How To Use Pinterest For Marketing


In today's episode hear why you shouldn't sleep on Pinterest. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Hey there, my friends. Good morning. Welcome. It's Tuesday August 9, I have guest hosted Wake Up Legendary for Dave this week as he's on a little bit of time off and yeah, typically we go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern and got something strange here. We'll go live at 10am Eastern and Dave will host most days, all host Wednesdays and we've been going live for about two and a half. I mean we've been doing Wake Up Legendary live for a while on Facebook. But we've been specifically going live since around the time of early 2020. Just to bring you inspirational success stories of people who are killing it online and to show you that it's possible for people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Just normal people though not celebrities, not billionaires, right? Just normal everyday people and, you know, if you go around if you're newer to our community, and you're wondering, you know, is this thing legit, are these people legit people? The first bit of evidence, I would say that, that points in our favor is the fact that we get on with a new client five days a week and have a waiting list. That's like three weeks out. We only scheduled people three weeks out; we could schedule people two months or three months. out if we really want it to. So that is a bit of our you know a bit of our Mo is we don't hide from our clients. A lot of times people will sell somebody a product in the run and hide because they're scared of what they'll think about it. We've actually chosen to bring people on the show and invite them on. So this morning, if you all can give a little hand clap excuse me, hand clap. A moment. We'll go with allergies today. For Juanita

Juanita: Good morning. How are you?

Matt:  Good. Just that I was so unexpected. I'm a little shaky. I've got some vitamin water so will, will, will hydrate as you bring us into your story but you're all the way from Colombia from Bogota, which is the capital write offs. Tell us a little bit about your journey to coming online to bring us into like your world like tell us a little bit about you know, like, like, not just how you find Legendary but tell us a little bit about you and your story.

Juanita: Well, good morning. I'm very excited to be here. I always wanted to be in the show. Actually, since the first time I saw it, I started the training and everything. I said someday I'm going to be on that show and I'm super super excited. I'm from Columbia, South America. I live in Bogota. I am a mom. I have three kids two are my husband's and one is mine. I decided to be a stay at home mom after working 14 years in an OP services company. I worked in human resources there. And when my little girl was born, I decided to quit. Because I really wanted to stay with her. It was going to be the only time that my only chance of being a mother. So I decided to stay. So by now she's eight and I'm starting to feel you know like I mean for 14 years like I paid for my state cipher for my university. I paid for my stuff right now. I'm depending on my husband, of course. And since the lockdown things for him had been me learning a bit hard so I wanted to give my family you know, a little bit of faith. I don't care for them and you know, help him a little bit more than being just around right. So I came up with the Legendary with a TikTok. I think that the girls are from Colombia actually, but I don't think she lives here. And I don't know. I mean, he was by the time I was trying to find what I could do but I wanted to stay here with my daughter as well. And suddenly that Tiktok came and I just signed up right away. I mean, I didn't think about it. He was very strange. And I saw everything I said, Oh my God, this sounds amazing. I mean, it's maybe too good to be true. But I mean, really, I thought it's $7 I mean, what can I lose, right? So I just bought the training and they started and oh my god. I mean I was I couldn't believe all of the information that you have given me for Senators was like amazing so By day three I decided to play by the blueprints because for $7 Jackie notice what's going to happen if I pay if I buy the blueprints I mean I'm gonna be you know, full of info information and I mean it's not gonna stop coming right? So I decided to buy in. I mean, it was like I didn't have the money to buy the blueprints. Actually I had to. My mother gave me half of the other stuff with a credit card because I mean, that amount of money in my currency is a lot, you know, where Columbia person so I decided to do it because really, I mean, for some reason it sounded right. It sounded like like, was something that I could do and I mean, I was going to be good at it. And I was going to be in the show. work you know, so I don't know it was very strange that the feeling that I had that this this was real

Matt: Fascinating. There's so much there. I feel like you find it? Did you find when you dove into the blueprints did you get the information you needed? Was it what was the expectation and then did you feel like we delivered on that expectation or how is that then diving into the blueprint? And just for everybody who's here? Those are just optional training that are additional that are offered in our 15 Day Challenge. A lot of times people hide the fact that they've got to sell more stuff. It's like yeah, of course we do. We're a business and we want to offer better, more in depth training. And we're not going to give away all of our secrets for $7. Although we do give away a lot. That's kind of an absurd thing and the price point should match the value that's in there. That's how commerce should work. It's why people don't sell T-shirts for $1. It's not, you know, anyway, yeah. Tell us a little bit about that.

Juanita: Oh, of course. I mean, you exceeded my expectations, you'd exceed my expectations with the $7 course and you exceeded the expectation with the blueprints. I mean, the amount of information we had the trainings that we have with you every Thursday I mean that's like having no and you know the community and all they ask that you do that you including in the blueprints I mean without paying more you know the train more trainees that you that you deliver there. I mean, it's amazing. It's amazing. I mean, I go to that course almost every two days and see if there's something new and something else or maybe something nice and I want to learn more because I really want to learn a lot. I mean I didn't want to start my business without knowing everything. So this is why for me, it was very important to get the blueprints and to really feel like you know 100% sure of what I was doing and people will come and ask me if I could tell them, you know, tell them why and how it is done and everything. So I like to know a lot and study a lot. So that's why and this has been amazing. I mean, it never stops.

Matt:  Super cool. Super cool. And this was like this was totally new. For you. Right? Like you didn't do some drop shipping thing before like a lot of our people who've come through our training. They've paid like they've tried little drop shipping things or lots of different training. They've tried eBay, Amazon, FBA, all of this different stuff. You haven't tried any of that.

Juanita: It was my first time doing something online. And I can tell you in detail right because I've heard about you know making, you know, like in answering interviews online, things like that. I've heard about it but I heard that you don't make you know, like a lot and so I never really tried you know, I never really thought it was possible. And I didn't know what affiliate marketing was. I didn't know it existed at all. So for me, I mean jumping into this was like a whole new world that I never thought was possible. You know.

Matt:  That's so cool. And evil. I mean, you've already made back that investment, which is cool. I mean, the amount, whatever investment whatever you want to call it. You know the price that you've paid for your education with us you've you've made back and then some for sure which great congratulations. It's a great start. And I feel like you're just getting started but man, how did you go from just learning to earning as we call it? How did you go from learning and then going into I'm gonna now be a business owner and take ownership and actually get started and start building a business like what you started creating content on on video content. How did that go?


Oh, my God, that was very hard. But actually, I decided after the killing a day, after that day, I say okay, I have to do this, you know, and I was, I mean, I'm very shy. I don't like to do videos of myself. I mean, it was something that I never did in my life. I had picked up for my dog and my cats, you know, but I mean never for myself. Never. Matt:  Did you actually run it to account for your pets? 

Juanita: Yes I have. But that was as long as I knew about tic tac, you know, I mean, there was no way and um when I saw these videos of people doing Tito's I was like oh my god, you think I can do that and and I don't know it just something clicked after taken in a day and decided okay, let's do it. It was so hard because I don't know what I did but I decided to do the video and talking which I was very scared to do because, you know, English is not my first language. So I did everything in the first video. Everything I thought I couldn't do. Oh, it was very hard. I spent like two hours making the duck thirsty. I mean, it was so hard and I was trying to cover my face with with letters and everything because I didn't want really two people seeing me it was so so complicated and unscary and I did it and I posted and that first video got like 4000 views my first video so I was like really? So as soon as I did that video, I was like, okay, I can do this. And wow, people are watching and they like it and oh my god. I mean it was amazing. So of course the second video was a little bit easier for me. And well now I make videos every time I'm anywhere in the world. I mean I've been on vacation right now for a month and a half. And I never stopped posting and then there was every day posting and doing a video where I was walking with kids or whatever and I was making a video and I mean your your mind changes with this with all this training with all all the things that you get your mindset, everything changes and you use thinking all the time you're thinking about, Oh my god, this is a good thing that I can do a video about, you know, and is amazing how your mindset changes. And well for me starting this job he was I mean, taking me out of my comfort zone. I mean every level and you were actually like me and my mom because it's scary. It's confusing. It takes you out of your comfort zone. You have no idea what you're doing. You are not, you don't know if you're doing it right or wrong, you know, but you do it because you're a mom or you have to, you know, to do it yourself. Their child depends on you. So, for me that was exactly how this felt, you know, and I wanted to do it for me. I want it to be successful. I want to do it for my family and for my husband. For my daughter, you know, so it's been a right actually.

Matt:  Yeah. No, I mean, you're obviously crushing it but that's such a funny thing when you go on and like 4000 human beings watch this. Are you kidding? Me? How long ago did you start that?

Juanita: I started my detox in March at the beginning of March. Actually, I got 1000 followers in a week. So I was like, oh my god so me. It was amazing. I couldn't believe it.

Matt:  Crazy. So did you? You've also got followers on Instagram. Like I think we've got over 1000 followers on Pinterest.

Juanita: Well, one of the things that, you know, it's been said in all of the training sessions is that you have to be omnipresent. So I decided okay, why not? Let's give it a go. And at first I just started with Tiktok and Instagram because you could post on both of the platforms together. And he's he was you know, it's very slow, you know, it's not it's not as good as picked up and I decided on the Okay, let's let's try Pinterest, you know, to see how it's gonna go. And oh, my god. Dangerous has been amazing. I mean, I couldn't believe I mean, Pinterest for me was looking for ideas for my daughter's birthday. That was Pinterest for me. That's what I thought about it. And right now I'm like, Oh, my God. I mean, people really look for things in Pinterest, you know, and about jobs and about I mean, I didn't know it was like that. And the first thing I did is it has more than 100,000 impressions. The first Pinterest I put there. So I was like, wow. And there was a video in TikTok. It didn't resonate at all. I mean it was very low views, you know, but on Pinterest it is and I still see people cleaning and saving it and I was like, Oh my God.


Matt:  Yeah, that's funny. Well, it's a beautiful lesson in marketing. And for everybody who's listening. I want you to leave us a little comment. If you're ready for a gold nugget. Just say I'm ready. And I'm going to drop a little gold nugget that you are wanting to be already doing. But I want everybody here to know the secret about what you just said. Which is and here's the word. The word is omnipresence. And the reason that we're sometimes confused as marketers is because it sounds like a really tricky, confusing marketing term or something right? But the truth is, if you're posting one single video on your TikTok, you're taking that video, right and then you're putting it on these different platforms. So it's one piece of content that you're present everywhere on social media. If somebody wants to follow you on Pinterest because they like Pinterest better, they're gonna go follow you on Pinterest. So what's happening though, is different algorithms might be triggering or firing at different times or better uncertain days. And we don't really know why. Like, we can pretend to know why, but we don't really know why we're not. We might be good marketers, but we're not geniuses. Right? And, and so taking a video off Tik Tok and then putting it on Pinterest or something, or putting it on Instagram or putting it on Facebook reels or YouTube shorts, all of those things. Taking that and doing that lets you get enough content into the algorithms into the social media world where one of them might just randomly pop off and get 10,000 views or 50,000 views, just totally random. And the problem that most people run into is they're only creating content on one platform because they think that platform is the hot platform. And then Pinterest gets hot and they stop creating content on the first one, jump to Pinterest or jump to another one. And the truth is it doesn't work well, you can tell me from my experience, it doesn't take that much more work to take that original video and then go post it across multiple different platforms. Am I right or am I wrong?

Juanita: You are completely right. I mean, every platform, I mean, I mean, I mean YouTube, I mean, Facebook, I mean Instagram.

Matt:  Everywhere, right? Yeah, you're all over. The place. And after the first couple, you know, repost that you do. It starts to get a lot easier and faster, right?

Juanita: Yeah, yeah, of course.

