This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Maynard Jawad. Maynard is from Saudi Arabia and this was his second time on the show. Maynard has focused his attention on building a responsive email list and directing people to his sales funnel. Maynard used to be an engineer and was always away from home. He knew he needed to find a new way to make money and supplement his income working from home.

If you are someone who is looking to grow your email list and build a connection with your potential customers, this interview is for you.

Doing Business With People Who Actually Want To Buy

When Maynard first started out creating online content he was just creating content and hoping people would stumble upon it and he'd make money from it. That however didn’t work out for him and he knew he needed to strategize and plan in order to actually make money online.

 One of the things he realized he needed to do was clean his email list out so that he could be sure he was marketing to people who would actually want to buy his products instead of his emails sitting at the bottom of someone’s spam box. 

Maynard uses a software called ClickMagic. This allows him to use one link for his sales funnel in his social media bio. If someone in the United States or United Kingdom clicks on the link, it’ll take them to his sales funnel but anyone clicking on the link in a third world country will be directed to his free Ebook or Youtube channel so that they are still receiving value and information.

Creating A Consistent Email Schedule

Maynard sends out emails to his email list 3 times a week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. His emails are usually about his business and answering questions or doubts that people on his email list might have. 

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive with your emails by showing up in their inbox often. When you send emails out make sure you email with intention and value. You want your customer to see your email and realize how your product or service can benefit them.

Maynard decided to treat his customers like friends and talk to them often. Maynard uses AWeber for his email list and sets his email list to clean out his emails every 2 weeks. This is a feature that’s able to be set in AWeber so that if an email isn’t opened for 90 days after it's sent, that person is removed from his email list. Because of this his email list is only made up of people who are actually interested in his product or email content and his email open rates are always going up.

Constructing Creative Emails

Maynard shared with David Sharpe that he comes up with ideas for his emails by looking through a folder on his computer of example emails. Gathering inspiration from well written emails is a great way to spark an idea for your own. 

Maynard uses other content for inspiration and then creates something similar using his own story or experience. Using other popular or well made content as an example for your emails to your list or other content you make will help you to create more content that other people can relate to and enjoy. 

The hardest part of creating this type of content has already been done for you, which is testing the content. All you have to do is create it with your own story. You don’t have to copy anyone else’s content, just put it in your own words and add your own experience to it. 

Maynard shared his main goal this year is to repurpose his content to other platforms. He wants to be able to use his TikToks on other social media platforms like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. He uses to repost his content to multiple platforms at the same time. 

His biggest tip…believe in the process. If you don’t believe in yourself and your business nobody else will either. Set goals for yourself along the way and don’t give up. Follow Maynard on TikTok for more tips to make your email list grow with success.Would you like to learn more about building your own profitable online business that you can do from home? If so, I recommend you watch this free video which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to learn how to earn money online from home.