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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe. Welcome to Wake Up Legendary we have yet another exciting guest this morning. Somebody who I'm thrilled to get the chance to talk to. And as you can see, education leads to more opportunities. And I don't know if I've ever heard a truer statement than that. Stacy, welcome to the show. Hi Dave. How are you? I'm wonderful. How are you? I'm feeling like I'm waking up and now I'm adding the Legendary part to it. Where are you calling from?

Stacy: I am just south of Branson, Missouri on Table Rock Lake.

Dave: Wow, very interesting. Very interesting. A place I've not been to yet.

Stacy: There’s great fishing here too

Dave: Wow you know, I like fishing. So, so what led you first of all online and what then? led you to Legendary

Stacy: So a little backstory. I had surgery last year and sat at home for six weeks recuperating. I have a job where I'm in sales and when I'm not they're not making money. And so I sat home for six weeks and binged Netflix and played games on my phone and wasted six weeks of my life. And then this year I found out I had to have another surgery and I decided at that moment that I was gonna do that again. I was going to actually learn something, do something, maybe find another stream of income. And so I got you know, TikTok and looking at all the different things people were doing to make money and they all sounded like a lot of work. You know, dropshipping and Etsy and all that seven years ago. Sounds like a lot of work. And then I ran across this it was like I checked all the boxes. You know, that's, that's something I can do in and then for our success.

Dave: We saw some things in those business models, just from your own critical thinking or just from your own common sense that you then heard me sort of validating once you started going through our training. How'd that make you feel when when you were like wow, my gut feeling told me that those business models, the Drop Shipping, you know some of physical products, online businesses you can do? Well my gut told me that those might be harder or just more flex to kind of get up and get going did you feel validated like I can trust my gut like I know more than I may be giving myself credit for and I say that just because so many of us, devalue ourselves when we get started. And don't realize that the experience that we have from previous jobs and just our life actually applies here too. So you find yourself going through this training now to where you're learning about not how to do physical online, physical product online business but information and knowledge product businesses. What was that like for you?

Stacy: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. And can tell you a quick story about my dad. So 20 plus years ago, he tried to get into real estate and buy and sell houses. I buy ugly houses and ugly yellow signs all over the place. And he got it. I got it last time. I'm gonna sit down and spend it. He started spending, you know, 1000s and 1000s of dollars on coaches and mentors and masterminds and going into these events. And I thought he lost his mind. And he tried to get me involved and I just never understood it. It was a lot of cold calling. I wasn't interested. And so when I was going through the training was like light bulbs going off in my head like he was he knew something back that I didn't and I just I never could put the pieces together until I did the challenge and it just lightbulbs into pieces started coming together and I just realized that the potential and the opportunity and that I never I never knew how to start before you know he would always bring me a book. Rich Dad, Poor Dad and he brought me that book to read and he was always pushing me to do something, but I never knew how to get started. You know?

Dave: That's first of all, a really cool story and you should tell that a million more times, okay. We're not here to like we're here for two reasons people. Number one is we're here to tell our story to all of you listening. But like all of you, listening may do absolutely nothing with what we say. And so we have to make this time valuable for us too. And a lot of times what comes out of these conversations is Marketing Gold. When we talk to other marketers and when we can talk to other people who call it a coach, call it a mentor, whatever, but who can draw the magic out of us versus trying to coach you on how they think you should do something. And I think that's what I'm hearing has happened to you. You know that you had magic dad was one of the you have magic dad assaulted you and wanted to try to give you everything he had and he knew, but here's what came up for me when I was when I was hearing that story was they didn't have the platforms and the tools that we have now today. And if they did, they may have been much more successful. But now how does that make you like what? What comes up for you? What do you feel when you think about that, like all the driving ambition that your dad had? And how that's different than you know. Like today we have, in some ways, so much more opportunity, but a lot of us lack the mindset stuff that sometimes previous generations had. What, why and how can we bring this all together so we can all previous generations who have great drive and also new generations who have great opportunity? How do we make sense of all of this and most of all walk away from this conversation. realizing the potential of what we have in front of us, that's the biggest thing that any of our airmen or people from previous generations would want for us right now. It's just to say, look, y'all got tools that we didn't have back in my day, back in their day, passing out business cards was the strategy. And now they like we got you know, all these we got TikTok, how do you make sense of it all in how can you share what you see as far as this opportunity from with everybody listening? 

