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Matt:  Good morning. Happy Wednesday. It's June 22. We're live. My name is Matt if you don't already know me, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary and we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern for a show called Wake Up Legendary and this is where we bring on former students or people who are finding success online through digital marketing, and we share a little bit about what they've been doing, especially freelance digital marketing. So in particular, people who, you know, are working maybe a full time job or they're a mom or they're retired or they're in college or you name it, it's kind of we've seen the whole gamut. People who started a freelance or side hustle style business on the internet and have started making money from it. So we've got another awesome guest today that we're going to bring on the show and we'll ask him a little bit about what he's doing and his strategy and we'll dive into his journey and story online. So everybody in the comment section if you're here live with us. Can you put a little hand clap emoji and hit the like on this and that will help everybody else in our community see that we're live and, and also it'll help welcome on the show. Jay. What's up, Jay? How are you?

Jay: I'm good. How are you men?

Matt:  I'm good. Where are you calling in from?

Jay: I’m from Germany actually.

Matt: Wow cool. What part?

Jay: Near Dusseldorf

Matt:  Very cool. I love it. So, man, very cool. I can't remember if we've had somebody on for I think the only other person that I've I remember having off from Germany was somebody from the United States whose partner was stationed in the military in Germany, I think. So not actually from Germany, but you're from there. Well, thanks for coming on the show today. You're and, you know, there's a lot of people from America or Canada or North America, who might not know, you know, the traditional journey of somebody in Germany, right. So here we go to elementary school and then we go to junior high and then we go to high school and then we go to university or college. And that's just kind of what you do. But tell us a little bit about your journey and then how you find Legendary and what's that been like.

Jay: When I moved over to the UK. So I lived four years in the UK and mentioned this is where I got kind of like my full time job. It was working in Subway. And it was really long hours like I actually worked my way up to an assistant manager or there pretty quickly but it was not worth it for me in the end because I wasn't actually working 12 to 14 hours a day. I was working seven days in a row. And it was just destroying me mentally and I had to find something different, a different way to make income and be able to live with it, you know? Because I knew for myself that's not how I wanted to continue on living. And that's when I started like you know, just Googling stuff. How can I generate passive income? How can I build a side hustle and I tried different stuff? I tried network marketing dropshipping. I invested so much money in a lot of coolers trying out different things. It's for money here and there. You know but I was not able to stick to those things because I wasn't having fun with it, you know? And marketing was like the first thing when I started, having fun promoting products. And I actually started as an Instagram influencer. And then I received offers on promoting products and getting paid for it and getting paid for commissions as well. And that's when I first tapped into affiliate marketing. How long ago was that? That was I think, like, two, three years maybe.

Matt:  Was there any certain products or what was that like? What type of niche were you in? Or was it just random?

Jay: It was more in the fitness niche. Cool. was like a fitness program that I was trying out myself and then promoting as well. Some income from it, but was still not enough to live from, if you know what I mean, because it was a load product.

Matt:  Sure. Yeah. That makes sense. But it opened your eyes to it?

Jay: Yeah, of course. Of course it is. I mean, I learned a lot from it. And that's when Yeah, man tick tock started and you just scroll on tick tock and everything. So a lot of people talk about legends. That's when I tapped into myself. You know, I did and just get so much value from it. And that's when that's what I want to do.

Matt:  So cool. I love it. So you found our challenge earlier this year, something like that.

Jay: I think in January, I am the January. I got the 15 day challenge but I did not take any action.

Matt:  Sure. Nobody doesn't say it was like I registered for it, but I never even watched the first video.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So this is a funny phenomenon that happens but people will purchase our challenge and then never log in. You know, we say never log in but the truth is, if they'll log in eventually. You know a lot of people don't log in eventually they'll keep getting a couple emails from us are we so So you bought you bought it and then what took so long to get through the challenge?

Jay: I gotta be honest, I did not believe in it. I'm like, Alright, I'm just gonna I'm just gonna pay that seven bucks and I'm gonna do it but then I'm just like, it's not gonna work anyway, so I just left it. 

Matt:  You have maybe seen other things or you've tried other things and you're just like, Okay, it's, it's probably some people have told me they're like, you know, honestly, it was just too cheap. They're like, they're like, it was just too cheap. I couldn't believe that for $7 it was going to be worth anything because like, what have I ever bought for $7 that was worth something. We have loads and loads of testimonials of people who have told us directly whether on this show or or in private at a mastermind or something, you know, hey, I've paid $1,000 for a course I paid $500 for a course.

