Starting Your Business Using Skills You Already Have

This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Maggie Berghoff. Maggie is the founder and CEO of Celproceo, a health consulting company rooted in functional medicine and trusted by celebrities, professional athletes, and CEOs.  Maggie is also the co-founder and CEO of a business and marketing company she launched and runs with her husband. 

If you are someone who wants to turn the skills you already have into a profit, this interview is for you.

Maggie was originally a nurse practitioner but after experiencing health problems and becoming a mother she realized the thing she wanted most was to be able to leave her 9-5 and never look back. She wanted a new lifestyle and to start her own health consulting business. 

Believing In Yourself Is The Most Important Factor

Maggie shared with Dave that the most important part of building her business was believing in herself. If you don’t believe that you can build your business it is hard for other people to believe in your business as well. 

When Maggie would post on social media her clients would message her to tell her how helpful she was and that is what made her realize that what she was doing was really helping people in their daily lives. She saw her clients getting results and that’s what gave her the confidence to keep going in her online business.

One great way to keep your confidence up is to practice words of affirmation with yourself. This will help you to stay motivated even if you face a challenging week or month. Reminding yourself that you aren’t going to be any less successful than anyone else in your niche and that you are on the right path in your business is important because it’s easy to get caught up in the number of views or likes on your posts.

Another way to stay motivated and believe in yourself is to set daily goals that you know you can reach. By completing those goals each day you are proving your progress to yourself and achieving growth within your business. 

Don’t Wait To Start

Another important thing Maggie shared with Dave about her business is that if someone is contemplating starting their online business, don’t hesitate, just start. Even if you’re scared or worried you have to take it day by day and trust the process. Even if you feel like your  business idea won’t work or isn’t a good idea, someone out there is going to find your content relatable. 

When you start your business you develop skills that are transferable from niche to niche. This means that you can essentially create an online business using one or more of the four core business models of digital products, coaching, courses, and affiliate marketing for any niche that you choose and become an expert on. 

Marketing Is An Essential Skill

Maggie shared that it’s important to recognize marketing as an essential skill. Marketing is a skill that you can keep building and never stop learning because there are always new things to learn and new ways to adjust your content to better suit your audience and algorithm. 

Marketing is a skill that can be carried over from niche to niche and brings consumers and products together. Marketing is the promotion of buying or selling a product. This is an essential skill because you have to know how to market your products in order to grow a successful business. Sharing valuable information with your customers and showing them how your product can benefit them is what will help your business to succeed.

Driving Traffic To Your Content

When starting your online business your focus should be on driving traffic to your content. When Maggie creates Instagram and TikTok content for her business she usually does shorter content pieces that have a strong hook to get the viewer or reader’s attention, a quick middle section, and a strong call to action. 

One of the biggest mistakes Maggie sees people make is not having a strong call to action. Without a strong call to action at the end of your content it is less likely that someone will make a purchase or sign up for your product. A call to action encourages your viewer or reader to take action and without a clear one your potential customer may struggle to see why they should purchase your product or service.

Building rapport and getting to know your customers is another way to drive traffic to your content. People are more likely to purchase from someone that they trust. Being yourself and being honest are the best ways to gain your potential customer’s trust and reassure them that your main goal is to help them with a problem that they have.

Getting Comfortable Going Live

Going live on TikTok or Instagram is a great way to drive traffic to your content and also build your talking skills. Going live may be a bit uncomfortable for you at first but it’s a great way to learn how to step out of your comfort zone. 

A great way to get comfortable going live is to just hit the button and start talking as though you’re talking to a friend. You don’t have to put pressure on yourself to be perfect. Your viewers are not focused on how you look or what you’re doing, they want to know more about your business and the content you create.

Maggie shared that it’s not just about opportunity, but also about responsibility. It is your responsibility to get your business and products in the media and to be seen and heard by potential customers. Your product can’t be purchased if others don’t know it exists. You have to talk about what you do on your live streams because then people will get to know you better, trust you, and want to purchase your product. If you’re not putting your content out there in the media and going live you won’t get as much positive feedback and will lead to discouragement. 

Map Out Your Values

One huge thing that helped Maggie was mapping out her values. Focus on what you need to do right now to get where you want to be. That might mean leaving your 9-5 job or having a specific flow of income that you’d like to see each month. Find your core values and write them down.

It’s important to map your values out and what your message is to your audience because you want to have a goal to work towards. Entrepreneurship is not just about building a business but also about self growth. Build your business around your life and what you want your future to look like. This will mean that you will have to learn how to start fresh, get out of your comfort zone, and be a student willing to learn about how to grow your business and also yourself again.

Find Maggie on TikTok and Instagram at @maggie_berghoff to learn more about her parenting coaching business and more tips on how you can grow business using skills you already have.

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Why Entrepreneurial Skills Are Useful At Any Age

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Good Morning, my friends. It's your boy Dave sharpe here. And we have yet another exciting episode this morning. This digital marketer is just starting out and she's going to share this morning. Something super, Tonita Welcome to the show.

Tonita:  Good morning. Thank you.

Dave:  Tell us where you're calling in from.

Tonita:  I'm calling in from El Dorado Hills, California. So I'm right smack in the middle between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Dave:  Alright, so what is your legendary story? How did you find us and what's happened since?

Tonita:  So I found legendary on TikTok like a lot of people and I started following a woman that was half my age and she had started her business I was completely skeptical. I was like, This is too good to be true. There's no way she's working. At home and she's making this kind of money and this and that. So I was skeptical for a couple of weeks and then saw her continue to grow her business and she was very relatable. She had kids and she was working from home. And so I just thought, Well, why not? Why don't I just check out what she's doing if she could do it. I could do it. So I watched your video but didn't buy did not buy the 15 Day Challenge. And then another week passed by and I'm like this is just silly. This is no I spent more than that, you know, a month or whatever I can invest in myself. So I did and I think I watched a day or two and I was sold after a day or two of the challenge. I knew this is something that I wanted to do. And it was kind of an odd time because he was right during the holidays. So I went to the 15th and was super excited about it. I bought the blueprints and then I sat on it. I sat on it until January. I let the holidays go crazy. We had family in and out and then in January I really hit it and then I think I did the 15 day challenge again for the most part a decade in a day with you a ton of training modules. It was information overload. The train is incredible, so professional, and it just keeps growing. I mean, I take back every now and then there's more modules. So it's just awesome. I really, really liked it. So well back to the very first tic tac at the end. of January. And it was really quick for me at first I posted a tic toc. I made a condition the second day and I was ecstatic. You know I was like jumping up and down so thrilled and I continued to grow and I was really excited and then about six weeks into it. I got totally banned from ticks. So I had about 12,000 followers. I was super excited, posting regularly and I was just completely banned. And a huge, huge, huge lesson for me is don't keep all your marketing eggs in one basket. You know I was solely on TikTok and I hadn't explored Instagram yet I hadn't explored. And so I was dead in the water. So I had to create another account. And it grew like molasses. I mean it was so slow. The second time it was just painful. And a huge lesson learned. I, you know, you've got on Instagram immediately started growing that account, got another TikTok account, started exploring Facebook and haven't dabbled too much and we've done the modules and I'm going to do it again and get really present on Facebook. For sure. So that's my next challenge.

Dave:  Wow. So you learned a lot, but didn't let it stop you when you got an account. Shut down. That really is the difference between treating something like a business and like a hobby right? Because, I mean, if it's a hobby and not really that big of a deal and okay, well I guess that's over business. It's by any means. The same way that TikTok just kicked you off with some robot to try to protect and grow their business. That's what they think they need to do to protect and grow there but don't care about what you're trying to do. But who cares about you? Well, you better care about you. Because now you have to, as an entrepreneur, do what's best for your business. And that might be diversifying. That might be as you said, diversify and create multiple streams of traffic. Wow. What lesson ? What else were you going to add?

Tonita:  Huge lesson. Yeah, well, I mean, I was just that person who emailed TikTok every single day. I emailed them saying I love us and we will because this will be a real group, right? Yeah. It's embarrassing to say but like hundreds of times, hundreds of times I contacted them. And believe it or not, three months later, like I got the account back. So, I mean, I was shocked. I just kind of had written it off. Like I'm never gonna get it back. But it was just so you know, it was a habit for me. Email them or email them every day. And so I finally got it back. But what I got back was my account. But what they've done is I'm no longer on the for you page. So I'm only able to show videos to the people who already follow me. So I have other accounts, so it's fine and maybe someday they'll have mercy on me. And they'll start putting those because I'm going to still show it love. I'm going to still you know there's almost 13,000 people on there and I'm going to continue to live there. 

Dave:  Your audience right I mean, that's such a Yeah, I could see why that's an important group, asset, whatever you want to call it. It's its audience, an important audience that you want to continue to serve. And that is such that's there's such a powerful spin for me in that which is that if you said you are going to do something, follow through and do it anyways to spite the forces around you, which may be trying to take you down or maybe trying to divert you, whatever, you're still going to deliver to those people. And you're gonna grow elsewhere. Yeah, grow, you grow the audience elsewhere and you're still gonna serve this audience. This is huge. You could say Not another word. And there is so much value in what you just went through. In less than 10 minutes specifically, in most powerfully, I thought it was the fact that you had some robot on TikTok flagged your account and you lost it and instead of saying just Yeah, throw it all in, right. You're like, I'm not only going to email TikTok every day because guess what, that actually only takes 30 seconds to do right? The copy and paste or hi I'm still here. Just wondering if you saw my last message. Thank you very much, right? We're, we're respectful and nice, even if we don't feel that way. Right. That's the other thing that I want to point out to all of you who are trying to get things from TikTok. We're trying to get things from various companies out there. Make sure that even as frustrated as you are, that you continue to carry yourself in a professional manner, because then in those situations, you have companies who if they're a good solid company, and you've carried yourself professionally the entire time, will oftentimes admit they were wrong and reinstall your account and sometimes even apologize and in your case, I don't know if you got an apology, but you're consistent and professional effort of taking 30 seconds out of your day just to continue to email them got you a massive result back simultaneously. While you did not just focus on your problem. You focused on solving your problem, but then you were here and you were like Hell yeah, I'm gonna go crazy and grow and all these other places while I'm solving this problem, and I just wonder if if you have stopped at all in just just taking in that amazing effort and take it in that may have been just so many people don't that obstacle has taken them out or would take them out. And I just wonder if you were if that was just kind of you had your head down the whole time, or you are conscious like hey, these are my challenges, and this is the examples of what Dave and all these folks are talking about, of things that are going to pop up and I need to get through this. Yeah. Is there any of that awareness as it was going on? Like, these are my challenges?

Tonita:  Yes, for sure. Yeah. I mean, definitely. I got a little emotional, mad, and sad. I was frustrated. And I didn't know why. You know, and I unfortunately played the comparison game because I saw other affiliate marketers on TikTok doing the same videos I was doing worklist you know, but I see you get the stupid funk that you, you know, distracts you and that's all it was. It was just a distraction and I believe in what I'm doing, I know that I can have success and I just continue putting one foot in front of the next pitch. thing for me that huge asset for me is these wake up legendaries the, you know, Thursday trainings the Facebook group has been huge because people celebrate successes, they, you know, encourage each other with technical things because I was frustrated. There were some days there where I was really frustrated, but I just felt like this was, you know, I went back to the original 15 Day Challenge and on that second or third day, I knew this is what I wanted to do. And I just kept reminding myself I'm capable of doing this and TikTok isn't going to stop me. It's so you know,

Dave:  bigger picture than just TikTok even though we talk about TikTok a lot on this show. And in this community. It's a lot bigger than TikTok and really more than anything TikTok is a new launching ground. I mean, that's really what it's become. And it's not a place which has even been proven to build a long term stable business. What's proven to build a long term stable business on the internet is having a database of customers and audience that you own and can market to via email, and text message and spaces is the number one proven model. We use TikTok and we use Instagram the same way that they use us okay, so don't get it twisted any of you about what this really for the social media companies is about because they're using us they bring us in a free service we all can go and socialize with each other. We know that's not what happens. We're looking at judging. I don't know whether it's been you're not I'm not here to judge that. But the bottom line is they bring us onto the platform for free. So then they can go to advertisers and say, look at all these free dummies I got here who are just waiting to buy your products and then they sell that advertising. So don't get emotional and loyal. To TikTok, I'm just talking to everybody. Oh, boy. Oh, the TikTok doesn't get bent out of shape over TikTok. His Tiktoks is a silly company that ain't doing nothing but trying to get rich just like you are and they're gonna use you. They're going to use your family. They're going to use your kids. And as internet entrepreneurs, we need to talk about these things and we need to be aware of them. So not only we can be leaders of this industry, doing things right, really trying to be on the cutting edge of what's going on out here. But also so we can teach and empower our children how to navigate the Internet, because the internet is neither make you filthy, disgusting, rich, and provide you all of the happiness and peace if you can disconnect from it. When you need to. Or it can break you down make you suicidal make you depressed lots of stories all over the world of how the Internet has has, you know people have have had bad experiences with it. So we need to really fully understand the roles that all of these companies play on the internet and right up front I'm telling you all right now then TikTok. Instagram and Facebook are nothing but a place where we go to use and get you. That's a great point. Take Tiktok is using us the same way that we're using Tiktok why we actually want to educate in me I feel like we're actually making the platform better even though I understand what Tiktok is trying to do. They're trying to limit the kind of the duplication the in like, the content that looks the same. I understand that they don't want content that looks the same. But that's why we teach you all to put your own spin on it. And that's why we teach you you know what I mean? So I feel really great about what we're doing and how we're serving people on the platform. But I don't get caught up in my love for the platform, the platform I love for people on the platform, and that's what I'm trying to do because I have to go there. If I didn't have to go to TikTok I wouldn't even I didn't have to come on Facebook and use these tools to communicate and connect with my people. And I wouldn't I wouldn't use the tools. We just use the tools. And I think that's one of the big, big things that I really want to drill home right now is that we can't get emotional over losing accounts. We can't get a merge we just have to. We have to build our audiences that we own and the only thing you own is your email list totally. You don't own anything else. So you have to set up campaigns and things to brace these people off of TikTok because guess what? If you don't you're gonna be left with nothing. And guess what TikTok made money off of you while you were there? Because they sold people your attention. Oh, right. But if you leave and you didn't get any email addresses and you didn't generate leads, then if you end up losing your account, you leave with nothing. So we have to prioritize. That doesn't mean that we don't want to follow ticks guidelines. That means that doesn't mean we don't want to be compliant. That doesn't mean that we don't want to be just good citizens and just help people not hurt people. But removing the emotional whatever around these. Yeah. And also being real clear about what's the real asset and what's not, is also really important to absolutely drive sales right from your TikTok profile. I mean, if you have a loyal enough audience, you could drive, you could just put a link to a sales page in your bio and say everybody training available, go get it click the link in bio right now. I just made it live and you could drive sales right from your audience on TikTok. Most people as you saw need to just get lightly peppered on the platform, get a little bit of curiosity, and then they need to be brought off into a sales an isolated sales funnel, where there's time to educate the person more and to introduce yourself longer than a quick 15 second video. TikTok is the Tinder for gentlemen. Right? We're all just swiping okay. So the same way that people are now swiping for dates. People are also swiping for entertainment. And it's it's it's, all we have to do is get their attention briefly. And then and then get them off, collect their email because they're likely not going to buy on the first time. We can follow up with them via email in an intimate and more isolated manner where it's not as easy to just hit your thumb and just scroll on to the next person. But anyways, what came up for you is I was ranting about the difference between the platform and the audience and misplaced platforms and stuff.

Tonita:  I love what you said because I think that I was in the mindset that tic tac was everything. This is how I was going to make money. This is everything. And I've accepted that it's very fragile. And then I'm not going to just focus on TikTok. I have to be focusing on other things. I use TikTok now. I think that's a great point. I do use them and I am doing things every day on two of my accounts, and I'm just gonna get followers . It's been very slow and to be quite honest, because I'm I'm I'm not on the page and floor. And so I'm just doing lines and I'm getting followers just organically. And every day I just get a couple more followers. It's been slow but they're real followers and they're really interested in what I'm promoting. So I would rather have 1000 loyal followers than have 80,000 who just thought a video I made was funny.

Dave:  And that's what that is a great point. That is what most new people are praying for us to go viral and folks wouldn't crack up to me. It ain't what it's cracked up to be and it'll screw your mental up more than anything because now you'll be hoping for some big explosion when you need to be paying attention to the small sparks in your business. Yeah. But yeah, let me give you an perspective about how aggressive I think that we need to be in our marketing. And I think the biggest challenge a lot of us have is lack of aggressiveness. And the reason what I mean by that is that it does tie in to the TikTok thing. We all want to make sure that we're following the rules. Because where we come from, there's a lot of rules. We come from jobs that have assets, and protocols and schools that have, you know, all kinds of different traditions and rules and guidelines and practices and best practices and all this kind of shit that we've been sitting and following in our we're walking on eggshells with other people in our lives. And we just really, at a certain point are just trying to kind of, you know, kind of our way out on top and we kind of want to be seen but we don't really but we don't really want to break anything. We don't really want to get TikTok attention and yeah, it's just kind of like I want to be famous and get rich but I don't really and it's what we need to do is take all that emotion, set it aside those feelings and set them aside for a second and get militants get as if you are about to proceed into a battle and you need to build a plan to stay alive right you will usually get sober, emotionally sober and I will call it that because so many of us are emotionally we're just we're intoxicated by our feelings in general, but then we come into business and we're just we're just we're just intoxicated by them. We're just everything is a massive feeling of overwhelm. And everything's personal and at the same time, we don't want to break anything or offend anybody. And you go into battle. None of that shit matters. Okay, not that battle, but I'm imagining what it would be like to prepare now I've prepared for hurricanes. And I've prepared for other things here in Florida, not prepared for battle and want to be real clear about that. But I imagine that it's a real sobering feeling to know that what he cares about my feelings the enemy doesn't care about. The hurricane doesn't care about my feelings. Now if we can replace that with moving into this business Tiktok doesn't give a shit about your feelings. Facebook doesn't care about your feelings. They're you know, maybe not the enemy but everybody's mind is a win out here. And I need to approach this aggressively. So if I want to win in a battle, I need to take a look at sneak attacks. I need to take a look at surrounding my enemy. I need to talk, I need to think about overwhelming them. And you think about being everywhere. These are some of the strategies that we think would be smart to consider inside of a battle right? If I was going to take over a neighborhood that I just want to announce, I'm a guy a little bit over here. There are many but I don't want to offend anybody but I'm going to be coming in right in this one little place. And if you kick me out, oh shit, I guess. Yes, I lost. Nobody would do that in a battle. But that's how a lot of us approach our business. And what we need to be thinking about is how can I be more aggressive? And I don't need to be aggressive in 100 different ways. But maybe the way that I need to be more aggressive is to start today. Start to remove emotion and all this and I repurpose. Is anybody going to see this and be offended? By seeing this place or whatever other concerns I have immediately today. Start repurposing every tick piece of content that I put on TikTok, run it through SNAP, tick, remove the watermark and post it on at least three other platforms Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, that's a way to be more aggressive. That's just one example. Give me another example. Sneak attack as somebody said on the same platform, okay. Andrea She broke down.Over the last 13 months has gotten 200 million views on her TikTok videos. Tony, do you know how much that would cost in TV advertising? 200 million eyeballs. I don't know what but I assume a lot. And so how has she done that? Not by gently sensitively and hoping not to disturb anyone just invaded and curated content on one nice little account and just hoped and prayed that Tiktok didn't get offended with it because if they did, come out and just wipe my entire business out. She didn't do that. She has multiple accounts. She has multiple. I mean she's coming in. There's people out there folks who have IP address issues. You got a phone, it's called getting another phone. It's called getting an iPad. It's called Get aggressive. It's company says it's called entrepreneurship and business is the biggest game of cat and mouse that you've ever played in your life. And there are no rules. There are no rules because this is what's happened since 2010. When I come on the internet a new platform will pop up and everybody will go to the platform. Human beings are completely trashed. Look at what we're doing to the planet. We trashed Google and a bunch of marketers got kicked off Google in 2010. We trashed Facebook and a bunch of marketers got kicked off Facebook in 2012 or two that are 2014 through 2020. And now we all went over to TikTok and we're trashing it. Amazon drop shipping, comedy, you know, sex workers. It's all there. TikTok scrambling going oh, I'm not letting this turn in. I don't want my space right and and and you know what? It's none of my business how they don't become my I don't give two shits how they are because I'm just trying to make sure that it doesn't become myspace on the corner. Cardboard box. Where's right. That's what I got worried about. So we gotta be great. We can expect that we're gonna become this super you rich and we're gonna have all that we have to become more aggressive and the multiple accounts, multiple platforms. Those are a couple of real practical examples of how you get more aggressive. But we got to stop caring about the platform's feelings, platforms doesn't have any feelings. We got to stop caring about offending or disturbing. We have to stop getting so easily offended and taking things so personal. And when we do that, which is much easier said than done, and we want more to get your business, will I mean, how many different streams of traffic? How many is too many?

Tonita:  Yeah, yeah, that's a great point. I've been thinking about getting another phone or two as well. So it's interesting that you said that I should definitely do that now. That will make a huge purchase

Dave:  platforms just want to limit us they want us they want us to only be able to have 5000 friends right and all this dumb shit that their rules not ours. You know what I mean? Right and so in this world was created because somebody woke up and said, I'm going to just fall for everybody else's still played roles, right? Nobody got up and got rich that way. Somebody got up and said, You know what? That role is kind of stupid. I'll follow up but I'm gonna game the shit out of it. I'm gonna win, right and I'm not going to stop until I do or I'll go somebody else somewhere else. And so anyways, I'm ranting about this, but I didn't. I didn't think that I would get it but you've brought up such amazing points that have gotten me so excited about these things. What's comfort? I'm talking about this and what other things have you learned about you know, in your journey that would be a useful experience for our listeners?

Tonita:  Well, I love the reality Reality kick you're giving me because I've kind of dabbled in Facebook and really haven't been doing it because I've been so busy creating content for TikTok. And so I hope that's a lesson for everyone. Don't do that. Don't don't get

Dave:  told why it doesn't need to be different. Content. I mean just

Tonita:  right. Right. Yeah, I can definitely repurpose the content you're absolutely right. Don't

Dave: you know what's gonna happen is people are just going to be like, this person's everywhere. And you know what? More somebody sees something, the more they trust it. Yeah. So the reason why you want to be omnipresent is because you build trust from frequency. Because the sun is just fine. It's fine. You looked great. There. You look better now. So it's wonderful. It's wonderful. When you're in California and you want to warm you come here and I'm gonna show you warm.

Tonita:  Well, you've got the humidity, I've got dry heat, so it's like 100 degrees, but it's it's hot

Dave:  AC down right now. So

Tonita:  But you're right, yeah, plaster, plaster that stuff everywhere and I need to be more committed to doing that. You know, I'm preaching to myself here that I've I got to expand here and get

Dave:  these are things that today this conversation, any one of you can take this and turn this conversation into both action and also wonderful content. I mean, this man and that's my hope is that you all are taking these points in absolutely absorbing them and but also, if they make sense and if they ring true then spread the word you know, then go out there and repurpose the content. into your own content and share it you know, everything that I say each morning is sure give credit where credit's due or put your own spin on it. I don't care but the point is to take the knowledge and also then go and share it with others because they're going to as much as you from hearing it and saying, Oh, wow, imagine what other people will also get that and that's what really this is about and it's what any business is about. It's why I would hire a fishing guide or why I hired a captain's coach to teach me how to drive my boat or why I would hire a market coach. Or buy a horse to learn because, you know, let me let me let me let me learn from somebody else's experience. So take this knowledge and this experience that we're talking about this morning, all of you and also turn it into value. I think that's one of the biggest things I want to ask you about. We always there's a big transition from going from customer to Creator. The customer is the one who is always learning and everything's always for them and they you know are taking notes and they're always consuming. The Creator is somebody who takes the knowledge that they have or learning or all in there then they're both sharing their experience or sharing people's experience. And then using that in many cases, the entrepreneur is the one who at the end of that pretty pretty pretty simply put, so as your journey could you describe from consumer to creator, Could you could you and we titled this it's all about mindset. Could you touch on that piece of the mindset as well as what else has been the big things that really move the needle for you, between the most important six inches, but also the most the most? It's a bad neighborhood up here for me. I don't know about you sometimes.

Tonita:  With the money system,

Dave:  I don't like to go up there alone. You know, I like to take a flashlight, but what has it been like for you to transition from consumer to creator and entrepreneur? Well, by nature, I'm

Tonita:  appealing. And so I definitely cared what other people thought. And I don't want to, you know, embarrass myself or anything like that. So I really had to come out of my shell when I was beginning to create create content, but I also knew that what got me to get the 15 Day Challenge and by the 15th Lunch was I saw somebody like I said that was half my age with a lot of kids that I could relate to so I try and be relatable and be as honest as possible. I have never danced around and said I make $20,000 a month. I've never ever said anything that I don't already do or have or whatever. I just felt like I'm going to be as open and honest and real and genuine because people eventually are going to buy from me and not you know not not any lie or something that I'm saying on a TikTok or an Instagram video. Like I feel really I'm very confident that like I'm not going to have any false promises I'm never ever gonna promise to get rich quick. I'm never gonna promise Oh, and you know X amount of months you're going to be leaving your nine to five. I'm very, you know, very real and what my journey has been. So and I try to create content that is relatable to me, and I've just really tried to stop being shy being embarrassed being a people pleaser, you know, that sort of thing because I know that there's a lot of my friends see me on TikTok giggle and think it's funny and cute. What do you want to do? What is this thing you're doing? And so forth.

Dave:  Women are funny dudes. Dudes are like that, too. We say dumb little shit to people. Yeah. You know what I mean? In a minute. Right?

Tonita:  But it's yeah, like oh, you know, it's snowing. So good to see this and what are they going to do?

Dave:  I know I know. I am convinced that never gets easier and better gets better. And the best way to do it is it's just separate it. I'm just I'm, I have not met anybody just because what are you going to do? To educate your friends and family and just they're all going to be educated in a it's just it's so convoluted in this particular profession. In my opinion. It's best to consider separating family friends from your business endeavors and if they happen to fumble, I will have this big conflict about posting personal stuff for people in my personal life like I have a Facebook, personal page groups, and then I have an Instagram personal page. And I haven't posted on that in over two years, either one of those pages and it's not affected my income that one time because guess what, your friends and family don't buy from you. a client will become a friend faster than a friend will become a client. Doing it for 10 years.  never changes. I love my friends and family. We're so humble. And just so legit and cool. And the rest we talked about if they will know how to handle themselves and I don't know how to handle that honestly. And all of their limiting beliefs and bullshit and it's, Hey, look, I got enough to deal with that with my own shit. And then just the clans that I'm trying to the people who have actually given me money to help them, let alone you, who's my buddy who takes off too, for granted and thinks that, you know, it's just so crazy. I   wanted to deal with your limiting beliefs and your skepticism, and I used to care and now I just don't know where you're going. It's been 10 years for me though. I'm actually at a place and listen, you got you all hope I'm not bullshitting. Like it's the friends and family thing that has legitimately been difficult to navigate. And it's you just got to find out what the healthy boundaries that you need to implement in your life. Yeah,

Tonita:  that's interesting because they've seen your fabulous success and yet they're still

Dave:  skeptical. They just get weird people are weird, you know that they are treating you differently and I mean, it's funny man, you know, I bet on both sides of the coin and when you're broke, you know in your No, you ain't got shit. Nobody wants to hear from you. You know, and we got and when they perceive that you have stuff and that's what the real kicker is, is when people perceive that you have things nobody. Here's the other thing, folks. I'm going to tell you something, though, like people, your friends and family are never going to be impressed by your $2 million stuff. But they're going to just go crazy when you pull up that $100,000 Range Rover usage to a depreciating asset they're gonna be like, yeah. Like, let me know whether you do it but seriously, so they're not even in cases where the right reasons. Yeah. So we have to be really careful about who we're trying to impress. For me. I got something that I wear around my neck right here. There's four names on three of my kids and my wife and I list that's it. I used to be the guy who was like, Oh, I got all these fans and shit out here who I'm impressing, but my wife was pissed at me. And it's like, you know, I gotta get our priorities in order as entrepreneurs. It's like I don't give a shit what people on the internet think. I care about what my daughter thinks. I care about what my son thinks. I care about what my wife thinks, you know, and these are people that I'm out to impress, you know, and they don't even want to be impressed. They just want me to take out the garbage and love on them. You know what I mean?

Tonita:  That's so huge because I I feel like my my husband and my kids are my biggest supporters. And I don't want to let them down and I want you to be an exam. I want to do what I say I'm going to do. I told them I wanted to do this. They were ecstatic. Oh, you could do this. This is great. We'll help you. They helped videotape my first TikTok And when I got my first big commission, they were the up and down. I mean, I think they were more excited than I was and that means everything. And so that that that's a great point. It's those you know, I have four kids and a husband it's those five people that matter I don't care what my friends say and what people say so the comments on TikTok the mean comments Dude, she's people really are both on TikTok and

Dave:  they'll never say to your face that's why you can you you can't we cannot even be bothered by people what they are saying and what they're projecting all their toxicity on to us. Excuse me. No, thank you. You know, we got to get rid of this and we gotta get real, a lot of conviction about who is important and who is no and it's not that I don't value my human life. I just don't value your opinions. You see what I'm saying? There's a big difference actually. There's a big difference and my friends and family love them for who they are. And as you know, somebody made a comment about separation of church and state. It's, you know, I try not to do business with my friends. Not because I don't want to support their businesses. It's just that I'm really sensitive about muddying up relationships. There's 8 billion people in this world. I do not. Johnny, my buddies. Money too, it's gonna ruin the relationship, learn how to generate cold leads, and you'll never refer to a friend again. You know, I mean, because this intrigued me to a lot of amazing people in my life, that fulfill all my business needs, and can relate to what I go through. So when I hang out with my friends, I never even have to talk about business. I can just go fishing. I can just screw off. I can talk about my recovery. I think that's been my solution. And people know that's how I operate and people don't know that about me now that I don't really want to talk about business and it's not that I don't want to explain myself. It's just when I'm off I like to be off. And so yeah, that's but but it's the whole trying to get friends and family to support you and understand what you're doing, my friends. Don't even bother. Find out and identify who are the most important people in your life, who are the four, three or four people, go to them individually and talk to them. And don't ask for their support. Tell them you're going to step your game on supporting them. As you know that you're going to be over here working on your business and you might not be as available as that and that's the messed up thing. That was a network mark. Had a guy. I can say his name but I want someone who says, “ Go and tell your friends and family for 90 days that they just need to leave you alone.” That's not how life works. Yeah. Not how life works. So we're going to take a route of massive personal responsibility, not of oh, I had a wild hair up my ass and want to start a business now the whole world including my most important people in my life, now, now all change. When they don't do what I want them to do, they're not supporting me. I gotta get clear. Who my inner circle is. Who is on the outside and I really do. I have Anna, middle and outer. Right? My inner self is my family. It's the four people in my outer friends and family. The middle is my friends and family. My outer is like everybody else. You know what I mean? I have people in the inner circle. I get to go to them and say I'm going to start a business. I want to make sure that you feel loved and supported as I go through this and to do this. Hopefully it works out and all that but the front end, then daddy is going to start a business and I need you to not come in here and bother me or say I'm going to start a business and I need you to leave me alone for the next three months and really support me. How do you think any human is gonna react to that? You're selfish prick take up No, we're not doing this, you know. So I don't know if I have a different approach. I think that a lot of the gurus out here, really this shit. The things that they say doesn't don't work in real life. You can't just go to your family and say oh, I need 90 days night. you know what I mean? So all of these things, including how, you know, this pursuit of friends and family validation, it's never going to happen. And these are the people who you really want to make sure that this all is beneficial to them too. I mean, those of you who have kids, aren't you doing this sort of thing for your kids? So it's like to show you as a father or a mother how to build a business and have a life and that's what I want to make sure that all of us are doing is not preaching the dream and living a nightmare. But actually talking about entrepreneurship, about freedom in designing our life in a way that creates freedom. We can't just, it's not just gonna happen like that. You have to define it. What real leadership is, is taking the role to say these are the important people in my life. These are who I need to really make sure I take care of and are supported and support me and here's the friends and family need to really be clear that I'm not ever going to get them all happy and they're mostly all gonna probably think I'm stupid, until I pull some big depreciating asset into the driveway and they're all impressed by that. And they'll think I'm successful. And then there's everybody else who you know, you have to really categorize people in terms of so that makes it feel pretty silly when you know Yeah, and Jack, Jack did from wherever to leave the shitty comment on my TikTok to it's like you're not even my middle circle.

Tonita:  Right? You're not even Yeah. And don't you think the way that we behave in a way that speaks volumes to our children and ourselves when we say it's always what we do you know, the kids have seen me all the ups and downs and still pursuing and still putting one foot in front of the next just like I tell them I'm gonna be the hypocrite if I just don't like to talk account got banned. You know, it speaks so much to them that, you know, I'm just continuing. I'm going to move forward and this is how my husband is self-employed. He's a general contractor. He's had many many ups and downs especially in this economy and it's like you just what would that say to our kids, you know, nothing comes.

Dave:  You know how to help with the taxes and everything it is that's a real you got to be good. We're in

Tonita:  business for 20 years so that seems something he is he's he perseveres and it hasn't been easy and the kids have witnessed it all and hopefully, it's planted seeds in them that life isn't easy. No comes for free. Everything is work. And that's okay. The good stuff is at the end,

Dave:  right? It has you know, our kids can never articulate or vocalize the impact but I have a 22 year old son and the the his ability and thinking and rationale and coping mechanisms and all these things that I when I was, you know, just just also, I mean, in some respects trying to figure out ourselves but my, my wife was or wasn't real because I got my older older son back in my life when I got clean. I was wondering if the things that we were doing were making an impact, because I got him full time with my wife and I when he was 10. Eight years, but man they watch, they watch, watch what they watch. And they can't particularly say what they're learning at that age. But when you see them doing those things, it's it's it's it's it's the most fulfilling feeling and I know your kids, I know your kids. will be filled with lessons and values from all the things that she has been persevere through, including this, including this. So if you were to give advice to your child saying they were starting out Don't let money succeed. And they're just getting started. They're maybe going through the challenge or they're just kind of trying because most people that are listening to this have already at least kind of the challenge or maybe they're thinking about getting the blueprints and are thinking about taking them seriously or seriously. They're wondering is this a cost? Is this an investment? Is this a waste of time? Is this an investment of time, like, you know, you thought and that you told us how you were skeptical and so forth. Would you speak to yourself back then and that person who was in that same spot wouldn't?

Tonita:  That's a great question. I think just believe in yourself, have a great support system. Some do not have a support system. So you really have to believe in yourself. I'm a Christian, so I definitely have faith in God and I thought God you know, I prayed about it a lot. And I felt like this was the right thing for me in my family to do. I never thought it was going to be easy. And I knew that God taught me a lot. This experience and he has a lot. And so I guess my advice would be to just keep one foot in front of the next and continue pursuing knowledge. You know, just incredible, like I have gone back and listened to several modules over and over again and you get new information because as you get access in this business, you have a different mindset and you start looking at things a different way and you receive the information. Really, you know, that's why I love going back to the 15 Day Challenge. It's really basic raw information. And now I listened to it and I received the information so much differently because at the beginning, information overload is so much which is great, but you can only absorb so much. And so just continue being a student and continue being Learning never arrived. And I think you would even say that Dave, that you're still learning different things and I mean the business is constantly changing. I'm a total newbie, and I'm a newbie with so much to learn. I

Dave:  I guess there are people who maybe think that I think I know it all or however I don't know, I don't know what people think. But if you could actually come in my body and you could feel what I see on a daily basis the anxieties, sweats and the flies in the stomach and feeling sometimes like something's boring, new or I mean, folks, nobody around. Nobody gets to a place where they don't feel anymore. I know that we are in this. I guess this is this weird social media society where everybody's just putting on a bullshit smokescreen. It's one of the reasons why I tried to do this show and don't create a bunch of stars short form because I really actually want you I really actually want to, like I'm not doing I'm doing this also because it's therapeutic for me and I can be well I can relieve a lot of the pressure of have all you sons of a bitches thing that I gotta get out. I don't get it. I didn't get any of it figured out. I mean, figure it out up until the first how to go from year to year 20. I know the damnedest thing about it. Yeah, I don't know that. This thing about how to live the day that I'm living in today Morrow, I because I've never done it before. Never. Yeah, why is that different from anybody else? Got it that there's some nuances about marketing about funnels and setting up some of the tech But folks, look, I just bought a 30 foot 30 boat Knology that I've actually considered or thought, well, I need a rocket scientist to actually understand how to operate, but guess what I had to do? Go through the trainee for God's sakes and get it you know what, this ain't entertaining training. It's a horrific owner's manual. It's just through it just for those of you who think that anything, you know, we see it all the time. There's comments Oh, the tech and I can't get the funnels and this and that. And it's like, anything you do. There is going to be a learning curve. You are not going to, I mean look alright, I'm done with the Internet. You know what I'm done with land. I'm just done with everything. I'm just gonna go fishing. I'm gonna just go fish, fish on commercial fishing boats. Ready? Go out to the dock the guy says you ever fished before you go No. Do you have any? Do you know anything about this group or boat? Do you know what kind of boat you know? I don't know. I just don't really want to get off. I don't want to get rid of it everywhere you go. You're gonna have to learn some things. You want to go work at McDonald's. They're gonna have to learn the oil thing. You don't get burned. Because I'm that type of biomass couple of five years ago at a family barbecue. We were grilling something there being a man, dad, president and a client what do I do? I place my entire palm. I'm just gonna somebody an asshole and put my entire hand on the top of the grill. Not even thinking that it was hot. Why? Because I'm not a chef. I'm not a grill. Cook, idiot when it comes to preparing. So if I think oh, I'm done with this internet thing, I'm at a restaurant. I need to go in and learn how not to enter the emergency room with all the oil and the ovens and the hot stuff. So there's always going to be a learning curve with whatever we do. Just choose your poison, right?

Tonita:  Yeah, just go out there and do it. You know, like, a lot of people are afraid to do a live it's like as soon as you get 1000 followers and alone. Just doing something new every day. You know, push yourself. I'm trying to do a new module every day. I just try and do something every day to, you know, get my brain rolling and different. You know, watch one of your videos. I just think it's just to continue being a student and learn as much as you can.

Dave:  Jeff says you don't get rich fishing except with a phishing formula. My mail from the blueprints the phishing form, yeah. Excellent. Love it. Love it. We'll end on that. No Tonina, it was a real pleasure. I really hope that if we invite you here in a couple of months, you'll be willing to come back.

Tonita:  That would be great. Thanks so much for having me. It was a pleasure.

Dave:  See you until your husband

Tonita:  legendary. Thank you so much back to you. Alright, see ya.

Dave:  All right, my friends. It is Thursday. Exactly 11 am Eastern Time. For exactly one hour , there were so many gold nuggets in there. You might want to be careful. You might get rich if you listen to it again. Alright my friends. We will be back here tomorrow for another episode. Another powerful conversation: do something that's going to make a big difference in your business today, or even do something that's going to make a small difference or be Legendary.

Why Mindset Is The Most Important Part Of Success

Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: What's going on my friends it's your boy Dave Sharpe. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. I just rolled out of bed about five minutes ago. So I am waking up legendary this morning. This morning we had a factory worker and teaching assistant of 23 years. Nichole is welcome to the show. What did you do in the factory?:

Nichole: An assembly line and inspection. And I remember wanting to make my son breakfast in the morning and take him to school.

Dave: That sounds like a good reason to want to get out of factory life. Explain to folks what it was like to be a teacher’s assistant.

Nichole: I didn’t like college. I help kids who are struggling with math.

Dave: You wrote in about your brother passing, I’m really sorry that happened.

Nichole: That is where my journey began. March 21st 2021 my 26th brother was killed on his motorcycle by a distracted driver. He was on his phone and his life was over that day. After some of the shock wore off time began a strange phenomenon. I could almost physically hear a clock tick. I started to feel like I was aging faster, my parents were aging faster, my kids were getting older faster. And I was aware that we’re only here for a certain amount of time and I started to look back on my life and ask myself Nicole, what have you done with the last 21 years? What will your kids remember about you? When they're older that you chose all the overtime you could get? You were always tired. You were always stressed about money even when you weren't working? What will they remember about you? And I wasn't happy with what my answers were. And so I knew I knew that I needed to take my time back. 

Dave: What a story, what a perspective and what a deep what a deep. Why, you know, and that doesn't mean that you can't still have bad days and that doesn't mean that you can still feel like given up sometimes and I don't want folks to listen to this and be like, oh Nicole's been delivered stone tablets itself and now has some motivational touch but my lord or do you feel connected and motivated by these by these things that you've just told us about?

Nichole: Absolutely, Barb McGowan. I do want to mention her because she's amazing. And we had a conversation, and I don't even think she realizes what a blessing that conversation was to me. But she said, Nicole, your Why should make you cry. And it absolutely did. And it does. And I think that as humans we're so used to feeling weak or vulnerable when we're in pain or an uncomfortable space, and that couldn't be further from the truth. The amount of strength and determination and power that is inside of your pain point or your unconscious base is unmatched. And I had to get inside of my why. And get in that uncomfortable space and stay there for a minute so that I could get my mindset right. You mentioned that in the first couple days the 15 day business builder challenge. Had I known the transformation that was going to create me, I had no idea. It was a painful, amazing, beautiful transformation. And I would purchase it over and over and over again. Yeah, it went so far. It went so far beyond affiliate marketing.

Dave: That's fantastic. Well, my journey has gone so far beyond I going I forget I'm doing affiliate marketing sometimes honesty and I until someone's you know, thinks this is just all about affiliate marketing. I'm like, Oh yeah, that's what we're doing here but it's, you know, the skills that we're developing here if one you and anyone else listening leans into this process instead of just stuck. We had a guy this weekend and God bless them. Okay, God bless him. But he bought our challenge on a gift card on Saturday and by Sunday, you know, was was emailing our customer support over and over and over and over and over again asking for a $7 refund. And it's like, those are two opposite extremes. You know what I mean? Those are two opposite extremes. And neither is wrong and neither is right and I'm not here to judge, but I'm just observing human behavior. And I've seen so many people over the years and it's amazing how hard we work to fail. You know, we just we work so hard to struggle, you know, because we're unwilling to let go of beliefs and we're unwilling to let go of different perspectives or we're unwilling to let go of certain identities. And like you've just talked about each person's transformation looks totally different. And that's one of the big things I really want to drive home. Is it if you feel anything going on some uncomfortability and you lean into it, some some some thoughts of, oh, I'm good. This is going to fail and I'm going to be a miserable failure, but you stay the course. And you don't let your feelings just totally dominate your life and get it i over II I learned that in drug treatment, and I'll never forget that. It's not that feelings aren't important. But my feeling is especially when I'm doing something new can be all over the place. I can be I can be walking around like my father's feelings that he gave me from his father and I don't know what's really real I need to take a step back. That's good. Listen to Wake Up Legendary and why we do it every day. Because sometimes I need to find a good trusted person. I need to listen every day and that will help lubricate the joint so I can start stepping into my own bit my potential is really what it boils down to. And Nicole, it's not that your job in the factory wasn't meaningful. It's not that you're, it's not that your teacher's assistant work isn't meaningful. It's not any of that. But you're but it's it's it's not where you want to be and it's not it's it's caught you know, you can do something about it. The thing that's the first big decision is really actually deciding that I can change this. And you look back at yourself and I do too sometimes at some of the things that I did for multiple years, do you ever look at the 10? Or how long did you stay in the factory?

Nichole: 23 years between two factories.

Dave: So do you ever look at it? Obviously that was a part of your big moment, right? You kind of looked at what you said with your own words just a moment ago. I was 41 and I said What have I accomplished? That sort of was the moment of truth for you. It was a question similar to that. Right? Nichole: Well, I look back at my children's legs, right. That's the most important part of my life. That is my purpose. My wife. And I realized that I believed and my firstborn is now 16 and my baby is now six, and I missed it. I missed it. Because if I wasn't working, I would be exhausted because I've always been a really hard worker. I was raised by a single mom who never complained and she taught us you don't have time to sit down and cry about it, get up and work. And so I always kind of patted myself on the back. You know I took pride in how much I worked. But I was trading the best parts of my life for that paycheck. And so when he passed away, my brother, I realized that I'm not here forever. He was 26. And what am I going to do with the time that I have left here? And I'm not I'm not trying to sound sad or depressing or anything but that was just my personal reality. That's real. For me. And I just became so aware of the choices I make and how they will affect not only my life, but my children's lives. And I needed to do better and I knew that I could but I had to get my butt up and work.

Dave:  I am powerful from what I heard right there also and I talked about this for a decade and a day the other day with that group and it was very simple, it was a very simple, very simple slide initiative over entitlement. And it really is early. It's one of the big differences between the mindset that a lot of us have coming in and the mindset that we need and a lot of us come in with an attitude of entitlement where you know, it's amazing. I mean, I think I am just now coming to terms with the fact that the world really doesn't owe me shit. But I haven't. I haven't really liked that's a big pill to swallow. Seriously. It is. When you really really just come to terms with that nobody owes me shit. Yeah, nobody owes me a damn thing. And I don't owe anybody anything. Really like today and I'm not talking about little things where maybe I owe somebody an apology or an amends. I'm just saying. on a large scale, nobody's coming to save you, me, anybody. They might send us a check for $1,200 to get through a global you know what we do? I'm sure everybody felt really saved. Right? Nobody's coming to save you and nobody owes you shit Dave. And and I and in that initiative, even to come up with your own why? I mean people, the divide between entitlement in having initiative seems to be so thin for a lot of people. Because you know, I don't know, I don't know whether it's that we had things done for us whether it was how we were trained in school or a job. But I see a lot of people struggling because they don't know the difference between taking initiative and having entitlement. How would you define the difference between the two and how that applies in this having your own business.

Nichole: I really think that we go back to our mindset. You really have to dig for why you really have to. This is a business where you have to take ownership of your actions. Then, I don't know how to. I'm trying to come up with the right words.

Dave: Well, this business and actually, as you were talking when you were talking about your why what I was thinking about is the fact that you said you have to dig deep but I actually think that you just have to open your eyes and have some awareness to look around your life. And I will probably find your right why real quick, but I think that most of us live in a pretty deep seated denial about how bad things are or about how much we're not paying attention to our children or about how much we're stressed out over money. And I think that if we just open our eyes like you did, you said that just a second ago you said, you know, I gained awareness, I gained awareness and folks that's what I think how you can find your why is just be honest. If I guarantee you any. look up the definition of entitlement dammit google it. Don't you ask that in the comments. Then I see you over to Google in order to learn how to You Be resourceful. Okay, yeah. So, man, I think we can all just open our eyes and look around and find a pretty damn good reason if we're honest. To get our app in gear that was a thought that came up for me.

Nichole: But when I say digging, it's because I think we go through life and not everybody. And it's me telling my story. So in a perfect post, we coast through life or I had coasted through life that it was just normal to send my kids to daycare because well I have to go to work and it's normal to be tired after you've worked 12 hours in a factory so my why was very pretty deep. And that's where again, I had to go back to the mindset.  I had to dig, I had to do the work was truly a painful process. And one that I would do over and over and over again. Because it was so worth it. And it all started with education didn't you know I told you I had looked back on my life and you know that all started with my brother but I had truly begun the process of going in and tending to my own mindset. And until I started the education and to be really honest with you, I started I bought the challenge and on February 7 started the rest of February, March and even the first week of April. I was creating content and just nothing was happening. I had to stop, go back. Because I would ask if Psy was my business plan advisor and he was so helpful. I'm so thankful for him but I would say Stein, why isn't it working? What if it doesn't work? And he said Nicole, you say it one more time and never help you again. What he was really saying was affiliate marketing works, your education works your networking or I would say die I don't know what what, what kind of content. I can't hear you.

Dave:  That's what you heard from sigh he didn't say exact words. But sometimes it's up to us to translate what others are saying or find meaning in a situation. That's the initiative versus entitlement. It's not sighs job to find your meaning for the

Nichole: Right. I would say sigh I don't I'm stumped on what kind of content to create, I don't know anything. And he would say this was what you do know what he was saying is have you not learned anything in the education? You took the whole education, have you not learned anything? I learned something but I learned it with the wrong mindset. So I stopped. I didn't create any more content. I actually took my tic tac down and started again. And I took a few weeks off and I went back through the education time with the mindset that I should have had the whole time when I went into it thinking I'm doing something great because I'm taking the first step and going through the education. What I was really doing was focusing on the result because I was so uncomfortable where I was, I was missing all the good stuff. The journey of all the good stuff was in the middle, and I missed it. So I had to go back and I had to do it again. And I encourage anybody that may be struggling, stop and go back. Education works. It's proven this is a business we have to take ownership of. Just have to and it's worth it.

Dave: It is proven, and I wish I could say that I invented it. I actually did it. You know what I mean? Yeah, I'm just the messenger. You know, I'm just a guy who's used the skills. I mean, I've invented some things that you know, that I think that anybody else could invent which are little systems or processes that you name so they kind of become yours. Like anybody can do that. You're right. Inside was right. And what you just said was possibly one of the most powerful things that's ever been said. Just that how you describe that and I think if we're honest, we really slow down and look at how we behave throughout this process. We'll see that we were also either excited or anxious about the result, fearful or, you know, excited are usually the two. The two two feelings that we feel that we feel excited and we feel that we suffer right, you know, and you're right, a lot of times we miss the magic of the, you know of the journey of the ride. It's sort of like going on vacation, right? And you know some of the best conversations happen on road trips. Sometimes you get to know people better than if you just have your headphones on the whole time, or you just have the radio on the whole time and you're only focused on the destination. Now all of a sudden, you're getting to know whoever you're with when you get there and instead of you. So you're right. There's a lot of magic that can happen. On the in the journey on the way there the things that you can see and the things that you can pick up the people that you can talk to and I'm actually speaking about of a physical journey, but the same thing happens with with education as I'm going through the challenge or the blueprints or whatever I've got in front of me to do. It is important that I lean into that and really take it in and then say how can I apply this. How can I apply this? How do I apply this in my business right now? And what most of you will find when you go through the education is it's actually purposefully not. I'm not one of those gurus who likes to speak over people's heads and talk about all these complicated philosophies. I'm sure we can all get fancy, but you'll find that the education is rather straightforward and that there's concepts like the fishing formula and the blueprints that help you just to go into any niche and figure out who your customer is how you can get them to come to you how you can funnel them in your funnel, how you can make more money from selling them more products. I mean, there's a lot here and you're right that training does work and even still with all that proof around some folks, you know, we'll come up with any damn excuse to work really hard to continue to suffer and struggle. And that's why I think that your comments about mindset and why we talk about it here so much even though y'all get tired of it. But it's true. It's so powerful. It's so needed and so much of the things that we bring in and are carrying around or not even ship it's ours. I mean it's you talking about your mother and you're talking about your family in fact, Come on Nicole, you're a product of your environment. And now you're stepping out into the global world and sort of saying, Hey, I'm here Nicole's here and I'm gonna, I'm gonna dominate some shit. But up until this point, you're really a product of your environment, right? I mean, did you know I grew up where I still live? So it'd be very easy for me to get involved in the local community and have a job like that. And you know what, folks, that's not a bad life. Nobody's here to say that's a bad life or that we don't look down on anybody. But it's about your satisfaction. It's about you. None of us came and knocked on your door and told you to come to legendary yo you are looking for something you are interested in. And in here you are and many just to finish this point and then I'll let so many of you be right here at the front door of your dreams. Even if it's just education in this industry, maybe you're like hey, this David Sharpe guy screwed him. But the information nozzle is this industry, this business model using platforms, digital platforms, is the way of the future and I think it's the way of the future that's a healthy bet versus NFT's and Kryptos which are still so speculative. We don't this is not going anywhere selling information, running ads, building organic profiles and then selling them information products. I promise you will never ever go away and most people I think will start to pick up on the business model and say I've ever I can't this person is literally selling information they're not even shipping manufacturing doing anything people are gonna pick up on like holy hell. This is an incredible business model. But what were you thinking? You look like he wanted to say a minute ago and I was just ranting,

Nichole: Oh, no, you weren't ranting. I think you know, when we were kids, our parents didn't have the opportunities we have now. Right? So that's just the way it was. Even 16 years ago. This opportunity wasn't wasn't available. There was barely even a MySpace. We have opportunities that we didn't have back then. And so we can move differently now. When I started this, I told three people and those same three people or only the same three people that I know to this day, and the reason I only told three people was because I knew how fragile I was. Even constructive criticism would have been enough to turn me upside down. So I told my mother because she's my best friend, my husband and my 16 year old son, and my biggest and only supporter was my 16 year old. He would see me on my computer and you're like, I am so proud of you. And yes, I love this. But the reason he was so it was so easy for him to be so supportive is because he is of a new generation. He has not been programmed to trade 40 5060 hours of his week for a paycheck. He knows everything is done online. Things are changing. The world is changing, and monetizing the internet and the social media platforms that we use every day has never been smarter. It's the best thing you can learn how to do and he knows that because he's 60.

Dave:  Right? Good for him. And I think you're making such a good point. You're a wise person. I mean, why did we not have the opportunity that we have today 16 years ago 20 years ago. So you son of a gun out there better take advantage of it never being this good before right. It really is something and you're right. I mean even back when I started MySpace was still kicking. Still had a little life left in it. And you know, Facebook was on the come up. You know, that was where all the older folks were on Facebook. It's kind of like a boomer hangout. Yeah, it's still kind of it. You know, I don't think the boomer generation has made it over to the other places yet but they're gonna comment and their Obi and they're buying people you think that they are buying off TikTok? You think they ain't buying off Instagram? Crazy they are buying is going out of style. So, I mean, we've got a potential now just a few months ago, I mean, the economy was going crazy. Now we're on the verge of a potential recession. I mean, who knows where things are going. How were you feeling about that? Now that you're in a different situation? Then you were? You know, with the factory and so forth. How are you viewing? Are you even paying attention to things like that? What do you think, okay, by going over the next year, where's the world going over the next year? What's your perspective?

Nichole: I really tried to avoid news as much as possible, some as unavoidable. You know, there's not a whole lot of great stuff happening. 

David Sharpe: So that's the last 60 seconds. They usually air some sort of positive news, Nicole now don't be so negative.

Nichole: Now, if we're heading straight into a recession like I feel like we are in we're going there. Now it's all built on Sunday bitches are going it just gives me all the more reason to know that I made the best choice and why everybody should learn how to create multiple streams of passive income. There's never been a better time than now. 


