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Dave:  What's going on guys this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I don't know about you but I need to wake up Legendary this morning because I woke up kind of average and that's not okay. But I got a guy this morning who's going to help us wake up legendary that's for sure. And I know he talked to him before so here's yet another person who you know you can go back in time and you can see, you know what they had to say before and kind of track their progress and yeah so RJ Welcome to the show brother once again.

RJ:Thanks for having me back. You're welcome and

Dave: You're welcome and you do have your coffee I have. I have mine about what happened on the boat.They've adopted that phrase I guess so good for them.

RJ:  And there's another really good one. I also sell merch on Amazon and one of my shirts says I'm really sorry for what I said. Honey I'm really sorry for what I said about the boat launch. You know? It's like chaos, you know? tests every marriage. So my wife and I go every time we go to watch this thing because it's big. We're like, you know, this is gonna be the best marriage test for us. When we are through. We laugh about it. And it's always something that happens but yeah,

RJ: for you that you have your wife out there and that you guys are you know, working on your marriage together and that way, Man, she's my rock. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna lie. She's my rock. 

Dave:  Me too, man. I can relate to that. I'm very grateful to have met a good person. You know, I've been listening to a lot of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger tapes of audios and very boring annual meetings. Like yesterday I watched about two or three hours of their 2022 annual meeting and here it's just these two, you know, ones 91 ones 98 And they're just sitting there. Just no script. Same same thing that we do here. No scripting, no nothing. They get up in their sixth biggest company in the world or something. I mean, he's there. Berkshire owns a lot of apples and a lot of Coca Cola. I mean, they're big, but they just get up on stage and just kind of talk and answer questions and one thing that both of them say is that your life partner is a much bigger decision than any business decision that you'll ever make.

RJ: There's tiktoks in fact, I almost do what the guy the other day said exactly that, that decision, and I was married once before and without vilifying her in any way. To great kids out of that marriage. But, boy, I'm telling you, it took me 10 years to stick around. My wife sticks around for 10 years for me. I just said you know when I make a mistake, I'm okay with that. I just don't make that same mistake. And I'm as loyal as all dogs. None of that stuff, but she's finally like, it's been 10 years, man. Either just put a ring on this or lose it. I'm like, Well, okay, yeah. So I had to learn from that, you know, that whole thing and the best decision I've ever made. So 

Dave: Well marrying my wife was the best idea i had as well. And, and, you know, I think that for those of you out there who are like, you know, wanting your marriage or your relationship to improve or you're wanting that perfect person that soulmate, you're wondering when it's your turn to have somebody and there's a solution for you no matter what situation you're in. Yes, that is to raise your value and that is to keep your side of the street clean. And that is to focus 100% on you. Whether you are married or whether you are looking four years old and you're single, because if you raise your value and if you focus exclusively on your side of the street, what does that mean? That means your business or your Wow also not making people pay for you focusing on your business, right but it's on a hey, what are the best things any man can do is sneak out of the house, okay, and go to therapy.

RJ:  I find. It's like, if I can trim what I bring to the relationship and how I can handle mine. I don't have a whole lot of control over Dave. You know how this is a great segue into what we're going to be, you know, into this great business that we're in but I've been waiting my whole life to find affiliate marketing. I'm not kidding. It's like that button clicks just like every box check for me, right? Like I don't have to deal with customer service anymore. I don't have to. I just have to be super informative, and I've got to prove my point to people. I have to give them validity and their purchase in confidence. That's my job. To explain that 57 years old to your wife. I'm going to go on the internet. And I'm going to go on tiktok and Tell people about my life and little clips and I'm going to segue into the things that I believe in. And do you know what kind of life it takes to go there? I mean, because she knows I'm not going to drop the ball with my other stuff. She knows if let's say I had a really bad month or something. You know, I have my contracting company. I just picked up another couple jobs. I'm kind of let go of what's important to me. Go I have this is my main focus. And but for a lifetime, that's an NSL thing. With all the respect of my first wife, she didn't have that. That vision no matter how even if it didn't affect her financially, she couldn't handle the non predictability of it.

Dave:  I can only speak for a man or let me just speak for a man when a man takes care of his business and a wife or a partner can feel secure, that you're not going to drop your other responsibilities if you're gonna do this. Yes. That's what you just said. And I think no matter if your partner is a visionary or she's a non visionary, like my wife is my wife has no entrepreneurial thinker. She's not a she's not none of that. None of that. was happy at her job at a homeless shelter brother my wife was completely pissed at me. we would get in fights after she had quit that job, because I was like, quit your job and we'll come home and you know, and then she you know, when we when I would be an asshole she'd be like, I don't know why you asked me to quit my job. But here's my point is is that you said your wife knows that you're not going to drop the ball and the other things and I think if you're looking for your spouse's support, if you're looking to persuade and influence your spouse and get them on your on your, on your team number one, don't make you doing this business be something that she has to pay for or he has to pay for. Don't make it a burden to them. Because now all of a sudden you've started this new business and you're never around. You're always edgy. You're snapping Leave me alone, all this kind of stuff. What do you think in your family's mind that business is going to become a thing that's stealing my husband or stealing my dad? It's going to be an evil thing. So here's the magic, the magic to building a business and I didn't learn this until 10 years after I started the business. I did this dumb shit for a long time. I thought that my business was so important to what I was doing and I was making a lot of money. Personally, I made it made it fit my you know, I'm always walking around on the phone in the house and all this shit and I'm just dominating the space. But now what happens is now I don't even know my wife and I work together but I only want my kids to know that I do the business because I don't want it to burden them. See if something's in my life, and I and I'm saying this is going to be my freedom. But it's a burden to everybody else. Of course, they're not going to support me and they're gonna hate it. Right. And so I also have to learn how to grow up. If I'm going to do this thing that's not going to bring an immediate revenue then don't go quit in freaking your family out. 

