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Dave: What's going on my friends? It's Dave sharp. Welcome to wake up legendary in this morning we have somebody who, at one time worked in a supermarket. Okay, and then went on to do a little bit of university work over and I believe Australia they call that uni, loves the gym, loves working out his family's why, and in a very short period of time, as you can see he has gotten serious about his education. We'll figure out what that means. To me. That means when I got serious about my education, it just meant that I stopped looking at businesses like opportunities in jumping in and just hoping to make a quick buck without developing any skills. That's what that's what it means to me about getting serious about my education. Because at the end of the day, nobody's going to come. I'm not entitled to a job. I'm not entitled to a high salary, even if I go to college. That's the cold harsh reality that we find out when we become adults. Because as children, I just had the expectation. Well, gee whiz, if I just stay in school, get a degree I'll just get a job and I'll just be living the dream and when I became an adult, I found out that wasn't quite true. But you know my story. Let's hear Kristian’s. Welcome to the show my brother.

Kristian: How's it going? Hi, everyone in the chat.

Dave: Well, they're gonna be much better after talking to you here for a little bit of time, man. So are you calling in from Australia? Is it was I right about that

Kristian: Australia, in the middle of the night.

Dave: So it's like 10 or 9pm or 4pm now. Tell us your story. What brought you to Legendary How did you find us? What were you doing before this?

Kristian: Oh, to start it all, I was obviously going through the process of the system School University, picking a job, which periodically tended to a nine to five on the holidays and vice versa, casual during school periods and ologists I got to a point where I was not satisfied with with what I was doing is just repetitive, monotonous. And then also some of the friends I made in my university classes. They started to get jobs in the industry and then 2021 is all stressed in their mind that ready and I'm sitting there thinking, do I really want to be doing this for someone else? If I'm going to stress myself out, I'll do it myself at least but that's not the point. And then your curiosity Bekins I started to look for ways to break free and it was a long journey to start. I started looking into affiliate marketing on YouTube. Didn't get much out of that and eventually one day I'm TikTok. Earlier this year, I found you guys through who was actually but since then my life has definitely changed.

Dave: For the better or for the worse.

Kristian: For the better for sure. The education you guys have provided is just ridiculous. Honestly, the value just flipped upside down.

Dave: Tell us about the education experience because I mean, there's a lot of folks who, of course, don't buy our training. Our offers. Our training programs are really pretty simple. There's not 1000 different things that you have to know, basically we just say, hey, look, there's an appetizer here. And then there's a WAG Gu filet mignon. That's what we do. We serve wagyu filet mignon and we serve you know, a wonderful appetizer that's gonna get you somewhat full and, and in some people, you know, they come in, they take the challenge, they don't want to eat the steak. They don't want to stay for the meal and get into the blueprint. That's okay. Maybe they really don't have the resources or the resourcefulness I understand. What do you mean by the education you got seriously about it, it changed your or whatever other words that you've said it's changed your life for the better. Talk to us about the experience and maybe give us something to compare it to, just so people can understand that. What you mean by the education, you got serious about it, and it's then produced XYZ results in your life as a result of giving us a little bit more context my brother.

Kristian: What like Millennials are skeptical investing in forces and information online? And, boy, was I wrong? I'll tell you that for sure. It's a long period of time where I was constantly just looking for the free option and trying to get value out of nothing, but to be fair, you can be as intelligent as you want. Smarts from school, but school doesn't hate you. Obviously, endeavor in the online space. And if you really want to succeed, you're going to learn from someone who's already done it, the greats like yourself, safe time. By time I don't mean by three, four months, years on end. I spent it was close to a year and I got nowhere and within two months through the blueprint, so a month and a half it's been of my knowledge has excelled and not only it's not only is the content you guys provide, it's the inspiration to educate yourself beyond it now started looking into different resources, such as books that are pure content from like minded succeeding individuals as opposed to just the free options, you know, YouTube so it's definitely if I can recommend time to invest it's it's always now don't wait. I don't have the money. I don't want to spend the money sorry. 

