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Dave: What's going on my friends? This is Dave Sharpe, it's your boy. It should be Captain Dave. Today is an exciting day because it's Friday and we also have an 18 year old who's going to be talking to us today. First of all, 18 Wow. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. And, and they're going to be talking to us today about how we go down in the DMS Gabe Welcome to the show.

Gabe: Ain't a day. Thanks for having me. You're welcome.

Dave:  You're welcome. So we'll talk about your marketing strategies here in a little bit, how you've been using, you know, private direct messaging, what you're doing what you're saying you know, how you're making the most out of every opportunity, that's that's, you know, when you're new, and especially when you're young, you probably don't have a big marketing budget. You got to make the most out of every opportunity out there. In a minute. So tell us a little bit. Changing your soul brought online integration, owning it. For 40, like 50 hours a week and the like, I always knew that's what I didn't really want to do for the rest of my life. So since I was young, I used to like, Oh, he's like searching YouTube videos like how do you make money online and stuff like that? One day, I actually downloaded TikTok just for entertainment like no I didn't really think about making money online or anything. And then I ran into a live from Calvin Hill. And he showed me you guys and I was like, Yeah, I want to do this.

Dave:  Nice, man. Nice. So what is different about this than other things that you've done? I think Did you say you were flipping or did you say flipping burgers or tried a little bit of drop shipping and it didn't really work out for me. I made like, I made a couple of 100 bucks and it was nothing sustainable. You know? And I mean, you're lets, let's be honest, you're 18 Right? It's not like it's not like you have it's, I mean, you're smart and you're probably more savvy than a lot of us. You're probably more savvy than I am in a lot of areas but I mean, drop shipping has some complications with it in terms of sourcing products, and it's a physical product that actually has to be mailed and shipped all the way around the world. 

Gabe: Yeah, that was a huge thing by Legendary for me. It's like digital products. are insane. Like

Dave: It's crazy, how much easier, how much simpler, how much faster. It's just that everybody gets their products. Immediately. You get paid faster. There's, you know what I mean? There's just not all of those roadblocks that you have with physical products. Yeah.

Gabe: You don't have to do all the customer service and everything.

Dave: Right. Yeah. with it. If you start any other business that is not affiliate marketing affiliate. Marketing is the only business that you only have to do the marketing. That's it. Every other business Amazon, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, like local SEO marketing, you know where you like to go out and prospect local businesses and offer to do their SEO services, social media, marketing agencies, all these different you know, all these different business models even even MLM to a certain extent. But all you know, because you gotta go out there and service products and get products and all this kind of stuff. But all those business models

Dave: You got to do one thing. Let's go out there and market. Yeah, and that's something that you've figured out how to make the most you figured out a strategy that works for you. Let's talk about that a little bit. You know, are you marketing on TikTok? Is that where I think I think you have two accounts.

Dave:  Many people's accounts, get flagged videos, get you know, flagged or taken down and that's the price that we pay. Don't get attached. Don't get emotionally attached to your TikTok channel, especially when it's early. You know, when it's a young channel. You have a channel that you lose, you lose it. It's got 100,000 followers. That sucks. Nobody's going to tell you not to be mad about that. But usually when you've got 100,000 followers or whatever the more established accounts are, you have a better chance to challenge it and actually get it back. And even if you have that many followers, you have a pretty big community. If you start bringing new accounts, you can build that up. way quicker than you go first. Yeah. So what you mentioned you want to talk about like utilizing direct messages to make sales and to make the most out of every lead opportunity. He explained to us a little bit about your kind of strategy so we can understand the direct messaging tips that you have, but also help us understand the big picture. So we know how they even get there in the first place. You know what I mean? 

Gabe: So basically, I posted a video on TikTok and I say if you want to learn how to do this, you comment, right? And then if they comment, I reach out to them, right? And then when we get in the messages, I basically like to talk to them, I tell them what affiliate marketing is, I get to know their story, their pain points and things like that. And then when I see it's a good time to talk about my offer, that's when I talk about it.

Dave:  So I mean, the bottom line is, it's a strategy to where you've got more time than you've got, you know, money. And I say that just because sometimes if somebody has more money than time, they might say, you know, hey, let me let me figure out how to run some paid ads or something like that. But in this case, your approach really is just I'm willing to spend as much time as I need to with people in the DMS to have conversations and then eventually, hopefully open up a transition point where I can talk about my offer and that's the mentality that you're in right now.

