Dave: Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This show happens five days a week, five days a week, Monday through Friday. Rain or shine if you want a text message or reminder when we go live, you can text WL to 813-296-8553. We'll send you a nice simple little non spammy message and we'll never sell your information. All right, my friends, my legends. Let's bring out this guy and hear how he did it. Keith, welcome to the show. 

Keith: Hey, Dave, how are you? I'm good, man. I'm good. So tell us a little bit about where you live in what you do also outside of legendary I am in France outside of online marketing. Yeah. So I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have been in software sales for the last 12 years. So I'm a VP of a software company and always looking to learn new things and try new skills and I came across Legendary and that's that's how I started. Yeah. So what's your experience been like so far? And were you looking for this? I mean, did you specifically know what you were looking for? Were you just open? It was a ladder, right? So I think was like 2020 I read Rich Dad Poor Dad. And I was like, man, what am I doing? So I I went down this whole real estate kick and then I started learning. I went down the YouTube rabbit hole. I found things around how to make money online print on demand. Drop Shipping, then it came across affiliate marketing. And then I came across legendary and then took the training. And it was it was it was funny because as I was learning I was like man, affiliate marketing is everywhere. Like I was I was thinking back to I had just built a my wife wanted an accent wall built. And I was like on YouTube and I was like, Oh, look, these people are so helpful. They're giving me all the links so that I can just go out and buy stuff.

Dave: They must have a trust fund somewhere that they're just pulling money from and they're just providing free value on YouTube as a charity. 

Keith: Exactly. Yeah. So yeah, no, it was great. It really opened up my eyes to ways and opportunities outside of traditional avenues. So it's been awesome. 

Dave: And isn't that eye opening? I mean, when you've been in sales your whole life and you realize how little you know about marketing. Like for me that was my I was like, oh my god, I thought I was really good at sales because I like you know had always been told that and you can sell ice to an Eskimo because I just talked my way out of shit and just you know, it was from getting in so much trouble when I was younger. But I was like, holy shit. I was like this marketing stuff is next level. You don't even need to sell when your marketing is good enough. You know what I mean? Yeah, I agree. You just take water as you just you just people want to buy you know, and it just, you know, we do something called education based selling, which is basically just providing value. You're teaching you're never selling. And I think that's what a lot of people don't really do. It doesn't click or they feel like they don't have value or they just don't they don't make the shift from The Wolf of Wall Street. Sell me this pen. Over to Oh, hold on a second. Educate. Let me first agitate your pain. Right. And because if I don't do that you don't realize how much it sucks not to have a pen at your disposal to sign your signature and right at any time and how unprepared as a man you are without a pen. See how I'm agitating the pain. I gotta agitate the pain first. But then let me teach you and show you all the different ways that you can upgrade and elevate your status through having a nice pan on you. I'll tell time to be able to pull it out. See, I'm going to teach you there's no way to sell something. There is no way to sell so you can't. There's no way to sell something that somebody doesn't want or didn't wake up wanting to buy that morning without agitating pain and in educating them about the problem. Because a lot of us are in denial about educating ourselves about our problems. Holy shoot the problems are worse than I thought it was. I do need that pen. No. But I wonder just as a VP of Sales somebody who obviously has been in sales for a long time. What is marketing? I mean, how is that opening up your eyes or how is that got you excited or how is that got you mad that you didn't know it sooner? I mean, what has your experience been like as a seasoned sales vet? 

Keith: Yeah, I think that it really opened my eyes to the fact that you know, as I got to learn more and I got into the training and then I went down you know, I read.com secrets, expert secrets and learning all those things. It's like surrounding that message because I saw Legendary at first but kept popping up and kept me out and followed me around. And then just that whole thought of like there's a strategy behind that right? Like the whole retargeting and so it's really interesting for me to learn how to and I still have tons to learn, right? I am very at the very beginning of this whole journey, but it's just the possibilities. And now I'm hooked like I used to never click on ads when I'm scrolling through stuff. So now I'm clicking to see what their copy is? How are they placing this landing page? And it's like, it's like an obsession, right? My wife tells me I suffer from hyper fixation. I'm one of those people that will find something and I'll latch on to it and I'll do it all the time. She definitely doesn't love it. But that's how you become successful at it though, isn't it? Yeah, it's just it's just practice and I just love the process of learning new things like it. It's funny to me, like a second year, how to be a little obsessed. 

