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JoAnn:  everyone. Happy Wednesday is September 21. Almost gearing up towards the end of the month heading into a beautiful fall October weather here in the next one week and a half or so. My name is JoAnn. I'm the marketing manager here at legendary marketer and I am so excited to be here. Behind the scenes it's been a little bit of a crazy morning. We had a last minute cancellation and we have a new guest that said he could come on about 10 minutes ago so he hopped in the shower quickly and put on his legendary shirt and joined us this morning. So like it's live, live TV, live interviews, things happen. So definitely put some hand emoji collapse together for me, and help me welcome our last minute guests this morning. Jim, Jim, how's it going?

Jim:Oh, right. We're here. We're alive. It's great to be here. My wife said make sure I slow down and let you talk so I can hear you first. So my kids have a 10 minute rule. I call my wife's friends for like 10 minutes and then there's a cut off. I don't think they understand that 10 minutes. I think it's like five to seven they start to tell you how to me but it doesn't matter. So here we live.

JoAnn:  I am so great. I'm so excited. You're here. I'm filling in for Matt. He's here under the weather this morning. So we're kind of juggling things all over the place, but it's all good. I took a look at your content and all of that good stuff and I'm super excited. Sometimes. Well, it's nice to bring on someone I know you're a little bit older but not

Jim: just my box. That's right. I still feel like I'll call it the legal way to go into the store. I'd look around to see if anybody's watching me to buy it and I am still young . You know I don't know if I. I don't know if I ever made it past 19. You know it took me until I was 20.

JoAnn:  I love it. I love it. Alright, so share with all of us. How you got to where you are right now. How did you find legendary? What were you looking for all that good stuff?

Jim:Well, you want to start with just that party. You want to start in the beginning.

JoAnn:  Oh, go for the beginning. Let's hear it. All right.

Jim:When I was a kid my dad was World War Two. That Navy guy and he was a frogman. So frogman is the guy that was the predecessor to the seals. So he always was an entrepreneur. He was an entrepreneur spirit. I will say when we weren't we I grew up along the coast. I was born in Dallas, Texas, in Parkland Hospital, the same hospital they took John F. Kennedy to after the assassination by Lee Harvey Oswald and I they they took him to that hospital. Well, it became famous so they made a movie called parkland. And it talks about the aftermath of what happened. You know, when they all the FBI and everybody came and said why did this happen? Well, how did you set the precedent? And so I was born in Dallas and then raised along the coast. My dad always had, he was an entrepreneur, you know, he had these businesses. He had a park when a hurricane came and took out the entire park and then it was gone. Then it started like a carnival, and a tornado came and took it out. And so then we moved up north in 1968 started a restaurant business. We had our barbecue sauce, Texas Rhodes barbecue sauce, and my dad, the governor of Texas, had his governor's brother come up with this barbecue sauce. So my dad sort of settled down a little bit and had a restaurant. Well, I'm not exaggerating here in 1968 in the fall I was in first grade. earthquakes came in Illinois, Southern Illinois and level the school it was on a Sunday but big national news if it was on a Monday, but it was a Sunday. And the business, the restaurant, all the windows cracked, all the plates fell off the shelves and then we headed up north. Then he had a swap shop and auction type Swap Shop so when he called it he was even gonna have Johnny cast. My dad and Johnny Cash, his dad, were friends. And so he was going to have Johnny come and actually sell and you know the auctioneer and you could, you know, say this piece of paper here has Johnny's is Johnny Cash was auctioneering and somebody would buy it for $1- $5. You know, so that ended that business. And then he started one of the most unique businesses in 1972. It was called metallic recycling systems and the way that we do recycling nowadays, that no, I would be sitting on a big boat right now in the Gulf of Mexico. You don't mean, it would have been a completely different life, even put my name on the chips with him. And then, when I was 13 He passed away and so 1975 and, you know, so then, you know, I you know, they didn't have computers in schools when I was in school. So in 1980 I graduated, and I went to electronics school, the BRI. I wanted to really know electronics and I always had a tech sense but I really wanted to do it for musical engineering, something like that. I didn't, I didn't, you know, so I was 18 and I didn't get a job. Which job stands for just over broke. I'm telling you for other people out there that they really want an acronym. I'll tell you what, when I was 33 I, you know, I lived in California, and I went to California and Silicon Valley, and we you know, the economy in the Midwest was tough. The automobile industry really took a hit Detroit, all that blew into Chicago. You know, I'm talking about the parts and you know, all the parts that go to the automobile industry, so there was a lot of lack of employment. So I went to Silicon Valley. I went to Silicon Valley to meet Bill Gates. Steve Wozniak and Steven Jobs. That was my goal. I was going there to hang out with them guys, be their friends, buddies, whatever, and do electronics and really, that was my goal. But I went out there and guess what happened? I went to Vance micro devices and got laid off. It wasn't even real. I didn't even really have the job. So I worked in subcontracting through the bank and doing things that you know, this and that never have had. I had a nine five job and then you know, suddenly, It was time to settle down. So I moved back to the Midwest, wherever there was my mom and you know, family members, so to have children in that, and I was 33. And that's when I did it. That's why I did the hardest thing almost ever. I'd never forget the day I went and I went and I came up to this time clock. And I went in. I'm looking at this time clock and I would put my hand out and I pulled it back. I was looking at that time clock you know, and I was like, Man, this is it. I gotta have a haircut and get a real job and this is really happening. I know. The guy behind the testing let me help you. I'm closest now to then I've ever had to actually be at a 930 to 930 job but I you know there will I clocked in and, and I've been broke since until now. And now. You know, I don't I don't throw money around into the fire pit yet. But what I have learned the secret to making money is don't spend it. Don't buy that Corvette 1959 Corvette with the top off now. Invest your money. Invest in yourself. Invest in what you can do. What you can help other people do and and then I've always had a servant attitude. I love serving people. I love helping people. I love coaching. I mean I've coached football and I help myself and three other guys who started an entire league in the area. If he doesn't like Pop Warner, Pop Warner is for the younger.

