On this episode, David Sharpe and our guest discuss why it's important to repost past TikTok videos to snag more views. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Hey what's going on my friends it's your boy Dave sharp back in the saddle, back in the captain's chair. This Monday is the 22nd of August. So listen, we're going to talk about a really powerful, very simple, very simple topic today. I'm really excited about this. It's something that can help everyone, something everyone who's listening can benefit from this simple, simple, powerful tip that Joe's going there with. Welcome to the show. Joe. What's up, brother? Welcome. 

Joe: How are you doing, Dave? Good to see you man. Well, dude, you're a collector, a major collector bro.

Joe: I know. It's a bit of a problem.

Dave: Is that Is that what is that game because

Joe: They're all on blu rays and DVDs. Holy smokes,

Dave:  I respect that. That's like seriously collecting a serious organization. And I respect that. That's anybody who can keep that many of one thing organized and it's really something unique. So tell us just a little bit about it. What else do you have that got you into DVDS?

Joe: So I lived in a mining town for like 11 years so I was in the middle of nowhere and before I moved there, I actually worked at a movie theater for five years. Okay. And when I moved to this mining town, the nearest movie theater was four hours away. And that used to be my weekend ritual. I'd hang out with my friends and go see movies. So I'm like, You know what? I'll bring the movie theater to me. So I actually just built a theater in my house. I was still remote. Streaming wasn't all that great. So then I just started buying all my movies. And this has just been adding up over the years.

David Sharpe: Wow, that's cool, man. It's cool. I mean, it's kind of like comic book collecting. It's like collecting watches. It's like car collecting. Yeah, most people would think you're weird. But you are. That's what makes you cool. So like on the show, I think earlier this year, but I bet you only took the challenge in I think November or December of 2021. Is that right?

Joe: Yeah. So I basically kind of wrapped up with a challenge and everything around Thanksgiving. And then I got a really bad case of imposter syndrome and just being completely overwhelmed. Where it took me unplugging for like two weeks out to the ranch in Idaho. And I came up with a content strategy and I'm like, Okay, I, I think the main thing I need to do is what I can control, which is being consistent. Yeah. So I came back and I'm like, Okay, I'm posting twice a day every day for 30 days. 

Dave:  Okay, and that was to give us a timeline of what that was like, like, when you took that trip away and came back or when did when did that? 

Joe: So I basically came back in January. I just started running. Okay, so you were on the show back in what? Like February. Okay. 

Dave:  You know, we're gonna talk about the reposting thing but give us an idea of I mean, we had asked you to be on the show because we saw that you were taking action and getting results and so forth. And so what was going on around February for you?

Joe: I initially like I just kind of plugged in, like I leveraged what I was learning in the blueprints, went through the training. And then I'm like, okay, so I just need to double down on focus on what's working out there. 

Dave: Were you still dealing with imposter syndrome or have you settled down a little bit?

Joe: It did. So one of the things that I read and it actually really helped is I actually would go to book reviews because the thing with impostor syndrome is you just think, Okay, well, this obviously isn't working for me. The way I tackled it is I actually went and looked at book reviews on Amazon for classics like Pride and Prejudice, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and they will have like 1000s of one star reviews. So I would just start reading some of those. And I'm like, you have classic books that everyone loves. And yet there's all these people that just hate it. So like obviously you're not everyone. It's about connecting to the people you can connect to.

Dave: I didn't really realize where you're going with that and that is a really really powerful man, what a unique way to go and, and, and just get a different perspective in a way that's reframing. You just said hey, wait, I mean, I can certainly look at this in the picture frame that I'm looking at right now, which is only looking at my videos and only looking at what he's saying and my comments. And and, and that's if we only look at that. Yeah, that's whoa, hold on a second. This is crazy that people mean my feelings are hurt. I don't know if I want to do this. And then you kind of pull your head up and start. Oh, hold on a second. Let me go over here and see what people had to say about a classic book that sold millions of copies and many of them are very rich and I love let me go see what people have to say about this. Oh, wait. There's tons of people being nasty in these comments. Wait a second. Maybe it's not me. Maybe it's just the people, right? Maybe it's people projecting what I read and I think I screenshotted this- stop taking things personally when you realize how many people cope by projecting you'll realize that you're not actually the problem. Absolutely. Yeah, it's sort of like it's sort of like a web. It's easy to understand. Oh, yes, I understand. It makes sense that if a person is drinking he's got an alcohol problem. He's he's he must be drowning his feelings in the bottom bottom of a bottle. That makes sense to all of us. But I don't think we talk in society about people actually also drowning their feelings out in dealing with their feelings by projecting them on to others.

