Alexa Winkiwiz is a former kindergarten teacher. Once she had her third child she knew that something in her life had to change. She wanted to be able to spend more time at home with her children and less time with other people’s children. Childcare was expensive and she began to run out of options. 


When she found Legendary Marketer, everything in her life changed. She realized this would be a business where she could create her own schedule and do work on her own time. She started dedicating herself to the course and the learning and would go through the education and content when her kids would go to bed. She kept showing up because there was something inside her that was pulling her to want to keep going. 

Having Awareness In Your Business


Something that has really changed for Alexa has been her amount of awareness she has had online in her business. Since starting online she has grown  to be more aware of how she shows up online and to her followers. 


Alexa shared that she feels like this business wakes her up to every aspect of her life. Her habits have changed from falling into bad habits to now noticing when she’s picking up a bad habit, being able to identify it and change it. 


Another way she is able to develop awareness in her business is by forming a connection with her community. By connecting with others in the Legendary Marketer community she is able to learn from them and share motivation and encouragement with them. This helps her to show up more present online and attract a wider audience.


Building a community will help you to connect with others who are in the same spot as you in your online journey. Finding encouragement through building community will help you to grow and feel uplifted. 

Leaving A Negative Mindset Behind


Alexa shared that mindset is the most important part of any journey. She used to blame everyone and everything for why things were difficult in her life. Once she realized it wasn’t everyone else, it was actually her mindset holding her back she was able to identify and change that. 


It’s easy to put blame on other people for things going wrong in your life but by adjusting your mindset and response to those situations. It's important to keep in mind that your mindset and response to how you deal with difficult situations can seriously contribute to the situation itself. 


Adjusting your mindset will help you be able to focus the responsibility on you and your business. Many people try to blame everything but themselves for what goes wrong in their online business. When you are able to identify where you are going wrong, take responsibility for it and try another way to remove the blame shift from others and put it back onto yourself. 


Being able to take responsibility in your business will help you grow your confidence. Alexa shared that the confidence doesn't come before you take responsibility for your business, but after. Once you are able to show up for your business and put in the hard work your confidence will grow. 


Being able to have awareness in your business, change your mindset, and take ownership and responsibility over your online business will help you to grow into a more confident marketer. By doing things like building connections with your community you can expand your knowledge and learn from other marketers. 


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