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How To Quickly Grow Your Account On TikTok

How to quickly grow your account on Tiktok. Matt sits down to chat about growing a Tiktok channel to over 316k followers. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  How to quickly grow your account on Tiktok is what we titled the show today. Hello, happy Wednesday. It's Wednesday, August 10. Pumped that you guys are here excited that you're joining us. We've got an awesome, awesome duo lined up, lined up. I'm excited. They're going to share with us a little bit of how they got to 316,000 followers and this is going to be an awesome episode. I'm really excited about it. If you're new we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern time. So right at 10am we sign in, we hit Go Live, we bring on a guest. I just met them. I've never chatted with them before. At least I don't remember, we go live. we unpack a little bit about their strategy. We unpack a little bit about their business, their journey to finding success on the internet. And you know the internet is just a wildly vast opportunity to make money and create income. And I thought that I had this funny. I had this funny thought that for the last 10 years every single year I thought oh, I missed it. Oh I missed it. Oh, I missed it. And people have the scarcity mindset sometimes with the internet and and every single time that I say that a new opportunity appears right and and today this morning, we've got two more guests who are living breathing proof of that. So Whitney and Chris, what's up how's it going? Pretty good. Good. What's new?

Chris & Whitney: Oh, I really don't know. Living life. Enjoy.

Matt:  Tell us a little bit about your story and your journey to coming online. I mean, why have you found Legendary what's the story behind starting your own online business?

Chris & Whitney: I was out in the semi truck driver and I was watching TikTok and I came across. Megan Ryan recommends by watching her videos and I was like, I can do it online and be home. So I went to their website, checked it out and brought me under her. And I had ever watched the videos and they go through the website and she was like well, let's try so yeah, that's pretty much what happened.

Matt:  Cool. Cool. So where are you Whitney? Yes. Okay. So do you are you do you work are you stay at home mom?

Chris & Whitney: I used to work as a CNA and then I started having health issues. I started having seizures. And so I wasn't allowed to drive or anything and it really put a damper on my mood and and with the kids. We have six kids between us and it was just hard feeling like I couldn't do anything for anybody.

Chris & Whitney: No, yeah. It gave us hope that I could do something.

Matt:  Yeah, that's cool. What do you say when you come online? Have you ever said you are on a tick found through Megan and Ryan. They're awesome. And then and then I'm just so curious. Like have you ever tried to make money on the internet before? Yeah. So totally for the first time, totally. Brand new.

Chris & Whitney:We were definitely those people that said, if you thought you make money online, you're stupid and then we we started looking into it and it's just it's blown our minds. Yeah. First we didn't even have the money to start out. We ended up selling our car by the blueprints so that we can do this.

Matt:  Wow. So you got a truck and no car.

Chris & Whitney:We didn't have any. We sold our car that was money from that paper and then we took what was left of the bottle , a cheap car for a little while and got back on our feet and now we're back in Chevrolet Suburban. So there you go. 


Matt:  Isn't it just funny how like, you know, some people would be listening to this would be I don't feel fazed by you guys saying that at all. Let some people listen to this and be like are these guys that are downlines? Are they crazy? I heard this guy say this recently where he's he just said, you know, everything's gonna work out because it has to, like, everything's gonna work out because you know what, it's life and it has to, and and I just thought, Wow, what a great way to just defuse all of the stupid emotional bullshit that we've got going on in our life and all the crazy stories we tell, like, tell ourselves in our head. It's like, you know what, like, Hey, we're gonna sell our car, we're gonna figure it out. We're gonna make this a priority for ourselves. And we'll figure it out because we have

Chris & Whitney:about him feeling down about life. We got to save and even the same for me.

Matt:  So what a great partnership is cool. So you hop online, you go through some training, you purchase our upgraded training and for anybody who's new, it's just we have a business blueprints we have business blueprints that are you once you purchase our challenge. We have additional offers and things you can buy for upgraded training if you'd like you don't have to but they sure are helpful. And your experience with the challenge and the blueprints and stuff was good? Was it great was it I mean,

Chris & Whitney:it was legendary.

