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Dave: How y'all doing? Good. Excited to be here. I asked my wife, you know, normally. I guess all the videos in the back office, I don't have a hat but I have a hat on every morning getting paid a lot of money. Let me see your hair for guys. Right. You would think that a lot of you are here for the internet marketing lifestyle. And you probably thought that I was you know, probably having wild sex and snorting cocaine off my wife's butt last night, you know, actually, we were upstairs. We were taking each other's blood pressure. I mean, that's what it was. It's not a rockstar life. Just preparing you for the day, just preparing you for the day. Okay, just preparing you for what's to come. We're gonna have a great day. As Matt said, you know, a great weekend. We never know what's going to happen at these events. We have no idea, anything could happen. Everybody looks pretty safe though here. I hope nothing crazy happens. All right. I hope something crazy happens. You know I hope that you leave here with what you need.

And I'll tell you right up front, I don't know what everybody needs. You know, I'm not a guru or a doctor or a philosopher of marketing or life or anything like that. I mean, the truth is, we need to go live here in a second and that's the truth. Welcome, welcome. Wow, we are live you know, say I never know who's listening that's what I was gonna watch what I say. I did have an incident one time where I was new, and I went to the bathroom. And that didn't go over so well. I mean, it was entertaining for everybody else. I'll say that you know, we all love to see a train wreck. Well thank you for your service. If you were in the army, anybody else's service was about here. Thank you for your service. We never know how important these people are until we see some other crazy stuff going on in another part of the world right and then it's like oh shit, you know? Wow. So there's gonna be an element this weekend of you taking responsibility for your own success, you know, came all this way. So you came all this way. Who do you think came the farthest? So who drove and who flew to get here, right? I mean, I did and I only drove an hour and a half and I'm telling you just getting out of the house sometimes is the son of a gun. You know, actually getting dressed and going out into the real world versus just sitting behind the computer and we've been in whatever we've been into the last couple of years, you know, where I haven't interacted with many people. You know, I just recently had COVID Anybody else have COVID recently? All right. We know who to watch out for God oh my God. I recently had COVID. I am negative but shit. Okay, that's another thing. Even me getting here was a big deal. But you all but I've done these before. You have never been to one of these with me before. Have you ever been to a business seminar? Anything ever? Or is this your totally first one who's like, I am like a fish out. Everybody else has been like 13 MLMS they’re like alright, come on. Let's get to the point. You know, show me how to make the money for Christ's sake. Yeah, I know. I'm not speaking to all newbies, but a lot. As a newbie, wow, what a word right there I go labeling you. Sheesh, I'm sorry. We're going to talk about that this weekend. You know, like, how do we speak about ourselves and, you know, what do we think matters of fact, you all have a notebook. Could you open up real quick in just big letters and if you all want to do this at home, write your name. Just write your name for your entire name, write your entire night putting in the rooms growling their eyes on Oh great. This is what I came all the way from Canada for to write my frickin name. Oh my god this guy. He might be cool but he sure ain’t deep. I wish my kids thought I was cool. My wife has a lot of days. She's like, take the garbage out. And let's get on with the day. So somebody had a name written down? Does anybody not know their name? All right. That's good. So when you look at your name, what comes up for you?


Look at the name. Look at the name, read the name, actually read the name. Seriously, folks. I promise you. I thought you came all this way just fuck with me for a week. All right. Just Just fuck around and just do all the shit that feels stupid and dumb and uncomfortable. And let me just let me just let me do my thing. What do you do when you read your name? What does your name mean to you, seriously? We always just throw our name around like it's just a name to me. Is everything. My name is my identity. My name is my story. Name and my whole story right there in one name. And, you know, the things we allow others in ourselves to do with our name is unbelievable. Also when I look at my name, and you look at your name, who inspired me sorry, there's going to be some spit and DNA and all kinds of shit if you're in the front row, you're getting it all if for sure? Seriously, see, I'm going to ask you later. You know what are you? Are you doing this and ask you to just tap into some some reasonings and your real motivation for doing this because here's what I'm with eight up front before the weekend starts. I know you came for the technical. I'm really going to corner someone and tell them and they're going to show me what to do, where to click and all this and I'm gonna get it. But I would challenge that you don't need any more training. You need to hear more stories. We say that again. You don't need to hear more stories. Fuck I knew it was one of those story asked mode. He said oh rah rah van. Oh God. And oh, by the way, there's an actual whiteboard. That's going to be rolling out and I'm going to be pitching the latest and greatest MLM at the end of it. So just get ready for okay. What I find with people in this industry is that they're overtrained. We're all over-educated, there's too much information. So we get to this place where we're just lost in a sea of words, letters and numbers and we don't know what to believe and what to look at and what to follow. You're coming here. I don't want you to follow me. I don't care if we need to tell you my name. Because it's not about me. And it's not about this. I'm not trying to owe you nothing. You did nothing for sale this weekend. Just by the way. Nothing for sale this week. pitching the $20,000 seminar.  You can leave now you can leave at the end, I don't care. I have no benefit in what you do with the information this weekend whatsoever. Regardless, I'm not going to make any money. Who knows we may lose money on these events. I don't know where we're at. I don't think these vents are so powerful. It's just worth breaking even or whatever. It's not a massive profit center for us. It's a place for us to give our most, you know, motivated or curious members an opportunity to come in here directly from the horse's mouth and let you decide. Am I bullshitting or you're bullshitting. Have a whole weekend to size up equal whole weekend to sit in that seat and stare and listen and watch every single person who comes up here and we got what you do those thoughts what you do with that time if you sit there the entire time and be like this motherfuckers full of shit whatever you know I don't like that luck so much. Whatever it is

