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Matt:  Good morning, everybody. Happy Monday, August 15. And it's Matt. We are live and I am guest hosting today and I think tomorrow as well. And I'll be on Wednesday and then Dave will be making his return a little bit later this week. So, this morning, we had a little bit of a last minute cancellation. It happens every couple of months or so. Something comes up or we need to reschedule. And so what I thought would be fun for today is well first of all, let's kick it off if you all can leave me a little comment and let me know where you're tuning in from. That'd be awesome. It's always fun to see where people are tuning in from and I like to just, you know, know that we're International. And today what we're going to do is we're going to dive in and have a little q&a session. Since we had a little reschedule, I thought why not open it up, open the floor to people who are here live with us and do a fun little q&a and also you know what ,maybe we'll even get out the old handy dandy whiteboard and see if we can't get a little marketing lesson or two. Louisiana's in the house, Kenucky, where else? North Carolina a few things around here on the screen. We've got Germany in the house. What's up Germany? Germany, that's Brace from Germany. What's up brace we've got George's in the house. Kayla What's wrong with us? From Chicago Cindy's from Texas. Jamie's Florida Wendy's from Oklahoma. Chandler nice, Massachusetts. Sweet. Wow, we've got a midnight attendee from Australia. North Carolina, Idaho. What's up, Washington? Susan, good to see you Elise from Alabama. Citizens from Georgia. What's going on everybody? Good to see you guys. Guten tag to YouTube. I don't know that much German but as you might be able to guess from my last name. I am a good bit of German heritage. I did take German in high school and forgot it all. So it goes. So today I thought what might be cool is if you wanted to just share any questions that you've had as you're going through the 15 day challenges are sharding marketing as you're getting your tick tock and Facebook video setup. What questions have you had and where are we going? Oh, and for those of you who don't know me yet, I'm the CMO here at legendary which just means that I oversee a lot of our marketing efforts and that's that's basically all that that means. Trying to plug in my little whiteboard thing here but I don't know what I had to unplug in order to plug it in. So you guys thought that you said that you are not tech savvy and will be unreached and try and try and plug this bad boy in every area let's pull open some questions. Let's pull open some questions. Colbys got us a question. What's up Colby? Good to see you. Also if you guys want to let me know where you're calling in where you're tuning in from. With your question that would be awesome. Just always nice to know where you guys are at what's going on in your world. How do you link on TikTok without having a business ID right into it.a warm up questions at all.

Do you mean we could mean like an LLC or something? All you have to do is just go into Clickfunnels or funnel builder and create a little link and paste it into your bio. Otherwise if you don't have 1000 followers with a personal account, you can put a link in your bio. So we're going to pop through probably another 20 To 30 minutes of questions. If you've got any questions. I might get to all of them. I might not and if I don't get to absolutely all of them. Please don't. Please don't take it personally, we'll just have a fun little morning here. We'll hang out we'll answer some questions. We'll see if we can get something valuable out of this thing. I'm sure we will. Alright, let's see. Let's see. Let's see. Do you ultimately have to redo all your social media profiles? No, not really. I know a lot of people who have just kind of kept their same social media profile for everything that they've ever done and been very successful. Making a lot of money. I wouldn't say you need to redo all your social media. How do you do the hashtag? How to use hashtag strategy will do a couple of things on hashtag strategy. I tend to be a little bit more conservative. Think about it like political terms. You have conservatives and you have progressives. So people are really aggressive and using hashtags and trying to get hashtags to be the thing that gets them to take off or whatever. I tend to be creative. I've seen a lot of times what hashtags I tend to be a little bit more conservative. I like to use maybe one or two hashtags as opposed to 510 hashtags. And when I use hashtags, I'll try to make them big and broad generic hashtags. So let me compare this a little bit so I'm going to share my screen real quick. Todd if you have a second so I compare this to search it to search engine optimization, SEO or Search Engine Optimization. So in SEO, and what this means is for those of you who aren't clear on what search engine optimization means have I spelt that right? It is basically optimizing the title, the description, and what's actually in the page along with keywords. There's other stuff that matters too. But and, and the actual content on your website to get ranked in Google or other major search engines. So this is search engine optimization that can help you get a lot of free leads. Now, when it comes to hashtags, I actually think about hashtags pretty similarly. To these as well. So in, in the search engine optimization or world you can talk about keywords but you can talk about them or search terms in terms of long tail or short tail keywords, meaning short, short keywords are bigger and roboter. They would hashtag marketing. Right. Now, a longtail keyword might be or hashtag keyword hashtags. I'm using them interchangeably. Might be something like freelance digital marketing because if you go search those on TikTok, you do a search for agents using either those hashtags. You'll probably have like, I don't know, 1 million views for this and and 5 billion views for this. So this one has a bigger broader reach. And especially in some niches like like if you're in weight loss or if you're in weight loss or like a make money online industry or like if you're dealing with like crypto stuff or if you're dealing with like dating, there's certain niches that are going to be a little bit more stringent on which hashtags you're using. And so if you use broader keywords like marketing, it'll get you kind of in the right basket. But it will still be a broad enough audience where you can reach new people and your reach isn't hindered. So you know, I've heard people recently just saying I'm not. I'm not even using hashtags anymore because the algorithm is so good. That it's just it's grabbing basically a transcription of what I'm saying.

