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Dave:  What’s up my friends? Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This morning we have a returning guest. He's a 46 year old Dad. Love that dad's life and full time Digital Marketer. Yeah man. He's dealing with the same kind of things that we're all dealing with everyday shiny objects, opportunities that are, you know, disguised. Actually they're they're the other way around there when you run off a cliff and it's disguised as that you're running into some sort of a promised land look we've all been involved in a few of those here they're over our time so anyways, it's always good to talk shop with the guy who's been in the game for a little while. Zeb Welcome to the show, my brother. 

Zeb: Thank you, Dave. 

Dave: How are you man? How have you been? It's been a while since I've talked to you, essentially been on the show? 

Zeb: Yeah. And I've been doing really well. You know, I've been having a gate in this crazy space that we live in and I'm just excited to still be at home. doing my thing, as well. 

Dave: So talk takes us back to why you say that I'm still excited to still be home doing my thing. Almost as if you can't believe it, that it actually worked when you're still at home. Talk to us about the real deal. Let's talk about some truth here and what this what it's really like here in this industry. And then also, you know, for those who don't know you, what were you doing before this that you now can't believe that you're not doing that anymore?

Zeb:  Yeah, so I'll just go back to 2020. I was working as an IT professional global IT manager for about 15 years with the company and they got laid off during the pandemic. So during the pandemic, I had a side hustle that I've put together with affiliate marketing. I was doing a little bit here and there but never took it seriously. When I got laid off. I turned that into a full time career or income I guess.

Dave: If you want to say career, go ahead and say career. 

Zeb: Yes you got to take this seriously, it's not if you treat it like a hobby. It's going to treat you like a hobby. So I just treat it like, you know, I'm going to work. You got to deep focus and you know, there's so many distractions out there. It's not even funny. 

Dave: I got a new analogy. I got a new analogy. If you treat it like a hooker it's going to treat you like a John. Do you like that? Exactly. It's a business is just something you can call up anytime and just you know, let me let me hold $100 Just come on over here and take care of me right quick. No, no, no, no, no man. You gotta put into your business needs to be romanced a little bit. Maybe before it starts financing. You know what I mean? needs to be at least a little bit. I Need a little QT. Call that quality time, right. 

Zeb: All right, so back in 2020 I did really well and in 2021 I was a crypto investor as of 2017. So I've been big in crypto, and I got sucked back into crypto land and I did really well crypto so no complaints there. But I took my affiliate marketing and because you actually sold right and you aren't still playing. I bought it way back when Bitcoin was $154. So it doesn't matter. Right. So all right. All right. One thing we learned is affiliate marketing in different areas of our lives. Games it's like 90 percent games. 1% real stuff, right? So you have to find those. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So you got to partner with the right people and stuff like that. So I took affiliate marketing. I did really well with affiliate marketing and crypto. And I've also taken affiliate marketing and moved into other areas that I enjoy doing too. So this skill set has really opened my eyes up with opportunity and it's everywhere. So the skills you teach and legendary marketer which are marketers, I've been in a lot of courses and I can still say come back to legendary marketer and it's it's bar none one of the best out there and it just is and i i mean that from bottom my heart because I've been dabbling in everything right so I'm an affiliate for so many different things because some people you know, Legendary might not fit for them and like be something else. So it's always good to do that. But as a new person that likes to learn transferable skills that actually work. 

Dave: A lot of people really don't get it and I'm going to explain why they don't get I want everybody to listen real close and then you just you just hold that thought is because they're so used to joining MLMs and various things were the only thing that they teach you there is how to succeed with that business. You know, most of those strategies don't work. How do I know? That was in like 50 network marketing companies and did a bunch of stuff for those of you who are just logging on, you know, and I never learned marketing. I learned how to make a list of my friends and family. I learned how to high learn how to play dumb and get my prospect in touch with somebody who knew what they were talking about. Upgrade rate, my value, my value so I could model minor differences between the internet and sort of being held hostage offline by a company or whatever or even a school right. Is that unlimited information, unlimited opportunity on the internet. So guess what I did? myself of course I found somebody to learn from and I began the journey. And of course then I've done many things since then in my career. But I think the important thing to understand about these transferable skills is that I'm an affiliate for many companies and all that. Well it didn't start out that way. You picked a niche, and you picked skills in a business, that those skills would transfer over. And you would always be a free man, not a captive man. And that's what a lot of business opportunities even franchises are, if you're really buying into the business that Legendary you're not buying into any business. You're buying a course, you're buying education, you're buying priceless knowledge that you could apply anywhere to actually any business. I even took some of these skills because I thought I was a failed network marketer. I took some of the skills that I learned that we now teach at legendary and I then went back to network marketing. And guess what I did? I got the words and all this crap later on more and more. I will accompany you now when I'm done with these losers, I don't know. But sometimes I get I get I was gonna throw somebody under the bus but I'm gonna hold back I'm gonna I'm gonna want to practice restraint this morning. But we had built a team completely from the internet, completely from the internet, broke all these records in this network marketing company and then we came to the company event, and we had a massive team there. This was before legendary and they caught us because we were using internet skills and they weren't teaching that in the company. They were only teaching people how to prospect friends and family and do three way calls and do offline bullshit where you're just prospecting people in Walmart and becoming the awkward person in your family. Because you're trying to prospect people for Thanksgiving.

