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Matt:  What’s up everybody? We are back from the Mastermind last weekend. We are pumped to have you here. If you’re newer, we do this every single week Monday through Friday, we go live and there is no script. I chatted with Andrea for a minute before we went live but we don’t have any script or questions written. Kinds of stuff and try to convince them to move down to Phoenix because I'm like, dude, we'd never deal with that here. Yeah, so anyway, but it is hotter than hell out here. So there's that. Alright, so, tell us a little bit about you. Tell us where you grew up. Tell it No, I'm just getting your journey to how you got started online. You're a nurse, but you've also got, you know, a husband. I don't know if you've got a family and, you know, tell us about how you found Legendary.

Andrea: So I'm a nurse. I've been a nurse for 18 years. We have four kids. My husband works he's an electrical engineer. So unlucky enough. I work as a nurse but I've gotten to work part time for busy children. And he travels so I was able to cut down and kind of the busier that gets but I still work as a nurse. I love it and about a year ago, I was just looking at TikTok. My kids are kind of in that middle school age where we just run them all over the place where carpoolers for them. So I spent a lot of time in my car driving to Sioux Falls and stuff. So I saw some other moms on TikTok doing this and I thought I have these hours in the evening that I'm tired of doing things for my kids are busy that I don't want to go into the hospital but I could be doing something I could be you know earning instead of watching other people earn or running to target during those hours and spending money so that's what really just piqued my interest. My husband and I turned 40 this year and I think not only an extra income would be nice because our kids are really expensive, but there's nothing else that you could do that you don't have a boss that just intrigued us.

Matt:  Right. Cool. Wow, that's super cool. And so you got when did you find how long ago was that? When did you find legendary and start this whole journey and process?

Andrea: Yeah, so I would say like last probably about a year ago. We were just looking and we actually what we found first is like selling for Amazon. 

Matt: And a lot of people start with selling with Amazon. 

Andrea: We looked into it and we thought oh, that could be cool. And then I spent like one day with my phone secretly scanning things at Walmart and I'm like, I hate this. I'm like, This is not for me. And I'm away from home. I'm not gaining anything. So I dropped an idea and then I saw I think it was last summer like the end of July. August saw another mom that just reminded me of myself and just watched her for way too long. You know that kind of wasted time all gets the kids off to school. Well start then. So I think last fall through the 15 Day Challenge. And then we went through the blueprints for the decade in a day and it wasn't until after Christmas that we got everything set up. We just took a day, set everything up and then at the end of February just started posting and I've been posting on tick tock per day sense. I would just do it for a year, every single day and just and see what happens. 

Matt: Cool. That's so cool. And I love that you know sometimes people have this story where they get you know, any man out there get started they like, oh damn it didn't work for me like that. And I like the longevity and the evolution and the store and just how that takes a little time for some people sometimes and that's cool and there's plenty of time. Also feel like you know, there's people in our niche there's people in this industry who feel this way at age 2540 6080 We're just the mastermind. There's people there, you know, mid late 60s there's people there who were 20 I don't know, early young 20s And a lot of times people are feeling like I've gotta I gotta hurry up, I gotta go. And I'm kind of like, you know, 40s the new 20 like 60s and so forth. Like there's, there's so much time and so it's an abundance of time to reinvent yourself and to try something new. That's super cool. And now it's actually working right and you're figuring it out and it's like okay, I can I can start to make some money now and figure out how to I turn this education into an income but yeah, so you go on TikTok. Let's say that you start that one in February or something and you start posting every day. How I mean, was that tough? Were you a social media post or before that? What was it like

Andrea: I would post on Facebook or you know, just kidstuff posts and never like really, you know, just like this aroma kids are doing but I've never made a tick tock I had only really scrolled on tick tock maybe for a few months when I found a legendary but I didn't even It took me an hour to do my first tic tac, just the editing and I don't even know how to do this. And of course like a lot of people don't want to show my face. So I think I was sitting waiting for my daughter at a dance class. So it was like her feet walking in and because that's my life. A lot of my life in the evenings is in my car, driving clips here and there. So I think my first three I was like no I'm not going to show my face I don't. And then I would post it I'd be like, Oh my gosh, people are gonna start calling me and of course that doesn't happen. They don't know what you like. So anyway, after about the third night, I showed half my vase and after that I don't even care anymore. Like I got over it and it's fine and two of my best friend's finally I think maybe a month or two ago I showed up on there for you page because I really hadn't said anything yet. Like we thought your kids over the phone and tape do like what do you not knowing they were shocked and yeah, but very supportive and I just don't care. It's like talking to a bunch of strangers.