Jim:And at first I was like well they're kind of young, small, you know, but then I saw the alternatives to the coaches that would go instead of me. And I realized I have to go because I want to help these kids get mentally and physically fit and protect themselves from injury and that type of thing. So I already coach basketball. I'd already coached baseball, and I don't know anything about baseball. You know they wouldn't let me play. Replay. He always taught me he made me learn things when I was kid and said now baseball is not going to help you. My dad was right. He's an entrepreneur. You know he was right. I mean, but I still can hit the ball on six foot six. I can hit the ball farther. 

JoAnn:  How did you initially hear about legendary?

Jim:Okay, I'm gonna get close. I'm getting close. And you know, finally settled down that clock the job started doing that. And then and then I got laid off. And then found another job that was outdoors. I liked it for a while. And then the company folded so then I worked for Big Brother overlord. All right, that's the best I can say. And that's really a nine to five job. So, I've been doing that. I met a woman of my dreams and went to divorce in 2010 and then but that's usually you think like, why God why did why did what did I do wrong? You know, where did I fail? You know failure, all that. But it wasn't that I hit the jackpot. I married the woman I met, the woman of my dreams. married her and she is the real deal here. She is a real entrepreneur. One day during the pandemic she got she got injured in a job she's school teacher she grew up in Barcelona and she she got her scholarship when she was 15 and to Barcelona and Spain and was a school teacher and a principal for about 23 years there, went to watermark Tuck School for about seven years. Then came and found me. That was the only purpose. I mean I'm absolutely positive about it. We're both positive of it. She had no reason to be in Davenport, Iowa. And we met in a Starbucks and fell madly in love. And still in love to this day. So happy right now you have no idea. We're happy to be here. We're happy to be with you. And we're happy with the legendary timespan , you know. And so my wife, my wife, started searching for something more. She had an injury and she had her shoulder fixed and that was painful and she didn't really want to go back to her job. She didn't want to go back, you know, surgeon and she searched and we found something that cost a bunch of money. Right? And I said no, I don't think there's enough there. I don't think that's and I'm not sure if that is the source of what we're looking for. And she came across Brian and I, she followed up on it and started it and I said okay, she goes I really trust this guy. And okay, I said okay, let's you know, and then it was like the rug got pulled out from under the table. Because all of a sudden this guy Dave Sharpe shows up. I'm like, Wait, this is Brian. This is Dave. I mean, what's going on here? So I was really skeptical at first. I was like, something's up here. And then my dad was five foot seven. And I'm gonna say Dave and my dad are very similar in many ways, and I started watching him and and I'll tell you what, Dave is might be one of the best content speakers that has really been out there. They really can put so much out while he's talking to me you can understand and you can relate to it. And all of a sudden I said hey, I like this and then the more I did it, the more I started believing in myself. Yes. And then I realized, what the heck am I doing? Why am I doing this nine to five job? Why? It was never me that day that I posted that time clock was a big mistake. It was a really different thing. i i Yes, it puts some food on the table. But if I went on vacation, I would use a credit card. Then what I do is pay that credit card down all year until Christmas. And then I wanted to have Christmas so the kids have to put more than you pay it all down. And you don't really get it paid down. You know what I mean? And so that's what my job stands for. And so then I then the first guy was mad, Matt came on. And Matt is a good person. And everybody else in legendary is a good person. But Matt is innocent and good. He's just innocent. You know? I mean he says things like, don't worry about it. You know, when you're going through the blueprints and the training. He says don't worry about that