Below is the transcription for this episode:

Dave:  Hey what's going on my friends this is Dave Sharpe welcome to wake up legendary. Taylor Welcome to the show once again. How are you?

Taylor:  I'm great. How are you?

Dave:  Excellent. It looks like your your setup there in nature, you know, we, you know, in an undisclosed location that looks like

Taylor:  I'm actually in Miami so you can see. Very beautiful here. It's a nice change from Oklahoma.

Dave:  Living the best life I see. How many people would like to be on vacation right now in Miami, say hi. So, tell everyone a little bit about who you are and how you got started. Just the nutshell version of your story. For anybody who doesn't know who you are.

Taylor:  So I started my online journey actually just over a year ago. I came across a legendary program on Tiktok and decided to just go for it and saw a bunch of people having some great success with it. And ever since my life has been completely different and I've been so thankful that I was able to connect with this community.

Dave:  Yeah. What sort of achievements have you or milestones have you hit in your business? You know, what, whether that be with sales or earnings or and there's a big fat disclaimer, Taylor went through the training, took lots of action and her results are in no way typical. But give us some give us some specifics about and what I mean obviously we can see you're on vacation in Miami, but in what specific ways has this impacted your life in positive ways? And what milestones have you hit you know?

Taylor:  So not only is it just amazing to be able to rely solely on this online income, only be able to work for myself, but I was able to hit six figures profit and seven months with this online promoting and yeah, it's more money than I ever thought I would be able to make especially in this age, and I now consistently do five figures per month and it's just awesome. It's opened my eyes to so many other opportunities to make money online as well. 

Dave:  And you're 22 years old, right? And by the way, have you and I ever talked in any way you know live other than here on wakeup legendary publicly where everybody can hear exactly every word that we're saying to each other? We've never we've never talked or have you ever had any side-cover private conversations with anyone from our company or has it all just been either attending a coaching webinar or a training or wake up legendary Have you had any other side private conversations? Did anybody take you aside and give you any special training or special you know, you know what? I mean? Like any any handouts, leg ups, anything like that, or did you go through the same training in the same process that's available inside of our training still to this day?

Taylor:  Yes, that's exactly right. I just went through that training.

Dave:  Yeah, it's amazing. It takes dedication to actually go through the training, you know, to learn. I think maybe there's maybe there's maybe a lot of people just want to like kind of pick at it. Or they buy it and then they're like, well, I'll do it kind of how I want to do it. Why do you think that is? I mean, you're you're you're you're closer to turning in assignments to teachers than I am. But it still seems like there's this challenge that people have with actually going through and completing training without somebody standing over them or without them having to turn some sort of assignment into somebody else, somebody else holding them accountable. Which is the exact opposite school. So you're learning what we need as entrepreneurs. So what is your advice to people who are dead or are finding themselves struggling, just focusing on going through the training on their own? It is a new thing. So it's not about judgment, but what is your advice to people to have how to get through that so they can learn those skills before they just start acting in random directions, and then having to keep starting over again.

Taylor:  I think that's a really good question. Because I think with everybody when the class or if you have a job, if your teacher says to do a certain thing, you're going to do it most of the time, hopefully, or if your boss tells you to be here at a certain time you're going to do it. But when you tell yourself you're going to do something a lot of us don't give ourselves the same respect that we give those other people. So if you're accountable for your teachers and for your boss, you should 100% be accountable for yourself.