Dave: We crushed it, broke every record and the company totally screwed up the supply chain to where they couldn't ship out their things because we had such a backlog. And do you know they called us out at the company event? This is how small minded people are. We talk about crabs in a bucket. This is why I know I gotta create my own space because I can't be around crabs. But we're in this network marketing corporate event where it's this pre-event where no leader is in the room and they hit us up and said oh this is gone. I was like there is no way that I'll be shamed and blamed for creatively going out and learning transferable skills that I can drop in any business in any industry and they work and I think that is a great story and a great example of how those skills that we teach and we learn. You can go back to something that you once failed at because they didn't even know how to teach you how to succeed with their own business. You could go back and apply the skills to crush it and I've found that to be the most empowering thing. How about you as you've gone on and dipped? Your toe in various things having those skills hasn't been. Have you felt more empowered like I know how to succeed with this versus being that struggling newbie who can never figure anything out. And what I realized was I was being taught shit strategies. That's just my story. 

Dave: Yeah, I understand all about MLM. I was in the same shoes many years ago. And I can tell you right now, like when you walk outside, once you learn digital marketing, and learn how to do affiliate marketing, it's not just affiliate marketing. It's more like digital marketing. You walk outside and go to look at a World Monitor training right over to a brick and mortar store to get them the online space to bring. I mean there's so much opportunity and you see it everywhere. Like once I went through affiliate marketing training, I started to figure out how there's opportunity everywhere and the things that I'm learning are transferable across the board, anything and I always tell people, you know, I could be walking in the woods and just create content walking in the woods, and shit and build an audience that likes knows and trust me and share the products that I use when I'm hiking in the woods as an affiliate and build a business. hiking in the woods. I mean, the beauty of that is just like Unreal. And once you know the power of that, you don't have to do what you don't want to do. You can do whatever it is you want to do whatever you like to do and make an income from that. It's a game changer for me. I mean, it should be a game changer for everybody. And you see you see people, they come out, they take the courses and they think they got to just promote the courses and they're not really going through the courses to learn a skill, Sire right right off this game. That's really what people need to do. Just said, no people come in and treat this education like it's just some bullshit product that we're asking you to sell. Don't even sell our stuff for half. Y'all need to just chill. I mean, I'm not, I don't need you to sell our stuff at legendary. We did 20 million last year before he even got here. We'll do more this year selling course information. Absolutely did go through these courses. And you're right. The information Matt and I were talking about yesterday. You know, the information inside of our courses, our education, and again, it's so true. We don't this is not a MLM we don't care if somebody sticks around or becomes an affiliate or promotes us for our affiliates promote our courses I think just because they got value from them and they that our stuff actually converts you know a lot better than most business opportunities are hyped up BS on these various platforms that are you know, it's just because it's good quality stuff and the sales message is authentic and it's and plus it converts we use. We use what we teach, we use the direct response marketing juice, and that didn't work in Italy and they work and we teach those and that's how we had 100,000 People go through the challenge last year and that's how we did what we did. And you know, the beautiful thing is, is that I could go into any industry as an information marketer, meaning I could go and create remember the core for everybody courses, coaching events, or be an affiliate for somebody who has a course a coaching program or an event and I can dominate or win or succeed or, or provide for myself in any industry. I know how I would just go in and do a little bit of research to know more than most people who are new and I would just turn around and create content for those people who are new, which is always going to be your biggest audience and in any niche. It'd be the people who buy stuff. And I would create a you know, I would likely just be an affiliate quite frankly if there were good solid products that I could promote and then not have to deliver on if there wasn't and I had to create a course I would. But I could just be in a familiar situation, if somebody said to me in this niche again, Dave, Oh, Oh, damn, that sucks. No, I would pivot right to a different niche and just do the same thing because it is not all about the skills. I would do it for personal development. Dry would do it in the relationship or marriage or parenting niche. I mean, these are topics that I'm passionate about, you know, I would pivot and be you within six months if legendary if somebody came in tomorrow and said, legendary has to cease all business. Oh, okay. That would suck. But within six months, I guarantee you not because I'm trying to be arrogant but I would be one of the most well known names in the parenting or the or the marriage or relationship niche or personal development niche. Because again, I would just use the skills that and I would just pivot and go and plot deploy the same game plan and it's my mom who has comprehension problems add my brain is not the best brain on this planet. It's actually a fairly broken brain. I got addiction. Seriously, dude. But I have figured out how to learn what I need to learn and most importantly, I think how to learn how to learn as an entrepreneur right is everywhere you watch something and you actually then give it some initiative and try it and test it versus what other other way people are doing it out there. I don't know, which is you know, maybe they learn something and then they do nothing with it. I don't know about that. I can't relate to that. Because the only thing I know is when I learn something, I gotta put it to work right away. And when I do that, you know I can learn any skill that I need and I can deploy it in that's what I've done in this business in this industry. And how do you agree with everything that I'm that I just said? If it's your business, yes. Hey, would you go back to what you were doing before and Zeb say somebody came to you and said you can never work in the Make Money Online or the the you know the invest the finance space or the business niche again, would you go back to your job or whatever you're doing before or would you or would you deploy these skills in a different niche as well? Do you feel empowered also in that way? 

