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Matt:  What's going on everybody? Happy Wednesday. June 8. I hope you guys are doing well. We're live and we are live every single Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern. If you're newer to our show you can text the letters WUL to (813)-296-8553. You'll get a little text message reminder, every single time that we go live. I can actually show you exactly what this looks like.

And then you know you can you can I just tapped it. Boom, there it is. You hit play your shot right into Facebook. So we are pumped to have you all with us and we've got a fun and exciting show. We're going to chat a little bit about how the legendary marketer education has transformed the lives of Lisa and Lance and talk a little bit about what they do and all of their businesses so we would love to we also have another special guest who's going to pop on as well which we don't typically do you and I'm excited about that. So we joined. Let's bring on our guests and before I bring on our guests can we do a little hand clap emoji. Just to welcome in. Lisa and Lance. How's it going? 

Lisa: Morning! How are you? Morning doing well. It is beautiful. It was good. Actually, I shouldn't say it's beautiful. It's hot. Here in Phoenix. We're expecting like 107 Today it's gonna be pretty brutal. But yeah, it'll be fine. So you know we when we go live with clients and people who came into our fleet and ended up having success. We typically don't do this but I'm gonna bring on a guy who is I think pretty instrumental, dear success, but I'll let you guys actually confirm that. Daniel is here with us. 

Lisa: Hi Daniel. How are you? 

Daniel: Hi, Lisa.

Matt:  Hey, what's up? I've actually never met Daniel like officially I don't we haven't actually like met face to face. We've been on different meetings and stuff but I just wanted to bring him on cuz he recommended that you guys come on the show. And I was one of the main reasons we reached out and said you guys have a cool story that you share with us and so how was your guys' time with Daniel What was that like and then Daniel, maybe you can share a little bit about your experience up to?

Lisa: Well, I'm the one who met with Daniel. And I did of course, you know, the challenge. And you know, meeting Daniel was very transforming. He used a lot of language that was, you know, action oriented, and very personable. And that's he actually, just meeting a person of Legendary helped me realize that it was a real authentic group of people. And then also we just got to know each other in a different way. I even shared my husband's story with Daniel and what he had gone through in his life experiences because Daniel shared a little bit about himself with me and I was like, You know what, Daniel, I'm going to share a video, a YouTube video of my husband and an interview. And it was you know, he had said it was impactful so, you know, that's basically the communication that you get when you go into one of these stuff into the community is, you know, you just, it's, it's very transforming. Cool.

Matt:  That's so cool. Daniel, and what, when you're working with them and working with most clients, what's that been like? And there's a lot of people on here who have never met a business plan advisor, I have no idea what you do. Maybe you can tell people in a minute what exactly it is you do and how you walk people through and then what was your experience chatting with Lisa like,

Daniel:  You know, as a business plan advisor I my main objective is just to really guide, advise, listen, and just give you the best direction on how to do it the right way right. And do it the right way the first time but working with Lisa was actually a little bit of home because she has such an inspirational story with Lance, what he's gone through I have very similar paths to that. And overcoming those objections in life was really very inspiring for me and then to hear the story come to light of how amazing that they're doing. I couldn't couldn't be less than anything but happy for them. Super cool.


Matt:  I love it. Daniel, you probably have calls to get on and stuff. I just wanted to bring you on. Thanks for coming on, man.

Lisa: Thank you, Daniel. Thanks for everything. Appreciate it.

Matt: Well, cool. I'm glad that he got to stop and that was awesome. Oh, nice. So you guys found us found Legendary in like, I don't know, way back in June of last year. So I think it was actually looked and it was almost a year ago to this day that you originally found us and tell us about finding us and then it I don't know if it took a little bit of time to get into our program or to start the training but tell us just a little bit about how you found us first of all, and then and then what happened after you purchased our course and how did that whole process shake out?

