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JoAnn:  Hello and we are live. My name is JoAnn. I'm the marketing manager here with a Legendary Marketer. Happy Wednesday August 31. Everyone, the last day of the month. I am so excited for September because fall is my favorite season. So we're getting a little bit closer to that which I love. Before we bring on our guest this morning, I'm super excited for you to get to know them. I do want to share with you just in case you're new here and you want to get reminders. When we go live each morning we don't spam out. You're only going to get a reminder text, text the letters WUL to 813-296-8553. For me and now without further ado, please, in those comments, give me some hand clap emojis because it's Wednesday and that's what Matt always asked for. And let's bring on our guest today Chelsey. Hi Chelsey, how are you?

Chelsey:  I'm very good. How are you doing today? 

JoAnn:  I’m doing well. So excited for you to just share your story and let our audience really get to know you and all that you've been doing. But to kick it off. How did you find Legendary to tell us where it all started?

Chelsey:  Well, I downloaded TikTok when I was alone at home and we were all shoved in our little holes back when that big crazy stuff happened. I'm not gonna say it so I don't I don't get you flagged or anything. And it just really started off as something to do. I'm a busy mom of four little girls, and I just needed and I stayed and that was my little escape. And so I had it. I started then and then I created a new TikTok and I wanted to, you know, get into a different niche that is hard to get you know back into a different niche whenever you're in another niche TikTok. So I started another one and I was telling my husband you know, I was really tired of you know, my job and you know just having a cap of what I could make because I felt like I was so much more than that. And I was just scrolling along. And this girl who was one of about 18 or 19 I don't even remember her name. She kept coming across my page. And I would watch her videos and then I’d scroll and then one day she said something that just hit me. It hit one of my pain points. And she told me to click the link in our bio. I clicked the link in our bio and the rest is history.

JoAnn:  So how long do you think you were scrolling and seeing her before you took action?

Chelsey:  It was a while it was probably a couple of months before I finally took action, which is my biggest regret. I feel that everybody was my biggest regret. Just not starting when I saw it because I feel like when you see it, and it touches something in you, you know every single video she did. It hid something inside of me. I'm not sure what it was. But it was almost like she was supposed to show up on my TikTok. And I was supposed to see her account. And so yeah, it was a couple of months before I decided, okay, I'm gonna do it.

JoAnn:  Right. And I think that's such a great reminder for everyone that's watching too. It's funny how we take months to take action, and then we start being an affiliate and we want everyone to take action immediately or it fails. Yeah, but you didn't take action after the first TikTok you saw or the first video, right? It takes time and that's what you've got to keep putting that stuff out there. Eventually got the sale because she kept putting content out. She kept showing up on your page. You kept going, Oh, I'm interested and growing that online connection with her a little bit more each time. And finally it was just the right time and the history right.

Chelsey:  Yeah, and I've actually seen I don't know where I heard it is all solid. But somebody has to say something a certain amount of times. It's like a statistic out there that you have to say something a certain amount of times. Like, 10,11, 12 Yeah, you have to see it that many times to be able to finally just go okay, I'm ready.

JoAnn:  Right, so you jumped into the challenge. Did you then delay or did you take your time? How did the challenge go for you? No.

Chelsey:  So as soon as I got my login information I was in on the challenge. It was funny because Armando, my advisor, had done everything I was supposed to do. I watched day one. I did all my assignments, I scheduled my call. And then I was stuck for a minute before I could talk to Armando but I was just fidgeting I was just waiting and I could not wait to get back into the challenge and it's just like, everything that I was learning was just connecting it was just like light bulb going off in my head like that's how it is. That's how it works. That's awesome.

JoAnn:  Well, I know you mentioned it on your questionnaire but share with everyone your prior experience with direct sales. So you have a story before you found Legendary.

Chelsey: Yeah, so I actually don't think I put this into my questionnaire but when I was a little girl I just felt like there was something more for me to do. I wasn't supposed to go to college. There was something I was supposed to do. Now I know it was to be an entrepreneur. That's something I love. To lead. I love to help people, you know. And so what was your question? I'm sorry.

JoAnn:  Share with us all about your direct sales.

Chelsey:  That's right. Affiliate marketing when I was actually 18 years old. I tried to learn it a little bit but I was very, very, very confused. I had no idea so if i Okay, whatever. So when I was 21 I found out I was pregnant with my first baby. And my husband wanted me to stay at home, but I just felt like I wasn't helping them. So am I allowed to say the name of the companies that I

JoAnn:  I mean, it doesn't matter. 

