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JoAnn: Hello hello hello and welcome to wake up legendary Happy Friday everyone. I love it. I'm so excited. It is the kickoff to a holiday weekend for many of us so hopefully everyone gets to enjoy their weekend but also take some time and keep learning, growing and expanding your business, your education and all of that good stuff at the same time as well. Today we have a pretty awesome show planned. I'm pretty excited. We are going to dive into the tech side. I'm actually going to bring on one of our marketing coaches here at legendary, and we're going to answer questions and just dive into some of the common roadblocks that those starting out are running into when it comes to just setting up funnels. Content, lead magnets, all of that good stuff. And then at the end we'll be able to answer some of your questions as well. So it's gonna be a packed episode for sure. If you're brand new and want to be notified when we go live every morning you can send a text WUL to 813-296-8553. We'll text you right when the show goes live Monday through Friday. You won't get any other texts I think except a birthday text. Other than that, so definitely if you want that reminder to hop on live when we go this is a great way to do it there. And then, of course we have the best swag ever. If you would like to get any Legendary shirts and hats. I got one right now. Not only do they have the coolest logo ever and sing on them, they're also super comfortable guys so go grab your shirt at the legendary dot shop and I think Brian who has come on he's got a hat on today too. So you can check out some of the merchandise there all right. Without further ado, welcome one of our coaches here at legendary Ryan how's it going, man?

Ryan: Hi, JoAnn, how are you?

JoAnn: I'm doing well. So pumped. So a little bit about Ryan, you've gone, you were a student. Originally, we've gone through our education. You launched your online business, you're definitely a practicing and active affiliate in the world of affiliate marketing. And now you're giving back to our community and helping those that are starting out as well. So Ryan is someone if you book any of those one on one coaching calls. Happy is one of the coaches that you could end up with and he's helping out and all of that good stuff. So I'm so excited to have you here.

Ryan: I'm excited to be here. I haven't been on this show. I was on the show back in September with Dave and I got invited at one other time to come back. But I don't remember why I wasn't able to come on the show during that date range and then it just kind of fell through. And that was probably early this year. But ya know, it's exciting to be here. It's exciting to talk to you and talk to all the legendary family we got here. So it's gonna be it's gonna be

JoAnn: Awesome. All right, I'm gonna kick it off. Let's go. Let's go big. As a marketing coach here at legendary What do you feel is the number one roadblock and question that you are receiving these days.

Ryan: The number one I was thinking about and I couldn't pick one. It's like a 5050 split between there being a small hiccup with text somewhere usually related to domains and DNS records or ending up with some kind of conflict and then nothing really works. And then in a lot of cases, what will happen to everybody is like taking that action and trying to fix that but it turns into a mess that it's gonna be a real project to fix up. The other thing I would usually get is just my content, check my content, like am I doing things right? A lot of a lot of times just a little bit of overthinking and letting enough time go by to really allow that content to start working and to start building up the momentum. So a lot of a lot of people start off making really, really really good content, and they just kind of start second guessing themselves and you know they want somebody to look at it for them. So that would be the other thing that I get probably most commonly.

JoAnn: Okay, so let's say then I'm coming on a call with you and I desperately need help with content. I'm not sure how it's going. I'm not getting views or I'm bummed. I'm only getting 200 views which is still 200 views guys.

Ryan: That's pretty cool.

JoAnn: Right? We gotta frame it the right way. Where do you dive in? Where do you start with that? What's your checklist or pieces of advice for those that are struggling with just getting started with getting their content seen?

Ryan: Yeah, so the first thing is consistency. So with TikTok, when you've got a brand new Tik Tok account, you're competing with an established TikTok account. So TikTok is an interest based platform. They want people to stay on the platform as long as possible. So when you've got other creators that have been in the game consistently, doing this every day, it knows what creators each person likes to watch and watches all the way through and engages with. So that's what you're competing with, right? They don't want to just keep the views away from those people. Just to give you a whole bunch you gotta prove yourself a little bit first and prove that people can actually watch you. And that's going to be one of the elements that you're going to have to get through first. So if your audience stops scrolling, just because you stop posting so if they're still viewing TikTok videos, and you're not there with fresh stuff that they haven't seen, TikTok is going to show them something right and that something isn't going to be you. So if they're showing you showing them to other creators, then those other creators are gonna get the attention. They're going to engage. They're gonna watch all the way through and TikTok is gonna say this person likes this creator let me put this career in front of them and at that point, you just got to hope I guess I mean, I can only speculate but I guess you're gonna have to hope they stay on TikTok long enough that TikTok runs out of stuff to show them.

