Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: One size fits all, one size fits all. What most people say in this industry it's what most gurus and courses and education programs say is one size fits all right. And what today's guests discovered is that one size does not fit all. But instead, each person will like the education and the skills are going to work out differently for each one of you. Well, he took these skills and uses them now in a really unique way. And this is somebody that's been a part of our community for a long time and I'm thrilled to have him on the show this morning. Omar, welcome, my friend. 

Omar: Thank you so much for having me.

Dave: Oh, man, I'm I'm feeling it's been many years since we've known each other you've been in the community. And of course, you filled out your questionnaire and said, you know, do I remember the challenge. One I lose. And, and so but I haven't idled so this is even a treat to get an update on you. 

Omar: Like you just said one size doesn't fit all it personally that wasn't that wasn't for me. But I took the skills when I took some time off. And after a few months I took those skills and given what I learned in my videos speaking to other people really funnels websites helping people brand so more service.

Dave: So how is that turned out now and are you happy that you know that you have the skills and that you're doing what you're doing now and how is it different Omar than what you were doing before? I mean way way back before when you give us a little bit of an understanding of how things are different and if getting the skills has been worthwhile for you. Or whether it was you know, something that you would do differently if you could do it all over again.

Omar: Well, when I first started in internet marketing, I made my decision to build a blog and sell affiliate stuff on the blog. Right? Yeah, usually also something that people used to use to make the difference is that it didn't work out. I didn't have any sales or traffic. Booth was a really crappy experience, but I learned something. 

Dave: Since blogging is hard by like, I mean, I mean you blogging this blogging is one of the hardest business models on the internet. I mean, it is I know that because a previous company that I that I had was, you know one major part of what we did was blog and yeah, it was it was before, you know, it was it was just one of the main ways that that we generated traffic on the internet for a long time. It was SEO and as you said the YouTube and the long form videos, which I've got, I've got a question for you about how the internet is different now. In terms of tic toc and the short form video and if you know if you're if you're thinking about even though you're busy and this is a great example this morning of you know somebody who came in and you know obviously you started with blogging before you found Legendary and that was difficult and then you know affiliate marketing and you were you were doing YouTube and it was just it was going too slow for you is really what was happening it was going moving too slow for you and you have a family and you you needed to generate income. And so you took the skills and you started to basically use those skills in a way that you could sell building funnels. or selling people's which is something and that's the same exact way your potential clients feel as well. Right? So if you get good at it, you can do that for them. That's a valuable skill. And I think Omar, that's what a lot of people don't don't realize when they come in and this is a great conversation to shine some light on that potential. So many people get frustrated with the technical side of things. They get so frustrated and they and we see it almost every day I'm ready to throw the towel in on this thing. And over. But what the truth is, the truth can also be I mean the truth is, is that it's hard and you can quit that can be one truth. But another truth also can be you can power through it and you can learn it and figure it out and get good at it. And then you can turn around and sell those services that most people don't don't realize, so that's why I'm so glad we're having this conversation this morning. 


Omar: Now what I want to say maybe for people but when they are not good on the computer, even if you are stuck, you can just find someone to do it for you. I mean, if you don't, it's hard for you to let us be specific skills then focus on the ones that you are good at. 

Dave:  That's true. That's true. Like yeah, if you're if you feel if you feel more comfortable just like for me, I'll give you an example of me. I've my entire career marketing hated messing with anything technical now I will and I have because I've had to, I've had to when when I've been the only person that works in my business, I have to do it. But you're right anytime that I will have a single blind can model which you know reading or waiting for you to get money or somebody else has them and you can hire them if it's really that. If it's something that you don't want to either spend your time on or you don't want to learn. It's also okay to not want to learn certain things. Right? It's like as long as you're consciously saying you know what, I don't have time to learn that I need to find a who not how And in that case, maybe I would go and hire you to build my funnel for me it's okay to not want to learn something or not want to do something but just I think it's important to be able to be clear about okay, what exactly am I choosing not to learn and what you know, at least that's why I've always thought it was important to at least do something a couple of times. So when you go to hire somebody, you at least know whether they're doing a good job or not. That's always been my, that's always been the thing for me. 

Omar: In my case, it's not the technical stuff. Is the traffic, you know. So yeah, after all these trials and errors, what I did was bring people to the team experts on traffic. And, you know, right now we are three. I mean, I don't want to throw numbers but we are really good.

