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Victoria: Hi

Matt:  Welcome to the show.

Victoria: Hi, yeah, hello. My name is Victoria. Doing well, doing well. That's getting over the heat because I'm not used to the heat. Yeah, 99 degrees yesterday. And that feels like a new record, but it's normally 70 out.

Matt: Oh, it's pretty hot for the Midwest. Yeah. Well, tell us a little bit about you bringing us into your world. How did you find out what you know, you do some teaching, you've got kids and just you got all kinds of stuff going on. Tell us a little bit about how you ended up in the Legendary community. What have you tried in the past and we'll go from there.

Victoria: Sure, sure. Yeah, my name is Victoria. I teach online, and for a few years I did the traditional route. I went to school, got a big degree, ended up $50,000 in debt and then tried to get the dream job that I've always wanted, only to find out that you have to be a part of an association. You got to rub shoulders and schmooze with people, and I don't. It's not very fun in my book, but I'd rather just teach and there was all this politics that had to go with it that I didn't like so I was able to find the job that I wanted. That teaches totally online and I loved it. But I was limited as I can only do part time they won't. They don't do it full time. So then I'm like, Well, okay, I love this job. I want to keep this job but what else can they do? And I've tried side hustles but one of them doesn't wear me because I've got to take care of and I take care of my elderly mom, she's 86 and she can't really get around very well anymore. Okay, so I get you know, little, only a few hours a day to work and when I found a video of you know, legendary marketer, I was like, I could do this a couple hours a day. Do some videos batch them out, you know, and this could work for me and so when I saw it, I was watching some people on Tiktok and Instagram and saw these videos talking about, you know, this 15 day challenge and I thought, okay, seven bucks. That's not breaking the bank. Let's give it a try. And here I found all these videos in this, like, this is something I could totally do like this is already you know, talking about doing stuff online and making videos. It's not that difficult. Just a few hours. And like yeah, this is something manageable. This is something doable, and it took off from there.

Matt:  Oh, that's crazy. Well, it really took off. You're at 21,000 followers. How long ago? Did you discover Legendary and what? Coming from a little bit of a background of traditional education. I just feel like the entrepreneurial route had you tried entrepreneurial stuff before, like, you know, the entrepreneurial route is so different. And it's been a long time. It's really hard for people who come from traditional education. I did. I came, you know, I kind of didn't. I didn't like starting as a teacher. I didn't get master's degrees and stuff. But I went the traditional route and felt successful in that because it felt like it was just guided people telling me what to do. So transitioning the sort of entrepreneurial type was hard. Was it easy? What was that like?

Victoria: A lot of trial and error. I tried a lot of side hustles. I tried a lot of different things. The one that was the most successful for me was teaching online to Chinese kids. So it would be a video teaching a 25 minute scheduled class. They're in China. I'm here and you just teach English. But last fall the Chinese government completely shut it all down. So VIP kid get completely shut down as well as the entire industry of teaching English. classes online because the Chinese government said too much Western influence no more foreign teachers. The entire industry got shut down. And I'm like, Okay, well my what? So, come October I got lab now, so then I started looking around and I found some of the little videos in about November ish, and started kind of looking more into it look at understand what what is affiliate marketing, what is it all about and trying to understand because I've never heard of it, never seen of it. And I started trying to research more and try to figure out what it is online and read some google it and see what it is. And when I finally got into the 15 day challenge, I think it was the beginning of December. But since we had holidays and everything else I got into the talk with a guy named Pierre. He was amazing and he was able to explain everything to me. And he got me hooked up with this. The blueprints and I that just completely blew my mind. And I started my first video on January 11. It's been since January.

Matt:  I didn't see that. I mean in the world of digital marketing. A lot of people would say that it took a long time. But in reality for me I've been in this industry. I think that that's fast. I think getting your first sale in a few months or in your first six months or something is fast because I come from a world that was back in 2010 and 11. It was like, you know, you might have spent six months setting up your first blog because it was like there wasn't TikTok and there wasn't YouTube and stuff. I'm gonna guess and assume that you found it decently easy to get going on TikTok and that process wasn't too tough because of all the teaching that you've done. Is that right?

