Massive Instagram Following with David Sharpe. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary. I'm absolutely thrilled to be back here. I've been on a little trip here with my wife over the last week for her birthday. We took our daughter as well so I'm back in the saddle. Okay, I'm back in the saddle but things were never better even when I was gone. As you know, we've had some amazing guests and you know Matt, and Joanne, and if I'm not around somebody who's always going to pick up the slack, that's for sure. We're not going to miss this show. And so right back at it here. Actually, we had a show yesterday, as well. So go and go and catch all those replays as I'm going to do to catch it up over the next week. too. I'm getting back. Like when I go on vacation, I really turn it off. You know what I mean? So that's how I stay energized and stay high. And it's not always easy. By the way, It's not always easy. So it's easy to delete apps off your phone, and really kind of turn it off but I do and I'm getting better at it. Okay, as time goes on, okay, with really turning it off when I go on vacation. It's an important thing. It's taken me over 10 years in this business to really learn how important that is. Okay, so, anyway, I feel good. I'm glad to be back and one of my favorite guests of all time is actually on the show this morning. Okay, somebody who I've watched just absolutely explode. And she is a real powerhouse. Okay, so Mila, welcome to the show. Again, how are you?

Mila:  Hi, David. Thank you for having me here again for the third time.

Dave:  And it's so good. Yeah, so so good to see you. And, you know, tell us the nutshell version of your story for those who haven't heard it before. It's so powerful. And you know, I love your motivation. And there's things that I learned something new about you every time. I mean, I realized you have a sister. Yes, sometimes I believe she's either a twin or she's not a twin.

Mila:  No, I actually have two sisters and we are like two years apart from each other. And yeah,

Dave:  Okay, so Anyway, she's not a twin but she's actually been marketing from y. So I mean, there's so much going on with you. This completely seems like it's changed you and your family's life. So tell us, tell us how so tell us where you were before you actually got started and found legendary in the skills and then tell us where you're at now.

Mila:  Yes. Quickly. nutshell, as you said about my story, I'm from Brazil. I came to United States in 2016. Impressive I graduated in Business Administration. And I came to United States and I was an attorney for over four years. Like I take care of kids. I love kids and everything but that was never like what I wanted to do in my life. So I tried to start other things like go to beauty field and I did some classes and I tried to apply for other jobs like in my field, but without English my English wasn't perfect. I don't have much experience. So no company wanted to give me an opportunity. And that's how I started like, searching for ways to make money online are all like wasted that I could like, do something and that's how I found the digital marketing and I tried some some of the methods because internet is full of opportunities. There's so many things you can do. And I tried, I tried some and I made some money and I lost a bunch and last year actually that's when I found out about legendary marketer and I saw on TikTok people talking about it and I was like okay, like, so let me try for myself. And yeah, that's how I started and like, these completely changed my whole life like forever. I never ever imagined I would reach what I'm reaching now like I wouldn't have imagined and change my family still because I'm bringing my family to the business, showing them all the power and how amazing the internet is. How amazing is this opportunity and yeah, and I like with everything I'm being able to help my mom back home and yeah, it's by the way, that it's been like up and down. As I as I I don't know if you know, but like last week, I just lost my main account, my main source of traffic. That was Instagram for the second time this month, this year. So it's like, ups and downs because with like, with all that success and things like that, it comes out like, people that don't like you and problems and these and I guess it's part of the entrepreneurship journey. Like it's never gonna be perfect. You're always gonna encounter like problems and yeah,

Dave:  not not especially when we're in the times that we're in right now where nobody's ever done what we're doing before everybody is just trying to figure it out. Nobody's ever done anything like we're doing right now. The Internet and the Internet have not existed. Just last year, the last couple of years. I mean, hundreds of millions of people have come on to the internet completely flooded all of these apps, probably a lot of us are some of them, you know, and and in the apps like TikTok and Facebook and Instagram are also trying to direct how to operate their business and you know it's it's they're not they're not God Facebook and TikTok is not God, they don't determine your life. They just they're just trying to operate their business too and it's it's, it's just part of the times right now we're we're all just trying to figure things out and make the best with what we have. Of course, that's why it's so important to build assets. It's so important to really think right now since things are, you know, we're all in this new frontier. We're all in this new just try to play the game. By the rules. Just try it right now. I think it's super important to try to fly under the radar. And just put out just content that maybe is not going to be the most viral content or it's not going to be the most explosive content, but it's just consistent content that you know is going to make both the platform happy and you know, it's gonna make people happy. In Toronto, you know what I mean? We're just going through a time to where right now on all the platforms. It's just good to be aware that, you know, people that the platforms are also trying to figure out how they're going to monitor their platform and their AI saw a person just get their account deactivated who is you know, just in a completely different industry the other day is just and he'll get it back.