Dave: This it's certainly going to save you time and it's going to make your money I mean when people say things like what you just said about you know, learning from greats and stuff like that I still like awkward and people think them wonderful surprise me can do something for long enough that I become really good at it. And then I learn how to teach it because it is a skill to take up really complicated but online marketing there's there's there's moving parts and make that something simple that people can understand. But I really feel like that because I have the same attitude that you do. I am a student so much in my life. And I have that same philosophy that you just described, which is I would rather pay someone more more than I even planned more than I even budgeted more than I even expected because if there's somebody who I know really knows what they're doing and can help me get to where I want to go without all the I'm sorry, guys, if you're watching this and your kids around but all the BS all the bullshit, you know, the fakery or people pretending like they know what they're talking about, or people who are teaching things without lots of data and experience to back it up. And you're right. There's a lot of that on YouTube. Man. There's a lot of that and all these freebies, and we have to be real careful about where we spend our time because it's not for me, I don't really care at this point in life. And I really do mean this whether someone buys education, invests with me or goes somewhere else and gets serious, it changes their life. But I just know there are so few at least in this industry. There's so few really, really solid places you can go to learn everything you need to learn and they'll be there to continue to coach you and grow with you and talk to you live. I mean, you and me right now have never had a conversation, except right here live in front of hundreds of people. And I'm willing to just because I have nothing to hide. I'm just a marketer. Who's trying to improve as well. And so YouTube can be a very frustrating thing and especially these other people who are on the internet, and we get stuck in a vicious cycle of you know, it's not always us that wants to have shiny object syndrome. Sometimes we just get sucked into the marketing and all you know before we know it, we come online that we're on, subscribed to a 100 email list. That's why it's really important to cut out the noise. And so one of the things I've done is like really trim down all my Facebook, all my email subscriptions to where I don't get hardly anything or see hardly anything that's wildly toxic or distracting. How have you managed to block out distractions and now that you're clear about where you want to learn from and who you want to learn from and who you don't? How have you put up blinds or built walls to guard your focus?

Kristian: It's a bit of a drastic measure and I've got my brother thankful he's very disciplined. We've just cut out through social media consumption less it's consuming content, like our own content, but we don't watch any content. So we just completely cut out any apps we used to use prior to deletion. You'll have Instagram TikTok with the main apps we function on. But we don't sit there scrolling or focus if we want to reward ourselves with the sort of instant dopamine as we call it. We might celebrate with a movie at the end of the night or some YouTube videos that during the day we just stay focused and either we learned from ourselves through your course or we read books, educate ourselves, continue to educate ourselves. Because at the end of the day, time, probably the only asset you can't get back. You can always get your money back, that's why you invest your money. It's going to come back to you one way or another way the next three months kind of come back and whenever we come back generation I don't want to sit around and wasted I've spent enough time in university in school I want to focus now even if it takes me two three years, at least lived less than my life.

Dave: It's amazing. I ask how old you are. I'm an old fart here. Dude, I am a grandpa right now. Like seriously, dude. I used to be a young kid. Like for real now. I am straight up a grandpa. But, man, the older generations as I've been growing, you know? Growing up, have always looked down or not all not everyone, but as if like kids are dumb or don't know what they're doing. And I'll tell you, man, this new generation, your generation and young people today are smart. They're they're tech savvy. They get what we're doing here. They're European and also intelligent, compassionate. You're deep. You're not just a, you know, superficial person. I mean, the generation is I am really, really just inspired and impressed and what would you say to other young people who maybe have not you know just seen and explored what all their options are yet you know and there may be there may be frustrated in life a little bit with kind of come into this. They're hoping to come to this climax and it's, it's not climaxing. It's not happening. They're just, you know, it's like shit, where's the top of the mountain and I'm getting frustrated when they're on vacation. But what would you say to the other young people who are feeling frustrated about what they've been told, and maybe it's not panning out the way that they thought or hoped?