Dave:  2008 2009 just kind of happened. It's coming online and I don't remember there being any sort of nobody's buying online. I mean, people were buying online, just like the world for the big thing that happened over the last couple of years, you know, I mean, yes, would we ever have all the haulers and all this? Would they have ever imagined that it would have been like that? So, you know, we say recession that doesn't mean that everybody's going to stop buying people's behaviors are likely going to shift but I remember in the 2008 through 2010, whatever when the kind of housing economy collapsed, and everybody was in a massive recession, everybody was losing their and I was just getting clean. I was like, I kind of like I kind of rose up from like a pile of ashes. Like, my life sucks. I'm trying to get clean now. Everybody's in a recession. I just lost my house. And I never had a house you know? But now I do. Yeah, so I'm not going to change anything that I'm doing. You know what I mean? I'm not gonna change anything that I'm doing. I'm not I'm not we're not doing anything different here at legendary, because people are going to be buying in. It's already been proven people are going to be they might you know, traffic might slow down a little bit or sales might take a little bit of a dip. But get in the game long term. Don't compete like the month last month when you start and then this month and act like you've been doing it for 20 years. I mean, those of you who are just getting into this and this year if we have a little recession or a big recession, whatever. Understand that the traffic that leads to sales, they're going to fluctuate. They're just going to fluctuate and then it's important to your long term growth your year over year, month, over month or year over year, not your day over day. You know, sometimes we get to like micro on this and we want to. I'm not getting any, any sales in the last two days or whatever. Well, I can remember when I, you know, days and days and days where I didn't get any sales and I was getting sales I had started to get sales. That doesn't mean that you're in a recession. It just means that you know, people these are real human beings and I think sometimes we forget about that. And if you're looking at human beings like and I'm saying this is for anybody who's new and listening, like if you're looking at this business with an entitlement of a commission. What you're really doing is you're looking at people like a piece of meat and like they're just a $1 sign and not thinking that it's an actual human being on the other side who is not going to give you shit unless you give them something else. It doesn't matter recession or not, you're not going to win. You know, whether it's recession or not over the next year to whatever as the global economy expands and contracts like it's done for the last 100 years. It's important that we all stay consistent. Because what happens and this is what I did I started this wake up legendary show. We were doing it but Matt and I forgot he probably was like you should go live and I was like, did it and it was Ben Bosco. Excuse me, but in March 2020 of March, I was just like, No, yeah, let's do this. Let's do this. Let's go live every day. All right, well, we'll do it. And, man I'm telling you like we acted at the beginning of the last big world event. We acted. That's the definition of to do if you think the world or the economy or the marketplace is about to do some contract. You don't contract with it, you write when others are fearful and greedy. That's what Warren Buffett says and when others are greedy be fearful, right be concerned. Right. So as other this is a part this is how an entrepreneur wins. This is how you win in a market. If anybody is wondering what to do over the next year, expand as others are contracting because they're getting fearful. They're afraid they're scared. They're looking for leadership, they're looking for direction, they're looking for hope. And if you're there and can give that to them along with something that's solid, some educational plan. You're gonna crush it throughout this next year. But if you contract and get fearful along with everybody else, sorry. The world doesn't owe you anything. The world doesn't owe you anything either. You know what I mean? If that's what you try to do, and I'm talking to myself, I'm talking to everybody out there. I love this because I get to see things every day that remind me of the truth. And the truth shall set us free in our business. The truth shall set us free. We believe a lot of untruth or half truths about what creates success but as you've outlined today, very, very powerful in the few little nuggets that I've thrown into the real secrets are the real these are the secrets that you that you're willing to pay the big bucks for from Sadhguru or Goblin, but we just gave them to you for free. So use the call. Thanks for coming on and come back and see us any final thoughts or final words I want to share your ticket account with everybody as well so they can go and connect with you hustle with 30

Nichole: Alliance magazine by the way, nickname alright birdie, since I was born. I would just really encourage anybody who may be struggling to get back inside of your why get back inside of the uncomfortable space that drove you to make the decision to start affiliate marketing. We are used to feeling weak and vulnerable when we're in pain or uncomfortable and that can't be further from the truth. There is power there, strength there is grit and determination inside of that pain point inside of that uncomfortable space and to use it you have to take a step back and do it again. Do it again. Your followers, I have a very slow moving slow growing tic tac a few months ago that really hurt my feelings. Now I see that I have effectively narrowed down my target audience. And there's 3000 People not numbers, not followers. People are where I was a few months ago, and they're just waiting to take a leap. Keep posting, give them a reason to know, like and trust you and when they're ready. They will come back to you, keep going and back to their education. We're a powerhouse, powerhouse.

Dave: I hope you don't have to go back to the factory again. I know you won't if you don't want to know you know you your your spirit in your information, your wisdom and your ability to be able to now share with others because you've done the work Nicole is incredibly unbelievable, and you deserve and I'd like to just give you the utmost permission even beyond what you've given yourself already. To go out there and speak with unbelievable conviction and confidence. Because I don't care how much money you've made. If you were out there marketing, make money online or education. I would not care how much money you make, because you are a global leader. In your speech nothing but the truth. And I can tell that you've done the work by the thing that you're saying so seriously, you are a badass. So come back and see if you'd be willing for us. We'll get to the second round first and then we'll do a third if you're not sick of me yet. Absolutely. I'll talk to you later. Talk to you later. Bye. Thank you. All right, my friends. Hi, Matt. You're going to join us. We got Matt and we got Nicole on the show now. I didn't add myself but I don't know. Morning. Oh, how are you doing? We're actually wrapping up now. So get the hell out of here. All right, Nicole, I'm not gonna go out of here. All right, my friends. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go do some real work now. That I'm all fired up. This was we're at work, that's Papa Don. Viewing right in the viewing speaking and if you ain't filming you a word, right man oh man. Oh wow. Just got to marinate when we put her tick tock link up there. This was a powerful, powerful, powerful episode worth a read. And I'm telling you right here right now if you're listening to this, and you need a reminder keep this one on in your play deck. You know what I mean? Keep this one on your saved playlist. Because the things that she talked about, about how she progressed to the beginning of her journey and how she chose to view things to empower herself, versus disempower ourselves was just absolutely breathtaking, masterful, and amazing. And every interviewer on every show is wonderful, but I thought that one about the mindset piece and how she just there's a lot of gold in there. All right, my friends in there make her do something. Yes, please rewatch my boy. please rewatch as equals these rewatchs are so powerful. Such gold nuggets. Theresa. Thanks for being Gail. Thanks for being on Maurice. Thanks for being here. Sarah. Good to see you, bro. Spiros. Ruth, Ruth, good to see you. Tammy. I see you too. Nice to see you too. All right, my friends all right, Brian. Man, Kevin. Good talk, Teresa. All right. We'll see you're getting that edge your education will not fail you will not fail you in neither will your mindset you have inside you what it takes to be successful.

How To Bring In A Six Figure Income Through Affiliate Marketing As A Married Couple



Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: I have been looking forward to this show all week. When I found out that we had Megan, Ryan Hobbs, on this Thursday. I said in my best Ric Flair. Woo! It's going to be a good day. Alright, with that being said, What's up people how. Y'all doing?

Megan: we're doing wonderful. Oh man, what a hype man. 

Dave: Yeah, yes, yes, gotta, gotta, gotta channel that in a Rick, you know, When I, when I need it. So look for those who don't know, or weren't around our new YouTube channel. It was my first time ever meeting you. This was what nine months ago? 

Ryan: Over a year and a half, it's been. 

Dave: Yeah, Okay, right, about a year. So over a year and let's call it in the middle of 2020. You're in a different spot in your house. Okay, I remember it like it was yesterday. Ryan was sitting there, reminding me very much of myself, you know, basically saying, honey. Just trust me. We're gonna do this, we're, we're gonna make it happen. And Megan was sitting over there, like, I'm here, and trusting my husband, and I'm not really sure what we're doing exactly, But I know we need to do something. And as Andre Miller, one of our BPaaS in his story. He and Brittany have a similar story to where Brittany was like, what do you do and you can't do this, and Andre said, What do you ever plan, and she said no. And, and. And so they began, as did you and you both were brand new, just getting started, and we talked, and Ryan, you kind of acted as if you were, you're already successful in a sense you had television, and an excitement for what you were doing, and Meg and I can tell that you were excited to learn and go along for the journey. Now we're in here a year later, and you guys have, it's almost been like, what it feels like like longer to me like you guys are like Staples now in this community, your staples on social media platforms you have people who look to you as leaders and mentors, and you have a following, and an audience. And, obviously, I'm telling a snapshot, a little bit of your story, but I just want to ask, first of all, How does that feel?

Megan: Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would have been, where it is now. Never. I mean, we are blessed,

Ryan: Very blessed to be where we're at right now, Dave.

Megan: It’s taken a lot of frickin hard work, but it's been worth every up till 3am answering comments or stressing over this email or that email or taking an hour to edit a freaking TikTok video. It's all blood sweat and tears that we've put into this.

Ryan: So, yeah, as you stated, When we first got started. I remember that first call just as well, because we've just gotten our first commission. And so I think that's where my energy was coming from in that call, even though it was 12 bucks.

Megan: Just because it solidifies like this can work. This can work. And then it was shortly after that we had our first high ticket commission. I was upstairs in the kitchen making cocoa bombs to sell to try and get some extra income. I hit my knees, because I was just like, holy crap and then Matt told me once he said you know you're asking the right questions and it's gonna snowball, and when it starts to snowball. It does, and yeah, he was absolutely, absolutely right. So, it's just getting over those, those hurdles, asking the questions. And having that as Ryan says that I'll be damned. If you really want to make this work, you're gonna make it work. Yeah,

Dave: I can imagine, both of you are proud of each other. I can imagine that Ryan You're proud of your wife. I can also imagine that Megan, you're proud of Ryan, am I right?

Megan: Oh, yeah. 

Dave: Ryan, how does that feel to know where you guys were in probably some of the conversations that you had that we didn't see or hear that all of us married couples have and to and to know that you know you have Megan sitting by your side today, in, in tears, literally, in tears. With excitement and pride. How does that feel brother?

Ryan: Amazing. I remember the day that I lost my job. Last year, and you know that. A few minutes ago you were talking about that, and, you know, yes, I had an idea of what to do. And, you know you've made the comment about Meghan maybe not so much have any idea but actually when I got home after I cleaned out my office today I lost my job and I sat down on the couch and but it took me like 30 minutes to get home in that 30 minutes magnet already found like five or six places for me to put my resume or application and I mean, so as far as the plan goes she was thinking she and I remember telling her, okay that's fine. But I've been seeing this stuff on Tik Tok and online I think I want to start a business online and I can remember her, it's vivid in my head, she just kind of chuckled, and she goes, Yeah but you remember we got bills to pay her, like, I'm like, trust me I get I know what our responsibilities are, but, you know, and that's what started this whole thing. And just knowing that I have her support on this day, you know, and obviously it took some time it took some, you know, kind of explaining showing her some of the things that I had seen. And just talking about it together, and realizing that, alright, if this is really what's, what's best for us and for our family. Let's give it a try and she knew that those last few months, at my nine to five were miserable. And I wasn't happy and as she always tells people you know they liked me but, you know, they loved me but they didn't always like me because I was bringing that that toxic environment home with me as far as the mental and the tiredness and and stuff like that so for her to sit there on the couch and, and say, Okay, let's, let's see what we can do. Let's try this. That meant the world to me. And it has.

Megan: And then, you know. Fast forward seven months, he had actually put in, and we because we still hadn't made, like, really dollar one. Honestly, online, went through the 15 Day Challenge, things like that fast forward, he had actually put in an application at Home Depot, and he knew he was going to get the job as he had to insiders. And for me to sit there and the first time when he lost his job I had already sent him like I said, like he said like five job postings, and then he's like well I have this I have an interview and I just said, Hang on. We're okay for now, in the pit of my stomach, I know this is going to work. There's just something different about this there's something different about the training, the environment, the network, I'm like, I know this can work. And it wasn't, what, three days later, three days later he had a call with our mentor. Now, give him a swift kick in the ass. And it wasn't. Two weeks later, he had 10,000 followers on tape talking we're certain pulling, pulling money and keep

it, keep in mind for the first render I lost my job for about the first five six months we were trying to do drop shipping and ecommerce, and for those that don't know what that business model is, you know, go to Alibaba or AliExpress and get stuff from China and so you're right in the middle of a pandemic anywhere.

Dave: The only thing we got from China was a virus, right?

Ryan: So six months later, here it is, you know we have, we haven't really made a spike. We spent a bunch of money on ADS. And, yeah. And so, you know, I was actually scared to even tell Megan, that I paid $7 and signed up for the 15 day challenge, because I was like, what she's gonna see this as I'm just flailing around trying to find something that's going to work and I've done a 180 we were doing drop shipping now what was that what do we do, you know, I was afraid to you're like No, don't get a job. So, but, like she said, You know, we've had our ups and downs, obviously, as you know we're learning, still as new entrepreneurs that this is a roller coaster ride. And, you know, celebrate your wins when you have them, figure out how to get through your failures when you have those

Dave: As our job right, as I always, I always tell people to choose your adventure. Do you want to be on the adventure, as you know somebody working at a brick and mortar business and ice cream shop or Home Depot or whatever, or do, or do you want to be on the adventure of entrepreneurship. Neither is the right choice. It's about what is the right choice for you. And the beautiful thing is that we get to make that choice and. And when we own that choice and what I'm hearing, it's interesting because I was just leaving a comment on somebody who had made a post in our Blueprints Facebook group about, you know I still believe in LM and I still, you know, there's so many negative comments out here on the internet and so many people doing this strategy and that's, you know, and I said well, first of all, this is a business model that's bigger than LM. As a matter of fact for the last two years we've had, how to become an affiliate of our actual company down at the bottom of the site, a little link that you have to click, and people have found that and become because I think they want, they feel proud to represent those products and they know the sales material converts a business model here, we're teaching also strategies that you can use to sell information of your own or as an affiliate, there's tick tock, there's, there's, there's Twitter. However, the biggest thing that has made a difference in me is not believing in a company, but learning to believe in myself, and when you said Megan, stop. I feel differently about this one, and about what we're doing now. I wonder if there was also a shift in belief in you, and also in Ryan, that you knew that you could do this, because you had seen your work ethic, and you know who you are and who you can be at your best.

Megan: It went back down to, you know, the network of people that we were talking to and that we were seeing and what we're seeing on the white gap and we're like, I like this, this works. This is not some all smoke and mirrors smoke show, This works is a business model, it's not how to be an affiliate for legendary. It's exactly what you said you're teaching a business model. And that was what some of the grams and whatever that we had seen or researched. It wasn't that they were teaching that they were teaching how to do their product. Now we like to say that and that's why we keep bringing people into Legendary because okay well you, you learn this, you climb that first mountain, and then if you make money online is not your passion or fine. Take that out, plug in what you're going to do.

Ryan: Yeah, the strategy strategies in the business model are the same and we actually I'll be I'll say we actually struggled with that a little bit you know we rose to quick success with legendary. We're like, alright, things are going great, and we kind of got caught up and we, at one point time we had to learn to pivot, you know, and figure out okay how do we extract that product, if we're going to continue to promote that product and find other products that we could plug into this business model and this system that you taught, and you know we struggled with that for a little bit but we finally found our ground again with the help of, you know, mentors of ours, we were able to, yeah, we were able to, you know, get in there and make it successful. And we continue to make it successful and what you said as far as when she told me. No. All right, let's just hold off on that whole interview with Home Depot and things that, Again, it gave me a shock of support there. And, you know, determination that all right, she's willing to hang in here with me to do this, that means I need to get my ass in gear and get don't because I knew, I knew at the time what I needed to do and it was to make the videos that was what I struggled with the most when we first started, like, a lot of people. Yeah. And, you know, I like I said we got our own phone from somebody who is now our mentor, and he basically said, Look, this is what you need to do if you really, truly want to make this work. Here's what you need to do. How's golf that call I'm like, alright, I'll be damned. This is what I want to do. She supports me, if this is really what I need to do that I want to do it. Now that the videos were horrible and they suck yeah they were bad, but that everybody started out. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, I'm beginning to run ads on TikTok. Now, because it's a great platform to run ads compliance is a little bit different than Facebook because it's a new platform so they're accepting more variations of different content so forth and, you know, I'm changing, I'm taking my hat from market or from CEO, and a business operator to back into marketer, and I swear to God, Ryan yesterday I was, you know, I'm recording tick tock videos man, on TikTok.

Ryan: I love it.

Dave: I've got the phone up, you know, I'm sitting here on the desk and you know I'm coming up with creative ideas in creative ways, you know, as a matter of fact, I'll show you here just super quick. You know, I was sending them over to Matt asking for his feedback, you know what I mean, like, Give me, give me feedback, you know, I'll show you our Slack channel right here. So, you know, here's, here's the folder to put them in so I just start, I don't even put them in the folder I just want them to see them real quick, but I'm just recording them. Right, you know, I'm just doing my thing, right, like, right, you know, um, yeah, I do and then and then I'm like hard to make these short you know me as being back on those, right I like them, I think there may be hair on the adze side, but I think they'll be completely fine let's watch them for a few days and see what we get. I'll keep you posted. The ability to rapidly test these is game changing. I said I won't stop creating just want to get a few going fast. He's like, hell yeah, here's the big kicker: people watch these videos and start with a really kick ass headline here's a side hustle with almost no competition or here's that right. So, yeah, my point is, is that right, Matt and I are. It's never ending. Get back into the game and try new strategies and try new things, and I think people look at me, I like to show those behind the scenes moments that literally just happened yesterday, because that's what it's like. This is the adventure that I chose, and it's a damn adventure every day right but you mentioned doing the videos in there yesterday and I'll be today also doing videos.

Ryan: Yeah, this strategy, the strategies change, I mean you have to kind of roll with the punches and roll with the tide there and figure out exactly, you know what's, what's going on right now, to be in front of everybody and try to be in front of everybody. And so, the strategies are constantly changing. You know, whether it's your video content or your messaging or you know how you're reaching people you know, it's always changing. And I think that's what's kind of fun about it. You know, when I first started making videos like I said, I couldn't string two words together that made sense on a video whenever I put my phone up and hit the record but I just sounded like a bumbling bumbling idiot. And so, what my strength was, was to like take some music and I could sit there and just point at things that would come up, and that's how I got comfortable with doing the videos I did for a couple of months like that. But before I finally got to the point where I would, you know, actually talk on camera, where I felt like it, you know, made sense or looked decent. 

Megan: I still can't be in the basement if he's talking. Yeah, he actually bought, okay, you know, he goes like recording studios if they had the red light on the studio they're recording. Yeah, this guy over here, bought a color changing bowl to put at the top of our basement stairs and when that suckers red I'm like, I'm not doing that. I’m not going down. 

Dave: That is the corniest thing I've heard in a long time. I love that.

MeganL We also have three kids. Yeah, during, you know and you know going forward. During the summer, you have kids you know how hard it is to get work done.

Dave: Listen to what we did, we bought a separate house to work. We can’t work out of our house.

Ryan: My wife but with our kids and you know, we talked about renting office space, yeah. So yeah our basement is this the studio this little corner of our basement here and we turned into our studio and it was it was getting to a point where, you know, our son and Megan would be at the top of the stairs over there and they'd be carrying on a full on conversation while I'm trying to record a video, and I don't always do where I'm recording already audio, so it's not that big video but those times that I am getting up the courage to record audio and I'm already nervous enough as it is and I've got the courage and then I'm like halfway through it and then somebody starts a conversation upstairs, I'm gonna start all over again. So I'm like how can I, I kept, I kept thinking about this and I'm a bit of a tech nerd, myself, so you know we have home automations with lightbulbs and stuff like that. I am so I'm like you know what, I've got these color changing lights right above me I can put one of those on the stairs, I can tell Alexa when I wanted to turn red when I'm recording and that can be their sign that, even though you know our smaller kids, it's a visual for them now. If they start to go down the stairs and they see that red lines. I can go down here.

Megan: For me it’s that technical like if people want to comment I can't see the comments cuz we haven't been right out but if people are like oh that's really good. You have to have that kind of frickin piece of paper and write or something and post it on your damn door that's gonna help you create the videos to get your thing going.

Dave: No, I mean, I don't know if you guys recall during Christmas. Our son was born in 2020 . I stayed home for a month. My wife and I stayed home. I stayed home for a month and she stayed for longer. With him there full time, because we're blessed with a fantastic nanny, as well who, you know, helped out with him at this point. But, um, and I was in the garage, you know, I was in the garage. And I was just a lot, I was the weirdest thing too because I got, you know, a huge spark of inspiration that a lot of awesome work was done over that time period. And I was, I was just in my garage, you know, and I didn't even, even, whatever 10 years into the game. I didn't let being in the garage stop me, you know, I didn't let, I didn't let it be obvious that when I'm on camera I'm in the garage. I didn't let it stop me. I didn't need a cool background, you know like, and this isn't even a cool background now I mean it's just a, just a wood wall it's it's I got a light socket there and a broken light in the back here actually

Ryan: Peel and stick flooring and glue on the wall is like 50 bucks.

Dave: Yeah, I love that you guys are finding space in your home in doing a real, you know, let's make it work. It's just so I think what the comments are saying is my people love these two, I mean, you guys have really gone from, you know, where everybody is in starts in just over a year to now becoming sort of like internet famous in a sense, in our, in the community, right, and so many people know who you are both in our community but also out there. How, how does that feel and how do you how do you manage that, you know it's not different in it, it's got to be, you know, maybe there's some pressure there or like how do you how do you feel about that, do you yesterday we were talking with a guy from Switzerland, who, you know, doesn't have the sort of personal brand that you guys have he focuses more on YouTube and kind of doing review and tutorial videos. And you guys definitely have more of a personal brand where people know who you are. Give us that angle and talk to us a little bit about what it's like to have that sort of a business.

Ryan: Real quick before we do that, actually, it's very ironic that Simon was on yesterday because Simon is actually the one that got me to purchase the 15 day challenge that was his review that actually got ready to sign on with Legendary.

Megan: How cool? 

Dave: To get those reviews right that's, I think that's one of the things that it's important to remember is that you know when somebody for example buys the blueprints or just listens to the show every day we try to meet people no matter where you're at financially here, we you can learn, you can grow here. If you want to. But it's not just tick tock, it's YouTube, and it's Twitter, and there's all these different strategies that we can use and approaches that we can use. Simon's happens to be less about personal brand and more just about the content. You were looking for that information, you googled it or YouTube did his video pop up, you felt you felt confident or informed enough from his video to click his affiliate link, you bought. He got paid. You guys have focused more on Tik Tok and in sort of building more of a personal brand, again and Ryan recommends. So, yeah I'm just interested to hear that perspective and what that's kind of been like running that kind of a business.

Megan: It’s funny, so he does a lot of the content, and if he has to take a break or something like that and I'm starting to content, the messages or the comments on those videos where like, where's Ryan? Is Ryan okay? What's happening? Like, thanks guys. But it is, we are Megan and Ryan so if one of us has a simple way or something. People know we've branded ourselves so that people can put a face to the name. We were trying to build something that people can trust. And now we're now hiring people to help us in that and we're very selective of who we're bringing in because they are the face of us. It's humbling, but it's scary as hell, because for somebody to trust us to help them get to their goals. It's, it's, it's a heavy burden to lift sometimes, it's like, are we doing enough for these people, are we giving them enough value. Are we doing this right?

Ryan: But I think also, you know, it still hasn't as much as we are out there and as much as you know, we've made a brand or a name for ourselves. It's still. I don't think it's really hit home. As far as the reach that it's, that it's gotten we ever have to lead up to us in public that's when it'll hit. Yeah, it was still at a point where we're trickling where people that we do know, will come up and say, Hey, I saw you guys doing such and such on Facebook, Or I saw you doing such and such on Tik Tok or, you know, things like that so I don't think it's really like hit us or sunk in that there's, there's much of a reach but like what Megan was saying though. We have people that reach out to us and obviously we help them. We help them with their goals and their struggles and figure out you know what we can do to help them. You know, we've helped people that got started in this journey, and have been able to walk away from their nine to five, to reach their goals and things like that and so at first, when we do you know start helping someone it's like, like Megan says it's almost, it feels like it's a heavy weight on our shoulders, just to realize, can we actually help this person do what they need to do but then we look back at what we've done. And that's really all we do Dave is we tell them our story we tell them how we started, what did we use, how did we do this, how did we do that, how do we get past that failure, and things like that it's all personal experiences, and it's, again, it's been an amazing ride, and we're building confidence every day with the people that are helping and the testimonies that we get from the people that we have helped people that we help walk away from their nine to five, or, I mean we've got some, some pretty interesting stories of people that reached out to us that we had no idea when they first reached out what their story was, I mean, we're learning now months later after they're finally starting to see success with affiliate marketing we're learning now that you know, they had just lost their house, their family was living in a car, you know, they were down to their last dollar, that's when they reached out to us. We didn't know that. We didn't know that at the time when they, when they reached out. No, we start working with and we get to where they need to be and then you know four months later after they're making, you know, two or $3,000 online, Then they open up and they're like yeah man if it hadn't been for you this is where we were at and so we have a list of people that have given us those types of stories and it just warms our heart to know that what we're doing is really helping people.

Dave: How do you feel?

Megan: When you Oh crier can't help it. They go softer, I mean, I believe that, but um, so when I hear things like that. I'm like, and then it goes back to, you know what we were kind of talking about at the beginning, these people's mental health was just gone to crap, and then they saw a tick tock of ours decide to follow decide to reach out and it's like, wow, we've had an impact on somebody's life. And again, we didn't know that at the time and a lot of the young people who are watching you might be making videos or pinning pins or tweeting or whatever it is, keep doing it, because you may not think you have an audience but you've got an audience, and what you're doing very well may, may help somebody.

Ryan: So it's just one thing that we've tried to do Dave. I was very impressed with you in the very beginning, when, when we purchased our Blueprints. It wasn't just a few minutes after that, I got a video recording, personally from you. And so, we always thought that that was absolutely amazing. And so the people that reach out. That same personal touch, reach out to them, you know, no matter if we've got, you know, 2000 comments on a video, we try to hit every 2000 comments and reach out to those people. Anybody that sends us a message, we message them back, and that is, you know, again by being able to do that and help those people whatever stories they may have wherever they're at in their life, trying to you know put that personal touch to help them most people and then again like I said, hearing those stories along the road, it just, it, it lends it lends validity to the entire process of what we're doing. Yeah we originally started this, so that we could, you know, make an income with it, but now it's become a true passion of ours, I believe, to help people. 

Megan: Well, It became income for us when we put the income aside and focus on providing value to people on the money thing I have to make this I have to make this put them aside. And I don't care if it's health, wealth, training, woodworking, it doesn't matter what you're promoting, provide value to people, make that your focus.

Ryan: Rand that was a hard thing for us to to do really, honestly, when we first started, you know, we were looking at the dollars of things, and we weren't doing that great and finally Meg and I we were sitting down at dinner one night, Everybody keeps telling us, if you put the money aside and just provide value and start helping people, the money will follow. And I'm like, that's just a bunch of baloney it can't work that way this is a business, you gotta have money to run a business that's what we do this for but we decided that night, that anybody that reached out to us, we would honestly just answer their questions start answering any question that somebody asked us, and start helping people and how we damn, I mean it that it's like everybody goes, you put the money as people provide value and money will follow. I don't understand why it works or how it works but I know it works. I'm a true believer in it now.

Dave: Yeah. Well, Tony Robbins says the secret to living is giving, I don't know if that's his quote or he just repeats it. The secret to succeeding is giving to the delivering value, that's, and I say it's the secret, because even though it's hidden in plain sight, even though everybody's always saying it to us. It's one of those simple things that takes for some of us a long time for it to really sink in, or a long time for us to truly believe it or like faith, a long time for us to truly trust it. And especially when we feel like the walls are caving in around us, like the bills don't stop coming. Well, how it's almost like an, like an oxymoron right like it doesn't make sense, it's like, well, how can I not worry about the money. If I have bills to pay. Okay let's get practical here, you know, And it's like, well, it's, it's not particularly that you don't worry about the money. You have to have a plan, over here, maybe you have to sell something, maybe you have to have a garage sale, maybe you have to take a loan from your mom like I did when I first got started. Maybe you have to sell your truck like I first did when I first got started $4,000 Maybe you have to. For me I was done with construction sell some tools. Maybe I have to not go out to dinner as much, maybe I have to look at where I can save money, maybe you have to cut coupons, you know, maybe I have to become a real budget conscious person, if any, to really learn what it means to live below my means. So I can not make not be desperate. And that's that desperate energy that I'm about to quit energy that I don't really believe in what I'm doing and believe in myself but I hope we won't believe it breaks, like a pile of I want everybody just to stick, like a pile of big juicy dog shit that I want you to buy this and believe in this, but I don't. And I want you to believe in me, but I don't believe in you. It doesn't matter if you have the greatest product in the world that reeks, and it's not a bad thing, you're not. You're not a pile of dog shit in it, people can smell that vibe from a mile away. So we have to shift away from looking at people as dollar signs, and instead, figure out how I can have more personal connections. Somebody in the comments said that right, that's I struggle with personal connection. I'm shifting that today. Thank you, Meghan and Ryan, because I only have two people that have ever reached out to me but you know what, I didn't reach back out to them. And what I think is that if only one person delivers to them. Like, it's 1000 people, if you only have one person on your webinar is to have zero by my wife to know that because Ryan I know how to I know that job of selling my wife on something. And, when I deliver that son of a gun webinar, zero or two next week when there was one who showed up, I'll go for a full hour for one person.

Megan: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we tell people that all the time we're like, terrified to go live on TikTok, I'm like, I never have any viewers like first of all, you might actually have viewers, they're just not in there, if they're not in your life, you're not going to see him on there, so they may be there, talk as if you're talking to 2050 100 people quit worrying about them views. Because even if you reach one person, and that one person buys. Okay, that's still one person. People depend too much on frickin algorithms and shit like that. Stop. Just do you. What's the value out there. 

Ryan: Same thing with views on videos people get so caught up, while this is the only had so many views. This video had only so many views, just do you. Be consistent, trust the process, and just keep going. Yeah, I mean that's, that's the best advice we can give anybody because many people get tied up with those views of their videos and you know they may put a lot of work and effort into a video and then they post and it doesn't get that many views just go on to the next video, or even make the next video.

Megan: Or they're like you were talking about, they give off that vibe of imposter syndrome. Oh fine if you don't want to go on a video saying well I may, you know, want to learn how to make $2,000 a week, and you haven't? Then don’t don't you just say something like, did you know it's possible to?

Dave: You know, we believe, my mentor, whatever, there's so many different players. We lack creativity, and we don't put in the work to practice for me, when I've got a low, you know, viewed or demand, sometimes I'll go harder and I'll be more like dramatic and more sort of passionate to know viewers, because I get to really try new things out, right, it's almost like I look at that as practice, if I've got nobody on alive. Well nobody's seen what I'm doing right now so let me rehearse, because I am live, so I am going to go. And let me rehearse, let me practice that's me out in the batting cages, taking swings, you know, that's my dad and I think back to when I was I was I was little and I get my dad, and my stepdad, a lot of credit for working with me and my mom, who I just saw her coming she's on hi mom would be at the baseball field too. And what am I doing? I'm out there taking practice, no audience, no game, nobody's watching. My dad's taking pitches, and I'm just, I'm going as hard as I can, like it's the bottom of the ninth, two out, and I got, I get all the pressure on me. And you know what, how I became good is all that practice, you know, if you're I was 10, 11, 12 years old. I was a smoking pitcher. That was what we practiced. 

Megan: How many swings, do you think you took for you, you hit that, hit that sweet spot. How many times did you take the house? 

Dave: A thousand.

Megan: Right? That's what we tell people, I've made five videos, I just don't get it. We can go like it's gonna take at least 100-200 videos before you feel comfortable, that's okay. We don't compare yourself to somebody that's been doing this for 10 freaking years or comparing this to somebody that's been doing it a year and you're just on day three of making videos,

Dave: You’re going into the challenge and you’re out here  trying to do some shit, and it's not working and you're like, that doesn't work, it's like, congratulations for swinging but bro you just picked up the club.

Ryan: Exactly, exactly. We tell people all the time that they are starting out, and there's a lot of people out there, they're just like I was when I first started nervous to get behind a camera, So look at your backyard. Go do 20 videos right now, one right after another. The 20th one is going to be better than the first one. The more of these, you know, you don't necessarily have to post them, but just get comfortable being behind that camera and doing what you need to do. Just be consistent and show up every day to do those things. I mean, you'll get better with anything, the more you put into it, you're going to get better at it. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah, for sure, and I really do believe that, like, that acting as if that is what I remember, sensing relating to you, Ryan, I was like, This guy, this, he gets the acting as if because a year ago when you were. Bill broke, busted disgusted, sitting around, didn't know what you were going to do at the next job at Home Depot, Meghan sat next to you going, I don't know if this is gonna work out. Who the hell's his name guy okay he's all right but, you know, we've seen a difference but I don't really know. Ryan, you're up there like you talking like a million. I mean, I'm like, This guy, he gets it right, he understands that you've got to act as if you're already successful. Even if inside, you're feeling nervous or afraid or insecure or uncomfortable in your skin. And so I just want to hit on that one more time. But one of the most important things. If you're going live or doing a video, is every video you're making is from a hacked stadium of 50,000 people, 1000 people, every video, and I mean, right now, we're performing in doing this with everything that we have in we would do the same if there was one, or if there was 160 202,000 2 million because it's not about them, it's about us, and how the standard that we hold ourselves to, and the main way that we have that, you know what, somebody may see the replay of this. This is also an opportunity for me to be able to get better, to tweak and perfect my story, and also to remember, I believe, and you guys tell me what your experience with this is, every time right here I tell my story. I remind myself of the things that I've overcome, and that makes me feel inspired and proud of myself. And I gain confidence from that.

Ryan: Definitely, yes. Oh yeah, every day, every stinking day, every time. Yeah, I mean, you know, we put out videos, everybody's gonna have videos that you know, may not do well, or you may put a post out that doesn't do well or something like that, and you have times where you start to maybe doubt yourself, but then like you just said, you start to think about, over all the accomplishments that you have been successful with over the, you know, over the last year, all the different things that we've done to be successful, you start to think about those and you just shrug it off. Alright, moving on to the next one, because that's what we do, that's what we have to do.

Megan:  First of all, here, those creators on TikTok, that you see are like viral video after a while video millions millions millions II know that they post videos that flop, they just private um so you can't say hello, because they don't want their audience seeing something that flopped. Now I'm not saying that, that people need to do that here. Because that, whatever. But, yeah, don't do that. You ain't that big yet, don't worry about it. It's even when we do get to a million viewers, or a million followers, or whatever.

Dave: Do that, because that's what you did yesterday anyways, traveling the world we live in today. 

Megan: That doesn't matter. So that's why I say quit comparing yourself to somebody like you. Do you know where you are, know where you came from and know where you want to go? You can't. You have to do you

Dave: It’s crazy nobody nobody remembers what you did yesterday, you know, I mean we get so caught up on every word that we say and everything we do is proof in the State of the Union address and we got the eyes of a world on us and we can't, you know, and then we forget that our, our, our authenticity and our being real. In today's internet world is actually what makes us more believable it's one of the reasons why I don't get fancy with my stuff and while I'm still on my computer webcam, I don't even have even have a special camera setup and I'm surprised I got this microphone I know it makes me look fancy but it's, I don't know even how it's working, I just plugged some stuff in, and it's, I swear to God, there is no, it's I've got this, this equalizer right here. You know, it's just, it's a card I just got from my mom because I bought her a car. Hi mom, I got your card. Thank you. Lines are right here it's and I don't know what I mean there's there's buttons on this thing, I could not tell you I have, there's one plug in, and there's one plug out in the back.

Ryan: Your IT person probably right now is going to pay for that now but then add your, you know, your, your own pet something camp right

Dave: Ryan I don't have an IT person, I am the judge, jury and executioner, and you don't always have to Hello, Matt He said there's the IT person. Yeah, yesterday as match, walking me through in giving me tips on, on, on making tic tock videos for ads, you know, I go, oh yeah okay I think for a few of these, I'm going to get like a, like one of those wide lens fish fisheye things I can put on my phone because I can get a, because I think that looks cool and then I'm going to get one of those selfie sticks, because I, and both Matt my wife was sitting over there tuition that Matt goes, Dave, you don't need to do that. You don't need it because I always have a tendency in limiters. I got 10s of 1000s of dollars worth of video equipment and in a room over there, that over the years, I would always be like, oh I gotta get something, I gotta upgrade audio equipment and I got to get a better camera for this and I got to get better. This and that drone and, you know, all this fancy shit that Cirrus. It's like a car that's got, you know 50 miles on it this stuff, sit. I don't know how to use it. It's never gotten used, and the thing that works is just going live or doing the video on the camera that's already inside the computer. And I don't have to be go to college, or take some courses on or be some AV expert from learn how to or the lighting, I just, I don't even know what that light is, I obviously need another ball, I default versus the other day, I'm thinking, he wasn't here that, but this thing. I mean, in 10 years I haven't figured out the lighting Woody, I just put a light back there, looks good from Thomas' parents just have a light back there, but it's just, it's just, I don't need a fisheye. I don't need a selfie stick. I don't need it, my wife too was like no more, not a single nother thing from Amazon.

Megan: If you get a selfie stick, I will make fun of you for a while. I'm with Erin on that. But Ryan: You're exactly right. I mean, that we even. Yeah, we've spent some time putting some stuff together here in the studio. Yeah, that's who I am, but what I've learned.

Megan: He does the concerts and the shows and things like that they're in the stadiums, that's who he is.

Ryan: But what I've figured out is the more that I do here in my quote unquote studio. I get better results with things that I do on the fly, whether it's driving in the van and just hit the record button or walking through the backyard and hitting the record button, you're exactly right, people I think see that made up stuff like, you know this studio here, you know, they see that, but they prefer. The average everyday Joe that just picks up the camera and hits the record button. Why, because that relates to them. Yeah, and then that shows that they can do this.

Dave: I mean if I want to watch a highly produced series, or something like I'll turn on Netflix, but but but you know what I rather do, which is always annoying for me whenever I try to sit down and start watching something, maybe it's phone addiction I don't know but I get that damn phone in my hand, and then I grew up, I'd rather watch videos from regular people, you know what I mean like just I tend to kind of gravitate towards that I don't spend a whole lot of time watching TV. Maybe I don't know. I mean, my wife and I watch a show here or there together. But, you know, just that content of good, solid people that I, I either think are funny or knowledgeable or I can learn something from them is, I don't care what within that still, still takes time for me to learn that I still have to remind myself that I think it's a way for me with some of this video equipment and stuff, I don't know about you, out there what why you do it, but maybe it's a way for me to overcompensate to think that what I have to say is not good enough or is, you know, I mean like, I have to look, I have to look more professional or I have to be more professional than I am because I'm like the most unprofessional dude ever in terms of like, just, I mean right now. It's, it's, it's, with, with, this is me every day, and, you know, this is who I am to I want to be. I've never, ever changed. And, and so I don't know maybe it's a way for me to think that I got to learn about whatever. But, yeah, it's, it's been a, that's why I really, I say that self esteem is the bedrock of success it's not the only thing that matters Strategy Matters business model matters but the more we do get the more we get comfortable with our own message and our own voice, and we practice practice practice we build that self esteem and that confidence and that becomes the foundation and we know that we're good enough that we have, what we say is valuable mean something, and then our personality and the way that we look, and who we are, exactly as we are, is also good enough. You guys have been on that journey. 

Ryan: We're the same way as far as when it comes to watching TV, we don't, there's not really a whole lot of TV that we watch we're on our phones quite a bit, looking at things that I mean, for one thing. We've got a seven year old that she's just figured out the world of Survivor on CBS. She's all about this and we watch that you think about it, that is, that is, you know, that is real life people and you know so it's kind of similar to the same thing we're watching on our phones and stuff so but yeah it's the same way we spend time on our phones, looking for inspiration and following other people and getting knowledge from people that know like Megan said, when you start this out, find somebody that has the lifestyle that has the lifestyle that has the mentality that you want and go emulate them, you know, try to follow them and do that and so we do a lot of that, do you, right, find somebody to model yourself after.

Dave: So, you guys are fantastic models for us for this community, and we're going to try to show as many people this video as we possibly can. If you guys want to see a cool transformation, search back our YouTube Channel or Facebook page and find that first interview with Meghan and Ryan, so proud of you and happy for you too. And I know that your journey is just getting started.

Megan: And now you guys have us on TikTok down there, we're also Instagram. Follow us on Instagram to keep up the great work you do too, and give us a part three here.

Dave: Let's make it sooner than a year if you guys are not signed up for the mastermind you can meet. Megan and Ryan in person at one of the futures of, we're going to have as many masterminds as we can because just your story and your vibe, and your transformation is just so incredible. And, yeah, the future, this is just such a small, your success and where you're at and I know it's just a sprinkle just drop in the bucket for what the future holds for you too, so get excited, I know you are but really get excited because life gets better, freedom becomes more free, and you begin experiencing and doing things and be able to afford things and live a lifestyle that you never knew was even possible. That's been my experience so just a look into the future for you my Dave Sharpe crystal ball.

Ryan: All right, thanks a lot, they would appreciate it.

Dave: Alright guys, take care, see ya. Well there you have it, and then, if you're listening to this, for some reason, on our podcast which everybody remembers we take these, these shows, we leave them on Facebook. We also put them on our Legendary marketer, YouTube channel. We put them on our blog, we actually put the transcription on our blog. If you want to read, and you can search wake up legendary and find the podcast audio version if you're listening, there TikTok, and Instagram is Megan.Ryan_recommend they are fantastic, incredible people. You heard it from the horse's mouth, though yourself. Get out of here one more day left in the week, and I believe that's going to be our last Friday of this month, okay. Actually, tomorrow is going to be the first of October so let’s make it great, get out of here. Have a fantastic day. We'll talk to you later.

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Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave: Yo yo yo what's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, welcome to Wake Up Legendary just get my little camera here set up. Alright, so hopefully you guys are doing fantastic today. If you're not, you will be by the end of our time together. I'm, I'm assuming, and we are going to be talking to a girl, a woman, a mom, somebody who is also a nurse for 13 years, who has decided to stay home and is now a stay at home mom, who's been building the business, and getting some pretty cool results that she's going to be sharing with us today. So with that being said, all the way from Ohio, Jessica what's going on. 

Jessica: Hi. Thank you for having me. 

Dave: Yeah, you're, you're welcome. Matt said you're a little nervous before the show so

let's shake off and name it and claim it, and let's have a little fun. So you're kind of new to all this stuff your husband's done a little drop shipping before, right, right, right. But that was him not really particularly you.

Jessica: I mean we kind of both did it, but he really was. You know the front runner of it. That was hard. I don't ever recommend that to anybody.

Dave: Was it his idea to kind of get in as he is the more entrepreneurial one, and he kind of got you in or I'm just assuming that because you were a nurse for 13 years, or do you have the entrepreneurial bug.

Jessica: Sure. So, what really happened was I did stop working full time, about a year and a half ago. But we still needed to, you know I needed to bring in money. Still, we were kind of looking for ways to support us. And he was on TikTok, and he was like oh all these people are talking about dropshipping stores, and he was like, why don't we try it, and I was like okay, sure, and then we tried it and we tried learning from YouTube and that’s just when we felt right on our face, so. Yeah, it did not go over very well. 

Dave: Interesting, interesting, so when is that?

Jessica: Was probably about six months ago. Okay. And what happened after that. Um, well, I was scrolling through TikTok, and I saw that. I know you can learn so much from TikTok. Um, but I saw a woman and she was telling her story and it intrigued me, and I got that you know what if she can do it I can do it. And, um, you know, she was talking so great about how legendary you know changed her life. And I was like you know what, I'm just gonna take a chance on myself, and I'm gonna do it. And so, I paid that $7 And I took that course, and I'm forever grateful. 

Dave: Has it changed your life as well just like hers?

Jessica: Oh my God, that's, and like not even so much in like the financial part is amazing. But also, like, I'm a nurturer by nature. So, when I stopped working as a nurse, I kind of got into this like, What is my purpose? Like you have so many titles in life like, mom, dad, you know, wife, husband, but I kind of lost the, what is for me, you know? I don't have anything for myself and I really was starting to lose my purpose, and it really, I gained so much more than just, you know, making money, and I came out of my comfort zone, and it gave me confidence, and it's just amazing because it kind of unlocks, like a part of you that you don't realize is there like I never would have thought that I was a creative person, or, you know, in those aspects so it's really cool to see how much I've grown in even a short amount of time, you know, so that's really cool.

Dave: And there has been some money that's made you've made some, some, some pretty some pretty, you know, for some, I guess, everything can be life changing it's all it's all relative to somebody's situation. But I think that you wrote in your pre pre game, little thing that it was more than you expected so you've been surprised by the results that you've got here in the last couple of months is that, is that accurate?

Jessica: Yeah, um, you know, I went into this with zero expectations that I was really going to get anything out of this. And for me to have committed myself and put the work in. And to actually see results. It's amazing. And like, nobody knows that I do this, you know, so like when you, you try unconventional ways to make money. Sometimes people just don't understand what you're doing or why you're doing it. And because we had failed in our previous endeavors. You know I really didn't want to talk about my affiliate marketing because I didn't want people to be like, oh it's just another thing that she's trying and, you know, so really nobody even knows that I do this. Yeah. In some ways it's better that way. Right. Yeah, because not, you know if the people in your circle are not going to give you the energy that you need to keep going, you know, sometimes you just need to do it alone. And that's okay.

Dave: And that's one of the benefits of affiliate marketing in this business that we teach here is that you can do it worldwide you realize well I've got 50 friends, and then there's seven or 8 billion people in the world. I don't need it. I don't need their money. I don't need their approval, I can actually go out into these seven or 8 billion people in the world. I can deliver value to them, in exchange for money. I can even get validation from them, I can build new connections. I can still keep these folks as my friends, we don't have to break up, but I don't have to do business with my friends and I think that's the difference between the old fashioned. We're just a good old town who kind of shares referrals and everybody does business and you got the banker and you got the plumber and you got the, you know, the hairstylist and the barber right and we all know our buddy's business and we all somehow are financially connected with each other. We all write for me. Same as you. I keep my friends, my friends, I don't do business with them, right, because business tends to muddy up relationships in my experience, many business expectations get, you know they're not expectations are clear, somebody doesn't live up to your expectations, so I get to keep my family and my friends, my family and my friends and I get to just have fun and enjoy their company and talk about dumb stuff. When my hoodies smoke cigars or whatever. And then I get to come over here with you guys and talk about something that, as you said, they don't understand. They wouldn't understand it, they don't want to understand it, they, if, If it was just like, sometimes they're like, man, what do you what it what is it that you do. And then you're like, you know, you're like, and I don't know why people really even ask that because it's like, not like they really want to learn it, or write it, or to write, they just wonder, Are you like, are you doing, are you like just did you just get lucky that I can't get lucky like that too, you know what I just, you know what a lot of times I'll just say I'll be like a marketing company. And they'll just. And they'll be like, okay, okay. Right. Lately I've been like, well, I've got some investments and stuff. Yeah, I had a neighbor that asked me, what is it that you guys do because my wife and I are fairly young, we've always been the youngest people in our neighborhoods that we've lived in. The other day I said, actually a real estate investor, right, it's like, I do have some real estate, but like I don't want to go into explaining and just because I don't need to. And isn't that. I mean I know I'm ranting but I just can identify with that I know that some of you who are listening, can't yet, but stick in there, and we're trying to give you some hope for what maybe the future will look like for you as you as you keep going down that journey, right Jessica right. 

Jessica: Absolutely, absolutely. 

Dave: So, what, what, you know, would you, would you describe from an internal perspective, as far as the growth you've been encounter coming out of comfort zone that kind of stuff you mentioned introvert, and you talked about this a few minutes ago and I said well has it changed your life too and you said, yeah, there's the financial aspect but there's also, also the growth aspect, could you talk to us a little bit about what that experience from that side of things has been like over the last couple of months.

Jessica: Sure. So, you know, like I was telling my husband, I'm like, you know, if nothing more were to ever come of this. At least I know that, you know, I was always be, don't take the risk, play by the book, you, you know, do what you're supposed to do, and I learned that it's going to be uncomfortable to come out of your comfort zone, it's going to be hard, but you grow as a person, when you do that. And, you know, sometimes you have to feel uncomfortable, and just do it anyway. And, um, you know, I know it's hard, and like this is what I tell myself all the time, is that like life is hard, but you have the control to pick your heart. And if it's gonna be hard, you might as well get something out of it. Right, so like I just keep pushing every day and I try to, you know, know that it's going to be uncomfortable, but it's okay to be uncomfortable. And, you know, it just amazes me how much because I never posted on social media, never, like, I never, I had a Facebook page, but like I never posted, and for me to create like three to five TikToks a day is completely something that would not be my norm, But I did it. And, you know, it gets a little, it gets easier the more you do it. So like in the beginning, if you look at some of my TikToks from the beginning, I was just like, they're terrible. They're absolutely terrible. But you get better, and it gets a little easier, and you know sometimes it's hard for me to like. I know what I want to say but sometimes the words just don't come out the right way. And so a lot of times, I really speak on my TikToks like it's usually just set to music and I'm, you know, pointing to words or I put the words on the screen, because the words don't always come up the right way. Um, but yeah, you just kind of have to go with it, and it doesn't have to be perfect and that was another thing that I really learned, like most of my videos that do really well, either have like a misspelling or, you know, it doesn't have to be perfect. And so that I learned that too is that you just kind of have to let go, and it'll be okay.

Dave: Yeah, I want to just tease apart a couple things you said. The first one was that life is hard, and also business is hard and online marketing is hard and vending machine businesses are hard and growing companies are hard and being a nurse is hard and being about, like everything is hard. And there's, having a job is hard, being more is hard. All the things are hard, right, and, and just kind of settling into that and saying you know what I'm gonna, I'm gonna learn what it takes. So this is not so uncomfortable. It becomes comfortable for me. I was watching this thread in one of our Facebook groups about, you know, page builders and funnel builders and they always tend to be some of the most popular posts in our Facebook groups because they're, they're a way for us to kind of look for something outside of ourselves some tool seven thing, it's gonna be the magic bullet. You know that's gonna be the magic solution, you know, and it's it's a great analogy would be like a golf, a golfer who maybe many of our husbands or brothers or friends golf, and maybe you know the golfer who goes out and buys the most expensive set of clubs, and any still sucks, or the or the guy like me who might buy the most expensive or best or different or try you know all the name brand knives. Still can't cook or, you know, or the fishing pole still can't catch a fish. Right. And so, what makes us good as marketers as online marketers it's learning the skills. It's learning how to navigate the platforms, the marketing platforms, you know, how do we drive more traffic, you know your funnels are not the problem. How can we get to a point where we can also be making enough money to where we no longer have to shop based on price for everything. Yeah, you know, there's, there's this same post that I'm talking about everybody's like, well this is a little bit cheaper and this is a little bit cheaper and it's like, aren't you tired of shopping based on price. Are you tired of not ordering, what you want from the restaurant, because you always because you're always focused on the right hand side of the menu, and never the left hand side of the menu, right, because your eyes always wander over there to see how much that T bone steak is so you're going to go with the chopstick. I just, you know, for me, I, I, you know, I think that's one of the most brilliant points that you make. And that anybody could possibly make especially for our community full of a lot of new and hungry entrepreneurs who want to succeed. But spend a whole lot of time shopping around in researching and getting ready to get ready, because actually starting is uncomfortable. Right. And so let me kind of play around here, let me hang out in the Facebook groups, let me out now back to research now. Somebody else said there was this other tool that's $2 a month cheaper, this one that's got one extra feature, whatever. So back to the drawing boards in the safe zone. We're I don't have to take any action because taking actions is uncomfortable, what comes up for you as I, as I say that I mean you brought the point up but I just wondered if you had any. If you had any thoughts that came up.

Jessica: Yeah, so, you know, I get that all the time, like when people messaged me, or, you know, they are like well what do you use What software do you use what do you recommend, or, you know I don't have a lot of money right now, and I really can't afford to, you know, buy the expensive software. I usually just tell them, you know, sometimes you have to go with what works best for you, like in a matter of, is it user friendly, because something can be free. But if you can't use the software or it's, you know, not as user friendly as other software then you're not, it's not going to be good for you, so don't look so much at the price of things, because more than likely you're going to be able to make the money to be able to afford the more expensive software, or, you know, the more user friendly software. Um, but yes, a lot of people do get hung up on, I want to get the best value or I need to go with the cheap route. And, you know, I understand that because I did that too. Yeah, no.

Dave: And I think it's natural human nature to want to do that right to shop around to get the most value, but I think that there's a transition from consumer to creator. Yeah, that we have to take where we focus in order to be successful, I found that I need to focus more on making money than saving money. Yeah, you know what I mean. I need to focus more on creating and marketing than shopping. Yeah, yeah, it's a mindset shift I feel less than it is about me trying to convince anybody I'm not trying to convince any of you guys to buy the most expensive software or anything like that, I'm just my point is, is that we do this kind of dance around the tools and the shopping and the software and you know the tool, what, what landing page builder and it's all just procrastination right, you just keep going in a circle, and then you just, you know, you go in the circle and you go through the motion and you never get anywhere, because you're so focused on. Which one should I use, you know, and, yeah, you kind of get stuck.

It's kind of like the carpenter, I mean who I use this is this analogy to who would he I mean you get to hang out in Home Depot for four months, you know, go back every day looking for a hammer, you might buy a frickin hammer, you know, buy the hammer you just, just, and then because then you realize oh my god, regardless of what hammer I bought, I take it out to the jobsite I still need to learn how to pound a nail. If I don't know how to use the tool and I don't get comfortable with the tool and I don't get comfortable walking around with the tool I need to be able to use the tool in my sleeve. And the only way for me to do that is I gotta get out of shopping mode, get out of getting started with somebody, somebody starts their business. This has been a traditional thing, weather, no matter what kind of business you start. The first thing is, you know, back in the day. Got to get some business cards, you know, and then it's like, right. Number one thing, got to get some business cards, you know, yeah. And then it's like, I don't register my business and then it's like much, go down and talk to the Chamber of Commerce or whatever right and and now online it's like my domain name, and all these things are, you know, all these things are fine or whatever but it's like they're also distractions, You know, because the most successful entrepreneurs that I know. Shoot first, ask questions later, break stuff, go fast and it's about speed of implementation. And it's about thinking less, and more, you know, I don't know if you find that at all, but I find what I get in my head and I think about things too much. I just, it's never my best work, my best work is when I get a thought I get a feeling it's raw. I take it to the market, and I shoot the video right away. And then I build on that.

Jessica: Yeah, you know, I tell people all the time, the way that I kind of have to look at it, or how I did look at it was like survival mode. Like if I did not take this opportunity and look at it as a survival mode, then I would have looked at it as an option. And when you look at it as an option, then that's when the excuses, or, you know, why you can't do it, or you know, all of those come into play. So I really had to look at it like, there is no failure, like I have to go in, I have to jump in, I just have to do it, and there's no room for me to not succeed.

Dave: I guess, if you were homeless right i mean like you you still had a home and food on your tables and some money in your bank right so how did you create a sense of urgency. And that sense of burning the bridge without actually in reality, having, like your back against the wall.

Jessica: Well, because here's the thing, I honestly believe that you have to hit your rock bottom, to change. You know a lot of people don't change until they hit the rock bottom. And I was in a situation that yes, my husband does very well. And yes, I was a nurse, but I stopped doing that, and you know, we spent our entire savings through COVID, just to survive. And it was becoming a pretty bad financial situation for us. And you know I don't talk about this a lot, but I do provide care out of my house for kids. So I, I'm not really a stay at home mom, but because I do you know I offer child care out of my house. But I don't want to do that anymore. You know, I don't want to do that. So it's not other people's kids. Right, right. So, I knew that one, you know, if our washer where to go. I'm like, Where would I come up with that money, you know, so it was kind of a, you know, an uncomfortable situation, you know, my husband doesn't have a retirement his company doesn't offer that. And, you know, because I stopped working as a nurse, you know, that my retirement was going away so I'm like, there are a lot of things that are not good, and that I need to find a way to, you know, help our situation. So it was kind of a, you know, an uncomfortable, you know, moment there, so.

