On this episode of Wake Up Legendary, David Sharpe and our guest discuss how to spot a marketing scam. Below is the transcription for this episode:

David Sharpe:  What's going on my friends let's jump right into this. My name is David Sharpe but you already know hey, listen, we've got a guest this morning. Okay? Do we have a guest this morning Who thought that that first commission, that first big win, that big major result was just luck. And then she found out quickly that it wasn't luck that what she was doing was taking imperfect action and oh my god it worked. It actually worked. What do you know? It worked these old crazy guys and gals, what we're talking about over here, damn it. It works. Okay, so let's hear it directly from her. Stephy Chen. Welcome to the show.

Stephy:  Hi Dave How are you? It's an honor to be here.

Dave: Did I explain your previous mindset correctly?

Stephy:  Oh, yeah, absolutely. So when I joined the legendary marketer, I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. My first commission didn't come in until like a month and a half and it was kind of small; it was 70 cents. But I was thrilled because it shows that it is a proven system and it gave me hope, and I was able to continue to keep growing but when I got my first high commissions I thought I was just lucky. I was like, okay, neat thing right? By accident. So you didn't invite me to the talk show, but I was like, I think I need more time for that because I'm still learning the strategy. I'm still going through the blueprint. So sorry, I'm so sorry for not saying he has been

Dave:  making money before you get done with a blueprint. I just love when a story is created out of a situation. That's it. I mean, and you know what the beautiful thing is that stories can't be created unless we do something, take some sort of action , create zero stories, but a lot of marketing and what we do is really for the story. And I don't. I don't think a lot of us really realize that because we're always looking for the commission. We got our eye on the commission. Right? But there's a bigger game that's been played and the bigger game that's been played is sort of like how a baseball team would go into the World Series. You know, there's a big plan. We're looking to win the championship here where I feel like a lot of marketers can only see the pitch that's being thrown right now. And don't look at the story that it creates and all of the other things that can come from one result, you know, when you tie that one result into the big picture, are you starting to see more of the big picture for your business now?

Stephy:  Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That's like so that's the same mindset that I have started this right. Everyone's thinking about the Commission's I also, I was so stuck on the commission. And I always explained this in my life. So whenever I go jogging, I try to hit the route non-stop and it's really hard for me because I hate running. I love sprinting more like a short short term sprint, but here's the thing, the more I think about it, like when I have an Apple watch, it will buzz every time I hit like a mile. The more I get stuck up on my watch, like when I'm going to hit my four miles, the harder I'm going to get there. But instead if I change my focus to like, my footstep, like listening to my music and my breathing, I would get to my four miles like with without even thinking about it and expecting it and and that's the best feeling because it just hit you it just reward you and even better I was able to go for the fifth mile, the six mile, etc. And that's the same thing with affiliate marketing. The more you think about the Commission, the harder it's going to come to you or you feel it's going to get to you. But if you just focus on going through the process of learning, going live provides value and that's when it's going to change for you. That's when you change from a goal mindset to a growth mindset and that allows you to expand and grow.

Dave:  That was a powerful analogy about the running that was imagined or the way that you brought that up and tied that in. Is that something that you've talked about before? Have you used that analogy before? I mean, that's really really powerful.

Stephy:  Yeah, I say that sometimes during my live stream.

Dave:  And you know, it's always easier to get a new audience than it is to get new material. You know, I say that every time I tell a joke, you know, because my wife's heard the same jokes 1000s of times, but when a brand new person hears it, it's like they heard it for the first time. You know, they're like, my wife's like oh, God, I've heard that 5000 times. You know what I mean? She's still very, very, very, very polite with me, laughing at all my jokes. But, you know, it's, it's, if we can find like, the reason why I brought that up is because if we can find a couple of really powerful things that we can say, use over and over again, similar to how we repurpose a piece of content. We can also repurpose stories and repurpose analogies. We don't always have to come up with something new to talk about. Or we could slightly change it but tell the same stories and use the same metaphors and use the same analogies. And if you look back to my entire career, and all of the things I talked about on a regular basis it's all from the same origin story. And that's all. I haven't lived multiple lives, it's from the same life. It's just putting a little bit of a different spin on it or just bringing that same story or same analogy up just in a different conversation. It'd be different. Are you finding that talking, finding things to talk about is actually easier than you thought it was going to be? I mean, some people often say, Well, I'm scared a little, but then if I do go live, what do I talk about? Are you repurposing these analogies and repurposing the stories and finding that you can talk about a lot of the things sort of over and over again, and have both get better yourself at telling them but also they just continue to work because there's always new people in your life.