Matt:  And then you're also replicating all of your results. I mean, you're spreading your brand, you're spreading your content suddenly here on, like, every platform all over the place. Which is kind of cool, because think about it. You're only like five or six months into creating content on the internet in general and building your brand. Like that's a pretty cool thing.

Juanita: Yeah, no, you didn't see these and, like, I tell you, I never thought I would do it. This is like, wow, I mean, I had that many followers. I mean, and you start to stop thinking about the followers, right? Because at the beginning, I was like, No, I want to be in 1000 You know, and right now I'm like, I mean, I created content because I like it. I created content, because this is fun. You know, I had so much fun making videos right now. Sometimes I just mean I made a video on and when I went to post it. Oh my god. Remember on a post that and and I posted and I just laughed so much because I couldn't believe I posted something like that. But I have fun. I have those videos. I mean, it's amazing. It's really funny but it's cool.

Matt:  Cardio, you're amazing. And also your outlook on this is so refreshing. Because I hope you hear I just hope everybody hears the energy of and you keep using this word fun. And sometimes we just get so locked into this like oh, what is everybody gonna think of me? Oh my gosh, I hope people don't make fun of not even make fun of me, but I just I'm just so worried like maybe I'm going to be seen as a loser or as like, or as somebody who's not good enough for you know, like, I don't know, whatever it is for people or you know for me it's it's usually like, oh, people are gonna think I'm not good enough for you know, I'm ugly or my teeth are crooked or something or you know, but honestly, like the people who really start to come in to their video content or just content in general, even written content on blogs, and are just like, and I'm gonna have fun with this, you know, and screw in. Anybody might think of me. Forget about it. It doesn't matter. I'm gonna have fun with this. What a great word, man. I love that there's so much freedom in that there's so much like looseness it feels loose, right? I'm a big sports fan. I played sports and I'm not a big sports fan, but I like to play sports and I grew up playing sports. And there's this: there's this sort of unwritten rule is in team sports where the team that that a lot of times this happens around like the championships where the team that's really tight. Like they're, they're nervous and they maybe don't have the sort of real bond with their teammates, but they're really talented. They're really talented and they're really good. But they don't really have the sort of looseness, right, like maybe in the locker room. They're not listening to their favorite music and they're not kind of like you know, like like, like making jokes with their friends on the team, you know. And then the other team who maybe just slightly less talented or something, maybe they don't have the all star on their team. But they've got fun music bumping in the locker room before the game. They're focused, but they're also you know, like, they're loose, they feel loose, then they get out on the court. It's the big moment the lights come on. And they're they're loose, they don't have those butterflies that are like, you know, killing them and they can actually shoot and then a lot of times that team is the team that wins because they're loose and they feel good and they're having fun and they're they remember that this is this whole journey is about having fun and enjoying yourself. And I get that energy from you and that's really cool and inspiring to me.

Juanita: Thank you Well, at the beginning it wasn't fun, right? Like I told you my first video was two hours and I mean, oh my god

Matt:  Money to start your business and I mean, you had a lot on the line, right? Yeah,

Juanita: Yeah, but I wasn't under pressure. You know, I mean, I mean, I think everybody at the beginning is like, Okay, I wanna make some money. You know, I want to see money. I mean, you know, and, and suddenly I said, Okay, no, it's not about the money. Let's have fun, you know, and let's do that. Let's do this and things are gonna come you know, they're gonna come forward, they're gonna come maybe two weeks, maybe two days, maybe four months, you know, I mean, it's gonna come you know, but if you if you are consistent and if you do it and if you keep doing it and you're having fun with it, and you know and feeling that you're trying to help people that they're showing people what, they're, that this is real. I mean, the results are real, you're gonna it's gonna happen to you, you know, it depends on on, I don't know, on a lot of things, but it's gonna happen. And I happen to have this thing in front of my wallet.

Juanita: Seven. I have these here. I don't know if it's backward. So. Wow. Yeah. So that's what happens every time. Every time that you are on a journey like this. You're You're, you're gonna want to give up at some point, right? But no, I have this in front of me and I'm not gonna keep up. You know, I'm gonna crush it. I'm gonna you know, and it's gonna happen.

Matt: That's all it is happening. It is.

Juanita: It is happening. It is happening. And it happened. I mean, and the funny thing is that the moment that I have more commissions, you know, it was when I was on vacation, I was like, Oh, my God, I know. What's this? You know, I'm on vacation. And I'm making in one day, I made more than I'm making at my previous job in one day, I mean, I was like, Oh my God. You know, I really couldn't believe it. For me. That's amazing. And I mean, I'm proof that you can do this from anywhere in the world. I mean, at the beginning, I thought that maybe I was at a little bit of a disadvantage, because I'm in Colombia, you know, as far as my followers were, of course from South America, and then you know, I started spreading a little bit around the world. And I think you heard me a lot of times for your Thursday's webinars. Me telling you how I can get out of my soul You know, because you see what is happening you know, I just, I'm just being consistent in a post posting, I'm giving my best, you know, so it's gonna happen. It did.

Matt:  So cool. Yeah. And, you know, I feel like, oh, that image or that photo that you held up there that was that's such a powerful image where, you know, somebody's digging and digging, and digging and digging. This close from the miracle on our on our, we did a virtual ashram and this past weekend that I closed up the mastermind by saying, you know, you're probably this I said, somebody this effect, you're probably this close from a miracle from a huge breakthrough from doing something that you never thought was possible. You're probably this close and you'll never hit that miracle, the difference between that miracle happening and not it's just hitting the Post button, just hitting going in, recording some content, writing blog, post, whatever it is, and hitting post and doing that consistently. Day. After a day of mobility through you know, what people are going to say of me, what are people going to think just hitting Pope's, and that's really where the miracle happens. And when people start to believe that and see that that's, that's really where the miracle happens. And so, man, such a great story and such a great sorry, such a great inspiration to us in our community and your energies and credit. Do you ever go live?

Juanita: Well, I have gone live three times. But with the three differences I mean, there's our Facebook community inside legendary that is amazing. And at the beginning, I heard that you have to go live after the courthouse, you know, like, okay, but it felt very strange to do it by myself, right? So I wrote a post and I asked you guys if there is any mom that wants to do with me so we can support each other? So I did this. I did this with two moms at that time. And it was a little scary, you know, to go live with somebody because it's like this you know, you're talking you're you know, sharing stuff. And I have done like portlights with another period from Legendary. Also, we contacted the Facebook group, and he has been very nice. We had been trying to do it like a weekly thing, you know, but since I went to Vacation saying we stopped , it was pretty nice. We went to live with him like three times. And we did like for an hour and it was good. But I've never done it by myself. I tried to do it once by myself. And it feels so weird. I mean, it was like oh my god and no, I people don't come you know, and that's Jesus. So I really really enjoyed doing that with somebody else.

Matt: It's great. Yeah, yeah, no, that's a great idea. It's great. That's brilliant. It's honestly brilliant. And oh man, I think more people should capitalize on that. That's really powerful, that's so powerful, but also, you know, just going live in general, but I don't know if I say this to everybody. Mostly saying this to you because I feel like you have infectious energy. And I just I think that that energy really translates well to going wide like Amy forgot her last name starts with an age but anyway, Amy, she goes live a lot and taught at our Mastermind and I just think sometimes you get that you get that energy that's sort of infectious where, you know, you start you start going and you get the hang of it and it can do a lot for your sales. Going live just for everybody who's here. You know, a lot of times when you create content, it's seen as this piece of content that's out there that just you know is somewhere out there in outer space. Right and to the to the you have to think through the subconscious of somebody who's sitting there looking at your videos, right? And they're scrolling and they happen to come across one of your videos. Great. That's awesome. They discovered you right? But the truth is in the unconscious of our brain, we're a little bit like how long ago was this created? Is this person still around? Like what? You know, we start this isn't something we actually think about but our brain is sort of doing a scan like is this trustworthy? Is this not like what's, who is this person? Do I really think they're first? Do I trust this person? You know, in our brains doing the human brain thing? And even if we decide that we trust somebody, and we're like, Hey, this is kind of cool. It's really cool. We still have a lot of doubt right? But man, if you hit the Go Live button, and suddenly it's like, we're alive. And this person I saw doing a video before is now over here and they're live for me on my screen. Holy crap. Like now this is real. Now I'm like looking and staring at a real human being. It's a way different experience, which is why so many people who go live regularly make exponentially more sales. And this is true not just like in our industry. This is also true in e-commerce. Like I've seen and heard interviews of many people who sell for instance, like T shirts and what are some other little like kind of trinkets and stuff that's totally different than selling education. Same thing, they'll go live on Tik Tok and talk about their product. They made a little dog toy or so they you know, like they made this indestructible dog toy. They go live and they like they'll frickin play tug of war with this dog. And they're like, look, this thing will never break. This is 125 You know, pity and this thing is never gonna break and people are like, Oh my gosh, like I got this thing you know, and there's a little, you know, they're like, go to the link of my bio and purchases them from my website, you know, and they sell like hotcakes. And there's just something about the live element. I'm just telling you, so I think with your energy and sort of your passion and your fire and positivity, you'd crush it at the start up.

So you're still crushing it either way, but you know push through that little that little fear that is kind of weird in between moments and try a couple different times of the day. You know, go live for 30 minutes and have something kind of pre planned that you can talk about. You know, and then try a different times. of the day and see if one of the times of day really kicks off because sometimes that can help to and then and then yeah and and just talk with people greet them as they come in say Hey, how'd you find me you know like, what's what's up Lisa? You know, and just have many conversations with people. It's, it's, I wouldn't worry about not that many people being in there when I sign by the way, here's my last thing and then I'll stop ranting when I sign onto a live and it's like me and two other people. I actually get a little excited because I'm like, sweet like I can actually just message versus straight up. They're going to read it. Like they're going to read it and they're probably going to engage with it. So, you know, we view it as, Oh, I'm a loser. But the truth is, like most people in their smaller lives, they're just excited. They're they're like, Oh, this is cool. Like, hey, I remember seeing this vs video a while back and or they don't and they're just like, Who the heck is this person? And they're just like, Okay, what do you talk about you talking about making money online? Oh, yeah, all of that stuff is BS and you're like, Oh, great. We can talk now, let's do this. Or are there like, yeah, you know, I hate my nine to five and I wish I could, you know, work online but I don't have any tech skills. And I don't I don't really create videos. You know, I've only got a channel for my dogs. And I only oh my gosh, no. You know, so there's, there's ways in the same light where you're like, Hey, I'm going to make this fun. You'd have to take that approach and apply it to your lives. That makes sense.

Juanita: Okay, okay. Some things that I tried. The first time I tried to do a live show by myself. I tried to give a little course, you know, where he was like how to be an Amazon associate and how do you know, and I did that and at the beginning I got some people there and I started doing that. And it was kind of fun. You know, I mean, to teach something because it did not feel like everything about me or something else. So, but then I stopped.

Matt:  I'm gonna write something here on my screen here in just a second and then I'm going to show you this. Here's, here's a way that you can play around with this. And for everybody who's stuck around into minute 40 of this live, I'm going to give you a really bomb ass strategy around going live. And I hope you're ready for it. So when you go live on tick tock or something like that. Here's one of the best ways this is gonna play a second. So let me go live and I'm gonna just get a hold of this up to the screen so you can see this, but I'm gonna do a green screen effect. Have you ever tried doing a green screen effect when you go live?

Juanita: Yes, we put the green screen effect and I put in the back my, my TikTok you know, profile so I can tell people okay, just here, you know?