JoAnn: TikTok wants their viewers and their audience to stay on the platform. And the reality is guys, when somebody starts looking into doing something online, they're not just following what he says, they're also going to show him other analysis and they're following 23456. So you need to be the one that's front and center and lightly connect with me and have a tent that ‘s just going for an app. I feel like that sometimes when I've looked at some of our students accounts on tick tock, it's just always going for the ass click click click click on bio, click in bio on every single video and there comes a point where we've got to switch instead of just like, hey, please come date me. Please come hang out with me. You got to be like, Hey, this is why I'm a cool person, right? Show your personality. This is what I have to offer. And look at it that way. What are your feelings on that? How do you feel about that?

Ryan: Yeah. So you gotta have high value content. You have to and I know that in some cases, and this is part of the conversation, usually, in some cases, you know, well, some of the top affiliates are only posting TikToks, free videos, they get that and they're blessed with traffic. They are very much guilty and their follow up sequences are insane. Like they have really, really good dialed in follow up sequences. They can really capitalize on the traffic properly. Starting out, know who you are going out and meeting. If I see you for the first time and you make me aware of something right I become aware of a weight loss plan or I become a way to make money online. And I decided to go to your profile to check out you know, I'm not going to just be there. Naturally there's going to be some skepticism, there's going to be some confusion. I need to have those objections handled before I'm ready to go to the next step. So if I go to your profile, it's just an infomercial. Forget about it. Like yeah, I'm just gonna, I'm not gonna it's not gonna sell me on anything and it's certainly not gonna sell me on you. So high value content, I always say 50% and 50%. If you can do something like the 50-50% Awareness type concept, which would be that text on screen that is 510 Second, you know, just showcasing the opportunity, identifying problems and showing solutions with words and the other 50 titles. content so that way I can actually learn about you and what it is you're doing and how it is you're going to help me that's usually a pretty good rule of thumb.

JoAnn: Yeah, definitely. So I'm just gonna put this up on the screen. Whenever our viewers ask what is high value, high value is information. You're being open, honest with what's going on instead of trying to hide in the weeds and you're actually giving usable tips that they feel oh, okay, this person knows what they're talking about. I can start to trust that they're knowledgeable. They're just not sending me down a dark alley funnel with a link saying, hey, just click here because I set it. You're actually providing information, you're providing little tips I've even seen, you know, visit this website or how to create something in Canva.

JoAnn: But you're not just hiding, you're not gatekeeping every single piece of information. We are a believer in providing some value. There is some give and take. You can't just hide everything that you're doing behind a paywall, so to speak. What would you add to that to answer your question?