Stephy:  Yeah, absolutely. So whenever I go live, for First off, I want to say thank you to Amy. She inspires me, goes live twice a day and I'm trying to do that as well. Whenever I go live, I do the same thing. I show the same thing I have like basically a structure that is in the back of my mind. And sometimes I get the same people and they're like, are you just doing the same thing? And so I just said Yeah, twice. I'm going through the same thing, but I get different people with different questions and a lot of time people are new here and this is a new introduction to them. So and then there's no follow up to that. So yeah, I will have a strategy for my life. And I would just go with the flow and get different comments and questions. So I just go from there.

Dave:  Well, so powerful, so powerful to know that you can't and you're a smart, smart girl. I mean, you're in Silicon Valley, you are a manager of a tech startup. So it's not like you couldn't come up with something new to talk about every day and a bright, beautiful new lesson for everybody every day. But the truth is, even as a highly intelligent, former tech manager, startup manager of a startup in Silicon Valley, you know that you don't have to do that, you don't have to hire people with your intelligence on TikTok and come with a new lesson every day. You have to have the same message every day because the same message over time will actually be similar to how Matt talked about in the weekly email. Where the email service just kept retargeting and finally he was like, Fine, I'll give him my money. The same thing happened with us and even with people hopping on our lives. Why do you think I go live? It's a similar conversation with a different face every day. But I never get tired of it because it's slightly different. And I'm in a different mood every day but it's the same message and I hear you saying the same thing and in in as a as an intelligent person who could probably come up with new content and talk about the fact talk, you know, say what comes up for you as I say this, is that true? Has that been true that keeping it simple? Having the same message and not always feeling like you need to come up with something new tastic slow and steady and consistent same message wins the race. Is that true? For you?

Stephy:  Yeah, absolutely. So besides that, you also gotta be personal like, well to your audience. I I did. I was working for tech and for my whole life education. It's my thing. Well, funny enough , I am originally from Malaysia, in Malaysia, and I'm here by myself because I got sent overseas because I wasn't doing so well in my hometown. And got to the point that no schools in Malaysia were accepting me. So I came here and I started going to a boarding school, which I love, very strict, but that kind of got me into like, the whole education, and I have my master's degree as well. But when people come into my life and say, Okay, do I need a degree for this? I'm like, no, like, the person was suggesting he didn't even finish high school. So people are more relatable to that. Like, they, they, they, they want to learn but they were afraid that it's gonna be super hard. So when I tell them that no, I'm learning from someone who dropped out of high school, and they were okay. Like, let me give them a try. So just gotta be able.

Dave:  You do what you do right if you know, that's something that works to my advantage. You know, it's not something that I manufactured. It's completely real, but I don't hide it. Whereas most people hide it, because I realized that it may be just, it's, it's just who I am. First of all, it's just my rate, my truth and then second of all, is yeah, when you start when you start you know, when you start listing off all of your your achievements and everything and like everything that like how great you are and how rich you are, and kind of all this stuff. Like most people, not only will they be like an asshole, or maybe they'll have feelings of internal jealousy or whatever. But but but, you know, you're just not even relatable. And a lot of times this is another thing in marketing that I really realized was a lot bigger of a motivator than talking about all the things that somebody could have, you know, somebody's going to take action. A, they have a better chance of taking action based on something that's painful versus something that's pleasurable that they want to go after. There's things that are pleasurable that all of us could go after. That we don't but but if but if something's hurting, physical pain, emotional pain, you know, mental pain, we're gonna act, we're going to act and complacency and lack of pain is is oftentimes a big challenge for people because we don't have anything that's motivating us. What's motivating you? Deep I mean, what is driving you to do this? And then have you found any new motivations since you've started?

