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Dave: Hey what's going on my friends It's David Sharpe here and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. This is an exciting morning. We have somebody back that's been on the show before. This guy really impressed me last time he was on with and he has held his time that I've known him. To my knowledge he got started with little to no experience. He'll confirm that for us. And he began to get into the industry and add a little bit of creativity and do a little bit of critical thinking skills, which means that basically he owned the fact and the idea that he was the boss. He was a CEO that owned the business. And although he went through and has been a part of our community and obviously has gone through education, anybody who's successful has to be a student who took the bull by the horns and has built himself at least the last time I talked to him had built himself a pretty cool new career and had got this business had carried him through some tough times as well. And so he's a pretty dynamic guy. Really excited to have him back on the show this morning, Paul, Welcome brother. How are you man?

Paul: Hey, what's going on? Dave? What's going on? Ever all you Legendary people out there? I'm happy to be here today. That's for sure.

Dave: Dude, what is going on man? It's been like a year since we've had you on last and we've talked catch up man kit just just give me the nutshell of what 2022 Anyways has been like and sort of what you've done since the last time we talked.

Paul: Eye opening empowering education. Oh, just absolutely trying to level up every aspect of who I am and how I can serve honestly. And I think this year has been me focusing on a deeper connection with the audience and it's been working out for me and I'll talk a little bit more about that later.

Dave:  Cool. So give us your story. How did you come on, how did you get into this industry? How did you connect with legendary and let us know who Paul is a little bit for those of those who don't know.

Paul: So first and foremost, I'm a student of non traditional education. So for a long time, I've been trying to figure out a way to buy back my freedom, if you will. And I always thought that was going to be through some online business or whatever it was. So yes, I have tried a lot of things online. Nothing took me to a point to where I was competent enough leaving my $80,000 a year job and education with you guys and the education that I continue to get from you guys has set me up to where I will never have to go back to another job because I have a skill set and I know how to monetize that skill set now. But I'm doing very well. It seems like every time I learn something new, I find out more about what I don't know. So I try to tell people all the time in this industry that if you're getting into it to learn something right now and only apply that then you're probably going to fail because dynamic information is always changing and moving on the internet. So that's what I love about legendary so much is that education is always updated and it really pushes an envelope on what you actually teach people. 

Dave: I was just reading that this morning that there's niches or markets, if you will, that are more mechanical, meaning that they don't change a lot or are more consistent, I guess would be a better word. And then there's markets that are dynamic, meaning that they change, they evolve the online business online marketing space, make money online, whatever you want to call it. The niche that I've been in for over a decade has certainly been dynamic because things change, right things get hot, then they get warm, then they get hot again, then they get cold but something new pops up and it's dynamic. It's always changing. That's good and bad. You know everything has pros and cons to it. But what you said is really true. It's there where you have to make sure that you look at the big picture. And what I found is that if I understand the big picture of what's going on then I don't get lost in the platform, whatever hotness, trendy stuff that's going on. And I think that's a bit of what you've begun to master: you've begun to master value creation, education based marketing, messaging. That really touches on the pain points in the motive, the motivation factors, and what are those are the motivation or somebody wants to have a great life in whatever market it is. No, it's that they want to eliminate pain most of the time. Right? My wife's back, they're getting an IV right now. She's not getting an IV because she woke up today and felt great and was like because she was feeling a little under the weather and she wants to try to get rid of that pain. Human beings are so you discovered something we talked about last time which was going live and doing these micro webinars okay, this was a year ago you were doing these on tick tock basically you are going live but you kind of called them on micro webinar which I loved and we've titled today show that you know you're doing we said doing this one thing consistently has built community and trust and 393,000 followers is still this micro webinar strategy still. 

Paul: Absolutely. So it's very unique for me, and we all know we're at the whim of these networks and these platforms that we go on and we do our content. I want everyone to understand this. At the end of the day, you can see something working for another person, that only platforms depending on the audience that you are getting. It might not work for you. Then I see people getting frustrated when they start to make content or they get into any space of marketing. And I think that deeper connection of being able to resonate with your viewers and communicate with them. And connecting with them going live will shape what you need to do on the server. In my opinion, when I go live, I am over-educated and everyone tells me not to because people are going to try to leave and try to figure out on their own you're going to fail and think things don't work for me. My audience needs to see they need to feel they need to have a really Crash Course of what's going on. I sometimes like to say I over-educated a lot sometimes. But the amount of people that messaged me on Facebook or message me on Instagram, they're like, Dude, I made money doing this one thing you told me or I did this in most cases, I don't make money off of that. It keeps me going more than the money. I feel like that passion. Helping somebody from zero to one is almost better than helping somebody from one to 10. What because you start something and kick something off. The moral of the story is that when I do my micro webinars, and I've learned different strategies over the time, I take people from not knowing nothing, the process of where my story is, where I was at, where I'm at now and how I got there. You know all through that. You know, you do all the little cool webinar tricks you learned over the year. It's hard to live because they are set to stay there. Right but for the people that value the beginning of being there or hear what you're saying they stick with you and I think that's how I gained my followers. If you look at my page, you might not see a post in the last couple of weeks and people are like Paul's not even making content. What is he doing? Well, I'm connecting with the people I have. I don't need more followers. I need to connect with 1000 Strong followers I need I need 10,000 strong people loyal followers and I think that's what a lot of people when they're making some of the content or after thinking about followers more than that deep connection and I think live webinars, micro webinars helped me out a lot there.