Chelsey:  Well, yeah, I started a makeup company. Okay. All right. It started when I joined a direct sales makeup company. After that I joined a health and wellness company. After that, I joined another health and wellness company, and then I started the fourth health and wellness company. Oh my gosh, and that right there. I'd build a huge team. I'd build a team I was built to a right known as diamond. And I realized I ended up having to pay some money to hit my volume team and make that patient so yeah, this is not some start making sense to me. I've worked so hard. I felt like I had completely just failed. And then I tried it again. I did some bizarre bizarre things. And then I actually joined a jewelry company. And all of those just kept failing. It was like nothing was working for me and now I know why they were not working for me because everything that happens all your failures lead to something big I truly believe. So I was like okay, I'm done. I'm done. I'm washing my hands of direct sales and MLM because something's not right. Right and we have to work this hard, and you know may aggravate my family and friends. I mean that that was so good. It just stressed me out so bad that I had to make a list of all the family and friends and then my family and friends were like, oh, what's she doing now? You know? And, and I quickly just said, You know what, I'm done. I've tried, I've tried the best I could. And it's just not for me. I guess that's basically how I felt. So I have definitely done a lot and I've tried a lot but I tried. I really, really worked hard. And I figured out that it does not matter how hard you work. You will never be some people. But I feel like if you are not one of the first trailblazers in the company, or you are not one of the first people to you know, get started. You're not going to see the money that they promise you. 

JoAnn:  At the end of the day it's not your business.

Chelsey:  No, it's not. And that's what I wanted. I wanted my business and I tried to make it my business but it wasn't mine.

JoAnn:  thing. Right. And since you had that entrepreneur itch, you were looking for it and it just wasn't clicking just wasn't clicking. At all. But you kept going guys, she went through seven direct sales companies.

Chelsey:  I made money, but not the money that not the money I needed to to help my husband with the deals. I mean, it was a little bit of money, you know, but it was not money that we needed.

JoAnn:  Right? But the thing that I love is you didn't give up. This isn't right. Okay, keep going. What's next, what's something else? There has to be something there's something there's something you keep going and I know you went through a lot to get to this place, but I'm excited that you did.

Chelsey:   I don't feel like I do enough justice sometimes because of the day to day training. You know when I say this, I mean and people on my TikTok know it changed everything for me. I mean, it changed everything. It's not just about the money. It changed my confidence. It changed the way my kids look at me. You know, and my husband how proud he is of me and that I get to wake up every day. You know, I struggled a long time with my purpose, like a long time to the point where I would cry because I felt like everybody in the world around me knew exactly what they were supposed to be doing. They were fulfilled. They knew you know, where they were supposed to go in life and you know, all this stuff. And I was like that's just something that I just always prayed for. I was like, please just to show you my purpose. What am I supposed to be doing? And I found my purpose. I wake up every day happy. I feel like my purpose every day is just to help as many people as I can only to believe in myself, but to create freedom for myself. I mean, and to, you know, help them be their own boss.

JoAnn:  Now, that's beautiful. I love that. I absolutely love that. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. So, you go through the challenge you get started and we're doing something new. How did your friends and family first react because they've already gone through all the direct sales and now you're all in with something new. How did that go?

Chelsey:  You're not gonna believe me when I tell you I didn't tell you about it. Yeah. I did not tell one single person I didn't even tell my husband when I first started. I did not tell anybody and not because my husband is not supportive because if I would have told him I was doing this he would have been like go for it baby, you know, because he knows I can do anything. I want to do it. I mean, he's gonna be the first witness to that. But I did not tell my family. I did not tell my friends. When I figured out there was a way for TikTok to end. Like, my TikTok won't be shown to people that I know or that my Facebook reels would not be shown to people I know. There's a way around it. I set it up, it was like I did not want anybody. I firmly believe energy is everything. And I don't think there's a lot of people that you think want you to do good. But deep in there, they don't want you to be better. than them. They don't want that. And so when you have all these negative energies coming against you, it does make a difference to you when you have all these opinions of people telling you oh well. Are you sure that's real? That sounds like you know, scam or whatever. I didn't need that. I did not need that at all. So I did not tell anybody. 

