Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Well, this morning, my friends, we have a personal trainer named David. And no, it's not for me to get fitness tips. Okay? I know some of you are looking at dad bod lately thinking, okay, I get it. We’ve got a personal trainer on and he's gonna let everybody kind of watch as he gets some coaching. Well, I'm always open to coaching friends, but this morning, we're going to hear how this personal trainer has learned from us. As usual I'm the one who's learning from a personal trainer. But it's a real honor to have a personal trainer learning from us. And I'm extremely curious to see what she's doing with everything. So, Morgan, you're really live now. Welcome to the show.

Morgan: Hello. Thank you for having me here.

Dave: Where are you calling in from?

Morgan: I'm from Pennsylvania. Okay,

Dave: Okay. Well, PA in the house, I was just up there. I, my wife, wanted to go to the city that the office was filmed in?

Morgan: Scranton?

Dave: Yes. It wasn't really filmed there. It wasn't really filmed in Scranton, just for any office fans out there. But they did take the intro. Just a couple of pieces of footage just for the intro. Did you know that?

Morgan: I did not know that. I watched The Office quite a bit, but I did not know that.

Dave: You thought it was filled with the right film right there?

Morgan: I honestly didn't know where it was filmed.

Dave: Nice. So what would lead a personal trainer online to legendary? And what were you looking for? And did you find it?

Morgan: So the big thing with being a personal trainer is if you're not training like 24/7, you're not really making a great amount of income. So for me, I really enjoy training people. And it's something that kind of is a hobby of mine, like it's fun to see them get results and see them progress with the things that you're putting them through just from my personal experience with my own progress. That's what got me into training, I wanted to help people see progress that I was able to also see for myself. But being in the field for like four or five years, I just realized that the amount of income that you get from it is not very sustainable, unless you're literally at the gym 24/7 training people back to back to back. And it's just exhausting. And you have no life outside of it, basically. So I was just looking for other career paths, other streams of income, other streams of just ways to be able to have more, I guess, financial stability, and still be raining on the side. And I had come across, honestly a bunch of different tech talks around affiliate marketing, and had or just like different online income streams. And then someone was talking about a 15 day business challenge. And I was like, You know what, let me just take it, see where it goes, see what happens. And honestly, like, what I learned in 15 days, just helped me to realize like, this is something that I can be passionate about. And I've had family and friends telling me like this is the most passionate, and most like excited you seem about doing something with your life with this. So like, I'm only 20 to figure it out. Just put that out there. So I'm still pretty young. And like there's obviously lots of things that I can figure out and need to figure out and do. But the fact that like, this is something that I'm passionate about, and it makes me excited. And I've started seeing progress with affiliate marketing and like doing online business stuff, like that's just how I got started with it and how I came across it. I can get a birdie and ramble.

Dave:  I can tell you you got nothing on me. So I love that I love the fact that you are that you. You went into training, but the grass wasn't particularly greener on that side. You know, and I think that's what so many of us realize when we're young, you're 22 Oh my gosh. I mean, my wife had a similar experience to her as a college student. You know, she picked a career in social work. It's like yeah, very fulfilling work, but doesn't really get the bills paid. And so similar, very similar, just a different industry. So it Is that message at all? What are you? How many people do you think are going through that same thing? I mean, how many of your of your of your friends how many people, young people in America right now do you think are waking up to the fact that maybe this traditional path that everybody's going on, maybe there's another option to that, and maybe some of the options might even be better for me than this whole go to college and do the traditional thing. Talk to us a little bit about what is the chatter going on amongst young people?

Morgan: Yeah, so I have honestly had people reach out to me even that, like, I went to high school with asking, like, what the heck is that you're even doing because, like, I went to college, I picked this career, and I got thrown out of college into nothing. I didn't have the courage or like, they didn't like the, I guess, degree that they went to school for. So yeah, like the people who are have reached out to me, even people that I don't know, that are my age are like, Hey, I'm trying to figure out like, I don't really want to go to college, I don't want to I know I don't want to sit in a desk for the rest of my life for 40 hours a week. But like, what are you doing, and there's just like, it's a different world now. And I've also had people who are older than me, like, a lot older than me, like in their 60s 70s. Like saying, this is stuff that like when we were younger, we talked about, like, I wonder what types of jobs or what types of things, years and years from now are going to be available that people don't even have to like, go to specific for or go and get a degree for but they can be successful and even more successful than people maybe that have certain degrees in different areas.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, I was the complete and total life loser. I was the ultimate high school dropout. It's all carrying over into adulthood. For me, you know, 2018 was my toughest year. You know, that's, you know, I can imagine what might be thinking about if I was a college student who had my head on straight, and I was actually, I was actually looking at what was available out there in the world to come in to at 24 got clean, went out on the corruption site, and I was like, this sucks. This is hot, you know? I mean, I was like, I gotta get out of here. You know, I mean, I was looking at my dad, I was looking at how hard he worked. And I was like, wow, this is, this is a lot. And I was able to do this. Thankfully, you know, I was able to build a business and build a message even around a lot of my struggles. That's why I always talk about turning my mess into a message. But for somebody who's coming out who has essentially. I think for many college students nowadays, it's not like they have similar pressure on them as I did. But it's but it's but it's, it's just a different. It's a whole different pressure. And as you said, you got thrown out, I would assume you mean you were talking metaphorically, like you just graduated college, and then you kind of felt like you were dumped on your butt? Like, is that what you mean? Is that what you mean by that comment?