Stacy: Well, I mean, I think mindset is a big part of it. But back then he had to actually physically go to an event. Or a mastermind is something to learn. And I didn't have that I didn't go with him. I didn't. I didn't see that. Now with everything online. You have more direction, you understand better how to get started and reach more people. He only had his neighborhood. Yeah. And his phone was just in the local phonebook and if he was calling or reaching anybody beyond his own city, they looked at him like he was crazy, because that's just not the way business worked back then.

But, you know, the training was so awesome for me because I mean, I am a notetaker I have two notebooks full from from going through the training and and that's that's so valuable to me because I use that I watch like a blood Jerry and I take notes and I took notes for all the training and I use that for content. And so without that I wouldn't have any direction.

Dave: Well, that's fantastic. We're glad that you got that direction. What's it been like when you went from learning to now focusing on earning.

Stacy: It's been crazy. It's grown way faster than I ever thought. And it's just that I pinch myself every day. It's like, I always wanted to do something and it sounded great the theory and the mindset of passive income but I never knew how to implement it until now. And so I mean actually implementing it. It's free. It's knowing that I'm never gonna have to struggle again and I'm gonna have to. I don't have the skills so that I can make money in the time I want. That's been so awesome.

Dave: It's very empowering. We'll talk about this specific, kind of what you're doing here in a second so people can kind of get some visuals and of course will point you to Stacy's, you know TikTok channels multiple. Okay, that's that, that should be a thing that everybody pays attention to is, hey, look, social media accounts are not your buddies. They're not your friends. Don't get too emotionally attached to them. We're in a weird crazy time right now to have an account take off like crazy. Later, you know, it gets disabled. We're in crazy times. It's called the wild wild west. Okay, and welcome to entrepreneurship. Okay, if you don't like excitement and you don't like to wake up every day and have something new happening, then you know, this might not be for you. Right? But if you'd like unlimited upside, if you like to come to work every day and usually the commute is, you know, 20 feet from your bed to your desk. If you like those benefits, But maybe a little bit more volatility. The downside of a business is that nothing, it's not guaranteed. Like your paycheck is every week from your company or is it so so Wow, you got right on. Basically went right for TikTok, right.

Stacy: Yeah, started on TikTok

Dave: And I noticed that you have an account, and an approach where you're talking about helping people find deals and save money. Can you talk to us about where that idea came from to share that sort of content and how that's been working out because that's a little bit of a different angle.

Stacy: So I've always been very slow, by necessity more than anything. I was a stay at home mom for 11 years before I'm in the job that I have now. My kids are older now but so was always out of necessity to be frugal. I was a coupon shopper and that's one thing my dad always kept telling me is I do something with that you have so much knowledge and are so good at that. Write a book and do something but I never knew how to start, you know? And so I've always shopped like that and so I was wondering how people got all these coupon codes. And then I finally figured it out after going through the training that they're there. They're an affiliate for Amazon or whoever and that's how they're getting the promo codes.

Dave: Huge breakthrough for you. Always looking at how can I save money and realizing that many of the ways that you're saving money are coming from people who are making money from it. 

Stacy: And so, so I started that thinking, you know, at least I get access to the coupon codes to use myself even if it doesn't take off. And so I started that and I started a second Tik Tok just just sharing deals and in helping to mix my patch I love saving money, you know, and making money to that. And so I started that and it just took off. I mean, my Facebook group just hit 9000 this morning and it's been two months.

Dave: And that's that group like those people who you're talking about you know, basically how, how to what are some of the other content topics you're talking about with that audience? Is there anything else? Or give us a little bit more context for some examples because I think a lot of people have creativity, brain fart when we start and it's like, man, you know, and I and when we overcome it and just start kind of opening our mouth. And I just saw a post in our group yesterday that said, Man, I can't believe I sat on the sidelines for a couple of months and thought that I didn't have anything to say now you can't shut me up. What's it been like for you coming up with the ideas? And then what other kinds of topics are you talking about under this kind of saving niche profile?