It's using the exact perspective. I tend to just think it's more of a light touch thing rather than trying to niche down every single one. Because then you start getting into hashtags that might not be super compliant or might raise a red flag. Why would you raise a red flag on your content? If you don't, why unnecessarily raise a red flag on your content? That's my point. Okay, so Eric has got everything set up after three months of posting and no leads yet nothing getting discovered around three months is where I would start to just question the overall strategy or search to create some new accounts. So also, what I would do here is I would ask a very specific question, if I came to this, I want to give you a little feedback on how to ask a powerful question. So I have everything set up for three months of posting and no leads yet. What I would say is go look up how many capture page or funnel page hits you have. Right so first of all,  if my automation is my system, even working isn't even set up properly isn't even working. So everything set up three months of posting and Oh, Lita, first of all, funnel hits. Second of all, where are you posting and how often are you posting?

Eight times a day, no, just eight times. Oh, okay. See if you've posted social media eight times and you've got no leads. That's the problem. We need to post more often, right? So I would love to be able to help you but also give valuable feedback if I'm wrong. So if you want a great answer, and you really want help from me, which I can give, make sure to just include valuable important details and I'm not trying to shame you or anything. I'm just saying you can respond back in the comments and give me very important details and I'll answer.

Okay. I can't get my Facebook ad to show without Click Funnels showing. There could be two things I don't know if you're talking about the domain name, if you're talking about the domain name, then what you did is if you're talking about the domain name, like it's like You just need to add a custom domain you can google search that how to add custom domain on click funnels. If you're talking about when you when you click the ad and there's a little banner over an affiliate badge for ClickFunnels at the bottom then you need to go to you need to search how to remove affiliate match from ClickFunnels pages and you'll be able to find that what is the next steps after the 15 Day Challenge? Well after you finish the challenge, the challenge is to get your business up and running and set up within 15 days. That's our goal. So after you've got your funnel setup, you've chosen your niche you're ready to rock then it's time for you to actually start turning into a marketer start creating content so make sure you've got a social media profile on tick tock, make sure you're on Instagram, make sure you're posting to Facebook and start to post I would say short form video content two to three times a day. Just to get yourself started, right host informational video about that niche or in that niche and start there. Just make a habit out of that. Ezekiel and then as you're going you'll be able to learn okay, I've posted twice a day for a month I've gotten x amount of leads. What do I need to adjust? What are the variables I can improve? How do we set up our tic toc bids after our first coaching call? I'm not sure what you're asking here. Basically, you create a tick tock account you hit post. But I'm just unclear about what exactly you mean with this question. You can clear that up. That'd be awesome. Can you take music from TikTok when you purchase Real Reels or other platforms? Basically what you want to do is you want to create that whole piece of content and then export it or save it before you add the music in tic toc. That way you have the whole piece of content, but then you when you're posting it to other platforms. You can use the native music or sounds that are available on those platforms. What's the best way to schedule your posts on your personal profile? You can just schedule on I think but I'm not positive. I haven't tried that in real life. So I'm not positive that it works. But usually there's like if you're posting to Facebook, there's just a schedule but so you can just schedule pretty easily there. If that doesn't work you would have to google search Facebook profile real scheduler, which I haven't done. I've done a little bit of research on Instagram rails, but I haven't done the search for Facebook rails. But if you find a post in our group or something, find out if you find a great tool and be a help to all of us. Should I have a completely separate Facebook account for a business page under my name? So Lisa, a lot of people ask, Should I be creating another Facebook profile? Here's what I'll tell you is that a lot of times it happens to people and I don't know as much recently but I know over the last three years when people have done that they've gotten all of their Facebook banned. So it's like their original profile and this new one. Sometimes it just happens to the new one that they create. So I would just be cautious with it. And I'm not going to give you advice to create one or not. I would say if it was me, I would not create a separate Facebook account. And if I'm worried about it like hey, I don't I just don't want my uncle or cousin or brother or sister or whatever. Or maybe I'm a teacher and I don't want my kid or I don't know, seeing the videos that we're posting to real school. That in your settings, who sees your content and who can see your posts and who can see your rails and stuff. So that's always an option and if you go in and set those settings once then you can control the people who see your Facebook reels or your content that you're posting on your personal profile. If you don't want certain people to see it. That's kind of a way around that so I would just keep your same profile. Generally when you're doing stuff on social media, the longer your social media profiles have been open, the better, the better standing your account will have and keep so it's usually better to use the older ones that have a little bit of authority behind them. Yes, great. So you can answer your question here. Do you have to have an LLC? says Deb