Dave:  You and your family you're saying are free right now in terms of just finances? Is that what you're saying? Yeah, absolutely. In relying on somebody else or being in a tight spot where you're Can you describe what it meant for you to not be free? So we understand what the other side of that is? And also what does being free mean? Can you give us a little bit more context so people have an understanding? You know, sometimes we just have these ideas of what this can do for us. But Can you give us some more specifics of what it was? Like before not being free and then being free now what that is, do you know?

Omar: When I wasn't I remember one day. thing with a newborn in the house. It was like six months longer than my kid working 12 hours a day. Even more, sometimes weekends. It was really rare that I mean, I made some money to have food on the day we'll pay the rent and all that. But I really wasn't at home at all. I was just working right? Everything important was rushing by in my life.

Dave:  Whether you're working or whether you're so exhausted when you're tired. That you don't really want to be awake, or you're so exhausted when you're home that you don't really want to be awake here. You're essentially missing everything when you're working so much. I understand.

Omar: Actually, I have hundreds of pictures of a home I played with my kid and I just fell asleep like it is to blame but I actually say what so so. Right, right, right. And what right now is totally the opposite. I work from a call. It's gotta be seen in the background. 

Dave: You've got it blurred but I believe you

Omar: I work from home like they can. I take my kids to school. I can give them they will nap with them

Dave: together now just like a normal nap not just because you're so exhausted from working 12 hours a day. You know, Oh God, I mean so many things are easier now than when you started back three or four years ago by the way. I don't know exactly when you got started but just with the short form videos going a little crazier now than it was back when you got started. I don't think TikTok was even really out yet. So this is a good example also of how difficult it used to be compared to what it is now. And this is not a guarantee that every single person is going to have massive success because you know, golly man. I mean nothing's a guarantee in life, right? Nothing's a guarantee and Luffy but what's happened over the last like, like, two two and a half years or so is you know, the short form video has popped up. And you know, people are able to make videos without even talking now. Just using text on the screen and tick tock and it's really revolutionized the way that people get traffic. And so you're, you know, you have a good life now and that's great. You just continue down that path. And that's wonderful that these skills have helped you to get that life your determination. You earned that. It's not the skills that did that for you because you don't hear me. Talk we are here to learn and use but everybody likes them and then, and then figured, you know, you got started back when, again, this was prior to short form video. Things were harder back then. Things are getting easier with new technology. But I'll tell you what is so inspiring about what you did was that you're sitting there uploading long form YouTube videos, and I mean, you're just working your ass off. I know. I know. You were and and and instead of saying screw this, this is a scam or whatever. You said, How can I take these skills and serve businesses that don't know these skills? I have the skills now. And there's lots of different things that I can do with these skills the same way that if I if I learned the same way that that how my father taught me how to be a carpenter, and taught me how to lay ceramic tile and remodel bathrooms and kitchens that if I needed to Omar I can go any world the same thing go they and they learn the skills. Why certainly you can apply them to the things that we are showing you to apply them to like affiliate marketing and so forth. But they also happen to apply that maybe you're working at a job right now. And you want to make more money fast. And so you go to your employer and you say I'd like to take over some more responsibility and try some marketing campaigns with some new skills that I've developed. And I think that it can bring in more revenue to the company. And I'd like a piece of that. See, sometimes we can do a lot more with what we have, rather than just you know, rather than just only looking at the thing that's right in front of, you know what I mean? It's like almost only reading the first page of a book, when there's an entire book there of adventure and ideas and feelings and experiences. What's coming into this? Does it feel like it fits for you? I’m just trying to explain the power of what you've done here which is to use the skills and take them to help grow other companies including your own. But mainly go and say hey, I've got these skills, I can help your company grow and I can help your company grow. I can help your company grow. It's just such a powerful thing. I'm just trying to convey that to people that when you're going through this challenge and when you're going through these blueprints, and you're going through this training, that there's so much more to it than what initially meets the eye if you'll just stick around and learn the skills that will be useful and they'll be profitable to you likely for the rest of your life. Do you agree with that? Yeah, exactly.

Omar: Exactly. I mean, what good gauge of data alliteration, right copywriting, some of the technical stuff, finance, sales, and yeah, people just maybe be like okay, I need it. What does a new one say? Everyone hates sales, when they talk about sales it is like I don't want to say it. But we are actually selling ourselves daily, just with I see a change in the message that we say to our boss is selling ourselves you know? 

