Be Comfortable Showing Your Face In Your Video Content is the topic of this episode of Wake Up Legendary. Below is the transcription for this episode:

Matt:  Good morning and welcome to Wake Up Legendary. It is Wednesday, August 24. And we're live. My name is Matt if you don't already know me and every single day Monday through Friday at 10am Eastern we go live. We bring on a new guest, somebody who's making waves in our community, and we want to unpack a little bit about their story, their journey and what got him to this point. And today, we're gonna bring on somebody all the way from Sweden and I'm excited to do that and excited to hear about Victoria's journey for anybody who's here with this unique Facebook. You can all give us a little hand clap emoji just to welcome Victoria to the virtual stage. What's going on? How are you? 

Victoria: I’m good. I'm excited to be here.

Matt: I'm excited that you're here. Tell us a little bit about where you're from and how you found Legendary Marketer of all companies and tell us a little bit about your journey and your life. 

Victoria: So I'm from Stockholm, Sweden. And I found Legendary Marketer through TikTok. I was scrolling on TikTok and Andrea Della Flora came up on my For You page. And I was interested and I thought, like, I need to try and I tried affiliate marketing before. But it wasn't with type or like, what did you do? It was in 2019. And I was like, trying it and I didn't have a lot of information or knowledge or anything. So it didn't go very well. I was like, I was quitting my link in different forms. And I was bad anyway, because I could do that. So I learned and then I created a blog to post like reviews and stuff and I actually think I might have been less successful, but I gave up pretty much right away because I didn't have the right knowledge. I didn't know what I was doing. So yeah. And then later on, I tried dropshipping but like I did that for like, half a year, like six months. But yeah, I wasn't too successful with that either. And I just ended up feeling like it was the best business model. Yeah. And then I took a break from that and I was planning to start dropshipping again, and that's when I found a legendary marketer, and I just felt like this is so much but I finally understood all the things that I did wrong with affiliate marketing in the first place. So yeah, that's the story.

Matt:  Wow, cool. Cool. Yeah, the whole the whole, you know, spamming your links all over on social media, sort of like, you know, you come online and you're like, calm and try this like affiliate marketing thing. And then you're just like, kind of just throw things around. Like what's gonna work who knows? Yeah, I've definitely been there before. So when you engage the training and everything well, first of all, for the most part in like Stockholm, for instance, like would you say most people are bilingual they speak at least two languages like most kids growing up in school? They're learning English. 

Victoria: We learned English in school and we're also learning Spanish, German, or like, Yeah, from the French language. I don't remember right now, but so I knew that people were like, in Sweden, they know English, but I still was, like, unsure if it was gonna work. Like could I do the marketing here? Do I have to do it in places like the US or Canada or something else? So that was kind of like a big station. Why I didn't like I was hesitant to start because I didn't know if it was going to work in Sweden. But also, I saw that there was a demand for it. And I'm from Sweden, and I want to learn how to make money online. So I thought that must mean other people in Sweden also want to learn Yeah, and I was right so yeah, yeah. Also I think in any country, like a country, people do want to learn how to make money online. So it's not only like in your speaking countries or in the US or Canada. Yeah. Wow,

Matt: Good point. Oh, I'm so happy that you're on the show today. Here's why. I get a lot of people who will come to me and they say, Hey, you know, I'm in Australia or I'm in South Africa or I'm in New Zealand or I'm in a lot of times, it's like the UK or well, even just any random European country. Then they'll say to me something like this, they'll say they'll say, hey, you know, I want to post videos on tick tock and stuff but I'm but all the only people who are seeing my stuff. The only people who are seeing it are people from my own country and that's just not going to work. And so they have this sort of limiting belief that, you know, there's, there's people out there who will consume their products, or purchase from them. And I think you're kind of breaking that mold and you might be one of the first people that I've seen who've kind of just been like, you know what, screw it. I'm not gonna worry about who's seen my videos or where they're from or whatever, cuz you you actually put all of your you put all of the all your all your TikTok and stuff is not an English, right?

Victoria:  Yes and Swedish. Yeah. And I actually, I don't know a lot of affiliate marketers that are Swedish and a lot of people like DME saying like, do you know others like Swedish YouTubers that are affiliate marketers or something? And I actually don't know. So it also means that it is. It's much less competitive.

Matt:  That's exactly what I tell people. Yeah.