Lisa: So real quick when the situation happened. I was laid off from work. It was only like four months that I was laid off. Labs continue to work because Lampson is an addictions counselor at a prestigious Recovery Center here in Southern California. So he continued to work which helped us. He's been through a lot. I mean, Malibu fires run through all the addiction treatment centers so he was like home a year prior and so just we've been through a lot here in Southern California. But anyhow, so in about a month we were considered essential. And we were told to go back to work because I'm in the food supply chain. And when I went back to work, pretty much like one out of every third person went back to work. And I'm in my late 60s And I was just I'm personally speaking now to this day I'm just exhausted entirely physically it's laborious. And it's been like that ever since it's really hard to find workers. But regardless of that, so about a year passes and I'm telling myself mentally in my head, there's got to be an easier way there's got to be an easier way to make life gotta be an easier way and I went online on YouTube, YouTube, watch her and I want you to all the time, and I saw I typed in how to make money online. I came across a gentleman who did a 30 minute video. Yeah, I broke down into 10 different ways to make money online. I said wait until the end because I got the best one for you in my top 10. It was a 15 second three lead challenge and he didn't make any grandiose claims. He just said follow what they do and you know you will end up making money and he's but you have to follow up to the tee. So I signed up. It was like $1 Yeah, so after I signed up for the dollar, I was like, you know, it doesn't really cost me that much, it just seemed like just you know, added up a little bit. So I also purchased something else. But what he didn't say is when you sign up for TikTok because that's the 15 second free line when you sign up for TikTok. Don't get distracted, which I did.

Matt: You gotta you gotta mean case of scroliosis

Lisa: And my thumb's are not that strong. That generation you know, you guys have powerful bones.  So about so as the summer months came, it was getting harder and harder to work and that's when I started checking out 15 Second free leads. They showed me everything like how to take a portrait, a profile picture, talked about all the details anyway, going. I then realized I was getting emails from David Sharpe about other options and that did have the 15 Day Challenge. And around October is when I just pointed and clicked and I just took the challenge and that's when I met Daniel. And it took me a while after that. I was in my head all the time, about Oh, I gotta get this I got it. The structure doesn't reverse. And on Christmas day I told my husband I say you know what? I'm just gonna do it. And I put my first video out and like couldn't fit on the screen. But I said show up every day and you never know what happens. So I'm close to 7000 followers and it's pretty, it's organic.

Matt: Traffic 7000 Wow. That's super cool.

Lisa: And I post once a day, okay. Wow,

Matt: That's pretty amazing. Actually. How long ago did you start posting daily?

Lisa: On that day? Oh, by so up once a day there might be like, I make a couple of times. I've made a couple of mistakes or I thought I posted like, you were boarding on a flight and I go okay, great. I posted it. Show up later on that next day. I'm like, dang, and then go through. So you know, there's those things that happen. But once a day, it really does help, you know, just to show up and put something every now and then times a day. But I know my limitations and I know me. If I go full gangbusters like seven eight times a day or like people say we want to get you know, a lot of traffic. I'm going to suffer from burnout and you probably won't see me.

Matt: Yeah. Oh, totally.

Lisa: And this I've always said this and this is actually my tagline that this is a marathon. It's not a sprint.

Matt: Like that a lot. That is something that we're gonna get the sort of background behind the scenes in our company and legendary. We operate a framework, basically just, you know, Lord, please just don't let us eff this up like that's kind of the mantra that we've taken on. Just don't, don't f it up. You know? What we mean by that is Verizon sprint every day we come up as marketers with these crazy ideas. Oh, wow. We could change our whole business. But here we go with this stuff and the truth is, it is just kind of showing up every day, being consistent and taking action. Taking meaningful hard action, but just being consistent showing up every day. There's a lot to be said about that. It's especially amplified in an industry like ours where you might get a lot of people who are always launching new courses and here's the hot new thing. And we decided to take more of an approach of selling information about a business model that has really been done for a long, long time I could do 12 years ago and it was different. I mean, we didn't have Tic Toc, but we have blogs and we had, you know, forums and I don't know weird stuff, but it was just it looked different, but it's done the same exact thing that I've been doing. So anyway, that's cool. That's cool. And I'm guessing you've learned a lot and also probably grown a lot in you know, showing up consistently on social media after you know, never really having much social media presence. Like you know if you've grown.