Matt:  Genius. Yeah, so what I was gonna say is you know something like this like a green screen where it says you know stay at home mom starts online business in two weeks. Here's how. You know since you're an affiliate for companies in the Make Money Online industry, that would make sense, but you could also do you know, brand new, brand new unbreakable dog chew toy lasts for years, you know or something. My challenge to you would be to use a really strong copy in your live and put some sort of headline above you know, that's really polarizing or as people are scrolling. They're like, whoa, that's crazy. thing that jumps off the screen at them. stay at home mom making money while on her. Do you say you're on vacation? Just traveling around?

Juanita: Yes, we were on vacation for one month and a half? Yeah.

Matt: Stay at home mom takes 45 day vacation and makes money all from her tick tock all from her social media. Here's how right I mean, what a great inspirational story and headline and as people are scrolling they're going to stop I mean, they're going to stop and and or don't put here's how instead they asked me anything. Right and ask me anything. Stay at home. I'm making money online, while on her 45 day vacation or you know, something like that. And people are gonna come up. First thing they're gonna say. They're gonna say that's bullshit. I know. You're gonna get tons of engagement. And people are gonna start flooding in, they're gonna start flooding it and you know, you can do something like Amy does, where she holds up an iPad and it's kind of like hey, look, I got trained and I I figured it out. And here's a little bit of the training that I've done right and in this is like, actually what I do is I went through a full 15 track 15 day training, started my own business, blah, blah, blah. But getting that really good copy is going to be the difference between she was like a 7000 following. If you've got 1.5 million followers, it's easy to get people in your life with 7000. You're going to need a tiny bit of really good coffee. And what will happen is people will sell coffee. And I talked earlier about the unconscious mind and how people perceive our marketing. They're going to see that marketing and they're going to be like, dang, you know what some people are going to be like I call BS majority of people in the back of their mind are thinking Damn, that was a great headline to their thinking if show that good of a headline. She probably knows a little bit more because I am so intrigued right now. Right? And that's and the third part that communicates unconsciously to people is that, dang this, this person probably can lead me to where I want to go. And that's why that's important. It's not just to grab people's attention and it's that being able to grab somebody's attention that weighs in that compelling. It tells them hey, this person has really put in the work to build a skill and they're there. They believe in themselves enough to put out a headline like this to get my attention and now I'm here to list here. Here we go. Like let's see what we can say. That makes sense.

Juanita: Yeah, totally.

Matt: Just ranting but I just have seen it so much where people build a consistent monthly income after they get to 1000 or 5000 10,000 followers, and then they start going live and a lot of times it was an algorithm that usually happens when people go live for a long time. But um, yeah, any thoughts or what what? What are your thoughts on some of that stuff?

Juanita: No. He's amazing. Of course, always. Everything that you say is going for me, you know, I have like, this is my book, where I'm in my notebook I think, you know, 1000s of notes of everything that you said and are the courses and everything and I go back to them and I mean, that's cool. That's all that's true. And I'm gonna do it because, you know, I already have done the first step and you know, I can do 3,4,5,6 Whatever, you know.


Matt: Oh, boy. Totally. Yeah, cool. It is @marketingmom101 The best place for people to find you.

Juanita: Yes, cool. You can find me everywhere as @marketingmom101

Matt:  I love it, which is a genius handle. What? What would be any final words or bit of advice that you would have for people? Let's say they're just getting started online. What final bit of advice would you have for those people?

Juanita: Oh, my advice will never stop. Be consistent. It's gonna happen to you. Just keep going learning and when you feel that it's not working and just go back to the training and see because the answer is there. I mean, maybe it's your copy, maybe say you're the way you're, you're approaching your teeth dog. So you know. So the answer is in the course. I mean you have everything you have yet everything there to be successful. I mean, so maybe you need to retrain yourself, you need to go back and read you know, and I mean, that the course is cold. I mean, you don't know what you have for that. $7 is something that I would never expect any company to give me and will not keep up. That's my advice. Really don't give up. I felt that I was gonna give up at some point. Because, you know, but I didn't I didn't. This is my best advice right now. Don't give up. It's gonna happen. You just need to put on the work. You need to learn. You need to learn new skills. You need to get yourself out of your comfort zone, you know, and, well, it's not comfortable. That's fine. Sure. You're out of it. It doesn't mean it's not gonna work. I mean, probably you're gonna be as amazed as me of what's been happening.

Matt: Totally. Well, cool. Thank you so much for coming on. I'll put up your social media handles here for people. And anytime you want to come back, just send us a message. We'd be happy to have you back on the show.

Juanita: Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. I was really nervous but really, really happy to be here. I mean, it has been amazing. The first time I had an interview was really, really amazing. And I really appreciate it. I appreciate you guys. Because you have given me so much so much as a mom, as a wife, you know, I mean you have given me a really, really, really amazing education and mindset. 

Matt: Thank you so much for the kind words. That's right. Nice. Thanks. All right. I'm gonna let you go and send us an email if you'd like to be back on the show. Okay, thank you. You're welcome. Bye bye. Are you good finding Juanita at marketing mom one on one and when she goes live on Tik Tok this week. You can, you could, you could join her Tik Tok live and say Hey, I saw you a week of legendary Nice job going live. I just look for the pressure on people. I'm just kidding. If he doesn't ever want I'll never know probably I don't spend a lot of time on tick tock and I don't watch a lot of stuff on tick tock but go give her a follow and give her some love like you know if you see one of her videos and you like it, give her give her a like to to say hey, you know, amazing video or something and and give her a little boost on her channel. So it's if you're just listening, it's marketing mom 101101 Tick Tock Instagram Pinterest you name it. You can find Juanita on all those. We'll be back here again tomorrow, same time, same place. 10am Eastern. I'll be hosting the remainder. I'll be hosting Wednesday Thursday. Joanne is going to host on Friday. And we'll wrap up the week. So amazing, amazing interview. I feel inspired by Juanita this morning. I hope you guys do too. We'll be back here tomorrow.

Here is another episode we think you'll enjoy: How to use Pinterest for your online business

How To Use Pinterest For Your Affiliate Marketing Business – A LIVE Interview With David Sharpe, CEO Legendary Marketer

Below is the transcription for this episode: Use Pinterest In Your Affiliate Marketing Business. This is a live interview with David Sharpe, CEO of Legendary Marketer. Today he dives into how to use Pinterest for your marketing business With his guest, Ebony. 

David Sharpe, CEO Legendary Marketer: Hello my friends good morning and welcome to Wake Up Legendary and this morning, my name is David Sharpe, and today we have Ebony on the show. I am looking forward to hearing what in God's name she has done on Pinterest to be getting a million plus views and eyeballs on her content. Do you know my friends in the real world and how much it would cost to get a million eyeballs on a TV commercial or a million eardrums on a radio commercial? And I wonder how much she paid in advertising costs and fees to be able to get a million views on Pinterest.

Mike's team's suspicion is she paid with something other than money she paid with something other than money she paid with time and paid with a you know an investment of time and energy and likely money into her skills to be able to learn what she's done. And so let's learn from her. Well, Ebony, welcome to the show.

Ebony: Hello, hello. Thank you, glad to be here.

David: Yeah, nice. Perfect the headphones for when we were having an audio issue before and she got it sorted out with the old school Apple headphones. So it's always good to still have those on site. I think I've gotten rid of most of mine just because you know, they always change up the whole on you down there on the bottom so I don't even have you remember when you lose that 15 pairs of those that just had the single plug and you just plug it into any phone? Yeah. And they sweep it all up on us and now you mean they're they're smart, though, are they? Because we paid.

Ebony: They know what they're doing.

David:  Yeah. So tell us about you. And you know, what is your legendary story? How did you find us? What's happened since then? What were you looking for? Uh, tell us tell us a little bit about this and this is your first time on the show right? Or Second?

Ebony: Second time.

David: Okay. Did we talk

Ebony: We did.

David: Dude, how long ago was this?

Ebony: Oh, it was back in April. Okay. Wow.

David: It was back in April of this year?

Ebony: Yep. 

David: Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I know. You'll have to forgive me because you know that wasn't in my notes. And, you know, there are so many people here in this community. It's overwhelming for me sometimes to remember everybody that we've interviewed and talk to so hold on a second. Let me just start this whole thing over. Welcome back Ebony to the show. Returning guests Holy crap, like, you know, for those of us who don't, who have met someone who have memory loss like me, let us know who Ebony is from the time that we interviewed you the first time and then we'll talk about what you've done since then.

Ebony: Got it. Okay. So I was on the show back in April and my business with legendary started to take off. And that was actually around the time where I was I started going all in with Pinterest. You mentioned Pinterest. And so what I would do is just do my content on TikTok. Then I will use those videos and repurpose them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook reels. But Pinterest was the one that took off the most buzz outside of TikTok. So that is what I'm continuing to do now is continue to just go all in on tick tock and Pinterest the other two platforms as well but a lot of the focus is on Pinterest.

David: I got to Yeah, and you know, there've been several good conversations that I've had with, you know, Legendary Marketers in this community about Pinterest, but it's not a platform that's as popular as TikTok and as popular as Instagram. Why do you think that is? 

Ebony: I think people don't realize that it's not a social media platform. It's actually a search engine. And so I think that the idea of that fact that it is a little different the way that it's made, it seems to kind of get put on the back burner because you're not really interacting as much as you would on a social media platform like TikTok  or Instagram or Facebook, or Twitter. And so I think that because of that and then there may be some apprehension because we may not know how to use it as a search engine instead of a social media platform, which is what we're used to. We're used to everything being a social media platform, and not necessarily a search engine. But when you change your viewpoint on Pinterest and start using it and posting your content in a searchable way, that is what changes the game on Pinterest.

David: What does that mean? What does that mean though?

Ebony: That means when you post your videos when you Yeah, when you post videos that you're going to repurpose or you know fresh videos you want to whenever you're putting in your title, you want to have keywords in that title. So you're gonna want to do some kind of keyword research for your niche. If you're in the fitness niche. You want to find keywords that people are actively searching for when it comes to fitness, home workouts, dumbbell dumbbells at home, you know, whatever it is you want to find keywords that people aren't actively searching for. You want to include those words in your words whenever you're making your posts.

David: Yeah, and I lost. I lost me there on all she can still hear me but she looks like her internet here is having some connection issues. Ebony if you can hear me would you log off and come back on. Try to There you are. Would you log off and come back on because there's also a delay in your internet connection? I just wonder if you could try to like it. I don't know if there's an internet issue and I wonder if you could kind of log off and come back on and see if that helps it. 

Yeah, there's like a little delay which like when you're live with somebody and there's a delay, it makes it really hard to talk to, you know, you're saying stuff in there like, they're like getting it like five to 10 seconds later and it's it makes conversations awkward as hell when you're trying to have them on the internet, you know, so let's wait for her to come back on. Let me see what I can give you all while we're waiting. So here's her TikTok and Instagram ebony brown hustle. So we can at least go check her out. Let me see what else we've got. When I don't have her Pinterest and I don't know if she's going to share that or not. But at least you have a couple of other ways to connect with it.

Pinterest is a big deal and it's been a huge silent, you know, just behemoth for a handful of people. We do have I believe. I want to just go in here and I want to just double check. Login into my back office going into the business blueprints for those of you who own the business blueprints. There is a Pinterest set where we break down an entire Pinterest funnel including the history and how to use Pinterest. How to create your Pinterest profile posting on Pinterest like a pro getting endless free traffic from Pinterest. And ebony is back yet getting endless free traffic. Let me actually just go right in here. I want to share my screen and show you what we have just in case some of you are like hey, you know how can I learn how to get on Pinterest today? Well, what you can do is if you have the business blueprints you can go into the affiliate marketing business blueprint. You can scroll down here to the Pinterest funding and this is the section that I'm talking about.

