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Danielle: Thank you guys. Yeah, so my name is Danielle. I am 28 originally born and raised in Phoenix, which is where Matt currently lives. Yes, I lived there. I went to college there. I was there for the majority of my life and then I ended up going to the DC area in Virginia, Northern Virginia for grad school. I went to PA school there and was there for about five years in that kind of area and currently I am residing in Chicago. And so that's a new home base for me as a few weeks ago but that's where I am now. Cool.

Matt: So bring us into your story 

Danielle: Yeah. So my story is that I am trained to be in the medical field. I did extra training to work in the ER. That's kind of all I know. And so my schooling for the past like at least six years, probably more than that has been geared toward being in the medical field and working in ER and it's just been brutal for the past several years and so I'm sure everybody has their own experience with that but mine I can say from my perspective was a lot to handle. Not only physically though ours were just so taxing on my body but mentally too. I started to get very drained. And I started to question whether or not this is something that I wanted to do, but it was really difficult because I spent so much time and money in such a big investment into this career path that I was convinced at one point that was for me that I that was exactly what I wanted, and so yeah, after after kind of the mental taxation that I that I started to go through, I really started questioning it. And so I did. There were a lot of other factors and specifics that led into pushing me away from medicine that I won't get into. But it was a combination of many things. Ultimately, I decided to leave my job. I was just so fed up with it. So I quit and I was like well, great. What do I do now? So I just started to do a lot of research on TikTok actually and how to make money online because something else that I love to do is travel and so I am the type of person who will travel for months at a time and just kind of go and live in other countries. So I wanted something where I didn't have to physically be in a certain place to make money. That was a big, big, big requirement for me. I just wanted the ability to kind of live my life on my own terms and be the one to call the shots essentially. And so, and yeah, I tried a bunch of side hustles. I tried ecommerce I made a clothing company that was very fun, but not I wouldn't say profitable by any means. But yeah, I just tried a bunch of things and then I stumbled across this $7 course and the rest is history and hear me


Matt:  Well cool that's a cool that's a cool yes we're in Germany Yeah, the clothing company i The funny part is I'm not super anti like clothing company or like ecommerce is just is a shit ton of work. And yeah, yeah, it's so aggressive but yeah, it is fun. Like it is fun to dream and create and make stuff that's tangible. You can put it in people's hands, which is cool. Nice that you get on so when you started I'm curious. When you started that E-commerce kind of clothing thing. Did you have like, Did you buy a course or did you just kind of dive in and try to use people's examples?

Danielle: Yeah, I did a YouTube certification. I just kind of researched everyone on YouTube and tried to learn from them and like figure it out on my own and yeah, just just kind of took everyone's anecdotal experience for my own and yeah, no course I just kind of dove in the deep end and I was like, well, let's give this a shot. Like what type of thing do I have to lose? So yeah, it was more so just for fun but yeah, I started that. Let's see. It was around the Fourth of July last year. So it's been a little over a year. And it was fun. I was pretty gung ho on it for a while. It kind of faded.

Matt:  Yeah, I love that term a good certification. That's all areas. The end really like So you found us after having done that and you found us like last year or something like that. Tell us I'm curious about here's what I'm curious about. I'm curious about the first six months of this year, and because things really started to pop off for you in the middle of this year or so. Like tell us about your journey of buying our challenge and consuming and here's what I'm asking is because the elearning industry is kind of just at its very beginning start of being really popular and really, like common. And so I'm just like curious, for a lot of people how they digest elearning and like formal training online because we do have people who buy it and then come back a year later and actually through it or there's people who buy it and they'll literally go through everything, every single video that in their training in like two weeks. That's crazy. Yeah. You can go through it at your own pace and stuff but I'm curious from December to June or July or something. Did you have a gap or delay or did you just kind of like, chill or what happened?

