This week on Wake up Legendary we interviewed Crystal The Parenting Coach to talk about her online professional life coaching business. She helps parents connect with their kids and become parenting experts in their own homes. 

If you are someone who wants to start a business doing something you are already good at or passionate about, this interview is for you.

Parenting is something that comes with stress and struggle for most people out there. Crystal uses connection based parenting with her children and to teach courses based on parenting for other parents who want to connect with their children more and become experts on parenting their kids. She originally started her business by coaching clients but decided to create a few courses, one of which being a parenting course. 

Finding Your Ideal Customer 

When Crystal first became a parenting coach she was in the middle of her entrepreneurial journey. She realized parenting was her passion and that even though she was making more in the business niche she would rather focus on something she was knowledgeable and passionate about and increase her skills on that topic. She wanted to help other people who struggled with parenting and would relate to her content. 

Figuring out who your ideal customer is, is a key part to starting your business. This will help you figure out what type of content you’d like to create and what audience you want to reach. Crystal chose parenting as her niche because she wanted to be able to combine her knowledge on connection based and attachment style parenting and create a business where she could utilize the skills she already had while building new ones. She changed her podcast name and TikTok handle to match her business and began branding as The Parenting Coach.

Your ideal customer should be the person who needs your product or service the most. To find your ideal customer you should identify what their wants and needs are and how your product or service can improve their life. 

Why Mindset Is Important For Starting Your Business

When starting your affiliate marketing business having the right mindset is a key part of your business. A part of your entrepreneurial journey is adjusting your mindset. In order to grow in your business you have to adjust your mindset so that you embrace the difficulties of starting a business. This means that you should be ready to accept the challenges you might face and be more open to learning and growing. 

If you don’t switch your mindset you may want to give up when you face challenges in your business. Giving yourself daily affirmations will help you to remind yourself to stay consistent and face your challenges in your business head on.

Creating A Quality Instagram Page

Crystal creates reels and posts based on her podcast episodes for her Instagram account. For her reels she sometimes will post 30 seconds of her podcast to turn into a reel. Reels are being pushed heavily through Instagram’s algorithm right now so creating reels is a great way to boost follower content. Another great thing to do is to repurpose your TikTok videos by turning them into reels and posting them to both TikTok and Instagram. 

When Crystal is coaching and hears something that a lot of her clients are asking about or something really powerful that comes up she uses that as inspiration to create Instagram posts. When she posts her reels and TikToks she doesn't make them fancy, instead she will have them be really natural in her videos. She does this because her clients and viewers want to see her real life to have something to connect and relate to. 

If you’d like to give Crystal a follow on Instagram or TikTok check out her page at to learn more about her online business and parenting coaching.

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