Zeb: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, this out and hiking, you can of course turn that into a business but it's just it's so I think it's so important. That people really know and understand that. You were brand new when you started and within a six month period or so, you had learned and have now practiced and deployed the skills to where you have given yourself a whole new lease and path and again, if that are you saying you could never make money in this niche again, you have the skills to transfer to go to a different niche and pick it right back up and start again. Absolutely, I mean, I would do the exact same thing. Any niche. Like you said you can transfer this to anything and after I've done it I moved from making money online to crypto to outdoors, I've kind of done a little bit. Even CBD. You know, I've built a flea niche site around the CBD and all that stuff. So I've transferred these skills to many many different niches already and in the Learn, do teach philosophy is one thing that I practice as well and I think everybody should practice even new people coming in the new person coming into legendary and they're struggling. They're three. I've been doing this for three months. I'm you know, I've got 7000 followers on Tiktok and that just can't get enough. When they're going through the course learning the skill sets and then teaching those skill sets. You got to learn it and do it and teach it. If you teach it you become an authority in the marketplace. People just automatically start to know, like and trust you and follow you and you begin winning by providing value as soon as you make that switch in your brain. That's when you stop chasing the money and you start chasing the audience and providing value to the audience who you begin to win and that's transferable across everything. You know, I could go back to what I did. As a professional in it and really create courses, get people into IT management and probably go into that niche and blow that thing up if I really wanted to, even though I really don't want to but it's anything that you can do and I love this skill set because it's so true. And it works. Let's figure out Facebook groups, I've done paid VIP groups. I have a group that I created in November of 2021. And I just had I was like I'm gonna get 100 people I'm gonna see if I can get 100 people in a group that they have to pay me $97 To get access to the group and just see if I can get 100 People in the next 30 days. And I was able to do that. And I was able to do that because I provided so much value for free that people were willing to give me $97 to join a group that's just like Facebook. Once you get inside of a Facebook group, they join Facebook groups every day for free. They're known to be free. A Facebook group is known to be free and you converted 100 sales just like that. In 30 days $10,000 was over about 130 But it was just crazy. Like wow, my half an hour. And you know I've converted here's my question, Why did you stop the good question? It's always marketers who always stop what works. What works? And that's one thing I wish I I mean, I didn't really stop it. I still have the group but I asked myself that question all the time too. And what it is, is I get caught up you know, I'm pretty seasoned and controlled. But I still lose focus and I look at these other things everywhere and I'm always dial up now. And it's like, it's the worst. It's like a disease. But you get trapped in a curse. It's a gift and a curse, right? I use these like when I jump into another course I use it anywhere I can. That's what I see like when I go from one place to the next. I'm not really going there to just promote one product because I have an audience some people know might not be able to get into Legendary yet so I offer them something else. So I'm an affiliate for several different things that can fit several different people's situations and mindsets. 

