Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  What's going on my friends? It’s Dave Sharpe Welcome to Wake Up Legendary hope you got your coffee I'm waking up legendary right along with you and this morning. I'm really excited about this guest and the reason why is because well, she's got a very special story. I was able to meet her in person and she's come a long way. Please help me welcome Paulette to the show. Paula, how are you?

Paulette:Good morning. How are you? How is everybody?

Dave:  Good. To see you again. Great to see you again. Line attendee and and now this is I think the second time you've been on the show, is that right?

Paulette:Yeah, this is my second time.

Dave:  So tell us for those who've never heard your story. The cool thing about the show is people can go back and we don't take episodes down. We don't hide anything we suit. I mean, if somebody turns back in that previous episode and kind of, you know, track somebody's story, but give us the nutshell version of your legendary story, if you will, how you found us for people who don't know you, 

Paulette: how I ended up here is I was trying to become a nurse for I don't know, like, five, six years and you get to the point where you apply to nursing school is applying getting denied blanket and I'm like, Okay, I have to figure out something else because I was working so much within like 16 hour days working two to three jobs and I'm like, Okay, I have money but I don't have time. So i stumbled on TikTok, you know, like everybody else. And I found a video from Andre. I'm watching this, but I saw his tiktok. So I watched that video. I watched, you know, went through his tic stock profile and I decided to start the challenge. And you know, it was scary and I was super nervous. And then from there I decided to invest in myself. I've never imagined a horse was actually the very last bit ever. And it was an amazing experience and I loved it. I actually got to meet Andre because I think he was speaking so I thought it was very cool. Obviously I got to meet you and I learned a lot from there and I got accepted into nursing school like literally a month after I decided to do affiliate marketing and go all in on myself. So I was like, Oh, shoot. So now I do both because I feel like you need to finish everything you start and I started this when I started nursing. So kind of my journey and how I ended up here.

Dave:  Wow, isn't that something that when you started this like that other opportunity popped up to and it was kind of like Wow, all goods coming at you at once?

Paulette:Yeah, it's pretty scary. Not gonna lie, but here I am doing it. So it works out.

Dave:  Where do you think your life would be if you hadn't done both of these things? I mean, you applied to nursing school, but then you started an online business. Where do you think your life would be if you hadn't started this business?

Paulette:Probably working more and in nursing school. Because I work less as a bartender, I'm a bartender but I only bartend two days out of the week. So it gives me flexibility to go to school and still have money to pay my bills and then they were doing my side hustle, which is affiliate marketing on the side to pay for my wedding. I'm actually getting married and pay for my like that so

Dave:  Like my savings. Your fiance, the gentleman that I met. Yes. Okay, that was a roll of the dice there. But great. That's fantastic. I'm glad to know you both. You know, I remember him very clearly as a big guy. Yes. Tall. I was looking. I'm tall. I felt like I was looking at him.

Paulette:Okay, yeah, everybody's always scared of him and I'm like he's really nice. He just

Dave:  big beard very and I'm like he was sitting right in the front row trying right they're sitting Yeah, he's sitting right in the front row at the mastermind kind of staring at me and I'm kind of like, is this guy going to kill me or is he here too? We'll find out.

Paulette:He's actually a teddy bear. 

Dave:  He was fantastic. So what happened and once you did, what sort of initial feelings thoughts? Do you remember going through your head that maybe that was something that was new to you that you were unfamiliar with? But What lesson did you learn from that first journey? Or that first kind of chapter of your online journey? And what could you share with our audience about what they might go through in those first early months or two?

Paulette:So my actual first journey, I had purchased the course to try to become a self published author. And that didn't work out because it can pick a niche. And I was like, everything's integrated into doing that. And then I saw that's when I found around like a month later I found you know, TikTok and affiliate marketing. And I was talking to the advisor, which I think is the community that you have a legendary is I feel like very strong if you go out and you seek for help because a lot of people would I would notice a difference is with legendary I was able to communicate and you know, talk to that plan advisor which you don't really have in a lot of other courses. So I think this is like a big value that you get, and just going out and seeing if you need it, you know, there's people there to help you and I felt scared, you know, just getting started. I didn't know what to do. So I would just come on, you know, come on Facebook and watch the wakeup legendaries. I would do that every single morning I think. I don't know if you remember. I think Tyler actually told you that I would always watch that he would be annoyed to secure your voice like while he was sleeping. But I just you know, that's something that really kept me motivated. So I just think that's something you know, if you're new to getting started, just stay motivated and just kind of close yourself off from people that you know are not going to give you the feedback that you want. You know like if you have family that are against it or friends that are against it are just people that you know, are always reacting and being negative to what you're doing and you know, they're gonna stay focused on what you're doing and just, you know, stay with your community that is going to support you with that. That's something that was really valuable for me.