I think it was Josh Smith. He said you know I've spent over 10 grand in courses. And the one course that I keep coming back to that actually changed. Know my entire life. He's now he's he's now made over six figures with his business but he's he said it none of it compares to what I got out of the challenge, none of it and the blueprints but so tell us a little bit about tell us a little and that by the way is not any sort of I'm not trying to make a guarantee that you're gonna make six figures by going through our challenge or anything just so everybody's clear I full income disclaimer most a lot of people go through that challenge or even opening much money or any money at all because they don't do anything with it, I think but also just you know, it takes a lot of work and kind of consistency and you got to learn and you know that whole process over the last six months you've done and witnessed yourself full bore. Were you on TikTok or were you short of these content creation platforms, these social media platforms before starting with Legendary and learning how to gain an audience, their short form video or was that totally new?

Jay: No, I was before she asked to go to TikTok and one Instagram account at least. And that's when I decided to make a complete new account like just in the Make Money niche okay. Yeah. As far as how to do our business then. Cool. Cool. 

Matt:  That's super cool. And you've now grown that account to 4000 people or something? How long ago when? How long ago did you start this channel? A couple months?

Jay: I think it was like two and a half months. Something like that. 

Matt:  Is it popular over there? In Germany? Is it popular for people to be posting Facebook reels, is that a thing over there?

Jay: I don't think so. No.

Matt:  I was just curious because, you know, we go through this. We've gone through the last two and a half years. We social media platforms have been kind of copying each other and what we're seeing right now is that Facebook reels are really really popping off. They're really taken off. No pun intended. They're really taking off and and they've just been really hot as of late so I was curious if you were posting on Facebook reels too. Impulsive myself too. Yeah.

Jay: I think it's not that popular in Germany. I posted it myself as well on Facebook reels. 

Matt:  Yeah, it's interesting because when I sort of what an interesting conundrum because a lot of times when I'm creating training it's it's reflected in my current markets, but even even more narrow is like my region or you know, the southwest corner of the United States because I live in Arizona. And then it's just such a fascinating thing where, you know, something could get updated in the algorithm in my region of the world, but not be pushed totally live for everybody or some accounts, right. And so, it's, or social behavior is different there than it is here. You know, so some people might not be on Facebook, to the degree that America is on Facebook, right or something like that.

Matt: Something that people really have to get creative with wherever they live as a marketer because you've got to know what's going on around you. You've gotta be you got to have some sort of awareness of, well, where are people around? Me online? Where are they hanging out? How can I get in front of them? And yeah, I think I think sometimes it's just a mistake to pop online and be like, Well, I'm just gonna do exactly what Joe over there is doing. You know, there's some mimicking that can happen but yeah, that's fascinating. So you're posting on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. Kind of doing the whole reposting thing a call forms, so your omnipresence on TikTok, and then just download those videos and repost on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, so it's just less work, you know? Yeah, yeah, but it does. Would you agree that it gets easier over time and faster?

Jay: It definitely is because you're gonna find your own tricks on how to do this faster. I have folders on my iPhone to post on Facebook to post on Insta and then I just like to go into the folders and post a couple videos and delete them off. So I know I got them posted already. So

Matt:  Well, that's super cool. That's super cool. I like that a lot. And you're even doing that for a thesis. You're starting to see lead flow IDs. I mean, are you getting a couple leads a day 10 leads a day five leads today. Are you pretty consistent in your lead flow?

Jay: Yeah, pretty consistent to 10 On average.

Matt:  Back in the day when I was selling courses on you know how to generate leads for small businesses or how to generate leads for network marketers and stuff like that. There were so many headlines that I wrote on sales pages that were just, you know, what if you could get five to 10 leads per day automatically, you know, and people were like, five to 10 leads a day, you know, and now it is , it's a little different. But if and when people generate a lead you know, getting somebody to enter their email in 2010 was worth a lot more because people actually sat there and they were like, Wow, geez, what are they going to do with my email? Oh, my God, you know, and so every lead you got was a little more valuable nowadays. It's like people, you know, they go to a landing page, and they're just like, whatever, who cares but in my name, and email, it doesn't matter or it's auto filled, right? There's, there's all this stuff that makes it a little less valuable, but five to 10 automates. Here's the beautiful part about having five also. 

Jay: The cool part about that is if you can do five to 10 leads a day, you can definitely get to 15 to 20 leads a day you can definitely get to 30 or 50 or 100 leads a day. There's been some people who can consistently posting content consistently posting content. They got 612 months down the road, and for whatever reason they posted this one video goes crazy viral over 500 leads in a day and it compounds and then you know, they don't keep getting 500 leads a day because they start getting younger than 100 100 and suddenly things really start to go you know, but most people don't make it that long. People it takes a little patience to pull off social media man like literally one video and completely change your life. And a lot of people don't understand this, you just have to stay consistent. Give up after like, I don't know, uploading 100 videos, you know, the 100 and first video could be the one that just completely changes your life, you know.