Okay, we not only have and we have this by the way, with the Instagram funnel, the YouTube funnel, TikTok funnel, we have all of this stuff, including case studies and breakdowns of exactly how people are using it. So for example, we've got a hairdresser who shares her Pinterest blog and tiktok secrets repurposing content using Pinterest 1 million views on Pinterest, here's so make sure that you go back in there. If you own the blueprints please check that out. Okay. And Ebony is back. Welcome back to the show. How are you doing?

Ebony: I'm back. How do I sound? Is it clear?

David: You're good. We still got a little delay but it's fine. We're gonna work through it. So I believe that I believe that we left off talking about Pinterest being a search engine. And that's why it's so powerful and that's why you think that people overlook it. Then you talked about actually targeting specific keywords or searchable phrases that people might be searching for and you gave an example in the fitness niche. What, what sort of, or how can I ask this question How can somebody start using Pinterest and integrate it without doing too much extra work? If they're already marketing on say TikTok or Instagram.

David: How long have you been actively marketing? Was this also the first online venture that you ever did?

Ebony: I came on in January. I had seen it for a couple of months. And I said I don't know if I want to do this again. I had done fairly hearing back in maybe 2017 somewhere like that 2016 2017 And I didn't have very good training back then. And so I just kind of winged it . I was winging it the whole way through. It's kind of self taught having to teach myself everything. And so when I came across this back in December, I wondered, you know, am I gonna have to wing this again? I say well, you know what, I'm going forward. I will go for it. And I'll just wing it. I can link it. But then I realized that there was actual step by step training that taught me exactly what to do, how to do what to click, and what to do. And I said, Oh, this is it. This is the one and so in January I went all in and out of the gate, came out the gate hot and I've been going ever since then.

David: And what does that mean? So people understand what you mean when you come out the gate hot. Tell me out because that probably means you took a crapload of action. But tell me what happened here or in here. That changed. 

Ebony: Yes, I did. I took massive action. So I took the training that took the 15 day challenge, but I finished it in about a week or so. Of course you know everybody's different when it comes to learning but I was kind of insatiable. I wanted to learn the information as quickly as I could and start applying it as quickly as I could. And so that is what I did. I finished up the training and then I started putting the funnels together the emails together I got all of my ducks in a row. As soon as I could. I worked on it every day. Every spare second I had I worked on it. Well, then I did that. I will put out content every single day. I did not miss a day that first month in January or from January to February. I put out content and I still do this to this day, but I put out content every single day. I had no followers. I had a brand new TikTok account. I had a brand new Instagram account. I had a brand new Pinterest account.

David: So what do you think? Maybe you want to have a head start, usually zero. Is that what you're trying to say? 

Ebony: Oh, and I remember thinking I'm starting from zero. Nobody's ever gonna find me. How's anybody ever got to find little evidence? I love that.

David: Honest fear, right? It's like I am on an island in the middle of the ocean 

Ebony: I don't know how anybody's ever gonna find me. I look ridiculous. I'm making tic tock videos but you know what? I got the training. I know that I have seen this work for people. I've seen people change their entire life with Legendary. I said well, I want to be legendary too. So I'm just gonna, that's what I mean with massive action. I started all brand new accounts. I started posting every single day on those accounts. I used my training that I got from legendary, and I applied it to every single social media platform and just kept going every single day consistently. Some a lot of days. I had no comments. I barely had any views on my videos. But then I will get one comment. Or I will get a little more views. We'll get a little bit more traffic. 

Ebony:  I just wanted to drop this link. I know he talked to you for about 10 years but didn't want to know I didn't launch it. As always if you want to show some support. No, no cold messaging, cold calling, bothering friends, blah, blah, blah. Some of them don't even know I was doing this at all. So if they just happen to come across, it's because they just came across it. I never even told them what happened in any of the links. Has that happened? Yes, yes. I've had family and friends start texting me and say Hey, what's this thing you're doing now? I've been seeing you on my thing. I've been seeing you on my Pinterest. I've been seeing you on TikTok. I've been seeing you're never articulate. It's like saying and I've been sitting over here. Right? What's his thing? What's he like? What are you talking about?

Ebony: So that's what started to happen. I said okay, this is actually working. This is really working. What I've been doing, even though I was getting very little results in the beginning, I did not stop. I did not stop that. Then I saw the first commission coming if at all possible. I knew it. I knew it. So that just gave me the motivation to just keep going because if somebody else is out here doing this, I can do it. So you have to trust the process. Just trust the process.

Keep being consistent every single day. Last time I was here with you guys on Legendary. I mentioned. Go for it. Show up for yourself every single day. Because you're worth it. This is your life. This is your livelihood. Show up for yourself every single day. That's what I did. And I'm trying to keep that mentality. Yeah, get tired Yeah, might not feel like making a video but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. To this, do you think?

David: Especially since you have training and you talked about that and really, if you want it bad enough you can figure out how to do something really anything in life. I mean, I think we have great training. I think we have the best training, but I mean, God, you know, I'm not saying that it's the only training out there. Yeah, and I say this to people just kind of like we'd be like Rolex saying we're the only watch company. It's like no, we're not the only, we're just the best, you know. And I wonder, since you let's take training out of the like, do you think that it's more the attitude and consistency of somebody or do you think there really is some secret that changed everything for you?

Ebony: Consistency, consistency, and a little bit of tenacity. If you apply that to yourself, you're gonna have a breakthrough. Of course the training helps because you know, you have that knowledge. But aside from that, you can have a lot of knowledge in the world but if you don't actually apply, actually take action on what you know. It's just knowledge in your brain and nobody knows you have it. You act like you don't have it. So if you go consistent There you go.

Take the knowledge, take the knowledge and apply it, then be consistent with it. I think one of the biggest problems that we don't have is consistency, especially when we don't see the results we want to see or we think we are supposed to and I tell you something crazy. Yeah, absolutely. Just you are going to. I hope you're sitting down for this. I have. I have seen multiple people over the last several years, in so many over my career, who, for example, will build up a YouTube channel or something and make a million dollars and then just stop and then just stop. Just stop posting. Just stop doing what they were doing.

That was bringing in all the money and all the traffic in delivering the value to people because the people, people are getting some value from your video, if they're watching it. Now, you may be asking yourself, well, I'm over here, going deep on my TikTok and this person over here is a real idiot and they're getting all these views. Well people are getting more value out of that for some reason you got to understand humans. Humans go deep all the time. Maybe they just want simple things, maybe they just want to be entertained a little bit. Maybe they just want to look at it for two months and right that's what they people don't always want to be backed into a corner. Hustle, hustle, hustle. You know people want to chill. Mostly they go on social media to be entertained. But I My point here is about that crazy thing I'm telling you and that crazy thing is that you mentioned consistency. Well consistency can even be difficult. When you're succeeding is what my point is.

To be able to keep something up and sustain it for years on end is the hardest thing in the world to do and it's one of the reasons why those who do sustain things for years on end usually build wealth, and those who not usually build up a little bit and then lose it all because they couldn't sustain the consistent daily habits that they needed to do to be able to keep that up. Let me give you an example. Shutting down a YouTube channel that for three years I've built up or whatever that's made me you know, hundreds of 1000s or millions of dollars and I've been posting that to that would be like having a thriving. What's your favorite come on beyond like, is it Chick fil A or do you do like a whopper when you really want to be? Do you like to go to Taco Bell? 

David: It's hard to say when you're getting results from them, you know what I mean? And that's the phenomenon that if you can, if you can know that going in that one and I'm talking to everybody because everybody's clearly cracked the code. And it's not a secret. It's just that it's doing what is working consistently over scaling and everybody loves to talk about scale. But what they should be talking about is what is sustainable, and what can I sustain because 99% of people have no business worrying about scaling or self questioning we need to be asking ourselves and this is the question. You've prompted all this in me this morning and I just love it. What can I sustain? Yes, you agree with that? And what would you add about sustaining versus worried about scaling?

Ebony: Yes, I absolutely agree with that. Because of scaling. Not everybody's gonna be able to actually do that and be sustainable like what you were saying because when you scale things explode in a it gets bigger and they make it bigger than you and what you can handle. But I can't sustain this. Did you write down a plan? Okay, everything's okay. If you can't do all the social media platforms, you feel like they're going to overwhelm you, then don't, but at least stick to one and be consistent every single day on that one. Master that one, if that's what you have to do, be consistent. And if you can do that, you will create momentum.

Yeah, we'll create momentum, and we didn't start creating that momentum. You start making a living, you start, you know, stuff starts coming in. That is not when you stop that you're like, Oh, I did it. I got it. Now. Done. You keep that momentum going. You rolling the ball down the street was gonna stop at some point unless you keep pushing it. Keep pushing, keep going to be consistent and the part that you've built in the beginning from being consistent, will continue to grow. It will continue to go because if I had stopped and given up in the beginning when I was barely getting views, I would rarely get any comments without making any. I wouldn't be on this show right now. Right? But I can't go and I go. Oh, shit.

David: So I learned everything that you just said to such a degree that I want to get refocused and try to try to recap what you just said. Because a lot of people I think have envisioned success in this industry in this business as an entrepreneur. That I'm gonna do whatever I got to do scram, I mean, just do it for me. Whatever until I get it to just in and then I'm gonna have I'm gonna be able to stop right and then just enjoy life. And it's like, that it is probably not a fun life. It's you that's not very fulfilling if you really think about it, that's probably not going to fulfill you if you do whatever, to get something to a place that it's making some money and then you just walk away. I mean, it's just what in life works like that. So not only is it probably not going to feel it, there's nothing in life that's like that. And what really, what's a beautiful fulfilling experience with both a business and a relationship is doing what every business or relationship requires at the beginning, which we're doing in that investment of time. And that I mean, come on, man, you ain't gonna find a wonderful spouse by just wham bam Thank you ma'am. And then once we get married and it's all over now, baby, that's when the work begins.

Ebony: That's when the work starts

David:  What I think a beautiful shift in perspective is, is something that I heard from Brian Brewer, which is that that first 30 days is like that valley of despair. It's like you're going to feel and think and come up against all of your limits and all of the old bugaboos and things that you say to yourself when times get and you want to give up or whatever you just taught you just tell yourself that you can't succeed or you're not good enough or whatever. All that old limiting leasing soundtrack starts to play. And what I hear you saying is that you also had that and kept going, and that was your first hurdle. And then the second hurdle has been being consistent. That's been the thing that you've so simplified and clarified what I've heard from you about, kind of the foundational pieces.

Now, if you wouldn't mind talking a little bit about what are some of the things that you've learned about kind of creating content that has helped because I've seen people mentally and in this happens to all of us don't worry, it's just some of us are are courageous enough to actually post and ask for help. You know, a woman in our community said that having posted a lot of videos haven't got a lot of traction yet, like basically haven't generated a lead. And, and, and I it's hard when someone's feeling kind of beat up like it's hard to. You don't want to put them down. You want to make them feel but you also want to let them know that it's not them. It's you. You know. So there are things that you can and the beautiful thing is it's you you can change it you can impact image not personal, and so are the things that you did that made a change that maybe at the beginning you were thinking it's me, or or it's or it's something that's out of my control, and then you and then you realize, wait… This actually is in my control, and I can change me, I can change what I'm doing. It doesn't hurt to do that to just give people more of what they want. I just have to figure out what they want. So what has that process been like for you? And do you have an exam?

Ebony: Yes. So in the beginning, I did a lot of trends, things I would see people with a million views and then just one thing, but I would do that one thing and then it would be crickets. I get 200 views and I'm sitting here like David exactly like they do and what did I do? Wrong? I was not providing value in wood on my knees. I'm in the world from home but the niche I value in that video Yeah, did the trend blah blah, blah. Hello. It's hilarious. You know, maybe but I did not provide anything that was worthwhile in that video. I did that for probably two, three weeks a month and I'm thinking that I'm doing something.