We always recommend tax saving. It's a smarter business option. So I'm not talking right now. I'm not talking about what I recommend. I'm just talking about do I have to have one? The answer to that is no. I recommend that you have one, yes. For tax savings mostly if you have a company. You can write off more of those things. But the truth of the matter is if you want to get started right now, at this moment, you can get started today. It's Monday, August 15. We're sitting here live. If you want to get started today, and you started making money today, and let's say over the next 30 days you made $100,000 You're not going to make $100,000 In the next 30 days. Nobody's going to do it. I've never seen it. I'm not making that claim. But let's say you did. You could walk over to a CPAs office and say hey, look, I started this thing as just me, and I don't know what happened, but my business took off and I made a bunch of money.  You probably do. And we can figure that out. There's no problem. Just because you made that money over the last 30 days doesn't change anything. Like you're still fine. You can still start an LLC and claim that income under your LLC. I'm not giving tax advice or whatever, but I'm just saying like, you know, when I first got started in it, years and years ago, I didn't start with an LLC. It would have been easier for me had I started with an LLC but easy, you know, like easy and doing things the recommended way isn't the way you have to do things. Just remember as an entrepreneur, you get to choose how you do things when you do things. So a lot of times and I just want to say this to a whole audience. There's a similar question to this. But basically the angle deservedly sees the angle of this question. And Deb I just want to give you I want to empower you a little bit. That's why I'm saying this but does everybody here feel how that question is worded? The truth about business and starting your own online business is that you don't have to do anything.

You don't have to do that. Just go for it. Just do it. Just do it until you've created a situation where you're so successful that you're like, Okay, I think I need to use some of this money to figure out how to tax structure how to start a business or whatever, you know, if that's, if that's one of the things holding you back. Are there certain things that a lot of people ask this kind of question? That's why I brought this up. A lot of times, people will ask these kinds of questions on our Thursday, business blueprints, group webinars to me, and every time I hear do I have to, I always want to empower the person and say you don't have to do anything. And you shouldn't ask permission like that anymore. You should just be free to act and then ask for forgiveness later. Just say, hey, you know, I just decided to not even ask permission for this, but I just did it. I got an amazing result. Hope that's okay. Most times people are like, yeah, congrats. Yeah, nice work. That's amazing. Good job taking action. So unless you're a verified account, all accounts require 1000 followers to put a link. Well, there you go. So Katina How do I change my LinkedIn click. So let me also empower you on this one. Ready? I'm gonna type this question to change, link and click funnels.

So here it is. How to Change link and click funnels and then bone How to Change Clickfunnels funnel URL there you go. are also like, if you scroll down right here, funnel URL and path names This is a help article from Clickfunnels. If you guys have any questions about ClickFunnels, their help articles are some of the most thorough badass stuff of all time. It's so fast and easy. step one. step two step three if you want a video It's remarkable. And yeah, that's the best way to go about that. See, for those of you who are in coaching. There's a lot of times where somebody would have gone in and actually sat and showed you how to do that. So that's, that's sort of handing you the answer, but I, I, when I'm trying to do it, by showing you how to Google that and type that in and do that next time. ask anybody.

