This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Kirsten Ojala to talk about how she has built a side hustle for herself and how she has built up a following over the past three months. Kirsten is from New Jersey and works as a full time dental assistant. She realized she wanted to create a fulfilling and successful life for herself after getting sober from alcohol 2.5 years ago. She wanted to work on her own success instead of her boss’ success. 

If you are someone who is looking to build a successful side hustle online this interview is for you.

Balancing Your Work Schedule

Before Kirsten creates her content each week she plans out what content she wants to make and maps out how long that will take her to complete. Pre-planning your content schedule is a great way to stay structured and on task. Map out the content that you want to make and how much content you want to post each day and when you want to post it. By planning out your content schedule and creating a to-do list for yourself you’ve lessened the possibility of getting distracted by consuming content rather than creating it.

Kirsten stays consistent with her content creation schedule. Having a set day that you create content on will help you to balance out your schedule. You won’t have to create videos and come up with ideas each day, you can pre-plan the content you want to create and then create it all at once. This way you can schedule it to post automatically and it will take up less of your time in your everyday life and schedule.

Stop Self Comparison 

Kristen shared with David Sharpe that comparison is the thief of joy. It is normal to see others having success and want that success for yourself as well. Comparing your success and content to theirs will only leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and disappointed. 

Instead of comparing other content creators’ work to your own, try using their work as inspiration for our content. Analyze what other popular and successful content creators are doing to bring them success with their content and try to recreate that content with your own personality and style. 

Self comparison will only hurt you in the long run. Trying to be anything but yourself is what lessens your authenticity in your content. Your authenticity and trustworthiness is what draws people to your content and makes people want to do business with you. If you compare yourself to other content creators and try to be just like them then you’re taking your focus away from what it should really be on, which is you and your success. 

Connecting With Your Followers

Kirsten consistently posts content to her TikTok and Instagram pages. She keeps up with her content posting schedule and makes sure she is always posting content for her followers and new viewers. Her followers always know what days to expect content from her. Your followers are more likely to build trust with you if you are able to hold yourself accountable. 

Kirsten shared with David Sharpe that she would host Zoom meetings with her customers to answer questions for them and explain what she’s learned and see if they think affiliate marketing would be a good fit for them. Kirsten has met with people over zoom to talk about her business several times. She doesn’t mind meeting with people on Zoom to talk about her business because it’s benefiting both her and the other person.

Kirsten has the willingness and dedication to do what it takes to be successful and to start building a process. It’s not just about how you interact with your audience, it’s about what they’re getting from you in the process. Your potential customers are more likely to buy if they feel like they’re getting true value from your content. 

There are multiple places to hear value from in Legendary and there is always a place to gather new inspiration or information to tweak your content and create new ideas. In the beginning Kisten said it might have been easier to give up but giving up would have left her feeling the same way she did before she ever started. The pain she had before she started her online business was so significant that she was willing to change what she did with her everyday life and try something completely new. 

Kirsten looks forward to leaving her full time job within the next year and to be operating her online business full time instead. Follow Kirsten on TikTok at @KO_reccomends and Instagram at @koreccomends to learn more about Kirsten’s side hustle and her tips to building a successful one.

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