Gabe: Yeah, and mostly when you're in the DMS like don't worry about like the money just worry about helping the person out and the money's gonna come

Dave: Like, yeah, so what are some examples of some of the things some of the videos that you might do if you can think about one that did really well? That you might be able to say, hey, that you could give us an example of how you ended up telling them? Post a comment down below, you know, what did you talk about? And then what did you teach them with, for instance.

Gabe: And then under the ice a comment ready? If you want to learn how to make money online. And then I will do day two, the next day, day three the next day, every day, I would pretty much close that.

Dave:  And when that was obviously and that was just 12 Different people 12 Different marketers you were showcasing or what was it?

Gabe: No, it's just like 12 is just like a random number of like, I'm just like, how many people I'm just saying, like I'm looking for 12 people. It doesn't really matter if it's over 12 or 12.

Dave:  I got I'm looking for 12 people I misunderstood you i i Very much so no that that that strategy or that you know, looking for looking for 12 people today looking for one person looking for five people. It's yeah, I mean there's the power of that strategy when you say you know I'm looking for this is not for everyone, that I'm only looking for a few people I'm looking for a limited small group, a test group. The power of that strategy is that you don't look desperate just for everybody listening. I'm just explaining to people because this is something that you naturally saw and kudos to you. But I want to make sure that everybody is clear about the kind of angles, marketing angles, and it's what Gabe is doing is sort of a takeaway strategy, you know, it's like, Hey, I'm only looking for two people today. I just recorded a video and I want to share it with people. I have a video that, you know, I went through that changed my life and taught me about entrepreneurship and online marketing, and I'm looking for 12 people today who are interested in, you know, earning their first dollar online that I have time to work with and share this training with. Comment below if you're interested. You know, and now all of a sudden instead of saying, Hey, anybody, just anybody who will pay me any attention, just I'm looking for a million I'm looking for as many as I can get, you know, you know, come and get this training. It's awesome. It's going to change your life. It looks a little bit more desperate, rather than if you're like, Hey, I'm looking for two people. You know, it looks like there's real scarcity there. So scarcity, urgency. You know one of the things in and I'll even ask you about this game. One of the things that's important is what are you doing in your marketing to make them act now, instead of later? You know, I mean, obviously, one of the things that you're doing day by sea is you're making things only where there's a limited amount of spots, and so somebody will want to act and make sure that they get one of those spots if they're interested. Well, are there any other urgency or scarcity tactics that you're using to get people to take action instead of procrastinating or put it off till tomorrow?

Gabe: I think that's really the only one to be honest.

Dave:  Yeah, and that's fine. Yeah, no, it's totally fine and that makes sense. The strategy so early in the game you know, you're gonna play yeah, you know, a lot of you are trying to just sell to everybody. You know, anybody who will pay you any attention who will listen but if you think about all the brands that you know, that sell over retail that are so hot that people stand out in lines outside of the stores, thinking of luxury brands, like Rolex or like Gucci or like a tech, Felipe, you know, these are all watch and clothing brands that they make a limited supply of them. And so, when there's a high demand in a limited supply, guess what frenzy happens. People go crazy. They want it. So how can we all this is a question that we all can ask, How can we have people lined up? You know, I know one lady. She only opens up an opportunity to buy from her at certain times throughout the month or certain times throughout the year. So in you know, she'll, she'll just create free content and free value, you know, 70 80% of the time and then for you know, you know, a three or a five day window, she'll open it up and say okay, on these dates, I'm opening it up to buy from me or buy through me. And here's all the extra value and the bonuses that you're gonna get. If you buy from me so she's making that's another example of how she's making, you know, both selling digital courses and also doing affiliate marketing. She's using exclusivity and scarcity and kind of urgency. So there's a lot of different ways that we can get people to take action. And if people are not taking action, and you're you know, and I'm speaking to all of you listening, if they're not taking action, ask yourself, Am is this just something that I'm offering something that they can just come back and get tomorrow the same exact way? Because if it is, there's absolutely no reason for them to act today. They could just do it tomorrow. So, you know, every day is a great day to offer a little extra incentive. That's only good today. Throw in a little bonus that's only good today. What kind of bonuses, what kind of things could we include? Anything, you know, a YouTube video that changed your life and talked to you about how to invest your money once you start making it. An additional training that you record, have a small PDF that you write up in there are a little script a little template that you use or that I mean there's so many things in the toolbox and guess what you can repurpose them way this extra bonus if for anybody who enrolls today, see game then you can really say at midnight This is going away. This is gone. But guess what I can do the same way that I repurpose. And I am dumping gems right now. Elizabeth it's just they're coming out of my mouth just it's friggin diamonds. It's just unbelievable games going crazy. You just can't really tell because of the cool cat over there. But look. Now you know how we repurpose content: we take a TikTok video and then we take that same video and put it on Instagram when we put it on Facebook. And then we even take it and bring it back in two or four weeks and repost it again. Don't you think? I can repost my little gifts and bonuses and so forth. Don't you think I can reuse those the same way. See once I create something once I know, kind of create and build something.