I'm a really good Googler and in fact, sometimes we'll be sitting on the couch and my wife will say something to me and she'll, she'll she'll be like, I'll be like, Oh, Google, and she's like, What do I type in? And I'll give her the keywords to type into Google. And sometimes it might sound like a, like a coherent statement to type into Google. But I'll just feed her the keywords I'll say, Yeah, type like this, this, this, this, this and the answer will come up right away, and getting really skilled about what exactly am I looking for? How what are the words I'm seeking? And if you can type in the right words, software's there to give you the right answer, nine times out of 10. So getting good at just Google searching your own solutions is so powerful, because I got to a place where it became almost a game and it became almost fun for me to find answers for myself because I felt self sufficient. And to the point where now like, if the first answer that comes up is to call a phone number, I'm like, I can find a better answer than that. I'm not gonna call anybody got to figure this out. And you gotta figure out your route to finding your own answers and how you feel empowered. But that's really powerful.

How to get content ideas and having writer's block well, so if you've got writer's block or video block, both of those are legit. Typically, what I do, I do a couple things. I go to Twitter and I just scroll some of the trending stuff from my local area. You know, what's kind of funny, here's, here's a good here's a good idea for content. You can do United States trending on Twitter, like, let's see. So if I go to Twitter, and you can see like, today's national relaxation day, okay, that's, that's where slow down and unwind this national relaxation day, like, if I was looking for content to post on video, or maybe go live today or something. I could do that. There's a little bit about the Taliban of squash you know, there's interesting stories about the CEO of Pfizer. There's interesting stuff like Call of Duty stuff, Nipsey Hussle. But then you can also go into the news here, right? Experts warn California of a disaster larger than any in world history. It's not an earthquake. There's there's things about Aetherium and crypto in here and then also what you can do is I believe it'll show you content in your local area and you can also find like, trending in your local areas what I was kind of looking for, I just don't know where to find that right now. But sometimes if you go to Twitter or something, this is kind of a weird hack, but you can go to news in my local area, and you know how you get like those funny news videos where people are. People are on the local news and they'll like, they'll just be, they'll be talking and they'll make a misstep and what they say or else like you'll get a funny article or a funny news story from your local area. And if you want to tell, for instance, with writing emails, you want to tell a really great email or a really funny email, use a local news story. Throughout history some of my better, most highly engaged emails aren't like a funny, odd local news story and just say, hey, you know, I was browsing the local news recently or whatever, you know, this came on the Fox 10 News at Nine or whatever. That's a great idea. Otherwise, search hashtags like TikTok. That's one of the easiest ways to get content ideas and see what's trending and see what's going on. Right. So if I open up TikTok. We'll do a search and I searched parenting tips on TikTok. So you can see I've got parenting tips searched. It's a little blurry but you get the point. You got the little toilet seat right on Amazon. Okay, so what I would do Lily is I would go and if I had a parenting blog or if I was writing emails for parenting, I would go to this person's I would go to this person's page and check out what are the other parenting must haves. Here's part six, Amazon parent must have Part Six Amazon. So check that out. So what you can do is you can write a blog post like top five parenting where they call that parenting must haves. Oh yeah. Top five Amazon parenting must haves or top 10 Amazon parenting must haves and you can actually look at their content would be like is this cool? Or is this not? Maybe I change up the nightlight for a different blanket or something? And then you can get an idea to spark some creativity from just one video like that. I feel like I could go write a blog post on parenting.

Do you need a domain name link to click back. You don't have to have one linked to Clickbank in fact you can't really link a domain name to Clickbank but you do need a domain name for your bridge page that yeah if you don't want your colleagues to see and you make the business pages tend to not grow quite as organically as a profile for whatever reason. So you can just simply block them from seeing and hearing content. That's a simple way to do it. It's in the privacy settings in your Facebook. What's up Tiffany from Alberta, Canada I've been running my business for a few months and notice the majority of people purchasing my links are not my target audience. Should I continue what I'm doing and rethink how are you determining that would be my first question. So if they're not it's kind of a contradictory statement to say the people purchasing art from your target audience because they wouldn't be your target audience if that because that's kind of the determiner that's the best metric I would look at which is who is purchasing. That's how I determine my target audience. So maybe you've just got your target audience wrong. Should I continue what I'm doing? Should I rethink my target? Yeah, probably rethink your target audience. I would just if you've got people buying and you've got revenue, keep going. But keep reevaluating as you go. Just don't stop what you're doing because you're unsure.