Dave:  So what has the transition over into entrepreneurship been like for you? Has that been an easy transition where I mean, did you immediately feel that drive to kind of take action, you know, or did you also struggle at the beginning or have a challenge with Hey, man, you know, it's kind of all on me. Now, the sky's the limit And that's really exciting. But it's also wow, you know, there's a saying that says something like too much or with lots of freedom comes lots of responsibility. And I've been saying that for a lot of years because you know what I realized Taylor was the more successful that I became, the more things I was going to have I was going to be responsible for, you know, so it wasn't like you know, oh, I'm just gonna get rich and famous and just have this you know, take selfies and post them on, you know, if I wanted to live a productive, meaningful life, that I enjoyed spending time with the people that I love, which are pretty much like my wife, you know, my kids, family, close friends, then I'm going to have to be responsible for some stuff. You know what I mean? I'm gonna have to be responsible for getting my work done. I'm going to have to be responsible for driving my business forward being the one who's actually pushing my business forward. Not some coach, you know, not some mentor and I think a lot of people get sucked into this. Hey, oh, it's not a boss. Now. It's a mentor. Now, it's a mentor that I need. And that mentor, it's when I find that right mentor, when I'm willing to do that and it's almost like hold on, you have to reverse those. You have to be the one pushing your business forward. Regardless if there's a mentor or a coach, or a consultant, or somebody that you're working with, you know, on the side to help you grow, you still, as the business owner, have to ultimately be responsible to keep pushing your business forward, day in and day out. And so, how have you you know, has that come natural to you, I guess is what I'm asking Taylor or what have what what sort of tips or things have you done that's made it that's made that sort of transition to sort of a you know, I wanted to be in the captain's seat. Now I am, you know, that transition a little bit better.

Taylor:  Yeah, so I think a lot of the time comes down to what situation you're trying to get out of, because I was working for a guy that was not very rational and was known for firing people out of nowhere. And I put a lot of trust into him and realized that I shouldn't have and so for me, I was very driven to be able to, at first I didn't think it was going to ever become a full time income. I really just wanted extra income in case you know, things went bad over here and I had something to fall back on. And I had the goal just like I said not having to rely on them worry that his decisions were going to change my entire life. And kind of I think it came more naturally to me than others. And I also think the way the program is designed with mindset and everything. You guys gave me a lot more confidence than I think a lot of other programs might not do for other people. And so from the beginning I was like convinced I was like this is gonna work based off of like, are you guys coached and how you guys you know, set up those videos and I think it came a little more naturally just because I had a drive to get out of that situation. And like I said the way you guys know, had the training set up it really just gave me the confidence I needed to keep going.

Dave:  It's amazing that us older folks don't look at you. younger folks, and just ask questions and listen. In learning, you know that we think we got it in some ways. We got it wrong. In the way in which we teach and the way in which we think that people are the wisest. You know, in entrepreneurship, what's important is confidence in creativity. And who has the most creativity and quite frankly, who has the most confidence in the world? A baby you know, a toddler does before the world begins to dampen that confidence and make us afraid of different things. Do you feel there's an element of tapping in you're young, but you know what I'm talking about your true child, the true, you know, child inside of you. With this entrepreneurship do you find yourself being playful? I mean, are you having fun doing this? And are you figuring out ways to make it fun? Because I say your income is only capped by your creativity. You know, and that's the same in entrepreneurship and in this world right now. There are no rules really to what we're doing except it has to be moral, ethical and legal. And it doesn't even have to be moral and ethical, but we really, we really invite people to consider the long term impact of their choices, but it has to be legal or else you're gonna get you know, it's not gonna last long. So as long as it's moral, you know, legal and ethical, then your income is only capped by your creativity. And so what I've seen is I have seen a lot of older folks Taylor who have who have allowed themselves to loosen up a little bit and not be so stiff behind the camera and actually let some of their knowledge and their playfulness and their wisdom and in their you know, they're just that who they are come out and kind of shine. How are you keeping it playful? What are you ? What are you comfortable with out there within your content? What's an example of something like you're not comfortable with doing talent, talk to us a little bit about that.

Taylor:  I think being younger definitely does help because I haven't had that conditioning as long in my life and being younger not having kids. Yeah, I'm able to take more risks. And so I do think that's helpful. I say, I read with you I wouldn't do anything immoral or unethical because I do care about helping people and I wouldn't want to just get legs up by screwing over others. And I think content wise, it is important to be creative and confident because I think what holds a lot of people back is they're scared of what other people think. And I've had this like that where people don't want to start posting because they don't want people from their hometown seeing them and different things like that. But if you can just get out of that fear of caring what other people think. I mean, the sky's the limit. For sure.