Dave: Well, we do a micro webinar every morning here. I mean, I mean and I love what I want to point out a couple of things. First and foremost, the fact that you named something and when you name it, you can kind of write it's like Paul's micro webinar strategy. You know what I mean? So I want to point out first that until you name something, it's sort of like discovering land, right? Do you think that we all know the answer to this right? Do you think Christopher Columbus was harshal to America? Books? No. Real Okay, hold on. We got Legendary. This is just the cat that came here and put a flag in the land. I mean, you know what I mean? I'm not saying that either. And then obviously with violence and so forth. But that's a that's a that's an analogy to help us understand the point that many people claim many mountains climb many mountains, but it usually gets named after the person that plants a flag in, in somehow names it or creating you you almost take ownership over something all these these strategies love fishing formula for example, something that I teach in the in the affiliate marketing business blueprint is Is it is it is something that I designed to take ownership over the formula into into create something that was proprietary. That's a big, big, big whole episode. We could talk for a long time just sort of naming and claiming things, creating little strategies and giving them little names because they're easier for people to remember. And if you just use that that's why if you notice in the in the in the in like our video sales letter in in LA like I'm not harping on billiat marketing because in in you you all like many of people, I saw one of somebody make a post the other day who hangs out in our user groups in said he's a friend of mine. He just got it. He got it wrong, that a lot of people are getting their Tik Tok account shut down. A lot of people aren't getting it. It's an equal amount. of platforms because they're using robots to say this person says this word more than three times flagging. And if we just go out and we make sure little videos with with no real creativity and we say affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing I'm doing affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, and you get flagged, we get our account shut and then we're like, oh, this doesn't work. And it's like no, that we never said that. This was called the spam machine business. And as all that is verbalizing spam like that. It's just verbalizing spam. It's not typing spam. And what you're describing here is not only of course, you actually named your TikTok live, which everybody else has called TikTok live, and you named it something special and specific to what I remember from our conversation a year ago? 

Paul: I'm still going back to my bread and butter and it's honestly and I think a lot of people need to hear this for a lot of people that same things don't work and all of that stuff. It's not that but creativity like they say, you have to think outside the box. And at the end of the day, you're not trying to make money. I know that sounds crazy. You're trying to have an impact and where you can go out there and present something of value where people value that more than the money they have in exchange. for it. So for me when I provide so much value, there's people that come into my DMS all the time. They can pay you for coaching or I can pay you for this and all this stuff. And I'm like, I'll try my hardest to do coaching with you but one of the things about affiliate marketing that is really appealing is I can make content I can learn and I can go out there. 

Dave: People want to come in and want to be mentors and they want to do this and that's fine. I mean, but the beauty of this and then I see people coming on Wake Up legend there and they're like, Oh, I wish I would have signed up from under Paul or under this guy. And I was like, this is an MLM. I'm not gonna come and do a little powwow. He's living his life. So what we have to really get out of this is this, you know, this idea this this, I think it's just a limiting belief that I need somebody sitting next to me to explain things. What I need is to develop my focus in my consistency and my discipline. To go through just a few simple videos not on tick tock, but inside an organized course like it Legendary. You do that you will know 99% More than everybody else out there. But what everybody wants to do, is they want to work really hard. Not work, to not learn right to the money. Yeah. And then complain about the results they didn't get from the work they didn't do.

Paul: Absolutely. Man. It's interesting. Like I said, they'll contact me and I said, look, the internet is an amazing thing because you can go out there and learn from something that's awesome. And then at the same time, people that you think are doing well and mimic models find the pieces of the puzzle that you might be doing, you know how many email lists I'm on and I'm like Ooh, I like how they worded that copy. Or I have a spreadsheet and I literally say I don't like to follow in multiple different niches because I have faceless TikTok pages that do other things for me, and things like that. So I've been able to do stuff like that. 