JoAnn:  I love it because sometimes you've just got to protect your little circle like your energy like you shared and just figure things out without people that shouldn't have an opinion but do you don't get to tell me what's right. You don't get to tell me what I should do because you don't

Chelsey:  even know what you're doing. Well, this is my thing. If you're not making a million dollars, don't tell me what to do. You know what I'm saying? Because that's where I'm trying to be. I'm trying to be a millionaire, or at least six figures if you're not making it if they don't have the mindset that you need to have to get you to be successful. And that's not the people you shouldn't be going to get advice from, that's not the people's opinion you need to be listening to, some people might have opinions. But what is the one ear and out the other because you are in control of you and that is all it is up to you to be successful. Not everybody's opinions and not everybody else.

JoAnn:  Yeah, so true. I mean, even when you have a question, you've hit a roadblock. Say you have a question about your funnel. If you go in the group, you're gonna get oh, I've tried this. I've tried this, do that you're gonna get real answers, real problems. Solving. And you ask somebody that isn't an entrepreneur who doesn't understand and doesn't care. They'll just be like, That's dumb. You should stop it. That's not helpful. That's not what my question was.

Chelsey:  Not at all. Know who you're asking me for help. From? Right. Exactly.

JoAnn:  But the friends and family sometimes have no problem giving. I can help you with that. It's called quitting. That's not what I'm looking for here. Right.

Chelsey:  And it's funny because it doesn't matter what you say you're going if it's something online, they will they're gonna always a scam, you could quit but if if I was to go out here and to get in debt, and go to a bank and and build a brick and mortar business, every single one of those people who would have an opinion or have something about this day would be there at that ribbon cutting, you know, you know what I'm saying? Like, nobody's gonna celebrate when you say you're doing something online because it's just not what we are taught. We're not taught to do that as a society. We're taught. You go to school, you go to college and get in debt at 18 years old as a little kid as a teenager, you're getting into 40 $50,000 even more when the debt then you go to work. You pay off that debt while you're working. Then you retire at 62 and then guess what? You only have 10 to 15, maybe 20 years to live out those dreams. And I'm sorry, but at a 60 to 60 bar, you pay to do the same thing that you could do when you were 30 you know? Yeah. So

JoAnn:  It's wild and so many of us went, yep, that's the plan. Just bought in. Yep. That's the plan and just sticking to it. And no matter what, change is hard, even good change people get uncomfortable with change. Even if it's needed, it's unnecessary, or it could reach all the goals and dreams you could ever have no changes still tricky. It's really accepting that changes Okay. Doing a different path. Then what others are doing is okay. Different. It doesn't mean

Chelsey:  It's wrong. It's not wrong. If you want to do it, your wife will do it. Don't worry about what people want to think. And you know what, don't tell people what you're doing. That is when you're going to be the happiest to tell people what you're doing. After you went through everything. And you're living the life you want to live and then that way they can't say anything wrong about it, you know, but keep it to yourself. My grandma, she always told me that people, people are always going to be against you and you. You have to protect yourself from that just like we were talking about earlier. Yeah. She knew she was giving you the advice you needed. You needed it. When I was in middle school in high school and going through, you know, the jealousy and people just being jealous and things like that. She would just give me so much advice like Chelsey they just don't want to see you do better than them. That's it. They're scared to death. You're gonna do better than they're going. That's it. Right?

JoAnn:  That's it. It really is more about them. And about you

Chelsey:  Exactly. That's exactly right. And you know what? Something that I realized through all of this stuff, because I was scared when I first found the challenge and you know me and it wasn't because I didn't think I could do what I knew I could do. It's just that I was scared. I was terrified. And I want to tell you something. The best things that have ever happened in my life and I've been through a lot of stuff, the best thing that has ever happened in my life was right on the other side of me being scared to death. And so what I tell people all the time, just do it scared. Just do it scared. It's okay to be scared. Just do it anyway. 

JoAnn:  It's so true. I mean, I can relate to that personally. Yeah, everything that's been amazing and great but has happened in my life is when I push through the fear, like I started using that as my identifier. That's the path. Scared and excited. I'm it, that's the one. The one that's gonna push my growth. That's the one that is the next step. That's my path. Because if I just stay there like if I don't take the risk, if I don't take that step, I’m stuck.

Chelsey: Stuck in the same spot you were always Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I could do it scared.

JoAnn:  Yeah. And like Wendy commented, it's okay to mess up. It's normal. It's normal to mess up. It's okay. To make mistakes. And for some reason, we can't ever make mistakes. You can, it's normal. There's no such thing. As perfect.