Morgan: Yeah, that's what I meant, in general, for like people that I've talked to who have gone to college, I actually didn't go to college, Well, I guess it wouldn't be considered technically college. But I went into a sports medicine Academy to learn personal training, and like, different muscles and anatomy and all kinds of stuff, the personal training and then like nutritional dietitian guidance, so it was college, but not really. But yeah, essentially, like, you learn. You're just like, Okay, go figure it out. If you like.

Dave: Yeah, it's, it's, you know, it's interesting. I, I look at a lot of personal trainers who are also in the gym, and I think, and I've had personal trainers who have trained me, you know, over the years, and I think to myself, like kind of secretly, like, I think, how do you could be making so much more money if you knew what I knew. But I'm not there to educate people. You know what I mean? I don't sit there and try to impart my wisdom on everybody. But man, I've had a lot of trainers who over the years I think, you know, you could at least be in it takes work. I don't want to act like creating online content for online isn't work. I mean, it is work. It does take extra time to be able to do that. But I just know that the online fitness information space where you're selling meal plans and you're selling workout routines in I mean, there's even there's Even we all always joke about, you know, how only fans are a huge, you know, income opportunity for people nowadays? Well guess what, there's a lot of trainers who have only fans and Patreon and various different things like that, like they put their workout routines behind the paywall, and you pay a subscription, you pay $10- $20- $100 a month to have access to these things. So you know, Morgan, there's more than one way nowadays, to skin a cat and in everybody, not everybody, but so many people look at legendary when they haven't yet come in from the outside and they go, Oh, they're just teaching, you know, that must be an MLM, or they're just teaching how to promote Lagenaria. It's like, well, we can tell that you haven't been trained up when you say things like that you sort of open your mouth, and you remove all of our curiosity about how much you know. But my but but also, there's so many different places you can take the skills have you I know you're doing some affiliate marketing, I think in the make money online niche, what other ideas? What other things? Have you either already done it? Or can you see that it is possible to monetize? What you know, your information, or what somebody else knows, you know, through these core, four ways that we teach to sell information, courses, coaching events, or being an affiliate? There's so many different niches there's so many different products? Have you seen that? And does that excite you knowing that you're like holy smokes, I can do this digitally?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely, I haven't done too much in the field of personal training online type of stuff, just because honestly, there's like legal non conforming gyms when you work there. So I still take clients, sometimes just sporadically, because I enjoy training and I enjoy like, and I've built relationships with my clients, like some of the habits I had for a while. So a lot of times what happens with that is it can get very muddied with, like going from being an in person personal trainer to online, because if the gym finds out about it, there can be a lot of issues with that. Yeah, I understand that, though too much into that realm of things. But as far as being able to monetize, do a whole bunch of different things, even one thing that I've recently started to do and just started to look into and get like a plan in place for is people. Like, even if you're just telling them basic knowledge about something like they will pay to learn it, if they're truly serious about learning it. And they're serious about learning from you, someone who's been successful. So like, I am promoting or like guests, creating content around like the make money online niche, and, like, I have so many people reaching out to me that it's almost like I don't even have the time anymore to respond to everybody in depth and like, truly give them the amount of information that they're wanting. And like I want to be able to do that. But it almost feels like there's not enough time in my life to be able to put as much attention into it. So I've actually started to piece together and plan out a way for people to schedule a call with me. And if they're truly serious about naming, then they'll pay the 10 bucks that I'm going to charge to learn the startup and learn how they can progress and get started with making money online. And I'm offering it as this will take precedence over the DMS not to say still respond to my direct messages. But if you're really wanting to learn and you want to basically skip the line, then schedule one of these calls with me and I'll hop first and foremost before anybody else. And the DMS will come later and you'll have to direct messages. 