Dave: Well, I guess, if we, I guess if many of us here who are listening and many of us here who are kind of, you know, dealing with a bit of complacency, really ask

ourselves, how, how many weeks away, am I from true financial disaster, right, like how many, how many weeks or months of savings, do you have set aside. How many, how many medical emergencies

are you away from total financial disaster. And because I think we get so used to living paycheck to paycheck. We don't really realize how close we are to potentially being homeless to potentially having to pause on our computer. If you have a computer, or sell something in your house, or I don't know. You know, just really be in a tough spot. Yeah. And so, I'm just saying that you, although you were homeless. Although you still had food in your pantry. If your washing machine broke. How would you get the money to pay for that and your family needs to have clean clothes, your children need to have clean clothes, and then if you didn't make anything happen after that. The next step is, I can't pay the rent, I can't pay the mortgage, you know, and now you're in a really tough spot. So I think that sometimes we get a little. We get a little, like I said, complacent and comfortable with living paycheck to paycheck, and having so little, because we're used to serving by you being like that. Yeah. And, and we've never really known I mean I know before I started to actually develop some savings. I didn't know what it was like to have saved $1,000 in the bank account to me was like, I'm good. It's like, I look back on that now, there's, there's, like, a line of thinking like you never really know how broke you are, you broke you were until you got some money, you know, and I look back on some of those times and I'm like, Holy shit, how was I not freaking out, you know, like how was I not totally freaking out. But you know I did put the work into my business and I did, I did kind of have that same, so what's our point Yeah, I think my point is is that, like, like, I think she's right, I think you're right that hitting rock bottom, is, is, is sort of a necessity to want to change. And I guess here's some of what I'm trying to say. Don't get comfortable at rock bottom. Right, right. Aren't you right? Because what is more rock bottom than a couple of weeks away from not being able to pay my mortgage or my rent if all of a sudden, I didn't have any work. That's, that's it guys, we need to wake up. We need to wake up. I mean I know we may have, we may have watched our parents live paycheck to paycheck, we may have watched our parents rack up credit card debt, we may have, you know, been taught that just have faith, it's gonna come in, but you know what, it's a lot easier to live when you got six months savings, it's a lot easier to live when you don't have a mountain of credit card debt over your head. It's a lot. You know what they say, Money doesn't buy happiness, but most of the broke people who are broke saved that phrase, yeah. You know what I mean. Because I want to tell you something when you're staying in nice hotels and you're driving the car that you want to drive and live in the house that you want to live in. You don't say those kinds of things, because you don't want to lose what you have. Right, right, am I, am I speaking crazy talk. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? 

Jessica: Yeah absolutely, absolutely. You know people just like that's the thing is, like, at least for me, I didn't even know what affiliate marketing was four months ago. And if, and this is what I try to tell people all the time. If I can do it with zero experience, zero knowledge, even what affiliate marketing was. You can do it, and like, if it can change my life the way that it has changed my life. It can change your life, and don't, you know, if you are struggling or if you want more money or need more money. That's the whole reason to start, you know, like you can't see more money coming in, you can't make commissions, if you don't start. But yeah, don't get comfortable. Don't get comfortable at rock bottom, that's absolutely right.

Dave: Well, I am thrilled for you and thrilled for your family. I'm thrilled for you to know your future excited about where this is going to take you where you're going to take you. I mean, and, you know, I'll let you have the last word if you have anything else that you want to share, for people who might be on the fence or, you know who have kind of stumbled into our community or need to start over. What would you say to those people?

Jessica: I would just say that you can do, you know, people. you can do hard things, and you can do more than you think you can, but you have to just get started. And, you know, there is a community of support. Oh my goodness, you know, Legendary Marketer has such a wonderful support system that, you know, I, again, I didn't have any experience in the marketing world. And if I had a question, all I had to do was either one when I was going through the course, you know, talk to my advisor, or two, there is an entire community of people that want to help you that want to answer your questions. So like, if you feel like you're going to go down this journey by yourself. Like, it's not like that, and I have met the most amazing people. Through this opportunity, and it just, it's wonderful. It's wonderful the support that you get. It's wonderful, the friendships that you gain, and just the confidence in yourself is, you know, let alone a mate.

Dave: Well, I don't know about this whole not being able to find the words that you said earlier, But you've found some amazing words to share with us today, and I just thank you for your time. Keep up the great work back and, you know, continue to share your journey with us if you'd be willing.

Jessica: Absolutely, thank you so much for having me, you know, like and honestly, like, one last thing. You know when I purchased the course, and I was watching your videos and sitting on my couch, like I never in a million years would have thought that I would be doing this today, you know, like, you buy things or you purchase things, and you know you see people, and you're like, that couldn't be me. That couldn't be me. And it is, you know, it can happen and it can happen for anyone so thank you for having me.

Dave: You are. You're very welcome. So we'll talk to you soon, keep inspiring Be Legendary and give my best to you and your family. Thanks. All right, my friends. Another fantastic episode, a lot of nuggets in there, a lot of hidden gems that if you have your ever sifting pan out, and you're looking for the gold you can find it. In today's episode, that's for sure I will thank Jessica once again for coming out and sharing her journey with us. You can follow her there. At nearly, marketing, as it's spelled @milimktg she's on TikTok, at that particular handle. Alright see ya later, get outta here, peace.

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Is Vector Marketing a Good Business Opportunity?

David Sharpe bio

Many people share the dream of leaving their current job and working in a lucrative industry that lets them set their own work schedule.

After all, why wouldn't you want a better work/life balance while significantly boosting your income?

One such company that offers this opportunity is Vector Marketing. However, a quick search on Google raises several concerns that are worth looking at in more detail.

Let's consider if Vector marketing is a good business opportunity.

What Is Vector Marketing?

Vector Marketing is the sales arm of Cutco which has been manufacturing kitchen cutlery, accessories and sporting knives since 1949.

In 1981, Vector was founded in Philadelphia to sell knives direct to consumers through a network of independent sales reps. On its website, the company claims to sell over $200 million of high-quality Cutco products each year.

The fact that the business has been trading for 40 years suggests it has a successful business model that independent reps can use to make money.

The high yearly seven-figure sales figure is also likely to attract the attention of many budding entrepreneurs.

The company also has some attractive messaging on their website advising their primary focus is helping individual sellers to succeed. By teaching reps new skills, they can help people develop into successful sales professionals.

Reassuringly, Vector Marketing states that they are not a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. Legitimate MLM companies sell products to consumers, but they also encourage their members to bring on more recruits.

An MLM company can grow quickly, but often only the people at the top of the organization make a high income.  Independent sellers at the lower levels typically make very little money and may leave when they see poor results.

Vector Marketing also does not operate a pyramid scheme model whereby the only way to make money is to recruit others. This trading method is illegal, and you should never partner with a business that operates in this way.

So far, Vector Marketing appears to be an excellent company that takes good care of its sales partners. However, a closer look raises some potential issues.

Can You Make Money With Vector Marketing?

This question is not easy to answer. Somewhat unusually, the company offers what they call a base salary. This guarantees payment to the sales rep if they present the products to a qualified prospect, even if they don't make a sale.

While this initially seems to be a good deal, there is no section on their website to advise how much they will pay. They also do not mention if this fee covers transportation costs or how it equates to an hourly wage.

The company also seems to offer fantastic opportunities for reps to progress up the ladder. This can lead to working in more advanced sales positions and management roles.

But, again, there is no data displaying how or when you may qualify for these jobs. These vague statements do not mean Vector Marketing is being shady, but it is a concern.

Many other direct marketing companies also trade in this manner. By offering potential benefits to independent recruits, they hope to benefit from their sales endeavors.

However, the sales reps often find themselves receiving very little in return for their efforts. This is one of the reasons there is a high turnover in the industry.

Another reason to be wary is that you need to find a target market that can provide a steady stream of customers. People generally do not replace kitchen knives that often, so you are unlikely to make many repeat sales.

Also, it is not easy to sell to customers in the internet era. Many people will already buy online, or larger companies can advertise to them through paid targeted ads.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to sell other people's products with zero upfront investment. You can work with a partner that shares your values and provides products and services that align with your passions.

There is also no need to limit yourself to selling one product; you can choose as many different goods as you like and sell them simultaneously.

If you do not have an advertising budget, you can still make sales from the comfort of your own home. For example, you could write blog posts, record podcasts, or create video content and post them online.

When an interested consumer clicks on an included affiliate link and makes a purchase, the seller sends you a commission. This can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the product you sell.

If you prefer to use paid ads, you could preplan your marketing strategy and allow the ads to run on autopilot. You can also use a combination of paid and unpaid advertising methods.

However, it is possible to waste time and money using ineffective affiliate marketing techniques. You could become discouraged and give up before you begin making money.

One way to increase your chances of success is to work with others who have an excellent track record in the affiliate marketing industry.

An experienced team can help you avoid common mistakes and guide you towards more powerful strategies.

Choose Legendary Marketer

This Vector Marketing review can help you decide if the company offers the right business opportunity for you. If not, you may find affiliate marketing is a better fit.

The Legendary Marketer team has combined their many years of experience and expertise. We've created coaching and consulting programs to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

But, we don't pretend this is easy; it can take hard work and dedication to become an authority in your chosen sector.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Everything You Need to Know About Usborne Books

David Sharpe bio

Are you thinking about joining the over six million Americans who own a direct selling business? Do you want to make money from home talking about books you love?

If so, then you're in the right place. So, keep reading to learn all about Usborne Books and their business opportunity. Plus we'll show you an alternative way to make even more money from home suggesting books to your friends.

What Is an Usborne Books Business?

Usborne Books is a division of its parent company, Usborne Publishing. The publishing company creates educational and entertaining books for kids of all ages. Their popular books cover a range of topics and have been a favorite among families for years.

In 1981 the publishing company founded their offshoot MLM company, Usborne Books at Home. Direct selling consultants sell books to friends, families, schools, churches, and more. Consultants are invited to begin their business by other consultants who then become their downline team members.

There are currently over 35,000 consultants selling over 110 million dollars worth of kids' books each year. The Usborne Publishing company has its own in-house team of writers, editors, and designers creating their own line of books. This complete control over their product allows them to continue to create quality products each year.

Additionally, Usborne allows some consultants to earn an additional certification as Education Consultant. This certification allows these consultants to sell Usborne books to schools. The commission earned on these school orders is lower than in-home parties, but it allows consultants to sell in bulk.

How Much Does It Cost to Start Selling Usborne Books?

The usual cost to purchase your new business kit is $99. With that investment, you will receive ten beautiful books your kids will love. You will also get five mini-books and some of the business supplies you'll need to start your own Usborne business.

Usborne does regularly runs special deals that allow consultants to start their business at a lower cost. If you can start during one of these deals, you can start your own business at a lower cost; the last one was $30. Their website also boasts a mini-business kit for $30, which comes with fewer books than their regular starter kit.

How Much Can You Make Selling Usborne Books?

Since you own your own business, you can work as much or as little as you want. Some of our consultants are busy moms who can only hold one party a week. And you'll receive an average of about 25% of everything you sold in the previous week.

As you build your team and sell more inventory, your commissions will increase accordingly. But remember, there aren't any minimums. You are only limited by how many customers and team members you can build.

How Do Usborne Consultants Get Paid?

Usborne consultants are paid directly by Usborne books. Your commissions are paid out weekly on Wednesdays by direct deposit. If you choose not to set up a direct deposit, a check will be mailed out each week.

This is different from some MLM companies that require you to purchase your inventory in advance and then earn it back by selling that product.

Pros of Starting an Usborne Business

Usborne Books has been in business for many years and is a quality company to be affiliated with. The biggest pros of starting your Usborne business are:

  1. It's a well-established and reputable company
  2. They only sell quality kids books you can trust
  3. Because they write and publish their own books, they are in control of the quality of their books
  4. If you have kids, this is a product you'll buy anyway, so you might as well share them with friends

As you can see, if you're looking for a way to make money from home, this is a great option. However, there are some downsides so let's jump into those next.

Cons of Starting an Usborne Business

Just as there are some pros to starting your own Usborne business, there are some cons as well. Some of these drawbacks include:

  1. Books aren't a renewable resource, so your friends won't need to keep purchasing more after their initial purchase
  2. Depending on how large or small your circle of family or friends are, you might run out of people to sell to quickly
  3. While the quality is good, their price point is high, making competition with cheaper books online steep

If you love buying books and have kids who love to read, this could be a great business for you. However, be sure to think about these stumbling blocks before you invest your hard-earned money. You might be better off starting a business that uses a different business model, making money suggesting books to friends, such as affiliate marketing.

Is Usborne Books a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Usborne books isn't a pyramid scheme. Instead, it is a multi-level marketing business. The main difference between an MLM and pyramid marketing is that consultants are encouraged to sell the products more than their encouraged to recruit new team members.

Companies can get into trouble when the lines become hazy, and they stop focusing on selling their products. Usborne, however, delivers a great product and their consultants join to help spread the word about these amazing books.

But, if you want to make money sharing amazing books with your friends and family, there is another way to make money online. You should try affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is similar in that you recommend amazing products that you love and receive a small commission anytime someone purchases that product.

The biggest difference is that you're not limited to your immediate circle of friends and family. Because the majority of affiliate marketing is done online, your customers are anyone with an internet connection.

Are You Ready to Start Your Business Today?

If you're ready to start a business, but you're still unsure about Usborne books, then you should consider an alternative. You can still suggest your favorite books, but you're not limited to selling only to your family and friends. And you'll never have to have people over to your house again.

With affiliate marketing, you can still work from your living room, but your business is online. And you can sell to anyone else with an internet connection, regardless of where they live.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Tastefully Simple: Can You Make Money Selling Food Products?

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Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies made more than $35 billion in 2019 and continue to grow.

MLM companies involve a chain of people, or consultants, who help sell products and services in local areas.

There are endless industries involved with MLM but one of the most lucrative industries the food industry.

Keep reading to learn more about how food products and MLM companies come together with Tastefully Simple!

Tastefully Simple Is an MLM Company

Tastefully Simple has a large reputation in the food products industry along with affiliate marketing.

This company has an abundance of consultants who are ready to bring recipes and meal packages to anyone with interest. Tastefully Simple has been around for more than 20 years and was founded by Jill Strahan.

Many people have their concerns about MLM companies and they often get called Pyramid Schemes. Although Tastefully Simple resembles another MLM company called Pampered Chef, it is a unique offering.

MLM companies have consultants who host in-person and online parties to sell products to retail customers that you know. The customers will also result in finding other recruits. As more people learn about the company, the more money that can be made. This could be a risky way to earn money if you aren't able to continue the chain.

If you are unsure about committing to this company, do your research. This will help you determine if you are passionate about their offerings or just want to make a purchase.

What Does Tastefully Simple Have to Offer?

One of the largest factors for Tastefully Simple being so successful is their excellent products and foods.

Tastefully Simple has various meal kit plans ranging from 5-14 day meals. They also offer entertaining kits and freezer meal kits for when you are busy during the week.

Ordered meal kits are becoming relevant because people don't have to stress about shopping or cooking something the wrong way. Each meal kit comes with the necessary ingredients and a recipe with details to follow.

Along with partially prepared meal kits, Tastefully Simple also sells individual food items. Drinks, bread, and dips are some of the popular items people order through consultants. You can also get sauces, dressings, and soup mixes. Tastefully Simple will easily satisfy every tastebud for you and your recruits, making it all the easier to sell.

Depending on the time of year, Tastefully Simple will run sales and put together package deals for ultimate savings. This company offers so much to foodies, chefs, and recruits.

Beyond food products, Tastefully Simple even has you covered in the utensil and tool area. You can find the best spatulas, spoons, and mixers.

Target Audience

Tastefully Simple is a great company to get involved with because they reach such a large range of people.

Not only do women of all ages shop at this company, but so do men and professional cooks. This company offers delicious foods and quality products that keep people coming back.

If you know a lot of people who enjoy luxury foods and gifts, you may want to consider selling for Tastefully Simple. This is the perfect hustle to prepare for the holidays and even get some shopping done while you work!

Something that many people appreciate about this company is that they have food options for every type of culture. Asian, tropical, and Mexican foods are highlighted at the company and you can encourage friends and locals to try new flavors.

If you are planning to sell through Tastefully Simple, you should consider selling to foodies in your area, home cooks, and those with a sweet tooth. Anyone that loves food, which doesn't exclude many, will have an interest in this company.

If you have consulting needs and require guidance, our Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint can help!

Another advantage that this company has and why it can reach so many people is that the prices are affordable. People can spend only a couple of dollars to as much as their heart desired per order, making the commitment less scary.

What Are the Expectations & Reality?

If you look at online reviews, you will see that selling for Tastefully Simple can end in much of two ways— with you broke or having a surplus of money.

Depending on how much you put into the company, you can earn more but there are a few expectations that you should know about. Once you become a sales member, you will gain access to their wholesale prices, which will help you sell them.

As you host parties, which can be time-consuming and expensive if you are hosting them in-person, you will earn money through orders.  Commissions, bonuses, and incentives are given throughout the year to help give you goals.

One of the positive aspects about this company is that they don't put a lot of strain on their sales team, so don't feel pressured at first. As you host parties and get others just as excited as you, they can be hired under your name.

This is where it looks like the pyramid scheme, because the more friends you get selling, the more money you make and the higher on the scale you become.

Does Tastefully Simple Have Food Products You Can Sell?

Selling food products through an MLM company can be a risky move, but it can also make you a lot of money.

If you are passionate about food and know other people who are as well, Tastefully Simple is the company to get involved with. There are so many products that will make putting in orders easy.

Prepared meal kits, food products, and supplies will keep your friends' and kitchens stocked. By selling for this company, you can earn back all of your money and more.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

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When we think about affiliate marketing, our minds may automatically go to MLM companies that use direct sales to stay in business. However, affiliate marketing is a much broader industry that includes social media influencers, bloggers who use paid advertising on their websites, and more.

Affiliate marketing has generated quite a bit of buzz for both entrepreneurs and businesses. In fact, 81% of businesses now use affiliate marketing for at least a portion of their marketing campaign.

So, how does Wealthy Affiliate fit into all of this? There's a lot of confusion surrounding this company. Is it a scam, an MLM, or something else entirely?

At Legendary Marketer, we provide industry information and resources for those who are new to the online business world. Now, we're going to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate to get to the bottom of your pressing questions about what it is and if it's worth it.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

First and foremost, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform and resource that claims to be a sort of one-stop-shop for budding affiliate marketers. It was founded in 2005 by Canadian affiliate marketers, Carson Lim and Kyle Loudon.

What Wealthy Affiliate offers are courses designed to teach people the in's and out's of online affiliate marketing in any niche. They also provide a website-building platform that is purportedly beginner-friendly and they allow you to purchase your own domain name. They also offer tools like their keyword search engine, JAAXY, which they claim is the number one keyword generator on the web.

In addition to these resources and tools, Wealthy Affiliate is meant to operate as a sort of digital community. Through Wealthy Affiliate, you can connect with other affiliate marketers who also use the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Some users can also access an online “coach” who will answer questions and talk you through issues with your website and more.

The idea is a good one. After all, we know better than anyone that when you're starting out in the digital marketing world, you need to learn the ropes to avoid costly failure after costly failure. So, where does all of the confusion come from and why do people wonder if Wealthy Affiliate is some kind of scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate an MLM?

A big source of the Wealthy Affiliate confusion is that it's hard to discern whether or not the educational platform is also somehow an MLM. If you're unfamiliar, an MLM (multi-level marketing company) is a company that sells products but uses direct sellers (affiliates) to complete sales and bring in recruits. If you ask us, the recruitment process is a big part of what makes an MLM, well, an MLM.

Wealthy Affiliate exists in a sort of grey zone here. What we mean by that is that when you build your affiliate brand and website through Wealthy Affiliate, you're allowed to promote just about any business. In other words, you're not restricted to pushing Wealthy Affiliate memberships–you're not even required to.

That being said, Wealthy Affiliate members who do bring new members in through the referral system are rewarded for doing so. As a result, a lot of Wealthy Affiliate members, while they may be promoting a variety of brands, are also recruiting new Wealthy Affiliate members.

Is it an MLM? We'll leave that up to you to decide, but there are signs that point to “yes.”

How Much Do Users Have to Pay to Use Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate does offer a free subscription, but the access to their tools and resources is so limited that most people end up opting in for a premium membership. (In fact, the free membership is referred to as a “Starter” membership–the implication that you'll go premium is built right in.)

The free membership will get you:

  • Limited access to training materials and courses
  • 7 days of access to the Wealthy Affiliate community
  • Limited access to website building tools

The premium membership, on the other hand, allows you to use any and all Wealthy Affiliate resources. The first month costs $30. After that, you can pay $49 per month or pay for a discounted 6 month or year long membership, which come out to the equivalent of $30 a month.

Is the Training Worthwhile?

The real question is, is it all worth it?

Some users have noted that the training materials aren't quite up to date anymore. The truth about any kind of digital marketing is that you can never stop learning, because the internet is constantly evolving. If Wealthy Affiliate resource creators aren't updating their materials, you're paying for advice that best case is no longer relevant and worst case can actually harm your business.

That said, are you going to make money using Wealthy Affiliate?

Will You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

This question is not easy to answer. Because Wealthy Affiliate doesn't require members to focus on recruitment-based commissions, they're not really responsible for how you make your money–or how much you make.

According to their website, you won't fail. They promise. Unless you quit.

In other words, Wealthy Affiliate isn't really beholden to you or your success. As far as they're concerned, if you aren't making money yet, you will eventually. If you decide that their products and platform aren't worth the monthly fee, you've failed only because you “quit.”

Get Updated Marketing Resources and Courses With Legendary Marketer

Wealthy Affiliate does tout a number of success stories, and we're certain that many people have learned the ropes of affiliate marketing using their resources and tools. That being said, you'll have to invest on a regular basis to retain your access to Wealthy Affiliate, and it may not be the most affordable option–or the most updated.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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The Ultimate Review of Southwestern Advantage

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College students nowadays are tech-savvy and looking for innovative ways to make money over the summer. Some MLM companies market specifically to this demographic, and Southwestern Advantage is one of them–although you won't be using much of your tech knowledge to make a sale.

If you're a college student who has an interest in independent business endeavors and marketing, Southwest Advantage may have an appealing ring. The question is, is it all it's cracked up to be?

As always, Legendary Marketer is here to provide tips and tools for anyone who wants to enter into the field of online business. Today, we're going to look at one of the oldest MLM companies in the country–and one that isn't exactly “online.”

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Southwestern Advantage.

What Is Southwestern Advantage?

Southwestern Advantage is one of the oldest companies we'll likely ever review. We're talking 166 years old. That's right, Southwestern Advantage was founded in 1855, making it arguably the oldest MLM in US history.

What do Southwestern Advantage affiliates sell? The company specializes in educational resources for elementary schoolers, including books and CDs. More recently, they also added a series of subscription-based parenting websites to their inventory.

How Do You Join Southwestern Advantage?

Southwestern Advantage is marketed almost exclusively to college students, particularly those who are looking for ways to cover tuition. Available affiliate positions are seasonal, typically spanning about 12 weeks, and many college students take these positions over the summer. In fact, it would be almost impossible to take on this work during the school year, as affiliates work 12-hour days, 6 days a week.

Once you become a Southwestern Advantage affiliate, you are sent to a specific town (one that has been selected for its population that includes a lot of parents and young children). Southwestern Advantage may set you up with a host family to live with, but this is not a guarantee.

In order to officially join the Southwestern Advantage team, you'll have to supply a “letter of credit” to the company. This must be signed by two legal adults who are willing to provide a financial buffer, and most students have their letters signed by their parents. Before you ask your parents to sign, know that they're agreeing to shell out $500 apiece if your endeavor as a book salesperson doesn't pan out.

Once you're signed up, you'll need to buy a set of books to show to interested parents. At a minimum, this set will cost $350. You'll also attend a week-long training conference in Nashville before you get to work.

How Much Money Are Students Making as Southwestern Advantage Affiliates?

Okay, we know what you're thinking: that's a major investment just to get started. How much do you stand to actually make in return?

One thing that impresses us about Southwestern Advantage is the commission rate. Most MLMs offer a commission rate that ranges between 10-30%. Southwestern Advantage, on the other hand, offers a commission rate of 40%.

According to the Southwestern Advantage website, first-year participants made an average of over $11,000 during their 12-week season. Participants that returned the following year made an average of over $23,000 and by the fifth year, the average was over $72,000.

The trouble with these figures is that they don't tell the whole story. As far as income disclosure statements go, this one is pretty cryptic. After all, averages tend to be skewed by the top sellers–and the top sellers tend to make up a minuscule fraction of the sales force.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Becoming a Southwestern Advantage Affiliate?

Like any MLM, we're not looking at a black and white opportunity, here. There are compelling reasons to become a Southwestern Advantage affiliate, but there are also some obstacles that are worth considering. Let's take a look at the biggest pros and cons.

The Pros

We may not be able to tell you how much most affiliates are making with Southwestern Advantage, but it's clear that there is a possibility of making decent money. Plus, this intensive program (sometimes referred to as an internship) does give college students a chance to test out their skills in sales.

The biggest pro, in our opinion, is the chance to experience something new. The week-long program in Nashville can be a good opportunity to learn and network. Spending a season in a new town is also an unusual and positive experience.

The Cons

Most of the time, one of the big pros of becoming an MLM affiliate is the ability to set your own schedule. Southwestern Advantage expects you to talk to 30 potential customers a day. We weren't exaggerating when we said that you'll be working 12-hour days, 6 days a week. This is pretty much the opposite of setting your own schedule.

Another downside is that Southwestern Advantage is using an outdated sales model. The reality is that while the door-to-door sales technique has its merits, it's not the best way to maximize your marketing skills. Without providing an outlet for digital marketing, Southwestern Advantage isn't giving its affiliates the opportunity to flex a more useful skillset.

Start With Marketing Skills to Build Your Independent Income

At Legendary Marketer, we're all about embracing different marketing opportunities, side hustles, and business endeavors. Southwestern Advantage may be a way for college students to make decent money, but it's lacking one important feature: digital marketing.

If you're a college student who wants to make money now while also learning the digital marketing skills needed to take control of your own future, you've come to the right place. Take advantage of our low-cost online courses that will teach you everything there is to know about digital marketing. Already, over 80,000 budding entrepreneurs have registered for our $7 Online Business Builder Challenge and gained crucial digital marketing skills.

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MLM Company: All About Neways

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Did you know that the health and wellness industry is projected to reach a value of $4.24 billion by 2026? We're always going to need to keep our bodies in good shape, so it's clear that this market is here to stay. If you're not already working in this industry, then perhaps it's time to consider a career change!

One way how people are getting into the health and wellness market is through multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, such as Neways.

What is Neways and can you also get in on this lucrative industry by joining this MLM company? Read on for a thorough Neways review.

What Is Neways?

Neways actually first started off as Images and Attitudes in 1987 by owners Thomas and Leslie Mower. They only became Neways in 1992 and as of 2015, this company actually has the name of Modere.

This company offers safe and eco-friendly personal care products, which many consumers seek out. Mainly, there are 4 types of products Modere offers:

  • Collagen supplements
  • Food supplements (such as vitamins)
  • Personal care products
  • Home care products

One of their most popular products is a bundle called M3 Body System. It focuses on weight loss and provides users with supplements that help you burn more calories, suppress your appetite, and improve digestion.

How Does Modere Work?

Neways is no different from any other MLM company. Their business model has 2 parts: direct selling of products and creating downlines (the MLM part).

Their distributors can choose to sell the above products to consumers. Or they can choose to recruit others to become distributors too.

When it comes to MLMs, what makes Neways unique is their use of social retail. In fact, some say they're the first MLM company to use this concept in their business strategy.

What is social retail though? This is where distributors (and clients at times) are given rewards when they share their personal product experiences on social media. Neways rewards for social retail include both cash and reward points.

Is Modere a Scam?

Modere is not a scam. While many don't agree with the business practices of MLM companies, they're completely legal.

However, keep in mind that this company has gone through several rebrands. This is never a good sign, as it means that previous brand names were so tainted they had to start all over with new ones.

In fact, one of Neways's weight loss products was recalled by the FDA in 1993 since it had harmful ingredients. Also, in 2003, Neways tried to sell an anti-aging dietary supplement that had human growth hormone (HGH), which was illegal since HGH is prescription-only. The Mowers were also convicted of tax evasion in 2006.

As of the rebranding in 2015 to Modere, there hasn't been any scandals associated with this name. However, we'd still be careful.

How to Join Modere

To join Modere, you have to become a Social Marketer. This means paying $29.95 to buy their distributor kit.

The above is just the bare minimum to join Modere. If you're more serious about distributing on a full-time basis, there are also the Builder Collection Packages, which cost $399 each. The 4 packages are Pro Fitness, Pro Collagen, Pro Skin Care, and Ultimate Pro.

How to Make Money Through Modere

One way of earning money through Modere is by directly selling their products. However, this takes a lot of effort and the payoff is alright.

The main way that people make money through Modere (and any MLM) is through recruiting. This generates a stream of passive income with relatively little effort.

Modere has several compensation plans available for its distributors. The first is the customer acquisition bonus, where you can get up to 60% per customer on their first orders, as well as up to 25% for re-orders.

The exact percentage depends on how high up you are in the ranks. You start off as a Promoter, then move onto Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, then Platinum 1, 2, and 3.

In addition, you can earn various bonuses and incentives. They include free products and even trips!

Do People Make Money From Modere?

Yes, people make money from Modere.

But the real questions should be these: how much do they make? And how many people actually turn a profit?

If you take a look at Modere's income disclosure statement (which is very similar to all other MLMs), around 63% of Modere distributors earn $200 or less. Just 2.38% of distributors make over $10,000, 1.19% make over $20,000, and just 0.23% people make over $50,000. As you can see, very few people can turn a good profit from Modere.

The only real way to make money from Neways and any MLM company is to have extensive experience in networking and sales. And as you can tell by the statistics, the people good at these things are far and few.

The truth is, you need to start early in marketing to really get anywhere with MLMs companies. Otherwise, you'll be spending a good deal of time trying to figure out how to market products and failing in the process. To be a top MLM earner, you must be adept at reaching large audiences.

Try Out Affiliate Marketing Instead of an MLM Company

After reading up about Modere (or Neways), it should be clear that joining an MLM company is a high-risk decision that comes with very low-value rewards. For most people, becoming a distributor isn't worth their time, especially since they end up losing money.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Morinda Inc: Affiliate Marketing Opportunity or Just Another Scam?

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You may have come across companies such as Morninda Inc when searching for ways to attain financial freedom.

There are many multi-level marketing (MLM) companies that offer the chance to make large sums of money selling their products. However, this is not an affiliate marketing opportunity, and the structure works in a different manner.

In order to decide if partnering with Morinda Inc is the right choice for you, read on for our detailed review.

What Is Morinda Inc?

Morinda Inc is another company competing in the crowded health and wellness market. The business began selling its products in 1996, and it is a positive sign that they are still trading 25 years later.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Brent Willis, and he has extensive experience building and leading multi-billion dollar companies. He has even held crucial positions in businesses such as Coca-Cola and Kraft Heinz.

What's more, the company is a member of the Direct Selling Association, which helps businesses maintain ethical business practices.

Because Independent Product Consultants (IPCs) can make money by selling products to consumers, this means they are not operating a scam known as a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid schemes only allow associates to make money when they recruit more people. This is not legal, and you should avoid any business that operates using this structure.

Morinda Inc claims to have helped over 300 IPCs to become millionaires, a statement that is likely to inspire many people to invest in their products.

But, it's important to delve deeper to find out if it's possible for the majority of IPCs to make money.

How to Make Money with Morinda Inc

Morinda Inc sells a range of products based on the potential health benefits of a Tahitian fruit called Noni. The company claims this superfruit can aid aspects such as heart health, immunity, better sleep, and energy and focus.

They also state these claims are backed by science and advise they have been studying the fruit for over 20 years. They further support their claims by having published their research in over 300 peer-reviewed articles.

There is no doubt this could give many consumers peace of mind before they make a purchase. These are all selling points that IPCs can use to appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

However, does this mean you can make money with this MLM company?

The first thing to consider is that you need to buy stock upfront from Mornida Inc before you can begin to make sales. The cost of packages is between $299-$365.

But, the company states that each package includes $955 of builder bonuses to help you grow your business. There is also a 90-day money-back guarantee if you follow their system and don't achieve your intended results.

While this might seem a good deal, you still need to find a market for these products to avoid losing money.

This is not always straightforward, and friends and family are often the first port of call.

You may find people you know will buy a small number of products to help you get started. But they probably won't become clients you can depend on for months or years.

It can also be challenging to find a steady market with new customers to replace clients that may leave. This is why MLM companies offer associates the opportunity to make money by recruiting other IPCs.

When one of these recruits makes a sale, the original IPC receives a percentage of the profit. This creates a pipeline of potential income, which can be an easier way to make money than selling products directly.

Potential Issues to Consider

While there is a legitimate method to make money with Morinda Inc, you may find it is extremely challenging. MLM companies do not have a good reputation as some people consider them to have a dubious sales structure.

While this may be unfair, there are other issues that may impact your sales figures. If you attempt direct selling to consumers, this can become time-consuming and expensive.

However, if you opt to make money from your recruits, this can also be problematic. Unfortunately, many people choose to enter the market thinking it is a get rich quick scheme.

When they realize this is not the case, they can quickly lose interest and leave. This can be frustrating if you have spent time trying to help them become successful.

However, rather than using this business model, you can earn money using a more effective strategy.

What Is the Affiliate Marketing Opportunity?

Affiliate Marketing involves making money from advertising someone else's products. Then, when they make a sale, you get a cut of the profits.

This is not the same as working for an MLM company because you don't need to purchase any stock upfront. This means you could potentially begin to make money without any initial expenditure.

You can also choose to work with brands that sell products or services that fit with your values. Many companies offer generous commissions, and you can sell high-ticket items that make substantial amounts of income.

However, affiliate marketing is a skill, and you can spend time and money investing in the wrong methods if you don't understand the processes.

When you use a winning formula, it's possible to create a residual income source so you can make money while you sleep.

One way to increase your chances of success is to work with experts who know how to create affiliate marketing income.

Partner with Legendary Marketer

The affiliate marketing opportunity is an excellent strategy to begin your online business journey. While short-term results are possible, this is also a long-term process. It takes hard work and determination.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.Click for free training


Health Coaching MLM: Optavia/Medifast Review

Building a home-based business that generates a substantial income is a dream for many people. In the modern world, there are also plenty of companies that offer you the opportunity to do just that.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) companies often make attention-grabbing statements that suggest anyone can make a large income in a relatively short amount of time.

While this may be true, it's important to choose the right company to work with to give yourself the best chance of success.

In this Medifast review, we will consider their business model and give you the information to decide if this is the most suitable venture for your needs.

Medifast Review – Who Are They?

Although some may know this company as Medifast, they actually rebranded to Optavia in 2017. The business began in 1980, which means they've been trading for an impressive 41 years.

They specialize in health and wellness products which is a competitive marketplace, so their longevity suggests they offer quality products.

As well as offering opportunities to sell to their independent coaches, they also deal directly with medical professionals.

This is another positive sign as the medical establishment has a duty of care to patients. They would not recommend ineffective or substandard products.

Optavia provides a range of weight loss products to its customers. But they also offer coaching to help support people as they improve their diet.

This is the business's unique selling point. They claim that this extra support can make a huge difference to consumers hoping to lose weight.

They also advise that their products have scientific backing. Their massive growth suggests many consumers believe their claims.

It's important to note that although many MLM companies have a dubious reputation, there is nothing wrong with Optavia's trading methods.

The company allows its coaches to make money by selling products and services to consumers. This is entirely different from illegal pyramid schemes that only let associates make a profit when they recruit more members.

So far, this seems like a great opportunity for an aspiring entrepreneur. However, can you really make money as an Optavia coach?

How to Make Money with Optavia

If you're asking whether you can make money with Optaiva, the answer is yes. But, it is not quite as simple as that.

Although there are some impressive numbers, such as some coaches making over $100,000 in 2020, only 0.55% of their associates reached this level.

Optavia openly states on their website that they make no guarantee of financial success. They also provide an income statement for their coaches during 2020, and the results are concerning.

Over 50% of coaches made $500 or less during this period. In addition, these figures do not take into account any expenses that they may have incurred during their marketing efforts.

These figures look even worse when you consider a coach needs to purchase a business kit that costs $199 before they can begin selling.

This may be why many people who join an MLM company try to make money using the second available method – by recruiting more members to increase sales.

When a coach brings on more members, these people become part of their downline. When one of these recruits makes a sale, the original member then receives a percentage of the profit.

Although recruiting someone else to make the sales sounds like an attractive option, it also comes with considerable difficulties.

MLM Model Downsides

Direct marketing to others is difficult because you have to identify a target market and close sales. When competing in a saturated market, customers have a huge choice, so you have to work hard to stand out.

When you recruit others to make sales, they are likely to run into the same problems. People who join MLM companies can sometimes overlook just how difficult it can be to break through this issue.

Not only do you have to get ahead of online businesses and retail stores, but you also have to compete with other coaches with the same company.

Because Optavia equips all its coaches with the same materials, this can be extremely challenging.

You also need to consider how motivated your recruits will be when they realize this is not an easy way to make a lot of money. Some may share your desire to build their own business, but others may not.

If you have spent time and effort recruiting and mentoring these coaches, it can be frustrating when they leave without generating any profit.

Fortunately, there is another way to build an excellent online business that you may have heard of – affiliate marketing.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting other companies' products and services. In return, you receive a percentage of the sales profit. This is not the same as MLM  marketing because you do not need to pay an upfront fee.

There is also no requirement to hold stock, ship goods, or provide customer services. Instead, the product or service provider performs all of these actions. So, what do you do as an affiliate marketer?

Affiliate marketers advertise products or services through content creation or paid ads. One of the most cost-effective ways to begin is to create free blog posts or online videos and place affiliate links in the content.

If a consumer finds your content helpful, clicks on the link, and makes a purchase, you receive your cut of the profit from the seller.

While this may sound too good to be true, it's important to note this method takes skill and dedication. It's easy to spend time creating ineffectual content or spend money on ads that do not produce a return on investment.

It can be beneficial to work with an expert company with plenty of positive customer reviews to help guide you in the right direction.

Partner with Legendary Marketer

You can use the information in this Medifast review to help determine if MLM marketing is a useful business model for your needs.


In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

MLM Company Review: Fuel Freedom International

David Sharpe bio

Did you know that the average American spends almost 11 hours per week in their car? This means that not only do we spend a lot of time on these vehicles, but also money, especially on gas.

It stands to reason then that if there's something that can cut down on fuel usage, people are going to want it. And that's the niche Fuel Freedom International set out to fill!

Fuel Freedom International is an MLM company that promises to offer lucrative opportunities to budding entrepreneurs. But is it as good as they say it is? Read on to find out!

What Is Fuel Freedom International?

Fuel Freedom International is a multilevel marketing (or MLM) company that was created in 2007 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. They're also the founders of Jeunesse Global, which is another MLM company. Forever Freedom is also the same MLM, just under a different name.

Fuel Freedom's main product is a pill (MPG-CAPS) you can put into your gas tank to cut down on emissions. This company claims that their special pill can not only do that, but also improve your miles per gallon (MPG), which means lower fuel costs. In fact, they even make bold claims that this pill was originally developed by NASA.

How to Join Fuel Freedom

To become a distributor for Fuel Freedom, you have to first pay $60 and fill out some forms. After that, there are several ways you can make some money.

The first is to make direct sales. This is where you just take the company's product and directly sell it to other consumers.

The other ways have to do with the MLM side of things. But before we discuss those streams of income, let's first delve into how an MLM works.

Basically, the entire principle of MLMs is based on you working hard to recruit others underneath you, and then them doing the same. This can potentially result in many tiers underneath you, hence the word “multilevel.” Your income is then tied to how well your downstream (the people you recruit and beyond) perform.

So the other ways to make money through Fuel Freedom (or any MLM really) is through mentor bonuses and recruiting others. The more people you have underneath you who are successful, the more money you'll rake in.

Is Fuel Freedom a Scam MLM Company?

Fuel Freedom International is not a scam MLM company. MLMs might sound a lot like pyramid schemes, which are indeed illegal in the US and many other countries.

However, Fuel Freedom has an actual product that's being sold and their entire business model isn't based on downlines alone.

You might want to take Fuel Freedom International with a grain of salt though. Their MPG-CAPS product isn't scientifically proven to work, so there's a good chance you're selling people placebo pills. This in itself might make you a scammer.

Also, there have been several lawsuits filed against Jeunesse Global, which as you may recall, is another MLM created by the same owners. Any practices they might have with Jeunesse are probably applied to Fuel Freedom as well.

Lastly, the company isn't currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If a company isn't BBB accredited, then you should always be wary.

What they do have going for them is the fact that they've been in business for almost 15 years. Any company that has some longevity means they must be doing something right.

Do People Make Money With Fuel Freedom International?

Selling products directly doesn't really gain people money. It's a lot of work for little payoff.

Instead, the money's in the MLM side of things. Do note that even there, very few people make some decent money off their downlines. For most MLMs (if not all), 99% of distributors don't make any money.

In fact, they end up losing some cash! This is because of the fees and paid upgrades many opt for to get better opportunities.

Those stories you see on social media about people earning tons of money with MLM companies are probably true and not just made up. However, you have to keep in mind that a very small elite minority can actually make a living off of MLMs.

These people are only so successful because they know marketing inside and out. And they're able to market like crazy to large audiences who are likely to join.

Also, marketing isn't something that anybody can just pick up in an instant. It takes lots of time to learn and become experienced in the best methods.

Many people think they can just join an MLM and market to their own social networks and they'll be successful. But the truth is, you need to be able to appeal to the masses to turn a profit that's worth it. Considering that most people don't have huge networks at their disposal, nor do they know how to access them, they end up making $0 with MLMs.

Try Affiliate Marketing Instead

So now you know all about the MLM company Fuel Freedom International, which sells fuel-saving pills.

If you were hopeful about joining as a distributor but don't have extensive marketing skills, this doesn't mean you have to give up on being an entrepreneur. What you can do is try affiliate marketing instead.

Affiliate marketing is much easier for those who are new to the world of marketing. Plus, it isn't attached to the negative reputation that MLMs tend to have. As a result, these factors set you up for a better chance of generating some income with ease!

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Can You Make Money Selling Children’s Toys? Discovery Toys Review

Are you a stay-at-home mom or someone that loves the idea of helping children learn new skills through fundamental toys?

Discovery Toys might be compelling for someone like you because it hits close to home. You'll be able to sell children's toys that the children in your life love using.

When we think of an MLM company, the first thing that usually comes to mind is nutritional supplements, slimming teas, or even beauty products. Who would have ever guessed that a toy company could be involved in network marketing?

Whether you're a parent, teacher, or anyone interested in helping children, you might be wondering if Discovery Toys is a legit way to make money.

Be sure to keep reading for our Discovery Toys review and see if you can make money selling children's toys.

What Is Discovery Toys?

Most MLM companies sell products that are meant for improving your health, beauty, or even your home. You might be surprised to find out that Discovery Toys sells products for your children!

The company has an emphasis on play and learning new skills for children. You'll find when you're browsing the catalog categories of toys meant for play in language, logic, motor, numbers, reading, outdoor, fun, and more.

These toys are made of secure and high-quality materials so you can ensure each child is safe. You'll even find that the price for Discovery Toys is reasonable.

Overall, toys from Discovery Toys are unique, which is why many people enjoy selling their products.

Joining Discovery Toys

The first thing you might be wondering is how to join Discovery Toys. Almost every single MLM company is going to require some type of setup cost, and Discovery Toy is no different.

Their website says that you pay $79 to join and can pick $140 in toys to start selling. You can also pay more for a deluxe kit, which will give you more toys as well as excess to a Discovery Toys website that will help you sell your toys to potential customers.

Discovery Toys also offers training guides and materials to new people that sign up to help you get started.

Making Money by Selling Toys

The first way to make money when joining Discovery Toys is by selling the product through direct marketing. It sounds easy enough!

On your very first day, you will be earning 25% in commission on each sale. As you continue to grow and build a team, your commission can increase to 34%.

Having the toys to show off to potential customers is a great way to help sell them. Of course, they can sift through the catalog on their own, but it is always better to be able to demonstrate the product.

Many people have turned online for selling Discovery Toys so they can expand their audience.

You will get a website when you sign up, yet it is the same website that everyone gets. You won't find sales or signup rolling in from the website alone. You'll need to keep up with social media or build your own website to attract your target audience.

Hosting Parties

The best way to make money and sell toys is by hosting parties so more people can be exposed to the products. Parties tend to be hosted by someone that you know. That way, they can invite their friends and family to the party to see the products you have to offer.

These hosts can even earn free products and prizes, which is an incentive for them to invite more people.

In 2020, virtual parties became very popular for MLM companies, and they're not going anywhere. You'll be able to invite friends and family to a group on Facebook and host a party for everyone to join. You can have virtual games, post memes, and even give away prizes like a real party.

In-person parties are also coming back, yet they tend to cost a bit more. You're going to want to find a venue, purchase food, drinks, and even find party supplies.

As someone working for an MLM company, you might find that a virtual party is more cost-effective and a great way to get the word out there about your products or joining your team.

Build a Team to Make Money

Besides selling the products, one of the common aspects of MLM companies is that you need to recruit other people to sell with you. You'll find that building a team is a huge part of network marketing.

If you're able to become successful and convince other people to join your Discovery Toys team and start selling products, you'll be able to make a 7% commission on their sales as well. You can even be included in some other potential bonuses for adding people to your team.

That means once you've found people to start selling toys with you, the money starts rolling in. Right?

Well, as long as the people you're recruiting have a different audience than each other. You'll want to find team members that can sell to more and more people.

If you are unable to widen your scope, you might run out of people to sell to and recruit.

Another problem that you can run into with adding people to your team is they tend to be your customers. That means you'll be adding a team member but losing out on a customer to sell Discovery Toys to.

Deciding if an MLM Company Is Right for You

After doing the research, it all comes down to deciding if working with an MLM company is right for you. You'll find that you're going to have to put in a lot of work to grow your client base and even add on recruits.

If you're not convinced that Discovery Toys is the appropriate way for you to make money right now, don't worry. You'll find that there are plenty of ways to make money online. For example, with affiliate marketing!

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

What Is Barefoot Books?

David Sharpe bio

The children's book publishing industry is valued at just over $2 billion in the US, alone. If you have a passion for children's books and promoting children's literacy, can you turn it into a career?

This is the opportunity Barefoot Books offers to its affiliates. With an ever-expanding line of high-quality children's books, puzzles, sing-along CDs, and more, Barefoot Books remains a successful publisher and seller nearly 30 years after its start.

Like other MLM companies, however, Barefoot Books does come with some setbacks for sellers and affiliates. How does it work? Can you make money by joining the Barefoot Books team?

We're always looking for ways to help new entrepreneurs expand their business and marketing savvy. Read on to learn everything about Barefoot Books and find out if this is the right place to grow your direct marketing experience.

So, What Exactly Is Barefoot Books?

Barefoot Books is, at its core, a publishing company of children's books. It was founded in 1993 by two moms, Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland, who were looking for ways to make money while connecting with their young children. Over the years, Barefoot Books has published a wide and diverse array of high-quality hardback books for young readers in different age brackets.

In the early days, Barefoot Books was based in the UK and much of the profits came from selling the rights to their books to American publishers. Finally, the two women decided it was time to take Barefoot Books overseas and start selling across the United States. This is when the MLM model took hold.

Now, Barefoot Books offers budding entrepreneurs such as yourself the opportunity to try their hand at selling children's books on their own time.

How Does the Barefoot Books Compensation Plan Work?

There are a few ways that you can go about making money as a Barefoot Books affiliate. Of course, the most obvious way to earn money is by selling books, which you can do through in-person events, social media outreach, and partnerships with schools and libraries. However, Barefoot Books affiliates have another goal in mind: to build up a team of affiliates that sell in their downstream.

Under the Barefoot Books FAQ, they lay out some of the basics of their compensation plan. You can earn 30% commission off of in-person or online sales, 20% commission off of discounted sales to nonprofits and schools, and a variety of bonuses for unlocking certain achievements. (Achievements include hitting a high level of personal sales, hitting a high level of team sales, bringing in new team members, and so forth.)

Keep in mind that in order to start earning money, you have to invest money. Barefoot Books claims to be free to join, but you'll have to purchase a starter pack of books, catalogs, and marketing materials to start selling. It appears that this starter kit costs $159.99.

What Are the Perks of Becoming a Barefoot Books Affiliate?

Perhaps one of the biggest draws to the Barefoot Books direct marketing team is that they're selling real, high-quality products that actually make a difference. Many of their books appear to be award-winning, and all of their products are designed to encourage literacy, engagement with the arts, and cultural awareness. All told, you can feel good about selling these products.

Plus, Barefoot Books offers the same perk that attracts most people to MLM companies: you can set your own schedule. This is appealing for just about anyone, but especially those who have other obligations or other jobs and want to earn some extra income.

Finally, there is a theoretical opportunity for growth. Barefoot Books offers a tiered affiliate network that allows affiliates with consistently strong sales to earn higher commission rates, access more opportunities for bonuses, and more. That being said, it tends to be difficult to climb the ladder of any MLM company.

Is It Easy to Make Money With MLM Companies?

While MLM companies offer plenty of opportunities to make money selling their products or bringing on new affiliates, it's not as easy as it sounds. Why?

Let's take Barefoot Books as an example. First, think about how many children's booksellers are on the market–especially now that things like eBooks and audiobooks are growing in popularity. Second, think about how many people you know off the top of your head who would buy children's books from you.

Automatically, you can see that this won't be easy. That is, not without legitimate marketing skills.

In order to make money with any online business endeavor, you have to understand the ins and outs of digital marketing. You need to learn how to maximize your use of various social media platforms, knock out the competition, and reach buyers outside of your personal social circle. Without these skills, it can be difficult just to break even when you're selling for an MLM company.

Learn the Ropes of Direct Marketing With Legendary Marketer Courses

Like other reputable MLM companies, Barefoot Books offers high-quality products and an honest business model that direct marketers can tap into. They're not con artists. They're honest publishers of children's books offering you the opportunity to bring in some extra income.

That being said, you can only get out what you put in. Without having a strong understanding of digital marketing, you're going to hit a wall with any online business endeavor.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Can You Make Money Selling Ann Summers Lingerie?

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The Ann Summers lingerie company as we know it today wouldn't exist if it weren't for the entrepreneurial prowess of one woman, and her name isn't Ann Summers. In fact, the woman who made Ann Summers a success wouldn't be involved in the company's history for the first eleven years of existence. That woman is Jacqueline Gold.

When Gold's father came to own the company, it had a few storefronts spread around London, England. Just as they do now, Ann Summers sold a large line of lingerie and adult toys–and the shops weren't cutting it.

It was in 1981 that Gold realized that if they wanted to reach their customers, they'd need to get a little more personal. It was then that Ann Summers expanded from a small brick-and-mortar chain to an international MLM. According to their website, they currently have over 20,000 women in their salesforce, and you could be one of them.

The question is, is Ann Summers lingerie the right company to join as a budding entrepreneur? Will you make good money selling Ann Summers products? Keep reading to learn more.

The Pros of Selling Ann Summers Lingerie

If you're taking advantage of our online marketing tips, you're probably looking for ways to launch your own online business career. Becoming an affiliate of the Ann Summers lingerie MLM is a viable option when you're starting out, and there are some compelling reasons to make that move. Let's take a look at what they are.

Building Your Own Schedule

When you become an affiliate of Ann Summers, you make an initial investment of either £39 or £69 for access to your digital account and your starter kit. From there, you can start earning as soon as you want by hosting parties (in person or virtual), marketing products on your social media, and building up your downstream. All of this is done on your own time, which means that you can break the doldrums of the traditional 9-5.

Networking With Other Entrepreneurs

No matter how you launch your career as an internet-savvy entrepreneur, it's important that you master the art of networking. The Ann Summers business model presents the perfect opportunity to get to know the other people in your community who are also interested in paving their own path. As you host parties and build your social media presence, you'll make the connections you need as you continue to grow your own online business.

Making Commission

Ann Summers offers a 25% commission rate on all of their products and a potential monthly bonus of 5-10%. That means that you don't have to push for a promotion to make more money or worry about an income cap. Like any MLM, you tend to get out what you put in, which means that the better you can market Ann Summers products, the more you can increase your sales–and your income.

(Speaking of promotions, it does appear that there is upward mobility when you sell for Ann Summers. However, it is unclear what the perks are of moving up the Ann Summers ladder.)

The Cons of Selling Ann Summers Lingerie

No MLM opportunity is perfect, and Ann Summers is no exception. For full transparency, we'll take a look at some of the cons of selling Ann Summers lingerie and other products.

Minimal Training

Oftentimes, new entrepreneurs join MLMs with the hopes that it will teach them the ins and outs of running an independent business. They are then often disappointed by the lack of resources provided by the company they sell for.

Ann Summers does provide training and support, but it certainly doesn't provide sellers with the full scope of tools they'll need to succeed in their online business endeavors. Instead, you will need to find marketing courses outside of Ann Summers' internal training if you want to learn the truth about online marketing.

Unclear Investment Requirements

If you're new to the MLM industry, you may not realize that many MLMs require you to make product purchases in order to make sales. Granted, these products tend to come at a discounted (think wholesale) price, which means that you're not paying nearly as much as your end consumer. Still, the investment can take a toll, especially if you're struggling to land sales.

As we mentioned earlier, you'll need to purchase a starter pack to begin your sales journey with Ann Summers. You have the option to purchase the Starter Kit or the Party Pro Kit, which gives you a little wiggle room on your initial investment amount. However, it's unclear how much you'll need to spend to keep your arsenal stocked with Ann Summers products over time.

Unclear Income Possibilities

You came here to learn if you can make money with Ann Summers and the answer is yes. What's unclear is how much you realistically stand to make.

Many MLMs offer what's known as the income disclosure form. This form tells you how much an MLMs affiliates are making on average, which can offer you a much better indication of how you can expect to do selling their products. They may say that you can make up to six figures as an affiliate, but when you see that 90% of their salesteam is making a much lower amount than six figures, it paints a different picture.

Ann Summers appears to be one of few MLMs to keep their income disclosure form under wraps.

Learn How to Maximize Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Ann Summers may be a good starting point for your career in online marketing, but it may not get you where you want to go. There is money to be found in selling Ann Summers lingerie, but not without the right marketing skills.

To start developing your marketing skills, consider enrolling in one of our online marketing courses. Our Online Business Builder Challenge is a crash course that will help you maximize your entrepreneurial potential and only costs $7 to enroll. Join the 80,000+ new marketers who have already unlocked their potential with the help of Legendary Marketer.

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MLM Company Review: AMSOIL

David Sharpe bio

The multi-level marketing (MLM) road is littered with potholes. According to an AARP Foundation survey, only about 25% of MLM businesses ever turn a profit. When considering an MLM company as a business venture, it is extremely important to know the company and its products before you invest.

AMSOIL is one of the hundreds of companies with a distribution model defined as network marketing or MLM marketing. Their primary product, synthetic motor oil, is the first of its kind and backed by the automotive industry as superior to non-synthetic motor oil.

The combination of a great product and a solid networking model makes AMSOIL a popular company to work with. But, how exactly does MLM work, and is AMSOIL the right company for you? Keep reading this review for honest answers.

The Basics: How Do MLM Companies Work?

Like all product-based businesses, disruptors earn revenue through the direct retail sales of a product to consumers. However, with network marketing distributors have the opportunity to earn commissions from the sales of distributors they recruit into the business (their distribution downline).

Those that brave the waters of a challenging MLM business model have essentially two paths to success – build out a large customer base with direct marketing or build out a network of distributors that do the same.

Pyramid Scheme and MLM: An Important Distinction

Although network marketing is sometimes referred to as “pyramid marketing”, it is important to realize that this type of marketing is not the same as an illegal “pyramid scheme”. In order for the MLM company to be legal, earnings must come from the sale of products and not directly from the recruiting of distributors.

Caution: Be Aware of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Some so-called MLM opportunities are in reality, scams. Others are borderline legal and could be shut down at any time. AMSOIL is a proven, longstanding MLM company with a genuine opportunity to enter into the profitable synthetic lubricant industry without a large investment.