Joe: Because if they're projecting they're not collecting. Exactly.

Dave: So when did you discover this reposting magic to me it's magic. I mean to me, it also I was reading up a little bit of the info you sent in our questionnaire. And I was blown away and I want you to tell the story and talk about this. I was blown away realizing that each and every video that we make is a piece of content that will live on the internet from the very first time that we posted, but it also can be reposted in reused and recycled for months and years. Because once it's recorded one time, it's similar to a picture that hangs on your wall and gives you memories about a vacation in your personal life for years. A video can be reposted and rewatched by others to create the same sort of result, which is getting them interested and eventually sending them into your sales funnel to take a look at your product. And so you discover this and have gotten some phenomenal results with it and so would you talk to us a little bit about this reposting again, it's it's it's powerful. It's magical in it but it's simple.

Joe: So one of the things that was happening is like I had a couple of videos that were getting, like 400,000 views and then I posted I created this video and again, it was like a group unbelievably fast and then it just hit a wall like I've never seen a video hit hard. We're just like nosedive like suddenly there were no more views. And like I was flabbergasted I'm like it was a great video like it had a great hook. It was sure like it was everything that ticked all the boxes that tick tock ones and I couldn't understand it. So I'm like okay, well, like, like what did I do wrong? So then I went down the rabbit hole of kind of a comparison game. I started looking at other people and I stumbled upon someone who just focuses on things like TikTok SEO. And he actually was talking about in his video how he reposts the same video every single month. Because especially with TikTok and the way the for you page is kind of built. It always pushes out to new people so it doesn't really matter. How many times you repost the video, it's ultimately going to reach new people. So that was kind of the catalyst that I needed. I'm like, Okay, well, let me look at my description, maybe rework any of the music and then reposted it and it just blew up like I think it's almost like 90 million now and it's only been a couple of weeks.

Dave: Okay, so let's, let's, let's sort of reverse engineer this. So we make sure that we're all clear. So you had a video that you posted just like any other video on your TikTok, and it got a lot of views like it got a couple of 100,000 views. I think you wrote that right? Yeah, so it hit like 470,000 and then they just stopped okay. And did you think I'm shadow banned? Start comparing yourself to other people. You were freaking out thinking there's something wrong with my account or or there's something wrong with this video for sure. But maybe there's something wrong with my account as well.

Joe: Absolutely. So I 100% went down that rabbit hole. I started looking for other videos that I had that did well and kept growing. And I started reposting those best to see I'm like okay, well why no on the Thursday calls that I always plug into that magically says like, the way you know your shadow ban is all your reviews will be 200 No matter what. Right?

Dave: All right. So you know, don't worry about the dog right. I'll just meet you while I'm talking. He's probably letting us know somebody's out there or something. Or somebody's coming to the door or whatever. So, so what, what you did from there is you kept posting on that same account, right? You kept posting right so you kept marketing you just that video had taken off in over a period of a few days or a week or so. After that it stopped. So you had continued to post on your account, and you continued to market but you just noticed that Hey, what the heck happened? All those leads that were coming through from this video that's going viral, right?

Joe: You also hit 480,000 or 470,000 in a day. That's why it was so jarring.

Dave: Okay, okay, it went viral that fast. Okay, how long was it before you then took that same video that sort of nosedive and then reposted it?

Joe: I think it was about three weeks.

Dave: Okay. So you wouldn't recommend based on your experience, take a video and then like, maybe repost it like the next day or a day or two probably not even the next week. Like give it some breathing room. Yeah, yeah. For sure. But don't panic, don't freak out. When a video takes off and then just stops and it appears like there's something wrong with even your account, I think that's a major takeaway. Did you panic? Oh, absolutely. I mean, what can you look back on that is specific like the mentality and the kind of panic? What do you know now that you didn't know that?