Dave:  Do you have people in your life who you know, if you brought it to them, they would have given you either a critical or a just in some way and unsupportive. So what you're saying is you've now learned how to be more selective with what you share with certain people in your life. Is that what you're alluding to?

Paulette:No, not yes, I'm saying when you're starting off, yes, right now I don't care and everybody knows how to do affiliate marketing. I put it on my Facebook reel. So I just had to step like it was okay. But at the beginning if you're just getting started and you know, it's completely new for you, you don't know it's probably the first online business you've ever owned. You're going to be sensitive to that kind of stuff. So you should just not put yourself out there and then you know, as you grow and you learn and get better, then you'd be like, okay, you know what, I really don't care what people think of me and I'm just going to be me

Dave:  Very clear about that. Thank you and I totally agree because you know, it really in the beginning it's you're right we are extra sensitive. And that's exactly what it is. We're extra sensitive because we're doing something new. And the truth is, we don't know if it's gonna work out. We don't know anything about the unknown. We just don't know about it. We don't know if we're gonna walk out. That's life. And so what I hear you saying is, in that beginning, early journey, when you're extra sensitive in your business is extra fragile, and it is like a baby, right? It really is more fragile with our business and with ourselves. In that early stage before we feel like we're a little bit more sturdy on our legs. And a little bit more that I think the thing for me is that like you be I've I've grown into a point to where I don't really care what people think. But nor am I looking for their approval.

Paulette:Yeah. And that's something you have to work on, I think especially if you're not used to that. And it goes back to liking your mindset and personal growth, which you have to build on because you know, like you don't know what you don't know. So you just don't know. And where are you going to put yourself in a situation that you know might make you feel worse and might harm you or me altogether you're just gonna get upset because you know, like somebody said something and you're just gonna quit altogether. You never know what

Dave:  What would have happened in our family must be the most triggering for me. They know how to push our buttons. So most of us want their approval. It's built into our nature to go to them and say, hey, you know, mom, dad, family member, whatever, Uncle cousin, hey, look at what I'm doing. And the challenge is that they all have their own limiting beliefs.

Paulette:So they take it out on us, but kinda like that my parents are very supportive. Like everybody in my email like, Yeah, but you never know. Like whenever people are mean or rude to me, you know, like at the bar, I'm just like, You know what, they're just taking it out on me like I didn't do anything to them. And it's okay, just walk away. Yeah.

Dave:  That really takes a lot of good experience or something because I know a lot of people who are a lot older than you who don't know that who are unaware of that. Every single time somebody throws out a little bit of bait and let's talk, let's apply this to the business. It's like, every time somebody throws out a comment, that's an egg, you know, seven and take that comment and really take it on you know, what, how did you deal with some of that, and it can be nasty on the internet in the world. How did you deal with some of that out there from strangers on the internet?

Paulette: I just don't respond. You know, it's like, what am I going to give you my energy or I'll respond one time and then that's it. Because if you keep it going on, they're like, Oh, she responded, and then you go back and forth, back and forth. So you're feeding into it. I mean, you're feeding the algorithm, but you also might be hurting yourself. You have to have tough skin and if you know you don't have tough skin, then just, you know, let it go or you can delete it. I mean, I don't delete it. I just let it be. I think one of my videos on Instagram went viral and I was looking, and it had five comments and all of those comments were hate comments, and I was like, wow, that's cool. And I just got out of that. I admire it.

Dave:  It's just like, that was so funny what you just said. It's just like it's shocking. Just like you know, you're a good person, you know your tribe about stuff. And people can be mean and nasty. And you just sit there looking at that kind of like, like it's almost like looking at an ice cream cone that just melted it just kind of looking at it like now that was good and at one time. The sun just made this peer shit. And like you I know that feeling you put out a video, you try hard and somebody just takes a shit on it out on the internet. That is that it can be a hard blow. And it's not as easy as you just made it sound. However, I believe that that's how you are because of what you're describing, you've seen it and felt it and dealt with it in the hospitality industry. I'm sure you just described a situation. Who knows did you have anything that's happened in your childhood that's helped you and prepared you in your life for entrepreneurship. 