Paul:  I'm in business, I'm in business. I tell them a little time I say look let me model what I'm doing on micro webinars. Awesome. And I'll get in. I can go into literally my Facebook Messenger and obviously we know how that works. If you've ever been on Facebook and found a name for yourself, even at a small level like myself, but um, I just really try to help those people out and I'm like you're you're literally seeing everything that I'm doing. And there's people within legendary that are using the micrometer webinar and I think I'm not going to mention but one guy is doing great and he's just like, he always messaged me and checks up on me and I got a few people and I promise you we got like this tight knit community that is just like Man, this has an impact. I make no money off. But the conversations and stuff that I get in those messengers. Let's go do what I do, because there's 1234 people out there that's going to resonate with this and there's times I'll lie to people. There are 1000 people and the more numbers that I have, the more people that are not aligned with the vision that I have for them. So like I said, I have a small group of people that are really eager to learn the things that we are all trying to teach and show people that they can really monetize and learn and move forward with freedom in their life. And freedom is one of the most important things for me, as I live in Oklahoma now. Originally from Michigan, I lived in Seattle and lived in Atlanta. My mom is in Tennessee, my brother is still in Michigan. So for me, I can just get on a plane and have a place out and I pay for a room in Arizona Scottsdale where my first cousin is so I'm all over the place. And if you guys really are ready to level up your life and you're ready to take action, think about the education first and separate yourself from the results and fall in love with the process. If you guys can follow them. I'm looking into cameras and I want somebody to really resonate with this. If you can fall in love with the process of doing these daily revenue generating tasks without looking at the revenue. Then you can just fall in love with this. I go live if I make no income at all that week or whatever it is. A week later, somebody messaged me about that live that I did and it changed their life. I had a guy come on he was like man, I saw you a year ago I've been looking for you all over and this person is in a system and now things are moving. So don't think about the money so much, disconnect yourself from that and fall in love with the process. It works. The education is grand, if you will. So yeah, hopefully they can understand that.

Dave: Well, it's it's, it's difficult to convey your experience, you know, in your experience has been something that it's hard to relate to. It's hard to believe that somebody would quit an $80,000 a year job that's even possible that day. So we're all dealing with our own limiting beliefs. Is that possible? Could that be possible for me? And was there ever a time when you had that doubt when you had that skepticism right now you seem so confident you seem so you know sure of what you're saying? What sort of mental struggles if it wasn't that was it something different? So we know that you're not just a bionic man who's gone through this with these.

Paul: I think I probably can tell you what I think, I think more than the next person because I was really good at the job that I had really, really good at, like, probably managing him when I work. I don't like necessarily saying that I work because some of my stories are bad and I believe the company is a great company. But the individual training is what kind of moved me out of that position but I think that I was so good at that job and at times that I was so happy it was like who do you think you are wanting more like where do you think you're in? And things like that? Every now and then the thoughts of grandeur like I want more and I want to accomplish more so I can have more access and impact people's lives in a positive way. And even if that's just my family's life, that's awesome to me, so I feel it's selfish. For me not to go out there and try to get as much impact as I can because I think it's my duty to do that. So yes, like I said, we're on Wake Up Legendary. I love limiters companies, absolutely amazing. I actually saw you a long time ago before I actually got into payments and things like that. And I wasn't sure if it was my Avenue. Drop Shipping was on the mind and creating your own program and all of this stuff and then of course obviously we know short form content has helped a lot of people out that don't know the struggles of people like myself had before short form content came here. So I was already doing lives on Facebook and promoting other offers and things like that and getting one or two on there and trying to spend money on ads and figuring out what converts but honestly the part of it is I know the process. I've known the process and it's been validated through educational programs like legendary throughout the years that I've had, but I've never had the confidence to say hey, I'm gonna throw $1,000 $5,000 at these multiple different ads that I have across these platforms to see when this one sticks so I can scale that. I never had to convert someone who's spending this money, I have expenses. This is not going to work for me. There's another when I doubled down on organic content and short form just up my message was clear. My understanding of what I had was clear. I just didn't have the reach. So a lot of people are getting into it now and they're complaining about their videos and all that kind of stuff. And I'm like, Guys, you're getting 200 views on every one video. That's a lot. You're getting 1000 views of all your videos, you get 10,000 get 100,000. I have four or five videos where there are a million plus views on now, if I did it all over again, I probably wouldn't even care to make that type of content. But it just got views and a lot of people in there weren't interested and it changes your audience and a lot of people are not understanding that on these platforms is when you go viral. It will change the ideal customer to a bunch of people that might have been looking for the easiest ways to make money online. You see the videos a lot of people are doing like free ways to make Well, anybody who wants something free is probably not going to be the best buying customer they say you can get a person to purchase something one time to pull out your credit card over and over again. Now mind you, this is all with good intent to get them something that they're looking for. That's going to work for them. So I don't want anybody to watch this and think like oh, they're just trying to make money. No, you're looking for something, content that you resonate with. You purchase something that is going to help you solve a problem. That is where money and impact is transit, that the transaction happens in my opinion. 