Mila:  It's everybody and like all every niche and everything like that and it's things that you actually don't have control over because it doesn't matter. You don't have control who is watching you. And sometimes people just want them like here for no reason. They want to do whatever it can to just take you down.

Dave:  Yeah, still even with all that happening, it's just insane. How if you don't let those things take you out, how much you can change your life. You know, and I think you're the perfect example of that because the same you know, these are the challenges that we promised that you would have when you first signed up. You know, we ‘ve been talking about this and you know, you can confirm that or deny that. But I've been talking about this same kind of stuff that happens, my messages never changed. And it's about preparing for those challenges. And that's why I think your attitude towards a lot of these are not like oh, this is over. It's like, Oh, this one's this one hurts. And now let me figure out how to avoid it next time or how to get back on and keep writing and so anyways, I'm proud of you for continuing through all of your challenges. Tell us how you got your sister involved in how that's because I think your original motivation was to help your mom back in Brazil, right but now you've got your sister. Tell us how you've gotten family and how this has helped them. You've gotten family involved and then what's happened since

Mila:  My sister started in the beginning of this year, her and her then her husband and was trying to get out. He was just like he was leaving the Navy. And then like there were leaving away struggling with like pain because so expensive there and like so much and I never opened too much like about what I do and I like my life to my family they know like oh, she she walks in with additional marketing but I don't like Oh, I'm making these I'm doing you know I can never and then I can see her because like my mom was here was in January my mom was here. And I was telling her that it's an amazing program and like a lot of people is changing lives for a lot of people and like I'm here you see like that's like what I'm doing I think you guys could do too. And then I actually just started hurting her husband and yeah, it's changing my whole life for my family. Everything.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. It's amazing. It's amazing. It doesn't you know, it doesn't matter what people think or what they say. It's so funny it just doesn't even matter what other clients here and legendary say, You know what I mean? It's just there's there's, there's people who have come in and they just took the information and in your case, you helped change your life and now it's it's helped you helping change your sister's life. Same for me. I mean, when I started this business and when I started developing these skills, there were people both there. I mean, there were not only friends and family that that say I didn't get any of my friends or family involved me my wife and I ended up being working together in business but none of my other friends or family and they'll even be clients who are doubtful, as you know, you'll be ever be in school and just sit next to somebody who's just on a totally different wavelength than you are. You know what I mean? I mean, just back in grade school. So there's even going to be people here in this very program who are who you are no doubt. They get in and try to pick everything apart. And then there's, there's people like yourself, who I'm sure you had your doubts and skepticism, or you're a human being. I'm sure you had. But what do you think is different between folks who can't seem to get past their own doubts and skepticisms in their own thoughts? What do you do because if you had those same thoughts and you had skepticisms What have you done differently? Do you think more than people who are so doubtful and so skeptical and they let it stop them? What have you done differently that's let you be successful?

Mila:  I don't know. I think a lot. It's mindset of course in the beginning was like ah, I think I don't know if this came true. It seems too good to be true and the like, but I as I keep seeing like if someone is doing I can do too. So I think little by little I started changing my mindset and just like I don't whatever, like people are saying outside. I'm just going to focus here like when I'm like this what I have to do, and I think I miss the which time I just changed my mindset to be like more focused and consistent, consistent, I think like some like it's not really to hear like and a lot of people are conscious that but it's true like I lost that a TikTok account I lost two times this year I lost my Instagram account. I'm having to start over again for the third time. Where did you actually like? It's part of the journey like you encounter problems and you just feel like I'm, I'm just I feel like I changed so much that I'm just gonna focus here. I need to be like, that's what I need to do. And I don't wait because, like anything else, a lot of people feel like they just wait to be like someone and come and grab their hands. And just be like, okay, you know, they are not to like, they don't know how to be taking an initiative. Something. They wait for people and they're like, a lot. I try to help as much as I can. So as many people as I can, but sometimes I get some questions that the social like it's just they could just type on Google or something like that. I feel like people are waiting for someone to grab their hands if you read these things out, you know, instead of like, okay, yeah. You know, I don't know.