Dave:  Just writing in an email, just upgrading your email writing skills and I'm not even talking about when you're mass emailing your prospects like everybody on your list. I'm just talking about when you're emailing people one on one. The majority of messages that I receive from people do not make me want to pursue more interaction with them. Doesn't make me want to do more business or do business with them at all. It doesn't excite me. It doesn't bother me . It's like it improves your communication, period, improves your communication. And that means as you said, the written word as well. And it's absolutely amazing how much selling you can actually do without ever running your mouth and saying a single word. When you learn how to communicate via the written word, you know, more persuasively. Do you agree with that and has your life actually gotten easier? Because you don't have to constantly have long conversations where you're wasting energy with people, because you don't you can't explain your idea. Have you experienced that?

Omar: Exactly the thing for me. I know the magic words like you do right? You will have a really good speech. I will not be a shy guy. Complicated to keep conversation but the winning rate just to put your example okay in my business. Sometimes I write a copy for emails, sometimes write another of my con partners when he writes with, like 10% or 8% of spam like a 2% win rate is your go to span 20, 30, 40. You know how to run an exam.

Dave: It's the same thing with the video on TikTok. It's like how do you get somebody to click it or a video on YouTube or a blog post? You know, you learn that when you started blogging and when you were YouTubing the power of that headline to get somebody to open that video and open that email, just that headline alone is so important, the headline that you use on the top of your bridge page. It's so important to be on the top of your funnel. It's so important. And there you go. The data doesn't lie. You're actually now in a position where you can test your writing against somebody else's. And you can see the difference that those skills that you've invested in have made in your life, and they're profitable for you and others, right. It's real differences in conversion when you know when you speak or saw me talk about the Hemingway app. Have you ever heard me talk about that? I think so. So us, please. Yeah, I'll show you. So the Hemingway app is a let's see here. It’s an editor. Oh, the Hemingway app makes your writing bold and clear. And it literally is an app like it's an app. It'll show you how it works. I can delete all this right here. But this app highlights lengthy complex sentences and common errors. If you see a yellow sentence, shorten or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and concave, that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering split in a totally new and new integral as to read. That's what I'm going to do with this sentence right. I'm gonna fix this sentence that they actually use right there on the homepage there. So first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to take these two sentences and I'm going to turn them from one paragraph into two. When I take my paragraphs and I move and I create two or three paragraphs from one I create more white space, it's easier to read, right? If you look at any of the large sites like Facebook or YouTube or Google you'll notice that there's lots of white  space. You'll never find lots of texts clumped together in any advanced company or you know anybody who knows what, in terms of conversions and getting people to be able to understand it. What I can tell you is that this is hard to read and it's telling you that it's hard to read so I would do this, the app highlights lengthy complex sentences, period. Then I'm going to create a space right? Or I could or I could or I could do lengthy comments and common errors, period. You see a yellow sentence shortened or split period. I literally create a new paragraph. If you see a red highlight your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering splitting logic. So the easiest thing I can do right there is put a period. hard to read. He said I like to do that. Right boom boom boom, you're like then your readers will get lost trying to follow it's me and during splitting logic, right? That's just a period. Try and I try that I mean, or something if I really want to make that try editing the sentence to remove the red right that's a you know, that's like a bold Yeah, like, that's like try editing so. But anyways, let's just stay focused on making this easy to read. Right? Because that's the most important thing and that's the biggest thing that most young marketers really overlook.

The reason is because people in their day to day act don't want to have to really stop in sync to respond to people who are just, you know what I mean? Like trying to date them or whatever. So his dating tip was to keep it light. Keep it you know, keep it clear. Don't Don't make her have to think too. Hard about responding to you or your question or whatever. And the same thing is true with when you're writing to anyone, even in business, especially if you're writing to lead people who you're a cold audience. Do you think that they're going to stop their life and sit there and think about what you wrote to try to clean it up and clear it up for you because you wrote it in a confusing way? Hell no. 

I see letters, just letters, letters everywhere. You know. Very difficult to get somebody to read something like that, you know, especially in an email, especially on a cell phone. When they're staring at their cell phone. It's already hard to read on their cell phone or when they're standing in some app like YouTube or TikTok or Facebook. It's already hard to read. You'll see this you'll see polarity and a lot of things no, you know if we go over those Hold on let me let me bring you to this other dream. And this is our challenge. You know our sales funnel and you know, nobody noticed the layout notice, you know, notice this is a little clumpy but it's split up. It's also split up but notice the white space it dropped in the reason why with your samples and so forth. Design is not important the reason why ugly converts better because I don't like design I want them to read my headline not get lost, you know in the beautiful website and so that's why you'll most likely see a lot of white space with any any good sales funnel in you'll see with this writing that I even that I just showed you in the Hemingway app. You will see a lot of that writing and you'll see a lot of that style and all of my marketing because that is so important and you know you know giving somebody looks like it's five.