Joe: Well, I obviously got in my head because I'm like, Okay, well, like what am I doing wrong? Like, like, am I getting reported like, like, I basically just ran the whole gauntlet of every single thing that could possibly go wrong on a social media account to like it my account gets banned. Yeah, but did you stop taking action at any point?

Dave: Did you stop with your key? Can you see right now, right now, where so many people probably stop? 

Joe: Right, that they take that step back over analyze and instead of just kind of controlling what they can, I mean, algorithms are going to do what they do. Like you have no control over it. The best thing you can do is be consistent about your content and your messaging.

Dave: Yeah. And also not take it personally from the platform either, right? We were just talking a moment ago about not taking, like comments personally, but also not talking. However the technology acts personally. Right. Like a lot of times I think that when something happens that somebody doesn't want to happen with their social media account, you know, they feel like they're being targeted, like this, the like they're out to get them or something. You know what I mean? And it's like, it's not it's not personal, there's no need. It's like, the more you can keep your emotions out of it, the better because ultimately all you're dealing with is robots and policies and procedures. There's nothing that like the platform. I feel like it doesn't even mean, they say they do but for us, like the platform doesn't even really view us like people anymore. I think, you know, it's just robots who look at us like a number. But so we have to really care for the people, our, our, our audience, and we have to really protect ourselves from the platform. One of the ways that we can do that is to not take it personally not get get emotional, and just diversify our accounts, diversify how many accounts we have diversify how many accounts we have on different platforms, and not you know, not think that we have to play by the exact rules and do all this because look, too many people play too nice and get all in their emotions about their social media accounts. And tick tock doesn't care about us. I mean, I don't mean that they don't, they don't care about us as humans, but you understand they'll terminate your account and they won't care. You'll be done. You'll be gone. You'll be emailing customer support. Can I get back in? I'll do anything and they're just like, get away. You're one of 7 billion people that we don't know, just go so it's important to keep a level head when these things happen. And not get too emotional, not first. And just move with purpose. And make sure that you do everything that you can to protect yourself by diversifying with multiple accounts and also diversifying on multiple platforms. What do you say about all that?

Joe: Absolutely. I think you hit the nail on the head like I always think of, I think Matt hits it on the topic every single Thursday. omnipresence. It's about taking one video and posting it everywhere, so that you're not focused solely on like, okay, well what happens if this account shuts down? It's all about just kind of insulating your business. So no matter what happens, you're always going to keep going.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, it's really hard to keep going sometimes because this is new. We want to be gentle. We want to be delicate. We don't want to, we don't want to. We don't want to anger anybody. We don't want to upset TikTok. We don't know, so we kind of tiptoe our way through and we you know, if a video or we get a little notification, we're like, oh, we must have done something wrong. But the truth is, you really can't break the internet. You can't break the internet, you aren't going to break people. You aren't going to hurt people, you know, sometimes another answer to this would be, well, I don't want to email too many times because I don't want to, I don't want to bother people. You know, and it's like looking, but as an affiliate, some of the best email marketing you can do is every day, you know, every day until they buy, die or unsubscribe, I mean, and I love my customers. And clients. I love him. You all know, I don't have to say that I show up every day. In terms of my marketing, and in terms of those daily income producing activities. I have to be somewhat robotic, not allowing various things to throw me off my game. Absolutely. And that's a great example. There's nothing better than another better No, there's no better example than being a new person. And then having something dramatic happened in your account. And you feel shocked. You're like, Did I break something, right? Oh, absolutely. 

Joe: So like I had two videos just absolutely go viral. And I was still in the process of setting up my funnel and my auto responder. Well I wasn't. I wasn't prepared for the track, which was kind of fun because I'm like, I think I always do my best work under pressure and scrutiny.

Dave:  I wonder how many of the rest of us know how we operate the best. Do we operate the best when there's no deadlines and we just you know, or do we operate the best when we're under a bit of pressure or a lot of pressure or when there's deadlines, and we're like whoo, I don't want to go back right I'm getting pushed back and it's like you got to push back. So what do you do? What are some of the signs that you notice about yourself when you are feeling pressure? How do you do it? How do you know that you know you're ready and that you can do this? What do you tell yourself? What goes on? What sort of activities do you do to kind of get your mind and your confidence in the right place that it needs to be?