Dave: You got to be a little obsessed. You got to be, you know, you gotta have a little unhealthy imbalance. Everybody's always this BS about balance and all this stuff. And why are we even worried about that? You're you're you're broke. You're and I'm just saying people in general. It's like why are you worried about that? You know, you got debt, you got your kids, you know going to the school you want to go to, you want them to go driving the car you want you're living where you want to live, like who gives a shit about balance right now? Like getting obsessed about something you do? We're so everything was so passive in society as whatever. What do you want to get? What do you want to eat tonight? Whatever. What do you want to order? I don't know. What do you want? Just where do you want to go? What do you want to do? I don't know. We just pick up everything so easily. It's so convenient. At least that's what it appears, all the cheap shitty stuff is easy to get. But all the qualities of work make people think they got stuff that is good because their needs are met because they're eating shitty food and there is so much more than you have in it. There is an element of getting obsessed. You gotta get a little bit obsessed. Yeah, I mean, I've had the opportunity. I've been very successful in my career and it's not because I'm the most talented person, but I I will put in the work. Right and I tell my boys, two young boys I'm like, you don't have to be the most talented. You can control your effort and control things that you can try to control which is practicing and getting better. So you know, I put in a lot of hours at my current role. I mean I'm working nearly 6070 hours a week. I wake up at 4:30 to read or I do some training. I work out every morning, I work and then I do some stuff after work and then I spend time with the family but it's like, willing to put in the effort because that's one that I can control, too. I enjoy doing it like I have a passion for getting better and learning new things. So yeah, but I think often people don't realize that they don't. They're not willing to put in the effort and sacrifice to get better at something. 

Dave: Yeah, and it really does give you a lot of pride too, doesn't it and you learn to really trust yourself you know that you'll be successful with this year you're the type of guy can tell that knows whether you're going to be successful at something because of the amount of effort and passion you have towards it. And how obsessed You are right. You know you're the type of guy who knows if you're not really obsessed with it, you're probably not really going to follow through with it. You're probably not going to be successful with it. But you know, because you've proven this with your work ethic and things in the past. That's why you're a VP of a sales company and so forth. You've proven that obsession turns into results and you're following that bread trail because you know where it leads, at least you know, it's going to lead to some form of prosperity versus suffering. If that obsession is not going to lead to suffering. It's unless you get a divorce over it. So just don't do that. Now, but it's true though, I mean, I have gotten you know, reps underneath me and you know, you know how it is I get frustrated at times. But if you continue to do the right activities and put in the right process, the results come and like it's not some silver bullet out there. There's not some special process, it's you stick to a process and you consistently take action and the results follow. So yeah, it's really true and it applies to anything you're doing. So as a career professional, somebody who is a leader in other areas of your life, what was it like to be a student to learn to not know and to get started as a new person? It was exciting and I like to say I enjoy the process of learning new things and from the very beginning of the learning process, I was hooked. Like I said, I was excited to wake up at, you know, 4:30 in the morning and get down and watch the videos and I wanted to go faster. You know I was watching a lot of the videos at like 2x speed because I want to go and want to keep learning. And like I said it was just light bulbs just kept going off in my head. I'm like, Oh, I could do this. I could do this and it's been awesome. And I continue to learn right. I'm continuing to practice and learn the craft. So it's fine. What do you know, how did you generate 100,000 followers on TikTok in four weeks or something like that? Where can I see this face? About? You're shocked by that? I was completely like what? Like yeah, now it's incredible. Pretty fun. Yeah. It is right it is and the short form content. We're really in a special time right now. I feel so sad and sorry for the people who are too skeptical to get started. Whether it's here somewhere else just learning how to utilize social media platforms, instead of just them using you because we are to a point in society. Where your use of using them or they're using you just it's just you're using them to make money off or they're using you to make money off period is you're just totally disconnected from social media and there's a lot of Uncle Joe's and Uncle Bob's out there who are just not unfazed and that's fine. Good for them. But the rest of us are all either making money from or being made money from social media right at this point in our lives. And so so it I forgot the point that I was making. Maybe that was the only point that I was going to be making but yeah, it's quite an odd thing for 30 something year old guy 40 something year old guy are you probably right maybe just hitting 40 There. Maybe you went over the hill? I don't know.

Keith: I'm 39 

Dave: All right, well, you're one year in front of me. Shit but look at this. Now could you have ever imagined that you would be using social media TikTok in the style of content, Keith? It's not even the thing that blows me away and I like to talk to another sales professional. It's not like it's edutainment. It's edgy. It's humorous shit. It's not even serious stuff. Can you believe this is where we're at? It's incredible. I like that I'm the last person to like my close friends and my wife like I'm like a goofball. But like outside of that I try to be a little more buttoned up. So right you got your you got your work Keith. You got your Keith Keith. Yeah, I got it. 