RJ: I'll segue into my tick tock a few days you know, I all of a sudden gotten a lot of traction. I've got several videos with multiple million views. And not the ones that I thought that we're going to do millions of course. I'm getting hundreds of new followers a day, sometimes 1000s. And I got on yesterday and I set up a little studio here dude, you'd love it. I got this giant big screen. It's like actually six hours right? That's good and so not to wear my glasses. I got a 40 inch screen right here and I can show I can teach. I can say hey, my whole thing is I welcome anybody on there just to disprove me. I want to go on. I want you to test everything I say because when I got on here, a lot of people didn't tell me the truth. Right? Well, when I say things, that gal I know her name. names aren't so great for me but I know every GM or Brazilian. That's so fantastic. And you have no idea. She's just wonderful. And I said she was crushing it right? Yeah. And I'm on this. I'm on this Tech Talk, man. I got the slide going. People are just flooding in as follows . People are sending me stuff there. I've never even heard of it. I don't even know what that means. Like the ding ding dang diamonds and and all of a sudden I'm in the middle of this thing like rose from all chromogen really just talking Let's get you jacked out of this idea that your fear is going to protect you. Your fear is lying to you. Only true if you believe it right. If you believe if you believe you can't do something I'm not going to talk you out of it. You know? So anyways, I'm just jazzing it up and I'm like, I finally get it I finally end the vibe with this live thing. I'm going to do this three times a day because I'm like pennies from my next level with legendary. I'm losing things right and so I want to educate people. I want to get to this next place and all of a sudden it's just like literally shutting me off mid life. Like you're a bad person and you have done all these and then they send me a list of things I could have possibly done and with all due respect to them. I'm not as clear and just bad about them. I want to be accurate and constructive here. But after working seven months on this and now I'm becoming more omnipresent thanks to Matthew or actually Josh and you. I'm getting more and more but my main account is still TikTok and so I've never encountered anything where you're always in trouble and you have to prove your way out of trouble. You know what I'm saying? You were assumed guilty. You're already guilty. It's just with this. It could be this. This number of 1000 things that you did and I'm like, Just tell me the thing that I did and I won't do it

Dave:  Yeah, we're in a massive brawl. We're in explosion mode right now. I mean, everybody uses TikToks in explosion mode. Everybody's in explosion mode and it's they're just trying to keep up and figure out you got people on your live I think the thing with us marketers, they're there. Because the platform is being sensitive to people reporting stuff. I mean, ultimately, that's what's happening. That's why if you get an account flagged that's why that's why it's getting flagged because people are reporting it. And who knows what other technology may be once somebody reports it they go and they scan all the video and see it was it was a you would you would spell it out killing right. Maybe that was a word that I don't know. But I think for all of us, because these platforms are so sensitive. And because more than anything, I think that, you know, large masses do not respond well to motivation. They, they, they interpret motivation as somebody who's trying to scam them, right. Like you're trying to say it's okay, you can do it because there's there's something there's catch, and that's what I would say 99% of people think right 1% of people as you and I that's the people who respond to a message and are willing to you know, maybe it's more than one person willing to give somebody a chance or to look at it or we're open minded to business opportunities or whatever Have you ever noticed that the accounts that are just meme accounts and there's no inspirational content at all, though, they're just funny, and they're humorous, and sometimes they're a little bit negative. You know what I mean? They're almost self deprecating, and they're, you know, it's just these meme accounts. They just go crazy. And so I think the question is, you know, how can, how can we, how can we introduce our message to the masses in a way that, you know, maybe they'll, they'll receive it a little bit more, and I don't know what that is for each person. It's all about volumes, right? So it's turning the volume on maybe the humor, or turning up the volume on maybe, you know, on maybe pointing out the deficits of what you're doing right? So you add a little balance and not just make it look like it's all great right? But it's about the levels of volume of your message in what do you determine up and what do you need to turn down to to, you know, figure out this middle ground with with your audience, you know, where they you're not pleasing everybody, but you're also not you're also not getting you're also not triggering certain people to where they're like, I don't believe it. This is unbelievable. It must be a scam or something like that. And I'm not talking about you specifically But I do think overall, when we start marketing, we want to go out there and convince them to try to change everything and say you know Oh, you guys got to just see this. This is the best thing ever. What you're doing is stupid. Just look 20 years into the and that can be sometimes I think a little jarring for people and hard for them to believe. And so I think that that's another reason why the claims don't work. Big claims don't work. The masses don't believe them. But if you were to say look, here's a way to make an extra $20 A day online. The more we bring everything down to a really believable stay. Add a little bit of the tone down the inspirational motivational stuff. Tune Up the humor, tune up the storytelling stuff to eat. You know what I mean? I mean,

RJ:  Well, you want him to be able to digest it, right? Yes, there. What we forget is what I have forgotten in the past. You know, they're coming so many people are coming into this for the first time. And so, we're cumulative. You and I are already well, you're 1000 steps down the road I maybe 100 Okay, or 50 but what I sell or what I market I don't sell anything. I'm an affiliate marketer with validity, transparency, and free education. And if I might tell people Yeah, I because I'm pretty. So it's like, well, if other people are doing this, why can't you know why John can't kill papa Don's out there? Let's see here Mr. To use that word. I just use a lot of old school terminology and that's what I got to work on. But if he's out doing it, and these 15 year old kids don't want it. Why couldn’t I so what do they all do and where is the year comes to commercial for legendary marketing. I'm not being emotionally paid here, folks. A plus B equals C and it's all a simple man like me. One is I want you to just tell me, I don't. I don't want to have to go figure out someone else telling me the truth. So right now I've changed. You know, I used to do a lot of this stuff originally. That a lot of people do. You know you, I was excited that somebody did right and I have done pretty confident in that name. Because I've done everything man. I'm 12 years old. I've been in business my whole life. I've had several businesses. I've been

Dave: that is a mainstream term. Now. It is a term that people get side hustle like a mainstream term. It's not just it's not industry jargon anymore. 

RJ:  But now I just I want and so I'm borrowing from the information that I know and you should always speak what you know, if you if you don't know anything of the companies that you're recommending, or or, you know, don't don't let people think that you're associated with that company or if you're coming with information. I'm really careful about wanting to have a personal experience with that, just like my affiliates that the companies that I represent, I feel very strongly about. I feel very strongly about what they're after. I feel very strongly about Clickfunnels. And I could tell people 1000 reasons why. And I can tell them the history of the company. I can tell them about the owner of that company. And so when when you have that on your arm with that kind of information and you have a computer and a 40 inch screen behind it, you can just pull up let's go on. Let's go check it out. Yeah, because I thought it was just too good to be true. Well, it's not too good to be true for me. It's not good, too good to be true for the gal in Peru. It's not too good to be true for Josh. And so my job is to make them believe that they have that person inside okay. And what was such a mouthful five minutes ago, is most people won't do anything with this information. But if I can get them to hope in this situation with just a small investment. This teeny really didn't even see if that's something that might be right for them. It may kick their optimism for some other part of their life. That said, less than thinking well, people can do real things. 