Victoria: Yeah. Because I've already done teaching classes like you know, college classes. And then my little diagram up here teaching VIP kid classes. I was already comfortable with the camera. I'm already comfortable with recording. I already had equipment. So that part of it was the easy part. It was strategy and what to say, how to say it and that's where the blueprints came in. As like not only is that done for you campaigns but like the like all the the teaching videos that you had done were amazing like there was a gold nugget I just clung to that gold nugget that was the one we're it's towards the bottom and it was saying like leads turn into follows and then follows turn into sales and it's like it's a process you got to go through the steps it takes time. It's not gonna be overnight, but you gotta stay consistent and keep with it and everybody said stay consistent. Stay consistent, like okay, just keep going keep going. The train will move. It might take a little while but it'll get there.

Matt:  For sure. For sure. Yeah. And it's it is a real I mean it it really is a process and I think like it's I don't know, to me, it's just it's funny because there's such some of it is it takes a long time like some of it just I think there's a sticking period or something where there's a span of time where it's like it takes a little bit for it to stick with people. And like you know the piece that you said there, your videos, draw engagement. As followers, followers, draw leads and leads draw sales. And for some that happens fast and quick and others that happens a little slower, not necessarily overnight. But I will say that over time. You know, those five sales a month often turn into 10 sales a month. And those 10 sales a month often turn into 20. And I would just say a lot of times people don't have the patience to sort of see that through. So kudos to me because even 90 to 90 days to six months. That's a very common window of time for people to quit. Very common. I mean, that is the window. Is that 90 days? I mean heck, people are lucky sometimes to even log into the training, which is crazy. But there's I mean 1000s of people who buy our training, who buy our courses and never ever open the damn thing.

Victoria: Is that that shocked me because I'm like, Hey, you're spamming it. I mean I've even seen some of the members say like never opened, never opened. I'm like,

Matt: Oh, listen in the digital education world. In sort of it's it's, it can be a myriad of things. Lots of people misspell their email address so they never get their logins. Lots of people purchase things and forget, like within 12 hours. People purchase it while they're high and purchase it while they're drunk. You know, it's just, it's all kind. It's all manner of craziness. And so then you end up with a pool of people every month. And you look at it and you're like jeez, people never even logged in. But this has been happening and it has happened forever whenever you sell something online. I think though the trick is as an affiliate marketer, right like in our company, that's something that we sort of worry and stress about a lot. But as an affiliate marketer, the beautiful part for an affiliate, or maybe the challenge for an affiliate is to sort of focus on nothing but traffic, right? For an affiliate for somebody who's brand new to affiliate marketing or even just generally like any sort of referral based marketing. This would also apply to Network Marketing. Anybody who's an affiliate for a product, right? And once you start to go down the road of like, oh my gosh, maybe people aren't going through the training or maybe people who are buying stuff aren't going to buy tickets, because they're all going through it. That's a total distraction point because it's completely out of your control. Even people start to worry about things that are completely out of their control. They try to control it and then what happens is their front end traffic goes down. Right? So it actually sort of doubles the problem. It exponentially increases the problem. The first thing that happens is they're worried or nervous. Oh my gosh, my front end sales. Okay, now I'm gonna freak out and worry all about that. And then I'm going to realize that I have no control over that. And I there's nothing I can do and now all the energy and time and whatever I've spent trying to solve that I have not used that to drive more front end sales and now my front end sales are gone, and sort of compounds the problem and now I'm in this place where my business is falling apart. So anyway, I don't know why. How I was going on that rant.