Dave: I love that. And it's a problem. Problem. You know, it's so interesting, you know, we always we think that we think that like getting rights and making money or whatever, like we're gonna get to a certain point it's gonna like our problems are gonna go away, but it's like, look, I mean, even six new problems look, I mean, you're you're having a hard time keeping up with everybody. It's just, it's We had a gentleman last week bill on military man. And he said, Look, gentlemen, it's when they're my challenges and some of you just haven't learned to love your challenges enough. You haven't learned to love your challenges. And what I just heard was you take a challenge that you had, and what a beautiful challenge to have. What a beautiful thing it's like when you start to find ourselves complaining about and having too many leads. We know we need an attitude adjustment but That's just you know, it's very easy for us to complain about things we get into these moments, like, but what you did was, you found a solution for it, you found a solution or you didn't let the comments and the messages overwhelm you from TikTok. You said, Hey, how can I qualify people more, because that's ultimately what we need to do when we have become the hunted, which is what we promise to teach you how to do. We can't promise to teach you how to know how to become a millionaire, that's an income claim, you can't legally promise it. But I can promise that I will teach you how to come to hunt rather than the hunter. And what you just said, right, there was that exact reality that manifested, you went from Hunter, hunted, right? You went, now you're being hunted by people. And once we get to a place to where we're being hunted, our job becomes different, we now have to qualify people who are going to use our time, because I don't want to be responding or on calls with people or, or even responding to DMS or comments that people who are not qualified to care serious buyers who are not, who are just trolls, right. The job now, as a marketer, as somebody, even in society, we qualify people, which means that we give people small task assignments, or, or choices like you did, here's $10, if you want to talk to pay the $10. And very quickly out of 100 people, you realize who the serious ones are, and it's gonna be two to five people. And at first, you're gonna go, oh, man, oh, where's where's the 100? Right, but what you are at first, you're going to feel attendance, you're going to feel an internal poll, to want to go back into a mess with all 100 people, right? That's why nobody wants to niche down, because we're afraid that we're going to leave people out. But when we're talking to everybody, you're talking to nobody. So instead, what you just did was you, you gave yourself a professional, but you gave yourself and your time, that the respect that it deserves by qualifying those people like you did. And now, those three to five conversations are probably going to take up more time than you even planned before. Right? So it's not like you're not going to have to invest, what these are the people that want to buy. They just, they got a question or something. And now guess what you do two days later, or the next day, you do the same thing. And that's how you build a business is you actually funnel people in, you make it very easy for them to just hit a Like button, that's the top of the funnel where it's easy to come in. Okay. Then as the funnel gets smaller and smaller, we make it more difficult or we qualify them more, so they don't waste our time. And that's what I think a lot of our marketers here in our community have not, you know, it takes a while to realize that, that I have to, at a certain point, start worrying about people wasting my time. Would you speak to that? I mean, there's gotta be a reason what I just said has to be whether it was you mapped it out in your head with exactly the same words or thoughts. But was it about you for respecting your time and also respecting your time as well? And what was this all about qualifying people better? So you didn't talk to time wasters? Is what I just went over relevant to the process that you've taken? Did I explain that? Well, in terms of the thought process that you had?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely. 100%. And like, it was basically taken out of my brain and put into words, because honestly, I was sitting down talking with my dad about just like, all this stuff that I'm doing. And I was like, so excited that I had all these leads, and like all these people that I was getting to talk to, and hopefully help out. And he said something that sparked this idea in my head about, like, I always knew time, my time is valuable, and like people that are serious will pay for your time to learn from you. But I was just like, so excited about getting started with it. And I was like, Oh, I have all these people and maybe all these people will, like, invest in something or be a buyer or whatever. But my dad was like, okay, great that you have all those leads, and I don't want to put it down or on it. But like, Are these people actually going to end up buying or are they just wasting your time? And I was like, that's a very good point. And like he is a business owner as well. So he has a lot of  experience and knows those things like if people want something from his business, he's not just gonna go meet with them for free and give them all this information like you have to pay to get stuff from someone's business. And that's just how it is. And so, yeah, what you said is like, literally, from my brain to words on why.

Dave: Glad I'm in alignment with your dad. So I want to give you the next step, right, because the next step is doing those group kinds of calls. So, right, because your time eventually is going to run out. And this is what I love to talk about people that are taking action, we can coach you, if you haven't done anything, there's not much we can do, right? We see the people in the comments. And, you know, I do have compassion for those of you who are not able to get started or you're feeling skeptical, or you're frustrated or whatever. But folks, listen, remember, this is entrepreneur school, this is not employee school. Okay? This is not, I'm not the CEO of Walmart, and we're not going to and I'm just listening, hear me out. I know, this is tough talk. I know, this is what you expect from your employer or whatever. But remember, I'm not your employer, I'm not your boss, you hired me to be a coach. And what I'm here to tell all of you who are listening is that this is going to be hard. It's going to be things that you didn't expect, if you're if you're frustrated, or it is it is I talked about this on the decade in a day, the other day, this is for all the people who actually are investing in their training, going and going through the blueprints, and learning how to do this stuff, learning how to set things up. Right, I said on the deck in the day, the other day, I said, initiative is greater than entitlement, right? Entitlement is what I had as an employee, you know, I expected certain things from my employer, I expected, you know, that if I was, if I showed up on time, I was gonna get paid. Well, as the business owner, I can show up on time, every single day, come and see my chair. And if I expect you to buy from me, I'm gonna be very broken. But as I take the initiative to provide value, I take the initiative to try, you know, we have a lot of people who say, Well, I'm I'm failing, or it was a scam or whatever. And they didn't even do anything they didn't even try. Didn't even try. You know, I went to many people who owned the blueprint, we had a mastermind, and there were a bunch of people sitting in the room and some didn't know where to start, didn't know what to do. And I pulled up the business blueprint. And I know that the exact questions that they had, they were answered in exact modules right there on the page. You know, and that's where the initiative is greater than entitlement, you know, to take the initiative. Also, I've got a question. Okay. Let me take the initiative to try to solve the problem. What skills are examples of things, Morgan, that you're doing? That maybe, for example, is a test, like you don't don't know how it's going to work, or you didn't know how it was going to go. And you were this close to not doing it. But you went ahead and did it anyways, and realized that there was no really even no blood, sweat or tears involved in it, it was just a small mental hurdle, or even maybe a large mental hurdle that you had to overcome. Talk to us a little bit about your initiative versus entitlement and how that might apply to your journey so far. 