Keith: I mean, it was like, I was the last person that thought I would do it. But again, I was like, Look, I like I'm at an age now. Like, I don't care. Like I'll go do it. I don't have any. So and then it was like two weeks before I even told my wife. I remember I was sitting there and I was like, Hey, I gotta tell you something. And she thought I was about to drop the hammer on her. I was having affairs under there. Like, I just thought I'd try it out. And then like it was like that were the funniest species meant the stuff we did this whole area. Yeah, yeah. So now but it kind of took off from there like the first week. I guess the first couple of videos I did like the first video I ever did got 2.3 million views. I don't tell anybody that. He's you know what the problem with that is now everybody listening three days into it. They're like, I am an AI gone viral. And it's like that was totally first of all, that was totally atypical. I know that for sure. And it's funny if it was actually kind of a curse because it did it and the next couple did track and as they kept going, you started to drop down and so on. But then I get to the point where like, I'm doing this for me like doing it because I enjoy it. I don't care if it gets you or it's a million views like for me it's just I want to provide some value to those that are following me. Some things that I've learned because you learn a lot of shit on TikTok, I've learned a lot of stuff that I use so yeah, but it's yeah, it's a little bit of a gift and a curse if you have a video that goes viral early. 

Dave: Okay, for those of you who don't know what we're talking about, we're in a microwave marketing world right now. And my biggest job is managing people's expectations every day. It's just it's just because there's so many people who are succeeding in our community that we actually have to pause when somebody has a crazy result. And say, that's not what you should expect. Even if that happens. That's not what you should expect. Because you need a more solid plan that's built up based on sustainable actions instead of just luckily going viral. And that's why we stop and see if you go viral, great, but still have the expectation that you're just going to put in the consistent work going for base hits. 

Keith: Yeah, no 100% agree. And, you know, I started off really consistently doing like two videos a day. And then I went to one video because I was like, running out of ideas. I want my ideas to be good. And I'd rather put out quality versus quantity. Then I would skip a few days because I couldn't think of anything and I kind of stress myself out about it but then I'm like the end of the day. Again, again, I'm listening so if I can't get to a video because I can't think I'm not going to just go out and post something that I don't think is going to provide value just to post something. So I've gotten to the point where I just enjoy it. I do it when I feel like I've got a good idea and I make it part of the process to make sure that I am posting but I'm not going to stress myself out if I can post every single day. I don't think people should do that either because it puts a lot of pressure on yourself when you don't really need it.

Dave: Yeah, I mean, there's ways to solve that though brother and it's really just just making a list of ideas. You know what I mean? I mean, yet I know you say you run out of ideas, but there are ways to try to maybe avoid running out of ideas because there's really, there's really no reason why anyone should run out of ideas. I'm just going to challenge you a little bit on that and you're right, we should absolutely not shame and guilt ourselves over. Not, you know, being not posting. You know, this is a business where I think it's an opportunity to really learn to honor yourself and what you want in order to actually design your life. And I was talking to somebody actually a gentleman who's doing some work on my home and we were just talking about life design yesterday and that it's not always the smartest thing to look at the richest person. It's the smartest thing to look at the person who has the quality of life that you want. And with this business, we have a real opportunity to do that. You have a real opportunity to design your life. You know when you want to create content, when you want to work on your business, how you want to work on your business. And so but there always has to be room I mean within that design. You know, there's a lot to talk about, how to design and how fun that is and how you know it's really a huge mindset shift to to perform. How trolled we are by other people, to to now to now over into this realm, war, war and full control. A lot of us and I want everybody to hear this. And I really challenge yourself to think about this, that oftentimes, all we are more. So a lot of times we'll call somebody in prison. Hell, they're institutionalized, which means that it's hard for them to survive with all the freedom. They're so used to having somebody tell them where to be. But I wonder if any of us have ever considered the fact that we're institutionalized as well. Or, you know, we're so conditioned by society that when we get into entrepreneurship, and we have all this freedom, we actually self sabotage because we don't know how to handle it. Because for so much of our life, it's like the baby elephant store key where the baby elephants are tied to the little tiny rope when it's a baby. And it builds that belief that they can never get away from that rope and so anytime people want to tie it down and keep it in one place, they just tie a tiny little rope around a massive elephant. And you know, I just sometimes it for me, it was a huge awakening to realize, well, like I do want to design my life and wow, I really don't know how to operate in all this freedom. What sort of tips do you have or things have you learned about working from home, working for yourself, and having that ability to either design your life or be quite frank and be more proactive? Or of course the opposite of that, you know, he's more reactive and of course self sabotaging, and I don't know what to do with my time and Oh, this isn't working. Let me go start something else. And then I've got 10 things and I've never finished anything. So how do you deal with all the wonderful freedom that you and I want? But it can be shocking, I think for some people. 

