On Monday December 4th Dave Sharpe sat down with Ginger Halbert to talk about her online business and how she is turning years of self doubt into achievement. Ginger is from Melbourne Australia and is a primary school teacher. After maternity leave she had to go back to work and knew she would much rather be at home with her newborn daughter. After putting her 8 month old daughter into daycare she knew that a change needed to be made in her life so that she could stay home with her and be a present Mom for her daughter. 


She came across Legendary and did the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge after starting a blog online. Once she started her affiliate marketing journey she felt like she had found what she was looking for.  


Identifying Limiting Beliefs In Your Journey


Growing up Ginger felt like she had to live the cookie cutter life of going to college and getting a 9-5 job after. She was always told that was the only way to live. Affiliate marketing was the hidden gem that had always been there but she hadn’t known about.


Growing up she always gave up on things quickly and never pushed through because of self doubt. Since starting her affiliate marketing journey she has taught herself to push through things even when they are hard or if she thinks she can’t do something.

Identifying what your limiting beliefs are. This may be something like how Ginger felt the only way to go through life was college onto a 9-5. What is holding you back from starting your online business and taking the plunge into digital marketing? Identifying what is holding you back and not allowing it to is where your digital marketing journey can truly begin to blossom.


For Ginger this looked like her being fearful to show her face online. Who would see her content? What if students and their parents saw it? Once she identified that limiting belief and chose to make her content anyway, she was able to move past it and see that it didn’t matter who saw her content, because the right people would find it.


Finding The Right Mindset For Your Business and Embracing Change


A big part of your marketing journey is finding the right mindset. Finding the right mindset to have in your business is shifting your mindset to knowing that no matter what, giving up on your business cannot be an option. You have to be willing to remove quitting from your list of options. 


Another part of this is embracing change both in your business and in the online space. The internet is ever changing and growing. Adapting to the possibility of aspects in your business changing often is all part of maintaining and building your business. Social media changes and things become popular and get old quickly. Always be ready and willing to embrace the changes that may come your way and be willing to change the way you make content. 


If something isn’t working for you, don’t give up. Trying new things is all part of the process. If you aren’t receiving engagement, try something new. This may be a new prop in your videos, a new angle or type of content, or something else. Trying new things in your content and embracing change allows for more people to find your content and connect with it. 


Navigating Online Negativity


Something that can really slow people down and prohibit their growth in the online space is negativity from viewers on social media. Everyone receives negativity online when they put themselves out there. Something that really helped Ginger overcome the negativity of others online was working on her self growth. By empowering herself she was able to stop caring about what others were saying about her online. 


Another way to deter hate from your page is by delivering consistent value to your audience and remaining authentic. When you remain authentic to yourself you can cultivate a positive online presence of people who really connect to your story and want the value that you are delivering. Engaging with your audience and being helpful and friendly can also help create a community that supports your business and counters negativity. 


Negative comments and criticism are not a reflection of your abilities and worth. Finding the right mindset and identifying your limiting beliefs will help your business to grow and thrive. Focusing on the positives in digital marketing and releasing the negatives or anxieties that come with starting and maintaining a new business will help you to not only develop yourself mentally, but allow your business to develop and grow as well. 


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