Dave: That’s how they'll pay, they'll pay attention. I mean, that's not a new lesson, a new concept. I mean the best way to help your client is to charge them. But Dave, yeah, because nobody, nobody values it's it's one of those that is an oxymoron that whatever you would call it it's one of those contradictory principles where yeah, if they don't pay they don't pay attention. They just don't meet I don't pay for I mean, because it's just I take for granted. It's like the beach right over here. I mean, how often do I go to the beach that's two miles away from me. And Paul, how often do you think you are some of your friends go to the beach in Oklahoma? 

Paul  I like to tell people all the time, they're like, Oh, I'm gonna get a gym membership and they go to like 10 gyms or they go to look at the people that are in there. No offense to everybody on their journey because everybody starts somewhere but it didn't go to equinox and go to lifetimes and you're in big expensive gyms where you're paying $107 in there. Those people are going there because they're paying attention to their diet, their exercises, and everything like that they hold them more accountable. And when you get a coach or you buy something of real value you're not going to be like man, I spent all that money I'm not going to be you're going to anchor yourself down and it holds you accountable because no one wants to waste money. So I think

Dave: Usually, this is the most important part. I pay that person because I want to be held in an account because it's not here. I'm giving you this money. So now you do all the work. Come and knock on my door. Get me out of bed, give me some breakfast in my stomach getting to the gym and that's the philosophy or the mentality that a lot of us have, for some reason in this particular industry. And I think a lot of it is because there's so much out there online that's promising something for nothing. And of course we get this fantasy that that magical something for nothing does exist. And it does. It exists everywhere and you still haven't done anything with it. You know, just like you said, I can go and watch Paul and learn everything he's doing. If you watch me and learn everything I'm doing. But what do we want? What are we really looking for when all this opportunity and all this information is out there? We're looking for something we're looking we're waiting and if you can answer that question, you can crack your life wide open because what you'll probably realize when you open up the safe inside the safe side of Pandora's box to realize what you're waiting on you'll realize the shit you're waiting on nothing to fear and yes, nothing. Just little beliefs and so many of us when we finally you know jump in or put something down whatever it is I see people walk away from an abusive relationship. They're like why did I do that so long ago, where they started with their own business and things start really cranking and they're like, the only thing I wish is that I did this 20 years ago. I mean, we hear that all the time. And so you know it's a thing it’s the craziest part of limiting beliefs and I think mindset when it comes to a lot of this stuff for people, they really need to work on that aspect of it because one you're worth it yourself, your family or whatever it is and I think that if people really understand that they can sacrifice enough things right now for instant gratification purposes. Like just sacrifice that stuff over the long haul. You will be able to accomplish anything you want to do. This isn't rocket science. This isn't anything that's too crazy. We all got 24 hours in a day. Yes, we have dogs and families and different things and jobs and stuff like that. But we have to make some sacrifices along the way to get what we want out of life. It's not going to fall in our lap. You gotta put the work in. You have to understand your education and skill set is the most important part of all of it. So hopefully I helped somebody out and maybe you had an aha moment on this live and it'd be awesome. 

Dave: Yeah. I mean, that's the hope and one of the reasons why I do what I do here on the show every day. First, you know, we had gone to live here with other members of our team. Occasionally one of our clients would come on but in the beginning of the crisis that happened in March of 2020 I'm not saying the word because I don't want Facebook to flag the video. Understand to understand, I don't want to, I don't want to see people just go on live and they're like, saying, and then what do they get the second they say that word you gotta be warning under your thing about the safety of other medicines and stuff. And it's like, Oh, I gotta be smarter than the computer. You know. So that's why I'm not saying that word and I'd recommend all of you be very very conscious of the words that you know are getting flagged all over social media because they're trying to cut down on misinformation and just don't even say it. Just keep that out of your content. And if you want to describe it due to what he did during the crisis that started in 2020 We all remember that right? Well, I decided to go live and it was a commitment on my part to come out from daily duties, running and operating the business to also creating content. That's not easy. You know, people think that it's just easiest, not It's not easy. It takes work and commitment. But now we've been doing it for two and a half years, five days a week and one of the reasons why we still do it. One of the reasons why I still show up every day and we've got a team of people behind the scenes that are here with us every day as well. Joanne, Roxy, magic winner all right there. And the reason why we do this every day is not only because it helps our marketing, right? It helps our marketing as a company. Surely don't you think that having the spokesperson of the company going live every day would influence people to be like, is pretty legit. For sure. The guy's not even editing what he's saying. It just isn't right there and he's done it.

