This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Sarah Thompson to discuss how she left her day job to become a full time affiliate marketer. Sarah worked in physical therapy and often found herself coming home from work in pain from her physically demanding job. 

Sarah realized she couldn’t continue to work in healthcare forever and needed a change. She began to look for how to make money online and discovered Legendary Marketer and affiliate marketing. She has now made the switch from working her daily 9-5 to becoming a full time digital marketer. 

If you are someone who wants to catch your viewer’s attention on TikTok this article is for you.

Getting The Viewer To Stop Scrolling

Sarah shared with David Sharpe that the main reason people get on TikTok is to scroll though their For You Page. Your main goal when creating content is to get your viewer to stop scrolling. A great way to do that is to be passionate about what you’re talking about. Your viewer is more likely to pay attention to something if they believe its really something that will help them. The best way to show your viewer that the information you are sharing is valuable is to be passionate about what you’re talking about. 

Choose a niche you care about and are going to find exciting. Don’t choose to start your affiliate marketing about something you don’t enjoy or have passion for yourself. Sarah is passionate about her affiliate marketing business because it changed her life and she wants to help others to change their lives positively as well.

Another tip Sarah shared with David Sharpe is to talk about your pain points and why you wanted to start making money. People want something to relate to and connect to and you are more likely to gain your viewer’s trust and attention by talking about something they relate to by talking about what led you to digital marketing.

Sarah also shared that you should do your best to not repeat yourself in your videos. You want to get to the point so you can quickly catch your viewer’s attention so that they stop scrolling through their feed. You have to catch their attention quick so it’s best to use the least amount of words possible to get your message across in your videos.

Choosing The Right Niche

Sarah shared with David Sharpe that a lot of people tend to go straight into the making money online niche but it’s important to really think about what niche you want to go into so that you are working with a subject that you’re passionate about.

You want to be able to pick a niche that you are passionate about when talking about it. When you talk about your niche you should feel excited about it and want to share it with other people. 

When you choose your niche it doesn’t have to be something you know every detail of and are an expert about. You can provide education to your audience as you get the education and learn yourself. You want to have a niche and product that you can talk passionately and confidently about.

Create Honest Content

When creating content for your social media, make sure that the content you’re making is always honest. Be honest about your product and your experience with your product. There is no need to lie when you make content. You should always be honest with your audience and create a trustworthy relationship with them.

When making content you should always try to make it something your audience can relate to. A great way to do that is through storytelling. You can use real world examples of your day to day life when you’re storytelling in your content. You don’t always have to talk about a story that has to do with your life, you can also share a story about someone you know as long as you can tie it back into your content and product.

Another great way to create honest content is through testimonials. As people buy and use your product and talk about it, save what they share so that your viewers can refer back to it to always get an honest review of your product. Find new ways to share your message in your videos so that you can connect with your audience in new ways. You don’t have to come up with a unique story every time you create a video, you can even just use a simple story from your daily life to connect with your viewers.

Find Sarah on TikTok @makemoneywithsaraht to learn more about how to create social media content that gets your viewer to stop scrolling and catch their attention with your content. 

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