Just keep going and figure out the target audience thing. As you go. What up Adrian from Texas, working on my content, I believe it's getting better. I've generated some leads and sales, what's the best form of content that works and what are the best questions to ask when closing in the DMS? So Adrian, I would say the best thing is to ask specifically what are people scared of? Or what are they worried about? Don't use the word scared. So do you have any worries about getting started with this weight loss program? Do you have any worries about getting started with this keto diet? Have you tried a keto diet before? Do you have any worries about starting it again? What's going on for you write a really powerful question, you know as if you type something, asking open ended questions, what comes up for you when I say that, or what? What do you think about or what comes to mind when I say something? Like that? Right? And allow them to give you the answers rather than feeding them fear or feeding them their objections. If you've generated some leads, no sales, I need to know how many leads you generated in order to give you feedback on that. So if you've generated 20 leads, it isn't a big enough sample size to know if it's converting or not. If you've generated 200 leads and you've got no sales then you've got a problem. So Carrie if you want to edit the little description to the ClickFunnels you did you want to edit what comes up as a description, you enter and then you go into the SEO metadata, which is under Settings on the top bar settings. SEO metadata, and you edit the description

Tom, yeah, our challenge is not available in Nigeria. There's too many merchant accounts and yeah, we're not able to offer it there.

Sorry about that. I'm gonna continue to scroll and we need some background music or something. I feel like I'm doing what everyone else is doing. I have 300 or more likes for each video but nothing is posting to Facebook, TikTok Instagram, Youtube shorts, Pinterest, all those. Amy from Ontario what's up? Super beginner question Where do I even post my affiliate link? It's on my posts. So your affiliate link guys should never be posted on social media. You shouldn't ever take an affiliate link from any affiliate back office and post it to social media. Instead, your affiliate link should always go on your bridge page. affiliate link always should go on your bridge page. And then you post your link to your funnel. That's where you post your links. So on Facebook you can post it in the about me section on tick tock you can post a link in your bio when you get 1000. So it should always be in your bio like your about me or your biography party or social media profile. Any difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook business page typically what people are finding is that you'll get more engagement and a lot more growth from a personal Facebook profile. If you're posting your videos there. Let's see. When I post my website my Facebook girls comments it says Click Funnels under it. Why? Post my website in my Facebook group? Oh Kaylee, you might have to go in the settings like I was just talking about. Go into the set, go edit your page for your website for your funnel, and go to settings and go to SEO metadata and also make sure that you've got a custom domain on your link as well. I created a backup account on Tiktok a couple of weeks ago with no views one 211 Should I create a third account?

Hi guys, I would place a lot of focus on the content and become a really killer content creator that will change everything for you a lot more than creating multiple and more accounts. Let's see what else we got? So Celia, if you'd like to find countries that cannot purchase our challenge, you can email support. There's a link that they can send you. Does provide a free ebook upfront. Is that beneficial? Broadly? Generally, yes. Generally offering a free ebook and then sending them to a bridge page after has been very beneficial. We see pretty high conversion rates from people who do that. So here's the thing. If you're running something successful, I know Amy's doing pretty well so far, and I want to test out doing a free ebook. I wouldn't stop what you're doing to test a new thing instead I would set up and click funnels. If you're sending traffic to a certain opt in landing page, I would send traffic to you can create a split testing Clickfunnels for your opt in page. And if you're going to do that, I would set up a split test and actually let me share my screen with you about this. I would set up a split test of a 9010 split test. So send 90 90% of your traffic to what's already working and send 10% of your traffic to an ebook, opt in and try that. Try that that's a good way to work out a little split test. So for instance, let's say that this is my opt-in page. I'm gonna share my screen. This is gonna be our last question for the day. This is a great question.

So this is for a product called baby sleep miracle and you can see here I can create a split test right here in the middle of my screen, you can see this and if I click Create variation, it's going to create a variation of this exact page. So I'm gonna create a duplicate page. And then let's say I wanted to offer an ebook on this page. Let's edit this page. I'm gonna do this in like three minutes and download my 100% Free ebook. And try the correct size underline 100% a rookie. One trick tonight to get your baby to sleep. All right. So now I've got the little ebook hanging out. I'm gonna test I'm just gonna change my head tweak my headline a little bit you can put more work into this I'm just doing this fast for the sake of time and then I've got a split test so so Rodney, if you're looking here you got 100% of traffic here 0% of traffic here. So we can click and drag this scale, right? So click and drag this scale and you could do 90% of traffic versus 10 and then click Apply Changes.