you'll be alright don't you know and don't suffer for that don't suffer. And those little things that he said helped me so much not to suffer not to, to think oh I can't do this you know it's to me for my break. I've only got two brain cells for seven days left. I have to download a bunch of information on one upload overcharged, I'm burning these cells so bad. I don't want to lose them. You know, call me down and he calmed me down and then they would fire me up and then back down and then they would really fire you know, I mean what as I was learning that he was more like so I could learn this much then with him I was able to learn them next few steps to go up and he would really push me to the art farther up and and my wife and things got really good from there. You know? And so go ahead and ask the question.

JoAnn:  When did you start legendary? Did you guys go through the challenge a year ago, two years ago, three months ago? What was that date?

Jim:October 2020. There it is. This is my beautiful entrepreneur wife.

Jim:Guys, well, we are two different here but he's the same. He's an unplugged man. I am. Hot Man is on his punch. My wife's on her second campaign right now. And when I first heard about Facebook and campaigns through math, I was like, man, no way. You know you start putting money into this and your ads and stuff and you don't know what you're doing. You may just pump out a bunch of money. And my wife has to by working with Canva and all the things my wife really, really has gotten her videos.

Jim:He's really cool and legendary too.

JoAnn:  I love doing paid ads on top of organic Correct.

Jim:I learned from her I sit back and really help her and she helps me how's that

JoAnn:  work? I love that it's even work that's

Jim:like this room. You know this room my wife set up. You know, there's a chalkboard over this way. Okay, that way. I know this is weird. It's backwards on the video. You know, this is a desk here. We have another one downstairs and that we both can work at the same time. It's really

JoAnn:  Okay, so let's talk about that. She found the challenge you were skeptical of a little bit and then dove in. How was it working alongside your partner in the same house? Did you guys need to find okay, this is your space my space or is it really collaborative and teamwork? What's it? What's it like? Working together?

Jim:It's so much fun. I've never had any fun. I've had a lot of fun, but it's clean fun. While we're talking you know, we love like yesterday. My next video is okay, we were driving down the road yesterday. We were heading to a place where my wife we're going to a wedding in a couple of weeks. And my wife got a dress and she bought it offline. And so this dress is a little big for she's very petite, beautiful, and super gorgeous. And so we knew the seamstress that was in a town which is this thing even really a town where there's no gas station. There's no okay. No, you know, but it's got about 20-30 houses. You know, it's that in Illinois, you know, it's by the river. And we don't that we're driving down the road. It's just what we see. Now we're in the Midwest, we're in Northern Illinois. We're in cornfields. We saw a zebra. I mean these people on a farm had a zebra so guess what we do? We stop. I turn the drive right into the dance back and get back up and pull over and we take videos of this Libra in so that my next video will be one I'm not sure exactly the next one not after this. I'm so supercharged right now that I don't know what I'll do next, you know, you know but the thing is, we took a video of that CEBRA then we came on down the road and there were a bunch of little billy goats. So we stopped and filmed down. You know, we went to this place called the house on the rock. And this is a really centric guy that builds all these carousels and things in his house and he really wants to share with nobody. It's an amazing place. You ever get the chance to see it. It's in Wisconsin. And that place was just phenomenal and we did a lot of videos there. And so what we found is we end like today if we didn't have this we're gonna go to the lake. There's a lake right outside of town here, a park called Rock wood and get our boat and do videos there. So what we found is we'd love to go places and do our videos. So we laugh, we laugh so hard because it's so silly making videos, you know. Here it is. Okay, so