Lisa: Well you know what's happened is not only is my is I could see what I didn't see before and that's through the knowledge that I've gained from the from the blueprints, but also just the association with legendary you know, I like I said I was a big YouTube consumer, I was a big consumer of content. And I would watch and then I even went on people's Patreon and because I liked their channel, and so I was open on Patreon, right? But I never made the connection that that is an income stream for them or clicked the link below. That's an income stream for them or we're gonna go out on boxing today because we got a lot of gifts from our fans. Right then comes through and you're going into this free and training it just you learn a new language and you learn a new perspective. And you start seeing what you've always seen, but you never really saw it. And you know, now I'm like this is possible. This isn't you know, the emails are an asset. You know, the platform and the Evergreen traffic, you don't learn that language. You know, this is all new language that you learn. So the Evergreen traffic, that's an asset. You start listening to some of the people that you like. I followed the Whoa on YouTube, and he did a chat, a walk and talk and he talked about how he's been posting daily on YouTube for 10 years. And the man since he started singing for 10 years he's got all these evergreen tiles on his page. He makes money on ad sets. He makes his money on a few merch things, and he doesn't for anybody. So he's 48 years old and is going to be 50 I think. And he's just got half a million people on him and daily. People come in and see that they couldn't see a tile or from like, five years ago. Right? Yeah. And it's just constantly running. Yes, all the time. It's everything.

Matt: I show that sometimes. You said something that I talk about so often but you said something about. I’m going to share my screen here real quick, about making money with Adsense and stuff like that. This is the part of the business that a lot of people don't think about. They're starting some sort of content creation, but this might be hard to do, but you don't really need to see it. This guy is Zack George and lots of people know about this guy, Zach. He does dog training. And you know, I show this in the decade in the day sometimes search for dog training or something like that. And usually when I search for dog training, one of his YouTube videos will come up and in particular, one of them is from 2013, I think. And that thing just lives on the first page of Google for one of the most hotly searched I had never clicked on a video either so it wasn't like they were remembering that I like him or something. And, and also a guy named Judd, Judd all bring he's really popular on YouTube. Last mastermind you know, he was talking all about how people were asking, well, how you know, whether certain streams of income can you do or whatever. And I think Judd has, you know, Judd has about 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. And he said you know, I'm I'm I do about $95,000 in just getting paid from YouTube, just getting paid from YouTube got didn't even have to sell anything or put any links in my bio or anything. And I could basically make $95,000 a year, but he makes those you know, when you talked about the 2030 minute video kind of thing, like he makes style content, some of them he's got a 51 minute video, long stuff like that, but people forget that if you can get good at creating content, especially on YouTube, you can monetize all of that content. And like you can just forget about selling anything. You should, I think but some people just don't want some people like us that literally stood out to me as he doesn't work for anybody. He's not reporting to where he's sitting at home, and his sweatbands in his kitchen. He showed each of us his first videos here. I don't know how I got on this rant. I'm sorry, but I did his videos from oldest to newest and he just wanted to show us you know hey look like my oldest first videos three years ago are kind of crowded trying to figure out and I'll show you how to reply from the internet. Like he's like, look, I'm sitting in our kitchen. In our tiny 700 square foot apartment in Chicago. We've got kids and stockings up here. I got kids' toys piled up behind me. Got a dog bed down here and I'm sitting here in a little V neck and and I got a pen here and and I'm off and running and I don't care as I just you know, and I just I find that funny because he it just boils down to getting started showing up consistently every day and he's obviously been really successful with us right now but and with other me also promoting things like click funnels and software tools and all kinds of stuff. So anyway, I don't know how I got on the Judd Judd all brain rant, but here we are. So you guys are also you do, Lance, a little bit of work on like YouTube and things that are on a podcast, I think YouTube on the brain. Tell us a little bit about that. And how did that start?