No, but it's true. Like you can't control every little aspect of it. I mean that it is somewhat passive. And honestly I think that that's actually a relief for me because I am kind of an anxious person. And I was worried about like, oh, how am I going to get this to work? How are people going to enter into the funnel however, how am I going to see how long until AC sales and you'll click? You know I want to see sales and it does get you a little anxious because it's like when is it going to start happening and you can get impatient waiting for it to happen or waiting, waiting for things to start moving and it took probably into the second month about the end of the second month before I finally started seeing actually things start happening and I was I wasn't january, february months when didn't really see a lot feedback, didn't really see a lot going on. It takes a long time to get to that first 1000 on tick tock. It does take time and you got to be patient and kind of wait for things to start happening. But then once the ball gets rolling, you get that momentum going and all of a sudden, like, oh, I had a couple of videos go viral and it was just like it was viral for probably a week and a half and it just didn't stop it kept going and going I thought Oh wow. 10,000 views Yay. Oh wow. 30,000 views Wow. And all of a sudden 50 And it finally got to I think it ended about 690 And I was just like oh my gosh.

Matt: That's a lot of views right? When most of them are getting like 200 100 On a good day. So I was definitely freaking out like oh my gosh, the best thing ever. Well you know, it's kind of funny. If you know, I was looking at a few different people but I was looking at Have you heard? I've been talking a lot about this but have you heard me mention recently anything about the idea of what I call the nonstop social cycle? So I did see that from the email. Yes. Okay. So I've been talking about this a little bit. And what I've been finding is that people who sort of grab for instance right now one of the hottest things is Facebook rails. I was just looking at this guy, his name is Bob. He's got 94 fours on Facebook, which is a number I was like, Holy shit, that's a lot and, and his reels Okay, so I saw this reel that he posted the other day, and let me I'm gonna just put it up in front of the camera and you can check this out but it um, it got somewhere in the range of Let's see one point there was 1.7 million views on it. Oh, it's got 3.7 million now. So on Monday, I looked at this video, okay. On Monday, I was looking at this video right here. Let me see if I can show you this. Eric got one. You can barely see it says 3.7 million. And on Monday it had 1.7 million. But he had posted this video I think on Friday or Saturday. So if you think about just doing a little bit of a calculation there, you're talking like five days or something with 4 million views like he's averaging somewhere in the range of like seven to 800,000 views a day. And on that one video. He's got one, he's got one since then. He's posted within the last I think 48 hours or something that already already has a million views and he had 65,000 followers on Monday. So less than 48 hours. He's accumulated 30,000 followers on Facebook. So yeah, the message is like there's 200 And so people and a couple of 1000 who will watch this video, the message is that Facebook Rails is it didn't I don't think even in the heyday of TikTok the maximum graphic that I ever saw on TIkTok. I don't think that I ever saw this. And there's a reason that here at legendary we had our second highest day in challenge sales yesterday because a lot of people caught real sickness but here's what I wanted to say. A lot of times when this happens right and people will start to and by the way, hang on one more thing that I want. One more thing that I want to point out about why this is happening is because Facebook added this little follow on the rails right next to their name. And that didn't exist before when they launched that. They didn't have that and so now those that follow right next to the name are now growing people's pays profiles and the reach of Facebook is massive because there's so many people on it. And what will happen is a lot of people will jump and just start going to Facebook and they'll get off TikTok. But guess what, pretty soon TikTok is going to make one little adjustment and all the videos that you're posting are getting 200 300 400 views are gonna start to get 12,000 50,000 views and your channel is going to explode. But if you just jump from platform to platform, it won't ever work but anyway, I wanted to just say to you, but even listening, she really get on Facebook reels and be repurposing your content and trying new things on Facebook reels only because we're in the part of the cycle right now of media where that one is just for whatever reason, they figured a couple things out and now it's exploding. It might be Instagram next, it might be who knows, you know? But you got to be on all of them. And I know you're omnipresent because you're everywhere. You're on Instagram, you're on YouTube, you're creating content all over the place. So that's awesome. Really, you know we're gonna wake up one day and YouTube shorts are going to explode and it's going to be, you know, going crazy and who knows. Pinterest isn't a you know as to so anyway I just went on a little rant there but what's been your what's been your secret or what's worked best for you in your getting 21,000 followers on TikTok a lot of people haven't done that. A lot of people have struggled to get 1000 followers on TikTok. What little types of videos and things have you done that have worked well for you?