Dave:  Instead of trying, I mean, that's just trying.

Mila:  yeah like I'm gonna watch the problem. I'm gonna watch it again the challenge and I'm gonna, I'm gonna watch for the third time because the first time I watched the challenge it was like I didn't know what was the what was funnel or what, nothing like these words, but you keep like, watching in, you know, and

Dave:  You eventually it becomes second nature, doesn't it? Yeah, it becomes like a couple of months in and in all of those things that you didn't know. You do. You're doing them in your sleep. It was like, it's like you know what, like the end that's the crazy thing like anything in life is all everybody has to do is just do this for a couple of months. Just just just just seriously, just totally immerse yourself if you want to be great if you didn't want to be good, and you want to just know what you're doing without stop having students and everybody just do this full throttle for a couple of months where you're actually in think like playing with your funnel builder. You're you're you're you're recording videos, and you're you're posting them and you're in you're trying you're editing you're following our training you're doing what we say to do. You actually going through the training like like new man, I'm telling you, you're right couple of months in and you you know, you know all of this in your account teaching people you're showing people and I think that's the point that we've all got to get to, to where we know enough to where we're like, oh, yeah, let me where we feel like we could show somebody else how to do something. Do you agree? I agree. Nothing special about that. It's just you've already done it. It's not that you're an expert. It's not that you're a master. It's not that you've been doing this for 50 years. It's just that you've done it for a couple of weeks or maybe a couple of months or whatever. And you just know what you're doing. And you can show somebody

Mila:  Yeah, and just like when I started I literally like okay, I'm gonna I didn't I barely was scrolling on social media. Like I cut all my love, all my free time, every time that I could, okay, I'm gonna learn this. I'm gonna watch, I'm gonna, I'm gonna build my skills and that's where the beginning is going to be overwhelming and complicated for everyone, because it's a new thing. Everything that you're gonna start that is new is gonna be like, overwhelming it's gonna be you're confused and everything but if you are consistent enough if you push enough like to Okay, I'm gonna learn I'm gonna learn and you know, in like, little by little Oh, that's how it kind of works funnel sales. works. It gets easier and simpler and easier. And now and today skills that you'll be able to like, that's the good thing about rebel programming everything because that's what I tell people because of the skills you built. You can use it for everything. Like every business because everything is on the internet. So yeah, I lost the two accounts, but I didn't lose my skills. So like that's something that no one can take it off for me. I have the skills I have the knowledge so I'm going to start over again and as time as needed I hope not I don't guess again but you know that's what I feel today skills. That's mine and no one can take from me.

Dave:  Yeah, and you're not you're not you're not mean you're not starting over again. We have to not we have to not put so much with no value on an account. You know, and I think that's one of the what's one of the real, that's one of the difficult things to do. But it's one of the important things to do is to really and I've said this before, but it's to really look at these accounts and these tools like tools, and they're not people. They're not people that don't have feelings. None of none of our TikTok accounts. None of our Instagram accounts. None of our Facebook accounts. None of them have feelings. None of them are people. They're just they're just, they're just code that a bunch of people coded in somewhere. And it's all you're doing is you're setting up an account and counting the accounts if you want to start a new account, and most likely when an account gets blocked, or it's just flagged somebody reported or whatever and there, they just took it down. They're gonna do a manual review, trust me and it's somebody who's making minimum wage or maybe a little bit more to sit there and review your account and make a decision. Trust me it's a game of cat and mouse. And I used to be less. I wasn't too strong about how I feel about this but I feel strongly about it now. Because I see so many people right now who have flooded the internet and are trying to figure things out and have never seen anything like this before they get an account shut down. They're like, Oh, my God, the internet's broken or the internet hates me or whatever. And it's like, no, it's like, I got my first account shut down by Google AdWords back in 2009. Okay, because I don't even know what I did wrong. They just flagged the account. I can never I can never advertise running again. And then I got more accounts flagged from Facebook when I was running ads in 2010. I was running Facebook ads in 2010 Two other network marketers because I was a failing miserable network marketer who is running around chasing friends and family. Okay. And I came on the internet. And I got involved in training and started to learn how to generate leads and then I became an affiliate for that trick because that's, and then I started marketing it to other network marketers and I lost more Facebook ads accounts back in 2010 That I can tell you, but I also didn't know what I was doing. neither. I was learning and I was using company logos as my image. You know, I was doing all kinds of things that you know, and I'm not saying that anybody's doing anything wrong and to lose their accounts or anything else. But this, what you just said is the most important thing that's ever been said on wakeup legendary is that none of it matters except the skills that you have inside of your brain that nobody can take from you. Nobody can take that from you my wife and I were listening last yesterday to a interview with a lady who was a Holocaust Auschwitz survivor and she said as her as they were walking into Auschwitz, her mother said they can never take from you what's in here. They can take everything from your clothes, they can even take me and they did. She lost her mother right as they went right as they went into the camp. They split her in her mouth but her mother said they can never take one in here. And that I think is what a lot of us don't understand, but you have figured it out my friend. You have realized that what you put in here really really matters. Would you tell how much it matters to the people who are listening. I mean, how much that matters right here