Stacy: Well, I mean, I think that's the key is you have to find something that I mean I feel like stopping is my superpower. I mean you have to find what your superpower is. What's your What are you good at, what do you know a lot about and then you're passionate about it and then it doesn't feel like work and then excites? I'm asked to sit and look for an online shop all day long.

I'm good at that. I can see I can look at something and say yeah, that's a really good deal or that's you know, that's overpriced and it looks like a good deal but it's not. And so I can I can I can I can tell and so I posting these things that I find that are good deals or you know coupon codes that to use on Amazon products to save people 70 80% And so a lot of times people will see things like that they will they will buy things they don't need just because people's people shop a job and make money.

Dave: That's really, really something really cool. It's a really cool angle.

Stacy: That to answer your question, I mean as far as the content that I'm doing and they're just I can help them save money. And then I just get on and I show my Facebook group I looked at I introduced myself and so I'm I'm here to save money and I flipped the camera and I I show my Facebook group and the different best deals that I think are people that are buying so and then people just go over to my Facebook group and shop.


Dave: Unbelievable. I mean Stacy you're just blowing my mind this morning. It's unbelievable because you know why? Because it's simple. Is it? My phone around? I mean, that could mean one of two things. It could mean you're actually savvy enough with the app to be able to find the little button on the app where it actually flips the camera around. Or for God's sakes it means that you just flip the damn camera around in our point. I mean, however you got to get it done to get it started. The bottom line is low production. It's all been done on a I mean look at my daughter put I don't know if you can see that Legendary dad though. I mean, like I'm just saying this is my phone. It's my you know what I mean? It's my It's everybody's got their phone. It's kind of almost like an extension of your human body now, and this is what it takes nowadays to make money online. It does not take complicated coding. It does not take, you know, complicated knowledge. It actually takes you to take in a complicated idea which really affiliate marketing or selling information products online is a pretty advanced idea. You know what I mean? Because of your packaging, but you completely simplify it by just keeping the production low in marketing it with just your cell phone and yourself and then driving people to your funnel. And I mean that's the magic when you drive when you have somewhere to send somebody and also, you're learning other ways to monetize, which is basically doing affiliate marketing with Amazon, which is pretty, which is pretty brilliant. And quite frankly, you can go to any of my friends. Did you know that when you see celebrities online, or you you're listening to a podcast and they say, Hey, you know, our sponsor is you know, Gillette razors the best man you can get in just head on over there to the Gillette website, and just putting code Legendary and they save 10% Right. That's affiliate marketing, all your favorites, do you think they're I mean, that's, that's advertising in 2022. No longer is it you know, some celebrity running, David Hasselhoff running on your TV screen, or whoever advertising Old Spice deodorant, and that's what Al advertising looks like. It's not advertising looks, the more native it looks and the more that it doesn't look like advertising in 2022, the more effective it is. That's why so much business and commerce is happening with individual regular people on platforms, like TikTok, are you surprised by how much influence in business income from creating a free social media account when you use it correctly?

Stacy: Yeah, it's insane. The people that I'm I'm in front of them, and I've never there's never been a better time and with the deals group, I'm sprinkling in some, you know, I'm making extra money to help my family so I don't have to be you know, struggling so if this interests you, there's a link in my link tree to show you how I started doing this too. So I'm kind of connected. Both of them, you know, probably Legendary on the one and deals with the other.

Dave: Two streams of income from within the same business versus multiple streams of income from multiple businesses, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. And it's it's the number one way I see people going broke in becoming unsuccessful is taking on too many things, and getting spread too thin and getting overwhelmed and getting pulled away from what you were doing. How many can relate to that anybody has the feeling of being honest and awake enough to type that comment down below because I know I've been there. And so creating multiple streams of income from within the same business keeps me focused on that business. But it also protects that business. It builds a moat around that business sort of like Apple has done the most powerful company in the world. They have multiple streams of income from within the same business they have iPhones, iPads, iMac streaming, streaming service, music, service, all kinds of different services. And so this idea of being able to create multiple streams of income from within the same business, the other example would be a physical trainer or a personal trainer who instead of only doing one on one sessions and saying this sucks, I need to change careers, you know, I need to get into something different. So what do they do? They go back to college for 40 or 50,004 years, six years, and then what usually they don't follow through or finish with that. And so maybe they ended up going and doing waitering or something in the service industry and never really got ahead.