Matt:  Of course, and it's in the back. Sometimes when Dave and I will be talking or we'll be talking on a mastermind or something. And one of the things that we'll say is one of the things that I've heard Dave say is basically we're trying to outlast people like we've been. I've been with Legendary since 2008. I started technically, I think in 2016 selling it kind of like a starter, a starter course that eventually evolved into the 15 Day Challenge and just actually running a good business is maintaining consistency and just showing up every day. And that's one of the most undervalued things, especially on the internet, and especially with freelancers because you could walk away from this tomorrow, right and there'd be a lot of people in the world who would have no clue. You know, in two years, most people wouldn't even remember more or less two weeks. And the same is true of me like no one would you know know, like but if you choose to sort of show up every single day, day after day after day after day posting that content, go in live doing all the things eventually there's sort of this tipping point, and there's a good book about this, but there's sort of a tipping point where people look around and they say cheese. These guys have been doing this a long time, you know, and then also what happens is there's an inevitable social proof that happens. For instance, in two years from now you can post a video and you posted it TikTok two years ago, and even if all your content sucked for those two years, you can post this video about what you learned over the last two years of posting content on the internet. And you've got instant credibility, you've got instant sort of social proof just because of the history, just because of the length of time and energy. I mean, that's two years but about 10 years, 20 years, right? And you've got all of these historical learning lessons and things like that. It's hard to get there. It's hard to maintain that consistency, but that's part of it. The part of like a big selling point of why we do a lot of what we do and why we keep a lot of the things that we we we try to be boring in many ways, not in not in terms of the content we create we tried to be boring in terms of moving slowly and and making one step forward every day every week every month. One progress one and and that we're constantly getting random little split tests that

Matt:  That can maybe move the needle, you know, a half a percent on a conversion here or a quarter of a percent. You know, keep going keep going keep progressing. And that's the ultimate truth for a content creator for a content creator. It's the longer you're in it. The longer you go, the more comfortable you are, the more it is into your identity as a person, I'm a content creator. I'm an affiliate marketer, I'm a digital marketer, and then you begin to think you're good at putting money into it.

Matt:  A competitor sort of launched a product last year you weren't you probably didn't even know about us last year. And they said this is going to be the death of Legendary Marketer. And they launched their product and we didn't really say anything. We just sort of more I should have given a warning to some of our affiliates that hey, look like you can destroy an affiliate marketing business pretty quick. And some good bye bye. Trying to promote that the wrong way..

Jay: I don't know anybody who's bought that course recently. I don't know anybody. I don't even know if it's around. It might be that I actually just don't really pay that much attention. But guess what? People aren't mentioning it like they were in June 2020. In our groups, people aren't talking about it. People are whispering about it. It's basically gone. It might come back I don't know but it just outlasted all of that nonsense. It's not overreacting. It's just being consistent.  I'm rambling but what he didn't see. Yeah, just because I know for myself, I haven't been concerned about a lot of things in my life. And that's when I realized when I was at my lowest point. Man was moving back to Germany from the UK. That's when I just realized your need to change. And what was the number one problem that was basically causing me to stay stuck in this whole cycle? And persistence was never a source of anything. And I you know, I saw the next best thing and I would hop on that and do it for like, maybe two to four weeks, and then say it doesn't work and then hop on to the next thing. I was wasting a lot of my time and a lot of my money. And I found Legendary that's when I said you're gonna give this a shot and stay with this one thing really consistent. And now it's just paying off. You know, I'm really steady. Actually everything. 

Matt:  It's really cool. And, you know, let's draw a distinction between shiny object syndrome and, and an explorative personality, right. So, for instance, I always draw this comparison because Leonardo da Vinci probably, if you dropped Leonardo da Vinci in 2022 in the modern psychology world that we live in, they'd say, I don't know what this guy's got by. He can't pay attention to anything not. And then he's on to the next thing. And if you go and look at like we went to, I think it was, oh my gosh. Where the David statue is blanking on the stars with the V anyway, and Italy. We go and somebody gives it to me in the comments. It's just gonna drive me crazy. It's Italy, it's a city where the statue of David is and there's a huge FOMO and somebody will give it to me in the comments. Is he there? Is his museum then? No, not Venice. Rome. Oh my gosh, we're never gonna get there. It's not Venice. It's a couple hours. from Venice. I'm guessing by your last name. You're either Italian from Italy or you just know it's Florence. Thank you. Yeah. I thought it started with a V but I was way off that's what was there. Anyway, so as you go through the Leonardo da Vinci, it's the one of the museums and there's just a bunch of work that's unfinished. And then you go to look at the big David statue of David Wright. It's a huge sculpture. It's world famous. And when you walk through the hallway to get to this and this thing is massive, humongous. Actually just a bunch of servers but making funny jokes, you know? But it you as you walk past it. It's every single one. There's about eight of them, or something along the sides as he walked past them. Yeah, it's in the UVT gallery. And all of them are unfinished and this is Michelangelo's work. All of it is unfinished. He didn't finish any of them. He got it. To a point where he was like, I'm on to my next one.