Dave: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. We're never going to stop being haters and people who are envious. You know, Charlie Munger talks about envy and he's in Buffett to says it's the number one thing you should delete from your personality I envy you. You know what I mean? And I mean, he refers to seven deadly sins. And even though I think they're both agnostic, but just to kind of relate how important it is, it's like, you know, man, this this, this envy thing is a big deal. And that's all it is. I mean, somebody says, What are they flagging accounts on on any platform? Is because of envy. That's all it is. I mean, whether it's an envy of the person who's sitting in a cubicle somewhere, you know, who says, I don't like this video, that it's usually user generated haters, who or whatever. We don't really know but we don't really care to know because it's a game and you have to learn how to play the game. It's just like Buffett and that is making it absolutely unfair. It just obscene right now the money what good is it going to do for me to try to be envious about it or whatever. It's just it's or even. It's just a game to them. It's not even a it's just, it's like, it's like playing chess. It's like playing checkers. I don't want the poker chips but it's not like that at all. It's like playing chess. It's a game and you just have to strategically continue to build your, your, your machine, your digital real estate. And it can oftentimes be a game of Whack a Mole, unfortunately. I mean, they're in this digital world where you're creating a free account on a platform, you know, like Facebook or Instagram. You didn't pay for it. So don't complain. It's just you okay? Yeah, you posted a bunch of videos, but if you're smart, you save all those videos. And you now you have a 50 videos. Okay, you'll build an account on that account that pumps lots of traffic, but the truth is, even a tick tock account doesn't do you any good. If you have a million followers if you're not continuing to publish content, it doesn't matter if you lose the account or not. It's nailing the content. It's never in the content. It's learning how to create a marketing message or write a marketing message just like a comedian. It's learning to write a joke and deliver the joke and make people laugh. Well, this is learning to write an ad on Tik Tok. That's true, right? Because we are just writing stuff right on the screen. It's learning to write an ad and to publish that ad and to get people's attention. It is what a lot of people do. If your message works, it does not matter if you have zero followers anymore. It doesn't matter because if the message is good, and people respond to it, they're going to these platforms nowadays and are gonna push it out to more people. A follower count is not as important as just good content that gets pushed out. Sadly, it's not as important any more and I'd like you to talk about that. A little bit. We're titled here 50,000 flowers in 48 hours. I love and I hate these kinds of examples. I love them because I'm like, crazy look at it and I hate it because it might give a false expectation to a person that they're going to get a huge result and when they don't, then they get disappointed but that does tell us how the hell you did it

RJ:  I'll back up and I'm gonna address what you just said because I'm not envious of their success, meaning I want those good things for them. But even my boy ian, He's the one that talked me into doing this. Okay. And so, so it's hard not to compare your success with theirs and I've had I just, I'm thrilled. I'm doing well, still more inconsistent than I am when I'm building exactly what and I understand that but it's funny because I caught myself doing that. I'd go look at Amy or Phil and all these people that I really like. And it's like, well, how can mine not turn at the same as theirs and then I had to get back? Phil said it best. He said, I had to get rid of all that and I had to become a teacher. And that's my new role. I thought it would be a fun way to live your life so as far as the videos I'm at, I'm at that place where I want to go. One of my students if you're here, Cam Hi. Him and his wife have become I feel like I've known him like I've known him my whole life. We're kind of very similar people, with similar backgrounds. You know, and he just got his first commission the other day he just started and so it was just like casts you know, so proof of concept, but I'm at the point where after the Josh Smith, five day challenge and that just that changed my whole perspective. Omnipresence and and I had to do what he did and and see outside of myself and realize that these other platforms are places that I need to be for this reason. And then I see Stacy law, you know, I see Bob Hosek you know, I see all these people on multiple platforms, and I'm watching on my, I use ConvertKit, but I also use my Click Funnels a lot, and I go in there and now I'm on there every day and there's just all these leads and it's like, well, they couldn't be from all from Tik. Tok. It's this giant jump, right? It's from that Omnipresence and it's from these other places, and they may not be clicking me with likes. resonated with my message and they're coming in to find out more about what I'm talking about, which is my goal. Because the more people I get in the pipeline interested if I do my job correctly, and I take away their fear, and then there's, there's conversions there. And I'm not I'm not going to just focus on the money. Money's part of it. Yeah. But if I if I pull that focus on the off the money and because and don't people I want for you what I what I'm experiencing this, you know, and if you resonate with that, and you answer all their questions, there's certain people that aren't going to ever take a chance and might just like the idea of this people who buy the blueprints that feel that way that's which is crazy. So but by the time they get done with me, that's still there so they have to live with themselves in five years. And they'll go online. We're respectfully with all these people, and I understand they’re scared but I've been that way my whole life for three years. To make a profit in my contracting company. I had to work two jobs while I had my company, three years, and that's another explanation I could do. I could do it. I just do it the whole time. And when I try to explain to people as a business owner, you know, okay, one of my trucks is one of my trucks. If you just take out just to fill it up with gas, it is more than most of the items that you feature on this channel through legendary battle, an insurance bond licensing up and up and down, and you can get into this business and then you have payments on stuff every month. This is for almost nothing. And so it's your time and it's your time and your ability to just like you said, Exactly. Just continue to tweak things and bring your soul. who You are to that digital tweet, and never lie. And I found what you said is so true. A salesy stuff I just do, it's just a turn off. I know some of these people are making gazillions of dollars and I'd love to be there too, but when they openly see this 75k I made last month internet That's just too much for my brain and that's great. Now there's people that do it really effectively. a blogger, started a few years ago as a waiter and now he makes a lot of money on YouTube. And he's on the other platforms but he's really turned it into a machine and to the importance of what we're doing small, short, short form video. But the big ever evergreen which is is is really being implemented on YouTube and a blog and a play, play a blog, to where they can't shut me down rarely or to have a really hard time I can segue on know, and