Dave: Check this out. I mean, I have seen it like for example, I'll just give you one. I'll give you two random examples. I watched two people make a million dollars in commissions here at legendary and then stop and then stop marketing. Just I don't know what they're doing now. I I really don't I sort of suspicions as to whether they're still getting here's a question that I always ask is, if you're going to add something else to your business, why stop doing what was working and this is just a general question for all marketers for us always to remember because I used to do this too. And it's like why stop something? That's that's that's that. What I need to learn how to do is I need to learn how to more systematize things because I can I can make I can I don't have to have five streams of income. I saw this girl who I think is awesome. She made this post yesterday. She said you know people really think buy businesses to have five streams of income. And with the same business this information business or even being an affiliate of an affiliate marketer could offer one on one training sessions, teaching virtual training sessions. Or no she had given an example to excuse me, she had given an example for a fitness trainer. Okay, a fitness trainer. Now check this out. A fitness trainer instead of having five businesses five streams of income stream number one doing one on one training sessions in person. Dream number two teaching virtual training sessions stream number three creating meal prep plans for your clients to coincide or where weight gain ossicles out selling workout March waist trainers resistance bands, yoga mats, detox teas for five YouTube channels with workout routines. Number six affiliate marketing referral link from a gym gets paid when your clients create a gym membership in the same place. You literally train them or just send them to or whatever but likely you're going to train them there. Now you're getting paid twice in the same building. And it's that's always a great thing to do because if a trainer is trying to train you without paying the gym, it's not going to end well. So that's great, it's just a smart thing to do and it makes sense to the client. It would make sense to the client to do that. So there's actually six ways to create, you know, a, you know, a stream of income from the same business. And the challenge that I see and I had this challenge Tuesday, because there's nothing wrong nobody ever does anything wrong. We're just creative entrepreneurs who are trying to create stuff and we see opportunity and that's the beauty of this business as well as that you're a free man and you get to do whatever the hell you want. And we here at legendary want to create independent entrepreneurs and marketers not dependent people. And so when I see somebody and I think about a lot of my experience, too, I really thought that I needed to be involved in multiple different businesses. But the thing that we ended up with on the inside of the business blueprints is probably one of the best ways to kind of, you know, to kind of to kind of do this without getting too overwhelmed. And that's just simply having, you know, kind of like a main front door offer. And you know, the challenge that I see a lot of affiliates, affiliate marketers the mistake that I see them make is that they they they their instead of promote as you get more advanced like yourself is up instead of companies and products that the transition is where you go from, you know, just promoting other people's stuff to now you create your own ebook or something that you give away on the front end. So now it's branded to you. And then you introduce your first product right here as your first offer. And way too many of us are under utilizing the follow up series. You're we're way under utilized and I just had somebody on the call on Tuesday on show just so that happens in this is probably not what you're doing. But I was just speaking to a lot of the new people that there's a really good way to add multiple streams and then there can be a more destructive way to add multiple streams and we've seen this with several affiliates as well. Matter of fact, we had a unique scenario where a couple about us about six to nine months ago 12 months ago something like that. This popular marketer on TikTok created a campaign about the death of Legendary Marketer. Remember that? What did he do? Let me tell you why we find ourselves or roll in the mud with pigs. Is because those marketers went around secretly in their in their in all of our top affiliates inboxes it was just another form of kind of sharking and poaching and trying to ride on the coattails of somebody else. But they went around and poached all of our affiliates. And then all of our affiliates were like, Oh yeah, awesome. Woohoo. Let's get behind it. And we had several affiliates who were humming along with a nice solid evergreen business model, where they were not promoting like Legendary or the 15 day challenge as the main thing. They were getting their TikTok profile and all this. And we had people that because they pivoted to promote something new in a destructive way. Several of them actually lost their entire TikTok accounts. Because people you know, they just pivoted and got excited and we're pitching this product. And it was just it was like one of those things where unfortunately a lot of people have and now of course, say market I think selling something for $35,000 And I'm not sure that that they're still supporting the students or reselling it or who knows but I mean, I think we just had another record breaking month last month before, so we put them in it's been a long game and we're trying to teach our affiliates not out of control, not because we want to dominate anybody, just because it's a tragedy. When you see somebody who was absolutely humming, huge, you know, TikTok profile or whatever. And then they destructively jumped to do this massive promotion in abandon those good education based marketing tactics that we teach here, and then just go to promote a product all over your Tiktok profile and all that. Look at that, as the US started promoting people are gonna mark that as affiliate marketing or whatever. That's how you lose your accounts, right? So the promotion of multiple things is is is such a powerful thing, whether it be multiple courses, whether it be multiple different things that you personally offer, whether it be multiple products that you're an affiliate of, but the challenge is, is that when we do it, like not strategically, and we just pivot on the on the, you know, I rolled him off something and now all of a sudden, yeah, maybe I can make money with that. And I set up the account and I started promoting and I'm I, as I'm doing that just out of newness, naiveness maybe even a little desperation. I just want to make money. I ended up sort of shitting on my long term, and it's hard to communicate that for us because we don't want to try to keep anybody from doing anything. But there's there's ways that are more destructive than others to kind of create multiple streams of income. What are some of you guys like that you've screwed up? Whether it applies to what we're talking about or not? And what are some of the things that you've done like I called you out just a second ago about like, why just stop the Facebook group thing? Because if that's a $10,000 a month income, it's like why not add that to your autoresponder series, that exact promotion that you ran? Why not add that to your autoresponder series? Run that promotion for two weeks? And then cap it? What do you mean run it for two weeks? It's an autoresponder. The emails people I'm running this promotion for two weeks, and then you say, So you send you emails for two weeks and after two weeks you say this offer is, is no this is the last email I'm gonna send about this offer. This offer is going off the table. Right. And, and, you know, there's some software that you can use like deadline funnel and stuff. Like that. You don't even need to get that you can just run these promotions that work well. If you promote a product and it works well for a lot of everyone, a lot of good autoresponder series, and it allows me to stay value based in education based on my audience instead of being pitchy to them. That makes sense and what makes makes absolute sense and it's something that I struggle with myself is is emails because the follow up emails are important and I've been actually the last even writing them lives that you can also just email marketing is so important that I just want to add this and then I want to interrupt again but email marketing whether you're adding them to an autoresponder series is even teach this in the business blueprint step by step in case anybody wants to know every concept of philosophy high level and how to set it all up. However, there is so in my email, autoresponder follow up series, those are the emails that go up automatically when somebody subscribes to my list. And the other thing I can do if I can broadcast live to my list, and I kept me on my list that way, too. So the point here is that I'm not selling all over my TikTok profile, but I'm getting them more into my world. That I think is the point that I'm that I'm trying to push about, about this. These lessons and sometimes the hard way. 

Zeb: Oh, yeah, and I agree with you 1% And it comes back to not staying focused, right. One thing I have been challenged with myself, I gotta add brain to believe it or not, as long as I'm a good squirrel outside so I'm not distracted over here because just because I was good and a professional career doesn't mean I'm real smart and focused and things like that. One of the biggest challenges is like the only good good all right benefit from anything else. It's like a near death experience with me, but this I'm good at. So using a good focus strategy where you're stuck if you start with TikTok focus on TikTok creating value on TikTok taking the people off of TikTok and putting them into your autoresponder, your email list, your Facebook group. I think that's the most important piece. And that's a piece that you know, I started back. I realized that is the most important piece because that's how you nurture your audience. When you take them off the goldmine it's not just TikTok I'm seeing Instagram reels and Facebook reels now or are starting to take off because I've just started dabbling and those things and I'm getting a lot of views and think the short form video is to get the people of those areas and put them in your list or put them in your group where you can nurture them and really build that connection and that's when your encounter scientist and I I've done this a couple of times, so I know it works every single time.