Chelsey:  That’s how you get better is to make mistakes because if you fail, then guess what you have to figure out? Okay, what do I need to do better next time? And then if you fail that well then you've already got the last one. So what now? What do I need to do better? Again, and again. And before you know what you're what I've perfected, it's just like riding a bike. I know people are always like, Oh, that's such a common, you know, analogy. But you get on there, you fall. And then you're like, Oh, well, I didn't hold the handlebars, right. So you get back on there. You hold the handles back but handlebars, right. And then you fall again but you're weren't doing something with your body. You weren't balancing well enough. And then all of a sudden, all these little things lead up. And now you can jump on a bike. Hey, I'm 30 years old and I could just jump on a bike. rode a bike in a little while but now he's still jumping on a bike and popping up a heely and taking off and getting you know, and it's the same thing you just have to keep. You have to keep failing forward. 

JoAnn:  Yeah, totally. And that also that bikes you know that sounds like another tick tock video piece of content. All right. So let's dive into that because  I love when our guests share with our audience like really what they went through. So you were scared, but you dove into the challenge. What was it like posting that? That first couple of weeks on TikTok? Is that where you started on tick tock or did you start it at the same time you started on TikTok okay.

Chelsey:  Yeah, I started on tick tock and I had another tick tock account that I had started and it actually I have been on paranormal caught on camera on TV because I'm the first ever person ever known to capture a soul like an animal soul leaving his body and so I caught that on my last tick tock and I got featured on paranormal caught on camera and all of that stuff. So I already had a tick tock but I never could figure out what my niche was because I knew I was a mom, but I couldn't get the videos down path. I look right now. I like to tell him once all that was corny, you know, thank God for that dear video, but somebody told me I can't remember who it was when they said to just start a brand new takeoff. It might have been Dave I might have heard this or somebody but start a brand new tick tock and just do what they are because you confuse the algorithm if you have all these videos and all of a sudden you're posting about digital marketing, affiliate marketing, right. So I started to do TikTok and I started it while I was doing the challenge. And then when I finished my last video, the next morning, I got up and I started posting and it was scary, you know because it was still hard because the video salesperson on my old tech top was nothing compared to what this is because it's marketing Yeah. Right. And so I got up. I remember how to put a pink shirt on and I just started posting but there's nothing wrong, you know, because I had been following. I mean, I was waiting for a couple of months to start. You know this and so through that time after I found that girl, I don't even remember what her name was. But I started seeing other people, you know, the algorithm was picking up on what I was putting out. And I kept seeing other people so I got some ideas. You don't ever copy somebody's stuff and don't copy word for word and copy their actions. There. There's nothing wrong with going to somebody's TikTok that you think is inspiring and thinking okay, well how can I apply this to my life? How can I word it where it fits my life? And that's so back to what I started doing. And you know, at first that's what I would have to do because I didn't really know what I was doing, you know? And then

JoAnn:  And that's okay, Did y'all hear that? I didn't really know what I was doing but I did it anyways,

Chelsey:  I didn't scare

JoAnn:  you. That Oh, that's key. That's key. You did it anyway. Still took action?

Chelsey:  And I didn't think about it. I didn't put a lot of time into thinking about why I didn't have a book where I was scripting out, you know? Okay, well this is what I need to say this is what I need to get going. I do have a book that I carry around in my purse, so I'm not at home and I can't choose Tik Tok right then I write down the idea. But now I don't have to do that anymore. I find a trending sound that I like and I write my stuff on it. I don't have to go to other people's, you know, I don't have to go get ideas from other people because once you keep doing it, you start getting better and you start getting better and you start getting better. It's just like riding a bike. And one day you could just jump on that bike and take off and you don't have to even think about it.

JoAnn:  Right? Because you're you're gaining more knowledge, more experience, but you can't gain it unless you

Chelsey:  start. Exactly. You have to start, you have to start with listening. If I can tell anybody on this right now something and just trust me I know you don't know me, but just trust me. Just start. Just starting with the training does start it. It will change your entire life. It has changed my entire life. I mean, it really has everything for me and my family. 

JoAnn:  well and not just starting 

Chelsey:  Implementing.