Matt: Yeah, totally. Isn't that funny? Like how I was, yeah, I talked with people all the time about how there's this big sort of lingering fear about like, oh God, like my friends are gonna see me. You know, and all this stuff, but it's just always it's always a stripped out, like, you know, people that we love or people who care about us, you know, when we're doing something vulnerable or trying something hard or trying something new and we're still unclear about how we feel about it. You know what I mean? Because there's always this span of time. I don't know if I should name this something that spans the span of time from when somebody starts something to when it sort of becomes a real piece of view. And it's so that the span of time feels so nerve racking and like oh my god, what am I doing? And then, you know, they find out and it's like, Oh, these are just like cool. They're actually usually just proud like, do like kind of cool. Like, I wish I had the guts to do something like that. 

Andrea: And I think until you like one of the biggest challenges is it's hard to start when you don't have success when you start because you really don't know what you're doing. You kind of have to fake it to make it because there's no trial run. You just kind of have to go for it. And you can do this and this and this and this is my successor. So four months, waiting six months out in a year.

Matt: You know that during that span of time, I was just saying I feel like you know, for back in the day when I got sore I got started in 2000 like 10 or 11. And you know, your, your window of time in that space is three to six months and our window of time was like three to six years. It was such a disaster. And now there's so much viral social media. tools you can use. It's just super powerful. Um, I am curious, you know, how do you balance like, all of the I mean, it's still a drive from where you live to Sioux Falls. It's still like you've got you know, a husband has got a full time job. You're still a nurse and four freaking kids. Like, that's no joke. I mean, and you're growing this posting every day and figuring out learning new skills like that's pretty incredible. Like how are you pulling this off?

Andrea: I well my husband will help I think like his strong suit is a lot of the behind the really helped me with the funnels and the emails and things like that because he's not gonna do anything on tick tock and I'm more task oriented those my job you know, as a nurse, we work in shifts, 12 hour shifts, what do I have to do this hour? What do I have to do in the next 15 minutes? Like that's my job for the last 18 years. So the thought process of changing over to like long term or there's nobody really telling you what to do. You kind of just have to know what do I need to do today? I know I need to promote and do some TikToks. But what else do I need to do? So I mean, a lot of what I do is in between games, I will batch my content. So I will take.

Matt: This is in between like kids basketball games and stuff.

Andrea: Got a baseball game or track need or whatever, video and then AdWords and if I'm home by myself during the day then I will try to do like 20 different clips, just add songs and then throughout the day, or whatever. The day is just add the text, add the music. And then the best content is when people like comments and then you just can answer the questions like that's the easiest content and really valuable. Yeah, as for training, I always mean, I take away so much just from tuning in to this every morning. And if there's a little tidbit, I'll text into myself. And as I just don't remember, I think I'll remember and then I don't I'll just text them myself and then look back at my text for ideas.

Matt: Oh my gosh, I frickin I just there's so many so good see watch this. You watch this pretty much every day. I have such a bad problem with that. I'll have this amazing idea or I'll either go on my notes and protect myself or something. But yeah, I ah, that's such a gold bar. I hope everybody just as you're listening like, oh my gosh, that was one that's Oh, that's a content idea. Oh, that's uh, you know, as you get those ideas, write them down, come back to them. A lot. of times when I do that, too, I'll just look back and be like, Man, that was stupid.

Andrea: I'll be on a run or on a bike ride. Like this. This would be such a good idea. And then you don't Yeah. You got some hits and misses. 

Matt:  I mean, yeah, if you're sitting at a track meeting, you got a couple of kids there. I mean, there's that you might go an hour or two. Nothing. Right, and they're over hanging with their friends

Most people are just scrolling or Facebook anyway. And if you can sit there and be creating and, man, what a beautiful thing. Think about, you know, when I was running track and field 15 years ago or whatever, and you know, my parents were there and they didn't have that option. It didn't exist. It's a very cool, very opportunistic, very opportunity full environment we live in which I just think more people need to wake up to that idea.

