This week on Wake Up Legendary we interviewed Emily Walcott. Emily got started with her affiliate marketing business in March of last year. She decided that regardless of what happened she was going to stick with trying out affiliate marketing for at least six months. She homeschools her children and really wanted to be able to bring in extra income and spend more time with her kids. 

She had never used TikTok or tried affiliate marketing previously but knew that it was something she wanted to learn how to do. Almost a year later she says that affiliate marketing and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge changed her life.

If you are someone who is brand new to digital marketing and wants to learn more, this interview is for you.

Sharing Your Story With Your Audience

The key to creating online content especially on TikTok is storytelling. Using storytelling and creating content about your everyday life is the main way to connect with your audience. People enjoy watching content that they can relate to. Telling a story in your TikTok videos gives you the ability to create an emotional connection with your viewers.

Teaching through storytelling is something we are normally used to because that is how we are taught to learn. People remember information better when it is told in the form of a story because they can relate to it better or put themselves in another person’s point of view. 

Emily shared that the storytelling you do in your TikTok videos can just be about your everyday life. That means that you can talk about everyday problems that you have and your solutions to them. “Your everyday real life is your content,” Emily said. Just like in reality tv shows people like to watch other people in their everyday lives so that they have something to relate to. 

Creating Relatable Content

When creating content that people can relate to you want to be able to connect with your audience emotionally. Put your most authentic real everyday life in your TikTok videos. This means that if you have kids at home to take care of, don’t be afraid to include yourself cleaning up a mess your kids make or folding the laundry in a video or when you go live. 

Another piece of advice Emily gave was to not defend your hardships. You don’t have to tell people how you got to a point of struggling or explain why you had to overcome an obstacle that you may have faced. Don’t be afraid to say that you went through a struggle because there will be people who will relate to it and that becomes a part of your story.

When you first begin creating videos try looking through the popular content creators in your niche and replicating their popular videos with your own spin. Adding your own personalization to your videos will help your videos to gain views. 

Creating Consistent Content

The best way to get comfortable with posting content is to post it consistently. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself with posting, but try to choose a posting schedule for yourself and stay on top of it. This could be posting every day, every other day, or even on certain days. 

Even if you feel like a video that you’ve made is bad quality, post it anyway. When Emily first began posting TikTok videos she was posting them regardless of if they had bad audio or blurry visuals. The most important thing for her to do was post the videos she created as consistently as she possibly could. This gave her practice and made her hold herself accountable to posting on a consistent schedule.

A piece of advice that Emily shared was to post the video without watching it. We are our own worst critics and will pick apart our videos, meanwhile our viewers won’t even notice the very things we critique ourselves over. So many people make great videos and never post them. Just post the videos you create and someone will connect with it and relate to it. 

One last piece of advice Emily shared for someone who is just starting out with the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is to go back and rewatch parts of the challenge when you feel overwhelmed. Even if you feel like you might want to walk away or give up, the things you are frustrated or struggling with won’t suddenly make sense to you just because you gave up. The challenge will break down the information and teach you what you should be doing and how you should be doing it. 

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