Stacy: So yeah, you saying that brought back something that I wanted to talk about to me. The biggest reason that I started this was to try to retire my husband and my husband is 55 and has been in construction for 30 years. He's an electrician, so he runs his own business and he's high stress . It's hard on you know, physically hard. And you know, it's tough. It's definitely a business. And so when I was the first couple of days of that training and especially when when you told that story about selling your knowledge in Home Depot that was just like whoa, the knowledge in his head for being a master electrician and 30 years in construction the knowledge into his head I can monetize now and market and we can he can stay home we can we can do real estate we still like it flip houses or or just turn the knowledge into his head into into digital products that that we can market and have income without him having to go break is back everyday working.

Dave: I mean, just like they're there. I mean, one of the one of my favorite affiliate marketing campaigns is the Bucks woodworking campaign we should walk and talk about and the only thing missing from that campaign is like a live person like that whoever was the affiliate who really scaled that bucks woodworking you'll find the Facebook page, probably still up and we show it in the affiliate marketing business as well. But the only thing that was missing was just a personality like a spokesperson. So it's amazing when, if you were to like any buddy, it doesn't matter. It could just be something that you do could be one of your tick tock niches. Because I think when you're new there's nothing wrong with starting a couple and creating content. And seeing what you really like and what you really enjoy talking about because half the battle is you're going to be more creative and you're going to be more you know, I mean, for me when I got started 12 years ago it was it was it was you know, making money was every I mean I don't know I just that made a lot of sense to me and but there's so many of you who have so much different knowledge than I had when I started I was 24 Understand I didn't have I don't know, I didn't know shit. I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground. So it's not like I had a bunch of world expertise out of you who have a lot of peace and knowledge that if today I was starting and I had been doing construction for the past 2030 years, whatever. And I was older. I might start by talking about how I might get into that niche and just you know what, even if I was still working, I might just do little videos every day and drop little nuggets. And there's a lot of affiliate products out there the DIY, the product that bucks would work in was promoting those woodworking plans. And so there's a lot of do it yourself or do it you know, kind of construction based or even people who like to just tinker at home and do things themselves. There's a lot of products out there. And one other thing that I was gonna gonna point out was that any product, most companies even if they don't have an affiliate program, or most preferred or most service providers, most businesses we had a we had a lady a couple of years ago who went to a jiu jitsu instructor something and said I love your your training and stuff so much would you would you make an affiliate program and then she went on to do some obscene amount of commissions something like $100,000 in commissions if I remember correctly from selling this thing that didn't even have a program in the first place. And don't quote me on those, those numbers. I'm just doing the best I can to remember, but it was impactful. It was quite the result. And you know a lot of times we just assume that if it doesn't exist, it's not possible and number one, most of the time it does exist. If we look hard enough, and number two if it doesn't exist, become a dealmaker. You know, kept by our clique. So you're starting to get the juices flowing about your husband's knowledge and how you may be able to package that in a course coaching program, or even as an affiliate marketer, but that's something that you see and you'd like to get him involved. or retire him. Which would you define retirement for us because most of up until this point in retirement has been I guess stopped working Senate home to me though retired. I kind of retired. I mean I'm either at my other house or my work house. So in a way this digital lifestyle where we're working from home is a lot of people's new definition of retirement. How do you define it?

Stacy: Okay, great. I agree. That retirement to me is not having to physically go to a place and do work, you know, for me, I have to go to my job, which I love. And and but but I have to be there every day to make money. You know, whereas just Yeah, I can, I can be on vacation, I can be anywhere and so say for him, you know, we can if we can, you know, work online from anywhere I mean, that's retirement to me. Yeah.

Dave: You've got another TikTok channel online. And so just playing in the space animals, I'm sure you've seen a lot of the you know, the a lot of the volatility on TikTok and social media with people you know, might get an account that's I don't know what you call it deactivated and shut you know, sometimes we get it back we go appeal we fight for it. Sometimes we don't obviously, I'm showing multiple accounts because it's a good strategy for growth, but it's also a good strategy for diversification. Is that how you're looking at it and then what other ways are you looking at both growing but also protecting what you have?