Stephy:  Yeah, I fully agree with that. When you're not in pain, we're not when you're when you're not in discomfort. You're not going to inspire me to go further. Right. So. So if I back up a little bit, the reason why I became a legendary marketer is that, I think last year in October, so yeah, I was working for a tech startup. And it is a startup so the hours were crazy. Sometimes I have meanings ranging from like 7am and will ask you could last at like my last one. My last meeting could be like 11pm And, and I was still working in between. But I didn't mind it because I thought it was young. And that's what I'm supposed to do anyway. And also at that time, my company promised something that was very important to me. I don't really want to get into it, but Sure, but anyways, I didn't. That's why I didn't mind the grind. I was like, okay, they're doing me a huge favor. I'm not going to like it. I'm not going to pitch about the crazy hours and and but three years later, I realized that what my company promised me they didn't end up fulfilling which resulted in the app to stop working for them completely. And that's, that's, that's where I come. I feel like okay, that happens around October. I was kind of relieved at that time because I was not working crazy hours and it was close to the holiday season. And so I was like, very excited for the holiday season. But when January hit, everyone was going back to their routine going back to work, but I was left home doing nothing and I felt like a loser. I was pretty upset. Like for a full week. I think I got into a minor depression which is very rare to me because I'm like a very outgoing person. I'm very positive all the time. And that's when around February I came across a legendary marketer and for some reason I just felt like something inside me just said that like this is it and I felt so hopeful and every time when I went to sleep I couldn't. I couldn't I couldn't sleep in it because I was just so excited to like start seeing things that's like that was the motivation

Dave:  Yeah, what's driving you now? I mean, now that you're October of 2021. Right? You're right 2021 So now it's August of 2022. You're almost a year you know, in two alarms it has been your one year anniversary. So what do you see now? I mean, you're a smart person who could be doing so many things with a master's degree. You are young. You're you have you have a lot of exposure to what's possible in Silicon Valley and what's what's what's, why are you doing this and what's driving you?

Stephy:  Definitely the whole idea of like, additional income streams is a big factor. Given today's market, inflation, recession and gas prices, I feel like it's always a great idea to have additional income streams. I'm still so with digital marketing. It's the best side hustle that I've come across so far. Because we don't need to create products and all that stuff. Don't need to do sales and customer service. So I feel like if you're not, you're not doing this and you're on social media all the time scrolling through and not monetizing your social media. You're wasting your time. So I'm just a normal girl that I can spend hours on social media like I love posting. I love being on it. Yeah, so it's just something in my nature and I'm trying to monetize it, which is working so far.

Dave:  Man, that's great , that's a really great point that you just said and a lot of people do like to be on social media. And you know, I can be a big you know, I can be a big chromogen about it because I'm, I'm old like a grandpa, my wife actually, I had a big girl like, I haven't grown a beard out like a couple of years. You know what I mean? And I grew my beard out over the last couple of days and I had like a big gray neck beard you know and my wife like it was all gray. I've turned my life is like you're putting off grandpa vibes right now. And I was like, wow. So you know, I'm like an old curmudgeon. So a lot of times I get you know, I get kind of I get, you know, a little bit negative about social media and just I don't know I just like to complain sometimes, too. You know, just about things. I just need something to complain about. And we all need an enemy. You know what I mean? So social media is kind of like, you know, Mark Zuckerberg and these guys are trying to kick us off over media and we gotta get back on in Miami. I don't know. It's kind of like, you know, people think that I'm like over here look, like I'm like, you know, Dick Tracy. I'm like, man, let's play a game of cat and mouse and try to beat these suckers. You know what I mean? I mean, they're making trillions of dollars, a couple of dollars from this site, you know, I mean, so to me, it is also like a game of cat holes. In You know, it's, it's really something that a lot of people do, but a lot of people have fun with it, you know, with social media and the fact that you just said that really, really really, I think, is really relatable because it's like, if you're not if you're gonna be on it, and a lot of us when we pull up that screen time, I mean that that big ol number pops up. We're just like, holy shit. I've been on this freaking screen that many hours this week. It's like all the brain cancer or something you know what I mean?

Stephy:  Sometimes I hate it. I was like, Are you reminding me how much time on my screen

Dave:  But here's the thing: one of the things that I've worked a lot on in my personal life is shame reduction. You know, like anything that makes me feel bad. Like so many times we should ourselves to death like I shouldn't be doing this or I shouldn't be doing that. That would be an example like cutting like all that out and just being in the moment, but not regretting and shaming myself or shaming others or whatever. And, and so yes, I love how you turned social media. We in many ways have been conflicted over the last 10 years. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it good for my kids? How much screen time Oh shit, I'm making a lot of money off of it and it's just like Clint proposed. But you're clear that you enjoy posting and you like it. That's cool. I think we all do. It's just all the I think it's just all the toxicity that we don't like, but the general posting and just interacting and sharing our lives is fun. Because if I'm going to be doing that anyways, I might as well be monetizing. Yeah, absolutely.