Keith: Yeah, I think that I think a few things so one, I've always been a self motivated person. Like I've never needed someone to tell me to do something or always been pretty self motivated and disciplined. I think discipline is a big piece of my success around having a process so for me, like I said I always get up early and I do some type of education or reading. I work out in the morning and that kind of gets me awake and ready for the day. I try to stay organized, which means I have along with all my family obligations as well. But I try to stay disciplined even when I don't want to work and wake up to do reading. If I want to sleep in or if I don't want to work out. I have people that come over to my house. I have to because they're coming at me and they're coming over to workout so I can't be sleeping in and that helps me stay motivated helps me stay disciplined. That helps me follow a process to get to where I want to go as an end result. So I think discipline motivation has been helpful for me. That's something that you recently started or something you've always done with a workout and having people come over that sounds pretty extreme. So back COVID time 2020 We just moved into a new house and all the gyms are shut down. I used to go to the gym in the morning. Like okay, origins are shut down. Just to build the gym and my garage. I just bought a new pod at a new place. So I built a really really nice gym for myself and my family, the gym, and then I had friends that wanted to come over so we worked out every single morning since you know how long since 2020, but wow, yeah, that's crazy. 

Dave: Dude, that's pretty cool. That's really cool, man. It's fine. That's fine. That's a lesson example of lifestyle design, isn't it? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, society told you you needed to go to a gym, society told you you needed to have a gym membership, society told you garages were for cars. Yeah, my wife. She's okay with it. But yeah, we've never parked in the garage. Neither lie I mean, I gotta I gotta I gotta you know what I have. I have a wonderful air conditioning unit or split units. I have a wonderful floor in my garage. I also have a gym. There's a bed out there in case I ever get kicked out. I mean, I've gotten multiple. I've got multiple dog house beds. Of course there's the bed that I sleep in. And then there's a bed in the air conditioned garage. Then I've got another house around the corner in case I need to go. I'm at it now. I work out of it. In case I need to go here I got a dog house in the actual dog house right plus the bed in the garage if you don't have I've been with my wife for 14 years if you ain't got a bed in the garage man. That is a marriage shaver right there. But the bed in the garage finished the garage, put an AC unit out there if you want and put your bed in your garage if you got to write you got to make it gotta do what you got to do. garages are not just for cars. The next thing I do have to do is put an AC or heater there because it gets really cold in winter and it's getting hot. I've got a big fan and I've got this little space here but it doesn't it doesn't do the trick on those early mornings. But you get in the early mornings of the summer. No. Yeah, yeah, it gets hot in the summer in Virginia right now. It's like I don't know if it gets up to like early mornings or 80s but it's humid. It's very humid in the morning. So yo but here's the problem. The problem with it is that you have to keep your garage door closed. If you have the 80 and I guarantee you boys don't have the garage doors close to you or do you wake up early and I've gotten music. We have music blasting. I like that I don't want my neighbors right so we keep the door shut. I need this split unit AC. What are you going to do now? I'm serious. And you know we did. We did? We did. We did insulated garage doors so they're just garage doors with just the foam but it's finished. It's just a thicker garage door and there's just an insulation panel inside of the there's also we got that going on. But oh my gosh, it takes a little bit of time to kind of crank up and get cool. But if you were to turn it on, like the night before, it'd be it'd be it'd be cold for you in the morning. 

Keith: Does it have a heat unit as well for the winter?