Victoria: So I don't think you should be afraid to start even in your own country in your own language because a lot of people like in Sweden, if you have someone doing affiliate marketing in your own country, it can be easier to trust the person then. If it's the person in another language or another country.

Matt:  So true. That's that's exactly what I tell people is just like, Look, you might not be able to have quite the reach of if you let's say you're just sitting in the middle of America, and you can literally mark it to seemingly like 300 million people versus I don't know the exact like, what, like five to 10 million in Sweden, something like that. So, um, so you might not have quite the organic sort of big, massive reach of people. But you also don't have like, you know, 5 million other people who are posting and trying to compete with you and you know, all of that. So that's a good outlook. Let's figure it out.

Victoria: And, like, I know, we, like people have been talking about this on the show before but like views and likes and stuff isn't the most important thing like it's, you can have like 200k followers or something but are people actually gonna buy from you or not?

Matt:  Yeah, totally. And so with your, with your social, you've got followers, and you've definitely had a few videos that have just gotten really viral. You've got a lot of views on them. And then some that haven't, but the interesting thing to me is with 6000 followers, you've got a lot of videos that do have a lot of views. 10s of 1000s of you have a lot of views on your channel overall, you have 60,000 likes across your whole channel which I think is super smart, super smart and super cool that you've sort of doubled down on posting the videos in Swedish because you're right, that is an accurate and getting strategy and analysis of sort of your channel is like I'm gonna double down on this because there ain't nobody else around who's even like playing ball with me. Yeah, that's so smart. When you started creating this channel, it's part of the way that you said that you said, you know, it's maybe not all about the big numbers of followers, which I think is true. What I actually know is true. Because you know, you've got leads flowing through every single day. You have to be doing the numbers that you're doing. And with your channel, do you find that it's like, do you find that it's easy to connect with people? Are people more or less hesitant to buy something from you online as sort of an affiliate marketer? Like, is it pretty easy? Are you messaging people like, how are you making connections with people?

Victoria: A lot of people come to my DM on my Instagram because I have my instrument linked to my ticktick bio. So it's easier to also like to connect on Instagram because like, it's easier to write and stuff. So I get like, a lot of DMS, like every day and I just connect with them and help them and yeah, it's also cool to be able to help people and hear how they get started and yeah, how it's going for them. So I have like a few followers that have been with me from the start and they reach out and like yeah, I watched you grow from this time and yeah, it's, it's really fun. 


Matt:  That's cool, because I think I've sat on webinars, alright, so I feel like I didn't speak this into existence, but it's just cool that this is beginning to happen. And you're one of the first people I've seen do it. But I've sat on webinars on our Thursday business blueprints, webinars, and even sometimes on these wakeup legendary shows for the last two years. And what I've told people is, they've said, you know, hey, you know, I typically speak German, but I'm trying to do this in English, doesn't seem to be growing that fast. And I said, you should just speak to your audience, like you should just speak directly to them, speak in German, or speak in French and you should just speak directly to them and worry about anything else. Just worry about creating connections and building your audience and then figure out the rest of it later. You know, if you're finding that it doesn't convert with your audience, don't assume it's not going to convert until you try and then what will happen is, if you've got such little competition in your country. Now see, listen, how we're just talking about this. And now everybody in America is like, oh, yeah, you're ready to see I need to move to Sweden. learn Swedish so I can so I can not compete with everybody. You know, so funny how we do that mental game, but no, I tell them go do that and you won't have any competition around and it's just gonna be you, you talking and what will happen is, is you'll likely become pretty famous on the platform, people will really look to you as like, Wow, you are on the very cusp of something that's like, we've sort of heard murmurings about No, really done it and set the example for us. And it's sort of like I compared it once to tech, like they call it being an early adopter. It's a thing with like, people with technology or or like electric cars, there's like, there's like the creation of it. And then as it goes up, you know, the early adopters are people who like to do things before the mass public. They all buy electric cars and iPhones and all that stuff, the new technology and then once it gets to a tipping point, tipping point up here, that's when the mass market sort of gravitates towards it right. And that's when most of the sales revenue for these types of companies are done. But in the early stages, these are the people who get really rich because they've spent all the time developing building audiences selling products and evening the market here, everybody else would and capture a little bit of that, but it's too late. The people down here who were in early got in early to use an MLM term. Got in early are actually the people who who have developed their product have a great product, they've gotten feedback from the market, and they've built an audience so when it comes your so I just think it's super smart what you're doing that's what I'm trying to say.