Dave:  I want to Talk to you for a moment everybody just segwaying or really piggybacking on what you said about the long term because you were like, well, it took me three years in my I think you have a land unless I've done more than that. Okay, so yeah, it may have taken three years to turn a profit. But that doesn't mean you didn't make any money that time folks. This was not used by business owners. You probably still took a salary, right? I mean, it's not like you live homeless to pay yourself. Pay yourself right, people. Let's clarify. The business didn't make a profit. There's a difference between being an employee in your business and then the leftover profit at the end of the day.That's what I think. We really we really, I didn't even realize that it was like, Okay, I own a business. How do I treat myself in this business, especially as it starts to grow? And it's like, well, you treat yourself if you have a business like a landscaping business, or even if you want yourself in this business the same way you pay yourself, look at your salary or look at your living expenses. You pay yourself enough to be able to live but then the rest you have an option. Either leave it in the business, reinvest it, buy more equipment, in the case of landscapers, lawn equipment and mowers, things of that nature. So when you pull that job you don't like right you know, you don't like the guy who's you know, this is his first job. You got some equipment for this business because it's got such high, such low overhead and high profit margin potential. What I would recommend to everybody, right on, give you some actionable is look at what you would what you need from this business, not what you want. Not what you what you you know what you like, but what you need from this busy week, pay yourself that maybe it's 250 bucks, maybe it's $100 maybe you don't need anything, I don't know. But then you take the remainder. You take now you also need to assign each month, look at how much you made. Figure out what tax bracket you are putting in a separate bank account each month. Make sure you don't have a big tax bill at the end of the year. But after you've paid the business bank account, you've moved that money into your p&l. It's $200 you're just getting started $200 But $500 leftover from this week. I got a 200 dollars salary or my supplemental income but I got $500 left. This is where the magic happens. This is where the magic happens. So you take that $500 And you go and open up a Vanguard Index that tracks the total stock market. Don't take it to an investment planner who's going to charge you 2% of your total balance where they make money or not. Don't put it in Bitcoin. Don't do something else stupid. Go open up a bank card that tracks the entire stock market and just take half of that $500 And just put it away in the stock market in an index fund that you're going to let sit for the next 10 years. If you don't believe that's the best way to invest your money. In the stock. Then go listen to hours and hours of annual reports and annual meetings and audios from buffet and other people like I have right now. I can tell you that. Even the world says what I'm going to do and every single dollar and profit from Berkshire Hathaway goes to charity and the money that's leftover from my wife. They're putting in an index and they're just gonna leave it there for her because that's what I want done for her. So that's what you do. Now all of a sudden you got that $500 you split it in half you put 250 to a vanguard index fund that tracks the total stock market. This is not financial advice by the way. You listen to me your mind, bro.This is just what im doing im another high school dropout, not financial advice. But hey, and now even got $250 leftover inside of a damn business bank account in your business has got a little bit of cash and you know, you wanted to buy some some traffic or some advertising or you wanted to so it's like you got to learn how to operate inside of a business and maybe we'll do a training on the on the basics and fundamentals.A lot to learn and it's not as bad as it seems like everybody looks at a business and they hear things like this. Make a profit for three years and you start to see they really are good for you as boring and not good. And that's why we go to retail therapy. We just say fuck it I don't understand it anyways. To shopping and spend my money because that makes people feel better. Right? And or just stay in our current situation always looking for that next miracle. Well, it's kind of like the end of the movie and Dumb and Dumber. Walking down at night. Seeing that Jim Carrey and Jeff Dunham are walking down the highway at the end of the movie and they're like, Well, you know, but what an adventure and bustle of bikini babes comes riding down the highway and they go they open the door they go we looking for two guys to rub oil on us all insurance would you guys be interested or and they go you know what? Just back that way towards that town we just came from. There's a bunch of people that they're probably fine two good guys to help you out. Right. Okay.

RJ:  What you said is great and I'm glad you pulled that out. Because when it really is a leap of faith commitment. And so we all know there are different forms of religion in the world. There's different forms of self love. There's never been anybody's faith in them in a million years. But for me, my soul is connected. And so if I, I believe I say I'm going to do this thing. This thing that not a lot of people did. And I don't care what anybody says. And I don't care what the haters say, I don't care what the circumstances are. Like I said, I didn't make a profit for three years. You can't survive three years on credit. But I worked other jobs where it's that leap of faith and what happens with that in those three years is my options got better. And then you see the market like I do with markets like Matthew was what Dave was talking about that great. Click that little line between the lines, that little piece of meat that hangs in there, you know, I'm like that's what they were talking about. There's another inside business

Dave:is your landscaping business at a point to where if you wanted to sell it 

RJ:  Other people that see me at my age. I've had people because I have very enviable contracts with large Yeah, but I've pared down. I haven't had to even go out because I have wonderful people. Small company but I overpay them and Their problems aren't made up. These people say that's my only guarantee  Expect bad news. Yeah, I can help you fix it. A lot of people for obvious reasons in business. They don't. They don't trust their boss. The boss hasn't. They don't care about Worsham. All I know is I've met his dad in Georgia and as long as I've met his mom I know it's past as well. And it's unusual, I know. But no matter what the news is, we can deal with it. If we got\facts that we're dealing with, for obvious reasons, but that leap of faith is what gets you going and you and that's that mindset people. Just because we're all a mindset is faith in faith. You can do something, right? If you believe you say you can't. You're not gonna and if you believe I'm full of whatever because I'm telling you this work for me. And you're scared because I a lot of older people that are technically challenged. Moms 92 years old and she can just go and buy a well disordered iPad figured out that's the kind of person so you get one life. What are you gonna do just going to Robert park ? A lot of people's 401 k's are gone. You know, a lot of people's pensions, you know a lot of people are getting released, you know? He's like, my wife just got brain cancer. I just paid for my wife's brain cancer. Back then I got a heart attack and my job of 25 years let me go and, and you want to feel humbled by your reality, I don't have right. And so he's looking into believing and I'm just gonna give him an option when I find I find that if I am or they come to me and I want them I want them to go. I trust that dude. Because he tells me the truth. See what he Yeah, and and so that's all I'm gonna trust. And the upsell super straight. Video man. 

Dave: There's a great way to market and persuade. And it's to do exactly what you're saying. And it's what I also recognize in Warren Buffett. Right when I get obsessed with it, I really do get upset. I kind of all in full immersion, and I've done it with a couple of things over the last year to fully immersion on watches, the fishing, full Immersion Now on investing. Just because when you do something for me, there's no sense in doing it unless I have a chance to master it. There's no There's no sense in doing some of it. Because I'm first of all only going to do things that I'm interested in, not going to do anything but I'm not interested in is not right. Number two is if I prove that number two is if I'm interested in it and I want to get out of it. I'm not going to have acid. Why? Well, because I want to get the maximum out of it. And so I think with a lot of what talking about initially said how do you become really persuasive? Well, the way that you do it is you just totally, totally immerse yourself. In the world of whatever you're doing and this is how to get great at anything is just anything. You just fully immerse yourself in the end if you fully shelter the world meeting, if you want to be great at this coming listen to these shows because I promise you after 90 days, you will be talking shit. Like it's like it's second nature, personally. Yeah. And here's the other thing. It's going out, it's teaching but then it's not being afraid to just give somebody a call to action. And Warren Buffett and I had originally brought him up because I said I've been fully immersed in this and really what I noticed after listening and watching for example you see it in the annual meeting, we got 12,000 of his own shareholder is in the room and he and Charlie are sitting up with another A couple of old dudes and chairs. And he's up there he's talking about, you know, their $5 billion investment but he's also given updates about how much he See's Candies are selling out there in the hallway. Like let me break records and that's a company that Berkshire owns, See's Candy, just just a good business they own and he's given. He's like, hey, we'll go we got three minutes left out there so rapidly again, but then, but then he does three hours of just value value. But you know there's one out there in the you know, convention center boats and all the other businesses that he owns they've got tables and things set up out there. This is smart, deliver slow to value so honest, you said honest. He's so honest. No, no, no swindling, no horseshit answers. Always blunt facts no bullshit and I'm telling you man, I'm starting to communicate left because my wife demanded from me because I was this. Then I'd always have a marketing pitch. And she's like, look, but buffet. But you're saying rj  is not just true for you It is also true for successful people in the world, how they operate, and how they influence and persuade and become teach deliver value be honest as shit, I mean, totally honest. But then not be afraid to give a call to action.