Matt:  I like that. And you go through all that training, how long ago it's how

Chris & Whitney:We started back in the year I think we bought February. That was started in the middle of March actually trying to put out a few videos and trying to learn the ads and stuff on Facebook. Cause that takes care of all that. Face and tick off so now hey

Matt:  So and you guys are even blueprints. purchasers, is that right? Yes. Okay, so we gotta get you guys down to Florida and get in the mansion a little bit and hang out in Florida together.

Chris & Whitney:Although we're gonna try to come to the next one. All right, cool.

Matt:  That's gonna be the first week in December, so that'd be cool to meet you guys. I'll be there.

Chris & Whitney:Whether it be

Matt:  But yeah. So okay, now my curiosity My Will, the gears in my head are turning. Okay, we've got a TikTok show here with 316,000 followers. You guys are obviously generating leads. You guys are obviously making money which is great. What's been the secret? Or maybe there isn't a secret but what's been like a catalyst of your insanely fast TikTok growth. 

Chris & Whitney:Well, it started off. Oh, making the videos. And I was running about her. You know, we talked about everything we do. And they just weren't. They weren't really working at first. We'd get a few files here and there. Maybe a lead here and there. But we just weren't seeing the success that we thought we should. He was getting discouraged. And so we sort of took a few days away to watch some more videos and then I emailed you. you email me back and say to try to watch How To videos. Okay, and how you can watch other people's videos go viral, recreate videos, and remember guys may but he had the app on his finger in Yeah, yeah, he and that's it. And he tossed it behind him. I'm like, well, I could change that up and I could take a bite out of the app and use that as my hook. And I told her about it. She said, Well, I don't think that's gonna work. Somebody's Done, done that. And I'm like, but that's what he said. So let's try it. She was so it was kind of that thing I just did. It asked for forgiveness later. And well, she kind of had no choice but to forgive me because that video was very viral

Matt:  very viral. You got 28 like 27 million views on that single video. Yeah. How long ago was that?

Chris & Whitney:It was crazy.Couple months probably.

Matt:  Crazy.

Chris & Whitney:Wow.

Matt:  That's crazy, guys. That's pretty cool. 27 mil? And actually, honestly, honest to God, that might be the most I've ever seen that featured on this show. Like I don't think I've seen somebody with a video with that many views. That's insane. Usually like 1 million or 2 million is like wow. Or like, I think, like 8 million or something. Video movies. Yeah. Wow. Crazy. And here people are oh man, TikTok.

Chris & Whitney:That apple thing and when we see people out in Canada, like really

Chris & Whitney:run into people that I've seen in years. Like what are you doing? I'll take two and a half. People I know get interested. They've checked it out. actually took the lead. But that's all well, I

Matt:  Mean, look also, the nice part is, you know, people come back around, you know, just remember the frame that we're starting here.

Chris & Whitney:Do the 15 Day Challenge and then it'll be like a month or two down the road and then they'll hit you with a big package and like, Oh, crap.

Matt:  Well, you'd be surprised it will but it's not that surprising. I think for us it is a little surprising. But you know, you guys went right through our challenge and purchased our Blueprints. You know, a lot of people we've had who purchase something. And Joanne and I were just talking about this, the other day Joanne's, our marketing manager, and I think she said that there was a guy we track here's here's the degree to which we track things at our company. There was a guy who purchased our challenge and didn't start for 39 days I think. And on the 40th day or 45th day. He got an email clicked and opened it and started the challenge. So not only do we, you know, when somebody buys our challenge, we email, email, email, never ending, but you know, he just so happened, you know, whatever. Something clicked on the 40 day and he was like, alright, screw it. I'm in you know, and I think sometimes people just need to fill things out, you know, test things out, try it out, dip their toes, you guys are kind of like all human beings. But, you know, that's a little bit of a difference, you know, you're a different breed. That's, that's like somebody who's ready for entrepreneurship. You know, ready to dive in? That's really cool. So you get on and you start creating TikToks and you're like, Screw it. I'm gonna get on TikTok. I'm gonna create some videos. I'm curious if you've gone live at all. Have you ever tried that?