The AMSOIL Networking Model

AMSOIL sells high-quality synthetic oils. In 1968, Albert J. Amatuzio founded Life-Lube Inc. At the time synthetic oil was used exclusively in jet engines.

Amatuzio was no stranger to synthetic oils. He joined the airforce shortly after World War II and flew America's first operational jet fighter, the F80 Shooting Star. It was in the Air Force that Amatuzio first saw the opportunity to take superior synthetic oils to the automotive market.

The company struggled to gain consumer confidence in the “big oil” controlled marketplace. Amatuzio remained confident that if consumers were given the opportunity to learn about the benefits of synthetic oils sales would follow.

He decided the best way to accomplish this was a direct sales distributor model for his business. The AMSOIL Dealer network was established in 1973 on the concept of building brand awareness through word of mouth and the sharing of profits through network marketing. The direct door-to-door sales and commissions you make are not unlike affiliate marketing businesses.

Getting Started: The AMSOIL Way

The good news or bad news, depending on how you look at it, is you can start your own AMSOIL Dealership for only $15, $30, or $65, depending on which new dealership option you choose. You can find AMSOL authorized dealers online that will be more than happy to show you the ropes (join their downline).

The first step is to fill out a simple one-page form with your personal information. You will be asked to choose one of three options:

  1. Six-month trial Dealer registration and Starter Kit ($15)
  2. Twelve-month regular registration and Starter Kit ($30)
  3. Twelve-month registration and Business Manual ($65)

However, don't be fooled by the low bar to enter into the business. Just like any startup, you will need to spend time and money to build the business. You will quickly learn the business through an abundance of support materials available such as:

  • Literature
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Business blueprints
  • Field sales tools
  • Business development tools
  • Webinars and study courses

The Benefits of AMSOIL MLM

The most important factor in choosing an MLM company is the products. With AMSOIL you get an industry-recognized brand backed up by over 50 years of market testing. The tagline “first in synthetics” says it all.

Other advantages of AMSOIL MLM are:

  • No inventory requirements
  • No capital investment required
  • No territory restrictions

The synthetic oil market is far from saturated and a determined dealer has only to convince others of the product's value. Of course, that is easier said than done.

Is AMSOIL Right for Me?

In order to maximize your chances of success, you will likely need two qualities – passion for the product and excellent sales skills. If you can't claim these two qualities, you would need to develop them.

Even great salespeople have trouble selling products they don't know well and believe in. And, without excellent people skills, you are going to struggle to set up meetings, make sales, and convince others to do what you do.

If you have a love for the automotive industry, know how to talk motors, believe in the value of synthetic oil, and know-how to sell you stand a good chance to power through as a winner in this MLM opportunity.

A Good MLM company to Consider

The secrete is to find the right MLM company for you and go out and build a network of people that share your passion for the product. AMSOIL isn't for everyone but, as a low-budget startup, it is an attractive option.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Tupperware MLM Review: The Pros and Cons Explained

David Sharpe bio

The Tupperware MLM (multi-level marketing) offering has been about for many years and seems to offer an exciting opportunity. You could start your business part-time and potentially turn it into a full-time venture.

The ability to work from home and achieve financial freedom is a dream for many people, but is this likely to happen if you join up with Tupperware?

In this review, we'll take a closer look at their business model and consider if it can provide the desired financial results for members.

Read on to find out more about this company, its products, and if it is the right business opportunity for you.

What Is Tupperware MLM?

Tupperware is unlike many MLM companies because it doesn't sell dietary supplements or weight-loss products. Instead, it provides customers with non-breakable plastic containers, kitchen tools, bakeware, and more.

Earl Tupper founded the company in 1946, meaning the business has existed for 75 years. This is an exceptionally long time for any company and is a good sign.

After all, if the products were of poor quality, customers wouldn't have continued to buy for such an extended period.

Affiliates can also make money by selling Tupperware directly to customers, which means this is not a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme exists when it's only possible to make money by bringing on other recruits. This is an illegitimate practice, and you should avoid any company that trades in this manner.

However, although all the information so far is promising, it doesn't answer the most important question. Can you make a significant income with this company?

How to Make Money With Tupperware

Although it is certainly possible to make money selling Tupperware products, it is not the most lucrative method.

First, you have to pay an initial upfront fee to get started, so you will be out of pocket before you have a chance to turn a profit.

The Tupperware marketing is excellent, but you still have to find customers and convince them to buy the products. This can be a difficult problem to solve because, initially, you may find yourself pitching to friends and family.

Although they might buy one or two items to help you out, they are unlikely to become long-term customers. You could also find it awkward to pitch to people if you know them and don't think they really want to buy your merchandise.

But, there is another way to make money when you are part of the Tupperware network. You can bring on new associates and receive a percentage of the profits each time they make a sale.

The more associates you recruit, the more your income could increase. This can seem like an easy way to make money, but there are many problems with this marketing method.

Disadvantages of MLM Companies

If recruiting new members and making money from their sales was easy, everyone would do it. Therefore, you need to consider the downsides and consider if this is the most suitable business model for your needs.

Many people have a negative view of MLM companies. Although Tupperware is not a pyramid scheme, you may have trouble getting some potential customers to agree they are a legitimate company.

In addition, to increase your income, you need to find new customers continually. This can be challenging, especially now that customers have access to any product they desire online.

If you're not familiar with digital marketing, it can be challenging to compete for the attention of potential customers. You may have the best product, but can you contend on price?

You may also come up against companies with large marketing budgets and need to find a way of telling customers why they should come to you instead.

That is why recruiting other people can seem like an attractive option. If they can find solutions to these problems, then you will also benefit.

However, there are potential issues when working with people who may not share your enthusiasm.

Although recruits are not your employees, if you are to mutually benefit from their sales, you may need to spend a considerable amount of time helping them.

Some might need coaching to improve their sales pitches. You could also find recruits view the opportunity as a get-rich-quick scheme and leave when they realize this is not the case.

However, if you're committed to making money online, there is a better way.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers promote other peoples' products and get a commission when a customer makes a purchase due to their advertising efforts.

Affiliate marketing techniques include writing blog posts or making interesting video content that appeals to potential customers. One of the most attractive aspects of the business model is that there is no need to buy stock upfront.

You could even make sales without spending any money at all.

Affiliate marketing is also an excellent method for earning residual income. You could create a piece of content and still earn from the post several years later.

However, you could also lose money easily if you do not understand the best ways to make a profit. Therefore, your affiliate marketing strategy should have a clear plan, and you need to measure the results of each step.

You can then optimize your advertising efforts and drop any methods that are not producing the desired results.

Because you can choose who you work with, this can also be a great way to sell products or services that you truly believe are beneficial to potential customers.

Although this sounds like a dream job, you can increase your chances of success by working with the right partner company.

Choose Legendary Marketer

This review should give you a better idea of the Tupperware MLM opportunity. You can also consider if affiliate marketing offers a more suitable model for your specific needs.

If you decide on affiliate marketing, there are many online affiliate marketing tips. But how do you know if they are legitimate and if they can really help?

The Legendary Marketer team has many years of experience in succeeding in a challenging industry. There is also no need to commit to a considerable upfront expenditure to try out their service.

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Isagenix Review: Is It Too Good to Be True?

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Many multi-level marketing companies like to give the appearance of offering a dream opportunity. They often claim they can give their associates the possibility of achieving financial freedom.

However, many people are skeptical and want to know more before investing in a program.

While one company may offer a legitimate way to make a significant amount of money, a closer look may also show which businesses you should avoid.

Continue reading this Isagenix review to find out if this is a suitable opportunity for you.

What Is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a health and wellness MLM, founded by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover in 2002. Their longevity is a positive sign, and there is no suggestion the products they supply are an Isagenix scam.

Their offerings are wide and varied to appeal to a large number of potential customers.

Associates can purchase shakes, cakes, soups, and other supplements related to improving the health and wellbeing of those who go on to buy the products.

Associates can also benefit from selling bundles of items that could possibly improve bodily processes.

The Isagenix nutrition products are relatively expensive, although the company reports making over $1 billion in sales, so there appears to be a market. So far, if you're wondering is Isagenix legit, the answer would appear to be yes.

However, this is not the complete picture when considering the Isagenix MLM offer. After all, this is supposed to be an opportunity to make money, but is this really possible?

Isagenix Review Profit Potential

Isagenix encourages associates to make money by selling products. This is another positive indication that the company is not illegitimate.

Some MLM companies give the industry a bad reputation because associates are only successful if they bring on more investors. These are often known as pyramid schemes.

If you come across a company that trades in this way, this is a warning sign that you should not work with that business.

Although Isagenix is operating successfully, there is little doubt you also make more money as you bring on other associates. Using this technique, people can get a percentage of what their associates earn on each sale.

By selling your own Isagenix stock while building a team, it may be possible to build an income in your spare time. Over a longer period, it may even be possible to turn this side hustle into a full-time job.

However, there are some potential drawbacks you need to take into account before joining their team.

Possible Downsides of Working With Isagenix

An important question to ask before purchasing any stock from an MLM company is ‘would I buy the product to use myself?'

There is considerable unease in the industry that many products do not perform as they should, so you need to be careful.

In fact, Isagenix has a disclaimer on its website you should take into account.

It advises that its nutritional foods and dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

If you wouldn't choose to use the supplements in your own daily routine, then it could be tricky to sell the benefits to reluctant buyers. You may find some family and friends buy one or two items to help you out, but they are not likely to become regular customers.

Many people are also uncomfortable selling to people they know, so this may not be the most suitable business model for your needs.

If you outsource most of the selling duties to the team of associates you recruit, this can also result in problems. Not all recruits will be good at selling, so you'll need to spend time training them on how to promote the products and close a sale.

You may also find that some recruits do not share your dedication and leave after a short period of time. Fortunately, there are better ways to make money outside of your 9-5 job.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the safest and most effective ways to build a substantial online income. There is no need to buy any stock upfront because you get a commission when you sell someone else's products.

This is an excellent way to do business because you never need to have the items in your possession. After you make a sale, the seller handles all the distribution aspects, leaving you to continue with your marketing efforts.

When you become an affiliate marketer, you can also build an ethical business. You can choose which companies to work with, meaning you can engage with people who share your values.

Affiliate marketing also provides you with the opportunity to promote high-ticket items. These could offer a large profit margin for your efforts. There is also the chance to earn a residual income from the content you create.

If you write an article or create a video, this one piece of material could earn you commissions for years to come. Because you only need to do it once, you can focus on making new content that can add to your profitability.

However, affiliate marketing isn't as simple as some people believe. This can lead to marketers spending their money on online ads that don't give a return on investment.

As with any industry, there is a learning curve, and it is beneficial to work with a partner who has experience in the sector.

When you can benefit from the advice of people who know how to succeed in affiliate marketing, you could increase your chances of making a profit.

Partner With Legendary Marketer Today

After reading this Isagenix Review, you can decide if the opportunity is worth exploring further. You can also consider if you'd prefer to follow the affiliate marketing route for your business venture.

Tens of thousands of affiliate marketers have also taken our Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7). This is an excellent way to learn how to benefit from the experience of others who have made a substantial online income.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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ARIIX Review: Is It a Credible MLM Company?

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Did you know that one out of every 13 Americans has been involved in a multi-level marketing company, or MLM?

From weight loss to cookware to cosmetics, there’s no shortage of MLM companies to work for. Each one offers interesting, often innovative products, and promises rich financial rewards for participation.

Since you’re reading this ARIIX review, you’re probably considering joining an MLM company yourself. But is ARIIX the best MLM company for you? And is working with an MLM really right for you in the first place?

And—most importantly—is ARIIX a scam?

In this ARIIX MLM review, we’ll answer these questions and more so you can make a confident decision about your entrepreneurial goals. To learn everything you need to know about ARIIX and whether this MLM is right for you, keep reading.

ARIIX Review: Company Overview

ARIIX sells health, wellness, beauty, and weight loss products and supplements. These include products like protein shakes, nutritional supplements, skincare lotions and creams, and even water and air purifiers.

On the outside, ARIIX seems like a typical MLM: great graphic design, a compelling product selection, and an aspirational brand. But although their prices are steep, their products are held to a higher standard of quality than many MLMs.

ARIIX is not a scam, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get rich as an ARIIX salesperson. For one thing, membership dues are strict and costly. Not only that, but the real money is made—when it’s made at all—when you recruit other sellers. So you don’t get paid for selling products as much as for getting other people in your downline. This is far from unusual among MLM companies, but that doesn’t make it any less questionable.

ARIIX Pros and Cons

ARIIX isn’t a perfect company or even a perfect MLM, but it does have its strong points. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages involved.


It’s not uncommon for MLMs to place more emphasis on money and membership than on the actual products being sold. ARIIX isn’t entirely different in this regard. However, they do have strict quality guidelines that set them apart from other MLMs.

ARIIX has its own Scientific Advisory Board, which ensures every product they sell is high-quality. This is highly unusual and shows impressive attention to detail on the part of ARIIX.

However, despite their focus on quality, ARIIX’s products are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Depending on your personal feelings regarding the FDA, this could seem either negative or positive. But most customers would be more comfortable buying from you if they knew your products were FDA-approved.

Of course, the products ARIIX sells are just one part of the entire system. Your experience as a member will probably revolve around the financial aspect of participating.

Every MLM promises the possibility of earning big money to its members, and ARIIX is no different. However, if you aren’t a truly gifted salesperson, you could easily end up losing more money than you earn.

For those willing to put in the effort and succeed, ARIIX offers one surprising benefit that most MLMs don’t: an annual cost of living increase. Around once every year, your commissions as an ARIIX representative will be increased to keep up with inflation. This is an unusual perk for traditional employees, let alone MLM sellers.


As far as multi-level marketing companies go, ARIIX is an impressive business. It prioritizes product quality and provides regular cost of living adjustments. But unless you’re truly dedicated to the business, it could easily become nothing more than an expensive club.

To get started with ARIIX, you must purchase a starter kit known as the Get Fit Advanced Pack, which costs $335. Following this, you’re required to either purchase or sell at least $148 worth of products every month. You’re also required to attend a full day of training, which you must pay a fee to access.

In total, you should expect to spend around $500 just to get started. As far as startup investments go, $500 isn’t bad, but it’s more than most people have lying around. If you want to join ARIIX specifically to make money, you’d better be prepared to work hard to earn your investment back.

Unfortunately, the only effective way to earn a lot of money is to get more people to join the MLM. For most people, this means persuading their friends and family to buy your products and join the company. While this works for some, many people have found out the hard way that selling an “opportunity” like this has a way of destroying relationships. And if your friends or family choose to invest and end up losing money, they might hold it against you.

Is This MLM Right for You?

As you can see from this ARIIX review, ARIIX isn’t much different from the majority of MLMs. Although it has impressive products and offers a real opportunity to representatives, it comes with several liabilities.

If you’re very socially connected and good at selling, you might make a lot of money with ARIIX. But you should consider whether it’s truly the best choice.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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LifeVantage MLM Review: Scam or Worth It?

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When you look at the development of LifeVantage stock over the years, you can see that in the early stages, LifeVantage wasn't doing as well as it would later on. Why?

From 2003 to 2008, LifeVantage sold its products through brick-and-mortar retailers and didn't make the kinds of sales they were hoping for. By the end of 2008, the LifeVantage MLM emerged, and sales skyrocketed.

After those first few years of using the MLM business model, LifeVantage sales started to fall. Now, their sales are strong but not nearly as strong as they once were. What does that mean for LifeVantage affiliates?

At Legendary Marketer, our goal is to provide you with the latest information on marketing and online business opportunities. Now, we're going to take a deep dive into the LifeVantage MLM and uncover the reality behind this health and wellness company.

Is LifeVantage a Scam?

First, let's put your mind at ease. LifeVantage is not a scam. It is a tried and true MLM that relies on affiliate marketers to sell products and recruit even more affiliates to, you guessed it, sell more products.

Founder Darren Jensen had quite a bit of experience with the MLM business model. It's no wonder that when his products were failing to sell in a traditional retail environment, he transitioned to multi-level marketing.

LifeVantage sells products that fall under the health and wellness umbrella. They are most known for their line of dietary supplements and anti-aging creams, serums, and more. Protandim, an all-natural supplement that is designed to reduce oxidative stress and reduce aging, accounts for over half of all LifeVantage sales.

It's worth noting that Protandim has faced criticism over the years. That means that in order to sell LifeVantage, you have to stand behind a product that produces anecdotal (and disputed) effects. That being said, this is not an unusual position to be in when selling health and wellness products.

Why Become a LifeVantage Affiliate?

What is the LifeVantage opportunity? How does LifeVantage encourage people to join their movement and become a LifeVantage distributor?

For starters, LifeVantage has a relatively low enrollment fee of $50. (What they may not tell you right off the bat is that in addition to this enrollment fee, you also have to purchase a starter pack or purchase $100 worth of products.)

Once you're in, there are a few ways that you can start making money. For example, you can earn a commission rate of 30% to 40% each time you bring in a new preferred customer. You can also earn a bonus any time someone purchases a starter pack.

You can also boost your ranking, and therefore improve and increase your earning opportunities, by recruiting a downstream. That being said, recruiting a downstream is only beneficial if your downstream is meeting the expected volume of sales each week.

For the most part, LifeVantage is following a standard compensation plan that you can expect from most trustworthy MLMs. One key takeaway is that you don't have to buy a costly starter pack to enter the ring, even if you do have to make an initial investment of about $150.

How Much Are LifeVantage Affiliates Really Making?

Now, let's get to the nitty-gritty. Thousands of people are already selling LifeVantage products. We don't have to guess how much they're making, because LifeVantage offers a fairly transparent annual income disclosure statement.

What we can learn from this income disclosure statement is that there really are people out there who are making six figures per month as a LifeVantage affiliate. The drawback is that less than 0.011% of the LifeVantage team has reached this level of achievement.

How much is the vast majority of the LifeVantage team making? About 75% of current affiliates are selling at the lowest level of LifeVantage rankings, referred to as Distributors. On average, this group is making $4 a month, although the most successful Distributor in the bunch is making over $22,000 a month.

What Challenges Should You Expect From Becoming a LifeVantage MLM Affiliate?

Why is it so difficult to make real money as a LifeVantage affiliate? Let's take a quick look again at the development of LifeVantage stock.

In the years just after LifeVantage became an MLM, the company's worth soared. After about three golden years, it started to drop back down to a more modest amount.

What this tells us is that when LifeVantage products became more widely available, they sold really well. People were excited for the opportunity to give their products a shot and to give the MLM opportunity a shot, too.

Then came market saturation. Market saturation occurs when there's no one left to turn to who hasn't already been offered the opportunity to buy or sell a product. Everyone is already doing so, already gave it a shot, or already said, “No, thank you.”

Your ability to truly sell people on yourself and your products can counterbalance market saturation. You have to be able to tell a compelling story and remind people why a product is worth their interest and money, even if they'd previously formed an opinion about it. You also have to be able to do this on a mass scale and reach thousands of people all at once, or you're going to waste your efforts.

How can you unlock these marketing skills? How can you reach such a wide audience?

Let Us Help You Boost Your Online Business Skills

The LifeVantage MLM is about as typical as they come. They offer a commission on sales and increased earning opportunities in exchange for recruitment. Their products are interesting but a lot of people have already heard of them, making it more difficult to find a target audience that is automatically excited about what you're selling.

Fortunately, finding success with any online business isn't just about the products. It's about your ability to market the products effectively. Watch this free video and get the skills you need to follow the right business opportunities and turn them into a goldmine every single time.

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What Is Sunrider International?

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Is Sunrider International a scam? Can you trust any MLM company for starting a home-based business of your own?

The answers to those questions could change the trajectory of your life or inspire you to search for new options. Anyone considering this type of endeavor deserves a straightforward explanation of the pros and cons.

Does a Sunrider International MLM business make sense for your business goals? Is this the best MLM company opportunity for you?

Find out today by reading this no-nonsense Sunrider International MLM review!

MLM Company 101

A multilevel marketing (MLM) company recruits driven individuals who want to start their own business and distribute their products. If you know someone who has sold Mary Kay or Amway products, then you've already encountered this type of business. Anyone with an interest in starting a home-based business can run across these types of companies often while going down Google rabbit holes.

Sunrider International Essentials

Sunrider International started in 1982 in Orem, Utah. The company operates out of Torrance, California today, and it's a private company founded by Tei-Fu Chen and Oi Lin Chen.

The Sunrider Corporation distributes herbal nutrition, home, and beauty products to individuals who want to start a home-based business. They manufacture their own products and sell them through entrepreneurs in over 50 countries.

Sunrider focuses on herbal and natural products for healthy daily living that range from food to home cleaning solutions. Business owner testimonials often focus their praise on the earning potential they've found while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Sunrider International Products

Sunrider reps focus on providing products that help people live happy and healthy lives, like other MLM companies that gained popularity in recent years. The following represents the categories of products featured in their online shop:

Food & Drinks

The drinks offer a variety of health benefits and tend to come in pre-measured packs. Options listed on their website include:

  • Plant protein shakes
  • Probiotics
  • Energy drinks
  • Cleansers
  • Sleep aids

Sunrider International makes GMO-free food packed with micronutrients and antioxidants. A few examples to consider are herbal food bars, vegan gummies, and NuPuffs snacks.

Herbal Nutrition

Sunrider offers a well-considered group of supplements to support anyone's goals. The company has individual vitamins or blends for particular health concerns. This list is a representation of the options:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D3
  • Dong Quai
  • Dandelion Root
  • Fiber capsules
  • Beauty support
  • Men's health

These types of products are common in the supplement industry, but it can be difficult to know who to trust. Sunrider holds itself to the highest standards established by the FDA and has a strong commitment to quality.

Beauty & Body

Beauty products and herbal supplements pair naturally together in a product line. One offering tends to compliment or enhance the other, and that's helpful when getting sales going for your new business. Some of the offerings listed on their website include:

  • Hair and body wash
  • Hand and body lotion
  • Aftershave
  • Cleansing foam
  • Natural deodorant
  • Mascara
  • Facial toner

Any of the herbal solutions listed above can work well with the supplement line (or start a big conversation even with a small audience). In terms of vertical integrations, Sunrider does have that baked into its business model.


Natural home cleaning solutions have gained significant popularity in the last decade. Offering these types of products with other natural solutions provides a fantastic opportunity for an add-on sale. The current items available for purchase at the time of writing include:

  • Chlorine-free bleach
  • Multipurpose cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Vegetable rinse

Major supplement organizations have added these to their inventory, but not everyone is on board (or taking advantage of affiliate marketing). When you're creating a home-based business, most of your customers can appreciate having this as an alternative to chemical-based solutions at the big box stores.

How Does Sunrider Make These Products?

Sunrider International publishes a nine-step process for delivering its products to distributors. Here's a high-level look at their proprietary process:


The website claims that Sunrider carefully selects the parts of the plant they want to extract for products. They may use the root, seed, fruit, leaf, or even the entire plant itself.


After they've found the right ingredients, the manufacturers clean the herbs. Any unwanted materials like dirt or debris get washed away before entering the heart of the manufacturing process.


Some herbs respond well to methods of preparation that include drying, hearing, or storage in cold temperatures. Sunrider even cooks some of their ingredients in honey.


Herbs need to fit exact measurements, especially for capsules, so grinding is a necessary step. Getting the ingredients to a uniform size is critical to success for any supplement.


Herbal remedies often have proprietary methods of combining ingredients for optimal results. Sunrider claims to combine their herbs in precise ways to benefit a person's health.


Some herbs require an extra level of effort to extract the ingredients necessary for supplements. The manufacturing process should include taking the healthy ingredients for use while eliminating anything undesirable.


If you've tasted orange juice concentrate from the grocery store, that should give a good picture of what this step involves. Herbs can become a “juice” with the right manufacturing equipment.

Flo-Coat or Spray Dry

Once a proprietary blend has reached this stage, the juice gets sprayed into an herbal base. This step is necessary to convert the ingredients into a powder.


Packaging needs to occur in a safe and controlled manner to meet strict standards. While the FDA does not technically regulate the supplement industry, American products have respect around the world for having the highest standards possible.

Are You Ready to Start a Sunrider International Business?

We hope that this guide has helped you consider the pros and cons of this MLM company. Sunrider International has a long-standing reputation as a home-based business that offers quality products. Whether you plan to make some extra cash or build an empire, you can do much worse than Sunrider in the marketplace.

Whether you want to sell supplements or something completely different, the key to success is selling yourself first. If you don't invest in the right marketing strategy, quality products alone can't bail you out of a low sales rut.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Make It Fashion: Cabi MLM Review

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Do you love fashion? And do you love to share your favorite fashion finds with all your friends and family? If so, then you might be considering working with a fashion MLM company such as Cabi.

If you've ever searched online for the best MLM company then you know how confusing it can be. Don't worry, we've got you covered, keep reading to get an honest Cabi MLM review.

We'll also show you an alternative idea for making money online with fashion. So, as they say, make it fashion, and make money sharing your favorite fashion ideas online.

what Is Cabi?

Cabi is a network marketing fashion company that sells high-end women's clothing at independent shows. The company was founded by fashion designer Carol Anderson who wanted to move away from working with retail stores and boutiques. Along with her husband and ten friends she founded Carol Anderson by Invitation (Cabi) in 2001.

Since then the company has grown to include more than 3,500 consultants who sell over $250 million dollars of clothing each year. Independent stylists sign up to sell clothing to their friends and family in exchange for earning 25-30% of everything they sell.


How Compensation Works

As a network marketing company, Cabi stylists also focus on bringing in new consultants to their team. This is how stylists make the majority of their income from commissions based on how much their downline orders each month. According to their website, Cabi consultants can make between 2-8% of everything their downline sells.

This might not sound like a lot but consider that their clothing items are high-end fashion. They cater to working women who want to be able to fill their wardrobe without having to run to the mall. Each item in their fashion line runs between $65-200, so commissions can add up quickly if you have an active team.

However, there are quotas to make each season. So, if you aren't actively selling each month then you risk losing more money than you make. Each season you must purchase a minimum of $2,500 of clothing which you will then sell to your customers.

If you don't sell those clothes then you lose your investment. If you love fashion and you love sharing your fashion finds with friends, but you don't want to make a large up-front investment, then there is another way.

An Easier Way to Make Money Recommending Fashion

Affiliate marketing works similar to network marketing, except you don't have to haul any inventory to friends' houses every Saturday night.

Instead, you still share your fashion finds with your friends, but you do it online. And you don't have to purchase thousands of dollars of inventory.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you build your following online and then share your affiliate links when you find great items that you want to share. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you make a small commission. While the commission percentages might be small, if you have a large enough following you can make great money from home.

So, if you're interested in learning how to do this, we're sharing with you our proven three-step method to online affiliate marketing.

Pick Your Platform

First, you need to choose the platform where you want to build your business. Thanks to the dozens of social media websites available, you don't even need a website to build a booming business online. From social media platforms like TikTok to YouTube and Facebook, people all over the world are building their following.

So, decide where you'll share your fashion tips, finds, and deals. Then create your profile and start to build your following. This step is crucial as people want to get advice from people they trust, so build trust and relationships with your followers online.

Share Your Favorite Fashion Styles

For fashion, you want to focus on image-friendly social sharing sites. This could include Instagram or Pinterest where you'll share beautiful, share-worthy images of your favorite fashion finds.

To do this effectively, you need to share every day and you need to share more than just links to clothes. You need to share tips for how to create amazing outfits. Share how to make your daytime workwear into evening fashionwear. Your number one job as an affiliate marketer is to build your following and share every day.

Link to Your Favorite Brands

After you've built a relationship with your followers and gained their trust as a fashionista, then you're ready to start making money. Now is when you'll share your affiliate link and encourage your followers to purchase your amazing new finds.

As a general rule of thumb for about every four or five posts, you can sell something. If your followers think that you're selling to them every time you post, they will lose interest. Give value more than you ask for a sale and your followers will trust you when you recommend your favorite fashion styles.

Make It Fashion: Its Always Fashionable to Make Money Online

There are thousands of MLM companies out there. Don't risk your hard-earned money getting scammed by one. If you're interested in making money online and building a successful business, then consider affiliate marketing instead.

Yes, you can make money online. And if you find your personal trend, you can make it fashion and style-friendly advice. We've shared with you the three steps to take to build your online business, now it's your turn to get started so you can build the fashion-forward business you've always dreamed about.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.Click for free training

Everything You Need to Know About Color Street MLM

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One of the best MLM companies to advertise towards stay-at-home moms who want to make money working from their smartphones is Color Street. You might be wondering why that is?

Well, moms are incredibly busy trying to raise their children, and they rarely get time to themselves. Color Street offers them an easy and affordable manicure that they can do in minutes. That way, they will have cute nails that can last up to two weeks even through the trials and tribulations of motherhood.

Color Street isn't only for stay-at-home moms but rather for anyone who wants to make some extra money by selling nail polish strips to friends and family through social media and by hosting parties.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on everything you need to know about Color Street MLM.

How to Get Started Selling Color Street

Getting started selling Color Street's nail products can be a bit of a process. Yet, like most MLM companies if you already know someone that is involved it will be much easier.

People that sell Color Street are called Stylists, and you will need to know a Stylist's team that you can join. The Color Street website can help you find a Stylist in your area if you don't know any friends or family members are already selling.

Once you've found a stylist, you're ready to buy the products you'll want to sell. That means you'll initially be investing $129 of your own money before you can even make a dime. Color Street says that this is a $250 value and comes with tons of business supplies that you will need.

You're also required to pay a monthly fee of $9.95 after joining. They claim this fee is to keep your eSuite subscription active. These are fees that you need to think about investing before you can make money.

As you sell your products and gain more clients, you can achieve higher tiers within the company. You'll get titles, such as Senior Stylist, Team Leader, Director, and many more.

You will make more money as a higher rank, but sometimes this can work against you. It is a very complicated system, and you will have to work hard to maintain higher rankings.

How Do You Make Money Selling Color Street?

The number one thing you're looking for in a Color Street MLM review is how you'll make money by selling the products. One thing that makes Color Street a good MLM company is their commission rate is fairly high.

You'll find that when you sell products you will earn 25% of the sales you make. That money is paid out at the end of each week.

Another great part of selling with Color Street is that there are bonuses too! If you hit a high sales volume, such as $600 or more, you can earn up to an additional 10% commission.

You can also earn money by recruiting other Stylists to join your team and start selling Color Street. You can earn 3% of the commission from Stylists that are just joining.

How Can Someone Be Succesful Selling Color Street?

If you think selling Color Street sounds good to you, you might be wondering how you can become successful selling the products. There are different ways that you can go about selling these nail products.

One of the first and most beneficial ways is by hosting parties. Pre-COVID, many Stylists were able to have parties at their homes where they could invite over guests and demonstrate the nail strips. After the demonstration, guests are interested in what you're selling and will be more inclined to purchase your products.

The problem with these types of parties is that people will expect food, drinks, and sometimes even games so that they're entertaining. You'll find that the costs of hosting parties to get more sales and customers can add up quickly if you're not careful.

Currently, with the state of our world, many parties have switched to online through Zoom or Facebook live. Some Stylists have found that this isn't as effective as an in-person party, but it does cut down on the costs of hosting a party.

Another way to be successful with selling Color Street nails is by having a large social media following. When you're first starting, a lot of your clients are going to be your friends and family members. If you're not careful, they can start to get annoyed and think you're always trying to sell to them.

Instead, to be successful, you need to branch out and start marketing to other people that will want to buy Color Street nails. Grow your social media following on all platforms so that more people will become interested in what you're selling.

Is Color Street a Scam?

When researching any MLM company, you might be wondering if you're getting yourself into a scam. Overall, Color Street is not a scam. If you're interested in a quick and easy manicure, selling these products could beneficial to you.

Yet, if you want to make money online, Color Street isn't the best option. It is going to take a lot of time and dedication to grow a social media following and build a team of people that want to sell Color Street with you.

There are also a ton of added costs that will be coming out of your pocket. Selling Color Street and making a profit can be very difficult, especially if you're looking for an easy way to make money from home.

The Bottom Line About Color Street MLM

If you're still on the fence about Color Street and making money from your smartphone, the choice is up to you. It is a way for you to make money from home, yet you're going to be spending hours building up a following and convincing other people to join you.

Did you know there are other ways to make money from the comfort of your own home? Affiliate marketing is another awesome way that you can make money online. If you're looking to get started, you can check out our free online web class, where we walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online.

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Pampered Chef MLM Review: Making Money Selling Kitchen Supplies?

David Sharpe bio

Everyone who has an entrepreneurial mind seems to be looking for a side hustle these days, or even an entirely new career. If you've always envisioned yourself as a business owner MLM companies may be your best bet for bringing in more cash.

There's no lack of MLM companies to invest in, the trouble is finding the right one for you. Pampered Chef MLM sells high-end cookware, cookbooks, and food products. Plenty of people are buzzing about the company, but you may be wondering if it's right for you.

If you're interested in a kitchen MLM or a food MLM, Pampered Chef could be just what you're looking for. Here's our take on whether or not you can make money selling their products, so keep reading to find out more.

A Brief History of Pampered Chef MLM

One thing that makes Pampered Chef unique is that it has a solid history in the business world. Unlike other MLMs, like LuLaRoe and Scentsy, Pampered Chef isn't a recently founded MLM. The company was founded in 1980, so they have a little over 40 years of experience in the food industry.

The founder, Doris Christopher, was an avid cook that wanted to find a way to educate other people about the best ways to utilize their kitchen and utensils. When Doris threw her first cooking party she wanted to share her expertise with her friends. Little did she know that she was about to start a business empire.

After taking some inspiration from Tupperware, she launched her own line of high-end utensils and cookware. The company is headquartered in Illinois, but they have a presence in the UK, Canada, Mexico, France, and Germany.

Can I Make Money With Pampered Chef?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, but that's only if you handle your business the right way (more on that soon).

If you're looking for one of the best MLM companies to work for, consider working for Pampered Chef. One major benefit of selling Pampered Chef products is that you earn a direct commission on what you sell. A lot of other retail-based MLMs base their profit models off of resale profit.

Selling Pampered Chef products can feel like a regular job. The company pays its consultants twice a month. You also don't have to worry about deliveries, paying for host benefits, or having to deal with high overhead costs.

Although you do get bonuses for recruiting other people to sell, you don't earn the majority of your profits through referrals. This allows people to hyper-focus on selling the product itself instead of trying to sell the business.

How to Make Money With Pampered Chef

You know that Pampered Chef is a legitimate company and now you have a little insight into how people earn their money. Now that we covered that, let's dive into ways you can get the most out of your Pampered Chef sales.

This may come as a surprise to you, but you don't have to be a master chef to sell these products. All you need to do is use the right sales techniques to attract customers.

If you're serious about selling Pampered Chef and want to bring in money, here are our recommendations on how you can maximize your profits.

Utilize Social Media

Social media has become such a vital tool for people in the sales industry. If you aren't already active on social media, now is a great time to start building your presence.

Pictures are nice ways to show off products, but videos that demonstrate the right way to use them are even better. You'll have a more interactive way to engage potential customers, and the videos you make could be referenced later if people need ideas on how to use their products.

If you really want to kick your social media use into high gear, consider experimenting with paid social ads.

Social media advertising is surprisingly affordable and very easy to manage on your own. Start by targeting people interested in food and cooking in your immediate area. From there you can gather more metrics around what copy and visuals work and find even better ways to reach new potential customers.

Know Your Products

You may not have to be a world-class cook to sell Pampered Chef, but you should know the best ways to use your products. Before you start selling products at parties and events, we highly recommend taking some time to understand what you're selling.

Go to their website and read up on their product descriptions. Take note of any special features (non-stick coating, BPA free, etc) so you can bring them up during your pitches.

We also think it's a good idea to try to use what you're selling at least once. That way you'll be able to give people a good idea of what it's like to use what they're buying.

Find Your Audience

When some people join an MLM, they make the mistake of trying to pitch their product to anyone who will listen to them. Trying to convince people that would never be interested in your product isn't just time-consuming, it's eating into your profits.

If you're starting off with selling to family and friends, only try to sell to the ones that you know enjoy cooking. Get an idea of what their needs are in the kitchen, and find ways for Pampered Chef products to help them.

Starting off with this route can help you learn a lot about target customers that you aren't already familiar with. This can make attracting new customers a lot easier.

Find Your MLM Match

Out of all the MLMs you could sell for, Pampered Chef MLM is a pretty solid choice. Their revenue model emphasizes selling products over gaining people, and there are plenty of ways for you to successfully sell it.

Are you not convinced that Pampered Chef is the right MLM for you after reading this post? Don't worry, there are plenty of other great companies you could work with and we know plenty about them all! Browse our blog to learn our latest thoughts on today's most popular MLM brands.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Pruvit MLM: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you heard about the benefits of the keto diet? Do you want to turn those benefits into an income stream? You may want to consider the Pruvit MLM opportunity.

Not only can you learn about and sell keto products, but you can use them yourself. And you can make some money along the way.

Read on to learn if you should join Pruvit.

What Is Pruvit?

Pruvit, which you pronounce as “prove it,” is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells health products. They offer a lot of products that you can use when following a keto diet.

The company has been around since 2014, and the founder created it after seeing someone be successful with direct selling. However, like other MLM companies, it can be hard to be successful when selling Pruvit.

How to Join

To join the Pruvit MLM, you will need to buy a Promoter Pack and register as a Promoter. Pruvit recommends you find someone to refer you before signing up. Once you join, you can become a referrer and give your code to others to sign up.

The company offers two Promoter Packs, one for $650 and the other for $1,300. You will need to buy one of them so that you can start selling the products. Each year, you'll also have to pay $37 to be a member.

Can You Make Money?

You can make money with the Pruvit MLM opportunity by selling products and recruiting other people to sell. Pruvit has a complicated compensation plan regarding how you can earn commissions on sales you make and sales that your recruits make.

To make your commissions, you also have to maintain a certain personal qualifying volume. If you don't, you will lose your engaged status, so you won't make money on sales that period. Because of that, you may need to buy a lot more than what you can sell.

How Much You Can Make

While you can make money with the Pruvit MLM company, you probably won't make much. The average income for all of 2018 was $1,666.28. However, the median income, which is in the middle was only $36.80 for the entire year.

Promoters who qualified for higher ranks through recruiting did have better income prospects. However, not many sellers had advanced through the ranks, so only a small percentage made a living wage.

The averages for the higher ranks seem good, but averages can ignore the fact that there are outliers. For example, Rank 5 sellers made anywhere from nothing to over $800,000 with the average being only $876.34.

Pros of the Pruvit MLM

The Pruvit MLM opportunity isn't the best option if you want to make a lot of money. However, some people may want to join for more than the income potential.

Here are a few benefits of selling Pruvit products.

Variety of Products

Pruvit sells many products, and you have access to all of them as a customer and seller. Whether you want to focus on their KETO//OS NAT or the other options, you can sell what you and your audience want.

In that way, the Pruvit MLM is similar to traditional affiliate marketing. You don't have to stick to one product or one type of product, so you may be able to increase your chances of getting a sale.

Access to Community

You can access the Help Center on Pruvit's website to learn more about the company. They also have a Facebook page, a blog, and events where you can learn more and connect with other Pruvit sellers.

Sometimes, working from home can be lonely. But many MLMs like to share the community aspect to convince people to join. If you want to connect with other people who love health and the keto diet, Pruvit may be a good fit for you.

Cons of the Pruvit MLM

Unfortunately, there are more cons to the Pruvit MLM opportunity than pros. Before you invest your money into this company, you should consider some of the disadvantages.

Then, you can make sure it's right for you before you waste your next paycheck.

Expensive to Join

While Pruvit isn't one of the most expensive MLM companies to join, it's not cheap. You need to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your starter pack and sign up.

After that, you need to pay to stay active if you want to earn commissions. The strict volume requirements can make it hard to save money, especially if you aren't making many sales.

You also have to pay an annual membership fee. While other companies have membership fees, it's still something you won't find with most affiliate marketing programs.

A Lot of Competition

When you sell Pruvit products, you can face competition from the thousands of other Promoters. If you recruit new sellers, you will then face even more competition.

However, you also have to compete with the many other health and wellness products outside of Pruvit. If you can't make the products stand out or seem unique, you won't be able to sell them.

It doesn't help that some of the Pruvit products are much more expensive than similar products on the market. Unless your audience includes people with a lot of disposable income, you may not make many sales.

False Claims

If you decide to join Pruvit, you should control what you say about the products. Don't make any false claims about what they can do for weight or health problems.

But you could do your best at that and still have problems because of other sellers. If someone has heard of Pruvit and has heard a ridiculous claim, it can be impossible to make a sale, even when you're honest. Fighting those bad first impressions isn't easy, and you can't control what others say about the brand.

Is Pruvit Worth It?

The Pruvit MLM opportunity can seem enticing, especially to someone who already loves health and wellness and wants to follow a keto diet. However, the company has many of the same features as other MLMs.

It can be expensive to join, and the products can be difficult to sell. Even if you do make sales, you may not make much or any money from your hard work.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is 4Life a Credible MLM Company?

David Sharpe bio

Have you wanted to make money selling products you love on your own schedule? Do you like supplements and wellness? 4Life may be the best MLM company for you.

But like all MLMs, it has its share of expensive products and a low earning potential. Before you sign up for the company, consider if it's worth your time.

Keep reading to learn more about 4Life.

What Is 4Life?

4Life is a multi-level marketing company that sells expensive nutritional supplements and other health and beauty products. The company started in the 1990s, and anyone can join and sell the products.

While it's not a pyramid scheme, it does share many similarities with pyramid schemes and other MLMs. However, it may be a good company if you want to sell supplements and make your own schedule.

How to Join

To join 4Life, you will need to buy an enrollment kit for $25. You can buy the kit online or call 4Life to order yours, and you can also upgrade to more advanced starter kits.

If someone refers you to 4Life, you can use their enroller ID when you signup. Otherwise, the company can assign you someone, and that person will be your direct upline. You'll also need someone to be your sponsor, and that can be the same person as who enrolls you.

After you join, you will need to sell at least $120 of product to stay active. If you don't make that many sales, you can buy the products to stay active, but you will still need to pay for them.

Can You Make Money?

You can make money with 4Life in the same ways as with other MLMs. First, you can sell the products and make commissions when people buy something. You can also recruit people to sell under you and make money on their sales. 4Life claims they can pay you as soon as the next day after you make a sale.

If you recruit people, you can make up to 64% of the volume that can result in commissions. Then, you don't have to worry about making as many sales to make money.

How Much You Can Make

While you can make money in different ways, you probably won't make a ton of money with 4Life. In 2019, over 96.7% of distributors earned an average of $6,576 or less all year. About 86.7% earned an average of $900 or less in 2019.

According to 4Life, about 16% of distributors didn't make any money at all during that period. However, those numbers don't include potential business expenses, like buying products to stay active. Odds are, you won't make any money or at least not any profit.

Pros of 4Life

When considering which MLM company to join, you should consider the pros. 4Life does have a couple of advantages that may make it worth trying if you want to earn money this way.

Here are the pros to consider before joining 4Life.

Company History

Because 4Life has been around since the late 1990s, they are ahead of some other MLMs in terms of history and legitimacy. While the company won't necessarily make you rich, you can know that it most likely won't shut down soon.

If you want a slow and steady way to make money, that can be a good thing. Then, you don't have to put in a ton of work only to lose everything when the company closes. It may not be super popular, but it does cover a need, so it's a relatively stable business.

Good Ratings

Whether you want to participate in affiliate marketing, MLMs, or to sell your own products, ratings are essential. Fortunately, many customers have left good ratings and reviews for 4Life products.

If you want to convince people to buy, you can share other customer reviews. Seeing how the products have helped others may convince your customers to buy something. Then, you can earn more commissions.

Cons of 4Life

Unfortunately, there aren't many advantages of selling 4Life MLM products. You may be able to make some money, and it does have a good history, but that's where the good things end.

Consider a few cons before you join 4Life.

Expensive to Buy and Sell

At first, joining 4Life can seem cheap, with a fee of only $25. However, you will need to sell a lot to stay active each month. If you can't sell enough, you may decide to buy the products yourself to maintain your status.

But the high price of the products may turn off potential customers. You can find many similar products for a fraction of the price, and some are from brands that people know and love.

Even if you can find customers, you might need to work harder to convince them that 4Life products are better. And that can be difficult, especially if you decide to sell online where people can't test things out ahead of time.

Low Income Potential

Another con that you will find with many MLM companies is the low income potential. Some 4Life distributors can make hundreds of thousands each month and millions a year.

However, those numbers only occur for less than 1% of all sellers. The odds of that happening are slim, and it will take a lot of time and effort to get there.

And while you may get sales, your sales may not be enough to offset your expenses. You might also not make much per hour if you have to work a lot for those sales.

Emphasis on Recruiting

The 4Life MLM company also has the same recruiting structure as similar businesses. While you don't have to recruit other sellers to sell products, recruiting is your best chance at making decent money.

However, recruiting people can dilute your client base by adding competition. Then, you may struggle even more to make sales and earn money, while something like affiliate marketing won't have that problem.

Is 4Life the MLM Company for You?

When deciding which MLM company to join, you may come across 4Life. The company sells supplements and other wellness products, and some sellers make a lot of money.

However, that's not the case for most people. 4Life may not be a pyramid scheme, but it can be almost impossible to earn any money from it.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Omnilife Review: Making Money From Selling Wellness Products?

David Sharpe bio

Selling wellness products to your friends and family sounds like a great job. You get to work from home, on your own schedule, and spend time promoting products from a brand you already like, Omnilife.

In this Omnilife review, I'm going to walk you through the pros and cons of joining this wellness MLM. I've got hard facts for you about what the reality of working with Omnilife is like.

And bonus: I'll let you in on the worst kept secret in the marketing industry. It's an online alternative to multi-level marketing that is even easier to get started in.

Omnilife Review

Omnilife sells nutrition and cosmetic products. When distributors join, they can begin selling these products to people they know in their direct social network.

In MLMs or multi-level marketing companies, distributors are recruited by existing sellers in the MLM. They then purchase their own set of inventory to sell and start to find customers and their own distributor recruits.

This type of marketing brings products directly into the customers' hands from a distributor, so it is known as direct sales.

For a company like Omnilife, this means customers can meet with distributors. They see products in person or even test them out, like aloe vera drinks or cosmetic compact foundations.

How to Get Started as a Distributor

To get started as an Omnilife distributor, you sign up online and agree to work with them. Then you buy your first kit.

Kits are available in Spanish and English. The nutritional kit and the KIT SEYTÚ are both $38.85. At this time you can also add more products to your initial inventory stockpile, depending on how serious you want to get right at the start.

How Distributors Make Money

The big question everyone has when they are looking into an opportunity like Omnilife is what kind of income they can reasonably expect from this kind of business.

Omnilife does have a highly detailed compensation plan. It shows how distributors move through ranked levels where they can earn different types of points.

Each level earns differently. Omnilife suggests that distributors concentrate on consume and retail, sponsoring, developing teams, retention/loyalty, and leadership as individual channels for profiting in Omnilife.

Distributors should also remember that they are responsible for all business overhead. They are an independent distributor, not an employee. When calculating profit, they must subtract these costs.

The Structure of Multi-Level Marketing

In multi-level marketing companies and a health MLM like Omnilife, distributors are recruited into a “downline.” This is the line of sellers descending from the first person who started recruiting. Each member in an “upline” gets a portion of the sales from those below them.

This can concentrate the majority of the profit towards the top of the hierarchy. As MLMs get popular like Omnilife, territories may be saturated by sellers. This can make customers and potential recruits scarce.

For these reasons, many of the newest distributors in MLM companies struggle to make any significant profit.

Should I Become a Distributor?

If you are thinking about becoming a distributor, I hope this review has given you an illustration of what selling health and wellness products with Omnilife looks like.

As someone who has been an MLM distributor before, I know why they are an attractive business prospect. But with high costs to buy into inventory and no assurance of making meaningful sales, it is a very uncertain business opportunity to take on.

I also know that my success improved significantly when I left network marketing and MLMs behind and branched out to a better marketing opportunity.

If you're considering joining multi-level marketing, why not check out affiliate marketing instead? With lower cost to entry and less financial risk as you get started, affiliate marketing is an online business opportunity that is great for those who excel at network marketing.

Why You Should Try Affiliate Marketing

If you thought you would be good at network marketing like the Omnilife MLM, then you need to know about affiliate marketing. It can be a job you run yourself at home—without the hassle of buying into someone else's inventory.

Affiliate marketing is built for people who are good at making social connections with customers and audiences and who are good at showcasing a great product. That's why people who have done network marketing before may find a home in affiliate marketing.

How to Get Started in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you direct an audience to a seller's products. You never handle the inventory for that product. You don't have anything to do with the sales process of the product.

Instead, what you do is connect your digital audience with interesting products.

How do you get a digital audience? You can build up an audience by creating interesting content online, like a blog, a series of review videos, or informative social media posts.

In this content, you integrate mentions or reviews of products that sellers need sales directed towards. You then get a link unique to you to send your audience to the seller.

Each time someone clicks on that link and purchases the product, you get a cut of the sales as compensation for steering them there.

Affiliate marketers often get hooked up with a program that matches them with sellers. This way they can make content for products in need of promotion without spending all of their time on research.

Legendary Marketer Can Make You an Affiliate Marketer

Intrigued but unsure of where to get started? I built Legendary Marketer based on my years of experience in marketing. This experience has been channeled into my courses, which can teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Modere Review: Legit MLM Company or Sc

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Previous studies have shown that as many as 99% of people that participate in MLM companies lose money in the process. Part of the reason for this is that people at the top of the downline get the most money, and those at the bottom aren't able to earn as much until they rise up.

Even so, MLM companies are appealing to people now more than ever before because they are convenient, and they seem like easy, quick ways to make some extra cash.

After all, you can't rise up the rankings unless you get started now… right? Are you interested in participating in the Modere MLM, but aren't sure if you'll actually be able to generate an income?

Check out our Modere review below to see if this is the best MLM company to make money with or not.

A Modere Review: What Is It?

Modere is a multi-level marketing company that was founded in 2012. It promotes health and wellness through its products. They have a variety of different products on the market and have wellness products for external or internal use.

Some of the products that Modere has available include:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Soap
  • Pet health products
  • Weight management products
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Skin cleansers
  • Toothpaste
  • Coffee and creamer

If you've heard of Modere before, it's likely because of their weight loss management kits, such as the Lean Body System or M3 Body System. These are some of their most popular (and expensive) items.

Modere uses eco-friendly packaging for its products as part of the appeal.

Because there is such a variety in the items that Modere has available, they appeal to a large audience. Their products are considered “high-end” and can ship to many parts of the world.

When you sign up for Modere, you receive limited training on hosting parties, selling the products, and how the whole process works. While this training is not going to be very extensive, it may give you a good idea about what you can expect as a consultant with the company.

How Does It Work?

It's easy to join Modere, and for just $39.99 per year, you can become a “Social Marketer” for their company.

After you join, you have certain requirements that must be met. This is similar to the setup of many MLMs in that you have to sell the products in order to be in good standing as a consultant.

In order to receive any commissions through Modere, you have to hit a certain number of Activity Points and Marketing Points. Activity Points are earned when you buy or sell products, and Marketing Points are earned when you are making purchases just for yourself.

Once you have 100 Activity Points, you don't have to keep buying products for yourself and can start earning commissions.

The catch, however, is that you have to hit that goal every month.

If you miss the mark on one month, you'll have to buy items for yourself in order to be eligible to make any commission money. As a result, you may have to spend more money than you're taking in (even with commissions).

The monthly requirements are tough because even the best salesperson is likely to have a month or two that doesn't go as well.

The sales requirements here make it hard to make money with Modere, especially if you're not keeping track of how much you're spending on their products.

Can You Make Money With a Modere MLM Position?

One thing to remember is that the health and wellness market today is extremely competitive. This is true whether you're working in an MLM, general retail, or an e-commerce environment.

As a result, you may have a hard time convincing people to buy these pricey products when they may have other alternatives that they already use. If you're not a skilled salesperson, you're going to struggle with this MLM.

People want to be healthier and lose weight, but if you don't have the know-how to convince them that “only this product will work!”, you may not meet the monthly requirements.

Even if you're able to sell to every person in your network, you may still find that you're not meeting your goals. Why is that? It could be because you haven't been able to branch out to a wider audience.

Luckily, Legendary Marketer can help you learn more about affiliate marketing and how to market yourself with cutting-edge strategies.

We can give you the tools to convince people to buy your products and become downline participants. As a result, you can get people interested in health and wellness, but specifically Modere's health and wellness products.

After that, you have more potential to make the money you were hoping the MLM would be able to give you.

Getting people to trust you, believe that you are reputable, and buy your products are all skills that you can learn to be successful in any business endeavor. Legendary Marketer can help you get there.

Contact Legendary Marketer Today

After reading our Modere review, you may be thinking that you are interested in giving it a try, but not until you've got more skills and experience under your belt.

We don't blame you. Sign up for our courses now to take back control and gain the financial independence you've been craving. Once you start using our high-ticket business models, you'll never look back.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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MLM Company Review: Nature’s Sunshine

David Sharpe bio

Did you know that one out of every 13 Americans participates in an MLM company at some point in their life?

Of course, not all MLM companies are equal. While you may have heard some positive stories about people working for them, there are plenty of negative stories out there, too.

Have you heard about Nature's Sunshine and think it may be a great opportunity? Are you interested in working for the MLM company Nature's Sunshine, but aren't sure if you'll be successful doing so?

Keep reading below for our full Nature's Sunshine review.

What Is Nature's Sunshine?

Nature's Sunshine is a multi-level marketing company that sells a variety of dietary supplements. These include vitamins, minerals, personal products, and herbs.

Based in Lehi, UT, the company was founded in 1972. It had a mission to put natural herbs into capsules to take advantage of their healing powers. By doing so, they were able to make it easier for anyone that wanted to use herbs and take them as if they were taking regular medicine.

They boast about having effective products for many different categories, including:

  • Stress
  • Weight management
  • Poor immune system
  • Aches or pains
  • Women's health or men's health
  • Children's health
  • Detox and cleansing
  • Prenatal
  • Memory and brain function

The company claims that these products are all 100% natural and will boost different systems in the body. It's important to note that these products are not FDA approved.

On the outside, this company doesn't even look like an MLM. However, it has been around for a long time, and as a result, is considered one of the “original” MLM companies out there.

How Does Working With Nature's Sunshine Work?

To get started with Nature's Sunshine, you'll have to purchase a Welcome Kit on their website for $40. This is how you activate your consultant membership and start receiving shipments that you can then sell on your own.

Something of note about Nature's Sunshine is that they encourage you to sell their products in retails stores.

Of course, if you don't have a retail store to sell them in, this won't apply to you. However, most MLMs won't allow you to do this, so it's good to know that Nature's Sunshine will support this approach if you already have a store.

Otherwise, you will be selling this product to people you know, people online, or wherever else you may be able to find them.

Some of the incentives of signing up that Nature's Sunshine advertises on their website include:

  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Discount code to share with friends
  • Fast pay to your account
  • Training and education about herbal benefits
  • Access to Nature's Sunshine support specialists

While all of these things sound great on paper, actually making sales is the only way that you'll be able to make this business idea work. If you're not a natural salesperson or if you don't have the right network, it can be difficult to sell these products, even with all of the incentives available.

How Much Money Can You Make With an MLM Company?

Through Nature's Sunshine, consultants will earn commissions when they refer new customers to the company or when they add more people to their team that also purchase the products. You can only get commissions if you meet a certain rank requirement.

There are five levels of consultants, and each level will earn a different percentage of commission from sales. Reward payments are calculated based on:

  • What was the product you sold worth?
  • Are you eligible based on ranking and affiliate team members?
  • How many levels are between the upline consultant and yourself?