Victoria: And I also just try like, like jump for the cliff, jump off the cliff. What is it? Because I didn't see a lot of like other Swedish ships in this so I just had to try it out. Like is this gonna work? Let's try and see.

Matt: Yeah, what when you're creating your content and stuff. I'm curious if you're selling products that are in English, do you do anything or say anything to make that clear, or do you just let people discover that because my guess is they're gonna figure it out pretty dang quick. 

Victoria: With my content, I just, I do either, like, tips on how to make money online like a video showing how to make money online. And it can be like, different stuff. Or I do like, just like relatable content. And then I tell people like DME, if you want to know more about what I do, and then people DM me and then explain like, Hey, I do affiliate marketing. Do you know anything about that? And we started having a conversation. And I like yeah, that's basically how I do it.

Matt: Yeah, that's cool. That's a skill to be able to take somebody that's brilliant and genius on so many levels. I was like, I was gonna go like, look at some of your content and try to like, be like, Oh, cool. This triggered me and I was like, I don't even know what the hell this says. Okay. I feel like in terms of how long ago this channel was, when did you start this channel? 

Victoria: I started this channel at the end of May. 

Matt: So now you've also got an Insta, you've got Pinterest. So you're kind of working on all these different platforms and you're developing, you know, what we would call an omnipresent. Yeah, it seems like TikTok has been sort of your main thing is that right? Yeah.

Victoria: I also have a Pinterest and that one is in English. And so I do like YouTube shorts and those are in English because I did it in Swedish first, but then I noticed that most people watching them are speaking English. Got it. So then I switched. So I have two different funnels. One is Swedish and running. 

Matt:  Wow. That's cool. That's super cool. And so with your, by the way, just as a total aside, you know, I'm hearing murmurings that YouTube shorts are really starting to pick up so yeah, definitely. If you're not seeing growth or for anybody who's watching if you're not seeing growth on YouTube shorts, first of all, don't stop because algorithms change a lot. And one day you might wake up to 5 million views on your YouTube shore. And you got the offer. But the second part to that is, you know, I I'm hearing murmurings that YouTube shorts are starting to really go viral, which just means if you're not getting views, you know, keep going, but also consider, you know, maybe do some research, do some research on what are other people doing on YouTube shorts. Are there other people who are getting a lot of views on YouTube first, what do they do? And do a little bit of investigation? Sometimes people just assume that everything they learned in the training is everything that they need to do but not every time? Not all the time is it just you go through the retraining and then you implement it and that's it, you're done. To a certain extent, like in a business model, that might be true. But when it comes to algorithms, like the YouTube short algorithm, you might need to do a little investigative homework and be an engineer and kind of figure out okay, what that person just posted that yesterday. Is this working really well? Is it not what's going on? So anyway, just keep going on YouTube. Because, you know, odds are they're gonna figure it out just like Facebook and tick tock did and it'll probably have, it's more visually viral. I don't think it has yet but I think it's getting there. So yeah, what do you do for tick tock content creation, like when you go and create content, are you making videos like once a, like, two or three times a day once a day, what do you what are you doing?

Victoria: I will create content. So I like to shoot content for like, a few hours or something. So I like a lot of videos and then I post them like three times a day. I did that for the first like two months and now I post maybe once or twice a day. And I didn't really notice the difference. But I think it's important to have like three times a day at the beginning. So the like textbook algorithm can learn, like who to show your content for. Yeah, and I also think it's important to like to try a lot of different types of content in the beginning as you would say. Like Don't just post the same like type of video

Matt: Good point Good point, especially in the beginning and even just as you go you know, I've seen people whose whose it's little things it's experimenting, it's playing around different channels respond different ways, different different places in the world, people whose channels will will act differently but I've seen people with big channels, they felt like they were shadow banned for a little bit and all they did different. The only thing they did differently is they stopped posting hashtags. They removed all their hashtags from their posts, and I started growing again. And, you know, sometimes, in that growth stage, you've just got to try posting at different times during the day, try removing hashtags, try adding hashtags, try you know, kind of just try everything. That's it. That sounds to a lot of people like a lack of strategy, like throwing spaghetti at the wall. But in the social media world. The algorithms are so complex and so nuanced that you actually have to throw a bit of spaghetti at the wall and try a lot of things to really like to start. It's like this matrix, you know, that you're trying to figure out, like, how does this all work? And you've got to just chuck a lot of stuff at it and see what happens and see what sticks and then kind of be like, oh, something's stuck over here. Let's go look at that. 