Kristian: I think this might be a bit of a harsh reality, but I think it comes down to the fact that I was in the misconception as well as thinking Oh, I get wealthy quickly, quickly. People do create wealth within a matter of months. It's all the mindset you need it into the right mind space focus. It's hard to break some of the old bad habits and I was there. It took too long to break bad habits but it's later like it's not everyone knows what they want to do in life. Just going to put pen to paper sometimes, just even journal your emotions, thoughts, and some clarity. And then once you've got an expectation or direction to head into, try to eliminate like we discussed any bad habits or distractions. put the effort in because the effort will reward you. It might take weeks, it might take months and as often as much of a saying but people go oh this person got lucky overnight. Lucky overnight. It's not so much that they got lucky overnight. They may have been preparing for months for him. And that would have been that one night where they, you know, credit instant wealth. So much. So the efforts, the background work, and a lot of the time people look at other people's highlights online and compare themselves to where they work, but they don't see the grind they went through. It's important to focus on looking efficiently, productively and staying in the right mindset. That's advice I can give, I guess in that respect, and it's good.

Dave:  Do you think that same advice applies to older people as well? I mean, is it really just the same formula?

Kristian: 100% 

Dave: There's some older people who are thinking, yeah, these young bucks they got the world in the palm of their hands. I think somebody even commented that and it's like, Well, do you believe Christian that an older person in their 50s or 60s could have or 70s or 80s or 90s or however old I know some some kick ass people in their 80s and 90s. So I don't want to offend you folks, but you think that they can also change in a matter of months, have a breakthrough and then learn this? Not just it's not just something but you study and you learn it just for a short period of time commit to that. And do you think that no matter how old somebody is, it is actually a reality for somebody who's older to to get this and succeed in and are you seeing that out there on the internet, older people, a wide range of different ages of people in races and religions and all this. I just want to make sure that the other folks who are older and so forth, speak to that and give your honest opinion about what's possible for people even if they're older as well.

Kristian: I think it's a lot easier to talk, I can relate to the audience a lot more I find that generally a lot harder to relate in the easier categories of understand oh man, now I said I'm dad now because I can find that your three went through the hard yakka whereas I'm young man 21 So I worked for a little bit yes and went to uni but a lot of people can relate to me a lot of people have gone through those hard yakka years and 100% people that are running. What are the Australian hardware years?

Dave: We'll put your we'll put your we'll put your TikTok up here in a second. But I want to talk a little bit about it. It's amazing. It's amazing how simple this really can be. And I think there's going to be some correlation to what I'm about to show and then of course, we'll talk about your account as well. You know, every single one of these pieces of content is probably not that you didn't sit down and pray and meditate and it came to you. You went and learned it somewhere. What I mean is, I'd like you to explain what the strategy is that you're using here. But I saw a little bit of similarity there between, you know, the Snoop Dogg strategy and your strategy. And of course, if we go over here on Instagram and we look at, for example, let's look at Lewis Howe's account. Here's another guy who's, you know, invested a lot of, you know, a lot of effort, and doesn't seem to be doing it as much anymore, but he sure used to repurpose a lot of other people's content. Now, he's clearly doing his own interviews and stuff. But back before he did his views, you can dig in here and see

Matt: That he repurposed

Dave: A lot of other people's content. Somebody else that did a lot of that is Jay Shetty. I don't know if you've ever heard of him. Have you, Kristian. Jay, really, he repurpose is as you can see a lot of these other videos that are like feel good videos and stuff like that. You know, viral viral videos, just other videos that are going viral on the internet. You know, that everybody's just kind of, you know, snatching and grabbing and stuff like that in using that as content to sort of, you know, you know, mix in with I guess your own content. But, Christian, let's talk about let's talk about your, let's talk about your ear tick tock and kind of your strategy and how you know some of those other the concept of repurposing either ideas or literally other people's content is either true or untrue. You toss them often how you now came to this kind of what you're doing now, which seems like there's a bit of a pattern or a theme to what you're doing.

