This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe met with Tanya Lena to talk about her beauty coaching business. Tanya focuses on inner beauty with her customers and clients rather than outer beauty. Tanya is a Transformation Coach that specializes in self-projection.

Tanya originally wanted to be a therapist or psychologist but ended up finding herself in hairdressing. In 2014 she began to get into mental health and spirituality with her business, and started up her own website from scratch. 

If you are someone who struggles with overthinking or stress about your business this interview is for you.

Never Be Afraid To Fail

Tanya’s first venture as an entrepreneur, she opened up a total beauty spa for inner and outer beauty and spirituality. She created a TikTok page to promote her business and the account was not very popular. Instead of giving up, Tanya decided to delete the account and try again, and this time she succeeded. She gained about 500k followers within two years. Her account took off and she began getting requests for partnerships with different companies and other offers. 

You Have To Do The Inner Work And The Outer Work

Tanya shared with David Sharpe that in order to succeed with her business, she had to do the inner work along with the outer work. This meant instead of asking herself how she was going to monetize her business she first had to create it, she needed to provide value and safe space to share and grow a following. Her TikTok growth helped her to gather clients for her coaching portion of her business. Instead of getting too ahead of herself, she wrote down all of the things she wanted to do with her business so that she could do them each one by one. One of those things was writing a book, which she will be coming out with in the next year.

Another part of the inner work is setting boundaries in your business and with yourself. This can mean many things, like not taking on too many clients, or creating a set schedule for yourself. Sometimes we think that our business or method isn’t working when it is ourselves who is not putting in the work to ensure that it is successful. 

Tanya also shared that one thing she does to contribute to her inner work is giving herself positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are phrases you can repeat to help yourself overcome challenging life obstacles. You might feel weird about it at first but after a while of repeating your affirmations it will help you start to believe what you are telling yourself. “(Affirmations are) reminding your mind of what your soul already knows,” Tanya said.

Tanya told Dave that by repeating affirmations each day help build habits for her in her business. This helps her to subconsciously make herself get up every day and do the work she has planned for herself each day instead of procrastinating or putting it off. This helps reprogram your mind to start working a different way so that you don’t give up when things start to go wrong.

Using Your Senses 

When first starting out it might be difficult not to compare yourself to others or over think about your content creation. Another tip for beginners that Tanya shared with David Sharpe is to ground yourself when you start to feel stressed out. This means using your senses to close your eyes and ask yourself what you can see, hear, touch, feel, and smell. This will calm your brain down so that you will no longer be in a stressed or overthinking state of mind. “​​We come into the business world and we can sometimes get attracted to unhealthy people, places and things and need to find the things that are healthy for us,” David Sharpe said.

Finding Balance In Your Work Life

Tanya shared with Dave that by slowly reprogramming your brain it will reduce stress in your work life. A lot of people who start out in affiliate marketing often become frustrated and want to give up. It’s important to embrace the struggles that you go through and allow yourself to have them. 

Nothing is perfect 100% of the time and when you begin to accept there will be roadblocks and struggles. Once we embrace them, they will come as less of a surprise when they do happen. David Sharpe shared with Tanya that he always tries to stay close to his personal growth and have balance in his work life.

Recognizing Negativity 

Tanya’s new book is about self projection and taking responsibility. She says that it’s important to recognize the people in your life who might be toxic and bring you down, and that when you do the inner work it is much easier to recognize who is in your life to just bring you down or sabotage you as opposed to people who are just having negative emotions. 

When starting out in your business it can be difficult to not get overwhelmed or to not overthink everything. By utilizing these skills and helping to ground yourself and stay in tune with your personal growth it will help you to grow with your business.

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