Dave: I don't know if that's the thing I don't know if the split units have I don't know if they're I don't know if they're their heat in cool but cross that bridge when you get there Yeah, that'll be that'll be another project you can buy and install it you know honey now we need to eat or I need to go this summer Yeah. But let's talk about your ticket. What did you do? What did you what you that went viral? What else have you learned? You bought the blueprints I saw you went through our training in good for you. You're getting at least trained up if someone can't afford the blueprints or which I don't believe anyone can afford anything, by the way, just in case you're listening. I never buy any. reasons about why you can't afford something. If you save money, or you work hard but I don't believe that this can't afford something weird saying it's disempowering not to say it and my wife and I haven't said we can't afford something for many, many years. It's just something that we buy but you have a growing TikTok and you've gone through our training and you are also out there learning and you said hey I'm learning a lot out there on tick tock. I can learn a lot on TikTok and you and you can so talk to us about like what happens when you initially got out and started marketing in order one or two things that you can think of that were like aha moments or you were like, I'm not gonna do that just what were some defining moments along the journey. So far. 

Keith: Yeah, for me, I I wanted to take my own unique spin on a lot of the things that I was seeing and I know there's a lot around Hey, take videos that are already being successful and either mimic them or imitate you know, I always have a segment of saying imitate before you innovate, right, learn from other people, and then make it your own. So I tried to do that. I tried to learn from other people and then never wanted to directly copy someone. I wanted to put my own spin on it. So if you watched it, you wouldn't be like, oh, like he just ripped off. Right? So I think that's probably one of the reasons why I struggle because I'm like Hey, okay, how do I make this different enough where I'm putting a spin on it, but it's not too related to that. And I spend a lot of time trying to get people to go to link link in the bio every once in a while but it's definitely not every single video for me it's like how can I provide value that people want to keep coming back and learning more and then they'll stumble across the cross that now I'll do other different calls to action. But it's really about how I can be if I watch this video, what I like it, what I enjoy it, what I learned, what I want to learn more from this person, is really how I try and think about it. 

Dave: Yeah, yeah. I want to just take it up because I know there's a few of you on the show who are like this Facebook user. How can I afford the blueprint now, Dave? I don't know. That's for you. To figure out. Right? See, I know I'm not a guru. I'm not out here. I'm not out here trying to say that I have all the answers for anyone. I just believe that you can afford anything. That's just my belief about each one of you. So know how that happens. You gotta make that happen. That's the beautiful part about life is that you get to own your story. See, I did my story. I'm doing my story. And I get to tell my story. I get to talk about my story. I get to talk about the things that I've done. I get to talk about the things that you've done. Good. Talk about the things that you've done. And that's how I get to sleep every night with selling information to people who sometimes the information falls on deaf ears, and sometimes the information somebody like Keith takes in just absolutely are the other people that we see on Wake Up Legendary and we see in the community and that's wonderful. But I just want to be very crystal clear. I'm not a snake oil salesman. I don't know. I'm not a I'm not a I'm not a salvage. I'm also selling salvation. I'm not selling prom, nothing. I'm just saying that. Each one of us has a choice as to what we believe in what we do. And if you want to believe that you can't afford something you're absolutely entitled to that opinion. I don't have to believe that. I can believe something different about you than you believe about you. Right because that's my right. Do that. I believe it because of resources. I believe that you can afford something because I've also not been able to afford things. And yeah, sometimes I came up with money for something or Polson. Just like each one of you has when you paid a bill or whatever. And you're like, I don't know how I just pulled that off. But I did. Because that's what we do. That's what you do. And none of us need to explain this because it's part of life all day. They are a part of all of our lives, right? But that's why I say that. So I want to be real clear. I'm not like other gurus or people that you may be listening to who's going to come in and say you can afford this and let me get I don't know your life situation. I just believe that you can afford it. Because I know that my beliefs will mold my words and my actions. So if I believe that you can't afford it, that's what you want from me. Do you want me to believe you can't afford it? You know, so I believe that you can afford it because I have a simple choice. You can't. I either believe you can't or you can't. I choose to believe that you can, because I've seen myself and others do the impossible. And so often what we think is impossible is a lot closer and a lot more doable than we think it is, you know, but it's just getting over that initial fear. What were some of your big fears that you had, Keith, did you not want people to see your co workers or what were your family's life? What are some of the big fears of VP of sales and in you know, in a new one with a family or some of the fears you had started? 