Victoria: Well, it took me about a week to get 1000 So it was a lot of trial and error. And I think a lot of it was just figuring out a strategy that worked and figuring out like you need some videos that are just to grab people's attention. And then they'll look at other videos because I saw like tick tock has kind of been the number one that I've used. That's the most success I think with tick tock like you have some videos that are just attention grabbers to get people to look at your stuff. And then you can see, like who's viewing if it's from your file page, or if it's from the from you page. And I've noticed like as I started to our attention grabbing videos, the profile view started rising and so I thought well okay, if if attention grabbers just and then have some content videos that are actually lead teaching, cleaning or talking about like the talking head videos, talking about the content, then having some videos that are just sort of funny, just you know and entertainment or like Dave says the edutainment you know the something funny to kids there, make it make it interesting, make it funny and then kind of a good that way. So I like to do weird goofy things. But you'd like to have like every week I'll batch videos to make sure I've got all three kinds in there, too. Because I started doing a series and that also helped. I started doing like side hustle series just on the side hustles I could find and ones that I had seen and that was a great attention getter because that would grab people's attention onto the page and then see stuff about affiliate marketing. See stuff started a new one recently just last couple of days about SEO and SEO RPS. I'm trying more edgy, edutainment or educational kinds of content videos. I started kind of staying away from some of the TikTok has really been coming down hard on affiliate marketers when it comes to the community guidelines, especially like anytime you're trying to claim income or say oh yeah, you're gonna make this much amount. All of a sudden you get flagged left and right. And I've seen quite a few of those for things that had nothing to do with that. And they get flagged, so I know TikToks have been coming hard around that and so I've been trying to kind of move away from that and move more into teaching kinds of videos. Matt: There's there's some of the best people on TikTok that I know, like Tyler wise and some other people like Tyler's made a lot of videos around like, here's some Google Chrome extensions you didn't know you know, and like little things that are subtle and go viral and have a little attachment to his niche but aren't like aggressive and in your face. And oh, yeah, totally. And even having newborn baby accounts as well. And simultaneously growing those. Yeah, the, I would say the, the restrictions and the bands and the things like that are always those that happen in every niche and in every industry and what you learn, I think over time is how to say things without saying them. Right? And that's an interesting thing that needs to happen in the weight loss industry in the film industry because a lot of these social media platforms they view certain examples or certain things as claimed that you could also do them. In reality, it's like, well, I'm telling my story, dude, like, but the truth is, you have to figure out ways to sort of to sort of say like, or create a lot of curiosity. It's not that you need to say something without saying it but you need to create curiosity around your big idea and be specific enough to your niche and industry. But so sort of draws a lot of people in and creates mass curiosity which creates virality because if you're just here's the thing, it's like there's affiliates of ours who just always talk about affiliate marketers, affiliate marketers affiliate marketing in their videos, and it never works. And there's a reason for that is because people associate affiliate marketing with MLM and network marketing. And that's what people think of when they think of that word. They don't, they're not doing good marketing, because they don't know how to do it, what about terminology like that? And it's part of the reason that our business builder challenges video converts so well is we don't talk about affiliate marketing. We don't actually use the word and our sales video. At least, what I can remember, we talked about freelance digital marketing, and everybody wants to freelance, everybody wants to side also, but nobody wants to bang on doors and sell lotions, potions and pills to other network marketers like that sucks. So yeah. No, it's a good point about how to stay consistent with edutainment, education, and also being entertaining. If you just sit there and talk and I my guess is that that might have been you know, that's probably a different format or teaching style for you. As opposed to teaching a 15 minute class. It's like, okay, I got 15 seconds. Condensed. What's that been like?

