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Dave: What's going on my friends? It's your boy Dave Sharpe, back in the saddle today. What's going on? I was on a little trip with my wife the past few days for our anniversary. Yes, it's a big deal. We'll take our prize for, you know, staying married in 2022 It ain't easy out here people. It ain't easy, but we've made it seven years, 14 years together. So I love my wife more than anything in the world. And that's where I've been for the past few days. And I'm glad to be back and even more excited to get back. I got to talk to Ebony this morning and we're going to hear how she went from waitress. Ebony, what does SHAM stand for?

Ebony: Well, it stands for stay at home mom, but I'm only mom to two fur babies. 

Dave:  Okay, so, gotta gotta freshen up on my acronyms there. But, well, congratulations on that first and foremost and tell us where you're calling from.

Ebony: I am calling from Mississippi. 

Dave:  Well, awesome. So you were a waitress? Tell us how you got into digital marketing. Tell us how you came online. Tell us how you found Legendary and why you decided to join this bunch of crazy marketing weirdos.

Ebony: Yes. Okay. So I waited tables coming straight out of college. It was a quick way to get an easy job. I've always kind of been a people person. So I figured it was something I would be able to do. Okay, good enough anyway, until I can actually find a job in my field which is business.

Dave:  And did you stay local and or at least at home in your state for college or were you somewhere away from home?

Ebony: a little bit of both. So at first I was in Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia. I went to a private college there. And then I came back and finished up here in Mississippi at home.

Dave:  As long as that graduate young we're also moving all around your waitressing okay, we're caught up

Ebony: yeah. So I actually did waitressing on and off. I actually found a job in my field, but they laid off twice. I found a job twice in my field and they were laid off and each time I will go back to waiting tables. I know I can make money there. I can go back to waiting tables. I'm good at it. It's fine. I'll keep doing it until I find something in my field. And that never happened. Waited tables for 12 years waiting for that to happen.

Dave: Wow. Wow. That's just a lot. To be looking for a job in a particular industry. How many people do you think that happens with like you know, they've got a degree.

Ebony: Yeah, I feel like it's something that happens quite a bit unless you have maybe a trade or something or something lined up, maybe a program with the school or something like that. It can be difficult to find a job that pays well enough for you to live on your own.

Dave:  Can I do something totally off the wall? You tell me if this sounds even because sometimes I say things that are my wife's like that's not even remotely true, but it's almost easier nowadays to start a business than it is to get a job in certain fields.

Ebony: It is why I joined Legendary Marketer because it was a few clicks of a button. And it was something that I had done affiliate marketing before. I had done marketing online before, but it was okay the company wasn't you know all that. So when I found out about legendary, it was something I really wanted to join because of the training that's there and just the community that we have with Legendary. So when I saw it, I found it on social media, somebody's talking about, you know, doing your own thing and I say well, not waiting tables anymore COVID took that away so let's go let's do it. Why not?

Dave:  You know, Famous last words of every, you know, either, I guess you know, probably person who jumped off a cliff but also people who became really successful was exactly what you just said some say effort, some say less go, you know, it's just, it's kind of that moment to where it doesn't really make sense. But it feels like the only choice right? Because you've done so many other things. You've you've I mean in your case, does any could any. Would you take anyone seriously who came to you and said ebony just keep looking for that job? I mean, does that

Ebony: I mean been looking for over a decade, nothing happy? Or it would happen and they will close down or get laid off or? Yeah, something else so

Dave:  I don't know what the field is but it doesn't matter. Mississippi is not the epicenter of the world. I mean it is a beautiful place that doesn't want to go to the Mississippians coming after me. But it is not like it is not Los Angeles. It is not. It is not Dallas. It is not Atlanta. It is not New York. It is not Miami. It isn't you know, it's uh, so I can understand that. A lot of a lot of us. You know, when we're when we're young, and we're just believing what we're being told. It's like, well, of course I'm gonna go to college. And do this and then we come right back to our town that has absolutely nothing going on. And it's like you didn't tell me that you didn't tell me that I was gonna have to relocate to another city or I was gonna have to be open and willing to make adjustments. So now comes along this opportunity for us to work at home or on a laptop or whatever. And of course, who wouldn't? Who wouldn't do that? But what is different about this and what is what you are doing to succeed because with freedom, more freedom comes more responsibility. Do you agree? With that? Evany