You're gonna set 10. That way you're only sending 10% of your traffic to that page and preview this real quick okay. And then in your stats you can see all right, am I getting, you can see the control. You can see the variation. You can see how many people are hitting and opting into each of those pages. You can see if it increases your OPT in rates. But then also if you wanted to take this a layer deeper give me give me in the comments guys. Do you want to see how to take this one layer deeper? Give me a thumbs up if you want to see this one layer deeper on one layer further. This might overwhelm some people from a techie perspective, but you can come back and watch this as a replay. Let me show you one secret that I need to see enough thumbs up in the comments. I got some thumbs up. Yes, yes. Paul Deborah Todd. Who else Jeff Erica Christina. Kelly, Brad. Amy. Natalie, Larry. Cash. What's up, cash. Good to see you. All right, that's enough, Ronnie. Yes. So here we go. Watch this real quick. If what I'm going to do is, I'm going to create a duplicate. I'm going to clone this funnel step. This is my thank you page and I'm gonna explain why I'm doing this in a second. But you're gonna see it says other funnel steps down here. I'm gonna say thank you bridge page. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click Add to funnel. I'm gonna go through this fast and if you want to watch this back as a replay, you can and you'll get a little free marketing lesson. But here's how I'm going to do it. I'm going to rename this to an ebook. Thank you bridge page. So now I've got two separate bit bridge pages. And one of them is my ebook. So I'm gonna grab this link right here. I'm gonna copy this link, copy it, and then I'm gonna go to my opt in page. And I'm gonna edit the page. So I'm editing my variation page. I'm editing the variation page. And I'm gonna go right here up to settings.

And then I'm gonna go to general and on Submit go to, I'm gonna paste that link. So right here on Submit go to I pasted my link and I'm gonna hit save. So what did that do? Let me explain what that just did. It means that when somebody opens or clicks the up button, and they open this, I'm going to type this for the free ebook.

When they type that and when they open it, and they opt in, it's going to send them to the other bridge page is gonna send them to the other bridge page. What do I mean? This ebook bridge page here. Okay, this ebook bridge page here. They're gonna go to this one. If they go to the one that I've already got set up and is working this one here the control, then they're going to go through the funnel as normal. So why is this important? Rodney? This is important because if you've got something that's working or if you know your funnel has been working, let's say you're making a few sales here and there. You don't want to mess that up. That's the worst possible thing that a business owner can do is to jack up what's already working. So don't screw up. Just send 10% just 10% of your traffic to a test for an ebook now, the last piece of being able to track that is most affiliate vendors pay attention here listen up real quick. Most affiliate vendors will have the ability to do tags or tag IDs right at the end of the URL. So for instance, in my buttons, you would deliver the ebook through email. So your first email out to somebody would just say, hey, here's a free ebook and even if the people didn't opt in for the ebook, they're going to be happy to have gotten a free ebook two. So it doesn't matter if both people are getting it. The people who didn't know about the ebook and the book people don't overthink that. But if you go into the set action for your button on your bridge page, you're going to have let's just say you're going to have your affiliate So this is your main affiliate link that you've been using as a typical resume here. This is your typical affiliate link, and then you're gonna put a question mark T ID equals ebook, something like this.

Rodney, give me a thumbs up if this makes sense. So typically, you can do a tag ID, the T ID is what we use. That's how we code our things. Is a question mark tag ID equals ebook. And if you've already got one string of a question mark, then you would put an and symbol instead of a question mark. That's a funnel string thing, but we're not going to get into that. But if you put that ebook, then in your affiliate dashboard in your affiliate back office, you're going to see every single sale that comes through via the e book. So here's how you would track it. Then you'd look in your click funnel stats, you'd say hey, are my opt in rates about the same or better? Maybe your ebook opt in rate is 5% less but you convert 50% More of them into sales, they convert at a higher rate.

To calculate your opt in rate, you would calculate basically it's called earnings per click. So of all the people that land on that ebook funnel, how much money have you got? Money divided by clicks, money door hits. Same thing with your typical running funnel that's already working. And then that way you can see over time, you can run this test for a month or two. You can see over time, okay, I get more value or the people that come through my ebook funnel are more valuable to my business than to my typical traffic. So that's a fast and easy way for you to be able to track all of your traffic that's coming through your funnel and to make sure that you've you understand exactly is this helping or is this not anyway, alright guys, we're gonna be here tomorrow, same time, same place 10 am Eastern for another edition of wake up. Legendary. Be Legendary, my friends. I'll see you again tomorrow at 10am Eastern. I'll be here. Hope you're here. We're going to have a guest tomorrow. Tune in to make sure you don't miss it.