Andrea: I think this is perfect for busy people. yeah, you have time but it's like spurts of time it's 30 minutes here, it's an hour. Your family leave time is not available. It's also interesting in his stretch rect which it has to be. Being somebody

Matt: Who's task oriented works in an environment that's rigid and strict and like, I think in most cases, well, you could correct me if I'm wrong, but it feels to me like an environment where you have a rigid structure and you have you know, sort of policies and things.

Andrea: Yeah, it is completely different because as a nurse, it doesn't matter you know, the South Dakota snowstorms, it doesn't matter. You don't just show up at 10 when they follow the roads like no. So that murder I hate that it patients are still there. They still need to be taken care of. But I mean, that I and everything is there's checklists, and you're not creative. I mean, I love my job. I love taking care of patients. But I kind of feel like after doing it for so many years and just kind of focusing on kids and stuff, you kind of lose that creative side of yourself which that's what really excites me about this possibility, like being creative to do things your own way. Even just writing ebooks, working with Canva, all of these things like you can bring your own personality into it where you really can't do that. In hospitals and being friendly and talking with patients but you're more reacting to what's coming to you you don't know what you're gonna get. You don't know who walks in the door or what type of patient you're gonna get. So this is you can just kind of do things how you want to do them.

Matt:  So when it's like it, it kind of revives. A part of you are revived is a piece of you that's not lost, but just sort of it's like resuscitated.

Matt: Cool I kind of feel like yeah, I don't know it. It's also just for me, like I have friends who you know, they're like God you work all the time. And I don't know how this ever really started for me, but I found that this is gonna sound weird, but I kind of turned my hobby into making money. And I guess I've never really said it like that before, but it is true. I don't have a lot of hobbies. I don't spend a lot of time golfing or I go to the gym a couple times a week but I don't I don't do puzzles or like you know, binge watch TV shows a lie. Oh, just TV occasionally. But basically I was like, I'm going to spend my free time trying to make more money and try seeing where that leads me. And so I would just spend time. You know, I'd wake up really early in the morning and watch Google Ads trainings and I was just like at some level, the more education I taken the more action that I take like it's not a it's not an if it's not a maybe it's just sort of like it's a it's a formula. It's like, eventually money has to come out of this somehow or opportunity will show up somehow. And I have you know, I have friends who are just like, oh my god, you work so much like how you know, how would you ever survive, but it's just this very slight tweak and mentality and mindset effect on that's like, hey, you know, a majority of the world lives with a lot of stress around money and it costs people their relationships, their marriages, they're so the number one cause of divorce, it's you know, and overall just stress from a daily day to day to day basis is like alright, rents do here we go, you know, and I was like, I just don't really know if I want that. So I did that. And, you know, while I might have maybe a little bit more stress on it, you know, if I'm doing that every single day and let's say I've got a full time job, you know, like I did in 2013 2014 and I'm driving Uber on the side in an age where we now have the technology that allows it that allows us to sort of I the reason I say that is because it's cool to me that you're you're finding that creative piece, and it just so happens to be you're able to do that in a time where you can use it in to monetize it.

Andrea: Right. And I just think like people I mean, we kind of grew up like Facebook was around like right when you were getting out of college. We didn't have this in high school. So we kind of are right on the borderline of remembering what it was like without social media to know what it is just people 10 years younger than us. Yeah, it's just interesting how things have changed because even a few years ago, it's like, well, if you want to make more money as a nurse, you go back to school to be a nurse practitioner or NSC John or something like that. And my husband you just go get your MBA now because I don't think it be you know, you needed or whatever, but that's just what you do. You just keep going back to school. And so this is just like an awesome time where you can make money, a lot of money without having to invest a ton compared to getting a master's degree and all the time you know, spending away from your family and not knowing if you're going to love what you have to do afterwards. But you've wrapped up $50,000. So you have to take the job, so yeah, totally.