Mila:  The most powerful thing is like everything that you have because you can lose. I can lose the money that I made. I can lose their counters. I lost some but once I built the skills and once you have the knowledge like you can't, you can't know what nobody can take this away from you like that's the most I think it's the best investment you can do for yourself with investing in knowledge, invest in education, invest in yourself, right? Because once you have that, nobody can stop you

Dave:  So tell us about what you've done with Instagram and what you found out about Instagram over the last couple of months. You've it's beautiful because we're looking at an account right and you know, just over 500 followers, and for those of us who want to go and follow your journey we can we can see what you're about to do to bring this count and any other account that you work from back into the 1000s of followers. So what are you going to do? What have you done but what are you what more importantly, what are you going to do to grow your next Instagram account?

Mila:  Yeah, I started this account on Friday and I think Instagram and as any social media, it's built for a community is built to be like a community not to be like sales leads not to be just like post sales and say your sales you know, it's build a community and to be as human as possible, you know, so I try to use every kind of post. They offer every feature they offer as possible. I use heels because he uses them the most to bring new people.

Dave:  That's a tool to bring new people who are not already following you.

Mila:  Yes, that's the format, the contact content format, that Instagram is pushing more well now it's meals. So I use the wheels to bring more people to bring more leads and I use Instagram stories to connect these people with me. So I don't show it just to like, try to sell them whatever I'm promoting, you know, like, I don't try to sell them on. Just sell them. I post things about my personal life as opposed to like, okay, you know, like, pitch little pieces that's like, it's gonna connect to my audience. They see that I'm not a scammer. I'm not like a random person. I have a family. I have a husband. I have a dog, you know and I and that's what I do in that, like I create some sort of like a system because especially now that you don't have control of social media, and like they said they're still trying to figure it out to be to these lottery people in trying to figure it out how to run their own business, so I can't count on only one thing. Only on Instagram, you know, so I have a TikTok account. That's how I actually started building a following because I believe TikTok is the easiest way to start building a following and from TikTok I use TikTok to help grow my Instagram account. So I have all these two that I build. I focus on growing my email list and then I have my Facebook and then all these little all these platforms are connected. You know, and I mean, I guess it helped me grow my Instagram account. But on Instagram, as I said, like I try to use every tool that they offer you know and building a community not to gesture like I'll say your say your sales, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, and I try to like, show little things about personal life that helps like create and protection because I think that's how when people actually trust you and they they buy from you isn't away now. Like they have a connection with you.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Ultimately, I think one of the big things that people are trying to figure out once they become interested in something is Is it real, you know, is it real? And so there's kind of The Attractor Factor and in it, you know, I'll pull out this, this document, which is the fishing formula document. And anybody can access this by going through the challenge on day five. In the business plan class, you can access this, this particular little graphic here about the fishing formula, but yeah, it's like there's a couple of things that you have to decide on. In order to, you know, in order to decide, you know, who you're going to target and how you're going to get them in the boat, you know, I'm having a difficult time pulling that up, my computer running slow but but essentially you're gonna bring people to the boat, you're going to Chum the water similar to how they would throw you know, blood or fish guts or fish food to bring the sharks to the boat. You didn't get people to your boat, and that's with the value. You certainly weren't saying I'm gonna sell something. I have something for sale. You know, that doesn't bring consumers and people you know, you guys have teaching free stuff that's going to help I'm funny Afrin and over here on this account, and you can learn that you know what I mean? People are like, Oh, okay, cool, like free stuff. Funny. Yeah, I like that, you know, and it's like, and then how am I going to get them in the boat? Well, how am I? What am I going to use for bass? Maybe I'm using free training, maybe I'm using a free PDF giveaway. I'm mixing that up to over time I'm mixing it up making it more personalized and then well how do I get them in the boat with a well I use a two page bridge but it's it's going through the process and really saying how am i How am I going to Chum the Waters first and bring people to the boat? Then what am I going to use to convert them to get them to give me their email address? And then you know, how do I introduce them to whatever product I'm introducing them to on the bridge page? There's not a lot of moving parts. It's actually rather simple. But I think too many of us try to perfect our little funnel or we want to perfect our bridge page video or we want to, you know, we want to obsess about the fact that we haven't we don't have many emails and our follow up series or whatever, instead of just getting good enough and then beginning to start marketing, which is creating content, running ads. And so what sort of advice would you give people to get into action to income producing activities?