Dave: Guess what it is? It's an asset. It's like a piece of real estate. It's an asset that you can reuse over and over and repurpose over again especially if it works. Now you know you got something that actually your target market is interested in. And you know, you can then create split new little bonus little things off of that as well. Again, Gabe, tell me what comes up for you when I say this. Our income is only limited in this business. By our creativity or lack thereof.


Gabe: Yeah, that's actually really cheap. I actually only really started like getting good quality leads and actually like making a decent amount of money when I actually started implementing the strategy because like, I started in January and for like the first three months I only made one commission. And that's when I wasn't using the strategy but like, I started like changing out my content style and like thinking about new new strategies and like new things I could do that's when it actually started working out for me. So yeah, that's very true.

Dave:  I mean, there's two things that as an affiliate marketer can really work in your advantage and like are really our big needle movers. And one of them is you know, using urgency and scarcity so you know, again that looks like hey, you know I'm making something available for you know, a limited time in the in the other thing is really using those those extra bonuses gifts or as some people call it because clearly aren't able to give you the the little extra that you give away that's specific to your target market that they you know, if you are in the in the in the weight loss space, you might say, Hey, here's here I want to give you a list of 12 foods you shouldn't eat, you know, if you're in the, you know, the parent, the parent, the infant space, you might say, Hey, here's here's three tips to get your baby to sleep through the night. You know, right away. I mean, that's very specific, you know, very, those are the kind of little gems that new kit as we say they're dropping, dumping gems here but slightly. Those are the little things and if you see even in our you know, inside of our marketing here at legendary, we have similar things. We have little places where we're giving away little templates and scripts and we're also giving people you know timeframes to take advantage of offers. And so it can really move the needle if I was to do a webinar game, you know, for example, if you were to go live, if you were to go live, if some of you are going live. Tell me. What do you think's going to make more sales? If I go live, and I and I and I just talk and answer questions or whatever for an hour and I just say, all right, a no go. We're done here and click the link in my bio, and go and check out that product I've been talking about throughout this entire life. You know, yeah, I can go tomorrow. exact thing. But clicking it right now, the advantage because there's no better time to take action and now you know, the big motivational speech. All right, here's, here's, here's, here's g number two. You know, I think I'm gonna do something special on tonight's live show since we've been here together this whole time. I am going to give away okay, I am going to give a way. My top 10 best video ideas along with the actual script for the videos, okay, that I used and I'm gonna link quickly for your convenience and these videos may be mine. They may be somebody else's. You don't know I'm not going to tell you that this is about.

Dave:  if you buy and you enroll in this product I've been talking about you know a few times here on this live if you buy tonight by midnight, I'm going to include this bonus okay. I can even say a few by by the end of the live show. I'm going to stay on here for 15 more minutes right now all the sudden folks now all the sudden your live is actually useful. You know, it's not just something where you're jumping on and you're just talking to people and you're just trying to build rapport. So hopefully they buy you're giving them a reason to buy. Now Gabe, what comes up for what do you think? Is going to be more definitely, definitely It is. So that's why you see a lot of offers out here when we get into offer creation. You know, which is when you have a digit when you want to create a digital course or you want to use one of the other core for business models that's not affiliate marketing. You want to actually sell your own course you know of a coaching program or event when you get into that offer creation, it's all about value stacking. You know, it's all about the product you're selling. And then what are you giving them extra and as an affiliate that it works the same exact way. You know some of you who feel oh well I can't compete with somebody who is you know, like you mentioned Calvin Hill or something like that. Well, first of all, there's a lot less people doing this than you think there is. There literally isn't is it just probably feels like a lot because on you all's it's like a little echo chamber of other people. But here's how you beat anybody. You make a better offer. You make a better offer. You just learn how to make better offers and include more value. Just like you just said game. It's all about value. So if I can throw in a little extra bonus or in again, where's it just, here's when you invoke your income is only limited by your creativity about pulling out sometimes a Word document or a Pages document and just writing a page of information that somebody would get value from.