Dave: I was just saying I totally understand that. Right. It's almost like the entrepreneurs like well, I conquered that mountain. Now it's time to go . We all do that. It's weird that we do that. If there's anybody new here that's paying attention. 

Zeb: Number one thing is if you're in Legendary follow Legendary success. Figure out this niche or learn how to do this skill set that's transferable. Anything you ever hear. When your audience your audience is no income. So I always tell people you focus on the audience and the value in the money just comes magically after that. What if you'd say chase the money and I see so many people coming out here. And it's not just legendary. It's everything. And they just join a course the next day. They're just promoting the course and it's like, did you even go through the course for one day? It's like, did you take two days to go through the course I can guarantee if you probably look at I don't know if you can track it goes it goes through the course and stuff like that, but just don't go through the course they just automatically start creating content on TikTok and they make a couple sales, but they're not building the infrastructure to keep this long term longevity thing. And that's probably one of the biggest challenges that I've found. And, I always come back to just focusing on one platform. I focus on short form video right now, and nurturing an audience trying to get on out of TikTok off Facebook. And he's again winning, but there's nothing to pull here. I want to just add something if you're done with your thoughts. 

Dave: You're just talking about focus, you're talking about you know, you're talking about these things that are really important for us to understand and I want to add something to that and it's advice from a business mogul. We probably all know, Warren Buffett thinks every entrepreneur needs to do this. I tell you, I used to really want to make things a lot more complicated than I do now. I have gone back to this advice over and over again and every time I have gone back literally Google search to find this and just read it over and over again because it's so powerful and I want to share it all. If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner, Warren Buffett wants you to do something tomorrow morning. Tomorrow when you look in the mirror after you've gotten up just right, put it in lipstick or whatever you want on the mayor said at Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business planet event at LaGuardia Community College, the phrase is not it's not satisfying my customer. Since happy customers are your best advocates and this is so blessed I am standing I'm standing up for this one. Since happy customers are your best advocates. Is this that has lighted just you don't have to pay them. You don't see them. But they're talking to people all the time. Friends, folks, Legendary Marketers. Nowadays in the age of comment sections in the age of reviews in the age of you know what there's nowhere to hide. And you know who's gonna succeed if we're having a recession coming up or you know, it's gonna if they can continue in this you know, whatever other crazy Mark doesn't matter. Business who delights the customer who delights the customer who has the customer down in the comments. Saying, This is great. This is valuable. The people who on their Google reviews, these people are good. The people who hate. You know what would be an honor for me, is for each one of you. If and this is the first time I've asked for this or curious if any of you get value from the show, go up here on our Facebook page or go over to our Google reviews and leave us a review share your honest opinion because I'm in the game I'm doing this every day exposing our myself are everything because I want to know your honest opinion. Nowadays as a business owner, do either provide value. You're gonna get brushed to the side because people are going to call you out. So we have the number one thing the one thing that's going to keep you in business is delighting your customer. Why? They're going to tell people about it in the comments. They're going to tell people about it on Google reviews. They're they're so much going to go around telling their friends and family because internet's here, they're still going to do that. But they're going to be in your comments. They're going to be on your Facebook page. They're going to be on your Tiktok they're going to be over here on Google reviews. They're going to be over here in your event. Right now, delighting the customer, not satisfying lighting. Wow. That is a whole different level of satisfaction. But delighting the customer was is a timeless principle that worked for ages and he's been giving this advice businesses that he invest in to help them grow. So his money this is the number one piece of advice he's been printing for the past decades. And ask how do I take this and apply it to my business? The number one way that I deploy that principle in this business is by never selling? Literally, what the hell are you talking about Dave? That's never no never selling never was just this was helpful to you. You need to learn those transition statements. All of you if this was helpful to you. If you want more information if you'd like to learn the exact strategies in full detail in less than 20 minutes, click the link in my bio opt in watch the training video. Simple transition statement after it's not selling you're never delighting, it's just like no hold on. You want more value? Oh, whip up some more value limbo. Email your ask for another year. And if you want to buy then fantastic if not just hanging out on my email list and keep getting value. I'm here to delight you and teach you until you're ready to buy. That's how me and yours are made. 