Chris & Whitney:Yes. When I first started going viral, and I got to the 1000 That was one of my goals was to get 1000s Go get that first one out of the way. I think it is a feedback game. It was just I needed to do it so that I can be more comfortable with just talking to people and then not actually being there. Yeah. Still not comfortable with that.

Matt:  That's a tricky one. Right? I mean, it's tricky because you're kind of on the spot. You can't plan that much. Yeah, I totally get that. I totally get that I was on last night and I was just kind of like scrolling through some stuff. I get good at ideas by scrolling through TikTok so I'm kind of like, you know, one of the best. TikTok ads you can run is when you stitch something or you take an idea from a different video or something okay and kind of stitch together with a different video. And this girl came up who had gone through our challenge and stuff and isn't a blueprint member and she was alive on TikTok and I was like, wow, I sent that over. To Joanna. John was like, wow, she just came on my for you page at the same time. And it was just funny because, you know, I think I told her to go live on one of the blueprints, training like a couple of times and she finally did it and it was she who rushed, like she was doing so well. Her presence was so good. It was so clear. I was just like, Damn, you are killing it. And what she did was she went live and she pulled open you know, like actual industry statistics. The cool part about going live on TikTok is like you don't have to prepare this big presentation. Like you're doing a webinar or something, you know, like, you could pull open a couple of websites on your computer on your phone and just hold it up to the screen and be like, dude, check this out. It's free in this forum. Like, you know, it's like everybody's going into the digital online space and learning how to make money on the internet. Check. This out, you know, and it's just like, it's just crazy how those little things work. And if I had any, if I had any encouragement to you with the following as big as you've got, you could probably go live and really blow up your conversions because you're getting a lot of volume in terms of human beings. Big following. You got a lot of people who are like, damn, this guy's cool, loves his stuff. You can blow up your conversions by going live with everybody who goes live there, you know, consistently maybe once a week or twice a week or something. Every three days or something like that you pop online for an hour or something. Man, you'd be surprised. You'd be surprised at how, how, how much that can work but it does take a little bit of it takes a little bit of like, you got to work through that initial sort of fear, not fear, but just like you got to figure out your rhythm. You know what I mean?

Chris & Whitney:I've seen the evidence of what you're talking about. When it was first going viral. You know, we were getting the views. We were getting the comments needed. But I still wasn't seeing the leads coming in and all that. That's when I went live. It was like I went live every day. Wow. For the first two weeks. First two weeks I was lathering Daikon because I didn't want to lose that momentum. Sauce sausage. And it was like every day after the concert. We got that email. Yeah. We will lead. sales and sales lead to bigger sales. Yep. So I definitely have seen that work in that school.

Matt:  Yeah, that's cool. That's cool. And you know, you might not have to go live every day. Although I know some people who definitely do and, you know, for instance, Calvin, there's no there's no secret to the fact that he's one of our top earning affiliates in our in our referral affiliate world or whatever, of all time, because he's been going live for like hours on end every day. Not every day, but almost every day for like, over a year. I think it's just absurd. But he's kind of on that like, he's on that incredible folk level like I actually don't I actually don't know how the hell he does that. But he's, you know, he's trying. He's trying to grow a multi million dollar brand you know, like he wants to grow a humongous brand and I think that you know, having a big big vision for what's possible is important. And man you guys are you guys are killing it. You guys are crushing it and you guys are where are you out here in Kentucky? Okay. Yeah, I feel like you know, truck driving, stay at home mom. I mean, you got a lot of time where you're not at home, right and then a lot of time where you are at home and there's sort of this man, I can already picture it. It's like this picture perfect story about how, you know, an online business. You know, basically just completely you could completely replace a trucker's income from something like this for sure. I'm not trying to make any big income claims but yeah, I mean, it wouldn't be crazy, that's for sure. Right? What's What's the are you guys also on Facebook or other social platforms

Chris & Whitney:with Facebook for a minute? It was overwhelming. Yeah. We were still trying to learn tic stock and then I'm trying to learn Facebook two. The algorithm is totally different. Yeah. So I just backed off of Facebook and now start with tic stock because that's what took over for me.