Paul: Different shapes, sizes, knowledge bases, backgrounds, all telling their story. If you can't find one person to resonate with to get you to move. I want to


Dave: But I want to, here's what I'm getting at with talking about going live first and foremost. You know about our micro webinars right but I called it the Wake Up Legendary show. You see how we did that. You know, it's the same kind of concept. Instead of saying we're going live every day, we call it something right so turn what you do into a name I used to do because I was early in my recovery back in 2009. And I used to watch the show intervention. It was about people getting clean. And I used to do a month of calls every Monday that was called Marketing intervention. It was just giving them a good weather name, right? Yeah, I borrowed something from the TV show. But I actually set all of that to say that the number one way to change your mindset is to get in a different environment. And the reason why I've continued to the show every day is because it absolutely does help sales. It helps. It's a major part of our marketing plan. Now, however, I know that if somebody listens to this on a regular basis for an extended period of time, their mindset will shift because your mindsets are broken. You've been hanging around with broke people broke minded people who would rather co misery with somebody then and then brainstorm solutions and look at what they're grateful for it then find something to work on and people to build with they'd rather and that's what most people I mean even Sebastian Maniscalco, whatever, he's a great comedian, my wife and I went to the show. He's an Italian guy. He's like, Hey, I just got to have something to complain about. 

If you live your whole life you see the world through shit colored glasses, look, you know, don't that's going to reflect in your decision making. It's going to reflect in your risk taking. And if you want to really have a massive shift in, you know, in conjunction or parallel with the action that you're taking, because you can't just sit around I don't believe you can sit around in, you know, I've listened to anything and just a million dollars, it's going to show up on my bank account. You have to do it in parallel with the learning and the doing, but if you listen to people more often have a powerful outlook on a business opportunity on what's possible on getting money. If people think making money is hard, you're going to begin to believe that making money is hard. If that's what you listen to, if you grew up around people saying we can't afford this money doesn't grow on trees, blah, blah. Blah. You're gonna grow up with a lack mentality towards the endless supply of paper they can print and in, quite frankly, the abundance of money that's in the world and a lack of, you're gonna think there's not a lot. You'll be afraid to take tips, you'll be afraid to take gifts from people, you'll think you don't deserve them. Right? This is how some of these things you won't want to do good self care for yourself. There's a lot of ways that things continue to show up but I know how to fix it right now, no matter what the problem is, begin to listen to me if you don't wanna listen to me, that's fine. Like this guy will get shit because there's plenty of other people that will but find somebody you can listen to and be clickbait to make sure they're being honest too. Because if they're just bullshitting and they're preaching a dream, living a nightmare they're talking about something that you don't really do or don't have experience you're going to get and there's a lot of those snake oil salesmen out here on the fence. But my recommendation is give this a try. 90 days listen to wake up legendary every single day. And if you like it, if you begin to feel a shift then go listen to an under another 90 days if you don't find somebody else. But do something every day to where you're putting an hour ish of hard core, not from people who are not you know who are not frayed, who are not in my talk about me every morning, we have somebody on the show, who maybe was afraid but nowadays, more and when we see people doing when we see people doing it in combination with listening to what they're saying then it really really really will change you know a lot of confidence in give you a lot of belief that you don't have but you really have to get off of social media. Stop the scrolling osis, stop the endless rabbit hole bullshit in guile and say look, this is where I'm gonna fertilize my mindset. And then I'm gonna go take action


Paul: 100% I there was one thing that I used to do was slow reader for anybody out there. I don't know if I'm a slow reader now, but when I was younger, I felt like a slow reader. I bought a ton of audiobooks. I'm talking about Rich Dad Poor Dad. For our work week, I bought a ton of audiobooks and it is listen to audiobooks all day long working out, driving in the car even sleeping because I've heard the subconscious mind is working even when you're sleeping so I used to put on my monotone reading things and just emerge myself with a lot of people that have done more than anyone in my surrounding. Now the internet makes it really easy for us to connect with people. But back then when I started thinking about stuff, I was just like, let me read some of these books of people that are putting in their knowledge base their expertise, their like successes condensed in this book, and if I can consume a lot of that I probably trying to change my mindset knowing like, hey, these people have unique stories all the same and all have accomplished great things. So listening to this is more powerful in my head than that because I can find a way why Timothy Ferriss became successful and I can't I can find a way but all the people that you guys bring on here and I see this it's absolutely amazing that you guys sent me an email and asked me to be on here I got tagged online of somebody watching my video of the last time I was on wakeup legendary. And to me, it was like one of those things that happens to me like it's for a reason I don't want to get spiritual or whatever it is, like a sign but I'm just like, and it's super cool. 