RJ: That's just a mouthful on its end. It's exactly true. Look at perhaps the most successful affiliate marketer in the world Oprah seriously. And this is a quote. This is a quote from her that I'll never forget. When she started buying them and liked three of them and, and then they started to do really, really well. And that was what they said, Well, how can you be so effective? They're all different news, your own she's got like blind. All these things are proving. But she goes and we'll find something to do . I might as well be the best at it. Because just like what you just said this massive focus and not being afraid of letting the information about it not just putting your blinders on. And I understand the importance of focus because I'm all over the treasure. But not only to to sell that space and say yeah, I am a student here and I'm gonna learn this I'm going to learn from the best people all all the all the everybody with the giant brands, you know, Warren Buffett includes and Warren is talking to him like like, I know him like I'm going to call him tomorrow, right? All my videos, you'll see him, you'll see Warren quotes everywhere. And I think to add to what you said is provable honesty. So not to believe me, but if you're down I want you to be able to get down with our conversation and call BS and go Let's check this out. 

Dave: Yeah, that's why I love these interviews. It's like Go Go look at what he said. You know, it's kind of like it's kind of like I take the position of I'm not the magic man. I'm just showing You magic. And that's what we have. Truth is not magic. I'm a part of the magic. I'm a part of it. And if this wouldn't work with you literally work without a guest. If I just came here and most doesn't like most content you need to bring in other people you know what I mean? Like Oprah. Oprah did exactly what you did and exactly what I did and exactly what all of us are doing, which is she built a personal brand in Gmail. That's what she did for us. She had a tiktok channel that just happened to be channel eight, right, but back then that was one tiktok. That was the only place to create. Nowadays, everybody's got to open that. Okay, so there's lots of Oprah's out there as little jewels in as powerful and 20 years as Oprah is right now. It's just a fact. But Oprah just created streams with business. She just said Oprah Winfrey Incorporated is the business and there's the TV show. There's the magazines and there's multiple streams of income within the same business under the same brand. And it's the same exact thing that any one of us can do with the core four because that's mainly what she's working with as well as coaching and events. I mean, the content as her strategy it’s what we do just kind of on a larger scale and a more full scale. 

RJ: Luckily what we do just kind of on a larger scale in a more commercial scale, well I use wake up live as a lot of us are now. Amy, Phil. Because it is such a special thing, this is really a special thing. And I learned all my industry jargon from it right? Sometimes you guys say stuff and what the hell's that? You know, I know what SEO is but there's a few guys that I had. That's like oh well now I know the industry term for that. People that are new here right now, it's like what short form is long form? What's the difference? What do you need this for? Why did YouTube pay? So when you get into an industry and you start to master it, you see the areas of oversight and she could not get that view about climbing a pretty big mountain. So she's halfway up and she's just so over that next mountain right and she's like, Oh, that's that's something nobody else got to see. I had to climb this and believe in myself enough to see that opportunity. And then she has some extra data. 

Dave: This woman was perfectly able to get up there and see that there's other people up there that she didn't know were there and they're kind of like hey, yes, it was you're going to tell the story. I didn't want to interrupt but I've had that thought because I mean you're even climbing up and it's like, I don't really know where I'm going but then you kind of get up there and then a bunch of other people up there chillin like that's a great what's up? It's true. Because for me, for me, it's like, what a lot of people don't understand while they're out buying, you know, all searching for the perfect mentor and all this kind of stuff and thinking that you know, somebody else is going to be their Savior. It's like, look, man it's like, if you're religious, like you stated you are you've already got a savior. You don't need it. You don't need somebody on this earth to see what I'm saying? So it's like it's like, it's like you if you're agnostic or atheist, then you certainly don't believe in a savior right? So it's like you don't stop treating human beings like they're gonna be your guru or your or the person who you've always been looking for. It's like a lot of it you have to get out there and just, you know, immerse yourself in it and learn as you go and show up to the calls like you're saying, and learn the jargon. 90 days in you will know, so much more than you could ever imagine. And then and then you might be saying, well, I don't feel like that yet. Well give it another 90 days. I'm not saying 90 years. Most of us can't sit still and do the same thing for 90 days consistently. And we just simply complain about the results that we don't get from what we didn't do and we do that about our marriage. We do that about our business. We do that about our job. We complain about our job as if our boss or something owes us something. And that's just not how capitalism works. You know, it's not written in the fine print of capitalism or the large print that you know, you should be overpaid or, or recognized to a certain degree or anything like that. It's about commerce, value, and transactions. And so, you know, this, I think, a lot of this like with Warren's investing principles, it's just you got to learn to cut out the noise. You got to learn to stop looking for the secret you got to learn to stop, you know, chasing the, you know, the beautiful dragging into the alley and then it turns around and can bite your head off. You know, you got to stop getting caught up with people in their private message thinking that you're gonna get some inside scoop. Yeah, you're gonna get an inside scoop. They're gonna take the big scoop out of your wallet. You know, it's like, it's like I gotta stop always looking for the shortcut and realize that work is the shortcut. Just doing the work is the shortcut, and within just a short period of time, and by short, I mean, you know, a couple of years to, for me, it's been 10 years, I have accumulated more stuff. I have made more money. I have way more than I want or need. And I'm grateful for everything that I have. But my point is, is that if you stop obsessing about the you know did I make a penny today and work or did I lose you know, all that you we step over dollars to pick up dimes all the time.

RJ: And we look to avoid the work to find and we work harder trying to avoid the work. It is the reason you want to get a shift in perspective. The reason why I'm focused is not because I'm any different than anybody else. It's going to be the way that I do something when I do it. I do it all in. So for me, for me what I've learned about myself is I've started enough shit and didn't finish that now, I don't even bother looking at anything.

Dave: Just nothing, because I know how much work it's going to take to succeed. If I wanted to do that thing. And, um, I just know that I don't have time to pursue that right now. And what I'm doing, I've made a decision that this is the path that I'm following, and it's exhausting to chase rabbits into holes. It's just exhausting. I don't have time to do it anymore. You know, I don't have time to sit through somebody's bullshit sales pitch. And I got one coming up today. It's like, I gotta you know, I gotta get sit on the phone with an investment guy who I'm probably not going to use, but he's going to tell me how much better investing in a diversified portfolio in pain was 1% to like, look, it's like okay, why am I doing this what I know that the best place for my money is just continuing to buy rental properties like I'm doing in stock and my money away in index funds, insane focus on cash flow in my business. That's what my focus needs to be not on all these other distractions because not only you RJ, but me too. Can go down a rabbit hole, but I think I've burned myself enough that I know I'm not going to follow through with the majority of things that I start. So why even started, why not just pour all of that was the thing that changed my marriage too. It was like for so many years, I wasn't sure that I wanted to commit. So I always had this little piece of my brain that was just like, I don't know, I don't know if I really want to commit and you know what? It killed my ability to to get all the things that I want, getting laid getting paid all that right, because you're not going to be romantic when she senses that and you're not going to be fully making the most money because your heads not fully in the game and you don't feel supported by your spouse. And so I was at a disadvantage for years because of my own inability to just say, Look, everything I have and I need is right here. I just need to get everything out of it. I need to stop eating out of a trash can. When I have T bone steak right here at home. You see what I'm saying? And that's a metaphor, right? Mentally eating out of the garbage can while I'm going to travel the world spread my seat. This is a male thought. I'm just telling you real shit. But my urge changed what I just committed. And I said, Look, I have everything. I don't even know the potential of this marriage. I've not even scratched because of my inability to commit. And because of her in your business it is the same thing. Your business is an entity that sits there that says I will go as hard as you want to go. But most of us just never commit because we always have that piece that's like, I don't really want to commit or maybe this rabbit hole over here or Maine or whatever. But I shared this yesterday and then I'll give you the final thought and we'll wrap up. Bill Bill Gates. I think Monger was there with Buffett we're all sitting at a table. Gates ‘ dad asked what's the number one thing you guys would attribute to your success, all three of them at one time immediately said focus.