Kristian: So, when I first started out, I was close to starting. Yeah. And I had no idea what I was doing. whatsoever. And then for a little period, Oh, brother, I made a joint account together, mucking around a little bit, didn't get fired, and had about 1000 followers in two months. And then eventually we started our own accounts. And this about the time we bought into the blueprints, invested into the blueprints, and we started getting the ideas from you guys to start to look at content that's already doing well and mimic it if possible. And what we started to figure out was that that is a starting formula. Find content that's doing well and not necessarily the copier, but see why it's doing well analyze it if it's a because usually with this account, I do just text on screen takes for them to read through it by the time they read through it's played through two or three times so they'll sit down and watch it and watch it and watch it and watch it. That's one form of taking advantage of the algorithm. 

Dave: The reason why that is, is because why Kristian? Just for folks who don't understand or don't know yet why getting people to watch your videos all the way to the end or even sit there and re-watch your videos will help you on TikTok, TikTok love your videos and boost them up and show them to other people. Why is that Kristian?

Kristian: Well generally obviously ticked up on people to build the app longer. The longer they are on it, the more they'll push it out. So if you have your video shorter, people will watch it more therefore they'll push it out more because at the end of the day tick tock wants to actually help your videos go viral because now obviously in the run through there enough value in your videos to have them watch all the way through or watch multiple times. TikTok will reward you for and push your content out there for getting more views, followers likes, etc.

Dave: The brilliant strategy that you're using is you're basically creating a piece of content that has text on it that takes longer than you know, the seven or eight seconds the eight seconds that the video is so somebody has to sit there and watch it and rewatch it and rewatch it over if they want to read everything that's on the on the thing, which which which tells you gotta think we're the algorithm TikToks algorithm is a computer folks, it's a robot. So you have to be smarter than the robot. You have to be smarter than the computer. It's not a human being, you know it's just basically all it's saying is okay, people are sitting here in my chat room saying Yo, so I'm going to show it to more and more people. And that's how videos go viral. It's just that simple. And so you know, this is a brilliant little strategy to get maybe 3,4,5-10 views from the same from one person you know to say to TikTok. Wow, people are watching this video over and over and over again. So it's a really, really, really smart thing that you're doing here. The majority of your videos are between five and 10 seconds with texts that take longer to read. So they have to sit on it and let it play a couple of times in order to read everything. I see that as sort of a theme on this page, especially I think I've made a video and I've done a couple of talking videos.

Kristian: A lot of videos have been controversial so if you click on say a video with over a million views. I used to get very confused. I tried to mimic the content. And I want to understand why but sometimes a controversy isn't necessarily the text on the screen. There was a video I wanted to mimic. There was a quote there. Go ahead and this gets so many views and I made a video on it. Just put the quote on the screen, a political episode of seconds in mind Flucht and I'll see their thinking What Why did not go viral. It went viral. So this guy and it's odd use a similar formula and it's worked for me in the past. Sometimes it's the backend. The backend clip there was a funny clip. There's two brothers, one of the brothers was screaming in outrage as a joke. People were caught I looked into the comments and people were commenting on that and meaning or not forward with some more videos like this one in the comment it's constantly getting its especially if you do talking videos or text on screen, one provide value but you also want to look at a point where you can provide some controversy where people can talk about in the comments, different points. And while they're obviously talking in the comments, your videos are still playing in the background as well. So