Morgan: So there's a couple things honestly, that I could, like, relate to that and, and put towards an answer for that question. But I know right at the beginning, when I was first trying to like, get everything set up, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to promote, what I wanted to do, how I wanted to grow it. I knew I wasn't necessarily wanting to go with paid advertisements in the beginning, because I just did, like the financial risk of it just like, so much in it not working. So I was like, Okay, well, we're just gonna have to go organic, and run with it and see what happens. And in the beginning, honestly, I've had a lot of experience in social media, I used to do YouTube and like, through that really pretty well when I was a lot younger and like I had a lot of knowledge and research done on algorithms, social media, how it grows different platforms and everything. But in the beginning of everything, you have to just keep going and being consistent with it. And there were days where like, nothing would blow up or nothing would get views or comments or any type of engagement. I'm like, Okay, well maybe this is just not like the niche that I should promote in or maybe this isn't for me or maybe it's not good But then you collect yourself and you realize, and just from what I've learned is like, you're starting out with a new account, you have to just keep posting and being consistent, because it's not like, your account has been there for years, and it's flooded different areas of the platform. So that's just something that I've learned that the more you post, the more you're consistent, the more you stay true to what you have that gut feeling of like, this is what I want to do. And I'm going to make it work no matter what, then like, just keep pausing to allow yourself to get embedded into the platform, basically. Because if I post one video, and I don't post again, because didn't blow up, well, I'm not gonna go anywhere, because we're gonna see my face again, like, I might get 200 people that see a video of mine, and they see my face, and then they never see anything again, because that one didn't perform well. And I just gave up. So I think that answers the question a little bit.

Dave: But well, you can't, can't get anywhere unless you are actively working in your business and doing every day. And I hope you don't mind that I do this. But I was going to try to protect your information there. I've got your account pulled up. Can you see this? I'm hiding your sensitive information there. But June, look at as I go through, these are just simply your logins to our bathroom. Okay, and you've got your business up and running, look at this folks, every single day.I mean, we don't have to get into every single one of these login attempts, what you're doing, but my point here is, is that you are engaged, you are like engaged, you're not, you know, disappearing off for weeks on end, or I mean, you're looking back into our back office every day to either watch some sort of training to check some sort of, you know, statistic or something. And you're from what the evidence shows, plus you've invested in your education, you've bought the blueprints, you've done all the things you're taking advice from your dad, like you're sharing humbly with your with your with your dad. So somehow you're finding a way to communicate humbly and asking for support. I mean, I see so many people every day with all sorts of different levels, or all sorts of different levels of participation. What's your viewpoint on if you're going to be successful with this? What is it going to take like from the day to day, as well as the long term commitment? Like how do you see it? What are you saying to yourself right now? 

Morgan: Well, I am someone who is like a very big planner. And I found that it can be good and bad, especially with this because you can plan for something, especially in the online realm. And it can completely just crash and burn and your plan just goes in the trash. And you have to then figure it out, you have to solve the problem that didn't necessarily go to plan. And you have to then create new steps and like, it's just consistency with everything. And like knowing that for me knowing that, even if it didn't go crazy or blow up in the very beginning, as long as I continue learning, and I'm continuing to research how things grow because platforms, especially tick tock I've been learning will change their algorithm. Like you never know, they could change it every week, they could change it every day, they could leave the algorithm going for a month, like it literally is always changing. And so if you are stuck in a year ago of how tic tock was a year ago, and you're not up to date with how it's working now or what's being pushed now, there's always a way that no matter what your niche is or what you're deciding to create, there's always a way for it to be able to blow up and be promoted from the platform itself. You just figure it out and research it and learn it. So I guess like my best focus is like just learning and staying up to date with what's working And, like realizing that and taking either mental note or physical note, I'm a big note taker, and I like to write things down and see it in front of me of like, what hasn't hasn't worked for me. And so all the DMS and everything, yeah, it worked for me for a while. But now, I have literally like, probably three or four hard scrolls down my DMs to get to the bottom of the amount of people that I've talked to, and honestly, probably a fourth of them is that have actually taken action and started to learn what and what I've told them. So a lot of it was, even though I'm excited, and I'm happy to help people, because I truly am, like, someone who just wants to be able to help as many people as possible. That's why I got into personal training, but it is a waste of time, especially if you're putting all that time into it. And then like, No, that's okay. Just like they don't respond to you, or they're not taking to heart what you're really teaching them that could change their life. And so just learning from that, and learning, okay, well, now I have 10 times the amount of people that I had in the beginning, and yet it's still exciting, but it takes a lot of time, and I need to put some more value to my time. So just from your own experience and others.

Dave: One of my favorite things to do is design my business and design my life. And I never thought that was possible. But today, my life is exactly what I want it to be every minute spent doing exactly what I want to do, and who I want to do it with. And that takes some time to get there. But it all but it really is about what you just sit designing my life in designing my business. And a lot of us don't realize that we have that freedom when we start this that if something's not working, we can change it in design and it works for us, you know, here's a really simple example. Well, I've got kids and another job. So I do this from 8pm to 930 every night. That's a very simple example of how you're designing your time, you're designing your schedule. There's so many more ways, so many creative ways. And one of the reasons why I love marketing so much is because I'm constantly on a mission to try to see if I can do something easier. Or if I can do something simpler. Or if I can get a bigger result with less effort. I'm constant because I've already discovered the big life secret, that money is not attached to time. That's the big secret I discovered several years ago that a lot of people still believe that an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Bill really actually believes that that's how the world works. It's not how the world works. That's how you're, that's how somebody taught you that their world works. But that's not how the world sees the world works in ways that a billion are seldom going up another billion 24 hours, or 3 billion, or five or 10 billion. I can make $100,000 in a day, more from the internet than I have. Right? I can also make $10 a day if I choose to not take the initiative, ask the questions. How can I work better? And Morgan? What I see is just what I see. Folks will run into the first challenge that you know, say it's like setting up the funnel builder or something just lay down just lay down and just say I can't get through this I'm just and I don't believe that they're lazy people I believe that they're bad people but what are you telling people out there? Who because this is not just in Legendary? I have a family member who's a coordinator with a university and they provide the education and so forth in the students behave the same way there. So it's not legendary, not online programs, human beings behave the same way no matter what sort of, you know, thing they're going or or doing. It's hard for humans to just follow through with things and not to so what are you what are you? What sort of things are you saying to people that are not shaming because I don't want to shame people. I want to teach people but we got to shake them a little bit and we got to let them realize and give them some straight talk and say ain't your boss I ain't your mama in this is a different game in your gob. 