Matt:  Yeah. There's a good lesson in that which is there's a good lesson in that, that you had something you have something that's working really well for you. And what you did is you didn't stop what was working. And that's one of the biggest mistakes I see people make, though try something new. It'll be overwhelming and all their attention and then what was working before stopped working. And it's like, what the hell's going on?

Chris & Whitney:I went back to the old saying embrace proto faces. Yes. To get that word. Back to the one that was.

Matt:  That's right. That's right. And you can always, you know, you can always keep working, keep running what's working forever and you can as you get more bandwidth as TikTok becomes easier for you and as it becomes smoother, let's say six months in or 12 months and you're like, Okay, I actually got this down. And this doesn't take me very long to do, then you can expand and add on Facebook reels, then you can expand and add on Instagram reels or something like that. But yeah, I mean,

Chris & Whitney:you're gonna wait till later and try it again.

Matt:  Yeah, well, Facebook reels is a good one to get started with because they're working a little bit better than Instagram. reels, I think. But taking that exact piece of content you have and just downloading it off TikTok and posting it on to Facebook. Right. And the cool part is, you know when you can do that because you can do that from your home or wherever. Because you can go on your TikTok and download it on your phone or on a computer or something and then just upload it to Facebook reels pretty quick. But ya know, I was gonna say, you know, becoming omnipresent with that will allow you to just tap into smaller sources of traffic and one of them happens to go viral, bigger sources of traffic, you know, but without a whole lot more extra work. Just taking that same exact piece of content and posting it elsewhere. What's the what's so right now are you still driving right now? Like,

Chris & Whitney: So I did quit my truck driving job. Oh, yeah. He wanted to be home, we wanted him to. So we were trying everything we could get. Yeah. And when I did that, I guess I got overwhelmed because you know, I'm used to being a truck driver down here all the time. And I froze for a little spell there. Like, it's good to focus on the TikToks. Yeah, I think I was enjoying being with my family a little bit. But it was even after, you know, I took this little smell where I was just overwhelmed. Yeah, we were still receiving the winds. That wasn't even doing that. And I told her I said, we gotta get back to it. We're letting something go right here that we don't need to let go. So we're back in and now we've been recording some videos. I've probably got a month's worth of videos saved up in my drafts because I'm out back to work. So I'll be able to post them at work again, and I'm gonna let it build for a while before I do that again. Yeah, I jumped the gun. You know that success is there. But you don't want to jump the gun because sometimes the success is one month and then you're gonna build a month or two. And you got to start building again. And it's you just gotta keep repeating that process.

Matt:  Yes, yeah, totally. And so from the perspective of like, when you're creating content, are you creating content sometimes like at home sometimes on the road? Are you communicating your story about that process? Because you know, it's funny, it's funny, you might be like, Well, that was kind of a mistake. You know, maybe maybe jumped the gun a little bit on that. But also man I mean, I'm I'm but the moment you start telling that story like that, to me is the most interesting part of everything we've talked about today. Like that is something where when you when you start talking about that, that's where if you go alive, that's easier for you to talk about than it is like you know, lead generation on TikTok dog about that, but, you know, you could put a headline up on a TikTok live and say, you know, truck driver accidentally quits his job to sit here. And we will be scrolling and be like, I gotta tune into this. And I just think don't discount that because that might sound to you, like, you know, mess up. Or, or even just something that's insignificant, like not that important or something, but, man, that's the CPE kind of like, they lean in and they're like, Hey, tell me more about this. Like you started making some money on the internet. You quit your job. You weren't maybe making, you know, six figures or something and then you're just like, Okay, well, you know what I number one, maybe I don't focus on this when I'm outside of the job completely. That makes sense. To me. That makes sense. Or, you know, my brain just sort of went into this fog and I just didn't really know what to do. Kind of lost focus and good you know, I'm back and here I am living and you know, that for people is like, dang, that's cool. I like that guy. You know, he's telling it like it is. It's interesting like, you know, it's it's it's like the it's it's relatability it's like people that people understand that. That's something that is easy for somebody to grasp. Connecting auto responders is not something easy for people, nor does it even mean or what I should use it for. Yeah. Great, cool auto responder. Tell me more about how you quit your job and then realized it was mistaken. You know? Because number one people are. People are looking, you know, to be entertained on social media or they're looking to be inspired. You know, they want to be entertained or laugh and have a good time or do you want to be inspired? Have somebody share real raw kind of vulnerable moments. It's no wonder that those balls roll and people you know gravitate towards those. So what I'm what when you're so you got like 30 videos lined up? I mean, do you mostly just create videos on a whim? Do you have a system? I mean, everybody does it differently. 