JoAnn:  let me stop you know because you said something that I really want our viewers and our listeners to take it. There are many people starting out on their journey, and they just sit in one room in one place. And all of their videos are in the same place and they're talking about the same thing, guys and Jim sharing what he and his wife are planning. They're building out strategies. They're thinking of content ideas, they're thinking outside the box. How can we look different? How can we show up differently than everyone else? winging it right they don't care about what anyone else thinks they're gonna go in the lake. They're gonna make TikTok videos on a boat later today. Listen to what he's saying as he's sharing his story. What he's what they're both really doing. They are thinking outside of the box. How can we show up online differently, but authentically to what we love, what we enjoy and that is such a gift that you're sharing with our audience this morning. That's huge. And I love that and I know someone made a comment because you said chalkboard. I don't care with a chalkboard whiteboard iPad. You guys are planning. You're building out a strategy. And that's what is crucial here. You aren't just throwing a random video and hoping it sticks, you're building on a long game. You guys are masterful at what you're building and it's beautiful and it's authentic to you and I frickin love it. So awesome. Kudos. I hope everyone really grabs that this morning from you guys.

Jim:I want to say something sometime, like simple far in my course man. I love to cook. He loves to but sometimes he's cooking. I go there. We put a tripod in the kitchen and we made one video like that. Cooking together. We like dancing but we cannot dance it really but we put it where music is. And when more and this is for video. We also where we put the cameras there and we made one video. So where we go with something we do together is video because we share our life and we know that these lives are not age, sometimes it's not easy. See, for the Mornay for many problems, but last is nice the shelter life and any element see thing and I you know and I know what kids are killed loves what I do. And we enjoy spending some time together and he likes to talk about my life. Full time I have two three life I talked about him as smhc For us it's a It's a gift. Yeah, I think you and I think Dave and all legends because we are being blessed by everybody that does this. It will happen you will make you just keep trying and go back to the blueprints and if you know me, me I get confused or think something I just go to the blueprints and I restarted then it comes back or I watch drew or watch matt watch you know I've watched these and then go to other people's videos and watch them and look around and learn. Joshua Smith had a definitely big effect on me. 

JoAnn:  This it's not an optional so I hope I think you aren't using those words and I hope everyone is really catching on to what you're using. I am going to do this. So let's figure it out. Right. Oh, I hit a roadblock today. Awesome. Let's figure out how to get past it. What do I need to learn to change? What do I need to pivot? There's never a struggle today or this video isn't going so I'm just going to pause for the next three weeks and then think about it for a while you don't do that you just go Okay, let's try something different. Alright, let's go back to my education. Let's see what I missed. What's the next step that I can apply? And that's the difference between being successful and not. It's the drive, the consistency and the mindset, that determination. I am going to do this. I'm going to figure it out. I'm going to use my resources and I'm going to keep going. I'm gonna keep going and match your energy. Committing to that journey with your wife is beautiful. I love it. I love it.