 I wanted to make it as absolutely clear as possible. And apologies behind this was I didn't want it to look like a quote small print. You know what I mean? Most small print is where they get you and I wanted that text to be more clear. In absolute ease, easy to read. So the psychology of the reader is like, okay, this person has nothing to hide, you know what I mean? Yeah, and actually the big difference between really good people as I have built several funnels. I have proof that I believe with different things but I don't, I don't I don't bother is like trying to get a designer to I mean, you know, every single Jensen's by the club, and we either you just use Clickfunnels or like if it's on our main site, we might have our developer turn that design into code but it's an that's way over my paygrade on my head. I don't know how that's done. It's code and math ins and all this kind of you know, it's about who knows how you got to know the right who's I don't want to know how you know but Sarah Valentine makes a good question. And you're the match whatever the offer is that you're promoting. So it looks like you know because I think the biggest secret of marketing is just really putting ourselves in our, in our, our prospect shoes, right? And it's like, what would you think? If you went from Zillow, or Tik Tok to a site and you don't know it says you're not thinking you're just a regular person. You're not thinking, oh, there's a sales funnel, you know? Just thinking oh, here's an ugly page. Okay. But, but it has, but I'm reading it has something that I want. So I'm going to put my email in. 

Omar: Lead people to think a lot like said before, don't make them think about the question. Just really small sentences. Clear content. Don't make them think if you give people the option.

Dave:  That's great. I just want to add, don't make them think and that goes back even to the texting story that I was talking about right where the guy was giving the dating tip. And actually I remember what he said and he said don't make her think. Like it's like don't make you the second that somebody likes to think something, they came from surfing the internet. They're not. They weren't thinking hard. They were scrolling. So that's keeping things light and simple and clear and even a little bit entertaining. Thank you for bringing that up. It's so important.

Omar: Yeah, I see that I see it every day is yeah, that's the complicated of the part of the business but it's actually also easy to see you seen as

Dave: You do and it’s so interesting that I’m sitting here having a conversation with you. We’re marketing guys right just we're marking guys and it's so cool that you know you came in to Len got you are you are really back when we were here when we first got started really I mean and wow before TikTok even got hot and all that. And you know, you are grinding through on blogging and YouTubing and you're like, you know, you're like, Screw it. I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna I'm gonna try the SEO for the skill and Eunice's in you know, and you found your way and there's a lot of there's a lot of personal responsibility that I want to highlight there, that that you that you have that you had that you showed. And I just would like you to just say more about that just for a moment, if you would, about this idea of taking initiative versus entitlement, and what that might mean to you and how have you changed but at the end of the day, the buck stops with you and nobody's coming to save you. And as much as that's a tough message. I don't want to be mean about it. I just want to. I want to share your experience with our other students and in Legendary family members' experience of how did you go in just take this whole initiative thing to another level, so you can have the freedom that you have now versus could have easily thrown out? Ever, but you pivoted just a little bit and took the initiative to stay in the game and I wonder if you would just say a few words about that.

Omar: What it is like is like I mean, it's not that easy to work eight hours a day on these side hustles if you're studying right now, you have to work really hard. You just need to work something every day a little farther. You know you ‘ve had your freedom or your happiness at the end is happiness, what we pursue doesn't matter the country, the language, religion, whatever. The Pursuit of Happiness

Dave: And I liked the concept of just doing a little bit every day. I think that we want to get to the top of the mountain so fast that we you know, or to the end of the race or whatever we want to race I can't wait and see learned last night, because I saw him on the news that he is an executive for the Tampa Bay Lightning, which is our American Tampa Bay hockey team who's in the Stanley Cup Finals right now and he's going to as a top executive there and all this. And it reminded me that even if you have an amazing career, you know, in something, you're probably still going to want to do something else. You know what I mean? And here he is, he's 60 or 55 or 50 or whatever he is, I don't know. Me even millions that you never my point is that there's no rush. You're always going to want to be doing something. I know some of you are thinking well. I know Dave, I want to hire. And yes, you want to retire from what you're doing right now. You want to retire from the shit job that you don't want that but imagine if you had something that you enjoy that you did from home that you could do even when you're traveling they don't think that you would be as is that so think think it's about no rush it's not like you're gonna like once you get into this if you start a month and it's in use and you're successful, it's going to become fun. You're not going to want to stop so just take your time. ease into it. Get good at it. I promise you you're not going to want to retire. Bob Proctor Bob Proctor, the number one in my opinion, in my opinion. So who Bob is he just passed away but Okay, Bob Proctor 80 years old this guy was still doing events still kicking ass and taking names as a badass any any dime. He just did an event not too long ago. I mean, so it's like, look, you're doing what you love. Go talk to Michael Jordan. You go to Johnson's revenue. Talk to Munger who's 90 She retired. You know what their answer is when you find something that you love. never work a day in your life. If you're miserable, then you ain't found something that you love yet. Maybe you'll love this. Maybe you'll love this. I mean, I don't know I'm not here to say but I damn sure know that you'll love freedom. Entrepreneurship is the number one way to get freedom in any country in the world.