RJ: What I hope not. It's going to be hard to follow up on that but I'm gonna add to it. If somebody went to my tip well, it's on my TikTok. I put it on one of my personal accounts and grew legs because it resonates with so many people. And Phillips was a world famous football coach, right? And he said, you know people felt we're all going to fail. He goes That's perfectly fine. He goes you only start failing when you start blaming other people for your failure. That's when you fail. I wish I could claim it as my own, but it just resonates with so many people and makes a difference.

Dave: Can you say that again? I just want to make sure that I heard that so clearly. I mean coming around and he's got all of his you know football abilities. He just said you people make mistakes all the time. He continues to make them, he said but you're only a failure when you start blaming other people for your demise. Just goes back on you, you know, what are you gonna do? These are obstacles man, what you get one line and it could end tomorrow. And it becomes very evident when you're 57 and you have people dropping or I'm in charge of I've got all these friends for 30,40,50 years I've lost several. And their lesson to me is I gotta pack these guys around with me because I live in for them now too and they'd love to be here. They'd love to have an argument with their wife again. They'd love to be able to have a challenge and maybe start something new. My thing that hit me up several weeks ago is my job is to get them to believe in their life again. That's my I'm a digital marketer, affiliate marketer whatever title you want to get me to sign. I'm going to tell you the truth. Dave: Nobody's getting out of this son of a bitch alive. I can promise you that. 

RJ: But there's an ER nurse specialized in death and it was on one of my one of my tech talks and she said and she compiled this information for years and years and years and years. Every single person with very few exceptions on their deathbed is I really wish I would have taken a chance on myself and pursue the thing that I really want out of my life. And so my job is to say hey, you know I've failed a ton in my life. I went to five different colleges and I'm not a doctor, okay? I was chasing girls. And it's just that simple. I didn't want to grow up. And so I made mistakes, and I've learned from those mistakes. And if you still got a live like the beauty of this business, I just wanted to talk about this. You could be handicapped, you could have you know, depression and things that you deal with mentally you know, it's a big part of that a lot of us are struggling right now, right? If you can just get the strength to go in front of your computer and learn a few things and do a few things on your own. I don't know of any other way that you could use this tool and make your life better. It's accessible. That's what I love about it to everyone doesn't matter what your color is doesn't matter what your sex is doesn't matter what your faith is. It's accessible so my job is to make them believe and even if they don't do this I want them to believe in themselves enough to try something. That's my job. Well, it's a great mission and a degree of focus to have.

Dave: It is also a great therapeutic mission. That for me, I believe being in the state of mind in the state of heart that I am every day in this business, which is not something that a lot of us really put a lot of value on. Right it's like we complain like a son of a bitch about how toxic we feel at our job. But then when we get in our business, we don't give it enough credit for how it can make us feel or how we do feel like what you just said you gave it credit for, but I want to give it some credit. Because I realized that I haven't done that over the past 10 years a lot. But the truth is, I believe that this business has added to my life expectancy because I'm actually happy as hell every day and I'm not in toxic you know resentment. I'm not feeling dominated or controlled by anybody. I actually believe as I work in a space with my wife every day. 

RJ: Yeah, I mean, and I get I'm working from home in my in actually a second home. So it's even like a dream. And I just could look at what I mean. It's just a really I think is going to add to my life expectancy because you're my how long I live because I just I could see myself sort of like I see Buffett and Munger at 9196 or eight or whatever he is to end up on that table still working. I can see my now I can't see myself continuing to sit stand at a Walmart door or cashier or down to my knees installing tile or any of this other stuff. But I can see myself as a crusty old man. Still talking shit on the internet. If they stop motivating and teaching, you know what I mean? If they stop talking tomorrow and stop teaching tomorrow. Do you see the twinkle in Warren Buffett's when he talks about what he's built? It's just captivating. It's humble. The money Yeah, that's that's become a big that's maybe that's the result. If you would have made a fraction as much he'd still be on there and be just as excited about it. And he lives in the same house that he had with his wife that he bought in the 60s. He's a philanthropist. He's a guy. My dad just died at 94 and he had the same exact sparkling as if you don't have something that you can go to if I'm if I never made a gazillion dollars.

I would do this business work because of how it makes me feel and the fact that I don't have a boss. And that complaining is a disease and I and I've caught that terminology out of my vernacular because it gives it power. And all complaining is an excuse not to do something about your situation. And so when I asked my friend about a good friend that I've known since second grade, and he's big on excuses, and so I finally just in a very gentle, loving way so well, you know the best revenge is living well, what are you doing? To make your life better? 

Dave: And it's it's pretty dysfunctional situation. I'll admit it. Yeah, well, we all do have either a vision or a potential to have a dysfunctional situation or had one in the past and learn how to set boundaries or cut people out and I think that's being honest with what you're talking about. And saying what you mean and mean what you say and not being mean when you say it is what what a gift that both therapy and my recovery and this business has really taught me how to how to be honest with people like you're talking about not be afraid of the truth don't be afraid to give honest feedback. And also I'm it's been an age thing. Both those tools with me growing older have made me be much more on purpose with even who I'm spending time around. So knock has been spending time around somebody without being honest. I love that. And that is really what a friend is, isn't it? And it's also if I'm going to be of service to anybody here each morning or in this community. It's by that honestly I call it care for entation because I don't want to walk around confronting everybody, but it's very way it's like people with their own, you know, with their own with their own stuff just by sharing my own stuff. You know what I mean? Like that's the best way that I've found and I love doing it via video because I don't have to like one-on-one stuff. It's better to do it on video to let people listen and let it sink in. Yeah, rather than being in their face. I've even, you know, obviously it's such a great characteristic to be honest with people and to do it in a caring way. You might be the only friend in their world who's doing that and you also might be the only person in their world Argenta you might be the only person in a lot of your audience and followers' world who's being honest with them the way that you'd be honest as well. Never underestimate the impact that we can have in our followers' lives. 