Dave: I've never seen you know what the buyers and all that they don't even message you don't even message you know, I've never talked to this person. And many other people are following you and never even said anything and never I mean that's that's that's really the power of conversation and the difference between audio book in free flowing conversation from entrepreneurs and high level thinkers and stuff like that is that you get all the body language and the emotion and tonality and you get all the other contexts that you don't get in an audiobook. And I personally have such a hard time with reading or listening to audiobooks. It's why we don't have a huge book club here at legendary while we're not always reading, and we make one or two book recommendations and it's like because if you can just be we can get you thinking at least have one book on your nightstand and you pick it up but the rest is really hearing conversations, listening people listening to how they think that the problem with audiobooks and I don't think audiobooks are you obviously sit use them back when there was not all these other resources? You did? Still use audiobooks. I'm not saying they're bad but in turn, it's it's it's what is the purpose that I'm trying to use them for? Am I trying to gain knowledge or am I trying to gain confidence? And most of us have more knowledge than confidence? We have a we have Okay, we have usually by the time somebody gets to legendary a lot of times they've already gone somewhere else. Look at you, you know that you even said that. So it's not now we may make it simpler. We may say it in a way that they understand versus somebody else. But what we need is confidence. We need confidence in you to know how you get confident and how you get around other people who are confident. Have you ever been walking around with light and probably people do this when they're walking around with you, Paul, but I don't know. I've been walking around with a couple of my buddies who are big dudes, and I just feel a little bit more badass when I'm well. I wish a mother would know because my man, they're acting out. Not me. Not me. I ain't good shit. I'm scared. My buddy, you will knock your ass out. Right and you just feel a little bit more confident right? When we're listening to people who are confident about what they're doing. And even if they're not confident about what they're doing, they're willing to take the risk. Absolutely means you listen to those people over and over and over again. You act and you think differently. Why do you think that? You know, somewhat obsessed with all mob and mafia? One of these kids that grew up in New York in these families. I mean, they're just kids but they get around these older gangsters, who just everything every word comes out of their mouth like religion, etc. Everything these mobsters say you're gonna think was written in stone somewhere on a pyramid somewhere because they say with confidence, and then you got kids growing up in these gangs and in these awesome. We're looking at what's happened and I don't want to get too crazy, but the power of words, boldness in people, endures in our country. Look at what's happened. Okay. If we don't want to get political about right now. Look at what happened back in the days with some of these. These lunatics look at what's happening and you know, words are powerful. And when people speak with confidence it gives you confidence. And of course, we have to make sure we're listening to the right people. 

Paul: So that's when people don't understand that those words are really synonymous in a way that when they did that, it was the point when you write a word out in your spelling it when you speak it in cast spells. So in my opinion, if that sounds too crazy to people, you have to understand that you will move mountains, the things that you say in negative ways and positive ways. But only on top of that. Dive in right now in psychology and copy like crazy right now. That's my thing, right? And marketing psychology and copyright now I'm diving deep in it. But anyways, I tell people like when I'm in my live like people they're like, Well, how fast can I make money or how can I do this or something else like you're thinking about the wrong thing. I tell people and this goes on to what you're saying. To Be confident enough to make money you have to be competent about what you're doing to be confident. If you're not competent, aka you don't have any indication, the understanding of the skill set, how are you even thinking about going out there to make any type of income? Because you're going to leave here from what I teach you and you're gonna run into a problem because you're not confident, competent about what you're doing. So how is this possible? You have to be real comfortable and competent about what you got going on through education to competently go out there. And just another C word for the sake of it to consistently do these things to to create the revenue for yourself. Be confident, per se be competent, be competent, and consistently take action on the things that you learn. And that's one of the reasons why I usually have a computer because I'll watch a YouTube video and I'll watch the training video. And I'll pause it and I'll implement it. I don't consume that information and be like, Man, I learned so much today. Like I just, that's awesome when I run this over.

Paul: So for me, I'm just like made, learn, implement learn implement.

Dave: Yeah you got to, well, you actually haven't learned it until you implemented it. Can we? Can we be, can we just back up and be even more honest. You've not learned it. You've not learned it? Unless you've done just because you went and sat in the class. This is a big, I believe this is this has been laughed out of, of education in educating us on how we get educated. Just because I went and sat I mean, I've sat in so many classes I didn't learn a damn thing. Think about learning from every video I've ever watched, every class man I've had, what I used to have people that menu been here for a year you ain't learn shit sharp. If you know many times I've had that thing from all these mistakes you've made Abby sharp it's it's it's it's a lot well, I'm not learning anything just because I heard somebody talking about something. Or oh, I heard a dude over here talking about this man. I'm somebody who's sitting next to somebody in the restaurant who is a stockbroker now. I'm gonna listen in. I'm gonna go make some pics right I mean, that would show us real quick how much we don't know after you know we lose our s and usually that's what we do. No matter what we do we get a little bit of false confidence. When you know and then and then we get humbled. A lot of times they'll come back. This really you know, Paul and I, mainly me as being sarcastic this morning. You'll need to be in the industry for 10 years. And you know, here's the thing, nothing's changed except the platform's folks. In over 10 years, nothing about what Paul said with the competent, confident and consistent by the way, you all should write that down because that was like those three C's are absolutely true and powerful. And if you just focus on becoming competent, developing your confidence and being consistent just write that down and just wait at the top of your computer. It will remember it's sort of like the thing that Papa Don said a couple of years ago on this show, he said, Look, there's an I've always heard it called income producing activities, but Papa Don made it even more simple. Terrifying, really terrifying writing. You didn't say reading? He said if I'm writing, speaking or filming a video I'm not. I'm not thinking. I'm not. I'm not I'm not making my own. I'm not crazy. I'm not doing anything that's eventually going to make me any money. I have to be done. That was what he called his deep work. Similar in terms of simplicity and power, is what you just said, with the competent confidence, consistent. There's nothing that is left out of that competent, learn, confident. Listen, surround yourself with people who are confident, become obsessed, block out anything and everything, you know, not rudely but for sure. Really, really like hanging out with your most miserable friends, stop hanging out with your most negative people. I mean, maybe you need to set a boundary with your negative family members for six months, whatever it is to get you to a place where your mindset is not built. On a house of cards. For sure. 