Keith: That was exactly that. I was like, no like I'm going out here I'm going to put these videos off. I don't want my coworker to see it. I don't want to fail. So I was pretty hush hush about it for a while. But then eventually I mean I got enough followers where I'd have people reach out and like you're on Tik Tok and like they I guess Yeah, I guess I am. And then I just got over I'm like, Yeah, you know I am and it's something I like to do. It's fun and doesn't really bother me. But there was a lot of like, Should I do this? What if I get on there and but you know, I don't Yeah, I got him a point in my life where I don't care what people say about me and I wanted to mention one thing that we're just talking about they'll find it funny that will comment on these videos or or just people in general like Oh, take a training or cost money to do do XY and Z, but they'll go ahead and spend money, throw it into crypto things that can't really control I would like the biggest investment you can make is in yourself. Like go learn that's something that you can control. Like, but they won't spend money and encrypt which is doing really well right now. My portfolio is great. Well, it sounds 70% And, you know, Dave: I just want to be clear about one thing since you brought up crypto for those of you who are listening to it, listen and do on a regular basis. I'm really clear about what I'm good at and what I'm not and I haven't for the last three or four years. I have been very clear that I don't know that I don't. I'm not in crypto. We don't talk about crypto because I don't know anything. Right. I don't know anything about it. And that's a really important thing for me to be clear about here is that I'm not. I don't think there is logic to my dreaming when I say I believe you can afford it. Not just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Go and buy a Bitcoin if we want it, want to take what we can afford and make it worth it. So I'm I'm what I'm also doing is I'm speaking with conviction about people buying training about football taking action about people getting serious with this because I know the results that will produce our business from January to fit as a matter of fact, last year was a record breaking year for us this year is we're doing better than last year. So as the stock market crypto everything guesses what people are now looking to do. They're looking to improve their skills. They want to upgrade their skills, they want to learn, they want to make money online because Kryptos down now what am I going to do? We're going to say oh my god, I'm right. Guess what people wanted to do during COVID Oh shit, I'm at home. I need to figure out how to make money. Guess what Dave found in industry back in 2010 when he got started I'm not making this claim. For you. I'm saying it to myself, I found a recession proof model baby. Because guess what, I can also scale up and scale down. I'm selling information. I don't have a warehouse full of gadgets and gizmos and fidget spinners and teddy bears that I just bought from China. Selling digitally downloaded stuff. You know it's unbelievable. The opportunity we have had our hands and just our crackdown of getting in people's metaphorical faces about their potential about the opportunity that we have to none of us ever, ever. max those out. You never know, I agree. So where do you go from here? What are you doing now to get to the next level you have gone viral? A couple of times but you've got some good fundamentals under you you know, you've got some you've learned you know, the fundamentals. You're not just wishing upon a lucky viral star. What's next for you? 

Keith: I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grew up Dave but I am as I'm still learning a lot I'm reading a lot of books. And you know it's funny. My wife has a little side hustle. She does spray tanning and spray tanning. Paying for spray tanning. Yeah man at the parties. The thing dude, I know I've heard about it. But I was like, Oh, I'll build you a simple booking webpage. I've integrated stripes. I've got automated messaging that goes out and text messaging, but I would have never learned I mean, I'm in software sales. Like I'm not a technology guy, but I know how to work. I know a leak in his house. The plumber has always got a leak in his house, right? The software guy is happy God, I can go on Google and say how do you do X, Y and Z and you can learn it like the people that are like, Oh, I don't know how to do this or I'm like it's all available on Google. Like I'm not that smart but you can type it in and there's so much information that you can learn for yourself. Dave: You have to be resourceful. That's all the information is there. You don't have an excuse to say you can't do something nowadays. It's not I don't so even if it was on sale, I wouldn't buy it straight you know straight bullshit. Not just not listening, man. I don't want to buy my own limiting beliefs and excuses let alone yours. You know, I mean, come on. This is what we get when you get around people who are successful, you'll realize, you know, that, hey, we got our own. We have our own limiting beliefs that we're battling. Meaning you might look at me and say, Oh, he's got it all together. Oh no. Hahaha Oh, no, I have a hot mess. And if it wasn't around me, I'm talented in one area which is merch. And, you know, that's about it. And thankfully I've got, you know, been able to build a business and put some good people around. Keep me in line. But, man, this this, you know, this business was excited about it today as I was on the first day Keith, which is odd and weird, because most people get burned out. And they're like, I hate this. I don't want to do this anymore. And I'm like, There's not another single thing that I would rather do. Not a single business. I would rather be in the niche and you know what? I would be there. I've got enough money. I can start it. I can buy it. I can. I don't want to let any of you know, we had some conversations from someone who wanted to potentially talk about trying to buy some or all of Legendary Marketer and you know what I said? Absolutely not.