Stacy: Yeah, so I've got those two and and I've got a Facebook page and Facebook group. I do Facebook reels on my personal account and my business account. I have Instagram and Pinterest . I do it all. Sometimes it's time consuming and I don't do it all of it every day but I'm on multiple different occasions because I don't I don't want to lose anything. I don't want to, you know, depend on TikTok.

Dave: Yeah, and, you know, TikTok is going through a process over the next couple of years to where, you know, the government is going to determine whether they're going to allow TikTok to stay in America. A lot of people don't realize that. But every social media company goes through what it's called a sepsis. Three sepsis review. And it's from government agencies and boards and there's lots of people out there that can explain it a lot more than I can. One of them is the Snapchat CEO and founder and I listened to an interview from a record conference that just recently happened. And that's where I heard what I just heard and learned about the sepsis review. And sometimes when you listen to the CEOs of these companies during these conferences and events, you can actually hear your owner going on about how they think like, for example, Snapchats, not on board about the metaverse, right? That's a Facebook pitch, the metaverse, the metaverse and and if you listen to Snapchats founder, he's going well. We think that people are going to want to live in reality versus putting a pair of goggles on though, you know, hanging out in virtual reality. This is capitalism at its finest. And it's capitalism in a major way. But my point here is, is that it's not like if we if we rise up and look at the bigger picture, sometimes we get a different we get a different perspective and realize, oh, man, it's not just tiktoks picking on me and like all these companies, everybody has a different agenda, and all the way up even to the CEOs of these tech companies. They're shifting and positioning and paint playing cat and mouse and you have to make sure that you get yours while all this crap is going on and they're getting theirs because trust me folks, they're getting theirs. They're getting Facebook, Zuckerberg has got and he just announced he's got another baby on the way or our first baby they're pregnant. They're building their dreams to trust me. Regardless if your kid is sitting on the couch over their audit on their iPad, scrolling through social media for 12 hours a day. That's why they're gonna come to your house and make sure your kids are having a balanced script. That's your responsibility. And guess what? They're gonna while your kids are on there, we're on, they're scrolling through social media. They're making money. They're making money because advertisers are paying them to put ads in front of you. And so the question is, in this day and age, you know, are we going to let social media use us are we going to use social media and so I go back to the the multiple accounts, the strategy, the diversification, this you have to approach business in 2020 online with diversification the same way that you would approach sort of like an investment portfolio, because at any time a stock market could crash, you know what I mean? Or a stock could crash or whatever, in a stock would be like a social media account that you have, you know, at any time that might cry, you need to be well diversified. That's kind of the mindset that I have about business nowadays. Because it's cutthroat. You know, it's political. People are nasty out there. You know, you really got to prepare yourself a little bit and that's why I think these conversations are valuable because let's talk about it and be honest about it and prepare ourselves. Because a lot of us, man, it's going to. It's like going into war out there, man. I mean, we're not only at war with these damn platforms, but we're at war with all these other idiots out here who are projecting their negativity and stuff onto us. We got to figure out how to use that as fuel instead of let that terror. I'm writing up for you as I talked a little bit, which is uncomfortable truths. But when we talk about them in plan, form, and strategize form we can be prepared for the things that come up versus being shocked and surprised and defeated. Do you agree?

Stacy: Oh, absolutely. I mean, with anything in life, you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. So Omnipresence is so important. 

Dave: That's why the email list is so important. You can't put the growth of your business in the hands of a corporation. It's just out themselves, so they don't give a damn about you. And I don't mean to be so blunt, but I'm just trying to keep it super real because Do we not all have important shit we could be doing besides this? So let's be honest and let's take it if we're going to sit around and listen to people talk. Let's make sure they're telling the truth in being concise and clear about it. And so the next thing I want to ask you about because this is what I think the other biggest thing that causes people to fail, is that they start listening to too many gurus. They start following too many people and now all of a sudden they get pulled in a million different directions. And what I found now I do have a base foundation of knowledge but so to most all of you if you've gone through, even at the very least that challenge, let alone if you've dove into the blueprints, you all have a base foundation of knowledge as well. What I found is that my income continues to go up in my life. And so it ends up hurting a lot of people because we're really, we're really ambitious, but we're naive. And so before you know it, you know we've got all this crap going on, and it's almost like overwhelming defeat. So how do you avoid some of those pitfalls, some of those shiny objects, some of those gurus and goblins who may not, you know, may or may present well, but in the long term, it's just a lot of wasted time. For them then to have another launch or another product or another strategy or another trend thing that they're doing. And I know a lot of people who have felt really defeated by being spread too thin like that. How do you avoid that?