Joe: So one thing that I started to do was I read a lot of either self help or just like business or even sales books, like every morning I try to read 15 minutes to just kind of pour in positivity so I can kind of it's kind of like just resets gives me a clean slate for that day so I can just tackle it like so I tried to do that stuff first thing, so that no matter what I do I know I've already checked a bunch of boxes and I've won that day.

Dave: Yeah, that's a good routine piece. That's a good little. It's a good little piece to put in there and kind of have a home base that you check in every morning and some people have one of the things people do is listen to this Wake Up Legendary, you know every day and listen to a story and or listen to an audio book. I prefer personally to listen to people talk free flowing and tell their story that way because you get I feel like all the goodness, the nutrients if you will, the spiritual and mental and emotional nutrients that I need. And a lot of times we downplay those nutrients don't we because we only think that they come in the form of food but they can also in the form of audio and video, their mental nutrients. And, and I like to hear stories. I like to hear people talking more authentically and more just off the top of their head and heart. And that really helps boost my sense that it's just something that I've always done. I remember when I was early in that kind of whole game. And I was doing some events and speaking on some pretty big stages, doing the event model the core for courses coaching and events and affiliate marketing and, and I can remember listening to some of the best speakers are MLM guys like people from Amway and stuff like that. And I used to, I used to do some of those business opportunity MLMs and so forth when I got started, but anyways, I listened to some of their speakers, you know, because they were great at talking. I listened to other speakers. I remember going to an oven event and hearing you know, hearing him speak and watching him speak and then modeling his kind of, you know, motions and stuff and it made me feel more powerful. You know, it made me feel more certain and more confident. So we've all got our own little ways and I encourage everybody who's listening to try to figure out what is something that you can do in the morning to anchor yourself into. Sir, a little bit of certainty in competence. Not you know, when we turn on the news first thing in the morning Joe That's not inserting certain incompetence. You know, that's a great example of inserting a big old helping in fear right down your throat, right? Exactly.

Joe: Like nothing like starting with a bunch of vile and then just getting you instantly on the negative your entire day you're already in that mindset. So it's easy to just kind of let that ball keep rolling.

Dave: Yeah, yeah. So during the pandemic, I was watching more news than I ever watched in my life because I was trying to track what was going on and keep abreast of what was happening in our world. You know, like I feel like that's a good time to try to tune in if there's, you know, an asteroid, or a pandemic or something. It's kind of like, okay, Dave got to kind of kind of check into reality and kind of pay attention and so I was in dude, I had never been so doubtful of myself, so fearful and uncertain as that period of time when I was watching a lot of news, have you noticed any of that in yourself in watching news and plugging into current event type stuff versus, or even social media limiting your use of social media personally?

Joe: Absolutely. So the funny thing is that because of being consistent and making content, I really like when I'm on social media, I'm doing research. I don't I don't scroll anymore. Which I think has been amazing. So like, every morning I also walk the dogs and like you said, like I'll usually listen to a wakeup legendary that's my favorite time to listen to it is on my dog walks. Like, I feel like the stuff you can control if you can make sure that you're starting with positive instead of the negative. I think you're setting yourself up for success as opposed to failure.

Dave: How have you dealt with people in your personal life as you've started this venture because from what I understand, based on reading your answers to our question here, this is your first online venture that you've ever done or business that you've even had already started. Is that right? That's correct. That's insane. Congratulations, man. Thanks. I mean, you had you said you had done you had worked at a movie theater, and then when you stopped, I guess either going there or having that job you. You're out in the remote middle of nowhere as well. And so I would assume that that

Joe: There's a thriving economy right around you so that mining town was like 2.1 miles around. Like I know that because I used to walk out the loop with my dogs like complete middle of nowhere complete isolation. So it kind of led me to move to Vegas full time and then last August, so it's, it's officially been over a year since I lost my job. But what happened was someone full on Live Set. Like I said, I walked into her office and I threw a credit card in her day. And like, just basically started dropping F bombs and like when I went and talked to the HR manager, he just basically told me to pack my stuff up. I'm like, so you don't even care that that's complete and utter fabrication.