Dave:  It's interesting, you know, people there's also people who want to know what other people are doing. You know, and part of being an entrepreneur is really being able to look at something and listen to something with your ears and with your eyes and make a judgment call. Is this good for me? Does this make sense for my life? And I heard you really say that as you came into the challenge you listened to the videos and they made you feel confident. You know, you made your own judgments based on the actual product in the actual content. And it's so unfortunate, because we see people come in all the time and of course they get distracted by people hitting them up or other just shiny objects that they were already subscribed to and instead of making, you know, actually going through it and doing it themselves, they'll listen to other people, you know, whether it's Hey, don't do that come over here. Or it's Hey, did you buy the blueprints? Do we? We have that a lot. It's like people and it's like we have one program, folks here one flagship program, which is the blueprint. It's not endless upsells it's not, you know, it's not some bait and switch. It's not some secret that we have a flagship program and the blueprints. It's interesting because we also did a mastermind just a week ago, and everybody in the room who had everybody in the room had the blueprints, those who had gone through them were succeeding at massive levels, those who hadn't weren’t. It was really clear and it's interesting somebody asked, you know, in the comments here, does she own the blueprints? You know, because they wonder Hey, is there a shortcut? What's the shortcut and that's why I was asking you those questions before I just looked up. You know, I was asking you before like, did we have a did anybody give you a private secret edge here are you related to any of us are we but here's another thing I just looked up. You bought the business blueprints and the starter package that you get when we offer you know, new people right at the beginning for a discount on April 4 2021. Okay, so April 4 2021. You got those blueprints? You said? You went through them? You? Right. We just talked about that a second ago. About going through the training and here you are one year later, actually one year and just a month. So literally one year and some change later, talking about how you made six figures, how you know you are now consistently making five figures per month from doing affiliate marketing from simply applying what you learned in the training. And gosh, you know, success leaves clues in my head . I mean, success leaves clues you can either have results or you can have excuses and we see every single day. And it's it's it's hard because I want to travel out to people's houses and I want to I want to sit down I want to look them in the eye even we put on events and give people an opportunity for not a dirt cheap but a reasonable price to come and look us in the eye and spend time with us. Whatever you need to do to overcome your objections, you know that you have in your head folks. We have people on every single day. It's like how I ask people when we're sitting in a room. What more convincing do you need? What other questions do you have, what other things are popping up in your head floating around that we can answer for you? That you that at that point you can finally give yourself permission to take ownership over your life and actually go through and watch the go through the challenge. Determine if the blueprints are for you. Talk to one of our advisors and have a conversation before you make a judgment that they're just there to sell you. You might learn something that's way more valuable than $2,500 Just with a conversation with somebody from our team who's had 1000s of conversations and trust me, we're not professionals here. We're not begging and high pressure. We know how to make an offer where there's enough value we don't need to pressure people. But Taylor, Isn't it ironic that literally just over a year ago, you bought those blueprints, and here we are talking you know, 13 months later and but it's not just it's not just you we have these sort of stories every day. But man, it's so crystal clear to me. And how do we make it more clear to people how to, how do we mean, what do you say to people who you can just tell they've just been skeptical and it's not about you? If they're not assessing us, I feel like it's really a lack of confidence in themselves. So how do we instill more confidence in people the way that we instilled confidence in you or what can you say you think what do you say now? To people to instill confidence in them to let them know it's not the geophones, the training, not under investigation here. The track record is not under investigation. It's your limiting beliefs and whether you can focus and actually follow through with buying the training and going through and then applying it that's under investigation. And that's the cold hard truth that I had to come to terms with in my life if I wanted my life to get better. Do you agree with that and what advice do you have? Or what advice do you give to instill more confidence in people?

