and yeah, have a great rest of your labor. Day. We'll be back here tomorrow, Tuesday. 10am Eastern as always, we're always here. Every single day every single weekday Have a good rest your Monday.