Stephy:  And, and it's also it's also important to draw a line because there's just so much things on social media that you can scroll forever, and especially the social media algorithm, they learn what you like, like if I start like getting content about like cars, or like games, which had zero interest, like I could put away my phone even faster, I can go to bed even faster, and maybe read a book, but so they know what you like and they try to feed you those content that you like. So I always tried to like it well, in the beginning I got lost like I could spend like two hours in there and just stop. But I just like turned on, like sleep mode on my phone, like I set it up like when you start reminding me to sleep or like when I'm supposed to stop using my phone then I just like a gentle reminder on my phone. So yeah, shut off everything. So once it reminds me and it can get off and I would just put it away and start it Yeah, it's important to draw a line and especially when you're with your family, your friends. Just make sure that I'm looking at the screen.

Dave:  It's hard though. Like especially when you have a business school or and you're looking for email notifications. You shouldn't videos still going viral and all this kind of stuff. It's like it's hard not to look.

Stephy:  Yeah, that happened. I think it was two days ago. Yeah. Or yeah, no Sunday. Actually I was having brunch with my friends. Everyone was talking and I was just on my phone looking through new TikTok ideas and also checking my emails for Commission's coming in and I caught myself. I'm just like I'm not participating in this fun. So yeah.

Dave:  Well, I mean, coming from the tech world and just knowing you know what, you know about apps and how they're made and how they're made. I mean, these apps are really made, like you said, to be addictive to people. And you know, the cool thing is, that is that they're going to exist regardless of whether you like it or not. And so, you know, how can I get in on a little bit of that action and in use in you know, for me, it makes me feel good that my message is positive. You know what I mean that my message is helpful, valuable, at least to me and to at least some others, right? So, you know, but yeah, man, it's, it's, it's the perfect partner, you know, to to it's, it's really it's really, and I mean, social media, they're the perfect partner because, you know, really, really even though they you know, even though they say we're connecting the world, it's like, man, they're building apps that keep people on those things. I mean, that's, that's just, and they are masters at that, right. So it's kind of nice that I get to post my content on that app that's already got all of those things kind of built into it. You know, I have, and that's what I think a lot of us underestimate is that we have a lot of leverage that people in the past didn't have. You couldn't just hop on NBC and just run your video. You couldn't hop on Fox or TNT or whatever your local radio station wasn't just post your video and have them push it out to there. So the times are different. And what would you say to you know, to people who were young, I also don't want you know, older people to feel excluded, but you're smart enough to be able to talk to everybody. What would you say to people too, that are maybe not quite seeing the opportunity that you see and are, you know, allowing something that's that's that I don't want to say that they shouldn't but that is insignificant in the bigger scheme of things, hold them back, like maybe a critical friend or family member or some sort of a limiting belief in their mother that hold them back or maybe some fear, right fear of going on video fear of what people are going to say, what would you say now being on the other side, almost a year into it? What would you say to those people who were in that spot right now on that fence?

Stephy:  Yeah. So I get that a lot too. Like people are like having doubts or having a lot of questions. Even on my live stream it was like people will straight up say this is MLM This is a pyramid scam. This is a scam. And I think the only thing that I would say whenever that comes up, is that so is the online world and unfortunately there are a lot of scams like cyber bullies like hackers. They are out there because they know they can get away with it. And indeed they can get away with it. That's why people are doing it. But every year yeah, but you as a person. When you come across someone who claims Hey, I make money online like or like I'm six figures, etc. Like as a person. If you come across that it's very important to do all the research. That's all I'm going to ask, like, I did my research before trying out any leisure marketer, I think I spent two weeks looking into it. And yeah, that's the advice I would give because you don't want that to be you don't want your limiting belief to stop you from getting things that could potentially change your situation and change your life, right? But whenever you have that thought like all you have to do is to spend time doing your research to see if this is to verify it before saying okay this is a scam , scroll away like it because you're not are not immune to it.

