This week on Wake Up Legendary David Sharpe interviewed Rad Detchev about his Chinese medicine and acupoints online business. Rad uses TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to grow his online business and share the information he has gathered about Chinese medicine and acupoints to help people in their daily lives. 

Born in Bulgaria, he now travels the world living a minimalist lifestyle while creating online content. He has been doing his chinese medicine and acupoints online business for the last five years. It took him four years to build his YouTube subscriber list up to 50,000 but only one year to gain half a million followers across TikTok and Instagram. 

Rad shared his top 10 marketing tips with David Sharpe on how he built his successful online business. If you are interested in learning about how to strengthen your video content strategies and learn how to make your content go viral, this interview is for you. 

Tip #1: Pick The Best Platform(s) For Your Business. When choosing a platform for your business, Rad says that it’s important to keep in mind which platforms get content to an audience quickly. “Short form content will get you farther faster,” Rad said. TikTok is a great platform for this because it will boost your video out to people immediately after you upload. Instagram is also a good platform for this. While Instagram may work a little slower at showing your content to viewers, their reels feature is another way to quickly get your short form video content out to viewers. YouTube is best for long form video content and takes practice to create videos. When starting out at making content, TikTok and Instagram are the best platforms to put content out from. 

Tip #2: Research Popular Content In Your Niche. When creating content Rad says to research the content in your niche. From there you’ll want to see what videos are popular, and analyze what the creators of the popular videos in your niche are doing in their videos and what funnels and lead magnets they have. Once you see what made those videos popular, try recreating them and putting your own spin on them. 

Tip #3: Have Good Video Presence. When watching Rad’s videos, you might think he’s an extroverted person. This is because he maintains a good video presence. He says it’s important to watch your video back and ask yourself how you feel about the video, and if you were the viewer, would this be something you would want to watch? Rad says that a lot of people watch themselves on selfie mode and that can completely connect you from your audience. When filming you should not only be looking directly at your camera lens, but also make sure that your camera lens is wiped off and clean, so that your video is in as much high definition as possible.

Tip #4: Keep Track of Your Video Analytics. When experimenting with different video and content creation styles you should keep track of your video analytics. This means keeping track of what works well in your videos and what is making them popular. This way you can replicate and re-create that experience in your other videos for your viewers. 

Tip #5: Don’t Change Your Message. When creating content online, you may sometimes find yourself bored of the message you are sending out to your viewers and want to change it. As you start growing your content and the algorithm starts to get to know who you are, the people who see your videos aren’t usually the people who are following you. This is because platforms like TikTok and Instagram will push your videos out to new people who haven’t seen your content or heard your message before. While you might be bored of your message, it might be just the thing the new content viewer needs to hear to follow you, or might be something they really resonate with. “We get tired and bored of our message before our audience does,” Rad said. Most of the people listening either don’t remember what you may have said in a past video or are completely new to your content, which is why you shouldn’t change the message of your video content. 

Tip #6: Stick To One Niche. If you are posting in too many niches, the algorithm may not know who to boost your content out to. Sticking to one niche is best because then the algorithm will better understand how to sort through your content and push it out to the right audience. Posting content in multiple niches on one account might be confusing for viewers as well. It is also best to stick to one niche so it is easier to keep track of your video analytics.

Tip #7: Batch Your Videos. When in the beginning stages of content creation, batching your videos is a great way to practice video skills. This means creating multiple videos in one content creation session. This will help you get comfortable behind the camera and speaking directly to your audience, and help strengthen your video content creation skills. Rad also recommends filming every day so it’s not difficult to come back to filming like it may be if you take time off from creating content. Rad films a video each morning, edits it, and then posts it. 

Tip #8: Create Connection With Your Viewers. One great way to create and maintain a personal connection with your audience is by going live. This will help create authenticity and trust between you and your followers/viewers. Be authentic and show your viewer that you are a real person that they can relate to and not just a face on their screen.

Tip #9: Separate Yourself From The Brand. Even though your brand might be all about you, it is important to keep in mind that your brand is for your business. You will still have a connection to your brand and content, but it will become much easier to post business related content on your platform. This way you can put intention behind your content because you want to use that content to help people, rather than posting content of yourself that might not have to do with your online business. 

Tip #10: Use Captions In Your Content. When you create video content it is vital to use captions. This is because the viewer of your content may not have their sound on, or could be someone who has a disability and cannot hear your video. Captions in your video are also important because not all countries have the royalties for the music you may be using. This means that the viewer might not have access to the audio in your video, and captions on your video will still help get the message across to the viewer without them having to hear it. You can create captions on your videos by using text and stickers, and also by using apps specifically made for creating captions. Rad suggests using the apps CapCut and Captions. 

Whether you’re reaching a new audience or your current viewers and followers, these tips will come in handy when creating online video content across short form video social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. If you would like to learn more about building your own profitable online business from home I recommend you watch this free video which will walk you through our #1 recommended way to learn how to earn money online from home.