At the end of the day, we all get to pick our toys up and go home to our own houses at the end of the weekend. We all get to go back to our own little rooms and be whoever we want to be right back into our cocoons and back into our lives.

And you can go back as the same person with the same old you can go back to somebody with a totally different perspective. Same everything in front of you. Completely different approach, a completely different mindset and full ownership and responsibility over your future the rest of this year. Or you can leave and say these cats are all full of shit and that stuff probably wouldn't work for, you know, somebody like me, or whatever else that soundtrack plays in your head that gets you to, you know, quit things back out of things. talk yourself out of things when you get halfway down the road. Right? We've all got our soundtrack don't we

Your name, your name is a powerful thing. If you're It's you It's your brand to business. It's it's it's it's your reputation. You know that people, it doesn't matter. It's not. It's not just this industry. People are going to buy it because of that name or not because of that name. Doesn't matter what your self, who your representative felt you got behind you and you could pump them up. But I promise you, people are still going to business based on your name, how you carry yourself, your name is on the side of your building at all times. You know how some companies pay a lot of money to have their side of the building. And it's like ooh, you know what your name is on the side of your building at all times. In some of us the way we found our name out there on the internet we sign up for any damn thing. I mean, a name is also my space, my email inbox, my Facebook timeline, all this type of shit. Who's got my number who I'm still letting text me and call me or abused me or whatever. So when I got clean and I went and started to build a business, I thought I've been through a lot of stuff. I think I'm a piece of shit. I thought I was a patient. I thought that nothing was going to be you know, no opportunity was going to be available to me like I thought I messed all that up because I had gotten arrested and got felonies 24 years old sitting there. I got nothing. No one I got I had my really I didn't have my dad that's my dog. You know? But look I had my name my name I had my comeback story. And I don't know why so many people don't want a hero of their own journey. They don't. I think I'm good enough to be the hero of my own journey. I love your story. Oh never let me spend an hour listening to this other I don't do nothing in my name. So learning, sitting in school and clattering and all that stuff and if I told you more training this weekend I'd be doing you a disservice.

I would be like, you think you're overloaded now? And that's what all the time people do in this industry and I've done it before too. Wow, we got a bunch of people coming to an event. Let's buck and create an offer. Let's do something I mean just to sit in. This is an unregulated industry. And Tom, Dick and Harry who's selling any everything and we're taking them seriously like they're serious fucking people. We don't know these people on the internet that we're buying shit. From? Why say come here to me. If you don't buy into what I'm saying. I guess I didn't do it for you. Back to Guru land we go you know, signed up for the webinar on Monday gotta get home to get on that live that Stacy does every right? It's like, oh, use this weekend as a defining moment as a launch pad to raise that name up like the Phoenix resuscitate that rich man. resuscitate your name bro. You know what I mean? Pumped some life back into it. I don't know what, why that is but somewhere along the line. We're just, you know, made the belief that we're not that powerful. You know? And we believe in, you know? And what I find is people are unbelievably powerful and all this stuff that you see doing on the internet. I guess you might call that self esteem or the confidence to write. Really do you think is holding you back from getting what you want? Anybody? That's easy. Okay, that's the right answer. Scared of success? What if what would happen? If you succeeded and were scared about it? Are you free to get in? What should I do? Have you ever been there? You're scared to succeed in this industry because you don't want to have a target on your back. And that was a bad enough experience, a legitimate bad enough experience. That's what you believe is holding you back.