Dave: You know because as a marketer, and as a perfectionist, I always compared and thought my stuff wasn't good enough and so I needed to have better camera equipment or I needed to, you know, it just wasn't good enough. But the truth is, the simpler the content, the better and any time in the history of my career where I just got it out and didn't try to overproduce it. It's done just 10 times better than when I tried to be super fancy. So talk to me a little bit about your thoughts on the simplicity of this and how simple really. It is these days and I didn't say it's easy. I want to be careful with that but it is simple. If we can keep it simple. You know, we don't even have to overthink it like right here. This is the theme. You know this is obviously how to text like an alpha and so you've got mindset masculinity motivation. So it's not even you know in your call to action right now to build your dream body. So it's it's, it's not even specifically about you're giving yourself enough room to also you know, kind of create content on different topics as well. And I love that too because so many people come in and want to just immediately jump right back into the make-money online space, but you can very easily give yourself two or three clicks here other content that's what you did. How did you come up with that Kristian? Well, it's, it's obviously a simple thing, but it allows you to kind of talk about multiple things and obviously so many more ideas can come to that and in they sort of also somebody who's interested in motivation is also going to probably be interested in making more money. So also could have probably been interested in mindset, right? So it's not like those topics are so far away from each other. Could you say a little bit about that?

Kristian: Generally, obviously like you just started yourself people in that similar mind space will be looking for content circles in their bubble. When it comes to something like TikTok in the way that app is designed, you know, I've tried longer form content, I've had multiple accounts, and I've got a second account as well, which is more finance related on site hustles or finance related content. And I find I get a mixed review on that. A lot of the time I'll get some long form content that will blow up but I get it as often as I would with shorter form content, because it's not like YouTube people don't come on here are my favorite YouTubers posts. I'm gonna sit here and watch his 15 minute video. We're just scrolling there for your page. You don't hook them in straightaway. Give them a reason to watch now and just keep on going. And when it comes to longer form content if you don't hook them in throughout the via continuous content isn't the best thing you can do because obviously going to get better results. If you can find areas where you can interlink between different topics. It can also benefit you in the long run as well because you'll find audiences in a masculinity. People who want to be more masculine strive to be a high class high value successful male so they'll look into the finest aspects as well want to motivate them I'll be motivated, fitness wise, they might be motivated financially. I mean, dating wise, I want to attract you know, attractive women, etc. How do you become more high status, high class, finance motivated, etc, etc.

Dave: And also, you know, how somebody who I just hold on for too much? Because obviously, the content is going to be coming from you or ideas that we're interested in or things other things that you're learning about, you know, you want it to be something you can talk about. So for somebody who's maybe an older person who doesn't have who has maybe grandchildren and who enjoys going out fishing a lot, you know, maybe it's like, you know, side hustles grandchildren fishing, I don't know it's, you know, or or, you know, come on, what would you think, you'd come up with some ideas bear with me for people who would might be might not be you know, your age and maybe somebody a little bit older. 

Kristian: The best way is to be relatable. So whatever you still want to produce is entertaining, relatable with your audience. So there's different ways my best advice is obviously of your passions or whatever you want to post content about that show up on TikTok and you can filter through you can have the look most like in the last three, six months, etc. And just look at what people in those niches are doing. And you can start to mimic the content posts in those aspects. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to travel to find ideas you can literally be whatever you're passionate about. If you can find a way to bring people on the journey within its training, or entertainment as you call it, time it and that's exactly what this.

Dave: We were chatting yesterday, Bree and I. And she was talking about how she's taken things to the next level. And it really is about the personalization, and she actually credits a lot of how personal she gets in her email follow up and so forth. As well, you know, but it's true, you're right, you really the thing that we need to focus on. It is sort of twofold. You know, it's what is interesting in what people want, that is something that is important. And the second thing is, what can I do? How can I get them to delight them and provide them value, right, what stories? What experience do I have? And you know, this is a great example of what people want, they want results they want and you can even get more. You can even get more results oriented with your bio up here, but this at least tells people what you're going to be talking about on the page. But something like you know, build massive confidence and become the, you know, a man's man. Get inspired, you know, like those would be more results driven. Out here, but I think the point is, is that what you're saying and I've said this over and over again. Don't be authentic, try to tie in your personal experience and knowledge to what you're talking about if you're going to be putting on your content, but I think what you've proven here is that it's not necessary. I mean, you don't, you don't in this strategy, and this is what so many people want to know and want to hear nowadays on TikTok. I actually think the better strategy is to have the text on the page because so many people are consuming content and give them a range, watch, give them some value, they’ll stick around, they’ll watch.