Danielle: Yeah, I think how quickly or slowly everybody gets through the material is very relative to what their life experiences at that given time. And so for me, I bought the course initially in December of last year and so I was so adamant. I was so excited about doing the scores and I finished it and then I just kind of let my ego and my fears of failure and my oh my gosh, I don't I don't have any experience in business or marketing or whatever kind of consumed me. And so I actually started working possible shifts. Again, I never went back full time. But I did pick up a couple steps here and there because that's what I know. You know, I know that I can do it. I know that I'm good at it. And so it was kind of my safety net that I just kept there. So I sat in the class for a long time. I had every intention of eventually getting back to it but I wouldn't say that I made it a priority because I was just I had a lot of like self doubt and like hear a failure coming in and like but at the at the very core that I didn't know like I I can't tell if I don't start type of thing. So I finally decided to get in but I think I got to a point where even picking up hospital ships for me just dreaded it. I hated it. I did not want to do it anymore. And I was like if I don't change right now nothing's gonna change and so I decided to start back up and it really did take off pretty quickly for me, which is not very typical for a lot of people. I think I've been very fortunate in that sense. But yeah, so I just, it took me a while but I'm at the point to now where, you know, this is this is a serious opportunity like you can you can really do this from wherever you want and you can make it as big or as small as you want, you know, you can kind of scale it to whatever your goals are. And another thing for me, this kind of goes into why I named my business what I did is inflation and everybody we're all struggling, right like it's been it's been hard on the fall with with the inflation and so I talked to my boss, I said, Hey, I need a raise, like you need to pay me more. And they said no, like, we can't afford that. And so that was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back. I would say that was maybe in May or June and that's when I really switched into this digital marketing niche. Like nice, I guess. Yeah, but yeah, so it was just like somebody telling me that I'm not worth this amount of money. This was really like, Oh, okay. Well, I'm gonna work for myself then and prove me wrong. We'll prove it. To myself. 

Matt:  Yeah, yeah, a little pettiness. Sometimes people think that that's like people think that's lame or like that's like bad energy or something, but man, it's a little it is impressive. What people can do is a little bit of that, like a chip on their shoulder kind of thing. Yeah, it's just whatever, whatever is your breaking point, like, it's gonna it's gonna find you and then that's gonna that's gonna push you over into doing whatever you've wanted to do for a while. 

Matt:  Yeah, makes sense. That makes perfect sense. And also I kind of feel like, you know, even like, even the angle of my question where I've said what happened was like, kind of a bad frame to say that because it almost makes it seem like something went wrong. But the truth is, it is like Okay, everybody needs sort of that like, incubation period where like, they come in, they start to get some training, they click around, they just need to like, the human brain just needs to like it has different settling times. So like, some people are gonna like to come in and purchase something and it might just sit for like a year, just because they need to, like they need to log in for a second and just look at a screen and just be like, you really wonder what the hell's going on? Yeah, like no, my brain is just like brains coming to grips with like, with like, so many questions that are going on in the background. Am I okay with this? Am I proud of this? Will I be happy doing this like, and, and part of it is just like, there's certain people I'm this kind of person. And I've learned to kind of give myself a little bit of a little bit of grace in this but there's certain kind of people who just they need a little bit of time to just let the dust settle for making a big decision or claiming something or running after something that was just like, hey, I need to like, strap my like new shoes on my running shoes on and like it takes me a little longer. To tie my shoes more than normal people. So hey, just chill out. And I always ask people about that. That span of time between purchase and actually like, Alright, here we go, you know? Because it's so fascinating to me that it feels so freeing to me to hear people talk about that span of time because everybody who's listening is just like, dude, yes, I get it. Like I've had so many times where I've just needed to chill and relax. Yeah, yeah. So when you started posting videos and stuff. I'm curious like from a business content creation standpoint, was that new for you?

Danielle: Oh my gosh. Yeah. I think that was another big thing that I had to work through. Why did I put it off for so long? I did not like the idea. I didn't like putting myself out there. I don't know if it's maybe an insecurity thing. I'm not sure but yeah, I hated it. hated the idea. I actually was like, I'm not gonna go anywhere no, not gonna happen. So yeah, I just worked my way through the blueprints and realized that, you know, if I really want to make this work, I need to kind of market myself and so I did and no, totally new experience. My first account actually got shut down was a huge defeat for me, but I wasn't gonna let that kind of define me. Yeah, so it got shut down. I finally had reached, you know, I was able to put the link on my page and I remember I had a video that went very, very, very viral. And so it really kind of syncs up with everything but then the whole account got shut down. I'm not even sure why. And which is unfortunate, because now I'm just so cautious. And thankfully now I've been able to build it way more than what my my personal self was cool, but still, it's just lessening, it's a roadblock that you really have to overcome and for a lot of people and I think stops them like it. A lot of people don't get past that and so I can empathize with them. 