Matt:  Is it okay if I share one of your videos from TikTok? Okay, I because we're on this note of creativity and, and I was just I thought this was super funny. And the reason that I wanted to show it was just because I really felt like I wanted to share this because I think that a lot of times when people go on they struggle with just being funny or like doing something that's out of the ordinary or something. And I just every time somebody does something just a little bit different and a little more creative and kind of funny, like people are on TikTok. You have to understand. They're there because they want fun. They want happiness. They're there. They want to see something kind of unique and cool. And I just thought this I just thought this was kind of funny.

Matt: I think a product illustrates what you're talking about. And then you know it's a simple way to educate. But what you've done is you've balanced education, or you balanced education with entertainment right. And it's a perfect 52nd video. And as 50,000 47,000 views you posted again, got 10,000 views the second time right.


Andrea: Funny after watching Wake Up Legendary yesterday. The guy's like I repost my stuff all the time. I'm like, Well, what the heck, I'm gonna do that. So I just reposted that yesterday, so no, really? Yeah, the first one had I don't know how much but yeah, so that's a good tip. I mean, people don't know what you posted two weeks ago, let alone two months ago. 

Matt:  Or even two days ago. True. I mean, like I got I and even sometimes I'll see the same video posted on TikTok. And I don't, as a consumer, I'm not sitting there like, Wow, what a loser reposting this video. I just think the algorithm put it in front of me again. Yeah, that's literally all that I think. But that's all that any human who's watching whatever thinks, but, man Wow, super smart. So you're already at 10,000 views on that in a day. So that one's probably gonna get 20 I don't know. We'll see. But yeah, so smart and it's a great way to grow your channel because you can, if you're for instance in this make money online niche you can travel. I think it requires so much energy just to post because it's so vulnerable and it's like so much work that it's like, oh, now to think of a creative hook to come in. Yeah, that's too. That's like one piece too much. But if you can do it, everybody here can do that. Yeah, man. You can blow up a video really quick. I bet most of your followers came from that video too.

Andrea: Probably. Yeah, a lot of them. Yeah. And I think it's like you're gonna have those days where you have nothing to give. You don't have any ideas or you're not creative. And then you're gonna have those days where you can just pump out a bunch of videos. Save them. So I like having those extra videos that you can go back and repost if it's just one of those days where you want to get content out. But yeah, either timewise or brain wise just can't get anything out or you know, just have them saved in your drafts. 

Matt: It's good to know I mean, for people, also for me, I mean, it's such a good reminder that people who are successful on tick tock or you know, have a good following or whatever, have the days where they're just like, okay, it ain't gonna happen today. And that's okay. You can take a day like you take a day off.

Andrea: I do, I at least have like 10 in there. I mean, some of them are my favorite. So I don't think they're desperate. Like maybe and then I really just try like, especially now that it's gonna be summertime and kids are home like, I will try to take a day like three hours and just post or not post, make a bunch of videos. And then use two or three of those a day and then maybe one new one that just happens you know once or reply to a question. So how do I do it? I noticed like back in April, we were traveling a lot and some days I wouldn't post up, you know, three or four times a day. It'd be maybe one today and yeah, it did kind of slow my growth quite a bit. So I don't know if it's true for everybody, but it didn't happen to me. So we're gonna just go back to that and just keep going.

Matt: Yeah, keep doing what's working. Yeah. Yeah, there was a theme throughout our mastermind that was you know, to find something that's working Dave's Dave's phrase was just don't he? He said, I wake up every morning. And, you know, you've worked extraordinarily hard to get to, let's say your first $1,000 or whatever online, but that energy in that time, and that sort of the internal what that required won't be required probably for the next 1000 And for the next 8000 To get to 10,000 to get it, you know, it's not that it's not as hard but like you said, are right away and new. As we started. There's, you know, you're excited to get past the three six, you know, 12 month mark and have some of this behind you. That's a good perspective, because, you know, not to say it gets a lot easier, but there are certain things you know, getting started online, it's like riding a bike. with absolutely no grease on the chain. In fact there's probably sand yes and in in the chain and you're just like grinding and like oh uphill and


Matt:  And then when you're six or 12 months in, you're gonna have grease on the chain. You know, your tires will be pumped up, you know, it'll feel a bit more balanced and you'll have a solid rhythm and it will be a habit. 