JoAnn:  There's a lot of people that started the challenge and they're still staring at the challenge screen or playing in their funnel four weeks later, six weeks later, eight weeks, 12 weeks later, and still haven't posted anything. They haven't put it out there. Sometimes you just got to

Chelsey:  put it out. Yeah, you got to you got you got it. Did you say okay to get today I'm this is what I want to do and you know what wisdom I have for girls. I have a 16 year old stepdaughter, a seven year old a five year old and a one year baby and a husband who's my fifth even if people think that you got to post, you know 1020 videos a day daily, don't do just one one post a day if all you want to do is one post a day, do one post a day but at least you're doing something because that somebody told me something one time because they were worried about their views. They kept saying well Chelsey I'm just not. I'm not getting the views. There's only like 200 people or 100 people looking at my video and I said if you were to walk into a room with 100 or 200 people, that's a lot of people. So don't worry about the number on the bottom of the screen. Because if there's that many people watching you, just because you don't have 1000s of views on your TikTok video, doesn't mean it's going to come because TikTok continues to push out your videos while you're sleeping. That's how you make money while you're sleeping. While you're eating while you're you know I have videos that I posted four weeks ago that are getting pushed out with all this. So just post the videos, just just post on and you know what else goes on? Is it something I figured a lot of people are terrified to talk about or to show their face? Yeah, there are ways to do it where you don't have to. I have videos on my account where there's a website, you can go to videos and pictures that people have taken on a regular phone. They posted to this website and you use those and just put some text on the screen. I mean there's so many different ways to do it.

JoAnn:  always a way to just have to be willing to figure it out.

Chelsey:  Yeah, because I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I remember sitting there trying to set up my funnel in my auto responder and being so frustrated that I stepped back and I said Chelsey, your family depends on you to figure this out because some people would have given up on that. But you just have to figure it out. You have to take the two extra steps to call support. You know, I mean do the extra things you need to take care of it.

JoAnn:  Yeah, just handle it because it's your business. You're the CEO so you're gonna handle it.

Chelsey:  So you just do. Yep. And I think a lot of people they take they don't, they don't treat it like it's their business. They treat it like they're still in an MLM or direct compartment. Right? There's no t there's nobody holding your hand. When I tell people all my tick tock, you're gonna start it's an online digital business. And I don't think people realize how huge that is. We buy our cars online, we buy our groceries, our clothes, school supplies. We booked our hotels online. We book our planes online. We are going into a digital world right now and it's about to explode. And if you can figure out how to do this, you can go ahead and get ahead of everything now. You're gonna be golden, you will be set for the rest of your life. You can create generational income, generational passive income, right? You just got to start. Yeah. And

JoAnn:  companies love any type of free advertising that they're not writing a check for. For the customer. Thank you for the customer. That's what this

Chelsey:  is. A lot of people don't know about affiliate marketing cuz I hear all the time. Oh, it's very saturated. Not you're not you're trying to learn from the wrong source. Right. You need a bond between a child that teaches you every bit everything you need to know everything.

JoAnn:  Definitely, definitely. Okay, so how do you come up? What does your day look like? Now I know you said it's not that you don't have to write things down. But do you plan to have a certain time every day that is devoted to your business? Because you are a mom of four and all

Chelsey:  of that. How do you juggle it all? Yeah, so you don't really Oh, so right here. I don't know if you guys can see it. I like to Wake Up Legendary because I'm on this live. I woke up there every single day. At one o'clock I post at 9: 48 and I have started. But those aren't the only times I post if I think of an idea. I run in there to the kitchen and I'm posting right then and there. So you might see me post between those times. But it's because I've thought of a video that I thought of something that could help somebody or something like that. So I have a schedule that I post at least once every day. Regardless, it doesn't matter what I'm going to post every single day. I'm consistent with that. And anytime in between them if I find something that I want to post and you know or if I think it's something I want to post I don't know. a screaming baby is on my head.

JoAnn:  Guys, do you really understand what she just shared? It's not the schedule that Chelsey shared. It's her determination. It's her. There is no other option. I am hosting at the Sun. This is my schedule that I'm following there's there's it's not Yeah, my pillar might go off I might post then Nope. She is all in Chelsey and is all in on what's happening. This is my schedule. I'm making it happen for myself, my business, my family everything I am showing. She. Chelsey is so committed to this and I love that and that's what I think people need to see and understand that no one can do that for you except you.