Paul: I'm almost getting chills that you're gonna make me go back to the drawing board and just like start really, really crushing it because I mean, I go hard, and I do my thing. And there's other things that I have passions about and I try not to spread myself too, in a lot. Yeah. I really appreciate that.

Dave: I said, you know your limitations though, brother. I mean, one of the things that I like about you is that you know your limitations. You have your priorities in order. It's what it seems like anyways, unless you've totally got me fooled, which I'm a pretty good reader of people. I think that you've come to a similar place in life as I have, which is look, we've had some fun, we've we've done some things but now it's time to really like not waste time. And I don't have time to waste with people who are not not moving in the same direction that I move in. And I don't have time to waste doing things that are not ultimately going to move me closer to my my, my goals, which at this point it's it's it's ironic that you said don't because every business has to be healthy has to be bringing in revenue. If I was making a lot less money that I was making than I currently make. I would still be really excited about doing this, you know, about doing what we do. And I think there is really something that's important about shifting your focus to this desperation in total focus on money in shifting it to listen, get excited about like, let's try to let's get excited about helping people and then when they are helping and that sounds really lame before anybody has told you that you help them but the impossible the first time that somebody messaged you, Paul, and said hey, man, what you said like, like it helped me a damn in your change. Thank you was that tell me can you just before we wrap up, could you talk about what that experience was like in comparet You know, your first big day of income because I think they might be different emotions or reactions, but I'd like you to describe what it was like when you started started getting those messages because that's really the currency Isn't it, brother when you when people were like this is changing my life. All thanks, man. Like what matters?

Paul: It's crazy. Because as humans we develop and I remember first when it was coming in it was awesome because I wasn't really thinking about the money. I mean, I had people coming in be like, Oh my gosh, I had no idea this exists. I've always wanted an ebook. I didn't know how to do it or I had wanted to learn this type of stuff. You made this so simple and so clear. I feel confident to go out there and do this. They like to use these different terminologies and they get advanced and they say things that discourage me because I know nothing about it. That's a huge flaw on our part and we want to try to sound smart. Right? Yeah, when you want to sound smart, you are alienating society. Because you never know if you don't have a good rapport with who you're speaking to. AKA on these platforms that you're just making videos, then you're probably pushing away the people that are likely if you have a bunch of people that understand that terminology. And maybe those people are already at places that you're at, and you can't do much. This for the moral of the story is I had a person reach out to me didn't purchase anything from me or anything like that. But I'm about to be an affiliate and he went on to Amazon and did some things and I was like, Hey, man, you can do XYZ and this will work out for you. He came along. Three days later, he left a comment he said hey man, I can't believe you absolutely changed my life. This guy's a big farmer's hat. He lives in. In Texas somewhere. He used to be a voiceover actor. And he came on and he made a video as I did. I think he said he made 124 sales in total. A product I told him to do a review for because it was unique on TikTok, and in 24 hours, he made 100 Assam sales. So he came back home. How can I pay you to learn more about this? I was like, Do you have all the information at your fingertips? But this is the type of education that I went through to learn more about this interest. And that natural segue and him and me providing value he he valued that education he didn't stop there and say we didn't even create value. And we're getting it from the product. So another one that was really an idea. I'll have these moments where people have high ha moments in my lives and a screenshot and I just asked them I said hey guys, do you mind if I screenshot some of these positive things you guys are saying to make? Great, they're like Yeah, absolutely. Paul, you're the best, you're this that another and these people are just coming in, waiting 20 minutes into a live a person is still in my live I know they're interested, they're engaged. We have that like know and trust factor being established on Air India, all of these different types of testimonials, if you will, of people that have least heard it so now I can use these in my marketing. I can say hey, this is what the people are saying for my wife. You can come join me on my live video. It's powerful because it's there, there's no lie. These are random wonders. For me when I wasn't making money, and I was getting a lot of those. I would tell my partner I would just be like hey, look, I know I didn't make that much money. But man, I feel great that these people are like saying that I helped them like their Zero to One is happening. It's happening right now. So for me reporting, like I said before, earlier in this video to take somebody from one to 10 and that's why I've been really hesitant on working with people that are in the industry thinking that they need my personal help. Do the exact same thing that everybody else is mimic model in look at things so yeah, the impact over Income Statement sometimes is