Andrea: Right. And I think it's really great and reach out to some creators like I love the creators have been doing this for six months and they have 50,000 followers and, but it's really like they're not doing a whole lot some of them are and some of them aren't, then what you're doing, they're just six months ahead of you. But then it's also really nice to reach out to those small creators that have just started with you. You know, you can kind of just get the growing pains together like is this what you're going through? So what I do like about this community is just, it's not really like you're competing against each other for clients or things like that.

Matt: Yeah, there's, yeah. When you start to think in terms of billions and billions of people, I just don't understand how big billions is, you know, competition. And we're out there with one fishing rod. It's like yeah, I guess. To some degree, we're competing on the same earth do you know but there's totally different waters. And yeah, so you know, I think that that's an over general. It's probably too big of an example but I think I think for you know, whatever niche somebody's in whatever industry somebody's in, there are new people. There's more new people flowing in and there are new creators and competition or oversaturation is, people talked about that back when I got started in 2010? It was an excuse I made and I said, yeah, no, this it's gone. The opportunity's gone. It's been too long. And I've listened to people say that every year for the last 12 years. And it's like, but every day somebody new shows up on this frickin show. Somebody else is making, you know, five figures a month online, somebody else's whatever. And it just never stops. It only increased and then COVID hit and it increased even more. And I don't know.

Andrea: Yeah, I think COVID really brought out just different possibilities. Like you can do different things and go to the office and clock in and yeah, so that's really where I'm willing to change. I guess, like there has to be something else. 

Matt: Totally. Well, Andrea, for somebody who's getting started, for somebody who's going through the challenge and they're like, oh my gosh, posting on TikTok. What would you say to those people who are watching, maybe they're sort of in the same shoes you were in? Or eight months ago or whatever? What would you say to that person? What advice would you have for people now that you've, you know, had some success and you're still building and growing, but you've had some great success?

Andrea: I mean, I think just start TikTok and even though it's uncomfortable, if it's easier to not show your face for a week or two weeks, start with that it's better than nothing. If you want to use pictures or videos of a vacation I've done that. And then just try it out and it's really not as scary. I mean, I was in that same boat where I delayed doing this for months because of the same thing as a family thought. Yeah, just don't give up because it may be paired up with another newer affiliate marketer, so you can go through those because there are tough days and then they're, they're great days.

Matt:  Well said, well said. Well, cool. Thanks for coming out and having your TikTok up. And, you know, we would love to have you back again. Message our team in a couple of months and let us know where you're at. We'll have you back on.

Andrea: That'd be great. Thanks so much. Cool. See ya. All right, bye.

Matt:  Alright, so I've got her tick tock up here. It's Buildyourlegacy5c_legacy. So it's a long one. All right. So hang with me. Let me share my screen and I can pull it open here to see you can see it but it is tick tock. Build your legacy five See, underscore legacy. And yeah, go give her a follow up. Let her know you found her on wakeup legendary. And I was reminded by something she said at the very end there that I think is really powerful. Not to go back to the mastermind again, but to the last mastermind this weekend. Dave said something where he said you know, I've yet to meet a client who came through our training who set themselves a goal of one year and they weren't successful after implementing something for a year. And I would encourage you that the takeaway I had from Andrea there was just that. You know, I think she sets a goal for the year a lot of times. I'm hearing people say you know, I decided I'll give it a month. I decided I'll give it a week. I decided to help give it three months. I think that you know, allowing yourself to sort I think sometimes when we set those shorter goals, at least for me what it was when I got I did the same thing is I was so uncomfortable and unsettled with myself that I just felt like it had to come fast because I was unhappy. And I think there's a magic in being happily uncomfortable, meaning accepting and with you know, having some of her ability to not be so hypercritical to not feel like everything is on the line today. You know, the truth is not probably not when you're posting on TikTok or learning, probably not everything is on the line at every moment of your business. But if you can consistently take action for a year, chances are something really great is going to show up. So there you have it, go give Andrea TikTok follow at Build your legacy five the number five c underscore legacy and if you'd like a text message every time we go live we have just a simple to use text message service. You can text the letters WUL stands for Wake Up Legendary. So you text and in the text message body it just says WUL and you send it to 813-296-8553 It's on the screen right now. You can get a text message every single time that we go live. In fact, here's exactly what it looks like. We'll be back here tomorrow.