Lance: Well, you know, about 11 years ago I came home from a stay in upstate for those that know what that means, you know, and didn't have my compass. I didn't know what direction I was going to take. But I knew I was going to be responsible. So I had a little no kitchen job and then a maintenance job and because of my benefit over 29 years, I wouldn't say just sober is the people that taught me how to find my way back from that darkness really. It was like being taught by a master how to grow up. You know what I mean? Super Powers. And it was like, I love you. But I'm going to tell you a truth that you're not going to like, if you follow my direction, you're going to have an amazing life. You know, because a lot of times we don't want to hear the truth. We should shy away from it. But we know like somebody's telling it from a place of love. You can't run away from that. They've got your best interest. And so I came home and I was working on this for a friend of mine and one of the treatment centers here in Culver City and he was like, you know, you're going to school for this counseling thing. Today you're a counselor and I'm going to give you a caseload and it was like, okay, okay, and you know, it's not I wouldn't even call it counseling, I would just call it Life mentoring, and it goes beyond alcohol or substances because anybody can get sober but not a lot of people know how to live a good life. Especially if you've been using them for 5-10, 20 years, and you get sober data. But there's in the 25th century What the hell is this? And a lot of people don't understand that aspect of learning how to live a healthy life can be inspired by purpose and passion and to live and believe that you can actually achieve it. So you know, I've had really good success with a lot of the clients for that work there. And I usually get a lot of the guys coming home from prison or jail or the failure to launch kids that come from the rich families in Beverly Hills. Because they just needed some love and direction. It's kind of funny how you can get a guy in prison as an only kid out of Beverly Hills. It's a failure to launch and there's not a big difference. Wow. Yeah. And teaching them how to live their lives was a passion. It's what I do to this day even when I'm working in a treatment center. Because I don't really talk a lot about drugs and alcohol. That's easy. We get that how to live life is a whole other level of life and let go of the past narratives and like I can't do this. I'm not good enough or mom did this or dad did that and you got to get to that narrative to see today and never live well. So I left there because I was a little egotistical in my success and thought I'd be a high muckety muck in a treatment center and found out they were doing shady stuff. You know there's people like that in the universe and made a decision that I'm not going to have my name attached to something that doesn't have integrity on it because that's what I stand for. So I quit with a parachute. Wow. And yeah, exactly like okay, how am I gonna pay my bills? But right, I had built relationships with people which is really the most important part. I think of anything we do in your industry or my industry or in life. And I called a friend and she was an old supervisor who knew me and I said, Do you know anywhere where there's any work and she goes, would you not do process groups and I'm like, No, of course. You know, compensation is really the essence of everything we do as people to learn and grow. And so she goes, You know, I'm not a cliffside here in Malibu, and I can give you three groups a day and pay $100 a group and I'm like, Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Like that beats $18 an hour for sure. I've probably been to the cliffside now. Six to seven years. Oh, wow. Okay. But in the interim of all of that a lot of changes are happening in life. Just like David. Is your partner David?

Matt: Yeah, yeah, he's the founder. 

Lance: Well, he had a while back on the set where everybody was trying to calm him down because he wanted to burn buildings. down around those rules that were fucking trashy by language.

Matt: He doesn't mind that. I don't mind.

Lance: I got him 100% Because just like in your industry, there's a lot of people that are all about the money and not about the clients and helping them grow. better lives. Yeah. And I've watched that over the years in the industry I'm in and I think in my industry is a little bit more heartfelt because we're not just talking about taking advantage of people for their money. These people are on the verge of overdosing on fit and all or dying on the streets are hurting a family again. And it's just something that's been a passion for me to really step in and just be the best I can be there but I'm growing my I have a company I started three four years ago. And it's hard, it's not unlike on my own trying to figure it out. But I've watched Lisa. I'm inspired by what she's doing with you guys.