Dave:  It's hard to even verify nowadays because you know, every single blog article out there is some article that some person like you or me posted, it's their opinion. And it's so hard , you know, it's one of the reasons why I do this show every day. And did we talk about Did I tell you or give you any prep or did we even talk before we went live about what you say or what I'm going to ask you No. I actually came on and said some dumb dad joke and then we went live That was merely funny, but I thought it was funny and I'm funny. No, so that's all that matters. Learn to entertain yourself and you'll be happy forever. But the point here is that we do these shows transparently and live every day because what what what, you know, what my advice and what I really realized about life after hearing people talk about other people and I believed that. But then when I went and met the person that they were talking about, it didn't match because I formed my own opinion after talking with and listening to the person and the reason why we go live every day is because there's not another guru out there. There's not another educator or marketer that I know of that's talking to their clients every single day, five days a week, you know, in an authentic way. And so it's hard for people nowadays to know what's real or what's not. I got people right now that are on Instagram posing as me selling crypto crap. I mean, I got people in our Facebook group, this is their whole business model is to come in and try to recruit people out of our Facebook group. To join their Zoom, their silly zoom family, to go hang out on zooms to come back and try to get more people out of our Facebook group. So I mean, there's crap going on all over all the time. And you know, the reason why we do this show every day is so people can actually and it's amazing. People will listen to 1000 other people instead of just going and talking to the person or listening to the person. And that just boggles my mind. And I live seriously. I grew up around people and I can always remember people gossiping and talking about people. It's just something that people do. But I can always remember when I would meet the person to have a different opinion, whether it was good or bad. I'd have a different opinion than what those other people thought and that was so freeing to me to realize that I didn't have to build my friend circle or whatever, off of what my mother thought, or what my father thought, or what this person over here thought what comes up for you as I say that

Stephy:  Yeah, I feel like everyone has a different story about like, about a person and whenever you hear someone talk about that one person you would only hear it's like a telephone game.

Dave:  Yeah, where each person adds something. Yes,

Stephy:  yeah. Yeah. Different ways to tell a story about what happened to the person you like, until you meet that person. You have a different use, form your whole mindset about that person.

Dave:  But you're right. I mean, you have to make yourself feel comfortable nowadays. You have to do whatever feels good and makes sense to you. It's hard. But I also think there's that we're not dumb. I think that we have built in bullshit detectors. And I think if we really listen to our gut, you know what I mean? Like Like, if you think back to everything that went wrong. Think back to your stomach. Before that happened. You had a feeling in your gut, you know what I mean? All of us women are more so than my wife's intuition and her gut blows me or like, how did you know I was about to do some shit like she knows about some stuff before I even do it. I'm like, Girl, but seriously, that gut is also powerful. It's an indicator of whether something is bullshit or not. That's a technical professional term. But do you agree?

Stephy:  Yeah, yeah. That bullshit detector. It's what keeps you safe just like when you feel like things are going wrong. You know it and when you like, as a person is sketchy. You don't want to go near them. You know it. That's what keeps us safe. And we're not sometimes yeah, sometimes people will say you're being racist. And I was like, no, like, obviously. You can sense it like when it's not when you're not when that is not the right person and not the right environment that you want to get into. Like, just Yeah.

Dave:  I mean, and I have gotten that I've now learned to listen to that. I mean, if I think back every single time that something went wrong. I had a gut feeling. I was like, I shouldn't be giving this person money. I shouldn't be you know, I mean, like and I want to ask all of you because I know there's so many of you who are likely just listening to this this morning that there's two rules that I'd really I'd really offer you. Number one is do what you do what you need to do publicly. Don't do it privately. Don't let people isolate you in private messages, especially if you're new. Don't let people sneak and slide into your DMS and romanticize you that you know what you're doing is wrong and they're your Savior. That's the number one your your your You're nothing but a target to somebody like them that you're a target to them. And so I recently had, you know, that happened yesterday to one of our clients here where somebody posed as me and was private messaging her I guess, and talking about something crypto related where she ended up sneaking personal money, I guess. So, you know, you really, really have to stay out of the DMS people. You know, we have a tendency, we have a tendency to be listening but when we want to go over we want to ask them, Hey, can you can I get it better from you? Or do you have a deal? Do you know anybody? We always do little side conversations and side deals. We think that's the best way to do it. And so will the DM conversations with these people to get the real truth and guess what they're sitting there waiting on you to do. That's your perfect target for them now to manipulate and sell some bullshit mentor ship service that you don't need. Let me mentor people you don't need and you don't need a coach. You don't, you don't. You don't. I mean, it's just here's the ultimate. You know, how many people out here think I'm your mentor? Well, guess what? I don't want to be your mentor. I don't want to be your coach. I just want to be a guy who creates courses and teaches shit online and then you can learn it but I don't. I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to, my ego doesn't need that. You see, my ego doesn't need that. It wants it. Well, I'm Thau, a mentor to 1000s of people. Come on, you know. So that's the thing number one is stay out of the DMS people just want to isolate us and and and there was another one that I was going to say like the gut feeling you know, just the gut feeling you get if you get a if you get a bad gut feeling about something or someone they listen to it don't let your greed be the more dominant emotion than your discipline and your restraint. What comes up for you as I say that