The big appeal of Nature's Sunshine, however, is that you get to purchase all of their products at a discount. Then you are encouraged to sell them at retail price.

In addition to that, as you make more sales, you will be able to increase your consultant ranking and be eligible for a bigger commission.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say how much a person will make for any MLM company because it does come down to the numbers. If you don't make the sales, you won't make the money — it's as simple as that.

How Can You Be Successful With Nature's Sunshine?

For any online business to be a success, you have to have the right marketing skills.

MLMs don't tell you this, but you are going to really struggle to make money in their programs if you don't already have some of the basic business skills that you need. Even if you're reaching out to every single person you know, you're still only reaching the people that you know!

There is a much wider audience that you need to connect with to really make some money. That's where Legendary Marketer can help. We will give you the tools that you need so that your experience in an MLM, or any other business, is always a triumph.

Taking the time to invest in yourself will pay off in the long run because you can make more sales (and make more money).

Legendary Marketer Can Help

Even if you're working for the best MLM company, you have to have the right skills to be successful.

Luckily, finding information about marketing and learning the skills you need is as easy as going online.

If you think you're ready to try affiliate marketing instead, check out our online class that will help you learn how to make money from home. Your path toward learning effective affiliate marketing strategies begins today.

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Is Team National a Scam?

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There have been several questions raised when it comes to the legitimacy of Team National. Is it a legitimate MLM business, or should it be written off as just another scheme that only benefits the person that starts the business?

Below we're going to provide you with an in-depth Team National review and let you decide for yourself if you want to become your own boss.

What is Team National MLM Company?

The Team National MLM company makes the majority of their earners by selling memberships to people that have become members of their savings club. They are essentially a marketing company that focuses on networking.

One reason that people have had issues deciding whether this company is a scam or not is due to the number of years that they've been around. Dick Loehr founded the company.

He is the mastermind behind the various membership plans that are offered to clients today. You can find the national headquarters in South Florida, where it all began in 1996.

The company's basis is to provide members with choices that they didn't have access to before they became Team National members. The company revolves around the idea of bringing both families and individual people together as one.

While Dick is no longer in charge, the company is still being run and operated by his daughter, Angela, and wife, MaryLou.

How Does It Work?

When you visit the site and are looking to access any information, you must first enter your login to gain access. After you've joined the company will send you an email that contains the information you need, including:

  • IMD number
  • Welcome video
  • Welcome email

The IMD number is what new members will use to register their accounts and get the login information. After the initial registration process, you will have to visit another page to enroll your family in the savings club.

From there, members are given access to resources that provide them with information about all the saving opportunities they now have after enrolling themselves and their families. Some areas where members can begin to save include:

  • Health discount card
  • Warranties
  • Cellphone plans
  • Roadside Assistance

The new member will be prompted to list people they want to share their savings with. The list you've made will also serve as the guestlist for a meeting that you will host to tell people about all that TM offers and why they should join.

Membership Plans

One thing that should be noted about Team National MLM memberships is that they are nowhere near the spectrum's cheap end. There are two plans that people can choose from when signing up to use this direct-selling platform.

The standard membership costs $795. The standard package offers a maximum of two years of savings opportunities and can be used by the entire family. The premium membership is $2,195.

Under the premium membership, you are awarded a lifetime membership plan that can cover your whole family. This only includes the immediate family that you have.

If you're a business owner using the service, you're also eligible to share it with five employees. Each time you sign someone up for a membership, you earn a point.

Premium membership signups are worth 3 points, while standard membership signups are only worth 1 point. The bonus advantage to signing people up for memberships is that your signups aren't the only ones that count.

Once you've signed up others to your team, you will also receive points for the people they sign up for.


As a member of the TM company, they want to provide you with bonuses for all the hard work that you put into selling the products the business offers. There is a bonus system used, and you are awarded different prizes based on the level you achieve.

The first level is known as the Presidential level, and you reach this level after getting 3 progression checks in a row. To earn this, you must have added 10 standard and 10 premium memberships to your roster.

In total, there are 6 levels that members can achieve through persistent hard work and selling.

Is It Worth?

If you're someone that's truly into savings, the membership is worth it in the long run. You've got to sell specific numbers of memberships and products to achieve each level of the bonus scale.

The majority of the money you will make from this company doesn't come from signing people up as Team National Members. If you don't feel like you have the time to put into hosting meetings and detailing for others reasons that they would want to sign up for a membership, it might not be the right thing for you to do.

You might also feel like you can't do it because you're not a natural seller, but there are ways around that. There are ways to educate yourself and become the seller that you were meant to be.

Team National: Scam Or Legitimate Business?

The decision about whether Team National is a real business or not comes down to your personal views about the company. If you've joined the team or are thinking about it, we encourage you to educate yourself and become the marketer you were born to be.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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How Can You Make Money From Isagenix MLM?

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All over the internet, there are people claiming to live lavish lifestyles from their Isagenix business. They claim to be healthier, wealthier, and overall better after joining the Isagenix MLM, but how much of it is true, and how much is flexing a fake lifestyle?

Isagenix is tempting. You see these people on warm beaches claiming that they're about to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. They're fit, stylish, and youthful. Can that be you too?

Don't act too quickly. We're here to give you the nitty-gritty details of this personal care MLM so you can make an informed decision about your potential secondary income stream. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Isagenix?

Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company. It was founded in 2002, making it one of the newer, while still well-established, MLMs. It has distributors based in fourteen countries.

The company itself has sales of near (or over) one billion dollars per year. There are over 200,000 active distributors. They focus on “direct sales” or “network marketing,” meaning that their business is technically not a pyramid scheme.

They sell “wellness products” for vitality, weight loss, performance, and overall “well-being.” They include shakes, children's vitamins, and essential oils, among other things.

What Are Their Products?

So what does it mean when we say “wellness products?” It's somewhat of a vague term. Overall, Isagenix sells the idea of wellness. While their products may have value, the products are all about their image.

Their shakes are one of their most popular products. They come in a variety of tempting flavors like caramel brulee and dutch chocolate. The website makes them look like luxurious milkshakes.

They also sell various mix-ins for the shakes, like greens and immunity boosters. They offer a “collagen elixir” beauty product, natural sleep products, products that claim to be good for joint relief, and dietary supplements.

Their “Isagenesis” product claims to set back the clock on your body to make you more youthful with “bioactive herbs and vitamins.”

Isagenix has over fifty categories of products on its website. So with so many products, they must be flying off of the shelves and making money, right?

Are They Worthwhile to the Consumer?

When it comes to direct sales, you need to know if the products are actually worth buying. If your customers find out that these “wellness products” aren't actually helping them, they won't buy from you anymore.

So let's talk about those products. We can't cover everything (remember, over fifty categories!) but we can cover the main ones.

As with most companies that sell them, shakes are some of the most popular products. Their primary one is “Isalean,” a weightloss shake (even if they don't market that way per se).

You can get the product grouped together with vitamins and mix-ins for a whopping $272. The promotional pictures show people going from “average” bodies to people with serious muscles.

Let's say that you don't want that whole package, though, and you only want the shake. The Isalean shake is $43. That $43 gets you 14 servings of shakes (so half of a month, roughly) with 24g of protein per serving.

Furthermore, you won't get those muscles from drinking nutrition shakes. Most people will be disappointed with their results.

For another example, they sell vitamin packs. Each pack is 30 days' worth of multivitamins. The cost? $70.

In comparison, you can get more servings of shakes for half the cost from other brands that are common at grocery or nutrition stores. Multivitamins can be purchased for under $10 and you might pay slightly more to get extra things like Omega 3s.

Overall, no, these products aren't worthwhile, and as soon as your customers realize that, they won't come back.

What's the Income Structure?

Okay, so with products this expensive that must mean that it's a pretty straightforward income structure, right? You sell a product and get a big commission, easy.

This isn't true.

As a distributor, you get products at a lower cost. This is one of the things that lure people in in the first place. When you sell someone a product at retail price, you get the difference.

As you collect downlines, you start earning a percentage of their money as well. The information that they have available regarding this structure isn't easy to interpret, and that's by design.

There's a reason that many people who promote Isagenix do it with flowery language about how they've reached financial freedom. They claim that they just want to help you reach your full potential and that if you're not afraid of making changes, you too can become wealthy off of this business opportunity.

While it seems like they're doing this out of the kindness of their own hearts, the reality is that the income structure means that to make substantial money, they need to collect downlines (who also have downlines) if they want to succeed.

Can You Really Earn Substantial Money with the Isagenix MLM?

To be frank: yes, you can earn money with Isagenix. That said, you probably won't.

The people making money are at the top of their pyramids. Some of them have been doing this since the company started.

So what about your Facebook and Instagram friends? What about their lavish lifestyles and awesome trips? It's possible that they're not making much money either.

Their job is to sell you a lifestyle to get you to join Isagenix. If they're successful enough that they've accumulated a lot of downlines, it's because they're good at marketing.

These people have a huge amount of followers, good people skills, and the ability to manipulate others and sell themselves. Learning these marketing skills is crucial if you want to succeed.

Making Money With Isagenix Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

The Isagenix MLM is tempting. The delicious-looking shakes, fancy lifestyles, and confusing income structure make this seem like a good deal.

In reality, it's not your best bet. If you're a marketing pro with a large following you can give it a shot, but if not, try something else.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Market America Review: Should You Trust Them?

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Did you know that only 25% of MLM participants earn money, and of that, only 3% earn a livable income for a one-person household?

It's easy to see e-commerce conglomerates like Market America and get swept up in their seeming online success, but that doesn't always guarantee your online success.

If you're interested in joining the “best” MLM company because you're looking for ways to have an online business, then this blog is for you.

Read on as we give you our honest Market America review and show you how the business works. We'll also discuss alternative strategies proven to help grow online businesses and how they can help you too.

Let's begin!

What Is Market America?

Founded in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger, the former Amway distributors, Market America is a product brokerage MLM company.

As a multi-level marketing company, it works by persuading individuals to subscribe to their program, and in return, they receive online marketing training materials and products they can then sell and earn commissions from. The goal is to give people a chance to throw away the 9-5 and start working for themselves!

Originally operating as, it bought the e-commerce business from Microsoft in 2010. Now, Market America acts as a corporate and careers website, while is their e-commerce hub.

The Difference

While most MLM companies are the same, there is a key difference in Market America that almost makes their business admirable.

Instead of making a product or product range, Market America sells products that others make. So, instead of spending money manufacturing products, they partner with other companies and sell and promote their items through individuals like us, and on their website.

How Does Market America's MLM Work?

So how does this work? Why wouldn't companies want to sell their own items?

Market America promises companies that if they partner with them and sell through their website, customers will buy more of their products because of cashback opportunities.

Cashback tells consumers you're going to buy this product anyway, so you might as well buy it here where you'll save money.

The Goods

Both Market America and sell millions of products and services from very well-known brands. Nike, Apple, and so much more, covering a wide variety of industries like:

  • Weight Management
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Cosmetics
  • Anti-aging
  • Pet Care
  • Home & Garden
  • Financial Services
  • Auto Care

You could argue that most of its success comes from its extreme range of offers. Because it sells a bit of everything, it becomes this one-stop online shop. The same goes for workers. They can sell and specialize in almost anything.

Money Making Process

Now it's time to figure out how this business can serve you. While the online shop is a big part, Market America's MLM branch is what draws in a lot of people looking to develop marketing and sales skills. And with 700 employees and over 180,000 franchisee workers, they must be doing something good, right?

The framework for earning money with Market America happens in three ways.

The first way is by earning cash back. We mentioned this earlier, but to reiterate, when you or your customers purchase items online from, you'll earn money back.

The second way is through commission. You earn retail profits when you sign up for their program, and for every product you sell, you'll earn a 30%-50% commission.

The last way is through recruitment. Once you've joined the MLM scheme, you can recruit others and essentially build a team that you can receive residual profits from. This is a part of their compensation plan or “The UnFrancise Business”, as they call it.

Sign Up Process

To get a slice of this money pie, you have to spend some to earn some.

When you first sign-up you'll pay a one-time fee of $399, this payment includes your first month's subscription as well as your starter kit. After that, you'll pay a $129 monthly subscription fee.

In the subscription, you'll get:

  • Starting Guide
  • Audio Training Series
  • Training and Seminar System
  • Coaching and Mentoring

On top of this, you'll also need to routinely purchase between $130-$300 worth of products and attend seminars that can cost anywhere from $20 to $200. This doesn't include any extra costs you'll invest into the brand and yourself to help sell the product (i.e. travel costs, hosting, and attire).

Similar to Avon, and other MLM companies, this seems like a great way to gain crucial online marketing training, however remembering back to our statistics, that's not always the case.

Is Market America a Scam?

So, is Market America a scam?

No, it's not a scam. They offer real products that you can buy and safely know that you'll receive them. Does this mean we recommend investing in MLM and signing up for their program? Absolutely not!

The infrastructure Market America has set up does not teach individuals valuable marketing skills. Most of the money, like all pyramid schemes, comes from recruitment rather than sales.

Gaining skills to help you grow your brand, business, or even yourself online doesn't come from investing in falsehoods. True online success comes from understanding various marketing techniques, like affiliate marketing, and learning from experts, who like you, wanted to understand the ever-changing marketplace and build their online business.

The Honest Market America Review

We're not here to bash any company. If you believe Market America has the answers you need, then you should follow that.

However, if you like seeing measurable progress, avoiding pricey subscription fees, and are truly looking to build your own business online, then try your hand at affiliate marketing instead.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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FM World: A Successful Money Maker?

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In 2018, the global perfume market size was valued at $31.4 billion. Better yet, experts expect that this industry will grow at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2019 to 2025!

There's never been a better time to get into perfume sales. And for those who don't have the capital to start their own businesses, multilevel marketing (MLM) companies seem like just the thing!

One promising company people have been looking to is FM World. But is it worth your time to become a member?

Here, we get into the details of FM World so you can find out if it's a worthwhile venture for you.

What Is FM World?

As we've discussed above, FM world is an MLM company. This means that their main way of making money is through direct sales and recruitments.

The “FM” in FM World is short for “Federico Mahora” and the company was established in 2004. Today, they have franchises all over the world. In addition to fragrances, this MLM company also sells:

  • Shower gels
  • Soaps
  • Candles
  • Oils
  • Creams
  • Balms
  • Chocolates
  • Beverages
  • Home care products
  • Legal services
  • Telecommunication services

As you can see, they have quite an array of products and services available to consumers.

How Can I Start With FM World?

While FM World isn't located in every single country, that doesn't necessarily mean you can't become a member and distributor.

What's great about FM World is they don't charge a registration fee, which is almost unheard of in the MLM world. If you want to become a business partner, all you have to do is register for free.

But of course, with all the best MLM companies, you'll need to pay to receive items to sell. FM World's model is the same as any other MLM company: you have to pay for a kit.

In this case, you only have one choice for the starter kit and the cost will depend on which country you're located. For example, if you're in the UK, the starter kit can cost anywhere from £12 to £60.

That's not the only associated cost with being an FM World business partner either.

As with all other MLMs, you'll have to world to keep your status as a business partner. With FM World, you need to have a minimum of 50 Personal Points every month (£100+). This is done by either purchasing products to use yourself or to sell to others.

How Do You Make Money on FM World?

The business model for MLM distributors is pretty much the same across the board. This means there are 2 basic ways to make money with FM World: either directly sell their products or recruit other people to join as distributors too.

With the first option, you'll get a commission for every product you sell. You'll get to purchase them at wholesale from FM World and then sell them at retail prices, which means you'll get to keep the difference.

With the second option, you'll have to build a downline. If you're successful, these people will build their own downline, and you'll reap the benefits there. With the Effectiveness Level Commissions program, you'll earn up to 20% of the sales each person in your downline makes.

How Much Do People Make With FM World MLM?

How much you make with FM World will depend on how successful you are with several things.

The first is how many products you sell, and for how much. In general, you can expect a profit of 30%.

The second is with your Group Points. This ranges from 300 to over 30,000.

The very bottom tier of 300 to 1,199 points gets you an Effectiveness Level of 3%. This is what your commissions are based off.

On the other hand, if you can manage to get over 30,000 Group Points in a month, you'll earn the title of Golden Magnolia and this gives you an Effectiveness Level of 21%.

If you can manage to become even more successful, you can join the elite in the Orchid Level group. Each tier has a small share of the worldwide point turnover and a one-time bonus of the right to a certain Additional Number.

Lastly, you can reach the ultimate Star tier. This gives you an even bigger share of the worldwide point turnover.

With that said, unfortunately, FM World doesn't have an income disclosure statement (IDS). This means that there is no information on how much their business partners earn.

But if we'd have to wager a guess, the majority of them don't turn a profit, based on the statistics from other MLM companies.

How Can You Make a Huge Profit With FM World?

The fact that FM World doesn't have an IDS probably means that the majority of business partners don't early very much, if anything at all.

Of course, you can try selling their products for a profit, especially if you're a charming and charismatic person. But the fact is, the big money lies within downlines. Here, you can make a killing without having to do anything besides recruiting a few people.

However, to do so, you'll need to have impeccable marketing skills. The harsh reality is that the MLM industry is oversaturated, which means the right skillset to reach beyond basic networks is crucial.

For most entry online marketers or entrepreneurs, they won't have the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. This is why so many people who become MLM members and distributors end up failing.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be a Better Choice

While FM World can be a fantastic opportunity, this is only true for a select few. And for these people, they only have that much success because they've already learned about the best marketing strategies and utilize them.

Instead of working with MLM companies, turn to affiliate marketing, which is much easier to learn and get started on. Not to mention, you'll have a higher chance of turning a profit!

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Usana MLM Review: Make Money Selling Vitamins?

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Did you know that 77% of Americans take dietary supplements? That's a huge market there to tap into!

Starting your own vitamin company can take lots of work and money, which you may not have. This is why many people have turned to selling vitamins and other healthcare products for multilevel marketing (MLM) companies, such as Usana. This gives them access to products without having to spend startup costs themselves.

Are you interested in hearing more about Usana MLM? Then read on. We're here with a Usana MLM review so you can see whether or not you're a good match for this company.

What Is Usana MLM?

Usana MLM is a company that was started back in 1992 by Myron Wentz, who is a microbiologist with a PhD in immunology and microbiology. Usana sells a whole range of health and wellness products developed by Wentz himself. They include products in these categories:

  • Food & energy
  • Skincare
  • Nutritionals
  • Healthy living
  • Logo merchandise
  • Business tools

Unlike some other vitamin MLM companies, Usana actually has good products that are scientifically proven to work. So not only can you get some great vitamins yourself, but you'll also be able to sell high-quality products to others. This gives Usana MLM an advantage over other MLMs that sell healthcare products, as they're usually not FDA-approved nor are they scientifically proven to work.

Another advantage of choosing Usana MLM is they're a well-established company. Most other MLMs don't stay in business for over 5 years, so the fact that Usana's been around for almost 30 years means you won't have to worry about them suddenly going under.

What Does It Take to Join Usana?

As with all MLMs, you need to pay to join. In Usana's case, you'll have to pay not only a startup fee of $29.95, but you'll also have to keep paying them $20 every year to renew your membership. That's not all either.

To make money through Usana, you have to sell their products, and these don't come free. There are 3 packs you can choose from to sell once you've joined:

  • Basic Business Pack: $305
  • Entrepreneur Pack: $625
  • Professional Pack: $1,250

You also have the option of buying 200 points of their products ($240) if you don't want to opt for any of the above packages. To stay active in Usana, you also have to pay $120 every month.

The plus side of joining an MLM is you get to be your own boss. You can work whenever you want, and however much you want. Of course, you'll only see a good return on investment if you put hard work in.

Can You Make Money Selling Usana?

Theoretically, you can make money selling Usana products. All members can receive commissions from the vitamins and wellness products they sell, so long as they sell at least 200 PV in a month ($200+). They can also make money by recruiting others to do the same.

The latter is called building a downline. For every person you recruit, you'll receive a commission on whatever they sell.

For the top 40 members in Usana, they get 1% of total commissionable sales volume. And if you're able to achieve the rank of Gold Director or higher, you'll get 3% of total commissionable sales volume for that month.

So in theory, if you can get large sales numbers and build a huge downline, you can generate some good income and even some decent passive income through your downline.

However, in reality, not many people are able to achieve this. In 2016, around half of all active members earned less than $500 in a year. And statistics show that over 92% of members lose money with this MLM.

While you certainly can make money with a Usana membership, the chances are very slim of you ending up in the green rather than red.

What Does It Take to Sell Big With Usana?

Whether you choose to sell directly or to build your downline, both are difficult to do without a good network. And to have a good network, you need some fantastic marketing skills. After all, if no one knows about Usana, how are you supposed to get them to join in the first place?

Most people have a solid foundation when it comes to networks, thanks to social media. But it simply isn't enough to tout Usana to just your friends and family; not if you want to make good money, at least. It's very likely that your own social network is already saturated with other MLM sellers, which means it's vital that you have a wider reach.

What most MLM members are lacking is marketing know-how. The fact is, get-rich schemes only work if you know how to cast your net, and cast it wide.

For most people, they're better off with other business opportunities, as acquiring the right marketing skills to sell big with the best MLM companies will take a long time and a big investment.

Try Affiliate Marketing Instead

As you can see, selling for Usana MLM can be quite an arduous process and the payoff isn't very big for most people. This is especially true if you don't have much marketing skills or knowledge and you're counting on selling to your immediate social network.

A good alternative to MLM companies is affiliate marketing. Not only is it a lot easier to grasp, but it also takes less of a financial commitment and has a better return. It's definitely a much better business model, as the barrier to entry is very low.

If you'd like to learn more about affiliate marketing, then we're here to help. Take a look at our free video to learn how to build your online business for maximum success. We've got the best affiliate marketing strategies that you won't want to miss out on.

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Everything You Need to Know About Mannatech

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Working online is one of the best ways to attain financial freedom. However, there are many businesses that offer false promises.

Signing up with multi-level marketing (MLM) companies can be a lottery, with few providing good financial returns.

However, some companies can offer exciting opportunities. It's important to know how to identify a good business, so you don't miss out on the chance to make a high income.

It's essential to know precisely what MLM companies are offering and if the returns are realistic. In this Mannatech review, we'll learn if this business is a good fit for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Read on to find out is Mannatech a scam, or is it a legitimate business offering?

What Is Mannatech?

Mannatech is an MLM company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. Samuel Caster founded the company in 1993, and it has traded successfully for many years.

However, a note of caution is that for a period in 2008, it had a potentially serious issue. A class-action lawsuit raised potential claims of false health benefits made by the company.

It should be noted Mannatech settled this lawsuit without admitting liability.

The fact that the business is still trading now suggests it now has robust business practices.

Mannatech has over 200,000 self-employed sales associates, indicating many people make money as part of their group. Because Mannatech sells physical products, this is also a positive sign.

The best MLM companies have to sell products or services that benefit their customers. Many businesses are illegitimate because they only make money when associates recruit new members.

This practice is unethical, and you should never invest your money in a company that expects this of its members.

Mannatech claims to have sold $5 billion in product sales since its inception. These figures are positive for any aspiring associate. However, the critical factor is knowing if you can also share in their success.

How to Make Money With Mannatech

The Mannatech MLM model is one many companies use when hoping to make money by promoting healthcare products. The business state it invests tens of millions of dollars into scientific research.

They also test their products using human clinical trials. The company liaises with independent scientists and has gained many patents. All of this information suggests their products could be helpful.

When selling their healthcare products to clients, Mannatech aims to provide peace of mind to customers using this scientific data. There is little doubt some of their claims would encourage many people to buy their supplements.

However, before buying stock from any MLM company, you need to ask if you would buy the products for yourself. Businesses invest heavily in advertising that can impress even the most skeptical customer.

But this does not mean the products are good and can do what they say.

As with most MLM companies, you can make money from selling products directly to customers. Many associates begin selling to friends and family, which can be difficult if they don't really want to buy.

People you already know may support you by purchasing one or two packages, but they won't become long-term customers. You also risk annoying acquaintances by bothering them with a sales pitch.

Most MLM associates make extra money by recruiting other people. They then receive a percentage of any money this recruit makes when they sell products.

When that recruit brings another person into the business, the original person then takes a cut of their profits too. While this is a legitimate business model, it has many problems.

Downsides of MLM Companies

Slick advertising and high sales figures can dazzle someone looking to escape from their day job. But you need to be wary of buying into the hype.

MLM companies have a poor reputation in the community. Although often it is not true, many people think of them as pyramid schemes. This makes it harder to sell to customers who are already concerned about the business model.

Working with an MLM company also means you have to manage a lot of different people. New recruits often need a lot of guidance, which uses up your own time.

When mentoring others, you are not making money. Because many recruits lack motivation or are not good at selling, you can waste a lot of time.

You could invest weeks in a new seller, only to see them leave without earning any money.

However, joining an MLM company is not the only way to make money online. In fact, it's not even the best way.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be More Effective

Affiliate marketing involves making money by promoting someone else's products. This is one of the most effective ways to create a huge income online.

When you become an affiliate marketer, there is no need to buy the stock before making a sale. This means you reduce your risk of losing money.

The biggest risk when affiliate marketing is a lack of knowledge. Most people try to learn online marketing by themselves. But this is a potentially disastrous mistake.

Learning to be an affiliate marketer is not as simple as paying for Facebook ads. This is the quickest way to lose money because you are going about the process in the wrong way.

Affiliate marketing can be highly profitable, and you can sell high-ticket items that people already want to buy. It also allows you to make a passive income.

This means you can make money for many years from a one-off piece of work such as a blog post.

But there are tried and tested methods that increase your chances of success. By learning from an experienced professional, you can avoid many common mistakes.

Selling anything online is a competitive business. But many sellers don't know how to do it correctly. If you partner with a professional coach, you can benefit from their years of experience.

The key is to work with the right partner.

Choose Legendary Marketer

This Mannatech MLM review should help you decide if this business model is right for you. You can also determine if affiliate marketing is a better fit.

The Legendary Marketer team has years of success in affiliate marketing. They have demonstrable results and no false claims, only facts.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Skincare MLM: Is Oriflame Worth it?

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The beauty industry is not only profitable but continues to grow, especially considering that teenagers spend $44 billion a year on beauty products.

If you’re looking for a niche you love that generates serious revenue, you may be looking for opportunities in the beauty industry. This is why so many people stumble on multi-level marketing companies, such as the makeup and skincare MLM Oriflame.

Oriflame is a Swedish beauty company that sells a variety of makeup and skincare products. If you’ve heard of Oriflame, you're probably wondering if selling skincare and makeup products are worth it. Here’s our review of this makeup and skincare MLM.

What Is Oriflame?

Oriflame is a beauty company founded in 1967 by two brothers, Robert and Jonas af Jachnick.

Previously, you were only able to buy their products in Europe. But the beauty company expanded internationally over the last few years, and now you’re able to buy their products worldwide. For example, they made it to North and South America in 2016.

Oriflame is popular because its products are high-quality and are made with natural ingredients (and they never extract ingredients from endangered sources). However, you can only buy Oriflame products from beauty consultants.

What’s the Oriflame MLM Opportunity?

Oriflame is different than many similar MLMs. Instead of purchasing products, consultants only need to purchase catalogs — a very similar structure to the beauty company Avon.

New consultants receive catalogs for free. In addition, you have the option to purchase a $20 startup kit that contains product samples.

Because of this, most consultants easily sell products to family, friends, and more.

All consultants receive a 20% commission on sales. If you onboard more consultants, you also receive a percentage of their commissions.

Can You Make Money With Oriflame?

Fortunately, consultants don’t need to invest a significant amount of money into their Oriflame business. But can you still make money?

Let’s take a look at the statistics. The prices for products vary depending on the country you’re in and the products you sell. Since Oriflame’s headquarters are in Sweden, we’ll use their market as a reference in this example.

On their website, we found a lipstick for 119 SEK (the equivalent of about $14 USD). You’ll earn $2.80 off on that sale. If the average person in Sweden makes 45,100 SEK a month (about $5,308 USD), you’ll have to sell about 375-380 lipsticks a month to earn the average Swedish wage.

While this isn’t an impossible figure, consultants will have to constantly hustle more than the average worker in Sweden. Unfortunately, most people aren't cut out for this type of work. That’s why the average Oriflame consultant only makes €411.90 Euros ($491 USD) for the entire year.

Oriflame Review: Pros and Cons of This MLM

While Oriflame may seem like a great opportunity, this company has many pros and cons. Here is a breakdown of each.


First and foremost, there are no signup fees. Many MLMs make their money off of their consultant’s investments, whereas Oriflame truly makes most of its money on product sales. New consultants receive free catalogs and the starter kit is only an option to jumpstart your business.

In addition, you don’t need to buy inventory. After you give away your catalogs, you’ll have to purchase more. Fortunately, they’re not extremely expensive. If your customers buy products, they’re either sent directly to the customer or to you for distribution.

Do you want to try Oriflame products? All sellers receive product discounts and even free product samples.

Oriflame also offers other roles in case you want to work in beauty but don’t want to become a consultant. For example, you can work in customer service where your income isn’t based on commission. Many Oriflame workers also receive product discounts and other benefits.


While Oriflame is natural, they’re not organic. Oriflame isn’t cruelty-free; they test on animals and their products include ingredients derived from animals. You can lose potential sales because of these factors. Americans also can’t become consultants, though they can still order their products.

Is Oriflame a Scam?

While you can’t make a significant amount of money on Oriflame, many see this opportunity as a great side hustle. It’s easy to be an Oriflame consultant and the gig doesn't require a large investment. But because Oriflame is an MLM company, are they still considered a scam?

Oriflame isn’t a scam in the average sense. They’re a legitimate company with decades of experience. However, you really have to hustle in order to make a living. Since there’s no base pay, you only make money based on what you sell.

Overall, this isn’t an opportunity for everyone. Even though the investment isn’t significant, you shouldn’t be spending money at your job unless it’s for a company that you own.

How Do MLMs Attract Sellers?

After reading this, you may be wondering why MLMs attract sellers and still stay in business.

First, MLMs aren’t different from normal companies. They have CEO(s), other executives under them, and a board of members. However, they also have multiple levels of staff under them who market and sell the products, which is where the multi-level marketing name comes from.

But what makes MLMs stand out is their investors. Unlike traditional sales gigs, MLMs require the sellers to invest in their products. The investments can be small, like in Oriflame’s case, or substantial.

So, how do they still draw in sellers? Most MLMs use certain terms such as “you can be your own boss,” attracting those who want to be business owners but aren't sure where to start.

They also target other specific individuals, such as single and/or stay-at-home parents who have no time for an average 9-to-5 job, young people who want to start a career in the MLM’s niche, vulnerable individuals (unemployed, etc.), and anyone gullible enough to believe their message.

Should You Buy Into This Skincare MLM? Try Affiliate Marketing Instead

Sure, the Oriflame makeup and skincare MLM may seem like a profitable and easy opportunity. However, it’s still an MLM where you have to invest in the company and hustle to make a living.

There are easier ways to profit and still be your own boss. Many individuals in the beauty industry are successful with affiliate marketing.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Jeunesse MLM Review: Making Money Selling Wellness Products

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While the wellness industry was valued at $4.2 trillion in 2017, experts believe that 4 years later, this number is much higher today. In fact, over 5.3% of the global economic output is thanks to the health and wellness industry!

So it's reasonable to believe that a job in this area could be very lucrative. But striking out as an entrepreneur can be very difficult and even impossible for those who simply don't have the capital for it.

So what a lot of people consider is becoming distributors for a company like Jeunesse MLM. They already have the wellness products ready to go, which means all you need to do is sell them!

Are you wondering if Jeunesse MLM is right for you? Read on to see what this company is all about.

What Is Jeunesse MLM?

Jeunesse is an MLM (multilevel marketing) company. This means that they make the bulk of their money from people signing up under each member or distributor. Each level grows exponentially, with those at the top reaping the most benefits.

Jeunesse itself was first established in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in Florida. Over the last decade or so, they've earned a reputation as one of the best MLM companies around.

Jeunesse mainly sells natural skincare products, as well as health supplements and cosmetics. They claim that these products are 100% natural.

Is Jeunesse MLM a Scam?

Jeunesse isn't a scam. This is because while pyramid schemes are illegal, MLMs aren't. They do operate in a very similar fashion to pyramid schemes, but the key difference is that there are actual products being sold.

Do note that their products aren't scientifically proven to actually work. So buyers will have to be alert, especially since there are no statistics or further research done on how people's skin respond to Jeunesse's products. In fact, none of their products are FDA-approved.

How Do You Join the Jeunesse MLM Company?

Typically, to join an MLM, you have to pay all sorts of fees. And Jeunesse MLM is no exception.

First, you'll have to pay $49.95 for a Starter Kit. This will give you some products to start off with to sell to customers.

In addition, you'll need to pay a membership fee of $19.95 every year. However, you can get this fee waived if you can achieve and maintain 360 CV for auto shipments.

When considering the startup and maintenance costs, don't forget to factor in things such as phone calls, gas, and other expenses.

Once you join, you'll have to make it through the ranks to increase your earning potential. If you want to jump the line to increase your earnings quicker, then there are a few packages available:

  • Supreme Product Package ($499.95)
  • Jumbo Product Package ($799.95)
  • Ambassador Product Package ($1,099.95)
  • One-Year Jumbo Product Package ($1.799.95)

Do People Make Money From Jeunesse?

What's great about being a distributor for an MLM is that you make your own hours. But that also means that without the proper skills and hard work, it can be tough getting out of the red, especially if you pay for one of the packages above.

There are 2 ways to earn money from being a Jeunesse distributor: by selling their products (and earning a commission) or by building a downline.

When you sell Jeunesse products, you can earn anywhere from 12% to 25% in commission. And if you sell a package, you can get a bonus that's between $25 to $250, depending on the package itself (both price and CV).

Building a downline or “team” is more profitable for most people. However, to remain “active” and eligible for team commissions, you have to have 2 people on your team and 60 PV per month. If you fall below 60 PV, then they reset to 0 and you have to start all over.

What's interesting to note is that for Jeunesse's 2019 income disclosure statement (IDS), over 95% of distributors earned $5,000 or less. And less than 1% earned over $50,000.

So if you're looking to make this your full-time job, you have to keep in mind that very few people succeed in making distribution something that pays the bills and then some. It's certainly possible to make money, but the odds aren't in your favor at all.

How Can You Earn Big With Jeunesse?

As we've mentioned before, those at the top of the MLM will be the ones who earn the most money. This means that the further down in the chain you are, the less potential you'll have for earning.

However, that can be remedied by building up your team. After all, the more people you have underneath you, the further up you'll be in relation to them. This can actually end up generating quite a significant amount of passive income for you.

But to be able to generate a huge downline, you must be adept at marketing.

Yes, it's true that you can sign up for Jeunesse's social media marketing system, which will give you access to some marketing tools. But it's only free for one month and it's $19 per month after that. Plus, the tools you'll have are very basic and doesn't help you with wider marketing either.

Very few people have the right marketing skills and access to a big enough network to keep adding to their downline.

Give Affiliate Marketing a Try Instead

This Jeunesse MLM review has shown you that this company is not a scam. However, it is very difficult for the average distributor to actually turn a profit, especially if they aren't well-versed in marketing. If this sounds like you, then signing up with MLMs is probably not a good idea.

Instead, consider giving affiliate marketing a try instead. You can still earn a commission by promoting products, but it's much easier to do and you'll see better profits from this venture.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is Stream Energy a Scam?

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Award-winning customer experiences with zero fees and zero uncertainties make up the company – Stream Energy. Stream Energy is not a scam. In truth, Stream Energy is one of the best energy providers in the country.

Please don't take our word for it though, let's discuss common questions and concerns. Together we can find out why Stream Energy is all it says it is.

What Is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy self-describes itself as an energy that's fast and reliable. It's the energy you can count on. The company was started by Jillian Richardson in 2012.

Stream Energy is headquartered in Georgia. This is where and Stream Energy provides its green and stream energy through a company that's been around for 20 years. It's been ten years since the company started as a subsidiary of Southern Company Gas (SCE&G) who also owns Duke Energy.

Ambit Group, LLC and Vistra

Ambit Interests purchased Stream Energy in 2017. Ambit focuses on energy solutions they call the Ambit Group, LLC. Vistra, an electricity giant, bought Ambit Group, LLC in 2019.

The scam accusation dates back to when Stream Energy was a direct selling company. Direct-selling energy or any service or product is not a scam. It actually takes a lot of energy and character to take your career in your hands and start direct selling.

Stream Energy Scam

Stream Energy is one of the biggest direct selling energy companies. One of the biggest energy selling companies in the global energy market. Stream Energy has been able to start and continue it's nonprofit, “Energy for Good.”

In 2013, “Energy for Good” qualified to sell renewable energy to consumers. Stream Energy is now part of the national wireless, protective, and home service markets. Selling energy directly to consumers provides a way for you to adapt and adjust methods to meet people's needs.

Stream Energy Reviews

Stream Energy is renewable energy that comes to you at affordable prices. That's unlike traditional methods of energy distribution. They are not only the best in Georgia; they are among the best in the country.

Stream Energy is a leader in renewable energy. They are a leader in renewable energy that passes on their energy efficiency savings back to consumers. Stream Energy goes one step further and doesn't charge consumers for extra solar panels or wind turbines required to be on your roof.

They make it possible for anyone to go green and help the earth. This saves consumers money while helping the earth stay green. But that's not the best thing Stream Energy brings to consumers.

A Few of The Best Things Stream Energy Provides Consumers

The reputation of Stream Energy stands alone in being better than almost any other energy provider. One of their major advantages is their customer service. They have customer service people who are caring, kind, and want to help customers.

The customer service professionals at Stream Energy will go out of their way to help solve your situation. You can reach Stream Energy customer service support is available 24/7 by phone or text. You can go to Stream Energy online to view your current energy usage, payments, credits, and more.

Stream Energy has a business model that sells products to consumers for money. They offer energy to homes and energy providers. They also offer subscription services to consumers for a wholesale price but see the products at retail price.

MLM Companies

MLM companies work under a different set of beneficial rules that don't box in what a person can earn or achieve. A multilevel marketing company (MLM) isn't only a business structure. MLM companies do business in ways that open up a lot of future possibilities.

Many MLM companies offer opportunities to sell a variety of different products under one umbrella. For instance, Stream Energy sells electricity contracts, in-home energy monitoring systems, and renewable energy contracts. What's more is affiliate or internet marketers are sometimes looking for training, clarity, or more information.

Most of the sellers have selling experience in a variety of different jobs. But they seek to find a mentor or community that unites and where people help each other to become a success.

Best MLM Companies

The best MLM Companies have excellent reputations and give back to their community while supporting the people who work for them. There's no doubt that the best MLM companies, like Stream Energy, believe in their community. They often serve and support various causes and community needs.

An example of this is when Stream Energy donated $25,000 through its Stream Cares philanthropy program to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Stream Energy also uses social media to get critical and important information to customers in need. This happens whenever there is a weather-related emergency.

The best MLM companies are ones that get information out to you about their product or service during unexpected or community-related events. That way, customers can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. The next step that anyone makes when seeking to get or grow their job is always one of the most important ones.

Your Next Step

Stream Energy makes it as enriching as possible by offering a compensation plan that involves direct sales of energy products and services. This compensation structure means you make money even when you aren't recruiting new members into your downline. Some MLM companies like Stream Energy even have bonuses that pay 5% of direct sales and 2% indirect sales in your upline.

Once you're a Senior Executive, you earn 5% on 2% and 1%. That amounts to 10%. Now you know that Stream Energy is not a scam and that direct sales are good for the company and for everyone who works for them. If you want to tap into the power of clean and green natural gas, there's a company that can help you get there.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Can You Make Money Selling Tupperware?

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Almost everyone knows about Tupperware, it is after all a household name. Yet it's less common knowledge that they're one of the most successful MLM companies.

You might've recently discovered that Tupperware is an MLM brand. A friend might've messaged you about it. You might've also stumbled upon it yourself while looking into MLM companies.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a strategy where a company relies on members to market and sell products. Members earn through commissions from product sales.

This article will tell you all about Tupperware MLM. We at Legendary Marketer want to give the best information for anyone looking to be a successful marketer online. Read on to know about making money from selling Tupperware.

Tupperware Overview

Tupperware is an MLM company selling kitchen and home products. It's headquartered in Orlando, Florida with offices in New Mexico and South Carolina. Founded by Earl Tupper in 1948 after developing his airtight plastic container.

Tupperware has been operating for more than 70 years. This isn't surprising since Tupperware is one of the best MLM companies. Its longevity is something few MLM companies can boast since most don't last for more than 3 years.

Tupperware products were originally sold in stores and saw poor sales. In the early 50s Tupper and his Vice President for Marketing, Brownie Wise, started to adopt “the home party plan”.

At these house parties, a dealer demonstrated the products supported by the hostess. This started what we now know as Tupperware parties and put sellers front and center.

Tupperware Product Quality

Tupperware used to be all about storage containers. Now, their kitchen products range from containers to utensils. You can group them into these categories:

  • Food storage
  • On the Go
  • Serveware
  • Cookware and bakeware
  • Kitchen tools

Tupperware products are durable which is also why the brand is still alive.

They're also on the more costly side compared to competitors. Prices for storage containers can range from $20 to upwards of $30. This is a bit expensive considering their use.

Competitors like Rubbermaid offer quite similar products for a lower price. With so much competition with cheaper products, Tupperware can be harder to sell. A potential selling point might be their commitment to the environment.

How Does Making Money from Tupperware MLM Work?

Members make money from Tupperware in only 2 ways. These are by selling products and recruiting new members.

Members can rank up and enjoy some “benefits”. To do this, they need to keep on recruiting. Commissions on sales can be up to 35% and active consultants can buy more products at a 35% discount.

In this setup, members earn more from recruiting than selling products. This helps consultant members make passive income.

Tupperware makes use of the direct selling method. Members organize parties or similar gatherings to showcase products. This saves Tupperware money since they won't need to pay for ads and marketing.

How Much Does Joining Tupperware Cost?

You can join Tupperware by buying their kits to get started. There are 3 options to choose from.

The first and cheapest is the Virtual Kit costing $15. It provides a Pro my.Tupperware subscription and a personal selling website.

The Basic Demo Kit includes products and a pack of 10 catalogs along with everything in the Virtual Kit. This option costs $60.

For a complete package, there's the Deluxe Demo Kit costing $109. It includes products like the Power Chef System and Microwave Breakfast Maker Set. It also includes everything in the Virtual Demo Kit.

Can You Make Serious Money From Tupperware MLM?

Considering the costs and the work needed, making money will be difficult at best. You also need a wide network you can tap into. Although Tupperware is a popular brand, its products can also be a tough sell due to being pricey.


Maintaining sales can be a bit easy. You need to maintain $600 in sales over a 6-month period. That's $100 monthly.

There's also an extensive catalog of products you can market. Tupperware plastics are also BPA-free since March 2010. They're recyclable and are a good selling point.

The demo parties can also be online. There's also the option of a catalog party that you can do in the workplace.


The Better Business Bureau reports that Tupperware gets plenty of complaints. These include warranty issues, shipping prices, to receiving wrong products.

Shipping charges can also be pretty expensive. Customers get charged 10% of the total sale with an extra 5% if the products ship straight to the customer.

Both consultants and customers pay the full price for taxes and shipping. The shipping expenses can eat a large sum from your commissions.

Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

If you're wondering “is Tupperware an MLM or a pyramid scheme”, the short answer is no. MLMs have real products to sell while pyramid schemes are only after your money.

MLMs are like regular companies except they use investors (members) as distributors and marketers. The strategy encourages existing members to recruit new distributors. They're then paid a percentage of their recruits' sales.

All the distributors also make money from direct sales of products to customers. There's plenty of work to do, from placing orders, shipping, to organizing demos. Sellers will also need to travel to different places to market the product.

Since members earn money from selling products and recruiting distributors, then it's not a pyramid scheme. Tupperware is also not a scam.

However, the downside to this strategy is that you're penniless before the first sale. This isn't a great starting point. Your success will depend on how much you sell and how many people you can recruit.

Learn to Market for Success

Selling and marketing for Tupperware MLM can be tough. Besides the work, there are also a lot of costs you'll be shouldering. Yet it isn't the only option.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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The Pros and Cons of Family Heritage Life

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Just under 75 million Americans are enrolled in a private insurance plan and millions more are in the market for a private insurance carrier.

This is where companies like Family Heritage Life come in. People who don't qualify for insurance through, for example, their work are able to purchase insurance packages that cover basic medical care or select packages that suit their specific needs.

Why are we talking about Family Heritage Life? This company offers the opportunity to join their sales team and start selling insurance on your own time. The question is, is it an opportunity worth taking?

We're always looking for ways to boost your knowledge of online business endeavors and marketing. Now, we're going to look at Family Heritage Life and discuss the pros and cons before letting you in on some secrets to success.

Family Heritage Life Pros

Family Heritage Life is a well-rated insurance company, both by employees and clients. Let's take a look at some of the reasons that working for Family Heritage Life as a member of their sales team can be a good opportunity.


When you work for Family Heritage Life, you set your own hours. This is one of the biggest reasons that many of us go into things like contracting, MLMs, or building online businesses of our own. Being able to decide on a schedule that suits your lifestyle comes with a certain level of freedom that the traditional 9-5 can't match.

Opportunity to Make More Money

Family Heritage Life offers pay based 100% on commission. That means that you're not locked into a capped salary. If you can take on a bigger workload and master the art of selling insurance, you can always find ways to make more money.

Opportunity to Learn the Insurance Business

The insurance business can be extremely lucrative but it can also be difficult to tap into. Working for a company like Family Heritage Life gives you the opportunity to gain valuable, resume-building experience without requiring that you go back to school or take an entry-level position for a few years. If you're hoping to transition to a more stable or permanent insurance job, Family Heritage Life can be a good starting place.

Opportunity to Make a Difference

Family Heritage Life offers additional healthcare packages that can be crucial for patients with cancer, heart disease, and more. By helping people select an insurance plan that suits their needs best, you can give them the resources they need to seek crucial medical care. Helping people avoid medical debt and seek necessary treatment is a noble cause and something that you can feel good about.

Family Heritage Life Cons

While many members of the Family Heritage Life sales team are satisfied with their work, there are still a few drawbacks to working for this company.

We'll get into some of the more specific cons in a moment, but first, let's address the elephant in the room: Family Heritage Life doesn't provide the training you need to make big money. As we often say at Legendary Marketer, you need marketing skills to thrive in any kind of sales, no matter how good the product is. (Fortunately, that's where we come in.)

Now, let's take a look at some of the more specific cons that are worth considering.

Family Heritage Life Is a “Captive” Company

Family Heritage Life is a captive employer. What that means is that although you retain a contractor status when selling their insurance packages, you cannot work for other insurance companies. This can make it more difficult for you to meet the needs of your clients and increases the odds that potential clients will walk away in search of something else.

Commission Rates Are Unclear

You'll find that everyone at Family Heritage Life is perfectly happy to acknowledge that their sales team is paid 100% commissions. However, even in their own career opportunity description, they fail to state what that commission rate is. That makes it difficult for us to gauge how much you stand to make as an affiliate of Family Heritage Life.

Business Expenses Are Out of Pocket

One of the biggest complaints you'll see from current or former Family Heritage Life sales team members is that business expenses are not covered. Family Heritage Life instructs their sales team to rely almost entirely on the door-to-door model, meaning that you'll need to travel far and wide to keep your commission coming. However, they're not going to foot the bill for things like gas or hotel accommodations, which means that you could actually lose money in some of your attempts to find new clients.

No Benefits

Ironically, Family Heritage Life does not offer their sales team members any benefits–including insurance. That being said, this is something you may want to expect if you're hoping to start building up your income without relying on an employer. When you're looking to become your own boss, you're going to have to forgo things like paid leave and employer-provided health insurance.

Learn How to Boost Your Marketing Skills and Succeed in Growing Your Business

Family Heritage Life is not a bad company to work for, but that insurance is not going to sell itself. In fact, if you want to really grow with this company, you're going to have to go beyond the training they provide and learn a thing or two about marketing. The more you learn about marketing, especially online marketing, the less you'll have to go door-to-door to make a buck.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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What Is ACN?

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If you've been in the multi-level marketing world for any duration of time, you've probably heard a lot of the same concerns repeated.

“Is MLM legit? Is that company a pyramid scheme? How can I tell the difference?”

A leading MLM company that still draws a lot of attention is ACN. Now, if you've been around MLM for a while, you probably know the name. If you're new, though, you may be asking, “What is ACN?”

If you're reading this article, there's a strong probability that somebody contacted you about ACN. The offers sounded good, even too good, and you want to know whether it's a legit business opportunity.

If that's you, then don't worry! This article will explain everything you need to know about ACN. If you're ready, read on and discover the facts about this company!

What Is ACN?

ACN is a leading name in the world of multi-level marketing. Their name stands for American Communications Network. Headquartered in Concord, North Carolina, they have expanded to provide service in 26 countries on 5 continents.

History of the Company

The company has a long-standing history. It was founded in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and brothers Tony and Mike Cupiscz. Each of these men remains at the helm of the business, overseeing its ventures.

All the founders had direct selling experience individually and came together with a business strategy that worked well.

What was the business strategy? Frankly, it was a pretty straightforward idea. Whereas many sellers pedal things that people want, ACN decided to pedal things people need in their everyday lives.

Services and Methods

What services does ACN provide? In short, they subcontract a plethora of other companies' services with the promise that they will sell them at high volumes for competitive costs.

Some of their home services include the following:

  • Internet and phone bundles through providers like AT&T and Spectrum
  • Heating Gas and Electricity plans through XOOM energy
  • Satellite TV services from Dish and Frontier
  • Identity Theft protection with IDSeal

In addition to home services, the company also includes packages for businesses. Those packages largely mirror those in the home use category, but there are a few differences.

One of the most notable business packages is their Wireless bundle through Flash Wireless, which includes unlimited talk and text and shareable high-speed data.

Pyramid Scheme or MLM Business

The part of ACN's model that makes so many people nervous is its pay structure. There are two ways to earn income through ACN, as with most MLM marketing structures.

Paths of Income

The first way is by direct selling the company's services, which will earn you a commission. These services would include those packages named in the above section.

Direct selling is at the heart of any MLM company. The strategy is to build an army of effective sellers through sales representatives and the recruits they make.

Most people aren't so put off by the prospect of direct selling. What makes them nervous is the second way you earn income through ACN.

The second source of income with ACN is through recruitment. You are responsible as a seller for recruiting other sellers. Once you recruit them, you will receive a portion of their commissions as well.

Moreover, if your recruits manage to recruit others, you will get a share of their commissions as well. This continues down the levels so that you receive shares of several people's commissions.

This structure is the source of the term “multi-level” in multi-level marketing.

How Is This NOT a Pyramid Scheme?

There are several signs that ACN is not a pyramid scheme. For one thing, because pyramid schemes are illegal, they don't usually have longevity. Most last for only a couple of years, as opposed to ACN's nearly three decades.

However, there are more concrete ways of defining a pyramid scheme. The primary difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM is the source of income.

In a pyramid scheme, very rarely are you selling a product. The vast majority of pyramid schemes pay you for your recruitments, not for your services.

While recruitment is a foundational component of most MLM businesses, they have a service they provide and that you sell. If you're ever wary of a potential pyramid scheme, it may help to ask yourself this question:

“If I weren't getting paid to push this product, would I buy it?”

In the case of ACN, you would almost certainly buy at least one of their services. Furthermore, you can check their ratings online. ACN has an A+ ranking through the Better Business Ranking (though not an accreditation).

What's the Catch?

At this point in the article, you should feel pretty confident about ACN's legitimacy. However, the offer may still sound a little too perfect. There has to be a catch, right?

The short answer is, yes, there is a catch. To become a direct seller, you have to pay $499 to become a member and start your independent seller work. Not only will you have to put up $499 for your membership, but your recruits will as well.

Unfortunately, direct selling is not a business everybody is cut out for. Natural marketers with a great deal of confidence and charisma can put up $499 and turn a profit. Others may have a more difficult time.

ACN admits as much in their compensation plan overview, which states that “not all IBOs [independent business owners] make a profit.”

Consider Your Options

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can answer “What is ACN?” The question now is whether it's right for you. If you are an experienced seller, ACN could be a phenomenal business opportunity for passive income.

However, if you and those you'd recruit are not so sure you can make a profit, it may be best to seek other opportunities.

ACN isn't the only company that offers you a chance to work from home. If you have aspirations towards a career change, consider taking an online marketing training course.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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MLM: What Is Utility Warehouse?

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Multi-level marketing companies, or MLMs, are on the decline. In fact, multi-level marketing makes up less than 1% of the entire retail industry in the UK. This is an even smaller market share than it has in the United States.

That’s not to say you can’t find a decent MLM company to work for. But what’s the best MLM company for you? And should you consider Utility Warehouse for earning extra money?

Compared to the average UK MLM company, Utility Warehouse stands out. This is largely because it’s not a traditional MLM. Utility Warehouse bundles their customers’ energy bills with services like broadband and cellular.

Utility Warehouse attracts customers by promising to simplify billing for them. It does this by combining multiple services into one package. But it stands out because it focuses on giving existing customers commissions for referrals.

It does this instead of relying on traditional advertising.

This referral program is the reason why Utility Warehouse is sometimes confused with a traditional MLM. But is it legitimate, and can you make good money with it?

To learn everything you need to know about Utility Warehouse, keep reading.

Utility Warehouse Review: Company Overview

Utility Warehouse advertises itself as offering all essential services in one convenient bundle. These include electricity, gas, broadband internet, home and mobile phone lines, and even home insurance and boiler care. It also claims to provide these services at a lower cost than its major competitors.

Utility Warehouse currently serves more than 650,000 customers. It bundles essential services and provides a single streamlined bill each month. This simplicity alone is enough to attract a wide customer base, although they boast savings as a major selling point.

Of course, you’re probably more interested in what money can be earned. But can you earn significant money through commissions for Utility Warehouse?

Although Utility Warehouse provides a good service at a decent price to its customers, its referral program is underwhelming. To become a partner and earn commissions, you must first pay a fee, which is higher if you aren’t already a Utility Warehouse member.

When you persuade other people to become customers of Utility Warehouse, you will earn a cash incentive. You also receive other small rewards, including a credit card that lets you earn cash-back rewards from certain retailers.

Although you can earn money with successful referrals alone, to make any meaningful income you will need to recruit other partners underneath you. In this sense it is a multi-level marketing business, although it’s considerably different from companies like Amway or Youngevity.

Pros and Cons of Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse isn’t exactly a traditional MLM, and it isn’t exactly a significant money-making opportunity, either. But it has its pros and cons, as seen below.


First of all, Utility Warehouse provides the service it advertises, and it does it fairly well.

It treats its existing customers well, with its support department receiving largely positive reviews from customers. And while it’s not the cheapest way to get all your utilities as it might imply, it is fairly cost-effective.

Its referral program is legitimate as well, even if it isn’t exactly easy to get rich with it. If you have a handful of friends who sign up for the service after you do, you could save a little on your monthly payment, and even earn some extra cash. If you have a wide network of connections, you might be able to get others started in their own referral programs, which will significantly increase the amount you make.

Another positive aspect is that Utility Warehouse has been around for a long time, since 2002. In fact, it’s one of the oldest energy firms in the United Kingdom.

This is refreshing to see, as many companies using MLM-style practices seem to spring up overnight and disappear.

The more services you sign up for, the more money you can save on your Utility Warehouse bundle. If you’re primarily there for the service itself, this can be a great deal.


Despite its advertising, Utility Warehouse doesn’t provide the lowest prices available for its services. For someone primarily interested in saving money, they would be better off comparing prices for individual services.

However, Utility Warehouse does come with the unusual benefit of bundling everything into one simple bill, which may be an acceptable trade-off to some.