Paulette: so I came from Ecuador when I was seven here, and I was speaking Ecuadorian Spanish and in California or Los Angeles everyone speaks, you know, mostly Mexican Spanish, so we get bullied a lot because my Spanish was different you know, like the menial stuff like that. So I went through a lot of depression at like nine years old. I didn't know what depression was back then. I would lock myself in the bathroom and wouldn't open the door. I would say I hate living here. And so I had to work through the bullying when I was I'm gonna say from like, third grade to fifth fifth grade. And we moved cities because it was bad. My mom's like, No, we can't keep staying here because they're also gonna end up pregnant or something. I was like, okay, whatever. So we moved. And I feel like that fresh start for me really is what made me stronger. Because obviously like I would talk to my mom, I you know, we didn't have a lot of income. So everything we did was like us living in the library, because that's just what we would do as a form of like, childcare, I guess or like, you know, so I would just, you know, I learned through that just talking to my mom and she's like you know, what, people are gonna say things about you and that's okay. And you just let it be. And whatever they say like know in your heart that that's not what you believe, but just don't feed back into it. And that kind of just stuck with me and every time people you know say things to me, especially if you like I kind of grew that over the years like you said, in the hospitality industry. I learned to just not take things personally and just let them be you know, people are angry, let them be angry and you just mind your own business because, I mean, at the end, they're still going to be angry,

Dave:  You know? Yeah, you're right. You're not. You're gonna get angry. I'm going to come along and somehow save this person from being angry from a, maybe a life's worth of anger or life's worth of trauma, or who knows what somebody went through. But wow, I'm so fascinated in immigrant stories because they are like, they're what you let you go through. I have a barber who emigrated and is now just got citizenship from Cuba. The stories are unbelievable. I mean, the stories of somebody like yourself coming from a different country, learning a new language, we've got Camila from brazil, people from all over the world. Some of us have come to America. There's been people who have emigrated like yourself to America, and that's part of your amazing story and part of who you are and inspiring and there's a lot that those of us who aren't immigrants, or at least not in our lifetime, you know, we were, we could learn we could learn from that. I mean, there's just so much because you not only did you have to learn new language sounds like you did learn new language there's so many lessons and how much you correct some of your skills, some of your ability to do this, your ability to persevere, your ability to overcome challenges connected to what you learned early in life and some of the struggles that you went through.

Paulette:Honestly, I would say struggling because I would struggle like learning English. I would struggle with math. I would go get tutoring when I was going to community college. Do my five prerequisite years that I mentioned prior? I would just learn how to use the library as a preschool essentially, I learned to use my resources to get help. When I couldn't get things done. So that came from childhood all the way until even now, you know, like seeking for help. And that's just kind of what's kept me like ready but just, I guess maybe gritty like kept me motivated and kept me going to work through my struggles. And I went through a phase where I just didn't care. I was like, I'm not gonna go to college. I'm not gonna do anything. I'm just gonna be me. And I was just, you know, partying, drinking, doing the whole, you know, I don't care about life. And I think after that I decided, you know, like, I saw all my friends graduate and everybody doing stuff and I'm like, What am I doing with my life? Like I'm doing nothing with my life and I decided to work out and I feel like working out, plus my previous experiences and struggles are what led me to grow my mindset, which kind of leads me to where I'm at now. Because you struggle working out too. You know, you can do this rep and you're like, Oh, well just do it. And then you do it and you get better and better and better. And as you go, you know, you progress videos, and I'm like, wow, I was wobbly there. And now I can do like, you know, lift and not be wobbly. Same way, but it's better and it's just kind of what you do with anything in life. So