Dave: I'm having too much fun, why would I want it's just this dream business model. Even is good when it's good. You know, you don't want to get out of it. It's even good that one shouldn't be doing it for a little while. Because you can scale it up. You can scale it. You can, you know, if we do happen for some reason to go, and everybody stops buying stuff and everybody vanishes from TikTok or whatever. You know, right? COMM might scale down a little bit or if you have some VAs on your team, or if we have, you know, you might have to lay some people off or something. But you know what you're dealing with. I've not had to do any of that, by the way I've not ever had to because of any economic situation, adjust my business or my legal situation or expenses. As long as I've been in this business through any economic situation. I've not had to adjust or lay people off or anything like that. When we went into what we just went through, we didn't lie. That was actually when I started doing Wake Up Legendary day. We were doing it just with our advisors and stuff. They were doing it but I started doing it because I said now's the time to double down. Like when Warren Buffett says when others are fearful be greedy. And when others are greedy, be fearful right now. Everybody seems fearful out in the world now. I don't know why they are that way Keith because I'm I just I'm still waking up and I'm still having the same life that I had a year or two ago that the world is now shifting into this other weird economic place and I don't know but guess what? I'm just gonna keep on doing what I'm doing and I've and I promise you it will build it they will keep coming in I believe that as well. Do you now with your This isn't bullshit. I'm not blowing smoke up your ass. What's your opinion? Do you believe that smoke or do you believe that this is an unstoppable machine that's going to go from for many people that are buying and interacting with it to within a couple of years. There's going to be all of the billions of people on the internet. Do you know that not even every single person is on the internet Keith? Only about half of them are with Facebook and Google and all that. In one month, they start putting internet connectivity in India and Africa, all these different places that currently don't have a lot in the world. We think that this world is going to shrink back. No it's going to globalization doing business worldwide with people not going away. You know, I find it just such a fascinating, powerful move that an individual, regular dad, mom, person 18 or older can start a business and just start tapping into that global marketplace. Right away. No internship, medium for no endless training, get trained up quickly and get into it. And that crazy man. 

Keith: It's awesome. Do the opportunities like it's never it's never been easy to be able to do that. Right. And those that take advantage of it are going to apply consistent action. I think they're going to be happy that they did. Jason has a groundbreaking idea. We can always go on MySpace to promote let us know how that works out. Jason, we'd love to have you on the show and talk about it. Some funny things about MySpace. That's actually how I met my wife on MySpace. I love it. 

Dave: I met my wife from a 12 step meeting. You know what I mean? So I mean come on. Now. We look I mean, it's just a crazy world. Nothing is supposed to line up. It's supposed to be a crazy, zigzag journey and adventure and I just, you know, I get so excited for people when they sort of decide to jump on this ride. Because you put a seatbelt on your ride that you can get off at at any time. You know, but what I find is it's not like the money that hooks people, but it's the growth part of it. It's the freedom like you were talking about that obsession we were talking about before and but what is really hooked you what is real deep down inside got you excited. 