Taylor:  I completely agree and I think one of the first things I tell people is to read the book you guys suggest Rich Dad Poor Dad because that changed my perspective and like a whole 180 It opened my mind to a lot of things I never thought about before. And I think that was a really big piece for me. But also, you know, these lives are important because if you're seeing other people do it, then it means it's possible for you, especially when you can hear somebody's story. They don't have a background and stuff like this, you know, started from fresh with zero experience. And so that's like one of the main things I think too, when I'm looking at new business ventures, if other people are out there doing that. There's no reason that I can't as long as I have the discipline to work every day, learn every day and just keep at it.

Dave:  Yeah. And I tell people I mean pick something to just go in that direction. It's not that we're not convincing you to do what works, what's with what's in our training, the business models that we're teaching. I mean, I would rather somebody go in a completely different direction buy zero from me buy zero from us, but if but go in a different direction. And as my dad always said to me, do something even if it's wrong, you know, you know, you cannot sit around doing indecisive paralysis analysis. That's what I also see is a black hole that people fall into. They sort of, I don't know if it's overwhelmed by the tech. You know what I think it is? I think it's really that they just don't watch the training and just set it up properly. The way that the training describes it really is all inside of, for example, our business blueprints. The challenge that we offer has a lot of both mechanical stuff and also sort of the dynamics in higher level stuff. That's only $7. The blueprints are so step by step you come in. You start with the affiliate marketing business blueprint. We really suggest people start with that, because it's easier to do affiliate marketing, just selling somebody else's product, than it is to start creating your own digital courses. Doing what genius and running live events. Have you followed that process yourself of starting with affiliate marketing where you've made all of your money in what you love? What do you not love about the business model? You know, because a lot of people are torn off so when they come about business models, they've heard a lot about Amazon and drop shipping and they're getting pitched MLMs by all their family and friends. So, talk to us a little bit about your experience with the core four. Are you still on affiliate marketing

Taylor:  Right now I'm still just focusing on affiliate marketing. I plan to create a digital product at some point. I just not haven't gotten around to that yet. And actually I'm starting an online business before I do that because I'm not exactly sure what I would want to do my digital course over. But I definitely think what stops a lot of people is the social media aspects. People think that if they're not used to posting every day that they don't have a chance but I was active on social media. I would scroll and watch other people's stuff, but I never posted my own. I started on hours and I think the one thing I would say I don't like about it is the fact that people are deterred because of the social media aspect. They kind of look at it as an influencer. But I don't have time telling people that that's not what it is and that you don't need blogs and stuff about your life. It's structured around the products and you don't have to keep facing that you don't have to. You know people are like I said worried about what other people will think but you don't even have to put your face in it. So that's one of my favorites. I think people like I said are just a little scared when they know it's kind of based around social media.

Dave:  That’s so true. They the you know going you know, creating content, putting yourself on video can be can be can be uncomfortable, for sure. It's just like anything, you know. We do it for a couple of days or a couple of weeks and it's like you know you become such a natural and you know what, I'll tell you all not that I was rhetorical. But we did a an exercise actually Joshua Smith at the at the recent mastermind led us through a simple, powerful exercise and you know what he led us through to do record a video, you know, and all of us recorded a video, you know, right there in inside of this huge mansion that we were hosting the mastermind in just last week. And you know, it was amazing people were people were, you know, they were they were running around. They were screaming and they were wildly wildly nervous. Of course before we know, before we know when Josh was like we're gonna do this everybody in the room was just like a real big gas. But wow, the confidence in the room. I was obviously being silly. But my point was, was being playful on video and kind of let yourself really go you know, I mean, there's a little bit of that childlike kind of performing sometimes letting out or you're goofy yourself or just I mean those are always the parts of our personalities that are the most charming is is those kind of goofy parts. But back to my point. After we recorded that video, in that room, that entire room was on fire. You know, they felt so proud of themselves and confident many of them had never done that. You know what I mean? had just never been there. So, taylor it's hard to really build confidence in people because they got to do it. So how has taking action can you describe as you've taken action, you have developed confidence in how you are a different person? If you feel like you were one year ago when you started?