Ryan: Yeah, I would just add that always keep that in the back of your mind to lead with value so if you can prioritize the value over anything else, look at it this way this is this is the way I started looking at it. And that's when I started to kind of see some momentum build up a little bit faster, which is that my audience should be able to get the outcome. They're looking for and have the problem solved that they have that I'm solving without ever spending a dime. So between my content, my follow up sequence and any other manual follow up I may do I do keep track of some of that stuff. I'm a little bit overkill but they shouldn't have to spend any money to learn and actually get started doing what I'm actually doing. That's how much value I'm providing across my email list through my content you know, and I'm not gonna I'm not gonna give it all the way up front you know, you got to you gotta take a little action show little interest you know, you got to get my eBook out of my league and then you gotta start getting my emails where I send some really high value stuff out there. But you know, and then the money is gonna follow as a byproduct, the sales are involved, right. You got to eliminate all that confusion that they have and should always be clarity for your career for your client. For your business. There should always be clarity as they move through. When they visit your profile. They should be 100% clear as to why it is they're going to click on your link. They should be 100% clear one and be clear where they're going from that bridge page to your affiliate offer, whatever that may be. So if you're not providing clarity, you're gonna notice a drop off. People are going to start falling out of that funnel really really fast and certain point because there's just no clarity there. When I first got started I was confused as to why do I even need this bridge? Right? Why do I even need this bridge base like this just seems like an added step. And I didn't understand that. That's a good place to live. That's where you tell your story and build your relationship. Sure, but that's also you got to have a smooth transition from you to your affiliate offer. If I come from your content, go to your landing page, opt in to your list and start receiving emails. And the next thing I see is a video of some other person that is selling me something that's going to cause a lot of confusion. He put a bridge page in between where I can sit there and say thanks for coming here. This is why I'm talking to you about this and this is the person I'm giving it to you. Take them by the hand and just hand them over. You eliminate all that confusion. They know exactly why it is that they're looking at the page they're looking at after they click the button. They got clarity.

JoAnn: And there's no man I call it like there's this dark alley. I've said it earlier today. Dark alley is the online world, right? And if you don't provide that clarity, if you aren't clearly holding their hand, this is the safe way through the funnel. And all of a sudden, they feel like they've been thrown into some seedy place because it doesn't make sense. They were just you know, watching Susie doing a really cool TikTok and they click and there's somewhere else it doesn't look the same. It doesn't feel the same and they're getting a sales pitch. They're gonna run for the hills immediately. Right? So it is that taking them on that customer journey of how they connect with you. And you're now referring to them, Hey, check this out. And this is who you're who you're going to see what you're going to see on the next page. And that's definitely and it's just that they feel a lot better about it. They're like okay, I understand now where I'm going, where I'm headed and how this is working. But it is shocking how many of you want a bridge page. Just forget to grab opt in, do an opt in page and try to just shoot them right to the sales page of any offer. And it's like no, they don't want to be sold. They you need to get to bring them along a little bit and you want that email on your list. They're a part of your business. You worked for that email, you worked for that content. That person will definitely get them into your world. So someone asked what is a follow up sequence so that is your autoresponder what you're sending out through your emails. When somebody opts in on that first page, you're providing value and those additional touches to where you're connecting with them through email. And when you set that up, that's all automated. It's really a beautiful thing instead of you going okay, I got an email Ryan again today for the third time this week. Get it set up to where it's automated. That's what Aweber is about. It goes through all of that on day three. Of the challenge. So definitely go check all of that out for sure. On that piece. We got a lot of comments. I'm loving it today. So what the other part is that DNS records and all of that feel is the easiest way to walk somebody threw that piece.

Ryan: The easiest way it's one of two ways. It's either for them to share their screen, and I can just guide them though I have little annotation tools I can draw on their screen. Go ahead clear here and I just explain things as we go through. If it's too bad of a mess, like if I look at it they've got things in there wrong and they know things are the wrong and click funnels and they're wrong and AWeber and just all this different stuff this text this backend setup is all wrong. I'm just there and I'm gonna send over a request for remote control of your screen, because I don't want to run at a time before I can go ahead and fix this up. It depends a little bit on, you know, some people, some people are extremely fluent in tech. And there's just no issues. There's never any issues, they just understand things. In most other cases you're doing something brand new, right? So it's normal to make a mistake or four screws and not understand where it is that the disconnect happened because you just did all this stuff you've never done before. Never thought you'd ever have to do before you know you're integrating software and connecting you know DK I am a professional email and then all this stuff. This is complicated when you're brand new to it. So a lot of times it's just a simple fix to something really, really small. Sometimes it's just a matter of adding a subdomain and pointing back over to ClickFunnels because you have a website. And there's no way to know that your www is already pointing towards events. So just stay the subdomain right. So what happens though, is in a situation like that, a lot of times they'll take www put it towards ClickFunnels and sometimes it's going into the funnel. Sometimes it's going to a 404 page, and then they'll go through other records because of a YouTube video they saw or something that they looked up in a blog that said to do this and to do this in other websites now. So now you gotta bring the website, but then you've also got to get everything there originally trying to do work, which can be time consuming. It can be time consuming, identifying everything that went wrong and then usually at that point, you just kind of go ahead and fix it. I've done it enough times to just go ahead and fix it. You know, for somebody brand new who's not familiar with it, it's gotten to that point, you have to have somebody look at it, right so it's definitely gotten to that point but that's what I mean call support. Chow. We have lots of people that if you find yourself in that boat, definitely reach out and all that good stuff. So going back to TIkTok and content because there's a lot of people asking about growing accounts for those definitely that are in blueprints, there is a new training that was added. It's by Andrea and she really gives a ton of tips on how to grow an account starting over from scratch with a new one strategies all of that good stuff. But one thing she definitely mentions is when you start that new page, let it sit.