Matt:  But isn't it interesting? That for creators and for certain personalities, there's this, there's this time, it's almost a prerequisite. You had to try some things out before you found what worked and what didn't happen and what didn't and you will put in that work. And a point in the process where you discovered I'm done here, and I'm moving on. Yeah, I'm done. And I think that's a powerful thing because didn't that just saying that out loud? Didn't that I for me, I felt a little sense of relief like oh my god, I don't have to feel ashamed about all the stuff I started and didn't finish. Because there isn't really there isn't really any sin feeling that shame over. Oh, my God, I didn't finish anything. And for everybody who's listening in the comments, you don't have to feel that you don't have to feel any shame about starting something and quitting or starting something and moving on to something else. Maybe you'll return to it someday. But personality types need to spread around shore surface level.  And wrap one or two of them deep and go deep, deep, deep into one or two things and create a masterpiece, like Michelangelo did. What do you think about that? 

Jay: Absolutely agree with you. Like all those things that I've tried in the past? I mean, I see like this, everything is a lesson. You know, everything that happens to you in your life, every hard time you go through is a lesson. But people want the kind of businesses that I've tried and invested money into. It was all a lesson for me because I knew exactly for myself. That's not what I want to do. Let me try the next thing. Because that's not fulfilling me. I'm not happy doing this and I completely agree with you.

Matt: Yeah, I get the sense that there's this no, there's this thing called shiny object syndrome that a lot of people confuse sometimes for just, I'm just curious, and there's nothing wrong with that. I want to try some new stuff. I want to try a lot of things and there's, there's people with insecurities who will come up to us and say, you know, oh, you've got shiny object syndrome, you need to really come out. You really need to commit to my thing, right? It's like, okay, do so. Okay. Tell us. For people who are new. I want to give you the last word to everybody who's new here. People who are just starting their journey online, people who if you can remember back to day one when you were just starting to learn how to make money on the internet. What would you say to those people?

Jay: I would say people who are just getting going and still figuring out where they want to land in terms of the online business world, I would say, don't get discouraged. And don't hope for big results at the beginning. Because this is a journey. This is literally a journey to take it step by step towards all the and your small successes, but the most important thing is just not to hope kind of you know, because a lot of people start online and they have these huge expectations that they're going to make six figures within their first year. You know, in most cases, that doesn't happen. It takes time and you just have to be aware of it. Evening, right, it will take time. 

Matt:  I love that. And it's true. And it's true. A lot of times people who start and get going fast might not have all the experience in the world, but a lot of them have been digging for a while. They've been looking and playing around for a while. And then they hit our training and things start to really take off. And then there's also people who are brand new and they come to our training. They'll come to our training, take the 15 Day Challenge, disappear for six months, come back, go through it again. Maybe try something different this time and and eventually, they start building their skills they start putting it into practice, whether they know it or not, and then suddenly, they get their first leads start to take off but it takes a lot of rd work today with patience like you said, I think that patience is such a big thing especially for people younger people. But even for you know older people Gary Vee talks a lot about how you know 50s The new 30 People who in their 50s got a long you had a long road ahead. Still there's plenty of time to reinvent yourself in your 50s and 60s, plenty of time. A year old. Come on the show as of like two years ago, and they've got hundreds of 1000s of followers on Tiktok and have for a long time. Yeah. Cool. Jay thanks for coming on the show. It's got to be in the afternoon there.

Jay: Yes, it's only 4pm

Matt:  Thanks for making me for a lot of us. We've got people in Europe. I mean, there's somebody here who said they're from Italy but we've got a lot of a lot of people on here who are waking up to this and feeling inspired as I am and also people who are throughout all the world so congrats to you on your success and just keep rockin keep going. If you need any assistance or help or have any questions, you know where to find us. I'm always available for you and make sure to touch base if you'd like in three months or so. Set yourself a reminder and say Hey, I gotta get back back good to see you.

Jay: Thanks for having me. This was a lot of fun. See ya. Bye.

Matt:  Bye. All right, so @makemoneywj for those of you who are on a podcast and just can't see the screen right now go follow Jay. Give them a follow and tune in. Tell them you found that tell them you found him on wakeup legendary and let them know what was the most impactful? What was the big takeaway you had and tell them you love the town as well? Your Wednesday we'll see you next time guys. Peace.