Ebony: I do because freedom can be an enemy if you allow it to be. Excuse me. The pollen is killing me. But, um, freedom can be an enemy if you allow it to be but at the same time, freedom can be freeing. If you use it the right way. And so I took some time to research legendary marketer and just I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, you know, but like I said, I didn't have a job. I was waiting tables and I didn't have that job anymore. So just at home, stay at home wife, I got my twofer baby so I don't know if you want to call me a stay at home mom, but I have a wife and I said I'm gonna go for this because I know that this is something that if I put my all into it, like I do when I work, maybe okay, maybe okay, I don't see why I wouldn't be okay. So when I went in, I jumped all the way in two feet. Hold my breath. Let's go. And I got the training from legendary and I ran with that training. I implemented it instantly across all social media platforms. Let's do this. I got the training. Now. I just got to do the work. And so I show up for myself every single day I put the work in. Oh, you're talking

Dave:  some powerful I mean, this is just a marketing show any Be easy on you know because we're talking about really an attitude of, of success, self care. I mean, you're talking about this ain't about you know, this is not about everybody else. This is about you and how you feel about you, how you, would you hire you? It's a question that I asked people a lot of times at live events, would you hire you? Would you be your number one employee? And the faces in the room are often you know, unsure and like I don't know if I'd want me I don't know if I'd want to pay somebody who works like me. You know what I mean? I want to pay you to work. Unlike me, I want you to do way more than I'm willing to do. And that's not what leadership is about and as business owners and entrepreneurs. We are the first employee so our business actually only goes as far as that first employee takes it you know, if that first employee sucks, you know, then in then that that first employee don't want to get out of bed and that first employee want to show up to work late that first employee want to, you know, leave early, take a lot of breaks. I mean come on, think about it, folks. But what you said was I'm ready to show up for me. I'm ready to show up regardless of what other people think and regardless of what I'm getting the added girls or I'm getting the Pat's on the back or I'm getting the people, the family agree in me with the Abbas given me as a girl or whatever. I'm doing it for me. Was that a shift in mindset from how you once thought, Is that how you bought I mean, what what? That's a big that just seems like a big thing that I just would like you to say more about, um,

Ebony: I guess it was a little bit of a shift because I mean, when you show up to work, I guess you kind of show up for yourself because you're making a living. So if you don't show up, you're not gonna make one but when you get to work at your job, and you're working for someone else, you're really more showing up for them and their company. And their dreams. Okay, you're forever in them. And they're in turn, you know, giving you a wage. So and as far as that goes, what I did work for someone else. I always showed up on time, ready to work, ready to give it my all and just kill it for the day. That's the way I've always shown up for work every day, see my seat and happy, my happiness. That's the way I was when I was no longer working for someone else, and I said I'm going to do this for myself. I'm going to start working for myself basically, I took that same attitude. So instead of showing up for someone else and furthering what they're wanting to do, I'm going to take that same attitude and put it back into me and this thing that I'm trying to build for myself and for my family. But it has a little something special added to it when you're showing up for yourself. Because you're not furthering someone else's dream. You're not furthering someone else's wealth, or whatever it is you're furthering yourself or furthering your dream and your income and just for you and your family. So it's the reason for showing changes. It shifts into I'm showing up for my family now. So bring out the big guns like let's show up we're gonna show working as hard as we can we're gonna give it our all because why not give your family your all Shurflo Yeah, because motivated because of that to just do it. tunnel vision.