I'm doing something wrong here. So I researched TikTok itself. I researched what other creators were doing in my niche and other creators that had been successful in the work from home space, which is what my niche is. So whatever your niche is fitness, health, well, whatever it is, you research what other people have done to be successful. All right, we're all copycats out here living life. That's what it is. They have been successful doing this. So then you do what they're doing with your personal spin on it. And you actually talk in your videos. People want to hear your voice. They want to know that you're a real person that you know what you sound like, because it makes them trust. It puts a trust factor there. 

David:  Especially when nobody else is talking. Right? I mean, yes. Beautiful thing is you don't have to there's so many different ways and examples. And there's every single day just on this show. And in our training, we're given examples of people who are building tick tock accounts without talking

And these people are also succeeding by talking in their videos. It's not a one. It's not this is not a thing if it was then 8 billion people on this planet would be doing this very thing. Why? Because it's awesome. It's profitable. And quite frankly, I know I'm thrown around the E word. So brace yourself. It's easier than other stuff. It's not easy. It's easier. They're sourcing products from halfway around the world or selling something that you know is shit, some lotion, potion or pill or chasing somebody that doesn't want to. It's just better you're putting value and going fishing. And people are saying I like that you know and then we bring them in the bow and actually we don't hurt them or kill them. We actually give them value and say or you can just go right back. You don't have to stay in the boat with me. You can just go right back out. It's the most beautiful catch and release program that I've discovered. And, and we still, you know, we still try to find that cookie cutter process. What is the exact thing that everybody's doing? So you said people wanted to hear your voice? Why do you think what are some examples of how you became how you began to introduce your actual voice in your own words in your videos?

Ebony: I literally made a video introducing myself pinned on my TikTok. I literally made a video saying do affiliate marketing and then I put a few facts about myself on the screen. I did speak in the very beginning and then I went quiet and just let them read the facts about me. People want to know about you. You don't give them your birthday and your social September. But they want to know some fun facts about you. They want to know that you're a real person and that you're not some superstar on the internet because of course if you're a superstar you're gonna be successful. No, everybody that has gotten somewhere in life is because they have the willpower to be consistent in what they're even when they are not seeing the results. And it's funny that you said this is easy. It's funny you said that because I literally told my husband. This is the simplest thing I have ever done online. I've done a few things. I've done affiliate marketing before, and it was so hard, but I had no training. So that's why it was so hard for me. I've done dropshipping before it was stressful. It wasn't necessarily hard. But it was stressful. What I love is you put in that work. You get your funnel set up, you take the training, you get your funnel set up, then you start recording videos. You start recording videos, you get that free traffic. I've never done paid traffic for what I'm doing now. 

David: People are sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Sleepy drool on the pillows. As DJ Khaled Said drools. Socially we play and we are very sleepy right now. And there's a lot of craziness going on in this world folks. You know, I know what is going to you know, be that thing that you're going to say to yourself or that you know, moments of clarity, that anger or that moment of, you know, why don't know what it will be full of. And it doesn't have to look the same as anybody else's. But if you want a different circumstance in a different work environment, you want to go in a different direction and you're sitting on the sidelines.

I noticed something when you came up on this first thing today you said you know I looked for two months. i i What do you wouldn't know I think a lot of people also do that but never come back, you know, and that's a huge missed opportunity. What do you think? What do you think? What do you think people need to know or or that you know that you could share with them? That would help to, you know, make a decision faster? Because I think one of the biggest challenges that we have in life is we procrastinate not on the act, but just on the making of the decision. We made the decision. It's difficult to act you know, and what, what, you know what finally clicked in you or what was it that you saw or said to yourself felt or thought that at the end of that two months when you were just either? Sure, I don't know, whatever you were thinking about it? What was it that you thought or experience that made you stay? 

Ebony: It was one of those things where I don't know if I would disappear again. Now not a lot of people have done marketing online. So if you haven't done it online, then you're scared of what it is. Fear is what's holding you back. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being embarrassed about videos. I don't know what to say. I don't have a following. Everybody starts at zero. Anything that someone has implemented is because they learned it and they put it into action. So when I took the training or before I did this, I say and I kept seeing people that were successful in this. And it wasn't just young people, just older people. It was a mix of people, all ages and the years.

Oh, I watched a video with a guy who was 80 years old all y'all and I could not believe it. And he's successful with this. So never tell yourself I'm never gonna be there. I don't know what to do. What if this happens? Don't put that fear on yourself because you're putting that fear on yourself. You're projecting that fear onto yourself. The only thing you need to do is trade, then take action. Put what you have learned into practice and be consistent. Consistency is the main thing you get the knowledge you can take action, then you be consistent. That is all abilities.

Everybody's like there's you're doing something that you're just not telling us. No, I'm not. I've been consistent. That is the only thing I have done. I have been consistent. I do my research. I do it inside the plant or whatever. I researched what has been successful. Yeah, create a piece of content. Similar. I switched it up. We're not gonna plagiarize anybody. I switched it up, put my spin on it and kept doing that. Over and over and over again and I promise you, one of them goes hit and when it hits you go feel so good that you took a chance on yourself and that you stay consistent is all going to be worth it. But you just keep going. You keep going. You will keep going every day or you will be fired and you will make no money. What about a guy?

David: What about a guy like Joe Rodriguez? I mean, feel let's feel this guy's pain that his wife hates and I'm still trying to earn a living online. She doesn't believe in it. I'm afraid of her and losing her if this thing doesn't work out. Finally, because over the last several years, I've tried every shiny object that came through my inbox and gone broke in the process. Let's leave this guy real quick. He says can you give a quick explanation of how you do your research? No, we can't because we need to back up real quick, Joe. Here's the there's a lot of people who have this issue. It's not just you in the problem, it is not that you need to figure out right now how to do research.

You need to unlearn some things. And the first thing that you need to unlearn is whatever you this kind of jumping on anything that comes in your inbox as long as you do that and as long as you're always have one foot in one foot out, always thinking the grass is greener on the other side but always get in there and it's always artificial turf. And it was always just as good where you are and where you are now but you always want to keep moving to a different place because you just can't sit still and go through the discomfort and the uncomfortability of that valley of desert that for a third of 45 to 60 I don't give a shit if it's 365 days. Sit in that son of a bitch man. Ride that Bronco and you know what, when you right through it it doesn't matter what your wife says doesn't matter what anybody else says cuz you know where you're going brother.

And so look, it's not about whether you can be successful with anything that you do. If you have the attitude and you have the determination and you have the focus. And that's really a big difference than wanting something or how to focus in discipline. It's just about getting up and making our bed in making sure that our clothes are put away in their iron with extra starch. You know, a lot of us come from institutions where we think that discipline is about getting up on time and it's not, it's about learning how to manage our emotions. It's about learning how to develop new coping mechanisms. Right? Instead of every little bit uncomfortable in my business I run I need to find a different coping mechanism. Or every time there's some uncomfortability back to the inbox and guess what other things start looking attractive to me. That's I kind of have that area. I got it as a man. I got to stop talking and thinking that discipline exists on the external. We've all got big muscles, and I go to the gym every day, bro. Happy because I think that all the discipline and the focus because as a man I put all my focus on the external.

Not on the internal, especially not on my emotions because men don't feel right wrong. That's what is holding most of us back is not you need to learn any more. Right now, you need to get right with you and really make a decision about who you're doing it for and also really get clear about what it's going to take and it has nothing to do with anything external or outside of you, including ourselves. You know, I used to think that my wife didn't support me when really I just wasn't didn't know how to support her.

Right and in turn, and in turn. She felt like she was selfish. So son of a gun who always just wanted her to support me and I never asked her how she could feel loved and supported. So they're there. This is a mental game. This is an internal game. You win in business, you win on the scoreboard through the winner's mindset and the inner game. And most of us have that just all messed up and manipulated and we've been lied to and it's not our fault in it. Absolutely one. You know, what would you add to that?

Ebony: I believe it is true because that pit of despair when you are trying something new, and it just does not take off right away. And you see other people that have success or not and we got it this month. I was able to quit my job. You cannot go off of what they did. They are not you. You are a unique individual, which is a beautiful thing because you bring something special that they don't have. anybody's gonna know what it is until you put it out there. You continue going through that pit of despair I had to I had to I had been posted when nothing happened and I couldn't get to 1000 like to save my life.

And then it finally happened. It will happen. You have got to be consistent. Are you posting every single day? Are you making content every single day? Are you responding to every single comment? Are you sharing your link? Are you posting on other platforms? What is going to be a consistent, massive action. Yeah, the move to my husband because he was thinking okay, you try some Mills I you know, I put I shall I say look at this. Look at this. Look at this. Prove it to yourself and to anybody else that's looking on. Yeah, massive action. Just keep going. I promise you just keep going. Take a chance. on yourself. In that pit of despair is different for everybody as far as it doesn't span. But you keep going, you implement training because you have to train, get your training implemented. Keep it every single day. That's the part you got to do. Every single day.

David: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, this is such a common thing. You know, I wonder how they feel to focus more on themselves. I like this. Sarah, I thought you said you did feel concerned but you actually said you don't feel concerned your husband's been on the road for one and a half weeks. At this point. I'm not concerned about his opinion. It will preclude that I am excited about love. You know, we have to really, you know, we have to really ask ourselves at a certain point and I think also at a certain age, what is going to make me happy. So I'm glad that you commented because it really is a wonderful creative outlet.

And what I'd like to do is get creative for a second and go back to our friend Joe Joe. Thanks for commenting and being so honest, buddy, and I hope that words come through as truth to you and not anything other than that. I want to empower you, but I want to be truthful. I want to be honest. I don't want to I don't want to bullshit. I don't want to just answer the questions and make you happy when they're not going to help you when I know what's going to help you. It's kind of like a patient coming into the doctor saying, Well, I have you know, I have I have kidney disease application and the doctors are like okay, there you go. And it's like they got maybe liver cancer or something right? We can't let the patient die. So if you're struggling my friend, let us help you stay in that here's another here's another commitment that I have.

You know, if you're a business blueprints member and this is my service to everybody for free, by the way, this I get on here for five days a week. And then it might be less like it was Friday when I just took off and Matt covered. Thanks, man. But the rest of our focus goes into our business blueprint, you know customers and here's my community. Here is struggling, and their business blueprint customer, you go to those Thursday coaching sessions that we do, we will work with you until you get it, we will work with you until you're sick. You know what if you have worked with others inside of this community and you're a business blueprint member and you and you can prove and show that you've taken direction from others, you can help you personally day that legendary I know. I know that most of us don't exalt when it's most of us in Joe. I want you to take this in the heart right now and don't take it because we take it in the head we get our egos involved.

Take this in the heart rather than complain about the results that we don't get from the work that we don't all do. Okay in some way, shape or form. And the truth of the matter is, is that that's probably one of the one of the one of the biggest things that we can focus on fixing it's sort of like my marriage like I would have been very unhappy if my wife would have left me at several points in our relationship and probably should have because I was I've been in at an idiot many, many times in my life. But I said to myself, I want to do everything I can. I want to do everything I can. So I can say to myself, not my wife. So I can say to myself that I did everything that I can and so you know if that doesn't get me the result and I can complain because at least I did the work. But it's unfair to myself, let alone others who listen to complain about the work I didn't get from the work I do.

I'm coming up to the top of the hour. I want to give you the last word, comment on anything that's been said up until this point or leave us with what your plans are. Envision your future now that just in January you started this which was seven ish months ago. And would you I guess the question would you leave us because this is what's going to help us the most as I was hearing your experience. Would you leave us with some sort of a description of how if you could describe where your life is now compared to where you were in terms of not only financially but also like clarity and happiness. And you know stress levels and so forth. Could you talk to us and summarize the difference now and then.