Stephy:  is the final you talk about the whole DM thing. Like before Yeah, I got those one time and I was so gullible because I got those twice. I believe in them twice the first time. The person was like, Yeah, crypto stuff, same thing. And she or he even convinced me to download this app. Send money like 100 bucks or something to this account. But for some reason. I actually hope I went through it. I was about to do it. But my bank wasn't just going through. So I feel like I'm pretty aware of those things. But when you first got it I was aware of scams but when you hear yes, yeah, yeah, there's different ways of scamming. It's so crazy and I think the smart one that I received not not too long ago is that I sent a text message saying that oh my my package delivery, it's the last time I clicked this link to your shipping address. And I did click it, but my Apple has a protection law saying this might be a fraud or you don't want to let go on this website basically. So I stopped it. But it was because at that time, I did place some orders on Amazon or some other clothing company. So I was worried that my stuff was not going to arrive. That's why I like clicking on it. So there's so many ways to do it. Just gotta watch.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's, it's, you know, we're really clear about what we sell. What we sell is on the front of our website, you know, it's all public and, and it's, it's, you know, it's transparent, everything that I say and do is public. Here. Every conversation that I have is recorded with clients. Why? For your safety, for your protection. So our clients are safe and protected people. This is what a lot of us aren't thinking about when we get into this industry. It is where you give some dude in the DMS that's like walking down a dark dungeon with a dragon. You don't know where you're going. You don't know where you're sending your money to , there's no accountability. There's no proof at legendary marketer what the dropout bunch of you know hoodlum is doing well dammit. We're doing things right over here. We're protecting people and keeping people safe and doing right by them and treating people the same way that you'd want your mother treated, which is providing people you know, protection and accountability and transparency. And that is oftentimes something that's very much so undervalued. And it's it's it's just it's a goal, or that's not valued in this industry until you get your head slapped. Right for for you know, five grand you wired it off and you know, your mentor disappears

Stephy:  Yeah, because later on I found out that it's not real. I think someone I got my second scam out of was someone who made a person who's a very successful Legendary marketer. That person DMs me and says like crypto stuff, and later on when I go back to the DM it disappears like this account no longer exists. So

Dave:  It was gone. Yeah. So I mean, that's a great point. Like even somebody who is posing as a, you know, another another marketer that you have heard of it, so it's not, you know, not slimy or in more deceitful because it's like, I'm not going to pose as Dave or somebody that may be a bit more well known by Allan Poe is is somebody who, you know, probably most people would know, but it's just man people are. Right, everybody has a better program. Cindy, thank you for getting a mentor, blah, blah, blah, right. It's like no you know, the thing is, it is that we're too gullible. That's just it. We got to get less naive. We got to get less naive and that's not anything we should feel guilty or shame about. But, you know, just survive as an entrepreneur you have nothing. There's a snake in the grass, you just need to be able to look out for that. And you need to know how to prevent that from keeping the grass short. And that's one thing that we try to do around here at legendary we try to keep our grasses right so the snakes are easily seen we you know when people are you know, sending messages to people, we tell them, send them to us, send them to support@legendarymarketer.com Do me that send them to Abigail, like, like, let us know. Those are happening and we can try to address them. Yeah. 15 impersonator says Shauna, it's it's, it's nuts. And they're really valuable to me and being connected to things that are quality and valuable and that are doing the right thing. And what I've also found is that when you do the right thing when nobody's looking, you make a lot more money for a lot more years.