Taylor:   I grew up super shy, which I love telling people because like I said I wasn't active on social media. I was known as the quiet girl. Oh, people always told me I was quiet. I was quiet. I was a little nervous posting on Tik Tok, but I kind of got over that fear a little bit even from the beginning, but I think getting that first like good views on my video kind of started to give me that validation that I needed to be confident. I think that's where people struggle if they're posting for weeks and they're not really getting any feedback, their confidence just kind of takes away. But if you keep posting and the results will come as long as you stay consistent and that's really I think how I got my confidence was getting that feedback and knowing that people were starting to like my content.

Dave:  Yeah, yeah, you got to hang in there though, right? There's a period which can be short or long, but regardless, it will feel long at the beginning, when no one feels like it's nothing but tumbleweeds, right? And so, how, how do you hold on and how does one look at the small little miracles that are happening in our business instead of ice. A lot of people are looking for the big burning bush, and in almost all my 13 years of doing this, I've never seen a burning bush. There have been a lot of tiny miracles along the way. What has your journey been like in terms of just falling in love with the process, you know, that sort of kind of help drive entrepreneurship is it's less about arriving to the destination getting rich or you know, arriving there but it's about falling in love with the prospect about being on the court kind of like when Michael Jordan retired, and then he went to baseball. Then he came back to basketball because he wanted to be in the game and sort of like being in the game. So have you fallen in love with the present? Are you finding yourself beginning to fall in love with the process? I mean, describe what comes up for you as I say what I just said and ask you that question.

Taylor:  I think it's so important to love the process because I think if you don't love the process, you might not be able to do that when you get the result. You have to actually enjoy what you're doing. And I have from the beginning I've really loved it and why it's important to do something you're passionate about because you need that drive that passion for it to keep going when things aren't necessarily going your way.