Chris & Whitney: Oh, I'll be at work or I'll be out fishing or I'll be doing something to pop in my head or write it down. And I got home, or just wherever I want to do that video that I made. Yeah. I don't really have a system. It could be me scrolling on TikTok, and I see somebody else's video and I'm like, I could do that. Yeah, try that. I'll watch one. Of the blueprint videos because it's been a couple years go through all those. But here's something else if something had been out in the world, and I'm now sitting on a river bank one day. I don't even think the video went viral but it's probably my favorite one. These waves lapped up on the beach. And Apple worked on the screen. I mean it's simple, but it's not simple. You know?

Matt:  It really is. Once you start to get that they become really simple. becomes really, really simple. Yeah, I agree. I totally agree. And you start to you start to realize like just how creative you can get and man so powerful that they

Chris & Whitney:sit in the car sometimes you like my creative mode is

Matt:  So hilarious. That's hilarious. And you guys have only got like, I mean 50 ish videos on that ticket somewhere. Yeah, that's absurd. That is crazy, actually. But you know, you get a couple big viral videos and you post talks about your journey and stuff. And, you know, people say that, you know, going viral doesn't mean you're gonna get leads and sales. Well, typically it means you're gonna get something you're gonna you're usually gonna get some leads and sales. And, man, yeah, somebody just said you know, they are so cute. I totally agree. I mean, you guys have a great story and your story just online really just beginning to you know, I mean, you had just scratched the surface of what's possible. So that's cool.

Chris & Whitney:I've told her that. Now that we're starting back if we don't stop doing that, go where we're trying to go.

Matt:  Guys, if people want to find you the best place to find you on that main tic tock channel. This one right here. Yes. Well, I'm gonna give you guys the last inspiring word to everybody who's in our lives today. If there's somebody out there who's who's just about to hit post on that first video, and they're a little nervous, a little bit worried, what would you tell those people

Chris & Whitney:you just got to do it! There's no other way to put it

Matt:  They'll say but I'm scared Chris. I'm scared.

Chris & Whitney:To get yourself out there and be vulnerable and just trust in yourself. To put the word out that you want to put there that people will respond to it.

Matt:  I like it. Very cool. Well, guys, thanks for the inspiration today. And also, I want you to know, next time I'm scrolling on TikTok. I better see Chris live on TikTok. If I don't ever see it, it's cool, man. We're following so many people I'm not gonna know so I'm not trying to pressure you to do something you don't want to do but I am telling you if you want to make some more money, and that's a great way to do it. Great way to do it. All right. I'll be looking for you to live on TikTok. If I see I'll comment and be like, yo, it's Matt, what's up? I'll hit up and I'll share it and it'll be fun.

Chris & Whitney:We would like to shout out to the Taylor show. He was our mentor. And make sure to shout out so

Matt:  Wow, very cool. Taylor is a great dude.

Chris & Whitney:He's the reason we kept pushing ourselves because just his attitude, so. Wow.

Matt:  Isn't that amazing? What somebody's positivity can do to a person

Chris & Whitney: Yes. It really pushed us to even try harder when we were first starting. When we weren't celebrating for ourselves, he was celebrating. It was definitely hard to give him a shout out.