Victoria: Well, it actually goes back to when I was teaching kids, when I was teaching kids you can be as if you want and the more you make them last, the more they like you. So I'm like, Okay, well, let's, I want to stick with that. It's like I want to have fun, they're having fun. You can get more classes, you get more clients. And I thought, Yeah, same thing. If people are watching videos, and they think I'm funny because I think I'm funny sometimes, you know, then it's like if I'm having fun and they're having fun in it. That's the inner dope, keep keep up because it's funny. I was watching a guy doing cooking videos, and he's hilarious. He's, I think , from Wyoming. And there's Dylan something and he does his elegance as he does. He's really old recipes from like the 30s and from the 20s. But the way he presents it is hilarious. And I want to go back and watch him and my kids and watch him just because it's funny and then watch the same 134 times because it's so funny. Yeah, yeah, its entertainment piece is important because nobody wants to watch someone that's like a stone face and boring. Right?

Matt:  Totally. 100% and Whoa, man, what a good takeaway there. People. What did you say people like you more when they make when you make them laugh, so true. I mean, when you go on to social media, even if you just spend five minutes scrolling through Tik Tok, if the people that you're just entertaining you, that's what they're there for. But I will say this. If if people focus their content and people focus a lot about or a lot of their channel and the content they're creating towards edutainment meaning educating people and actually giving maybe a little nugget and showing them how to do something, but also being a little entertaining and being a little like kind of funny or even, you know, I hate to use the word Qianqian kind of goofy. Yes, yeah. playful and goofy and fun. Because, you know, of all of your videos that you've posted, and there's a lot of them. The top four videos and views of all of your videos are what they're easy side hustles they're little, they're short, little tiny videos that basically walk somebody through, here's how to do and this is worked since the beginning of tic toc when we started, you know, noticing tic tock back in January of 2020 pre pandemic, we started noticing that there was something about this tic tock thing and we saw people start posting videos like that. And here we are two and a half years later, and those types of videos still get traction, they still grow channels, they still turn followers into leads and leads into sales. Because they're capturing the moment right, so side hustle was a big one. I think right now one of the ones that I've seen work as well or maybe even better is work from home. Right and you've got a video that has your fifth most watched video is want to choose when and where to work, right. And so it's like you've totally captured that there's no wonder that you've got an audience of people who are following and watching your stuff because you're also entertaining a social bit of information and people love that that's what they like people just love little bytes of information. I like it. I like getting you know, there's there's maybe only three or four people that I'll follow for like stock or financial advice and I it's a young there's a young guy, you know, people come across my timeline and tick tock who are doing sort of financial advice I'm always looking for like, what do these people drink? Not always stuff. And, you know, it was just random. It just happened to be one guy. I really liked this young cat. I generally don't like younger guys, or you guys who are doing financial advice because I'm a little bit like, how much can you actually know? And I just really felt like the way he commanded his presence. And he was kind of funny, but like funny in a way that I obviously can control a little bit, affiliative and, and it was just it was subtle humor, but it was humor that said, I know what I'm talking about. And there's a difference there between somebody who you know you look at and you're like, do you feel like you're insecure? You feel like you're nervous. I don't trust you. You know what I mean? And there's no way to get around just to keep making content and feeling that out.

Victoria: For advice you don't want to take it from a newbie you want to take advice from somebody who knows what they're talking about someone experience definitely, even though I'm a complete noob everything as much as I can soak up you know, I'm trying to be a sponge and soak up everything I can and learn everything I can I'm still trial and error and everything. And I'm like I still go back and rewatch the videos just to try to figure out okay, well how did they do this? And how did they say this? And what's the best way to do this? What's the best way to say this? Then like, I still like researching people that are saying, you know, like, oh, well I'm gonna try and like okay, let's give him a try. You know, or it's always new things to learn. There's always new strategies coming out there and there's, you want to know from somebody that's experienced it. You don't want to learn from a new human. Well, I kind of feel like a noob still, but I'm still learning but