Dave:  Yeah, and I can understand after 10 years of not getting it, you know what you had imagined and expected. I would I would assume I mean you go to college, I'm sure there was a lot of hype and a lot of people telling you and selling you that you're going to get out and get a job and get a career and it was going to you know, I mean as if almost as if it was going to be waiting for you when you left. And so I can understand having that attitude and having that mindset. I also will say that, you know, I think there's another level which is where you begin to build a company and lots of people are able to achieve their dreams within that vehicle. And I think that's when you become you know, for me, that's what I've loved about entrepreneurship. I think this is how at least I run a business or look at business and how other people feel or look at businesses. And the way that I look at businesses is this is a vehicle that can not only make me wealthy, but it's also a vehicle that can make others wealthy and I also have this opportunity in sort of this teaching, marketing and teaching you know, it's so not only do our clients get to build wealth, but actually a lot of people inside of our team here at Legendary are beginning to build serious income in be able to invest serious money and have an amazing opportunity for growth and to make more and to do more and to be in to feel fulfilled. So there's levels to this stuff. And I can tell you that you're on the right path if you have the attitude that you need to have in order to get to any next level in entrepreneurship. Which is, look, I've been on this earth. Quite frankly, I've been thinking about working to take care of it. I think women a lot of times have that, that that sort of assumed role of and I think it's also a caretaker, the caretaker in the nurturer in you guys as well. Which makes you more like that. But yeah, it's like I've been really caretaking and thinking about and worrying about and working for and all this other shit for all these years. I'm ready to do me. You know what I mean? Like I'm ready to do me like and I think that is an attitude that if a lot of you really adapted like ebony is describing, forget all the other stuff. That attitude is a really powerful attitude to have to get through this first phase. To where the Body grows your company. Maybe you hire on a virtual assistant or you or you maybe you have a team or a small team and then and then now all of a sudden you're in the leadership position and you get to decide how are you going to act in that lead in that role of leadership in which you had a lot of judgment for for many years. Right? And I'm gonna talk about you, Ebony:I'm just talking about us in general as employees well, I don't know about you, but anytime I was an employee at a company, I had all kinds of ideas on how they could run that company. better and be more human nature. Okay. But now all of a sudden, as if I become successful in my business, I have an opportunity to do it differently. How am I going to treat people now that I'm in this role of leadership? Am I going to be shouting, you know, command all in pain and the absolute least that I can pay him and try to get the most out of them? I mean, am I going to be that type of leader so I also get to feed and fuel my self esteem which you are talking about showing up for me. I get to feed and fuel that by now. I'm in the lead up and I'm going to do my power. And that's a that's a fun place to be because you can either be a total ass, like somebody like, like a Putin over here, some of these other dictators or you can be a leader and you know, a people's, you're people's person, man, I look at somebody who is I try to be that and I look at leaders and look up to leaders who are like that, who are willing to stay in the trenches and and help others. So, anyways, I'm ranting, but this is the journey that I've gone on with entrepreneurship. And so what I mean we're ultimately do you see this going or are you just having a ton of fun in the moment in really just trying to build your affiliate marketing business and focus on that exclusively right

Ebony: now? I'm both really having a blast. I really didn't expect it to be this fun. But I am in this for the long haul.

Dave:  That's always a plus. Because sometimes you can make some money or whatever, and hate it. When I hate. You'd be like but you'd be like the money is good, but the money is good.

Ebony: We were waiting tables. I didn't particularly care for waiting tables, a very thankless job, but it was good. I basically got paid every single day and cash, you know, and you have regulars that come back to see you and you know, so you know you go to work and you almost turn into you put on the work personality and you shift into gumbo when you get to work and that's what you do. But it doesn't always mean that you just love it like that. But what I'm doing now, work in my own business, from the training that I've gotten from legendary putting it into action every single day, coming up with new ideas, fresh ideas, and just having fun with it being myself and just going forward. You know, it sounds crazy. It's like okay, whatever somebody's gonna like it. I put it out there anyway. So I'm happy to be doing this work and I want to do it as long as I can do it forever, you know, until it's over.

Dave:  And you never really complete you. You really do. Seems like you understand that. What you have to say has value even if it's not the most expertise 10 years into it. You're not comparing yourself to somebody who's also has knowledge and information and saying I'm better than or less than you're just like, hey, I know some stuff. I've taken some training, I've put it into action. And you know what, I'm qualified to sit here and teach you at least how to get started. It sounds like you're really only in that mentality.

Ebony: Yes, because I feel like the way that our brains are made. I mean we have the capacity to learn more, and to put that into practice once we learn it. So the education is what you get first. So when you do something new, maybe you've never done anything working for yourself before. Well, you get training on how to do that. And then you are taught how to put that into practice every day inside your business. And so I'm just here to teach people how to do it, you know, show them there's a way out. I know for a fact because I did it. I got out and this is what I'm doing now. So if you want to get out to join me, let's go out. I'll help you out. And that's really the attitude a lot of people have. They don't want to wait tables the rest of their life or they don't want to, you know, work for someone else the rest of their life, but it is what they feel like they don't have a choice right now. And so just want to let them know you got a choice. There's something else you could be doing that you could love more than you love any other job. And it doesn't even feel like a job. It just feels like you're just having fun. So