Ebony: So I lost my job. I have waited tables off and on for 12 years. And I was waiting tables and COVID here. I lost my job. And so I needed a job. I needed calm. I was desperate to need an income but I did want to stay home so I did this to allow me to stay home. Now remember we talked about the pit of despair. I needed a job, I needed the income but I wasn't getting any results. So I looked at what I was doing and changed it. Then the results started to come, still a little small trickling in. But then more and more I reached out to different groups to create a new and I went to start blowing up his wrist. That opened the way because I took this training and it opened the way to get in the creative fun in Pinterest. So not only is she getting just paid to just repost the videos that are already posted on another platform.

Then Facebook invites me to do their real bonus program. So this open door that had opened the door for other streams of income to come in just doing exactly what I was already doing. None of that would have happened if I had stopped in his spare hours. But I said they're successful with this. He's been doing great at this. She's doing great at this. I can do this. I will do this. I have to. I wouldn't allow myself to give up on myself to give up and I'm a shiny object person too. When it comes to income. I'll see something like Oh, I could probably now I'm already invested in this. I'm doing this stock. And I've continued to put it all in this. That's what happened seven months later. I'm making an income. I got student loans to pay off. Hey, that's one of my wives to help my husband pay off student loan debt. And to continue doing this. I'm trying to ride this until I'm 80 years old. I'm back out here.

Ebony: Be consistent. The consistency. I promise you. That is the five put that fire in your consistency. You do that for yourself. Do that for yourself. You just watch and see what's going to happen if you do. That is, it is a real real pleasure and a lot of fun to talk to you. I'm glad we got our tech issues sorted out. Yes. And I was able to give a couple of good clips. You ever dealing with your technical issues worked out really really well and just another I was having lots of flashbacks to our previous conversation especially with we want people to really kind of talk about getting a lot of results from Pinterest here in the community.

You know it's it's just a platform that people have have slept on and what I love about what you're doing you've got this one thing and you're going all in on Pinterest I mean you're still creating multiple streams of traffic and I love that you talked about creating multiple streams of income and having to create tons of new businesses to create those multiple streams. That is not what the road to prosperity is, that multiple streams of endless same business is the if you want to know the secret to you know, I'd say riches and happiness like my definition is multiple streams of traffic and monitoring. Income income, the same business is like an octopus, you can cut off one tentacle, but the business still continues to thrive because number one, the CEO is not exhausted by all the differences. You as the CEO of your business have to be rested, need to have time to think, and you need to have time to be creative.

David: We overlook just our mental health and our state of being. It takes multiple businesses, but what you laid out with multiple streams of income from the same number of streams of traffic you will be doing this till you're 80 and beyond because it's a new up Guess what? It's not a shiny object. Let's go No it's it's just another stream of traffic and I'm likely going to simply repost what I'm already creating on that. And try to make it native to that platform. And guess what? That's that it you know, so gosh, it's so you made it so clear. You made it so simple. You made it. You just brought it, thank you for your time. Really?

Ebony: Thank you for having me.

David: All right. Ebony, will talk to you later for a third time hopefully. Alright, well go find Ebony I had her handle up for the majority of the show. That was a good show. I mean, social shows. And one last thing that I wanted to leave everybody with was Joe, I hope you're still on. I hope you're seeing it. Because wow, I just had a vision of your dopamine. And, man, you know, I was on the brink of divorce. My wife was on the verge of leaving me. I would have left me if I was her long. And I tried everything. I tried so many different things. I tried MLM. I tried, you know, drop shipping ecommerce. Every shiny object under the sun, something would put an email box. I would click it and think this is finally the answer.

But guess what? Everything I thought was beautiful green pastures. The grass was greener on the other side. And guess what? It was always just an artifact. And it was no better than where I came from until I finally finally discovered the secret and you know what it was me the whole time. And it's also inside the video on the next new entry level. I'm going to deliver it right to your inbox in YouTube ad right on me Come on people. It's a beautiful beautiful thing right now and today my lesson for life is different. I'm rich. Am I traveling around the world in private jets?

I have a Lamborghini to show you know, but you know what I can tell you about but you'll never see as he says I have inside of my head in my heart because I have a business that I know no matter what the economy is doing. Recessions bear the bull market. And I have a strategy that can provide for me, and it could provide for my family because I simply took the time to learn how to do it. And I want to learn how to do it. So enter your email on this page. And I'll see you on the next page. Come on, Joe. Let's go brother. Let's go man. In all of you that feeling or relating to Joe. Go, okay, we believe in you.

Even if you're having a hard time believing in yourself and don't quit before the miracle happens. That's what they told me when I was simply trying to get clean. Right? And in a lot of ways it's like that, because we're trying to unlearn and detoxify from a lot of the old limiting beliefs in bugaboos in the time we've learned from other people, so don't give the legendary we'll see you on Monday for another episode.

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Dave: What's going on, my friends, this is Dave Sharpe, Welcome to Wake Up Legendary once again here we are here this morning. We are going to be talking to an ex publicist who is making more money now, as a digital marketer using the skills that we teach right here at Legendary copywriting funnel building running ads, promote products, obviously then moving on to promoting your own coaching courses or even services really selling information using direct response marketing, and we'll get that. Talk a little bit about what exactly those direct response marketing skill sets are a little bit more because they're very different from what you learn in school or college but with that being said, Please everyone in the comments, help me welcome to the show. first time guest, Andrea, are you there, can you hear me?

Andrea: I think, how are you?

Dave: I'm great. I'm great. I'm great. Can you hear me okay? 

Andrea: Yep. Yep, I sure can. 

Dave: So where are you calling from. Are you in Peru?

Andrea: Yes, inside.

Dave: Well I was just there in the beginning of 2020 I came down, I flew into

the capital, Lima. And then we went out. That's where you are?

Andrea: Yes.

Dave: So then we flew out to Peru. Where is the place that you, the other big city in the middle of the country before you get to Machu Picchu or that's a city that's close to Machu Picchu?

Or Cusco. Yeah. So then we went out to Cusco, and we went to Machu Picchu, which is, of course, one of the wonders of the world. And it's really a, it was really a great trip. So,

before the pandemic. It was so it was so big. One last incredible event was before the pandemic and we absolutely loved it and it's I'm just I'm sharing this travel this travel story, traveling to your country because you know that's what we titled this, you know we titled this particular episode X publicists makes more money traveling than at her corporate job. So, to give us a little bit of your backstory about what you used to do, and how you got into online marketing.

Andrea: Okay, so I went to college for something called Communication Sciences, and advertising. So just follow like a regular but school for life and then I went. I started my corporate working first like in ad agencies, just doing regular advertising. I worked as an audiophile just like no one was doing some. So, I don't care. And then, it was very like freedom. I didn't like it very much. Besides the regular daily job. There's a lot of festivals and awards that you cannot push to participate in, so you need to go almost twice. I didn't know there was like no other possibility of making money in a different way, I felt like you either have a regular job, or you start a business like an offline business. So I was trying to find a way to bring my outside corporate job, I was kind of trying to say, like within interlace purposes I didn't know which one was what I was trying different things. I even had like, Just, just in business at one point. And then I did a couple other online things before I got into affiliate marketing. I met this guy, like in a travel group because I always like to travel. I want to travel and I only had like two or three weeks a year, so that was definitely not enough. Yeah, I just feel like people make time in the office, which I do. Yes, I met this girl, and she was traveling, full time. So kind of, you know, she's on. She went through housing and so I started researching about it. The first thing I did, like, in the online work, I guess because I had a little bit of background with advertising and copywriting, in that, in that way. So I started doing that first. I launched my first product, and I was doing fine, we started from my first launch it was successful. So that's when I say I'm gonna quit my job. I was doing that for about six months and it was my 30th birthday, so I was like I'm not going to do this anymore. So I went out and quit my job and I wasn't able to find any more there like a couple ranks more inventory. And then all of a sudden when I was struggling, I was literally. And then I got like a couple who were so awesome, they were competitors. And it was healthy but eventually I realized that it wasn't very sustainable because you were not in full control of the thing, and you could lose your business, at any point. So that helped me inventory, and they know what to do with it. And I was like a gentleman so I need to find a way to give me money. So I started doing like, I just thought about inventory, in a way. And I, it was the only thing I knew how to do all night at that point, selves. So, I started to adopt it. Very well. But it was barely sustainable I felt because, like I was always trying to fix something, just add shipping, and I was doing, I was dealing with customers, I was really hoping it was a lot to deal with and you could also like your ads. And you have like your Facebook account banned so I felt like it was always like, trying to put up the firing sort of something. So I yeah I feel like it was not sustainable. And then I got into it. Yeah, I feel like those people are doing. I guess the people that I saw that were doing it were promoting good for us, that looks interesting, Like everybody that I was learning from and that was awesome like sharing their knowledge, like reverse this. I mean as part of their job was doing affiliate marketing for. Clickfunnels software companies. Yeah, yeah, that's when I started learning about that. But in the middle of the pandemic. When that happened, the first thing I said was, Well, I'm still working on a couple of books. So I started with that, because I didn't feel like I still knew a lot. So I was trying to learn.

Dave: Andrea, what led you, what led you to legendary marketer, how did you find us in what did you find appealing or attractive about, about our community and our company, I think it was one of the groups for instance, the circle of people, especially for my gun. Making a group. Yeah and I saw that they were talking about it and they were doing very well with it.

Andrea: Like, I would get that okay with us, but I feel like I had like Polish like

I wouldn't be able to enjoy people, but, like, somebody else's experience and knowledge, but also sharing what was working for me. But still, it's like having a reputation that, like, somebody that had.

Dave: Andrea, you have a lot of connection issues, we can't really hear you that well and it's cutting in and out, is there a place in your, in your house that you would get a better internet connection? Okay. All right, go ahead and pull up your laptop. Sorry, guys. I'm aware, I know everybody's in the comments like she's having connection problems it's like we know guys, she's in Peru. So, Let's see, let's give her a chance. All right, let's, let's see here.

Let's see here. All right. Hang up on your hang up on your phone there.

There you go. Okay, so, now give me a microphone check.

A bit better. Yeah, yeah, okay. Yeah. Okay, Okay, good, good. Okay, so. So, tell me again what, what you got into affiliate marketing, and you, you found Legendary Marketer and what was appealing and attractive to our community?

Andrea: Well, obviously, I saw that people were doing very well with the product and then the offer was converting very well for a lot of people, and I also liked that it was like a very diverse company because I asked not white women. I see a lot of white men doing very well in the internet space. So, I saw that there were a lot of women and a lot of non white people, so I like that. I like that, it was like, like everybody would like to do well with the company. And besides that, I like that. I always say, the highlight like a good reputation, and I could promote this, like, Sure, a little bit of affiliate marketing that I felt like I knew when I was starting the experience I had with digital marketing in general, but also like, obviously, be able to share, like, some, some knowledge from somebody to handle a lot more experienced than me.

Dave: Yeah. Cool. Well, absolutely. We love, I love that. You know you saw diversity here because that's from the inside out, we're a really diverse company. And that's actually really, that's really, I mean, I think part of it is just like it happened, but a lot of it is created we want. We want to have women, we want to have non white people in positions of influence and leadership here in this company, both inside of our team, that do inside of our internal team but also inside of the field and in our trainers and everything because, yeah, this is a worldwide business and we want people, no matter what country they are, no matter what gender they are, no matter what race they are to know that you can be successful, I noticed also. And I'm just assuming because you're from Peru English is not your first native language, right, of course, as you can

hear because are you marketing primarily to English speaking audiences though?

