On Thursday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Kenneth and Laurie Kleman to talk about their online business and how they now work together to make it even stronger and more successful. 

If you are somebody who is looking to build a business with your spouse, this interview is for you.

Kenneth first began looking for a side hustle after experiencing health problems from working a physical job for most of his life. While working as an electrician for 16 years Kenneth was electrocuted with 69,000 bolts of electricity. 13 years later he began to experience heart problems caused by the accident and has now had eight heart attacks, two quarrell bypasses, and 25 stents put into his heart. Kenneth is now trying to get a heart transplant and because of this, he was told it would no longer be safe for him to have a physical job. 

Laurie suggested Kenneth try digital marketing. He didn’t know much about digital marketing but his wife helped him learn how to navigate google so that he could do the research on it. He knew that affiliate marketing was real and could be an option for extra income, but knew he needed someone to teach him how to do it. Kenneth found Legendary Marketer and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and got started on his learning straight away.

Gaining Your Spouse’s Support In Your Online Business

Both Kenneth and Laurie knew that they were going to need to work from home in the near future so that Kenneth could attend his doctors appointments and prepare for the possibility of a heart transplant. Once Laurie saw that Kenneth was beginning to make commissions off of his online affiliate marketing business, she decided she wanted to do it as well. 

Kenneth shared with David Sharpe that the best way to get your spouse to support you is to show them the money that you are making with your business. Once they see that it is real and that you are actually making money off of it, they will be more likely to support you. 

Kenneth said that he doesn't think he would be able to have a successful business without his wife. She does the content ideas and copywriting for their landing pages and social media content while Kenneth is the more technical one and builds the sales funnels. The great thing about working together for them is that their personalities both balance each other and give their audience something to connect with. 

Going Live On Social Media To Attract More Engagement

When Kenneth and Laurie started going live on TikTok, the momentum started to pick up with their business. Going live together began to attract more couples just like them that were looking for an opportunity to work together and bring in more income. They wanted people to see them together online and see that they were having success working together as a couple, and wanted to show others that it was possible for them to do the same. “People see us as a team,” Kenneth said.

When other people see Kenneth and Laurie going live together on TikTok they realize that this is something possible that they can do, especially if an older couple from Texas is able to do it. Going live on TikTok is what gives your audience the ability to connect with you and ask you questions in real time. This will give your audience the opportunity to see you as a real person so that they can see that you are just like them. 

Be Authentic With Your Audience

Laurie shared with David Sharpe that when people are going to make an investment, they usually want to invest with someone that they are familiar with, even if that’s just over the internet. They wanted to attract more people to their business and decided to center their content around how they could help people rather than how many commissions they could make. 

Kenneth and Laurie made it their goal to try and help their clients with their situation that may have led them online to look for a way to bring in more income. They shared that a great way to attract people to your page is through the power of storytelling. Talking to your audience about what led you online and looking to make more money yourself will give them something to relate to. A lot of people can relate to needing extra income for some reason and they are more likely to listen to you if they realize you were once in the same place that they are now financially.

Being genuine with your audience is key to creating a personal connection with them. Explain to them what you’re doing in your online business and why you’re doing it. The things you might feel embarrassed about when telling your story are the things that people will relate to the most. Your viewers aren’t looking for a perfect person to identify with, they are looking for someone who is real and just like them. People want to be able to say their truth and find someone that they feel like can really understand their situation, something they might not have in their regular day jobs. 

Kenneth said that one thing that helps his audience connect with him is seeing how passionate about the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and how it helped him. He started seeing results once he got passionate about that and wants to share that with his audience. 

Laurie and Kenneth shared that one piece of advice they would give to someone just starting out in their business is to step out of your comfort zone. “Give up the short term comfort for the long term win,” Laurie said. Don’t be afraid to talk to your audience about what led you online and let them see the real you. You never know who you might reach with your inspiration.

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