Dave:  like you're playing around on social media all day. Yeah. What you're doing anyways, which is doing anyways come on out. Now you are the only reason why you have a job. So you can try to get somebody to you to be on social media. You know if we're on it, let's just stop all trying to be like each other and I'M trying to build a business and I'm trying to be this professional. You ain't trying to be no professional you're trying to sit on social media all day. Like you want to sit in the house. You don't want to get dressed. You don't want to leave the house. You don't want to pull up your computer if you don't have to. So it's about honesty, right? It's about

Ebony: like, do you want to sit and have your pajamas on and just make little videos all day? Sure. For sure. You what happens when that

Dave:  You should come out with a headline in a sales video. That's like I'm going to teach you how to be like a playful, childlike sitting around in your spouse is going to start trying to put you on a screen time locked down as you're messing around on social media inside your house all day long type of build a business. One of the richest people in this world or at least not the richest but the people who are making the most money in entertainment and in content creation podcasting YouTubing I mean even shows I mean, I like that squid games, you know, movie that came in and that was the only series in 2021 that like was going crazy amongst a lot of my friends and it was a highlight and it was really out there. And here's my point is that in 2021 It's the crazy stuff that's making money. It's almost like human beings' tolerance has gotten so high that anything that isn't so real and so potent has galvanized them almost there. We're almost like we're immune to you know, because there's so much stimuli. There's so much violence, there's so much you know, we're scrolling fast things are happening. We want it instantly. And so, if that's what the entire human race wants, will it only make sense that those of us who are willing to go on video and say, you know, you want to sit here and stare at your phone all day? Here I am. And why don't we tell you how to get richer. Get your shitty little baby to sleep through the night or you know, whatever it is right? It's like a human race just stares at their phones all day. Why shouldn't we be there in our home? Telling them information that maybe will be useful to them and selling it to them? It only makes sense to me but it is a wild world we live in.

Ebony: Who would have known that it will go this way. But it's this way and it's here to stay. It is only going to get bigger and more and better. So I'm just happy to be at the at the beginning of it riding the wave all the way

Dave: It really is your your see you're saying a lot of really important things and your mindset is so right and it's so in the right place because this is the beginning i get i laugh i don't get aggravated or try to talk people out of it because that's just a waste of my time at this point. If you think it's saturated or oh my gosh, I mean, what do you think we're going back to IOUs we're gonna go back to writing checks people, what do you think? All the sudden the world's going to wake up one day and say I don't want to, you know, run my entire life from a little device that I get to carry around the entire world. Do you think we're going to wake up one day and say no, let's go back to having a frickin pigeon fly in my letters across the country. I mean, we're not going backwards people you know, it's like the technology's only gonna get to a place to where you don't even have to hold the thing in five years. It just pops out of your glasses and you I mean, I don't know where we're going. But we are at the beginning.

Ebony: It's gonna be digital, it's going to be technology. We do know that.

Dave:  Yeah. So you're here for the ride is what you're saying. You don't know where you're going. You don't care where you're going. You just know that you want to be where it's going. Where things money, attention is going.

Ebony: Yes, yes. So it's monetizing it all the way all the way through to the end. I'm on the train.

Dave:  It's just being honest about what you want and what you're trying to do and what we are doing out here. What are we doing? Are we Yes, I mean, you know, legendary, and what we're doing is, is, gosh, we could maybe get accredited one day and just stand along all these other people and just act like Hello. They're the University of legend. I don't know, but I just rather teach people fast. ins with simple ways in where because, because if let me just tell you this. If getting money doing whatever you're doing is hard. It's old. It's antiquated. It's because you shouldn't be doing it that way anymore. Getting money should be simple. It should be. It should not be complicated. It should be clear about how, you know, if you're you got to go like some of these jobs, you got to I mean, it's just it's it's you know, getting a paycheck nowadays at some jobs is, it is weird. It's hard. It's like you said about getting a job. Yeah, getting the job and then you know, I mean you know, they're they're anyways, it's just there's a lot of there's a lot of industry that's antiquated. There's a lot of industries that are antiquated, and it's going to be difficult to make money in those industries. It doesn't matter. Even as they try to evolve technology, it's going to be difficult for you if you're in retail. For example, if you've always been in retail, it's going to be difficult for you to evolve and continue to make more and more in the industry. Why is it chitin yo ass out?