Morgan: Yeah a lot of people I feel like just aren't necessarily like with the mindset of problem solving or figuring out something on their own. And like that's not to their fault. Or maybe they don't even realize that's how your mindset was wired. It's just a way that people are raised or how they grow up, and their different life experiences literally molded and shaped how they act, how they respond to things. It's literally how their mindset is wired. And it's not to say like, their, the way they were raised was to the fault of their parents, or the guardian, or however they grew up. But like, our mindset can change. We just have to, it's almost like, I like to be very blunt. And I think about like, has like blinders on. And they just can't even see, their mindset is one way and they could be so much better off if it were a different way. But it's like us and I was just shaking them. Like if we shake them, maybe those blinders will just fall off. And they'll be able to see like, oh my gosh, I've been living in this state of almost hypnosis to the mindset that I've had my whole life. And it's time to like, hello, Oh, snap out of your hypnosis. And like to change that mindset and just do a complete 180 and go the opposite direction. And like, I've been fortunate enough to have parents that have taught me like, problem solve, like figure it out. And like not that they didn't help me with things, but like that was there helping me and showing me how to problem solve how to Okay, you want to go buy that new toy at 10 years? Well go clean up some rocks from outside, and I'll pay you this much. So you can go buy that toy. So like little things of like, okay figured out how can I get this toy? Okay, well, I need to make 10 bucks so that I can go buy this toy. Even growing up having that little tiny teaching moment ingrained in you. And like I said, I'm so fortunate to be able to have that. I know that a lot of them haven't been able to have that. And that's not to their fault. Now being able to have those blinders off real quick. Let me figure it out. And let me solve that problem. It's just, it's a whole mindset thing. And I know that's talked a lot about within, like the training and everything legendary, which was just a reminder for me whenever I went through it all, but it's all in your mindset. And it's all just being able to problem solve and figure it out. I wasn't honestly 100% certain about starting to build a funnel, or an email list. When I first started, I was like, this crazy. And I was like, okay, but I don't know, I did the blueprints. And I know within the blueprints somewhere and the deck was in a day, I remember they showed me how to set it up. So I'm just gonna go back, take a little bit of extra time, rewatch, and even, I honestly had the decade and a day replay on one side of my screen and my funnel ready to get set up on the other side of my screen. And I would play, I would watch a step, I would pause and I would apply it. And then I would play again, pause, take the step and apply it and like you just have to figure out how to follow steps and problem solve. And like that's really it can work in anything in life.

Dave: Yeah, it really can. And there are no rules about how you learn and how you apply. I also think sometimes maybe we don't want to cheat or whatever. And it's like, there's no cheating, there's no, there's no rules. You know, there's a lot of people who I see come into our groups or wherever they ask, like, should I reply to people's comments, should I What should I do if they liked my post, and it's like, there are no rules, our education is is is is clear, specific, except in certain areas where we where we purposefully leave it sort of ambiguous because we have to have a little flexibility in you entrepreneurs and marketers have to have the You can't be so rigid. I Had a mentor of mine when I was young, just getting clean, said Dave, and he was trying to help me stay clean from heroin on a funnel. He said, Dave, you have a rigid person who is brittle, they flake, they break. You got to be flexible, buddy. You got to be able to adjust if you find yourself in a situation that's uncomfortable. You can't freeze up and go into analysis paralysis and do anything because guess what, you're probably going to have a needle in your arm here in the next hour. That was what he was telling me. If you are flexible, you have to if you're in a place that's uncomfortable that you're at you got to pick up the phone, Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom. I need to remain, you know, to where I can move I think and the same is true. I got to be able to go through us Section, I'm setting up my funnel or something like that, I need to not let it dominate and become rigid, but I gotta stay flexible knowing that, hey, there's no rules. And I can get this if I ask or if I keep trying, or if I rewatch it, or if I walk away for 20 minutes and come back, all these little simple self care tools are really helpful. That's why we try to talk about them a lot. But also, the, the, you know, the, the, the mindset is so important around this, because, you know, if I let something throw me off, and in, turn me into a spiral of self criticism, then where am I going to end up, I'm going to end up thinking, like the world was on Taiwan, I'm on top. And I found that the number one thing that can help us be successful outside of marketing skills is confidence, self esteem, confidence, because people believe you more when you say what you say confidently, that's where the word con man came from. I mean, because all these con men from back in the years were coming forward, they were they were so confident, they would open up their, their, you know, their, their jackets, and they'd have all the wares or they'd be doing the card tricks and you run into them in big cities, people were super confident on the side of the street doing these little things, but you get your ass took if you're not careful, right? So we have to use our powers for good, right? We have to use our powers for good, because people will live to us if we're confident people will listen to us if we're, you know, if we're direct. And so to believe that those skill sets working on that, in the beginning, overcoming your challenges and building up your mindset is actually more important than getting good at all the skills, because those are things you can learn any, anytime. Those are not particularly going to take you out. This will though do you agree with that? Morgan?

