On Monday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Cintia Morato. She first heard about affiliate marketing from a friend of hers in Brazil and started looking for a way to get started. She found Legendary Marketer and the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge at the end of December in 2021 and had started it by March of 2022. 

When Cintia first had her daughter her priorities changed and she knew she was going to need to spend a lot more time at home. She wanted a flexible schedule so that she could spend more time at home with her daughter and less time at work but still bring in a consistent income. 

Finding Your Space

When you first start out in your affiliate marketing business, you’re going to want to find a niche that you feel fits you the most. A lot of people choose the make money online niche but you can choose just about any niche to focus on. Your niche should be a topic that you are knowledgeable about and intrigues you to learn more about and teach about. Don’t choose a topic or niche that you feel like you won’t enjoy working with.

Once you choose your niche the next thing to do is find people in your niche to connect with. You will want to connect with people whose struggles and pain you are familiar with and can relate to. This way you can reach your audience in a way they will really resonate with and understand. 

Focus on the types of people you want to attract. You have a specific type of person who you are gearing your product and/or content towards. This is the type of person who will relate to your content and have a problem that you have the solution for with your product or service that you are promoting. 

Always Test New Methods

Cintia shared with David Sharpe that one of the best ways to always attract new people to your business and content is by always testing out new things. This can mean a variety of things, including testing out different content in different niches and reaching out to new audiences. 

Even if something you are doing is working, don’t be afraid to test and try out something new. If you are already bringing in viewers on your content from one niche, don’t be afraid to try another one out. Yes, you can work in multiple niches at the same time. You can test out different styles of content as well to see which styles work best for your accounts in the niche you have chosen.

Another thing Cintia shared is to test out different niches of people. What she means by this is to not just focus on content that reaches stay at home moms or dads, but also content that reaches working moms, people who might not have children, older people, younger people, and more. The more people you test out reaching with your content, the more likely it is you will attract and resonate with people you might not have even expected to resonate or connect with.

Get Creative With Your Content

When creating videos and making content for your business one thing you have to do to keep your viewer’s attention is get creative. If every video you make is you staring at the camera and speaking in a monotone voice, that may get very old to your viewers very quickly. Try filming in different locations and angles to bring variety to your content.

Another way to get creative with your content is by creating different styles of content. This could mean switching it up, and creating a video where you’re reviewing a product or answering popular questions from your niche. Find topics through searching the comments of other popular videos in your niche. That’s also a great way to find questions that people in your niche want answered that others may have missed in their content creation. 

Don’t Ask For Unwanted Opinions

When you first start your business it’s very likely that your friends and family aren’t going to be very understanding because it’s a new concept for them. You might find yourself wanting to ask their opinions when you create content before posting it, but it’s best not to ask for any opinions.

When you ask for an opinion on your content, especially with a subject your friends' family aren’t familiar with or knowledgeable about, you might not get the honest answer you’re looking for. THis can lead you to feeling discouraged or like you may not want to continue. Instead of asking their opinion, post the content you’re asking about anyway. If you don’t see it picking up in the algorithm, change it up and tweak it. Continue to test your content and you will find something that really resonates with your audience. 

Cintia’s advice for anyone first starting out with their online business is to focus on being yourself. Don’t look at other people’s success in your niche and focus on being just like them, but instead focus on being your most authentic self. People will connect with you because they relate to you. You will have a better chance at forming strong relationships with your customers when you are your most authentic self.

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