Lisa: And now we're getting to the whole thing about YouTube and TikTok.

Lance: I had a guy. I hired somebody, a coach out of Florida who helped me like I guess get comfortable with myself on a stage. And I think that's a really big part of it. Because you know, you've got to have a presence and know who you are. And I'm not an egotistical guy, although I probably could be if I wanted to be but I'm more about helping people. It's like it's not an ego thing. It's a spirit thing. You know, because 29 years ago, I was in an ad seg cell in a prison with no hope of ever coming home. Instead of prayer, like on my knees, snot coming out of my nose and crying profusely thinking I was going to die in prison. God I can't live a decent life and continue to do the things I'm doing helped me and everything has changed since then. And me sitting here. I could get emotional so I'm gonna maintain it a little bit as but me sitting here is a result of a lot of people who got established and inspired to change. And I'm just an echo in that in that journey of many others before me. And everything I have is a result of all those people Bill Bob and even the people that came before that did the help of helping other people. And so now I'm sitting here today, and my company is called wide. Obviously we get addicted but what about your life and creating content that helps people connect to life and to it's more than just getting sober? It's about transforming your life. It really is like letting go of the things that haven't worked and stepping into something new and unknown. And I'm really big on changing the narrative that we have a conversation with ourselves about in teaching people that they can live in today and have a better future. So I have so many things on the plate that I've been consumed during COVID working in Malibu an extra day so I mean I was doing I tell the clients to have a balance in their lives, but we're doing the scheduling the other takes up teaching them how to do scheduling. They give a calendar, but seven days a week, 24 hours a day. And I feel it now.

Lisa: That's what we were talking about. This is what we're talking about the other day, the calendar. Yeah. Why don't you make a calendar? Why don't you make a journal? Why don't you make a program? You know, and this is something that you could watch on your channel. This is something you can launch as a platform you know, and that's where, you know, you can actually have a way to transform other people's lives experiencing something very similar. His story's not similar to a lot of but but doing this.

Matt:  I love it

Lance: With the clients because you know, I'm not gonna. I wouldn't realize that Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and four days a week. I've dedicated four hours a day to traffic and commuting through LA and eight hours to accompany that's not really I'm making somebody else's dreams come true and not mine financially. And so I've made a decision in the past two weeks to take that extra depth and giving them back to move that resource of time into writing the book or more it's not a book, it's a workbook. Yeah. But that and creating content and working on my website and on the YouTube and the TikToks and all this stuff, because I'm learning that exposure is in very, very important thing to get yourself out there right taking action. And so I am on a podcast with a gentleman where we interview a lot of people that have had life experiences, whether it's in prison, we just got done doing one with Theo Flurry, the hockey player. Yeah, he's amazing. We had a great hour long conversation with him as he's driving through some outskirts of Canada in the woods somewhere, you know, yeah, I was in the woods. But, you know, in talking about my friend Mark, who's one of the cofounders of the largest blood gang and Los Angeles case and how he's helping transform lives today. in Pasadena. I do groups on Wednesday night with him over there with gang members to help them see a better life. It's very active, but I'm also going to do a podcast where my own company was setting that up. 