Morgan: Yeah, definitely.

Dave: So amazing. Last question. I only see about seven or 8000 followers on your Tik Tok? Do you have to have a massive following to start getting traffic leads and actually start to establish your business?

Morgan: Well, from my experience, not at all, either.

Dave: I mean, man, like like 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s. I think that's how people define mass, if not, five to 10,000?

Morgan: No, definitely not. And I've had a lot of people even ask me that question like, Okay, I want to get started with this great, I don't have a lot of followers gonna be able to see success. And the number one thing that I tell them is what literally helps people grow on social media, maybe not so much on tick tock, because it's just about being good at both quality and quantity. But in general, on social media, your quality, and like your ability to push out quality content and quality responses to people will take precedence over the quantity of it. So I just tell that to people, it's all about quality over quantity. So if you have like, maybe 1000 followers, it doesn't matter. Because if you're creating that quality content, and teaching people like or quality will generate quality back to you. Because if you have 100,000 followers, well, maybe they just followed you because you had one video randomly blow up. But you have maybe 50,000 people that aren't serious quality leads contacting you and your time with them. But you could have 50 quality leads for people that are truly serious about learning. And then that's 50 people that are actually wanting to buy into that learning or buy into whatever you're promoting, versus just wasting your time on his 100,000 that aren't quality leads. So honestly, from what I've learned, I don't have 10s of 1000s. And I'm slowly growing there, but I found even in my times, I'm like, Oh my gosh, it's not growing fast. I want to grow faster, it's not so much about growing fast and about a huge amount of following because at the end of the day, if you are growing a little bit slower, what I found is you're creating a community that trusts you and that are actually staying there with you to learn from you. And so that smaller amount, that smaller community, will continue to grow and you'll get more and more people but it's okay if it's a little slower because you're creating quality first and establishing that good quality foundation. 

Dave: That's true. That is so true. There was a concept or maybe worse or something but it was a good theory. And I think it proved the point. Several years ago, there was a thing called 1000 raving fans, you can build it there was somebody who's who is talking about that a lot. And I tend to believe that I tend to believe that you can you can build a business with less than that with with a couple of 100 dozen raising raving fans. You know, I think we put too much value on vanity, I think we put too much value on numbers, how big are they? My followers are not? Followers are not. You know, we start to just again criticize and compare ourselves to others, instead of leaning in and focusing on those people who are listening. And that's one of the things that I agree with Gary Vee about? He's been saying this for over a decade, even if you got one person on even if you got one subscriber, right, you got one person who's listening, give everything that person, because how do you do it for that one person is how you're going to do it for that 1000 people in that 100,000 people. And I see a lot of people who think that, you know, well, I'm going to do it a certain way. Now we've got 500 followers, I have followers, and then when I have 100,000 followers, then I'll be somebody different. Like that's not how it works. You become the content creator and marketer that has 100,000 followers before you have that 100,000 followers, you act as if you already have that, and you deliver content as if 100,000 People are watching it, if that's what you want. And I see every comment that comes through. He disagrees when I say I think it's that your mindset is more important than your skills. Well, here's the good news is go out and create results and come back and be a guest on the show. And you can have the limelight and you can tell us how it is. Right now, though, based on 10s of 1000s of students that I've worked with over the past over 10 years. I see people's mindset taking them out every day all day, if any one of you inclusion isn't careful about your mindset, don't you want to just like it's taken me out before, we gotta be real careful about how cocky we are about what we think or believe is true and right about this business, because capitalism has a way of knocking us right off of our pedestal. But, you know, I, I really, I really hope that everybody hears this one thing and anything else today is that quality versus quantity, not. But I love how you said it. Morgan is the if I've got one or two followers, to give them everything that I got, let me give them everything that I got, instead of the 10. Or, or thinking that I need 10,000 or 20,000 Before I can really show up and I can really give everybody the best. That is a lie that we tell ourselves. That is bullshit, right? And it never that is the fantasy, you know, success at its best. We have to somehow figure out a way to begin to become a successful entrepreneur, in our mind, before we actually become physically, because we attract like, like you said, what we put out there into the world, we put out quality content, we are going to attract quality responses in quality people. But if we're putting out crap, we're only focused on and that's a hard pill to swallow. Morgan, that people say, Well, my TikToks are not taking our contents, not taking it off, take it off, we'll just say it sucks and it needs to get better. And that's okay. That's okay. It's like we're so afraid to suck at the beginning. It's like it's okay just to suck. It's okay for your content just to suck and not be good at the beginning. And we need to give ourselves permission while training our brain to become successful entrepreneurs, meaning that we sort of begin to act as if we're already successful. And that's a different thing, right? Because we're managing reality and we're managing what we want to happen, i.e. our vision. That's what this is called, that I'm speaking, called your vision. And if you're not out there every day speaking your vision confidently not arrogantly. But confidently. It doesn't matter if you have 100,000 followers. Probably not going to take much action because they're already sniffling. You sound or seem skeptical about what you're doing. Double whammy They're gone. So we have to pull up about that quality in what do you need to feel confident? Well, each one of us needs to be a little different to feel confident. Some of you need to have every single piece of information and perfect before you can sound confident. Well, that is a recipe for failure. So if that's you begin to work on that perfectionism. Others are a little bit more flexible, willing to kind of take and put some things out there. And then there's others who are maybe like Morgan, who are a little bit more flexible and a lot more willing to try new things. And that's okay. Just need to get ourselves some form of stability. Where we realize that I gotta put out quality stuff. Regardless of the response that I get, I need to begin to cast my vision, believing vision, actually begin to speak my vision, because guess what, if I don't believe what I'm saying, nobody else is going to believe it either. And that's the tightrope that we as new entrepreneurs walk and that's why I say it's a mindset thing. Because I have worked with broken funnels, I've worked with shitty funnels, horrible bridge pages, landing pages, that's hardly said anything at all over the past decade. But as long as the content that I said, spoke, taught, educated or entertained people with previous knowledge of getting it, as long as that content was on point, and created enough curiosity or value, they would win to the funnel, and they would go through the process. But if that content is at the end, that's why affiliate marketers or our original ads are so important, because that's the first touch, that's the first thing they see or hear. That's why you as an affiliate, it's your, your the first thing they see or learn out there about a particular product, but more importantly, what if they've already seen that before it is your attitude and energy? It's going to stop them as they're scrolling? Right? That confidence or something that you say something that's quality that you put out, versus all the other lackluster content out there? You believe what I believe it's actually easy to succeed out there, Morgan, because mobile phones are willing to do the work. I do.