Gabe: Right. Yeah, that's why that's why I actually love the shadows at the DM Saturday that I'm doing. Usually they'll just opt into your funnel. They like put their email in but like they don't feel like they got enough value to end up purchasing the product. But when they're in DMS I can provide so much more value to them and that's why I'm usually getting more commissions because of all the value of providing DMS.


Dave:  And the all and that is coming from your energy of just really just saying, Hey, what are you looking for? Right? What do you need? What do you want? How can I help you? Right? Is that your energy in the DMS when you first open up the conversation with somebody when they've commented say yeah, they comment on your video, like you said before, and your first message to them is what


Gabe: My first message usually means I can't wait to help you start your business, your online business journey. I asked them what they already know about affiliate marketing and then we just started the conversation right there.


Dave:  What do you already know about this? That's a pretty good question. I mean, simply because I want to respect your time and I don't want to. I don't want to tell you about things that you already know and it gets to the end and the question gets people talking right. Then that's really what you want. You want to be able to ask the questions and direct the conversation. You know a lot of you if you are going to use DMS and you are going to comment and look saying what I applaud about Gabe, is that you're taking action. Okay, I do believe that there will come a point to where you'll want to do less DMing and you'll want to, you know, scale your content more and stuff like that, but I applaud the fact that you're doing what you have to do to get started and get up and off the ground. I did the same thing. Right. I did the same thing but the process is really simple. And you really don't have to go and a lot of time. And I thought about people who get confused as to be an expert who's just yakking a bunch of knowledge and expertise. What you have to do is just simply get good at asking questions. And that was what you said, how do you kick the conversation off? Well, but might be another example of something that you might ask somebody that moves you further towards where you want to go and also keeps them talking and keeps them opening up.


Gabe: Pretty much talking about like, I would ask them why do they want to pursue an online income and like what are they what do they like don't like about their life right now that they want to change and things like that. It's like their pain points and things like that.


Dave:  Yeah, yeah. Hey, man, you're learning the real principles of selling early and and they work don't they? Don't they were when you just, it's not about it's not about hard slam dunking or some slick script. It's really just about and I'm just so impressed that at 18 you get this It's just about making people feel supported, right? Trying to identify what their pain points are, like you said and then, you know, just when they get off track because you know, people do people who don't have the life they want. If you talk to them, you'll hear why they're there. They go off track getting lost, you know, you're not focused. And so you're here as you're talking to people to say, hey, look, let's let's let's let's let's stay on track here. Let's What do you want? What you know, here's what I'll give you. I'll give you this added extra bonus or stuff or whatever, if you take action now. And it's sort of like this kind of compassionate guide. being effective and converts being persuasive you know, communicator is not being it's not about just eating in people. They'll take you there is all you gotta do is ask the right questions. They'll always give you everything that you need to work with. You just have to just ask questions.

Gabe: That's actually very true.

Dave:  Yeah, it's cool. The other thing is use the tools this is one thing that I'll say to you gave and I'll also say to everybody else who's listening, you know, a lot of times I will say, Hey, if you have a video that goes viral or something, don't, don't get, don't get caught up in the comments. It's just, you know, really figure out what are actual serious people asking and then create new content that answers that question. In helping keeps you creating new content. But in games case, you're really doing a strategy to where you're purposely telling people comment below. It's an it's a very on purpose thing that you're doing. It's not just a video went viral, and now all of a sudden a bunch of people in your comments that you're trying your way you're not wasting your time talking to people who are not somewhat qualified and I just want to make sure that i i say that difference because it is a big difference. You know, in you know what I'm talking about. The people who are commenting on a viral video are a very different type of person than somebody who's just watched a video, you know about your topic and then you say if you want more information, comment below and they've commented below. That's a that's a pretty warm prospect and is worth talking to, if you have the time to be able to do it. So what else could we learn from you what give us anything else? Anything else that we should know, as we bring this conversation in for a landing? I mean, what would you say to somebody who's who's getting getting started that maybe you didn't know before? And maybe you had some hesitation or fear or whatever and now you know.