Victoria: Different stuff. I also like to split test my funnels, like all the time to see if, like, yeah, just keep on testing stuff. 

Matt: It makes sense. I think a lot of times people will say all marketing is a test, right? Some people who say that say that because they don't know what they're talking about. But the truth really is, for instance, we run ads on tick tock right now as a company, and that when we run ads on tick tock. We don't like to put out stuff that we just feel like it's gonna work and it just flops and it's just like, all the pieces add up for this to work. Everything. I know, marketing, this should work and it just doesn't work. And then we try one weird random thing, like we'll stitch together a video or something. And it's like, oh, okay, maybe this will work. And it just, it blows up. And there seems like there's no real rhyme or reason but it just works and it is very true. Some of the I think the best marketers in the world know that they know that. You have to test things against what you assume might work. Because once you discover how to pull we call it like when we meet as a staff we call this like, pulling big levers right? So rather than trying the little tiny things, what are the big levers you can test and pull to see if we can, you know, increase our conversions by 1% or 2%. And that's a lot, you know? Yeah. Have you found it when you first got going? Have you found or did you find that it was easy or hard to create content? What was that process? Like? Were you on social media creating content before this?

Victoria: And yeah, I think it always has an intro, creating content like taking photos, editing photos, and like my personal likes, Instagram. But then, when I was going to start affiliate marketing, I didn't want to show my face. That was the first thing I asked my business plan advisor, like, do I have to show my face because I really don't want to? And I was like, No, you don't have to. But then I thought about it a lot. And I just realized, like, I have to stop caring about what other people think because I was scared like people would think infringe, or you know what, what are you doing? Oh, cringy Yeah, I was scared of being French but then I realized I could be cringy it doesn't matter. Yeah, so I stopped caring about what other people think. And I just went out of my comfort zone. And yeah, it paid off. So I'm grateful. That I did. Cool. But, like coming up with content, I didn't find it like this. I am very creative. And I think it's really fun to create content. 

Matt: And some of that creativity, you know, that can really it's I don't know, I think that that's just a really cool thing. You can spark a lot of creativity that maybe you didn't know you had.

Victoria: Back in the beginning, I liked to be creative, but then the more content I created, the more ideas came as well. So even if you're not a super creative person, when you get like the creative juices flowing, you just get more and more ideas. So that's really fun as well.

Matt: And it is an even like for me, somebody who's, who's introverted and stuff. It's sort of like a challenge against myself sometimes where I'm like, I bet I could do this. I think I could do this. I bet I could do that better than you know. Yeah, I just there's such a beauty in stretching yourself and pushing your boundaries and discovering what's possible or what you could possibly create. That's what I love about this business in particular, like, it's something that's centered around, you know, like, like in affiliate marketing, a lot of it's centered around creating great content. That's how referral marketing works. And there's something really powerful about, you know, just, you haven't worked a job for a long, like, not decades or whatever, but there's people out there who have worked a nine to five job for 15 years, and then they discovered affiliate marketing and they start creating content. It's like, holy smokes, like I have all this creativity I never knew about never, ever, ever gave the light of day. Man, that's cool. And I agree with you as you get going. I'm super introverted. And when I got started making videos and stuff 10 years ago, or however long that was, it was laughable and over time, you know, I discovered wow, like I have I can connect to people I can. I have a way of connecting with people on a real level where they feel safe and comfortable and they enjoy listening to me and stuff. And so it was a powerful gift. I have something that I felt like was a weakness. That turned out to be a huge gift. And it was and I think that happens a lot in our community. Yeah.

Victoria: That's actually what I like to do because when I watched like the wakeup legendaries as other people that were also like, maybe not super like extroverted, and also like shy and stuff, and I wouldn't say I'm super shy, but yeah, a little bit shy, maybe. So it was just like, nice to connect them. See that there are other people like you

Matt: I don't know what that is. Exactly. But it's a really great feeling. Just to know, like, oh, yeah, there's other people not just like me, but other people like me who have been successful, right? Yeah, sort of like setting the bar and I can go chase that fine. 