Jim:She has been very successful. Number one. She was a school teacher. So you're when she says she does two or three lives a day. Well, I love it because I sit back now and she does some in Spanish. I've always wanted that staff and her and so you know this preference. I don't know who actually but I do know there's a big demand in Spanish online and my wife is part of that. She's International. He is getting clients from all over. She just had a client from the Ukraine or not Ukraine in the UK. And I've got some from the Ukraine that that you know, because they have to worry about things like getting able to use the internet because they the other team I don't want to say things get us in trouble but the other team will find out where they are by zero and and that they're using a phone, a telecommunication communication device, and they can find the signal neck to track people. So I'm talking and helping people in the Ukraine to try to kiss and have food. You know, this ain't about it ain't about just, you know, making money. It's about putting food down sometimes, you know, I mean when I do a live show and Nick comes on, you know, this gets almost political, which is hard for me. I'm not political. I mean, you know, I type policemen, I mean, if I see something bad going on, I'm gonna help you know, and that's just the way I've been all my life. But

JoAnn:  I also think that the goal, your drive to serve is really why it's not necessarily just to make money. It's you who loves to teach you love to code. Love to serve you love to help. So you're using your platform to do that. It's my own way and that's really cool. For sure.

Jim:chance to sign out that little form but that's what I do for a living.

JoAnn:  For living, Jim, what did you do before?

Jim:Work with robotics. Now I teach robotics. I teach kids for free. For free. I teach kids how to build robots, and how the basics you know, just the beginning part that basic tells the motors and the servos. And the computers work together to make the arm move and how it works with robotics. Now, in the application of the real world, I did it in like so automation, why would you have automation? Because I worked in negative 20. Why do you work in negative 20 You say, because ice cream biodegrades at negative 10. And that blew my mind when I learned that when I was doing my job. Make it 20 Man, my joints, my knees are everything. It's killing me. And thanks to legendary Thank you, Dave. Thank you, Matt. Thank you drew. 20 no more. Do you understand my job making machines work with computers to be completely automated? You know , the beautiful thing I learned early was from the engineer that built this, you know, $22 million robot that I work with. And he is here. I saw him one day. I caught you know, he didn't know I was there. And I saw this guy not on the camera and so I ran down. And I knew who he was. I figured out that he was the engineer, the designer and the architect of this particular robot. And I said, Hey, check it out. ” You might move on because you're using these proximity switches that came in on the Mayflower Well, this guy spoke barely English, right? Get my job. He didn't even have a clue what I'm saying. And but these passages were made in the 80s You know, they aren't the new ones that are made modern time. Why are we using these but he did. He stopped me right there. He stopped. No, that is this machine runs perfectly in a perfect world. There it is. I think you did it. I was so happy. Always have a job because it isn't perfect.

JoAnn:  Exactly. Exactly. Right. I mean, that's I let's let's end with that as the last takeaway stop looking for perfect, it doesn't exist. So we've got to just put things out there. And just keep going. take imperfect action perfectly. It's probably the best way. So I didn't get a chance to grab your socials. can people follow you? So I think I have your Tik Tok to makemoneyonlinewithJim. Is that correct? Yes. Let me share that. And then you also do are you also creating content for Facebook? Yes,

Jim:and Instagram and

JoAnn:  Facebook we just can just search your name, it's Jim ferry, tick tock you can follow Jim and make some money online with Jim. So definitely go give him a follow. I love your energy. I love the partnership that you and your wife have not only in life and in marriage but also in business and you find the joy guys find joy every day with Wally and it's just so cool and beautiful to see. I love it. I love it. Love it. Love it.

Jim:It's amazing. Chris: Did that ring a bell to you? They are. When I first saw Dave the first person was a pastor, and that had a line that I loved. And then I saw this before Chris and Susan and we followed them for quite a while and they would drive their car. Just pull out their tripod, chairs and do videos everywhere. And that was very inspirational. We follow them and realize it is a great opportunity as a couple to become entrepreneurs together. You know, and then my wife found that it was easier for her to do it in Spanish. And grew up in Europe. She has European Spanish and is a teacher. So I recommend all of you out there. You've had to be a picky eater. I did training and I've been teaching people how to build robots. I've been coaching, use those teaching benefits that you've had in the in and enrich make them more and serve be a server. I serve people you know, I find it hard to help my friends. It's like you know I don't want to see him fail. You know with a nine to five job you're you know you're you're restricted. You're going against somebody else's rules and expectations. And you know when you're yourself. You get a little nervous and say hey man, I gotta do something and use that energy of nervousness and push through multiple videos. Do it in different ways. Don't be the same. There'll be just a tiny bit of Joshua Smith. I mean, he really does show you a lot of good ways to do things and that's where I've seen the big change in my videos is by doing a little shorter and a lot of content and that content and get them to have to watch it two or three times. Do you want to? You want a gold nugget?