Stacy: And yeah, I fell into that for a minute. I think it's because I didn't feel like I had enough knowledge or information to actually start. I wanted more, I wanted more. I wanted all the information and then I finally realized that you don't have to have, you don't have to have everything perfect to start and then you learn as you go. Chase Chase action, not perfection. So yeah, it took me a minute a week or two. I fell into that and then I finally decided, You know what I you know, I have all of this information right here. I need to focus and I need to implement what I've already learned. And then if I need to learn more, I'll do it as I go, but I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna keep buying these different courses and keep education great, but without action. It's worthless.

Dave: Well, I always my strategy about deciding if I'm going to learn from somebody or not, is I look at their life. And I say and I look at what they're doing now they're saying so, for a lot of people come into our community, and they'll get hit up by somebody on a social media platform. Somebody will reach out to them. They'll cold outreach, they'll say you're not getting the support you need. I'll be your host. I'll be your coach. But if we timeout a second just look at how this cat is living his life. He's got to go and reach out to people that's called the 2020 Hoover knocking on a door that's the bottom of the barrel. That's not what we want to be doing with our land. That's one of the reasons why I got out of MLM because I didn't want to cold call out and want to prospect people I didn't want to talk to friends and family. I didn't want to do three way calls. I hate being on the phone. And I finally got honest about that. I finally got honest about that. I actually don't like talking on the phone. I don't like being on the phone. I don't want anybody in this company to continue to run this operation here at Legendary. There's usually one executive call per week and the rest of everything could be done in Slack via text. And so why do I think Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are interesting because of their life, the quality of their life? Why do I not follow Tony Robbins? Not because I don't think he's an incredible human being but because I don't want his life. I don't want to be traveling around all the time. I don't want to, I just want to travel for leisure not for work. I've already done that all by the way. I've done big events before and had a pretty big company before where we sold information. When we do huge events and every 90 days we're putting 4000 people in a room. It was exciting the first couple of times and then it was a job. I want to be at home. So I gotta want to help people live. I gotta watch how people live. And you know, I gotta be real. I gotta be real careful. Because a lot of people talk a lot of good shit. But social media is deceiving some days. So that's why and I heard this another day. Last week on the show. Somebody said, I didn't even look at anybody in my niche. I tried to avoid this kind of following and so that's something that a lot of us do. When we first get started. We look around and we imitate what we see, we model what we see. What is obvious is that you found your groove with that different angle that we talked about before. Is there any other tips that you would give people to be able to find their own voice or their own message or become a little bit more comfortable in their own skin? As they're creating? 

Stacy: And yeah, like I said, you know, with the training, I took lots of notes and I did the same thing. When I first started I had no idea I'd never made any content before so I kind of modeled other people but you know that that felt kind of fake to me. And my goal from the beginning was to be just real and authentic and just be myself. So the videos that I make are just me talking and telling my story and telling and celebrating my small wins and my big wins. Just just relating to people that has that has done so much better than the than the pointing or that just the words on the screen are the trending sounds gonna still do those because you have to but this job performance wall for me so I mean, you got to find your own voice and you got to not be afraid to try to relate to people because you got to if you're not, if they don't think you're real then they're not going to be interested. 

Dave: Yeah. Yeah, for sure for sure. For finding your voice and not I mean, it's not like you have to go nowadays. You don't have to go on constant brands in talking every video but sprinkling in Scotland of your personal self so people feel like they know who is the person behind creating the content like they know you a little bit goes a long way. Would you agree? 

Stacy: Absolutely. Yeah, I've had so many people say you know, just just just message me or comment on my video saying, this is the most real video I've ever seen. This is Wow, thank you, you know, because you know, most people you know, don't break it down like you have or don't you know, don't care.