Dave:  You know why I love these episodes. This is because we get to hear somebody's story who is a real hero, a real inspiration but walks around like a normal person. And most likely a lot of us just underestimate our own power and our own value. And when I when I you know I'm I'm sitting here asking Paulette about how the experiences in her life have helped her business and we've got some clear examples. But now I want to ask him, you know, how have your experiences prepared you for this moment? Because if you think back to your life, there's a lot of things that you've struggled through. You got through them. Tough, crazy stuff. And if you think about how those situations gave you skills you just mentioned what it was beautifully said: resourcefulness. You learned how to be resourceful because you had limited resources. Or you're studying at the library or wherever. And I wonder what we could all borrow from that story this morning. The power of these conversations in these episodes is that most likely each one of you has your own resourcefulness to and also have a lot of unique qualities that you have because you struggle Bertram Tough shit. Period. And this is just another struggle in your life. This is just another struggle. And here's another thing that I borrowed from Jay Leno and it's not that you have to particularly believe in yourself. You have to get others to believe in you. That's really what this business is about. Because it once because a lot of times when you do something in life and I really think this is what life is about. When you do something like this beyond what you think you can do most of the time. And it turns out good. Like say for example, we make a sale like I've heard of, you know, making a sale on the phone and somebody said yes, and they're like I can't believe they said right. And but enough of these it's really about getting other people to believe in us and because if you spend all this time trying to get yourself getting ready to believe in yourself, you may never do it. You're never gonna feel ready. You're just not but it's like, Am I willing to start? Okay, that's all I need. Because if I start there's gonna be other people because we live in a society. I surround myself and I put forth the effort. They're going to start believing it; they just are people who like to see people trying, people who like to see people giving value. Just like when you went to the gym or started working out, people

Paulette: make it I say that to everybody everywhere and they're like why? And I'm like, I'm not saying to fake it, but just pretend to give yourself the power to have the confidence even if you don't have a huge brain that you do have and then you do have it. Yeah, you know,

Dave:  I'm telling you this quote from Jay Leno made so much sense because he's like, you know, in business and in sales. I've always been the number one piece of advice that I've given people is to create a product and create a business that other people can believe in. Do you believe it? You can't just be the only one who believes in yourself and you believe in what you're doing. Your ultimate job should be to get other people to believe in you. You're helping get other people to believe in what you're doing because you're helping and serving and providing a good service or product. You are going to start believing in yourself. And the main reason is just like when we're babies, we look around and we get feedback from people around us. Oh, this is okay. Now they give us energy. Yes, it's okay. And so when others when you're building your business and other people use you, you're going to look at them just like we did when we're younger and say, Oh, this is good. You want yeah, and you're going to start believing in yourself. And so what is my point? Here? My point is is that as an entrepreneur starting something, you most likely all you listening have skills that just like Paulette described, that you can turn those struggles into those strengths those situations into, like you've got skills you've survived through shit, a and a and the number one goal that we all should have would be to buy valuable products and services and mainly our service, as affiliates anyways is content. But we don't need to have, we don't need to believe in ourselves and believe in what we're doing so much. And I'm not sure that no we need to go out and get other people to receive value in believing what we're doing. And that will grow our belief and could you describe how you know you've built your audience and what your relationship is with your audience now like how I content versus really looking at their audience, like, like a group of people they want to have a relationship with for a long time. And so I just wonder how your relationship has evolved or what takeaways you have about building relationships with your audience.

Paulette: Since I'm in school right now, I don't necessarily spend that much time on social media scores. That's my priority right now. So this is literally just on the side, but I try to connect with all of my followers through Instagram, Instagram stories, because it's a way that you can post what you're doing on a daily basis. Question or respond to mine and then I just, you know, I talk to them in the DMS through that way, but I don't necessarily go super out of my way to you know, be like, Hey, do this, like comment through things as well. Sometimes they comment, sometimes they don't like it. I think somebody just messaged me like earlier today, and I was like, Oh, hey, let's be friends. I'm like, Alright, let's be friends. Yeah, so I feel like that's how I am able to communicate with them a little better. Because you know, with my schedule, it is very hard for me. Yeah. 

Dave: I don't ever talk to a client or a lead one on one ever and and and you know, so I don't particularly think that we need to have or nor is it required. You know, I mean, and I'm glad you're saying this and pointing this out because this business can be run. There's ways that we can build relationships with our audience by just simply speaking one to many. That's the whole hack here. That's the whole trick here. That's the whole secret to this is it we're not doing it even in the blueprints in the coaching consulting blueprint. I will talk about the difference between one-on -one coaching and group coaching. One on One anything can be you know, it can be it's not as leveraged if you're a solopreneur as using these platforms to speak one to many.

Paulette:It's kind of like that's what I do.