Zeb: And I think more people need to think long term. Some people get lucky making 10,000 their first three months but most people don't really see if they can come in this game and say I'm going to devote 12 months of my life. Learning this skill set and taking action on this skill set and actually nurturing an audience. If people would phone them. They'd be completely free in 12 months and they could walk away from any job but the problem is people do not focus enough. They chase the money they see all the years this week or 7000 Today, you know you cannot pay attention to all that stuff. You got to learn a skill set you got to provide value, you got to nurture your audience and I believe delighting your customer, you know whether you own a business or you're a personal brand, that's 100% because that's that's one thing that I I'm not out there. I don't put screenshots of money that I've made and none of that stuff and I get caught by people six months before they actually asked, Hey, can you have a call where we can talk about you know what my options are? And they'll ask me what I want them to buy. And I just tell them and then they go by it's because after you do this, your custom you don't have to sell you don't have to sell out no, you just provide value and nurture your audience and you win like crazy. And that's you know, you see like the McCracken all the time, right that don't do this this dried up saturated or whatever. Legendary marketer has been around for years and is still crushing it and there's a reason why because they have good products for their company, you know, pretty ethical. That's one reason why I've always always sent people to Legendary Marketer, but uh, you just got to learn a skill set and like a customer provide audit. By any means necessary. I see people crabbing and complaining about fighting people, customers over stuff. Like, what are you doing? You idiot? 

Dave: I like to delete customers so much that they feel like assholes for being an asshole. If you come at me with asshole energy, I'm not going to beef up you and be like, let me let me solve this for you. Hold on a second. No, no, no, no, no. Let me delight you. Let me get humble. Let me add it as if you're going to delight your customers. You got to get humble. The best thing that I ever did as in my pursuit of leadership and entrepreneurship is get humble and just deflate my ego. And just that's how I delight my customers in that theme and self care and go to therapy Get your shit right. Get your shit your trauma, your addiction, your low self esteem. Get that shit taken care of. Stop avoiding it. Go face it, why? You'll be such a whole person you'll feel so much better about yourself. Be cut more comfortable in your own skin when old shit bugaboos hang ups aren't in a meeting you see. Your Man Man gets so tough because they're there. They're hurt man. You know something? Something's going on. Have you ever met? Man. I healed myself. And now I can delight people. It's my pleasure. I wouldn't delight nobody right? Self here, right. But it's like wow, you know, because I realize it also I try to put myself in other people's shoes like as, man this is a big step for somebody this somebody who's tested time, energy dreams, their goals. I mean, I want to make it work for somebody I want to. I want to show you what true and measured bullshit that you've probably experienced in the past where they're shaming and blaming and drilling sites standing over you and making you feel bad about yourself. Not everybody's got a different journey. Be gentle with ourselves because we're certain people even though we act real strong, but that's why all this stuff is important that we talk about the mental game the you know, the emotional getting itself up then, you know getting right with our past getting right with what, then I can humble. I can realize that I have everything that I have because of my customers. Sure. I have a message that obviously resonates but they're putting their trust in their time to listen to me to spend with me to learn from me, and I take that frickin slip you know, and it's a mentality of service. I think some of it came from me. I got cleaned, and I was struggling or when an opiate addiction came back in the fall and I went to treat or relapse. I got clean again in 2008. Like I wrote, eating, you know what I mean there is like you need to get humble. Go auto pick up those chairs. Go outside, pick up the scooter out but learn to be of service that was to take floors, hate coffee, all this kind of shit. To learn how to be of service to people. A man that transferred really well over in the business and has continued down that path. I've gotten better at delighting people because I gotta be okay with myself to delight you.

Zeb: Especially when we're on social media and everybody is judging it. Fake it till you make it just a video. Share your journey uniquely with an audience and focus on the money later. The money just comes with magic if you tell your story, sell stories, sell facts. Tell your story. No matter how bad it is, you know you no matter how bad your story is there somebody there's a group of people out there that are waiting for you to share your thoughts and once you do, it is a complete game. change what my friends and family would think. You know, once I put all that to bed, I was able to just be myself and speak my opinions because there's a ton of people in this world and they're waiting for us to share our values. Maybe they're not ready to buy from us. Like you said as long as you're trying to sell and we're just adding value in how you buy from you know the marketing versus selling. I've found that early on when you're trying to constantly just chase the money because you're just looking man, I want to get that commission so bad. They can smell like blood in the water when it's dark, right? They just know that and it's easy to just start with value and keep consistent and you will win, win win win every single time and I've been through faith every single day and if you don't know, waste everybody's time at that point. But I love Legendary. I love you Dave and what we have here is just amazing. And people really should learn this skill set because it'll set you free 

