This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe sat down with William Glover to talk about his online business journey. William, originally from Texas, is an education teacher who realized he wanted to travel. He started teaching students in Japan and Korea and eventually moved to Thailand, where he now lives.

William found Legendary accidentally online several years ago but was involved in other online businesses before he eventually made his way back to Legendary. He saw people doing the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge and decided to give it a try. To his surprise, he learned a lot more during the 15 Day Challenge than he ever thought he would. He had seen videos on YouTube about building an online business and affiliate marketing, but there was information in the challenge that he just felt he couldn’t get anywhere else.

William has recently just been exploring TikTok and learning about affiliate marketing. Since taking the challenge and also purchasing the Business Blueprints he feels much more motivated to do and learn more than ever before. He realized that as a teacher he hasn’t been as connected with the online world, and in order to teach other people he has to learn online business information himself. 

If you are someone who struggles with getting comfortable with showing your face on camera or creating consistent content, this interview is for you.

Using Storytelling To Connect To Your Audience

Something that has opened his eyes and has made him want to be more productive in his business is the art of storytelling, and how he feels like he can tell his story to a complete stranger online and they can really empathize with him and feel what he’s feeling. 

Storytelling can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Storytelling is also something that you likely already do in your everyday life to connect with others. Stories create strong, emotional connections with others. Through storytelling you are able to communicate the value of your product or service while also giving your audience, customer, or listener something that they can relate to. 

It’s important to connect with your audience and give them something that they can relate to. This not only helps you be viewed as authentic, but also someone that your audience can trust and build a connection with. You can present a problem and the solution for it within a story and your customer will likely be able to relate to it in some way or empathize with it. 

Overcoming The Fear Of Being On Camera

One challenge William shared with David Sharpe that he is overcoming is getting over his fear of being on camera. He doesn’t enjoy the way he looks or sounds on camera and is still trying to get used to making TikTok videos of himself.

Getting used to showing your face on camera can be difficult, and the first video you make is always most difficult. A great way to begin to overcome the camera fear is by going live. By going live there is no room for editing the video because it is all being filmed in real time. The more often that you go live, the more comfortable you will get being on camera. 

Another thing to help you get comfortable behind the camera is to remember that everyone starts somewhere. The people on TikTok that you see with thousands of followers all started out with the same amount of followers that you began with: zero. At the end of the day, people do not think about you as much as you think they do, and you are your worst critic. 

Creating Consistent Content

One piece of advice William shared with David Sharpe is to create consistent content. Find popular accounts in your niche on TikTok and see what hashtags and sounds they are using to create content. View their popular videos and try to recreate them with your own personal touch. 

Another thing to look out for is what style of videos popular accounts in your niche are using to create content. This could be conversational which means talking to the camera, a still image with text, or even using a green screen. Once you see what styles of content are working for successful accounts in your niche it will help you to have a better understanding of what type of content to create.

William says that it’s important to post content consistently. Try posting at least one to three videos a day on your TikTok account until it becomes like second nature. This will help you to become more used to creating videos and also help you build a consistent content creation schedule. 

When first starting out in your affiliate marketing business, it might be hard to come up with ideas to create content, and it might feel uncomfortable to get in front of the camera and show your face. Using these tips from William will help you to get comfortable with your camera and content creation. 

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