JoAnn:  Yep. Let's hear it. We've dropped a lot already if people have been listening, so let's hear it. Let's hear one final golden nugget.

Jim:This is my wife. She came up with this a couple days ago. She goes Do you know it's an AI algorithm that is running tick tock and what does that mean? That means Watch, watch it, it's big brother watching you and they are watching all your video context, what you're looking at, what you're doing, everything. So to go to the guidelines, the rules of Tic Toc, and we do it every day. Because you know, you're looking at the rules and you're complying. So a lot of people get in with the Tick Tock police and they get in trouble. So go to these active guidelines. Just we go on there and we punch it in and sit down and have dinner and my wife's videos went from 500 or so set to five times out. I don't know how all this changes and how it all might change for you. And everybody's different AI is different and all that kind of stuff. That's what they are. Your videos aren't going great. Then make a little tweak here, tweak and pay attention and watch other people's videos do these giant tell me

JoAnn:  I mean variants out on that so I always say niche but but you know this potato potato tomato tomato.

Jim:You were surprised. Give me today. Did you expect this? You didn't know don't You don't know when somebody we were it's real. It's real. It's real. out there. I know you're struggling, you're under pressure, you need money. Dave has said don't give up. Because the day you give up the next day you were gonna make my money. I'm gonna tell you made the money you just don't know. It's common, it's a blessing. But keep working. Keep striving keep doing videos, find different ways to do videos, you know, and do different things. I'm completely different person. I didn't have this facial hair. When I started. I didn't have long hair and everything and I got to be part of legendary and during that time, which I thank God every day you know because it gave me and direction and and thankful to this day I can sit here and give you hours more. My wife said slow down. Give me

JoAnn:  I really appreciate you coming in and helping us out this morning. I just really appreciate you and your energy sharing your insight, your strategy with all of us that we definitely have to have you back on the show in the coming months your wife needs to join you full time on this thing in little quick little seconds. I'm gonna have you both on and I really appreciate it and I appreciate your time and energy alone guys too. I love your energy, your outlook on life. 

Jim: It is beautiful and what a great way to kick off the week. So thank you, you know, it was a pleasure to be here. I hope I get a chance to be interviewed by both Matt and Dave and you know, I would love to come back. Give them guys I've got I've got something so worth Dave wants to hear I promise client that she will not believe that he or she might not throw his hat. Want us to meet this guy.

JoAnn:  Any moment that brings a hat throwdown

Jim:It's phenomenal. I mean, he might throw the hat I mean, but it's amazing. The people that we've had, that we've helped, and my wife is just, you know, she's on a level that I get to try to achieve. And that's what's really nice, is there's no animosity, we both keep pushing each other. She's my boss pushed me, you know, to get up in the morning and so, you know, did you do your videos today, you know, that I mean, I love I'm not good enough. You know, it's like, you're right. You know focus, because you know me I'm nonchalant. I live like you know, every day is the greatest day ever. Let's enjoy the day and do your work and that's what legendary is about. That's what doing this is about. It's never been in the history of mankind anything like this. So you know you're getting an opportunity that's been years and years that people have suffered by having to do nine to five jobs and had no other choice to survive. And so you know, with this, it's not just survival. It's life. It's life, legendary life in life with legendary armor right here. You know, there it is. I got the merch.

Jim:I love it.

JoAnn:  Anyone can buy Be Legendary dot shop, grab one of our T-shirts. And Jim thanks again for coming on the show today. It was a pleasure. And have a great day and stay legendary as always.

Jim:All right, guys.

JoAnn:  Wow, what a great Wednesday for your energy and definitely go back and watch that replay and grab all of those nuggets that he and his wife shared with us this morning throughout the episode. And as always stay legendary. Have a great day. We'll be back tomorrow.