Dave: 100% Yeah, it really will. And you know, like your customers know these little nuggets every day there's this thing called Elephant covers everything. So we ask that you go through the challenge if you're serious about it let me give you a little bit of a taste of what we what we cover in the blueprints and made consider getting serious about your education, going through the blueprints learning this stuff in edutainment somebody asked how do you I think Alyssa as you know detail all along what what do you what do you mean yeah, let's let's dig into this and this is taken straight from the blueprints if you all want more in depth, this is in the fishing formula section of the blueprints. Well, edutainment is the secret sauce to Chinami in the waters and attracting prospects to you. This will all make more sense if you blueprints and you understand what I mean by this fishing formula and chumming the waters but chumming water when I'm fishing down in the water to bring the fish to the boat right in edutainment. You got to bring people to my page. You're gonna bring them to my content, and I gotta get them to watch my videos. edutainment is the secret to doing that. When you combine education and entertainment, this is so important. You can't just go out there and TT a little film you'll Chris you know for everything that you teach me, you'll probably create five more questions. You have to keep it so remember who your target audience is. I talk about that in the species section of the fishing formula, understanding who you're going after. In most cases, it's going to be new people. So if you're teaching stuff that's deep into what you're doing with no entertainment, I'm gonna go old genealogy and know who you're teaching. The large portion of buyers are always going to be people who are getting or who want to know. Get started. edutainment is not always about being funny, nor is it the need to be a professor. It's not about writing jokes. It's also not about giving like it's, it's your serious, all right, you don't need to script out your jokes and all that kind of stuff. It's just about having a spirit of humor and a spirit of giving something that's useful to somebody educating them in some way. You're not eliminating pain completely at this point. Instead, you're giving them small doses of patience which will provide hope in a way as possible, so I don't want to teach you everything because then that eliminates all your pain or gives you the answer before you spend money right so a lot of people say give all your free stuff away for free. Well, that's Oh part doing a 15 second deal. So what we find and what we're finding now is that short form video actually that's what we're getting into. The short form video is really a place to offer some small doses of medication, but not to try to get into the full remedy the full solution first of all, you don't have second of all you have overwhelmed and confused with that. But it's just about giving small doses of inspiration or addressing their pain and can do that in a creative is that every single person that you see on the show has examples by the dozen or by the 100 on their profiles. Each platform has a different native format of CHM and you know I say we'll cover that more in detail in the setup and start fishery section but edutainment about insurance. Reform there's a there's a there's actually a there's actually a fine line between giving it too much. You know, because again, if you give away you gotta be thinking about this. What is my customer thinking and feeling as I'm saying this? Is it? What new questions Is it creating? That's why I always train will answer the question you thought of while you were answering the question that they asked, just answer the question that they asked and say do you have any more questions? Oh, and the same thing is true here with our content is that we want to give them doses of pain medication or doses of Hope dose. We always have to leave some in the water you know every educate edutainment small dose que section wrapped in humor humor is always going to be and how do I be be humorous some of you are wondering well, how do I What do you mean? Entertainment? I'm not funny. Well, hey, you know what? Entertainment is about just the way you deliver some things. And here's what you do when it gets a little bit. My facial expressions I take my tonality and sort of my expressiveness and increase it by like 20 30% from normally what I am in regular life, which means that I'm more expressive, more fun. More energy there's more powerfully on video. And that a lot of times is my is my the entertainment aspect of the edutainment formula, just my energy. It's not that I'm particularly funny. I'm a I'm an awkward guy, man. You know, I mean, I'm just not you know, it's hard for me to do that and be funny and all that kind of shit. I get it. The facial expressions that's how I get my juice. That's how I get my entertainment factor across in my content. How about for you? What would what is edutainment and we'll wrap up here shortly because this has gone fast. 

Zeb: Like I said, yeah, like I said short form video is the future right now. Right? I don't know for much longer. But right now that's the golden opportunity to figure it out. How to get your customers you know, you still got the hook at the beginning and your content, your call to action. So you still got those three things you got to focus on but you got to grant real seriousness and provide just a little bit of right. Hey, did you know Amazon Walmart actually pays you to share their product? Yeah, that's teaching right there. Did you know that they do this by just asking a simple question because I did that information to give them value, but you also want the mass users to ask you how right so then your call to action in your comments. Hey, ask how to learn more and then you send them to your free ebook, or the business builder challenge or whatever it is that you're wanting to give them a little bit more than within that. You say here's a little bit more. Can you sell one more Yeah, exactly. It's like it's kind of a shitty analogy, but they have to leave. It's sort of like if they brought you a 10 pound apple. You'd be full for the meal, right? And TikToks and really having to do stupid stuff. On TikTok like, my glasses on my face and stuff like that. That you still are stupid, but that keeps her question like wait a minute, what did he just do? And it keeps them on your page. Get them off a tick tock and so it's all just trial and error. Having fun you really got to have fun and you got to stay consistent. I mean, consistent action is and you can do this for seven straight days. or dare. I always tell people to focus on like 30 days, swipe a goal like I post 1,2,3 for every video that just put them on TikTok Facebook and Instagram reels and just do it for 30 days and see what happens. And I'll be surprisingly shocked at the ability to get in front of the camera and what you learn. Five How do you just come across speaking so I'm like I've done this like 100 times right? You think right 500 hours of going live on video gives you confidence you come through as being confident in and provides value but don't give all the tools and Toolbox away.