Dave:  And what about challenges when they pop up? I mean to me falling in love with the process is taking the good with the bad, you know or the bad with the good however you want to look at it. And you know, in a way oh they just keep me sharp now there's no pun intended right there, you know I mean, but it was it was it was ironically clever. But many challenges keep me sharp. They really do write and that's one of the things that for me is important. I actually do want to keep my skills sharp. You know, I do want to make sure that I'm still staying sharp. It's kind of like there's also other ways to transition to different levels. Do you see a lot of NBA players or professional athletes, they become commentators so they can stay close to the game by a sports team or they become a general manager. See a lot of us, you know, we we and this is some advice that I want to give you Taylor if you don't mind. Are you open to some feedback and some just I want to based on my experience and something that I heard you said you say and so why, what why what I just said is and how it ties in to the advice I want to give you is that a few moments ago you said you know I have other I have other aspirations I want to do other things. You know what I mean? I want to create a digital course and I want to but I'm not quite clear yet and I might want to start another business. What do I recommend to you in any other person who's just started to achieve some success and as you said before, has a five figure income up going now? And it is kind of rockin and rollin. Don't Don't screw that up, just to move on and do other things. A lot of times what we don't realize is growing our existing business, to the levels that we want to grow it to whether that be income or also kind of fulfillment and impact with just by just staying in kind of nurturing that business to growth. Sometimes less is more. You know sometimes. For me I've been able to continue to branch out into selling digital courses and coaching and events while still doing affiliate marketing. I'm the legendary and Dave sharp affiliate not not legendary as a whole actually just me just the referrals that I personally send. I just want to have a contest at ClickFunnels. I'm the number one affiliate as of recently at ClickFunnels still doing affiliate marketing. So my point here is that a lot of times we think we need more businesses, more streams of income, more things, but my experience is that a lot of times if I'm doing more things, I end up only being able to put 20% of my energy into each thing. So I get a 20% return. Whereas if I grow one business, I just keep growing business, you know, and that's the commitment. That's the challenge, I think that most entrepreneurs have is growing one business to a multi million dollar level. Okay, and it's been a challenge here at legendary as we've grown this business, we're in our sixth year of business. Did you know almost 20 million in sales last year? We'll do more this year. But that's been a commitment to stay focused and stay in our lane. And this is my only business. You know, I don't have any other businesses. I have investments on the back end, but I don't have multiple businesses. I guarantee that any I would put my earnings and lifestyle up against any guru and any MLM leader, any person who's preaching the anybody who's running a you know, 16 hour a day FBA or drop shipping business, or anybody who's running around working 10 or 12 hours a day or even six hours a day. running multiple businesses, you know, and so at the very least, at the very least, the advice that I have to entrepreneurs is to get more successful and earn more money as if you are going to branch out and figure out how to operate the business that got you to where you're at. Because that is that in entrepreneurship you know how probably somebody along I know somebody said this to me in my life. Don't get a new Don't quit your old job until you get a new job, right. I don't know if anybody gave you that advice, but they gave me that advice. That's like some two generation ago advice that we're in it's good advice. It's stuck around. It's good advice. And I'm going to reiterate that advice in the entrepreneur sense. Don't start a new business to screw up the existing income you have because I have seen people who have earned a million dollars as affiliates. And then you know what they wanted more. But they didn't take the right steps to grow. And they got sloppy and they got unfocused on him more than they got him as an example. I was selling information the way that we do now, back in 2011 and 12. And then in 2013 i and i had a business partner then we're like, Let's build let's do software. Right and we built our own custom software project. The biggest mistake that I ever made was to say yes to vote, that was a good idea, because I wasn't in my lane. And it was a huge distraction. And it ended up being massive, he worked selling information and doing what we did. And now we wanted to be hot shots and sell software, you know, and so that's been a big commitment here of mine at legendary really is we've moved real slow. Come on, you don't think that we've considered building our own funnel builders and all these kinds of things here at legendary, but sometimes you have to stay in your lane. Because you know how you just talked about the guy that you worked for who made irrational decisions. I am that leader. If I'm constantly, you know, shifting gears that impacts people like you Taylor here, and you know what's interesting as you run your business, people are going to be looking to you depending on you your fault, they're going to be depending on you for a consistent message. And they'll keep buying from you year after year if you stay consistent and continue to give them attention, kind of innovate, but don't change too much. Be a place that they can go and know what to expect and it's like some of these brands that have been around for years like Rolex. They don't. If you look at some of their watches, they're the same as back in 1950. It's subtle changes when the market is always changing to be the Northstar for some customers and they'll keep paying you year after year. How's that feeling for you and what comes out for you as I give you that feedback?

Taylor:  I think that's really great advice. And I think that's why maybe it took me a year to look elsewhere to add a niche and to find out because I knew there's gonna be twice as much work and I wasn't willing to put in that work if I wasn't like you said, gonna be doing the same thing over here. And I think that's what's really great about this business model too, is the fact that I do only spend a couple of hours per day and so I do have a lot of extra time whereas some people are still working their nine to five, they don't have that extra time. And so I made when I was looking to, you know, other business models that I was gonna stay consistent with mine and that this wasn't just, oh, I just had to put in that extra work to make something out of that. And I do I do love that advice