Matt: Yeah, I mean, I've seen accounts grow, removed more fast. And that kind of dropped off randomly. It's just random and out of nowhere, but they and some people just don't recover. But some people do. And like we've had people massive, massive affiliates lose their accounts. And you know, it's night and day, one of them comes back from it. The other one does, and I don't know what that is. But I think that there's some skills like, you know, there's lots of people who have built huge accounts. And went viral and really crushed it. And, and who didn't really have skills, and it sort of eventually fizzled out, but man I think, I think getting a big account and then or even just growing an account to 1000 followers will say and having it shut down and doing it again, there's real skill there.

Danielle: I think termination I wouldn't say I had any skills because I'm starting seriously from ground zero. Like I had nothing you know, I didn't take medicine and that's about it.

Matt: All throughout the process. I mean, how many times have you posted the TikTok? Like it has to be in the hundreds, right? Yeah. Yeah, there's some skills there.

Danielle: It's just kind of observation like what you guys teach there's it's like, watch, don't reinvent the wheel like Find What Works and replicate it. So it is just kind of strategically figuring out how the system works and making it work in your favor. So I have a lot of room to grow for sure. 

Matt: Same way you wanted a job and you were Yeah, was it a job? You sit there and watch a dude with a jackhammer and you're like, oh, that's how you attack hammer concrete. All right. And then you do it 100 times and you're like, wow, like I'm I'm an expert in jackhammering concrete I guess. 

On a daily basis, do you like cuz? Because you've got like leads flowing through pretty much every day now. The leads come through your system all day long every day pretty much. Yep. Which is cool. Because you're out in a vehicle you're going out to the lake or whatever and you're probably getting you'll probably get off this and you'll probably have for one sitting in your autoresponder account. And then you'll go on to do god knows what over the weekend hanging on a lake having a good time and it'll still be running for you. It'll still be gum, and maybe a check in to post something from your drafts folder so you can keep your account rolling. But I mean, you're not at it to ask like you know, in a sales sheet or something like that.

Danielle: Yeah, pretty cool. It is the biggest breath of fresh air, like I am not used to working from anywhere at all. And so when I physically have to be in VR, it's just a stressful environment. And I knew that going into it but I think I've changed a lot as a person to where that no longer is something I want on one high stress, but I just want life to kind of chill. So yeah, the game changer is I'm going to the lake right now and I will know folks at some point preventative service but yeah, it's I'm very much a person where this has given me that work that I love traveling and I can do this from any country in the world. So Provided I have an internet connection and it still runs so that you can make your business so automated is seriously a game changer.

Matt: It really is. And it's something I've been I don't know I grasped on to that idea. When I was in college, I was sitting in my dorm room and somebody showed me a video about network marketing, but I didn't know what the hell I was looking at. I was just like, oh my gosh, I'm gonna be so rich. And it was all just about selling this travel product or some I don't even know. But anyway, I just remember looking at it and being like, oh my god, like what an incredible like, the cool part is is like that, that business is never a business that I made money with and that I ever did anything with or that idea for a business was never anything that I gravitated towards. But it was the spark right it was like Spark. It was the moment and that little video was created by a friend, kind of a mentor of mine. And I was just kind of like, like, wow, like the All I saw was the power of the internet. That's all that I saw. And content creators sometimes get in their head about like, oh, you know, I'm like making this video is it? Is it going to be like every detail or like a side hustle or am I going to give every single thing and it's like dude, like all people are doing is sitting out there and having a realization of like, oh my god, internet. Wow, I never knew I could get a chunk of the pie from the internet. You're right. The internet is up all day long. 24 hours a day. Winds of people coming online every single year. It's like it's such a no brainer.


Danielle: I agree. Yeah. It's, I think, I think there's a big gap too with like, I don't want to date myself but I am in like a little bit of an older generation. And so we were very much raised to, you know, do the whole you know, go to school, get a good job, stay at a job for however many years but I think the younger generation is really grasping like, you can work online and leverage the power of the internet. And so yeah, I definitely don't want to say that I had an aha moment like you did with your friends in your dorm room. But what did it for me was why I left the course from some mom with five kids who like wanted to make it their side hustle and I was like oh my gosh, I definitely have more time than she does because five kids is a latte let me try this I you know if she can do it, I can do it. 

Matt: Is that Jessica? Yeah. Cool. Yeah.