Matt:  Yeah, you're just still learning, you're definitely not. I mean, nobody with 22,000 followers or 21,000 followers is a newbie, that's not easy talk. You've acted your way into, you know, 21,000 followers. That's very impressive and it doesn't that doesn't really happen just poof overnight. Especially, especially in a day and age where a lot of people are skeptical and you know, there's this, this industry has a lot of skepticism. So if you can build trust with those men, follow you and hear more from you. You've got a good formula going on. And now's a really great time so I would just encourage you to kind of look back at, you know, some of the stuff that you did, right? You know, a lot of times people want feedback about what am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong? I always tell people a lot. I'll email back to them. And I'll say well, just go back and look at what you did. Right and that sort of grabbed people and maybe you could adjust them a little and, you know, I've seen people even repost some of the videos that did really well and literally just post the same exact video. Didn't even remove the watermark and it you know, got the same amount of it happens all the time. But look back and in and sort of self critique, but give a little bit of you know, about yourself about what worked well, and what am I doing right? Because our tendency is to say, oh, yeah, I'm still learning and I'm still a newbie and I'm still you know, I'm still I'm still I'm still and it's like this kind of self defeating thing. But the truth is, you're basically an expert where you know, 99% more than or you know, more than 99% of people who are scrolling through one one and there's people out there who make money online like people forget that right? The danger of you being six months into this is that you forget what it's like to be in that first moment where a spark goes off and you learn something brand new. It's the same in the weight loss niche where that first spark where you have a little bit of hope that maybe you could lose that you could shed that 15 pounds at first. You know, your mailman for 15 straight years. And it's the first video you hear that says, hey, I can get your dog to stop barking and you're like, No, you Okay, wait a second, you know, and it's like any lean in and the video itself is the most basic video ever and most dog trainers probably make fun of that person because like are you serious? Everybody else? Oh loads of people. out there who have never heard that before. And it's the first moment that there's a little spark and people try to talk too much they try to overcomplicate all of this. They try to give too much information. They try to give all the details all at once but all people are looking for is a little like a spark in their brain that sends a lot of turns there, gives them a little butterflies in their stomach and they're like what it is exactly. And that's good marketing and that's the marketing that you've got to be able to get a hook and you've got to give them a little nugget to prove that, you know your hook was misleading. You know, whatever. You got to give them a little bit and that's where you start to build that trust. So have you ever gone live?

Victoria: I don’t, my nerves get the better of me.

Matt:  Okay, what's the nerves? 

Victoria: I just have the idea of being live, not knowing what to say and not really having a script to think about what to talk about and trying to keep it quiet for a full hour that the kids are going to be out of school tomorrow. It's like I'm gonna have a full house of kids and a dog and I couldn't even keep my dog away for an hour. But yeah, I probably should. I just haven't.