Kristian: The one thing I like to do with the connect to connect with moments because I don't you know, build the story necessarily through the video itself, but connect with my audience. I'll respond to almost all my comments. You'll see some videos have maybe 1015 comments, some videos will have hundreds of comments and I'm sitting there trying to respond to as many as I can. And I follow back. More regulars, the way they connect with them. They DM you probably have calls as we build an audience and sort of like building a report testimonials for your boys for a brand or for business you've got when they come in common with a lot more. Thank you. I appreciate you so much for your tips. And then when people come in and click on the comments, because people are curious, I'll see if the video is doing well, check the comments and see what's coming. Who's commenting? I think they are. Thank you so much for these tips. I appreciate you so much or you've changed my mindset on this or you've changed my life in this aspect to helping people so I'll follow along on the follow up. And it's not the end of the day. It's not just for the followers. You know, it's helping people and people you provide value to like yourself, will always come back and see you back in other ways.

Dave: You know, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. You know, for me, the comments section is a wonderful place to learn. It's a wonderful place to figure out what people's objections are. That's what I can learn from the comments. Usually if people have objections, it's a common objection that you're seeing over and over again and you think that it's like something that's really stopping people from buying or taking action? No, I have something I can do. I need to focus my content on playing a problem to overcome that? If you know, I can learn a lot about what's keeping people from taking a lot of time. You'll just see real simple people commenting. How do I get started? Right? People just it's not usually people don't have massively complicated questions. It's usually just things like, how do I get started or, you know, what, what exactly are you selling or think, you know, simple questions that just we forget because we start learning and then we're talking about more complicated stuff. Have to remember that the board and You're not thinking super complicated things if we got to make sure we don't talk over their heads. What are your thoughts on that? 

Kristian: 100% agree and it's important to like, like you said, grant yourself back to the norm because once you're in a process where you've been learning for so long, like $100,000 I don't want to sound like I'm being overly content but $100,000 now doesn't seem like a lot to me. I've achieved it on a couple of counts on how to grow followers, but to a lot of people they'd be confused for a long time. How to achieve this. How do I get sometimes like they'll tell me on Instagram channel and wake lead off messages that call. Thank you so much. I grew so many followers in this amount of time. And it's like you said that they don't understand. They don't understand the level that you have worked towards. So you have to just sometimes be plain simple English. To basics for them.

Dave: And also now, once you begin, I'm speaking to all of you out there who are who are listening, then when you go to turn around and actually start marketing. You have to remember that to No, it's such a simple success. Clif Bars and when I look back at my extra we're like, yeah, I found Legendary somehow I don't really remember who like I challenge all of you to pay close attention to what, what worked on you and Christian I'm not, I'm not it's just something in the past just in the future, like we just like, and I know you do this, but because you've now got experience. You're paying more attention to things that are working on you too, right? Because you're like wow, it's like that works. You know, we also realize that we are our customers. No, it's not that we don't have to be your customer.

Dave: What are the things that worked on you? You know what are the things that drew you in? What draws you in? How have you started to look at the world differently Kristian, you know, or the internet or making money differently since you've been doing this and remind us again, exactly how long like when did you take the challenge get started? With the blueprints and begin really being serious?

Kristian: It's been March I'm pretty sure mid to late March. Like I said, it's taught me value wise that the longer you wait to invest the longer you procrastinate and put off longer your dreams they're going to be waiting and that's that's something I've been learning now. If you really want to get big, get your dreams, you have to stop putting in the work. It takes time to build up the habit and it takes time to get there. In a matter of months, if you can, if you can put down to focus. I've been fortunate in that I've had the time to do it. longer than two hours three hours a day, but you can put down four or five hours a day or maybe even three, four days or you will progress you're not going to like oh now seems to be too much.

Kristian: They will always come back. And one thing I say to a lot of people is if you invest even in law for lower cost products, if you invest this much now what is the absolute worst that can happen to a lot of the time people will say nothing.

Dave: It's education, the most important thing. Some shitty paper really has no value anyways, some shitty paper that some person invented or some government invented that we're all pretending has value. But you know what you know, no one has no paper in what you know, and make you think what you know can keep you alive. What you know keeps your kids safe, cash now might even pay somebody but that doesn't guarantee they're going to keep you safe. But you know, it will make you money and what you know will keep you safe. And I even said that, you know I'm sitting here right now and I'm going back through them editing some of the some of the you know the sales video and their sales sales samples right in that video. I refuse to just pump you full of hype. I'm not going to give you the typical hyped up claims of making money or earn six figures in six minutes. Because it's finally time for you to realize that becoming successful requires the right information from the right person in the right environment. And it also requires an investment of time, energy and some capital from you. Right. So if you're just going to look for the next hottest flavor of the week that will tell you what you want to hear leave go right now, because there's plenty of snake oil salesmen, right those lies that get in the 15 day challenge before anybody ever spends $1 here as a marketer on training and education and, you know, it's it's amazing how much how much I thought, you know, at one time as well that, you know, a few $1,000 Was I thought that was you know, I thought that was the most money in the world. I remember when I had $1,000 a week online I was like I am rich, you know, but as we really were listening to Clickfunnels talk about you know, he just battled and he's battling brain cancer right now. Dave Woodward, the CEO of Click Funnels. So everybody keep him in your thoughts, prayers, anything that you know, spiritual that you do for his recovery. He's fighting. He's battling. He had surgery and I believe he's recovering. He was talking about the Beatles. He did a live show and he was talking about the Beatles and how they used to say things like let’s go write a swimming pool, let's go write a swimming pool because if I put the work in to go write the song, it's going to occupy a swimming pool with it. Or they'd say, Let's go ride around the house. Or let's go ride a private jet. And it's like when I realized that this because remember, I was just talking about cash is trash in this is the most valuable thing that we have. It's like those skills that I learned money from that time while I realized that that's really not a lot of money. Now that was also my point. And what I was saying was that a couple of books can structure matter. Here you know, or at least it's getting full. I mean, I can even drive a car on half a tank of gas. I don't need to be totally full for me to get the thing going, you know what I mean? Once I got this thing, now all the sudden I can use those skills to let me go film a swimming pool. Let me go so let me go. Go record a G Wagen. Right click go let me go over here and write a Rolex. Let me go, let me go over here and film next year, but I'd like to definitely go with that. 

Kristian: The greatest asset of all time is your brain. If you can educate your brain and grow it with skill, knowledge, it's only going to benefit you. It is an expected perspective, like you said, you know how to write up a Rolex or quarter house. The average person won't know how to do that because they're not investing in their greatest asset, their brain, so the more you invest in your knowledge, the more you know to start making money online or doing whatever you do, that's the defining thing. It definitely is your knowledge.

Dave: This is your second TikTok account and I just wanted to put it up because it is more of your kind of side hustle. Is this one a new account or has the other one just grown faster?

Kristian: I started roughly about the same time but this was a Can I put less effort into it. I only posted one other kind of post 234 times a day. I've been trying this more like my test trial in terms of talking videos, textbooks want to as well just get it rolling in terms of finance, and everything. Everything is I think through your own experience as well. can be taught a lot and I've mentored a lot through you and through the education you've provided and the inspiration as well which is a lot better than signing up for some previous online courses. And they've given some education but they're gonna give you the inspiration whereas through legendary and yourself, always giving the inspiration to take on upon our own learnings and sometimes it's not so much just information by paralysis as I'm reading a lot of mine theory just how to do it and you learn from your videos in May Dave: So, do you and your brother Wow, you guys work together and you really a lot of the stuff we work on together where I am today 

Kristian: because of him for a 16 year old he's very disciplined. So we're grateful that I've, as my brother's always, somebody who has made but where we are today is because of the work we've combined and interdependency helping each other out and growing.