Matt:  Well, thanks, guys. Thanks for coming on the show. And we'd love to have you back on if you want to send us an email in a couple of months and just be like, hey, you know, I'd love to love to come back on the show. Here's what's new. We would love to hear from you again.

Chris & Whitney:Definitely look forward to that. Cool, hit us up.

Matt:  All right. See you guys. Thanks again. Hey, everybody, go follow Whitney and Chris. It's whit.n.chris on TikTok, go follow him. And you know, leave them a comment. Say Hey, when are you going live? When's the next TikTok live? Let's just pour it on for a while. Let's see if we can get Chris to go live while he's well. I don't know if he should go live while he's out trucking but I'd be dangerous but maybe while he's out fishing. Maybe he's out fishing talking about how we use our online businesses to make him money. 24/7. We'll see. We'll see. See if he accepts the challenge. For everybody who's here go give them a follow and and tune in and give them some love you know, hit like on their videos comment say sorry to wake up legendaries pull ups. Let them know what was inspirational to you. And we'll be back here tomorrow for another episode on Thursday. I'll be back. Joanne is going to host us on Friday. So make sure to tune in on Friday. We'll be back at the same time. Same place 10am Eastern as always Peace. Out everybody.

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How To Make Money Online Taking Surveys From The Comfort of Your Couch

David Sharpe bio

Online surveys are something you can do while sitting on your couch and watching tv, waiting in a long line at the grocery store, or even waiting for the clothes to come out of the washer. These surveys are a great side hustle when you need to make a few bucks, but not a full time income stream.

The income from surveys can range from $3 for 5 hours of surveying to anywhere between $20-$50 for just 15 minutes. The larger profit from surveys like $100 and more exist as well, just not as often as one would hope to see. Some survey websites even give you money for signing up, such as Inbox Dollars. 

So how exactly do you make money from these surveys?

Survey companies exist, for the most part, to collect data from you. They want to know your interests, who you are, and what type of products and services you use amongst other things. They then take this data and sell it to whichever company is looking for the feedback and results. They practically pay you to give them your opinion so that they can sell it to researchers and other businesses. 

One of the most popular survey websites out there is Swagbucks. Swagbucks pays you with points which in turn you can cash in for gift cards or money back into your PayPal account. Swagbucks points typically equate to about one cent per point, so once you’ve earned about 22,000-25,000 points you’re able to go ahead and cash them in. They let you know the survey point value ahead of time so that you are clear on how much you are making from a survey. 

Important tip to remember- It’s best to look for survey websites that are clear about your point value and how much you will be earning per survey.

Depending on the company they may ask you more questions about yourself to survey screen you. What this means is that they are determining if a survey is a good fit for you to take and if your opinion on it will be of value to them. One complaint made often about online surveys is that some can disqualify you from taking them, and can feel like a waste of time. A site where you are constantly getting disqualified may not be a good one to stick around on. However, this is no reason to feel discouraged as a good tip to remember is to check your email for surveys because you are more likely to be qualified for those.

Before taking an online survey make sure to have an idea of how much you want to be making and base which ones you are taking around this. They will likely take more time than you think so finding the better paying ones is worth putting in the effort of  looking around at multiple sites. Considering how much time you have available and how much you want to earn are key factors to think about prior to signing up. 

Here are 8 survey sites just like Swagbucks that will help you kill time and help you make a little side money at the same time:

Survey Junkie- 

This site has a pretty clear point system where one point equals one cent. You’re awarded 25 points just for signing up and an additional 50 points for taking the demographic survey. The point value per survey is pretty high and the site shows the points monetary value right on your dashboard. This site only requires you earn 10,000 points in order to cash out for your first $10. Survey Junkie gives you options to deposit your money. You can choose direct deposit, PayPal, or cash out for a gift card. 