JoAnn: Don't do anything on it, let it sit there because then TikToks Like oh, we have a new user. I want them to start getting back in and using the platform. So when you post that first video after you let it sit for a couple of weeks, tick tock throws it out there like crazy because they're like, We want to give us this person we lost them. They almost didn't start interacting on the platform. But if you make an account and start posting that same day, they're like, maybe they're trying to sell something. So it actually kind of tricks their algorithm a little bit so that is a little tidbit there too. When you start a new account. Let it simmer a bit. Let TikTok get really hungry for your attention. And then posts start posting those videos after a couple of weeks. So that's definitely something to think about when we're starting new accounts and all that good stuff. So if anyone wants to read, Brian because people are asking for your email, it's Ryan dot Halbert at legendary Correct. There is that period in between Ryan's first and last name that's on the screen and then it's at legendary But all things in marketing Don't be the hunter be the hunted? That's exactly what was Andrea's teaching. It's even having tick tock come through. Oh, I would want this as you start engaging. I want this new user to be interacting so when you start to like I'm not so concerned about you. I'm not so interested yet in Tik Tok with the new account. When you do post they get super excited and they start pumping your stuff out because they're hoping they can grab your attention. So definitely keep that in mind. Everything you do is how do you attract people to you? Instead of trying to pounce on them from your end, even in content that you put out? Always. Then says it all the time. Be the hunted, not the hunter. What do you what do you think about that? Ryan? In your experience?

Ryan: It applies to most situations right? It applies to the first thing I think of is outbound messaging versus inbound messaging, you know, for lead generation stuff like that be the hunted instead of the hunter being desirable, don't be desiring. Which is just far more effective. It's far less time consuming. And when you're the hunted and you have people reaching out to you, it's just a big time saver. If you're not worried about it, you don't have to worry about convincing people to be interested in you right. You're just taking my take of the people that have already raised their hand and said I'm interested in that. And then it's sort of similar to any other respect. You look at it too, so yeah, absolutely. For sure.

Emily:  And the other key piece and this has come up a few times this week, even another week of Legendary interviews, is really dial in who you want to reap. I'll try to reach the world. The world won't respond because they won't feel connected to you in any way shape or form. You want to put out content that is so attractive to a specific person, that it's off putting to someone else. Like you are literally so dialed in to who you want to reach who you want to talk to that it just doesn't even connect with a different group. People. If you want to talk to moms make your content that is all about moms dated all of that good stuff and push the dads or the non parents out of your circle. Because they're not gonna connect with your content. And they're not going to grow and trust like you and end up clicking on things. So make sure you really dial in who your audience is. And speak to that one person when you're writing copy when you're making content when you're filming that video. As if you have that one person even put in money. That's what I like to do. give that person a like where do they work, what are their problems and then speak to that person in everything that you're writing and putting out your Do you and then I would recommend that you have different audiences for different offers. You have different pages, but what are your thoughts on that?