Gabe: Pretty much. Not like some people like to start making $1,000 in their first week, but that's not how it is for everyone. So you're gonna have to stay consistent. There's gonna be ups and downs and you've got to stay consistent. I'm on my third tick tock account. Now, I got banned on my live, so we gotta keep going.

Dave:  Hey, man, I'm telling you, I mean, it's, it's hard out here. You know, it's the wild wild west. You know, this is entrepreneurship. This is just the stuff that a lot of people don't see, you know, and you're also doing a lot of messaging. That's probably another reason why you're getting your account banned because, you know, the TikTok robots think that it's like a spam robot or something. I'm not sure maybe you were doing a lot of copy. And pasting, like sending the same message over and over and over again. Were you doing any of that? Yeah. That will get you banned on any platform. But just so everybody knows, you know, if you're just copying and pasting the message overnight, you have to customize it a little bit. The other thing is on some of these platforms, they're not letting you like cold messages. Somebody who you've never messaged, you know more than like 20 or 30 messages a day is limited. Maybe having three or four Instagram or Tiktok accounts is not a bad thing. If this is going to be a strategy that you're going to use, that we teach the strategy and the business blueprints, we just teach it over in the Facebook section. Because it's, you know, but it applies over on Tik Tok. And it's just, it's about, you know, trying to find the most qualified people generating 20 to 30 leads a day if you can to talk to and sometimes even less, you don't even need 20 to 30 to make money. If you just have a little cheat day shooting and you'd be amazed by tiny bit of leads, what you can actually accomplish and how much you can earn and I think a a lot of people would be really, really amazed at what they could do with just a few good quality leads per day. Do you agree with that?

Gabe: Yeah, definitely. I used to think that I needed like 50 to 100 leads a day but like, it's not really like that.

Dave:  Yeah, 20 to 30 is even a stretch. I mean that you have good quality. 

Gabe: Yeah, it's all about the quality of the lead like you want to attack your target audience. So like, it just depends who you're targeting. Yeah,

Dave:  Yeah. And tTikTok is great. Because it puts you in front of new people. So you actually have a chance to, you know, you actually have a chance to get in front of people that you've, you've never been in front of before. So it's not like Facebook, where you've, you know, you're you're you're putting the same message in front of your good old warm, you know, you know, Uncle Aunt Betty over here, and they're they're seeing this like tick tock gives you a chance to put your content in front of more people. And then you can multiply those efforts because you can then repurpose that on multiple platforms. You know, on Instagram reels on Facebook reels on TikTok  shorts. It's just amazing you know, so if you think about it, if everybody could get to the place where they're generating and your only goal is five leads a day. It's like oh my gosh, I got there on TikTok, great, just do tick tock until you're getting, you know, five leads a day. And then you could multiply that by just starting to repurpose content on other platforms. You know, now you instantly go from five to maybe 15 or 20. It's just working smart, not hard to do direct messaging P for such people who are asking for information than people that you're just reaching out to. And we have it all the time in our Facebook group. It's like you know, the people like direct message our people they're coming into our group and message our people are like, Hey, I saw you or you know, join legendary and then start bad mouthing us and then want to sell their coaching and it's like, that's such a shitty business. But when people are reaching out to you, man, this is what it's all about. This is what we love here, too. It's what I love, because I didn't I don't do this every day . I don't want to sell a dream and be living a nightmare, you know? But anyways, man, congrats on your success. And come back and in a couple of in a month or two, maybe and keep us posted on your journey.

Gabe:  All right. Thank you. Thank you for having me, Dave. All right. Yeah,

Dave:  I'll talk to you later, buddy. All right, you can follow Gabe over on this profile. He also has a TikTok channel that we can share with you Gabes business hacks, okay, or excuse me an Instagram channel. So you can follow him on Tik ok and on Instagram on those two on those two accounts. And what a cool thing I was just talking about in writing some coffee and you know, talking about people who are 18 to 78. All who I've talked to a couple of weeks, people from that, my friends is pretty cool. So get started. Don't stop your training. Get the blueprints if you can. And here's the most important part. Go through them. Go through them. We're hosting a decade in a day. workshop right here today. For some of our Blueprints, students go through them. And my friends will be back here for another episode with another student. And another story and more tips on Monday. Get out of here. We'll see you there. Peace.