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah, she's, she's great. But um, yeah, so I was like, well, if she can make it work, I can for sure make it work because I have no kids and a lot more time than she does. I'm sure so yeah, so it's still but yeah, and then like after getting on board with this and just kind of making the decision like, Oh, I'm going to I'm going to make this work for myself doing the research and just figuring out like, there's a lot that you can do with online marketing their stakes, honestly endless and knowing that like this really is the future like my job in the medical field is a provider like it's going to be absolute absolute someone and future and so I'm just not going to wait around for that. I guess I'm going to kind of decide on my work. 

Matt: Yeah, totally. Totally. Yeah, that's cool. That's awesome and very inspirational. I feel like yeah, that realization of taking my life back and a big thing for me was like having personal autonomy like I didn't want anybody. I hate the feeling of being dependent on anybody. And I'm on that on a daily basis. Do you like creating and posting a couple videos a day or what's your creation process like?

Danielle: Yeah, I usually pick one day and make as many as I can. And that usually ends up being like anywhere from 20 to 30 videos. And so I just like to work a lot at one time and then several days of just doing whatever I want. And so that's just how I've always been and so that's what works for me. And so since I run out of videos, then I'm like okay, I'm gonna schedule a day. And so I don't really have a schedule. I don't really stick to any timeline or anything like that. But I do try and put out three videos a day minimum. And so I just make sure I have enough to do that every single day and then when I run out, I sit down and do some more. That's kind of my, my process. Yeah,

Matt:  Here, for anybody who's here. I'm gonna give you the last word on today's interview. For anybody who's here who's a little bit like I'm just getting started. I've got a job kind of feeling like this is gonna test the waters. What would you tell that person who's a little newer to the E learning experience and also like, trying to figure out and solve like, is, could I carve out a piece of the pie from this whole internet thing for myself?

Danielle: Yeah, I think anybody can have a piece of the pie truly and I fully believe that but I think where it kind of separates certain people from others is your drive and how much we're gonna do it like you can't just expect this to be some easy thing and it'll work itself out and then, you know, paying dividends in the long run, like you really do have to put in the work on the front. But how about do you want this type of thing like How bad do you want to make this change in your life and step away from your job? So I understand there's a lot of psychological blocks and factors that come into that. Like everybody has their thing in life. Everybody has their, you know, thing that's stopping them or fear is usually what it comes down to. And so yeah, so I just for me, it took me like you said, like six months to kind of work through that and finally make the decision to act. But I think for me, I really, I sat down one day and I was like, Okay, I'm clearly not happy. So what can I do to make myself happy and like, like, I'm gonna change this right? I can't just sit here and take it. So I wrote down things like, what are my priorities like, what do I want out? of life? And so my time is huge. And then freedom to do whatever I want when I want. Usually, aka travel is what I mean. But yeah, so I think it would be I cannot do that with my hospital job. I cannot do that working long hours, and being less stressed. And so once you're clear on what you want, and why you want it, everything else seems to come a lot easier. Like okay, if I really really want the freedom in time, what what lengths are gonna go to to make this work and I'm sure you guys hit home on this and you guys kind of harmless into people, but it is work upfront, but you do get to a point where everything is automated and you just have to sell on the way and add things as you learn more because it is a never ending learning process. And so, you know, adjust with the times, adjust with new information that you learn like it's just never ending and so put in the work upfront and it's not an instant gratification. It's not but that's what that's my message is it's an investment right now that's gonna pay you off later. So I would say just get clear on your goals and what you want and you know, if your motivations are strong enough, your why whether that's kids or you know, paying off debt or your freedom, like in my case, is that strong enough to push you into do that do this and like make it work for you because it will work if you make it.

Matt:  I love that. It'll work. If you work, if you make it work.

Danielle: Yeah, it's not gonna work. You have to make it work.

Matt: It was a really powerful little tirade. You just went on there. I was. I feel like today, let's go. Cool, man. That's awesome. Well, Danielle, thanks so much. Let me put this up real quick. Is this the best place for people to find you?

Danielle: Yep, that's, that's my newest one. Yep.

Matt:  Cool, right. I'm awesome. I love the handle. I love the message and the sort of freedom that exists behind your energy is super awesome. Thank you so much for that, Dan. Yeah, thanks for having me. And anytime to have you back on it hit us up in a couple months. Let us know what's happened and where you're at and we'd love to have you back on. Cool, enjoy the lake.

Danielle: Thank you.

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Danielle: Peace out everybody. See ya