Lisa: We're setting up our space. Mimecast

Lance: It's about creating somebody because I tell you this and I'll let loose and get back in here in industry, in an industry, where we help people sustain better lives and find sobriety and build lives. On a good day, long term sobriety is what we want. We want a better life. We want sobriety and a better life. On a good day. Most treatment centers have a success rate in that spectrum, including a or NA and there's gonna be a lot of people that don't like this but it's just faculty. On the best day, there's a 15% long term success rate. Now you have guys that keep coming back, which is great, but just overall somebody that says I'm done, I want a better life and I'm stepping into it. A 15% success rate. I'm disgusted with that. And I get it. It's both and it's the clients and the facilities. But if I'm a heart surgeon and you're coming in for heart surgery, and I say I have evidence based practices, I have the best staff, the best facility and I sell it. Yeah. And you go okay, what's your success rate? And I say, if 10% On a good day, you're not gonna let me do heart street. You are right yet. We're selling that agenda. And it's become about making money. And the quick fix of getting people sober, but we are not really addressing the long term aftercare things and that's where live over addiction comes in. So if you have a loved one that's in treatment, and you just spent 35 or $40,000, putting them through 30 days of treatment, and on the back end, they get a pat on the butt and good luck with the therapy or someplace they really don't know right? It's no wonder they keep relapses like prisons recidivism rate is about the same, which is sad. And so here I am saying for $2,500 a month, all walk with your loved one. That's his coaching. Walk with your loved one for $2,500 a month. Not much considering what you just spent right to help your loved one navigate and have a plan and a goal and a schedule. And stay after the fact. Yeah, yeah. To live their life and step into that world that they don't know how to navigate the mediation with the family and with themselves work. And right now, that's a really big void unless some companies are saying, I work with you, but you gotta send a document. We're gonna be there for hours a day, four days a week, we're going to make sure you get good meals to treat your ILP and that's $45,000 for three months on a contract and I'm like, What am I doing wrong? Well, you know, it's not that's

Matt: And that's everywhere because my wife worked in, my wife worked in a mental health practice and same thing. She was an inpatient or an inpatient place where people who had tried to harm themselves would come in and spend a week there. And it's sort of like, you know, rehab facility or whatever, where there's intensive care, there's some meds, there's some, you know, get people stable, right. And, and then after that, that's like, a, you know, like, nice little pat on the back. Hope it goes well, you know, and they refer people to outpatient and stuff, but getting insurance involved and getting all this stuff. It's like, you know, how much hope and how much real help is being given beyond that. I like to relate with that so much because I don't know what their percentage is, but their percentage of people who are coming back with another attempt or a you know, another threat to you know, overdose on pills on, same thing, it's happening all the time. I feel like just stepping in there and doing that, or, or by saying that, what a what a what a vision to see the exact solution that needs to be there. But also, I just want to say that that's really cool that you actually are executing on it because there's a lot of people that I know who sit in your role or people who worked with my wife who just talk about that a lot. They just talk about it a lot. And they don't really do much if anything about it. They just sit and complain about it. Like hey, this what a problem we have, what a problem that exists, what a problem and at some point, somebody's gonna be like, hey, look like there's a clear solution here. Let's solve this. And then the other thing. Yeah, the other thing that came to mind too, is just how if you've ever seen on TikTok or YouTube, I mean the amount of channels and videos and content that are centered around people who have gotten sober, and just how viral and how powerful some of that content is. I mean, I've seen comments where people are, are talking about how you know one video one single video they were, they were, you know, half a bottle deep of Jack and they were like, they will just watch one video and something clicked and I've seen people who are a year sober two years sober. From the moment they saw a tick tock video, which I'm sure isn't super common, but still, when you really think about it, you know, you have this opportunity to sort of intercept people. I always think of marketing as as like the ability to just sort of accept attention and just sort of step into their their train of thought, and you can just you know, somebody's just sitting here, you know, like Lee so I was just scrolling and just one message one the way somebody says something can just immediately have like, Whoa, I never thought of it like that. And it would be just such a shame if people who are experts in certain things or have had crazy life experiences and have grown and become new people if they didn't share those not everybody's gonna share their stuff. But you know, I mean, you hired a coach and got all of this. I mean, you've got this new business running. I'll just tell you that man. Dave said something to our mastermind that I thought was really impactful. He said people don't need more training. They need to hear more stories. They don't need more training. They just need to hear more people's stories and what because the stories transform people. The life experience is, you know, on my knees, not running from my nose in prison. That's the kind of shit where people are like, oh, man, yeah, I feel I've been there before you know, and you can give them all the training and calendars which the calendar is great, too, all of that stuff. But when they connect with something like that, man that's really transformational.