Dave:  And you're young and you're young and full of energy and it's different as you get older you have less energy so do any, you know for those of you who are young or if you don't have small children, maybe you're old. Maybe you're retired or maybe you're an empty nest with your children you know on all levels. I don't actually think it's about age. So I know that for me, I have small children at home, so they take a lot of my energy. I gotta be real careful where I spend my energy. That's why toxic people do things of that nature. I gotta be real careful. Whatever I spend my energy each day, every minute and so that's that's, that's, that's incredible. That, you know, you have that sort of, I guess, ability to be able to play the tape through at the age that you are. Here's another cool thing. How much content can you repurpose? And how many things as you build a I like to call it like this to give the work that I do fancy name so watch this as you develop a body of work right with all of your content and that is gold all media all that that body of work those hundreds, even 1000s of videos that you have, you can save them and categorize them and repurpose them. So once you have a few 100 of them, you know you have them categorized as Hey, did really well or dogs, you know categorize them however you want. And how much extra time does that give you to I don't think people I don't think even me, I don't fully utilize my catalog. There's another fancy word that I've built in, done and written and recorded over the years. But I don't think that we fully utilize our own catalog of content, aren't you? I have to imagine after a year you have emails and things you've written in videos you can repurpose, right? Absolutely. It just makes it it will and especially once you find something that works if it's not broken, don't fix it. I mean before you think that your marketing is not working, understand that, you know, it may actually be doing better than you think it is. And oftentimes We're the last ones to see that we're growing, you know or notice growth. So, hey, look, I'm gonna let you get back to your vacation in Miami. Wow. Because I know you're gonna go back to Oklahoma. And I have a feeling you love it more in Miami. So I'm gonna give you a chance to get back to that soak up every second. Thanks for spending time with us. Your valuable precious time now that you've got this life that you've worked for. And you're spending in Miami. Thanks for giving back and spending some time sharing your secrets with us.

Taylor:  Thank you for having me.

Dave:  Alright, Taylor, come back and see us again. Okay. Okay, well my friends. Wow, man. Come on. I am like Monday. Who needs coffee? Who needs I mean, wow. Wow. I'm fired up. I mean, you just it's like if there's no way that if you're me, and you're talking to these people, or you're listening to this, and this is your main business and what you're trying to do, then if you plug into this just an hour a day listening to this, especially if you're new, there's no way that your life can't change that your perspective on yourself and success and they can't change when you hear these completely. Totally cool and real. Just no BS, no BS, just totally. It's just mind blowing. I mean, these are every day day in and day out and it just keeps getting better. That's because you know one of the reasons why the people who have gone through our training and applied it, they're coming back on to the show, you know what I mean? They're now tailors coming back onto the show. I think she said this was her third total. So, you know, here's what I want to, you know, here's what I want to say. If you haven't gotten started yet or if you for example, blog posts and haven't gone through them yet. Just go through them. Just do yourself that favor you deserve. Because you're looking at changing the year. There's no guarantees, it's not on us. The training is not going to change your life. You're gonna change your life. But man, you know what I mean? It's amazing because you even look at Taylor and of course, she began to make money and see results and all of that before but a year a year is not that long. A year is not that long a place where you can let your hair down, exhale a little bit relaxed and say, Wow, I'm more comfortable now. And you get more and more comfortable along the way. But I mean, come on. You know, if you went to most people out there on the street, and you said, hey, look, you sign up today and put in some work, you're gonna get zero next year. But after that, your life is going to be totally different and change. Most people are going to sign up for that. But here you can actually earn while you learn. That is something that actually is possible. If you apply you know, go through the training and apply it. So it's not like you eat and that's what I think is the difference between this and obviously college in the typical system is you don't have to wait four years or two years. But most people like I said, would sign up for hey, sign up today, work your ass off for a year or nothing but after a year your life changes. Most people would sign up for that. And here we can earn while we learn. So just man I hope you heard something today that changed your life because your life can change in an instant. When you make a decision to do something different seriously. Make it that day. You know if you are going to start work, start over one heck of an interview. I'm trying not to cuss too much or as much on this so I don't get flagged by Facebook anymore. They were flagging me at the mastermind event. Everybody was like what's wrong with the audio and it was because I was cussing like a sailor so All right, my friends have a fantastic mic. Alright. Let's end this month strong. We've got like one more week for May here 2022. I want to thank Taylor again for an incredible, incredible, incredible interview. Go follow her build wealth from home and make sure that you also subscribe to our text reminders text WUL for Wake Up Legendary to 813-296-8558 get into that training today. Get serious. Apply it and let's see what you can accomplish. We'll see you back here tomorrow.