Morgan: I mean, I certainly wouldn’t say easy, but it's achievable. Your whole mindset thing I know, we just keep relaying that over. But that is literally the number one thing from what I learned. I can also just speak for anybody that is also a perfectionist and like, isn't like to their true nature isn't very flexible time. And I truly am someone who has been a perfectionist likes plans and doesn't like when plans change or like I wasn't asked. But I learned along the way and for years of just growing up and like I'm 22. And I don't have like all of these years under my belt yet. But I've learned to be able to turn off that perfectionist button, a light switch basically and just be able to be flexible, like I've had to force myself to be flexible. And to realize that my level or my view of perfectionism isn't going to be the same as everybody else's. So I could put out a video that I'm like, oh, not every single millisecond of it is exactly perfect the way that I want it to be in my eyes. But to almost everybody else, it could look like an extremely amazing quality, good, perfect piece of content, because they're not looking at those little miniscule things that I'm noticing. It goes back to the same I tell my clients to in personal training, you are your own worst critic. You're the one that sees your body every single day. And so the little tiny things that you're picking out that you don't like or that you want to change. Someone else sees it and likes it and I have to tell myself that too. There's days where I'm like about my body or I hate this about my progress in something but like no one else sees it. It's just me so you're your own worst critic, no matter what it is that you're criticizing about yourself.