Lisa: And when you're doing it with them, yeah. Action, you're doing it. You're guiding them by hand, you know, and I think there's like the actors rule. I'm not an actor. I live in Los Angeles and I don't like not having a headshot, but everybody seems to have but there's that breaking that veil, right. I guess there's like a role where you don't want to. I don't know if anybody out there knows what that is. But TikTok breaks and you really expose yourself. You know, I'll show up with like, sit here and pre-stick the shirt, you know, because I just finished cooking all kinds of stuff. And, you know, there's no rules really except watch the language but I don't think there's something that you know, the model in my company in my life, and Lisa will tell you a brown public I'll just talk to anybody if I'm if I get an opportunity to conversate my whole principle and what I believe in is let's start a new conversation. That life is really what it's about. Because the old conversation if it's not working for you, why are you keeping it?

Matt: I just gotta say that reminds me of my wife's a therapist, and we would talk about this thing called narrative based therapy, which is it sounds almost exactly like what you're talking about, which is beginning a new conversation that's not centered around shame and guilt and all of the past baggage. But let's read what if we reach the whole new store what if a new store started to have that sound? You know, and I love it. So I don't know, I think for different people, different modalities. But man, for whatever reason, even just just hearing about that therapy, modality for me feels so empowering. I'm like, yes, let's start a new story.

Lance: Like I can let go of that and have something new. It's like, thank you. Oh, it's like, I tell them that the narrative that we've had our whole lives is a prison we've created, I think in the movie Shawshank Redemption. The clients love this. Because that's one of my favorite movies is the ATM that we create this prison or it's imposed on us by family or environment or trauma and we go around in this self imposed prison. And it's almost we've become comfortable with it because it's been uncomfortable. And we've learned to survive and live with it like that Linus blanket and Charlie Brown. And it's like, it stinks. And nobody wants us around and we're miserable. We're hopeless. We have no purpose. It's like, somebody shoot me please or eat me. Yeah. And it's like, I tell the clients, getting out of where you're stuck is not going to be easy, that comfort zone. Little on a lot of uncomfortability for a short period of time to get your freedom from that place, yeah, what's the value of that? And I said, movie Shawshank the guy had to climb down and break a shitty ass pipe and crawl through 500 yards of shit to get free. That's really the way there's there's the only way out for us is to say okay, and make a decision for our lives. Moving forward. And going forward means I gotta clean up a lot of stuff and leave it in the past. Yep, learn how to like it's a narrative that's like a book that doesn't have the emotional content that it wants to add anymore. Once you do the work. It's there but it's like it's there. I'm here today and I'm thriving, and that's what I want my life to be about. When people can connect with that. Man, there's nothing like I can be tempted by a lot of things. I will not compromise. I will not compromise my integrity that keeps me out of that prison.

Lisa: Just like me as well. I have a lot of workplace trauma. Yes, that I've actually had kind of like in that hole. I've held it in. Just posting and sharing my story. A lot of these memories are starting to come up and starting. Yeah, starting to go. You know what, I think I should do a tick tock or a short on workplace trauma. I bet there's a lot of people who don't even know that they haven't, you know, and if they can identify I'm helping somebody and adding value into their life. Wow. Magic is how you do that in 30 seconds.

Lance: Lisa is a great example of what I just shared about Legendary and what you guys are doing with her. Not about the money that'll come with it or not? It's not about TikTok. It's not about all those things. Lisa was in a prison with this trauma with this concept of I don't know what I want to do. And now I see her I come home. She's in a real office by the bed. Or she's like working on something you have perfect. She's inspired to live today. And that's the most important. Everything else that comes out like gravy.