Mila:  I think people just need to not like waiting for having everything figured out or waiting for having the perfect conditions and you know, like, feeling like Oh, I'm feeling like to do something like don't think and just do it. You know it starts with the things that you have. Because I think that's what makes a difference to people. A lot of people have success in sewing, and it's like a lot of people. Okay, I'm waiting for the perfect moment. Moment. I'm waiting for them. To have the perfect tools. I can not. I don't have the perfect tools. That's what I have. That's what I'm gonna do with what I have. People overthink a lot and I think Something I think it's important also is like, test, test everything that you can test during meals, test different types of content, test doing covers so I don't know how to say yes on Instagram, try doing different types of content. Try doing something like a different lead, lead magnetic like or call to actions, test everything because you never know like, it's made sometimes like little things that you change. That's gonna be the game changer for you, you know? 

Dave:  So Becca said hey, I've noticed a lot of people are checking my link but are not opting in in your funnel. They're not giving you their email address, right? So check this out. Let me go back and actually show this, do a little teaching here for those of you who are listening in and help you to kind of see where things may be, where they may not be working for you. And so let me share my screen so you can see what I'm looking at here. All right. Let's see. Let's do just the window here. All right, you can see that Yeah. All right. So when you're when you're when you're going through trying to figure out what's wrong, like what's not working. It's really easy to kind of use this, this little thing, this fishing formula to kind of do a process of elimination, right? So if you go over here to the like if you have no idea who you're talking like who you're talking to who your target audiences, then you need to figure that out. That's your species, right? That's like fishing like you need to know what fish you're going to fish for. Because you don't want to be you don't you don't want to bring bread if they like to eat hot dogs, you know what I mean? Or you don't want to bring shrimp. If they only eat squid, you know what I mean? So we need to know who we're targeting so we can go to the appropriate place where they live, we can bring the right chum, use the right bait, bring the right reel, right so it's really important. To know who we're targeting. Next, where do they hang out? Well, like if I'm targeting people who want to make more money than they're probably everywhere. You know what I mean? Or if I want to target people who are losing weight, want to lose weight or if I want to target people who I mean it'll help me to, okay, these people might more be on Pinterest or these people might more be on Facebook groups. So you can decide, hey, where do these people hang out at? And these people are on TikTok like crazy, because everybody else is doing it so I can see that they're getting customers from TikTok. Whatever. Chum, chum is your content. How can you get them to the vote? So you know in in the case of the lady who asked the question, I think it was was it Becca? Sorry, was it Yeah, Becca? So, in Becca's case? It's like, how do you get them to the boat? Well, you sounds like you're getting them to the boat right now. They're clicking your link. How can you get them in the boat? That's the big question your baits not good enough. Your baits not good right now. It happens to be where I have that little red bone fish that right there that's reminding us right there your baits not good enough. You need to change your bait. So I want you to imagine that you're fishing and you're continuing to throw down a shrimp and you bring that shirt you know fish are down there. But you keep bringing that shrimp backup and it's a full shrimp and you're going, why are they not biting it? Why are they not eating it? People around me are pulling up shrimp or fish in the same boat but they're not eating. Hold on What kind of bait are they fishing with? Oh, they're giving away a free PDF for you. So just put something else on the hook you want. I mean, and it doesn't have to be a big to do. You don't have to let everybody know and ask. You don't have to ask anybody. You don't have to tell anybody. Just switch it just change it to something else change the headline. If you're a blueprints member, come on to the blueprints call and get feedback from our CMO. If you're a marketers club member go get feedback from Drew. Use our resources change up your landing page so you can offer a better bait. Okay and then your real well if you're if they're opting in but not buying, then how can you funnel them better? Maybe you're not using the right funnel. Maybe you need to switch up something on your bridge page. You know what I mean? So this process allows you to kind of ask yourself, Okay, how far are they coming into your funnel? Where are you losing them? And that's probably the thing even if you go all the way to getting them to buy the result? Well, what else can you sell for more money? It's a reminder, what else can you sell for more money right? So that's why this illustration in this particular fishing formula can be helpful and Becca, hopefully that was helpful to you to just simply know that you're not doing anything wrong. There's nothing wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with your potential. It's just a simple thing that you got to just change the bait on your hook. You know and I bet if you throw a different bait out there, you're probably going to get a couple of bites. Mila, what would you add to what I just said?