Ebony: They couldn't do that and I did retail for a while too. I've been all over the place. So it's one of those things you know, they start cutting back when you first want to go and you think I brought in, you know, the most sales last month. What do you mean, I'm the first one to go? Dave:  Whenever I'm shopping from their apps, and they're, you know, my wife and I get cars anymore. Well, my wife and I just went shopping today and she made a comment she said, you know gosh, it's almost I almost enjoy getting stuff shipped and trying it on at home and they make it so easy to ship it back. So, you know, my mom sold shoes for many decades. You know, I have a lot of friends and family. I grew up seeing them working in retail and so forth. I mean, it's just not it's not, you know, that's an example of an antiquated industry. I think. I think, you know, I think unfortunately, I don't think waiting tables or the service industry will ever be an antiquated industry. But I mean, we already see signs of automation in those places. When you sit down you can order on your own. You can pay on your own. I mean, there's signs of automation. And you know, I don't think you know, my wife and I just went on our anniversary dinner to one of our favorite restaurants in Miami and you know, there were lots of people serving us. I don't think that will ever go away for that style of restaurant. I don't need you serving me at a place that I just want to get in and out. You know, I mean, like, I don't need to. So I would rather use a machine and that's not to say that I want people to not have a job. I'm just being honest with my personal preference. Yeah. So we have to make sure that the industry that we're going into is not antiquated and I think that and be real clear about it. It's hard when we're young, but my wife went into, you know, the social working industry. Why? Well, I mean, ultimately, she had a heart for that. It sounded like a meaningful career. And it was until we got serious and then wanted to grow a family and realized, well, gosh, this is not going to get us very far. You're whatever you're making and this was before I was we were together making more money in our business. She had to quit working that job. I mean, it didn't make sense anymore. You know, it didn't make sense anymore, because the pay wasn't The pay wasn't there. So, I mean, at least let's be eyes wide open that if we go into a specific industry, it can't be about the money motivated at all or your or you even need there's a lot of arguments right now about what is a living wage. A lot of outrage right now about the living wage isn't $15 an hour, which has been what everybody's fighting for, or is it $25 An hour because of inflation , you know what I mean? Minimum and I've got even buddies who want minimum wage wage to be raised and they want that 15 an hour. They're offering 15 hours. I said, Hey, homie, that ain't gonna cut it for a lot of people. The reason why nobody responds to your post is because ain't enough any more. So maybe back

Ebony: in the 80s or 90s, it would have been okay, but 2022 is just not you may have that and you're just barely getting by. And so that's actually when I'm on camera and I'm making my videos. I try to be as real as I possibly can be, because I've been there. I've been there so I know what it's like to be working as hard as you possibly can. And it just doesn't reflect in your paycheck. 

Dave:  Once you're away from your family all day long. 

Ebony: Exactly. Yeah, to hear. Yeah, I used to do 10 hour days waiting tables. So I will be going all day and when I come home my husband wants some dinner so we feel something together real quick. We've got a little bit of time together and it's time to go to bed and do it all over again. 

Dave:  I'm gonna do all that to possibly contact who knows what out in the open air because who knows what the hell's going on out there. I'm no scientist, but let me tell you some main ad and up here then the risk reward doesn't seem like it makes sense for me. You know what I mean? To go out and leave my house for $15 an hour. You know, it's really in the service industry. It's even less than that, isn't it? Because they don't have to pay you you rely on tips. And then you get these my wife and I were just outraged. Just thinking about bad tempers we were talking about it.

Ebony: Has a special place in my heart too. Yeah, the bad tip. So this is pretty bad. I'm just so glad I found Legendary because with the training I've been given and learning it and then putting it into action. 

Dave:  So I want to do a follow up with you and I want to signal my team or everybody to follow up and get something scheduled. Maybe in 45 days we will bring you back in. I want to talk about Pinterest with you. And it looks like you're doing some Pinterest stuff. And that's really exciting. I mean, you're also doing tick tock which we've got your tick tock you know ebony brown hustle if you're listening to Vinnie brown hustle spelled just like it sounds. But you're also doing you're also doing Pinterest. Let's give the people one tip on each platform. And then we'll bring you back for round two. Let's start with tick tock. Then we'll go to Instagram then we'll go to Pinterest.

Ebony: Post every single day on TikTok. Make up how many?

Dave:  How many times because some people say five times a day. Some people say once a day. Are you going quantity or quality?