More relevant to this discussion are the commissions, which are somewhat disappointing. At the lowest rung of their sales model—that is, when you’re just getting started—commissions start at £20 for every successful referral. The recruitment process itself is typically supposed to take about an hour.

Of course, you can earn considerably more if you have other recruits selling referrals under you. But hoping to earn thousands of pounds per month would be unrealistic for most people.

You must also pay £100 to join the partner program, or £50 for existing Utility Warehouse customers.

A Better Way to Earn

Utility Warehouse is a legitimate company with a potentially lucrative offer for those interested in its referral program. However, unless you have a very large existing network of friends or online followers, you’ll have a hard time earning more than what you pay for the service.

Multi-level marketing opportunities appeal to people who want freedom and financial wellbeing, but they often over-promise and under-deliver.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Should You Become an It Works! Distributor?

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Trying to decide if you should be an It Works distributor? It's hard to resist jumping on a product whose title declares its own success. But if you're still in the research stage of considering joining this multi-level marketing company, this is the review for you.

I'll walk you through the main high points of It Works and talk about what you can expect from multilevel marketing. Plus, I'll let you in on another marketing opportunity that is great for folks looking for at-home, online business opportunities.

Becoming an It Works Distributor

It Works is a multi-level marketing company. Multi-level marketing or MLM companies typically have distributors buy in to sell the companies products to their social network of friends and family. That's true of It Works, which promotes a series of weight loss, fitness, and beauty products.

Distributors sell products like skincare or weight-loss teas to their friends and family. Network marketing lets distributors tap into social connections they already have to find customers. They use their social skills to market products directly to those who are interested in weight loss, fitness, and beauty.

What Does It Take to Get Started?

To become an It Works distributor, interested parties sign up for a Business Builder Kit.

In the kit, they get their first month of a personalized website and the It Works eSuite for free. Along with this comes a digital starter kit that acts as a quick-start guide. Tools are available digitally on their phones for easy access.

Savings come with the kit too, including 10% off It Works business products like accessories. Included are also seven digital product sample mailer credits.

These starter kits cost $99. This does not include start-up inventory beyond the product sample mailer credits.

How Much Do It Works Distributors Make?

It Works' most recent disclosure statement is from 2019. This shows that the average income from commissions in the first level of distributors is $48 a month.

They stress that these numbers are not a fair representation of profit, as the distributor likely had overhead costs as well. The average profit then would be lower than $48.

The distributor level of the rank consists of 85.94%, meaning the vast majority of It Works distributors are making on average under $50 a month before accounting for overhead.

When compared with the highest rank of distributor—Diamond—which shows an average monthly earning of $24,466, it's clear that financial disparity is significant.

MLMs work on a system of “uplines” and “downlines,” where one seller recruits another. Each seller receives a part of the commission of sales for all of the sellers below them.

This concentrates wealth towards the top of the uplines. As more and more people join, there are simply fewer people to form a profitable downline for new members. This means that as soon as a company gets popular, the newest members likely have few customers or recruits to target.

Is Signing Up For It Works a Good Idea?

Signing up for a weight loss MLM like It Works makes sense for some people and not for others. It really depends on what you're trying to get out of it.

As someone who has had success in an MLM before, I know firsthand that they can be good business models for some. But the disparity of income across levels can be a challenge to work around.

This is because they are designed to reward those who join the company early and spend time recruiting new clients. And customers dry up as the territory gets oversaturated with distributors. That's just the truth.

Even though I had some success in an MLM, I did better once I broke out on my own into a different type of marketing.

So, should you become an It Works distributor? Only if you're looking for some discounted weight loss products. If you're looking for an online business opportunity where you get to be your own boss, there are other marketing opportunities out there.

What Other Marketing Opportunities?

If you thought you'd be great at network marketing because you're a social butterfly who knows how to sell a good product, you may be a prime candidate for affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you are not responsible for buying and selling inventory. Instead, you work with sellers to help promote their products through the unique content that you create.

Affiliate marketing is all over the place. Ever been watching a YouTube video where the creator is doing a make-up style and then suggests you check out the awesome brushes she's using by clicking the link in her description box?

That's affiliate marketing. She created unique content: a make-up video. She promoted a product by showing you how to use it and subtly espousing its virtues. And she directed you right to the seller.

So, how is this a job? Well, content creators who do affiliate marketing earn a commission on each sale they direct to the sellers. Many join programs to connect them with even more sellers who need content.

With little overhead, thanks to the free or low-cost platforms that can be used for affiliate marketing—like a personal blog, Instagram, or TikTok—affiliate marketing is an affordable online business to get started with.

Become an Affiliate Marketer with Legendary Marketer

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Exove: Investment Opportunity or a Waste of Time?

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Less than 1% of individual representatives have profited from MLM business opportunities.

Have you ever been a victim of one of these recruitment schemes?

You are not alone if you answered yes and are overwhelmed with the negative memories of endless phone calls, fake products, and no return on the investment opportunity. You may also be interested in exploring an MLM opportunity like Exove to start making money. But we are here to provide an honest account of the business.

Keep reading below for our review of Exove and other opportunities to make money online.

What is Exove Investment

Exove Investment is marketed as an investment company where investors make a profit from mining bitcoin. The investors are individual company representatives, typical in multi-level marketing businesses, and you have the opportunity to invest in Exove as an IR.

But we urge caution when it comes to crypto-based MLM companies, such as this one.

Many have found red flags in Exove in its short history. First, there are no details on the founder or founding team. This impacts the organization's reputation and reliability as it appears no one wants to be directly connected.

Second, the company appears inconsistent in its origin story. It says they have been around since 2011 though a simple domain search shows a start date at the end of 2020.

Exove appears to be operating under many inconsistencies and red flags. This is especially concerning as individual representatives are vested financially in the company.

Your money deserves to be protected just as you deserve to make money securely.

Exove and Crypto MLM Companies

Multi-level marketing organizations have taken much heat over the last few years because of their similarities and connections to pyramid schemes.

The Federal Trade Commission describes pyramid schemes based on how representatives make money. Pyramid schemes base income on recruitment as opposed to sales of a product. Reps make money on how many people they recruit to the company, which is a significant warning sign of a scam.

MLM companies, however, present legitimate opportunities when the main form of profit for a representative comes from selling products – i.e. when there is an actual sale. A multi-level marketer distributes products through a network of salespeople, building their functional teams to sell products.

You can use that simple understanding to evaluate any crypto trading MLM that comes your way:

  • Is there a stand-alone product to sell?
  • Would you buy the product if there was no financial incentive?
  • Is there a product to sell?
  • Do representatives only push recruitment?

These questions in mind will help you assess Exove and whether it's worth your time. If you find the investment opportunity more focused on recruitment over product, you should see the red flags.

If you aim to be your own boss, make money, and have flexibility, marketing is a powerful tool to help you achieve those goals. MLMs may be your introduction into the world of solopreneurs, but there is more for you to explore.

Investment Opportunity or Bust

Exove appears not to be an investment opportunity worth your time and money. However, you should always feel encouraged to do your research with any opportunity that comes your way.

Most likely, you found Exove because you are seeking a wealthier and more fulfilling lifestyle. You want to be a successful entrepreneur and own your time and resources.

Online marketing is a direct path towards that vision.

MLM companies are only one method of making money outside of the standard 9-5 office job. There are so many business models available for you to explore and earn an income.

You may be a fit for a multi-level marketing opportunity as some have found success and gone on to do other big business initiatives. But set yourself up for success, whether an MLM or a different structure, by learning digital marketing.

Consumers are on their phones and laptops throughout all hours of the day. You can meet them where they are and take advantage of the internet's instantaneous power through online marketing.

Funding Your Future

Today's culture is digital: people shop, talk, and earn through various online outlets. Your entrepreneurial journey should also be online to connect with millions of customers, avid users, and investors.

Digital users come in contact around 8,000 ads per day. That over-saturation means you need to be knowledgeable and savvy with your online marketing skills to make an impression.

There are so many opportunities for you to make money online, and success comes from how well you market your products or services.

It is now effortless to start a Shopify store, sell freelance services, or market for another's company. Take advantage of these opportunities by investing in your online marketing education.

The freedom to be your own boss is the reason so many seek out MLMs and conned into things like crypto MLM scams. Master your marketing skills and look into other business models to find opportunities that fit.

Learn the Skills to Become the Boss

Exove advertised themselves as a crypto investment opportunity that promised at least 2% back to its representatives. But the many red flags should make you rethink this as a legitimate business.

Crypto MLM companies and bad reputations should not keep you back from making money online. You can carry out your dreams of being your own boss by developing online marketing skills and looking into countless other opportunities. Focus on your marketing education and start with our free training course to become a successful marketer.

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Fitness MLM: Team Beachbody Review

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Have you seen all of those trending posts on Instagram and Facebook promising a rockin' bod from Beachbody videos and nutrition programs?

More and more people are calling themselves “coaches,” but has that term lost its meaning as Beachbody has expanded? What does it mean to be a Beachbody coach?

This health and fitness MLM (multi-level marketing) company might not be all that it's cracked up to be. Even if you're an exercise nut who wants to help improve people's lives, you might end up losing money or doing more harm than good.

Not sure if the Beachbody fitness MLM is right for you? You're already on the right path by doing your research first. Keep reading to learn all about whether this company seems legit or if you should pass on this “business opportunity.”

What Is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a fitness MLM. The idea of “selling fitness” might seem unusual, but what they're really selling are fitness videos and nutritional supplements. The company was founded in 1998 and has amassed roughly 30 million people trying to get in shape with their products.

Their distributors are called “coaches.” These coaches work like any other MLM distributors by trying to sell products through “network marketing.” For most people, this means selling to friends and family.

They also try to recruit new Beachbody coaches. To be clear, you don't need any kind of certification or experience to be a “coach.” Most coaches are consumers of the product, not experts.

Beachbody's main product is their popular nutrition shake: Shakeology. They also sell a subscription to Beachbody fitness content, their online workout videos.

Is It Worth It to Customers?

When you're selling products through an MLM you need to know that they're valuable enough that your customers will keep coming back for more, especially if you can't amass a lot of them. You can only sell hope for so long.

We'll look at the fitness video subscription first. It costs $99 for a year-long subscription. This isn't a huge cost, but when you compare it to other content of similar or better quality on the web, it starts to lose its value.

Customers who aren't willing to put in the legwork to find or make their own workouts will benefit from this. More savvy people, though, know that there are so many “gymfluencers” and fitness professionals that post awesome workouts online.

Their shakes are meant to be meal-replacement shakes for weight loss. A 30-day supply costs over $120, so customers will pay that every month.

The shakes have up to 10 grams of sugar (a large percentage of your daily sugar) and less than 20 grams of protein. You can get equivalent or better shakes for a fraction of the price.

This means that as your customers get more involved in fitness, they may find that they don't need you anymore.

What's the Income Structure Like?

So how are people making money if not with the products? Like any MLMs, the income structure is in a triangle shape (sound familiar?).

You pay $39.95 to get in and a monthly cost to access their online content. Most people sign up after using the Beachbody products and having their distributor convince them of this great business opportunity.

It's a tempting offer. As a coach, you get a steep discount on the products.

While you can get customer leads sent to you, you can't get them until you've reached the “Emerald” level. This means that you've recruited at least one person and you have at least 50 “personal volume.” Each recruitment that you get will earn you $20.

The more recruits you get, the higher your commission on products. If a lead that was assigned to you doesn't buy any new products (meaning that they bought one kind of product beforehand, like shakes, and continued to buy the same ones), you don't get a commission.

Can I Make Money?

Let's get this out of the way: there are over 400,000 Beachbody coaches with more joining up every day. While you might think that this is a sure sign that they're doing something right, in reality, most of these people aren't making a sustainable income (or any income at all).

This also means that you're in competition with all of these people, including the ones with huge numbers of social media followers and years of experience.

In other words, it's tough. You won't make money by shilling the products to your friends, that's for sure.

When you sell through your social media (directing customers to your Beachbody site), you earn 25% on products and 40% on subscriptions. This isn't a terrible way to make money, but without a huge reach, it won't give you sustainable money.

If you want to succeed with Beachbody (or any MLM for that matter), you need to know how to market yourself. Most people who go into these MLMs don't have any marketing skills and that's one of several reasons that they fail.

If you're a good marketer and you already have a decent online presence, it's not impossible for you to make money with this kind of income structure. If you happen to already have fitness-oriented social media channels, for example, it might work for you.

MLMs are more about selling yourself and selling hope than they are about selling the products themselves.

So, Is This Fitness MLM as Good as It Seems?

As far as MLM companies go, Beachbody doesn't seem quite as terrible as some of the others. You can earn money, but unless you're a savvy marketer, you won't earn anything close to a sustainable income.

The products aren't any better than other ones that you can get for a much cheaper price from other companies, and the fitness MLM itself requires that you target people who may be insecure. This may feel unethical to you.

If you're looking for a better way to make money on your own terms, affiliate marketing might be a better option. You don't have to target your friends and family as potential customers.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Crypto MLM: Is GSPartners Legit?

David Sharpe bio

Most people dream of leaving their day job and earning a higher income. The incredible rise in online businesses has made this a reality for many people. But how can you benefit from this growing trend?

Online crypto MLM companies are the latest opportunity in making sizeable amounts of money from your kitchen table. The question on many peoples' lips is ‘can this really be a legitimate business model?'

In this review, we'll examine the GSPartners offering. On the surface, it seems like it could make you a significant income, but is this the reality?

Let's dive in and find out more about the company.

Who Are GSPartners?

This is a difficult question to answer. Their website does not provide any information about who is in charge of the company, and they don't have a page with basic contact details.

Some extra research reveals the person in charge is Josep Heit. Reports indicate Mr. Heit has enjoyed significant success, which should provide potential investors with some peace of mind.

However, there are many crypto MLM scams, so it's important to perform your due diligence. There is no evidence that this crypto trading MLM company is a scam. But the lack of contact details and company history is a concern.

Most crypto-based MLM companies are keen to win your trust. However, the GSPartners MLM website makes little attempt to show why you should trust them.

Many people look to crypto MLM companies to earn fast and easy money. But this is rarely the reality because trading in cryptocurrency is a complicated business,

It's important to invest in a company that offers you plenty of support. But this is something that is not obvious on the GSPartners website.

There is a Blockchain Academy, but this is not exactly the same as trading in cryptocurrency. There are important differences, and potential investors should know how to differentiate between the two categories.

To its credit, GSPartners have an income disclosure section that explains you may not be as successful as you hope.

They admit their current results do not provide enough data to make strong income predictions which is an honest approach. But this is another potential warning sign for investors.

A lack of data means the company is new. In the world of cryptocurrency, this means they could be successful or fail quickly. If you invest money, you could lose it if the company can no longer trade.

Perils of Crypto MLM Companies

Many MLM companies are successful, and their associates make a lot of money. But there are also many factors to consider before you spend money to become part of their business.

The first thing to check is if an MLM company provides a valuable product or service. If they only make money by encouraging investors to bring on recruits, this is a warning sign that they may be a pyramid scheme.

You also need to decide if you would buy the product or service. If you wouldn't purchase from the company, the chances are you won't be able to sell it either.

Many crypto MLM companies have flashy advertising. They also make promises of associates making huge amounts of money with little effort. You need to look past these marketing tricks to see the real company underneath.

A legitimate company will always tell you that it takes time and effort to become successful. Very few people are lucky enough to make money without working hard.

You're also likely to encounter friends and family who think your new venture might be a scam. MLM companies generally do not have a good reputation, so you may find it difficult to change peoples' minds.

Part of working for an MLM company involves bringing on new recruits. You then receive a percentage of the crypto services they sell. While this may seem an easy way to make money, it is often far from the truth.

Recruits may believe the company is offering a high-income for little work. When they realize this is incorrect, they lose motivation and leave. If you have invested time and effort in training, this can be frustrating.

However, there is a more effective way to earn a high income online.

Become An Affiliate Marketer

This is one of the best ways to earn a high income working from your computer. Affiliate marketing involves selling high ticket items that people already want to buy for a commission.

You can sell products at any price, but why would you sell a low-ticket item when you can get a better commission for the same amount of effort?

However, you need to understand how online marketing works. Many people attempt to become successful and lose their money because they don't know how to market effectively.

Placing an online advertisement on websites such as Google, Facebook, or YouTube is easy. People do this every day, and many don't get any return on their investment.

Those who know how to make their advertisements effective can make enormous amounts of money in a short amount of time. Affiliate marketing also allows people to make a passive income.

Wouldn't it be amazing to write useful blog posts with affiliate links that people click on for years to come? You can help people with one post that could provide an income for a long time.

You can even return to a popular post and add more links that help people and increase your residual income. However, the most important factor is to work with the right partner.

How Legendary Marketer Can Help

When investing in an online business, the most important factor is to have the support of a successful team. But you don't need to recruit staff. The team at Legendary Marketer has developed a suite of products to help you succeed.

Crypto MLM may not be for you, but there are other ways to make money online. There are no false promises. You need to put in the effort to become successful.

However, by learning tried and tested marketing techniques, you reduce the risk of losing money as you begin your journey.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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doTerra Review: Can You Make Money Selling Essential Oils?

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The right essential oils can be a good supplement to traditional medicine. If you like using essential oils, you may want to consider a doTerra review to see if selling the products could help you make money.

While it can be flexible, you may have a hard time making a decent amount. You also have to deal with the competition and false claims surrounding essential oils.

Keep reading to decide if selling doTerra is for you.

What Is doTerra?

The doTerra MLM is a multi-level marketing company that sells essential oils and other personal care products. It's been around since 2008, and some of the founders used to work for another MLM called Young Living.

Their products are more expensive than similar products, but doTerra has a strict testing process to make sure the products are of high quality. Still, they cost a lot more than essential oils you can find elsewhere, and there isn't anything special about doTerra products.

How to Join

To join doTerra, you will need to sign up online and pay $35, which is non-refundable. Each year after, you will need to pay $25 to stay active as a doTerra Wellness Advocate.

You will also need to pay about $120 to take the doTerra Essential Oil Specialist Certification. Only after the program can you sell the products to others. You'll learn all about the products and how to sell them without sharing wrong information.

Can You Make Money?

You can make money in a few ways when selling doTerra. Of course, you can sell the products yourself, and you can make a 25% commission on each sale. You can sell the products in person or online through your own website or social media pages.

Because doTerra is an MLM, you can also earn money by recruiting people to sell the products. You can make money after each new recruit's first 60 days, and you can keep making commissions on their sales.

How Much You Can Make

You can control your earnings when you sell doTerra, and some people can make a lot of money. However, over half of the doTerra sellers didn't earn any commissions in 2019.

One percent of all sellers earned at least $8,793.52 a month, and the top 10 percent earned at least $1,260 per month that year. However, that means most doTerra sellers didn't make much money at all. It's not a good way to make money if you want to support yourself.

Pros of doTerra

Before you decide that the MLM isn't for you, a good doTerra review should cover the pros of selling the products. For some people, it can be an excellent way to make money from home.

Here are a couple of benefits of selling doTerra essential oils.

Flexible Schedule

As an MLM, you can make your own hours and control your work. You can sell doTerra online, in person, or a combination of each. And since many of the products are portable, you can carry samples with you when out in public.

If someone asks you about them, you can tell them what you do. Then, you may be able to get an easy sale. If you can get a lot of sales, you can make decent money without having to create anything, which makes it similar to affiliate marketing.


Another benefit of selling doTerra is that the company does train you. While you have to pay for it, you can go through the company's training program to learn how to sell their products.

You won't have to worry about figuring out sales yourself. So you could start making money sooner.

Company History

Another benefit of the doTerra MLM is that the company has been around for a while. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has accredited doTerra since May 2017, which can be reassuring to potential customers and sellers.

You can use that history to sell the products, so you may not have to work as hard to get sales. Not only is doTerra BBB accredited, but it also has an A+ rating, so you can't get much better than that.

Cons of doTerra

Unfortunately, the company's history and flexible work schedule aren't the only aspects to consider. Like other MLM companies, doTerra comes with a few cons.

Here's what you should think about before you start selling essential oils.

Ridiculous Claims

While you have control over what you say, you can't control others selling the products. Some people may lie to convince people to try the essential oils.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent a warning letter to doTerra in 2020 after some sellers made claims that the products can treat or cure a disease. Even if you're truthful, associating yourself with these other claims can make people not want to trust you or buy from you.

Hard to Make Money

Essential oils can provide a lot of benefits, even if only for the good smell. However, it can be hard to make decent money selling essential oils from doTerra.

Not only do you have to pay before you can start selling the products, but the outlandish claims from other sellers may affect your business. Also, no one should have to pay a ton of money before they can make money. You won't have that problem if you start affiliate marketing.

If you do pay and go through the company's training course, you may still have a hard time getting sales. According to the income disclosure, most first-year sellers don't make more than $100 a month.

Emphasis on Recruiting

Fortunately, you don't have to recruit people to make money with doTerra. However, you will need to recruit others if you want to increase your income.

You'll find this is the case with most MLM companies, whether you like it or not. Recruiting can be fun, but it also can bring you more competition.

doTerra Review: Worth Your Time?

Any doTerra review can show that the MLM isn't the best way to make money. Not only do most of their sellers not make a profit, but you have to pay a lot before you can start selling.

If you want to make money easily, affiliate marketing is a much better option. You don't have to pay to start, and you can sell products from more than one company.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Nefful Review: Is It Just Another Negative Ion Scam or Something More?

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Hokey and mystical as it may sound, the aura of our surrounding environment can have a massive impact on our well-being.

Science has long accepted that environmental agents affect human health and the environment. Some of the most impactful of these agents are negative ions. Studies show that increasing the concentration of negative ions around us can freshen our air, reduce allergens, and even improve our oxygen intake.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are positive ions. Positive ions can exacerbate health concerns, pollute the air, and even interfere with our electronics. Our goal, then, should be to neutralize these positive ions or limit them as much as possible by increasing our negative ion levels.

This is where brands like Nefful come into play.

Nefful is a Japanese multi-level marketing (MLM) company that specializes in negative-ion-producing clothing. Since 1973, they have promised to improve their customers' health with negative ion technology. They have also expanded to include vitamins and cleaning products.

Negative ions are the real deal, but the jury is still out about Nefful. Are there really products that can increase negative ion concentrations? Is Nefful just a scam?

How Do Nefful's Products Work?

The purported success of Nefful's clothing line relies on the fabric that clothing is made from. Nefful refers to this product by a variety of names, including Teviron, Neoron, and Nefflon. All three names refer to the same garment.

Nefflon contains refined fibers that provide breathability without significant gaps between fabric seams. The real selling point of Nefflon, though, is that it is ionized. This means that it has been altered at a molecular level to have one less electron than it should have naturally.

That isn't the only way that Nefflon employs negative ion technology. Because the fabric has been altered to contain those negative ions, it naturally attracts other negative ions, too.

Nefful boasts that this construction benefits all consumers, regardless of age, race, or gender. However, they claim that the following groups will find their products especially beneficial:

  1. Pregnant women—Because negative ions contribute to healthy cell growth, Nefful advertises that their products are perfect for embryos and fetuses. They may also help regulate pregnant women's hormones.
  2. Elderly people—Some research suggests that negative ions reduce the appearance of aging and prevent the body from experiencing deterioration.
  3. People with mental health concerns—Negative ions are particularly helpful for combatting seasonal depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.
  4. People with skin conditions—Research also suggests that negative ions can combat skin conditions like cystic acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Nefful also recommends Nefflon fabric for first responders. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recognizes Nefflon as a flame retardant product. This makes it ideal for those who have to interact with fire on a regular basis.

It is also nonabsorbent and offers superior moisture-wicking technology.

Best of all, it provides both of these benefits while maintaining a heat insulation level at least 100% warmer than wool and 200% warmer than cotton.

Finally, none of the research into Nefful or Nefflon shows any negative effects that result directly from wearing the fabric.

The Real Issue: Multi-Level Marketing

The worst thing that can be said about Nefful's products is that they do not provide any kind of direct benefit. Even then, though, they aren't associated with any negative side effects or health concerns. So, the fabric and technology themselves aren't problematic.

The real issue with Nefful is its business practices, not its products.

First, Nefful charges an insanely high rate for its products. A negative ion blanket can run as high as $98. A pair of negative ion pants may run in the hundreds.

Second, consumers cannot buy make direct purchases of these crazy expensive products. Instead, they must go through Nefful's consultants.

Third, these consultants do not make any money off of their sales. Unlike most salespeople, who earn a commission or percentage based on how much of their company's products they sell, Nefful's employees earn money from building sales teams. The more people they convince to sell Nefful with them, the greater their income will be.

If this sounds suspicious to you, you're paying attention. Although this kind of business practice isn't illegal, it's highly unsavory. Whether you call it multi-level marketing (MLM) or a pyramid scheme, the fact is that it prevents its employees from earning a significant income from sales alone.

Verdict: Nefful Is Harmless

Negative ions have a proven track record of improving human health. They may also benefit the environment at large.

Whether or not Nefflon contains or attracts those negative ions is a little less clear. If it does, it may be well worth the money. If not, you can at least be assured that it won't cause you any harm.

At the end of the day, though, it doesn't matter how effective Nefful's products are. For many consumers, they may be too expensive to justify the benefits.

Learn Effective Business and Marketing Skills With Legendary Marketer

No product is perfect. Nefful isn't unique in its detriments and flaws. The important thing is to ensure that those detriments and flaws don't reflect a poor organizational reputation.

Crafting a good reputation for yourself as a business is the true key to success, much more than having an effective product. Legendary Marketer understands this need. We seek to improve other businesses' reputations through marketing strategies and leadership training.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Jeunesse Review: What You Need to Know

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In 2019, anti-aging company Jeunesse reported that for the fifth year in a row, they'd brought in revenues amounting to over $1 billion. Naturally, when you see numbers like this, you might think, “I want a piece of that pie!”

The question is, how does becoming an affiliate of Jeunesse work? How much can you really make and what are the risks of joining the Jeunesse team?

As per usual, our goal is to give you the tips and guidance you need to make money online. In this Jeunesse Review, we'll look at what Jeunesse is, why it might be appealing to join, why it isn't as simple as it may seem, and how you can make the most of your online marketing skills.

Read on to have all of your questions about Jeunesse answered.

What Is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company founded in 2009 that focuses on anti-aging products. In fact, the word “Jeunesse” comes from the French language and translates to “the time when we are young.” Pretty catchy, right?

You'll often see Jeunesse affiliates referring to products as the “youth enhancement system.” The idea is that by using Jeunesse products such as Luminesce (a face cream), Instantly Ageless (an eye cream), and NV (a facial mist spray), customers can retain the youthfulness they naturally possess. Of course, that youthfulness comes at a steep price that doesn't always match up with comparable products from competitors.

That said, Jeunesse products tend to get solid ratings from customers, which is always a good sign. The real question is, is it enough to propel you to wealth?

How Does Becoming a Jeunesse Affiliate Work?

Joining Jeunesse is not free. In order to activate your affiliate status, you will start by paying between $29.95 and $49.95. Jeunesse also encourages new affiliates to buy a larger product pack, which can cost anywhere from $199.95 and $2,299.95.

In addition, many Jeunesse affiliates point to the hidden monthly fees you can almost always expect to pay. Jeunesse requires affiliates to sell a minimum of 60 PV points–which comes out to about $90–every month in order to remain active. As a result, many affiliates end up forking over that $90 themselves, just to protect their active status.

So once you spend that money, how can you start making it back?

Like any MLM, Jeunesse offers a few different money-making opportunities, primarily relating to a commission on retail sales and the recruitment of a downstream. Commission rates can be as high as 35% and recruiting a downstream can lead to leadership matching bonuses of between 5 and 20%. Jeunesse also promises lifestyle rewards like free trips for affiliates who reach high levels of quotas or ranks within the company.

How Much Are Jeunesse Affiliates Really Making?

If you've read any of other reviews of well-known MLMs, you're familiar with the income disclosure statement MLMs often release. This is where we can get a better idea of how much you may realistically stand to make.

According to Jeunesse, 65.9% of affiliates are making an estimated $245 per year. Another 14.22% make an estimated $4,350 a year and 2.2% are making more than $82,000 a year. If we're keeping track of the math here, that leaves about 20% unaccounted for–and according to Jeunesse, this 20% is making less than $245 per year.

The interesting thing about Jeunesse's income disclosure statement is that they explicitly state that these numbers are a reflection of trackable earnings. What that implies is that it's not adjusted to reflect how much affiliates are actually spending to remain an active affiliate. If you're spending $90 a month to remain active and making $245 a year, you're actually losing $835 a year.

What Obstacles Do Jeunesse Affiliates Face?

Why is it so hard to make a decent amount of money as a Jeunesse affiliate? Most MLMs, including this one, come with certain obstacles that affiliates have to face.

For starters, Jeunesse does not provide a ton of training. They tend to advice new affiliates to start by talking to family and friends about the opportunity to buy–or sell–Jeunesse anti-aging products. If you've ever gone this route before, you probably know that it won't get you very far.

If you live in an area where Jeunesse has already made its rounds, you'll find that you're also going to face market saturation. Market saturation occurs when potential customers or affiliates have already heard about the company you work for. They may have purchased the products, joined as an affiliate, or turned down both opportunities already–and they may not want to do so again.

Even if you're not dealing with market saturation from the start, you're going to want to make sure that you can reach the widest audience possible. This will increase your chance of tapping into a new market and ensuring that you have a regular stream of interested customers. It can also widen your reach while building a downstream.

The question is, how do you find this wide audience? How do you build up a relationship of trust and interest in your business? The answer is marketing skills, and we're here to help you improve yours today.

Go Beyond Our Jeunesse Review and Take Advantage of Our Marketing Tools

Taking the time to read this Jeunesse review shows that you're serious about making smart business choices. Growing your income with Jeunesse may not be as easy as it first seems. However, by investing time in expanding your marketing skills, you can improve your ability to make money with any online business endeavor.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Seth Godin’s Online Courses Review: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

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Did you know that 33% of U.S. workers now work from home? This is especially impressive when you consider how many jobs require employees to be present, such as plumbing or foodservice.

Working from home is fantastic, but maybe you want more than that. Perhaps you’re interested in leaving traditional employment altogether and working for yourself as a freelancer.

That’s where a course like Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course can be helpful.

Lots of business gurus sell success and marketing courses, but Seth Godin is someone who’s actually walked the talk. He’s one of the earliest and most prolific marketing bloggers in the world, and he’s shared stages with some of the biggest names in the business.

But are Seth Godin’s online courses right for you?

To help you figure that out, keep reading this review of Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course.

Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course Overview

This online marketing course by Seth Godin gives freelancers an overview of what it takes to succeed in a freelance business. With almost five hours of video and 14 additional resources, it’s fairly comprehensive without being overwhelming.

To be a freelancer, you need to have an in-demand skill that businesses or professionals need. You also need to be willing to promote yourself and chase down leads.

The course begins with an introduction to what it means to be a freelancer. The principles discussed will apply to you and your business, no matter what industry you’re a freelancer for.

Godin teaches learners how to choose which clients to pursue, and how to make sure they’re in the right place at the right time. Once a freelancer has been producing excellent work for a while, clients will start coming to them. This is the goal of most serious freelancers because it gives them ultimate flexibility in how much they work and what they charge.

The key to being a successful freelancer is becoming a specialist in your field. Godin explains this, going into detail on how to build your brand and stand out amid the competition.

Seth Godin also covers many basic yet confusing topics for beginner freelancers. These include things like pricing, retaining clients, and how to market yourself without being annoying.

The course also features an in-depth FAQ section to prepare new students for the course. Not only will these help you make the most of the course, but they will also answer many lingering questions new freelancers have about the trade.

Although some effort will be required as always, Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course should teach you most of what you need to know to stand out and make money with your skills.

Freelancer Course Pros and Cons

As with all things, there are both benefits and disadvantages to Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course, not to mention becoming a freelancer in the first place. Read on to learn what those are.


Despite the complexity often involved in being a freelancer, the premise of this course is fairly straightforward. By the end, you should have a clearer idea of what you need to do to succeed as a freelancer.

Fortunately, the course reviews from past students are almost entirely positive. The course has a rating of 4.5 stars, and dozens of well-written testimonials from previous learners.

The course content is around 4 hours and 49 minutes long. While more content would be better, this is an acceptable length, as it should give you a detailed overview without causing overwhelm.

Best of all, you don’t need any prior knowledge or requirements to take the course. As long as you have the skill to sell and a willingness to put in the work, Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course is fairly beginner-friendly.


When it comes to online courses, you can’t really go wrong with anything by Seth Godin. If there’s one standout complaint about this course, it’s only that the material isn’t even longer and more in-depth.

One thing that may hold some people back from registering is the $200 price tag. Although it’s far from the most expensive online course out there, $200 is still a little more than most people are comfortable spending. Compare this to a platform like Skillshare, which gives you access to thousands of courses for a low monthly fee.

However, for someone serious about freelancing and getting their business off the ground, $200 isn’t a bad price.

It’s important to realize that freelancing isn’t right for everyone, however. To be a successful freelancer, you need to have at least one in-demand skill that clients will be willing to pay you for.

Many people think they have valuable skills, such as writing. But in reality, they’re far less advanced than they think they are. It’s important to know exactly what you’re offering before you become a freelancer, whether it’s professional-level graphic design or blog writing.

Another Alternative to Freelancing

While many people pursue it as a way to escape their boss, in reality, you’re just trading one boss for several. There’s a reason Seth Godin is the one teaching this class—freelancing is a relatively advanced business model.

Freelancing isn’t the only way to work for yourself from home, however. You could instead try affiliate marketing, where you sell high-ticket information products for other businesses at a profit. It’s beginner-friendly and infinitely scalable.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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CJ Affiliate Marketing Program: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking to grow your online presence and offer more to your readers and viewers? Do you want to earn passive income while doing it? Are you looking for another way to increase your success in life?

Then, monetizing your website with the CJ Affiliate marketing program may be for you! Affiliate marketing programs are a simple, user-friendly way to generate income from a website you already have.

You can easily supplement advertising income from your website, without adding a lot of additional work. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of being a CJ affiliate and how to partner through them with some of the biggest brands in the world.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a fast, easy way to earn money through your website and social media channels. You partner with a product or service and link to them on your site. If someone uses your link to purchase their product or service, you earn a commission.

You can partner with established brands that already have name recognition. You don’t have to carry stock, maintain a storefront, or deal with the hassle of sending out products. You can access marketing material the brand has already developed.

Online marketing programs, including affiliate marketing programs, do have their disadvantages that need to be considered. Your audience needs to be interested in the products or services you select. And your sales need to be tracked accurately so you receive the proper commission.

What is the CJ Affiliate Marketing Program?

CJ Affiliate began as Commission Junction in 1998 in Santa Barbara, California. Owned by Publicis Group, they are one of the oldest and largest affiliate marketing programs available. Now owned by Alliance Data Systems Corporation, they have 15 offices around the world and over 3,000 merchant partners.

They are an established affiliate platform that works with recognizable brands such as J.Crew, International Hotel Group (IHG), Verizon, Barnes&Noble, and GoPro. Not all of the brands are this large, which means you can really hone in to find brands that specifically fit your particular niche.

CJ Affiliate is known for its real-time reporting and analytics. You can monitor your sales activity as it happens, letting you quickly identify what products work on your site and what content your audience prefers.

They offer a wide variety of products to choose from. You can select exactly the products you want to be displayed on your site and where you want to put them.

CJ Affiliate offers Product Widgets that let you feature multiple products via a slideshow, collage, or grid. This is an easy, clean way to offer a variety of products without cluttering your site.

How to Become a CJ Affiliate

There is a two-step approval process to become a CJ Affiliate. First, evaluate your website traffic, optimization, and the quality of your content. After you’re accepted into the CJ Affiliate marketing program, then you also need to apply to the individual vendors you want to promote

If you have very little traffic, CJ Affiliate may not be the right program for you. Your account may be deactivated if you don’t get a sale during the first 6 months of the program.

However, if you are accepted into the program, you have access to one of the largest affiliate programs with a diverse group of vendors. You can find every type of product you want from including automotive and electronics, household goods, clothing, and personal entertainment.

Most vendors in the program work on a cost per acquisition basis. They use a pay-per-sale or pay-per-lead model. A few advertisers even offer a commission on a pay-per-click basis.

Some programs allow you to use your social media platforms in addition to your blog to promote your product links. This can greatly expand your reach and opportunity to make sales.

How to Earn Money Using CJ Affiliate

You need patience and stamina if you want to make money using the CJ Affiliate marketing program. It can take three to six months to start earning money. How can you increase your chances of making a profit?

First, you need to have targeted traffic coming to your site. If you only have a few hits a day on your blog, it will be difficult to make a sale. Increase your audience and reach by upping your SEO marketing and using effective keywords in your content.

Next, select products you personally use and brands you trust. Then create content around those items. Your readers will appreciate the sincerity and follow through with sales.

Target your product searches to find products specifically for your audience. Search for programs by keyword or advertiser’s name. Then, you can search by advertiser type and status, country, language, and currency.

Once you’ve found the products to put on your site, create content around them. Highlight them in articles and reviews on your blog. Then cross-promote on your social media channels.

Big Rewards for Your Online Business

There are a number of positives to being a CJ Affiliate. It’s one of the oldest and most established affiliate networks in the marketing world today. They provide a stable platform with an easy-to-use interface and useful tools. They pay on time every single month. Plus, you get access to big-name brands to promote on your site.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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An in-Depth Review of the Amazon Associates Program

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Are you looking for new ways to make extra money? Wondering how to start quickly to earn a passive income? If you have a blog or social media presence, the answer may be easier than you think!

Affiliate marketing programs are an easy way to generate income online. When visitors on your website click your affiliate links and make a purchase, you earn a commission! Amazon Associates have some of the best-converting links because it is such a known and trusted website.

Wondering how you can be a success with Amazon affiliate marketing? Keep reading to learn more about the Amazon Associates program, how to join, and what to expect!

What Is the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon is the largest online retailer. With almost a 40% market share of worldwide sales, they ship over $5 billion worth of product each year. It is the third most visited website on the internet, behind only Google and Facebook.

And you can share in that success as an Amazon Associates through their affiliate program. All you need is a website or social media presence.

There’s very little work required by you to set it up. Unlike online courses that require you to create a lot of material before you start, With the Amazon associates program, all you need to do is put links to products on your site and generate traffic to your blog.

With the Amazon associates program, you add links to Amazon products to your site. When a customer clicks on your link and then makes a purchase – any purchase within 24 hours – you receive a small percent of the sale in return. The amount of your commission varies depending on what they purchased.

In some cases, you may even be eligible for a commission after the 24-hour limit. Suppose a customer uses your affiliate link and adds the item to their shopping cart, as long as they complete the purchase before the shopping cart expires (usually within 90-days). In that case, you could still receive the referral fee.

Benefits of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

This is a win-win situation for both you and Amazon. Amazon gets increased sales and expanded reach through its Affiliates website and social media following. And they only have to pay for that marketing with it actually generates a sale.

You get to participate in one of the largest e-commerce sites on the web today. You don’t have to own products or ship merchandise.

Amazon’s sales funnel works to your advantage. They recommend related items to customers on their site, which increases the average purchase. You get credit for everything the customer purchases, not just the item from your link. So, your commission rises with everything they purchase.

How to Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links

Blogging is the best way to promote your affiliate marketing. But you can also use social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to increase your sales.

Websites and blogs let you write in-depth about the products and provide multiple links. You can write reviews or do comparison articles highlighting multiple products. You can describe the products in detail and offer your thoughts about the items, enticing readers to buy.

Facebook is one of the largest social media channels with over 2 billion active users. You can share product links to family and friends on your feed, who are likely to trust your recommendations because they know you already. Then, you can promote your links with paid ads to increase your reach.

There are a lot of fun ways to share your product links on Instagram. You can create stories, in addition to posts, to engage with your followers. Use hashtags to reach more followers. The more people who can find you, the more opportunities you have to make a sale!

On YouTube, one of the most successful techniques to generate interest is through unboxing videos and reviews. Viewers love to see products in action and are more likely to buy when they see what a product can do. Add your links to the descriptions and encourage people to use them to make their purchases.

With websites and social media, consistency is critical. Set a regular schedule to write posts or upload interviews. You’ll stay fresh in your regular users’ feeds and increase your chances of gaining new viewers and subscribers. More viewers often mean more sales.

The Pros and Cons for Amazon Associates

One of the best things about the Amazon affiliate program is how simple it is. You don’t have to take any marketing courses to start. Just register and add links to your website or social media.

Amazon is a retail giant that is well-known and trusted around the world. Customers are already familiar with them and, most likely, have already purchased from them.

They have a large volume of products available. You will be able to find anything you want to promote. And with the Amazon sales funnel, customers will often find more items to purchase while on the site!

The commission rates vary depending on the product category. While some may have a rate as high as 10%, many items can be as low as 1%. So, it can take some time to earn a reasonable salary.

Amazon affiliate marketing is easier if you already have an established website and social media following. You can easily add include links to posts and videos that you’ve already made. And you’re promoting to readers and viewers that already exist.

If you’re creating a new one, it can take some time to develop a regular audience and increase your reach. You’ll have to put a little more effort into SEO and may even want to invest in ads to expand your reach.

Don’t be intimidated by not already having an established following, however! You can find success by sharing your struggles with your audience. Let people watch and be inspired by how you can start a new site and grow your business.

Generate Income Through Amazon’s Online Program

The Amazon Associates program started in 1996 and has been going strong every year since. Their affiliate program lets you generate an income with the websites and social media you already have.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Can You Make Money Direct Selling Seacret Products?

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You may recall those mall kiosks back in the early 2000s that were manned by eager salespeople asking you to let them apply Dead Sea products to your hands and see the magic for yourself.

They were friendly but pushy, and many mall-goers found them a tad annoying. However, the business model worked well enough for the original Seacret Direct to go beyond mall kiosks and grow into an MLM.

Now, you can buy Seacret products from direct salespeople in person and online. In 2018, the company was named #72 on the Direct Sales News list of Global direct sales companies. If you know how many MLMs are out there nowadays, you know that ranking seventy-second isn't bad.

That being said, the total revenue of an MLM doesn't usually reflect the average income of its affiliates. As always, Legendary Marketer wants to make sure that you know the best online business tips. Now, let's take a closer look at how much money you can really make selling Seacret products.

What is Seacret Direct?

Seacret Direct is a skincare company that uses the direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM) business model to sell its products. In 2005, the company started, as we already mentioned, by selling its products out of mall kiosks. Within five years, Seacret Direct had hundreds of kiosks around the world and decided to kick things up a notch by giving affiliates the opportunity to make sales on their own time.

What does Seacret Direct sell? The key to all Seacret products is that they contain the salts and minerals found in, very specifically, the Dead Sea. According to the company, the Dead Sea holds around 12 essential minerals that can't be found anywhere else.

These products come in the form of scrubs, bath salts, face masks, and more. Those who sign on to become Seacret Direct affiliates are referred to as Seacret Agents–which is pretty clever, we have to admit!

What Are the Perks of Becoming a Seacret Agent?

For starters, Seacret Direct does sell appealing products. (It is, however, worth noting that in the past 16 years, other companies have come up with lines of comparable products that tend to sell for less.)

Seacret Direct also offers five clear ways to make money:

  1. Commission on all sales, which ranges from 30-150% (although you should anticipate a rate of 30% more often than not)
  2. Commission on the Preferred Customer Program (which grants affiliates 25% on all of their customers' auto-ship orders, which can lead to a relatively passive income)
  3. Team commission (10-15% from every sale made by a member of your downstream)
  4. Leadership Check Match Bonuses (which you can only access if you become a Bronze Director, which is far from easy)
  5. Performance Bonuses (enter the cars and other incentives that very few people will ever receive)

Clearly, there are a lot of ways that you can make money selling Seacret products. The question is, how easy is it to achieve these goals? How much money is the average Seacret agent making?

How Much Money Do Seacret Agents Make on Average?

If you've read our other MLM reviews, you probably know by now that some MLMs provide a fairly transparent income disclosure statement. We consider these statements transparent if they show a breakdown of the average, high, and low incomes of affiliates at every level of MLM sales. We also look for a percentage–how many people are selling at the lowest income level?

Seacret Direct isn't quite as transparent. Their income disclosure statement simply states that Seacret Agents make an average income of $1,201 annually. Why is this information not as helpful as it may seem?

We have no idea how likely it is to make more than $1,201 per year–or less. If Seacret Direct is anything like other MLMs, this average is likely taking into account a handful of six-figure incomes, a bigger handful of four-figure incomes, and a massive number of three-figure incomes. That's right, most people tend to bring in a few hundred dollars a year from their MLM affiliations.

How Can You Make the Most Out of Selling Seacret Products?

In order to become a Seacret Agent, you start by paying a $49 registration fee (which you can expect to pay annually). From there, you will need to close a certain number of sales or maintain at least four active customers in order to keep your sales status active. If you have progressed up the latter, these numbers grow larger.

How do you make sure that you're keeping an active status and making more than just a few hundred dollars per year?

The trick is marketing. Remember those mall kiosks? They worked because the sales team was able to engage with tons of shoppers throughout the day and make their pitch: “Give it a shot, you'll love it, and now you can buy some to take home.”

You need to be able to make your own pitch and, with the help of the internet, reach an even wider audience than you would in the hallway of a shopping mall. No matter how intriguing these products are, they aren't going to sell themselves.

There's a lot to learn about marketing and building a high-ticket online business, and we don't have time to spell it all out here. Fortunately, we have plenty of tools that can help you achieve those exact goals.

Become a Master of Marketing with Legendary Marketer Tools

Seacret products have been around quite some time and there are plenty of customers who are happy to give Dead Sea skincare a shot. The question is, how can you reach them and secure not just a few sales, but hundreds?

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is Naturally Plus a Verified MLM Company or a Scam?

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If you decide to join Naturally Plus, I can almost guarantee that you'll be asked if it's a pyramid scheme. And while it technically is not, the marketing tactics of Naturally Plus push the boundaries between a legal MLM and an illegal pyramid scheme.

This Naturally Plus review will tell you everything you need to know if you're considering joining Naturally Plus. Spoiler alert: most people should pass on this particular MLM. Read to the end for an alternative way to make money outside of the 9-5 world, without joining Naturally Plus.

Naturally Plus MLM

Naturally Plus is an MLM. But before we delve into Naturally Plus, let's address what that even means.

MLM, also sometimes referred to as network marketing, stands for multi-level marketing. It's a method that direct sales companies often use to market their products or services.

People can join MLMs like Naturally Plus as distributors. They make a commission for selling products, and also are incentivized to recruit others to distribute products beneath them. The people underneath them are often referred to as an individual's downline, though Naturally Plus refers to them as partners.

The commission structure differs between MLMs, but the best way to make significant amounts of money from these companies, especially passive income, is to have a large downline that is making money for you.

MLM Scams?

MLMs have a bad reputation for being scams. They are often referred to as pyramid schemes, which are illegal. However, MLMs differ from pyramid schemes because the recruiters sell products.

There is a fine line between legal MLMs and illegal pyramid schemes, and many MLMs are being investigated by the FTC for their legitimacy. That being said, I have found success in the MLM world, so I am not inherently against MLMs.

I can tell you, however, that I've made significantly more money when I switched to other business and marketing methods. And I'd advise most people to steer clear of Naturally Plus, for reasons I'll get into below.

Naturally Plus Products

You're likely more interested in the business opportunity than the actual products, but if you do opt to join Naturally Plus you'll need to have some idea of what you'll be selling. Naturally Plus partners sell health and wellness products. They have four products: Izimo, Purificar BB, Super Lutein, and Super Lutein Mitro+.

Izimo is hydrogenized drinking water. Selling water with extra hydrogen may be a bit difficult; experts say there may be benefits to drinking hydrogenized water, but they aren't sure if they exceed the benefits of drinking regular water. Purificar BB may be a bit easier to sell, as it is a liquid supplement full of nutrients that women are commonly deficient in.

Super Lutein and Super Lutein Mitro+ are a bit more confusing in their use. Super Lutein Mitro+ claims to be “a product that lets you see the world with clarity and embrace every day in a positive light.” After digging into the product information, it's still not super clear what these two products are used for.

At a glance, these natural products are unfamiliar, which may make them a hard sell. Without the right marketing tactics, they aren't going to sell themselves.

Income Opportunity or MLM Scam?

If you still think that you'll find success with Naturally Plus, let's delve into the commission structure. Before committing to an MLM, you need to have an idea of what kind of money you'll have the opportunity to make (or, in many cases, lose).

The Cost of Naturally Plus

Many MLMs cost money to join. Naturally Plus is no different; to join, you have to buy a starter pack and pay a registration fee.

The most basic starter pack is $180, and you get just one product with it. The most expensive option is $2330 to join, which will get you a 12 month supply with auto-delivery.

To their credit, you don't have to have inventory to sell to others; they take care of shipping products for you. However, the cost of these products is steep, and you still need to purchase them for yourself. And you'll likely need to purchase more than the basic starter pack so you can successfully market products based on your experience with them.

Commission Structure

Reading through the Naturally Plus Compensation Plan is a bit confusing, to say the least. With 7 different bonuses, they claim you can be on the path to your dream in 8 “simple” steps. After reading through the document multiple times, I can tell you that the commission structure is anything but simple.

There doesn't appear to be a clear commission for making sales to people who are not interested in joining the MLM as a partner. For those who do join the MLM, you receive a sponsorship bonus based on “points.”

These points amount to $7.50 as the minimum bonus and $90 as the maximum. This means that if you get someone to join under you for $2330, you only get a $90 commission. This doesn't look good, especially since this doesn't even cover the cost of one month of product for you.

Of course, you make a recurring commission for those you recruit. When you get two people to join, who each, in turn, recruit two others, you receive your first bonus.

However, to make just $200 a month, you have to directly recruit ten people. This means that before you can even break even on the cost of the product, you have to get 10 other people to join, which is not an easy feat.

Naturally Plus refers to a “full cycle” bonus as having 25 people total in your downline. You don't have to directly recruit all 25; the people you recruit in your downline can recruit others for you. Once you reach a full cycle, you make another $500 a month.

Once 10 people on your downline reach a full cycle, you make $2000 a month. There are more bonuses with different requirements (which you can attempt to decipher for yourself here), but the gist is this: in order for you to be successful, the people below you have to be successful.

And you'll be hard-pressed to get a large downline, let alone one that is successful. No amount of Googling can help you find an income disclosure statement for Naturally Plus, which itself isn't a good sign. But considering 99% of people who join MLMs lose money, you can assume that the potential to find success as a Naturally Plus partner is slim to none.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't consider Naturally Plus. If you have great marketing skills or are willing to learn about marketing, you may find some success. But from experience, I'd say that you may be better off with a different business opportunity.

A Better Alternative to Naturally Plus

Our concise Naturally Plus review is this: unless you are confident in your marketing skills, you should probably pass on this opportunity. The commission structure makes it almost impossible to make money, and the products seem like they'd be difficult to sell.

Instead of harassing your friends and family into joining your downline, why not make money selling products people are already buying?

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Vida Divina Review: An MLM Opportunity or A Scam?

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For one of the newer MLMs on the block, Vida Divina has made a name for themselves–and a fortune–pretty quickly. Between 2016 and 2021, Vida Divina has brought in $197 million in revenue.

The question is, will signing up as a Vida Divina help you make your own fortune, or will it leave you out to dry? Does Vida Divina offer a true money-making opportunity or is it a scam?

At Legendary Marketer, we write regularly about online business tactics and marketing. Now we're here to deliver the Vida Divina review you've been waiting for.

Read on to learn more about the Vida Divina opportunity and whether or not it's really worth it.

What Is Vida Divina?

Health and wellness company Vida Divina was founded in 2016 by California-based Armand Puyolt. Using the multi-level marketing model (MLM), Vida Divina sells products such as nutritional supplements, diet programs and products, cosmetics, and even healthy pet treats. Some of their most popular products are the Gano supplements, HCG capsules, and diet meal replacement shakes called Lean.

The product that outweighs all the rest and that the company was founded on is the Vida Divina tea collection, TeDivina. Vida Divina teas are designed to help the body detox with the assistance of natural ingredients like ginger and chamomile. The company also sells high numbers of organic coffee products and “Liquid Gold,” a skincare product that is apparently made from literal gold.

Overall, Vida Divina products are well-rated. Comparable products can be found in wellness stores and on websites like Amazon for a lower price, which can be a deterrent for new customers. That being said, people are still flocking to these products, which could spell good news for Vida Divina affiliates–but will it?

What Perks Can You Expect From Working for Vida Divina?

Like most other MLMs, Vida Divina offers two primary ways for affiliates to make money in addition to the occasional bonus or free product.

The first money-making method is to sell Vida Divina products to non-affiliated consumers. Commission rates range from 5%-20% depending on the product. It doesn't appear that Vida Divina increases commission rates based on affiliate ranking, a practice some other MLMs use to encourage engagement.

The second money-making method is, of course, to build your downstream. You can expect to receive a 5% commission rate from the sales made by affiliates working beneath you. These include affiliates you've personally recruited as well as any affiliates they have personally recruited.

The biggest draw is that you get to pursue these endeavors on your own time. This is, after all, why many of us are attracted to the opportunities of starting our own online businesses. There is also the potential to start developing a passive income, but this tends to work only if your downstream remains motivated and active.

How Much Are Vida Divina Affiliates Really Making?

Now, let's move away from the proposed possibilities and into the reality of the situation. There are already thousands of Vida Divina affiliates who are actively selling products and recruiting a downstream. How much are they making annually?

If you've followed along for our previous MLM reviews, you've heard us talk about the income disclosure statement. Ideally, an income disclosure statement breaks down the averages, highs, and lows not of the income brought in across the board, but of the income brought in at each affiliate level. In addition, a solid income disclosure statement will reveal how many affiliates are currently active in each level.

The reason we look for these things is because nine times out of ten, the vast majority (we're talking 80% or more) of an MLM's affiliates are operating at the lowest level. In other words, the vast majority are making the smallest average income of the entire group. Typically, less than 1% of an MLM's affiliates are actually pulling six figures each year.

Vida Divina's income disclosure statement is too vague to draw a solid conclusion from. All it reveals is that they assume that on average, their affiliates are making between $500 and $2,000 per year. This doesn't tell us the highs you can strive for or the lows you might want to expect.

What Skills Do You Need to Make It With Vida Divina?

Even if we could assume that most of Vida Divina's affiliates are making somewhere between $500 and $2,000 a year, that's not a lot of money. It's probably not what you were hoping to make based on some of the claims MLM websites tend to make.

Why is it so hard to make a solid income with Vida Divina? The products are well-rated, so shouldn't they sell themselves?

The reality is that no MLM products are ever going to sell themselves. If you don't know how to reach a market wider than the pool of people you know, you're going to oversaturate your own market in a matter of weeks.

To really strike gold with any MLM, you need some serious online marketing skills. You need to master social media, become a YouTube champion, and capture the interest and trust of hundreds of thousands of people across the nation–or even the world.

How can you achieve this skill level?

Beyond the Vida Divina Review: Marketing Tools For Online Entrepreneurs

As you can see from our Vida Divina review, Vida Divina is not a scam. It is a true MLM offering affiliates opportunities to make money on their own time. However, it isn't going to be as easy as paying your start-up fee and reaching out to friends and family.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is Cosway the Right MLM Business for You?

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You might be familiar with MLMs in the USA, but do you know what the network marketing landscape looks like in Asia?

If you’re living in Southeast Asia, you probably know the Cosway logo. They’ve been around for forty years, and they have thousands of stores located in famous shopping districts and malls across the region. It’s possible you didn’t even know they were a direct marketing company until now!

In this Cosway review, we’ll dive into the background and business practices of this Malaysian-founded MLM. Read on to learn if Cosway is the right place to put your time and hard-earned money.