Dave: Like I could teach everything and then say like there's they're there. You know, do that but it's just unnecessary. It's unnecessary. They don't even want that. And that's one of the things that I learned about marketing and my customers. My customer, I gotta stop sharing any of what I'm doing in the comment section, I'm telling you, all of you who are listening. They don't know better than me about what to do in your business. They and they're not going to know better than you once you are six months into this just three months into this just one month with just a whim you know about how to convert people. Somebody doesn't want to convert and they want to complain about it in the comments. Don't let that change your operation. You know, these people say Oh, I would ever give me everything for free. But the people who say they want everything for free because they haven't paid attention we've been saying this in this industry for a decade. If you don't pay you don't pay attention. And that's why I know if I don't pay for something. I don't ask for courses for free men. I don't ask to get comped. We don't comp people are legendary, because you don't pay attention. And so I have to give somebody like I can't give them the pay, because then they'll actually pay attention to the long form content, you know , longer and I'm talking about because they do have some stuff. Some people will want to listen to Joe Rogan and sit there and smoke a doob for hours or as they're driving. Say, Yeah, I'll listen to this long form content but here your entertainment trying to teach everybody something on the front end. It's unnecessary. They get paid. Just Chum the Waters. Just give them a bit of edutainment by asking and I love that some of the Talk videos that are doing the best nowadays Arnie you don't even need to speak literally Amazon go, Walmart all will pay you to market their products. No, we'll pay you commissions and give you a referral link for you to get their products online. And learn more. I mean, that is edutainment, a really beautiful thing about tick tock like I just get so fired up about this, because it's just gets simpler you will know that people don't know. People think oh tick tock the runs over there's another tick tock right around the corners. Shits are gonna get slower. You think that all on the internet. One day comes to a screeching halt. Streaming media company is gonna say some dude it's gonna say we'll call on Wall Street or whatever working for some count we know they're going to be out and building the next Facebook I'm building the next TikTok Well, at least like me are going to be doing come maybe because you know what? It's just its timing. It's an opportunity. It's about learning the skills now. Now, so you can get one that was supposed to right now, and it's called tick tock. It's called Instagram. It's called. It's called your email list. And if you follow the trends in Lesson Seven, then you can get the last word. We had a mastermind recently and there's a bunch of people that bought the blueprints that didn't go through them folks, you got to go through the train this very important thing and this is something I buy the thing and it ain't magically gonna by osmosis just download in your head. It will go through the shit and you got to just follow it. Just watch it just one time at least. And then deploy and take learn do teach, just like Zeb said learn do teach, do teach, go learn do teach, learn it. Do it teach it right if you niche your content ideas, something for God's sakes. Yeah, absolutely. And this is why so many people in the course don't make it because oh to learn it, do it, eat it. If you take data one day ahead of that person that hasn't gone through that right right. If I bought Legendary Marketer today, I want the blueprints of what I would do if I didn't have the following. I will make some notes from what I learned today. I'm gonna do this every single day and I would apply to talk and I would just share my journey. This is it wasn't I say jab five leads yesterday want to know how I did it applies to any business or your network or affiliate marketing business. That's what was my content and then I would go into some brief hey, here's what I did. or more, click the link above. I've been doing the same thing for 10 years. It's almost like I could come up with and just say the same thing to try to teach the same thing, because it's not new. There's nothing wrong with laying the chairs as some of the platforms have changed in the last 10 years, man it's hands down. I've just wave I wish I would have started it years earlier. But you know, I was. I just thought it was a joke at first but this is short for me. This is a joke. It's hilarious how simple it is. That's why it's a joke and I really want to it's just the new business card. You know what I mean? It's the new VHS. It's the new CD. You know, like it's the new form of it just just give me Instagram people exchange it's all it is. It's just a longer I can if I meet you ASAP summers I'll come and look you up. I can pick up a couple of things I can if I want to know and that's how I get your life journey. Like a business car. Just folks just having they don't because we wanted didn't say, Oh, well, you know, TikToks just for the little dancing girls or whatever. Just Oh, oh, you know, like I like flair. Whoa, you know, it's and that one went way over the old head and that's okay. Nobody's coming to save you know, glitch like nobody's coming in. I mean, each year yeah, this is should I pay attention to or know this shit. You know, and it's like we all deserve exactly what we get because of taking the decision and saying without. After being in the Hall of Fame, all of the people that I've known 1000s of people in my personal life that I've met business, who I would not trade with single not a single one of them's a single person that I know for now to get to the point in life where you don't want to trade places with anybody. And I don't give a shit if you do that through the linear market or not. But you have to do that. That last thought goes to you. And that's like, just believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. Don't be scared to try new things. I mean, I would question how many millionaires were made. In the last two years, I have been talking alone. So just go out there and create content leads, move them to your email list, move them to your Facebook group and you will in this set of affiliate marketing digital marketing coaching consider any job and it's a beautiful thing. I feel completely free. I love I love the skill set of marketing, and many people will enjoy the process gets mean beyond blank days said that you don't need to bash other other groups or other things just be yourself enjoy and you got everything right here and legendary just these wakeup shows come show up but these wakeups just here's what I don't give a shit. I know a lot of people do this or think there is an ROI, which is fine. Just get you know what? Do it. Do it, do it. Don't wait. And you know what if you're not going to do it, if you're not going to move on to something else for a while. You know what I mean? There are people that legitimately just like to grow and aren't particularly good. And slam bam and wham bam, bam business we talked about and I just do want to speak to this bill for a second. If you're getting value really you feel bad for being here and growing. I don't give a damn about human growth. You know, go with us. If you want to build a business, if you want to apply these skills when you want to build a business, fantastic. But you know, sometimes we set up the message for until there will be one my brother, thank you so good to see you and, and and and come back and let's do another webinar soon.

Zeb: All right, take care, Dave. 

Dave: Thanks, buddy. All right, my friends. You can follow his app of course and check them out. We've got his handle there on TikTok. All right, my friends. Go ahead and run in my corner where you will start getting weird texts where people will just send you a reminder every morning that we're going live and you can come home and you can come on and join the party. And we pass up legendary just like I do every day. All right, my friends, peace.