Lisa: I think that's why I do one TikTok a day because I'm present. What I put out. I'm present. I'm thinking about it. I'm doing something I'm writing down and then you know and and there's no such thing as a flopped video. If you show 100 views, that's 100 people, right? That's a lot of people. So you know, some people came in to fill a restaurant with that many people. So you know the thing is, if you have an impact on one person, double the value of your life. You know, so it's, there's no way I would not have done this if I had not just literally I'm not selling the 15 Day Challenge. I'm saying if you want to transform by purpose, there's little gifts in there all the way along with that and it has an impact on your future. Wow.

Matt:  You guys are cool, man. You guys are just cool. I like you guys a lot. You guys have a lot of wisdom and experience. I feel like that all of us can get a lot from let's see, for social media means you want people to follow you on TikTok. Is that a good spot for them to find you?

Lance: @Live_over_addiction

Lisa: Damage Done Podcast. Yeah, the damage done podcast for me.

Lance: My website is There's a link on there where people can go they can click the link it sets up like a free consultation, no money, you know, over like 1020 minutes to see if it's a good fit to help you or your loved one. And again, you know, it's because it's not for everybody and not everybody can afford it. I understand. I actually have a sliding scale depending. But those are the two key pieces. I mean, the website and the link set up a conversation which is what it's about working on file. 

Lisa: I made the funnel. I had done that for so long and I was like, Oh, my God, I did it in the TikTok start now I gotta do it again. All again. Today I was watching decade day like midway through I was like this my brain, the language I was like, what happened? Where am I?

Matt: Yeah, it's totally like beginning algebra and they start putting x's and y's in the math equations. Like it would happen to like four times for like, this doesn't make any sense. Well, cool. 

Lisa: And I'm starting another one that'll be coming up but that's not working. It's going to be a lifestyle. Awesome. People ask me every day about my hair color, some light, some on about lifestyle and things like that and I gotta lose weight. My health is not that good. So the doctor put me on weight loss.

Matt:  Well, you can you can you can bring all of that get all that stuff can be brought together. And yeah, you can absolutely do that.

Lisa: Six months transformation, six months.

Matt: A lot of you know you want to know you want to know funny. Here's what I'll wrap up with this. But here's a really funny example. A creative example of how people have tied together things like making money on the internet and health. We upload ideas, daily basis, looking at videos that will inspire everyone wanting to focus and most of his videos are like his videos. He's done a lot with shorts recently, but most of his videos yeah, here we go. Are like five early cancer warning signs or like how you know home remedies to treat toenail fungus and weird stuff. Weird stuff. Well, Chris, we've had him on the show before and he says financial concerns impacting your health. This may help even if he points people to heart voice people to our company and product. And he can kind of figure out a way to monetize this channel. He makes money from YouTube obviously but he just makes all the videos himself. He does all the editing and he just finds ideas. You know five foods you should eat if you want to lose weight. But he connected that all and you know he makes a decent little income from just not decent a little I mean, it just makes it come from YouTube channel. He's got some affiliate stuff he does too, but there's plenty. I just think I like when people do things that are creative, outside the box, because he's super interested in health stuff, but he's also really creative as a marketer and loves marketing and enjoys that aspect of it. But anyway, you guys are a blast. We're coming up in almost an hour or so. I'm gonna let you guys go for the day and anytime that you guys would like to come back on, I mean, if you guys are taking breaks or starting new things, coaching things going great. We would love to have you guys back on and I'd especially love for you guys to meet Dave and share a bit of your journey with him as well. And so just reach out to Roxy and maybe and see how many days we can have you guys back on. That'd be great. Yeah, thanks for coming on guys.

Lisa: Have a great one. Take care.

Matt: See? Alright guys, so you can follow Lisa and Lance right here. Let them know what was powerful today. Were a wrap for today. Wednesday, June 8. Dave will be back here tomorrow and Friday and have a good rest of your Wednesday. We'll see you back here. Tomorrow at 10am Eastern.