Cosway: Their Model Explained

Cosway (formally known as Cosway Corporation limited) has been in business since 1979. Though it has its roots firmly in Malaysia, the company has expanded into nearby Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The company has hundreds of physical stores in urban and rural centers across Malaysia and close to 2,000 across the region.

Cosway labels itself a “hybrid consumer marketing” company, and in many ways, that’s true. Its sales model is a mix of retail outlets and online stores, product stockists, and direct-seller representatives (who Cosway calls “smart earners”). They also offer the opportunity for Cosway members to run their physical stores, giving them a 5 percent commission on all products sold.

Cosway manufactures and sells a wide range of consumer and health products, from cosmetics and fragrances to household cleaning products and dietary supplements. In keeping with the MLM tradition, the company requires their “smart earners” to buy Cosway products, introduce them to others through direct selling or running an online store, and bring on new members.

What’s Attractive About Cosway?

If you’re considering creating an MLM business, maybe Cosway’s the one for you? They’re certainly some things well, at least in their key markets.

Well Established in Malaysia

For an MLM, Cosway has a very long history in Malaysia. Its decades-long existence rivals historic network marketing companies like NutraLife (started in the 1940s) and Mary Kay (in the 1960s).

Because the company has been around for so long, it has reasonably good brand recognition. That’s something you can use to help you sell their products. They also rebranded in 2016 and now have a clean, though still identifiable logo, sleek website and online store, and comprehensive marketing materials.

What if you’re not based in Malaysia? If you live in a country in the East Asia region, Cosway is likely to be well recognized there, too.

Wide Range of Quality Products

Cosway has an enormous line of household, cosmetics, nutrition, and food MLM products. You could almost use their products exclusively to stock your home, outside of having to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. The good news about an extensive product range is that you can choose to focus on a niche you’re passionate about–say, fragrances–or you can sell a bit of everything.

Cosway also promotes eco-friendly living, claiming that their products are “healthier, safe, and greener.” On their website, the company notes that all their products are free from:

  • Synthetic colorants
  • Phosphates
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nonylphenols
  • Nitrates and SLS

They also state that their products are tested to comply with international standards and are run subject to rigorous quality control measures.

Events, Incentives, and Support

A key motivator for people joining MLMs is the sense of community. Once you’ve signed up, you have access to a wide array of monthly and yearly events, as well as support from your up-line (the network marketers who’ve been there longer than you).

And there are certainly a lot of exciting events to attend if you’re part of Cosway!

Cosway celebrated its 40th anniversary in late 2019 with an extravagant gala night attended by hundreds of people. They partner with local charities, organize blood drives, hold regular membership and sales incentives, and put on luxurious product line launch parties.

The company notes on their website that they provide staff with professional training and a multitude of resources. Though there is no information on what that might look like, they have some product brochures available for download.

Cosway: What to Be Wary Of

Of course, like a lot of MLMs, Cosway looks like an exciting business to be a part of. From the outside. Let’s peer under the covers and dissect some of their less promising practices.

Recruit to Earn

Unlike some MLMs, at least Cosway is somewhat transparent when it comes to the way it operates.

While the company does list some details about membership (what they call “becoming a smart earner”) on its website, visitors are encouraged to enquire if they want to learn more. If they click a link to learn more about the online Cosway business opportunity, they’ll find the requirements for starting a Cosway business. These include having sold a certain number of products within the month of application and recruiting two new members (who also need to have sold products).

There are no details on the product buy-in required of new members (only membership is mentioned), nor does the company explain how people move up through the levels listed on its website in the form of bonuses.

A Lot of Competition

Cosway claims that its customers come back again and again due to their retail stores’ high availability. But it’s those retail stores that might make business more difficult for new member-sellers.

Since Cosway has retail stores selling Cosway products, online business operator opportunities, and person-to-person selling as part of its model, there’s a lot of competition for customers. And if you’re adhering to the requirements to recruit new members to earn higher bonuses, the city or region you work in will soon be flooded with Cosway sellers.

And, of course, you’ll be competing in the open marketplace for sales. Does Cosway training really prepare you to stand out against experienced online marketers?

Exploring the Alternatives

Cosway has a long and trusted history in its homeland of Malaysia and further afield in other parts of Asia. Their products are well-made, and consumers recognize their brand. As far as direct selling opportunities go, it’s not a bad bet.

But no matter which entrepreneurial business you decide to pursue, you’re only going to get out what you put in. If you don’t know how to connect with your audience, you won’t get very far.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Can You Make Money From Faberlic?

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For many in the west, Faberlic may be a direct selling company they have never heard of. Faberlic is a Russian company that sells cosmetics, home goods, fashion, perfume, food, and more.

Selling within their representatives' social networks, Faberlic makes use of multi-level marketing (MLM). If you're considering becoming a Faberlic representative and taking on an at-home business opportunity, read this Faberlic review to find out if it's the right move for you.

Plus, I'll also tell you about another marketing opportunity that might be just the shot you're looking for.

Faberlic Review

Faberlic started in 1997 under the name “Russian Line,” highlighting Russian innovations in cosmetics. It rebranded in 2001 as Faberlic and began to grow on the international market.

Some of their spotlight products are their oxygen cosmetics. These are designed to hold air at the skin and get more oxygen into the tissues.

As the company expanded, it moved into fashion and home accessories as well. It works with many Russian professionals and international brands.

The Faberlic MLM recruits representatives to sell directly to their customers.

How to Join Faberlic

Interested peopled who want to join Faberlic often do so by getting recruited by another representative. If they don't know another representative, Faberlic connects them with a local who can be their mentor.

Those hoping to start a business as an independent representative must sign up with their personal information. Faberlic then connects with new sales consultants so they can learn more about making purchases through the portal.

When representatives make purchases, they do so at a 20% discount. They can sell them at full price to their clients, making a profit.

Representatives have to strategize sales, marketing of products, and traveling to clients themselves. There are no reimbursements in MLMs for business costs, so representatives must learn how to budget for this within their profit goal.

Faberlic: To Join or Not to Join

The major thing to consider about joining an MLM like Faberlic is that it requires you to put out money before you can make it. This means getting started can be expensive.

Finding enough clients can also be difficult. MLMs spread out as they recruit. By the time you are recruited in a specific territory, many others may have been as well. This means that they are already saturating the area.

Due to the structure of recruitment in MLMs, the highest levels often make the most money because they get a share of their “downline's” sales. That means that everyone they recruited and everyone they recruited make money for the top level. This shifts a lot of wealth to the top, while the bottom struggles.

Do you want to put a lot of money out only to have to compete for clients and have limited options for recruits of your own while your upline makes money from your sales? It's understandable if not.

But don't worry, if you're starting to get sour on direct selling you could still have a career ahead of you in marketing. You'll just need to pivot your attention to a different type of marketing: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Better Option

Affiliate marketing shares many things in common with network marketing, which is what makes it an attractive alternative. For those who are good at making connections with clients and promoting interesting products, affiliate marketing may be a great next step.

Affiliate marketing does not make you responsible for anyone else's products or dependent on selling items to make money. Instead, you connect with sellers who want their products promoted. Then you use your online presence to show an audience what's available out there.

You have probably come across people using affiliate marketing pretty recently. Ever been reading through a recipe blog and can across a link to the author's favorite mixer?

If you clicked on the link and bought the mixer, the author probably got a small commission from the seller for sending you to their sales page.

You can do the same, with some creativity and smart planning.

Doing Affiliate Marketing As a Job

Doing affiliate marketing as a job consists of getting creative and getting organized enough to create unique-to-you content that readers, viewers, listeners, and more will enjoy.

You can use many low-cost or free platforms to start making content. It can consist of blogs, social media posts to things like Instagram or TikTok, or videos on YouTube. Your content must be engaging enough to attract an audience on its own.

Inside your content, you can place reviews, affiliate links, and more to direct buyers to sellers. Using affiliate tech, the seller will be able to tell that buyers came from your content and compensate you for it.

To make it even simpler, there are affiliate marketing programs that set content creators up with sellers who need promotion. This saves you time on researching products so you can get right to promoting and making money.

The biggest benefit? Your content never goes away, so you continue to make passive income from old posts long after you've put effort into creating and uploading them.

Learning with Legendary Marketer

Intrigued by affiliate marketing? Learning more from a course with Legendary Marketer can get you prepared to tackle this new marketing opportunity.

After all of my years in network marketing and affiliate marketing, I've poured my skills and knowledge into these courses so that you can learn from my experience. If you are looking for a jumpstart into marketing, see what you can learn from Legendary Marketer today.

Get Started Today

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Is Hinode the Right Direct Selling Cosmetics Company for You?

David Sharpe bio

In the modern world, starting an online cosmetics business is a dream for many people. Working 9am-5pm is no longer the only option, and earning money online offers a new opportunity to escape from the rat race.

The Hinode Group offers people a way to succeed without having to do it all on their own. However, the reality with many multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses is that few people make much money.

Unfortunately, many online entrepreneurs lose faith early on when they realize how hard it is to succeed. Many MLM companies don't tell recruits how much work is involved to really make the big bucks.

Let's have a look at the Hinode business offering and find out how you can succeed with an online business.

Who Are Hinode Cosmetics?

Franciso and Adelaide Rodrigues started Hinode from their garage back in 1988. How long the company has operated is important, as it means they've been able to trade for over 30 years.

They began using the Hinode MLM business model in 2008. This format allows each person to increase their income based on their work and results.

There are currently over 450 Hinode franchises, which indicates they help people to be successful.

There are reports that Hinode Cosmetics had an estimated commission payout of $245 million in 2020. This means they paid their consultants around $27, 968 per hour. These figures would excite any potential online entrepreneurs.

Hinode also has several awards for product creation which suggests they sell high-quality goods. However, to truly understand an MLM company's success, you need to understand how they make money.

How to Make Money with Hinode Cosmetics

The research for our Hinode review confirms that they make money from selling physical products, making them a legitimate MLM company. Many MLM businesses get a bad name and are illegal because they make money only from recruiting consultants.

If you come across a business model that makes money in this way, avoid them and look for another opportunity.

Hinode also offers its consultants several ways to increase their income. The most obvious way to make money is with direct selling. But this approach can be difficult.

Many people start by selling cosmetics to friends and family. Some people may buy the products to help you out at the start. However, they are unlikely to become long-term customers.

You also risk losing friends because you are selling them cosmetics they don't want.

A better choice may be to recruit other consultants. The basis of an MLM company is that you then get a percentage of every sale made by one of your recruits.

Again, this can be complicated. You can spend a lot of time recruiting people only to find out they can't sell well. Recruits can also expect a lot of support. You may find you don't have time to help them as much as you'd like.

Selling cosmetics with Hinode also offers the chance to win fantastic trips and prizes. However, this is not a good reason to join the Hinode MLM network.

You should only work with a company that offers the chance to make a good amount of money on a regular basis.

Hinode seems to offer their consultants the chance to earn a high income by selling decent products. But you need to know more before you give them your money.

Risks of Joining an MLM Company

When looking for a side income or a full-time online job, the main problem is finding who to trust. Working with an MLM company means you need to recruit more consultants, which can be difficult.

Recruits can lack motivation, leave for a different job, and even be dishonest.

Many companies have excellent advertising, but you need to decide if this is just to recruit more consultants. Don't be tricked by flashy pictures and slogans. Making money for your business is all that matters.

You also have to overcome the stigma of working for an MLM company. If you believe in the product, this may not be a problem. But you should expect your family and friends to be wary of your new business.

Being successful with an online company doesn't mean you have to sign up with an MLM company. Most people will fail anyway because they don't know how to market online.

Learn to Start a Successful Online Business

There are many companies that help you to set up a website in minutes. But creating your site is only the first step in starting an online business. Marketing is the most important aspect because it is how you attract customers.

Trying to learn marketing without a mentor is like trying to learn to drive without an instructor. The chances of success are slim, and you could waste a lot of money in the process.

Rather than wasting time and money on techniques that don't work, you can learn how to be an affiliate marketer. This is one of the quickest ways to make substantial amounts of money online.

Selling high-ticket items means you earn more money with each sale. This is a great way to generate a substantial income quickly.

Many people treat an online business as a hobby, but this is not the way to succeed. To make a business work, you need to put in time and effort. Using the right methods is essential. Otherwise, you are likely to fail before you start.

Choosing the right mentor means partnering with someone with experience and previous results. Anyone can say they are an expert. But partnering with a professional is the best way to boost your income.

Online marketing techniques change constantly, so you need to work with a company that can keep you up to date. You'll have enough to do when selling your products and managing your ad campaigns.

Legendary Marketer Can Help You Succeed

This review of Hinode cosmetics should help you appreciate the potential of online marketing. But it's not as simple as putting up a website. You need to understand online marketing.

The Legendary Marketer's experienced team can help you sell multiple high-commission products that people already want to buy. If you put in the effort, you too can enjoy a high income every month.

If you've finished this review and want to know more, consider watching our free online webclass to learn how to sell high-ticket items that can give you the income you desire.

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Amorepacific Review: Is This the Right Opportunity for You?

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The beauty industry will be worth over $438 billion by 2026. Not only is the beauty industry profitable but it will still generate revenue over the next few years, making it a great opportunity for your business.

If you want to succeed in the beauty industry, you may not know where to start. That’s why so many people get sucked into MLM companies, such as Amorepacific. Brands like these sell high-quality products and promise a return — as long as you invest in their company.

Is Amorepacific worth it? Here’s our Amorepacific review and whether or not you should trust them.

Amorepacific Overview

Amorepacific is a South Korean beauty company that sells a wide range of skincare and cosmetic products. They formed in the year 1945 by Suh Sung-wah. The company was originally called Pacific Ocean Chemical Company LTD and would develop its new name later down the road.

Amorepacific is considered to be one of the top 20 global beauty companies and is the second-largest beauty company in South Korea, earning the nickname “the Avon of South Korea.”

Amorepacific Ingredients

Amorepacific is known as a luxury beauty brand and their prices aren’t cheap. So, what are Amorepacific products made with? Here are some of the key ingredients.

Green Tea

Amorepacific is best-known for using green tea extract in many of their products, specifically their skincare products.

Green tea is a powerful ingredient that contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it very beneficial for the skin. This ingredient slows down the aging process and makes skin look radiant and glowing.

Green tea also contains an abundance of polyphenols. This eliminates oxidative stress, reduces free radicals, and prevents damage from UV rays.

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is another ingredient that contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help repair damaged skin and will make you look refreshed, even if you’re not having the best day. Red ginseng also increases cell turnover for glowing skin.

Bamboo Sap

The bamboo plant is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This is why Amorepacific uses this ingredient in a variety of their skin and hair products.

When applied to the skin, it can firm up loose skin and decrease other aging symptoms. Bamboo sap is also very hydrating, heals damaged skin, and reduces hyperpigmentation. When used on the hair, bamboo sap both cleanses and moisturizes each strand for beautiful locks.

How Does the Amorepacific MLM Work?

First and foremost, it’s important to point out that Amorepacific’s MLM structure is pretty archaic. They applied the door-to-door sales approach after World War II where women could sell their products to provide for their family.

Today, most buyers purchase Amorepacific products from stores. In the US, you can only buy Amorepacific products via retail stores and online. But Amorepacific is still an active MLM in Korea; they generate 51% of their revenue from direct selling.

Amorepacific works similarly to other MLMs.  Consultants have to buy their products and sell them to the market. To earn more income, you’ll have to invite more people to join your rank and earn their commissions.

As with all other MLMs, you need to not only be diligent about selling the products but also the MLM services. This is how you’ll truly earn money.

Pros and Cons of Selling Amorepacific

While Amorepacific is a typical MLM, there are some benefits of selling this brand over other brands. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons.


Unlike other MLM beauty brands, Amorepacific actually has excellent products. They’re scientifically proven to work and contain natural ingredients. In addition, the current chief executive Suh Kyung Bae (the grandson of the original founder) tests all of the new Amorepacific products before they go on the shelf.


Many sellers are attracted to Amorepacific because their products are high-quality and expensive. With the high price tag, you may think you’ll earn hefty commissions. Unfortunately, you have to keep investing in the company, making the earning opportunity very minimum.

Since you’re relying on sales and new consultant onboarding, this isn’t a consistent revenue stream. You’ll have to invest a lot of time trying to sell and recruit, making the process not worth it.

Our Amorepacific Review: Should You Trust This MLM?

Amorepacific does have some benefits over other MLMs. You’ll earn more commission on the products you sell. When you recruit new consultants, you also earn their commission. But you have to continue investing in the company, making it similar to a pyramid scheme.

Amorepacific is a legitimate business, but this MLM isn’t a good opportunity. While it may seem like an easy way to earn money, it’s challenging trying to recruit members.

While Amorepacific is a global brand, they’re in competition with other brands that have great products at a more affordable price. In addition, many buyers can purchase Amorepacific products outside of its consultants, making it even more difficult for sellers.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is the Better Option

One of the reasons why MLM companies don’t offer the best opportunity is because you have to keep investing your time and money into your sales without a promise of earning money.

If you truly want to become your own boss, you also have to make it worthwhile. This means finding an opportunity that’s easy to get into and doesn’t require a major investment.

This is where affiliate marketing comes in. With affiliate marketing, you’ll create high-quality content that promotes a brand and its products. When you attract your followers to become customers, you earn a percentage of the commission.

The best part about affiliate marketing is it’s affordable to get started! All you have to do is devote your time to doing what you love — creating content and connecting with your followers.

Try Affiliate Marketing

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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PM-International: Is This a Health and Wellness Opportunity or Scam?

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Here's a shocker: One out of every 13 Americans of already tried out a multilevel marketing program. Whether you're making money selling dietary supplements or not, these health and wellness companies are here to stay.

Interested in direct selling for PM-International MLM?

Take a look at our PM-International review below!

What Is PM-International?

In case you didn't know, PM-International is a world-renowned multilevel marketing brand that is based in Germany. Despite that fact, they have been able to reach a global audience and are well known for selling everything from:

  • Health supplements
  • Beauty supplements
  • FitLine supplements for athletes

Not only that, but the FitLine range of products includes essentials like proprietary supplement blends to fatty acids. Claiming to refresh and revitalize its clients, business is booming for PM-International. In fact, they even recently hit the annual income milestone of $1 billion.

That being said, there's been more public interest in this specific MLM company than others of the last couple of years. In addition to this, PM-International has begun working with professional athletes as well for its marketing campaign, increasing its ever-growing popularity. If it though not as well-known in the United States, they may be able to conquer this corner of the market too.

Besides this, the recent increase in PM-International sales is sure to bring on a slew of new marketing associates too. But before you jump onto the PM-International train, you should ask yourself: Is it the right choice for you?

What Does PM-International Sell?

Since its target audience is focused on super athletes, PM-International offers things like basic vitamins and minerals to post and pre-workout sports drinks.

For instance, one of its supplements called “Restorate” contains all of the iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, selenium, and calcium you need for peak performance. Supposedly, this is the best way for athletes to conquer common magnesium and iron deficiencies. Additionally, this supplement can potentially help athletes prevent anemic symptoms as well, which is caused by a lack of iron.

On the flip side, athletes who already have high nutrition levels may not even experience an impact from this sort of supplement. That's why it's highly recommended for those athletes who have nutritional deficiencies or have to lose weight quickly for a competition.

Another popular PM-International is their standard “Fitness-Drink,” which is full of electrolytes for athletes. Because most of the drink's calories come from fructose and dextrose, it's more likely to produce a burst of energy due to its high amounts of sugar. Although this is great for a long-term training event, it's not recommended for those who exercise on regular basis.

Besides this, PM-International promises to meet a mega athlete's needs thanks to its scientific lab purity tests performed on its products. This is to test for things like “adulterants” that could keep an athlete from passing their drug test. In this case, there's no such thing as being too careful, so each and every product is always labeled with a certification of purity just in case!

Can You Make Money With PM-International?

If you want to become an official distributor with PM-International, you've got to order at least 100 points of products, which adds up to about $170. At this point, you'll receive a special discount code of 20% that you can use to earn profits from your followers.

However, to get more commissions, you have to work hard to become a managing marketer at PM-International. That means that you have to invest almost $700 dollars in products to achieve this prestigious level. On the other hand, selling nearly $700 of products will get you to the same stage.

Because you're wondering, rising up the ranks of PM-International is all about making the most product sales possible. As a matter of fact, you won't even have to worry about recruiting others until you reach the sales manager position. The best part is that you don't have to recruit up to three downstream distributors beneath you.

And the more you earn, the more you'll get, which includes:

  • Cash bonuses
  • Extended commissions
  • Other incentives

Of course, these bonuses only come from making a certain number of sales. You have to be sure that you'll make those sales in order for this option to be fruitful for your financial situation. It's also a good idea to take a business course like ours to prepare yourself beforehand.

Is PM-International Really Worth It?

At the end of the day, you may still be asking yourself: iI working with PM-International really worth it? To tell you the truth, it honestly depends on your geographic and customer location.

As we discussed above, the best target audience is professional athletes, particularly those who participate in the Olympics in Europe. Other than that, it may be hard to find clients to pick PM-International's beauty supplements from the rest of the crowd.

But, thanks to its recent success, now might be the perfect time to get a head start working with PM-International. This is especially true if you already have a niche audience to market to. As long as you can produce behind the volume of sales, building our downline team members should be a piece of cake!

Prepare to Work With PM-International

Are you prepared to work with PM-International?

From health supplements to FitLine supplements, PM-International has so many opportunities for success. Not only that, but you will be able to experiment with working from home too. Also, you will be able to try out all of PM-International's products for yourself before you decide to sell them to others.

In order for you to develop your skills, you should consider taking a free or paid marketing course. There are a variety of digital marketing courses you can take from businesses that can help you enhance your skills. As of writing this, over 80,000 new marketers have taken the Online Business Builder Challenge (only $7), and that might be a good starting place for you as well.

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Neora Review

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In 2018, the skincare industry was valued at over $134 billion, with a projected CAGR of 4.4% from 2019 to 2025. When you consider the fact that everyone wants the secret to retaining their youthful look, it should come as no surprise that this industry is so successful.

You might've been searching for your own elixirs when you came across the company Neora. Not only do they seem to have some great skincare products, but it looks like you can even make some money selling these fantastic products to others!

Does it seem too good to be true? Is Neora a scam? Or can you actually make money and enjoy some excellent skincare products as well?

Read on to find out!

What Is Neora?

Neora is actually a company that's formerly known as Nerium International, which was founded in 2011 by Jeff Olson. They're based in Addison, TX and renamed their company to Neora in January 2019.

Previously, Nerium International sold products that had the main ingredient of Nerium oleandrin. But once they shifted their focus away from that ingredient, they felt it was appropriate to change the company name.

Neora's made quite the impression in the skincare industry. While they're based in Texas, they've expanded their business across the globe to reach countries like Mexico, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Australia. You can also find their products in countries like Canada, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, and Singapore.

This company sells mainly anti-aging skincare products, which as you might've already guessed, is popular with all demographics in the world. They also have some other wellness products, such as nutritional supplements and hair care products. Everything they sell is to help you keep your skin looking youthful and smooth.

Neora isn't just a company that sells products though. They're considered a multilevel marketing (MLM) company. This means you can either sell their products as a distributor (or Active Brand Partner) or you can recruit others to do the same.

Is Neora a Scam?

As we've mentioned earlier, Neora is an MLM company. Many people liken this to a pyramid scheme, especially since you have to build a downline.

But Neora isn't technically a scam. This is because it is theoretically possible to make money off of the company through either selling their products or recruiting other people.

However, we would be wary of joining Neora simply because they've rebranded. Typically, companies rebrand because their old name often has a bad reputation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has also sued Neora in 2019 because they alleged that the company is an illegal pyramid scheme.

How to Join Neora

If you still feel like you'd like to give Neora a try, then you might be wondering how you can join.

First, you need to pay a start-up fee of anywhere between $49.95 to $1,000.

Of course, after you join, you need to have products to sell to people. For this, you have a choice between 4 starter packs:

  • Basic Starter Kit: $49.95
  • Starter Pack: $500
  • Builder Pack: $750
  • Premium Builder Pack: $1,000

Once you've joined, you need to maintain an “active” status. You can do this by maintaining 120 to 400 PQV (personal qualifying volume) by selling to customers or by maintaining 80 to 150 PQV in personal product ADV (auto-delivery volume). The latter is done through the Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) program.

If you don't maintain an active status, then you're not eligible to make any money off of Neora.

How to Make Money With Neora

The way to make money with Neora is the same with any MLM. You have 2 choices.

The first is selling Neora products for the company as an Active Brand Partner. Depending on how much you buy the products for wholesale and how much you sell them retail, you can earn anywhere between 10% to 20% in commissions.

While getting customers, you can also earn some extra cash by getting them signed onto the ADO program. This can get you $16 to $60 a week per auto-delivery order.

The other way is to build your downline. You can earn between 10% to 25% in commissions if your downline team maintains over 200 PV every month.

But both methods don't pay out equally. To make some decent money with Neora, you need to focus on building your downline instead of selling products directly to consumers. Not only will recruiting gain you a sizable income, but you won't have to spend as much effort making it either.

Do People Make Money off Neora?

Neora themselves have released income disclosure statements (IDSs) that state how much their Active Brand Partners make.

In 2019, they had almost 40,000 Active Brand Partners in the US. Only 30.6% of them earned cash commissions and the average annual gross cash earnings of these was $1,054. As you can see, that's not very much money for a whole year.

The fact is, over 90% of people don't make any money with MLMs. In fact, lots end up in the red instead of green. And this is because they don't have the right marketing skills to get in front of the widest audience possible.

To be successful at Neora or any other MLM, you have to be a marketer with plenty of knowledge and experience. And chances are, you aren't.

Try Your Hand at Affiliate Marketing Instead

After reading this article, you might not think that Neora is the right fit for you. Many people don't, so you're not alone.

But that doesn't mean all hope is lost for you to be successful at having an online business. It just means you need to look toward a different opportunity, and that's affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing takes a lot less of an investment on your part and can ultimately have a bigger payoff in the long run.

So if you're interested in getting started on affiliate marketing, check out this video. We'll help you get started on a profitable online business to earn some great commissions!

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Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: An Introduction Course to Affiliate Marketing

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Have you decided to jump into affiliate marketing but aren't making as much money as you hoped?

Luckily for you, some courses can help teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and how you can get into a niche you love. Yet, you'll find these courses can be a bit pricey. It can be intimidating investing the money without a guaranteed outcome.

One course that has helped many affiliate marketers become successful is “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” by Michelle Schroeder. We're here to give you an honest review of the course to see if it is worth the investment.

Be sure to keep reading for our guide on the introductory course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” and learn everything you need to know.

Perfect for Beginners

If you're reading this article and still asking, “What is affiliate marketing?” The course designed by Michelle Schroeder is perfect for you. You'll find that she goes through several affiliate marketing skills that newcomers will need to know to get started.

Yet, if you already have your blog up and running, this course can work in your favor too. Michelle works to help you find mistakes you may have made and can help find the best way to fix them.

The course doesn't have crazy advanced techniques, which is why beginners will find it easy to learn and understand. Even if you already know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, this course can help to teach you things in a new light. You might begin to understand things on a new level, which can help to make you more money.

Little to No Videos

In 2021, the majority of us love learning through video and find it much more engaging. Yet, within this affiliate marketing course, you will find that there are no videos. Most of the course is text-based learning which means you will have to read to get your information.

That's because the content for affiliate marketing is always being changed and updated. The way the course is designed will help you understand the basics and how you can get started. If there were video components, it would need to be updated too frequently and wouldn't be as helpful.

The course does get updated sometimes, and Michelle did add a few video elements as well. You'll find a bonus video all about Pinterest, which can be very helpful for affiliate marketing.

A course with no videos can be a pro or a con depending on how you like to learn. Some people like the ability to scan the content for information instead of having to sit through a video to learn. There are also tons of screenshots that can help you learn.

Find the Right Affiliate Programs

One affiliate marketing strategy you will learn from this course is finding the right programs for your niche. You'll find that the course breaks down and lists programs you can join for your particular niche.

A list like this can be extremely helpful because you won't have to do any of the research on your own. You will already know which programs pay you a good commission and can fit with the products you want to recommend to your target audience.

Michelle also helps walk you through the best times to apply to these programs. You'll find that sometimes it is better to apply to programs when you have a bigger following and more traffic to your website so you can maximize your revenue.

You'll Learn to Work Smart and Not Hard

Learning marketing skills and setting up your blog is going to take some time and dedication. Yet, one thing Michelle teaches you is how to work smart and not hard.

Michelle doesn't advise you to put links all over your site. Instead, you'll want to wait for a post to go viral and gain attention before adding affiliate links. Not adding links everywhere can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Another thing she recommends is being selective with what you advertise to your target audience. Why waste your time advertising products that won't capture their attention?

Instead, use your time to advertise products that they can actually use and find the benefit in. Doing this is a great way to build readership and make your blog not feel like one big advertisement. You will only add links when necessary and only recommend products that your audience can use.

In the end, you'll be saving yourself and your audience time when you work smarter, not harder.

Is It Worth the Investment?

As we mentioned earlier, it is always difficult for some people to sign up for courses like this because they're an investment. You might be thinking, “I don't have the money right now.”

The course costs around $200 in total. Yet, you will be getting tons of tips and tricks on how to start making so much money.

Essentially, you'll be signing up for a money-making guide when buying the course. That means if you're willing to put in the time and effort, you'll be able to make the money back you've invested into the course and so much more.

If you've learned anything from our affiliate marketing course review, the answer is yes. The course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing” is worth the investment as long as you're ready to put in the work it takes to start your blog and target your audience.

The Best Ways of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Making sense of affiliate marketing can come with time and practice. You'll find that the deeper you dive into the subject, the more you will start to understand it and be able to grasp it for yourself.

If you enjoyed learning about the course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing,” you're going to love our free online web class, which will walk you through the best ways to earn money online from the comfort of your own home. You will learn even more about affiliate marketing strategies and find out how you can make top dollar commissions on products that people already want to buy.

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Juice Plus: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Started

David Sharpe bio

Do you love to live a healthy lifestyle and want to share that love with your friends and family? Do you spend your days wondering how you can make some extra money on the side? Or do you wish to turn that side hustle into a full-time gig so you can quit your day job and leave the 9-5 behind forever?

If so, then you've probably considered some sort of MLM program. Likely one of your friends is encouraging you to start with them, which is what brought you to this review. Don't worry, you're in the right place, we're going to show you what Juice Plus is and if it can help you make enough money to live the life you've always wanted.

What Is Juice Plus?

Juice Plus offers an alternative to eating all the fruits and vegetables every day that the scientists recommend. We all know that it can be difficult to consume as many nutritious foods each day that we're supposed to. And Juice Plus products supposedly fill the gap between what you're actually eating and what you should be eating.

You can choose between shakes, capsules, or even health bars to get the nutrients you need to be healthier. As a Juice Plus consultant, you'll pre-purchase the products and then sell them to your friends and family.

There are many health claims made by the Juice Plus company. And while many aren't validated by scientific studies, it's plain that adding more nutrients to your daily diet won't hurt you. However, as you promote anything in the health niche, be careful how many promises or benefits you claim that your product offers to your customers.

Can You Make Money With Juice Plus?

If you're a great salesperson, and you have hundreds of friends and family willing to spend hundreds of dollars with you, then yes you could potentially make money with Juice Plus. As an MLM program, you'll be pressured by your representative to build your team.

As with most direct sales companies, you don't make the majority of your money through directly selling the products. Instead, the people making the most money in these companies are usually the ones with the largest teams. These people then collect a small commission based on how many products their downline orders.

An Alternative to This Supplement MLM Program

Sharing nutritional foods and supplements is a noble profession. And so, if you're still interested in making money by sharing great products that can help people live a healthy and fulfilling life, then consider affiliate marketing instead.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that entails sharing other people's products with your audience. And then you get to collect a small commission each time someone clicks on your link to purchase that product. This can be a great way to make money without needing to create your own products or carry any inventory.

Stop making large inventory purchases hoping you'll sell it all and make a profit. Instead, let someone else worry about storing, shipping, and selling products. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to find great products and then share them with your audience.

Find a Program or Product

The first step in affiliate marketing is to find great products that you want to share with your audience. There are hundreds of great products in the food and supplement niche. This is a great niche to enter if you love health and nutrition.

First, look at what you're already using. Go to their websites and see if they have an affiliate program, if so, then sign up and start telling your friends all about it.

The great thing about this model is that you don't have to spend any money upfront or meet with people in person. Simply hop online and shart sharing all about your favorite products using your affiliate links.

Promote Your Affiliate Product

You can start a website dedicated to educating your audience about food and nutrition. Or, you can take advantage of the many social media platforms available. You can even start your own YouTube channel or podcast, create IGTV or TikTok videos.

The options are endless. You can get started right away promoting products and programs immediately. But the key is to get started and don't stop sharing about the amazing products available to your audience.

People every day are selling products they love on social media sites and making money, even without spending anything on ads or buying products upfront.

Collect the Commission

Each time you share your link and someone uses it to buy the product or program, you earn a small commission. Added up over time you can make enough money to change your life and your lifestyle, So, if you're ready to start saving up for a much-needed vacation, or if you want to quit your day job forever, affiliate marketing allows you the freedom to start dreaming again.

If you're looking for an MLM option to share a nutritious supplement program, then Juice plus is a good option. However, if you're looking for an easier way to make money online by sharing amazing nutrition and supplement products, then affiliate marketing is a better option for you.

Yes, You Can Make Money Sharing Health Supplements Online

Finding the best affiliate program in the nutrition and supplement niche is only the start (Juice Plus is one of many). Knowing how to get targeted traffic and then converting that traffic into an avalanche of sales is where the magic (and profit) happens.

Take advantage of our free web class where you'll discover my top-ranked business model that you can launch online, even as a beginner affiliate marketer. You'll quickly see the proof for yourself when I show you the math and how you can make money when you download my templates, scripts, and funnels.

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Shaklee Review: Are These Supplements Healthy Business?

David Sharpe bio

The future of the global wellness supplements market is expected to have tremendous growth between 2020 and 2027. Data Bridge Market Research predicts it to grow by 6.45% in this period.

One of those businesses expected to profit and grow is Shaklee Corporation, which deals in a collection of products for a wide range of issues.

The company claims that its products surpass U.S. standards with over 100 patents and patents pending. They also have over 100 published scientific papers supporting their research.

Shaklee products are available through their website, but their main business model is that of an MLM, multi-level marketing.

Distributors sign up to receive everything they need to sell and launch an online storefront. They are then said to stack up earnings and build a healthier community.

But is this a business worth your attention, and how effective are their products? Keep reading to find out.

What Is Shaklee?

Shaklee is a nutritional company that creates nutrition supplements, weight-management products, and more. They sell their products using an MLM marketing method.

Dr. Shaklee founded the company in 1956 with a focus on distributing food supplements.

According to their website, a study by UC Berkeley researchers found their products to lower cholesterol ratios and triglycerides, as well as lower long-term biological stress. They also claim to be the first company to be certified Climate Neutral.

A significant amount of research has been done to eliminate different contaminants and ensure pure and potent ingredients are used in their products.

Shaklee Products

Shaklee began with a focus on nutritional supplements. Now, their online shop has categories for nutrition, healthy weight, beauty, sports, and green home products. They also offer monthly nutritional supplement packages personalized to your specific needs.

Shaklee Vitamins and Nutrition Supplements

Among their various nutritional supplements, you can also find nutrition regiment sets and protein shakes. For example, their greens options include the Organic Greens Booster, FlavoMax, and an Alfalfa Complex.

The Organic Greens Booster is a powder supplement that promises raw, organic, nutrient-rich green vegetables with every scoop. Their FlavoMax capsules use antioxidants to protect your body from cellular damage. And the Alfalfa Complex provides a variety of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll.

Despite their promises, multivitamins and the like have a mixed reputation among researchers.

In one study of 450,000 people, researchers found that multivitamins did not reduce the risk for heart disease or cancer. A separate study found it also did nothing to prevent mental decline.

Weight-Management Products

Shaklee's weight-management products include a mix of protein shakes, teas, supplements, and meal bars.

The Shaklee 180 Turnaround Kit promises to provide everything you need to reach and maintain a healthy weight. It has everything you need for four weeks, as well as online support tools.

This program alone is said to have helped customers lose over 2 million pounds, according to sales and expected weight loss.

Beauty Products

YOUTH is the name given to all of Shaklee's beauty products, which include makeup, face lotions, and hair treatments. Their 4-step anti-aging regimen package uses a variety of Youth complexes to help renew your skin.

Shaklee promises safety and purity in all of its ingredients. As such, they've banned over 2,500 ingredients in the production of their skincare products.

Household Products

Shaklee's product line also includes basic household products made with safe, sustainable ingredients. You can find liquid detergent, water filtration devices, and more.

Selling Strategy

As a distributor, you're promised daily payments and no inventory management. You'll also have access to digital tools and training, and a support network.

Their compensation plan rewards you based on how well you're doing. You can earn daily bonuses, and your monthly payment is determined by your customer product purchases and team activity. A loyalty bonus of up to $1,500 a month can also be added on top of what you normally earn.

Although MLM companies are often seen as pyramid schemes, there are some that have proven themselves a worthy investment. Avon, for example,

Some MLM companies have proved successful in the past. Avon, for example, has an established history going back over a hundred years. With a low startup fee and a well-recognized name, you can't go wrong with buying into their company if you want to try your hand at distribution.

Meanwhile, Herbalife is very much the opposite.

Many of their supplements are more expensive than the generic supplements you can find in your local pharmacy. As a result of those prices, most people who distribute for them don't make their money back.

Shaklee benefits from its clinical approach to ensuring the quality of its ingredients and products. They promote a healthier lifestyle, and their packages make it easy for new customers to try them out and for distributors to sell.

Some of their best-selling products include the Prove It Challenge and Vitalizer Gold. The Prove It Challenge package includes shakes, a vitalizer, and a 7-day cleanse all for $159 for your first purchase. Vitalizer Gold, meanwhile, is a 30-day supply of dietary supplements that retails for $103.

Whether or not you'll make a big profit depends on how well you network in your community and make use of Shaklee's existing online support network.

Becoming a Healthy Marketer

Buying into an MLM company is always a risk. Recruiters will sell you on the concept because there's an incentive for them to do so. And even if Shaklee products normally sell well, you may find yourself at a disadvantage for a number of reasons. For example, you may not be as good a marketer as you thought you'd be.

If you've reached the end of this review and you know you'd like to earn income online, but you still don't know where to begin…Register here for my free on-demand webclass where I'll show you exactly how I started an online business that earns high ticket commissions marketing valuable products people already want to buy!

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Youngevity Review: How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

David Sharpe bio

Youngevity was founded back in 1997 by Joel Wallach and is making headlines again for its soon-to-be-announced product line that includes CBD products. It's no secret that CBD is a money-maker right now–but is Youngevity?

Youngevity claims that using its products can help prevent or treat a number of serious physical ailments. Youngevity sellers also make claims that by selling those products, you can unlock financial freedom like never before.

The question is, how much money can Youngevity sellers really expect to make? Your ability to make money online is our number one priority, which is why we're bringing you this detailed Youngevity review.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about selling for this company.

What Is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a wellness and lifestyle company that uses the MLM model to sell its extensive product line. Founder Joel Wallach prefers the term “doctor,” although it is worth noting that his medical background is in veterinary science. Wallach has studied the health benefits of trace minerals like selenium and those minerals are at the forefront of Youngevity's product lines.

In addition to supplements and drinks that contain minerals, Youngevity also sells shakes, detoxes, coffee products, and other products designed to boost consumers' health. They also sell “nutritional packs” and diet programs.

One thing that's worth mentioning is that Youngevity may expect sellers to make claims about their products that are unsubstantiated. Most (if not all) of these products are not FDA-approved in part because they have not undergone the kind of testing the FDA requires. That being said, the products are unlikely to be harmful–they just won't have the healing powers you may see some affiliates claiming they have.

How Much Do You Have to Invest to Sell for Youngevity?

Most MLMs require that affiliated marketers invest a certain amount of money in order to start selling their products. The idea is that MLMs allow you to make a set investment to then operate sales as if you are running an independent business. Youngevity is no exception to this rule.

To be a Youngevity Distributor (the lowest tier of their sales team), you will be expected to pay an annual fee of $49.95. At this level, you are able to purchase products for your own use (or for sales demonstrations) at wholesale prices as well as qualify for the occasional free product. You will also be able to start selling products in order to make a commission.

Alternatively, you can dive into Youngevity's selling opportunities by paying a price of $499 for what they call their CEO Combo Mega Pak. This gets you a wide variety of products for potential customers to sample. Once you buy in, you are able to then purchase other Mega Paks that focus on a specific line of products if you're looking for a more niche business experience.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling for Youngevity?

Interestingly enough, it's almost impossible to say how much money you can make selling for Youngevity. Why is this the case?

For starters, most MLMs release an annual income disclosure form. This will usually breakdown the average annual income of sellers at each level, as well as the percentage of sellers that are making that amount of money. (What we tend to find when we look at these income disclosure forms is that the vast majority of affiliated marketers aren't making more than a few hundred dollars per year, while less than 1% are bringing in the kind of cash you can truly live on.)

Youngevity does not provide this kind of income disclosure. Instead, they release the facts and figures about how much the company is worth, something it focuses on because the company is a publicly-traded penny stock.

It is also difficult to estimate your possible Youngevity income because the compensation plan they provide on their own website is almost indecipherable. Rather than listing clear commission rates that you'd receive for your own sales as well as the sales made by affiliates in your downstream, Youngevity uses a points system. It also offers incentives in the form of bonuses, which you can receive for hitting a certain number of sales in a set period of time.

If we're being completely honest, not being able to track down this kind of information through the Youngevity website isn't a great look.

What Do You Need to Know to Make the Most of Your Youngevity Affiliation?

Although you may not be able to get rich quick selling Youngevity products, it's not a total bust to sell for them. If you're interested in learning more about the health and wellness industry, it may be a worthwhile place to start.

In the end, what you'll need to build any successful online business is marketing skills. MLMs tend to make you think that selling their products is as simple as reaching out to friends and family. However, when you're only reaching out to the people you know, you're limiting yourself to a very small and quickly saturated market.

Legendary Marketer Is Here to Help

How can you build the marketing skills that you need to make the most of your experience with Youngevity or any other MLM? Fortunately, you don't need to go to school or enroll in expensive certification courses. Instead, you can find the information you need in the same place where you want to start your own business: online.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Pure Romance MLM Review: How Much Money Could I Make?

David Sharpe bio

In 2017, Pure Romance had over 23,000 active consultants across the US and beyond selling a variety of intimacy products. According to President and CEO Chris Cicchinelli, all you need to know to strike gold with the Pure Romance MLM is how to tell a story.

The reality is that making money with any MLM requires more than just story-telling. In the end, making enough money to pad your bank account isn't going to be as easy as it sounds.

So, how much can you feasibly make selling Pure Romance products? How does this company operate and what are some of the methods you can use to boost your income?

As always, we at Legendary Marketer are seeking the best and most valuable information for anyone looking to start a successful online business. Read on to learn everything you need to know in this Pure Romance MLM review.

What Is Pure Romance?

Pure Romance is an MLM that was founded in 1993 in Ohio. The objective of Pure Romance is to provide adult sex education to consumers and give them the tools to enhance their relationships and boost intimacy in their day-to-day lives. Pure Romance does sell things like beauty products, but their claim to fame is an ever-expanding line of adult intimacy toys and devices.

Briefly, let's look at why Pure Romance does qualify as an MLM and not a pyramid scheme. While affiliated sellers are encouraged to build up a downstream to increase their income, there are actual products for sale. That means that sellers don't have to worry about bringing on new sellers in order to make money–if they know how to sell products at a steady, rapid rate.

In the end, you're always better off mastering both the art of selling MLM products and the art of building your downstream. Let's take a look at how much you stand to make if you're able to do both.

How Much Are Most People Making Selling for the Pure Romance MLM?

So, this is where things get a little bit unpleasant. Pure Romance provides an annual income disclosure in order to maintain transparency. Given how many people still sign up to sell for Pure Romance without the skillset to build an online business, you have to wonder how many people actually look at this income disclosure.

For starters, 49.2% of last year's sellers wound up falling under the “inactive” category. This is probably because Pure Romance requires all sellers (which they refer to as consultants) to purchase at least $200 worth of products every two months in order to remain active. This is what we sometimes call the “pay to play” method, and it's not ideal for anyone who isn't experienced with MLMs.

The second-largest group selling for Pure Romance are consultants, which is the lowest level of sellers in the Pure Romance ranks. Consultants make up 42.1% of Pure Romance's massive team, and they're making an average of $204 per year. Whether or not that's adjusted to reflect the $1,200 consultants would have to pay each year to remain active, we're not sure.

Why Is It Difficult to Make Big Bucks Selling for Pure Romance?

Why is it that the vast majority of Pure Romance consultants have either dropped out of the game or make a measly $204 a year? There are a lot of factors at play that are operating against any affiliated seller and making that “get rich quick” dream, well, a dream.

Market saturation is one of the biggest obstacles for any MLM, especially one that has been around for several decades. You may start hosting Pure Romance parties only to discover that your friends have already heard of them, already purchased their products, or already tried selling those products, themselves. In other words, it may be difficult to track down interested parties, especially if you're only calling on your inner circle.

We mentioned earlier that you can make money without building a downstream, but it's worth noting that building a downstream has some serious benefits. Not only do you stand to make money off of the sales your downstream is responsible for, but your commission rates will go up.

Pure Romance offers a 40% commission rate for consultants, but that rate rises to about 50% for advanced and senior consultants. Rising in rank requires you to build a downstream. Without anyone selling under you, you'll have to work twice as hard for a fraction of the payout.

What Skills Do You Need to Succeed at Selling for Pure Romance?

One thing we hear again and again is that affiliated marketers are hoping to turn their MLM ties into a relatively passive income. This is possible down the line, but it's going to take some serious work upfront.

Chris Cicchinelli wasn't entirely wrong in saying that to sell Pure Romance products, you'll need to know how to tell a story. After all, marketing is the process of telling (and selling) a story and telling it so well that it connects with a wide audience.

However, what you also need to know is how and where to tell that story. You need to know how to use your online presence to build a relationship with millions of people across the country (and the world). Once you master that art, you can start building your downstream and selling products through your affiliate links with minimal effort.

Learn How to Market Like a Pro

We hope that this Pure Romance MLM review has given you some insight into the hurtles affiliate marketers often face when they join ranks with any MLM. Now, we're here to tell you what to do about it.

If you want to build that online business and boost your passive income, you've come to the right place. Check out our this free video. In it, you'll learn how to launch an online business, how to ditch those low-ticket items that aren't building your fortune, and how to rely on only high-ticket business models from here on out.

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WorldVentures MLM Review: Can I Actually Get Paid to Go on Vacation?

David Sharpe bio

Do you dream of being a professional traveler? Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is in huge demand — already in 2021, there have been over one million TSA checkpoints. This still makes travel a very profitable and buzzing industry.

Does getting paid to vacation sound like it’s too good to be true? While you can achieve your travel career goals with affiliate marketing, many travel MLM companies are quick to promise amazing vacations with hefty pay.

The WorldVentures MLM is a great example. Their social media marketing campaign with the “You Should Be Here” signs is an easy way to draw in representatives. But should you trust this company? Here’s our review.

Who Is WorldVentures Actually Targeting?

Most MLMs target the same audience: disgruntled employees who want to be their own bosses, stay-at-home moms, and others who need extra income.

Instead, WorldVentures is targeting a new age of nomads — those who dream of travel but can’t afford it. They promise an opportunity to make money while they travel.

Things You Should Know About WorldVentures Before Joining

One of the reasons many people join WorldVentures is they promise many great perks. But are these trustworthy? Here are the benefits they advertise and the harsh reality.

Not a Great Volunteering Opportunity

Did you know that 81% of international travelers actually volunteer? Voluntourism is boosting in popularity. You get to see the world and give back to a community in need.

WorldVentures promises this, too. They even have the WorldVentures Foundation that focuses on giving back to communities in need. However, their website is no longer working, so it’s unclear whether or not they’re still pursuing this organization.

Keep in mind, voluntourism may do more harm than good.

First, voluntourism companies like WorldVentures don’t onboard volunteers based on skill, they onboard based on whoever is willing to do the work. Communities may need individuals with specific skills and resources. Even worse, volunteers may take up jobs that locals can do. This is even worse if locals have the required skills for the job.

Most of these trips are also short-term and there’s no commitment to the job, which means its volunteers won’t make a lasting impact.

Last but not least, this often leads to the “white savior complex,” which is the belief that countries in need will only receive help from first-world countries instead of using their own means to build their community.

While this isn’t always the case, it’s best to lead first-world country volunteerism to those with the required skills and necessary resources that the local communities can’t receive themselves.

Declining Growth

Do a quick Google search on a term such as “WorldVentures growth” and you’ll find an array of articles, claiming WorldVentures is a leading travel company, that they have hundreds of thousands of representatives, and operate in multiple countries. While many of these claims are true, there's also a dark side hidden behind the “You Should Be Here” signs.

For example, they voluntarily filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy at the end of 2020. According to this article, the company took a massive hit due to travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not-So-Luxurious Travel Packages

Another one of the reasons why WorldVentures attracted an audience is the luxurious travel packages they offer. From sunny destinations like Mexico to five-star resorts around the world, WorldVentures representatives became the envy of their friends and family.

Like all things in life, nothing comes free — including these amazing vacations. In order to join, you have to purchase their membership. To earn those luxury trips, you sell their travel packages and earn points. You can use those points toward your travel. We'll cover more of this in the next section.

Seem easy? Well, you have to do a lot of hustling to travel. That means selling the membership to your family, friends, and others.

Most people will benefit from just purchasing their own luxury vacation without the extra work.

More Expensive Than You Think

So, what is the WorldVentures cost? This depends on the package you purchase. The basic package is $200 while the luxurious package is $1,000. Not only that, but there’s a monthly membership fee that ranges from $20-$100.

In addition to these fees, there’s an additional $30 monthly fee that covers website maintenance, training programs, marketing tools, and more.

You can get your monthly fee waived if you elevate your status. However, you won’t start earning commission until you hit Senior Representative Status, which you can’t achieve unless you have 30 representatives below you.

It’s very unlikely representatives can make a WorldVentures profit. In fact, 85% of WorldVentures representatives earn no profit or operate at a loss.

In addition, there are other cheaper alternatives, such as travel agencies and comparison websites for flights, hotels, and more.

FAQs About WorldVentures

After reading the previous sections, you may be thinking twice about signing up for WorldVentures. But prospects tend to have these questions. Read through these FAQs before making your decision.

Why Is WorldVentures So Popular?

Even during a global pandemic, 70% of consumers want to take a vacation this year. People want to travel — and not just travel locally, but travel internationally.

WorldVentures promises an opportunity to get paid to travel. However, you’re likely spending money on a membership that can be used toward your travels.

What Does WorldVentures Sell?

They sell discount vacation and travel services. To be a representative, you’ll also have to pay fees that include a website, training, and marketing materials.

WorldVentures Scam?

Even though WorldVentures is a legitimate company, many of its offerings are eerily similar to a pyramid scheme. This means there’s not much of a chance to make money from this company, based on the fees and the requirement to onboard other representatives.

Has WorldVentures Experienced Legal Issues?

A trend with MLM companies is the myriad of legal issues they face. WorldVentures has been in its fair share of trouble. By far the biggest legal obstacle they had was being banned in Norway due to operating as a pyramid scheme.

Affiliate Marketing Is a Better Alternative to the WorldVentures MLM

After reading our WorldVentures review, do you want a better opportunity to make money while traveling? Don’t trust the WorldVentures MLM. Instead, look into affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simple to learn and comes with little overhead.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Plexus MLM Review: How Much Money Do Plexus Ambassadors Make?

David Sharpe bio

Imagine being able to sell products online, drive a luxury car, and enjoy your life. Some company ambassadors claim the Plexus MLM opportunity can help you reach that goal.

You can work from wherever and whenever, so you can control your schedule. But before you sign up for Plexus, you should consider both sides of the story.

Read on to learn if Plexus is a scam or if it's worth your time.

What Is Plexus?

Plexus is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells weight management products. The company also sells nutrition, skincare, and personal care products.

If you join the Plexus MLM opportunity as an ambassador, you can sell any of the products. Having a bit of variety can come in handy when you want to make money. But Plexus has made some ridiculous health claims without backing them up.

Cost to Join

As with many MLMs, you need to pay to join the program. Plexus charges an annual membership fee, and you can join in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. The joining fee depends on where you live.

  • United States: 39.95 USD
  • Canada: 51.44 CAD
  • Mexico: 820 MXN
  • Australia: 62.95 AUS
  • New Zealand: 39.95 USD

You will also need to pay the same fee each year to maintain your status. The Plexus cost to join covers access to a website you can use to sell Plexus products. While the fee isn't as large as some MLMs, you do have to keep up with the cost each year.

How to Earn

If you join the Plexus MLM opportunity, you can earn money in a few ways. First, you can earn a profit from the retail sales you make. You can also earn a bonus when selling to Preferred Customers.

Other options work similarly to other MLMs and require you to recruit people to your team. If a recruit buys the Plexus Welcome Pack, you can make a commission on that, and you can make commissions on their sales.

You can also earn Plexus points, which can translate to money based on how many points all Ambassadors earn in a month. However, you will only make money if you sell enough personal volume.

Can You Make Money With Plexus?

In 2019, Plexus Ambassadors earned an average of $677.99. Only about half a percent of Ambassadors earned more than $19,000 for the entire year. Roughly 5% of Ambassadors earned at least $1,360 for all of 2019.

While some Ambassadors may be able to make a lot of money, it's unlikely. You would need to sell a lot of products or recruit a lot of people to make close to a living wage from Plexus.

Plexus MLM Pros

If you want to join Plexus, you should consider some of the benefits. While it has a lot of the same problems as other MLMs, it has unique advantages that you may not find elsewhere.

Here are a couple of pros to selling Plexus.

Relatively Cheap

Some MLMs charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you want to sell their products. At only $40 for US sellers, joining Plexus is surprisingly affordable.

Still, it does cost you money, unlike other options, like affiliate marketing. If you don't want to pay anything to make money, affiliate marketing will be a better fit for you. However, Plexus isn't as expensive as some MLMs.

That could also be an advantage if you want to add people to your team to increase your revenue.

Company Website

With Plexus, you don't have to worry about setting up your own website to sell the products. After you sign up, you can create a unique website name, and you can direct potential customers and recruits to it.

Then, you can market your products to people you may not know in real life. If you have a sizable following on social media, this can be a great way to increase your sales. But it may not be as professional as setting up a site, which you would need if you want to sell other products.

Plexus MLM Cons

Before you pay the small joining fee, consider some of the cons. The Plexus cost shouldn't distract you from the more problematic parts of the company.

Here are a few reasons to avoid joining Plexus.

Low Income Potential

Reviewing the Plexus income disclosure can show you how hard it can be to make money with the company. The average annual income is $677.99, which is about $56.50 a month.

Many people in the company earn way less than that. And for those who earn more, many of them still don't earn a full-time income. However, it can take a full-time schedule to sell enough products to earn anything.

If you want to work for yourself and on your schedule, affiliate marketing is probably a better option for you. Then, you can sell products you really love, and you don't have to do as much work.

Government Warnings

As a weight management company, Plexus needs to follow strict rules for labels and when making claims. However, in 2020, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent a warning letter to the company regarding false claims the Ambassadors made online.

The Federal Drug Administration has also sent letters to Plexus after Plexus marketed some of its products as drugs. Australia has also posted a warning to consumers to stop taking products like the Plexus Slim Accelerator.