Dave: You know, one thing that I've started to do over the years as I've really kind of learned about how hard I've been on myself and how hard others have been on me to in life in certain periods of my life is really really try to be gentle with myself, you know really really gentle with myself because I think our biggest when we talk about mindset, and I absolutely continue will will go to my grave with your mindset being the most important and most difficult thing. Come. You know, I've talked about the mechanics and the dynamics here for nearly a decade. And in this industry, everybody thinks that what you have to have what they need is the mechanics, it's like, well show me how to set up a funnel. I just need somebody to sit down with me and, you know, help me point and click step by step. And there's somebody watching this right now. That's exactly what I need. And it's like, that's, that's available, we can email us and we'll do that for you. Drew is one of our marketing coaches, and you can email him Juru at legendary And he'll get on for a small fee or a reasonable fee and help you set things up. But also, what I encourage you to do is learn how to set it up yourself. You know, I'd love to sell your coaching and I mean, I we could sell coaching all day long here, you know, and we do we just prefer to push people into our video programs, because then they gotta learn how to do it themselves, you know, and everybody thinks they need the mechanics until they are face to face with those dynamics, meaning that mindset and all your limiting beliefs. Your mindset can get you through city set up funnels and learning new skills, but your skills can now be overcome by a broken mindset. It can't do it. I've seen wildly skilled people who I mean, they can overcome their limiting beliefs or their addictions, you know, they self sabotage. So this mindset piece is the big piece of the iceberg that we don't see. And nobody talks about it. It's one of the reasons why we talk about it so much. The reasons why I challenged let me show everybody this because I also want to shout this gentleman out. Troy Troy award over the weekend was inside of our legendary business blueprints group. And he said about giving up on click funnels and going to LeBron and other sites. I have been trying for three days, set up an account and can't get past the second page HIT button to make payment and says I didn't fill in the username and first step. Go back and it's always there. I have attempted at least 10 times the last three days and can never get a hold of customer support ideas, please. Now, simply trying to bike funnels, he's not even inside setting it up yet. He's just trying to buy it. And something is wrong. I know what it is. But what I do know is that we refer people to click funnels every day, here at legendary by the hundreds, they've got 100,000 customers, they're good at converting sales. So I had a feeling that it could be on the side. And this is a mindset about to give up. Okay, there's no sizzle. In this. This is a mindset thing about difference. Remember, this is a legendary business blueprints member too so I took it upon myself to come in here and talk to Troy. Roy never heard of a person not being able to sit down and buy ClickFunnels, they have over 100,000 active clients and we send clients every day who sign up with all due respect. If I were you, I would at least consider the fact that I might be on your end instead of running away from problem solving. Don't complain about it. Don't tell anyone how hard it is, just figure it out as long as it takes until you win. Not Click Funnels or anyone else. Don't give up and don't complain publicly until you win. Then go tell everyone how you overcame the challenge and how you can help them overcome it too. Because that's what entrepreneurship is all about. That's how you make money online or move on to the next one. The next one, I believe in you and that you say this right? And he came back he said wow, man appreciate the pep talk. It's a mini meeting with the owner of a multimillion dollar company to reach out for advice and encouragement. Thank you for showing me if legendary, you know, average Be Legendary and I just said look, I'm no different than you are someone who believed in me. I'm simply passing that on and thankfully getting paid for. But here's what's most important. The next day, he comes back in and he posts in our business blueprint regroup. A small relapse, and this afternoon went back into making excuses for something that wasn't for me instead of putting my head down and powering through with resolve that I can overcome that obstacle. Dave reached out with encouragement and belief in me to get my head right and back in the game. Nowhere else where you get support like that. It's just punctuation for me that markers of progress Um, they've allowed me to achieve F ledge F average. So why did I share that with y'all? We'll wrap up here in just a minute. And we'll let Morgan go as well. But I thought that was important and also wanted to shout out. Because Charlie was right in a certain scenario that many of us are in every single day where we're having some challenge, and we're about to give up. About to give up here. The cold, hard truth that nobody's told you before, is nobody really gives him worlds a cold place, the world is going to move on and they're going to buy from CES, nobody's going to come and rescue you. Nobody's going to usually urge you even, I can't encourage everybody. But when I see something like that, I'll come in, and I'll take time to respond if I can. And for me, that is the greatest gift that somebody can give an option is just to believe in them. It's just to encourage them. And that Troy and not not a skill thing, he probably is a skilled, professional or tradesman, I would think he's probably done a lot of things in his life that he's good at and skillful at. The mindset thing, and you always know, it's a mindset thing, when somebody says, I'm about to give up. It's fine. What do you tell me? Just give up? Right? I mean, a lot of us, we come and save us, and we want to be the victim. So we're always like, I'm about to give up. Because we, when we do that, usually people come running. But we got to stop doing that. Stop doing this wrong, people are coming to run, try jumping into enroll in a program, where I gave them some real talk and responded to it. He could have just as easily Morgan and you know, this too, you've probably come and confronted clients, he probably could feel a bomb out of here. But he took that in. And that's what this is all about. And you know, thank you this morning. I know I ran on those examples and so forth. But things were shedding light on that morning, Morgan and reminding us how important it is to, you know, stay mentally sharp and strong and work out our mindset as much as we work out our physical body. Yeah, yeah. And the final word goes to you, what would you like to leave people with this morning.

Morgan:  I'd honestly like to just say that, that whole thing of your mindset and working out your body working out everything goes all back to why I named my, basically my business wealth beyond boundaries. Wealth is in so many different areas. And if you're just focused on wealth in the financial aspect of what the world has created wealth to look like, then yeah, you might get a new one. But you could be really suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in every aspect, except for that financial and like finances, won't. Everything. Yeah, they can buy a bunch of stuff and everything. But you have to work on those other things, as well as your actual wealth to be thriving and be successful and just be living truly the way that I live. in all areas, being healthy and strong, and just living wealthy in every aspect of your life.

Dave: Yeah, yeah, it's interesting. I agree. So often, we go to do just not physical fitness, but we, you know, we neglect all those other parts of the emotional, the mental, and even the spiritual side of coming on Morgan, tell your pops up and come back and see us for round two, if you would. Yeah. Thanks. So all right. We'll talk to you later. My friend. Wow, you know, it never is. You know, it never is. It never surprises me. It never is. I'm always in constant awe of the people who are in this community. And no, one of you is mean to this community. And I know that this is a little bit sometimes can get a little bit rough around the edges with things that I say and it may feel like it's coming across in a way that I don't care or way that I hope it does. Because for each one of you, I want nothing but the most success and the most happiness. When I meet you all on the offensive. Can you tell me about, I mean, you know, a lot of you have become my friends. And I've tried so many different things over the years, you know, to try to encourage and empower others. And I think just sometimes now in my old age or older age, I just, you know, I just shoot it a lot more direct. And so if you're if you're new on this show, and you're just kind of listening in and tuning in to some of the things I say, and we say every morning, like before, I did just take it in, just sit with it for a minute, the way that I look at things to decide whether I need, just like, I need to gently ball that right down on the table and not eat. Or I need to really take a look at it. If it does a little bit. If it does move my stuff on my gut a little bit, or makes me angry. Sometimes I need to take a look at that. Because I know that I haven't had a whole lot of people in my life, who have been willing to look me in the eye and tell me the truth, even when it was uncomfortable, even when it was ugly, even when it didn't even when it made the Messer bad. And so I also feel like I'm at a place in my career, where I'm okay, just give it to you. How I think that it is and if you like it cool, chill, stay. Let's grow if you want peace. There's so many gurus and goblins out there. We can all find exactly what we're looking for. What we're looking for here is not average. It's Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow.