On Tuesday’s episode of Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with Jacob Lucas to talk about his personal dating coach business. He has been a personal dating coach for three years and has built a following of our 630k! He’s learned alot about content creation to get to that level and shares his marketing tips with David.

If you are thinking of monetizing your unique skills this interview is for you. 

Jacob used to want to be a professional boxer but when he became very ill several years ago he realized there were many things he wanted to do with his life that he hadn’t gotten the chance to do yet, one of those things being an online dating coach. He realized he had value to offer and could really help someone out with their dating life. He had seen that dating coach services were something people were already searching for online. His customers could learn about dating in the comfort of their own home, and Jacob would become their personal wingman. “If you’ve got a problem so do a million (other) people,” Jacob said.

Building A Following In Your Niche

No matter how unique or similar your unique offer is, you have to know how to market it and how to create content. “The first thing is to help people, the second thing is how to make a living out of helping people,” Jacob said. One of the biggest challenges people face is actually picking a niche, Jacob told David Sharpe. 

Jacob shared these 5 tips with David Sharpe for creating content that stands out.

Tip #1 – Speak with authority. When creating content, state who you are and what your professional is. For example, Jacob would say “Hi I’m Jacob and I’m a professional dating coach”. This makes you sound confident to the viewer and will appeal more to them. 

Tip #2 – Speak numerically. When creating content speak with numerals, for example “3 tips to make ___” or “5 signs you are ___”. Jacob says to use the numbers 3, 5, and 10. People like to feel like they are completing something, and usually the best is saved for last in content so the viewer stays watching until the end.

Tip #3 – Use truisms. You want to make your reader think but not make them feel stupid. This makes your viewer not feel cornered and shows them that you have empathy.

Tip #4 – Jacob shared that when making content, inflections can make a big difference in your content creation. 

Tip #5 – Putting the main subject in a larger or bolder text size will help draw the reader’s eyes to it and make them think about the content.

Building Up Confidence 

In any industry or niche it is hard to not compare yourself to other people, especially if they've been making content in your niche longer than you have. Constantly comparing yourself to others who might appear like they are more successful than you is what can slow you down or make you feel stuck and won’t allow you to have room for growth.

In terms of building confidence and taking action, it can be crucial to never ask the opinions of your friends and family when it comes to your business. Those people are not in your niche, nor do they have the experience or background to have a well opinionated answer about your work. If you ask their opinions and they give you an answer based on their opinion, they could advise you to do something that wouldn’t be good for your business. “Don’t ask anyone, just do it,” Jacob said, “None of the small things you do in your video matter if you’re just going to give into limiting beliefs.” When you have people in your inner circles who are supporting your business and decisions, that’s who your true friends are.

How To Build Social Value

“When your value goes up, you get paid for what you do, what you say, and who you are,” Jacob shared with David Sharpe. Trying to be valuable to everyone is not going to work, which is why it’s so important to choose a niche and build value within the niche that you choose. 

A huge way to build value is by taking the time to respond to engagement on your posts. Creating the feel of human touch with your viewers and followers will help build trust between you and them and also show your followers that you are a person just like them who struggled with a problem just like they are. Over time value builds because you establish a sense of friendship and personal touch with your followers. “That’s how you build social value, you have to have that human touch,” Jacob said, “Even if your first comment is a negative one, respond to it because everything is a learning experience.”

Increasing Viewers Through Algorithm

Jacob and David then dove into the one thing that’s important when reviewing your content- make sure that people are watching your videos all the way through to the end. If they aren't, something needs to be adjusted. It’s a fantastic metric to guide you for future content creation. 

One way to make sure people are watching your video all the way to the end is to end the video sharply. A great way to do this is by cutting the last syllable out of your last word in your video. 

Another great reminder is to always have subtitles on your video. A lot of times people will rely on subtitles if they are in a situation where they cannot play a video out loud, whether it be at work or somewhere else. The use of subtitles on your videos ensures it’s more accessible to people who may not have the ability to use audio. 

The length of a video is also something important to factor in when it comes to algorithms. If a video is too long, the viewer may not want to watch it all the way through, especially on a site or app like TikTok where people are used to seeing short form video content. Jacob found  that his sweet spot and preferred length to make videos is between 40-45 seconds. That’s where people will watch it to the end and you will deliver valuable content,” Jacob said. 

Any business you’re in, your main concern should be to help or deliver a product. You must be the best version of yourself to care about your customer. The best marketing you can get is word of mouth, and the best way to leave an impression on your customer is to show them that you genuinely care for them. “If it’s just about money you’re not going to make it,” Jacob said. 

Money can be a gauge of value. There’s already a genuine understanding of people that if you provide a service, that people will give you money for the service that you are providing. The more value you provide to your viewers, the more they will view your content and have more to take away from it, which will keep them coming back. 

Building a successful business like Jacob's requires skill, time, and patience, but can be a great way to bring in income and deliver value to customers. It’s a great way to share experiences and help people. 

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