Dave: Yeah, that's the best job for you. You know, most companies they, they they but anyways, continue with the thing that I liked about it, and I'm glad it happened because that was 100% the catalyst I needed to I'm like, you know, I'm never going to put myself in that situation again. So that got me starting to look. I'm like okay, so what options truly are out there. So you had this event that happened to where a cut, you know something, something happened and she or she embellished what happened and they didn't even listen to your side of the story and just fired you after you assumed some quality service that you dedicated to this job. And you are feeling pretty down and out and and you had never done that's what I think is I'd like to give people listening to this a bit of hope that even if you are in a situation to where you're feeling like the world's on top of you, man, I mean you are really feeling like the world is on top of you within six months to a year and I'm sure you are already feeling some of that weight off your shoulders the first time we taught you in February, but now I'm talking to you in in August and I don't know if you quite feel on top of the world, but it doesn't seem as if you feel like the world's on top of you anymore. Now oh my god I feel at peace now. 

Joe:  I feel like for the first time I have control over what I'm ultimately doing. And like my happiness isn't tied up to pleasing someone else.

Dave: Are you are you Dutch

Joe: I am, I grew up in Holland till I was 11 

Dave: Oh, wow.  Very cool, man. Very cool. What else do you want the audience to know about you and your journey?

Joe: Um I mean, honestly, the biggest struggle that I think everyone's going to face is the six inches between their ears. You're going to overthink, you're going to overanalyze. The best thing you can do is take that first step. Focus on what you can control, make some content. It doesn't have to be good. I'm like I deliberately left out my first videos. They were awful and they took me hours to make like, like, go back and watch them and like people like my family, which they are completely supportive of. Like I literally had one of my Dutch aunts messaged me this morning before I hopped off wanting to know what it is that I do. Oh, it's about kind of just controlling what you can like, take one step. Eventually, you're going to figure out what your style is. And once you find your style and your voice that's kind of when it all starts to click oh, here's what I'm hearing. I'm listening to somebody who found their inner legend. And that's exactly what this is about, you know, maybe for a long time. You are somebody in the family who didn't make many waves. You know, maybe your grandmother, your aunt, whoever you just mentioned, maybe just thought you know, Hey, kid works at a movie theater. I mean he's just average whatever maybe leaving felt low average. Who knows? I know that I did many times in my life and along you you know, a time and opportunity presented itself. And you said you pulled up your pants and you're, you know, you grabbed yourself and said let's go you know, and challenges came up, you know, challenges came up, you know hurdles came up all the mental garbage shows itself. And you decided, you were like, you know, I'm going to I'm going to just release I'm going to go down and find down inside what I know is there. No, it's down there. And I'm going to finally go in there and get it and I'm gonna release it and you release your inner legend. That's what legendary marketer is all about. It's not me being a legend. I don't think I'm a legendary marketer. I'm just, you know what, I will be a legend in my own mind. Because the minute that you start to believe in yourself is the minute that your life changes, not when everybody else believes in you. You know, the minute that you start believing in yourself, the beautiful thing happens here is that we believe in people until they can believe in themselves. But eventually, in order to have that breakthrough you have to start believing in betting on you. Absolutely. Nobody else is nobody else is everybody will sit around and just accept you for being average. If that's if that's what you want. And in circumstances don't mean shit. And I've talked to enough people now who were in some serious either isolated situations or just you know, they vocal shit you know, they're overcoming some real shit to do this. And so it's it's it's it's it's allowed me to even more so believe that every single person has that agent. And that's why I say Baca would be legendary because it's a decision everybody is accepting of my averageness if that's what I want to do. It's rather than most people would rather me just be average because then it doesn't make any waves in their lives. It's just everything's normal. Everybody just keeps getting to stay the same. Nothing has to change. It is hard. 

Joe: Exactly. And most people aren't ready for it. They don't want to do that self reflection and be like, You know what, I can do it better.