Omar: I almost work every day doing something. But I work every day. And I know I won't stop until I die. I will work every day because I enjoy it.

Dave: It's true man. I mean, you know my wife's probably sitting in the other room going, Oh, God. You know, but I mean, the truth is, is that, you know, I would. Why would I ever, I mean, I'm pretty much retired now in terms of you looking at my lifestyle and it's just you know, go out on the boat, go home if I want to. It's like a retired life. There's people who are retired in my neighborhood, and I'm home more than they are. I mean, I don't even get dressed sometimes, like actually taking a shower. It's unbelievable. I mean, not not for days and days on end. But don't get up and run to the shower and I'm like, oh, gotta get ready and shave and work forever. Ever. So so. Since this has been just what do you need, you know? Because I got stressed out at trying to get ready for work, getting ready for work used to drive men crazy Omar. The scramble. I mean my kids are way better than I am. My daughter gets up in the old days you know so but golly man I mean it's amazing what you can do with some simple skills. You know, break, you know, breaks are not handed out to anybody. They're they're earned, you know? And you got to go out and you got to get it and you got to have all I think just not quit but but at a certain point. If we're just going to be more communicative in being an entrepreneur even with your business model, we are pivoting a little bit with the skills that you now learn to start something new. And that's what you did and it's a wonderful story. Um, Zoho real W. and reconnect with you this morning and leave us with the final word. What would you say to somebody who's a little bit of doesn't know. Affiliate marketing doesn't know if they want it but they want freedom. And they've looked at things out there. 

Omar: Absorb this knowledge that you put into practice. Doesn't need to be a long practice. Like you're going to build this particular skill or this business. Just try the strength to understand if that resonates with you. Okay, really? You like tick tock and you like YouTube. Do you enjoy modules? Do you enjoy Facebook or just try a little to understand if that resonates with you? 

Dave: By next year will have seen every part of the business you know, there's a famous watch brand called Protect Felipe and it's a family owned company and there's a part of its Mystique is a family owned company. Its own family and the CEO Terry has a son and he wants to try to train him to take over the company. And so the way way way they ingrained him is he says you have to go and watch you if this was similar to you. Other social media platforms work? Learn how sales funnels work, learn how autoresponders work. These are the basic tools that we've used on the internet to make money for years. And years. And whether you do it for yourself, take the skills and you go and do it for somebody else. You'll see you know those pieces that you mentioned that I mentioned that we teach, it's not a lot. It's social, it's building a sales funnel.  Well, I'd love to make it over to Spain. It's one of the countries I haven't been to. Maybe catch up with you. Or if you come to Florida.

Omar: I want to go to Florida and the States.

Dave: This morning was a great lesson and a great reminder that what I'm learning the skills that I have no idea where it's gonna take me. I have no idea how I use these skills until I actually go through the training and think about and actually look at it and say wait a second. Let me assess my gotta jump learnings over more and more money. But David I do one more quick get secure to my employer in a bigger better way. Let me even make some more money. Right and if I can't be great if one of me gets in on somebody else's it's kind of like it. That's a cool perspective to me. Like we're all just in such a rush to jump on board or last sentence stop missing the big picture, I'm just it's like it's like and it's not just here. Every situation we can always do but but but I'm just saying if you're here already, for God's sake if you're going to be well through the training and you're just going to be spending your time writing. Winners don't lose. Go win over here only for myself now. This is the fire to remind you that that there's not a one size fits all there's not a one size fits all. Whatever you're doing today, not tomorrow in six months when you're going to be rich, but today be that legend. Today, put your average up to the side and step into the most legendary bad version of yourself that you can buy even if you take these skills with you. My friends have a great weekend, do something impactful and make it a defining moment in your business, whether you're starting or you're starting over just be Legendary. Fuck average.