Stephy:  Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I definitely want to bring back the point that yes, don't don't be naive. Don't be gallop gullible, but trust, trust but bear one to miss out those opportunities like legendary marketer when it's legit. Do your own research. Get on the call with people who claim that they say okay, like show me proof. I'm not able to answer you are like, not responding to run like you don't need to like like to be in conversation with that person no more you would know this a scam and just no contact or feel the need

Dave:  We feel the need to respond. And that comes from you know, like a bit of I'm new like, Who are you who's Oh, it's just a friend. Like we're just when we're new. We're trying to figure things out. And so when we have people do other stuff, but the thing I think that's important is to quickly turn that around and become the hunted for other reasons, right? Don't stay in that new position where you're getting hunted by other people and right go out there and market and create content and get value out there. So now you have people hunting you who want to buy your link hunting you who have questions, you know, and then these other, these other kind of, you know, annoyances that may feel like a big deal at the beginning will start to become a lot less of a joke because you'll be over here serving your actual clients, and you'll be making money and you'll know more what's real and what's not. And then you'll have new challenges, like, you know, when there's another opportunity, you do you say Do you stay focused or do you now do you now you know, you know, totally go over here and kind of redirect the ship over here you have Chase is whether you want to participate in other promotions or promoting other products or building new campaigns, new challenges and new things will pop up. Even though you feel like ah new or I'm overwhelmed and then I got people trying to sell me stuff. Just take all that in, up your street smarts a little bit about how the game is played and how people operate on the internet. The digital world is where we're moving. I mean whether the metaverse is where we're all going to be diving into next or what you know that more than I do, you got here to Silicon Valley. I don't know. Are we shooting characters here? You know, sitting around, Hey, Steve, do it over there. You know, we're sitting in our metal, I don't know, I don't care. But what I do know is that that sort of stuff. That was a big deal to me at the beginning. Within a couple of months it was no longer a big deal and something else was the New Deal, right? And that's how it works when you continue to take action. So comment on that or leave us with something that you can take with us that you would like us to know about yourself about this journey, about what's possible, or anything else that you'd like to share as we proceed.

Stephy:  So I do want to say that like you, like everyone, like you should be impressed that you're doing this. You should be impressed that you're doing this and most people are not. They don't even have to get to do this in the first place. You are out there in the vulnerable position that you're putting yourself in a position that you can be laughed at and you can be bullied at and I get that a lot like when I go on Livestream like people, sometimes I get chills, and I don't mind them because because I am creating new life experiences for myself and union. You will reap so much more out of life and for people who are on the other side just scrolling through social media, endlessly, not taking action, leaving bad comments on people's posts like trolling those people they're not life experiences and as JK Rowling said like that is the example the definition of being having failed to live lives. And and just like continue to do what you're doing

Dave:  is a proven method proven system. So just just keep going. Where you keep going because success is on you. And I love to talk to you. I'd love to hear your analogies and your experience. And thanks for bringing your brain from what you were doing over there in Silicon Valley and sharing a little bit of it with us here.

Stephy:   It's been really refreshing. From anytime. Yes. All right.

Dave:  We'll talk to you later. Come back and see us, we'll do round two Okay.

Stephy:  Sounds good. Thank you so much for your time. We'll see you later stuffy

Dave:  All right, my friends. There you go. You see it, you have it. You heard it, and you'll hear it again. Right. You'll keep hearing it okay because that's what we do here is we just bring wonderful guests each and every morning just like Sophie this morning so make sure you go follow her and learn from her. support her and lift her up a couple of different accounts on TikTok and also Instagram. But if you go to boss.lady.Steph, you can connect with her and go from there. All right, my friends. powerful way to start the day this Tuesday, August 23 2022. Wow, wow. Wow. Okay, we're gonna be letting you all know about a huge announcement. I think we're probably going to maybe email that out post something, make a bunch of noise here pretty soon, but it's pretty cool. But right now, you know what, what's important is to take in what was talked about this morning, there was so many powerful nuggets, so much to think about, even to go back and re listen to this was one of those episodes where there was a lot of nuggets that you can listen to I'm sure you'll pick something up that you didn't hear the first time through. Regardless, be legendary. Get out of here. Make today. Absolutely. Impact does something important. Check off a big thing off the top of your to do list that is the most important item. Not all that crap down at the bottom is the most important item. Go right for that and I'll see you back here tomorrow.