Ebony: I would say starting out from zero followers like I did. You need to post three times a day. You either make up some content, put it in your drafts post three times a day consistently. Once you start getting some traction you can go down to once a day but if you want to just keep exploding your views and your followers. Try to post three times a day and stay consistent with it every single day Monday, all the way to Sunday and do it every day, every day.

Dave:  So these are folks how to get started which is what most people need even though so many of us go through training and we still are like what's the first step but it's not because the training doesn't tell you the first step it's just because that's human nature. So don't don't don't feel like it's just getting started. Sometimes the best way to go in the polls is belly flopping and now you're in. Oh, let's go to Instagram. Give us one nugget there that has really helped you.

Ebony: So Instagram is more of a nurturing platform. So you want to also be posting at least once a day. It's good to post your stories and let the people see you. You and your personal life. Maybe you're just cooking dinner. You like making delicious tacos tonight. Post every single day consistently every single day. Post on your stores every single day. Pinterest, Pinterest. Also again, I'll say it again, posting every single day on Pinterest is also one of the most important things on Pinterest, realize that it is not a social media platform. It isn't a search engine. So you want to have searchable when somebody types in the search bar they want to find you find out how to make yourself searchable and as it across all three platforms. Be consistent and show up for yourself every day. And that's it.

Dave:  And I like that perspective because it also allows you to if you're truly motivated by, I mean, you being happier and having a better life, which I think everybody is. I don't know if everybody's motivated about making everybody else happy. I mean, we are I think in some parts of our lives and now. Now it might be time to be focused on making you happy, right and building your not even building your dreams. But what do you want? What do you want to be doing? I was listening to something, a guy that was talking about how he has really gotten in shape. And he says he gives himself a he's, he has to get started and do five minutes. I have to at least get started in five minutes. And then if I get there and I don't want to continue, then I don't have to. I can stop if I get on the elliptical and I've done my five minutes and get off and I can stop but what I find is, is the majority of the time when I start something I want to continue I want to keep doing it. And so anyways, there's been a lot of things that you've said today that are helpful in helping us get started. And that is what I believe and what I've found. The number one challenge is just getting started in that it's such a simple yet complicated thing and it's even something that I'm working on and it shifted my view on how I view child development because I used to view it with my own children, specifically my five year old daughter. Well, she's riding horses right now. She needs you know to keep her in it so she can continue so she understands what commitment is so she understands what stain was something for a long time is my trend. What am I training in order to be here? I gotta be careful, right? I mean, because Stan was somewhere for a long time. 40 hours 40 weeks. We better be careful here. But instead I read something that changed the perspective that I have on her forever. And it's that what's most important for a child when they're young is to learn how to start something. So they try many different things. It's not a bad thing. It's not that they're, you know, can't stick with something. You know all the ways that we label children and try to make them as if they're doing something wrong. They're just being children. Like, she can't stick with anything. She's always she's always, you know, it's like what was wrong with me as a child learning how to get started with something. It's a skill, it's a skill and so, man, my daughter has done gymnastics. She's done horse riding and I mean we've done baseball and all this kind of stuff in the backyard. She's doing acro in dance. Baseball didn't stick but now she's getting started with baseball at school. I mean, I've just watched her get started with things and that's a skill set. And is in with you. I really just recognize that in you because you got any you got started in just that is one of the biggest challenges for people. One last piece of advice on the psychology you've laid out for us : you've got a unique psychology that I'm doing it for me and I'm showing up for me and that's how I show myself respect and have dignity. But give us another practical tip or something else about the Getting Started piece about going insane getting started or even if today somebody has you know, fumbled or procrastinate or whatever or just they've been marinate, let's not even label it. Let's not even label it negatively because maybe this is the exact time that you've needed to take. Okay? Let's not shame ourselves because we haven't got started or whatever. Well let's just say hey, you know what I took the training I'm getting started is not coming as naturally to me right now. So Ebony What do you think might be helpful for you? 