Chelsey:  Nobody is , it's not a weight on your shoulders. That's something I want you guys to understand. It's not your shoulders. It is going to be a weight off of your shoulders. Because in six months from now, my goal is to retire from my husband. He has worked since he was 12 years old. And he deserves to be full time and he's already started his training. He's going to do this full time with me. He sees the potential. It's not something you have to do. I'm gonna tell you when I started this. I told myself, I am not giving up. I don't care what happens. This is my own business and that in itself is exciting. Oh Chelsey, what are you doing these days? Oh, I have no business. You know, like that is an exciting thing not not only that, but you guys I was, we were living paycheck to paycheck. We were you know, putting bills off that have to be paid and paying the bills that absolutely had to be paid. We were two months behind on our mortgage. There were all kinds of things happening in our household and I'm not trying to get y'all up in my business or anything like that. But we're not this picture perfect family that had it all. We were down in the dumps. We were depressed. We didn't know what we were gonna do next. You know, we were both working full time. And because daycare and childcare for summer was coming up, it was so expensive that my whole entire paycheck was gonna have to go to childcare. So I came home, and everything was just happening the way it was supposed to happen, you know, to start the training, all of this stuff was happening. And so I know for a fact that if I show up every day and I'm consistent and I show up to my business just like if you had a brick and mortar shop, you would have to leave your house and drive to that shop and clock into that building every day because it's your business. You're at home, you don't have a free pass to just sit there and scroll on TikTok all the time I do for us all the time. I'm sure that the muscles are really really because people will sit there and scroll and watch other people's dreams and wish I bought it as theirs when they start right. It's a proven system. There's, you know, there's a lot of success stories with this. That's all the proof you need. But after that, at that point, it's up to you. Are you going to keep living the lifestyle you're living? Are you going to do something about it? Because it's not getting rich? But if you keep doing what you're supposed to be doing, just give yourself six months. And you will. I mean nobody can touch you. You're completely different because of this JoAnn Yeah, I'm not depressed anymore. I'm excited to wake up in the morning and see my kids as a whole different mom. Like they're excited. They come in, they're going to TikToks and they're like, are you working mom? I'm like, Yep, I'm a working girl.

JoAnn:  And they get they're seeing that they're seeing that drive they're seeing that excitement. They're seeing that change in you. And that's something that they're going to take with

Chelsey:  them. Yeah, I just want them to follow their dreams because I went to college. I went and did all that stuff and I still am not even using my DNA. I have a dental assistant or that's what I went to school for. I'm not even using that. I'm not I'm not using it at all. You don't have to follow what society tells you to do. If you have a dream. Go for it. Your content is a real thing. And the thoughts you think and the way you think and the things that pop up in your head right there for a reason. And you need to listen to him because that I mean just that really.

JoAnn:  Yeah. Wow. Wow. You shared so much today. I already can see from the comments that you have motivated so many people that are just feeling stuck. They're scared and that's normal and it's okay to feel it. But you gotta do it anyway. So you got to take action through it right all right, I am gonna put up your tick tock Lee's everyone go find Chelsey on tick tock chills. So with ch e l s comment on her videos out her creative content. I love checking them all out the other day. You can just tell you are having fun and that's kind of cool. So definitely go give her a follow up comment that you saw her on week of legend. Give her some love. And, Chelsey, so great to have you on. I want updates, email updates, email. As things keep progressing, email me when you have questions. And we definitely need to get you back on the show. And you don't have to wait for an invite. Just shoot us an email and reach out and be like hey, I have something new to share. 

Chelsey:  Okay, and I will let everybody notice before I go. I just started this on August 25. Was my two-year, two -month anniversary. I just started this two months ago. It does not take long. If you wake up every single day and you make your post and you stay consistent and have hopes you're building a big business see yourself helping people and helping people. I love helping people. I just help somebody. Just do whatever you have to do, run it like it's your business. And another hand. People can't hear the kid screaming on the TikTok whenever the music's on so even if they're screaming and you're dancing on a tick off. On a tick tock are now the words and the kids are screaming. They hate heroes. Just do it. Do it and you'll figure it out. The more you do it, the better you'll be, I promise.

JoAnn:  I love such great advice. If any of today's episodes please go back and rewatch from the start. Thank you so much for being in Chelsey.

Chelsey:  We will hear you guys.

JoAnn:  All right guys. Happy and last day of August to everyone. We will be back tomorrow with another guest and new episode of the Legendary and the start of September. I hope everyone has a great day. As always stay Legendary, peace.