This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Jessica Cardenas to talk about her teaching experience and her tips for going live on TikTok. She spoke about leaving her teaching job to become a full time affiliate marketer and how she uses going live to deliver a powerful message to her audience.

If you’re someone who struggles with being comfortable with getting on camera or are just starting out, this interview is for you.

When Jessica became a parent she decided the best way to have the same school schedule as her son was to become a teacher. She learned art technology with her degree and learned how to do coding, build websites, and how to implement technology in the classroom. She was never taught about affiliate marketing or digital marketing and it wasn’t until she found Legendary that she knew it existed as a way to make money online.

Jessica goes live on TikTok every day. Prior to teaching she worked in television and media broadcasting and carried the skills she learned from that job over to her affiliate marketing business. 

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

When Jessica first started out she compared herself a lot to other digital marketers on TikTok and wondered why she didn’t feel like she was as successful as other women in the digital marketing niche and wondered why they were doing better than her. This is a common worry when getting into affiliate marketing, and it’s hard to not compare yourself when first starting out. 

The first thing to remember is that having less followers than others does not mean that you aren’t going to make money. It’s okay to have less followers, what’s important is that those followers are good quality interested people. Your followers care what you have to say and in the beginning it's normal to only start out with a few. Having less followers does not mean that the quality or consistency of your content should change. 

Getting Camera Ready

One piece of advice that Jessica shared was to talk to your camera as though you’re talking to your friend. People get nervous when they have to be themselves on camera, but your audience isn’t there to judge you, they are there to learn. 

The affiliate marketing community, especially the one at Legendary, is full of people who are willing to give you advice and help you along the way. If you aren’t completely comfortable with going live yet, you could ask a peer to go live with you so you feel less alone and can practice having a conversation with another person and the audience. 

Prepare To Go Live

When getting ready to go live a way to prepare to get on camera is to think of possible questions your audience might ask you. Write down how you would answer those questions. The best way to answer them is to be 100% honest with your audience and yourself. Be prepared to guide your audience through your answers. 

Be Authentic With Your Audience

Jessica shared that she often has her children with her in her live streams and that it’s perfectly okay to have your kids in the same room as you. There’s no reason to hide that you have kids and you can go live from the comfort of your home and everyday life. 

A lot of people might think that they have to be a certain type of successful or have a certain type of online experience to do affiliate marketing and to be successful in it, but the truth is that you don’t. All you have to do is be yourself and you will appeal to people who gravitate towards you. Just relax and talk to your audience the way you would in a conversation with someone that you know.

Practice Going Live

When you first begin going live on TikTok or Instagram there might not be anyone in the audience right away. Instead of waiting for someone to join, just start talking and use that time to practice. The first few times you go live you might not have people that stay watching you, and other people might come and go during your live stream. 

Start talking as soon as you go live and don’t stop or break the presentation until your live is over. It might even help to plan and write out your topics and what you want to talk about ahead of time.

Lastly, for those not quite ready to go live is to record videos of yourself practicing going live or even to just set up the camera to practice without recording so that you are more used to the camera being on you. 

Using Props In Your Live Stream

Another piece of advice is to keep your hands busy. This could be a flip chart, Ipad, white board, notepad and pen, or anything else. People are used to being taught with props and often enjoy them when learning. 

Another thing you can do is a hobby like painting or knitting during your live stream. Having a signature item that is featured in your live streams is also something that could help you stand out to your audience. 

Connecting With Your Audience

Your audience likes to feel connected to you. A great way to personalize the experience for your audience members is to write down their names and TikTok or Instagram handles so that when they appear on your live streams you can welcome them back. 

Another way to connect with your audience is by asking them questions. Ask them what their current job is and what they want to change most, what they are unhappy about and what they are looking for help with. Your audience will usually lead the conversation, for them it's much easier to listen to a conversation than a lecture.

When Jessica finds out who’s on her live and asks them questions, especially the new people, it's easier for her to figure out what subjects to talk about and who might be new to affiliate marketing or going live. 

Whether you are new to going live or just looking to connect with your audience, you can use these tips to help make your live stream as effective as possible.

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