Dave: Exactly. Exactly. I can do better. I can do better for you. You know, striving and working towards your goals really does make people have to look at themselves and what they have not made any effort on all their inaction. So we've made people again go back to that projecting thing projected their toxicity onto us. Here's what I'm saying for Joe, what I'm saying to you brother is I see you release and that inner badass and in what I'm saying to everybody who's listening is that inner legend is inside of you. Now we're here to help you go inside and release it if you want to. But it ultimately has to be your decision in that it's in those dark moments. That's why I love the struggle. It's why I don't talk to gurus on wakeup legendary, other successful assholes because I want to talk to people who are in the grind in the struggle. That's where the most successful people stop being successful because they forgot about what the shit you're in right now. Joe? This is the real shit the basic trenches, the beginning. If you never leave the basics, you'll never have to go back to him with all the shit you need to know about being successful in business. You're going to learn right here in your first year. You're going to learn it right here. And the problem is, is that you're going to get too big for your britches or there's going to be distractions or you're going to make some stupid gamble with your money. But everything you need to know to be successful in your first year has other complications and challenges. This is the miracle of the beautiful journey right here this first year. 

Joe: And you're releasing that energy. You're battling and pushing up against that average newness, and you're doing it brother and you're setting yourself a foundation for your future. And, man, that must feel pat that must feel and it absolutely does. Like yeah, like I've always known I've had a creative side but I've stifled it for so long that now really being able to kind of unleash that like my content my copywriting it's all just kind of been a blessing that like it's exactly what I've always wanted. I just didn't know what I meant.

Dave: Yeah, I know, man. I mean, we of course, mean the difference between what we want and what we need. So sometimes it can be close, but most of the time it's really really different and far away. You know what I mean? Like, like, I want to be rich and not really do much work. You know what I mean? I just want to be, I just want to, you know, I just want to be carried around. I just want to be you know, I want to be respected. We want to be respected but we don't do shit to earn the respect. You know, I mean, we don't want to do the work necessary to earn the respect and I think the best gift is this business and being an entrepreneur and following through with your commitments and like, just trying, you know what I mean? Like I gotta say, and that I say that my kids, keep trying, keep trying. That's all I say all the time. Keep trying, keep trying. Keep training, you know, and then they get it and then they're like, Yeah, and I'm like you did that? Because you kept trying, you know, and that's the biggest gift that I've gotten. This is this business meeting more than money has been my confidence, man. It's been my confidence, my self esteem, because with that I can make any kind of money, I can make any amount of money. Anywhere confidence is the number one most profitable personality characteristic. It really is man. I know some dumb dudes who are competent and shit and who are rich as hell, man. They're they're dumb asses, but they're just people just so I got to have that confidence. I got a bit of work on that team. When I do and I couple that with good solid information in a good solid product or service. Wow. That's when I build long term, big time, serious money, serious wealth. And in the end, you know, it lasts because I can get all the skills or I can get all the confidence but if I don't really have some values and have a good product or service, it's not gonna last to become a common man. Right? I became a competent con man. That's what you see a lot of people on the internet are. They got confidence but they're Conmed right. So if I vow if I coupled that confidence with a good product or service in good solid follow over, almost I say I'm gonna do this business is the best business to be in to do because you can do it from home. And you can apply exactly what we're talking about right here. Learning, developing some confidence, doing it from home, helping people promoting good products and services or even creating my own and having a life full of freedom and fulfillment and full of esteem, right to actually feel good about what I'm doing. And I would assume that that is happening in your life as well. Yes. Esteem and you're feeling more comfortable in your own skin as you said, because you knew that you were Oh, you always knew you are creative, but maybe afraid to really and now you're finding your voice and you're like I'm actually pretty fucking good.

Joe: Yep. Like, before I started this journey of like, I never posted anything on social media. Like I didn't like taking pictures of myself. I didn't like seeing myself on camera. This is kind of like, led to like myself. Discovering that my life and now like, I have no problem being and making fun of myself even on video. Yeah.