Dave:  Kind of my point in a sense that you're able to do all of these things. While you know, going to nursing school and working in a bartending job on the hard days a week.

Paulette:Well, I guess not hard. It's challenging to change my mindset and it's something that I have struggled with in the past but I'm getting better with that like struggling from you know, like, I'm a student whatever they tell me whatever my school tells me I have to go I have to be there classes from you know, nine to 11 Well, it's gonna go to two and that's it. You know, you gotta take it. The hospital is five in the morning, you're done at 5pm. You weren't going to paper for like 16-20 hours when you turn it in here, like you get to see. You know, like, just those needs. Like okay, now I'm going to be an entrepreneur. Now I'm going to forget all about that school stuff. And I'm going to think about like, okay, what can I do today to move my business forward or to like show somebody something or whatever it is that I'm doing, just kind of switching hats between entrepreneur and student entrepreneurs to her because, you know, in the end, like, it's me, it's who I am. And I don't sound like I'm like, oh, no, like I'm secretly a nursing student. Like, I openly tell everybody like, Hey, I'm in school, and I'm doing this. And like, if I can do this, you know, you can probably do this too. I mean, maybe it is out there for you, if you're willing to take it.

Dave:  And I commend you and think it's really interesting and amazing that you're doing multiple things and pursuing multiple dreams at one time. I mean, whenever in human mankind in our, in our human existence, has a person ever been able to have truly streams of income coming in from multiple places. And had to do multiple things of this nature to run a business, I mean, because we call it a side hustle but you really do. It's a business and you I mean, you can write things off if you have an LLC or a corporation. It's a business and you're running a business. You're going to nursing school, you're working a bartending job one or two and you're getting ready for a wedding. It's really you're working out in your I mean, it's really amazing. Do you ever look at Oh, wow. Like how did it become so full? 

Paulette: I do that all the time. I've learned that I actually failed one of my nursing classes because of time management.I have a Google Calendar. I can probably just show it on my phone and I have everything scheduled. I'm going to do so you can see it's very colorful. When I'm working on my business time. My school time, my work time because I just lived there when I studied, like everything put out for me and it did take me a while to know, like really schedule like okay, I'm gonna do laundry today. It's kind of annoying and it's kind of like, you know, like, like, I'm that person. But it's what's helped me do everything that I'm doing. Because it's yeah, it's a lot and that's a good way to manage your time if you're, you know if you're in school or your job.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah. So it's not about things that we need to do more to become successful. A lot of times we're just doing the wrong things. Are there things that we need to stop doing? And so a great example would be people going crazy over morning routines, and there are some people who spend two hours in the morning, you know, praying and meditating and doing all this stuff, and that's fine. But most entrepreneurs who are successful that I know just wake up and just have coffee and just go to work. They might read a little bit or do something in the morning. But the point of that is that what do I need to do? More routine? No, my advice would be, you know, cut some stuff out of your work. You know, I'm sorry to be so old school here, but that's just my point. Know What works for you, you know, and if you've developed something and you've got something that works, that's great, but my point is not so much the morning routine. My point is really going back to your calendar and you all bought the result in momentum. that Paul is getting, and you're not just getting it in your business or financial life. You're getting it in your physical life too, because you're applying the same sort of organization and discipline and so forth around you're exercising from what I heard, right? You're improving multiple areas of your life at one time. There's something that we can learn from you. And the biggest takeaway so far was you holding a calendar shows how organized and disciplined you are about your time that was really impactful.

Paulette: I had to learn from my mistakes so not gonna do that again.

Dave:  What was the mistake? What did you learn?

Paulette: Well, I failed one of my classes at one point, so I was very upset. But then you know, I was like, You know what you learn from your mistakes. It's all right. And then I had to do Yeah, I mean, I have more time to plan my wedding because they had to like I had to had a really long summer so I'm like, okay, I can look at this I can at least have that I failed, or I can be like Hey, I have more time to plan my wedding. Now I don't have to be super, you know, crush the wedding plan in two months because I'm gonna get married on a weekend in between school to add on to what I'm doing. So it just makes everything a little bit better, you know? And I'm like, Now, I know what to do. And now I started you know, time blocking and I'd have you know, this calendar here that really helps me out. And it's just different ways you know that I can just like get back to being resourceful and just kind of make it work for myself. So