Ebony: Do you use the word procrastinate? I am a terrible procrastinator. So this is something that I have been working on. I feel like my whole life. So when I started with Legendary, I just pulled the trigger and started. I didn't let myself, I didn't allow myself to procrastinate because I realized that I have got to do something. And so when you know that in your mind, it can create a sense of urgency within yourself and within your situation. So when you rent when you realize that urgency you get started. Do not wait. Just do it. Just do it. Getting started is the hardest part. But once you get started you will see that it is not as hard as you thought it was gonna be. You have a lot in you and you just have to get started and start bringing it out. It's not the most comfortable thing because it may be something you've never done. before. Never even heard of anybody that you know, doing this. And you may feel like you're not one of those people that's going to be able to do this. You can do anything you want to do. You just have to get started. And once you do that you use the training that you've been given by legendary you put that into practice, and you just start doing it. Little by little, don't overwhelm yourself, do a little bit every day, but you get started and you remain consistent. Get started. Be consistent. Get started. With us. That's the secret sauce. Get started. Be consistent. That's it

Dave:  because you're because your customers are on in their email every day, aren't they? Every day. They're on social media every day, aren't they? Every day they take days off. Did they take days off? I doubt it. I don't there's not there's not a single day that I take a day off from I mean it it's a big deal. I mean, it's really like bringing the National Guard if we're gonna put our phone away for the day. You know what I mean? It's like we take it into Fort Knox and lock this thing up. I'm going off the grid for a day. Everybody. Let the CIA the White House. No, I won't. I will be unavailable off social media and messages. Please no. I mean, you see cats on social media. They're like, I won't be responding to messages. For the next era haven't gotten back to you the next day. It's like shit, I ain't got meglumine Six months you know these cats are apologizing for not getting back to in a day. But it's true. Your customers don't take a break. So why would you and it's so easy nowadays, to just create content, throw it up in drafts and schedule it? I mean, I don't think enough folks are working smart. I mean, this is really a business where you can work so smart and the only gift that you get from working smart is more leverage. You get more, you get more, you know, more fuel. Why? Because if you're working smart and you're getting results, your channels are going to blow up and your email list is going to grow. Your TikTok is going to grow and your YouTube videos are going to start getting recommended to more people to not even from you pushing them so it snowballs and really only positive things can happen from you getting started and, and and you know, taking action right away. It's really quite a phenomenon. You can get burnout, but it's very different from a traditional job to where you are going there and driving home and you're both mentally and physically burnout. It's somewhat difficult to get burnout on this website. You'll get bored before you get burnout and begin to self sabotage because you're bored. And that's another level of entrepreneurship we can discuss when any of you are there, because I've done that a couple of times in my career just because I was bored. So sabotage your entire business and that's going to be the next chapter of this conversation. Oh we're gonna leave that cliffhanger there. Thanks, everybody. And Ebony, you keep up the rock star effort with absolutely amazing attitude and incredible work and we'll get you scheduled for a follow up if you'd be willing to come on and keep spilling the goods. Yeah. All right. All right. Well, hey, keep up the great work and stay legendary my friend and we'll talk to you soon.

Ebony: Thank you, Dave.

Dave:  You can follow Ebony everyone on TikTok and Instagram at a very simple handle even if you're listening. @Ebonybrownhustle spelled exactly like it sounds. And you can follow me on Pinterest which maybe we can get her to come back here pretty soon and spill all her secrets about Pinterest. At ebony brown hustle, make money in marketing. Let me bring her right back in here real quick and ask her something. Is your handle ebony brown hustle on Pinterest?

Ebony: It is it is the same thing across the board

Dave:  Across the board. That consistent branding. Gotcha. All right. We'll talk to you later. She's awesome. All right, my friends. Good episode. Awesome conversation. With Ebony and go go really lift her up and show her some support. Okay. Everybody in this community has something to contribute and you know, has something to offer both to people who can potentially become customers but also to us. And I hope that I'm showing you and leading the charge by coming and learning from our own students. I mean, these are people that shouldn't be the guru and no, because I've got to learn as hard as students are. So I just want to learn from people who have taken maybe a piece of education that I've created, and maybe they've taken it and they've done something more incredible with it than I could have ever done. Don't you think I know that? Yes. So this is about really learning from each other. And it's just incredible what we can learn in 45 minutes from somebody who's recently gone through this training and applied it like that. I think what's rare, it's somebody who's done something 10 years ago. It's somebody who's recently used the same training that you're going through and applied it to get results. You heard that multiple times throughout this interview. So there's nobody better to listen to and learn from them than that person I mean, that's just my opinion, because they're succeeding right now. Right? So anyways, okay, amazing interview to go back and re-listen to as well. If you're new and you feel like maybe there were some things that slipped through the cracks there. And we'll see you all tomorrow. Same time, same place. For another episode. Be Legendary.