Ryan: Yeah, it's relatable. Right? It's almost the biggest thing there because if people can't relate to you, then they don't see you know, if I were to give you like an extreme example, right if we're looking to make money online space, if we're talking about, you know, here's something to do with TT, because you're not going to do and you want to make little extra money that's not going to speak to somebody who's having financial struggles and they want to start an online business or somebody who's really driven you know, the messaging is just way off there. So you want to be relatable and in the easiest way to do that is by telling your story, right? You don't have to come up with this crafty messaging that you know these slogans and headlines you're gonna use just be relatable. Share your story and people that will relate to you will come to you. It's gonna be the equivalent, right? I got started in marketing. I have a lot of blue collar men in my audience. It's probably 90% blue collar men. So that's who I'm speaking to, and what are their pain points, right. What are they struggling with? Nobody wakes up in the morning and says, You know what, I want to be an affiliate marketer. You wake up in the morning and they say I'm sick of this job for hours. And when the time is spent with my family, I live paycheck to paycheck, pay my boss, those are the things I used to say. Those are the things that my relatable audience is also saying so those are the points I want to speak to and I want to really talk about those problems. Talk about those problems, how they can be solved, give them ways that they can solve those problems without buying anything just dropping a follow right? But then also showcasing the outcomes and the solutions that they're looking for. After identifying those problems. And when people can kind of see like, alright, you know, listen, there's always an excuse why somebody can't do something. It's just so easy to come up with an excuse than it is to actually do something about it that that's what people would rather do. But when people can see that somebody that's just like that had the same problem. They have reached the outcome that they want, it becomes a lot easier to become comfortable with that idea. And it makes the solution look more desirable and achievable. So just crafting your messaging properly, it seems. And just always I always keep it in the back of my mind. People don't want to buy products, they want to buy solutions. Nobody wakes up and says what my training courses. They want to learn. They want to make money. They don't even want to learn how to make money. They just want to make more money. That's the outcome they're looking for. So that's how we got to showcase that's how you that's going to be the most effective way to showcase

JoAnn: so I want everyone that's on right now. I know the outlet thinks oh I'm gonna shut start saying make 10k. It's always 10k A month. It drives me batty to make 10k a month. That's the outcome you want 10k A month 10k A month and then they have a whole bunch of videos. They think I'm showing you the future. But it's really not showing them if you're going after moms. Maybe it's like even Emily shared with me earlier this week. Maybe it's being able to buy all the Halloween decorations you want at home goods, maybe it's you know, going out to dinner a few more times a week, and that's that's the outcome you're showing. Maybe it's being able to have more late days or being able to see your kids ballet recitals. Those are those outcomes people are actually looking for one that type of freedom in their life. And we're talking obviously right now to make money online as a show. But with any niche. Okay, I love Jeep Wranglers. I'm a total Jeep girl. A little tidbit about me. So my idea, my IG pages and feeds with one of my accounts is all Jeep set. And people are showing what your Jeep could look like and how amazing it could be if you just had this one more modification. And of course there's a link to that modification. Right there. Its affiliate marketing is everywhere. Whether you want to do modifications, make money online or dog products. We have someone in our community that has a massive following for a love of bunnies and does Affiliate Marketing For all things that being a bunny would need. It's pretty cool. But look at really what the outcome they're looking for. If somebody's into really loving bunnies as an animal they're looking for how to make products for my bunny, and the best products and keep them healthy and that's what you showcase. So don't just go after the money grab. It's deeper than that. Show them that piece you've gained. The self esteem you've gained from the lack of depression because you're no longer stuck in a you know, overtime job that you hate. There's a lot of ways you can look at that. And if you're going after moms, you can draw them in by talking about like somebody said, you know, like carpool line hell you know, there's moments where you just bring them into your world of day to day life. Think of it that way. What's the day to day life that you're looking for and are searching for? That's the value you want and that's the result you want to show them that 10k a month isn't going to get somebody to click. I promise it's not going deeper, go deeper than the money.

Ryan: Absolutely. Yeah, I totally agree. I totally agree. And it's never I've yet to ever meet somebody that was just chipper, everything was perfect except they needed a little more money. So like a shiny object person, right? If, if I'm gonna go in all five because somebody said that I can make $10,000 a month every 90 days. I know a lot of y'all ain't making no $10,000 a month. It has a hard level. They don't say it if it's not true, but then also, you know, also it's just not it's not a problem that anybody has. There's always something deeper, right? There's always something deeper or just trying to learn a lesson and their mother is saying 10 grand a month. I don't know why that's been the case and I see it every day. I see the students and see some of the fights. I'll go to the page, and I'll see that headline. I'll see that text in the background of the video count 10k And what as you can make 10k after three months. Just not it's not well, it's gonna catch some eyes. It's not gonna it's not gonna it's not valuable. It's not valuable. It's not going to now you've got a whole mess of trying to convince that person. Okay, maybe it's not actually three months, but you can actually get results you know, it's just it starts off on the wrong foot.