RJ: I don't care about someone if someone has shown me over and over that they want to be frustrated but I love them anyways, let's say they're my family members or people that are close to me and I see something that's a pattern in their life and I expect it from them to me, too. If you really love me as a friend, as a partner, whatever. And you see me suffering all the time. It's your obligation. I feel gently that it's not easy to have those conversations. But if you love them, you're willing to have that and then they can do what they want with it. I have a friend that's dying because he has a real addiction. And his hips are gone. Everything was going all of us love him. He's the most magnanimous, wonderful person you'll ever meet. He has this addiction to food that you're and his prognosis is horrible. And we're all fighting with it right now. We've all told him but the only way I can function now if something God forbid, you know does happen with him is I gave it I put the bat out there and look at it because I love that person and I had that difficult conversation. And so now he knows where I'm out. We've tried to get him help. You can only lead a horse to water. And so if I don't, if I don't care about somebody at all, I'm not gonna say anything you know, if there's people that are divisive or mean or that's part of their there, they're just not ready to hear it yet. I really care about and I want to convey that to the people that are on here because I hear people like that guy with his cancer story, his wife and all these all these things. You know that that guy is looking for a ray of sunshine to live. I hope I can give them just a little bit of hope that doesn't have to be with legendary or Click Funnels or meaning. 

Dave: He may take that up and start you know, building something out of his garage that he's always wanting to build or and sell you know, or let me share a maybe have a similar story. And then we really will wrap up. It's not a long story. It's just one day I was at an event we were hosting. And this was a long time ago. Back in 2013. Or so I was hosting an event and this is before legendary doing courses coaching and events back then as well. But there was a guy we were at an event and a guy stood up and totally blindsided me. The man said you know he was sharing and he said look, I was driving down the road. And I worked at a hospital and was on my way with a bag full of medication and I was gonna I was gonna, you know, I was gonna end it all. He said I got a flat tire. And as I was sitting there waiting for help to arrive, put in an audio of you. He was speaking to me. And he said in that audio, something that you said made me decide that I didn't want to go home and do that. And today, you know I stand here in front of you with X result x result x result. And of course I'm here to share and it hasn't happened a lot of times, you know what I mean? That is that impactful, like, serious of a situation. But, I mean I've had a lot of that's inspiring and you know, I've heard a lot of things but that was really, really a powerful one to hear. And so, we never know man how what we say and what we do, is going to impact somebody and as, as human beings who communicate with each other through words through body language through looks that are not genuinely wanting to help somebody genuinely wanting to produce some content because you you think it will be helpful share you'll give a call to action at the end but you're not doing it because you think that that one video is going to make you rich. It's just a contribution to the value that you're delivering to people because you want to do it you know, you want to win and we help people. And I think for me the results of that strategy. The results of what we're talking about. This whole episode has been about which is really ultimately how you, you know gained all these followers in 48 hours and you've lost the account you built it back you're just you're you're you're you're you're you're building the business because the business is not an account for you. The business is your message the business is you have lots of pieces of the business is your email address all these things but ultimately the business is your message who you are your brand and the fact that people are impacted by what you're doing and what you're saying. And then it's not just a bait and switch. It's not just a hey, here's some shitty video that I and I hope you click it I hope you buy why are people buying? That's just not how any commerce works. And we sit and we see it in the group. It's like I've you know, people are clicking the link but they're not buying it. It's like, well, people don't just you know, it takes it takes a certain amount of effort and contribution and also I have to if if I have a selfless in a selfish meter, if my selfish meters all the way up and I selfless meters all the way down not gonna make any money back here that bullshit we all have a our whole life. We're walking lie detectors like meat fighters, man.

RJ: And when you hear that, hear bullshit. Right? And when I was conveying stuff when I first started making, I thought, well, things were true, but I didn't experience them. So I just felt like I was bullshit, that imposter syndrome. So it's like I'm going to talk about this stuff. I really, really know and I'm going to convey my heart to their heart and then they can make a decision and if they can come back later I'm gonna say the same messages and I'm gonna say them honestly and clearly. And we all hear it.

Dave:  And some of these kids I know are making a gazillion dollars, you know, but I get on there and then my stomach just turns. It's like, dude, well, there's a power in them hearing a consistent message and I hope that's what makeup legend is because you might be entertained by the antics or being authentic and that's fine. I'm just being myself. Whatever the comments are. But the truth is what we're teaching here is basic principles. It's really solid foundational stuff that works in pretty much any industry without even getting into the specifics, at least not in this conversation. Right and, and so it's it's a no it's yeah, these are timeless principles and they work I've said this on other shows. What we're talking about today is just really trying to care about people and really pour value into them. While not being afraid to give a call to action is the same skill set in it's really communication skills and people skills is really what it is. And Warren Buffett said that you can increase college students and people how many times he's been asked what's the best stock to pick? His answer to that is the best investment you can make. And if you simply improve your communication skills, you can increase the money that you bring in by 50% Just by talking to college kids. So just by focusing on communication. So while everybody's looking for the magic button, and some of us have looked for that for 51 years, I know people in this industry who have been buying, you know, make money quick, you know systems and all this bullshit for 20 years and all this stuff get rich quick, where's the easy button? But man, it's sticking to the basics. It's sticky the big six and not leaving them. And that's what's hard. It's not hard to be assessed. The entrepreneur, it's not hard to do what I do every day. The reason why people can't do it is because they're not willing to do it consistently. And if you look at the notes, you go back to look at the very first one in March of 2020. And I know that's when we started because that's when you know the world is going crazy. And as I moved my decision was gotta go in not. This is another Warren Buffett thing when everybody's afraid, be bold. Okay, so everybody was freaking out and my move the words that matter in your business, all this other shit that you do 99% stuff doesn't matter. The big decision. So in March of 2020 we were doing a daily show, but I wasn't active in it. And so I said, I'm gonna be activated because nobody's doing that. Nobody's got their guy. You know whoever the all knowing who you're paying $50,000 to touch the throat. He ain't getting out and talking shit every day. So I said let me get out there and talk shit and just teach in just tell stories every day to let them see years of me talking. And at first, I didn't think that if we didn't look that far into the future. But here we are two half years later, and it's not that this show is great or anything like that. It's great, but it's great because it's been going for so long. That's what's great about it's great that there's a history it's great that it's something that you can look back on with Berkshire Hathaway's you can open up their annual report and read and you can see 30 years of investment results and how he's beat the market with you know, 30% compounds versus 10% annual comp. I mean it's but how did he do the same way that I've done it the same way but he's just successful like Oprah is over time, the same way the interest compounds and it does go Google investment calculator. And put it in the 250 that I said earlier, times 10%. You're gonna contribute that every month and see what that is at the end of 20 years with 10% compounding interest. It's insane because of the phenomenon of compounding. Now success is the same way success in businesses is the same way the phenomenon of compound. The compounding phenomenon happens the same way in business where as you do something long enough, it begins to compound and pick up momentum. It's something that you can't explain. It. It's hard to tell people by telling all of you right now that it happens, but it's hard for you to hear. Because hindsight is always 2020. It's hard for us to look into the future and imagine or trust or any of us can only understand what's right in front of us. But look at what others have done with that simple role of consistency and simplicity. Look at what I've produced Warren Buffett bought his first stock at 11 years old. The reason why he has a net worth of 60 billion is not big or whatever it is, is not because he's a brilliant investor. It's because he's been more patient because he's been put because he's not Charlie's. And there's three things that an investor needs. I can't remember the first two, they're very basic, but the last one is rational. You have to have rationale. Because when the market dips, you can't freak out and sell you have to hold for a long time. So the same thing that happens in a business when I lose an account or a video doesn't go viral or whatever that happens. It's the same thing with an investor with Warren. If he would have sold he'd be another Tom, Dick or Harry living in a basic neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska, not the Oracle of Omaha, but because he used the basic principle of making a decision today to quit. Let's put that off to tomorrow. And let's just ride this one out. Let's keep doing what we're supposed to be doing what we've been doing. Let's just keep doing it. Let's ride it out, let's say and guess what in 2022 He's 91 years old, got more money than God himself. You know, and he's honest about it. He can be honest about it because there's no tricks. No.