Dave: When you know I was watching Survivor the first episode of the new season of Survivor with my wife Erin last night and we've been known to go on vacation and just then just sit around and binge watch like Survivor for example, or we did it one time with walking dead. I don't watch a lot of TV but I'll watch two shows that I've watched with my wife. Sort of. So I was thinking about, like, what my strategy would be if I was going on survivor and thank God I'm not in that I don't I don't want to go work that hard for the potential of a million dollars. That's what this industry has done for me by the way. It's made me when I look at Survivor I'm purely there for the entertainment and have absolutely no desire to go on the show. Whereas some people want to go on a shot at a million dollars. I'm like, I don't, I'm good. But anyways, anyways, so I was like, what would my strategy be? And I thought about like, I thought about all the games that we play as human beings you know? What I mean is to try to get people to like us. You know the takeaway is playing hard to get the don't let them know how smart you are. Don't let them know how dumb you're a all this bullshit. I mean, we have all the games and you know what never, I've never, ever said or heard anybody say, man, he's just too kind. He's just too kind. I've never heard anybody say that. And so I said that my faith, my strategy would just be kindness. It would just really be kindness. Now it's not that I wouldn't be aware and that I wouldn't be you know, still run into negotiating alliances and all that. But nothing, nothing ever came from biting at somebody or telling them about themselves for being nasty. Nobody that has never worked in the game of persuasion. But so many of us bite at people so many of us. We like to tell people about ourselves or we get angered by when people are mean and then we get anger back. We think that's the you know, because we get triggered up. And so delighting the customer is a piece of advice that Warren Buffett gives to all his businesses. And I find that to just be true in life and business that when you focus on kindness, really just making people feel safe, cared for and like you're going to be kind to them no matter what they do. You're not going to shame or blame or you're going to be kind to them, and they feel that you know, that goes just as far as I think he's delivering high value content. I think behind this and coming across as just a decent good person that wants to help and you had said that a second ago and that's what made me think of that. Do you Do you believe that in do you do you are you aware of or or what advice would you give to people who who may find may think that sometimes it's it would be good to to fight with people in comments, or to get or to, you know, allow somebody to get them frustrated are mean and you know what I mean? Like to do anything or show anything but kindness to your audience. Could you speak because you just seem like such a kind gentle person and you also mentioned that a second ago.

Just like what you said earlier, you look at people's life when you decide whether or not you want to do business with them. And so it's the same thing. I remember one of the first videos of the challenge you asked: what do you want to be known for? So I want to be known for it. I mean it doesn't visit and doesn't do any good to fight with people. I mean, sales, want to find a problem, intensify the problem, you know, show them how your product will solve the problem. And that's going to be helping people solve their problems and their pain points and the things that they're struggling with and helping people not fighting with them. It's true. And as Jeff said, when you kill people with kindness, folks don't know how to respond. They really don't. I mean, because so many people and this is one of the things that we forget. So when people are angry, they're they're upset, they're frustrated and they are looking for somebody to fight with. You're looking for somebody to blame. They're looking for somebody to to kind of you know, set up and then when that person lashes back out at them. Now it's your fault, and you're a bad person. You're a bad guy or a bad woman and they knew it. They knew it. And oftentimes I think people test other people just unconsciously, maybe because they have been burned in the past. So when we respond with kindness when we respond gently, when we look at our audience like Man, these people are fragile man. That it really is a shift because you step into a leadership mindset more so than just I see these comments on our Facebook groups all the time. Like I've been posting videos for, you know, two weeks now. Feels like I saw this one feels like somebody said feels like forever, brother that you posted that I'm not trying to shame or blame you. But look, I mean, it's you're just getting started, man. You're just getting started and you can turn that frustration into let me let me be us. Let me let me relate with other people who are frustrated and let them know hey, I I'm frustrated. I've been frustrated. I can be frustrated from time to time. I know you're frustrated too. Here's what I'm doing about my frustration. You just became valuable you went from not valuable. It just to like and that doesn't mean you're not a valuable human being. I'm just saying in the marketplace, you have to bring a product or a service to be a value in order to barter trade to have something to sell. And so it's like people think well, I don't know what to sell. I don't know what to say. It's like you if you're a bump on a log, if you're complaining. You're deadweight to the marketplace to the economy. Do you understand your consumer if you figure out how to even take your own mess and turn it into a message? Dammit, you just you're now a value. It's that simple. Sometimes a positive attitude is valued in 2022.