JoAnn: Well, it's also putting you against a lot of other random people who can lend it to you, so now let's use Who do I trust? Who do I go do want a deeper connection, find the deeper result will actually identify the your exact avatar who you're trying to reach, whether it's you know, a blue collar guy or a middle class mom with young kids or an empty nester what's going to burn into who you're trying to reach. And really the life or the problems, you know, the solutions they're looking for. And it's not money. And when you can showcase that, that's where you're going to grow that relationship. That's where you're going to grow like no trust factor. And they're going to end up clicking that link actually. Yeah, and not to mention on another note at the same topic is there's FTC compliance issues, a lot of that stuff too. Like I've seen that video all the time, the average affiliate marketer makes 154,000 a year, you're gonna get in trouble. You know, you don't want to be you dont you don't, you can't imply that you know, I think an FTC violation is like $40,000 for each event, which is one piece of content to one person. So the way I read it, if you got a million views on a video, that's a violation, just hang it up. So you know, keep an eye out for that too. You know, you can say those things if you put a disclaimer on the video, you know, you see a commercial for medication and it has the results not typical or if it has the bottom of the screen, you know, you can still put those disclaimers on videos and just kind of come to see a disclaimer on any income claim TikTok.

Ryan: Though you don't want to violate the compliance it's not a it's not really a light. That is you know, not saying it's gonna happen to you but you know, just keep that in the back of your mind.

JoAnn: Definitely, it's just I really hope people are listening to take this to heart and try it and go with their content. Because there are a lot of people, not a lot. There are people making comments, you know, in the group or posting concerned that they're not getting growth, they're not getting this one. How often are you posting? You can roll back over the last three months and there aren't well over 100 posts enough in a three month time. Let's be real. You can pay there at least three to five times a day, five days a week. Give me that you need to go all in. You want to make this work. Let's go all in. That's your first. Second. Don't make the exact same video 100 times and then go. I don't know why it's not working well, the same day that wasn't working the first 30 times. Try something okay to do something different, go outside the box. Let's get creative. Those creative juices flow and try a different approach. If they're all text on screen do something different. Check out your editing like yesterday was shared. Some people have too big of a pause at the start of their video. So if someone's already scrolled, because you haven't said anything, nothing was on the screen. So they were like, they're just sitting there. Really look at that. Are you showing? Are you touching somebody's pain point? Are you too general with your audience? Do you need to dial in who you're talking to a little more? Are you showing real solutions? Are you only showing a money amount? Those are all things to really ask yourself and audit your own account. Then go ask those questions at somebody that's killing it and out of their account. They're done over two week or you're not just in one day. I think that's important too. Sometimes you will go up Brian just posted this video I'm gonna go up yet the journey that that one affiliate is putting their viewers on. They already grabbed them in something else maybe a month or two ago. And so it makes sense with the relationship they're building with their viewers. It may not make sense as a one off in someone else's account.


Ryan: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Plus, you're just kidding, to a tee when other people are doing as well and it's no differentiation. There's no differentiation between you and the other people. If they're if they're seeing your content, you know, they're seeing other people's content in that space. So if they just saw that other person made that video and others saw you make that exact same video that's going to be a really good chain point. Is their content for inspiration, not as a copy and paste you know, you're not looking to go over there and just right click you're looking to use it for inspiration, get ideas, content block. There's lots of different ways you can remake content around one idea. You can tell your story, you can tell a story in a 10 second text on screen video. You could also tell it in a three minute long, boring single take. You are not going to get a lot of attention on the for you page, but it's there for those people that did come to the for you page and now they're scrolling through your profile. That's that content. Therefore you need to be creating content for those people as well. You know, I've done almost no hook at all on my profile. Because I'm not making it for the for you page. I'm making it for the people that are scrolling through my profile. And right after I create that awareness, I create a little bit of interest and they say you know what, I want to know a little bit more about this guy and what he's talking about. That's those videos. Therefore, two of them are pinned to the top of my profile and then the rest of them you'll see about 50% go through every other day. I've got one or two of those types of videos going out. Right? 