Andrea: Yes, yes. Yeah, like, my loyal customers. So, both from Tiktok, nd Facebook like speaking in your speaking like this, like huge weight more so. So some questions about people trying to learn the course in Spanish, because it's not very profitable in Latin America just picking stuff out. So, I do get questions about it but yeah like.

Dave: So you're, you're doing a couple of cool things that I want to point out, the first thing that I know that you're doing that's cool is, you're doing a lot of marketing on Pinterest. And you're also. You're also blogging. So talk to us a little bit about how you got into Pinterest, why there's opportunity there and exactly how you're using it.

Andrea: Yes, so I got into Pinterest from blogging courses that I took. I, after taking quite a few courses because I always find them very valuable and I feel like, different people are very expert in very different specific things. So I go and take courses like blogging courses, some Pinterest traffic, or whatever. So I did this. Well in cars. It was focused kind of like on getting traffic trumpeters, so the good thing about Pinterest, like, it's like a search engine like Google, the same way, but people say it's like a Thumper Google because you don't need to do so much, optimization for your content to rock, you know, because there's not, not as much competition, competition as there is in Google. And, yeah, also because it's like a visual search engine, so you have like two times the opportunities for your content around, and you can also like to make it way more appealing that way. And also, a cool thing about Pinterest is that you can promote affiliate links without a website, or with Tableau, which is something that a lot of people always ask me, How can I get started with our website, because I guess people think that it would say something very complicated. They don't want to, so you can actually promote to the links of features without a website or blog. But as I learned it's not the best way to do it, because you don't get to get the emails and you don't get to follow up and you'll get to increase your conversions. It's like a really good way to get traffic first for some niches, is very focused on the audience is a lot of women, and a lot of like, moms, so it has a lot of people on the fitness niche or on the decor or beauty of fashion, but it also, like with cycles and trying to build lots of make money online so has, like, more specific niches than let's say Google, but yeah, it works really well. It has a huge audience. And it's also known to have like a better conversion rate than other social media platforms, like a lot of people out there looking to buy the house like more of have like a more purchase and know how to collect like purchase power

conversion rate, purchase power conversion rate.

Dave: So, people out there like buying more than in other platforms they're

there, they're there, they're shopping and they're in there ready to buy something that's

my intention, yeah. Okay, So tell me how, how, if I was getting started brand new and I wanted to use Pinterest, are you, how would I use it. Are you mainly using or let me ask it differently, how are you using, are you taking blog posts because I also know that you're blogging. Are you taking blog posts that you write and looking to promote those blog posts on Pinterest, or are you using Pinterest exclusively to post images there to send them right to an offer?

Andrea: Now I am using it is sending traffic to my blog, and then on my blog, I have the links inside of content like content links, and I also have different lead magnets, lead magnets, where I collect people's emails and then I take into a funnel, which is the same funnel I use for Legendary in different platforms like on TikTok on Logan prisoners, I use the same funnel. So, I offered them a lead magnet that it can be either, like for the high ticket affiliate programs, or for how to create your own lead magnet like different freebies and they had taken to that segment. And I then promote the offer to show the pre bridge page, and enter the email. 

Dave: Okay, so let's say that I have a blog and we do each of our own. Each of our wakeup shows, we actually take and we transcribe them and put them on to the blog. And as you can see we've got also the video. We've got a headline, we've got the video, we've got a call to action that goes into our funnel, and then we've got the transcription of the blog, because it's good, you know, good solid heavy, you know it's keyword depth, a lot of content to 3000 words per post. And it's easy to do because it's, this is just really repurposing content guys, that's the reason why I'm pointing this out with this show every morning. This is our as a company content strategy we do the show. We take the video posted on YouTube, transcribe it, put it on the blog to rip the audio out, put it on a podcast, and now one singular piece of content, it's live, gets repurposed. Well it's, it's streamed live, it goes, it stays on Facebook so it gets rewatched there it goes on YouTube. It goes on the blog, so it ranks in Google for it over time. It goes on lots of other platforms, Apple Spotify, you know, all kinds of different podcasts platforms so this one show that I do live, that requires zero prep preparation on my part gets repurposed at least seven to eight times. I digress. So if I wanted to take this blog, these blog posts every day, and I wanted to repurpose and post them on Pinterest, what would I do? Andrea walk me through the process of actually pinning something, and promoting my blog post.

Andrea: Yes. So, first you need to do a little bit of keyword research, which you can use the search bar for, like if you start typing your query there is. Yeah, so I would decide what it means. Yeah affiliate marketing, probably, and then it's going to suggest some firms. Yeah, just if you just write affiliate marketing is gonna, yeah, yeah cuz there's no one so smart, you know, so he only knows a few terms. Yeah, so then you have some suggestions that you can target in your title and your description. Okay, this is the type of pills that I use, and that I recommend using because you can optimize them with that title on Diamond, so a lot of people just like the product picture, or the yeah like a recipe or something. But if you have the title on the, on the Scripture in the image, then you can get more of them optimized. So okay, we'll just find a search term that I want to target like say Affiliate Marketing For Beginners so affiliate marketing with Pinterest and affiliate marketing with Instagram just choose one of those, and then we'll make a little thing like this one to know like just the image with the title.

Dave: Now I need to go over and I need to make a little image right.

Andrea: Yes, yes, you can use Canva, which is free. And of all the pins that would work better, are those that are kind of like bright colors and white backgrounds so you want it to be white, clean looking.

Dave: So why do I need to use a vertical image like this?

Andrea: If you go on the templates, they're gonna have like a Pinterest template.

Dave: Oh, they will?

Andrea: Yeah, I think you need to search for it. I can't see you, see my screen?

Dave: Yeah, yeah, there it is, that's just nice.

Andrea: Alright so you can start with, or you can start from scratch but then there you have the sites.

Dave: I'm gonna do one and I want and I want you to give me your. I want you to give me your opinion here, on, on, let's see. Okay, I want to go black. And then because of the reason why. The reason why I'm going black is because I don't see anything here with black and I feel like these, these ones that have color in the background, or have a face that we'll do, we'll do better. Okay. All right, so stand out from the, from the rest of them.

Alright, affiliate marketing for or beginners upsets- horrible spelling. Alright let me pull this out.

You guys didn't know this morning that you were going to get a tutorial did you

come on now. Interesting, yeah, that's, I know I'm gonna, and you know what, I'm all Pro. I'm also learning to hear this morning, I'm taking my Pinterest game to the next level.

eBay something, or you get something to it.

Andrea: Ah, do you have a Pinterest for Legendary.

Dave: No, no. Yeah, no. Isn't that. Isn't that sad.

It takes a lot less time to run on Pinterest: . Really. Yeah, like, three to four months.

Alright, so now I'm going to put this, find, find out what it means to take risk as an affiliate marketer. Alright, and let's see here, what I need. Actually, let's try this. Okay, now we're getting somewhere. We're getting some water baby oh yeah I'm liking what I'm seeing a little bit bigger. Find out what it means to take risk as an affiliate marketer. Let's see if I have any. Can I throw a picture in the air of myself and. Oh, I see I think I've seen like probably somebody else has. Though something's for or allegedly because I've seen your face..

Oh, I'm sure. Look at this, look at this the clickable, the clickable video looking image.

Andrea: Yeah, that's a good one.

Dave: Now remember guys, why am I, why am I building, this, this image to look so ugly. Because ugly converts, that's why.

Andrea: Yeah, I was like, I was still like sales funnels, well mergers actually really like, basic, but yeah, I've tried with my now and they convert and printers that actually read that text from the image. So, it is good that you take some time to do the appropriate things.

Dave: Alright so here we go. Find out what it means to take risk as an affiliate marketer and make money from it. Affiliate Marketing For Beginners, alright. Oh, here we go. So now I'm going to take this and I am going to download it. All right. Oh here we go. Alright so now I got to go back here and how do I even make a post.

Andrea: Do you have an account there?

Dave: I do yeah I've logged in.

Andrea: So you just good, good. Yeah, click on your, like, account

you're like, oh, I should have appeared like a plus sign. Yeah, you should see the plus sign on the right.

Dave: Create a path, okay, okay. Boom, here we go, people here we go we are pending baby, we are pending.

And I do have left boards now, but on Pinterest, you have these collections that are called boards. So, you will need to add like a proper title and description to your boards, because it helps you rank your account name and your birth name.

So what I've been doing on my Pinterest is I've been using it for like, like, like jewelry and stuff for my own personal jewelry design. So I made rings for my wedding day.

So I need to make a board called affiliate marketing, right. Yeah. Okay, and now, now I'm going to add this pan to my Affiliate Marketing Board.

Andrea: Yes, and you can add a title and a description, like those who need to be optimized for keywords.

Dave: Yeah, what it means to take risk as an affiliate marketer and make money from it. How's that title too long?

Andrea: Nice fine, you still have some like space left you want to use as much as you can. Dave: Okay, let's see, share an amazing journey, afraid to talk to people. Just looking for it. Alright, let me just, let me just, I'm just gonna right, tell everyone what you, What your pain is about keywords from it game risk. Now how to make money from taking risk, and turning that risk into profit. Should I give them a call to action and my description.

It's not gonna make such a difference. I do know that it's not recommended that you add a click here on the thing because that can be seen as spam. Okay. As soon as possible. Okay. You can select like hashtags but Pinterest has changed a little bit so it's calling the same if you have the hashtags, or just the words. Business model online work, creamy where I will click anywhere, work from home, big Monster profits, work less. Alright here we go so now I'm going to take my now I'm going to take my blog post link, and I'm going to put it down here at the add the destination link right. Yes. Okay. Save, do I put press save.

Andrea: Yes.

Dave: Now, do I want to promote my pen as some sort of paid thing or is it. Okay, I just want to see it now. Yeah, so we're pinning, would you so whoa, You know what, when you click that bad boy. That's what I like about clicking when you click that thing, man, it goes right, or right corner or whatever, man, I should. It's like, here's the, here's the problem. Here's the problem with online marketing. I'm gonna be how many of you guys are getting value out of this. Come on, break down what, now we are doing things this morning. Okay, they're rooting me off. I want to see more. Okay. So, the problem, Andrea, the problem with the internet, Here's the problem is there's actually too many opportunities. And once you see that something's working you realize that you can make anything work yet like you just don't have the time to do everything but you realize that there's like a lot of ways to make money. So, so you're basically guys you really need to stop egging me on because you know I'm gonna, I will I will I will get up and drop my Eagle, I will, I will do the Tootsie Roll, I will do the as Drake calls it the to see slide, I'll do it all, and I will, I will turn this into a dance party straight up, and I'll be the only one dancing right because every morning. I don't just like meditation dance parties. You know, those kinds of things hold hands singing Kumbaya virtual hands singing Kumbaya, right, blessing Egypt. Okay, so, yes, there's too much opportunity, there's, there's, there's literally, like, there's, there's so many different ways that you can create passive traffic in but when the reason why I say passive traffic, all my words I use very purposefully is because that little bit of work that literally took, you know it's my first time ever doing a pin, okay, okay, a virgin. I was a virgin pinner

Interesting. Yes, and now that I know how to do it and I could train somebody of course to do that too. It takes five minutes, and those pins can literally create, You know, passive traffic for me, as those continue to get ranked in the Pinterest search engines and show up there. What else do we need to know about Pinterest?

Andrea: Well, it's kind of like a numbers game. So you need to add the more pins you make, the better, because not all of them are going to rank, because that's the way the platform works and because people are bidding on it. So, the more things you have, the more chance you have to have one result, and that is bingo via make you get a lot of traffic, but there's like a few fancy to consider like you don't want to ping the same URL, too often, to be spammy, so you want to like wait a week in between, and then you can create like images, both Thank you ever like every week for the same like look all the same things they want to make.