Springboard America- 

This site has a very direct sign up process and cashes you out in either PayPal or gift cards. You can see what the payout will be and the length of the survey before you take it and most of the surveys pay anywhere between $0.50 and $5. There are lots of survey options available with this site and each one typically takes between 10-20 minutes. This site is fast paying with points and it’s easy to earn rewards.

Opinion Outpost- 

This site offers higher payouts than most other sites. One point is equal to ten cents instead of just one. You can cash out your points for an amazon gift card once you reach 50 or you can cash out for a  PayPal deposit once you earn 100. The surveys take about ten minutes to complete and prior to each survey there is a survey screening, but every time you are disqualified from a survey the site will automatically enter you in a quarterly $10,000 prize drawing to make up for it. 

Inbox Dollars-

As mentioned before, this site gives you $5 right away just for signing up. These surveys can also earn you anywhere between $0.50 to $5 and take between three to twenty-five minutes to complete. Occasionally they offer surveys that pay between $10 to $20 as well. Every survey has the monetary worth clearly listed on the survey. Before you cash out $30 needs to be earned but if you have time to kill while at the kids’ softball practice, then give it a go. 


The surveys you take on this site might be a bit more interesting than the others because this site lets its surveyors choose their own topic to survey on. The site offers two different types of surveys to choose from, profile surveys which only take a few minutes to complete and are worth 100 points or you can choose to take the longer surveys which are worth more. The profile surveys are designed so the site can learn more about you but the longer surveys are going to be where you’ll get to choose your topic. There are various rewards to choose from as well such as various gift cards, PayPal cash out, checks, sweepstakes drawings, and the ability to buy yourself or someone else a present with the points you earn. However, the points don’t come in as high value as other sites and you need about 3,000 of them to cash out for the cheapest gift cards.


This site offers a lot of surveys and options to earn points. All surveys have an estimated amount of time they will take to complete and most surveys have a progress bar attached to them while you take them to show your progress on completion. This site gives you an automatic 10 points for signing up and 10,000 points are needed before you can cash them out for either PayPal cash, gift cards, e-certificates, or charity donations. To earn money through PayPal 12,000 points are needed for $10 but for specific store gift cards sometimes the monetary value of the points goes up and you can get more money for less points.


This site provides surveys through the company that owns it, Ipsos. You stay on the same site for all of the surveys, which may make it easier. This site offers a faster way to cash out points starting at 500 points which is equal to $5, unlike the typical 3,000+ points that are usually needed to cash out. If you are disqualified from a survey this site gives you five points just for attempting to take the survey. Each point is worth one cent when cashing out for gift cards and 0.98 of a cent for PayPal cash. At 500 points you can choose from an instant Starbucks gift card, a Walmart or Amazon gift card with a three day wait on them, or a donation to the American Heart Association. 

My Points- 

This site is easy to use and also tells you upfront how many points you will earn per survey and the amount of time estimated that it will take to complete each survey. You are awarded 30 points just for answering your profile questions when first creating your account. Unfortunately for this site the surveyors get disqualified quite often because the site sends out email invitations to more people than is needed to take the survey, so someone who may get an email invite to take the survey may also get disqualified more often than other sites. However, the site gives out five points for the first five surveys you are disqualified from per day. Points can be cashed out for travel miles on a United MileagePlus account, gift cards, and PayPal cash. PayPal cash is about 3,970 points which equals to about $25. 

Things that are important to know before taking online surveys:

Don’t give out too much personal information.

If a site asks you for your drivers license information, banking info, or social security number it’s better to check out another site.

Create a survey email

Survey sites love to clutter your inbox so it’s a good idea to have a separate email for online survey websites.

Install antivirus software

In the off chance a survey sends you to a spammy website your phone or computer should be protected ahead of time.

Take breaks

Having your eyes glued to a screen while taking surveys for hours at a time can cause headaches and eye-sight problems. It’s important to take at least a 20 second break every 20 minutes.

Although doing surveys to earn extra cash has become a popular side hustle online, the truth is it can take a lot of time to earn only a couple a bucks. If you could make a full time income taking simple surveys everyone would be doing.

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