Emily: Definitely. So let me ask this because I've seen her bring it up a couple of times. So I want to ask her a question. Came in from within. I think it's a business account. So link trains are great, but let's look at how we'll go back to the Jeep example. Link tree in an IG account of different Jeep products is fantastic. Somebody's looking for a specific bumper they don't want to link to lights they want to link to the bumper. You're in the make money online niche. You don't want to have five different make money online courses that lead to confusion of where do I start to learn from and last, so you want to just have one where it's really dialed in. So it really depends on what you're an affiliate for. You're promoting, it should match to what is on that page that content your audience and really think about is this confusing or is this helpful?

Ryan: it also can sometimes cause more confusion if it's not set up. Right. I've seen some great ones that make money online that have their lead magnets, maybe a blog link and then where to take action. So there's some things like that. What are your thoughts on LinkTree and that sort of thing? Pretty much exactly what's great if they are organized and they're easy to navigate and it's just not a mess. If you've got 30 buttons all lined up like hey, go to the go to tech talk and go to the link tree and look at their link tree link tree dot link tree that slash link tree or whatever it is. And tell me how long it takes you to figure out exactly. Their link tree on their own link tree is very confusing if you can't make sense of it immediately. So that's going to be the biggest thing right? If you feel like one is necessary, then they can be great. And they can be great. And you can , it's a good way to add more stuff to a single leg. But it's got to be organized. Like you said it's got to be organized, you know, it's got to be, you know, a couple of things of value and then just where you know you don't have to have like all of your social links in your link tree. You don't have to have all these different products and your link, promote those products to your email list. You know you can promote individual products you can send a different link to a different product and a YouTube short and in a Facebook reel. You don't have to try to have everything crammed into your link tree on Tik Tok. And then once people get on your email list that's the main goal right we don't want to add friction and confusion and confuse buyers don't buy click the route. You want to make it clear when there's confusion there, they're just gonna leave. And you can add all that stuff that you want to add to your email list. If you're providing high value emails, people are gonna be opening your emails every day, and they're gonna be excited to receive them. And you're gonna be able to promote your social links in the footer. You don't need all that.

JoAnn: What if it's unrelated products? 

Ryan: Then it shouldn't be there. Because it confuses your audience. It should only be related to your content, your offer and that sort of thing. I've seen link trees with 15 Wanting links occur and it was everything from their Amazon to make me anything in between. And that's what it's like before different accounts for different types of content like that. You have to really make sure any links that you're providing are a clear path and journey. For the person you're creating Convo for person you want to take action, make sure it's one clear action

JoAnn:  And they can't get lost in the muck of too many links and I don't even know where to go or what I was even looking for when I got on to this link tree because there's so many links and they're confused and they're out there going to the next person that is more clear. They're not going to disappear altogether from looking for whatever product you're promoting. They're just going to find it from someone else that's more clear. That's the reality. So you want to be as clear as possible for sure.

Ryan:  Absolutely. Yeah.

JoAnn:  All right, Ryan, one more time share where people can email you with QuickBooks, or to set up one on there's a link right in the challenge. Towards the end of the last few days of the challenge. There's a link to book one on one sessions that you can do. If you are a blueprints member, you can grab that session. 

Ryan: Definitely for sure. So I’ll share my email or you could also send it to Ryan.Howard 

JoAnn: All right. Awesome. I hope everyone had an amazing Friday morning with us. If you came on late. Definitely start from the beginning. There are a lot of little tidbits in here. Shout out to me. Reach out to our support, ask questions in the group. We're always here to help. And just keep rollin guys have a great extended weekend and we will see you on Monday. Peace. Thanks.