Mila:  I think that's, that's perfect. I think she needs to like maybe and I don't know if she's offering any sort of like putting any call to action like offering any free ebook or free video free something you know, like maybe the call to action or something that needs to be on the on the opt in page that then it's gonna like yeah, you're gonna go to the next step.

Dave:  Test test.

Mila:  Is that sorry to cut you off today, but there's one thing that I do and this helps also if she's using Click Funnels, click funnels, they offer you something like a split test. And you can have a two page and then one page you can put like the free lead magnetic or the other one you keep it the way you're using. So ClickFunnels is going to show you which one is going to fall. Well. So then you're going to know what's the where you like losing them or Yeah,

Dave:  So and I bet a bunch of people maybe were thinking, I wonder how you do that. Anybody think that? As you're sitting there listening to me, let's say you know, Clickfunnels has a split testing feature. Anybody thinking to themselves I wonder if I need a coach for that. Let me show you. Let me show you. I just got out the whole Google and guess what? I just did split test pages and click funnels ClickFunnels support came right up right now Mila the reason why I'm bringing this up is because you said a few minutes. So the number one thing you see out there with people is they're not. They don't take enough initiative. You said you see that all the time. People are not taking enough initiative. So here you go. You can go right here and figure out how to do that. split test. Well, man, there's even a video there's even

Mila:  I try to help everybody but sometimes like it's something on click funnels and they literally have a chapter by that and every time that I have any sort of problem, I call them like I I call them on day shet and they serve my like, little things that you know, like you can do and having much initiative. I don't know. Sorry,

Dave:  I'm just trying to just say out here, it's hard, but it's so easy. It's hard, but it's so easy people you know, I mean, it's, it's one of the things that I think is true, is you gotta Well, you got to get hungry but you gotta stay hungry. And how do you get hungry? Well, the only way to get hungry is to get hungry. You know what I mean? You get hungry, you get in pain, you're hungry and that makes you do something. But what I see is that either people don't recognize their pain, or they're not in enough pain to get the motivation to do some of this. Sometimes our life is just okay. And we get complacent. We just get comfortable. It's like we want change, but it's not really bad enough. And there's a lot of things that I could say like, Hey, you know, don't let things get bad enough to where you have to do something. But what do you tell yourself? When you know about why this is so important to learn like if you had your child or your sister, whoever and you are obviously your sister you're sending them down. And well what would you say to somebody to try to convince them that right now Matt is really important to learn these skills because of what's coming in the future. Going back to picks and shovels. We're not going back to manual labor. We're going back to robots are going to steal your job. We're going towards everything. We're going towards the metaverse, we're going towards freaking cartoon farms. Animals. We're all sitting in a room Mark Zuckerberg says we're going to be in the middle. We're going to be cartoon characters. I mean, we're going towards the place where they're selling pictures of hand drawn horses for $300,000 because they're NF T's. I mean, we're going towards a place where people are spending billions of dollars on a coin that you can't hold. I mean, the world is crazy. The world is crazy. So in one sentence or once in one in one breath I mean, what do you tell yourself and what did you tell your sister about? Why like and I mean, deep down not the bullshit like, Oh, why? Like for me, it's like, I don't want any other man to be telling my family where they got to live. What they got to do. Like that's like, for me, that's really that's kind of become important to me. You know what I mean? Because I really, really realize how sick the world is. And how effed up the world is and I don't want nobody dominating my family. You know what I mean? I don't want anybody telling us where we got to live or work or drive or where my kids got to go to school or what they got to believe in. So it's that we're in money gives us that freedom to be able to have that flexibility and that control whether you like it or not, so for me, it's about being able to care for my family and not have not put them in a place where they're abused or misused. Right. And I think a lot of people in this world will abuse and misuse people, because they're not not as powerful or whatever. And we've seen that in history, right? We've seen people take advantage of people. I'm not I. I'm a real big believer in not abusing power. So I of course don't want my children or my family to be abused by people. That drives me to want to and I also just love the process. I don't think I can ever have a I can never have a lid on my creativity. For me, I have to be free to create. That's just something that I know about myself. But you know, what do you do? What is driving you? What do you think internally right deep down inside, is driving you