Dave:  What a great lesson Both are latching onto a system, a simple system and you gave us an example of a tool that's free to everybody. And you can have it on your computer on your phone. But it's also about relaxing in the idea that this is good enough for me right now. Like I don't need to keep looking for another system. I don't need to have what you need. Yeah, everything that you need. And I think that that's a real challenge to humans is when we think it's good enough to want what our neighbor has

Paulette:Like you should never compare yourself to other people because you don't live their life. You don't have their experiences you can be like, Oh, well, you know, make me money and I started making money and we're like, you know, because like you said back to like, learning a skill. It's a skill. You're not just gonna, you know, start something and then be a pro, you know, in like two weeks or whatever. Like, it doesn't take learning, it does take trying, failing , trying again, and just not giving up because if you give up then that's when you're done. You know, like, that's really when you fail. Yeah. And it's just hard like whatever progress you make for me like I'm in school right now. Sometimes I'll put one video a day. Sometimes I don't repost, old you know, viral videos, and then they'll go viral. And then, like, you know, you just have to learn how to keep pushing yourself forward and keep progressing even when it gets hard.

Dave:  Well, you've laid out some incredible, incredible stuff this morning. I mean, things that I didn't expect. And I'm really just, I'm really just blown away by how you develop systems for yourself that work for you and they aren't perfect and how you embrace your sort of your humaneness, your perfectly imperfect self. And there's just so much that I take away from this conversation this morning and I couldn't be happier for you and your husband in your upcoming wedding. So congrats.

Paulette:I'm excited. I feel like anybody can do this. It just takes courage and you have to be brave. To just, you know, go out and do it because it is scary and nobody you know, you're always thinking about what other people are gonna think about you. But you have to realize that you know, whatever you do in life, it's going to be hard. Whether you do it for us or you do it for yourself. It's just going to be hard and life always just throws things at you but you have to be you know, you have to think to yourself like what do I want for my life because in the end you're the one paying your own bills nobody's you know judging you but in the end, you just have to say like, you know, I'm gonna do this for me and that's

Dave:  Yeah, and really, it's a harsh reality when we really come to terms with the fact that nobody's coming to save us. Yeah. Yeah, no, it's tough. It's like dang, you know, like, I think we all went through in 2020 and 2021. I mean, anybody got one or 1/2 $1200 checks. That was your rest. That was your rescue. That was the Coast Guard sending the helicopter. You know what I mean?But it's really something to see how you've, you know how you've, how you've turned really nothing into something you know what I mean? And that's really what entrepreneurship is about. We all start with nothing. We come in the same front door and we usually all got our own, you know, laundry bag of limiting beliefs and negative self image and all this stuff and

Paulette:that board experience that we had at the mastermind for everybody that doesn't know it's, they've made us hold up a board like this with their limiting beliefs, and then we had to crush it, you know, just like karate chop. And I feel like I really held onto that and it really just made me remember like, Okay, this is what you think that you can't do. But you can do it like you you can break through that and just do whatever you want, because you really can do what

Dave:  You've proven that to us this morning as well. Thank you for also using your life as an example for your words. We've got your Tiktok and Instagram so people can find you, follow you, support you and you know be a part of your network and maybe we can make it a third time. Maybe after your wedding. You know, maybe when are you getting married again?

Paulette:April, April. First,

Dave:  You two are something to do. That is really really funny, man. That's cool. That's really cool. tell Tyler that I said good luck and congratulations and really enjoyed the ball. Yeah. Talk to you hopefully soon for a third episode. And, and thanks for all the time and the value this morning. Appreciate it. Thank you. I see Alright my friends. Go and follow Paulette as well . We've got our screen name up on the screen. @Paulettenicolee what an amazing guest and what an amazing story. It's like just a recap for those of you who didn't catch it. She was our mastermind. Back in December of 2021. She came and saw what they're feeling and, and now she's continuing down the journey continuing to build on what she learned. And man, it's really really cool to see and if you want to catch her first episode, you can go back and find it in Wake Up Legendary like she's also got another episode somewhere in the archives. So have a fantastic Thursday. We'll see you back here tomorrow for another episode for those of you who are enrolled into this decade in a day workshop tomorrow. So I'm looking forward to seeing everybody on that. Get the hell out of here and go have a good gas legendary day. We'll see you tomorrow for another episode.