Dave: What if somebody has just one funnel one offer you know they're new at affiliate marketing. I mean, is that really gonna hurt them to use the same link over and over again on every on every pin.

Andrea: Well, if you pin the same post like everyone else they definitely can, like hear you and can help you like my spam, so they can even take them into account, or just not not show them on a result. 

Dave: What would be some creative ways that somebody who is brand new, who only has, you know that one, that one link to their funnel, they don't have a blog, they don't have, should they send pins to their tic tock videos, should they send pins to YouTube videos, should they send pins to other people's content and just, just find other things to promote or to link to? So it's kind of like value value value, and then pitch.

Andrea: right, like Twitter, or YouTube or Instagram, any, any other like content, you can be in there. So, that can definitely help you. If you are in deeper you're probably creating videos every day, and you can just spin them, and you can paint your funnel like once a week, and they've been your videos have been your funnel once a week. You can also use like, like a link tree, or like something like that if you only have like one URL, you can pin that like every now and then, also,

Dave: I'm gonna see I like to be a little bit more aggressive. Alright so here, let me let me throw this out there. All right, if I'm going to drop, if I'm going to do Pinterest seriously, right, which is everything that I do, I'm not going to do it half ass I'm going to do it seriously and I'm going to try to build up a serious traffic source from it. So here's what I would do: tell me what you think about this, what I would do is I would take my pants because the reason why I'm talking confidently or can talk confidently about a platform, even though I've not used it is because most of the internet platforms work the same. And when you understand the basics of platforms, there are nuances. There are slight differences to most platforms but most of them are pretty much the same. So here's what I do, what I would do is I would pin probably three to five times per day. Right. And, and every day. I would probably take three of those pins and send them to tick tock videos mine or other people's I would send them to YouTube videos mine or other people's I would send them to Facebook post or Instagram post mine or other people's just adding value finding cool stuff that's on my topic so if I haven't great if I got to send somebody else's fine. I'd send them to a Legendary Marketer blog post which by the way, you know, I know that everybody is not an affiliate who watches this, but you can put a question mark, AID and your ID, at the end of any blog post, and that blog post will be cookied to you. Right, so you could send traffic to an affiliate for a Legendary marketer blog post, right, and then twice a day, so two out of those five, I would send right into my funnel

Andrea: I didn't know about that blog post from Legendary that you could also use like affiliate link, I think that will be like a great idea because you can use, like, all the blog posts and kind of like, use them as your own, and you can reach out.

Dave: Let me show everybody like so, just so everybody can see right here that the end of the blog post, ?AID equals whatever your by my personal affiliate IDs 106 So, ?AID stands for affiliate ID, AID= and then whatever your affiliate ID is so how do you find your affiliate ID. Now again guys, I know everybody on Earth are an affiliate for legendary marketer, so if you're not that you'd want to find other blogs or whatever, but you can always find your affiliate ID by going in here to any of the funnels, but just looking up, there's the end and you can see that's how we tag every page, question mark, a ID, and then your affiliate ID will be right there. And again, you just add that right to the end of the link, and now that page is going to be coded to you, right so you can use the blog, as another source, again, if you are an affiliate for legendary. But, Andrea, I want to know, that's, that's me being a little bit more aggressive in the reason why I'm trying to find a middle ground and listen guys, she said. She said, You know only posts, your link to your funnel or something once a week, I know, as it is we're listening and going, what the hell's the sense of that right, but I'm going to see here's what I'm doing and this is how you got to learn to think like an entrepreneur. I'm going to come back in and I'm going to push that and I'm going to say, Hold on a second, how can I make this. Is there a bet there is another way that I can do this and get more out of this. So that's my proposal to you, Andrea is, I'm, I'm, I'm, I want to do five pins per day, three to various other links blog post videos TikTok post whatever to my funnel directly into my landing page, what do you think of that.

Andrea: Yeah, if you just see other blog posts, like different URLs and different pieces of content, then you can definitely paint your same like landing page, more of them. I do like being just wild like.

Dave: All you guys are in the comments. This is. That was a big moment and I hope you caught it. Andrea gave her instruction. This is based on her own experience, she's running her own business. She's just giving generalized advice, and as an entrepreneur I don't just, oh, okay, Andrea, whatever you say, let me go to know an entrepreneur, let's talk, Andrew, let's, let's, what else can I do, how can I. Right. How else can I do this, how else can I work this? I want to be more aggressive, I want to go faster, I want to build quicker. I want to do more and get more out of it. Right, that's what I would that's what we all have to learn how to do right which Andrew is exactly why you're where you're at, because you've gone and you've take trainings, and then you would go apply that, and maybe it didn't work and you'd have to tweak it a little bit, right, it's about it's about testing, testing, testing, and pushing the limits pushing the limits, pushing the limits. Am I speaking your language right now, even though. Right, it's not your native language, but it's about that hustler mentality that entrepreneur mindset right yeah like that training is only gonna take you so far, you know like, you have to figure out like, what's working, what's not working, and find a way to improve it because like that. Even if the teacher, like they want to help you like they ultimately, kind of like to do it for you so you have to find a way to solve problems everyday let's ask intrapreneurs like a lot of work we do. So you need to find a way to improve it and do it on your own. So here's something else I wanted to do. I wanted to talk to you about before I let you go, which this has been God, the time is flown by. Thank God we got you back on your computer and we can actually hear. Yeah, you should have pushed back on us when we were like, get on your phone, you should have been like, no. Anyways, the other thing that you're doing is you're using TikTok and stuff like promoting different products in different niches. Some people, that's, that's so daunting to them they think oh my god that's how in the hell could she ever do that. So what is your approach, are you using, are you using, like, where are you finding products to promote and like how are you creating content on TikTok?

Andrea: Yes, so I work in two niches which are affiliate marketing, or making money online. And for that desktop, I have my, my own face and just making my own videos with my image on it. And I have like a fitness account where I just animations or repurpose content from the internet, which I find either on YouTube from videos that are creative, you can use them without any issues or you can find videos on sites like pixels which you get like free videos without any like copyright on them there's like a few places where you can find content that you can use it with the only issues.

Dave: You can even find it on Canva now I think.

Andrea: I think it's incumbent. I think they can source it from, from others like, yes.

Dave: So you're basically. So you're basically going. So, I posted the link, obviously it's up right now. Andrea underscore business hack so we've go Go follow Andrea there, but you're also going which I've shown this before you're going over to sites like Pixabay like this. And what was that what was the next other niche besides affiliate marketing that you're, that you're building it. I thought there was a way to search the, the, the vertical ones on here I just I don't know where it is. I didn't know that I could just take them and then I'll be able to make them just like I'm gonna like to crop them. What is it Kap Wing? 

Andrea: It's pretty easy to use. It's like an editor editor. Okay.

Dave: Wow, so this is the little tool that you use and you turn the, you turn the video into a little 15 20/32 Fitness fitness tutorial or something like that, is that right.

Andrea: Yeah, you can use, I use this one to prop the video and then you can use that tic tac toe, because it has like the sound. And you're


Dave: Yeah, right. Where else do you find your royalty free videos and images from.

Andrea: Well there's no political pixels, like pixels but with E. 

Dave: Okay right right here. Definitely a lot of called free pick free pick with the key. Okay, free pick with Okay, I got you. Free. Alright, sweet. Yeah, on YouTube, as well.

Yeah. So, YouTube, you guys got to be careful with YouTube, how do you find that free Creator content. Yeah, just do like a regular search. and then you need to add, like,

you add the filter again, just type, just to the search first. And then on the filter thing. You just gotta go with Creative Commons. I can see right here right here right here. Creative Commons.

So this is all this Creative Commons content. This is stuff that you can rip from YouTube, and it's royalty free you won't get in trouble for it.

Andrea: Yeah, and you can find transformations like people like that before and after we solve. So, I use a lot of those. 

Dave: Now a lot of people don't know how to download these from. What do you use?

Andrea: I just like the first one that pops up when I type download youtube video. So, I noticed that a lot of people don't, don't like to Google a lot but there's like a lot of, yeah that's a good one.

Dave: Yeah, Y2M8 , so if I find a video so I want to take whatever this video right here is all I gotta do is I take the URL of the video I put it into why to mate. Okay, and

I let it do its thing here. Okay, here it is here it is right. Alright so I'm going to download this of course it's going to pop me over, it's a little ad thing. But then I go boom, I go Wallah, I go wham bam Thank you ma'am. Hello there, how are you doing? Nice to meet you. Nice to see you are in my download folder, and you're almost done. And boom, you know, now I've got this video off of. I've got this video off of YouTube, Right, YouTube, one that's that fast, right, just that fast. How you guys like this I mean this is like, this is, this is Andrea I think we need to, I think we need to pass the basket. You know what I mean: pass the tithing basket around and get some donations going and pass around the hat. 

Andrea: They can just follow my TikTok, yeah.

Dave: That's a good enough compensation. That's good.

All right, well, Well that's, that's great. Look, what has your experience been with Legendary? Would you recommend our community to somebody if they were on the fence about jumping in and getting involved in learning here.

Andrea: Yes, definitely, I love the community. I love that Facebook group. Everybody's always very helpful. Of course you have, like, people with a lot of experience and beginners. They're everybody trying to help each other, so that's really nice. Also it is like a very big community, so you can like get inspired, which is like very different ways to promote the product and do affiliate marketing. So, yeah, in a diverse community right, an inclusive community,

not just a bunch of white dudes. Like seriously, man, if there's too many like just white people hanging out I'm like yo man, this is, this is we gotta get some diversity I've been, we've

got a community. 

Andrea: That's one of the reasons why I joined because I saw that per day and I hope that I can do the same for others, trying to, Like, find out what they should do.

Dave: Yeah, for sure, I mean I think it's really, I think it's, it's absolutely so inspiring for women to see other other women here, you know, mobs, I mean, obviously, for me, I've, I've been able to reach and speak to, Like a lot of dudes who were like in construction and you know maybe had like drug or alcohol addiction or something like that you know what I mean, or maybe had drug or alcohol addiction in their family or something but you know I mean, there's a special, There's a special identification, that happens when, when somebody see somebody that looks like that is from where they're from or that has maybe a certain native language that they have or whatever and that they see them, you know, doing something in the language that's not theirs. And you fit a lot of those so you're, You know you being on here this morning has been quite an inspiration for me I know there's so much more to your story, there's so much more we could talk about so we absolutely need to do a part two. I hope that you'll be willing to come back on so I want to learn more about your your journey your story, how you learn to write copy there's just so I would encourage everybody that's listening and everybody, everybody's watching everybody's gonna see this in the future, go follow Andrea she's on TikTok, Andrea_business hacks, and, you know, let's keep learning from each other, tell me that if we reached out to you, again, to invite you to come back and do a part two.

Andrea: Yes of course I would love to thank you.

Dave: Alright, Andrea will keep up the great work and be Legendary. We'll talk to you soon. Okay?

Andrea: Take care. Bye.

Dave: All right, my friends. Wow, that was cool. That was a good, that was, there was a lot of really good. There were a lot of really good kinds of mechanical nuggets there but also behind all of that as, as I said there at the end. I know that she's got a special and unique story, and I know she's persevered through a lot of things, and, and I'm really excited about part two of that conversation. Now if you guys want to make sure that you never miss an episode. Okay. You can also text this number on your screen actually text, the words or the letters WUL to that number 813-296-8553 And every single morning, when we go live, we'll send you a little text message you get it on your phone and just a little gentle reminder that we're going live. My friends, my friends, my friends, have a fantastic day. Have a fantastic week. We'll see you back here tomorrow, Be Legendary. And we'll talk to you soon.

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