No Control

When you join Plexus, it can seem like you have full control over your work and income. You can set your schedule and sell what you want, but you don't control the company.

If Plexus shuts down by choice or from the government forcing it to, you could lose your entire work. You would be better off focusing on creating your own business from scratch since you'll have more control over everything.

Should You Join Plexus?

The Plexus MLM opportunity can seem appealing to many people. You can sell many products and use your website to sell to anyone in the world.

However, the company has a bad history when it comes to controlling claims. And as with other MLMs, it can be almost impossible to make a profit when selling Plexus.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Younique MLM Review: Can I Make Money Working for Younique?

David Sharpe bio

Have you thought about selling cosmetics online? Does joining the Younique MLM sound appealing? Before you find a sponsor and start selling, consider if Younique is worth the time and cost.

Then, you can make sure you won't waste money on this new venture. And you can make as much money online as possible.

Keep reading to learn if you should join Younique.

What Is Younique?

The Younique MLM is a multi-level marketing company that sells makeup and skincare products. It has been around since 2012, and the company offers a lot of different products that you can sell.

As a presenter, you can sell products to your friends and family, or you can sell online. You'll get an online portal where you can list products. You can then make money from home and on your schedule.

Younique aims to empower women to earn money, and it offers resources to help you start selling the product.

How to Join

Because Younique is an MLM, you will need someone to sponsor you to join. If you don't know any Younique presenters, the company can set you up with one.

Then, you'll need to pay about $99 for your starter kit. As you wait for the starter kit to get to you, you can go through the Youniversity Training program to learn about business and marketing.

When you sign up, you'll also get a personal website with an eCommerce store so that you can start selling.

Getting Paid

One thing that sets Younique apart from other MLMs is that they can pay you the same day you make a sale. You can receive your royalty payments a few hours after a sale occurs. After you make $50, Younique will send you a prepaid card you can use to spend your money.

You can also use Rewards Links to earn points when people click on those links to your website. When your link reaches 200 points, you can earn 10% of each sale in the form of Y-CASH. Then, you can use the cash for product discounts.

While this payment structure is like an affiliate program, you will need to recruit others to make a lot of money. Then, you can earn royalties on your sales as well as sales your recruits make.

The Younique Foundation

On the surface, the Younique Foundation sounds like an excellent part of the company, and it would be a great reason to choose this company over others. Most MLMs want to maximize profit so wouldn't set up a foundation.

The Younique Foundation claims to help victims of sexual assault with special retreats. However, the retreats are very exclusive and are only open to women who were victims of sexual assault as children.

Unfortunately, less than 1% of Younique profit goes to the charity. While this charity doesn't affect your ability to make money with Younique, it's something to consider if you want to make money while helping others.

Pros of the Younique MLM

If you want to help sexual assault victims or simply make money from home, Younique may be a good option for you. It works more like an affiliate program when you compare it to other MLMs.

Here are a couple of advantages of Younique.

Good Products

If you want access to a wide range of products, Younique may be the company for you. You can start selling the products you want, so you can focus on what you like or what your friends and followers like.

That will make it easier to promote your eCommerce store and make a few sales. Many customers love Younique products, so you also use those reviews to help sell products.

Easy to Start

Another benefit of Younique is that they make it easy to start selling. You can create your website as soon as you sign up, even before you get your distributor kit.

The company also offers training to help you learn about business and marketing, so you don't have to be an expert. And you can do all of this from home.

Cons of the Younique MLM

While Younique offers benefits you won't find with other MLMs, they aren't the best option for everyone. It can be hard to sell some of the products, especially if you don't have a huge audience.

Consider a few reasons why you shouldn't sell Younique.

Low Earning Potential

Unfortunately, Younique doesn't publish an income disclosure statement like other MLMs. Because of this, it can be hard to know how much you can expect to make when you sign up.

However, you can use numbers from MLMs in general. Overall, odds are you won't make a ton of money if you even make any profits.

You will need to spend money on products if you don't make any sales in a few months. And you won't be able to make much without a ton of sales or recruiting other sellers.


The product prices can make it hard to get sales and recruit other sellers. Some Younique products are three times more expensive than their equivalents from other brands. That can make it hard to convince others the products are worth it.

It's also expensive for you and any recruits to stay active. If you don't sell at least $125 worth of product every 3 months, you will have to buy that much.

Emphasis on Recruiting

As with other MLMs, Younique wants presenters to recruit new people. Not only will that help you make more money, but it will also increase the Younique profit margin.

However, recruiting people can make it harder for you to get sales because of more competition. If you don't have a big following online, it can be hard to find recruits outside of your friends and family.

When you recruit people you know, you'll have to compete with them for customers.

Is Younique Worth It?

The Younique MLM opportunity can sound appealing to a lot of people. You can make money from home, have your own website, and even help other women.

However, the Younique cost to join and stay active, as well as the recruiting focus, can make it hard. While you may make some money, you may not be profitable.

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Scentsy MLM Review: Is It Worth My Time to Sell Candles and Lotions?

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Thinking of selling candles and lotions for the Scentsy MLM as an at-home business opportunity? You're not alone—but how successful can you really be with this business?

I've got all the info you need to consider before getting started with Scentsy, and how the skills you could apply there in network marketing can help you soar as your own boss.

In addition, I've got insider info about the best work-from-home-online opportunities and how you can get started.

My Review of Scentsy

Scentsy is a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) company that focuses on selling fragrance-based items like waxes, wickless candles, wax warmers, essential oils, diffusers, laundry and cleaning products, lotions, and more.

Scentsy consultants join to sell these products to their friends, family, and acquaintances via network marketing.

How Do Consultants Get Started?

Like most MLM setups, Scentsy consultants start by buying some products in a starter kit. This gives them a few options to try out for themselves or start selling to their customers.

When consultants sign-up, they can search for the person who recruited them during the process. Being part of someone's “downline” theoretically offers mentoring opportunities.

After being part of the downline, they can then purchase the $99 starter kit. This includes products like a mini fan diffuser, hand soap, sample bundles, fragrance testers, a Scentsy bar, and a wax warmer.

It also contains getting started materials like the Consultant Guide, seasonal catalogs, and invitation and thank you postcards for sending to clients.

During the sign-up process, consultants sign an agreement with Scentsy. They also can set up a personal website to sell their products from under the Scentsy domain.

With all that housekeeping out of the way, consultants can pay and wait for their first shipment to arrive.

Is the Scentsy MLM a Profitable Opportunity?

In multi-level marketing companies like Scentsy, you earn based on the products you sell plus a commission from the sales of anyone you have recruited.

In 2020, Scentsy released their most recent Income Disclosure Statement.

For 50,000+ consultants who had been working with Scentsy for a year or more at that time:

  • Minimal annual commissions were $121
  • Maximum annual commissions were $1,282,079
  • Average annual commissions were $2,901
  • Median annual commissions were $869

For the 135,000+ consultants who had been working with Scentsy for less than a year at that time:

  • Minimum annual commissions were $0
  • Maximum annual commissions were $34,933
  • Average annual commissions were $452
  • Median annual commissions were $203.

The key numbers here are the average and median commissions in both groups, which show that the vast majority of Scentsy consultants are making a Scentsy profit between $203 and $2901 a year.

Is Networking Marketing Your Best Bet?

Looking at these numbers—and building on my own personal experience in an MLM—probably not.

And here's why. When it comes to marketing opportunities, network marketing is one of the hardest to break into and succeed at. They're not really designed to make each member successful.

Instead, those who get in early and recruit downlines benefit from all of their sales. That's where the majority of profits come from heavy-hitters in the MLM world.

Selling the products is a struggle for a couple of other reasons. First, your area may already be saturated in consultants. Think about how you got recruited. Is there a chance others nearby will also be recruited and fight you for territory? This limits the number of customers and future recruits for your own downline.

You may also struggle to sell such niche products to a narrow customer pool.

What Can I Learn From Network Marketing?

As someone who also once worked in network marketing, it's a good base for basic marketing skills. It gives you skills in connecting with customers and problem-solving. You learn how to market your product as something that can help with their problems.

If these are skills that you already have and which attracted you to network marketing, it might be time to consider a different direction in marketing, like affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an all-around better way to make money online. You tap into the great marketing skills you're already nurturing to help promote products. Connecting with customers and finding products and services that solve their problems are prime skills to take into affiliate marketing.

And you get to use these skills online, from home or wherever else you want, to have a legitimate business that is independent of anyone else's inventory cost or downline demands. You get to take on a legitimate opportunity at little cost.

So How Do I Make Money from This?

You can turn affiliate marketing into a job by creating content that features promotable products. You probably see this all the time on Instagram, YouTube, or blogs.

A content creator reviews a product—like a new make-up palette—and they'll say, “Click my link for 5% off.” Two things are happening here: 1) you really are getting 5% off the product, and 2) they're getting a portion of your sale as a thank you for directing them to the seller.

Creating content is a low-investment business opportunity—unlike the Scentsy cost which can require you to purchase a lot of inventory before you see even the smallest profit. Many of the sites you can use to host your content like WordPress or TikTok are free or low-cost to get started.

You can review products at your own discretion, or you can even get signed up with some affiliate marketing programs that direct sellers who need content creators to promote their products.

Legendary Marketer Can Tell You Everything You Need to Know

Intrigued by affiliate marketing? Ready to break out of network marketing like the Scentsy MLM for something new? At Legendary Marketer, we host online learning opportunities for you to get up and running as a skilled affiliate marketer.

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Cutco Review: How Much Can I Make Selling Cutlery?

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Since the founding of Cutco in 1949, over 1 million people have taken up the work of hosting informational parties and selling Cutco products. The fact that this company is able to stay in business for over 70 years and continues to sell products is impressive.

That being said you may have heard of the “Cutco scam” and wondered if this is a legitimate opportunity or another pyramid scheme that will leave you broke and frustrated.

In this Cutco review, we'll talk about what the company is and how it works. We'll also examine some of the challenges that come with trying to sell Cutco products and what you can do to boost your sales.

As always, Legendary Marketer is looking for ways to help online business owners improve their profits by employing the latest marketing techniques. Read on to find out how these techniques apply to Cutco and how much money you can actually stand to make as a Cutco sales rep.

What Is Cutco? Is It an MLM?

Cutco is a company that manufactures a variety of cutlery and then some. They are most famous for their kitchen knives, although they also sell other kinds of cooking utensils, eating utensils, and even knives that are designed for activities like fishing and hunting. Oh, and they also sell a pair of scissors that can cut through a penny.

Cutco is also the parent company of a group called Vector Marketing, which is responsible for the recruitment process. If you've ever received a phone call about becoming a Cutco sales rep, that call came from a Vector Marketing employee. There was a time when Vector Marketing was essentially the largest sales force for Cutco products, but they've now shifted to recruitment first and foremost.

Is Cutco an MLM?

A lot of people assume that direct sales and multi-level marketing (MLM) are synonymous. Usually, a company that utilizes direct sales is, in fact, an MLM.

However, in the case of Cutco, they use the direct sales model, in that individual sellers can opt in to start selling their products directly to consumers, but they are not an MLM. In order to qualify as an MLM, a company has to incentivize the process of bringing on new sellers, aka building a downstream. With Cutco, sales reps don't get any sort of bonus or commission for bringing on new members to the Cutco salesforce–meaning that you can only earn money by selling their products.

The Perks of Working for Cutco

Vector Marketing (remember, Cutco's recruitment team) tends to look for college students and other young people who may be hoping to earn some extra spending money. If you are one of these young people, you may find that working for a company like this is exactly what you're looking for. You can set your own hours and only take on the amount of work that suits you, making it a very flexible job.

Plus, Cutco is one of the only companies of its kind to offer anything that resembles a wage. Most direct sales companies only pay you a commission rate on anything you sell as well as a bonus or additional commission rate for anyone you bring into your downstream. (As we mentioned earlier, Cutco pays a commission, but don't expect any bonuses for trying to recruit your friends.)

How does this wage work? Cutco offers you an hourly rate (which seems to vary between $9 and $19, depending on where you live) for the presentations you give. Most presentations last about one hour, so that pay admittedly won't get you very far.

Unveiling the Myth Behind the Products That “Sell Themselves”

The truth is that a lot of these perks are what you'll be told when discussing your opportunity to join the Cutco team with a Vector Marketing rep. In fact, most of their claims about compensation–both on the phone and on their website–are vague. So, what's the real deal when it comes to selling for Cutco?

It Would Take a Lot of Work to Make Real Money With Cutco

From what we can tell, Cutco offers an unusually low commission rate compared to similar companies. If you're selling less than $1,000 of products, you'll make a 10% commission (so, no more than $100). You'd have to sell over $24,000 products to start making a commission of 30% or more.

Now let's talk about that hourly wage. Let's say that you can make the highest amount, $19, off of a presentation. You'd have to do at least 6 presentations a week to make more than $100. What Cutco won't compensate you for is the time you spend traveling to and from these presentations or the transportation money it takes to get you there.

In the end, making any real money with these products isn't as simple as your Vector Marketing rep made it sound.

The Products Are Good But Your Marketing Skills Need to Be Better

One good thing about Cutco is that they're selling quality, US-made products. Could you find similar products for a lower price? Yes, but they wouldn't come with the Cutco lifetime guarantee, which is a big selling point for some consumers.

That being said, kitchenware doesn't actually sell itself. You have to know how to put on a good show and tell a good story. You also need to know how to market your products to people other than your social circle, or you'll run out of interested customers fast.

In the end, the best way to reach the widest market is to master online marketing skills. How do you make that happen?

Go Beyond Our Cutco Review and Learn the Marketing Skills You Need to Succeed

As you can see from our Cutco review, Cutco isn't a scam or a pyramid scheme. However, Cutco and Vector Marketing aren't going to give you the skills you need to succeed.

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Optavia MLM Review: Can I Make Money as a Consultant for Them?

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Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Would you like to work with people to help them reach their goals? You can join the Optavia MLM opportunity and become a coach.

But before you do, consider how much it will cost and how much time you need. Then, you can determine if it's the right fit for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the company and how it can make you money.

What Is Optavia?

Optavia is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells meal replacements and other weight loss products. Its parent company is Medifast, which has been around since the 1980s.

The MLM focuses on more than just products, and it encourages people to change to healthy habits throughout their life. You can join as a coach and work with customers to help them achieve their health goals.

Cost to Join

You will need to pay $199.99 for a business kit to join Optavia. The business kit includes information about Optavia products, the Optavia Success System, and access to your own company website for a year.

After the first year, you will then need to pay for your website, or you will need to find another way to sell the products. The business kit should help you get started selling Optavia, and it's not the most expensive MLM joining fee out there.

However, it can be expensive for a lot of people, unlike affiliate marketing and other online businesses. Joining won't guarantee that you'll make back your initial investment.

How to Earn

When adding any new income stream to your life, you should consider how it can make you money. As with other MLMs, you can earn money by selling Optavia products directly to customers. You can also earn money from commissions when you recruit other coaches.

Without recruiting anyone, you can earn commissions on your sales, and you can earn a bonus for bringing in consistent sales. Commissions range from 18% to 31%, and consistency bonuses are $250 to $1,000 if you maintain sales for a rolling quarter.

If you recruit other coaches, you can advance in the company ranks, and you can earn commissions when your recruits sell. The commission rates for team sales are much lower, but they can increase your income.

Can You Make Money?

While you can earn money in different ways through the Optavia MLM opportunity, most coaches don't earn much. According to the company's 2019 income disclosure, 21.66% of coaches didn't earn anything that year.

Another 8.16% earned no more than $100 during those 12 months. Less than 1% of coaches earned more than $100,000 in 2019. And only 3.43% of coaches earned between $30,000 and $100,000 that year.

Using those numbers, less than 5% of coaches earned close to a living wage, assuming everyone works full-time on their Optavia sales. While you may make some money, odds are you won't make enough to quit your job.

Optavia MLM Pros

When doing an Optavia review, you should consider the benefits of the company. While it's not perfect, there are a couple of things that make it worth considering before you join.

Consider the pros before you write off Optavia from your list of income streams.

Team of Coaches

When you join Optavia, you have access to other coaches, so you can learn from them. You can ask questions and get feedback on everything from your marketing materials to your sales plan.

Coaches can support each other, and you don't need to just work with the coach who sponsors you. Then, you can make sure you're the best coach you can be for your frontline clients.

Return Policy

Another advantage of Optavia is that it offers a 30-day return policy. If you buy the business kit and realize that the business isn't for you, you can return it for a refund within that first month.

Not only that, but you can use the return policy as a selling point for your future clients. Then, you may be able to convince more people to sign up if they know they can get their money back.

Optavia MLM Cons

While Optavia has some benefits, it is very similar to other MLMs. It has many of the same cons as those other companies, so you should think twice before signing up.

Here are a few disadvantages of Optavia.

Anyone Can Join

The fact that anyone can become a coach can sound like a good thing because there's no barrier to entry. However, this means someone with no health or wellness experience can join.

The minimal joining requirements can make the company look less credible, especially if you do have a background in health and wellness. When selling to prospective customers, it can be hard to convince people to hire someone without industry experience.

It could affect your ability to gain clients, and it also means your competition pool can grow quickly. Whether you recruit others or not, you'll have to fight more people for clients.

Low Earnings

You could spend all of your time on Optavia, but you may not make much money from it. MLM basics make it hard for anyone to make money in the company without recruiting.

Even if you do recruit, you'll have to rely on your recruits working hard for you to make a significant income. If you want to be able to control your income, that can be stressful. You'd be better off creating your own online business. Then, you can control what you sell and how much you make.

Complex Ranking System

Most MLMs have some sort of ranking system to determine how much you can make in commissions. However, Optavia's system is more complex than some other companies.

The company has a lot of ranks, and each rank has a couple of different requirements for you to reach it. As you advance, you will need more and more people under you to keep growing.

Should You Join Optavia?

Optavia sounds like a great online business opportunity with room for growth. However, the Optavia MLM structure makes it almost impossible for you to earn a good living.

Before you sign up for the company, consider if the small profit is worth the risk. And if it's not, you can look for other ways to make money.

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BeautyCounter MLM Review: Selling Skin Cream…for a Loss

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The beauty industry will generate $863 billion by 2024. If you’re looking for a profitable MLM opportunity, you may have your eyes on the beauty industry.

Out of all of the beauty MLMs, the Beautycounter MLM has taken off. Beautycounter sells all essential beauty products, such as cosmetics, skincare, and haircare. They became popular for how they carefully screen their ingredients and they even offer a Clean Beauty line.

But from a seller’s point of view, is Beautycounter worth it? While there could be benefits, many sellers report that Beautycounter has a dark side under the beneficial skin creams and cosmetics. Here’s our review of the Beautycounter MLM.

Beautycounter Overview

Beautycounter was founded in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew. The brand stands by a belief that there should be a safe and natural alternative to other beauty products.

While many brands also hold this same ideal, Beautycounter stands out in many ways. Most brands have a niche, but Beautycounter sells all skincare, haircare, and makeup essentials. All of their products are marked as “clean” because they don’t contain dangerous ingredients, such as parabens and phthalates.

Why You Can’t Find Beautycounter at Your Beauty Retailer

When most beauty enthusiasts want to try a new brand, they usually fun to their local pharmacy, Sephora, Ulta, or online (if no local store carries their products).

However, can you find a Beautycounter product at one of these locations? There are only specific places to purchase Beautycounter products. These include:

  • Online
  • Beautycounter stores and seasonal pop-ups
  • Representatives

Unlike other MLM brands, there are different options for buyers to purchase their products. In other words, they don’t solely rely on their representatives for sales. This makes them appear less like a pyramid scheme and more like a brand that gives everyday people an opportunity to be their own boss.

But is that the reality? Like many MLMs, Beautycounter consultants go through a mentor. When they make a sale, the representative not only earns a commission but so does their mentor. In order for the mentor to make a profit, they have to onboard several salespeople.

Our Beautycounter Review: Pros and Cons

There are many benefits and disadvantages to using and selling Beautycounter. Here’s a breakdown of both.


Firstly, they have a vast product selection. From anti-aging skincare to makeup essentials, you can find everything at this brand. With that being said, using and selling their products is a perfect stepping stone for someone who’s new to the beauty industry.

Unlike many beauty brands, whose devotion to clean beauty doesn’t extend past their marketing campaigns, Beautycounter actually cares about clean beauty. So much so to where they’re lobbying in Washington about banning phthalates and other harmful ingredients from being used in beauty products.

Their products are of good quality. Sure, their products may not be as amazing as the products you buy from major retailers and luxury skincare brands (though Beautycounter cost is generally the same). But their products show results, even if they’re not completely amazing.


The biggest disadvantage of Beautycounter is their MLM — not just for the seller but also for the consumer.

First, let’s answer the most pressing question: can you succeed by selling Beautycounter products? One of the most important MLM basics is no, you can’t. When you start earning sales, you’ll be required to invest more money into the business.

But even if you don’t make significant monetary gains, this is still a great opportunity for those who want to work in the beauty industry, right? Well, you may want to find another opportunity.

While consultants are given education into the selling process, they’re not trained in essential product knowledge, such as ingredients used and which products are ideal for certain clients. Compare this to a competitor like Sephora, whose consultants undergo rigorous training.

As we saw in the previous section, Beautycounter is devoted to safe beauty products, going so far as to ban certain ingredients in Washington. Does that mean Beautycounter products are completely perfect?

Sure, they may not contain dangerous phthalates, carcinogens, and other harmful ingredients. But they’re not 100% natural. Their products do contain chemicals, but chemicals that do little-to-no damage to the body.

With that being said, sellers can invest their time into another company that sells better products, will provide the education and training that beauty professionals need, and doesn’t have an MLM setup.

An Insider’s Look Into the Beautycounter MLM

Beautycounter attracts consultants because they may appear to be different. They have excellent ideals and are pushing for change in the beauty community. But there are other ways to support brands that are making an impact without buying into an MLM.

First, there is a $98 enrollment kit. This kit includes products, sales materials, and even a personal website (only active for a year). You can also buy a Starter Set, which is optional. The Starter Set includes products to demonstrate, use, and sample.

In total, most new consultants spend $440 at the time of enrollment. The average monthly wage for a consultant is $46/month. It doesn’t take a math genius to there's very little Beautycounter profit.

But can you earn more than the average rate? Of course. But you have to push and sell. In addition, you have to sell a certain amount within six months. If you don’t make your quota, you must either pay to continue being a consultant or leave.

Another Alternative to the Beautycounter MLM

Instead of buying into the Beautycounter MLM, you can switch to affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you can promote beauty brands you love while being your own boss.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Legalshield MLM Review: Affordable Legal Help, or Marketing Ploy?

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Did you find the LegalShield MLM while searching for unique home business opportunities?

When comparing it to typical multi-level marketing or network marketing companies, LegalShield definitely is unique because instead of selling products like skincare or health supplements, it sells pre-paid legal services.

If you're looking for a business opportunity that doesn't require you to manage inventory, LegalShield could be it.

But how successful can you really be selling legal services as an independent associate? And is there a better way to earn money online with your marketing skills? I'll touch on each point in this LegalShield review.

LegalShield MLM Review

LegalShield provides pre-paid legal services. This is a way to retain legal representation at a low monthly fee (starting at $24.95 for personal plans or $49.00 business plans). When you need to consult a lawyer, one is just a phone call away.

Additional plans can be purchased through LegalShield including a Commercial Driver Plan and an Identity Theft Plan.

These lawyers are equipped to provide legal advice, review contracts, and advocate on your behalf in writing such as a cease and desist letter.

LegalShield associates can review and customize these plans for their customers. They provide important sales information and can meet with clients personally to go over plan details.

How to Become a LegalShield Associate

Interested parties can become a LegalShield associate by signing up on the official website. They will submit information about who recruited them and the team they'll be on. The LegalShield cost is $99 for sign-up and depending on the state there may be some additional fees.

Associates can then start selling pre-paid legal services to friends, family, and acquaintances in their social network. Here they will use marketing skills like connecting with customers and problem-solving by offering a service that meets customers' needs.

Eventually, they can begin to form their team or downline. Forming a team can boost their earnings.

Earning Potential with LegalShield

As with most MLM setups, earning potential is potentially unlimited. However, there are some very real limits on what people actually earn in practice.

LegalShield points out that new associates can earn up to $230.21 per day by selling a new plan each day. This would total a monthly income of $6,906.31.

Associates who have created a team could potentially earn $1,496.43 a day and $44,829.90 a month.

However, when you look at the real income disclosure documentation from LegalShield, it tells a different story about LegalShield profit potential.

Associates who had been with LegalShield for two years or less in 2019 made an average of $798 for the year. In that same year, 73% of all associates made under $1,000 for the entire year.

Like all network marketing businesses, LegalShield benefits the earliest associates who have the biggest downlines and earn commissions on all of their sales.

For the average new member, finding new customers and establishing an independent business in an area that may have other LegalShield associates targeting the same customers is difficult.

Earning potential exists, but as someone who has also worked with an MLM, getting all of your ducks in a row to make it in network marketing can be a challenge.

Marketing Business Opportunities

So if network marketing isn't all it's cracked up to be, what kind of marketing skills did I mean when I said there was a better way to earn online through marketing?

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? If you felt like you had an aptitude for network marketing, you'll likely find similar skills are applicable in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing does not require you to buy into someone else's business or manage an inventory. Instead, you use your marketing talents to reach out to a wide audience online through promotional content that you create.

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate business opportunity that does not rely on an external sales or business model. It is yours alone to do exactly what you want with it on your own time.

Transferrable Marketing Skills

If you want to do affiliate marketing as a job, you'll need to look at the skills you already have from doing network marketing or which would make you talented in both industries.

Do you connect with people easily? How are you at problem-solving? Can you talk or write about a product and showcase its best qualities?

A huge part of any marketing job is being able to pose a product or service as a solution to a problem. If you are able to do that, affiliate marketing might be a great fit for you.

The Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting products or services for sellers and steering customers toward them. Unlike an MLM, you do not have to stock or sell the product yourself. Instead, you create promotional content.

Examples of this are all over the internet, but you see it frequently on social media posts or video product reviews. If the creator says, “Use my coupon code Jess10 to save 10%,” they are participating in affiliate marketing.

Each time someone uses a link or code they provide to make a purchase from the original seller, the seller compensates the marketer for steering sales to them.

Getting started as an affiliate marketer takes only a few tools, most of which are free or low-cost. You need a platform to host your promotional content, like a social media app, video channel, or personal blog.

Then you should get connected with some affiliate programs. These will match you with sellers who need content. You can also research more affiliate opportunities from other companies.

Get a Real Marketing Education

If after reading this LegalShield MLM review you're starting to think MLMs aren't for you, consider affiliate marketing. The same skills that you would use in network marketing are applicable to affiliate marketing, and you'll have the same type of adjustable work schedule in this business opportunity.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Skillshare Review: Is It Worth It?

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Are you looking to build an online business or start a new career as a freelancer? Or do you just want to refine your skills and pursue your passion project?

If so, then you understand that it's hard to make progress on your own. We need other people and we need a proper education.


That's where online courses and virtual education come in handy. Many platforms exist today to learn online. But Skillshare is one of the most popular.

Keep reading for our full Skillshare review to see if this online educational platform is a good fit for you and your goals.

What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a virtual learning platform that currently boasts thousands of online courses. On the platform, you can learn anything from creative writing to knitting, public speaking to building a website, and everything in between.

All of the educational courses are made with video. Most courses are made by regular people who have experience in the subject matter. There are not a lot of courses taught by famous gurus here.

Educational courses vary in length from just a few minutes to multiple hours. Each course creator has free reign to create their own course.

Many course creators include a project for the class, where you get to practice what you are learning. Participation is completely optional but encouraged to solidify your knowledge.

Skillshare, or any of the individual courses, are not accredited.

Who Is SkillShare For?

Skillshare is perfect for beginners in any given subject. If you are just picking up a camera, for example, Skillshare is the perfect place to learn about photography.

You can watch an entire “Photography 101” course, or find specific courses such as “Working With Natural Light.”

Those who are looking to build an online business or learn new skills will benefit from the courses. Because the entire course library is available through subscription, members are free to sample many different courses.

If you'd like to learn a little bit about many different things as you decide which skill you'd like to develop, Skillshare is a great platform.

How Much Does Skillshare Cost?

Rather than paying for individual courses like other learning platforms, such as Udemy, Skillshare requires a flat monthly or annual fee. As a member, you can watch as many Skillshare courses as you want, any time.

Currently, an annual membership costs $168, which comes out to $14 per month. If you don't want to pay for the entire year upfront, you can pay $32 monthly.

They offer a 7-day free trial, so there's no reason not to give it a go and try one or two relevant courses.

Skillshare Pros

For starters, Skillshare is very affordable. Many people are afraid of paying for online courses, as prices are often high and they aren't sure they will receive enough value.

Skillshare keeps their pricing low enough, so that even if you only learn one or two valuable things per month, it may be worth the cost.

Plus, the range of courses available is very enticing. With thousands of practical courses related to photography, writing, design, blogging, and more, you can learn a lot about many subjects.

One of the most convenient aspects of skillshare is the mobile app. With it, you can download entire courses to your phone so that you can keep learning when you don't have an internet connection or phone service.

So you may be stuck in the middle of nowhere unable to browse social media, or on a plane, but at least you can continue your online education.

Skillshare Cons

Courses on Skillshare tend to be more broad than deep. While there may be thousands of courses about writing, for example, most are going to be introductory, intended for beginners.

Many courses do not go deep enough or don't share enough practical information. After watching many lessons, you may have an idea of what to do, but not an exact process to follow to actually make it happen.

This is because Skillshare is open to anyone and everyone to create and share their courses. Many of them are professional and taught by experienced individuals. But a good portion of the available courses are poor quality, made by those trying to make a quick buck.

One of the biggest failures of Skillshare is the lack of true community. While you may be able to leave comments on courses and send messages to instructors, there isn't much interaction.

As such, you aren't able to learn from others alongside you. And when it comes to success in online business, mentorship and community are key to long-term success.

Skillshare Review; Is It Worth It?

When it comes to online education, particularly around developing skills for your business or side hustle, Skillshare is cheap.

If you pay for a month or two and decide the content isn't enough for you, you didn't lose much. Plus, you get a free trial, so you may be able to decide before spending any money. If you are only interested in one topic, other learning platforms such as Udemy may be a better option for you.

Skillshare is perfect for beginners who don't know exactly what they'd like to pursue. If you are interested in becoming a designer, a graphic artist, a photographer, a writer, and a public speaker, you can learn a little bit about each of those subjects.

As you do that, hopefully, you will discover exactly what you'd like to pursue.

For those who are looking to build an online business or become a freelancer, however, you won't get enough practical information. Much of the content is introductory in nature. So while you might pick up nuggets of information, don't expect to have a successful business after becoming a member.

Building a Profitable Business Online

Skillshare is a great platform for many people. Don't let our Skillshare review stop you from giving it a try. If you are new to the world of online business, you may even find it valuable.

But for those who have tried their hand at many business opportunities and have yet to develop traction in their online business, you need something more. You need to learn from people who have been where you are and made it to the other side.

You need to learn from people who have built an online business from the ground up. And you need to learn alongside other people who are in the same boat as you, so you can grow and succeed together.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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An in-Depth Rodan and Fields Review: Money Maker or Money Taker?

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Do you love skincare? Does making money online sound like a dream? Well, Rodan and Fields aims to help skincare lovers reach those goals.

But a good Rodan and Fields review can show that it isn't that easy. Before you join the Rodan and Fields MLM, you should consider if it's worth your time and money.

Keep reading to learn about the company and if you should join.

What Is Rodan and Fields?

Rodan and Fields (stylized Rodan + Fields) is a skincare company by Katie Rodan and Kathy A. Fields. They're the same dermatologists who created Proactiv products.

Both dermatologists went to school at Stanford, and they have created a full line of skincare products. Rodan and Fields is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, and they have over 400,000 Independent Consultants.

If you want to sell skincare, this could be a good option. You can focus on a few of your favorite products from the company, or you can sell everything.

How to Join

To join Rodan and Fields, you will need to pay $75. You will then get to work with the community of women selling the products. Once you join, you can make sales online, so you can work from home or wherever.

You will also have access to support to help you make more sales.

If you know a current consultant, you can join Rodan and Fields through a consultant's website. Or you can join through the Rodan and Fields website.

Ways to Make Money

After you sign up, you will need to buy Rodan and Fields products to sell them. This is the first way you can make money with this MLM, and you can do so when you start.

But you can also make money by recruiting other people to sell. You can earn a small commission whenever the people you recruit make sales. As you recruit more people and your recruits bring in more consultants, you can earn even more.

If you can build a large team of consultants, you won't have to make as many sales yourself to earn money. But you will have to rely on others to sell products.

Can You Make a Lot of Money?

An essential part of any Rodan and Fields review is how much money you can make. While you can earn money in multiple ways, not a lot of consultants make good money in the Rodan and Fields MLM.

In 2019, only 1% of consultants made over $26,000. Out of the over 400,000 consultants, only 70 made over $500,000. About two-thirds of consultants made less than $1,000 that year.

While you may be able to make money, your chances are very low. You would need to have a large audience willing to buy your products or a lot of people to recruit to make good money.

Pros of Rodan and Fields

While you may not be a millionaire with Rodan and Fields, it can be worth a shot. If you like skincare and want to work from home, you may find some success selling the products.

Here are a couple of benefits of working for Rodan and Fields.

Clinically Tested

Rodan and Fields have shown before and after photos of people who have used their products. The pictures can show you and your potential customers what the products can do.

And since two dermatologists founded the company, it can also be easier to trust. That can make it a lot easier to sell the products when you start your website. Having a good reputation is important, especially when selling skincare products.

If you're trying to decide between Rodan and Fields and another MLM, this company has some extra credibility.

Great for Selling Online

Another benefit of selling Rodan and Fields is that you can sell the products online. They'll give you a website you can use that you can link to on social media or an existing website.

Then, you can drive traffic to your Rodan and Fields site to get sales or recruit new consultants. You can take advantage of things like SEO to bring in leads without having to pay for ads.

Cons of Rodan and Fields

Unfortunately, Rodan and Fields is still an MLM, and it has many of the same problems as other companies. Before you buy your starter kit, consider if these cons are worth dealing with.

Then, you can determine if Rodan and Fields is a good choice for you.


If your friends and followers tend to buy drugstore skincare products, you may find it hard to make sales. Rodan and Fields products can cost hundreds of dollars.

Not only that, but your profit margins on retail sales aren't that much. You'll have to pay a lot to buy the product at a discount before you sell it to your customers.

Now, it could be a good option if you have a wealthier audience who can afford more. But it may still be hard to get sales.


One potential reason why many people fail in an MLM is the competition. After all, Rodan and Fields has over 400,000 consultants, and they're trying to sell to the same people as you.

If you bring in new recruits, that will give you even more competition, especially if you recruit your friends.

However, you also face competition from other skincare lines that aren't MLMs. You have to show why people should buy your products over other brands.

Focus on Recruiting

If you want to make a lot of money from Rodan and Fields, you have no choice but to recruit people. Your retail profits can be very slim, and it can take a lot of work to sell them.

While affiliate marketing commissions aren't always great, they don't involve recruiting other sellers. Affiliate marketing also doesn't require you to deal with products.

Rodan and Fields Review: Skincare With a Twist

Any Rodan and Fields review should cover the skincare company from different angles. On the one hand, it can be a great way to make money online. However, many consultants won't make a huge profit.

If you want to sell skincare products online, you can try Rodan and Fields. But don't put all of your eggs in one basket.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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The Complete Avon MLM Review

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If you’re looking for an easy way to make money, you may be looking at an MLM company.

Out of all of the MLM companies out there, the Avon MLM is probably the main one you’re considering. There was a time when the beauty giant dominated the industry. However, Avon sales have fallen by half over the last seven years. But there are many benefits of joining Avon over similar companies.

Is selling Avon worth it? Here’s our review of the Avon company.

Company History and Overview

Avon is a company that was founded on the ideals of hustling. Its founder, David H. McConnell, made his living by selling books door-to-door. But in 1886, he had the idea to sell perfume instead of books.

Over the next several decades, McConnell’s company changed headquarters, had executives come and go, and went through various other changes.

But it was when the company changed its name from California Perfume Company to Avon Products is when it truly settled on its branded name and image.

Today, Avon is a multi-million direct sales company. Some of their biggest competitors are other beauty giants, such as Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.

Avon has also kept McConnell’s door-to-door sales strategy alive by relying on representatives (“Avon ladies/men”) to sell their products. Their representatives usually deliver catalogs and buyers order directly from them, though representatives can now set up online stores.

In order to gain success by working for Avon, representatives can set up “Avon shops.” These are small boutiques where buyers can purchase Avon products directly. You can usually find Avon shops at malls, flea markets, and more.

What Does Avon Sell?

Looking back at the previous section, you can gauge that Avon is famous for their perfumes. They continue holding that status today. With multiple trademarks and a collection of best-selling fragrances, Avon is currently number 5 on the list of Fragrance and Perfume companies.

But Avon has expanded their catalog over the decades. First, Avon sells essential cosmetics that all beauty lovers use on a regular basis. This includes nail polish, foundation/powders, mascara, and just about all lipstick colors.

In addition, they sell multiple types of skincare for everyone. This includes serums, lotions, anti-aging products, and moisturizers. They also have an extensive personal care inventory, which includes toothpaste, deodorant, hair styling products, and even clothing.

Are Their Products Good?

Are their products actually good? Are they worth selling? There’s a reason they have been a staple in the beauty industry — consumers love their products! Their perfume smells amazing, their makeup works well, and their skincare shows results.

But when judging by their product quality, it’s worth looking at the competition and the modern consumer.

Avon reached its peak in the 50s and 60s with their “Ding Dong, Avon Calling” campaign and their success continues until the mid-2000s. From here, their sales started declining.

There are many reasons for their decline. First, because of their success decades ago, their core consumers consist of older women who don’t have a computer and rely on their “Avon lady” to buy their beauty products.

Avon also fails to attract the modern beauty enthusiast. Their expectations in their beauty products are extremely different compared to previous generations.

While Avon products are still good quality, they don’t match the quality of professional beauty brands like Mac and the products buyers find at retailers like Sephora and Ulta or even at the local pharmacy (where 90% of American teenagers shop for cosmetics).

Why Avon Can’t Attract the Younger Crowd

While Avon still has a firm grasp on the Boomers, they fail to draw in millennials, Gen-Zers, and even Gen-Xers.

Gen-Zers and millennials are also knowledgeable consumers. They’re not trusting their local Avon lady for product recommendations. Instead, they research various brands and products. They also follow trends on social media channels such as Tik Tok, and other beauty brands are the ones catching the eyes of the younger crowd.

This is especially true in the realm of skincare; more younger people are interested in skincare. Gen-Zers and millennials are the age of “skintellectuals” because of their knowledge of skincare habits, products, various skin types, and even ingredients found in different products.

A change in business model and marketing can help Avon attract millennials and Gen-Zers. But what about Gen-Xers?

This is the busy generation that consists of parents, executives, and many are caring for their aging parents. This is why the Avon door-to-door business model also fails to communicate to Gen-Xers, especially since they’re just as knowledgeable as the younger crowd.

Is Selling Avon Worth It?

With all of these facts in mind, you may be wondering if selling Avon is even worth it. Well, there are pros and cons to know.


First, Avon has extremely low startup costs compared to other MLM careers and companies. All representatives need to pay a low fee of $25. This usually goes toward catalogs, products, and more. You can choose a higher-priced package, but $25 is the bare minimum.

They also offer other assistance to new sellers, such as the Kickstarter Program where representatives receive 40% sales commissions right off the bat. You’ll also receive assistance from your Team Leader who can help you grow your business.

As you achieve more sales, your commissions increase. This makes Avon extremely profitable.

Unlike many MLM companies, they’re a recognized name. Your consumers won’t be buying into a pyramid scheme. They’re buying from the friendly “Avon lady.” This creates trust and recognition among your buyers.


As with all MLMs, you have to factor in competition and the hard work that more experienced sellers put into their business. If you truly want to earn a living, you’ll likely have to become a team leader.

Avon relies on old-school promotion methods, such as catalogs, that don’t attract the younger consumer. While you can sell Avon online, you’re also competing against major beauty retailers such as Sephora.

The Avon MLM Isn’t the Only Way to Become Your Own Boss

You dream of becoming your own boss and making a living doing what you love. But is the Avon MLM your only option? You can start with affiliate marketing.

This includes less overhead and doesn't require as many marketing and sales skills. The beauty niche is also popular and profitable, making affiliate marketing a great option for this crowd.

If you've reached the end of this review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Herbalife Review: The Real Deal or Deal Breaker?

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Has someone in your family or friend group been hassling you about joining Herbalife? You've seen it before: someone on Facebook or Instagram talks all about their incredible new business opportunity and how they've reached financial freedom.

Is it legit?

Before you go signing up for something you haven't put research into, it's time to learn the facts. Is Herbalife as good as it seems, or is there something more sinister behind the business model?

Keep reading for my Herbalife review so you can learn all about how they may not be as great as they seem.

Herbalife: What Is It?

Herbalife is one of the most popular “network marketing” companies. They sell products that they claim are good for your health and promote weight loss.

They frame themselves as a company that provides a fantastic at-home business opportunity for anyone willing to put in the work to achieve massive earnings.

Like many of these types of businesses, they have an earning structure that may not be related to product sales at all. So why do people get involved?

Do the Products Work?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of working for Herbalife, it's useful to know about their products and whether or not they're actually a good investment. If you plan on joining their company, you want to know that they're selling a good product, right?

Herbalife products are labeled as “dietary supplements” and are allegedly backed by scientists and nutritionists.

Their most popular product is a nutrition shake (which is going to be our focus here), but they also sell vitamin supplements, immune support, tea concentrates, and more.

To be clear, there are nutritionists on Herbalife's board, but is this good enough? To be valuable, these nutritionists need to be nonbiased, and someone who gets a degree doesn't necessarily equate to someone who wants to provide useful information.

The popular Formula 1 shakes are meant to be meal replacements when they're used for weight loss.

Each one has fewer than 300 calories and fewer than 20 grams of protein. This makes them nutritionally inadequate for meal replacements. While a low-calorie diet will help you lose weight, it isn't sustainable and these shakes are bordering on being too low in protein.

All of this said, they do offer higher-protein options.

But Are They Worth It?

Many of their supplements are overpriced. While they may work, they're no more effective than supplements that you can get at a pharmacy if you know what to look for.

When it comes to the shakes, shakes with higher protein and equal to lower calorie content are available elsewhere. While the extra “herbs and vitamins” that these shakes offer are tempting, the price point (nearly double other nutrition shakes) is not.

What's the Income Structure?

So what's it like to earn when you're doing Herbalife?

Herbalife claims that there are multiple ways to earn money with various income streams. These are:

  • Retail commission
  • Wholesale commission
  • Royalties
  • Production bonuses
  • Cash promotions
  • A “Mark Hughes” bonus
  • Paid vacations

But is this true?

In reality, making money through most of those income streams is difficult. People who buy Herbalife to sell do so at a discount and hope to sell the product full-price to anyone they can persuade into it (in this case, friends and family).

Because most people aren't interested in Herbalife products, both because they're overpriced and because they've now developed a bad reputation, distributors don't earn enough from the commission. So what about the other income streams?

The production bonus, paid vacations, Mark Hughes bonus, and cash bonus, are all bonuses that are based on recruiting other people.

When you establish downlines (that is, people who you recruit), you earn royalties based on sales and their recruitment earnings (for up to the third tier: your recruit's recruits).

How Do They Recruit?

So how are people recruiting for this anyway?

Well, you've already seen it. They use social media (or worse, real-life interactions) to sing the praise of Herbalife and how it's helped them create financial independence and ultimate health.

They may post “weight loss results” that may or may not be doctored photos. When other people want to achieve their results, they prey on their insecurity to reel them in.

First, these people try the products. Because they're expensive, distributors encourage them to also become distributors to get the discount and provide themselves with an “amazing income stream.”

Is Herbalife an MLM?

Think of it this way. If you're a starting distributor, let's say you get three recruits underneath you. Then those recruits have two underneath each of them. If you draw this out, what does it look like?

While “pyramid scheme” is a divisive term, there's no doubt that this is a business system with multiple levels. It fits the definition of a multi-level marketing system.

Do People Actually Make Money?

Most people who distribute Herbalife will never make a dime. They spend a lot of money on products to distribute, but without being able to sell them, they end their distribution career at a loss.

Even if they manage to get a few recruits, the income is minimal, and often it just makes them break even. So how are there people who claim that they've “made it big” with Herbalife? Where do those company trips come from?

To advance beyond the halfway mark, tier-wise, with Herbalife, you must recruit people beneath you. The top distributors (who get the Mark Hughes bonus) are not the ones who are selling on social media.

For the most part, they're people who have been working with Herbalife for decades, so all of their money comes from recruits. They use their earnings to “encourage” others that they can do the same.

That said, if you're intent on staying with this kind of program, you should at least brush up on your marketing techniques. People are wise to the cut-and-paste scripts that the company provides.

Final Herbalife Review: Not Worth It

If you got into Herbalife in the nineties or early 2000s I might say that Herbalife is a valid business opportunity, but this Herbalife review gives the business a failing grade as far as opportunity goes.

There are better ways to make money from home.

You deserve to rely on yourself and products that you feel good selling to people. Don't rely on downlines for your income. Instead, learn how other people have reached success through online marketing. You can create your own online business instead of lining other people's pockets.

If you've reached the end of this Herbalife review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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A Complete MONAT Review: Worth It or Worthless?

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Multi-level marketing is often touted as a great way to earn passive income, or even become your own boss and run your own business.

Multi-level marketing (MLM) has shown very little signs of slowing down in the past few years. And one of the most popular ones on the market is MONAT.

Is MONAT worth it? In this MONAT review, we go into the pros and cons of becoming a distributor and offer some alternatives for passive income. Read on to find out more.


MONAT is a line of hair and skin care products, along with other health and wellness products. These products are only available via direct sales from MONAT distributors, and not available in stores.

The brand was started in 2014 by Luis and Rayner Urdaneta. Stuart MacMillan is the president of MONAT, who is notable for his involvement in the TelexFree Ponzi scheme, which was shut down six months before he joined MONAT.

MONAT's most touted products are their hair care offerings, which include various shampoos and conditioners. These products retail for upwards of $100 a bottle, but average around $40.

MONAT also offers a selection of skin care products such as face masques and exfoliating or hydrating scrubs.

How To Make Money Selling Monat

Like any other MLM company, MONAT distributors can make money in two ways. Let's further examine how you could potentially earn income with MONAT.

Direct Sales

The first is via direct sales to customers. This sounds like it would be fairly simple, as the products aren't available in stores.

However, obtaining and growing a customer base is much more difficult than MONAT recruiters would make it seem.

First, MONAT products are much more expensive than even many luxury brands, without the value of established brand recognition. And their quality and safety have been called into question on more than one occasion.

Additionally, many people are uncomfortable buying products through direct sales. This can be for various reasons, such as return policies, or wariness about MLM products' safety and effectiveness.

Working for an MLM, you are expected to manage all aspects of your business except for making the products. This includes leveraging your social media influence to sell to friends and family.

And many people do not like to be pressured by a hard sell. A few may buy products once or twice just to do you a favor, but don't expect to make long-term repeat customers of your social circle.

To put it bluntly, unless you are a highly trained marketing professional and influencer with a high level of reach, you will be hard-pressed to make an income with MONAT.


The real bread and butter of an MLM is recruiting other distributors into the company.

Basically, for every new distributor that you onboard, you get a cut of their profits, as well as from their onboarding fee.

Did I mention the onboarding fee? MONAT starter kits cost $49 to join and start selling, but new distributors are encouraged to spend at least $300 to “build up an inventory” (and increase their upline's income).

This is where the passive income claims that MONAT and other MLM brands come to pass: if you sign up 10 people, you'll get about $100 a month. If those 10 people sign up another 10 people, you'll get $1000 a month.

Is this starting to sound a bit like a pyramid scheme?

Is MONAT a Pyramid Scheme?

Legally speaking, no. But if you compare the MLM model to a pyramid scheme, they look almost identical.

The primary difference between an MLM like Monat and a traditional pyramid scheme is that MLMs skirt legal issues by offering a product for sale. Pyramid schemes only deal in recruitment and money flow.

To sum it up: MONAT and other MLMs are legal pyramid schemes. They mainly make money by recruiting other people to buy in by paying to join.

This money flows its way up the pyramid, where those at or near the very top are making enough to be considered wealthy. This dream is then sold to every new potential recruit as a possibility.

But the reality is that the majority of people who join an MLM do not make much money at all. Some even lose money, to the tune of thousands of dollars in unsold products they were encouraged to buy at the beginning.

An Honest MONAT Review?

If you search for MONAT product reviews, the internet is full of horror stories. Hair falling out, balding, scalp chemical burns, and skin irritations abound.

Whether this is due to a bad batch or a low-quality product being offered at a premium, who is to say?

Just be aware that potential customers might do their research before purchasing a $40 bottle of shampoo, and see these reviews.

Another concern with MONAT is their dubious claims. A hallmark MLM feature is products that seemingly cure a wide range of ailments or issues.

Many of MONAT's products are marketed as being good for hair, skin, nails, pets, and more. The Federal Trade Commission has started cracking down on MLMs making unsubstantiated and unproven health claims.

MONAT Alternatives

If you are looking for more income but are wary of joining an MLM for the reasons outlined above, there are other ways to make money that don't involve spending your own to get started.

Affiliate marketing is a growing trend for generating income. This is a way to harness the power of social media and online marketing to sell products for companies without having to pay them for the privilege.

In fact, affiliate marketing will actually get you paid, both in cash and occasionally free products.

Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started

If you've reached the end of this MONAT review and decided you'd rather try your hand at affiliate marketing, please consider checking out our free online webclass which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to earn money online from home and teaches affiliate marketing strategies including how to make multiple high-ticket affiliate commissions each month marketing valuable products people already want to buy.

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Mary Kay Review: Business Opportunity or Scam?

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Mary Kay is one of the older and better-known MLMs in America. Founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash (and now owned by David Holl), the company is now worth an estimated $3 billion.

Because Mary Kay is a household name, it's easy to fall into the trap of blindly trusting their business model or assuming that it will work for you. In this Mary Kay review, we'll look at the opportunities Mary Kay offers, how it works, and why it may not be as easy as it first appears.

In addition, we'll also discuss the ways that you can boost your sales with any affiliate program, including Mary Kay. Remember, these products don't sell themselves. Your own marketing skills and business savvy are key requirements for finding success as an affiliate marketer.

Read on to learn more about Mary Kay and find out what you can do to increase sales and live the Mary Kay success story you've heard so much about.

A Brief History of Mary Kay

First thing's first: Mary Kay is not a scam. It's not a pyramid scheme. How do we know this?

To qualify as a pyramid scheme, a company must put its sales team in a position where the products generate little to no profit. Instead, the money lies only in creating a strong downstream of even more salespeople.

Mary Kay is a product-focused company selling cosmetics and high-end skincare products. What started as a single brick and mortar shop branched into a national direct sales company, now employing thousands of “beauty consultants” across the country.

Mary Kay Ash is considered one of the greatest entrepreneurs of her generation. She created jobs for women at a time when women were largely pushed out of the workforce. She gave them the opportunity to supplement their family income on their own time and at their own pace.

What Makes It Difficult to Find Success With Mary Kay?

Unlike other MLMs, Mary Kay isn't exactly upfront with income disclosure for beauty consultants. One report found that Mary Kay beauty consultants claimed to be making an average of up to $38,000 a year from their work with Mary Kay, but these numbers were self-reported and may not be accurate. In fact, there's no way they're accurate.

Here's the deal. Admittedly, Mary Kay does offer a better commission rate than most competitors. Beauty consultants receive a 50% commission on every product they sell, whether they're new to the game or a high-ranking team leader.

However, making money as a beauty consultant isn't as simple as knocking on doors or hosting sales parties. While you can certainly make money selling individual products, the fastest way to boost your income is by building up your downstream. Because Mary Kay has been around for so long (and now has competition now than ever), you may find that the market for new beauty consultants is pretty saturated.

The real trouble begins when beauty consultants invest more than they make. In order to keep your sales rolling, you have to purchase a lot of Mary Kay's products. You can sell these products directly or use them as samples to generate interest but either way, that money is coming out of your own pocket.

Plus, if you've worked as an affiliate marketer before, you've probably come to realize that the companies, themselves, don't provide a ton of guidance. At most, they may tell you to reach out to friends and family to land sales and build your downstream. That well runs dry pretty quick and you're not going to see the profit you're looking for if you can't tap into a wider market.

That being said, we know there are people who have made big bucks under Mary Kay and even earned the coveted pink Cadillac. So, how did they do it? What tactics can you adopt to see that avalanche of sales you're looking for?

What Can You Do to Boost Sales and Become a True Success Story?

Gone are the days when Mary Kay beauty consultants operated like door-to-door saleswomen. Now, it's time to build your business empire online, where you can reach a far wider market than ever before.

Building a strong online presence takes dedication and know-how. You need to understand who you are as a brand and take control of the narrative you're putting forward. Always remember that in this day and age, the personal is what sells.

Beyond that, you need to know how to navigate online resources, build a dedicated following, advertise effectively, and convert all of that traffic into real sales. With our blog, you can begin to learn some of the most important tips and tricks to get started. This is where we cover topics like building up your YouTube channel, generating millions of views on your TikTok videos, and more.

In the end, you get back what you put in. No multi-level marketing success story happened because of the phenomenal products or groundbreaking business model. In the end, individual success comes from each affiliate marketer's ability to get out there and convince consumers that the products are worth it.

Go Beyond Our Mary Kay Review and Take Advantage of Our Free Resources

As you can probably tell from this Mary Kay review, working under a company like Mary Kay comes with pros and cons. There's always the possibility that you can strike gold, but the higher-ups at Mary Kay aren't going to be the ones to tell you how.

Signing up with Mary Kay is only the first step in taking control of your financial independence. Knowing how to find your consumer base, market effectively, and bring that consumer base on board is key to maximizing your experience with any MLM. Take advantage of our free web class and learn the #1 High-Ticket Business Model to Launch Online, the low-ticket items that aren't going to build your fortune, and more.

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Is Epic Trading Legit? Your Questions Answered

David Sharpe bio

Online marketing is the new American Dream. You hear the stories every week, if not every day.

“I was stuck at a dead-end job, working my life away with no reward. One day I got fed up with it. I started my own online business catering to a specific niche. Now I'm a multi-millionaire!”

The problem is, many businesses sell you this dream for their profit. The most common way companies do this is through pyramid schemes.

However, not all businesses that offer you the chance to start a home-based business are fraudulent. Epic Trading is an example of a legit company that equips you to succeed in online marketing.

Many people think that because Epic Trading wants its existing members to connect new members to their platform, it must be a pyramid scheme.

While people have a right to be suspicious of scams, especially online, there's more to Epic Trading than you may believe. It can be a valuable tool to help you build an online business from the ground up!

Pyramid Schemes and MLM

Before we can talk about Epic Trading, though, we need to get some definitions clear.

First off, let's figure out exactly what people even mean when they use the term “pyramid scheme.”

Pyramid schemes prey on your work or financial dissatisfactions. They promise you that you can change your life by selling their product.

In reality, all of your income comes from the recruitment of other people into the scheme.

To keep you invested, they will often offer you “growth opportunities” like webinars, conferences, and similar things (all of which they charge you for).

Of course, people often have suspicions about a marketing business whose product they've never seen. So, pyramid schemes often bolster their claims by providing you their product (once again, for a price).

When all of this is considered, even if you make some money by recruiting others, it will never be enough to repay how much you spend on the scheme.

Because so many people have encountered pyramid schemes, they are automatically wary of MLM businesses.

MLM stands for “multi-level marketing.” The