Dave: Yeah, it's self-deprecating humor dude. And it actually is a strategy you can use to get people to just like you more. If you read books, like How to Win Friends and Influence People. You'll find some of those strategies to use to just get people to like you more. And people already probably like you a lot, probably more than you think. And that's like the liking gap which is said I talk a lot on the show, Google the liking gap and the lightning gap it's it's it's a it's a disparity between how much you think people like you and how they truly like you. It's a true phenomenon that all of us have within our own thinking in our brains. Liking that people actually like us more than we think. But then, as you said, once you actually start being yourself, instead of like, you know, we really have this distorted kind of oftentimes personality after, you know, decades of other people trying to press their wants and needs on us. We really when we start to talk and start to loosen up a little bit and start to be ourselves. We really have a lot of qualities about ourselves that we really love and that are fun, and that feel good. It feels good. To let your hair down and just say some crazy shit not have to worry about if so and so. thinks it's the right thing to say or not. I mean, a lot of times we're dominated by even our parents' voices growing up and if we really can silence all of that. Just really just feel comfortable in our own skin. Just even brace yourself. You know Brett, I mean I'm just looking at my beard, because I haven't shaved in a couple of das.  I'm like an old crusty man. It's like, this is just me. I don't give a shit. You know, so it's like, you know, all these little pieces are things about myself that I've just realized over the years that are quirky and cool. And so I go where I'm celebrated, not where I'm tolerated. Does that resonate with you? I love that. Yeah, it's a thing that a lot of us feel is just kind of just kind of being tolerated here. And it's like, why? I'm a grown person. I don't you know, I don't have to, I think on the ownership can lead into a lot of other powerful questions that we can ask ourselves, you know about the people that we have in our lives and the activities that we're doing and, and really how short life is and how much time we spend with people that don't make us feel like the best version of ourselves and things that we absolutely know are under and below our, you know, our purpose. I think it's a tragedy. So it's a beautiful thing when I see the Dutch entrepreneur is doing his thing, brothers, so the final word goes: What would you say to people who are looking to get started or even start over based on your experience and what you've done and pan bro August? I mean, what is that? That's the eighth month of the of the year so roughly about nine months, three quarters of a year you've been on this journey and and summarize it for us I think would be I'd like to hear that summarize it for us in it in a sentence or two for anybody maybe who's just joining here. These last few minutes, and then we'll wrap up.

Joe: I think you need to get out of the details and just do.

Dave: What do they say? The devil is in the details. Which is such a weird thing to say because it don't they say that like like what does that really like the devil aren't aren't people saying with that expression that like the details are important but it's such a weird thing to say that that it feels like an oxymoron, but it's done. But I agree with you. Right. So let me give a practical example of what I think you mean by that. And then we'll still wrap up here in five minutes. Sometimes we come in and we just think that hey, I need to perfect sales funnels in the say Click Funnels or whatever I need to perfect this software before I move on. And what you know the answer to is that getting it set up in the most basic way and just setting it in honestly forgetting it and going working on traffic strategies is really what is the best thing to do come back later with it a little bit later on. Fine, but it doesn't have to be perfect and it doesn't even have to be good. It just has to be active. 

Thanks for sharing your collection back there with us and looking forward to hopefully around three in the near future. Oh definitely. And all the world's listeners have a story like yours, brother. Thank you so much. All right, dude, we'll talk to you later and stay Legendary my friend. Absolutely. Alright, see. All right, my friends. That's a cool little thing because I have visited Amsterdam, and I do have friends in the Netherlands over there. So I think everybody around there speaks Dutch but anyways, a cool place that all of us can go and visit and all of us can go and check out and because of this business, I was actually able to go over there. And on that same trip back in 2013. I think I actually went to Rome as well. And that's actually where I proposed to my wife in Rome on that trip. So very cool to just the people that you business. The things that you learn, the things that you get exposed to, whether that's the people or the weather, that's the money that you make and then you can actually go to these places. It is such a blessing. So cool to do. And I'm so glad that on this Monday, August 22 The opportunity is still as big and as powerful and it's as exciting as it was last Monday like that in the Monday before that, and the Monday before that, and the Monday before that. And so if you've been listening and sitting on the sidelines and wondering if you can get started, we'll support you along the way. If you don't believe in yourself believe we believe in you. And I believe that if you get started and if you listen to these stories, that you'll start believing in yourself too. And you'll have a financial situation hopefully, right? That's ultimately the Go goal, but you'll have a personal transformation as well, which will lead to either a or more financial transformations, right? Everybody wants change, but nobody wants to change. And you know what the beautiful thing is, you don't have to just go and work on yourself. You can work on this business in this business will give you opportunities to work on yourself. Alright, like Joe said, you just gotta keep pushing through. When those situations come up. Stay Legendary and we'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow. Peace.