Stacy: Yeah, selling is nothing but a transference of emotion and the emotion that you have is you know, it's gonna make or break whether it's good or bad.

Dave: Yeah, it's gonna make or break you and what you get in return right? It's amazing. That's why when we talk about this being an inside game and success really being most about the dynamics and not the mechanics. It's something, sometimes you know, people say they, you know, one of the things that I that I, that i i It's so funny. You know, one of the things that I gave a recommendation to to a student a while ago was I looked at his content and it was all positive. All and he wasn't getting trapped. He was like trying just up and I said, well, there could also be times when you're too positive, right? You got to mix in a little bit of reality and a little bit of humor, right? You got to balance your stuff and get real. In 2022 you can just be full of motivational quotes because now you just You look like a nameless, faceless. Just a conveyor belt of memes in that state. That's fake. Right? So we have to weave in struggle, and that's why I say your struggles can be your biggest strengths. Those are the things that people can relate to. Have you found that to be true and how would you define or explain being relatable to people that you know who are new the power of being relatable versus you know, trying to look perfect?

Stacy: Yeah. Me people want to see real life I mean, I used to you know, have to you know, have you know, I'll you know I'll be you know Preston snap did have a video but now I'm listening to the lake and I'll do a video and sometimes those will perform better than the ones that I was all pretty, you know, and so it's like people want to see real life and they want to see that you're a real person and that's how they're going to relate to you.

Dave: Well, gosh, you have given an incredible amount of value this morning. The beautiful thing is that you know, when you do the work initially it becomes this kind of compounding thing that not only creates income, but now you have something to teach and talk about and you're kind of like, like an authority like an influencer in a way in this industry. And it's just amazing to me that you can become literally, you go from zero to hero, you know what I mean in just a matter of time, you know, and you may not be a hero to everybody but to somebody to somebody or multiple people. You are a hero. You know what I mean? Like you have introduced them to something that was so valuable, whether it be some knowledge or some information that they didn't have, or maybe it's been significant savings through a tough time that you're like literally a hero and you were like nobody to them, just not too long ago, you know what I mean? And it wasn't that they found you, you found them like you did the work to put yourself out there to get what you're now what you have and what you're building so good for you congrats and hopefully we'll come back and keep it with us.

Stacy: Yeah. And then the thing is, I'm influencing my kids to my kids or young adults. And at first when I first started this, they meant they didn't have a whole lot of faith in me. They were like moms doing it. It's probably too late to get into it, you know? Because they're young adults in it. So they went on tick tock, you know, and so now, three months later, they see how much success I've had, and they're like, Okay, what, what's the like?

Dave: Let's end with that. And for all of you who you know, are are that whether you have kids that are anywhere from 10 to up they're probably going to be giving you a little bit of a side eye when you say that you're going to be marketing on whether it be tick tock Instagram, whatever, but we got the strategies in the secrets make you look like a rock star. So hang in there. All right, Stacy, take care. My best to your family and we'll talk to you soon. Okay. 

Stacy: Thank you. 

Dave: Alright, see you. Alright my friends. Really cool conversation. Go and follow her and you can check out both of her profiles. I'm gonna flash them up online at the lake. This is her first TikTok profile she shared with us today and the second is online at the lake. And so well, it's amazing what can happen in just a short period of time. And especially if those of you who have the skills in different areas of your life or knowledge that you don't really know what to do with but you know, it's valuable. What I believe is that as you get into this process, like Stacey, you'll start to see not only how a lot of people out on YouTube and on Facebook and Instagram and TikTok are making money in ways that you didn't see before. But also how you can get your piece of pie because remember Zuckerberg, you know all these cats, they're getting theirs, right? And there's a they want you they actually want you to get yours too. That's the thing. They want you to come create content on the platform and they'll pay you for it. Not only can you do affiliate marketing, or you can sell your own course coaching program or event. They will also they're all starting programs, YouTube's already had it for a long time. Well, they'll pay you if your videos get a lot of views. So there's income and income streams that can be created from your business that you don't even know and that you'll learn and be made aware of as you go. A lot of opportunities. tons more than any of us can take advantage of. Trust me. Just get started. Get out of your own way. Start getting ready to get ready and get in the game. We'll see you back here for another episode tomorrow.