Keith: I think from what you just mentioned the growth and potential like I could see myself like, is it good I started coaching business and I think that if I step away, right, those tools to be able to implement it, but I fully like as you mentioned before, like I have myself it's not arrogance, it's confidence that if I put in the work, and I'm successful, but I also know that it's not something I'm going to wake up the next day and I'm going to have this big thing. This is going to take time and I'm okay with it. And I'm okay with building it. And I'm a big believer in 1% better every single day right? Move yourself towards where you want to be every day you don't have to. Rome was not built in a day, just keep getting better every single day. And Kurt said you got a lot of impersonating out there bro. It's funny at it dude like why don't people there's a lot of spammers that come down like message me on WhatsApp. I report them all but they are still out there. So, folks, if you're new here, this is one of your first sayings that everybody doesn't have your best interest line. And there are people who will even see that you're commenting on this live and they will then you know hit you on Facebook and of course probably badmouth Legendary and all this. You know, just all I would ask is just for you all I would suggest is just you know, if you if they're saying and they want to mentor you in their coaching is so great and all that just just ask them if they got, you know, a bunch of interviews and testimonials, where they're actually talking and hearing from their clients and likely what you'll find is that there's none of that. It's just no I'm going to coach you one on one here and your private message DMs where they want to get you over and talk about how they're gonna mentor you and guide you. That's why I say stop looking for it. Stop looking for stop looking for savior. Stop looking for gurus, people, you know, you can get mentored indirectly through video, which is what the majority of people do. They get mentored indirectly through video, and then they go in and apply that and get results. The best way to get a mentor's attention is to buy it. It's not to beg for it. It's to go and produce and get that mentor's attention and the mentor will invest way much better energy into you know, aiming for it or if you asked for it, right. So just stop looking for a guru or stop looking for mentors. Stop looking for coaches, stop looking for people who you think are going to save when they're going to sit down and show you the 123 secret where easy button.com is. It's just staying in your own lane and getting mentored through trusted people. You have to watch videos at first, until you can verify absolutely, that the person that you're about to give money to for their mental trip is not just some bullshit or on Facebook. Who it is is scamming you. You know, we got into business, we didn't just fall off the turnip truck. You have to have a little bit of street smarts when you go out as an entrepreneur, because now you're the boss and you no longer have a boss that's practicing that the boss's job is to protect you. So you are doing your job. So keep everybody away. But now you're the boss. So you've got people who are coming at you. They'll be coming at your employees the same way. You have to have street smarts and learn how to protect yourself. Talk tackle gives zero explanations in zero time wasting time. Vampires Can you get the last word my brother I know you're a busy man, I want to get you off. You probably got a call at 11 or you got to do some final word man. What would you say to people who might be on the fence or skeptical or you know maybe they got some asshole in their ear in a private message, who's keeping them from taking action and getting started? And they just need to just need to like just need to get started. I would say I've been in sales for a long time and I'm a firm believer that to be successful. You have to believe in what you do and what you promote. Or you're not and I believe in what led me to the training I've learned a lot and you just take action and believe in yourself. You look at all these people online that are doing things like why not you like you have the ability to do it. You just gotta believe in yourself and you gotta take action. Don't be afraid. Don't believe in yourself. Believe that. We believe in you. Believe that. Keith thanks for your time today brother and come back and see us man keep up the great work. 

Keith: All right. Man, have a great weekend. 

Dave: All right, my friends. You can go and follow Keith @beleaderHQ. Powerful way to end the weekend, somebody to listen to somebody who has themselves and built up their confidence and believes in themselves. I really believe that it's a mistake. A lot of us maybe didn't grow up that we need to now nurture and develop in ourselves. Because without that belief in ourselves, it's difficult to take any any confident attitude, or not sure if like it's the right thing you really, you know, really trust yourself, you know, so it's such an important thing and it's one of the reasons why I say stop looking outside of yourself as if others have all the answers for you. You know, like the reason why we sell training and we don't have some one on one coaching although we have some marketing coaches that are available if you need them. We want you to go through the training. We want you to take initiative. We've got some pieces in place where you enroll in the blueprints. If you want to take this more seriously, we will get you in. We've got a workshop going on right now, a virtual workshop going on right now. But you can't sit on the sidelines in the talk about what ifs you know, you have to get started. You have to go, that's the only way to build your belief in yourself. Build your trust in yourself. prove to yourself that you can do it.


what anybody else says about you, but prove to yourself that and then those people's opinions become less than powerful. And eventually, if they still keep up at it, you just cut them out of your life. Because at the end of the day, it's what we think about ourselves. And I think today was a great way to end the week on how we're seeing what an empowering mindset can do for you. It's about having that trust in yourself like Keith talked about. He knows he can be successful at this. He just needs to stay the course because he's proven it to himself in the past. We used to prove it to ourselves right now. So when other challenges come up in the future, you've already proven it to yourself in the past, you can overcome things. That's how you build belief and trust in yourself. That wasn't explained to me simply when I was young. So I always relied on other brothers who knew more than I do or that he didn't rely on others' advice. But really, it's really a powerful thing. When you realize that you do know what's best for you, you do know what you need. You can do this and you do have the skill to figure things out and we can help you. But you have to take the initiative and that's the big piece versus having an entitlement. Entitlement is what I have when I have a job more or less you know, like, hey, if I put in, you know, a week's worth of work, I better get paid. Or else I'm not coming back, you know, versus initiative. It's like, Hey, I'm gonna figure this out. Or I asked the question, so I at least try. And then I can tell somebody, at least what I've done. That's initiative. I'm still getting help. I'm still getting mentored, trying, you know, and that's what builds belief in yourself. That's what builds confidence. And you may actually figure it out on your own before you even ask for help. That's the power of taking the time. And that's I know that's Keith's recipe for success, and that's why I know he's already a success, but I know why. He'll also be a massive success in the future. My friends, it's gonna power, we have power for you. Have a fantastic weekend. I appreciate you. Thanks for tuning in. Hanging out with us. Get out of here. Have a fantastic Friday. We'll see you in the next episode. Peace.