Dave: It's rare to find a 65 year old man who gets credit like you give credit who builds and lift other people up who you know, most people are and I was thinking about this morning because I was driving by a i was i have a Jewish family that lives by me and he's a rabbi and he they have a temple and they rented a or they bought or something a police car to park in the in the driveway because there's so many dangerous in weak people out there who want to hurt people. And I thought that was so sad. I’m sad that my friends and neighbors have to live in fear and I'm angry about it like I want to. I want to do something about it but I am doing something about it. I'm speaking out and I'm trying to do my part here. Business. But the reason why I said that is because people act out of anger and they act in violence in the act in their mean and they're toxic. I mean you see this even online when people are mean and they understand that your success is a result of mentors and a result of the help from your brother and your younger brother. And I just know that you're going to be a massive success because you have that attitude. And you don't know that you don't have to win with Manila jin or but with violence or anything like that as a young man you know. It's this and also this the heart you know the heart. Where do you think that is my you know, this humility and this outlook that you have on life that I think we all can learn a little bit from?


Kristian: As funny as it sounds it is from is it was a period of time where he went through, he had a very big change in mindset changing lifestyle to clean up his diet has become a lot more discipline for a 15 year old’s vision on life, on time progressing I had ambitions but didn't have the discipline to get there. And frankly, he's a newfound discipline. Fortunately enough for me to be his brother forced together and it's helped me grow in realizing it's not so much luck. Said are people who act out of anger or are trying to bring other people down. They are the weak people I encourage instead of criticizing. One thing I've definitely learned from my brother is sometimes like any other human being you know, you get frustrated sometimes you can't control your emotions. And instead of us fighting and beckoning back to remind ourselves you know, be grateful you have yes we're not super ultimate billionaires living the lavish lifestyle yet but ourselves be grateful there is people in a flick of a moment we want to switch positions with us is it's always grant everything comes with a grid. That's when everything comes down, I'm trying to bring people down or worry about things in the future and misplace your thoughts. And energy. Not in the present moment. You're never going to be happy. So the best thing to do is just focus on right now. Be grateful folks right now you're here alive. You're breathing important things without your health. Life is nothing.

Dave:  I think we're going to end it on that my brother it was a great message to end a Friday on even though you know I mean, Friday doesn't particularly mean that evening. What is CQC getting random anyways, man, it's a great a great message because we're going to take a two day break from the wakeup show like we do every week and give everyone a chance to catch up on other episodes that you didn't you know, you didn't listen to if you want to listen to this one with Christian, but tell your brother that we said What's up obviously sounds like a fantastic young man and I'd love to meet him and maybe have you both back on.

Kristian: Thank you so much for having me on the show. ever so grateful and appreciative you know, to be in the presence of a great individual like yourself, even though you said it was waiting to be called something like that. But you've achieved your successes and you've worked really hard. 

Dave: Alright my friends, there you go. There it is. Not to learn. Aren't they so valuable? They are so valuable. I have to make these lives more valuable than things that other people are out there paying for or charging for. And because our students here are gracious enough to come back and share with us how the training is in many cases, even taking it way beyond what you know what, what we say is possible. It's just that the goal of teaching something comes and takes. We had that conversation this morning. Kristian came in just lit himself on fire and made it happen. Now that you can learn something from somebody younger than you and learn something from somebody else who just got started, just keep your eyes and ears open because you never know when the next thing that you need to know is going to pop up and here's the other thing that comes back. If you're new here. Watch these wakeup lives every day. I guarantee you if you go through our education here and you also watch these lives of what used to be students you're well on your way to success. It has been proven so many times over and over again. I love to stand here and get pumped up and I think it's somewhat motivational, but who cares what I say. Look at everybody who's doing it right now and some are doing it quicker than others and slower and that's it doesn't matter just as long as you're taken. Alright, get out of here. Have a great Friday be Legendary. We'll see on Monday.