Victoria: Yeah. Because of this and this and this, but when you see someone that's similar to you, and they did it, then you know, like, I can do it too. Yep. You just gotta believe in yourself. Yep.

Matt: Well, that's really it. You have to believe in yourself. You have to have a little bit of a good mentor of mine who told me once when I was getting started, he's you know, he was we were kind of just talking about, you know, my personality and you know, could I make it in as an entrepreneur, right? We were just kind of having a lot of self doubt and he was just kind of entertaining me. Like, you might, you know, you might just have just enough ego to make it you know, just enough internal belief there's, it seems like there's something deep inside of you that believes you know, your worth that you could do it and you believe in yourself. There's some building thing that's willing to bet on yourself. And that's a that's a powerful voice to like, listen to and give air to and allow it to breathe and expand and you know, kind of let it sit down in the room with you and, and look at it and be like, Alright, can I really do this and let that say, you know, yeah, I do. Like, you're you're great. Like you can do this. Yeah, that's powerful. 

Victoria: And when you get over the first obstacle, it all becomes easier and easier.

Matt:  Right, right, right. It's sort of like you're running down. Like you're in track and field and we're running into hurdles. And the first hurdle is a big one, like a huge one. Yeah. And a little bit lower, and then a little, you know, and suddenly you realize that the whole game is just jumping over hurdles. You're like one of the hurdles is going to end and then you're just like, okay, the hurdles never end and this is my life now. And then that helps the hurdles go down in size a little bit and you're like, Okay, I can just kind of glide over these things. Wow, Victoria, this is, this is really powerful. And I'm really happy that you decided to come on the show and we're pumped about your success and everything that you're doing online, just incredible. I'd like to share if it's okay with you if I share your TikTok and Instagram. I want people to go see how much success you're having. Just marketing products that are sold in English to countries that are their main language and native language is not like that's incredible actually. Do you have any final words for people who are here watching who you know, maybe are getting started and a little bit skeptical or a little hesitant? Like, oh man, if I create videos, what would you say to those people? 

Victoria: I would say believe in yourself and don't have limiting beliefs. Anything can happen if you just try and don't say you know, like, and try to like to learn as much as possible and just grow and have fun.

Matt: Yes, have fun. Like, make it a little bit of fun. Everybody approaches this like this. Like, hey, like let's try to have a little fun here. Let's make this again. What is life about if not to have a little bit of fun and enjoy it right? Yeah. Well, that's cool. And also, you know, if you're in your early 20s I love that advice. I love that advice for anybody who is young here, it's like, take take, I would echo that too. I'm 33 But you know, I got started around 22 And I took a lot of dumb risks and lost a lot of money. Every penny that I lost or that I felt like I lost wasn't really lost. I just it was it was I put it out into the world and and hoped that it would come back because I was learning skills and I felt like I was building something and figuring some shit and and it did it later on it did and that's how the world usually works is when you start really building skills, doors and opportunities open you didn't know existed and taking big risks, like you said, is is part of that. Betting on yourself and saying I can figure this out not taking dumb crypto currency risks. We're talking like taking risks as in betting on yourself. Like I'm gonna figure this out. I'm gonna build some skills I'm going to become valuable. And in return, usually successful is that so yeah. Wow, cool. Victoria, man. Great. Great to meet you. And here's what I'd love for you to do in a couple months, two months, three months down the road or something. Reach Roxy and say, Hey, I'm still going to kill it. I'd love to come back on the show and share kind of an update of where I'm at because we'd love to have you back on.

Victoria: Yeah, thanks so much for having me.

Matt: It was awesome. See ya. Bye. Everybody. Go follow Victoria. Her username is @tjanaonline so simple. It's on TikTok and it's on Instagram Tja en online and give her a follow and also go comment on a couple of her videos and just say hey, look, I love what you're putting out. saw you on Wake Up Legendary and wish her well and for everybody who's still here with us live. We go live every single Monday through Friday at 10am. Eastern you can tune in and hear these types of stories of people who found our training. As Victoria said earlier in the interview, you know, was posting her links to forums and family links. Social media found our training in connecting the dots about how to go online and actually attract people to her rather than trying to go out and spam people with their business. And that's what we teach is how to do real marketing and transferable skills that you can put into any industry in any business. So go give Victoria a follow and we'll be back here tomorrow at 10am.