Matt:  Let me just tell you something. Whether you do it or not, won't bother me either way. But of everybody who has any sort of following on TikTok. You people explode in sales as soon as they start going live. When that becomes a priority, there is a different level. It's like playing a video game and a different level unlocks. It's like somebody it's it's it's hard to explain how powerful it is. But here's the other thing you just said a bunch of things that t you respond to you. You're like, this is a negative. This is a drawback. This is like, I'm going to have kids screaming. I've got all this crap going on and I got a dog barking in the background. And all that stuff. But in the moment, if you Victoria were just like, hey, look, everybody I know I'm talking about you know, in your case, you're talking about like a million. Plus, I'm talking and I know you might not believe me, or whatever, but I'm just telling you you can hear my freaking kid screaming. You can hear my dog going absolutely wild. Listen, you don't have to have all your shit together. You don't have to have, you know, some beautiful sound studio in your big million dollar mansion to make money on the internet. Well, you know my bookshelves are behind me. I'm a teacher, whatever. And I'm just telling you, all of the things that you just said are your greatest asset. It's the best thing it's what everybody in the world wants because it's the most relatable, believable thing possible. And for all the people that you haven't gone live with, or heard you Yeah, I mean, I mean, II and Ian goes live for hours on end. He goes live for four hours, you know he'll go live forever. If anybody can tell you this guy's hit platinum. He's gonna hit 2x Platinum and with our affiliate program in the next I don't know six months maybe or something I don't know. But, and his act with his lives so much but he's just standing there. Just standing there. And he's just greeting people and saying hey, what's up what's what's going on in life? And for me, some of the some of the most connectable, influential people in my life were teachers who just asked who got your curriculum, you got all this stuff that you teach, you know, how am I going to fill an hour, but like, I don't remember jack squat from college aside from a few moments where a teacher sort of like sort of took that stuff and set it aside for a second and then just sort of like, gave me a look or gave me the attention that I did or have something in the moment that was like a powerful breakthrough that I had, and I was like, oh shit, like that connection. And that's all that people are really looking for. And if and if you've got dogs barking in the background and whatever, and you know, it's, it's just chaos moments. The people who are also are gonna stay on that live and they're just gonna laugh and they're gonna go wow, this is so fun. Like, this is awesome. I don't know what it is about this person, but I love it. And this is great content. I'm all and this is super cool. And you know what the truth is? I've heard this before. They, a lot of times people will say I've, I've had people say this for decades and a day I've also had people comment this. It's this comment and let me know what you think about this. But I've had people comment and say things like this. They say things like, didn't even really matter what they were selling the person who was on. It's just that I wanted to do something to be more connected to them. It didn't I didn't even really look at what they were selling honestly. Like I get I get a few videos from this person each day or each week. I see them on a live basis occasionally like how do I get more connected to them because they make my life better. And like that's really, that's a crazy thing. Humans are crazy, but it's really powerful. You gotta do it. Here's my challenge. You gotta do it. Do it a couple times a week. Do it once a week, two times. A week. Don't go crazy. Do 30 minutes. There's no time limit. I mean, if you get 15 minutes in and you're like, do this, just fine. No one will remember no literally no one will even know no one will even remember. But there is an hour to two hours or something. You're more likely to get on that for you page and, you know, all you've really got to do is have conversations with people and a green screen up behind your head or something that has like, you know, number one way to make money on the internet and 2022 and then you know, just have people come in and be like what is it what is it? What is it? You know? You'll get lots of engagement and go viral and anyway everybody's agreeing, though, you know, or some people are agreeing Absolutely. 100% You know, just to connect needs.

Matt: Victoria for people who are new and who are just getting started with legendary marketer, they've just bought the challenge they're tuning into to Wake Up Legendary. What would you say to them? Those people, as they're getting started in the challenge and trying to figure out is this the right fit for

Victoria: I'd say don't give up, keep going. Keep consistent, like keep doing what you do because it takes time to build it up. But once the momentum is there, it will connect. I would say like yeah, I gotta conquer my fears. And you know, other people need to conquer their fears of being present, being online, having your face and putting it out there and not being afraid of it. And it's important to just, you know, follow through with all of the 15 days insurance, you're absorbing everything you can because you never stop learning.

Matt: Oh, totally, totally. Totally. Cool, Victoria, thanks for coming on. We've gone for 50 minutes this morning. I hope it was valuable to everybody here and you're gonna have to follow up with me now because I gave you a challenge. You're gonna have to, you're gonna have to go on tick tock, and we're gonna see who shows up. See if any of your followers show up. Oh, cool. Thanks for coming on. Thanks for taking a little bit of your time and having a great rest. Of your Wednesday.

Victoria: Thank you, Matt.

Matt:  Yeah. All right, everybody, give her a follow on tick tock and you know, you maybe go and comment and just, you know, troll her videos and say, Hey, when are you going live again and give her a follow and when she does go live and you're you know, you've got your you know your case of scoliosis that day and you're scrolling and oh my god Victoria is live. Make sure you go on there and give her common advice, give her a couple of hearts and give her you know, boosts that live for. And, anyway, Victoria Peterson it's @victoria.pederson. Give her a follow. We'll be back here tomorrow. Dave will be back Thursday and Friday of this week for more episodes of Wake Up Legendary you guys, peace out.