Mila:  You know, David, I was lost professionally for so long and coming to a new country and you have to start everything from from scratch and like you depending on people to give you an opportunity to like you actually show your potential to show you who you are and like people the companies just couldn't give me like my potential and who I am and like the fact that I I found these I fell in love with these and like the world is digital. The world is digital. Nobody, like most people, watches TV anymore and even likes TV they watch on Netflix or things like that that's connected to the internet. So the fact that I know what I went through and not wanting to depend on people to give me like, okay, so I don't want to depend on companies, you know, like, I know what I want to throw. Like, I fell in love with this. Like I make my opportunity, I make it like I don't want to depend on others. For me to be able to make money or live the life I want. And yeah, that's like what really drives me, like I don't want to depend on any company and even like sometimes you get a job but like, you're not useful for them anymore and then the other day you are out of there. So is that i For me that's what drives me and and Yeah,

Dave:  Well, thanks for coming on and telling your story for a third time without it's just so inspirational. Mila, it's so inspirational. I just I just I just thank you, I thank you for believing in yourself and then taking the amount of action that you've taken. And the attitude that you have is very inspiring. There's so much to learn, not from listening to you teach but just listening to you talk. There's so much to learn. So thanks for coming on and being willing to talk about it. I get a lot. I get something every time I see you tell your husband that I said hello to your sister, that I said hello to your mother in Brazil, that we said hello. We're rooting for her. I think you're trying to get her to America eventually. At least that's what I think I remember. So hey retire her well, I have no doubt that you and your sister, your mother are very lucky to have you too. So keep up the great work and maybe fourth time.

Mila:  Yeah, thank you so much, David for having me here and creating this amazing program and opportunity that's changed my life and changed me. So many lives out there. And like you have no idea like the fact that you have instant family in my story like Mira, we thank you so much.

Dave:  You're welcome. Thanks for saying that. It's really kind and thanks for believing and yeah, it's a partnership, right? We create and then somebody has to take it and run with it and use it and so it's a wonderful partnership that a creator and a client gets like I'm I was the creator you happen to be the client. And now you've you've your wings to where you can be a creator and go get clients and it's really cool. So thanks for saying that and we'll see you really soon hopefully, okay.

Mila:  Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much, David.

Dave:  All right, my friends. There it is. Wow. What can I say? I mean, have a client like Mila come back for a third time on the show to share her. Her strategies and her story in just taking the time is a beautiful thing for our community. It's a beautiful thing for legends. It's a beautiful thing, hopefully you individually this morning to hear that and to see that and you can even go back and you can go through our interviews or wake up legendary. And you can see Mila she can see herself back in those earlier episodes. You can watch the journey. It's so real. It's real. It's right there. You can watch it. There's no There's no smoking mirrors. There's no sleight of hand. I'm not a magic man. It's just, it's right there for you to see and watch with your own eyes and then you can decide what you want to do with that information from there.make sure to follow her on instagram @milamarksonofficial I just hope you'll be Legendary. We'll see you back here tomorrow. For another episode. Peace.