Contrary to a belief that MANY of us seem to have in our heads, the road to success isn’t fancy. 

It’s not paved with golden bricks…

And it definitely ain’t easy. 

In real life, pursuing a new path means you’ll have to make tough decisions. 

Overcome doubts. 

Battle your fears. 

And those are just your own! 

Nevermind what your loved ones think about your new venture. 

But according to Sean Sarantos, achieving success CAN BE simple…ya just gotta show up…

When the pressure cooker explodes

In early 2022, Sean was a blue-collar guy making good money as an electrical lineman.

This US Air Force veteran was married with a toddler and another baby on the way. 

He worked all the time, whenever asked. 

Nights. Weekends. Holidays. 24-hour shifts. 

Every storm, every emergency, every outage – Sean was out there battling the elements. 

And he justified his long working hours because that’s what a man does. 

He provides. Keeps a roof over his family’s heads. Puts food on the table.

Until one day, Sean’s son was sick. 

Sean asked his boss to stay home so he could take care of him. 

He didn’t think he was asking for too much, it was just a day. 

His boss’s response? 

“F*ck your kid. Get to work.”


That day, something inside Sean simultaneously snapped and lit a fire inside him. 

He started searching for new opportunities… 

And saw a video of a mom talking about how she made a 6-figure salary from home by promoting products on social media. 

In Sean’s words, the video was “poorly produced,” but it made him think! 

  • What if he could build his own business?
  • What if he could make good money and NOT have to work 90+ hours a week for it? 
  • What if he could spend more time with his family? 

With nothing to lose except a job that was sucking the life out of him, he finally said “f*ck it” and bought the 15 Day Challenge. 

And then Sean became OBSESSED.  

He squeezed in the course training and content creation into every spare moment of his day – on his commute, during his workouts, lunch breaks, every possible minute. 


Because he was determined to build a better life WITH his family rather than “provide for” his family as an absent father existing for a paycheck. 

So what does success look like in real life?

Whatever YOU want it to be, truthfully. It’s different from person to person. 

Regardless, achieving success boils down to not giving up when you feel like quitting. 

Quitting on yourself, that is. 

(Sidenote, Sean DID quit his “9-5” with a promise to his wife to earn back his salary within a few months, which he did.)

Like all entrepreneurs, Sean learned a few lessons the hard way…

Here are three of his most basic secrets to building a multiple 6-figure business in under a year: 

  1. Be simple and clear in your messaging. 
  2. Lead your viewers down a well-defined path ONE STEP AT A TIME. 
  3. Remember what it’s like to be the person on the other side of the screen, and speak to that person.

Don’t overcomplicate things!

Just focus on the one who needs to hear your message…

The person with a problem who’s desperate to solve it, and you have the solution. 

Above all else, be generous. 

Sean shows up differently in his business because he thinks differently about people.

He knows that the more humanity he shows…

The more love and care that he pours into his coaching clients…

And the more genuine connections he forms with others help set him apart from the crowd.

What a difference a year makes. 

You aren’t likely to see Sean driving around in fast cars or jet-setting around the world.

And that’s intentional because the reason he started his business was to spend more time with his family…

NOT working all the time

NOT trading his time for money

NOT spending all day on his phone

This is his version of success – quality family time. 

Sean shows up fully and authentically as himself, a guy who loves his wife, kids, working out, and helping others reach their own potential. 

But just like thousands of other entrepreneurs, he, too, had to get out of his own way and move past his own skepticism…

That starting an online business and making a good living from home was simply too good to be true.  

Being skeptical is good, healthy actually. 

But it can become a hindrance if it stops us from ever starting. 

That means it’s up to us to do the research and find out what is real. 

So as you look around the internet, ask yourself, how ARE people building online businesses? 

What DO they do to earn real, legitimate income online?  

How ARE they earning enough to cut down to part-time hours, or to quit their job altogether? 

Once we get past the skepticism and change into research mode, that’s where the magic starts to happen. 

And like in Sean’s experience, once you start seeing the possibilities out there, it becomes impossible to un-see them.

The road to success might not be fancy or glamorous, but it is simple: 

  • Show up consistently, every single day. 
  • Be generous and honest. 
  • And even when you want to quit, keep going.

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