Dave: It's humbling. I don't have any money. But I promise you, you will feel better. about those things. And let's say if you had all the money in the world, it wouldn't matter. The money that impacts you moves you about this. You will never get income without it. You will absolutely get income with impact 100 So, so it's almost like you've seen these pictures or memes with like an all someone or an animal that a maze or whatever, they you know, the door is right there. And they don't go out. You know you've seen these so it's similar that a person can come into this industry in just go from thing to thing. To think of just looking for the magic button. But that will never happen even though that's exactly what you're focused on. Which is weird because isn't that what the law of attraction is if I just poke us just say there's no weeds in my yard enough times. There's a Lamborghini in my driveway. There's a Lamborghini in my driveway. But if we focus or if we do enough edutainment, which is exactly what we always talk about in teacher education based on seen edutainment not just going out there in just randomly going up and signing up as an affiliate. Everything including legendary and then just going out there and just spamming not that but going out there and you know using using a connection based selling edutainment and getting people to say this is good stuff man like hey, like this is if, if until you start getting those type of comments, don't even make an offer. Gonna I mean, I've watched this guy, the liver King that built up a massive following on Instagram and he did his whole funnel.


Paul: Recently I was just looking at his stuff. I'm like, this is making like $3 million a month. If not more, I bought a jet even. You can write that off as business.

Dave:  People think people are down in the comments arguing about whether the guy's on steroids or not.

Paul: He has all the attention I tell people all the time and if you can capture the attention, and you look at any of these people that are making content and blowing up on whatever platform whose short form content is, you can do this.

Dave: With the livre king. He never sold a single thing for a while. And that back to my point is that oh, you got people who are like, this is really good shit. Like what you're saying is helpful. They're never going to buy anything from you. You see what I'm saying? Like until what? And that goes back to what should I do? On my TikToks and my Instagram's in my Facebook for free. Why should I give it away for free? You should give absolutely everything away for free that you know, I charge for that. No, because if you this is so valuable for free, your best thing is that you know they're going to be like holy shit that was valuable. Like I want to buy something from you just because I didn't. I can't imagine what's in your pain if that was so until you get people saying those kinds of things. figured out how to deliver good enough quality to create a reliable stream of income. Now, does that not mean that you're not going to get submitted here? Yes, you're going to do that. You're going to have videos go viral. If you never figure out like if you never try to deliver value to people to a point where they're actually saying this is valuable stuff. And you just try to take a shortcut. I'm not worried about no edutainment, I'm just trying to burn through accounts and just do duplicate stuff and just bam you will you will get results. We all have a hard ass road. You're constantly fighting to get your accounts back. Your constant, I mean, this is what folks do. This doesn't happen when you're when you make that shift to say, look, it's not going to happen overnight. But I really want to become a student of this so I can help people. It's kind of like a doctor and nurse. Do you want the person who's just gone through the class like just to get through it operating on your body? Oh, the same way that somebody doesn't want to buy something from somebody who just is half assing it? People have too many choices out there. And it is all it takes is a little little bit of effort and a little bit of effort. Not a lot doesn't amount of effort. I don't I'm looking at you right now. Brother your skin is looking out for you like you gotta I mean to me? Well, right. You don't look like you're killing yourself over there. You know what I mean? is putting forth a little bit of effort. 

Paul: Like you said education. You'd be intentional. You guys everybody that's watching right? All day probably would say he wasn't a brainiac from what he said earlier. But yeah, man. This is not rocket science. It takes diligence, it takes the consuming and being a student of the game and you guys have this you Wake Up Legendary every single day. Think about that when you get up like what are you worth, you know, and you can accomplish anything that you can and I think that platform is one of the best platforms for a newbie or a person who have been veiled for a while to get into a system between the Facebook pages on both of the Facebook pages between this age between the education and the co founder talking to everyone every day almost for 20 years. Stop it. Don't talk to me about another program. I was talking to somebody else about another program. This is the place to be and I love it man. I'm obviously going to develop myself but extremely grateful for being able to stumble across this or should I say intentionally search for this and buy a car.

Dave: I really appreciate that man. It's so good to see your face again and connect buddy and I hope we'll do it again real soon, man. Let me know anything that I can do for you. All right. I appreciate it. Alright man, talk to you later. Thanks.

Paul: See you guys.

Dave: Wow, that was a good one. He's a good dude. We got a lot of those people in this community. We have a lot of those people in this community. So keep your head down. Keep working. Keep striving. Don't give up. Right before the miracle happens. There's so much opportunity and so much excitement in this and it's all we try to do every day is convey that to you. So yeah, we'll be rather so go out there be legendary today do something that's going to move the needle for your life you deserve it. Be Legendary.