RJ: Well I know we're wrapping up here being here I'm I've got a couple I've got a backup account which is my side hustle.do my main account I changed the name it's learning earn with RJ on TikTok be up there on with RJ I think we had some people try to get that. And it didn't. Well, I'm currently dealing with Jeff doc. So I've got two accounts. That one's got about 56,000 on it and I think this one's got a few 1000 But I'll be back on you'll see me you can't get rid of me. I'm gonna be omnipresent. You see me on tick tock. I'll be on Facebook real.

Dave: Oh, hey, well, we'll hopefully have you back on the show here in a very short period of time. I love talking to you. But I have to make sure I don't schedule anything within an hour and a half because for Christmas sake we sit here and talk for you. No, absolutely. It's what we've been doing for 90 minutes feels like nine minutes so Hey, take care out here. We've just lifted the game out for you right now. Give me so much game in 90 minutes. It's unbelievable. Because that's the name of the game. It's about delivering value and making an investment. That investment will come back tenfold. It will come back tenfold. So a lot of games today that were laid out take it, deploy it, implement it, use it. Really appreciate each one of you and not because you're buying stuff from us or even because who you are, because who you are. I like to have friends. And a lot of you have become great friends of mine are people that I see your names here every day. I love it. I love it. I met a lot of you. I just wanted to give you a little shout out and just let you know that you're appreciated enough. And yeah, use it because I know it's free. The show is for you right so sometimes when we don't pay attention, this stuff man is like really just shit. It's the good shit.

And it's such a difficult thing to avoid these shiny objects and these people who try to, you know, try to look all successful on social media and try to lure you in and it's like, you know what, man? Stick to the basics, just stick to the principles and play the long game and this will work out way better than you can ever imagine. Trying to find some shortcut. So anyways, Darius Good to see you too, man. Another guy that I've met at the events and mastermind and a man just appreciate all you so have a great week and I think pricing. See back here on Monday for another episode. We'll have another great guest on Monday. And yeah, remember we're going to be coming out with some new some, some more announcements about some more. We're all going to be getting awards and maybe even some spots in some upcoming magazines who we don't want. We don't want to jinx yourself but there's a lot of cool things that people are starting to pick up on. Legendary Marketer was the 63rd fastest growing privately held education company in America last year, 63rd fastest is privately held by the Inc 5000. We were part of the Inc 5000 fastest held company so you know we're of course going to talk about that and remind everybody that it's just a trend. This is the way that the market is moving. And you know, I was here 10 years ago and a lot of people work from home and all those terms were taboo. It was like you know what you mean, what happened in 2020 and 2021 changed everything and now people want to be home they want to stay home they're used to watching content on the internet and will go live on social media. So this new way that we're doing business and we want to learn and we want to shop and you combine it with these timeless principles that we're talking about almost every day here on the show, and you don't need to chase snakes down a hole anymore. You don't need to be curious. And I even laid out just the really simple kind of way in which I view investing today, not investment advice of course, but the way I view investing, it all boils down to simplicity. And if you can't understand it or explain it, don't do it. And if somebody can't explain it to you in simple terms, don't do it. Don't even waste your time on it. Right? Don't even waste your time on it. Just stay focused on the simple stuff that you can see that works you know that works. And magical outcomes and magical things are like living for the lotto and never hitting it. You know what I mean? I think the outcasts group said that living for the lotto never hit it. And it's like it's true. A lot of people live for the lotto and everything they do they just want to hit the jackpot and when they don't it's like ah, such a disappointment or must be a scam or there must be something wrong with me. There's nothing wrong with you. Just looking for like the jackpot, that easy button and if you just transition just a little bit just committing to be here for the long term your business and your brand not literally or your business and commit to that to the long term and somebody here for the next year with our make a dime or not because I'm just gonna go out and build and build my reputation and build my audience. You will, I think you'll be surprised by the result. I can't promise any results and quite frankly, I don't want to. I mean, there's enough stuff that's around us. I don't need to. I don't need to make a bunch of big lumps saying oh, this is gonna happen for sure because honestly, I don't know that that's gonna happen for sure for you. But my experience is that 99% of people can't follow through and do something consistently for 90 days.  So that's the first hurdle is actually picking something you can do something in 90 days is not going to do it. I'm just using that as an example. I usually ask people how long are you willing to commit to building your business before you quit or decide to do something different? How long are you willing to commit to building your business sustain focused on exactly what you're doing right now before you decide to quit? Or get distracted and do something else? How long are you willing to commit to just that? That's a hard question to ask or answer, you know, is how long am I willing to commit before I quit or or or deviate? Well a year is what I would suggest. And you might say, well, what am I doing? Well, if you want to create multiple streams of income, multiple streams of income all fine, you can create multiple streams of income from the same business, right? We all have that inside blueprints. The fishing formula, okay. A lot of you if you can go back I just updated the day five business plan class in the challenge. Go through and watch that again. There's a lot of great information right in that day five classes create multiple streams of insane business. I want to leave you with that question. RJ dropped so much value in this was an incredibly long episode. And how long are you willing to commit to this before quitting or waiting to do something else? And that's an important question and something for you to think about. Because unless you commit to something, for the long term, no investment strategy is going to work for the short term. No, no, no business strategy is going to work for the short term. I mean, you might make a buck or two, but it's not going to bring the result. Big compounding results in an extended period of time. That's anything that's a relationship. That's anything you know, sure. You might make a quick cash grab here and there and you can do that anyways. I mean, if there's a bag, you grab that fine, but how long are you willing to commit to this before? You quit or deviate is an important question. And so many other nuggets go back to listen to this throughout the weekend. We'll see you back here for another episode. And on another episode on Monday, get outta here peace.